My Heart Is With You..

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Aug 24

My Heart Is With You.. (By Angel23) (Thanked: 73 times)

Hello Friends, this is my New Story:

Dedicated to meenaarshi

There were many people walking here and there, some busy with their works, while some just having fun and filling their shopping bags at each shop and mall they passed by.

One of them was a beautiful and cute girl walking with her shopping bags on her hand, all tiredly and her high heels were not helping her at all.

"Payal said to me to be careful, otherwise a thief will come here and steal my bags.." she thought and hugged her shopping bags walking a little more.

"Uff I can't handle this anymore.. I'm so tired.. I will leave these bags on the floor now.." she pouted and left the bags on the floor, looking around with sharp eyes to those who she was suspicious would steal her belongings.

Her eyes landed on a mirror of a shop, she excitedly went near it and stare at her face with a shocked expression.

"Oh God Khushi!! What have you made to yourself? .. I look so horrible.. Shiii nooooo.. My hair.. Looks so messy.. God.. Oh noo.. I'm sweating also.. I will kill Payal one day.. She says let's go to shopping together and leaves me alone to meet her boyfriend.. Urghhh.. I won't leave her today.. Mummaaaa.. I look so yuck.. If anyone sees me like this.. Oh no.. What will they say? I don't look like Khushi Kumari Gupta.. " she started speaking to the mirror in front of her making faces or sometimes screaming like mad grabbing attention of the people passing by.

She looked at them through the mirror embarrassed for her behavior in public, she really forgot she was among so many people and not at her bedroom where she can do her madness.

She send a small shy smile to the people already gossiping about her or wondering if she is mad or what!!

That shy smile was for everyone who saw her like this, except for a man laughing at her face.

She watched him through the mirror laughing and clutching his stomach to control himself. Everyone sure laughed at her, but not like him openly like this, making her feel so bad right now.

She turned to his side to face him, and glared at him, bending down a little she picked her bags from the floor and ran away from there to hide her embarrassed face.

"How dare he laugh at me? How could he? Shameless man.. Instead of helping me, he laugh at me.. Urghh it was so embarrassing for me, and he made it more by laughing like that.. Couldn't he keep his mouth shut and just look like others were? .. Let me call Ram uncle.. I can't stay here anymore.. I have to leave this place as soon as possible so that I forget this embarrassing situation I was in.. And Payal will be murdered today.. I won't leave her.. She and her boyfriend.. Both.. Urghh.. I will kill the two and put the blame on that man.. How dare he laugh at me? Poor me.. Did I deserve such a loud laugh of him? He was so rude.. No one does this to a girl.. " she thought running outside the shopping, she didn't even want to look back at the place.

She looked at her phone beeped and it was a message from her driver saying that he was coming soon. He was just leaving from her mansion.

She waited near the shopping in a corner alone.

Khushi was more calm now, forgetting the incident, she started humming her favorite tune and opened her purse, took her lipstick to apply on her lips and used her phone as her mirror.

While checking herself on the mirror, she heard giggles sound.

Glancing at her side, she found the same man who was laughing at her.

She glared at him, and turned her back to him.

"Ram uncle please come soon!! I can't stand here with this man.." she prayed.

"Yes Cutie pie.. I'm coming soon.." she heard him talking over the phone.

"If it was his girlfriend he wouldn't laugh like this.. Stupid.." she thought rolling her eyes.


Gupta mansion..

Khushi reached in her huge mansion, some would compare it to a palace.

Bidding bye to Ram uncle, the driver she went inside.

"Khushi where were you dear??" her mother came to her, in the living room with a worried tone.

"Mumma I said before going out. Didn't you hear??" Khushi whined.

"You said you will go to shopping with Payal na?" Garima asked.

"See you know!! Still you ask me same questions.." Khushi rolled her eyes.

"I was worried for you Khushi!! You know anyone can try to harm you as you are Shashi Gupta's daughter.. Do you understand that? " Garima scolded her.

"It's her life Garima!! Let her live the way she wants.. And Ram is there na, he will protect her if needed.." Shashi came into the living room with a smile on his face and newspaper on his hand.

Khushi smiled staring at her father.  

"How was your day Khushi?" Shashi asked reaching near her and Garima.

