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Aug 29, 2017

Aap Mujhe Achche Lagne Lage (By Angel23) (Thanked: 89 times)


"What's all this for mumma?" a six years old boy, followed his mother to the kitchen curious to know why his mother was decorating the house and cooking so delicious dishes.

"Because a princess is coming here to join you, your Bhai and your Di.." Ratna smiled and brushed his hair softly.

"Eeek.. Only girls come here.. Why not boys to play with me??" Arnav rolled his eyes and went running from there, not interested anymore.

Ratna chuckled shaking her head in disbelief, Arnav like other boys hate Girls!! He is always fighting with his sister and her friends, now add one more to this list.

Arnav was running around the living room, playing with his car toy..

The living room was filled with pink and white balloons for the new girl.

He smirked and started popping the balloons.

Instead of playing with his car, he enjoyed spoiling the arrangements done for the new girl. After destroying almost all the balloons, he went to the door.

There was a heart shape pink balloon written "Welcome Princess..".

Arnav smiled and ... *Booommm..*

A little two years old baby girl frightened hearing the sudden loud sound, she lost her balance and fell on the floor.

Now that the big balloons wasn't in front of the door, Arnav could see the tiny figure on the floor, a cute baby girl with an orange dress and a hair band that was adorned on her hair, but fell on the floor because of him.

Khushi, the little baby took time to realize what happened to her, when she felt the pain on her knee and elbow, she sobbed.

Arnav panicked, he tried to pick her from the floor to make her stop crying.

"Shh don't cry baby.. I'm sorry.. I didn't saw you there.. I'm really sorry.. Please stop crying now little baby.." he caressed her hair trying to call her.

Khushi screamed while crying, she placed her palms on her face.

Arnav gulped, he wasn't seeing a way to calm this cute baby.

Ratna walked outside the kitchen hurriedly and went running towards the living room.

She saw Arnav with Khushi crying there.

"Arnav!!!" Ratna glared at him.

Arnav looked at her with a sorry face.

Ratna picked Khushi from the floor, Khushi accepted Ratna to touch her since this face isn't new for her.

Ratna patted Khushi's shoulder making her calm.

"Shh my Princess.. It's just a small wound na.. Isn't my baby strong? Shhh.. Don't cry like this.." Ratna whispered sweet nothings to Khushi.

Khushi circled her small arms around Ratna's neck, and hide her face on Ratna's shoulder crying.

Arnav was all this time following his mother, to check if the baby stopped or not crying.

Ratna looked at him, "Why did tease her Arnav? She is so small now.. She isn't your Di's friends who you can play like this.. What did you do to her?"

"Mumma I didn't saw her! I was just popping the balloons and I think the sound scared her.. I didn't do it purposely.. Sachi Mumma.." Arnav said honestly.

Ratna nodded, "Next time don't play like this.."

Arnav nodded, "I'm sorry Mumma.."

Khushi by now, calmed down only her whimpers were being heard.

Raj, Ratna's husband reached with a smile on his face.

But just by staring at Ratna and Khushi in her arms, he could see something went wrong here.

"Raj ji! How can you leave Khushi like this to walk alone? Where were you leaving a baby like her alone?" Ratna scolded him.

"Calm down! Khushi was playing in the garden when we reached and I got engrossed in my phone calls. I didn't saw that she reached here alone.." Raj explained.

"Mumma I'm sorry na!! Please don't say it to Papa.." Arnav whispered to her.

"But what happened? Why are you so worried?" Raj asked.

Arnav made a puppy face to his mother, she melt.

"Nothing!! I was just worried for her.." Ratna said.

Arnav smiled and whispered a thank you to his mother.

Ratna shifted her attention to Khushi, "Arnav come here.."

Ratna sat on the sofa, calling Arnav to start a friendship with the new member of the family. 

"Khushi baby.. look at him..  His name is Arnav.. You want to be his friend my baby? .. Say to Mumma.. Friends??" Ratna asked her and brought Arnav near Khushi.

Arnav smiled and tried to pinch her cheeks to play with her.

Khushi turned her face away, and rested her cheek on Ratna's shoulder.

Arnav pouted, he didn't like it.. She rejected his friendship!!

Anjali and Akash descended the stairs with full speed to see the new face in Raizada mansion.

"Papa is she Khushi?" Anjali asked smiling.

Raj nodded, "Go and play with her.. Khushi isn't speaking with anyone.."

Anjali sat beside her mother, and touched Khushi's cheeks smiling.

"Hi baby.." said an excited Anjali tickling Khush, while Ratna was checking Khushi's elbow to cure her wounds. 

Khushi looked at her and giggled trying to escape from Anjali's hand who proved to be dangerous for her little body!!!

Akash too joined in the play. Khushi hugged Ratna quickly to hide from these two who weren't leaving her.

"Enough..enough.. she isn't liking this game now.." Ratna giggled.

Raj smiled, and glanced at Ratna indicating her that he was going to his study.

Arnav went sadly to his room, she was the first girl he wanted to be friends but she just ignored him, can he say that??

"Maybe Khushi is still angry with me for hurting her with balloons.. It's okay, soon I will make this cute baby my friend.." Arnav thought and reached in his room.




This story was running in my mind from the past few days, so I thought to write it.. I hope it's good and you all like it!! Please comments and thank you!!

Aug 29, 2017

Chapter 1 - A new life for Khushi! (By Angel23) (Thanked: 80 times)

Ratna was watching the kids play in the living room.

Khushi was on the sofa with her, playing with a doll Anjali just gifted her.

"Mumma let us play with the baby.." Anjali came in front of her, caressing Khushi's feet.

Khushi giggled and hide her face on Ratna's waist.

"Anjali give her time dear.. She isn't used to see you all.. You are new for her na.. And she must be tired and want to sleep that's why she isn't playing with you all.." Ratna said and patted Anjali's cheek.

Anjali nodded, "So later we can play with her na?"

Ratna: Yes, later she will come to play with you, Akash and Arnav..

Anjali went from there to join Akash and their friends.

Ratna took Khushi to her room, to make her sleep.

She placed Khushi on the bed, Khushi stare at her with moist eyes, she was preparing to cry now, when she felt Ratna would leave her in this new place alone.

Ratna kissed her forehead, "Khushi will wait for Mumma right? Mumma is just going to the bathroom.."

Khushi nodded her head negatively, when Ratna pointed to the bathroom.

Ratna, "Please baby!! Just one minute.. Mumma won't take time.."

Khushi's cheeks turned red now, she didn't want to be left alone. And she wasn't understanding that Ratna would only go away from her for a short time, not for life time like her mother did.

"Naaa..." Khushi screamed in her baby tone with a crying face.

Arnav came running to his mother room hearing Khushi's scream.

"Mumma baby crying again?" he asked standing on the door.

Ratna sighed in relief, "Come here Arnav.. Stay with Khushi.. I'm in the bathroom okay? Don't make her cry.."

Arnav nodded with a smile on his face, he sat on the bed near Khushi.

Ratna went to the bathroom. Khushi didn't realize when Ratna went, because her attention now was on going away from the boy who made her fall.

Arnav tried to catch her, but she crawled till the headboard pouting.

"Aaaah.. booo (go).." she whined, indirectly saying to him to go away.

"Listen I didn't want make you fall on the floor!! Let's be friends.." Arnav smiled.

Khushi looked at him, then at her doll near him.

Arnav followed her gaze, and saw her doll on the bed.

"You want this? Be my friend then.." he said and took the doll, showing to her.

Khushi extended her small hands to him, gesturing him to give her the doll.

Arnav brought near her, when she tried to take, he hide on his back. She wondered what magic he did, that made her doll disappear.

"First friends??" he asked.

Khushi extended her hand again to him, as if saying my doll first.

Arnav refused to give her the doll, "I won't give you!! First tell me do you want to be my friend?"

Khushi looked away, her eyes glistened. She rubbed her eyes making an ugly face, which Arnav knew very well, when girls make this face, they are about to cry.

"Okay..okay.. don't cry like my ugly Di's friends.. you're a cute baby girl.. " he calmed her, and gave her, her doll.

Khushi snatched the doll from his hand, making an angry face to him.

She hugged her doll, staring at Arnav.

Arnav frowned: Don't want to be my friend? It's okay.. I will also not talk with you anymore.. Youuu.. cuteeee baby...

He went from there, when Ratna came out of the bathroom.

Khushi waved her hands playing with her doll on the bed.

Ratna looked at Arnav going, she smiled, "He can't really stay with a girl!!"

"Thank God Shashi informed us about you before leaving us.. Now I will protect you from all the evils that will come in your way Khushi.." Ratna sat beside Khushi staring at her playing.

Khushi smiled when she saw Ratna, she lifted her doll and brought near Ratna's face.

"Aww you're playing with your doll? .. What's her name Khushi?" Ratna held Khushi by her waist, and her other hand was touching the doll's hair.

"Doooolllll.." Khushi repeated Ratna's words giggling.

"Yes doll!!" Ratna pinched her cheeks. Khushi smiled showing her teeth to Ratna.

Raj entered in the room, "Ohh you're playing with Khushi.."

"Hmm.. I think she is still scared now, as it is a new place with new faces for her.. And look at her..she looks so dull and weak.. I don't think her family treated her well.." Ratna said caressing Khushi's cheeks.

"Ratna do you even think they would ever treat her well? Khushi's Dadi would kill her as soon as Shashi and Garima died.. And if not kill. They would make her their slave.. That's how they are.. I'm just thankful that the court gave me Khushi's responsibility.." Raj said.

"I know! What kind of people they are? The world has progressed but they still believe that woman are bad luck, and only man has the right to live.. I hate such people.." Ratna frowned.

"It's okay Ratna. Shashi wanted his daughter to live, and we helped him.. I'm sure he must be happy that his daughter is safe and sound with us now.." Raj patted her shoulders.

Ratna nodded, and picked Khushi from the bed to her lap, she hugged Khushi tightly thinking about the consequences if they didn't fight for this little baby.

Raj hugged the both, and kissed Ratna's forehead.

"Don't think too much!! Everything is okay now.." he whispered to Ratna.


At night time, Ratna walked out of the kitchen and yelled: Kids it's dinner time!!!

Akash and Anjali came and sat on their chair talking about school events.

Raj came with Khushi, Khushi groaned pointing to the sofa they were seconds back.

"Aaaahh... Doooollll.." she screamed pointing to her doll, Raj left on the sofa.

Anjali went running to help Khushi, she picked the doll for Khushi and handled it to her.

Khushi smiled and took it from her hand.

Raj smiled to Anjali, and caressed her hair.

Then the three headed to the table. Ratna looked around missing someone, that's her dear son Arnav.

"Where is my Chote?" she asked.

