What Shall I Name This Love?

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Sep 2, 2017

What Shall I Name This Love? (By Taanihalai) (Thanked: 43 times)

It was the best time of the year for the youngsters who had just graduated or for not so youngsters who were yet looking for jobs, because at this time of the years, the Singhania group always hired new staff members to join the thousands already employed staff.

Arnav hadn’t just graduated, he had finished it long back but since the past five years, he had been trying to get a job at the Singhania fashion house as the lead fashion designer but he never got the chance.

Mr. Yash Singhania had been one of the most arrogant man the city had ever seen. Arnav had been giving an interview for the same post for the past five years but he was never able to impress Mr. Singhania to get the job.

By luck or by fate, this year the design house had been taken over by his famous daughter Miss. Khushi Singhania and this time he hoped if not her father, at least she would finally give him this job.

He waited and waited for over an hour in the huge waiting room until finally he was called for the interview.

He was guided to the cabin where Miss. Khushi was taking interviews of the new staff, he really hoped to get this job today.

“Mr. Sharma, I have to attend a meeting sharp at twelve, I have ten minutes left… please carry on with the rest of the interviews and hire the best designer” he heard a lady speak before he could walk in.

She was facing the opposite side so he couldn’t get a clear view of her, all he could notice was that she was dressed in an official trouser and a black coat.

Arnav knocked at the door and walked in, he settled himself down on the chair as Miss. Khushi turned around from the other side and walked away not paying attention at whoever had just walked in.

Despite of trying his best to get a glimpse of how she looked like, he couldn’t manage to see her face, he always heard from so many people that she was one of the most gorgeous ladies, she would give the models and actresses some sort of competition.

Her fashion game had always been on the spot and she was so much fashion obsessed she dint like anyone around her dressed shaggily.

Once she had visited the offices with her father and she got almost fifty people fired just because they weren’t dressed properly, so one rule Arnav knew to get this job was to be dressed well and that’s why he was sited here dressed in an official manner with a black trouser, white shirt and a black tie.

His interview started in a few minutes and just in between the door opened up and the same lady who had walked away when he entered was walking back in making noise with her heels.

He turned his head around to look at the lady and he couldn’t agree less to what people always said.

She was a pretty lady, she carried herself in such a great manner no one could give her competition.

“Meeting cancelled” She announced as she settled herself on her seat.

She finally turned her head to look at Arnav who was sited there staring at her in awe.

How could someone be this perfect? Her face, her dressing, her shoes, her attitude being the right amount… everything about her was just perfect.

“Carry on” She ordered as the rest of the members continued asking Arnav questions and he answered them all in the best manner he could.

Meanwhile she checked on Arnav’s file and some of the designs he’d made.

When the finally question had been answered he saw Miss. Khushi standing up and he lost all his hopes, maybe this time either he wasn’t going to get the job.

“She whispered something to the person sited next to her and he whispered back something in return, then she turn to look at Arnav again who quickly stood up nervously.

“Congratulations Mr. Arnav, you are hired” She said without any kind of smile on her face.

“Thank you so much ma’am” Arnav said excitedly.

“Mr. Sharma please sign the contract with him and tell the rest of the people waiting outside to head back home, we’ve already found our head designer” Khushi said as she walked out not turning back to look at Arnav.

Arnav excitedly walked out of the huge office and headed to the parking where he had parked his motorcycle. He jumped on it excitedly just when he saw Khushi walking out.

She looked at him for once then looked away as if she dint even know him, she walked towards the huge car parked almost near Arnav’s motorcycle and settled herself at the back seat as the driver started the car and drove off.

Tu hi bata mere maula… tu hi bata mere rabba…

Faasle milon ke hain… dono hai alag hi disha…

Kabhi yeh milpayenge… nahi kisiko hai pata…

Tu hi bata mere maula… tu hi bata mere rabba…

Arnav drove away too heading back home so he could give his family members the good news.

After five years of waiting and struggling so much he had finally got his dream job, he held the post of the head fashion designer at the Singhania fashion house now.

What else could make him any happier?

He stopped his motorcycle outside a sweet shop where he saw a small kid standing outside staring at the sweets while everyone who passed by just ignored him.

He parked his motorcycle aside and walked inside the sweet shop, bought a box of fresh jalebi’s and walked out, he handed the box to the kid who hugged him happily while at the same time another man walked with one box and handed it to the kid too, the kid took both the boxes and rushed away while tears of happiness rolled down his eyes.

Nothing was better than sharing your happiness with the homeless and the hungry. Arnav stared at the man as he headed back to the car and knocked at the black window, the window rolled down and for a while Arnav couldn’t believe his eyes.

It was Khushi Singhania!

Ek baat usme bhi hain… to ke ek baat usme bhi hain…

Hain dhoop sa woh agar… woh chandni raat si hai…

The driver said something to her and handed her back the change as she said something to him and he headed back to his seat.

She turned the window up again just when her eyes fell on Arnav standing a few feet away.

The window got shut as the driver drove off while Arnav was just left staring.

Milpaye kabhi dono kya teri isme hai raza… kya teri isme hai raza…

Tu hi bata mere maula… tu hi bata mere rabba…

Arnav got back onto his motorcycle and drove home, he couldn’t wait to share the good news with his family members.

Sep 2, 2017

What Shall I Name This Love?... Part 2 (By Taanihalai) (Thanked: 48 times)

She walked inside the mansion and as usual her dad was busy with someone over the phone.

It had always been his routine, sometime clients, friends or God knows who, he was never free and even when he was, he would find something to keep him busy.

She ignored him and headed to the kitchen, pulled out a bottle of water from the fridge as she poured it into the glass and gulped it down.

“How was your first day at work?” Mr. Singhania asked finally getting free from his calls.

She just stared at him plainly then put the bottle back inside the fridge and walked away completely ignoring him.

“Stop ignoring me Khushi!” He said angrily

“That’s what I’ve been telling you for years now, stop ignoring me but did you ever listen to me? Now when I do the same in return with you it’s a crime”

“When have I ever ignored you Khushi?”

“Ask me when you haven’t Mr. Singhania” She said as she headed upstairs leaving her dad behind completely frustrated.


“Anjali, Aakash, NK… where are you all?” Arnav called out.

They wall walked out of their rooms in a hurry and headed to the hall where Arnav was waiting for them with a box full of sweets.

“Oh My God! You got the job?” Anjali asked excitedly.

“Congrats bro” NK said as he hugged him.

Aakash just stood in a corner without speaking any word or reacting in any way, he just stood still staring at them.

“What happened bro? Aren’t you happy that I got a job?” Arnav asked as he walked towards him.

“I am happy for you Arnav, it’s just that I look at myself and wonder, mom told me to take care of you all, I am the elder brother and here I am, sitting jobless” Aakash said

“You’ve done a lot for us bro… and I don’t think I can even count how many times… you worked as a kid only so you could send the three of us to school, you cooked meals for us, you took care of us when we were sick, you gave us a shoulder to cry on when we missed mom and dad, no one could have done all that for us.