"Not good one.." Khushi sighed.

"Why?" he smiled confused taking her to the sofa.

"Because a bad boy laughed at me!! I was talking alone, well not alone but with the mirror na.. And I forgot I was in the shopping, so I was screaming and talking with the mirror.. And all were staring at me, but he was the only one who laughed like that.. He made me feel so embarrassed Papa.." Khushi pouted hiding her face on her father's shoulder.

Shashi and Garima giggled.

Khushi widened her eyes, "Papa you too.."

Shashi raised his hands, "No no.. It's your mother laughing.."

Garima shook her head smiling and headed to the kitchen.

"Aaaaahhhhh.. OMG.. " Khushi screamed at the top of her voice.

"What??" Shashi and Garima panicked.

Khushi went running from there, "I forgot my shopping bags with Ram uncle.."

Garima sighed in relief resting her hand on her chest, "This girl will kill me one day.."

Shashi chuckled and continued reading his newspaper.


"Chote why are you smiling like this??" Anjali asked amused.

"Huh.. Nothing.." Arnav shook his head.

Anjali nodded her head.

"I met a cute and crazy girl.. Can you believe it Di? She was talking, no screaming in front of a mirror on the shopping in front of everyone.. First I was like is she mad? But later she was so embarrassed.. " Arnav giggled remembering the encounter with the girl.

"Aww Chote!! And you're still laughing.." Anjali smiled slapping his shoulder playfully.

"What do I do Di? Her face was worth watching.." Arnav said with a cheeky smile.

"Let's stop on this shop.. I need to buy some fresh juices for Anika.." Anjali said eying to the shop.

Arnav nodded and both headed to a shop.


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Aug 25

Chapter 2 - She loved his voice!! (By Angel23) (Thanked: 44 times)

Arnav and Anjali reached at their apartment.

"Arnav mamuuu!!" Anika, a sweet four years old girl stood on the door ready to welcome her favorite uncle.

"My princess!!" Arnav picked her from the floor entering in the house with her.

Anjali smiled and closed the door, leaving her bag and Arnav's at the sofa.

"Only remember of Mama!! What about me??" she pouted staring at Arnav-Anika gossiping with each other what they did today.

Suddenly she felt someone hugged her legs, and she knew exactly who the person is.

"Ayan my baby.." she smiled and lifted her four years old son, twin of Anika. 

"Mummaaaa.." he snuggle to her chest.

Arnav pouted: What about me Ayan??  Come and give me a tight hug..

Ayan smiled and quickly left Anjali and joined his uncle and his sister.

Anjali giggled and went to the kitchen, "Mumma bought your favorite juices Anika and your cookies Ayan.."

"Say thank you to mumma!!" Arnav whispered to both.

"Thank you mummaaa!!" both twins said in unison.

Arnav smiled and kissed both foreheads.

"Can I know why you all screaming?" Nani joined them in the living room.

"Arnav is here Nani!! You know they can't live without me.. But work keeps me away from my cuties.." Arnav said.

"Haan haan.. But they love their Nani also na.. It's not like when you're not here, they keep screaming your name.." Nani teased him.

"Aww Nani how mean!!" Arnav made a fake-hurt face to Nani.

Nani laughed and shook her head. Anjali sat with them in the living room.

"It was such a long day na! But it's good Chote you had lunch with me.." Anjali smiled.

"Is it possible you call me, and I don't come??" he asked raising his shirt collar as if saying he is the best..

"No, not possible at all.. My Chote can even get late for his work right? Don't your boss get angry on you? Or let me ask, do they know you purposely go late to work??" Anjali asked.

"I cook up some emotional story later.." Arnav chuckled.

Ayan and Anika giggled.

Anjali: Dare you both learn this from your uncle!!

Arnav stood up and walked to go to his room.

"Arnav mamu please take us too!!" Ayan peeked to see his uncle going through the sofa.

"Mamu will sing for you both tomorrow.. It's too late babies.. Mamu can't take you both there.." Arnav explained.

Both pouted sadly, and sat properly on the sofa.

"Aree why are you getting sad? I promise I will sing for you both.." Arnav returned to them and put his hand on their heads.

"We want to see you sing in front of everyone.." both said whining.

