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Nov 15, 2017

Chapter 30 - Arnav upset with his Cute baby (By Angel23) (Thanked: 137 times)

Ratna: But what happened? Why are you asking her to leave? Arnav: Because she is ill treating Khushi Mumma. She has been doing this since I left and now nothing changed. Radhika aunty never like Khushi and today I saw her hurting Khushi. I won't stay quiet now. "Bhaiya at least you should have pity on your sister. Where will I go?" Radhika cried to Raj. "If Radhika aunty stays here, then after marriage I'm not going to stay here with Khushi.." Arnav said looking at his father. Radhika made a puppy face to Raj. "Did you hurt Khushi purposely?" Raj asked to Radhika. "Nahin.." Radhika nodded sideways. "Raj don't tell me you will believe in her words. She never liked Khushi.. Today I will have to agree with Arnav.." Ratna frowned. Radhika glared at Ratna, Arnav stood with his mother. Radhika quickly changed her look. "It's clear to you that I will choose my son Radhika. You're wrong and you should apologize to Khushi. And now it's time you move to your in laws house and give Kabir his happiness of staying with his family.." Raj said shaking his head in disbelief. Radhika cried staring at him, "Raj Bhaiya.. You're leaving your sister homeless.." "Radhika we do have our house.." Kabir said gritting his teeth, he hates being humiliated by his wife like this. Raj shrugged his shoulders, "You're my sister and I never back off my responsibility.. But now it's about getting punished for your mistakes only Radhika. I'm always here with you, but sorry.. I can't lose my son.. I can't miss his moments as a married man.. While it's high time you accept the family of your husband na.." Radhika: I will never forget what you are doing to me Bhaiya. She went upstairs with Kabir to pack her bags. "NK let's go.." she said. "Nahin Ma. I won't go.." NK nodded sideways. "There is no space for us here.." Radhika scolded him. "Raj uncle can't I stay here? Arnav Bhai.. I didn't do anything wrong.." NK said sadly staring at both. Arnav walked to him and pulled NK into a tight hug, "This is your house.. No one is saying for you to go.." NK smiled reciprocating the hug. Radhika gritted her teeth, "NK let's go. What do you mean by you don't want to go? Will you be able to live without your mother?" NK now thought, no matter how his mother is, he loves her and won't be able to live without her. He turned to Arnav: I will surely come here to your marriage.. Arnav frowned: You don't need to go NK. NK: It just you cannot stay without Ratna aunty, and I can't leave my mother also Bhai. Arnav nodded sadly understanding his situation. This was he didn't want to happen, but he can't be quiet and tolerate everything Radhika says to Khushi. ******************************************** Raj's room: "Dad.." Arnav walked in, and saw Raj sat quietly on his bed. "Big boy.. Come here.." Raj turned to him. Arnav sat beside him. "I hope you're not angry with me.." "However she is, she is my sister right?" Raj asked him. Arnav nodded. "But I do understand your insecurities..she may harm Khushi or Khushi was ill treated by her and we didn't knew that all these years that passed by.. Khushi also doesn't say anything with the fear of creating rifts in the family..It was the right decision.. I'm not angry with you.." Raj smiled a little. "Mr. Raizada you're quite smart.." Arnav smirked. "Off course.. My son is ASR after all.." Raj laughed. Arnav hugged him tightly suddenly, "Thank you Dad. You're always supportive and a good person too.." Raj hugged him back, "Enough..I'm seriously not used to hear good things about me. Your mother keep throwing tantrums to me all day.." Arnav chuckled. ******************************************* Khushi's room.. "What happened isn't right.. Because of me aunty left.." Khushi said with tears in her eyes. "Pagli.. She deserved that.. All these years she is punishing you without no fault of yours.. And finally I can say that you're free from the torture.." Lavanya hit her forehead playfully. Khushi cried more. "I'm sorry baby.. I didn't want to hurt you.." Lavanya caressed her forehead with a guilty face. "I'm not crying because of this.." Khushi replied. "Oh if it's about that aunty, then I will beat you now really Khushi.." Lavanya scolded her. "And don't forget, you still didn't say to anyone that she purposely let you fall on the pool that day knowing that you don't know how to swim.. You could have lost your life in her dirty plans.." Payal said. "Payal don't remind me of that day.." Khushi said wiping her tears. "You got scared na when Bhaiya wasn't finding your ring.. You thought he could lose his life just like the fear you had in childhood only because of that Evil aunty.." Lavanya hugged her tightly caressing Khushi's hair. Khushi nodded and rested her cheek on Lavanya's shoulder sobbing. Arnav walked in the room and sat on the floor with them. "Girls you know this Cute baby has one bad habit. She is always crying.." Arnav said to Payal and Lavanya who giggled in return. "I didn't knew we have a Devdas here.. Should I bring beer for you Cute baby?" Arnav teased her, "You know it helps people in expressing their feelings." Khushi pouted and started beating him with her tiny hands, "Don't tease me.." Arnav smiled and wrapped his arms around her tightly, "My Sweet Dramaqueen.." Khushi rested her head on his chest, "Papa is angry with me na? Because of me aunty left.." "She is wrong and she is getting punished for that. Papa knows that, he isn't angry.." Arnav said. "How do you know?" Khushi looked up to face him and asked him cutely like a baby. "I know. I asked him.." Arnav raised his hand that was caressing her back, and pinched her nose. "Still I.." Khushi sighed looking down. "Khushi I know you won't tell me but I know that you suffered with Aunty when I wasn't here.. Your innocent heart still today is a proof of that for me.. And I didn't want you to live with her anymore.." Arnav said. "Haan Bhai.. She hides a lot from you.." Lavanya quickly said. Khushi frowned at her, and snuggled more to Arnav. Lavanya closed her mouth with her palms. "What did she hide from me?" Arnav asked. "Nothing.." Khushi nodded sideways. "Relationships don't start with lies Khushi.." Arnav said. "I'm not lying. I'm just not telling you.." she replied cutely frowning. "Hmm.. When you feel like saying then come to me okay?" he smiled and cupped her face. Khushi smiled, Arnav stood up to go. She held his hand tightly and signaled him to sit again. Arnav sat beside her, "What happened?" "When it was my 16th birthday party.. Radhika aunty didn't want Mumma to make a party for me.. But Mumma didn't listen to her words.. On the day of my birthday, I was at the poolside of your room making a wish, she came and pushed me.. I fell on the pool..and I was fighting to breath there.. I don't know how to swim and after that accident I didn't want to learn also.. After sometime only Papa came to save me after hearing my shouts.." Khushi said. Arnav looked at her shocked. "And.. You remember I said I don't love you but I can marry you.." Khushi looked at him with moist eyes and told him, Lavanya and Payal everything Radhika said to her. Lavanya: Oh my God! I don't believe she was against you marrying Bhai. Arnav stood up and was walking to leave the room, Khushi held his hand immediately crying: Arnav enough.. You already punished aunty na.. "But who gave her the right to interfere in our relationship?" Arnav shouted angrily. Khushi shut her eyes trembling in fear of his uncontrollable anger. Payal and Lavanya held each other tightly scared. "And you.. How could you Baby? You were leaving me for Radhika aunty.. Sach mein?.. I don't remember leaving your hand when she used to taunt you.. I always stand by you and you were about to leave me?.. You know very well how she is still you believed in her words.. Was our relationship that weak? You start believing in those who always wanted to separate us.. Who told you that I don't love you? Do you think I would feel pity of you because you're an orphan Khushi? Do remember yourself I was the one who said to you that my parents are yours too.. When all these years you didn't question our love to you then why now?.. Didn't I call you everyday when I was not here still you were the one who didn't want to talk with me? If I didn't love you, would I have that patience with you? Ask yourself those questions.. And why did you thought Mumma and Dad don't want you? You're a burden for us? No one was forced to keep you here, they brought you because they wanted you to have a better life ahead.. How can you think like that Khushi?.. Your problem is you're way too innocent that you believe in everyone.." Arnav walked away from the room disappointed. Khushi stood numb, while tears slipped on its own from her eyes. "This is.. This is the second.. time.. Arnav is upset.. with me.." she stammered and looked at her friends with tears blurring her vision already. The first one was when she tried to bump classes, and he caught her.

Nov 17, 2017

Chapter 31 - I will win your heart.. (By Angel23) (Thanked: 136 times)

“Now bhai got angry with you..” Payal said upset staring at both.

“Look Khushi now the fault is yours too. You shouldn’t have trusted in that aunty and leaving bhai.. how could you question their love for you??” Lavanya scolded her.

“I am sorry.. Radhika aunty so bad things that I felt disgust of myself.. I felt like I’m a burden for this family.. I know they are my parents but at that time I felt like I’m only an orphan..” Khushi cried.

Lavanya and Payal hugged her tightly, consoling her.


The next day..

It was their haldi function, and Ratna, Mami and Nani were in tension whether everything would be done in time or not.

At one hand they had to control their guests, and at other the kitchen. Luckily, they had Lavanya, Payal, NK, Akash who were helping them the most.

