What Shall I Name This Love?

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Oct 21, 2017

What Shall I Name This Love?... Part 41 (By Taanihalai) (Thanked: 68 times)

Arnav parked the car aside after they arrived at the place where it all had began, he stepped out followed by Aakash who asked nothing but just followed him as he walked around.

“That night when you went behind Khushi, where was she exactly?”

“Just here, we were standing at this same place” Aakash said

“And from here, this is the only way that leads to her home right” Arnav said as he started walking trying to look around hoping he would find something to help him get to the rapists as soon as possible.

He walked for like ten minutes until her came across a place that looked exactly like Khushi had described to him, he looked around and saw a hut a bit further, maybe it was the one she was talking about, where the men took her.

Arnav clenched his fist tight, he felt like running in there right away and punching them hard on their faces but he wasn’t sure if they were there yet or if the house belonged to someone else.

He walked towards it slowly remembering everything Khushi had told him and it hurt so bad he couldn’t even control his tears.

He knocked at the door while Aakash stood there still yet confused, he had no idea what Arnav was up to and he was guilty enough to ask questions.

A lady opened the door as she walked outside and looked at Arnav.

“Yes, how may I help you?”

“I was looking for someone, there were some two men…”

“Oh yes, they used to live here before but then last year they were arrested for rape of someone and it was very brutal, I think they also had their punishment as to be hanged till death” the lady said

“What? I mean that kind of punishment is very rare for the rapists at least in our country”

“I know but like I said it was very horrible, and the girl committed suicide afterwards, it was all over the news, dint you guys see it?”

“No, but I’m glad they got it, they deserved worse than that, if they were alive today I would have…” Aakash put his hand on Arnav’s shoulder trying to calm him down, yes he was glad that they did get punishment for they did but he also felt sad at the same time wondering how many girls would have faced them before they actually got arrested.

“You came here to look for the rapists Arnav?” Aakash asked

“Yes and if I’d find them, I would have killed them with my own hands” Arnav said as he walked away.

They headed back to where they had parked their car and got inside, Arnav started driving without saying anything while Aakash kept on staring at him.

“Stop staring at me like that bro, remember you were one of the reasons why and anyway you don’t have to worry about talking to Shrey, I’ve got it handled, I’m sure the police would have arrested him by now” Arnav said as he continued driving.

“How did you do it? And when?”

“Before we came here, I went to see him and asked him about everything and for proof I even recorded his confession, as easy as that, now he will get the punishment he deserved and as for you I think the guilt is the punishment, because you’ll never be able to get rid of it”

“I am sorry Arnav”

“Stop saying sorry again and again bro, it’s not going to change anything, just think what would you have done if someone had done to Anjali what you did to Khushi… now that is how it feels” Arnav said.

He stopped the car outside the house and looked at Aakash.

“I have to go and pick NK for the bus station and then return back the car to a friend, I’ll be back then” Arnav said

“What? NK is coming back? You never told me?”

“Yes he is, Khushi and I are getting married tomorrow, and I want it to be like she dreamt of it and I want my family members to be there too… Anjali too will arrive by night so like my big brother start with the preparations, NK and I will join you soon”

Aakash nodded positively as he stepped out of the car while Arnav drove away.


Just like Arnav had told her, Khushi was sited in the designing room accompanied by many of the designers working in her firm as she designed her dream wedding outfit, she wanted it to be perfect just like her husband was.

She blushed at the thought not being able to imagine how her life changed so suddenly, there was a time when she hated all the men one earth and then there’s this time when she’s so much in love with one.

She dint even realize how in between the fights and hatred when she ended up falling in love with Arnav and how he ended up falling in love with her too.

No matter what had happened in the past, todays he felt really lucky to have a man like him in her life who accepted her for who she was and brought back all the happiness she had once lost.

“Ma’am, what do we do about the detailing at the bottom?” one of the helpers asked

“I have an idea, just give me a moment” She said as she stood up and rushed to her cabin to get her laptop, she picked it up and was heading back to the designing room when Arnav walked in.

“Arnav!” Khushi said happily as she rushed to hug him happily.