"It's not everyone!! Only some close friends who come to hear my songs, Mamu isn't any famous singer.. And it's too late, you both will get tired.." Arnav said expecting the both to understand him.

Anjali sat in between Anika and Ayan, "Forget mamu! We will watch cartoons today ok!!"

Nani nodded: Yes, your favorite cartoons and then Nani will make you both hear stories before sleeping..

Anika and Ayan looked at each other smiling, they liked the idea.

Anjali and Nani looked at Arnav, indicating him to go before the kids stop him again.

Arnav sent a flying kiss to both and went to his room to take a quick shower and later join his friends.


"I am sorry Doll.." Payal held her ear in front of Khushi.

"No! How can you leave me alone in shopping like this?" Khushi looked away.

"Heyy sorry yaar!! I can make it up for you.. Let's go to a beach near here, Akash's friend is gonna sing tonight.." Payal smiled excitedly.

"What?? Again Akash.. Payal I will kill you.." Khushi pouted.

"If not for Akash, then for his friend, let's go please.." Payal smiled blinking her eyes.

"Ok! For his friend only.. And if his friends sings terribly and waste my precious night where I should be at my room sleeping like a Princess, I will not spare him, Akash and you.." Khushi said and went to change her dress.

After sometime..

Garima came inside the room sighing, "Now where are you both going? It's too late.."

"Mumma please!! It's not that late.. We will be back home before 12pm ok??" Khushi giggled.

"No, before 10pm I want you here.." Garima frowned.

"Okay then!! Before 10pm I will be back to you.." Khushi said and hugged her mother from behind.

Garima smiled and caressed her cheeks, "Take care my Princess.."

Khushi nodded, "I will.."

Payal rolled her eyes, "Drama queens.. Let's go Khushi, we are getting late.. We will miss the man singing God.."

Khushi went running with her friend outside, and both went accompanied with Ram uncle.


Arnav was busy checking his guitar, and cleared his throat when finished.

"Ready for Friday's night!!" he said.

And his friends cheered for him, only Akash: Heyy wait.. My princess is coming.. Just two minutes..

Arnav rolled his eyes, "Seriously Akash!! I will have to wait for Payal.."

Akash smiled sheepishly, "Please.. She is coming with her friend.. And her friend never heard you sing before.. So please wait for the girl.."

"Who knows she might be the one for you Arnav??" his friends teased him.

Arnav smiled shaking his head, "Let's wait for the Princess of the night.." he said in a sarcastic tone

As soon as he said that, Khushi and Payal arrived to the place.

Akash smiled: There she is!

Everyone followed Akash's gaze, including Arnav.

"WOW.." he whispered staring at Khushi in a pink and white simple salwar kameez, much to his shock because in the morning, she was with modern clothes and he thought she doesn't wear traditional Indian clothes. And the wow just slipped from his mouth, seeing that Indian dresses fit perfectly in her, she is already beautiful, but this dress made her more beautiful than she is.

"Uuuhh.. wow.. gorgeous she is.." his friends mumbled commenting with each other about the new face for them.

Arnav frowned when he saw boys drooling over Khushi, he hit Rahul, his friend near him: Don't look at her like that.

"Hey yaar.. She is so beautiful.. How can I not look at her??" Rahul shrugged his shoulders.

"Because you can't.." Arnav simply said.

"Why??" Rahul looked at him suspiciously.

"Who will hear my songs, if you all keep looking at her? So stop giving her to much attention.." Arnav said.

Rahul looked convinced with the explanation, and Akash took the girls to sit  with him.

Khushi smiled and sat on the sand, hugging herself as she was feeling cold.

Arnav stare at her every move.

And Khushi glanced at the so called singer she came for, she got the shock of her life when she saw the same man who laughed at her face today morning.

She gritted her teeth staring at him, and Arnav realized that she recognized him, he giggled but managed to compose himself and start singing to entertain the crowd.

Khushi was busy sending glares to him, but as he kept singing. She fell in love with his voice, it touched her heart. It was so soft, like he felt each word of the lyrics of the song!! She was awed by him.

Arnav ended the song, Khushi pouted she didn't want him to finish the song, she was enjoying listening to him with closed eyes.

Arnav, who was only singing staring at her face, noticed her expression.

Akash looked at the girls, "Enjoyed??"