Who would say those lazy kids would be so interested in working for their siblings marriage.

While all this was occurring in the hall booked by them, at RM only Khushi, Arnav and Anjali were dressing and preparing themselves for the start of another life.

“Preeti.. enough.. I’m done.. no more make up please.. I need to talk with Arnav..” Khushi said pushing the girl’s hand slightly.

“What? Khushi you need to look the most beautiful there, how come this simple make up? Let me finish it, please..” the girl frowned.

“Nahin, please do it for Di.. I’m going..” Khushi stood up and ran away from the room, making Preeti shake her head in disbelief, while Anjali just laughed.


Arnav’s room:

Arnav was buttoning his white simple kurta, when his fingers came to a halt by hearing those tinkling sound of her anklets.

Instead of raising his curious eyes to see how she is looking now, he decided to keep engrossed in his buttons.  Ignore her, was the best option yet a difficult one..

“Arnav..” she called him with a sweet voice, that melting one you use to pacify someone.

Arnav turned his back to her, and went to his dresser to look at himself on the mirror, Khushi came behind him.

“Please don’t ignore me..” Khushi said.

“Weren’t you doing the same with me?” he asked to her.

“You know why.. I’m really sorry.. I shouldn’t hear what Radhika aunty said..” she held her ear cutely to him.

“Like you said to me, don’t say sorry you must earn it..” he said and moved Khushi aside going away from his room.

Khushi was left with open mouth, “Aww.. don’t worry.. I will win your heart in just one second..”

Khushi looked at him confidently.

Arnav smirked, and looked back at her, “One second just passed by and you did nothing.. forget it Khushi, what I can do for you, you cannot..”

“One second, one minute, one day, one month, one year.. I can wait, but I will win your heart.. no matter how much you ignore me, one day you will forgive me because I’m your Cute baby.. you can live without others, but not me..” Khushi smiled as she walked near him.

“And one more thing Mr.Raizada, you knew how to swim and you jumped in water to find my ring, I don’t know how to swim still I can to find your ring too..” Khushi pointed her index finger to Arnav, which amused him still he kept his ASR expression towards her, “Now ask yourself who can do what for whom?”

She walked away from the room, leaving Arnav with his What the and a hidden smile on his face.


In the car..

Arnav was driving the car silently, usually he is the one who keeps talking and she replies sweetly to his questions, but today it was the opposite.

“You know we had so much fun with NK and Lav in school and college too.. both are like Tom and Jerry na..” Khushi smiled and looked at him, she pouted seeing him concentrated in driving, he was paying no attention at her words.

She crossed her arms and looked away angrily, “At least he should talk to me, what’s this?”

“Are you giving up so soon?” Arnav asked.

“Do you think so? I will never give up on you..” she looked at him.

“You were about to..” he said with pain in his eyes.

Khushi felt guilty, “Arnav I..”

“What you both are whispering to each other ahn? Please tell me also..” Anjali raised her eyebrows curios.

“I was telling Khushi that she her half make up is terrible..” Arnav said.

Khushi widened her eyes, and touched her face.

“It’s not that bad. I think she looks beautiful, I like seeing her simple.. she looks beautiful naturally..” Anjali said defending Khushi.

“You’re a girl Di.. I’m a man and I know who’s beautiful or not..” Arnav smirked.

“I will not even take it by heart, you will change your statement alone..” Khushi said.


Nov 23

Chapter 32 - Khushi leave Arnav speechless.. (By Angel23) (Thanked: 147 times)

“Wow you  both look so perfect together..” Ratna said walking near Arnav, Khushi and Anjali.

“Thank you mumma..” both said at the same time, then looked at each other.

Ratna cleared her throat, “Romance later ahn, now let’s go..”

She held both hand and took them to center of the hall, where the guests were waiting for the rasam to start.

Lavanya and Payal helped Khushi to sit, while Akash and NK helped Arnav.

Khushi stare at Arnav through the cloth piece thinking what should do to make him forgive her.

Arnav raised his one eyebrow asking through his eyes what happened to her.

“If I do something for you, will you forgive me??” she asked him.

“It depends..” he said.

“On what??” Khushi frowned.

“If I like or not..” Arnav smirked.

“You will like it..” she smiled brightly, “What I will do, will surely melt your heart..”

Arnav removed the piece of cloth separating him from Khushi, he cupped her face and kissed her forehead warmly: “Don’t.. your innocent smile is enough to melt my heart.. “

“Did you forgive me?” she whispered blinking her eyes.

Arnav nodded, “Never hide anything from me, especially in these cases..”

Khushi looked at him with moist eyes, she hugged him tightly, and rested her cheek on his shoulder sobbing.

“I’m sorry Baby.. sometimes I’ve to be angry with you for you learn..” he said patting her back.

Khushi nodded sideways: I’m not crying because of you.. I..am sorry Arnav..

“Shh..” he calmed her down.

The crowd was staring at them.

Arnav looked at everyone, and then at his mother who glared at him. He smiled sheepishly for breaking the rules, he broke the hug with Khushi and returned to his place.

Ratna went on and applied haldi on Arnav’s cheeks, forehead, arms and legs. She smiled and kissed his forehead.

Arnav smiled.

Then she went to Khushi and did the same and others start applying haldi and have fun with the bride and groom.

“You’re looking so beautiful my Doll.. Arnav be careful, otherwise many boys will take this precious from him..” Nani teased him.

Everyone on the hall laughed.

NK and Aakash stood behind Khushi like guards, “Don’t worry bhai to protect your Doll from those devils..”

Arnav showed thumbs up to both: Great job!

Khushi blushed looking down.

Lavanya and Payal bend to sit with Arnav, and twisted his ear, “Then we also won’t let you betray our sister..”

Arnav hissed in pain: What the.. do you think I will ever betray her??? There is no beautiful woman in the world other than her, then why will I go behind others??

Khushi blushed more, she wanted to bury her face somewhere.

Lavanya pouted: Why are you like this bhaiya??? We can’t even scold you..

“Scold her for stealing my heart..” Arnav said staring at Khushi with his eyes speaking love for her.

Khushi stood up and went running from there smiling, unable to bear his heavy words of love for her.

Arnav stood up also to go behind her, but the family comes in front of him blocking his way.

Arnav groaned frustated, “Let me go!!!!!!!!”

The lights went off suddenly, Arnav and everyone looked around. Khushi appeared smiling and lighting the candles till she reaches to the last one which was near Arnav.

sukh dukh jhooThe

dhan bhi jhooTha

jhooThi moh-maaya

sachcha mann ka wo kona jahaan

prem ratan paaya

all the joys and sorrows are fake,

money is fake too,

all the worldly things are fake,

true is only that corner of the heart where

the gem of love is found..

She swirled in front of him singing, just like the way she swirled before when she was a kid.

Arnav smiled amused, he whispered: Beautiful..

She giggled and went running to the stage joining Lavanya, Payal and other girls.

The girls swirled and danced to the beats of the music.


ni ni sa sa re re sa sa...

paayo... paayo...

laayo... chhaayo

aayo... gaayo..


found it,

brought it, covered (me),

came.. sang..

I found it..

When the song was about to end, the family joined everyone on the stage. NK and Lavanya danced with each other, while Payash were still shy.

Mami and Mama pushed them to dance with each other. Ratna and Raj also joined.

“May no one cast an evil eye on our family..” Nani smiled while tears of happiness left her eyes.

Khushi left the stage and came running to Arnav, she smiled: Didn’t I say to you that I will do something you will like??

Arnav nodded smiling: And I loved your dance..

Khushi shook her head, she pecked his cheek smiling: I was talking about this..

Arnav was still numb, still trying to register what happened and by that time Khushi went from there like a butterfly who committed a crime and ran to hide it. 

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Nov 28

Chapter 33 - Continuation of Haldi.. (By Angel23) (Thanked: 145 times)

Khushi hid behind a pillar blushing hard, she doesn’t know where she got this courage to kiss Arnav on his cheek.

She smiled, and caressed her lips closing her eyes slowly.

Arnav appeared suddenly and saw her with closed eyes smiling, he quickly pecked her cheeks also: Thank you..

Khushi quickly opened her eyes, “App..”

“Yes, me..” Arnav smirked, “You really surprised me Cute baby.. I never thought you would actually kiss me..”

Khushi looked down shyly, Arnav smiled and cupped her face: Acha I won’t talk about it anymore, otherwise you will not even talk now..

Khushi smiled and rested her head on his chest, hiding her shy face from him. Arnav hugged her tightly: Thank you..  you really give me something I wished for..

“Ahmmmm” Ratna cleared her throat smiling, “Sorry to interrupt, but now it’s Anjali and Shyam’s haldi rasam and you both have to be there na..”

Khushi broke the hug, and nodded going with Garima. She looked once behind to stare at Arnav, who was only staring at her smiling.

She also smiled.

Rabba vee… Rabba vee..

“Smile as much as you want Arnav Singh Raizada, because soon you will have no reasons to smile anymore..” a person hiding behind a pillar said with a evil smirk.

Arnav walked near his family, they started applying haldi to Shyam and Anjali.

