Aap Mujhe Achche Lagne Lage

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Sep 14

Chapter 10 - Diwali! (By Angel23) (Thanked: 127 times)

Arnav's room:

Khushi opened the door of his room, with her teddy bear on her hand.

She sat on Arnav's bed, and snatched the phone from his hand.

Arnav was laid on the bed engrossed on his phone, but was disturbed by his Princess.

"Arnav sleep!! Mumma told you to rest.. You hurt your elbow and still on your phone?" Khushi scolded him.

Arnav smiled staring at her, "Oyee who gave you the right to scold me?"

Khushi smiled embarrassed and looked down, "I am sorry Arnav.. But mumma told you to sleep.."

Arnav lifted her chin, and made her look at him: Cute baby you can scold me.. It's your right ok?

Khushi nodded sideways: I can't scold you.. You're elder to me..

Arnav rolled his eyes, and it will be difficult to explain her a new thing, when he was the one who first explained to her that she shouldn't disrespect the elders.

"Yes you shouldn't scold me because I'm elder to you.. But in circumstances like this you can.." Arnav said.

"Arnav I didn't understand anything you said now.." Khushi looked at him confused.

"Okay.. Let me explain it better to you.." he said and made space for her to sit beside him on the bed.

Khushi sat with him and rested her head on his lap.

Arnav stroke her hair gently, "I said to you that you shouldn't scold me because I'm elder to you.. Means that you shouldn't raise your voice on me.. You shouldn't disobey my words.. There is a time where you should know that we both aren't of the same age.. So there has to be respect in our relationship.. But you're my friend Baby.. And circumstances like this when I get hurt or something like this sort..you can scold me if I'm careless.. This isn't disrespect but it reflects your care on me.. That's the only difference.. Where one scolding you do purposely, and other is because of your care.. Did my baby understand now?"

Khushi nodded, "Yes I did Arnav.."

"Did you do your homework?" Arnav asked her.

"I did.." she said.

"Good.. Now go and sleep.. It's getting late.." he patted her back.

Khushi stood up and took her teddy bear and faced him waiting for his night wishes.

Arnav brushed his nose against her smiling, she reciprocated.

"Good night.." he said and kissed her forehead.. Doing this has become a habit for both. Now Khushi doesn't sleep if she doesn't get this from Arnav.

"Good night Arnav.. Take care of your wound.. If you feel pain, then call me and I will call Mumma.. You will get well soon.." Khushi hugged him with moist eyes, her best friend is hurt.

Arnav nodded and she went from there running.


Days later..

It was Diwali and Ratna and Raj booked a grand hall to celebrate with family and friends.

Close friends of Arnav, Khushi, NK, Akash and Anjali  joined them in the festival with their families also who were good friends of Raj or Ratna.

"Arnav go and check in the kitchen if there is more soft drinks.." his mother ordered him to.

"But mumma.. What is Di doing that she can't do this?" Arnav whined.

"Are you seeing your Di or Khushi here that I should ask for help? No right.. Then please go and do this favor for me.." Ratna pleaded him.

Arnav frowned: Where is my Cute baby?

"Cute baby will come with her friends, Lavanya and Payal and Anjali with her friends.. All are still dressing up in RM.. Your father will go and pick them later.." Ratna smiled.

"What? So basically all girls will come later.." Arnav whispered rolling his eyes.

"Yes.. So all boys will work, right?" she added teasingly.

"This is not fair aunty.." NK passed by with a tray of sweets, heading to each table to distribute.

Arnav giggled seeing his tired and complaining faces.

He went to the kitchen to check if there is more soft drinks or they would need to order someone to buy.


Aman pulled Arnav to a corner. Arnav glared at him: What Aman?

"Arnav today is the day.. Just look at this hall.. We both will find a girlfriend here for sure.. Already many are flattered by you my boy.. I heard one saying the she wants to dance with you.. Exciting right??" Aman smiled excitedly.

"Not at all.. Aman who said to you that I'm behind a girlfriend? If I wanted to have one, I would long ago.. I'm happy single!!" Arnav replied.

"Heyy just chill na.. Don't tell me you didn't like anyone here?" Aman teased him again.

"Aman just shut up.. I didn't like anyone.. All are boring and irritating.. One should have patience to deal with girls.. Look at them man, one will get a headache just by hearing their laughter " Arnav rolled his eyes staring at the girls in the hall who were laughing so loud that was irritating Arnav. Why can't they laugh in a soft and sweet manner like Khushi does? No wonder, he only likes his Cute baby.. She is special and unique!!

"Acha.. What about Khushi? Isn't she a girl? So you hate her too.." Aman sighed in frustration with his friend.

