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Nov 13, 2017

Chapter 11 - Akash's truth revealed.. (By Angel23) (Thanked: 139 times)


"Everything is set.." Sheetal smile to Arnav and Khushi. 

Khushi clapped her hands excitedly: Let's go downstairs then.. We have to see a bomb being exploded today..

Sheetal and Arnav smiled amused following her downstairs. 

In the living room, Nani was disturbed thinking about the shock she got yesterday. She looked at Akash disgusted.

"He is staying with his own daughter for years and never showed a father love to her...shii.. Did I stay alive to witness this?" she thought while a tear escaped her eyes. 

"Papa.." Anika came and hugged Akash.

Arnav smirked seeing his plan starting.

"Anika.. Are you looking for Arnav Bhai?" Akash asked her faking a smile. 

"Nahin, you're my Papa.." Anika said shocking Mami,  Mama, Payal and Anjali. 

"Anika what are you saying dear? Chote is your father.." Anjali said patting her cheeks.

Anika nodded sideways: He is my Papa. Mumma told me..

Akash started coughing in shock. Sheetal crossed her arms and send a smirk to him. 

Payal pushed Anika away from Akash, "If your father left you, it doesn't mean you make my husband your Papa okay.."

Sheetal held Anika before she could fall, "Yes, her father left her only and you will be shocked to know that it's your dear husband who left her.."

Akash stood up, he held Sheetal angrily and started pushing them out of the house.

"You shameless woman.. After not getting my brother, you're after me na.. You don't deserve to stay here.. Just get out.." he screamed.

Anika had little tears in her eyes after seeing the way her father was treating her mother. 

"Akash stop.." Nani shouted at the top of her voice, anger was clearly visible on her face. 

She walked to Akash and slapped him hard on his face. 

"This wasn't in the plan.." Arnav whispered.

"Whatever it is,  I'm having fun..ayee Ayee.. Nani what an action.. I will order some popcorn for us.." Khushi whispered back to him smiling. 

Arnav chuckled staring at her. 

Khushi pouted, and stand straight: I do know how to behave like a serious woman.. 

"But I prefer my Pagli more.." he smiled. 

Khushi also smiled, "Means I'm allowed to dance.."

"Aren't you ashamed of yourself?"

Khushi flinched after hearing Nani's loud scoldings to Akash. 

Arnav side hugged her giggling, "It's okay.."

"You all are ASR here.." Khushi whispered, making it difficult for Arnav to control his laughter.

"Nani.. What did I do?" Akash asked her sadly. 

"I want to ask you why did you do this?  Why did you left your own daughter? Why did you accept Arnav to take Sheetal and Anika's responsibility when it was yours? Why didn't you stop the marriage with Payal? Why did you commit such a sin and still here like a saint? Why you made everyone think bad of Arnav when you're the one at fault? You knew everything right? Still you kept quiet.. Arnav sacrificed his life for you and you couldn't even do a bit of what he did.." Nani screamed crying.

"I thought bad of my grandson because of you.." Nani said. 

Arnav walked to her, he caressed her shoulder: Nani..

Nani turned to him and hug him tightly while crying, "I am sorry Chote.. I'm really sorry.. I thought wrong about you.. But you proved to me that you're a real man.. No matter what happened you protected Sheetal honor.. You became a father for this little girl when her father was in front of her seeing her cry everyday for her mother.. Still he couldn't console her.. And on top of that you also had Khushi and were handling both families trying not to hurt both.. I really don't know how you did this.. But I really respect you more today.. And as more I respect, more I disgust having a grandson like you Akash.."

Mami looked at her shocked: Sasuma what are you saying? Arnav bitwa did something wrong and the blame goes to my son? This is so unfair.. 

"Shut up Manorama. First ask to your son what he did.." Nani looked angry at Mami.

Mami gulped in fear, and looked at Akash: Tell them Akash you did nothing..

Akash nodded: Nani you're falsely accusing me..

Nani slapped him, "How dare you Akash.. I know what I am saying.. I'm old but my brain is still working.. Do you get that? Now tell everyone the truth here, or I will say myself.."

"Are wah!!! Nani is the real ASR here.. Akash doesn't know whom he messed up with.. Haha.. Now this will be fun to watch.." Khushi giggled amused with them.

Ayan giggled loudly as if he was laughing at Akash's state. 

Khushi widened her eyes staring at Ayan and placed her finger on her lips indicating him to be quiet. 

Ayan mimicked his mother, he placed his tiny finger on his lips smiling naughtily.

Nani melt a bit seeing her grandson smiling and his cute gestures with his mother that she did not fail to see. 

"Akash tell the truth to everyone.." Arnav said. 

"Which truth? Anika is not my daughter, she is yours.. Don't put your blame on me Bhai.. How can you be so selfish like this? You're trying to clean your image in the family by spoiling mine.. I always loved Payal and be loyal to her.. If you're not loyal to Khushi,  it's not my fault.. " Akash said angrily. 

Arnav clenched his fist hearing what he said. 

Nani slapped Akash again, "Don't you dare say something against Arnav. Shame on you..he only saved you.. And now.."

Ayan now got scared of his Nani, he went running to Khushi and hugged her legs hiding his face. 

Khushi lifted him and took Anika also in her lap, she went to their room to stay with the kids.

"But Nani.. What proofs do you have? Bhai himself showed to you the DNA reports that proved that Anika is his daughter.." Akash said.

"Do you want to get slapped again?" Nani asked him sarcastically.

"Nani enough.. I get it you love Arnav more than Akash but it doesn't mean you have to humiliate my husband in front of all.." Payal said coming in front of Akash. 

"The husband you're so proud of is not worth your love..he has deceived you and us.. He is a monster only.." Nani said. 

The door was being knocked, Arnav smirked and looked at Payal:You will get to know the truth now..

He went to open the door and brought the DNA reports of Akash and Anika along with the doctor, which was Payal's friend. 

Payal looked at them confused.

Her friend smiled sadly, "I'm sorry Payal. But according to these DNA results.. Akash is Anika's father.."

Payal widened her eyes shocked: This is not possible..

"It is. Mr. Raizada wanted me to especially do this test, because he didn't want you to think that he made fake DNA reports. I'm your friend,  and I wouldn't lie to you.."

Payal looked at Akash,  who gulped in fear. 

"Payal I can explain.." he said.

Payal slapped him hard on his cheek, "How dare you Akash.."

Sheetal smiled in relief, Arnav looked at her smiling, finally they won! Everything was crystal and clear now.

Mami looked embarrassed. 

Anjali was equally shocked knowing the truth. 


Nov 19, 2017

Chapter 12 - Akash's chapter over.. (By Angel23) (Thanked: 163 times)

“You betrayed me Akash..” Payal looked at him with teary eyes. 

“No, I didn’t Payal.. I love you a lot..” Akash said pulling her near him. 

Payal pushed him with force, “Liar.. you’re a liar.. I shouldn’t have trusted you this much.. you were close to this woman.. shii..”

Sheetal frowned to Payal, who looked at her with disgust. 

“You shouldn’t look at Sheetal like this, your husband is wrong here and not Sheetal..” Khushi said defending Sheetal, she just reached in the living room and heard Payal.

“You shut up. No one talked with you. And you’re the problem only of everything.. this is happening because you entered in our life..” Payal said glaring at Khushi. 

Khushi frowned: Not because of me, but your husband.. he spoiled Sheetal and Anika life..

“Youuu..” Payal raised her hand to slap Khushi in anger. 

Arnav came in between at the right time, and held Payal’s arm angrily: Just try to hurt my wife and you will see the worst of me. 

“Payal behave yourself. Instead of seeing your husband’s fault you’re still trying to blame others..” Nani scolded her. 

“Ohh.. I’m just fed up of being a good bahu for you all.. and haan.. Akash you betrayed me, you already have a daughter.. and I, Payal Singhania will never accept that.. did you know that if the world gets to know about this, my parents and mine reputation will be one dared to do what you did with me Akash, if I knew you were like this, I would never marry you.. so bye Mr.Akash Raizada.. divorce papers will reach to you soon..” saying this Payal walked to leave RM. 

Akash looked at her shocked, he went running to her and knelt down crying: Please don’t leave me Payal, if I loved anyone truly then it’s you only and today you’re leaving me??