"Arnav is in his room, mumma.." Anjali replied.

Ratna rolled her eyes, "Doesn't this boy get tired of staying with his books?"

"He is intelligent like his father.." Raj proudly stated.

Ratna grinned, "Really!! He is way more intelligent than you.."

Anjali and Akash giggled silently.

Arnav came downstairs and Ratna was thankful that he wouldn't have to go and call him in his room.

She ruffled his hair when he sat on the chair beside her.

Arnav moved away, he doesn't like anyone to mess his hair, but he let his mother do it sometimes.

Arnav: Mumma is this Cute baby going to stay here forever?

Anjali: Don't you hate girls? Now Khushi is cute for you..

Arnav: She isn't like you and your friends.. Irritating!!!!!

Anjali frowned: Arnav youu. My friends are better than yours.. You keep running here and there all day.. See na mumma..

Arnav: At least!! You and your friends keep making doll marry her prince.. Mumma they steal your make up kit to put on their dolls also..

Ratna giggled, "Stop it both of you!!"

"Khushi is going stay here with us forever okay!!" Raj announced.

"Dooolll.. hihihi..Dooollll.. ..." Khushi giggled repeating their words and kissed her doll.

Arnav, Akash and Anjali smiled staring at her.

Aug 30, 2017

Chapter 2 - Candies for Khushi (By Angel23) (Thanked: 113 times)

Raj's phone rang and he smiled sheepishly staring at Ratna, who would surely scold him.

Ratna pouted: What is this? Doesn't your business partners have a personal life also?

Raj: I'll just come back in two minutes.. I promise Ratna!!

He went to a corner to attend his phone call.

Arnav looked at his father, " Mumma papa is always on his phone and laptop.. I also want to be like him when I grow up.. A big business man!!"

Ratna smiled and kissed his hair, "You will create history my son!!"

When Ratna bend a little to kiss Arnav, she made Khushi who was in her lap, also bend and Khushi's lips touched Arnav's shoulder.

Arnav excitedly pointed to Khushi, "Heyy Mumma look.. Khushi also kissed me!! Khushi also wants me to become a big business man!!"

Ratna cooed Khushi, "Aww.. Is it so baby? Khushi is wishing good luck to her friend.."

Arnav finally could touch Khushi, while she was busy talking with Ratna in her baby language.

Arnav pinched Khushi's chubby cheeks, "I will become a big business man for you only Cute baby!!"

Raj sat on his chair, "Off course you will be like me boy.."

Ratna giggled, "He wants to be like you for Khushi.."

Raj raised his eyebrow surprised, "Arnav but you hate girls.. suddenly this like towards Khushi.. I thought when I brought her here then only Anjali would play with Khushi, and you would stay away from her.."

"We three like her uncle.." Akash smiled.

Arnav: Papa she isn't a normal girl.. She is a Princess.. that's why I like her, and not Di and her friends.. who always refuse to buy chocolates for me in school!!

Ratna worriedly patted his cheeks, "Arnav didn't mumma told you that you can't eat sweets? Why did you ask your Di to buy for you?"

Arnav bit his tongue forgetting that he wasn't supposed to say this to his mother.

"But mumma why can't I eat chocolate? Everyone eats it in my classroom.. I'm the only one left.." he stare at her sadly, like others of his age, he also wants to eat sweets but his mother denies always, and if she lets him then it's only a bit, which actually is nothing for him and only on special days like Diwali, Holi and others.

"Arnav didn't I explain you that sweets aren't good for health? If you want to be a big business man, you have to be healthy first right? Then do what I say my baby.." Ratna explained him.

Anjali: Chote hear mumma words.. See even me and Akash don't eat sweets..

Arnav nodded, "Don't lie Di.. I saw you eating chocolate secretly.."

Anjali smiled embarrassed.

"Can I buy candies and chocolates for Khushi mumma? She will eat for me.." Arnav looked at his mother, innocently.

Khushi clapped her hands excitedly, "Can-dies.."

"Okay, buy some candies for Khushi with your Di.." Ratna said.

Khushi stuck her tongue staring at the table, no one gave her food still!!

Raj smile and gestured Ratna to feed her.

Ratna took her meal, and feed her..

"Aunty when is my mumma coming back?" Akash asked, missing his parents.

"Soon dear!! What happened? Are you missing them? Are you upset?" Ratna asked worried.

She is a mother to every kid in their family, she is the one who cares and gets worried for them.

Akash: I miss my mumma, but I'm not upset..

Ratna: Then I will call to your mumma to talk with you okay?

Akash nodded smiling.


It was time to sleep now, Ratna kissed Arnav's forehead and switched off the lights.

"Mumma!!" he called her before going.

"Hmm.." Ratna switched it on again.

Arnav pulled away his blanket, and walked till her.

"Please bend down a little.." he said.

Ratna confused did what he said and by bending down, she brought Khushi near him.

Arnav kissed his mumma's cheek, then Khushi's.

"Good night mumma and Cute baby.." he said and went to his bed again.

Ratna smiled, while Khushi rubbed her cheek where he kissed with an angry expression!!

She was constantly rubbing her eyes, because she was sleepy and was getting irritated. Now Arnav just irritated her more by touching her when she is already irritated.

She rested her head on Ratna's shoulder closing her eyes to sleep.

Ratna patted her back lightly to make her fall asleep.


The next day, Ratna hurriedly was preparing the breakfast for the kids who would leave early to school with her husband.

"Ratna my files.." he shouted searching for it in the living room.

"It must be in your study.. Go and check there.." she replied glancing at him searching, and concentrated on preparing the sandwiches for the kids to take in their tiffin.

Arnav and Akash came to the breakfast table.

Ratna ran out of the kitchen to serve them juice and bread and jam.

"Where is your Di Arnav?" Ratna asked him.

"She is sleeping Mumma!" Arnav said and handled the glass of juice to Akash and kept one for him.

"Sleeping? Oh my God.. Did she forgot about school?" Ratna rolled her eyes and was going upstairs to call Anjali.

Raj came on her way, "My files aren't on study also.."

"Raj please wait for a while! Anjali is still sleeping, they will reach late then to school.." Ratna made a puppy face to her husband.

"But my case is urgent!!" he whined.

"Theirs also!! Three kids will get late for school and teacher will not allow them to go inside the classroom.. While you're the boss na, no one will fire you from your own office.." Ratna said putting her hands on her hips.

Arnav and Akash were laughing staring at their cute fight early in the morning.

Raj sighed in defeat, and made way for his wife: Go my Queen!! I never win from you..

Ratna blushed and went to wake up her daughter.

Raj reached in the table and sat with the boys.

"Sometimes you're right Arnav.. Girls are very irritating.. You never understand them.." Raj rolled his eyes.

"Mumma and Khushi aren't irritating.. And Di sometimes..But the rest is.." Arnav giggled.

"Arnav do you remember when you broke Sushmita's doll arms (Anjali's friend)?" Akash asked smiling.

Arnav chuckled also remembering the day, "Then she cried saying that I broke her daughter's arms, and I have to take her to hospital.. How would I take a doll to a hospital??"

Raj laughed hearing their innocent and childish talks.

"Papa is my Cute baby still sleeping??" Arnav asked to his father, he remembered about the new member of their family.

"Yes!!" Raj nodded.

Arnav pouted, he wouldn't see that baby now till he comes back home again!

A servant came with Khushi's hair band, "Sir.. I found this while cleaning the living room.."

Arnav recognized her hair band, "Give it to me uncle.. It belongs to Khushi.."

The servant gave the hair band to Arnav, "Papa can I give it to Khushi now? I will just keep in Mumma room.. I will not disturb her.."

Raj smiled, he never saw Arnav so attached with anyone like Khushi. Looks like they will be best friends here!!

His smile was a yes for Arnav, he quickly walked to his mother room where Khushi was sleeping in the middle of the bed with two pillows on both sides to protect her.

Arnav left the hair band on the dresser, and stare at her.

"She is so cute!!" he smiled and pinched her cheek.

Khushi turned to his side while sleeping and held his finger tightly.

"Ohh no!! Please baby leave me now.. I have to go to school.." he tried to open her fist.

But she was stubborn too, she wanted to sleep like that only.

Ratna walked inside the room to find her husband files, "Arnav what are you doing here?"

"Woh.. I came to give Khushi's hair band.. Then I pinched her cheek and now she isn't leaving me.." he pointed to his finger.

"Why did you pinch her cheeks?" Ratna smiled and came to help him.

"Because she looks cute while sleeping.." Arnav replied, and his mother managed to separate his finger from Khushi's hand.

"Only she is cute.. Others are also cute na!! Why don't you play with your Di's friends then?" Ratna talked with him, while searching for the files.

"Di's friends are fool.." Arnav rolled his eyes.

"Arnav!! Don't say like that.." Ratna scolded him.

"Okaaaay.." he said.

"Give this file to Papa.. Go.." she patted his back giving him the files.

Arnav held it carefully since it's his father things, something he does not mess up with. He went downstairs with his mother, and handled the files to his father.

Now they were only waiting for Anjali to be ready.


Arnav returned from school with a huge smile on his face, the candies on his hand for Khushi were the reason of it.

Khushi saw him coming inside the house, she went running to hide behind a pillar.

Arnav smirked and went behind her, "Khushi.. Now you will be my friend.. You know why?.. Because I bought candies for you.. Look candies.."

Khushi peeked from the pillar to see if he really had candies with him or not.

She really saw some colorful things on his hand, there were her candies!!

She hide her face again, and only extended her small hand to him, "Gimmee.. (Give me) .. can-dies.."

"Nooo! First be my friend Khushi.. Why are you bad?.. Yesterday I gave you the doll, today you have to accept my friendship only then I will give you candies!!" Arnav sighed in disbelief.

Khushi returned her hand behind the pillar and didn't saw any candies on her hand.

She extended her hand to him again,"Gimmeeee.." now her tone changed, it wasn't a happy one, but one that warned him that she is crying.

Arnav: Friends??

Khushi hiccuped while tears left her eyes, she beat the pillar with her small hands to get what she wants.

Arnav: Hey don't cry na! Take you candies.. I'm giving to you..

He extended his hand showing her the candies, but couldn't see her because she was hiding behind the pillar.

"Take it Butterfly!!" he said.

Khushi blinked her eyes, and stood still for a while thinking to take it or not.

Finally her love for candies won, she attacked his hand trying to take all the candies in her small hands.

Her little body appeared in front of him.

Some candies fell on the floor, he wanted to catch it for her.

Khushi pouted and bend down to take it quickly, "Mmmyy.. (my) candies.."

"I'm not stealing!! I'm giving it to you only.." Arnav said.