"Excuse me.. Don't compare my Baby with these girls.. They don't stand a chance in front of a girl like Khushi.. My baby is unique, there is no one like her in this world.. She is the world most beautiful girl for me.." Arnav said, and a smile spread on his face talking about his Cute baby.

Aman: I give up on you Arnav.. I seriously give up.. You talk about Khushi in such a way.. That makes me speechless.. I wonder how can you like a person so much?

Aman went from there making faces to Arnav, who just chuckled in return.

He too doesn't understand why he likes Khushi this much, maybe because he was there with her since she was a baby.

He walked towards the table his family was and sat beside Akash, Mama and Kabir.

Mami came to him and Akash to ask them if they want to eat something as they were seriously working all this while, and were tired as well.

Akash nodded, "Mumma laddo please.. And coca cola too.."

Mami nodded and caressed Arnav's hair asking him what he wants.

"Just my juice Mami.. I will eat when Khushi comes.." he replied.

Radhika frowned: Why? Is Khushi any important person that you should only eat when she's here?

Arnav: She is important for me Aunty..

"Dekho girls reached.." Akash pointed to the door.

Arnav quickly shifted his attention to the door, to see how his Princess looks today.

He smiled brightly staring at her, Akash, Arnav and NK went running to welcome the girls on the hall and guide them till the table.

Khushi entered in the hall clutching her pink and white lehenga with her hands.

She tucked her hair behind her ear, looking down and walking.

Arnav stood in front of her blocking her way. Khushi looked up to him, she smiled and tiptoe at her feet to reach his height, but couldn't stay like that for much time.

Arnav smiled and bend a little to facilitate her work, she circled her arms around his neck and brushed her nose against his, he also did the same with a smile that never leaves his face when he is with her.

Ratna and Raj looked at Arshi, then at each other smiling.

"These two are inseparable Ratna.." Raj shook his head smiling.

"They look cute!! C&C.." Ratna said.

"C&C? What's that Ratna?" Raj asked.

"Such a dumbo you're!! C&C means Chote and Cute baby.." Ratna joked.

Raj smirked and wrapped his arms around her waist, "Acha.. you call me dumbo now.. Let me check if you're Not Dumbo also.."

Ratna giggled: What are you doing? Everyone is watching us.. Raj leave me..

On the other side, girls were burning in jealousy of Khushi. They were of the same age as Arnav, and wanted Arnav as their boyfriend but Arnav doesn't give attention to any of them, only to Khushi..

"You're looking very beautiful my Princess.." Arnav said and caressed her cheeks.

Khushi twirled once to him, "My lehenga is beautiful na? It's look likes Princesses dress.."

"Haan.. But you know what? You're beautiful that's why all your things are also.." he said and held her hand guiding her to their table.

"Arnav don't walk fast.. I will fall with my lehenga.. I can't walk properly now.." Khushi said holding his hand tightly and her other hand clutching her dress.

Arnav turned back, he arranged her duppata that was falling and helped her walk to the table.

Radhika: Anjali you look pretty!! Where is the responsible for this ahn?

Anjali blushed and nodded sideways: There is no one Aunty..

Khushi sat with Arnav who pulled the chair for her first and then for him. 

"Khushi you look like a Princess my dear.." Mami smiled staring at her, admiring Khushi's natural beauty.

Anjali nodded: Hain na? I dressed Khushi Mami.. I think Khushi beats every girl here..

Khushi smiled shyly, she hide her face on Arnav's shoulder.

"Aww she is blushing!!" Mami said, and everyone giggled.

"Oh come on.. She isn't that beautiful.." Radhika rolled her eyes in disbelief.

Arnav was angry after this but for the respect he has for his aunty he didn't said anything.

Khushi smiled reduced from her face.

"Preetika come here.." Radhika called a girl nearly to Arnav's age.

"She is my friend's daughter.. Isn't she gorgeous?" Radhika caressed Preetika's cheeks.

"Thank you aunty.." the girl smiled and stare at the family.

"Look at that boy.. He is Arnav, my nephew.. Don't you want to play with him?" Radhika smiled and circled her one arm around the girl's waist.

"Yes I want to.." the girl nodded, Arnav was a handsome boy and she is excited to have a new friend!!

She went near Arnav's seat, and held his hand: Let's go outside.. There is a huge beautiful garden.. We can see fireworks from there..

Khushi stare at the girl holding Arnav's hand. With a sad face she looked at him questioning with her eyes if he was going to leave her alone!!

"Go Arnav.. She is waiting for you.." Radhika said.

"No, I can't.." Arnav replied trying to take his hands off the girl.

"Please Arnav.. Please.. It will be fun.." the girl pleaded him clinging to him.

Arnav rolled his eyes, now that's what he hates in girl, once you talk with them they keep glued to you for forever!!