You sacrificed your own childhood for us and our future, today if I have this job it’s because of you, if you dint do all that you did I would have never gone to a school, I would have never learned all this.

You’ve done a lot for us, now it’s time for us to do things for you, so you don’t have to be sad because you don’t have a job, you have already done a lot for us” Arnav said

“Arnav is right… we will do things for you now” NK said

Anjali just looked at her brothers happily as she rushed to hug them all, although they were just a small poor family, nothing in the whole world could give them this happiness that they gave each other.

He left the sweet box with Anjali as he headed to his room and sat down on the bed thinking about how lucky he was to have such sweet and loving siblings.


“I hate you Mr. Singhania, I hate you from the bottom of my heart” She shouted as she picked up anything that came in front of her and threw it all over messing up her whole bedroom.

She walked to the washroom and washed her face as she tried to calm herself down.

When she walked out, Mr. Singhania was standing outside waiting for her.

“Why did you employ that guy when he doesn’t have enough qualifications?” Mr. Singhania asked

“Because unlike you, I look at the talent and not qualifications” Khushi said

“You are lying! You knew I had been rejecting his application for the past five years and you thought that giving him the job would make me angry and it actually did”

“Yes I gave him the job because you never did, I’ll always do what you don’t want me to do and you have no right to stop me from whatever I’d do”

“I have every damn right, I am your father!” Mr. Singhania shouted angry.

“My father died the same day my mother did, because after that I always met this man who thought he was my father but never behaved as one… now if you would please excuse me, I’m tired I need to sleep” Khushi said as she shut the door on his face.


Arnav had just settled himself down in his cabin when he saw Khushi walking in the office.

Her cabin was just next to his and that made him quite uncomfortable, it was always uncomfortable to walk with your boss having an eye on you the whole day.

For Khushi she had decided to give that cabin to Arnav because she knew how her father was so in case he came to the office, she’d know what to do.

Arnav opened the files and concentrated on his work… after some time, he started drawing some designs on the book and Khushi just stared at him from her cabin.

Although she gave him this job only because she wanted to go against her father, he seemed to be good and quite hardworking and maybe what she said last night out of anger was true, qualifications don’t matter, what matters in talent.

There was a knock at the door of her cabin just when she had finally started to concentrate on her work.

Arnav walked in and settled himself on the chair opposite hers.

“Good morning ma’am”

Khushi just nodded as she looked at him curiously, why was he here?

“I’m sorry if I disturbed you, I was just here to show you some of my designs that I had made some time back, maybe you could confirm which ones are the best then I would start with making the outfits” Arnav said

“Mr. Arnav… in case you don’t know you are the head designer of the Singhania group, your work is to finalize designs and make clothes out of it, if I had to do that work I wouldn’t have employed you”

“I’m sorry ma’am it’s just that it’s my first day so I thought I’d consult you”

“Mr. Arnav! I’m your boss not your consultant!” Khushi said as she stood up angrily.

Arnav just looked at her not knowing what to say when she walked towards him suddenly.

“Let’s go… I’ll show you” She said as she walked out and Arnav followed her in total confusion, just a while back she was angry and now she was helping him, what was wrong with her?

“I was coming to see you” Mr. Singhania said as he saw Khushi.

“I’m sorry, I’m quite busy, need to show Arnav so many things… I’ll see you at home” She smiled and walked away as Arnav followed her.

She headed outside and got into the car just when she saw her dad also walking out.

“Get in!” She ordered Arnav.

Arnav entered in the car as she told the driver to drive away while Mr. Singhania was left behind all furious.

“Thank God!” She said placing her hand on Arnav’s hand as Arnav just stared at her in complete surprise.

“Where are we going ma’am” Arnav asked

“Driver, take a u turn and take us back to the office, Mr. Arnav it was just because of the situation that you had a chance to sit in my car, now without asking any more questions, get back to work as soon as we are at the office.

Do whatever you want to, I don’t care! As long as the clothes get sold at reasonable prices, I don’t mind you doing anything and next time do remember, I’m your boss and not your consultant”

Arnav just nodded as the driver parked the car at the parking.

He stepped out and held open the door for Khushi as she walked out of the car too. He then headed back to his cabin completely confused as to what was going on.

Sep 5, 2017

What Shall I Name This Love?... Part 3 (By Taanihalai) (Thanked: 38 times)

Khushi walked to her cabin and found some note left on her table. She picked it up and read whatever that had been written on it.

“Now that you are so busy with your new employee and wouldn’t pick up my calls either, I thought this was the only option left.

We have a party tonight at the mansion and I’d be glad if you’d behave well in front of everyone, there is no need to show public what’s private.

I hope you understand.

PS: I don’t like him, why don’t you just get a new designer and fire him?”

Khushi threw the note in the shredder machine and headed out of her cabin looking for Arnav in his cabin.

She looked for him all over but couldn’t find him anywhere.

“Where’s Arnav!” She shouted angrily at all the employees.

“Ma’am he’s in the designs room” one of the employees said

Khushi calmed down a bit as she headed to the room where Arnav was busy working on his new design.

Khushi walked in and found him cutting some piece of cloth and explaining to the others how it was to be done.

“Arnav, can I get a minute with you?” Khushi asked

“Sure ma’am” he said as he left everything and rushed towards her hoping this time she dint have anything in her mind to scare him or confuse him.

“After office hours you are coming to my house with me” She said

“What? I mean okay ma’am”

“There’s something I want you to work on so relax, it’s just work related don’t be too worried or too happy” Khushi said

Just then one of the workers walked towards Arnav holding a piece of paper in his hand.

“Sir, at this part of the dress, do we have to cut it all out or to leave a small strap behind at the back to hold the dress in place?” He asked

“Cut it all out, the dress is designed to be that way, I don’t need any changes” Arnav said

“Let me have a look” Khushi said as she took the piece of paper of which the design was drawn.

She looked at the design as a smile curved up on her face, it was really rare to see her smiling and when you found her smiling it was either she was really pleased with you or you were in danger.

“Is this going to be in color red? The whole of it?” She asked

“No ma’am the top part would be in grey and the bottom in red, it’s quite a pretty and rare combination” Arnav said

“Show me when the design is ready, this sounds like a pretty dress already”

“Sure ma’am” Arnav said

Khushi headed out leaving Arnav happy and speechless, he was just making his first design wondering if she would like or not and she liked it even without looking at the real outcome yet.

This was like the biggest achievement for him.


Everyone had left for home, Arnav was yet busy working on the dress while Khushi waited for him in her cabin.

When she finally got tired of waiting, she stood up and headed to the room where Arnav was yet working, ready to shout at him for making her wait.

She pushed the door open angrily and headed in in full rage just when some material came in between her legs, she had been on the floor if it weren’t for Arnav who quickly rushed to get hold of her.

“Are you okay ma’am?” He asked

Khushi stood up and moved an inch away from him as she stared at him her anger being a bit calm.

“I’ve been waiting for you for more than an hour now” She said angrily

“I’m so sorry ma’am I just got busy and completely forgot, please you head to the car, I’ll be there in a minute” Arnav said

Khushi walked away as he sighed out of relief, as she dint create much drama.