Payal nodded, while Khushi was busy cursing Arnav under her breath for finishing the song so early.

Arnav's friends walked to him, patting his shoulder or ruffling his hair while praising his talent.

Khushi and Payal also walked to him.

Arnav stood up when they came, he smiled like a mad man to Khushi.

"Wow Arnav!! You're superb.. I just loved your voice.." Payal said clapping her hands.

Arnav nodded: Thanks Payal!!

Khushi glanced at him and faked a smile, "You sing well.. Not something extraordinary.. But good.."

Arnav smirked, "That's why you made such a face when I finished the song, right??"

Khushi widened her eyes, how does he know that??

"I said na you sing well. If it was a great singer, like my favorites I would cried, but since it was your just good voice, I only pouted.." she bit her lips embarrassed, and explained what came in her mind.

Arnav nodded: Thanks for the lie..

Khushi jaws dropped seeing his confidence.

She pushed Payal to a corner, "See he is the same man who laughed at me today.. Mad man!!"

Payal giggled, "Ohh so Arnav laughed at you!! But seriously Khushi, who wouldn't laugh at you? Even I would if I was there.."

"Shut up!! Looks like I will have to play with the water here because you are at his side and I'm alone here.." Khushi said crossing her hands and sighing angry.

Payal rolled her eyes, "I will just come with popcorns for both of us.."

Khushi nodded excited to eat popcorns, she went running like a kid to play with water.

Arnav watched her while chatting with his friends.

Khushi put her feet giggling on the cold water, and stepped back.

She was doing it again and again, until Arnav joined her.

Arnav stood beside her, she glanced at him and looked away ignoring his side.

After some seconds of silence, he broke it by flirting with her!!

"If I drown in your beauty, I deserve a mouth to mouth respiration na??" Arnav whispered to her smirking.

Khushi mouth formed a big "O" shape.


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Aug 27

Chapter 3 - Arnav like Khushi! (By Angel23) (Thanked: 61 times)

"How dare you flirt with me??" Khushi put her hands on her hips ready to attack him.

"Flirt? What is that? I don't know what that means!!" Arnav asked making a confused face.

"Loser.." she looked at him with a sharp gaze.

"To make you win, I'm ready to always be called a loser.." Arnav winked at her.

Khushi shut her eyes tightly controlling herself.

Payal and Akash joined them, Payal handled Khushi her popcorns with soft drink.

Khushi took it from her hand, and glared at Arnav.

"Payal let's go.. I want to go home.." Khushi said.

"So soon?!" Arnav frowned.

"Be thankful about that because if I stay here for more time, I will surely break your face.." Khushi glared at him and held Payal's hand taking her from there.

Arnav laughed, "Listen.. I lost my phone number, can I borrow yours?"

Akash giggled, while Khushi gritted her teeth and ran from there to go away from this irritating man.

Akash: Tu bhi na!! I will have to listen from Payal tomorrow.. She will scold me, when you are the one who is flirting with her friend..

Arnav wrapped his arms around Akash's shoulders, "Tell her that I will flirt more with her friend. So be ready to not only scold, but beat you also.."

Arnav laughed and went running from there escaping from Akash, who wanted to attack him as soon as he realized what Arnav said.


Gupta's mansion:

Khushi changed her clothes and prepared to sleep.

Payal looked at her, and jumped in the bed, "I will take the left side.."

Khushi nodded and went to the right side.

"What? Are you really angry with Arnav?" Payal looked at her.

"Of course I am!! Payal he flirted with me, ME!! If I tell Papa what he said to me, Papa will beat him up badly.." Khushi pouted and hugged her pillow, covering herself with her blanket.

"Why didn't you say then to Shashi uncle?" Payal raised her eyebrows.

"Nothing.." Khushi turned her back to Payal.

Payal patted her back, "Tell me na.. What are you hiding from your sister?"

Khushi turned to her again, "Promise me you won't laugh!!"

Payal nodded, "Okay.. Promise.. Now please tell me.."

"He will call me Papa's girl later na.." Khushi said.

Payal pressed her lips to suppress the smile on her face, "Khushi you're just impossible.."

Khushi: I'm telling you he will.. He will laugh at me again and say that I need my father to deal with him.. So, I don't want him to win..