Arnav stood up sighing, and Radhika smirked seeing her plan successfully done.

But seconds later the smirk on her face turned to a frown, when Arnav held Khushi's hand taking her with him. And Preetika pouted as the invitation was only for him and not Khushi also.

"We will see fireworks Arnav.." Khushi excitedly said walking with him.

Preetika walked behind them with a sad face.


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Sep 18

Chapter 11 - The heart breaking news (By Angel23) (Thanked: 112 times)

The crackling sound of the fireworks startled Khushi.

She clutched Arnav's salwar burying her face on his chest.

"Do you want to go inside??" Arnav asked.

"Yes.. But I want to see the fireworks on the sky also.." Khushi pouted.

NK came running to them, "Khushi.. Bhai come let's play.. Let's scare the girls here with the bursting sound.."

"No NK.. Khushi is scared.. I'm taking her inside.." Arnav denied.

NK rolled his eyes, "Come on.."

Arnav: NK be careful you too. You might get hurt..

NK nodded: Are you sure Khushi you don't want to play? It will be fun.. Diwali comes once in a year you know..

"I'm scared of this loud sounds.. My head is aching now.." Khushi complained cutely.

Arnav caressed her forehead, "Let's go inside now.."

He said and guided her inside. Khushi left the garden with a heavy heart as she also wanted to enjoy with her friends, but her fear was bigger.

Ratna stayed outside with the kids, keeping a watch on their moves.

Radhika looked around trying to spot Arnav and Khushi, but didn't see any of them.

"Aunty see.. Arnav isn't here anymore.." Preetika said making an upset face.

"Haan.. But he will come back and then you will play with him ok??" Radhika caressed her cheek faking a smile.

Preetika nodded and went to her friends.

Radhika rolled her eyes, "Now how will I tell you that Arnav doesn't accept other friends, he only wants his Khushi.. How irritating is that.. Radhika you have to do something to show this girl her real place.. Let her enjoy now.. My time will also come.."


Arnav took Khushi to a room, it was dark and old one.

"Arnav why are we here? It's an old room.. And it's scary!!!" Khushi said shivering in fear.

"I'm here na.. You don't need to be scared Baby.." Arnav said holding her hand.

Both reached to the room's window.

It was closed, but they could see the fireworks on the sky from there.

"Now you can see the fireworks without the sound disturbing you.." Arnav said smiling and pointed to the sky.

Khushi smiled happily, "Yes.. I can see fireworks.. Arnav you're the best!! You always find solutions to my problems.."


3 years later.. (Arnav-18 years old, and Khushi- 14 years old)

"Mumma.. Arnav will like it na??" Khushi asked smiling.

"Haan baby.. He will love this cake a lot.. You're baking it for him.." Ratna pinched her cheeks.

"Arnav will be so surprised hain na? .. He will say that he can't eat sweets.. Then I will say that this is a sugar free cake.. I specially baked it for him.." Khushi said clapping her hands excitedly.

Radhika came inside the kitchen smirking, "I so wish Arnav just throws this cake away in front of you.. Do you think this cake tastes good? It's horrible.. Are you doing this purposely to remind him that he is diabetic??"

Khushi gulped scared of the evil lady standing in front of her.

She looked down with teary eyes.

Ratna frowned: Radhika what's your problem with Khushi? It's her wish she is doing this for her friend, and if Arnav doesn't have a problem, then why do you have?

Radhika rolled her eyes, "Are you sure you want me to say my problem with Khushi? Don't repent later.."

"No.." Ratna nodded sideways.

"No Bhabhi.. Today you provoked me to the extent that I want Khushi to know why I hate her.. Kyun Khushi? Don't you want to know?" Radhika said walking closer to Khushi.

Khushi looked at her, yes she wanted to know the reason why her aunty hates her so much. But will she be able to hear it? She was curious, so she just nodded her head slowly.

"I hate you because you're.." Radhika smirked.

Ratna shut her eyes tightly, she didn't want Khushi to meet her truth now.

"You're very ugly.." Radhika laughed evilly and walked away from the kitchen.

Tears flowed from Khushi's eyes and she hugged Ratna tightly.

Ratna hugged her back, "No my baby.. Don't cry.. You already know how Radhika is.. Don't feel bad about her words.. Let's concentrate on Arnav's cake.."

Khushi nodded and wiped her tears with her both hands.


Anjali's room:

"Di.." Arnav jumped in her bed, scaring Anjali.

"Chote..knock the door before you enter in my room.." she glared at him.

"Why? I'm your brother.." Arnav shrugged his shoulders.

"And I'm your elder sister.. That means you should respect me.." Anjali scolded him.

"Di.. Come on.. I came here to talk something serious with you.." Arnav rolled his eyes.