Khushi had just got inside the car when Arnav came rushing and joined her as the driver drove them to the Singhania mansion.


They headed inside the mansion as Arnav wouldn’t just stop thinking how beautiful it was in his mind.

Khushi led him to a room and told him to settle himself there while she’d get some stuff from her room.

Arnav nodded as she walked away… he looked around the room and spotted a book shelf at one end.

He walked towards it and started looking at the books, they weren’t the usual typical romance kind, no matter how strict Khushi looked, he always thought she was like normal girls who fantasied the romance and their prince charming, but it was now when he realized, she wasn’t all that.. she was more different.

The books were mostly related on the topics of life, and business, nothing more… not even fashion considering she was now the owner of the Singhania design house.

Khushi walked back with some books and placed them on the table as Arnav turned to look at her.

“Sit” She said as Arnav quickly walked towards the sofa and settled himself down on the sofa…

Khushi looked around and when she couldn’t find anything to sit on, she decided to share the same sofa with Arnav.

She sat next to him making him uncomfortable obviously as she picked up one of the books and opened it.

“This are some of the designs I made while I was doing my designing course, although after completing the course I dint think much on reproducing this designs, but today when I saw you making a dress out of the design you had drawn I felt like I could make my own too…

But I don’t want to make it myself, I want to give you the drawn designs, you choose the best ones and make any alterations if needed then make the clothes…

They consist designs of all kind of clothing for ladies, and I want you to make at least one from each category if you can”

“Sure ma’am I’ll go through the designs and make them” Arnav said as he opened the books and flipped through the pages.

He then turned to look at Khushi in confusion.

“What happened?” Khushi asked

“Ma’am you said all kind of ladies clothing, but there one missing… the bridal wear, that’s the most important thing in a girl’s life… you never designed anything for brides?”

“I did but I don’t want you to make any bridal wear, I’ve given you this designs so that the clothes you’ll make would be for me, I’ll put them on no one else”

“But ma’am I can’t design that now but I can later, when you decide to get married” Arnav said

“I’m never going to get married” Khushi said as her eyes became moist.

She stood up suddenly while Arnav just stared at her in surprise.

“Now if you would, please excuse me… you can sit here and study the designs right now if you need to ask me anything, use the landline and call me on 102 okay?”

Arnav nodded positively as Khushi walked away leaving him in so many thoughts… girls were the most excited ones when it came to getting married, then what was it that made Khushi this way, completely different from all other girls.

What was it that made her not want to get married ever?

Sep 6, 2017

What Shall I Name This Love?... Part 4 (By Taanihalai) (Thanked: 39 times)

Mr. Singhania was passing by Khushi’s study room when his eyes fell on Arnav who was sited there looking at some papers.

“What are you doing here?” He asked as he walked in.

“Sir, I came with Miss. Khushi, she had some work for me so that’s what I’m having a look at, I’ll leave in a while” Arnav said

“Khushi brought you here? Are you sure?”

“Yes sir” Arnav said as he looked at him in confusion, why was he so surprised?

Mr. Singhania headed out leaving Arnav behind with so many thoughts, it was for sure he dint like seeing him here.


“What the hell do you think you are trying to do Khushi?” Mr. Singhania asked as he stormed in Khushi’s room.

“What happened Mr. Singhania?” Khushi asked with a smile on her face.

“I should have known, you never do things the way I want anyway so it wasn’t going to be what I thought… I had asked you to behave for the party today, and it hasn’t even started and you are up to doing all this?”

“What’s the big deal, I brought him here because I had some work with him, how does that related to your party?”

“Will there come a day when you’ll ever listen to me, when you’ll do as I say? When you’ll call me dad instead of Mr. Singhania? What’s the problem Khushi? Why are you doing all this? Have I not give you enough? You’ve had so many cars around you, you live in such a huge mansion, you get whatever you want just within the blink of an eyes, you have all this money and power, what else do you need?”

“Enough!” Khushi shouted angrily.

It was the first time Mr. Singhania was seeing her so angry, maybe because this was the first time he’d ever asked that question and maybe she dint like it.

“You ask me when I’ll call you dad? Then listen to me very keenly, I’ll never ever call you that not even when I’m on my death bed breathing my last… who are you? Just a bank account for me nothing more you just give me money, money and more money…

Have you realized that since mom passed away, you stopped being my dad? You were so lost in becoming the richest man that you forgot you were a father and your daughter needed you, and your love and protection?

I don’t need this money or this power, it means nothing to me because it will never give me back what I lost because of your ignorance.

It will never bring that young Khushi who was happy with her poor mom and dad, that man who made sure I slept safe, who stayed awake late nights sitting next to me making sure I was ok, died the same day my mother did, and left me with you, my bank account”

“So that’s your complaint? I no more spend time with you? I no more give you attention? Fine then I’ll do all of that once again, I’ll change everything to be as it was”

“Not everything will change to as it was, some things can no more be changed… and before I get out of my mind, please leave”


“Leave!” She shouted

Mr. Singhania walked out of her room as she locked the door and jumped on her bed, hugged her pillow tight and broke down.


Arnav walked around the study, looking at the books now that he was done studying the designs Khushi had given to him.

He pulled a book out and opened it just when some pictures fell from it.

He picked them and looked at them one by one, they were Khushi’s childhood pictures, and she was dressed in different bridal attires.

He couldn’t just stop staring at how beautiful she looked, it wasn’t quite hard to recognize her from her childhood pictures, she still looked the same, just that she had lost some weight and he hadn’t seen her smile like she was smiling in the picture.

“What are you doing?” Khushi asked as she walked in.

“Nothing, I just found this inside the book” Arnav said as he handed the pictures to Khushi.

She stared at the pictures without speaking a word, a tear dropped down her eyes making Arnav worried.


“Mom, see this is how I’ll look when I’ll be getting married to my prince charming” She said

“Khushi! Where did you get my wedding dress from?” her mother asked

“From your cupboard, along with it, I found some more beautiful dresses that look like the ones of a bride, I’ll wear them all one by one and you take pictures for me okay?”

“But they are too big for you, when you get big enough to get married, I’ll get you the best wedding dress” Her mom said

“Still I want to take pictures”

“Okay then” Her mother giggled


She walked towards the fire place and lit the fire as she threw all those picture in the fire while Arnav just looked at her completely surprised.

“They were such beautiful photographs, why did you destroy them?” Arnav asked

“Nothing is as beautiful as it was then and I don’t want to feel the pain of losing it all by looking at those photographs and now if you are done with your work you may leave”

“Okay ma’am” Arnav said as he picked up everything and walked away while Khushi stared at the fire burning her beautiful memories away.

She shut her eyes painfully as tears kept on rolling down her eyes…

There was that time when she was so excited to grow up, to dress like a bride and finally get married, and now there’s this time, when she wants to forget everything about growing up because it wasn’t easy for her…

She wanted to forget about that one dream she’d always had since childhood, that one dream of seeing herself in her own bridal outfit and getting married.