“Leave me Akash…” Payal pushed him and went from there. 

“Did you remember anything Akash?? I also pleaded you that day and today you’re doing the same.. God may delay, but never gives injustice to the right people..” Sheetal came in front of him. 

HP came and threw Akash’s bag in front of him. Akash frowned at him and was ready to beat him, Arnav stopped him. 

“He just did what I ordered him to.. thank me later for packing your bags, now just get lost from here..” Arnav said pulling Akash by his collar. 

“Bhai..” Akash looked at him in disbelief. 

“Ohh now I’m your bhai..” Arnav smirked and clapped his hands. 

“Didn’t you hear what Arnav said? Just leave from here, I’m getting more angry by staring at your face..” Nani shouted. 

Akash picked his bags from the floor, before leaving he went to try his last chance, his Di. 

“Di please make everyone understand..” he cried. 

Anjali looked away: You disappointed me Akash, I still just can’t believe you did that to Sheetal.. because of you.. I spoke so bad with Chote.. and Khushi..she is not even at fault.. 

Akash made an upset face, he walked to leave taking slow steps praying for someone to stop him. 

“Akash.. no need to come on AR tomorrow..” Arnav said. 

“What??” Akash looked back at him with wide eyes. 

“What?? Are you that dumb?? My husband is firing you from AR..” Khushi frowned cutely. 


At night.. 

Arshi’s room.. 

Arnav kissed Ayan’s forehead who was already sleeping. Khushi walked out of the bathroom and sat beside him. 

“I’m very happy today..” Khushi smiled excitedly. 

“Even me.. I’m feeling a peace inside me suddenly..” Arnav turned to her. 

“See Mr.Raizada wasn’t it more easy and simple if you had told the truth of Akash when he was about to marry Payal??” she scolded him, brushing his hair. 

“Hmm..” Arnav nodded. 

“I just hope that now that everything is fine, everyone also accepts me..” Khushi said thinking. 

“Don’t worry.. if I myself couldn’t stop myself from loving you, they also will not be able to..” Arnav hugged her tightly. 

Wowwwwww..... I can't handle myself after seeing this update... By reading exposure update for two days I was flying... My frnds certified that I have completely gone mad.. Loved it... Thank you soooooo much... Waiting for ur updates...

Aww thank you so much dear for ur comments.. the "thank youuuuuuuu" you type like this, really makes me happy.. I always smile with ur comments..

Nov 26

Chapter 13 - End of Part 1. (By Angel23) (Thanked: 130 times)

 Next day.. 

Khushi and Arnav reached in the Mandir in their mansion. 

Nani eyed to them, she called Khushi through her eyes. 

Khushi looked at Arnav, who signaled her to go. 

She obediently went to Nani,  Nani handled the puja thali in her hand. 

"Today you will perform puja Khushi.." Nani said. 

Khushi nodded amused, she looked back at Arnav. 

Arnav smiled and showed thumbs up to her. 

"Do you know what does that mean? Today you're being accepted by all of us as Raizada family bahu, Arnav's wife. Today it's your responsibility to unite this family always and fight for them. All this is not easy to keep a family always together. I tried where I could but see today Akash and his wife left us. A part of our family broke.. I don't want this to happen again.. I hope you will be able to do what I didn't.." Nani said all serious.

Khushi gulped scared. She only managed her family till now, Ayan and Arnav.  And Arnav is the one who takes care of them, she was never given such a big responsibility.

"Don't be scared! I'm just saying that from now on, not only Arnav and Ayan are your family, but we also.." Nani smiled seeing a frightened Khushi. 

Khushi smiled: Oh I was thinking I've to become a Princess here with so many responsibilities..

Everyone laughed at her,  except Mami. 

Anjali walked till Khushi and held her ears: Forgive me Khushi..

Khushi looked at her. 

"Being the first wife of Chote and I said so many bad things to you.  I even reached a point of thinking ill of you and I wanted to plot against you. I thought Chote betrayed Sheetal and I just loved Sheetal as my sister only..  I thought no one can take her place.. But here the matter was other, Chote has only loved you in his life.. So please accept my apology.. I'm really ashamed of myself for offering money to you to leave Chote.. I'm really sorry Khushi.." Anjali said. 

Khushi smiled: It's okay Anjali ji..

"Anjali ji??" Anjali looked at her frowning. 

"Di bolo Khushi.. (say Di)" Arnav smiled.

"Di.." Khushi smiled. 

Anjali hugged her smiling, "We have much time to get to know about each other.."

Khushi started performing the puja, Anjali joined her hands smiling beside Khushi. 

Nani looked at her smiling, she caressed Khushi's hair slowly.

Ayan left his father and went running to Nani.

"Naniiiiiii.." he screamed and jumped up and down for her to notice him. 

Nani looked down to him, she smiled and lifted him.

Ayan rested his chin on her shoulder and looked at Arnav from behind. 

He smiled.

Arnav also smiled.  

Khushi ended praying,  she turned to Nani and applied tikka on her forehead then distributed Prasad. 

Nani ate her Prasad, then shared with Ayan, who ate happily also. 

Khushi smiled and kissed his cheeks, Ayan moved his near Khushi, waiting for her to apply tikka on him.

Khushi smiled and put it on his forehead, then kissed his forehead warmly. 

"Aww.. How does he know that??" Anjali asked surprised that Ayan was waiting for his mother to apply tikka on him. 

Nani nodded also surprised.

"In London I pray everyday also, so he knows.." Khushi said.


"Good boy.." Nani cooed Ayan, he giggled.

Khushi came to Arnav, she ate his Prasad and gave a bit to him.

Arnav ate that and then walked to leave.

"I'm not done yet Arnav.." she glared at him. 

"I don't want to apply that.. I'm going to office Khushi.." Arnav whined. 

"So what's the problem?" Khushi looked at him in disbelief.

"I don't like.."

Khushi applied on him smirking, "I don't care.."

Arnav glared at her: I will see you later.. 

"Heyyyyyy..." everyone shouted to him. 

Arnav looked at everyone.

"Dare you threaten our bahu!" Nani scolded. 

Khushi raised her eyebrow to Arnav smiling. 

"Not fair.." Arnav rolled his eyes and walked out. 

He reached in his car smiling, "Finally everything is alright now.."  

Khushi came running to his car, "You forget something.."

Arnav cupped her face and peeked on her lips. 

Khushi widened her eyes and beat on his shoulder: Shameless.. 

Arnav smirked: This what I forgot right? 

"No! Your wallet.." she handled to him.

"Oh thanks biwi.." he took from her hand. 

Khushi brushed his hair smiling: You're welcome Pati ji..

Arnav brushed his forehead against hers,  transferring the tikka on his forehead to hers also.

"I love you.." both said at the same time and smiled at each other.  



Don't be shocked!! This is not the end.... I will write part 2 of the Story, where you will get to know how did Arshi get married, why and how did they fell in love with each other.. and in the end, of the part 2 we'll be back at the present to get the real ending!

Dec 15

Chapter 14 - Their past.. (By Angel23) (Thanked: 135 times)

Arnav's car came to a halt, as it was the red signal that made him stop.

He sighed and looked to his window side, only to see Garima.

She also saw him, and glared at him.

Arnav also kept an angry face, at her as she crossed the road walking fast.

"Why did I had to meet you now?" he thought. 


Khushi was happily passing from a coffee shop. She looked amazed by the place whose seemed to only be frequented by rich people.

Her eyes landed on a known person by her, she screamed: Heyyyyyyyyy..

Arnav looked at her side,  he frowned and thought, "How did this torture reached here?"

He looked at everyone around him staring at him with curious eyes, he passed a smile embarrassed and walked out of the coffee shop. 

"You..why are you screaming like this? You didn't saw any hero here.." Arnav frowned. 

"You aren't less than any hero. I'm seeing you after two weeks.." Khushi smiled jumping in happiness. 

"So what? It's not necessary for me to meet you.." Arnav barked. 

Khushi step back scared of him, she blinked her eyes who were moist now. 

"I wish I had never met a bad person like you.." she whispered and went running from there crying. 

Arnav felt guilty now, he stare at her going. 


Later at night.. 

"Khushi bitiyaaa.." Buaji shouted "That boy is outside to meet you.."

"Who Buaji?" an upset over Arnav's behavior, Khushi asked. 