"Okay tell me.. What is it?" Anjali asked, ignoring the fact the she was still angry with him.

Her phone beeped and she blushed staring at it.

Arnav smirked, "Shyam??"

Anjali nodded, "Yeah.. He asked me for a date.. Should I accept??"

"No.." Arnav replied.

"No? But I wanted to go.." Anjali said pouting.

"Then say yes na.. You girls are really mad.. You're seriously asking me as if you're having a hard time deciding it when inside you are dying to go?? Seriously Di.. Height of stupidity!!.." Arnav said sarcastically.

"Shut up Chote.. You can never say anything good.." Anjali frowned and hugged her pillow.

"And yeah if you go to this Date.. I will accompany you there and say to this Shyam to not play with you.. He has been stalking you from school days.. I doubt his intentions now.." Arnav said.

"God.. I'm not a baby now Chote.. And I don't need a brother to threaten my future boyfriend!! I know how to protect myself.." Anjali rolled her eyes.

"Ohh you know.. Let me remind you that I saved you and your girls gang from that goons that day.." Arnav smirked.

"Urghh.. Did you came here for this?" she asked him, and threw her pillow to his face.

"Diii.." Arnav whined holding the pillow on his hand.

"No.. I came here to talk with you.. Actually Papa wants to send me abroad for further studies.. My teacher advised him to.." Arnav said.

"So? It's great na Chote.. It will be a great experience too for you in a new city.. Na?" Anjali smiled happy for him.

"No.. It's not great Di.. If I go to another city means I will have to leave my Baby.. I don't want to stay away from Khushi.." Arnav said upset.

"Ohh.. You're right.. Then say to Papa that you don't want to go Arnav.. I'm sure he will understand.." Anjali ruffled his hair, as he disappointedly rested his chin on the pillow she threw to him and looked down.

"I can't even do that Di.. I never disobeyed Papa's words.. And I want to do everything to make him proud of me.. You should have seen Papa's face shining in happiness when my teacher was talking about me to him.. And when he talked with me, Papa didn't ask me if I want to go or not Di.. He just told me that he would send me abroad for my further studies.. with a smile on his face.. Which I didn't want to break his heart by saying no.. I respect him a lot.. And I want to fulfill his every wishes.." Arnav said.

"Hmm.. Now it's confusing.." Anjali sighed.

"How will I say this to Baby? She will be upset with me.." Arnav said thinking a way to tell Khushi without hurting her.

"Yes Khushi will be upset more than us Arnav.. She only stays most of the time of her life with you.. To suddenly know that you're going to another place and she is going to stay here.." Anjali said.

"Dii don't talk like this.. You're making me feel guilty.." Arnav said and buried his face on the pillow "I don't even want to face her.."

"But you will have to face her na.. Don't let Papa say this to everyone, then she will get a shock.. You should tell her now only.." Anjali said patting his back.

Arnav: I prefer Papa saying this to everyone..

Anjali chuckled seeing him scared of his Cute baby's reaction.

"She is your Cute baby na.. So you only need to explain her this.. If she gets to know this from Papa then she will be very hurt Arnav.." Anjali advised him.

Arnav nodded and stood up from her bed, "I'm going to tell her now.. Pray for me!!"

Anjali nodded.

Arnav walked till the door, and looked back at her, "Good luck on your Date with Mr.Jha!!"

Anjali blushed, "Go na.. Don't tease me.."

Arnav chuckled and walked out of the room, now he breathe in and out gathering courage to share this heart breaking news with his Cute baby.. He is sure he will spoil her day today with this news!!

Sep 19

Chapter 12 - You're not my friend!! (By Angel23) (Thanked: 116 times)

'"Arnav.." Khushi smiled when she saw him in front of her in the living room.

He was coming to meet her and she was going to him only to offer him the cake she baked especially for him!

"Cute baby.." Arnav faked a smile.

"Look what I made for you Arnav.." she said excitedly.

"Cake? But I can't eat cake.." Arnav frowned confused. Despite knowing about his disease she still baked a cake for him!

"Haan.. I know you can't eat sweets.. But this a special sugar free cake for you.. I baked it.. Ask mumma.." Khushi said.

"Ohh.. Thank you Cute baby.." Arnav took one piece of cake to taste.

Indeed it was delicious, that it brought a smile on his face of relishing something called sweet without sugar after a long time in his life.

Khushi waited for his appreciation, playing with her fingers and staring at the floor cutely.

Arnav planted a kiss on her forehead, "This is your reward!! It's the best cake Baby.. Its sugar free but since you made it, it added sweetness to this cake!!"

"Aww does this cake have sugar because of my sweetness??" Khushi widened her eyes innocently.

Arnav chuckled, "Hmm.."