“So how’s the work going on? Does my bride have anything to wear yet?” Arnav asked

“Working on it, you’ll get to see it tomorrow, when I’ll be dressed in it as a bride” Khushi smiled.

“I wonder how I’m going to be able to take my eyes off you, I can imagine what a gorgeous bride you’ll be” Arnav smiled.

“Gorgeous for you”

“I can’t wait for tomorrow now” Arnav said as he got hold of her waist and pulled her closer.

Khushi looked at him in total surprise, she wasn’t at least expecting him to do this and though it dint scared her, it made her so nervous she could feel her heart beating so fast.

“Don’t you have work to do Mr. Raizada?” Khushi asked

“What’s more important that having my wife in my arms” Arnav said as he pulled her more closer, brushing his thumbs on her lips he looked into her eyes as she closed them.

He moved closer to her lips almost kissing her but he stopped, her breaths were heavier and even though she dint say anything he knew somewhere it made her feel scared because of all she had gone through so he kissed her on the forehead instead and then stepped backwards.

Khushi opened her eyes and looked at him feeling overwhelmed, she dint know how he understood her even without her saying a word.

“Not until you’re ready for it” Arnav said as if he had just read her thoughts.

“What would I have done without you” Khushi said as her eyes moistened.

“I am here so you don’t have to think about that, anyway I just came to check on you, looks like you’re going good so I’ll leave, have to pick up NK Yet, see you later” Arnav said as he kissed on her cheek and walked away leaving Khushi blushing.

She walked back inside and started browsing the internet while everyone waited for her to tell them the idea she had.

She turned the laptop towards them and with a smile started explaining what she had thought of.

“Here you’ll find Arnav’s name written in different languages, so I want the lower detailing to be done by writing his name in tiny letter that from far it would look like some design but from near you’d be able to read it, that way it would go all round forming a line.”

“This is such a brilliant idea” One of them said as they got back to work.

Oct 25, 2017

What Shall I Name This Love?... Part 42 (By Taanihalai) (Thanked: 84 times)

The Day.

Khushi was sited in her room dressed in her beautiful bridal outfit, the makeup artist had done her beautiful job and added more glow on Khushi’s glowing face.

She sat on the chair as the hairstylist styled her hair so that she could be ready for the day. Arnav had been locked out of the room so he was busy getting ready in NK’s room.

“This is exciting, all the remarriage stuff, I mean I’ve only seen it in movies, today I’m seeing it in real” NK Said excitedly.

“It’s because mine and Khushi’s wedding happened in a way it shouldn’t have, anyway all’s well that ends well” Arnav said.

“I’ll just go and check if everything is on it’s place” Aakash said as he walked away.

“What’s with him? He seems rather lost?”

“Maybe the regret, anyway let’s not talk about anything else today, I want this day to be beautiful and full of lifetime memories, so let’s make it that way” Arnav said

“So if you’re ready we can go outside? I’m sure the guests are here, we should begin with the ceremony pretty soon”

“Yeah, I can’t wait to see my beautiful wife anyway” Arnav giggled as they both headed out.

The wedding had been planned outside the house in the garden because of the house being too small for all the guests that were supposed to be there, Arnav did all he could manage to give Khushi her dream wedding with some help from Mr. Singhania.

He looked at the decorations as he walked outside and everything seemed beautiful, and perfect just like he had imagined it, all he hoped was that Khushi was going to like it.

“Arnav, thank you so much for all of this, today finally I’ll be able to see my daughter happy” Mr. Singhania said

“It wouldn’t have been possible without your help, don’t you want to see your daughter? She’s inside, you’re the only person she had right now, you should be the one to bring her to the aisle.”

“I don’t think that’s a good idea, she hadn’t forgiven me yet”

“Neither have I, but you are her father and that would remain unchanged, so please go and bring your daughter for the wedding because no matter what every daughter needs her father on such a big day.”

Mr. Singhania nodded positively as he headed inside while Aakash joined Arnav and NK.

“I wish Anjali was here too” He said

“I wish the same too but let he fulfil her dreams, they are more important” Arnav said.


Mr. Singhania walked inside Khushi’s room, she was sited there all ready for the wedding, today she looked like a beautiful fairytale princess, maybe the most gorgeous bride Mr. Singhania had ever seen.

