Aap Mujhe Achche Lagne Lage

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Nov 15

Chapter 30 - Arnav upset with his Cute baby (By Angel23) (Thanked: 127 times)

Ratna: But what happened? Why are you asking her to leave? Arnav: Because she is ill treating Khushi Mumma. She has been doing this since I left and now nothing changed. Radhika aunty never like Khushi and today I saw her hurting Khushi. I won't stay quiet now. "Bhaiya at least you should have pity on your sister. Where will I go?" Radhika cried to Raj. "If Radhika aunty stays here, then after marriage I'm not going to stay here with Khushi.." Arnav said looking at his father. Radhika made a puppy face to Raj. "Did you hurt Khushi purposely?" Raj asked to Radhika. "Nahin.." Radhika nodded sideways. "Raj don't tell me you will believe in her words. She never liked Khushi.. Today I will have to agree with Arnav.." Ratna frowned. Radhika glared at Ratna, Arnav stood with his mother. Radhika quickly changed her look. "It's clear to you that I will choose my son Radhika. You're wrong and you should apologize to Khushi. And now it's time you move to your in laws house and give Kabir his happiness of staying with his family.." Raj said shaking his head in disbelief. Radhika cried staring at him, "Raj Bhaiya.. You're leaving your sister homeless.." "Radhika we do have our house.." Kabir said gritting his teeth, he hates being humiliated by his wife like this. Raj shrugged his shoulders, "You're my sister and I never back off my responsibility.. But now it's about getting punished for your mistakes only Radhika. I'm always here with you, but sorry.. I can't lose my son.. I can't miss his moments as a married man.. While it's high time you accept the family of your husband na.." Radhika: I will never forget what you are doing to me Bhaiya. She went upstairs with Kabir to pack her bags. "NK let's go.." she said. "Nahin Ma. I won't go.." NK nodded sideways. "There is no space for us here.." Radhika scolded him. "Raj uncle can't I stay here? Arnav Bhai.. I didn't do anything wrong.." NK said sadly staring at both. Arnav walked to him and pulled NK into a tight hug, "This is your house.. No one is saying for you to go.." NK smiled reciprocating the hug. Radhika gritted her teeth, "NK let's go. What do you mean by you don't want to go? Will you be able to live without your mother?" NK now thought, no matter how his mother is, he loves her and won't be able to live without her. He turned to Arnav: I will surely come here to your marriage.. Arnav frowned: You don't need to go NK. NK: It just you cannot stay without Ratna aunty, and I can't leave my mother also Bhai. Arnav nodded sadly understanding his situation. This was he didn't want to happen, but he can't be quiet and tolerate everything Radhika says to Khushi. ******************************************** Raj's room: "Dad.." Arnav walked in, and saw Raj sat quietly on his bed. "Big boy.. Come here.." Raj turned to him. Arnav sat beside him. "I hope you're not angry with me.." "However she is, she is my sister right?" Raj asked him. Arnav nodded. "But I do understand your insecurities..she may harm Khushi or Khushi was ill treated by her and we didn't knew that all these years that passed by.. Khushi also doesn't say anything with the fear of creating rifts in the family..It was the right decision.. I'm not angry with you.." Raj smiled a little. "Mr. Raizada you're quite smart.." Arnav smirked. "Off course.. My son is ASR after all.." Raj laughed. Arnav hugged him tightly suddenly, "Thank you Dad. You're always supportive and a good person too.." Raj hugged him back, "Enough..I'm seriously not used to hear good things about me. Your mother keep throwing tantrums to me all day.." Arnav chuckled. ******************************************* Khushi's room.. "What happened isn't right.. Because of me aunty left.." Khushi said with tears in her eyes. "Pagli.. She deserved that.. All these years she is punishing you without no fault of yours.. And finally I can say that you're free from the torture.." Lavanya hit her forehead playfully. Khushi cried more. "I'm sorry baby.. I didn't want to hurt you.." Lavanya caressed her forehead with a guilty face. "I'm not crying because of this.." Khushi replied. "Oh if it's about that aunty, then I will beat you now really Khushi.." Lavanya scolded her. "And don't forget, you still didn't say to anyone that she purposely let you fall on the pool that day knowing that you don't know how to swim.. You could have lost your life in her dirty plans.." Payal