She screamed out loud, hoping to get rid of the pain she was feeling, hoping to get rid of whatever that was making her feel that way…

She knelt down on her knees and looked at the fire which by now had consumed all her memories, only if it could consume that one particular memory that was consuming her like a slow poison.

“Ma’am” She heard Arnav’s voice

He rushed towards her and got hold of her as he helped her stand up then made her sit on the chair.

“Are you okay?” He asked

“I thought you left, why are you back?”

“I heard you scream, and I just couldn’t leave… is everything okay? Are you okay?”

“I’m fine, just leave me alone!” She said angrily

Arnav just nodded as he took a last look at her and walked away. She seemed like a mystery to him, and he wasn’t going to feel better until he solved the mystery.

Sep 7, 2017

What Shall I Name This Love?... Part 5 (By Taanihalai) (Thanked: 45 times)

at the same time.

“Khushi!” She heard a voice, but it was too hard to open her eyes.

Black and white images kept on flashing in her mind and no matter how hard she tried, they just wouldn’t get out of her mind.

“Khushi!” Someone shook her

She tried, and tried until finally she managed to open her eyes. She looked at her father who sat opposite her on the bed, he looked at her worriedly as she stood up and walked aside.

“Are you okay?” Mr. Singhania asked

“This are results of your ignorance, if for once you had ever listened or tried to understand what your daughter was trying to tell you, then maybe today I wouldn’t be like this” Khushi said as she stared out of the window while tears rolled down her eyes.

“I don’t know how to make this right but look, we can talk and you can tell me everything, I promise I would understand, and I hope I can take that pain away from you”

“You’ll never be able to take it away from me, just let me be”

“Khushi but at least try to share it with me”

“Look, I’ll be at your party on time, your guests must have started arriving, and don’t worry I’ll not create any drama, now would you please leave me alone?”

Mr. Singhania just stood up and left while Khushi folded her arms and stood next to the window staring outside at everything else hoping she would be able to divert her mind.


Arnav settled himself down in his cabin as he went through the designs Khushi had given to him.

After studying them for a while, he picked out the best one and decided to start working on it first.

Khushi walked in to his cabin while he was busy studying the designs.

“What did you decide about the designs? Do you like any?” She asked

“Yes ma’am there are a lot I like but for now I’ve chosen one to work with, I’ll get it on the schedules and make sure I design it as soon as possible.” Arnav said

“Good to know that” Khushi said as she walked to her cabin while Arnav headed to the designing room where he started working of the dress.

A few seconds later, the door opened and to Arnav’s surprise, Mr. Singhania walked in.

“Good morning sir” Arnav greeted

“Look I don’t have any idea why my daughter is acting so stupid, I never wanted to employ you here do you get that? She just loves going against me and so she’s doing this.

You better quit this job before I have to do something I don’t want to… I don’t want to see you anywhere near my daughter or in this office” Mr. Singhania said

Arnav just stared at him in complete confusion not understanding what was going on.

“You have no right to interfere in the company’s matter, as far as I remember, I am the owner of this company and I am the one supposed to take the decisions, I decided Arnav would work here so he would” Khushi said as she walked in.

“Khushi!” Mr. Singhania said in surprise

“Surprised? You thought you’d enter my office premises and I wouldn’t know? Now if you don’t mind, will you please let him carry on with his work?” Khushi asked

Mr. Singhania nodded as he walked out angrily while Khushi looked at Arnav who was standing like a statue. She walked towards him and got hold of his arm as she looked him into the eyes.

“Don’t worry, he can’t do a thing, you are our designer and that’s my final decision” She said

Arnav just stood still not having an idea at all on how to react, things were completely different today… Khushi wasn’t being the same rude and arrogant Khushi, in fact she was standing next to him holding his arm and he couldn’t even explain how that made him feel.

She walked out while Arnav tried his best to get his mind back to work, whatever the issue was, he definitely wasn’t planning to quit this job, he needed it and his family needed it too.

A while later Khushi walked into the room again while Arnav turned to look at her.

“Don’t take whatever I did a while ago wrongly, I mean I was just assuring you that your job is safe”

“I know ma’am” Arnav said

“Good, so get back to work and stop smiling like an idiot” She said as she turned to walk away.

How unpredictable she was, at times she was sweet and caring and at times she was back to her rude self, what he dint understand was which side of hers was the real her?


After finishing up with his work, Arnav walked back to his cabin and while he was putting back all the drawings in their place, he realized he came with one of Khushi’s bridal designs.

He took the design and headed to Khushi cabin to return it and found her busy talking on the phone so he left it on her table as walked back to his cabin.

He had just settled himself down when Khushi walked in to his cabin angrily holding the paper in her hand.

“What does this mean? I had strictly told you I don’t want any of my bridal designs to be worked on, still you thought you could be clever enough to convince me to let you work on it?” Khushi asked angrily.

“Ma’am it came with other…”

“I don’t want to listen to excuses Mr. Raizada, do what you are told to do and don’t try to act smart, in the morning I had assured you that your job is safe but if you keep doing things like this I guess that would change” Khushi said

“But ma’am”

“Don’t try to argue with me and stop being over smart, just do what you are told to do got that?”

Arnav nodded positively as Khushi stormed out of his cabin and headed to her car directly.

Arnav was left all in shock, it was very strange of anyone to react like that, it was just a design anyway… why was she like this?

What was it that was disturbing her to this extent?

Whatever it was, it was her own problem, if she could just shout on him without letting him explain, he dint even care to find out what the issues with her was.

His job was to design clothes, he would do that, she could solve her problems on her own anyway.


Khushi rushed into her room as soon as she arrived home and locked herself inside.

She pushed the cupboard aside opening her secret room and walked in. her eyes fell on her mother’s picture that was hanged on the wall.

She fell down onto her knees and looked at it as she cried bitterly.

“Why mom, why? Why does it have to happen to me always? Why every time I try to be okay is when the whole world has to remind me of my shattered dreams?

Why is it that my only dream, the one I had since childhood is the same dream I know will never be fulfilled, the dream I’ll yearn for until I die?

Why does life have to be so cruel to me only?

You always told me, my prince charming will come for me on a white horse and take me away to a world full of happiness, but what should I do when he’d come but wouldn’t stay or take me away with him?”

She walked to the couch and sat down on it silently as she looked at her mother’s photograph and got lost I thoughts.

Sep 8, 2017

What Shall I Name This Love?... Part 6 (By Taanihalai) (Thanked: 44 times)

Mr. Singhania walked in Khushi’s room and found her sited silently on the bed lost in thoughts.

“Are you okay?” He asked as he sat down next to her.

“What do you want? Come straight to the point, you never cared for me so please stop showing your fake concerns right now”

“I am your father Khushi, my concern isn’t fake”


“I was here to talk to you about something, I saw you looked sad and I was just worried, am I not even allowed to be worried for you now?”

“What was it that you wanted me to talk about?”

“A friend of mine saw you in the party last night, and he really wished if you could meet his son”

“What for?”