Ratna came to them, "So many candies you bought for her Arnav!!"

"Keep it in a box mumma! Then give one for her in a day or two.." Arnav smiled.

Khushi smiled showing her candies to Ratna, Ratna smiled and caressed her head.

"Go and change your clothes Arnav.. Where is Akash and Anjali?"

"They are coming mumma!! Must be playing outside in the garden.."

She nodded and he headed to his room to change his clothes.


Thank you for the comments!! Malarun- Yes, this is my first story with this track!!

Arshisarunmoon- Yes, Akash is elder to Arnav.

Aug 31, 2017

Chapter 2 - The first hug! (By Angel23) (Thanked: 112 times)

Ratna knelt down to reach Khushi's level.

"Baby give some candies to mumma.." Ratna said trying to take the candies from her hand.

"Mumma.. Mumma.." Khushi looked around, her eyes searched for her real mother but no one was there.

Ratna noticed Khushi's eyes searching for her mother, it was very clear she missed her mother in her life. Suddenly her life changed so drastically, her parents died in an accident and the little baby started living without her parents, and just now she changed her house, to RM and met new faces. What would Ratna explain to this little kid? Her mother went far away from her, would this little baby understand that she will never see her mother again in this lifetime?

Khushi dropped the candies on Ratna's hand, with moist eyes, the word mumma just made her miss her mumma!! She doesn't know how to describe her feelings in words. But she is feeling a pain in her heart, she wants her mumma now!!

"Khushi.. wants mumma.. mumma.." Khushi cried staring at Ratna.

Ratna cupped her face, "I'm your Mumma Khushi.."

 The corner of the mouth turning down, she rubbed her eyes filled with tears.

Ratna panicked, she lifted Khushi and patted her back, "Aww my baby don't cry.. Mumma is here.."

"Muummaaaaaa..." Khushi screamed crying more.

Anjali and Akash stood in front of a worried Ratna pacing around the living room with a crying Khushi.

Anjali and Akash decided to help Ratna, Akash tried to tickle her but Khushi shoved his hand.

Anjali came with her doll, "Baby here is your Doll.. Take it.. Play with her.. She is waiting for you.."

Khushi took the doll from her hand and threw it on the floor, making Ratna gasp.

Khushi pulled her own hair in frustration of not having her mother by her side, she is calling her mother, then why is she not coming to her like always??

Ratna looked at Anjali and Akash, "Now what will we do?"

Anjali: Maybe she is hungry mumma..

Akash nodded, "I will bring fruit for Khushi.."

He went running and came back with an apple for Khushi.

Khushi hide her face on Ratna's shoulder, rejecting what Akash gave to her.

She was crying badly, Ratna didn't know what to do.

She went to sit on the sofa with Khushi, Akash and Anjali followed her.

Khushi cried even more louder when Ratna sat on the sofa.

Ratna quickly stood up, "Baby stop crying.. don't do this..see you look so bad crying.. stop crying meri princess.."

Arnav descended the stairs hearing screams from his room, "What happened mumma?"

"Khushi is crying uncontrollably! She wants her mother.." Ratna said wiping Khushi's tears.

"Where is her mother?" Arnav asked.

Ratna looked at him sadly, "I will explain later to you Arnav.."

Arnav: Then what will we do now? Is she hungry?

Ratna nodded sideways, she was herself crying now not able to see Khushi in this state. Khushi could ask her anything, she would give but her mother!! That's an impossible task for her.

Arnav went running to his room and came back with a book on his hand.

Anjali, Ratna and Akash looked at him confused.

Anjali: Are you mad Arnav? She doesn't know how to read.. She is still a baby!!

Arnav placed his finger on his lips, frowning to his sister, "Shhh.."

"Mumma bring Khushi here.." he said, and sat on the sofa pointing to his mother to bring Khushi to sit with him.

Ratna: She doesn't want to sit.. But let's try your idea..

Ratna left Khushi on the sofa, Khushi cried and crawled on the sofa trying to reach Ratna.

Arnav opened the book, and placed on her laps.

Khushi sobbed and she was about to throw the book away, but the pictures gained her attention.

She blinked her eyes staring at the princess in a beautiful dress.

Arnav smiled staring at her looking at the book with all her attention.

She turned the page with her both hands, Arnav also helped her to turn the next page.

She smiled seeing birds of many colors and some funny characters in the book, made her giggle caressing the book pages as if they exist in real word.

Arnav winked at his siblings, "See she stopped crying.."

Ratna smiled and kissed Arnav's forehead, "Thank God Khushi stopped crying!! Only you could help me in that my Chote.."

How much he loves being pampered by his mother!!

Khushi held his hand, and pushed Arnav towards her..

"Seeee.." she screamed in joy, loving this book and its pictures, there were small texts beside it, but she didn't know how to read, so it didn't interest her as staring at the pictures of the sky, birds, houses, Princesses, palaces, and many more.

Arnav smiled when she held his hand, finally Khushi called him!!

Khushi stare at him waiting for him to turn the other page for her. She patted his arm with her finger trying to call him, but she doesn't remind his name now.

"Arnav turn the next page for her.." Ratna said and sat with the two.

Akash and Anjali too joined them.

"Aaa-arna-v..." she called him, when she heard Ratna taking his name.

Arnav just squealed in happiness, "Mummaaaa Cute baby called my name!!"

Ratna smiled surprised, "Hmm.. Answer her.."

Arnav turned the other page for Khushi, Khushi clapped her small hands excitedly and engrossed herself in the book.

Ratna could rest now, Arnav managed to make her laugh.

"You three come and have your lunch.." she said.

Arnav, Akash and Anjali ran to the table to eat something, they were really hungry now.

The servant placed plates and glass for the three.

Khushi stare at Arnav going, she pouted and screamed his name, "Aaaaarrnaaav.."

Arnav looked at her, "Yes baby.."

Khushi waved her hands calling him.

Arnav came back running to her, "What happened Princess?"

Khushi held his one hand with her both hands and pulled him to sit with her.

Ratna giggled: You won't have lunch today with your Cute baby!!

Arnav sat again with Khushi smiling, for him he was enjoying doing all this for this baby! For him she is the cutest of all babies and girls he has ever seen, so he can't deny her.

After showing her all the pages of the book and he paid attention to all her expression and her efforts to say to him what she liked and what she did not. He was hell tired now and hungry too, his both siblings were in their room resting now. While he still didn't eat anything to stay with his Cute baby, he wasn't complaining.. He just loved it.. He wanted to scream in happiness that finally she talked with him..

Ratna came to both, "She is sleepy now.. Go and have your lunch.. I will take care of Khushi.."

Arnav nodded and headed to the table to have his lunch, Ratna joined him after leaving Khushi in her room to sleep.

Ratna: Finally she is talking with you!!

Arnav nodded smiling: I am so happy today mumma!!

Ratna brushed his hair smiling, "I can see that.."

"Hello hi bye bye.." Arnav and Ratna turned their heads towards the door.

"Mami ji has reached mumma.." Arnav smiled.

Ratna left her food, and went towards the door.

" You all have reached!!" she took blessings from her mother, Nani.

Then hugged Mami and Mama, "I missed you both so much!!"

"Hello hi bye bye.. We missed you too Ratz!!" Mami smiled.

"Manorama!! She is Ratna.." Nani glared at Mami.

Arnav ran and stood in front of his Nani, he took blessings from her, then Mama and Mami.

"Welcome back.." he smiled sweetly to his family.

"Radhika and Kabir? Where are they?" she asked for Radhika, her husband's sister and Kabir, Radhika's husband.

"Must be coming!! All the way from Lucknow to Mumbai they keep complaining for one or other thing.. I'm so tiredwa of them.." Mami rolled her eyes.

Ratna chuckled: Let it be.. You know how they are..

Ratna took her mother to sit on the sofa, and was followed by everyone.

Arnav after greeting his family went running to Akash and Anjali's room to inform his siblings about Nani, Mami, Mama, Kabir, Radhika and NK (their son) arrival.

Radhika smirked, "So how's life Bhabhi? Don't you get tired of handling two kids, that you opened a orphanage in your home? Seriously like your every friend dies, then you will adopt their son/daughter.. Bhabhi aap bhi na.. You're just giving more trouble to my Bhai.. He will get tired eventually of taking care of those who are not even his kids.."

Ratna: Radhika one advise I will surely give to you.. Don't poke your nose in others life, it will be better for you..

Radhika glared at Ratna, who just looked away chatting with Mami and Mama to ignore her.


Khushi ran around the living room at night playing with Anjali and Arnav, she still didn't notice the new faces in the mansion.

But when she heard sound of laughter. She let the sound guide her and peeked to see, only to get scared seeing so many new faces for her.

She went running back and hide behind Arnav.

Arnav turned to her and cupped her face, "What happened Cute baby?"

Khushi pointed to the sofa, "Ooo..Ohh..oo.." she started with her baby languages calling him to come with her and see the new faces.

Arnav looked at the sofa, "Ooo? What's that Cute baby?"

Khushi held his finger and pushed him to go with her, he went with her to the sofa.

Khushi hide behind him again, Arnav smiled: This is my family Baby..

Radhika eyed to Khushi, no doubt Khushi was a beautiful baby. But still she had to say something against.

Raj picked Khushi, and made her sit on his lap: My angel..

Nani smiled: Shashi's daughter is so beautiful now.. Imagine when she grows up..

"She will be my Princess Nani.." Arnav smiled and kissed Khushi's forehead.

"Awww.. how cute.." Mami couldn't handle so much cuteness.

"Whatever.." Radhika rolled her eyes.

Akash, who was in his mother's lap smiled: Khushi is the youngest here now.. NK isn't the youngest anymore..

NK, a four years old boy pouted sadly: I'm still my mumma's baby..

Arnav giggled, "Khushi is the cutest and the youngest here.."

NK ran to Arnav and hugged him tightly, "No bhaiiiii.."

Arnav rolled his eyes, "NK ahh.. just leave me.."

Everyone laughed at Arnav's face. Khushi also giggled staring at him, the little boy was jumping to hug Arnav, who was shoving him away.

Khushi called him, "Aaarnaaavv..." she extended her arms to him, gesturing him that she wants a hug too.

Raj left Khushi on the floor, she went running to Arnav, Arnav knelt down for her and her little body crashed with his, she circled her arms around his neck giggled, and tightly hug him.

Arnav hugged her back, playing with her hair, his favorite part of her. It's such a soft and silky hair, he doesn't mind playing with her hair all day, he wouldn't get tired.

Ratna quickly took Raj's phone and clicked a picture of their hug.

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Sep 1, 2017

Chapter 3 - Khushi's first day of school! (By Angel23) (Thanked: 106 times)

Raj sat on the bed, he covered Khushi with the blanket, and then glanced at his wife.