Arnav teased Anjali by applying haldi on her nose, “I can’t believe an irritating person like you is going to get married.. I wonder what Shyam saw in you..”

Anjali widened her eyes: What kind of brother are you??

“The one you love..” Arnav winked at her.

Khushi bend to apply haldi on Anjali, Arnav pulled her near him. Khushi widened her eyes and whispered to him: What are you doing??

“Apply haldi to her Khushi.. what are you whispering to me??” Arnav spoke a loud.

Payal, Akash, NK, Lavanya and Anjali giggled at Khushi’s red face.

Khushi frowned to him, and smiled to Anjali applying haldi on her cheeks, forehead, arms and legs.

Arnav start caressing Khushi’s shoulder silently making sure no one sees them, he used her duppata to hid his mischievous hands.

Khushi turned to him and widened her eyes more: What are you doing? Anyone will see us..

“I’m not doing anything wrong either..” Arnav smirked, while his hands travelled to her bare waist, Khushi could feel the haldi on his hand spreading on her skin.

“Arnav give space to others, will you keep glued to your sister??” Ratna said after noticing that Arnav already applied haldi to Anjali, but he was still there.

“Mumma he is with his wife..” Anjali winked at pointed to Khushi who was there also.

Arnav quickly left Khushi before they would notice them, Khush giggled: Someone is scared??

Arnav: Cute baby don’t tease me..


It was night, and everyone couldn’t just stop talking about the first wedding ritual, they were all happy that everything turned out to be perfect as they expected.

The youngsters were at the terrace, also chit chatting.

Lavanya ran to Khushi and side hugged her: Khushi let’s take a selfie. I need to show everyone the most beautiful bride..

Khushi shook her head, and smiled brightly to the camera.

Arnav came to the terrace, he was talking over the phone. Khushi eyed to him smiling, but his attention wasn’t on her.

Lavanya saw that, and giggled.

Khushi smacked her on her shoulders, “Shut up..”

“Calm down, do you think my bhaiya doesn’t have any other work other than staring at you??”

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Dec 3

Chapter 34 - Mehndi ceremony (By Angel23) (Thanked: 116 times)

After finishing his phone call, Arnav stood staring at his surroundings.

"With whom were you talking?" Khushi asked and stood beside him. 

"Sheetal.." Arnav replied. 

Khushi nodded: What was she saying? 

Arnav could feel the jealous tone in her voice.  He quickly smiled. 

"That I shouldn't marry you.." he said. 

Khushi widened her eyes, "Why?"

"She thinks you're not good for me.." Arnav smirked.

"Who is she to say that? Perhaps she doesn't know that you're my world.." Khushi said angrily.

Arnav giggles, he cupped her face: Relax Cute baby.. I was kidding.. I mean.. She was just asking if I'm fine or not and also congratulate me for our marriage..

Khushi blinked her eyes, "If Sheetal had said that, would you believe in her? Would you think that I'm not good for you? I want to know what do you think about me.. I know you already proved to me how much you love me, do you believe in my love towards you?"

Arnav nodded: I never doubt you and your love for me..

Khushi smiled.

"Your cheeks are so red now..  Just like when you used to get angry with me when you were a baby.." Arnav said caressing her soft red cheeks. 

Khushi giggled, "When will you stop comparing me with a baby??"

Arnav smiled, and he took from his pocket candies for her, "This is for you.."

Khushi excitedly took it from his hand, "Thank youuuuuuu"

Arnav pinch her nose, "I will stop comparing you with a baby when you stop accepting my candies.."

Khushi looked at him, she brushed her nose against his,  "I will never stop.."

Anjali saw this cute scene, she placed her palms on her cheeks smiling: You both are so cute!!!

Arnav and Khushi got alert, they look around and saw everyone with smiles on their faces. 

Khushi blushed, she quickly went to Lavanya and Payal.

"Let's play a game.." Akash said as everyone sat in a circle on the floor.

"I will say some word, then other person will say another word related to the previous one.." Akash said.

"Friends.." Lavanya said eying to NK.

"Happiness.." Payal added. 

"Khushi.." Arnav said staring at his lady love. 

"Ahn??" everyone looked at him confused.

"Happiness is related to Khushi na.." Arnav said.

"It's same to same.." Anjali said. 

"Because I can't see any happiness in my life other than Khushi.." Arnav smirked. 

"Urgh.. You're complicating us with.." NK frowned.

Khushi giggled, she was already blushing hard. Everytime he manages to make her blush.



"Arnav where are you going??" Ratna looked at him going outside.

"Office.." Arnav replied. 

"But today is Khushi and Anjali Menhdi na.." Mami came pouting. 

"Boys aren't allowed. What will I do anyway?" Arnav shrugged his shoulders.

"Oh God.. Boys nowadays don't know how to be romantic.. So what if boys aren't allowed, it's the right time to help your lady love when she needs to eat.. you both get more close by these little things.." Raj rolled his eyes. 

Arnav smiled amused, he rested his elbow on his father's shoulder: Not a bad idea Mr. Raizada.. But I got one better than yours..

He whispered in his father's ear what he is going to do. 

Raj smile: That's great.. 

Ratna and Mami tried very hard to hear what they were saying but couldn't, they pouted sadly and went from there. 

Khushi descended the stairs with Anjali, she was looking gorgeous and Arnav couldn't just take his eyes off her.

He gulped with his mouth slightly open. 

The girls giggled seeing Khushi's effect on him.

Khushi looked down blushing. They were made to sit, to design menhdi.

Arnav came and sat with Khushi.

"Weren't you going to office??" Khushi asked him. 

"You both look like already married couple.." Nani said smiling. 

"I was about to,  but then I dropped that idea.." Arnav said. 

"Why?" Khushi asked. 

"Why why? I'm your hubby na.. So I will choose the design for you, then I will make you eat with my hands.. then you will see.." Arnav said.

Khushi looked at him amused, "You will choose for me??"

Arnav nodded, the lady gave him the designs of mehndi in a book to choose.

Arnav took from her hand and start choosing. 

He smiled after finding one of his like, coincidentally Khushi also pointed her fingers to that design: I like this one..

"Me too.." Arnav said smiling. 

"Shall I ask her for this one??" Khushi asked him. 

Arnav nodded, he sat in between Khushi and Anjali.

"Since Shyam is not here. I will choose for you too Di.." Arnav said.

Anjali cupped his cheeks smiling, "Aww you're so sweet.. Choose the best one for your Di.."

"The best one I will choose for my Baby na.  For you I will choose the second best one.." he smiled sheepishly.

Everyone laughed hearing his talks. He really didn't look like ASR in front of his ladies. 

Lavanya and Payal took everyone to the dance floor while the brides were sat, staring at them.

NK came to Arnav, who frowned to him. 

"Please Bhai..it's your wedding.." NK smiled cutely.

Khushi looked at him waiting for his reply. 

Arnav stood up sighing: What one has to do for a marriage..

Khushi giggled hearing that.  He went to dance with NK and Akash. 

Khushi kept staring at her handsome husband.

"Wah Khushi.. What a handsome man you've got.." the girls said laughing. 

Khushi blushed.

"I wish I also find him in another life.." one of them said dreamily.

"What? He will be mine forever and in our next seven life's also.." Khushi said.

"Calm down.. we're just kidding.." the girls laughed at her. 

Khushi embarrassedly looked down. 

The lady who was designing the Menhdi for Khushi asked how's she going to write Arnav's name. 

"Write A.." Khushi said. 

"No, write ASR.." Arnav came and sat with her. 

"A can be anyone.. but ASR is only one.." he smirked.

"A can be anyone, but I know this A is only mine.." Khushi replied smiling. 

Arnav nodded: You got a point.. For saying such a great thing, I want to say something to you.. 

He smiled, and tucked her hair behind her ear, he whispered: I love you.. 

Khushi smiled and lowered her eyes. 

"Aap bhi mujhe achche lagne lage.." she whispered back. 

Arnav frowned, "Only that?"

Khushi smiled sheepishly.

"What I've to do more to prove my love for you.." Arnav looked at her in disbelief.

"Nothing!! You already proved more than needed. But before I say those words for you, I want to make sure about my feelings. I know we had less time to know about each other now, and suddenly our marriage makes me feel that there's still an empty space. I know I feel something for you, I know it's love only.. But when I say these words for you, I want to feel each word and not only say like that.." Khushi said.

Arnav: There is no pressure for that Khushi. Take your time and I'll keep loving you..

Khushi's eyes lit up in happiness, she really is a lucky girl that she got a friend and love in man like Arnav.

Arnav stood up disappearing from her view.

The lights went off, Khushi gasped scared.  She looked around, "Di.."

Anjali held her hand tightly, "I'm here Khushi.."

Khushi nodded feeling less scared now, "What happened??"

They heard Ratna shouting: Go and fix the problem.. The lights went off.. Guests are here na.. Fast..

Before HP could go and fix it, some of lights came on. Everyone looked towards it.

And Arnav appeared in front of all with a gang of boys behind him. 