“Stop acting so ignorant, it’s your age to get married now, if you have a boyfriend then tell me about him and if not I want you to meet the guy I’m telling you about, get to know each other and the take the decision”

“And what made you think I would agree to do this?”

“Because you and I both know that at one point of your life you’ll have to get married and this is the right time”

“Just so that you know, I will never get married so stop even dreaming of it” Khushi said as she stood up.

“It’s the rule of the world Khushi, every girl has to get married one day and go to her husband’s house, you can’t stay here with me for the whole of your life”

“If I’m becoming a burden for you tell me, I’ll leave this house and your company too”

“I dint meant it in that way, why don’t you understand me?”

“Because you never understood me, now listen to me and that too very carefully, it’s been long since I started living my life the way you wanted me to but not anymore, it’s my life and I’ll take my decisions myself.

Talking about getting married like I told you earlier, I’ll never ever get married no matter what you do or say so you better stop crying, and if you ever feel tired of me or feel I’m a burden on you tell me clearly, I’ll pack my bags and leave.

Now if you don’t mind, I want to sleep so please leave”

“What makes you say no to getting married?”

“You’ll never understand… you never did”


Arnav walked inside the house lost in thoughts… he was just thinking about Khushi… she had so many different shades… at times she would be happy but wouldn’t show, at time she would be sad and cry, at times she’d be polite, at times rude, at times angry… why was it that she was never stable on one thing?

“What happened?” Anjali asked as Arnav sat down.

“Nothing really… you tell me how are your studies going on?”

“Great, just a few months and then the final exam”

“Do well and what have you decided about your future?”

“I don’t know, it all depends on the grades I get, I just hope for the best” Anjali said


She clutched her blanket tightly in her wrists…

Moving here and there on the bed, she seemed restless or maybe she was having a nightmare…

Her eyes were shut but still tears rolled out, something was hurting her so bad…

She could see blur images of a few people…

They were heading towards her and she was very scared… she rushed to hide inside a tunnel…

A few minutes later they all disappeared… she gathered enough strength to walk out of the tunnel and as soon as she did, one of them jumped in front of her…

She woke up screaming loudly and shouting for help…

A few seconds later she looked around and realized she was in her room and no one was around her…

She wiped the tears off her eyes and walked to the mirror looking at herself in it…

Everything was the same, she yet looked the same, then what did really change?

She opened the drawer and got out the bottle of sleeping pills as she headed back to her bed.

She took two pills and lied on the bed staring at the ceiling…

“I wish you never left mom” She said as tears rolled down her eyes.

She hugged her pillow tight and closed her eyes until the pills worked their magic and finally gave her some sleep.


“Are you okay ma’am” Arnav asked as he walked into Khushi’s cabin.

“What do you mean, do I not look fine to you?”

“I knocked almost five times but you dint say a word, I’m sorry I just walked in”

“You don’t have to be worried if I’m fine or not, what do you want?”

“Ma’am I was designing the dress and I needed your measurements for that” Arnav said

“I’ll be there in a few minutes”

Arnav nodded as he headed to continue with his work…

A few minutes later Khushi walked in as she stood in front of him.

He got the measuring tape and started taking all the measurements he need while Khushi stood still with her eyes closed, as if she was scared of his touch.

“Done ma’am”

“You better keep those measurement for future use, don’t think you’ll get to touch me every now and then by the excuse of measurements” Khushi said

“But ma’am I was…”

“I know that what you boys want anyway… to touch any girl even if you don’t know her”


“Don’t you dare try to answer me back, you are here to design a dress do that, you have no business asking me if I’m fine or not… not even when I’m dying”

“Fine, I was just worried”

“Am I you wife or girlfriend that you are worried for me? Keep those fake concerns to yourself”

“I’ll keep that in mind next time” Arnav said as he turned away from her angrily.

Just now he had started believing that maybe she was different from what she showed to others but maybe he was wrong, she was rude and arrogant and she would always be.

He punched the table angrily hurting his own wrist.


Khushi had just got into her car when Arnav walked to his scooter which was parked just a bit further than her car.

Khushi looked at him as he jumped on it and switched it on…

He kept trying to move it but it seemed like there was something wrong with it.

He looked around hoping he would find help from someone when his eyes fell on Khushi who was staring at him from the car.

She closed the windows and told the driver to drive while Arnav kicked his scooter angrily.

“What kind of a girl is she? She sees me in problem and she doesn’t even try to help? What would have happened if she at least dropped me to a garage? Or home? So much of arrogance this rich people have” Arnav said to himself as he pulled out his phone from the pocket and called the mechanic.

Sep 9, 2017

What Shall I Name This Love?... Part 7 (By Taanihalai) (Thanked: 45 times)

Arnav had just walked in when Anjali rushed to hug him happily.

“What happened? Why does my sister seem to be happy?” Arnav asked

“She had some good news for us” Aakash said

“Really? I can’t wait to know, tell me what it is”

“Actually the principal called me today, he was happy with my results for all the previous exams and you know that my finals are just a month away he was advising me.

He said that I am a bright student and he’s very sure I’ll do well in my finals… he asked me about my career plans and I told him I wanted to be a lawyer.

So he suggested that if I do well and get good grades I can apply for the University of Oxford in UK, they have the best teaching system”

“That’s good, so what have you decided?” Arnav asked

“I decided I’ll work really hard and get good grades so that I can apply for the law course, I just wanted to ask for your permission”

“But Anjali you know Arnav has just…” Aakash was about to say something when Arnav interrupted.

“Go study well, if you pass I promise you’ll study there” Arnav smiled

Anjali hugged him happily and rushed to her room while Aakash stared at Arnav in surprise.

“Arnav how are we going to manage? Her school fees are going to be so high, on top of it she’ll go abroad alone, no way! Everything is going to need a lot of money and we don’t have enough” Aakash said

“I’ll manage something bro, the way you worked hard day and night for all of us, if today I am a fashion designer it’s only because of your hard work, the same way I’ll also work hard and we have a month, I’ll manage something don’t worry” Arnav said

“But Arnav…”

“Trust me bro, I will” Arnav said as he walked to his room.


“Dad… I need to talk to you… it’s something very… I don’t know how to explain”

“I’m busy right now Khushi… can we please talk later”

“Please dad, it’s hurting me… I feel like I’m dying… talk me for once please”

“Later Khushi, I told you I’m busy and I’m sure whatever you want to talk to me about isn’t more important than my business”

“Even my life isn’t important than your damn business, I wonder why you are keeping me here with you, mom had already left and if you think you can’t take care of me just kill me!”

“Khushi” Yash shouted angrily as she slapped Khushi and then walked away.


Khushi opened her eyes as tears kept rolling down… she stared at her mother’s picture in front of her in the secret room she had.

“Mom I wish you never left, I really wish” She cried.

“Why did it have to happen to me mom? Within a few moments, I lost everything… I lost you, I lost my dad and I lost myself too…

I can’t pretend to be strong anymore… I can’t pretend to be what I show to be, because I know I am not, I’m breaking from the inside and I wish somebody could see it.

I wish someone was there to hug me tight and tell me everything was going to be alright.