“You look just like your mother, I remember how beautiful she looked on our wedding” He smiled.

“You do?” Khushi asked with a tone of surprise in her voice.

“Of course I do, I admit that things went wrong between us and I became the worst husband but your mother was the only woman I ever loved…

Remember how you used to dress in her bridal clothes and pretend to be a bride, just like her I knew some day you will leave us and go, and despite that I had always wished to see you as a bride”

“If it had always been like this since before then things would have been so different wouldn’t they?” Khushi asked sadly.

“They would but maybe this is what fate had, please allow me to take you to the aisle, I know I’ve done you so wrong, but I hope you’ll let me”

Khushi stood up as she nodded positively while tears started forming up in her eyes, she had always yearned for this, the attention and love he was giving her right now, she just wished she’d have gotten more of it when she was a kid.

She held his hand as he led her out of the room towards the wedding aisle where here prince charming waited for her.

“Oh My God! She’s gorgeous” Arnav said as he stared at Khushi who was now walking towards him holding her father’s hand.

“My brother is officially lost” NK giggled as Arnav ignored his words, right now he was just lost in Khushi, her beautiful eyes that spoke a thousand words only he could understand.

There was everything, pain, joy, happiness, hurt and despite all that she had a beautiful smile on her face that lightened up his world.

“Not bad Mrs. Raizada, I can’t really take my eyes off you and the beautiful dress”

“Thank you Mr. Raizada” Khushi replied as she blushed deep red.

“Shall we begin with the rituals now? You have a whole night to get lost into each other” NK said

“Sure” Arnav said as he took Khushi’s hand in his and sat down while the priest began with the wedding rituals.

There was a kind of spark in Khushi’s eyes, since he met her he had never seen it, it was like today she was happy in the true sense and he was glad to know that she was actually happy.


All the guests left after the wedding, Mr. Singhania also headed back home after bidding them goodbye.

Khushi was led back to her room while NK and Aakash started cleaning up the house for the night.

Arnav felt nervous as he walked towards his room, he dint know what he was supposed to do and what not.

It was their wedding night but he had no idea how Khushi felt about it and what she was going to be comfortable about, he just dint want to mess things up, only if she could talk to him and tell him what was going to be okay for her.

He opened the door and walked inside shutting it behind, he found Khushi sited on the bed struggling with her jewelry.

“I’ll help you” Arnav said as he rushed towards her and sat beside her as he helped her in taking off the jewelry.

“Thank you, I’ll just change, this is too heavy to spend the night it” Khushi said as she stood up and placed the jewelry on the dressing table.

“Or you could spend your night in nothing at all” Arnav said as he winked at her.

“Stop trying to be naughty” Khushi blushed as she took her nightdress and headed to the washroom to change while Arnav also changed.

When Khushi walked out after changing, she found Arnav arranging the bed, she walked towards the cupboard and piled up her clothes as she turned to look at Arnav who was sited there looking a bit nervous.

She walked back to him and sat next to him holding his hand.

“I know what you’re thinking Arnav, I know you’re confused but I promise I’ll try my best… maybe not today but with time I’ll be okay and you’ll not have to feel nervous”

“I’m just scared Khushi, I don’t want to hurt you in anyway whatsoever”

“Don’t worry, you won’t” Khushi said as she cupped his face and looked him into the eyes. She moved closer to him being a bit hesitant, he could hear her breathing and he knew she was just as nervous and unsure as he was about it.

She brushed her lips against his as he pulled her closer and started by kissing her softly making sure he was very gentle with her.

“I’ll tell you to stop if something hurts me okay?” She said as Arnav nodded.

“Take your time Khushi, we don’t have to do it today, we can just do whatever you’ll be okay with” Arnav said

“I know, I know… I love you Arnav” She whispered as she held him tight in his arms.

Oct 28, 2017

What Shall I Name This Love?... EPILOGUE (By Taanihalai) (Thanked: 82 times)

Five Years Later…

“Arnav! Promise me everything is going to be okay” Khushi shouted in pain as he pushed her on the wheelchair.