Raj smiled and winked to him.

Arnav blinked his eyes to him, he went towards Khushi.

Khushi was waiting to see what he did, she felt goosebumps by seeing him come to her with his intense eyes. 

She closed her eyes gulping. 




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Dec 6

Chapter 35 - The bad news... (By Angel23) (Thanked: 116 times)

"o, tera dil bhi jaana beqaraar ho jaaye

(Let your heart also, my love, become impatient)" Arnav sang in her ear. 

Khushi blushed.  And he went on back to his gang, they started dancing. 


"tera dil bhi jaana beqaraar ho jaaye

(Let your heart also, my love, become impatient)"

rab kare tujhko bhi pyaar ho jaaye

Let God make you too to fall in love

Everyone cheered for Arnav and the looks went to Khushi.

Khushi stood up and was joined by Lavanya and Payal, then other girls.

"o, mera dil bhi tera talabgaar ho jaaye

(Let my heart become desirable for you)" Khushi sang smiling.


"rab kare mujhko bhi pyaar ho jaaye

(Let God make me too to fall in love)" she pointed to him while dancing. 


"tu ada hai tu mohabbat, tu hi mera pyaar hai

(You are grace, you are love, you are my love)" he pulled her near him.


mar mita hoon mar mita hoon

(I have fallen for you, I have fallen for you)


haan mujhe ikraar hai

(Yes I accept)


They shared an eyelock, but everyone giggling took Khushi's attention.  She pushed Arnav and went to the girls. 


"jaanti hoon hai sharaarat yeh jo tera pyaar hai

(I know this naughtiness is your love)" she smirked.


kya karoon main kya karoon main

(What should I do, what should I do)


dil ko to inkaar hai

(The heart declines)

Khushi showed thumbs down to him,  and Arnav pouted. 

"o, tere dil pe mera ikhtiyaar ho jaaye

(Let me have control over your heart)" he came behind Khushi,  and placed his hand on her chest. 

Khushi closed her eyes, her heart start beating fast even Arnav could feel that. 

Seeing Khushi with her Arnav, Lavanya smiled and started singing. 


"main haseena naazneena, har taraf yeh shor hai

(I am a beauty, a lovely belle, this talk is in every direction)"


"tu deewaana ban gaya hai

(You have become a crazy lover)" Payal joined her staring at Akash,  who couldn't stop staring at her.  She would go mad with this man. Even a person who doesn't know them, would guess that Akash is madly in love with her. 


"dil pe kis ka zor hai

(Who has authority over the heart)" Khushi sang staring at her Arnav.



"main deewaana kam nahin hoon, haarkar na jaaoonga

(I am not much less of a crazy lover, I will not go by losing)" NK held Lavanya by her waist smirking.  She widened her eyes blushing. 


"dil churaane aa gaya hoon

(I have come to steal your heart)" Akash sang behind Payal, then he passed through her and danced with the boys. 


"dil chura le jaaoonga

(I will steal your heart)" Arnav sang smirking. 



"tere dil pe mujhko aitbaar ho jaaye

(Let me have trust on your heart)" Khushi, Payal and Lavanya danced together.


rab kare mujhko bhi pyaar ho jaaye

(Let God make me too to fall in love)

"o, tera dil bhi jaana beqaraar ho jaaye

(Let your heart also, my love, become impatient)" and the boys danced together replying to them. 

After the dance, they looked at each other smiling. 


"It's time to eat.." Ratna informed and served food on the tables for the guests. 

Payal and Lavanya went to help her.

While Arnav took Khushi and Anjali to their table. 

"What do you want to eat?" Arnav asked to Khushi.

"Anything you'll bring.." Khushi said. 

Arnav smiled, he looked at his Di: Di? 

Anjali said to him a list of what she wants to eat. 

Arnav frowned: Couldn't you be more sweet like my baby? 

Anjali beat him: You only asked me what I want.. I told you..

Arnav made a face to her and went to bring their food. 

Khushi and Anjali giggled seeing him going. 

"Chote is very lucky that he got a wife like you Khushi. You're really good, you respect our family and everything is just perfect.." Anjali said. 

"I'm lucky Di that I found a man like Arnav. I will always be grateful to DM that she brought Arnav in my life. If he wasn't in my life, I would never have a reason to smile. Arnav always took care of me since I was a baby, he always protected me from evils, he loves me so much.. I still think I must be dreaming about this.. But no,  it's really true..  I pinch myself many times and I realized that it's true only.. Arnav is my prince charming.. I also will love him so much.. Just I don't know if I will reach to his level.." Khushi smiled. 

Arnav was behind them hearing what Khushi said.  He was so happy, his heart was jumping in joy.  There couldn't be a happier day than today for him. 

Anjali felt someone behind them, she turned and saw Arnav: What are you doing standing like a ghost??  

Khushi widened her eyes seeing him, "You heard everything I said?"

Arnav nodded sideways: What? 

Khushi sighed in relief as he did not hear, she wanted to surprise him by sharing her feelings only with him. 

Arnav sat with them, and start feeding Khushi and Anjali. 

"Wish Shyam was here.." Anjali pouted. 

"Means you don't like your bro feeding you??" Arnav glared at her. 

Anjali giggled: Nothing like that..

Lavanya came with her plate running to their table, she sat and smiled hugely seeing her food. 

NK came behind her and snatched the plate from her hand: it's my food you thief..

"Aww NK I'm really hungry.. Please give me.." Lavanya pouted. 

NK: Okay let's share it then..

Lavanya smile, she clapped her hands and eat with him.

Khushi looked at Arnav,  "My hands have Menhdi in them. Otherwise I would feed you too.."

Arnav: It's okay. You will have many moments like this to feed me. Like on our wedding..

Khushi smiled and nodded: Okay.. 

His phone beeped, Arnav groaned and took his phone out of his pocket.

"Excuse me.." he said and left to a corner. 

Ratna sat beside Khushi,  she caressed both Khushi and Anjali smiling: I just can't believe you both are getting married. What else do I want?  I'm so happy today.. Tomorrow is your wedding.  I will get one daughter, and other will leave me..

Anjali eyes got moist,  "Mumma I will never leave you.."

Ratna hugged her crying, "Every girl says that.  But every mother knows that after their daughter leaves their house, then it gets very difficult to see a glimpse of them. You will become so busy in your married life, you will also become a mother.. And life goes on.. But remember one thing Anjali, this house is yours too and you're always welcome here.."

Anjali hugged her more tightly, Khushi stare at them.  She felt bad that Anjali will leave them now. She also start crying. 

Nani wiped her tears: Ratna and Anjali stop these filmy emotional drama please.  You're making my Doll cry.. 

Both looked at Khushi, and chuckled.

Ratna hugged Khushi: My Doll will stay with us only. Why is she crying? 

"Di.." Khushi whispered.

"Don't worry about me.  I will ask Shyam to become ghar jamai.." Anjali said. 

Everyone laughed loud. 

"After Bhai and Di marriage. Be prepared for another one Ratna aunty.." Akash said. 

Payal start coughing. 

Arnav came back with a worried face, everyone looked at him. 

"What happened beta?" Nani asked him. 

"I'll have to leave for London tonight.." he said. 

Khushi looked at him shocked. 

"What? Why?" Ratna frowned. 

"AR caught fire there.." he said. 

"What? How? What happened exactly??" Raj asked worried.

"I don't know.  Sheetal just called me and I have to go.." he said. 

"But tomorrow is your wedding beta.." Nani said. 

Arnav's eyes landed on Khushi's moist eyes. 

Khushi: Don't think about me. You go and I will wait for you..

Arnav nodded.


Arnav's room.. 

Khushi walked inside and he was packing his clothes, Arnav stopped and gave a look to her. 

Khushi raised her hands to show him her mehndi, "I didn't doubt that the color of my mehndi would be dark.." 

Arnav smiled and puller her into a tight hug, "I am sorry.."

"Don't be, I understand your situation..but please come soon.." she rested her head on his shoulder. 

"I will.." he said. 

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Chapter 36 - Sheetal's plan.. (By Angel23) (Thanked: 104 times)


Arnav reached and he was welcomed by his PA Alex whom he had informed about his arrival. 

"Did anyone got hurt in this accident?? What happened exactly??" Arnav asked as both head to the car, he didn't want to waste time hence asked the driver to head directly to AR. 

"No ASR. Everything is under control and it happened by night time so no one was inside, the guards quickly asked for help and nothing serious happened. In fact we made sure no one spreads the news,  and only police is now investigating the matter to see if this was already planned or was indeed an accident.." Alex said. 

"What?" Arnav looked at him shocked. 

Alex didn't know what to say, he kept quiet.

"Did you know it was my marriage today and Sheetal calls me like it was something serious? I left my marriage dammit.." Arnav gritted his teeth.

"I don't know what Sheetal told you ASR. I really have no idea.." Alex said.

Arnav sighed hard, "Where is she now?"

"In AR.." Alex said. 



Khushi walked inside the Mandir, she joined others in puja.