The darkness of my past is haunting me so badly, I don’t know what to do, I feel like I’m dying from inside”

“Khushi” She suddenly heard Mr. Singhania calling out for her.

She stood up as she quickly rushed out of the secret room and wiped her tears away.

“What do you want from me now Mr. Singhania” Khushi asked as her dad walked in.

“I want you to listen to me very carefully and you better not argue about anything”

Khushi folded her arms as she stared at him waiting for him to say whatever he had to.

“There’s a friend of mine, he has a son who really likes you and he wants you both to meet and talk and do whatever the process of marriage is.”

“And if you don’t remember, I told you I’m never going to get married, so don’t even think of it”

“If you think I’m going to sit here and let you do what you want like always you are wrong, it’s enough of your dramas Khushi…

He’s coming here next month from America and I hope by then you’d have made your mind or trust me, I won’t mind forcing you into this”

“And just yesterday you were saying you are my father… what an irony it is Mr. Singhania… a father forcing his daughter to get married”

“Because that’s the rule, every girl has to get married someday… you have a month, think about it”

“If you think you’ll force me to get married to that damn guy because his father is rich and I’m sure he has to do something with your business, I’m very sorry, Khushi Singhania will deny you the happiness”

“We will see” Mr. Singhania said as he walked away angrily.

Khushi sat down on her bed and wondered what she was going to do about this issue.


Next morning.

Khushi headed to the temple like she did every Sunday. No matter what had happened in her life, even if she dint trust people, she never lost her faith in God.

She always trusted him and made sure she came to the temple every weekend for prayers and to give some food to all those beggars sited outside the temple.

She had just stepped out of the car when her eyes fell on Arnav who had parked his scooter right beside her car.

They both looked at each other for a few seconds and then turned to walk on the opposite sides as if strangers.

Tu hi bata mere maula… tu hi bata mere rabba…

Faasle milon ke hain, dono hain alag hi disha…

Kabhi yeh mil payenge, nahi kisiko pata… nahi kisiko pata…

Khushi walked towards the beggars who were sited down there while the driver followed her with the boxes while a few other servants helped.

She gave them all a blanket and a packet of food one by one as Arnav stood at the staircases staring at her.

No matter how rude or arrogant she was, he was sure she had a good heart all he wondered was why was she different to him and all the other employees?

Ek baat usme bhi hain to ek baat usme bhi hain…

Hai dhoop sa woh agar… woh chaandni raat si hai…

Arnav walked inside the temple as he folded his arms and closed his eyes for the prayers.

A few minutes later, he opened his eyes and walked towards the idols. He bent down on when he noticed Khushi on his side, she had her eyes shut as she was lost deep into her prayers.

She opened her eyes suddenly as found Arnav staring at her.

She quickly stood up and turned away from her while Arnav was just left staring… she never failed to amaze him.

Milpaye kabhi dono kya teri isme hai raza…

Tu hi bata mere maula… tu hi bata mere rabba…

He knew she always looked great in the office with her great sense of fashion but today she looked more than beautiful in a simple white Indian dress with a white veil covering her head.

Arnav stood up as he rushed behind her wanting to complement her but he stopped a few feet away from her… he just remembered how rude she had behaved to him and hat if she took his compliment wrongly? He turned around and walked on the opposite side once again.

Na paas aasake… na door jaa sake…

Agar pyaar inko kheenche.. takrar inko roke…

Khushi turned around as she looked at Arnav who was walking away.

“Arnav!” She called out.

Arnav stopped as he quickly turned around and walked towards her.

“Yes ma’am” he said

“I’m sorry for yesterday, I know you dint have bad intentions, I was just not okay”

“It’s okay ma’am I understand” Arnav smiled

Yun to bade hain inke kadam… inhe raasta tu hi dikha…

Tu hi bata mere maula… tu hi bata rabba…

Khushi turned to walk away from him as she headed to her car while Arnav headed to his scooter.

He jumped on it and switched it on while Khushi rolled down the window of her car and stared at him.

“Goodbye ma’am” he said as he drove away while Khushi just continued staring at him.

She dint know what it was about him but he dint feel scared of him like she felt scared of all those other men.

She just felt a sort of safety, like if he was around her, nothing wrong was ever going to happen to her.

Tu bi bata mere maula… tu hi bata mere rabba…

Iss pyaar ko kya naam doon?

Sep 9, 2017

What Shall I Name This Love?... Part 8 (By Taanihalai) (Thanked: 46 times)

Arnav walked in the office when he passed near Khushi’s cabin. The whole office was empty yet, so he stood in a corner looking at her.

She was doing something on her computer, when suddenly her expressions changed from happy to sad. Soon tears started rolling down her eyes and Arnav stood there having no idea of what was happening with her.

For a moment she seemed so happy so relaxed and the next moment she was sad and crying… what was it that made her feel this way?

She stood up as Arnav quickly rushed to his cabin so that he doesn’t get caught looking at her.

Khushi walked away while Arnav settled down in his cabin yet thinking about Khushi… she really wasn’t what she showed the world to be.

Behind that strong, full of attitude and independent lady was a small, sad and broken girl who only came to reality when she was alone.


“Khushi! It’s good I found you here” Mr. Singhania said as he walked in the office.

“Come to the point, what do you need from me” Khushi asked

“I need to talk to you, can we sit and talk?”

“I have a meeting to attend, I don’t have time to waste, tell me what you want to or I’m leaving”

“What were you doing with Arnav at the temple yesterday?” Mr. Singhania asked

“I can’t believe you are spying on me, and whatever I was doing or whoever I was with is none of your business so stay out of it”

“I am not spying on you, a friend of mine saw you there and he informed me, look Khushi next month the boy who I told you about is coming from America, if you start roaming around with random guys people will talk bad about you and I don’t want him to hear anything negative about you”

“That’s yours and his problem, I’ll live my life on his terms and if he’s so interested in marrying someone based on how people judge her he can go marry someone else, and anyway I’m never getting married so don’t even think about it”

“Khushi! I’m warning you. Next time you better not be seen anywhere with any guy”

“And you’ll not decide that for me Mr. Singhania” Khushi said as she walked away angrily.

She got inside the car as she pulled out her phone from her purse and looked for Arnav’s phone number.

“You gave me a great idea of escaping the trap you are planning for me Mr. Singhania, now wait and watch what I’ll do” Khushi smirked and she dialed Arnav’s number.

“Hello ma’am” Arnav said

“Arnav, finish up all your work, tonight we are going to the club”

“What? I mean to do what? Ma’am I don’t think I have any kind of job in some sort of club”

“I’m your boss, you’ll do as I say… you and I are going to the club. Look we are fashion designers, we design all sort of clothes so from today onwards, we’ll attend all the events, and have a look at what kind of clothes people are wearing.

It will give us an idea of what sort of fashion people like and we can design our clothes based on that which will be really great for our company”

“Okay ma’am I get it” Arnav said

“And don’t worry, if you cooperate, you’ll get an increment”

“Thank you ma’am” Arnav happily disconnected the call.