Khushi is growing up but her cute antics and innocent behavior doesn't leave her at all. But there has been also some changes he notices in her, she has become more understanding, patient and a shy quite girl for others except him.

"Come with me Khushi.." he held her hand.

"No leave this cake otherwise it will do no good for your health.." Khushi nodded sideways.

Arnav smirked and took the plate from her hand, "I'm gonna eat all this.. Its for me after all.."

Khushi: But you only said that..

Arnav: Yes I said that you add the sweetness of this cake.. But you're a harmless sugar for me Khushi..

Khushi pouted: Mumma said all the food that contains sugar is not good for you.. Then if I'm sugar then I'm harmful..

Arnav: You're not because you never wish to hurt me.. That's why you're sweet and good girl!!

Khushi nodded, while NK giggled behind the pillar and caught Arshi's attention.

"Harmless sugar!! What is this bhai? Have you gone mad in explaining Khushi everything in details??" NK clutched his stomach laughing hard.

"And didn't anyone told you that it's bad manners to hear other conversation secretly??" Arnav glared at him.

"I just couldn't control myself but hear this sweet conversation.. Ayee ayee.. I might get diabetes if I stay here for one minute more.." NK joked and fell on the sofa laughing.

"Its wasn't a joke for you to laugh like a mad boy.." Arnav rolled his eyes.

Arnav held Khushi's hand again, and took her to his room.

Reaching at the poolside, both sat on their chairs.

"Do you want to share something with me??" Khushi asked smiling, because whenever both want to say something to each other in secret they come to the poolside.

"Yes I want to Khushi.. It's kind of a bad news.." he said and stared for awhile at her face to read her expressions.

"Promise me that you will hear me patiently and understand my point of view too.. Please.." he whispered cupping her face.

Khushi nodded, "I'm feeling scared of this bad news.."

"There is nothing to be scared about.." he consoled her.

"You remember I told you, no I promised you that I will become a big business man like Papa only for you.. Cute baby now I'm going to join college na.. And I found a way to achieve our and Papa's dreams.." Arnav said caressing her cheeks with his thumb.

"This is a great news Arnav.. Yaaay finally I will see you like Papa.. You will go to office na everyday.." Khushi smiled and clapped her hands for him.

"Hmm.. You know I always say to you that success requires sacrifices?.. This is the bad part.. I will have to sacrifice one thing to achieve this dream Khushi.." he said staring at the floor, not having courage to look deep into that cute hazel eyes that scream only to be with him.

"What? What will you sacrifice Arnav?" she asked in a low voice, somewhere she wasn't having a good feeling about this now.

"Woh.. I will have to go to London for further studies Khushi.. I will have to stay away from you for some years Baby.." he said and finally gathered courage to look into her eyes.

Khushi stayed in a silent for a while, Arnav thought maybe she is still trying to register the information in her mind.

He also decided to not say anything else which might hurt her.

But then he saw tears flowing from her eyes and her cheeks reddened in no time.

"Cute baby.." he whispered her nick name.

Khushi stood up from the chair, and faced Arnav, "You're going away?? Who will stay with me Arnav?? .. Please don't leave me.. Did I do something wrong with you? Why are you giving me such a severe punishment.. I miss you only by not seeing you one day.. How will I live years without my best friend?.. Who will.. Who will help me in my homework? Who will protect me from every evil? Who will guide me Arnav?? With whom I will talk to everyday? Who will give me my candies? Who will wish me good night with a kiss on my forehead?? .. Please don't leave me.. You're my best friend.. I don't want you to go away from me.. Please.. I'm scared to stay alone.. Who will play with me??..please take me wherever you go.. please take me with you.."

She cried bitterly on his shoulders.

Arnav hugged her back tightly, a lone tear escaped his eyes as her words made him realize that it wasn't only about to leave her, it was also about how would he live without her? Would he be able to bear this separation when even in his house he in inseparable with her? The new life without Khushi seemed scary now.. Those candies on his bag wouldn't have a meaning now if her cute tiny hands weren't there to grab from him.. He wouldn't have anyone to share his feelings, because his only companion would be away from him.. He wouldn't anyone to guide.. He would be completely alone and empty without her in this new place..

"Please reply to me Arnav.. Will you go?" she broke the hug and face him sobbing.

"If it wasn't for Papa, I wouldn't go Khushi.. But the way you respect me, I have the same respect for Papa's words.. I have to go.." he said looking down.

Khushi rested her face on his face, crying, "Please don't go .. I don't want to stay away from you.. Please.. Don't go Arnav.. I will be alone.."

"I have to go.." he whispered and wrapped his arms around her waist, pulling her into a hug.

Khushi pushed him with her hands on his shoulder.