She closed her eyes praying to DM, "DM please protect my Arnav, don't let anything happen to him please. Make sure everything gets solved about his office and he returns soon. I don't know why my heart is feeling strange. A strange fear. Please don't let anything bad happen to him.."

After she prayed, she turned to her family and saw everyone were still praying. So she decided to wait outside.  

While walking, she was pulled harshly by someone.

"Aaah.." Khushi screamed in pain.

"Where are you going?" the elder lady asked her laughing evilly.

"Who are you? Leave me.." Khushi frowned. 

"Who am I?" the lady laughed "I'm your Dadi.."

Khushi felt numb now staring at the woman in front of her, the woman who hates her, who would treat her like a slave when her parents died.

Her eyes got moist, "Da..di.." she whispered broken.

"Haan Dadi.." the woman nodded.  

Khushi struggled to push her, she was already crying and wanted to run away from this evil woman whose laughing sound were scaring her more. 

"Wait.. What's the hurry?" Dadi smile and pricked Khushi on her arm with her nails. 

Khushi shut her eyes in pain, she turned back to see her family praying. 

Ratna felt something wrong, she looked back only to see Khushi being pushed by Dadi. 

She went running to Khushi, Raj also looked at her and got shocked seeing Dadi after so many years. 

Ratna reached in time, she pushed Khushi to her side, "You? What are you doing here?"

Dadi smiled, "Calm down. I'm just fulfilling her father's last wish.."

"What?" everyone looked at her confused.

"I know you both are her parents now, but her real parent left a responsibility with me before he died. He wanted Khushi to marry Rahul, one good and educated boy. We know his family very well and he was Shashi's favorite when a kid.  That's why Shashi wanted Khushi to marry him only. But you all took her from us, and I can't ignore my son last wish so I came here to complete it.."

"But.. Khushi will marry Arnav when he comes back.." Ratna whispered but Dadi heard that. 

"I don't know about all that. The matter here, is whether a daughter will fulfill her father last wish or not.  Or she will prefer her lover over her father.." Dadi smirked staring at Khushi. 

Khushi looked at her with moist eyes, thinking about her father last wish.

Everyone looked at Khushi with questioning eyes. 

"This devilwa had to come back now..hey DM wonderwa what's going to happen now.. Will Khushi leave our Arnav to marry this Rahul?" Mami thought making faces to Dadi.

Raj: Khushi what will you decide? I'm sure Shashi wouldn't have a problem if you fell in love with someone else.. 

Dadi glared at Raj, "Off course he would.  After all every parent want their daughter to obey their words. A parents choice is always right, do you get that?"

"I won't marry Rahul.." Khushi said.

Dadi looked at her shocked, "How dare you.."

"I only love one man, that is Arnav.  If my Papa was alive today, he would understand me. Not you, you only know how to imply your decisions on others. When you didnt care to know about me all these years, why did you came back now?" Khushi said angrily.

Dadi: You will marry Rahul only. I want my son soul to rest in peace, got that girl? 

Dadi held her hand tightly taking her by force. 

Khushi smiled, "I'm already married Dadi.."

Dadi stopped on her track and looked back at Khushi. 

Khushi: I already married Arnav, now do whatever you want.. I'm already his..

"How? How did you both get married? I saw everything.. You only had your mehndi ceremony done.." Dadi left her shocked. 

Raj looked at her suspiciously, was she secretly watching them??


Khushi broke the hug with Arnav, she kissed his forehead.

"I forgot to give you something.." Arnav said and showed to her bangles given by Sheetal's mother. 

"Aunty gave me this. She said for me to give to you when we both get married.." Arnav smiled and made Khushi sit. 

He gently made her wear the bangles, Khushi accepted it wholeheartedly.

"I wish she was here in our marriage na.." Khushi said staring at her bangles.  

Arnav nodded: I will take her with me when I come back..

"Tomorrow is our wedding, and I feel bad that I'm leaving you today. With your permission Baby, I want to make you mine before I go.." he said staring at her keenly. 

Khushi nodded, "You don't need permission.."

He lifted her and took her to the terrace where they got married.   


After Arnav completed the marriage by filling her maang with sindoor. 

Tears slipped from her eyes, she hugged him tightly.

"Promise me you will come soon.." she said. 

"I promise.." he said caressing her back.  

"Like I say?" she asked him.

"All colors promise Cute baby. I will come back for you, I only belong to you.. You're my house and everyone some or other day return to their house.." he said.  

"I love you.." Khushi finally said those three magical words to him. Today she just felt like saying this for him, he deserved to know.

Flashback ends.. 

Dadi gulped hearing the truth, "It's impossible.."

"Why are you so shocked? Were you spying on us to know all the details of their marriage?" Raj frowned. 

"This is not possible.. I will lose money.. No.." Dadi shook her head worried.

Everyone was confused with her behavior.

Dadi went from there fast lost in her world. 

Raj looked at Akash: You have to find out what she wanted. Why was she spying us? What's her plan? 

Akash nodded and set out to find. NK and Shyam went with him behind Dadi secretly. 

The ladies hugged Khushi tightly, who was sobbing now. 


London ..

"Why did you lie to me Sheetal?" asked a furious Arnav. 

"I didn't Arnav.  AR really caught fire.." Sheetal said looking away. 

"Oh I can see what a disaster it was. Sheetal by your voice I could feel that it was something serious and when I reach here everything is under control.. Are making fun of me or what? You know tomorrow is my marriage and when you could handle the situation here. Why didn't you? Why did you called me here??" Arnav shouted.

"Because I didn't want you to marry Khushi.." Sheetal shouted to him crying. 

"What? Have you gone mad?" Arnav frowned. 

"Haan.. I'm madly in love with you Arnav.. When AR caught fire, although it was nothing to be worried about because the situation could be handled and no one got hurt, still I found this way to stop this marriage.  I found a way to share my feelings with you. I always wanted to tell you this Arnav, but I had no courage. But today I admit it, I love you a lot.. Even more than Khushi..  I will keep you more happy than her.. I can die for you Arnav.. Please don't marry her. Be with me please.." Sheetal cried.

"You have gone mad right.. Sheetal how could you? I really hate you for doing this with me.. I don't love you. I only see you as my friend. Khushi is my everything, I can't live without her and you think I'll ever leave her for you?" Arnav shouted, he just angrily went outside his cabin. 

Sheetal followed him, wiping her tears she still thought she could convince Arnav to be with her. 

Arnav entered in his car and Sheetal was coming to him running.

He glared at her and went. 

"I will make you mine Arnav. Now that you're here I will make you see that my love for you is true only.." she thought staring at his car disappearing from her view. 


After some minutes..

Sheetal got a phone call, "What?? Are you sure?? This is not possible.."

Alex came to her after seeing her crying, "Sheetal is everything alright??"

Sheetal nodded sideways crying heavily, "Arnav.."

"Yeah, what happened??" Alex convinced her to talk.

"Arnav had an accident.." Sheetal said and broke down crying. 

"All this is because of me.. Stupid me.. Why did I make him angry.." she pulled her hair in frustration.

Alex: What? Where is he now?

Sheetal realized she had to see Arnav's condition, she quickly ran to her car and Alex followed her. 


Raizada mansion.. 

Khushi was in Arnav's room in his pool side, she was feeling more scared now.  She was confused whether it was because of Arnav or Dadi that she met recently.

"Why am I feeling scared? DM what's going on? Please don't let anything bad happen to Arnav.." she prayed, while tears slipped from her eyes.  


One day later... 

The doctor after checking Arnav walked out of the room.

Sheetal came running to him with Alex. 

"Has he regained conscious? Is he alright doctor?" Sheetal asked worried.

"Yes, he is alright now but.." the doctor said. 

"But?" both Alex and Sheetal asked at the same time gulping. 

"He lost his memory.. He can't remember anything.. I tried asking him, but he doesn't remember anything, not even his name.." the doctor said. 

"Kya? This is not possible.." Sheetal widened her eyes shocked. 

"Haan, one thing he keeps repeating.. "Where is she?" I don't know who is he talking about.. Maybe you.." the doctor said. 

Sheetal nodded smiling, "Yes..maybe he remembers me only.. I was the last person he saw before the accident.. He remembers me.."

"That's a good sign. Only you can help him regain his memory.  For now I can't say if he will continue like this for long or not.." the doctor said. 

"Can I meet him?" Sheetal asked. 

The doctor nodded.  Sheetal smiled. She turned to Alex and hugged him tightly, "I'm so happy Alex. God is great.."

"ASR had an accident and you're happy about it?" Alex looked at her weirdly.

"Shut up. You won't understand. If Arnav only remembers me, then this is a new beginning for both of us.." Sheetal smiled "And I will utilize this chance God gave me fully.."

She walked inside the room, and stare at Arnav with his forehead bandaged. He was muttering something to himself, and shut his eyes like he was in some pain. 

"Arnav.." she walked near him. 

"Where is she??" Arnav asked suddenly after seeing another strange person to him. 

"I'm here only.." she held his hand tightly.

Arnav frowned and shoved her hand away, "It's not you.. Where is she? Tell me dammit.. Where is she??"