"That boy you helped two weeks ago.." Buaji said. 

"What?" Khushi looked at her Buaji shocked, "Is he really here?"

Buaji: No, I'm mad that I'm seeing ghosts.. Sanka Devi don't eat my brain and go and see what he wants.. It's raining and he might get sick, ask him to come inside..

Khushi nodded and walked outside her house,  she saw him staring at the dark sky walking here and there. 

"You why did you came here?" Khushi asked angry. 

" meet you.." Arnav said. 

"To meet me? With such a stern face you came to meet me? Why? Didn't you see today morning? And you weren't happy at all to see me. Just because I cried you don't need to feel guilty about that.. Okay.. Just leave and I don't want to meet or talk with arrogant person like you.. You just hurt person's heart and I don't want to get hurt anymore.." she kept on blabbering. 

Arnav pulled her near him, "Shh.."

Khushi gasped with the sudden pull, she shivered with a man's touch on her but at the same time, it felt good.

"I am sorry.." he broke the silence between them.

Khushi was lost in him, she looked at him surprised. 



Days later..

Arnav took Khushi who was his friend now to the same coffee shop. 

She smiled and took her seat when Arnav pulled the chair for her.

"Wow it's great to be here.." Khushi said excitedly looking around. 

"Nothing special.." Arnav said, raising his eyebrows. 

"Arnav ji it's nothing special for you. You always frequent places like this, me not. We got delicious tea and snacks in dabba and that's it.." Khushi said. 

Arnav nodded, "Then get the habit because I'm going to bring you here always.."

Khushi smiled, she took the menu and hipcupped shocked,  "This is so expensive!! Arnav ji why do you waste money for coffee? When you can get it at home only.."

"Shh.. Just order what you want.." Arnav smiled and placed his index finger on her lips. 

Khushi gulped, staring at him. She felt goosebumps by his touch. 

Rabba vee.. Rabba vee.. 


One day at night..

"No. How could you guys do this to me? Why did you took the car without my permission? And now see I have to walk through the roads.." Arnav whined talking with his Di over the phone.

"I'm sorry Chote.." came a reply.

"It's ok.." he melt, "See you soon..bye.."

As soon as he kept his phone back on his pocket, a body fell on him and he step back trying to balance himself and the person. 

He held the girl from her waist,  and made her face him only to get shocked by seeing Khushi. 

"Khushi.. What happened to you?..Khushi.. tum theek to ho na?" Arnav patted her cheeks. 

He was scared seeing her form, blood was oozing out from her forehead, her face, her clothes were all dirty as if she was fighting with someone.  Her eyes were frightened and slowly giving up, she was about to faint.

"Khushi.. You're scaring me! Tell me what happened?" Arnav shouted. 

"They.. did this.. with me.." Khushi muttered, she pointed behind.

"Who?" Arnav asked. 

"I fight for my dignity Arnav.. ji.. I didn't..let..them.. touch me.." Khushi said and fainted, her head fell on his chest.

Arnav was shocked. He lifted her and went running to the nearest hospital. 


Sometime later.. 

Khushi was sleeping on the hospital bed. 

"Is she fine?" Arnav asked the doctor while caressing Khushi's hair softly. 

"Yes, she is fine now. She's brave and I'm happy she didn't gave up and fought with those filthy man. It's not good to walk alone at night time, say this to her when she wakes up. You never know when and how these man appear.." the doctor said with a smile and left from there. 

Arnav placed a kiss on Khushi's forehead. 

Then he called Aman, "Aman some men tried to rape Khushi, I want you to find them at any cost and they should their punishment. They shouldn't be spared. Am I clear Aman?"

"Yes ASR.." Aman replied shocked with the news. 

Khushi opened her eyes slowly, those men running behind her and she trying to escape, one tried to touch her but she slapped him, he got angry and pulled her near him.

Tears slipped from her eyes as she remembers of the incidents still fresh in her mind.

"Khushi calm down.." Arnav patted her shoulder.

Khushi moved a bit, not letting him touch her.

Arnav felt hurt, he composed himself: Nothing happened Khushi. You're saved.. I asked Aman to punish those who did this to you, don't worry.. Soon you will see them behind the bars. 

Khushi started crying more, "Everything is destroyed.. Leave me alone Arnav.. Go away..."

"Nothing is destroyed Khushi. They didn't touch you.." Arnav frowned. 

"You don't know anything Arnav, for you it's easy to say anything.  This news will reach in my colony, everyone will look at me with disgust. No one will agree to marry me now.. I will be considered bad luck.. You don't know anything.." Khushi screamed.

"Shut up Khushi. Who said that? Why are you thinking like that? You shouldn't be ashamed of yourself because you're brave. You fought for yourself and that's something to be proud about.." he said.

Khushi looked away crying. 

The nurse came and asked Arnav to complete some formalities after that they could leave.


Gupta house..

Arnav and Khushi returned to her home, where Garima and Buaji were waiting worriedly for her.

"Sanka Devi where were you? We were so worried for you.." Buaji came and patted her cheeks. 

"Buaji.. I.. " Khushi stammered tears brimming in her eyes. 

"Some men tried to take advantage of Khushi, but she fought with them Buaji. She saved herself without any help. Isn't that great? Tell her that she did something good and not to be ashamed about. Right?" Arnav said. 

Khushi shut her eyes tightly and lowered her eyes. 

There was a silence over the living room.

"Garima I knew this girl would do something wrong one day. How will we face the society now?" Buaji broke the silence. 

Arnav looked at them confused, "What do you mean?"

"Beta who will believe in us? Who will marry her now? Her life is destroyed now. Khushi how many times do I need to say to you that don't stay outside at night. Why don't you listen to me? What will we do now?" Garima cried and sat devasted on the sofa. 

Khushi cried more, instead of hugging her and tell her that they are with her, they put the blame on her. This was expected, she wasn't their blood daughter after all. She was just a burden for them, and now with this they will hate her more.

"What? How can you guys think like that?" Arnav said after coming out of the shock, now he understood why Khushi reacted like that. 

"What do you expect from us then? This girl spoiled our reputation now. The society will throw stones at us because of her.." Buaji said glaring at them.

"How will we face others now?" Garima looked down crying.

"I say it's better to disown her right now Garima. She is not even our daughter, and we can't let her be here in this neighborhood. We can't pay for her mistakes.." Buaji said cruelly.

Khushi cried bitterly. Arnav was all shocked with the way her family was speaking. Instead of supporting her, they were humiliating her. 

"Enough.." he shouted. 

"Khushi should be proud of herself and disgust of having a low mentality family like you all. You will disown her? I think you all don't deserve a gem like her. She is far better from you all, you want to get her out of here? I say she doesn't even deserve this place. Who said no one will marry her now? I, Arnav Singh Raizada promise to you both that I will marry her. I will make her forget that she ever had a family like yours. I will be her family and make her happy no matter what the situation is.." Arnav said. 

Khushi looked at him shocked.

He lifted her and took her away from that hell.



Dec 23

Chapter 15 - Akash back? (By Angel23) (Thanked: 95 times)

Later at night..

"And that's how we disowned her. Tell us beta did we do something wrong?" Garima said asking the the paying guest, who was familiar to Khushi and Arnav.

"No, you did good only. It's important to have respect in the eyes of the society and Khushi just spoiled your reputation.. " Akash smirked. 

"Thanks Garima aunty, this piece of information of Khushi's life will play an important role in my revenge!! What did you think Arnav? You separated me from my wife, I loved her a lot.. And now it's time to revenge!" Akash thought. 

"Beta I'm serving dinner. Come.." Garima called him. 

Akash nodded, "I'm just coming!!"


Arnav returned all tired from AR, and as usual his wife rushed to help him. 

"Arnav ji how was your day?" she asked with that fresh smile of hers.

He smiled, "Good.." and gave her his bag and suit. 

Khushi, "Go and freshen up and I will serve your dinner.."

"Did you saw Manorama? This is how you should do to your husband.." Nani taunted Mami.

"Hello hi bye bye.. She is doing all this to show off, and win your hearts! Hey DM.. I wonder where my son is right now. Please protect him.." Mami said in a dramatic tone.

"Your son is paying for his sins. And about my wife, you better utter no word Mami.." Arnav glared at her.