"You're very bad.. You're not listening to my wish.. You're not my friend.. You want to leave me.. You're bad.." she cried and beat him on his chest and arms.

Arnav held her hands trying to console her, "Never say I'm bad.. I always fulfilled your wishes Khushi.."

"Then why are you not hearing me now? Don't go.." she buried her face on his neck, screaming and crying simultaneously.

Arnav patted her back, "Think of this as a new phase in our life.. Please bear this little separation.. After that we will be together forever.. No one will separate me from my Cute baby.."

"I don't want this phase in my life where I have to live without you.. I want to stay with you always.. I'm scared to stay alone.. You're my only best friend.. Don't leave me alone.." she clutched his shirt.

"I am sorry my Baby.. Even for me is very difficult to stay away from you..but I have to go for Papa.." Arnav said and looked away as he wiped the corner of his eyes filled with more tears threatening to come out.

"Nahin.. I won't let you go.." she circled her arms around his neck possessively and cutely.

"Khushi please don't do this.." Arnav pleaded her.

Khushi pouted, "You're not my friend.. You're lying.. You want to go away from me that's it.. You can say no to Papa to.. But you want to leave me that's why.."

She went running away from his room sobbing badly on her way.

Arnav shook his head upset, he knew this wasn't going to be easy!!

He went behind her, but on the corridor his entire family called him with a smile on their faces, and his father was in between them, now he knew all his family came to know about this too.

He descended the stairs, and Ratna came running to him, and hugged him tightly caressing his hair.

"I didn't even realized my boy grew up!! You will go away from me now for your studies.. How will I leave with you dear??" she whispered with tears in her eyes.

"Mumma you also don't want me to go??" Arnav asked.

"No Arnav.. Of course I want you to go, you deserve it.. Like your father, you will become a great and successful business man.. I will pray everyday that you achieve your dreams and complete your studies then come back to me quickly.. I'm your mother, I'm happy for you but I can't live without you too.." she said.

Arnav gulped his tears, Khushi also gave him a long speech about how much he means to her, and now his mother. They love him so much, by accepting his father's wish, is he hurting his mother and Khushi??

"If you can't live without me, then I will not go.." Arnav said and hugged her again.

Raj smiled, "Ohh God.. My family is so emotional!!"

"Aree na.. If it's your dream, then you will go.. And as your mother, I always want the best for you.. So what if I will miss you a lot, when you come back I will give loads of love that I will forget the time I missed you.." Ratna kissed his forehead, smiling while tears fell from her eyes.

Arnav nodded in her hug, "I love you Mumma.."

"I love you too my Chote.." she whispered and tightened her grip on him.

Khushi descended the stairs, she went running to Ratna to plead for help, "Mumma dekho na.. Arnav wants to go to London.. He wants to leave me.. Please tell him not to go.."

Arnav and Ratna broke the hug and looked at her.

"My angel it's important for him to go.." Ratna caressed her hair.

Khushi looked around the living room, she saw some sweet box laid on the small table and everyone's face with a smile like they were celebrating, which means they were happy that Arnav is going and they wouldn't help her in convincing him to stay.

She looked down and a tear slipped from her eye, which broke Arnav's heart in pieces

Sep 22

Chapter 13 - New family (By Angel23) (Thanked: 115 times)

Few days later..

At the airport, the family was getting emotional bidding bye to Arnav.

Arnav hugged his parents tightly and they shared few words.

"Take care Arnav.. Nani will miss you a lot.." Nani said with moist eyes.

Arnav nodded and took blessings from her, Mama and Mami.

He then passed to his Di, both are always fighting with each other, but today both were silent with teary eyes. Arnav knew that from today now on he won't have his sister who cares for him, but hides it by fighting and blaming him always. Anjali knew that she would miss her Chote a lot, who is always there to irritate her but he is still her lovable lil brother.

"I am sure you're not going to miss me.." Arnav broke the silence.

"You're wrong this time too.. I will miss you a lot Chote.." Anjali hugged him and ruffled his hair like his mother does.

Arnav closed his eyes, "You know what's the worst thing? I will miss you even more.."

Anjali's eyes watered hearing this, she tightened her grip on him.

After Anjali, he went to Akash and NK, the three shared a trio hug emotionally.

"You both take care of my Baby now.." Arnav said pointing his index finger to both.

Khushi heard this, she just looked away.

Arnav eyed to her, he knew she was still hurt.

Aman came in front of him, and side hugged him, "I will miss you bro.. You're my best friend.. Remember, I'm always here when you need me..we will be waiting for you.."

Arnav nodded, "I will kind of miss you Aman.. But I'm relieved now, won't have a Aman to distract me from my studies!!"

Aman chuckled, "Aree yaar.. Ohh before you leave take my advice.. London full of pretty girls.. Now I'm sure you will fall in love with one of those.. Just send me pic of my bhabhi later.."