"Who Arnav?" Sheetal asked confused.

Arnav shook his head, a tear slipped his eyes: I don't know.. Why can't I remember anything? Bring her here..  I want her..where is she??

Sheetal now understood he was talking about Khushi and not her. 

She clenched her fist, then faked a smile to him. 

"Arnav there isn't anyone in between us.  It's only you and me.. What are you talking about?" Sheetal ruffled his hair.

Arnav moved his face away, "Tum nahin ho (It's not you).. Her face is in my mind.. I know her.. I can't remember anything, why? What happened to me? Where is she?? Tell her to come in if she's outside.. I want her only.. Bring her for me.."

He said crying, his heart was aching now that he wasn't able to see the face he wants to.  He only knows her face, but can't even remember her name.

"Nahin Arnav, what happened to you? You forgot me? I'm your wife Arnav.. we were about to get married only but because of AR caught fire, our wedding left uncompleted.. please don't tell me you don't recognize your own wife??" Sheetal cried. 

Arnav kept staring at her keenly, he frowned: It's not you.. I want HER..

Dec 8

The end... (By Angel23) (Thanked: 154 times)

The nurse walked in and asked Sheetal to let Arnav rest for a while and not pressure him. 

After Sheetal left, she looked at Arnav smirking. 

Arnav smirked back. The nurse closed the door and left Arnav alone.

"She's not going to change.." Arnav thought.

He quickly grabbed his phone and messaged Alex to inform his family about his accident and not say anything to Sheetal.


A confused and shocked Alex agreed and silently left the hospital corridor to inform Raj about Arnav's accident.

Inside the room, Arnav stood up and walked to a mirror in front of him,  he unbuttoned his shirt, and stare at his chest with her name written on it with Mehndi, "Khushi..".

"I will never forget you Cute baby.. One accident can do nothing to me.." he smiled. 


Arnav lifted her again back to their room.

Khushi looked at him suspiciously after seeing his mischievous smirk.

"What are you doing Arnav?" she asked. 

"After marriage, it's.." he raised his eyebrows smiling. 

Khushi blushed, she buried her face on his neck. 

Arnav chuckled and made her lay on the bed.  

"Our suhag raat will be kind of different.." he said. 

"Different??" Khushi asked, she made space for him to lay beside her. 

"Hmm.. Do you remember you used to sleep in my lap before every night?" he asked her. 

Khushi nodded, she quickly rested her head on his lap and Arnav started playing with her hair. 

"Look my mehndi got so dark.  I'm so happy everyone was saying that you love me a lot.." Khushi smiled and look up to him. 

He also smiled.

"You love me a lot, that's proved. Let's test my love for you now.." she stood up and went running somewhere. 

Arnav stare at her going confused, still he waited for her.  

Khushi came back smiling with a mehndi on her hand, "I will write my name on you.. Let's see if it gets dark.."

She took Arnav hand, Arnav frowned: Baby I'm not a girl..

Khushi pouted.

He unbuttoned his shirt smirking, "Write here.." he said pointing to his chest.

Khushi blushed, she write her name on his chest smiling. 

Flashback ends..  

"I just need to expose Radhika aunty in front of everyone now.." he thought.



Ratna, Raj and Khushi came worriedly to the hospital.

Khushi was crying heavily in her way, she was already feeling something bad happened to her Arnav.

Raj patted Alex's shoulder: Where is Arnav? What happened to him? 

Alex turned to him, "Uncle he had an accident.. He lost his memory.."

Ratna and Raj looked at him shocked.

"Where's he? I want to see him.." Khushi cried. 

"Inside this room.." Alex pointed. 

"Khushi he doesn't recognize us.  You have to be careful while talking with him.  Don't pressure him to remember anything.." Sheetal came and said to her. 

Khushi: I'm not worried about that, my Arnav will never forget his Cute baby..

Saying this, Khushi went inside the room to see Arnav.

Sheetal glared at her, her eyes got moist and she went from there running.

Ratna and Raj looked at each other worried. Ratna hugged him crying. 

Khushi looked at him resting, she took slow steps to reach him.

Arnav felt her presence, he opened his eyes slowly and saw his Khushi standing in front of him. 

Khushi cried, she whispered his name: Arnav.. 


Arnav stood up and hugged her tightly, shocking Khushi to the core. 

"Arnav.." she broke the hug and stare at him up and down. 

"I am fine.." he said understanding her shocked gaze at him.

Khushi looked at him confused, "He was.. saying.. that..you lost your memory.. accident.."

Arnav cupped her face: Yes, I had an accident but I didn't lost my memory. This all is a part of my plan. 

Khushi nodded sideways gesturing him that she still didn't understand anything.

Arnav made her sit on the bed, he sat beside her. 

"First of all I'm sorry that I made you cry with this bad news.." he held his ear. 

Khushi nodded sideways, she caressed his cheeks: What matters to me is that you're fine. I prayed to DM to protect you always and she answered my prayers.  

Arnav smiled, "It's your DM that saved me yesterday.."

"What had happened? How did you got hurt here?" she asked pointing to his forehead.

"All this started because Sheetal lied to me that AR accident was a big one. It was nothing serious and I didn't even had to come here. After I got to know that, we both had a fight and she revealed to me that she loved me and wanted to stop our marriage..that's why she lied.. " Arnav said.  

"Then in anger I left with my car and I was driving in speed.  Suddenly my attention went to a car behind me, you won't believe who was driving that car.." he said.

"Who??" Khushi asked curious.

"Radhika aunty.. She was driving in such way that she wanted me to have an accident.. I understood that so before she could hit her car with mine, I turned to left side and end up crashing my car with a tree. That's why I just got hurt in my forehead. After that many people came to my rescue and she just disappeared from there. When I was admitted here,  I asked the doctor to lie that I lost my memory.. That's all.." he said.

Khushi was shocked to the core. She never thought Radhika aunty could try to kill Arnav.

"But.. What will you do now? And why memory loss?" Khushi asked. 

"I will have to expose Radhika aunty in front of all. Papa would never believe in me if I say his sister tried to kill me, and memory loss because I saw her and I'm still alive she would still try to kill me then, now she must be resting that she knows that I don't remember anything and we have time to catch her.." Arnav said.

"I am sorry.." Khushi hug him. 

"Why are you saying sorry?" he hug her back.

"It's only because of me that Radhika aunty thought to hurt you, or else why would she hurt you?" she cried.

"Shh.. Nothing happened because of you.. We'll solve this situation Khushi..everything will be alright.." he said.

"Are you planning to send aunty to Jail?" Khushi asked innocently.

Arnav nodded sideways, "No,  it will spoil Papa's reputation. But it's important to catch her and warn her once and for all to not try to harm us. I don't know why she reached to this extent of trying to kill me. Papa would be very hurt when he gets to know that his sister did that.."

Khushi nodded, "Why is everyone like that? So bad.."

"Did something happen?" he asked. 

"Dadi.." Khushi whispered. 

"Dadi? You mean your Dadi??" Arnav looked at her shocked.

Khushi nodded, "Yes. She returned.."

"But why? What does she want?" Arnav frowned.

Khushi narrated everything to him.

"What's wrong with that woman? And she wanted you to marry that man by force??" Arnav gritted his teeth. 

"Hmm.. It's okay now,  let it be. I already said to her that I'm married to you and no one will separate us. Now we have to concentrate on exposing Radhika aunty evil deeds.." Khushi hold his hand firmly.

"I won't spare that lady.." Arnav said angrily. 

Khushi smiled: You don't spare anyone that does bad to me..

Arnav nodded, "No one can hurt you till I'm here.."

"See we thought we were in a happy world, but Sheetal, Dadi and Radhika aunty had already cast their evil eyes on our relationship.." Khushi said sadly. 

"But no one managed to separate us.." Arnav said. 

Khushi rested her forehead on his, "Our love is stronger than anything.."


Sheetal's house.. 

"Why did you call Arnav when it was nothing serious ahn? Sheetal what's cooking in your mind?" Archana shouted asking for the fifth time to a numb Sheetal. 

"I lied to him.." Sheetal whispered.

"That's exactly what I want to know. Why did you lie to him??" Archana asked her. 

"Because I love him Mom.." Sheetal said crying. 

"I knew it.. Somewhere I was already seeing this coming.. But Sheetal he doesn't love you,  you know how much he loves Khushi.  There is no way for both of you to be together.." her mother consoled her. 

"Yes.. There is no way really.. He loves her so much that even after losing his memory, he only wants her.. He only knows her.. Khushi is everything to him and I'm nothing.. Why did I do this Mom? Why do I love him so much? Why there is only pain for me? I tried.. I tried to be with him, but he always refuses me.. I'm so unlucky Mom.." Sheetal threw herself on her mother's shoulder. 

"Sheetal you didn't have to try anything, you already knew he belongs to someone else.. I am sorry dear that you didn't got Arnav as your life partner.. But you can't force anyone to love you Sheetal.." her mother said. 