"Go and freshen up Arnav ji.." Khushi pressed his shoulder firmly gesturing him not to fight.

Arnav went upstairs to his room and Khushi headed to the kitchen.

Sheetal came in the kitchen to help Khushi sometime later. 

"Sheetal what happened to you?" Khushi asked worried as she saw Sheetal's forehead bandaged.

"Oh about this.. I was crossing the road when someone bumped his car on me!!!" Sheetal smiled.

"What? Didn't you get him punished?" Khushi panicked.

"No,  it wasn't needed. He was a good man and was in hurry so that's why.  He even took me to hospital.." Sheetal smiled remembering about the accident.

"Oh..then it's no problem!" Khushi was relieved.

"I was thinking that I should get back to work.. I'm tired of staying in bed all the time.." Sheetal laughed.

"Great. I will talk with Arnav ji about it.." Khushi said.

"No, Arnav already did so many favors for me and I don't even know how will I repay him. I need to find a new life by myself.." Sheetal said.

"Oh, am I not your friend anymore?" Arnav asked as he walked in the kitchen looking handsome with his white shirt and track pants and his wet hair!

Khushi was drooling over her husband.

"No it's not like that Arnav.. I really want to start afresh.." Sheetal said.

"Okay.. If you want to, what can I do?" Arnav said, "But AR doors are always open for you.."

"Thank you.." Sheetal smiled, leaving the couple alone.

"Arnav ji you didn't dry your hair. You will get sick later.." Khushi said.

"I'm waiting for you to that. And if I get sick it's even better, I will get my wife taking care of me!!" he winked.

Khushi frowned, "I pray everyday to DM for yours and Ayan and our family health and you talk like this!"

"Acha baba sorry.." Arnav hug her from behind and dropped a kiss on her hair. 

Suddenly he remembered that he saw Garima today.  He thought not to tell Khushi about it, otherwise she would get upset. 


"Arnav ji what are you doing? Just think well.. You're spoiling your life.. You don't need to marry me.. Please if you're doing this because you feel pity of me then I would feel no good.." Khushi cried as they stood in front of DM idol in Mandir.

Arnav's hand hold the mangalsutra ready to tie around her neck as the priest told him to. And Aman stood there as witness. 

"I'm more than sure Khushi that I want to marry you only.." he said and tied it on her neck not wanting to listen to her words.



Khushi and Arnav entered in his mansion. 

Khushi walked sadly thinking about Garima and Buaji insulting her. She had expected their out burst like this, but never thought they would actually disown her. Now she was married to Arnav, a man she only for weeks.  Where life was taking her to? Will she be able to accept this marriage? To love him? Will she like this journey? This wasn't planned at all in her life.  All she hope was that this was a dream!! And unfortunately it wasn't..

"Khushi make yourself comfortable.." Arnav spoke after staring at her while they were talking.

Khushi was still in her world, she didn't listen to him and was only walking aimlessly.

"Khushi.." Arnav pulled her back slowly.

Khushi blinked her eyes, she looked around and realized they just reach in his mansion.

"We reached.." she said playing with her fingers.

"You just realized it now?" he asked with a smirk.

Khushi looked at him uncomfortable, "I'm not.. I'm tired.. My head aches and.."

"Excuses! I know you're thinking about your mother and aunt. It's okay, I know it's not easy to forget.." Arnav said with a warm tone.

Khushi started sobbing, "They left me.."

Arnav panicked, he ran to bring a glass of water for her.

Khushi sat on the sofa crying.

"Khushi Shh.. Don't cry.." he sat beside her and gave her the glass of water to drink.

"I'm nothing without my Amma and Buaji.  I never went far from them.. After my parents died, I only stayed with them.. What will I do? They didn't think of their Sanka Devi for once.. Don't I mean anything for them? Did I spoil their reputation? Why am I at fault? Those goons did wrong with me. But why am I getting punished?" she clutched his shirt crying bitterly.

"Khushi.. I'm not good with words.. I want to say to you, that be strong.. You are not at fault and you shouldn't cry.. They will cry for punishing you for no mistake of yours.." Arnav said.

Arnav bit his lips, he was about to hug her and console her in his way but Khushi stood up wiping her tears.

"Can I rest?" she asked innocently.

"Yeah sure.. I will accompany you to your room.." Arnav said.

Khushi nodded and went with him. 

"Here's your room. I hope you like it.." Arnav said opening the door for her.

Khushi was awed by the room. It was dark purple and white, and filled with lights around it and the most important of all were the stars hang around it. He did notice this in her room.. 

"Is this my room?" Khushi asked astonished.

"Yeah.. It's all yours.." Arnav smiled a little. 

Arnav took a step back walking away from there.

Khushi: Arnav ji..your room.. I mean..

"My room is at your right. If you need anything, just call me.." Arnav said.

Khushi nodded and entered in her room shocked that Arnav didn't asked her to sleep in the same room as his. They were married and it's his right to ask her for that.


Sometime later..

Arnav knocked the door of her room.

Khushi who was only in her bed, but sleep was far away from her. She stood up quickly and opened the door for him. 

"Lunch.." he said and gestured through his eyes to the tray of food he brought for her. 

"Thank you Arnav ji but I'm not hungry.." Khushi said.

"Khushi I don't want to hear that. You have to eat. Look at yourself, you look pale.." Arnav said.

"Nahin.. I don't want.." Khushi nodded sideways.

"Okay.. Then I will also not eat.." Arnav said and like a kid turned his back to her.

Khushi looked at him thinking.

"Mind you.. I have diabetes also and if I stay long time without eating, then it might affect my health.." Arnav spoke a loud making sure she listens.

"No, Arnav ji is a good man and he did so much for me, I can't let Arnav ji suffer because of me.." Khushi thought.

"I will eat.." she said coming in front of him. 

Arnav smirked in victory, "You want to eat in your room or at the living room?"

"My room.." she said and both walked in.

"It will take time to heal your wounds Khushi. But I promise I will do my best.." Arnav stare at her eating and thought. 


Dec 24

Chapter 16 - A dance? (By Angel23) (Thanked: 100 times)

Flashback continuation..

At night, Arnav was watching TV in the living room but still his attention was on Khushi's room. She still didn't walked out of that since they afternoon.

He was worried for her, was she crying inside?

He stood up and thought to check her, but then sat again thinking it's not good to disturb her all the time.

Khushi herself walked out of the room, and Arnav kept staring at her until she reached near him. 

Khushi felt his gaze on her, she tucked her hair behind her ear uncomfortable with his non stop gaze on her.

"I wasn't getting sleep so thought to watch.." she said.

Arnav stood up, "Yeah sure.. Please take a seat.. Feel comfortable!!"

Khushi nodded and she sat on the sofa then looked at him,  "Why did you stand up Arnav ji? Sit.."

Arnav mentally punch himself, how could he act so foolish in front of her? Only she manages to do that with him.. No other girl left him in this state..

He sat beside her, and looked at the TV again.

Khushi laughed silently.

Arnav looked at her wondering what made her laugh, but it's good she's laughing, but why? Is she laughing on him?

"What happened Khushi?" he asked.

"Arnav ji do you watch these cooking shows?" she asked with a little smile on her face.

Arnav looked at the TV and realized what she is talking about. While thinking about her, he kept changing channels like this and he end up there.

"I.. It's good to learn.." he lied and looked away cursing himself.

"But you don't need to learn Arnav ji. Now that I'm here, I will cook for you.." she said.

And that's when both realized.. They're married.. 

Rabba vee.. Rabba vee..

"Ok.. Let me change the channel then.." Arnav said taking the remote on his hand.

Khushi touched his hand, "No! I want to learn on it.."

Arnav nodded.

"Arnav ji if you want to change then you can.." later she said realizing it's not her house.

"Now that I'm married to you, I should get the habit to let my wife always win!" he said.

Rabba vee..Rabba vee..

3 months later..

After some months , if not fully Khushi started forgetting that incident. She now talks with him normally and there's not an awkward moment between them as in the first days.

Khushi knocked the door of his room smiling.

"Arnav ji wake up!!" she shouted for him to ear.

Arnav was sleeping peacefully on his bed, last night he stayed with her watching TV till late at night unlike him.  And the result is today he just can't leave the bed. 

"Arnav ji.. You have a meeting! Please wake up.." she said.