"Are you upset?" he asked.

"I'm hurt with the way Radhika spoke about Khushi.." she replied.

"Ratna you know how Radhika is.. She will always say something like that.. That was expected.." Raj consoled her.

"I didn't like it Raj.. I know she doesn't like me, but it doesn't give her any right to say that I'm opening an orphanage and giving you trouble and all that.. We both decided that we will adopt Khushi..we are ready for it.. Then what's the problem?" Ratna frowned.

Raj nodded, he kissed her forehead: You're right.. She shouldn't have commented like that.. I will talk with her about this..

Ratna smiled, "Thank you for understanding me.."

A knock disturbed their conversation.

Ratna went to open the door, "Arnav.. Didn't you sleep dear?"

"Mumma I wanted to ask you something.." Arnav looked up to her.

"Haan ask na.." Ratna lifted him and took him inside the room.

"Urghh mumma.. I'm not a baby anymore.." he struggled to come out of her arms.

Ratna giggled and placed him on the bed.

Raj: Why didn't you sleep yet Arnav?

Arnav: Woh.. Mumma you still didn't told me where is Khushi's mumma?

Ratna looked at Raj, Raj pulled Arnav to his lap.

Raj: Arnav Khushi's mumma went to meet DM..

Arnav's eyes widened: In the sky?

Raj nodded: Yes.. Sometimes without informing DM call us to meet her..

Arnav: Then won't she come back now?

Raj nodded sideways: She won't.. DM now give the responsibility to take care of Khushi to you..

Arnav: Really.. I will take care of my Baby papa.. But.. Baby will always cry for her mumma na, please tell her mumma to come back..

Raj caressed his back, "Look Arnav.. Isn't DM a mother to all of us?.."

Arnav nodded his head.

"Then when you go to your mother, do you feel like leaving her anytime?" Raj asked.

Arnav looked at his mother with a smile, "No. I want to stay with my mother all my life.."

"Then that's what Khushi's mother is doing. She is staying with her mother now.. " Raj smiled.

"But Khushi too wants her mumma.." Arnav pouted.

"I'm her mumma now Arnav.. We will be her family.." Ratna said.

Arnav: It's sad that Khushi's mumma will never return but I'm happy that Khushi will stay with me forever..

He kissed Khushi's forehead and jumped off the bed, running again to his room.

Raj and Ratna looked at each other smiling.


4 years later.. (Arnav is ten years old and Khushi, six years old)

"Why can't Mumma come with me?" she held his hand, stopping him from touching her hair.

"Because I'm with you Baby.." he said staring at her.

"I'm scared.." she pouted.

"Everyone gets scared on their first day to school Khushi! But you will like it.." he smiled.

She looked down, and he continued on making a hairstyle he just learned on the YouTube video for her.

"Why can't I be with you on the same classroom?" she asked innocently, clutching her school uniform. Just the thought of staying with students she doesn't know anything about them, makes her scared.

"Princess we are in different grades na.. Done..look at the mirror.. see how beautiful you look.." he said making space for to see herself on the mirror.

She looked at herself and smiled, Arnav made pig tails hairstyle for her.

She climbed down of the bed, and twirled once, "Do I look like a Princess?"

Arnav nodded, "You're already a Princess.."

"Khushiiii baby.." Ratna opened the door of her room smiling.

But got the shock of her life seeing Khushi already dressed up and ready to go to school.

"Khushi how did.." she glanced at Arnav, and now understood Arnav made his Princess ready for the first day in school.

Khushi ran to hug Ratna, "Mumma I don't want to go to school.."

Ratna knelt down and cupped her face, "You're my Good girl na?"

Khushi nodded her head.

"Then you will go to school with Arnav, Akash, Anjali and NK okay? In break time they all will come to play with you.." Ratna said.

Khushi looked at Arnav, "Arnav will you come to play with me?"

Arnav walked till Khushi, "Of course I will come to you.."

Khushi smiled brightly, "Then I will go to school.."

Ratna caressed her cheeks, "You look so lovely Khushi.. Who did this hairstyle?"

"Arnav did for me Mumma.. He was watching some video and then he did it in my hair also.." Khushi excitedly explained.

Arnav rolled his eyes, did she seriously told his mother about this? It was hell embarrassing for him, who doesn't like girls and their things..

Ratna giggled, she covered her mouth with her palm.

Arnav widened his eyes, "Mumma!! You know I would only do this for Khushi.. So nothing to be surprised about.."

Ratna nodded still laughing, and both went downstairs.

Khushi sat beside Arnav as usual in her place, NK always tries to steal that seat from her. But whenever he sits on Khushi's place. Arnav change his seat and goes to his Princess again.

Khushi took a knife and a bread for her, she wanted to slice it alone.

Ratna tried to take the knife of her hand, "Khushi don't play with this.. It's dangerous.."

Khushi clutched the knife on her hand, "Nooo mumma, I know how to do it alone.."

"Khushi you will get hurt.. Let me help you.." Ratna said.

"I don't need help Mumma.. I know how to slice a bread.." Khushi said and brought to knife near the bread.

Arnav took it from her hand at the right time.

Khushi hid her hand under the table and gulped, she looked at Arnav keenly. If he said a word to scold her, she would cry for sure now.

"I will do it for you.." Arnav said, and caressed her cheek.

She nodded smiling, his tone is soft and convincing with her. She always obey his words, her best friend.

Mami smiled: Arnav don't leave this baby alone ok! At every break time go and check her.

Mama nodded, "Don't fight with anyone Baby.. If someone teases you, then go and say it to Arnav.."

Khushi nodded and side hugged Arnav feeling scared now. What if someone teases her in school and she starts crying? Will they beat her?

Anjali: I'm so excited, Baby is joining school with us!!

NK pouted: She isn't a baby anymore..

Arnav glared at NK, who gestured to Arnav his zipped lips.


It was time to leave, Ratna accompanied the five kids outside to the car.

Khushi hid behind Ratna, and clutched her sari. Now that it was time to leave, her heart was beating faster.

Arnav came back to her, "Let's go baby.. We are getting late.."

Khushi nodded sideways, she hide her face on Ratna's sari and sobbed.

Arnav knelt down to reach her, he patted her back to calm her down: Come with me.. I will be with you always Khushi.. It's just we are in different classrooms but we are in the same school.. I will drop you at your classroom everyday, will spend every break time with you and we will come back together also.. Please let's go..

Khushi looked at him, her eyes were red now due to crying.

"Promiseee?" she hugged him tightly crying.

"Yes promise.. Like Di says.. Pinky promise.. " he said.

Ratna smiled staring at both, these four years that passed by, she got to see many lovely and adorable moments of these two. They always manage to surprise her.

Khushi is more attached to Arnav in this mansion, she may behave stubbornly with everyone but not with him, if he says something she will obey his words. She respects him a lot..She likes to play only with him, with others she is still kind of shy. But she also loves to stay with Anjali and Akash, only NK is always trying to fight with her and Arnav always protect her from NK childish pranks. The day for her starts with her best friend Arnav and ends with him. She doesn't like when he has to do his homework, because that's when he doesn't give attention to her.

While Arnav is now more responsible and silent boy, he talks  less now  and loves his books and to play games in laptop, not more than his Princess though. He loves drawing and loves to solve maths problems and puzzles. That's why his friends call him genius!! He loves his family but doesn't like his aunt, Radhika for the way she treats Khushi.

"And like I say?" she asked to Arnav, her red cheeks rested on his shoulder.

"All colors promise.." he said smiling.

"NK you forgot your lunchbox.." Radhika came outside running to catch her son.

NK came to her running and took the tiffin from her hand, she kissed his forehead.

And then kissed Anjali and Akash. She went near Arnav and kiss his forehead too saying Good bye. But ignored Khushi.

Khushi looked down playing with her fingers, the way Radhika treats her makes her sad always not that she doesn't know how this aunty is, but her small innocent heart can't bear such a rude treatment.

Arnav noticed she was about to cry again, he kissed her forehead quickly showing her that she doesn't need Radhika to kiss her, because he is there for her!!


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Sep 2, 2017

Chapter 5 - New friend for Khushi! (By Angel23) (Thanked: 100 times)

Arnav looked at the window side of the car, while the driver was driving it.

He glanced once at the back side, only to find Khushi quietly in her place, hugging her school pink bag, which he especially choose for her while buying with his mother school things for her.

He took from his bag one candie for her, "Khushi.." he hand it to her.

Khushi looked at him and received the little gift from him that manages to bring a big smile on her face. Her favorite, Candies!!

NK snatched it from her hand giggling, "Its mine now.."

Khushi: NK it's my candie.. Please give it to me..

NK nodded sideways, "I also want.."

Arnav: NK give to Khushi what belongs to her now!!

NK pouted and gave the candie back to Khushi.

He sobbed because Arnav's tone was a rude and scolding one.

Anjali side hugged him: Aree.. don't cry.. I also have one candie.. I will give it to you..

Anjali gave one to NK, NK stuck his tongue to Khushi showing her his candie.

"I also have now and better than yours.." he teased her.

"Arnav's candies are the best in the world.." Khushi said proudly.

Arnav smiled hearing that.


They reached school, Arnav held her hand with his one hand, and the other hand was holding her bag.

He took sometime to spot her classroom, and finally found it when he saw new kids going to a classroom.

He entered in the classroom with her and made her sit on the front side, at the first row. 

Khushi sat quietly and Arnav left her bag near her chair.

Arnav cupped her face, "Don't be scared okay?"

Khushi nodded, "I will wait for you in break time Arnav.."

"I will come. Be calm and don't cry.. No one will scold you here.. And if someone teases you, just come to me okay.. I will handle it.. And when teacher comes, you have to stand up like others will do and greet her.. Then like a good girl you have to hear everything she says..respect everyone and every teacher.. And avoid staying with those you don't feel good.. Find good friends.." he explained to her.

Khushi nodded: But how will I know who is good or who is bad?

Arnav chuckled: You will feel it..Am I good?

She smiled: Yes, you're.

"Radhika aunty?" he asked.

Khushi nodded sideways, "She isn't good with me.."

"See.. That's what you have to see here too.. I'm sure you will find a true friend.. Because you're that cute.. No one will hate you.." he pinched her nose.

Khushi giggled and caught his hand, "Wow your hands are bigger than mine.."

"Really..do you know what they want?" he asked smirking, and before she could utter something, he tickled her.

Khushi laughed trying to take his hands away from her.

Arnav and Khushi stopped their play, when a girl came to them.

She smiled to Khushi, "Hiii.. My name is Payal.."

Arnav smiled, he patted Khushi's cheek: See she wants to be your friend baby.. Talk with her..