“If things go well, and I get and increment, it means I can also fulfil Anjali’s dream and then everything would be fine” Arnav said to himself.


Khushi sat silently in the car while she made a list of places she would have to visit with Arnav.

She wanted it to be crowded so that people would see her with Arnav and hopefully that guy coming from America would run away when he gets to hear about her roaming around with some guy.

“I’ll meet you at cape club sharp at nine o’clock tonight” She texted Arnav.

This was going to be great, this time her father would his get answers in his own language.


At nine o’clock sharp, Arnav parked his scooter outside while he walked around looking for Khushi.

He spotted her standing at the entrance dressed in a black mini dress. He walked towards her staring at her in surprise… this was the first time he was seeing her dressed like this, and she looked gorgeous.

In fact she looked gorgeous in whatever she wore. He couldn’t take his eyes off her.

“Why are you standing there now, we have to go in and this people would allow me to go inside alone, hurry up” She shouted at Arnav.

Arnav quickly rushed towards her as they both finally headed inside the club.

Khushi settled herself in a corner while Arnav just followed her and sat next to her.

“Have you been to a club before?” Khushi asked

“A few times with friends, and you?”

“A few times too, get me some drink”

“What would you like to drink? Should I get you some soft drink?”

“Soft drink? Are you serious Arnav, I don’t need soft stuff. I think I’ll have shots”

“But ma’am that…”

“I’m the boss, do as I say, I don’t care whatever you drink, get me what I told you to”

“Okay ma’am” Arnav said as he walked away in confusion.

All this seemed quite confusing, if they were here for work why was Khushi drinking? And she dint even look like a girl who would drink at the first place. Not that it was bad, but it wasn’t something of her kind.

A few minutes later, he walked back with a bottle of soda for himself and some shots for Khushi.

Khushi looked at the drink placed in front of it for a while and then got her phone as she started typing something in it while Arnav just looked at her in confusion.

“I’ll be back” Arnav said as he stood up and walked away.

He stood in a corner and looked at Khushi who was struggling to drink. She took the first shot and almost ended up spitting it out.

Arnav just stood there smiling, this literally proved that she had never had shots before, then why was she doing it?

She took the second glass and this time managed to finish it.

Arnav just stood there staring at her as she finished 5 shots.

He rushed back to her worriedly, as he took the drink away from her.

“What the… get my drink back” Khushi said

“Ma’am you’ve had enough, it’s not safe you know”

“And who are you to decide that, it’s my life I’ll drink and eat what I want” Khushi said

“I think we need to leave, I can clearly see the drink is getting you high”

“I’m not high and I don’t need to go home, I want to dance and stop being so boring, I’m going on the dance floor, you can join me if you want to” Khushi said as she walked away.

Sep 12, 2017

What Shall I Name This Love?... Part 9 (By Taanihalai) (Thanked: 48 times)

Khushi started dancing like crazy while Arnav just stood in a corner and stared at her, this girl had completely gone crazy.

It was crazy but it was beautiful to see her like this, so full of life, throwing her shoes away and dancing.

Not caring about any fashion, not being the rude self, not thinking about anything but just being happy. This was the first ever time he saw her like this so full of life.

Arnav rushed towards her as he tried to pull her out of the dance floor.

“Ma’am I think we should leave, it’s getting late” Arnav said

“Who are you to give me orders? I’m your boss so shut up and dance along” Khushi said as she got hold of his hand and started making him move.

“Your dad would be worried, I think we really should leave” Arnav said

“My Dad! He would be worried?” Khushi started laughing at Arnav wondering how ironic a person could be.

“He’s your father Khushi, obviously he should be worried”

“That’s the problem Arnav, he’s never worried. He doesn’t care where his daughter is, he doesn’t care if she’s fine, he doesn’t care if she’s eaten well or she’s sick or whatever.

All he cares about is his business, his meetings, his money… everything is about him only not me, so telling me that my dad would be worried is a joke”

“Khushi look you are drunk so let’s go please”

“Let me be Arnav, just leave me alone please. You spoilt the whole mood by talking about that man who claims to be my father but never was”

“Why so much hatred for him Khushi? What did he do after all?”

“He left me all alone, when I needed him the most he wasn’t around, I fell but I stood up on my own, he was never with me at any step of my life, he wasn’t there to stop me from taking wrong decisions, he wasn’t there to save me from the bad, he wasn’t there to sit with me and tell me everything would be okay.

He was never there Arnav… he’s just my father for name sake because I don’t take him as my father, he never did anything to be my father.

He isn’t my father” Khushi said as she broke down.

“Hey… it’s okay… everything will be fine” Arnav said as he got hold of her.

He pulled her out of the dance floor and headed outside looking for Khushi’s car while she leant on his shoulder half asleep.

“Arnav… don’t take me home, I don’t want to go anywhere I don’t want to see the face of that man who calls himself my father… I hate him” Khushi said

“Relax Khushi, all will be okay” Arnav said as he helped her walk till the car.

He dint want to let her go alone with the driver home, at first place she was drunk and it wasn’t safe at all, but the issue was what if her father saw him dropping her, he would create problems.

He sat with Khushi in the car ignoring whatever might happen, he just wanted for her to reach home safe and there was no way he was going to leave her alone.

He instructed the driver then sat with Khushi on the backseat while she held his hand and leaned on his shoulder.

“Khushi” He whispered her name.

“I’m awake Arnav” She giggled

“Can I ask you something? What did your dad really do? I’m sure it’s not just about not giving you time, what make you hate him as much as you do?”

“He left me there… and then I know it wasn’t his fault he dint knew what would happen… I was just with my friends, it’s not his fault when they decided not to drop me back home when they had promised they would.

I kept on crying in front of him, I was lost I was sad but he never noticed, his daughter was dying of pain in front of him and he dint care. Which father doesn’t ask his daughter when she’s sad or crying about what’s wrong?

At that moment, everything in my life was wrong but he never bothered… he wasn’t there for me when I needed him the most and I’ll never forgive him.

His business and his money has always been more important to him than me” Khushi said

“What happened that night? What made you sad?”

“My friends… they were so mean… I was telling them to drop me home and they were just ignoring me. I don’t know if it was only my friends or my father, but since then I learnt one thing, everyone is mean to us so why shouldn’t I be.”

“You aren’t mean Khushi… you are good”

“That night Arnav I….”

“We’ve reached home sir” The driver said cutting Khushi’s sentence in between

“Khushi… what happened?” Arnav asked as he shook her.


Arnav got hold of her as he helped her out of the car… she was so drunk she couldn’t even talk anymore.

“Don’t take me home” She said while Arnav carried her in his arms and headed inside the mansion.

He took Khushi to the nearest room he found and left her there on the bed. By the time he covered her with the blanket she was asleep.

He silently walked out of the mansion and headed back home.


Next morning.

Khushi woke up with a heavy head ache, for a few minutes she wasn’t even able to open her eyes.

She called the servant and asked for a cup of lemon water remembering she had got drunk last night.

She closed her eyes and tried to remember about the events that had occurred after she got drunk.