"It's all my fault. We shouldn't watch TV till late.." Khushi thought, "Now what will I do to wake him up?"

An idea came up in her mind, she smiled and went running downstairs outside the house. 

She took a ladder and point it to reach the balcony.

She smiled and climbed it, and finally praying for DM and sweating in fear,  she reached his balcony and jumped inside it.

"Ouch.." she fell on the floor while jumping.

"Thank God I reached alive!" she thought and stood up caressing her back.

Then she entered in Arnav's room, and found him still sleeping cutely hugging his pillow.

"Arnav ji.." she patted his shoulder calling him softly.

Arnav clutched her mangalsutra in his hands, and buried his face on his pillow.

Khushi had to bend a little, because he pushed her to him while clutching her mangalsutra.

"Arnav ji.." she whispered trying to remove his hand from her mangalsutra but of no use. 

Arnav pulled it more to him, making her head fall on his head, more near to his neck though.

She was close to him, and her lips were touching his neck making her feel goosebumps.

Arnav opened his eyes feeling ticklish because of her hair all over his face.

"Khushi.." he looked at her confused.

Khushi widened her eyes, she tried to get up but his hold on her mangalsutra made her fall on his neck once again.

Rabba vee.. Rabba vee..

Arnav realized it, he quickly left her mangalsutra.

"I'm sorry. What are you doing here?" he asked.

"I came to wake you up Arnav ji. You're getting late for your meeting.." she said as she stood up adjusting her duppata.

Arnav check his phone, "Dammit.. Why did I sleep too much?"

He stood up hurriedly and searched for his clothes on his wardrobe.

"I am sorry Arnav ji. All this happened because of me.." she made a crying face.

Arnav looked at her, "No Khushi. It's not your fault.. Don't worry..".

He said and rushed to the bathroom, after getting ready he came out and saw Khushi still there.

"Khushi.. You need something?" he asked.

"I don't know where are the keys of this room.. I'm searching still I didn't find.." Khushi smiled sheepishly looking around.

Arnav looked at the door, and saw it's was locked.

He widened his eyes in shock, "How did you came inside Khushi?"

"Through the balcony.. I used the ladder.." Khushi smiled embarrassed.

"What the.. I mean.. Are you okay? Didn't you get hurt? What was the need to do this?" he approached her.

"You would get late Arnav ji.." she said with tears in her eyes innocently.

"Thank you Khushi but you shouldn't do these stunts just for me.. It's risky and you could get hurt you know.." he said.

Khushi nodded her head, "But I called you and you didn't wake up.  So I get this idea only.."

"Okay.. The fault is all mine, I see.. I am sorry!!" he smiled.

Khushi nodded sideways smiling also, "Don't say sorry Arnav ji.."

Arnav took the keys on his dresser and hand it to her, "Keep it with you!!  No need to jump from my balcony now.."

Khushi giggled and took the keys from his hand, she opened the door and went to the kitchen to pack his food in a tiffin.

She knows if he's late then he won't eat anything, so she does this only for him. 

Arnav came running downstairs, grabbing the car keys, he passed through the kitchen to pick his tiffin and say bye to Khushi.

"Bye Khushi.. See you later!!" he said smiling and took his tiffin.

"Bye Arnav ji.." she waved her hand smiling to him. 

Arnav stopped and walked back to her, "Khushi tonight there's a party because AR grabbed one important deal. I know you're not comfortable, but would you like to accompany me there??"

Khushi nodded smiling, "Yes.."

Arnav smiled back, this woman makes him smile everytime!!

It has become a habit for him to smile always.. Only.. Exclusively.. For Her..

"I will pick you by seven.. Be ready!!" he said.

"Arnav ji.." she called him seeing him going.

Arnav turned to her, "Yeah.."

"Woh.. I.. I don't good clothes to wear.." she looked down embarrassed.

"It's okay.. I will ask Aman to bring a dress and everything you would need.." he said.

Khushi looked up to him, he's so good with her.. She thought amused again. After marrying with him, she did some research of him through Google and she found out that he is a short tempered man, he is perfectionist and he only loves his job and family more than anything else. She felt scared when she read this, but in reality all that was a lie. He is this man in front of her.. So caring.. She smiled at the thought.

"Main jaoon? (Should I go?)" he asked.

Khushi woke up from her dream land, she nodded.


At the party..

Arnav reached with his wife stealing everyone's attention. The media walked with them asking million questions still Arnav avoided them as Khushi is new to all this.

He held her hand tightly and asked his bodyguards to handle the situation.

They managed to enter in the hall, and Khushi smiled nervously.

"Wow.. I never felt this way.. It looked like I'm some actress.." she giggled staring back at the media people behind. 

Arnav's eyes were stuck on her now, he looked at her..  She was looking gorgeous in that red sari and that smile on her face was Uff.. Breathtaking!! 

"Khushi.." he called her name in a husky voice.

Khushi felt the change in his tone. She looked at him.

"You.. look.. beautiful.." he said taking breaks in each word as he was still stuck in his beautiful wife.

Khushi blushed, she looked down playing with her fingers shyly: Thank you Arnav ji..

Some business partners came to greet him, and for Arnav they just spoiled his moment with Khushi.

"Khushi they are my business partners.. Daniel and Richard.. and she's my wife Khushi.." Arnav introduced them.

Khushi smiled, and clutched Arnav's arm feeling scared to meet new people.

"Hello Khushi.." the boys greeted her.

"Hi.." she curtly said forcing a smile on her face.

Arnav noticed she was not comfortable, "We'll be back.." he said and took her to another place.

"It's ok Khushi.. You don't need to feel scared.. I know they are new to you but they're good people..they won't harm you.." he said.

Khushi nodded, "I just felt nervous.. I will control myself now.."

Arnav chuckled, "You don't have to control yourself Khushi.. Just enjoy and don't be scared.. I'm here.."

"I can't even greet them by saying Namaste.. And I won't kiss them Arnav ji as you all do.." Khushi said.

"Hmm.. Come here.." he held her hand and took her to a table.

"Namaste aunty.." he said to a woman chatting with her friends.

Khushi looked at the woman curiosily, the woman turned to them and smiles: Arnav dear.. Thank God today you came to greet me! Otherwise you wouldn't meet me till this party ends.. Congratulations dear on your success!!

Arnav smiled, "Thank you.. I came here to finally show you my wife.. Anita aunty she's Khushi, Khushi.. Anita aunty.. She's Indian so you can say Namaste now!!"

He winked at Khushi, Khushi smiled surprised.

"Oh she's so pretty!!" Anita stood up and patted Khushi's cheek softly. 

She held Khushi's hand, "Come to chat with me dear.. I will reveal Arnav's secrets to you.."

Khushi looked at Arnav asking for permission to stay with Anita. Arnav nodded.

A man came in a chirpy mood smile to Anita, and rested his elbow on Anita's shoulder, "Mom.. Wow.. Such a beautiful piece.. Monalisa smile.. Ayee Ayee.. Did you find a bride for me??"

"Shut up NK.. She's my wife!!" Arnav said clearly jealous.

NK gasped, "Oh my God.. Bhabhi.. Finally I'm seeing you!! Nannav never let us see you..he says I will eat your brain.."

"I am sorry!!" he said, "But I won't take back my compliments because they are just meant for you.."

Arnav rolled his eyes while Khushi blushed.

"Thank you.." she whispered.

"Where's my bahu?" Anita asked him. 

"Bahu chatting and gossiping with her friends.." NK said.

"Who talks about his fiance like that?" Arnav shook his head.

"I promised to myself Nannav.. That I will never lie to Lavanya and about Lavanya.." he said winking. 

"Let's go and get some drinks.." NK pulled Arnav with him. 

Khushi widened her eyes thinking Arnav would drink.

Arnav shook his head going with NK, "I'm not drinking today. Can't you see my wife is here?  And I'm responsible.. Unlike you.."

Khushi heard his sentence while he was going. She smiled thanking him that he thought about her first.

"He's good boy no?" Anita asked her.

Khushi nodded, "Arnav ji is very good man!!"