“Yes Khushi, I’m right here, I’ll always be just like I promised, and everything is going to be okay don’t worry, just be strong like you’ve always been” Arnav said as he rushed inside the hospital calling out for the doctor.

“Somebody get the doctor, NK please go get a doctor” Arnav said as he continued pushing the wheelchair.

Mr. Singhania rushed in with lots of balloons in one of his hands and a huge teddy bear in the other, he looked around for Arnav and Khushi when he heard Khushi’s screams and rushed towards the place it was coming from.

Arnav stopped outside a room while Khushi hit his arm painfully.

“Where is the doctor yet? I can’t take this anymore!”

“She’ll be here soon, NK has gone to fetch her, please calm down, it okay, it would last for a while only” Arnav said as he held her hand in his tightly looking at her worriedly.

“I am here, hey is everything okay?” Mr. Singhania asked as he joined them.

“What are those balloons for? Oh my God and such a huge teddy? Mr. Singhania really?” Khushi asked as she looked at him in surprise.

“What? Now just because you dint forgive me for all the terrible mistakes I committed in the past doesn’t mean I’ll not be allowed to get my grandchildren some gifts”

“The child isn’t born yet and if the doctor doesn’t come here in the next two minutes I’m going to scream so loud you’ll both run away from here, get the doctor right now!” Khushi said as she struggled with the labor pain.

“Here’s the doctor” NK said as he rushed towards them followed by the doctor.

“We’ll take it from here” The doctor said as she pushed Khushi’s wheelchair inside followed by a few nurses while Arnav, Mr. Singhania and NK waited outside.

“I should have gone inside with her, she won’t be able to take all this much pain on her own, at least I could have supported her” Arnav said worriedly.

“Don’t worry, she is going to be okay” Mr. Singhania said as Arnav looked at him realizing he was actually holding so many balloons in his hand, all this while he was busy concentrating on Khushi he hadn’t even noticed it.

“Why only one teddy, what if they are twins? Whom will you give it to?” Arnav asked

“Oh, I dint even think of it, the moment you called me I just bought this and rushed here” Mr. Singhania said worriedly.

“Don’t worry, if it could have been twins, the doctors would have informed us earlier” Arnav giggled as Mr. Singhania looked at him nervously.

“I was almost starting to worry I’d have to go and buy another teddy” Mr. Singhania sighed.


Few hours later…

The doctor walked outside smiling happily ready to give them all the good news, she wiped her hands in a towel while she looked at Arnav with a smile.

“Congratulations, it’s a baby girl”

“I’ve become a father, Oh My God! I can’t believe this, I am so happy” Arnav said as he jumped up and down happily and hugged both NK and Mr. Singhania who were just as happier.

“Doctor, can I see my daughter?” Arnav asked excitedly.

“Sure, you can go inside, the nurse will help you” She said as she walked away while Arnav quickly rushed inside the room followed by Mr. Singhania.

The nurse handed the baby to Arnav as he looked at her lovingly, tears of joy formed up in his eyes as he held his little bundle of happiness in his arms.

“Be as strong and as beautiful as your mother” Arnav said.

“And goodhearted like you father” Khushi said as she looked at Arnav happily.

Arnav handed the baby to Mr. Singhania as he walked towards Khushi and sat next to her, holding her hand in his.

“Thank you for giving me so much happiness Khushi” He said

“It’s all credited to both of us” Khushi smiled back at him.

“She looks just like you, you were exactly the same when I held you for the first time” Mr. Singhania said

“She’s my daughter after all” Khushi smirked

“Mine too, not only yours” Arnav giggled as she stood up and took the baby from Mr. Singhania.

He took her to Khushi and laid her beside her as he leaned his head next to her.

“This is our beautiful family now” Arnav said.

Khushi pecked on his cheek while Mr. Singhania and NK walked outside giving the time to themselves.

“Thank you for giving me enough time to bring this happiness in our lives”

“I would have given you forever for this” Arnav said as he looked at his tiny one who was deep asleep next to them.

“We have to make a football team now” Arnav looked at Khushi as he giggled.

“Yes, do I look like a machine to you” Khushi pouted.

“Yes, my machine of happiness” He said as he hugged her lovingly.

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