Arnav smacked his shoulders, "You never change!!"

Aman laughed.

Arnav now walked to the last person, yet a special one for him..as said..the last but not the least!!

"Khushi..My flights is ready to take off now.. Won't you say good bye to me?" he asked softly to her.

Khushi looked away, and folded her arms, "Good bye.."

"Won't you hug me??" he asked again.

Khushi nodded sideways crying, the tears fell from her eyes as she was trying to control till now.

Arnav closed the gap between them, and brushed his nose against hers also crying, "Please say something Khushi.."

He waited for her to respond to him, but this time she didn't touched her nose with his again, she placed her fingers on his face moving it away from hers.

"Don't do this with me.." he tried to hug her, but she walked till Ratna, and hid behind her crying heavily.

Arnav stare at her and everyone were sad for him, as his Cute baby still didn't agree for him to go. So he is going without her permission!!

Arnav walked with his bag, prepared to go away.

Khushi sobbed staring at him going.

Arnav stopped walking, he turned back to her and went running back to Khushi.

Khushi looked at him, in the hope that he would say that he doesn't want to go.

"Take care Cute baby.. I may not be with you, but always follow my advices.. In case you need help for your homeworks, Akash, NK and Di will help you.. If something is bothering you then don't hesitate to tell to Mumma or Papa, or even anyone you want to.. (staring at Radhika) please don't give attention to your haters, and never let anyone hurt or affect you with their words or actions, when I come back I want to see you as a strong girl..okay??" he caressed her cheeks.

Khushi didn't replied to him.

Arnav looked at his mother near him, then pushed Khushi to aside.

"Khushi don't let any boy come near you.. I don't want you to have a boyfriend.." Arnav said possessively after reminding Aman's words, who was saying to him that Khushi will be a free bird now and she will start doing things without his permission.. She would find another best friend or even a boyfriend!!

Khushi still didn't replied to him.

"Khushi say to me..that you will not have a boyfriend.." Arnav demanded stubbornly.

He held her by her shoulders, "You're only mine Khushi.. I'm just going away for sometime, but I won't let anyone snatch my Cute baby from me.."

Khushi looked down, he cupped her face and kissed her forehead.

She bits her lips, and pushed him lightly, "Just go.."

Arnav wiped his tears and his father patted his back indicating him to go.

Ratna hugged Khushi consoling her.

Radhika smirked, "Now it will be fun! I can finally show this girl her place here.."



Arnav reached the new city for him with an upset face, his heart was still in India, Khushi!!

The way she said for him to go, for a time he wanted to say to his father that he gives up. He never saw her crying and never was the reason for her to be like this. He believed he would treat her like a princess in his life, but the way she cried and begged for him to not go, it was really heart breaking for him.

"Arnav oh my God!!" a lady came to him and tightly hugged him.

He faked a smile, "Archana mausi.."

"Mausi?? Boy don't call me that.. I'm Archana only.. Arnav my sweetheart.. You're so grown up now!!" she widened her eyes in disbelief staring at the baby she saw when he was only 1 year old, and now he is 18 years old!! She thanks Raj for having sent Arnav's pictures to her, otherwise she would have not recognized him at all.

A girl of his age giggled staring at both.

"Archana aunty!! I can call you like that na?" Arnav smirked.

Archana smiled, "Okay this one I accept..lets go.. You must be tired na.. Give me your bags.."

"No I will handle it.." Arnav said pushing his bags.

Archana rolled her eyes, "You and father exactly the same!! Sheetal go and call the driver to take his bags.."

Sheetal, the girl who was giggling at them nodded, and called the driver who helped Arnav.

The three headed to the car.

"Arnav she is my daughter.. Sheetal.. You don't know her because the time you were born she wasn't there in the world yet.." Archana giggled.

Arnav nodded, and looked at Sheetal: Hi..

"Hi Arnav.." Sheetal smiled.

Arnav then shifted his attention to window side, thinking about Khushi.

"Beta are you upset? Please don't be.. Everyone becomes upset on the day they leave their parents.. But it will be good for you.. And don't feel lonely.. I'm not your father's blood sister but I'm not less than that.. Me, Dev uncle and Sheetal are your family also.. Never hesitate to tell me what you want.. Or what you feel.. You're like my son.." Archana ruffled his hair and made him and Sheetal rest their heads on her shoulder.

"I'm upset because I left my heart in Mumbai.." Arnav whispered.


Raizada Mansion:

"Wait Shyam.. I will call you back later.. I've to stay with Cute baby now.." Anjali said talking with Shyam over the phone in the poolside.

She walked in the room, and sat beside Khushi, who was crying in the bed.