"Khushi Arnav already told us about him being married with you. Still he didn't want us to meet you, because he wanted to make you feel comfortable with him, then he would show us to you. He did that today.. He told us what happened to you, he said you were very depressed na.. It's very unfortunate what happened to you but all I want to say is that you're a strong woman and if you ever need anything, don't hesitate at all. I'm like mother to Arnav, so to you also.. Come home to stay with us when he is at work and enjoy life!" Anita said smiling and caressing Khushi's hair.

Khushi hugged her suddenly needing a mother's warmth this time and Anita provided that to her. 

Arnav kept staring at both, he was worried if Khushi would break down here but to his surprise she broke the hug and smiled to Anita. She said something and both kept chatting normally. 

Arnav sighed in relief, grabbing a deal wasn't a so great victory as seeing Khushi moving on from her past was for him. 

As time passed by, couple started joining the dance floor.

Arnav went to Khushi, who was alone now since Anita went to dance with her husband.

"Would you like to dance with me?" he asked staring at the couples dancing, then extended his hand to her. 

"I don't know.." she shrugged her shoulders smiling.

"Just hold me and follow me.." he said.

Khushi placed her hand on his, and Arnav lead her to the dance floor. 

Arnav wrapped his one arm around her waist and Khushi touched his shoulder. 

Rabba vee.. Rabba vee..

The soft music plays, and Arnav dance with his eyes stuck on her while she followed his steps innocently looking down trying to copy him. 

She step on his foot by mistake, "Oh DM.. I'm so sorry Arnav ji.."

Arnav smiled, "It's OK!  Just look at me not at my steps.. You will not be able to do in this way.."

Khushi nodded and looked at his face and they start again.

She got lost in his eyes and let him lead her on the dance. Now it was perfect..

Rabba vee.. Rabba vee.. 



 Thank you for the comments. 

Saniarameez- the story didn't end still.. It was just the end to part 1 which was their present, and now part 2 which contains more of their past. Thank you!

Dec 25

Chapter 17 - I love you! (By Angel23) (Thanked: 94 times)

Time passed by and Arnav and Khushi started acknowledging their feelings for each other.

She knew she loves him, but in fear Khushi never told Arnav about it. She only shared her feelings to Anita aunty.  And Anita always used to tell her to share this with Arnav. Khushi denied, she thought that Arnav was only taking care of her because he feels pity of her. He doesn't love her.

Arnav also realized he has fallen in love with Khushi, but he didn't want to say because he thought she would think bad of him and other reason was his guilt of marrying Khushi when he promised he would marry Sheetal.  He started realizing in what mess he has got in. And he didn't want to hurt both sides. 

Until on Karwachaut day, Khushi kept fast for him. 

She was eagerly waiting for her husband, with Lavanya and Anita.

"Arnav ji is late today. Usually he always come early home.." she said worried. 

Anita smile: He'll come soon. Maybe he's stuck with work. Just pray that he reaches here before the moon arrives.

Khushi blushed and nodded. She was already dreaming about Arnav breaking her fast.

Lavanya came to the living room smiling, "Let's go to the balcony girls.  NK and Arnav are coming soon.. I just had a talk with NK.."

Anita nodded and took both to the balcony.

They waited and the boys, her husband also reached.

Arnav went to freshen up and came outside with a white sherwani Khushi placed for him on the bed.

He passed a smile to her, Khushi blushed seeing him in sherwani.  And he would faint with her look, she looked extremely beautiful in a red lehenga. 

He just couldn't take his eyes off her earning teasing looks from NK, Lavanya, Anita and her husband.

"Moon is there.." Khushi shouted excitedly.

Arnav walked near her, "You will have to teach me Khushi. I don't know all this.."

"No problem Arnav ji.." Khushi smiled.

She taught him while he helped her to break her fast. 


Later, Anita and her family left to home.  Arnav waited for Khushi in the living room. 

He sat exhausted watching TV. Khushi came back and sat with him. 

"Don't you want to change Khushi? You must be tired na?" he asked her.

Khushi nodded, she stood up and walked to go but stopped on her way.

"Arnav ji how do I look?" she asked shyly.

"Beautiful.." he said in his husky voice.

She smiled and went running to his room. 

Arnav also after sometime went to his room, he was surprised when he saw Khushi brushing her hair on his dresser, she changed her clothes still was looking beautiful!

He blinked his eyes, "Khushi?"

Khushi turned to him, she gulped what would she tell him? Today she didn't want to sleep in separate rooms, it was a special day for her and she wanted to be with him.  She wanted to say that she loves him but she was hell scared!

"Are you going to sleep here?" he asked. 

Khushi nodded her head, Arnav was surprised. He closed the door and went to his side.

"Arnav ji.. I.. I.. I love you.." she said quickly and shut her eyes tightly. 

Arnav who was about to sit on his bed, stand up again shocked.

"What?" he uttered,  "Repeat what you said.."

"Woh.. Nothing.." Khushi nodded sideways scared the way he reacted. 

He smiled after realizing she did say those three magical words to him, he walked near her.

"Did you say you love me?" he asked.

Khushi nodded innocently, "And you didn't like it right?"

Arnav gasped smiling, he lifted her happily, "I love you too Khushi!!"

Khushi was shocked now, it was her time to be dumbfounded.

"Arnav ji you love me.. You didn't tell me.." she said as he put her on bed.

"You also didn't tell me.." he said.

Khushi pouted, "I was scared that you think this marriage as responsibility only. You only would take care of me but never we would be like married couple.."

"And I thought you would think bad of me because of your past.." he said.

"I wouldn't think bad of you, it's not your fault.. You're my hero Arnav ji.." she smiled cupping his face.

Arnav smiled.

Rabba vee.. Rabba vee..


Six months later..

Khushi returned from hospital with Anita and Lavanya. 

Arnav was in home with NK waiting for them. They just heard that Khushi fainted today and Anita took her to hospital.

Anita called Arnav and ask him not to worry and she would take Khushi back home.

Arnav left his office running like a mad man and reached home in minutes and now they were waiting for them. 

Anita knocked the door, and Arnav opened it in no time. 

He quickly hugged Khushi, "What happened? Are you okay?"

Khushi hugged him back smiling, "I'm pregnant Arnav ji!!"

"Woah.. Khushi you're.. " Arnav broke the hug and looked at her smiling,  "I'm going to be a father!! Oh my God.. Khushi you're pregnant.."

He lifted her taking her inside. While Anita and Lavanya hugged each other happy with the news. 

"Congrats Bhabhi.. We're going to have a new member in this house.." NK said happy for them, still his mind was on Arnav's situation. In one hand was Khushi, and the other his lie. Will Khushi be angry with Arnav when she gets to know about Sheetal? Will she misunderstand his intentions? 

Flashback ends.. 

Days later..

"Everything is planned! Once you step out of this mansion Khushi and I will destroy you and automatically Arnav.  You both will repent for destroying my life like this, for leaving me homeless, jobless and loveless. I lost Payal because of you both, now your wife will pay for it Arnav.." Akash thought standing outside of RM at night. 


At Payal's mansion, she walked in anger in her room, "I need to divorce Akash asap. And listen no one should get the real reason of this divorce Preeti.."

"Relax Payal. I'm your friend na, I will do everything in your favor na. No one in society will get to know that Akash betrayed you.." Preeti who works in media said.

"It's better too.  I should forget him once and for all, I gave my everything to him dammit and I was insulted like this. I hate that family and him. That woman and her kid were in front of me only and I like fool went to invite Khushi home, to bring problems in their life. Little did I know that I would get to know this.. Urggg.. I hate him.. I hate him.." Payal shouted.


Dec 26

Chapter 18 - End.. (By Angel23) (Thanked: 106 times)

Early in the morning, Raizadas were having breakfast happily. 

"Nani did you see Arnav?" Khushi came downstairs looking for him.

"No bitiya.. I didn't see him!" Nani said.

"Khushi he already left for office.." Anjali said.

"Oh!" Khushi made an upset face. 

"I wanted to go to Mandir with him today! He already left.." Khushi explained.

"No problem Khushi, we can go together.." Anjali smiled.

Khushi smiled,  "Ji.."

"Hello hi bye bye.. I'm going also.. Need to pray for my son!!" Mami said with big eyes. 


They went walking, Anjali and Khushi were chatting while Mami was ignoring them. 

Behind a tree, Akash was there with some men. 

"That girl in pink! She's all yours.." he smirked to the men.

"She's beautiful sir.." the men looked at Khushi with lust. 