Payal smiled: I will talk with Akash tomorrow.. Arnav won't flirt with you anymore..

Khushi smiled: Really!! Please do it then..

Payal switched off the lights, and the two best friends set to sleep.


Arnav silently opened the door of the house, careful to not wake his Di and Nani.

He walked inside, and saw the lights on, "Is Di still awake?"

He glanced at living room, the TV was also on, and his eyes landed on sofa.

Anjali was sleeping with Anika and Ayan resting on her lap.

Anjali was resting her head on Nani's shoulder who also fell asleep.

He smiled, and picked Anika and Ayan with him, he went to their room and placed the babies on the bed.

Then headed again to the living room, and unfortunately had to disturb his Di and Nani's sleep.

Nani: Ohh we fell asleep here.. And boy.. Isn't it too late?!

Arnav yawned: Nani I have better idea.. Let's leave your lecture for tomorrow at the breakfast.. What say?

He kissed Nani's cheek, and then Anjali's.

Anjali smiled and patted his back, "Good night Chote!! Love you.."

"Good night Di.. Love you more.." Arnav said while heading to his room.

Anjali and Nani smiled looking at each other.

Anjali: Chote is the best brother I've got Nani!! See he took Anika and Ayan to sleep first..

Nani nodded, and kissed her forehead, "I pray to DM that you both never separate from each other and the love between you both keeps growing.."

Arnav jumped to his bed, and closed his eyes.

Khushi's images came in front of him.

"What a girl.. First I saw her in jeans and a top.. Then she surprises me with Salwar kameez.. Never mind, she looks beautiful in everything she wears.. But I personally loved to see her in salwar kameez.." Arnav talked with himself.

"What's her name?.. Let me ask Akash.." Arnav thought and grabbed his phone.

"Hi Akash.. Don't waste time.. Just tell me Payal's friend name.." Arnav said curtly.

"What? I'm so sleep yaar.. Let's talk tomorrow.." Akash yawned.

"What the.. Tell me her name now.. It's just a name yaar.." Arnav whined.

"It's her name!! And what if she and Payal don't like it? I think you should find out by yourself that.." Akash giggled.

"You're the worst friend in this world.." Arnav cut the call pouting.


"Aaaahhh.. please no.. don't do this.. please don't kill me.. nooo..." Khushi screamed in her sleep.

Payal switched on the lights quickly and patted her cheeks, "Khushi.. Khushi.."

Khushi opened her eyes, she was sweating and shivering.

"It's okay.. Calm down.." Payal caressed her hair.

Khushi sat on the bed, and Payal handled her a glass of water.

Khushi drank it in one go: Payal.. again.. the same dream..

Payal nodded and whispered: I know..

Khushi cried, "This nightmare doesn't leave me.."

Payal hugged her tightly, Khushi blinked her eyes resting her head on Payal's shoulder.

Payal already knew about Khushi's nightmare and she seriously doesn't know why Khushi gets the same dream every time.


"Good morning Di.." Arnav sat on the chair, glancing at his sister.

"Good morning Chote.. " Anjali smiled.

"Are wah! You woke up early today.." Nani looked at him surprised.

"Yeah.. I couldn't get sleep all night.." Arnav pouted.

"Why Chote?" Anjali caressed his cheeks.

"Because girls have so many names.. How am I supposed to find hers in such a long list?" Arnav said.

Anjali laughed: Chote!! What are you talking?

Arnav shook his head, "Di remember the girl I was laughing in the shopping, yesterday night I also met her, she is Akash's girlfriend means Payal's friend.. I flirt with her but I forgot to ask her name.. My bad luck.. So I went to my friend Google and started searching for girl's name to see which one suits with her face.. But it's too difficult yaar.. I thought Sona is cute name for her, but what if she turns out to be Kamla Devi!!"

Nani and Anjali burst out laughing at him, both high five with each other.

Anjali: Chote.. OMG.. I can't believe instead of sleeping, you kept searching for her name..

Nani: Why don't you ask Akash her name? Has your work blocked your mind from thinking?

Arnav glared at both, "Stop making fun of me!! I asked Akash, he refused to give me.. What can I do?"

Nani twisted his ear, "You're very naughty boy!! Didn't I told you flirting is not good???"