"Yes,  I can't force anyone to love me.. But why I had to realize this so late.." Sheetal cried "Mom because of my lie, Arnav had an accident and he lost his memory. And on top of that, I tried to make him mine using his memory loss in my favor. But I failed.. I failed miserably.. He only loved her and she loves him also.. There is no space for me there.."

Archana broke the hug shocked to hear that, she slapped Sheetal on her cheek. 

"Is this what I taught you Sheetal? Look at yourself.. What did you did.. Do you even realize that?" her mother screamed. 

Sheetal shut her eyes crying, "I know mom.."

Archana left the living room angrily with her daughter.

Sheetal fell on the floor crying, she hide her face with her palms. 


Night time.. 

Ratna caressed Arnav's hair as he was sleeping peacefully on her lap. 

"Why did this had to happen with you? If I knew all this would happen, I would never accept you to come here.." she thought crying. 

Her tears fell on his cheeks, Arnav felt hurt that his mother was crying because of him. But soon he would reveal the truth to them. 

Khushi came inside the room, "Mumma you go and rest. I'm here with him.."

Ratna: How can I rest when my son is like this?

Khushi looked at her sadly, "Mumma please. You didn't even eat anything. Papa is outside waiting for you. I will stay with Arnav.."

Ratna nodded and went outside the room.

Khushi kissed Arnav's forehead, he opened his eyes. 

"You didn't sleep still?" she asked him. 

"No,  I was waiting for Alex's call. He said that he will find Radhika aunty.." Arnav said. 

Khushi: But you have to sleep, I will be awake when he calls. I will inform you..

Arnav pulled her near him, he wrapped his arms around her waist making Khushi lay on the bed with him. 


"This is hospital.." she said blushing.

"And you're my wife.." he whispered in her ear.

"Arnav!!!!!!!!!" Khushi widened her eyes. 

Arnav smiled, "I missed you a lot.."

"I missed you more.." Khushi pouted "After our marriage I will go everywhere with you.."

"Done Mrs. Raizada.." he said. 

"Arnav you must be feeling thirsty right. I will go and bring water for you.." Khushi said.

Arnav nodded smirking, both had noticed a shadow near the window,  this means someone was spying on them.

Khushi walked outside the room, and left it open.

Arnav closed his eyes pretending to sleep.

The person entered in the room, and approached Arnav. 

She took a knife and raised her hand ready to kill him. 

Arnav held her hand at the right time. She screamed.

In fear, she took a pillow and threw in on Arnav's face managing to escape. 

Arnav threw the pillow away, and went running behind her. 

Khushi also went behind him, "Arnav.." she screamed reaching outside the hospital.

"Dammit.. I was close to catch her.." Arnav clenched his fist. 

"Where did she go??" Khushi asked. 

"Let's go ahead.. I'm sure she must be around.." Arnav said. 

He held Khushi's hand and both walked on the roads searching for Radhika. 

"I didn't know Radhika aunty was so angry that for revenge only she wants to kill you.." Khushi said hurt. 

"It's so strange, this is a new side I'm seeing about her.." Arnav said.

They found Alex on the car. Alex stopped the car after seeing them.

"What happened ASR?" he asked worried.

"Radhika aunty just came here. She wanted to kill me again.." Arnav said.

"What? I couldn't find her.." Alex said shocked. 

"It's OK.  Now we know she must be around. We have to get her before she does something that will hurt my family. I must warn her.." Arnav said. 

The two nodded and set to find Radhika. 

Khushi looked at a man who seemed to be frightened by seeing them. 

She held Arnav's hand tightly, "Arnav.."

Seeing her scared face, Arnav followed her gaze. 

The man immediately start running, Arnav and Alex got alert. 

They start running behind him,  Arnav shouted: Heyy you stop..

Alex managed to hold him by his arms harshly, "Stop.."

"Who are you? Why are you running like this?" Arnav asked him.

"I didn't do anything sir.. He forced us,  we don't know anything.. Me and that ma'am didn't want to kill you.. He forced us.. Sorry sir.."the man said crying.

"Can you take us where were you going?" Khushi asked him. 

"Khushi he must be fooling us.." Arnav said. 

"No, he is saying truth only. Let's follow him.." Khushi said. 


Alex, Arnav and Khushi peeked on an old house.  It a completely destroyed and scary place. 

Suddenly they heard someone shouting. 

"You did this purposely right? You don't want to kill your nephew.." they heard a man shouting.

"No.. I tried to.. But he would find me.." they heard Radhika aunty crying. 

"Please let me go. Why are you making me do this sin? Please.. Let me go.. I can't kill anyone.." Radhika cried. 

Arnav and Khushi looked at each other getting more confused.

"Oh so I have the permission to kill your son right?" the man asked her smirking. 

"No,  please don't kill NK. I tried to kill Arnav..  I couldn't.. Please don't kill my son.. Please.." Radhika cried. 

"Haha..no problem.. I won't kill NK, but since you couldn't do what I want.. I will have to punish someone, and that's you.." the man took the gun and pointed to Radhika.

Before he could shoot, Arnav beat him on his head with a wooden stick. 

Radhika looked at him crying, she quickly ran and hugged him tightly.



"You didn't do the right thing Arnav. You will suffer for putting me behind the bars.." Dadi said angrily. 

"You will do nothing to me, get that?" Arnav also glared at her.

"Now tell us, why did you force Radhika aunty to kill me??" Arnav asked. 

"Because I hate you Khushi.. I hate you.." Dadi said staring at Khushi behind Arnav. 

Khushi looked at her feeling scared, she clutched Arnav's shirt. 

Arnav held her hand tightly.

"Because of you my son died. Because of you he fought with me.  I said to him that I wouldn't accept a daughter in our family.  I only wanted a grandson for me, but no,  he started fighting with me that he would let you live.  And what happened, he also lost his life in an accident.. You're a bad luck to us, I knew it.. But he didn't listen to me. I let you grow up, and at the precious time of your life, means your marriage I wanted to spoil everything. I wanted to make you marry Rahul, and I would receive a good money in return. Arnav would be heart broken, the only way to make you both break was to separate you both only. You would suffer with a bad husband, and I would kill Arnav to make your life more miserable. If I killed Arnav then you wouLd be completely shattered na.  That's what I wanted.  The same way I felt by losing my son because of a bad luck like you. I wanted you to feel the same way for losing Arnav. But he also had to leave for London, so I sent my men with his aunty to kill him there. Like this no one would ever suspect me, they would blame his aunty, and everyone knew that his aunt wasn't a good person. So I thought to use her but that fool did nothing.. And here my plan flopped also because Khushi already married you.. I lost money also.. " Dadi said with her face red in anger. 

"You're a disgusting woman.  I wish you rot in hell also.." Arnav said angrily. 

He held Khushi's hand and left the police station ordering them to punish Dadi for every sin she did. 


Days later... 

It was Arnav and Khushi wedding, they were doing the seven rounds and the family were throwing rose petals to them including a happy Radhika.


NK: Lavanya don't you want to get married also? 

Lavanya blushed, "Pehle I love you toh bolo (First say I love you)"

"I love you.." he whispered in her ear smirking.

"This is happening for real na. Im not day dreaming right??" Lavanya widened her eyes shocked. 

NK pinched her,  Lavanya pouted. 

"Now do you believe in me? I don't know how, why and all that.. But I truly fell for you Lavanya.." he said serious now. 

"Sachiii? What about aunty? She doesn't like me??" Lavanya said sadly. 

"I have no problem now.. You can enjoy.." Radhika said smiling. 

Lavanya smiled, NK winked at his mother: I love you mother India..

Radhika giggled. 

Mami and Mama rolled their eyes in disbelief staring at the most shy couple, Akash and Payal. They just look at each other and that's the reason to blush for them. 

"Listen you have to get your son married.  Otherwise he will stay like this foreverwa.." Mami complained. 

"He is also your son.." Mama glared at her. 

"Now fill sindoor in her maang and you will be declared wife and husband.." the priest said. 

Arnav nodded and was about to fill her maang with sindoor. 

"Wait.." a voice stopped him. 

Arnav and Khushi looked at that side. 

"Tum?" Arnav frowned.

"Yes me Arnav. Don't worry I didn't come here to tell you how much I love or just to stop your marriage.." Sheetal said and she walked near them. 

"I came here to say sorry. And to tell you that I realized those who truly love are happy with their lover happiness. You're happy with Khushi and I'm happy for you Arnav.  I'm sorry for my mistakes, I'm sorry for being so stupid and spoil your marriage.  Today trust me,  I only came here with Mom and Dad to watch your wedding happily.." Sheetal said. 

"It's okay Sheetal.  It's good you realized it.. I'm sorry that I can't love you. But I always be your good friend and when you need me I'll always be there.." Arnav smiled and side hugged her. 

"Thank you.." Sheetal smiled and walked to her mom and dad to watch her friend wedding. 

Arnav turned to Khushi and fill her maang with sindoor smiling. 

Khushi also smiled to him.

"Cute baby se Cute biwi now.." he said. 

She giggled shyly.

They took everyone blessings.