"Go.." Akash patted them, "And listen don't harm the other two with her.."

The men nodded and went running to catch Khushi. 

They appeared suddenly on the roads scaring Khushi, Anjali and Mami. 

Anjali held Khushi's hand tightly and pulled her, to walk fast and Mami followed them.

"They look goons.." Anjali said and walked faster than them. 

"Yeah, Di they're following us.." Khushi said frightened, her past incidents started coming in her mind.  That day some men were walking behind her like this only.

"Don't worry Khushi.  I'm here na, I will not let anything happen to you and Mami.." Anjali cupped her face. 

Khushi nodded and walked faster.

"Stop!" the man shouted.

The three looked at each other nervously and started running away from them.

"Stop girls.." the men ran behind them and came in front of the three.

Anjali, Khushi and Mami took a step back.

"You come with us.." they pointed to Khushi. 

Khushi nodded sideways crying.

"Acha!! Try to run then.." the man laughed, he approached to Khushi. 

Anjali slapped him hard.

He got angry and the other men come to them. 

"Sanju what are you doing? Sir told us to not touch these two.." his friend reminded him. 

"She dared to slap me.." Sanju turned to them.

Meanwhile, Mami silently went to take stones laid on the road. 

She started throwing it to them.

The man hiss in pain and hide their faces to not get hurt. 

"Khushi run.. "Anjali pushed her.

"Di.. How can I?" Khushi cried.

"Khushi they want you only.. Please don't worry about me and Mami.. We'll be fine.. Just go.." Anjali said.

"Go Khushi.." Mami said pushing her to run. 

Khushi nodded and started running from there crying heavily.

The men looked around and saw that she escaped.

"Sir won't spare us.." one of them said.

"Who's this sir of yours?" Anjali asked.

"Akash sir.." one of them replied.

Sanju went and hit him on his forehead, "You stupid.. Sir told us not to reveal his name.."

"Let's run from here before police come.." they said and ran from there. 

" doing all this!" Mami said lost in thoughts.

"Shii. He wants to take revenge like this.. Khushi.. Let me talk with Chote and inform him of all this.." Anjali said taking her phone from the purse.

"My son has become a monster.. How could he do this to a woman?" Mami shut her eyes crying. Now she realized what wrong she did by supporting his evil deeds. 


"You guys are good for nothing! How could you let her escape?" Akash shouted.

"Now I will have to do this by myself!" Akash said angrily. 


"What Di? I won't spare that man.. Where is Khushi now?" Arnav stood up from his chair of the conference room, he left the meeting and walked out of the room heading to the parking lot.

He was hell worried for his wife.

"I told her to run Chote.  I don't know where is she now.. But yes, we were going to Mandir.. I think she's there only.." Anjali said. 

"Ok Di.."  Arnav hang up the call, and got inside his car.

"Please protect her DM.." he sent a silent prayer.


Khushi reached in the Mandir sweating, she was unable to breath properly for the way she ran to reach here and save her life.

She joined her hands praying to DM,  "Please save me.. Please DM.. Don't let anything bad happen with me now.. And please save my Di and Mami.."

She turned behind, "I think I managed to escape from there.."

She quickly took her phone to call her husband.

Arnav picked her phone and didn't take time at all.

"Arnav ji.." she sobbed.

"Khushi.. tum theek ho? Where are you? Talk to me Khushi.. Don't worry.. I'm coming to you.. Don't be scared.. No one will touch you.. I will get that man punished.."Arnav said.

"I'm fine.. I'm scared Arnav ji please come soon.. I'm in Mandir near our home only.. Please come fast.. Who man?" she asked.

"Okay.. Akash is doing all this.. Di called me.." Arnav said.

Khushi was shocked, she turned to look around again and got more shocked seeing Akash in front of her.

"Hi Bhabhi!" he waved his hand smiling like mad.

Khushi dropped the phone and took a step back while a lone tear escaped her eyes and she gasp.

"Akash.. what are you doing? Let me go please.." Khushi cried.

"Let you go? Hahaha.. Your husband destroyed my life.. Humiliated me in front of my family.. Left me, ME.. Akash Singh Raizada without any work.. Homeless.. You know, I've to live as a paying guest in someone's else house. Do you know how embarrassing is that? But to my luck, DM showed a way to me.. The ones who gave me shelter are your so called parents.. And they told me why they disown you! Some goons tried to take advantage of you.. But they couldn't, after all bhabhi is so strong, she beat them up and managed to escape.. But let's see this time if you can escape from me" Akash laughed.

Khushi shut her eyes disgusting, "You're disgusting.. Cheap.. Is this how you plan to revenge Arnav ji? This only shows how weak you're.."

'Shut up.." Akash shouted and walked near her.

Khushi step back, "Don't come near me.."

Akash pulled her harshly by her arms, Khushi shouted in pain.  

"Leave me.. Leave me Akash.. Don't touch me.." Khushi said and started hitting him with her hands.

"You think you will escape from me?" Akash smirked.

"You will not do anything to me.. Arnav ji is coming here and DM is here to protect me from you.." Khushi spoke with sharp eyes.

"Acha.. Let me prove you wrong!" he said and pulled her near him. 

Khushi pushed him back and started running.

Akash ran behind her, and held her hand pulling her back.

"Aaahh.." Khushi screamed.

Akash smirked and move his head near her cheek.

Khushi slapped him hard, "How dare you.."

Akash got angry, and she pushed him again. 

This time he snatched her duppata and Khushi widened her eyes.

She stopped and covered her neck with her hands. 

"Akash give me my duppata back.." she gritted her teeth.

"First you have to come with me.." Akash winked.

"Never.." Khushi shouted, she moved with her feet slowly her duppata that was touching the floor to Akash's feet.

When he tried to walk to force her go with him, he stepped on the duppata and slipped on the floor.

"Aaaahhh.." he screamed in pain, and it didn't end there. He fell down the stairs getting hurt on his forehead.

Khushi sighed and took her duppata, she quickly covered herself and ran inside the Mandir taking the trident from DM. 

She climbed down the stairs with full anger towards Akash.

She reached to Akash and put her foot on his chest then raised the trident and..

"Khushiiii.." Arnav and the police reached in time.

Khushi looked at him, she dropped the trident on the ground and ran to hug him tightly.

Arnav hug her back,  "I'm sorry..  I shouldn't leave you alone.. I'm so sorry.."

The police took Akash with them and looked at Arnav. 

"Don't even think he is my brother. I want to see him regret for his every deeds.  Punish him severely.." Arnav said gritting his teeth.

Akash looked at him, his forehead bleeding and he couldn't stand properly.

"I won't spare you.." he whispered.

Arnav walked to him and slapped him, "I won't spare you Akash..  Is this what you planned? You tried to force my wife.. I wish I could kill you with my own hands.."

Khushi wiped her tears. 

Arnav punch Akash on his face, "I feel disgusting to even think you're my brother.."

Another slap came to Akash, but it wasn't from Arnav but Mami. 

Mami and Anjali reached now.

"And it's a shame that you're my son. I didn't know I brought a monster to this world. And this fault is all mine.. The fault is all mine.. I know you hate her, but is this how low you can get to revenge? Is this what I taught you? Shii.. Inspector take him away and punish him in such a way that he will learn how to never mess up with women.." Mami said and looked away.

Akash looked at her shocked, "Ma even you?"

The police didn't let him talk much and immediately took him from there.

Mami walked to Khushi and joined her hands crying, "Forgive me.. Khushi.."

Khushi nodded sideways, "You don't have to.."

Arnav side hugged Khushi, and took the three back home. 


At night..

Khushi was resting in her room, and Ayan was sleeping with his head resting on her lap. 

Arnav and his family come in to meet her.

"Khushi bitiya are you okay?" Nani sat beside her caressing her cheeks.

Khushi smiled softly, "I'm ok Nani. Nothing could go wrong with me this time, Arnav ji loves and DM blessings were with me. Akash toh Kya, no one can do wrong with me.."

"That's the spirit.." Mami said.

Arnav smiled.

"Thank God police caught that Akash.." Sheetal said. 

Ayan woke up cutely hearing voices around him, "Mumma.."

Khushi smiled and patted his back, Ayan sat on the bed and saw his family members all in their room. 