"Hii..my name is Khushi.." Khushi waved her hand shyly with a small smile on her face.

"Can I sit with you?" Payal asked before taking the seat.

Khushi looked at Arnav, Arnav: Answer to her baby.. She is waiting..

"Should I accept?" Khushi asked him.

Arnav nodded, "She seems to be a sweet girl.."

Khushi frowned hearing him praise another girl, she hugged him tightly angry: Arnav don't say that to other girls.. You're only my best friend..

"I know.. I'm sorry.. If she is sweet, then you're the sweetest for me.." Arnav said.

Khushi broke the hug, and smiled to him.

Arnav: Can I go now? You will stay with your new friend..

Khushi blinked her eyes sadly, she didn't want him to go: Okay..

Arnav arranged his bag, and walked to go from there.

Khushi looked at him going, she stood up from her chair, and went running to him..

"Arnaaavv.." she called him, running through the corridors behind him.

Arnav turned back to her, he worriedly walked fast to reach her.

"Baby what happened? Why did you left your classroom?" he asked.

"Will you come to meet me? I will wait for you in my seat.." she looked up to him innocently, asking the same question again and again to him.

Arnav nodded: I know Princess. I will come to play and have lunch with you..

He held her hand again and guide her back to her classroom.


Payal smiled staring at Khushi, Khushi also reciprocated the smile even though she was scared.

"Will you be my friend Khushi?" Payal asked extending her hand to Khushi.

"I will.." Khushi nodded remembering that Arnav said she might be a good girl.

"Where do you live?" Payal asked excitedly.

"In a big house like Palace from Princesses story na.." Khushi replied.

"Acha.. I also like in a big palace with my papa and mumma and my Dada.." Payal said.

The teacher entered in the classroom and sat on her desk, meanwhile all students stood up to greet her.

"Good morning ma'am.." all asked, Khushi too, with a scared face of the teacher.

Teacher smiled, "Good morning kids.."

Her eyes landed on Khushi, "Are you Arnav's friend?"

Khushi nodded her head, clutching her uniform with her hands.

Teacher, "He told me about you.. What's your name dear?"

"Khu-shi.." she stammered, did she do something wrong in the first day itself??

"Khushi your friend Arnav was the best and brightest student I ever had.. I hope you will be like him okay?" Teacher smiled caressing her hair.

Some were jealous, why didn't teacher liked them also? While others were happy seeing that teacher wasn't a bad woman!!

Payal: Khushi you're intelligent!! If I have any problem in my homework then I will ask you to help me..

Khushi: I don't know if I'm intelligent.

Payal: Teacher said it now..

Khushi: Teacher said about Arnav!!

Payal: Same thing!! Aren't you both siblings?

Khushi, "No! Arnav is my friend.."


Break time..

"Arnav yaar.. Let's go.." his friends called him.

"No.. I have to meet Khushi.. some other day we will play basketball.." Arnav said, walking towards Khushi's classroom.

He looked around the corridor to spot her, but no one was there.

Then he entered on her classroom, and found her, with her head rested on the desk like a good girl, she was looking so cute, that he wanted to hug her tightly.

"Khushi..what are you doing here?..why don't you go outside?" Arnav asked as he knelt down.

"I was waiting for you!" Khushi stood up with a smile.

Teacher eyed to them, "I was saying to her to go and play outside but she didn't want.."

Arnav nodded: She is still scared teacher.. It's first time she is staying with people she doesn't know..

Teacher: But she already has one friend, which is quite good!!

Arnav nodded and looked at Khushi, "Payal?"

Khushi nodded: She is good girl.. so I'm her friend now..

Arnav: Then why didn't go outside to play with her?

Khushi looked outside then curled her pigtail with her hand embarrassed , "This school is so big, and I'm confused and scared to lose myself and then I won't know how to come back.."

Arnav and the teacher smiled staring at this cutie in front of them.

Sep 3, 2017

Chapter 6 - Playing with the Dog! (By Angel23) (Thanked: 111 times)

The driver stopped the car, and the kids excitedly went out.

A dog was barking on the roads, which grabbed Khushi's attention.

She panicked as soon as she saw him coming to their direction.

She ran and hide behind Arnav clutching his shirt.

NK also screamed, "Dog.. Dog.." he ran to hide behind his brother also.

Now both were behind Arnav, with their hands pulling his shirt.

Arnav: Calm down NK and Khushi.. If you react like this, dog will come to attack you na.. So calm down..

Khushi peeked to see where did the dog went, she saw him still looking at her and coming to her.

"Arnaaaaavv.. Take him away.. He is coming here.. He will eat me.. Take him away.." she buried her face on his back, sobbing.

"Shh..calm down baby.." he said.

"Bhaii take him away.." NK whined.

Akash giggled, he went near the dog and started playing with him.

Akash: He won't harm anyone!!

Arnav nodded, "Yeah Bhai!! See Khushi.. Did he eat Bhai?"

Khushi nodded sideways glancing at Akash with the dog.

"What if he becomes angry?" she asked.

"He won't! Just be his friend.." Arnav smiled, he held NK and Khushi's hand and brought them near the dog, who was playing with Akash and Anjali.

Khushi walked backwards, she wiped her tears with her palms, "I'm very scared!!"

"Come na Khushi.. Bhai is here, why to fear?" NK called her.

Arnav extended his hand to her, "Come.. I won't let him harm you.."

Khushi pouted, "What if he doesn't listen to you?"

NK face palmed, "Pagli.."

Arnav looked at NK, "Don't fight with her NK.. She is also scared like you are.."

NK smiled sheepishly, "I'm sorry Bhai!! Khushi come to play with him. Like Bhai said this Dog won't harm us.."

Khushi placed her hand on Arnav's hand reluctantly, and took a step forward.

Arnav knelt down to reach Khushi and NK's level. He wrapped his one arm around NK and other arm around Khushi to protect both.

Khushi was trapped with his arm now, she wanted to run away but Arnav wouldn't let her!

Arnav caressed the dog on his back,   who jumped  and his tail was up and waging.

Arnav: NK do it now!!

NK smiled and placed his hand on the dog, Arnav guided him.

NK: Bhai can I throw my bottle to somewhere and Dog will catch it for me?

Arnav chuckled, "Only if you mumma allows you to do that.."

NK bit his tongue, "Mumma will beat me.."

Arnav looked at Khushi, "It's your time now Cute baby.."

Khushi nodded sideways, "I'm near him na.. It's enough.."

Arnav: Khushi touch him, he won't do anything.. I'm here na..

Khushi raised her hand to touch the dog, Arnav's words were quite convincing for her.

But then this dog big eyes were scaring her, he opened his mouth as Khushi was about to touch him.

Khushi immediately put her hands back, "He will eat me.."

"He will not Baby.. He is happy only.." Arnav said, he left NK to go with Anjali and Akash inside the mansion and stayed with Khushi.

He took her hand and made her caress the dog. Then slowly he left her hand, and she was already in another world caressing slowly the dog's back.

"Arnav he is like my teddy bear.." Khushi smiled with shining eyes, she enjoyed doing this that she didn't even realize Arnav's hands weren't guiding her anymore.

He placed his hand on her shoulder, letting her play as much as she wants with the dog.

The dog started liking her, he opened his mouth and wanted to lick her with his tongue.

Khushi giggled and hugged Arnav tightly hiding from this dog, "Eeeeekk.. He wants to lick me!!"

Arnav laughed and moved the dog away from Khushi, the dog seemed upset he was loving this baby!!!

Ratna came outside to check both, "What are you both doing here?"

"We are playing with this dog mumma!" Khushi replied pointing with her finger to the dog.

Ratna smiled: How was your day at school my baby?

She lifted Khushi from the ground.

"Very good!! I enjoyed my first day at school.." Khushi said spreading her arms happily.

Arnav stood up, and the dog came behind him jumping to reach Arnav.

"Mumma give him something to eat.. He must be hungry.." Arnav said.

Ratna nodded, "Where did you find him? NK can't stop talking about this dog.."

Arnav: Just here mumma..

Ratna: I will say to the servant to give him something, now you both lets go inside and Mumma will serve a yummy lunch for Khushi..

Khushi smiled, and the three walked inside.

After having a shower, the kids came downstairs to have lunch.

Radhika served everyone's favorite Fanta with strawberry flavor.

But when it was time for Khushi, she showed to Khushi the empty tray.

Khushi looked at her, then looked down with moist eyes.

"I'm sorry Khushi.. There is no Fanta left now.." Radhika said with a hidden smirk on her face.

Arnav passed his glass to Khushi, "Take my Fanta then Khushi.."

Radhika said, "Arnav but it's for you"

"But Fanta is not good for my health aunty, perhaps you forgot that I have diabetes.." Arnav looked at her.

"Haan I know.. But you can drink it sometimes.." Radhika smiled.

"I want Khushi to drink it.." Arnav put an and to the conversation.

Khushi happily drank the Fanta Arnav gave to her, while Ratna served the food for them.

Khushi turned to Arnav, and showed to him her tongue, "Is it pink now Arnav??"

Arnav chuckled, "Your tongue is already pink!"

"Is it moreee pink then?" she pouted.

"No.." he nodded sideways smirking.

Khushi looked at Anjali, Akash and NK, everyone's tongue were pink, then why not hers?

"Sachiii?" she asked to Arnav again to confirm. 

"Sachii. It's much more pink than you imagine.. Do you know why? .. My Princess already has pink cheeks, pink lips so this Fanta add to it.." Arnav cupped her face.

Khushi smiled brightly to him, "I'm Pink - Princess!!"

"Khushi do you have new friends now?" Raj asked her.

"Hello hi bye bye she has many friends now, such a Sweetheart she is.. I'm sure entire classroom is her friend now.." Mami giggled.

Khushi showed her index finger smiling, "I only have one friend till now!!"

Everyone except Radhika laughed at the cute face she did with her finger, to show them the number of friends she has.

"One??" Raj widened his eyes.

"Yes, Payal is her name and she lives in Palace with her mumma, papa and Dada.." Khushi said.

"Are wah!! Khushi knows very well how to make friends.. First she chose rich parents, and now behind rich friends.." Radhika smirked.

Khushi gulped staring at Radhika, she didn't understand what she meant by saying that.

Ratna: Radhika don't cross your limits. Let the kids have their lunch..

Radhika rolled her eyes, then looked at NK: NK where is your lunchbox? Did you eat sandwich I packed for you?

NK widened his eyes and kicked Arnav's foot with his, under the table.

Arnav hissed in pain, "What?"

"I threw my lunchbox outside, but Dog didn't gave it back to me.." NK whispered to Arnav.

"What?? But didn't you see the dog was playing with me and Khushi?" Arnav looked at him shocked.