"I know I used to hate you, perhaps you're too cute that it irritates me. But now I started liking you after meeting a true devil like your Dadi.." Radhika said. 

Khushi giggled and hugged her, "And I used to feel scared of you, now I don't.."

Radhika widened her eyes, then laughed about it. 

"But dare you aunty hurt my wife again.." Arnav said. 

"I won't.." Radhika raised her hands smiling. 

"Lift your Dulhan and take her to the car Bhai.. They are many waiting to do that here.." NK shouted. 

Arnav glared at him, "Shut up.."

He lifted Khushi possessively, and walked till their car. 

Both looked at each other smiling. 

"I only love you Arnav.." she said shyly.

"I love you too Cute baby.." he said and made her sit in the car. 




 Note: Here comes the end of another journey. I hope you all liked the journey, if not the last twist 

As a writer I feel like writing my imagination, and as readers I feel like no one is obliged to like my work. I could see many didn't like the last twist in the story, I'm really sorry for that! I read all the comments and requests of my readers, I saw many like the cute and lovely Arshi and didn't want separation between them, I tried to maintain what you all wanted. But also I felt the need to end Dadi, Sheetal and Radhika's situation. It wasn't to bring any negativity for this story. But show their part too.

But as always here's a happy ending! And thank you so much for the support and comments. 


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Hello friends

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Thank you!!!!!! Now it's me who's going to miss you all in this story!

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Epilogue.. (By Angel23) (Thanked: 121 times)

“Arnav let it be, they are just friends!!” Khushi followed her angry husband towards their room.

“Didn’t you see Aashi doesn’t want to be his friend? He’s forcing her.. and on top of that he’s a boy!!” Arnav rolled his eyes fuming in anger.

“You’re exaggerating!! You also forced me to be your friend..” Khushi said.

“Really? Cute baby do you think I forced you??” he pulled her near him, wrapping his arms around her waist, with a guilty tone.

“No, I mean.. you didn’t force me.. I accepted your friendship because you were good actually..” Khushi said not wanting to upset him.

“I was good..” he repeated with an unhappy tone. He was just good!!

“App bohot achche hain.. (you’re very good)..” Khushi smiled shyly, and kiss him on his cheek.

He smiled.

“Papa..” their two years old baby, Aashi came inside the room smiling.

Khushi quickly pushed Arnav shyly, Arnav smirked: Khushi it’s Aashi only.. Not mumma..

Khushi pouted, she feels embarrassed even in front of her daughter. For her romance means, only she and Arnav.. no one should be around..

“Come here baby..” he raised his arms, and his cute daughter came running to him hugging him tightly.

Khushi smiled staring at them.


At the garden..

The family gathered around to let the kids play in the garden for a while. Arnav was holding his Aashi possessively, since Khushi’s friend and her son were also present. And the boy liked his daughter. He seems only to give attention to Aashi and no one else. This irked him as a father, he doesn’t like anyone near his daughter.

Khushi giggled seeing her possessive husband, “Let her play!!”

Arnav unwillingly let Aashi down, and as expected the boy, who was six years old Aarav came running to play with Aashi.

Aashi hid behind her father’s leg, “Ahh boo (goo)..” she scolded him cutely.

Khushi smiled surprised, she remembered how Arnav told her how she behaved with him in the first days.

Arnav smirked seeing his daughter not accept Aarav.

“I want to be your friend..” the boy said peeking to see Aashi.

“Naaah..” Aashi nodded sideways.

“Please let’s be friends..” he pleaded.

“Naaaaaahh..” she shouted angry now.

“I’ll not accept defeat.. I will you my friend.. Cute baby!!” he said and went back to his mother.

“Did you just saw that??” he asked to Khushi shocked.

“Haan, he called her Cute baby just like you called me!!” Khushi smiled.

“And you know where it lead too.. he wants to take my daughter away from me!!!” Arnav said jealous.

“Arnav she’ll always be yours!!!” Khushi caressed his cheek lovingly.

Aashi joined her siblings, Aru (Payash’s son) and Ankita (Anjali and Shyam’s daughter) to play in the garden.

While everyone sat on a piece of cloth they brought and start serving food for everyone.

“Mom can I go and play with Aashi??” Aarav asked his mother, while Arnav sighed.

“Yeah.. go on..” Khushi’s friend smiled and patted him to go.


Sometime later..

One of Arnav’s models in AR came to him, she smiled brightly and hugged him tightly in a loud manner, “Hi ASR..”

“Hi Sheena..” Arnav smiled not hugging her back, because his wife was already glaring at him.

“What are you doing here?” Sheena asked.

“We came to watch our daughter play in the garden.. look there..” Khushi interrupted showing to Sheena that he’s married and they have a daughter also.

“Oh!! Not bad ahn ASR.. you have a daughter but still you’re handsome, hot and young!!” Sheena winked at him.

Arnav faked a smile he knew Khushi would be angry with him today, “Thanks!!”

“Acha bye.. See you in AR soon..” Sheena smiled and went from there. Arnav sighed in relief, he turned to Khushi, but she already disappeared from there.

“What the..” he muttered.

“Go and pacify your Cute baby..” Ratna said smiling.

“Why do you keep in talks with these modelwa beta?” Mami asked.

“Just to make my Doll angry..” Nani glared at him.

NK-Lav, Payal-Aakash, Shyam-Anjali giggled at the poor Arnav.

“I don’t do it purposely, I work with them so I have to talk with them..” Arnav said glaring at them, “Where did Cute baby go??”

“That side..” Raj pointed with his fingers.

“Thanks Dad.. you’re the only one who helps me here..” he said pouting, and went running to pacify his Cute baby.


“Aashi..” Aarav patted her shoulder trying to gain her attention, Aashi looked at him and as soon as she realized it’s him she went running to hide behind Aru.

Then peeked to see him.

Aarav was making funny faces to her, she giggled softly. Then he made angry faces thinking that she was enjoying but this one scare her. She started crying.

He ran to her, “Oh baby.. I’m so sorry.. I’m really sorry.. I didn’t want to make you cry.. please stop..”

Aashi cry more.

He started making funny faces in attempt to make her laugh again, and he saw Aashi looking at him, she stopped crying and small smile was appearing on her face again.

He sighed in relief. Aru and Ankita joined him to see the funny faces he was making to see Aashi smiling.


“Cute baby..” Arnav reached to a sobbing Khushi, he tried to hug her but she pushed him away.

“You smiled to her right??” Khushi asked angrily, still she was looking cute.

“You’re all red baby..” Arnav cupped her face, “Calm down.. she’s just a model..”

“You’re handsome.. hot.. and young.. how dare she say this in front of me??” Khushi said, “Am I ugly and old then??”

“No, you’re this world most beautiful woman..” he dropped a kiss on her forehead.

Khushi started melting, this is how her heart is. She can’t stay upset with him for so long.

“You saw that I smile to her, but you failed to see that I didn’t hug her back..” he said.

Khushi blinked her eyes, “You’re maintaining a distance with them as I asked to??”

Arnav nodded and took her favorite candies from his pocket, “I am Cute baby… I can do anything for you..”

Khushi smiled brightly and took the candies from his hand, “Thank you Arnav.. and I trust you but I’m little bit jealous!! Aap sirf mere hain..”

“I am only yours..” he brushed his nose against her, Khushi did the same blushing.


“Aashi.. please be my friend now.. you smiled also..” Aarav said hopeful.

Aashi stood thinking whether to accept him in her life or not. She still seemed not convinced.

“Okay.. wait..” he took from his pocket candies for her.

Aashi’s eyes lit up in happiness seeing candies.

“Candies..” she said.

“Yes candies..take them.. it’s only for you..” Aarav said.

Aashi took all the candies from his hand smiling, “Fliends.. (Friends)” she said accepting his friendship.

Aarav jumped up and down in happiness when she said that.


Arnav and Khushi returned chatting casually now. 

“You can’t be this good to him Khushi.. you always forgive him..” Ratna scolded her.

“Mumma I can’t be angry with Arnav.. he loves me a lot!!” Khushi said innocently.

“Aww..” everyone said. Arnav side hugged tightly smiling, he can’t lose this precious diamond in his life, can he??

“Uncle..” Aarav patted his leg, and looked up to him with a smirk on his face.

“Yeah..” Arnav looked to him.

“Aashi is my Cute baby now!!! She’s my friend..” Aarav exclaimed.

“What the..” Arnav said staring at his daughter happily with candies in her hand. He turned to Khushi, who shrugged her shoulders.

“It’s our story again..” she said smiling.

“I just hope he keeps my daughter, the way I did with you!” Arnav said.

“Off course he will!” Khushi said.

“How do you know??” he asked.

“I know it..”

Aashi went running to play again with the bench swing, but she was about to fall. Aarav saw that and ran to save her, he reached in time and grab her managing to save her before she falls.

Khushi smiled, while Arnav was surprised with this boy!

Here is the epilogue.. I thought, thought and thought and managed to bring this.. Hope it's good!! I really don't know if it's up to your expectations.. sorry if I bored you!

Saniarameez - dear which story you want epilogue? Sorry, I don't remember it.

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