said. "Payal don't remind me of that day.." Khushi said wiping her tears. "You got scared na when Bhaiya wasn't finding your ring.. You thought he could lose his life just like the fear you had in childhood only because of that Evil aunty.." Lavanya hugged her tightly caressing Khushi's hair. Khushi nodded and rested her cheek on Lavanya's shoulder sobbing. Arnav walked in the room and sat on the floor with them. "Girls you know this Cute baby has one bad habit. She is always crying.." Arnav said to Payal and Lavanya who giggled in return. "I didn't knew we have a Devdas here.. Should I bring beer for you Cute baby?" Arnav teased her, "You know it helps people in expressing their feelings." Khushi pouted and started beating him with her tiny hands, "Don't tease me.." Arnav smiled and wrapped his arms around her tightly, "My Sweet Dramaqueen.." Khushi rested her head on his chest, "Papa is angry with me na? Because of me aunty left.." "She is wrong and she is getting punished for that. Papa knows that, he isn't angry.." Arnav said. "How do you know?" Khushi looked up to face him and asked him cutely like a baby. "I know. I asked him.." Arnav raised his hand that was caressing her back, and pinched her nose. "Still I.." Khushi sighed looking down. "Khushi I know you won't tell me but I know that you suffered with Aunty when I wasn't here.. Your innocent heart still today is a proof of that for me.. And I didn't want you to live with her anymore.." Arnav said. "Haan Bhai.. She hides a lot from you.." Lavanya quickly said. Khushi frowned at her, and snuggled more to Arnav. Lavanya closed her mouth with her palms. "What did she hide from me?" Arnav asked. "Nothing.." Khushi nodded sideways. "Relationships don't start with lies Khushi.." Arnav said. "I'm not lying. I'm just not telling you.." she replied cutely frowning. "Hmm.. When you feel like saying then come to me okay?" he smiled and cupped her face. Khushi smiled, Arnav stood up to go. She held his hand tightly and signaled him to sit again. Arnav sat beside her, "What happened?" "When it was my 16th birthday party.. Radhika aunty didn't want Mumma to make a party for me.. But Mumma didn't listen to her words.. On the day of my birthday, I was at the poolside of your room making a wish, she came and pushed me.. I fell on the pool..and I was fighting to breath there.. I don't know how to swim and after that accident I didn't want to learn also.. After sometime only Papa came to save me after hearing my shouts.." Khushi said. Arnav looked at her shocked. "And.. You remember I said I don't love you but I can marry you.." Khushi looked at him with moist eyes and told him, Lavanya and Payal everything Radhika said to her. Lavanya: Oh my God! I don't believe she was against you marrying Bhai. Arnav stood up and was walking to leave the room, Khushi held his hand immediately crying: Arnav enough.. You already punished aunty na.. "But who gave her the right to interfere in our relationship?" Arnav shouted angrily. Khushi shut her eyes trembling in fear of his uncontrollable anger. Payal and Lavanya held each other tightly scared. "And you.. How could you Baby? You were leaving me for Radhika aunty.. Sach mein?.. I don't remember leaving your hand when she used to taunt you.. I always stand by you and you were about to leave me?.. You know very well how she is still you believed in her words.. Was our relationship that weak? You start believing in those who always wanted to separate us.. Who told you that I don't love you? Do you think I would feel pity of you because you're an orphan Khushi? Do remember yourself I was the one who said to you that my parents are yours too.. When all these years you didn't question our love to you then why now?.. Didn't I call you everyday when I was not here still you were the one who didn't want to talk with me? If I didn't love you, would I have that patience with you? Ask yourself those questions.. And why did you thought Mumma and Dad don't want you? You're a burden for us? No one was forced to keep you here, they brought you because they wanted you to have a better life ahead.. How can you think like that Khushi?.. Your problem is you're way too innocent that you believe in everyone.." Arnav walked away from the room disappointed. Khushi stood numb, while tears slipped on its own from her eyes. "This is.. This is the second.. time.. Arnav is upset.. with me.." she stammered and looked at her friends with tears blurring her vision already. The first one was when she tried to bump classes, and he caught her.