"I thought he would see later na.." NK pouted.

Arnav: Actually his lunchbox is in the car, I will take it later aunty..

NK smiled and sighed in relief, when Radhika nodded to Arnav.


Arnav's room:

Khushi was playing with her doll, on Arnav's bed.

While he was studying and chatting with her.

"Don't you have homework baby?" he asked to her.

"Nahin.. All teachers said it is Introduction.. We only said our names and then teacher said her name.. Then she asked with whom do we live.." Khushi said trying to remember what she did today.

"Okay.." Arnav nodded.

"Teacher said you're intelligent and she wants me to be like you.." Khushi said.

"Hmm.." Arnav heard what she said, but was more concentrated on his homework.

"What do you do to be intelligent?" she asked.

"Study more and play less.." he curtly replied.

"I have to leave my Doll then?" she asked sadly.

"No Baby.. You have to enjoy everything you do.. If like studying then you will be good at it, the same way you like playing with your dolls, so you're good in playing.." Arnav smiled at her innocent question.

He left his pen for a while, and caressed her cheeks.

Khushi: And just like the way Papa plays chess and he is good at it.. It's because he likes it hain na?

Arnav nodded, "See.. You understand things very quickly.. You will be intelligent.. Maybe more than me!!"

Khushi smiled. She loves when he praises her!!!


Thank you so much for lovely updates!! Malarun- Sorry for late reply.. Aww Cute scene queen!!! But the twist is yet to come!!! :D

One more thing, NK isn't bad.. Only Radhika is.


Sep 8, 2017

Chapter 7 - Khushi jealous!! (By Angel23) (Thanked: 105 times)

"Arnav.. Arnav.." Khushi ran smiling to Arnav's direction, who was on his father laptop playing games.

Arnav looked at her, "Careful baby.."

"I won't fall.. I know how to run now.." Khushi smiled when she reached him panting.

She rested her hand on Arnav's lap.

Arnav patted her back gently, "See now you're panting!!"

Khushi showed him what was on her hand, "See NK taught me how to make a paper plane!!"

Arnav brushed his forehead against hers smiling, "That's very good!! You want to make it fly??"

Khushi nodded excitedly. Arnav stood up and both went to his room.

Radhika smirked, "This girl is always behind Arnav"

Raj: Radhika stop talking like this about Khushi. She is just a child, she doesn't understand what the real world is.. And you're blaming her for things she doesn't even have an idea.. I don't want to hear you talking like this with Khushi..

Radhika nodded and went from there angrily.

She found NK on the way, and lifted him taking him to their room.

"Mumma what's wrong?" NK pouted.

"Mumma what's wrong!!! What's wrong with you NK? Didn't I told you to stay away from that girl? Who told you to teach her how to make a paper plane?" Radhika scolded him.

"I want to play with her Mumma!! She is so cuteeeeee.." NK smiled sheepishly.

Radhika rolled her eyes and NK got time to escape from her.

Meanwhile, Khushi and Arnav were in Arnav's room poolside.

"Blow air here and then make it fly okay.." Arnav instructed her.

Khushi did as he said, but the plane instead of flying fell on his pool.

Khushi pouted, "It didn't fly!!"

"I think you made a boat and not a plane.." Arnav laughed.

Khushi too joined him, laughing at the plane.

"Tomorrow is my second day.." she added, when both stopped laughing.

"Are you still scared baby?" he asked.

"A bit.." she giggled.

"Tomorrow "this bit" will disappear also.." Arnav said.


The next day, Arnav dropped Khushi to her classroom, he entered with her and made her sit on her chair.

"Study well ok!" he whispered to her and dropped a kiss on her forehead, that's because he can't contain himself when he sees her cute face sadly staring at him, as if asking why are you going now!

Khushi nodded, she looked behind her and saw some boys laughing silently at her.

She clutched Arnav's hand feeling scared.

Arnav looked behind him, and glared at the boys laughing at Khushi.

The boys widened their eyes scared and looked at their books.

Arnav shook his head, and turned to Khushi: You don't need to feel scared of them Cute baby.. If anything happens then complain to your teacher or call me..

"What if they pull my hair? Like the same happened with Di?" Khushi pouted.

"For that you don't have to cry, but behave strongly.. Otherwise they will tease you more.. But just call me, I will make sure they don't tease you okay?" Arnav pinched her cheek.

She smiled and nodded, "Do you know what I will do? I will eat your candies and then I will get super powers to fight with them.."

Arnav chuckled and nodded his head, he cupped her face: My Strong Princess!! Now concentrate on your studies, and not on them..

Arnav left, and Khushi looked behind glaring at those boys who seemed scared of her now.

Arnav was going, but he bumped with a girl coming to his direction.

"Ouch.." the girl rubbed her forehead who just crashed with Arnav's body and fell on the floor making everyone laugh at her face.

"I am sorry.." Arnav bend down to help her.

She looked up to him with big teary eyes.

Khushi looked curious to know what will happen next.

Arnav patted her cheek, "I am sorry girl.. I didn't saw you coming.."

The girl cried more. Arnav looked at his jealous princess who was already upset because he touched the girl.

"It's okay.." the girl wiped her tears and smiled to Arnav. He wasn't a bad guy, and the way he patted her cheeks made her feel like his papa was doing it for her.

Arnav smiled and helped her to get up. The girl took her bag and went running to her seat.

Khushi looked away and crossed her arms, angry with Arnav.

Arnav wanted to pacify her, but their teacher came so he had to leave.

The girl was sitting behind Khushi. 

"Hi.. I am Lavanya.." the girl introduced herself to Khushi and Payal.

Payal and Khushi turned to her, "Hiii.."

"Payal here.." Payal smiled.

"Khushi.." Khushi said still unsure if she wants to be friend with the girl who Arnav touched like he touches her only!!

"It's second day.. But I didn't came here yesterday because I was scared!!.." Lavanya giggled.

Khushi smiled: I was also scared..

Payal nodded, "Even I was!! Mumma forced me to come.. But I am happy because I found Khushi as my friend.."

Lavanya: Acha!! Can I be your friend? I don't know anyone here..

Payal nodded and waited for Khushi's confirmation.

"You can be my friend.. But, Arnav is my friend only.." Khushi said cutely, jealousy was still there in her voice.

"Arnav??" Lavanya asked confused.

"The one who you bumped with.." Payal said.

"Ohh.. He is your friend? He is a good boy, otherwise everyone were laughing at me, but he didn't.." Lavanya smiled.

"Yes, Arnav is my good friend.. He is very good, and I am his princess.." Khushi said proudly.


During break time..

Arnav, Akash, Anjali and NK reached in Khushi's corridor, heading to her classroom to play with her.

She was sharing her lunch with Payal and Lavanya.

The three were sat on a corner, and Khushi seemed to be enjoying their company.

"I think Khushi has found more friends na?" Anjali smiled.

"Yeah.. What's surprising is that she befriended that girl?" Arnav smiled amused.

Khushi saw him, she left her sandwich on the tiffin and ran to hug him.

"Arnav.." she smiled.

Arnav knelt down smiling, "My baby.. what are you doing?"

"I'm having lunch with Payal, and that girl, her name is Lavanya.. She is also my friend now.." Khushi smiled.

"Ok! Go and have lunch with them then.." Arnav patted her back indicating her to go.

"No! I want to stay with you.." Khushi hugged him back tightly.

Anjali and Akash smiled amused, Khushi is so attached to Arnav, no matter how much friends she has, she will always choose him first.

"Okay.. Call your friends to have lunch with us too.." Arnav broke the hug and brushed her hair softly.

Khushi nodded and went running to call her friends, but a thought running on her mind made her stop, she looked back at Arnav and came back to him.

"You're only my friend!!!!" she curled her pigtails complaining to him, for a time she forgot she was supposed to be angry with him.

"Yes! I'm only your friend Khushi.. But the girl fell because of me na, so I had to do something to make her stop crying.." he explained.

Khushi nodded: Okay!!

She went running again to call Lavanya and Payal.

They went to sit on the school canteen.

"Wow you are all so big!!!" Lavanya exclaimed.

"Pagli.. Off course we are bigger than you.. That's why we are not in the same classroom.." NK giggled.

Lavanya pouted, "And that's why I said you all are big!! I didn't say you are small.."

Arnav giggled staring at both, she is the first girl who replied back at NK's teasing and made him shut his mouth.

A boy passed from their table and waved at Anjali.

Anjali smiled and waved at him back, "Hiii.."

Arnav: Who is he Di?

Anjali: I don't know Chote.. But he always pass from my classroom, and we always greet each other like this.. (she waved showing to Arnav)..

Arnav nodded: But be careful Di..

Akash: Don't worry Arnav, I'm here na.. I will always protect my sister..

"Arnav I want Fanta.." Khushi patted his shoulder.

"I also want Fanta.." Lavanya said.

"Then go and buy.." NK giggled.

Lavanya glared at him, "I don't have money.."

Arnav: I will buy for you three okay..

"Bhai me??" NK smiled pleading Arnav to buy for him too.

"Hahaha.. You too don't have money na.." Lavanya giggled.

Payal and Khushi laughed at NK's face. While Arnav shook his head smiling.

Arnav and Anjali went running to buy Fanta.

"Bhaiiii don't forget about me!!" NK screamed staring at them going.

Lavanya giggled.

Thank you for the comments!! Note: All the kids I introduced now aren't villains.. They all will be friends later..

Sep 10, 2017

Chapter 8 - Bunking classes!! (By Angel23) (Thanked: 105 times)

5 years later..

(Arnav-15 years old, Khushi- 11 years old)

In school..

"Arnav let's go.." his friend pushed him to leave the classroom.

"No way.. Let me study.." Arnav frowned.

"Oh God!! Leave your books for a while Arnav, even if you don't study you will stil be class topper.. We know that.." his friend rolled his eyes.

"Aman shut up! What am I supposed to do then in school?" Arnav looked at him closing his book.

"Girls Arnav.. You know Karan got a girlfriend now? I also want a girlfriend now.. Don't you?" Aman smiled excitedly.

"No! I have no interest in girls.." Arnav chuckled.

"What??? Don't tell you you're.." Aman widened his eyes.

"I'm not Gay Aman.. But right now my focus is to become like my father you know.. Then someone will be very proud of me.." he smiled thinking about Khushi.

"Someone means Cute baby?" Aman asked.

"Aman I will kill you.. Don't call her like that.. Only I can call Khushi like that.." Arnav glared at him.

Aman laughed and raised his hand, "Okay.. Okay.. I am sorry bro.. But let's go out.. You never know when you will find the princess of your dreams.."

Arnav shook his head in disbelief, "Girls sucks for me.. Only Khushi is my princess.."