He rubbed his eyes cutely, and hugged his mother getting shy that everyone saw him sleeping.

Khushi giggled and hugged him back. 

Raizadas laugh at him. 

"Naughty boy is shy.." Nani tickled him. 

He giggled and buried his face on his mumma's neck. 

Arnav smiled seeing his so happy family.  That's a moment he always dream of and it's finally a Reality!!


Payal watched TV news and rolled her eyes, "This man is a fool only.."

"Thank God you are divorcing him.. Otherwise see how would people would talk about us.. Shii.. Doesn't he think about his own reputation?" her father commented.

"Dad he has lost everything now. No home, no job and no wife! That's why he did this to destroy Arnav. But he doesn't know that it's impossible to destroy ASR. Arnav only sacrificed everything to him because of his family and now he tried to harm his family only, Arnav wouldn't leave him at all.  I'm sure Arnav is the one who put him behind the bars.." Payal said.

"I wish he stays there for a long time and learns how to respect women! First that girl Sheetal, then you and now his Bhabhi.." Payal's mom came and sat with them.


Arshi's room.. 

Khushi was staring at the balcony, while Ayan slept on the middle of the bed and Arnav was sleeping at the right side.

He turned to her side and put his arms on Ayan and Khushi's belly, as if protecting both.

He opened his eyes and saw Khushi was still awake.

"Sleep Khushi.. Are you okay?" he asked worried.

"I was thinking!" she turned to him.

"About?" he asked.

"About how I always manage to save myself and you came later with your police.."she pouted.

Arnav smiled, "That's because my wife is so strong that she fights alone and I come to finish it.."

Khushi giggled.

"You okay na? I don't want you to feel depressed like.." he said.

Khushi nodded sideways, "I won't be sad like in the past, because this time my family is so protective and caring to me unlike them.."

Arnav nodded, "Good.." he kissed her forehead softly.

Then kissed Ayan's forehead.

"Good night.." he whispered.

"Good night!! I love you Arnav ji.." she smiled.

"I love you too.."

"I loooveee you Mumma..".

Ayan hugged his mother in his sleep muttering it for her.

Khushi and Arnav smiled amused. Khushi kissed his cheeks and Arnav covered both with blanket.

The next day would be a new beginning.. 


The end!!

Epilogue will be posted soon, in which I will write about Sheetal and her love story, and Garima, Buaji punishment. 


Dec 29

Epilogue.. (By Angel23) (Thanked: 115 times)

Five years later..

"Ayan.. Ayan.." Khushi shouted walking around the huge mansion looking for her son. 

"What happened Khushi?" Anjali came in her way.

"I'm looking for Ayan.. But I can't find him anywhere.." Khushi pouted.

"Ayan is with Chote.. They're in Study.." Anjali smiled.

Khushi jaws dropped, "Here I'm looking for him and he is with his father.."

Anjali giggled, "One is with homework and other is with officework.."

Khushi shook her head and went downstairs, directly to the study room. 

She opened the door and earned a glare from her husband and her son. 

When they realized it's her, they smile softly.

Khushi's heart melt seeing Arnav sat on his chair and Ayan on his lap. Arnav was on his files and Ayan on his books.  And then they smile at her.

"Don't you both think it's lunch time and you should be with family having lunch?" she asked and sat on a chair opposite them.

"Mumma homework!! Teacher will scold us.." Ayan showed his book.

"I have to go through these files.." Arnav also said.

"But my baby you keep studying all time, please rest for a while it's Sunday today!! And Arnav ji you too, you can see these files tomorrow too,  no one will scold you.." Khushi said.

Ayan: Mumma tomorrow I will go to school na!

Arnav: And I will loads of work tomorrow, so it's important to finish all these today.

Khushi sighed in defeat, she stood up and walked to go.

Ayan and Arnav looked at each other.

"Mumma got angry.." Ayan said.

"We should take a leave today right?" Arnav asked.

Ayan smile and nodded, both went behind her and joined the family to have lunch.

Ayan sat beside Khushi kissing her cheek,  "I'm sorry Mumma! Ayan is here for you.."

Khushi smiled and kissed him back, "Thank you my baby.."

Arnav also pecked her cheek, "Sorry baby.."

The family giggled seeing Khushi who hide her face with her palms blushing because Arnav kissed her in front of all.

"Khushi ji you should be happy that at least both pacify you! Shyam ji and my Laddo doesn't even remember of me!" Anjali pouted.

Shyam chuckled, while Anjali's son whined: Mumma I'm not laddo!! 

"Mumma today's Di's birthday.." Ayan said patting Khushi's shoulder.

"Yes, I know. We will go to her house to wish her.." Khushi caressed his cheeks informing him.

"Sheetal must be so happy for Anika's birthday!!" Nani said.

"Hello hi bye bye.. I love kids parties.. We eat delicious food!" Mami smiled excited.

"Manorama!!" Nani glared at her, while she pouted.

And everyone laughed.


Sheetal's house..

Raizada family reached in her house and we're welcomed by Sheetal's husband. 

"Karan how are you?" Arnav greeted him as they headed to the living room. 

"I'm fine. We were just waiting for you all.." he smiled charmingly.

"Karan ji Sheetal is very lucky that she got you! You're no less than Salman Khan!" Khushi chirpily complimented him. 

Both were friends as Sheetal told Khushi first about her liking towards Karan. Karan is the one whose car bumped into her and he took her to hospital. They later met coincidentally in few events and become friends.  Sheetal found her new job on his company and they started coming close to each other. He got to know about Sheetal's story with Akash. And that's when he decided that he wants this strong woman for himself, he proposed her but Sheetal refused. She was still not ready for marriage! But Karan didn't give up and now they are happily married. 

"You're unlucky because you got me?" Arnav asked sarcastically.

Khushi smack his shoulder, "Arnav jiiiii.. I'm very lucky that I got a Laad governor like you!"

Everyone laughed. 

Anika came downstairs with Sheetal, both were looking like Queen and Princess.

Sheetal wore a red gown and Anika dressed a beautiful pink dress.

She came running to Arnav and hugged him tightly.

Arnav hugged her back, "Happy Birthday my Princess.."

"Thank you Papa!" she smiled.

"Here's your gift!!" Arnav handled to her.

Ayan also came to Anika, "Happy birthday Di.. This is your gift.. It's from my and Laddo's side.."

Anika hugged him and Aansh (Anjali's son) tightly, "Thank you Ayan and Laddo.."

After giving gifts to Anika and wishing her, everyone went to cut cake with her.

Sheetal and Karan smile to each other as they cut cake with their princess happily.

Arnav and Khushi looked at them smiling, they felt as Sheetal has found her new and deserving life along with a man like Karan. 

The kids started playing around in the living room messing everything with balloons, cake and sweets.

Ayan gave a disgusting look, he stood with Arnav not wanting to play like this. 

"Chota Laad governor!!" Khushi rolled her eyes. 

"Mumma.." Ayan whined.

"Khushi don't call us Laad governor.." Arnav glared at her.

Khushi hugged both giggling , "You both are my Laad governors.."

Seeing her so happy they let her win the fight.


While they were so happy, the ones who tried to destroy them were paying for their sins. 

In Mandir..

Garima and Buaji were begging for food while people were giving looks to them.

Some felt pity of them and offer them with food and money. While some recognized that Garima and Buaji were Khushi Arnav Singh Raizada's family and they knew what they did to poor Khushi.

When Akash went behind the bars, the media couldn't stop demanding answers from Arnav, hence Arnav organized a press conference and he told everything about his story. Khushi also told about part, and she became an inspiration for women to fight for themselves and not let the society blame them for no fault of them. 

"Isn't she Khushi's mother?" a lady ask to another.

"Yeah! Shii..aren't you ashamed to leave you daughter when she needed you the most.." another lady glared at Garima. 

"Let's go.." they entered in Mandir. 

Buaji and Garima looked at each other sobbing.

"We disown her for this society and they threw us out from the colony. Is this justice?" Buaji said angrily.

"Sometimes I think we shouldn't have let her go Madhu. See where we are right now.." Garima cried.

"We are here because of her only.  She's a bad luck only.." Buaji said cursing Khushi under her breath.

"You both will never change right? Never mind.. DM is already punishing you both.." another man heard their conversation and shook his head. 

 Thank you everyone!! Silent readers too

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