Arnav hissed in pain, "Naniiiii.. Please stop it.."

Nani left him, and he was like Thank-God.

Anjali giggled: Chote did you really like her? Or just having fun? It's not good to play with girl feelings like that..

As soon as she said that, the smile on her face faded away.

Arnav placed his hand on hers, assuring her, "I won't turn out to be like him Di.. Did you ever saw me playing with any girl like that?"

Anjali nodded sideways.

"Then don't worry..  Fake Sona is different for me.. If I'm going behind her, means.." Arnav smiled.

"She is special.." Nani and Anjali said at the same time.

Arnav nodded, "See how much you both are intelligent!"

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Sep 8

Chapter 4 - How do you know my name? (By Angel23) (Thanked: 83 times)

The red signal made his bike come to a halt.

"Dammit.. I'm getting late and this red signal had to come now.." Arnav looked away angry.

His eyes traveled to the road, and something, no.. someone caught his attention.

"Aree.. Sona.. what is she doing there??" he smiled staring at Khushi. 

He left his bike on the road, and walked to go to Khushi, who knows when he will meet her then.

"Heyyy are you mad? Why are you leaving your bike in the middle of the road??" one man shouted to him.

Arnav looked back at his bike, then at Khushi.

He pouted and sat on his bike, taking it to park.

"I shouldn't miss her this time.." he chanted on his mind, leaving his bike aside and again going to Khushi's side.

Khushi was crossing the road, lost in her thoughts.

She placed her hands on her ear, and shut her eyes tightly.

"No.. please stop the car.. please don't kill me.. Someone save me pleaseee.." Khushi screamed in the middle of the road, crying.

The green signal came on, and the cars started moving.

Arnav gulped staring at the scene happening in front of him, a car was  driving in Khushi's direction and she wasn't doing anything to save herself, instead was screaming something that he couldn't hear till now.

His heart skipped a beat, like right now he would lose someone precious to him, someone who means his life.

He went running to her, and at the nick time pushed her aside, and both went rolling to the ground.

He placed his palm on the back of her head, to make sure she doesn't hurt herself and his other hand traveled to her waist, tightening his grip on her.

Khushi opened her eyes and was numb, to even realize what happened with her.

She saw Arnav so close to her, and she wondered when did he came there.

Arnav helped Khushi to get up.

"What..happened?" she whispered staring at him.

"What happened? Are you blind? Dammit.. You could have died if I didn't reach in time KHUSHI.. What were you doing? Didn't you saw that car coming to you? Why didn't cross the road dammit???"Arnav yelled to her.

Khushi looked at him, "Woh.. I was.. I mean.. Kuch nahin.."

She sighed and bend to hold her bag, that fell.

Arnav bend down and took it for her, "Next time do pay attention on the roads before crossing.."

Khushi nodded scared of him, his tone was different from what he is. It seemed she was meeting a different person with Arnav's face.

Arnav cupped her face, "I'm sorry.. Khushi.. Are you alright?"

Khushi nodded her head, "Yes.. How do you know my name?"

Arnav's hands slowly left her cheeks, he wondered why was he calling her Khushi? And her name is Khushi too!! Why did he scold her like that when she is not even a close person to him? Who gave him to right to talk with her like that? And why is he so scared of losing her??

"Woh.. I think searching for your name in Google yesterday night I kept Khushi in my mind and called you here.." he explained, but he himself wasn't satisfied with this explanation.

Khushi's lips curved into a shy smile, he was searching for her name all night!! 

"Khushiiii.." Shashi came to her and pulled her into a tight hug.

Khushi hugged him back: Papa what happened?

"My bodyguard told me that a car was coming to your direction while you were crossing the road.. Didn't I told you to wait here for me? I just went to the pharmacy shop, and I would come back.. Where were going Khushi? Who saved you? I want to thank that person.." Shashi worriedly threw questions to her.

Arnav widened his eyes seeing Shashi aka his boss, "Oh man.. Khushi is Boss ki beti!! Arnav you're gone today.. You will lose your job for flirting with your Boss ki beti!!"

Shashi looked at Arnav, "Arnav tum? You saved my daughter life? Thank you so much Arnav.."

"Don't say thank you boss.. You will beat me up next.." Arnav thought faking a smile to Shashi.