"I don't know what allergy you have with girls.." Aman said and both walked out of the classroom.

And roamed around the corridors chatting.

Aman was styling his hair purposely to grab girls attention, who were just giggling. And Arnav joined them, laughing at the poor Aman.

Now the girls dreamily look at Arnav, just by seeing his charming smiley face.

"OMG.. I will faint.." one of the girls whispered to her friend.

Arnav pushed Aman with him going away from those girls.

"Arnav!! She liked you.." Aman rolled his eyes in disbelief.

"I didn't.. By the way, I don't want anyone to faint because of me.. You know that Khushi would.." he stopped realizing what he would say to Aman, that would surely make Aman tease him all his life. But the truth was, Khushi didn't like to see her friend with any girl and he also didn't like to see her with her classroom boy friends. Especially those who keep calling her Cute all the time.

"Khushi would?" Aman asked confused.

"Nothing.. You came here to find a girlfriend right? I'm leaving you alone to do that.." Arnav said walking away.

"Heyy where are you going??" Aman shouted.

"Khushi's classroom!!" Arnav replied.

Aman face palmed, "If not basketball, this boy is always behind Khushi!!"


"Let's try.. Khushi come.." the girls pushed Khushi to come out of the classroom.

"No.. I'm scared.. Teacher will scold us.." Khushi nodded sideways.

"Khushi come on!! We are just bunking classes for one day.. No one will get to know.. We need to watch Salman Khan movie right? Let's goooo.." the girls convinced her.

Khushi gulped and picked her bag from her chair secretly and the girls disappeared from the classroom without being noticed by the teacher.

They all smiled seeing their plan successfully done, only Khushi was still not sure if she wants to do something wrong, but she loves watching Salman Khan movies too.

They all went walking in group and chatting excitedly about the movie they were going to watch.

Khushi walked behind them frightened. 

Lavanya: Don't worry Khushi.. We will come back in time.. No one will get to know.. And we are just bunking for the first time na..

Payal nodded, "While they are experts in bunking classes.."

"Arnav will scold me a lot if he gets to know.." Khushi said with a crying face.

"He will not.. Relax.." Lavanya caressed her cheek.

"Khushiiii.." she heard his voice calling her.

Khushi widened her eyes and looked at Payal and Lavanya.

She gulped and turned back to him. The girls saw Arnav, they went running away from him.

And only Lavanya and Payal stayed with Khushi, hell scared of Arnav now.

Arnav frowned seeing the girls going away, he looked at Khushi: Where were you all going?

"Library.." Lavanya quickly said.

"Teacher allowed you to go? I can see she is still at the classroom. I can ask her that, no problem.." Arnav said in a no nonsense tone.

Khushi lowered her head and played with her fingers nervously.

Lavanya bit her tongue, getting caught: No, please..

"So reply me.. Where were you all in group going?" he asked even though he knew the answer.

"Bunk..bunking classes.." Khushi stammered.

"And who gave you the permission to do that?" Arnav crossed his arms.

Khushi gulped, "No one.." 

"Where were you planning to go?" he asked.

"To watch Salman Khan movie Bhaiya.." Payal said.

"What? Where did you money to pay for the tickets Khushi? Without informing anyone you wanted to go out of school.. Do you know how dangerous it is?" he shouted still shocked.

Khushi sobbed.

"Woh our friends were going to pay for us.." Lavanya added.

"And you three aren't babies anymore.. You three should know what's good and bad for you.. Leaving the classes to watch a movie when you can do that on weekends too.. Is that what you learned from me Khushi?" he frowned.

Khushi nodded sideways vigorously crying.

"Don't cry now because when you were bunking you didn't.. I won't melt by seeing your tears.. Does mumma know about this? Should I tell her to make sure you don't repeat this again?" he scolded her.

Khushi cried more, Payal and Lavanya looked at each other feeling guilty.

"You're prohibited from playing now get that? I only want to see you with your books now.." he warned her.

NK reached near them, "Bhai.. What's up?"

By seeing Arnav's red face in anger, NK gulped.

"Kya hua?" he asked worried seeing Khushi crying, and Lavanya and Payal tensed faces.

"She tried to bunk classes.." Arnav said.

"What? Now only Khushi.. You girls are so dumb.." NK rolled his eyes.

Arnav glared at NK, "So you teach her these things??"

NK smiled sheepishly: No Bhai.. I am so innocent that I don't think of bunking classes.. I'm sure Khushi also didn't want to bunk right, Lavanya instigated her to bunk.. And instead of scolding Lavanya, you're scolding my Cutie pie..

Lavanya glared at him.

NK hugged Khushi caressing her back to calm her down, "Shh.. Don't cry.. You know how Bhai gussa is.. It's normal to bunk classes.. Everyone does that.. Nothing abnormal.. But it should not affect your studies Princess.."

Khushi hide her face on NK, hugging him tightly still crying non stop.

Arnav frowned: Nothing abnormal?? Really.. If now she starts doing this, then what will happen later? And she wasn't going to say this to anyone.. If something happened with her, would we know? What would we answer where is Khushi to mumma?

NK looked at him: Bhai please calm down.. You're scaring her..

"I should smile then?" Arnav asked sarcastically.

"Go back to your classes Khushi, Lavanya and Payal.. Go.."

"Don't do this again Khushi.." he said staring at her going.

Khushi nodded crying and went back to the classroom with Payal and Lavanya.

Teacher was surprised seeing the three, "Where did you went that I didn't see you three going out of the classroom?"

Lavanya was about to lie something, but Khushi interrupted her and went near the teacher.

"Ma'am we went out with intention to bunk classes, but my friend told me it's wrong.. So we came back to the classes.." she looked up to the teacher innocently, while tears slipped from her eyes.

The teacher smiled and bend down to Khushi, she patted Khushi's cheeks: Very good dear.. Your friend is right.. You shouldn't bunk classes, it's very bad.. And your parents didn't brought you here so that you play only.. They want to see you study well also and get good marks in all tests..

"And you don't need to cry now.. Like a good girl take your seat.." the lady said and patted her back.

Khushi and her both friends went to sit again.

Khushi though was looking at the board, her mind was on something else, today she made Arnav angry. He never scolded her like this, it's the first time and she is feeling guilty, scared and what not. Also she doesn't want him to tell Ratna about this, because Ratna would become very hurt with this decision of hers to bunk classes. She always defend Khushi saying that Khushi is class toper and can never do something wrong like other kids.


Classes came to an end, and Arnav, Anjali and Akash were passing through the corridor to take NK and Khushi with them.

"Chote you shouldn't have scolded her this much.." Anjali said angry with the way he behaved with Khushi.

"Right.. We are here to guide her if she takes a wrong step!" Akash nodded.

"I know.. For you both it's easy to say that but for me no!! Khushi is my baby, she is always with me and when I see her taking a wrong step off course I will be mad na.. If something happened with her while going to the cinema, what would I answer to Mumma? I promised mumma that I would take care of her always.." Arnav said.

"Wow you sound like a father Bhai.." NK giggled holding his bag.

Anjali: Still I think you shouldn't scold her this much.. You made her cry here..

Arnav nodded.

They reached Khushi's classroom, and found Lavanya and Payal on Khushi's seat.

Both were caressing her hair, whispering sweet nothings to her.

Khushi was with her arms crossed and rested on the desk, and she hide her face on the desk crying.

Anjali patted Arnav's shoulder: See she is still crying because of you..

Arnav walked inside the classroom, and Lavanya and Payal looked at him.

He knelt down, and caressed her hair, "I am sorry.."

Khushi heard his voice and started crying more, and hide her face more on her arms.

"I am sorry my Princess.. I shouldn't scold you like that.. Sshh.. stop crying.. I won't scold you now.. You want to watch Salman Khan movie? I will take you to the cinema.. Promise.. Now stop crying please.." he whispered only to her, rubbing her back and buried his face on her hair.

Anjali: Khushi leave him.. Boys are over protective na.. Today he made you cry, tomorrow mumma will make him cry and we are gonna laugh at him.. You scolded her like she committed a crime!!

Arnav was like I'm-not-a-baby-to-cry now.

"Bunking classes is no less than a crime in a school.." they heard her sweet voice.

Everyone couldn't help but smile at the innocence of Khushi, their cute baby who has grown up now but still times like this make them remember when she came in their lives as a Cute baby!!

"I am sorry Baby.." he said as she raised her head, and he got the chance to wipe her tears with his thumb.

"Will you tell Mumma about this?" Khushi asked frightened.

"No.." everyone replied including Arnav.

"I won't repeat it again.. I am sorry Arnav.." Khushi held her both ears staring at him.

Arnav kissed her forehead, "It's okay.."

"Awwn so sweet.. Now Arnav said sorry to his Cute baby and vice versa.. Melodrama ends.. Can we go back to home? I'm very hungry.." NK said sarcastically.

Anjali hit his forehead playfully, "Pagal.."

Khushi stood up and Arnav picked her bag as usual!!

And they all headed to exit gate of the school waiting for the driver.

"Khushi.." he called her.

Khushi looked at him, her red eyes and cheeks was a pain to watch for Arnav. And the reason for it was he himself, was aching his heart more and more..

"Candies?" he extended his hand showing candies to her.

Khushi had small excited smile seeing her favorite candies on his hand.

She took from his hand, and in return hugged him tightly.

She faced him, still with her arms circled around Arnav's neck.

Arnav smiled knowing exactly what she wants.

He brushed his nose against hers, she also did the same smiling.

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Sep 12, 2017

Chapter 9 - Girlfriend?? (By Angel23) (Thanked: 106 times)


"Arnav where are you going?" Ratna asked him walking towards the door.

"Mumma.. I'm not a baby anymore.." Arnav rolled his eyes.

"But I will be worried for you.. At least tell me where are you going?" Ratna smiled.

"Please take me with you Arnav.." Khushi came running to the living room and cling to Arnav.

"No.." Arnav nodded sideways, caressing her hair.

Ratna raised her eyebrows: Why not? Ohh.. Oh my God.. Stop everything.. Arnav do you have a girlfriend?? Are you going on a date?

Ratna smiled excitedly, if he said yes now. She would prove him wrong today because he said he hates girls.

"I'm only Arnav's girlfriend mumma.. He doesn't talk much with other girls.." Khushi said innocently.

"Hain na Arnav? Did you find another girlfriend?" she looked at him with big teary eyes.

Arnav nodded sideways.

Ratna: Khushi the girlfriend I'm talking about it's different..

"Different?" Khushi looked at her confused.

"Different means.. Arnav can have many friends as he wants, be it boys and girls.. But we call Girlfriend the girl that is special to him.." Ratna explained to Khushi.