Nov 17

Chapter 31 - I will win your heart.. (By Angel23) (Thanked: 119 times)

“Now bhai got angry with you..” Payal said upset staring at both.

“Look Khushi now the fault is yours too. You shouldn’t have trusted in that aunty and leaving bhai.. how could you question their love for you??” Lavanya scolded her.

“I am sorry.. Radhika aunty so bad things that I felt disgust of myself.. I felt like I’m a burden for this family.. I know they are my parents but at that time I felt like I’m only an orphan..” Khushi cried.

Lavanya and Payal hugged her tightly, consoling her.


The next day..

It was their haldi function, and Ratna, Mami and Nani were in tension whether everything would be done in time or not.

At one hand they had to control their guests, and at other the kitchen. Luckily, they had Lavanya, Payal, NK, Akash who were helping them the most.

Who would say those lazy kids would be so interested in working for their siblings marriage.

While all this was occurring in the hall booked by them, at RM only Khushi, Arnav and Anjali were dressing and preparing themselves for the start of another life.

“Preeti.. enough.. I’m done.. no more make up please.. I need to talk with Arnav..” Khushi said pushing the girl’s hand slightly.

“What? Khushi you need to look the most beautiful there, how come this simple make up? Let me finish it, please..” the girl frowned.

“Nahin, please do it for Di.. I’m going..” Khushi stood up and ran away from the room, making Preeti shake her head in disbelief, while Anjali just laughed.


Arnav’s room:

Arnav was buttoning his white simple kurta, when his fingers came to a halt by hearing those tinkling sound of her anklets.

Instead of raising his curious eyes to see how she is looking now, he decided to keep engrossed in his buttons.  Ignore her, was the best option yet a difficult one..

“Arnav..” she called him with a sweet voice, that melting one you use to pacify someone.

Arnav turned his back to her, and went to his dresser to look at himself on the mirror, Khushi came behind him.

“Please don’t ignore me..” Khushi said.

“Weren’t you doing the same with me?” he asked to her.

“You know why.. I’m really sorry.. I shouldn’t hear what Radhika aunty said..” she held her ear cutely to him.

“Like you said to me, don’t say sorry you must earn it..” he said and moved Khushi aside going away from his room.

Khushi was left with open mouth, “Aww.. don’t worry.. I will win your heart in just one second..”

Khushi looked at him confidently.

Arnav smirked, and looked back at her, “One second just passed by and you did nothing.. forget it Khushi, what I can do for you, you cannot..”

“One second, one minute, one day, one month, one year.. I can wait, but I will win your heart.. no matter how much you ignore me, one day you will forgive me because I’m your Cute baby.. you can live without others, but not me..” Khushi smiled as she walked near him.

“And one more thing Mr.Raizada, you knew how to swim and you jumped in water to find my ring, I don’t know how to swim still I can to find your ring too..” Khushi pointed her index finger to Arnav, which amused him still he kept his ASR expression towards her, “Now ask yourself who can do what for whom?”

She walked away from the room, leaving Arnav with his What the and a hidden smile on his face.


In the car..

Arnav was driving the car silently, usually he is the one who keeps talking and she replies sweetly to his questions, but today it was the opposite.

“You know we had so much fun with NK and Lav in school and college too.. both are like Tom and Jerry na..” Khushi smiled and looked at him, she pouted seeing him concentrated in driving, he was paying no attention at her words.

She crossed her arms and looked away angrily, “At least he should talk to me, what’s this?”

“Are you giving up so soon?” Arnav asked.

“Do you think so? I will never give up on you..” she looked at him.

“You were about to..” he said with pain in his eyes.

Khushi felt guilty, “Arnav I..”

“What you both are whispering to each other ahn? Please tell me also..” Anjali raised her eyebrows curios.

“I was telling Khushi that she her half make up is terrible..” Arnav said.

Khushi widened her eyes, and touched her face.

“It’s not that bad. I think she looks beautiful, I like seeing her simple.. she looks beautiful naturally..” Anjali said defending Khushi.

“You’re a girl Di.. I’m a man and I know who’s beautiful or not..” Arnav smirked.

“I will not even take it by heart, you will change your statement alone..” Khushi said.


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