She couldn’t remember them all quite well but she had some blur visions of what had happened.

She remembered telling Arnav about that night… that night that she never wanted to remember… if it could have been possible she could erase it completely from her memory.

She tried a lot to remember but she couldn’t remember if she told him everything about that night.

She felt scared, she wondered what he would think about her.

She quickly got off the bed and got ready to go to the office, she had to talk him and get to know about how much she had told him about her past.


“Good Morning ma’am” Arnav said as soon as Khushi walked into his cabin.

“Let’s cut the **** shot, did I or did I not tell you about what happened that night?” Khushi asked

“You were about to, but then you fell asleep” Arnav explained.

Khushi took a sigh of relief while Arnav just stared at her. What was is that she was trying to hide from everyone? If she wanted to share it with her father why was she worried about him knowing about it?

“Never ever dare to ask me any questions regarding my life and my past when I’m drunk. I know people like you. You just like enjoying other’s painful stories and sharing it all around. Stay away from my life Arnav” Khushi said angrily as she walked away.

Seriously… what was it about this woman? It was like she had some split personality, at one point she was so good and at one point she was the worst kind of a person anyone could have met.

Sep 13, 2017

What Shall I Name This Love?... Part 10 (By Taanihalai) (Thanked: 47 times)

Khushi was sited in her cabin working on her computer when Mr. Singhania stormed in. Khushi knew well why he was here and that made her really happy.

“What happened?” She asked with a smile.

“You are so ridiculous, you aren’t even ashamed of anything” Mr. Singhania said angrily.

“Come to the point, I have a lot of work to do”

“What were you trying to do last night Khushi? You went to a club with that guy, and you got drunk?”

“So you were spying on me, or you must have paid someone to keep an eye on me, wow! Since when did you start caring so much about me?”

“Khushi, I’m you father how many times would I have to say that for you to believe me that I care for you and you better stop doing all what you are trying to do, you have to meet the guy and believe it or not, you have to get married to him, even if you refuse you’ll still get married to him”

“And get this one thing in your mind Mr. Singhania, I won’t get married to him, if you’ll force me, I’ll also have to forcefully tell him the truth and after that, he himself wouldn’t want to marry me”

“Which truth are you talking about?”

“And I don’t think I trust you enough to tell you about it, now would you excuse me, I have a lot of work to finish up with”

Mr. Singhania stared at her angrily as she got back to her work. He walked out of the cabin while Khushi covered her face with her hands and broke down.

Arnav stood outside the cabin in shock, how could she have been so rude to her father? What was it that happened that night that makes her hate him so much?

What was it that was making her cry now when she was being so strong in front of her father? Which was the real side to her? The one he was seeing right now, or the one he saw a few minutes back.

She was becoming mysterious day by day and now he really wanted to solve this mystery.

“Khushi” Arnav said as he walked in her cabin surprised at himself for calling her by her name.

Khushi turned her head up and looked at him as tears kept rolling down her eyes to her cheeks.

Tu hi bata mere maula tu hi bata mere rabba…

Faasle milon ke hain… dono hai alag hi disha…

Kabhi yeh mil payenge… nahi kisiko hain pata…

“Are you okay ma’am?” Arnav asked as he looked at her.

She wiped her tears away and nodded positively.

Arnav stared at her for a while then turned around to walk away when Khushi called out his name.

Ek baat usme bhi hai… to ek usme bhi hai…

Hain dhoop sa woh agar… woh chaandni raat si hai…

Milpaye kabhi dono kya teri isme hai raza…


“Yes ma’am” he said as he turned to look at her.

“I dint mean to be rude, I just wanted you to know that I like keeping my personal life private and I don’t like it when anyone tries to know what’s happening or what happened”

“It’s okay ma’am, I understand… I’ll keep that in mind” Arnav said as he walked away.

Na paas aa sake… na door jaa sake…

agar pyar inko Khinche, takrar inko roke…

Yun to bade hain inke kadam… inhe raasta tu hi dikha…

“I’m sorry Khushi, I know you like keeping your personal life for yourself but I also don’t know why I don’t like seeing you going through that pain so despite of the fact that you wouldn’t want me to interfere, I would have to find out what really happened.

What made you what you are today… what made you have two sides to yourself, at one moment you are sweet and at the other moment you are the worst person” Arnav said to himself as he walked back in his cabin.

Iss pyaar ko kya naam doon… iss Pyaar ko kya naam doon…

Mr. Singhania walked in his office as he settled down while talking to someone over the phone.

“I really done understand what’s wrong with her, why she’s doing all this. You know when she was young, she would always take her mother’s bridal outfit and put it on then ask us when she would get married.

And right now when it’s finally time for her to get married, she doesn’t want to, in fact she’s saying she’d never get married and I don’t understand why she’s saying that.

Look Shrey, you really have to do something, come here as soon as possible, meet her try to get close to her, then maybe she would be ready to get married to you”

“Don’t worry uncle, I’ll try to finish up everything in a day or two then be there, till then please don’t tell her that I am the one she’s going to get married to. I know why she’s saying no for marriage and somewhere I am the reason behind it so I’ll talk to her myself and things will be fine” Shrey said

“I hope so, just come soon” Mr. Singhania said as he disconnected the call.


“Shrey you are my best friend, you can’t do this to me…” She cried

“Khushi I’m your best friend and you should trust me, it’s going to be fun… look everyone’s doing it, I mean there’s nothing wrong with it”

“I can’t do what everyone is doing Shrey, what’s wrong with you… why have you changed so suddenly?”

“Khushi you are the one behaving so odd, we were here to have fun and you are just spoiling the moods”

“If this is what you call fun then I’m sorry but I’m not interested. Just drop me home please, I want to go” Khushi said as she tried to walk away while Shrey got hold of her hand and pulled her back.

He pinned her to the wall while she tried to escape but he was stronger than her. He claimed her lips while Khushi tried her best to resist but she couldn’t do a thing.

Tears rolled down her eyes as he kissed her and a while later, when he relaxed himself, she kicked him and ran away in a hurry.

“Khushi! Don’t go, it was just a kiss come on!” Shrey shouted.

“I hate you Shrey, I really do! Never ever show me your face again, or I swear I might kill you” Khushi shouted as she ran away.

Flashback Ends

“I’m coming back Khushi… to ask for forgiveness for what I did with you that night.

To ask for forgiveness for being your best friend and not protecting you against myself.

I wish I never listened to my friends, I wish I never drank the drink they gave me then maybe what happened wouldn’t have happened.

I hope you’ll forgive me and I hope you’ll understand my love and be mine Khushi…” Shrey said to himself.


Arnav sat down in hi cabin as he switched on his laptop and started looking for any information he could find about Khushi.

He browsed for quite a while but all the information he got about her was business related, there was nothing personal, not even any details about any of her friends.

The only helpful information he found was the school she studied in.

Maybe he could go there and find out more about her, like who her friends were and someone might have an idea of what had happened that night.

He wrote down the address of the school and decided to visit there after work, he was on a mission to find out everything and he was sure he was going to find out soon.

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