Khushi blinked her eyes, "So if a boy is special to me then he is my boyfriend?"

Arnav slapped her lips lightly, "No, don't even think about it.."

Ratna giggled staring at Arnav protective of his Cute baby.

"I swear Raj doesn't look like Khushi's father as much as you do Arnav.." Ratna said giggling.

Khushi held Arnav's hand, "Don't be angry Arnav.. Only you're my only friend and special too..this means you're my boyfriend right??.. But.. why do you have a girlfriend? .. I don't want you to have a girlfriend, I don't want you to give attention to any other girl other than me.. Please don't have a girlfriend.. Am I not special to you?"

Arnav smiled, "I don't have a girlfriend Baby.. Mumma is talking her things. Don't believe her words.."

Ratna smiled staring at Khushi, who still didn't understood the difference between a friend and a girlfriend, for her what's important is to be in Arnav's priority list and nothing else..

"Then where are you going?" Khushi looked up to him.

"I'm going to play basketball with my friends.." he replied showing her his ball.

Ratna rolled her eyes, "As usual!!"

"Please take me too.. I want to see you playing basketball.." Khushi pleaded him.

"No Khushi.. I will play with you here when I come back.." Arnav said.

Khushi looked down sad and went from there running.

Ratna: Why can't you take her with you Arnav? See you hurt her innocent poor heart.. You know Khushi is different from your siblings.. She doesn't talk much with anyone other than you in this house, you can't break her heart like this..

"I can't take her mumma.. All my friends will be there and they will keep pinching her cheeks or smiling to her and say she is cute.. sweet..baby.. and blah blah.. I don't like.." Arnav said.

Ratna laughed at his explanation, "Jealous boy.."

"I'm not jealous.. I know my Baby is mine.." Arnav shrugged his shoulders.

Akash descended the stairs and followed Arnav outside.

Ratna sat on the sofa with a smile on her face.

Nani looked at her, "Kya hua? Why this smile on your face?"

"Actually Ma.. Did you notice how much Arnav and Khushi are possessive of each other? I seriously didn't thought they would be like this even now.. I thought Arnav like Khushi because she was small when he saw her, and when she grows up he would hate her because she would be a girl and irritating as he says.. But even today, he didn't changed his behavior towards her.." Ratna said.

"Haan that's what I notice.. Imagine when they get married!! Arnav's wife will be very jealous of Khushi.. If Arnav continues to call her Cute baby then, his wife would blast on him.." Nani giggled.

"That's true.. But for me it would be great if both marry each other.. I mean if they want to na.. I know that when they grow up they will fall in love with their respective partners and I will be happy too with their decisions.. I won't force them to do what I want to.. But I really wish my Arnav makes Khushi my daughter in law too.." Ratna said placing her hand on her heart, making a wish.

Nani smiled and nodded, "I didn't thought about that.. If both marry each other then there will be no problem.. Arnav will pamper Khushi all his life.."

"What are you talking about?" Radhika came and sat with them.

"Nothing.." Ratna faked a smile. Nani rolled her eyes as she know Radhika came to disturb their conversation only.

"Okay.. Actually bhabhi.. I was thinking that Khushi should know now that she is an orphan hain na? Her parents are no more.. I mean she isn't a baby anymore to not know what's death meaning.. I think it's high time you tell her the truth.. So that she knows my brother is paying her school fees so that she studies on school and not bunk classes to watch Salman Khan movie like she did today.." Radhika smirked.

"What? Khushi bunked classes? This is not true, my baby doesn't think like this.." Ratna frowned.

"Ask her then.." Radhika said.

Ratna called Khushi, who obediently came downstairs to her.

"Yes mumma.." Khushi stood in front of her.

"Did you bunk classes today dear?" Ratna cupped her face.

Khushi gulped, she looked down thinking, "Did Arnav told mumma about this?"

"Answer me Khushi" Ratna said.

Khushi nodded her head crying, "I tried to mumma.. But Arnav caught me.. And I went back to my classroom.."

Ratna wiped her tears, "Khushi this is very wrong!! Do you know how dangerous it is to go out of school? What if something happened to you Khushi? You should never do that again.. Do you know many accident occur outside? They are many thieves also who want to harm kids like you.. You know mumma always say to you to cross the road with Arnav? If you went outside today alone, then who would help you cross the roads.."

"I am sorry Mumma.. I will never repeat it again.. I also said sorry to Arnav too.." Khushi said.

"But why didn't tell me you want to watch Salman Khan's movie? I would take you Khushi.." Ratna kissed her forehead.

"My friends told me to go with them, they would pay the tickets for me, Lavanya and Payal too.." Khushi said.

"Don't listen to them Khushi.. You're my good girl.. You shouldn't bunk classes, just hear your Arnav and teacher advises at school okay?.. This time Arnav stopped you, if you do this again mumma will be very angry and won't talk with you.." Ratna said, though warning her but in a soft tone to not scare Khushi.

Khushi nodded: Yes mumma..

Anjali and NK reached the living room, and heard everything Ratna said to Khushi.

"NK you told mumma about Khushi? Why? We promised we wouldn't say anything to Mumma.." Anjali glared at him.

"I only said to my mother Di.. I didn't said anything to Ratna aunty.." NK said.

"Oh really? As if you don't know how aunty is.. " Anjali said sarcastically.

"I know my mom doesn't like Khushi, but I didn't knew she would tell this to Ratna Aunty.. I swear.." NK said.

Raj also reached from his office, and asked what happened to everyone who had different expressions on their faces.

Khushi hide her face on the crook of Ratna's neck, sobbing. Now she was scared of Raj, she thought like her friends father he would beat her and punish her for bunking classes.

"Khushi bunked classes today.." Radhika said smirking evilly.

"No mom, Arnav Bhai didn't let her bunk and Khushi also apologized for her mistake.. Already Bhai scolded her a lot, please Raj uncle don't scold her.." NK said trying to protect the Cute baby of the house.

"Haan Papa please.. Chote already explained her and she also promised she will never do this again.." Anjali said.

Raj walked near Khushi, Khushi sensed his footsteps she flinched and clutched Ratna's shoulder with her hand, she never did something wrong and Raj also never got any complaint of her. This is the first time and she doesn't have any idea of how would he react.

Raj knelt down and patted her back, Khushi reluctantly looked back at him.

"Come with me.." Raj held her hand.

Khushi looked at Ratna as if pleading for Ratna to save her.

Ratna patted her back, "Go with Papa.."

Khushi nodded and walked with Raj, to his room.

Raj closed the door, and Khushi shut her eyes tightly.

Raj sat on the bed and called her, who obediently and with trembling legs reached to him.

"Do you know why I called you here?" Raj asked.

"To beat me.." Khushi stammered.

"Beat? How can I beat a Princess like you? Did I ever beat you my favorite baby?" Raj smiled.

Khushi nodded sideways, "No papa.."

"Then why would I now? I called you here because there is a lot of noise downstairs.. One is your mumma who would start with her lecture on you.. And other is your Nani who would just smile and nod her head to everything your Mumma says, one is your aunty who understand everything the opposite of what we say, one is NK who just talks non stop and other is your Di who would interrupt me everytime to protect you from me.. Am I monster or what??" Raj joked.

Khushi giggled covering her mouth with her palms.

Raj also laughed, "Shh don't tell this to them.."

"Hmm.. Princess imagine if I stop going to my office just to stay at home and enjoy all day.. What would happen to me??" he asked.

"Papa you would not be a big business man na?" Khushi said.

"Right.. I would stop earning money and then without money would I enjoy my life?" he asked again.

"No.. Papa you wouldn't be able to buy things you want without money.." Khushi answered.

"Exactly.. And if you leave your classes to enjoy movies then what will happen?" he caressed her hair.

"Then I will not be a Class topper like you're big business man.. And then I will not have good marks too, I will fail and I will not enjoy any Salman Khan movies then.. They would always make me remember that I failed in my exams.." Khushi said understanding where her father conversation was leading to.

"Right Cutie.." Raj smiled.

Khushi also smiled, and hugged him tightly.

"Thank you Papa.."

"You're welcome my Princess.. And yeah, don't forget that if you want to go somewhere you should ask elders to take you until you also become big like me.. Then I will let you go out alone ok?" Raj said.

"Yes Papa, because it's very dangerous to go outside alone, accidents may happen, I don't know how to cross the road when there are many cars and they are thieves also who want to harm me.." Khushi smiled.

"Are wah, who told you this?" Raj asked surprised.

"Mumma.." Khushi replied.

"Hmm.. What your Arnav taught you then?" Raj asked.

"Arnav scolded me.." Khushi said "Then I said sorry.. Then he also said sorry for scolding me.. he gave me candies and we became friends!!"

"Typical of him.." Raj chuckled.


Khushi was watching cartoons on the TV alone in the living room.

Ratna was preparing the dinner for them in the kitchen with Radhika and Mami.

Arnav reached with Akash, who was helping him walk.

Khushi peeked to see them, she panicked when she saw Arnav's elbow bleeding.

She went running to him, "Arnav.. what happened??"

Arnav placed his palm on her eyes to not let her see his wound.

"Nothing.. Go and watch your cartoons.." he said, hiding his wound with a handkerchief Akash just handled to him. He didn't want Khushi to see his ugly wound and create a fear on her.

Khushi shoved his hand, "Let me see.. You're hurt Arnav.."

Arnav: No! I am fine..

"No, you're not.. You're bleeding.." she was stubborn too, she pulled to sit on the sofa.

Khushi removed the handkerchief from his elbow and hissed seeing him in pain.

"See I told you can't see this.." Arnav frowned.

She blew air on his wound, "Keep doing what I am doing.. I will call mumma now.."

She went running to call Ratna, while Arnav smiled reminding the cute way she blew air on his wound. Only his Cute baby to make him smile when he is in pain.

Ratna came running to Arnav, her tears made Arnav roll his eyes in disbelief.

"I slipped on the ground while playing.." he explained even before she could bombard him with questions.

Khushi sat near him and Ratna asked Akash to bring the first aid box.

And she went to bring water with a piece of cloth to wash the blood.

When Ratna started treating him, Khushi circled her arms around Arnav's neck and side hugged him tightly.

"Is it paining Arnav?" she asked.

"No.. ouch.." he lied, but his ouch revealed the kind of state he was in now when his mother applied ointment on his wound.

"Mumma slowly.." Khushi panicked hearing Arnav hissing in pain.

Khushi blew air on his wound again.

Ratna: Sorry.. Sorry..

Arnav nodded: It's okay mumma..

Khushi pleaded: Mumma please do it slowly slowly.. Arnav shouldn't feel any pain.

"Yes my doll.. Arnav will not feel any pain.. He is very strong na.." Ratna smiled.

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