"Pagli he will come back na.. He isn't going forever.." NK said caressing her hair.

"He left me.." Khushi nodded sideways crying.

"I don't agree with anything NK says, but Khushi today he is right only.. Arnav bhaiya will come back.." Lavanya said.

NK stuck his tongue to her. Lavanya glared at him.

"You will just blink your eyes and he will be back.. Time flies Khushi.. You will not even realize when he is back.." Payal said wiping her friend's tears.

Akash nodded, "Haan Khushi please stop crying.."

Khushi blinked her eyes once, "Did my Arnav came back? Nahin na.. Stop lying to me.. It will take time.. So much time.. I will grow old waiting for Arnav to come back.. I will be alone.."

She buried her face on the pillow crying more.

Everyone look at each other worried.

Ratna came inside the room, "Aree my baby is still upset.."

Anjali stood up making space for her mother to sit beside Khushi.

"Look at what mumma cooked for you Khushi.. Your favorite aalo paratha.. I'm sure this will make you smile.." Ratna said with a plate on her hand.

"Wow aalo paratha.. I want one aunty.." Lavanya smiled excitedly and winked at Payal, making her join in her.

"Haan aunty.. I also want one.." Payal said.

NK and Akash looked at each other understanding what the girls were trying to do.

"We also want.." they said at the same time.

Ratna smiled: Yes, I brought for you all paratha.. Take it..

"Khushi eat na.. You don't know what you're losing.. Such a delicious food.. Oh God Khushi.. Look I think I will eat your share too.." Lavanya said patting her back.

"Eat then.. I don't want.. I will never eat aalo paratha in my life again.. I only used to share mine with Arnav.. When he is not here, then I will also not eat.." Khushi said.

Ratna caressed her hair, "Khushi I know you're upset because Arnav went.. I know it's difficult to live without the one who was always with you since childhood.. The way you were close to your Arnav, you were not with us.. But please try to understand his part too, he went there to study and not to leave you forever.. You also want to see him succeeded in life na? Then please don't be upset now.. And pray everyday that the day for him to come back, come as soon as possible.

Khushi looked down.

Ratna handled the paratha for her again, but Khushi didn't took it.

NK: I will beat you now Khushi, eat it now..

"NK.." everyone glared at him.

NK raised his hands on air, "okay okay.. Arnav ki Cute baby please eat something!!"

"I'm not his Cute baby.." Khushi whispered and climbed down the bed heading to the bathroom, she closed the door and sat on floor crying bitterly.



Kapoor's mansion:

"This is your room Arnav.." Sheetal said and opened the door for him.

"Thanks.." Arnav curtly replied and walked inside the room, looking around.

"Awesome.. This is just like my room in Mumbai.." Arnav said awed.

"Hain na?! Mom asked a pic of your room to Raj uncle so that she could recreate the same atmosphere for you.." Sheetal smiled.

Arnav smiled, he left his bag on the bed and opened it taking out a picture.

He hanged Khushi's picture on the hall behind his bed.

"Who is she??" Sheetal asked curious to know why he didn't put a picture of his own.

"My everything.." Arnav replied staring back at Sheetal.

Sheetal gave him a surprised look.

"My best friend.." Arnav specified for her.

"Oh okay.." Sheetal nodded, "I will leave you alone now.."

Sheetal went from there, and Arnav sat on the bed with a thud.

"I am sorry Cute baby.. I know you're hurt with me.." he covered his mouth with his palms, and tears slipped from his eyes.

He went downstairs and wiped his tears, composing himself he entered in the kitchen.

"Aunty.." he called Archana.

"Haan beta.. Kya hua? Didn't you like the room? Oh God.. What happened? Just tell me and I swear I will beat up Robin for spoiling your room.." Archana walked to him.

"No aunty.. My room is perfect, I've no complaints.." Arnav smiled at the sweet lady, he liked her!! She reminds him of his mother.

"Then?" she asked.

"I wanted to make a phone call.. Can I?" Arnav said.

Archana nodded and handled him her phone, "Haan sure.. Want to talk with your family?"

Arnav nodded and took the phone from her hand, he called to his mother.

"Mumma.." he smiled when he heard her voice.

Archana smiled too.

"Arnav have you reached? Are you okay?" Ratna asked him.

"Yes mumma.. I've reached and I'm absolutely fit and fine.." Arnav said.

"Thank God.." she said.

"Mumma I want to talk with Khushi.." Arnav said.

"Great that you called.. Your Cute baby is refusing to eat.. And she isn't even talking with anyone.. Just crying.." Ratna said.

She went near the bathroom and shouted for Khushi to hear.

"Khushi see Arnav wants to talk with you.. He has reached in London.."

"I don't want to talk with him.." Khushi replied shocking Ratna.

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