Shashi hugged Arnav, "Thank you boy.. I will always be grateful to you all my life.. Don't know how to say, but saving Khushi's life, you saved mine.."

"It's okay boss.." Arnav whispered staring at Khushi, she was smiling.

"God.. Khushi must be smiling at my destruction only.." he gulped, then broke the hug.

"I'll get going.. I'm getting late for work.." Arnav said trying to run away from his boss and Khushi.

"No Arnav.. Let me drop you.. We are going to the same place by the way.. And I have a special work to give to you.. From today now on, Khushi will join in our company, so it's your job to explain her each thing about our company and make her the best business women like you, but just don't make her lazy like you okay.." Shashi smile walking towards the car.

Khushi giggled, "Should I tell Papa where you're not lazy at all? Friday's night right?"

Arnav walked to the car, and opened the door for her. Khushi got inside the car and he sat beside her at the back seat. While Shashi was on the front side with Ram.

"How is Akash? Wasn't he the one who told you my name?" Khushi asked Arnav.

"He is fine.. No, he didn't told me your name, but I asked.." Arnav replied.

"Then your guess was correct.. My name is Khushi only.." Khushi smiled.

Shashi: Do you both know each other before?

Khushi nodded, while Arnav looked at her with a sad puppy face pleading her to not say anything to her father, that he flirts with her.

Khushi didn't understood his signals, because she doesn't hate him anymore. He proved to be a good man by saving her life and then she still wasn't believing he spend the night searching for her name!!

"Haan Papa.. Yesterday the singer we went to meet, me and Payal.. is Arnav only.. he sings great Papa.. You have to hear him sing.. You will fall in love with his voice.. Now my favorite singer isn't Arijit Singh anymore.. It's (Khushi blushed).. Arnav.."

"Really.. Now I will save my money then with your concerts.." Shashi laughed.

Khushi pouted: Papa don't tease me..

"What the.. Khushi is talking good about me!! Wait.. Is this her plan to revenge slowly on me? I think she will torture me in office only then she will fire me later.. She won't let me go so easily.." Arnav thought staring at both father-daughter.


They reached office, and Shashi left Khushi and Arnav alone to meet his business partners.

"You're going to be like my boss na.. So tell him to explain your work.. What will you learn from a inexperienced designer like me??" Arnav asked placing his hand on his pocket, and looking as handsome as ever.

"Inexperienced? Papa was saying you are great in your work.." Khushi raised her eyebrows "And you wouldn't get to work in my father company if you didn't knew anything.."

"I mean I have nothing new to teach you.. What I can do here, everyone does.." Arnav bit his lips, here he was trying to escape from this girl, and now she was coming to him.

"Hmm.. So you will teach me na.. To take my father's place here, I will have to start like he started, face all the obstacles on my way, then I can proudly sit on his chair and say that I know what is to be here and respect his hard work too.." Khushi crossed her arms smiling.

Arnav nodded impressed with the way she thinks, she isn't a spoilt brat like he thought when he saw in shopping.

"So shall we start?" Khushi asked him.

Arnav nodded and guided her inside.

"Hii Sweetheart.." a girl waved at Arnav, curling her hair with her finger.

"Hello Senorita.." Arnav waved back at her smiling.

Khushi glared at him, "So here too your flirting time isn't spared right?"

Arnav bit his tongue, "No!! I mean I'm not flirting with her.. Tu bhi na.. You don't even know what flirting means?"

"Oh really?" she raised her eyebrows.

"Yes really.. Wait I will show you what flirt means.." he smirked.

"What? Will you flirt with me again??" Khushi frowned.

"No.. Just showing to you, if you want I can show it to you with Lav.. that girl.." he pointed to Lavanya, who was staring at them confused.

"Nahin.. No need.." Khushi said immediately.

Arnav got the chance he was waiting for, he pulled her to the wall and trapped her with his arms.

Khushi widened her eyes and gasped shocked. Was he only flirting or doing more than that?

"I'm doing an organ donation campaign! Don't you want to give your heart to me?" Arnav asked in a husky voice, staring deeply into her hazel eyes.

Khushi's heart beat increased, it was supposed to be his acting, but she felt it was real!! His voice made her feel goose bumps and she closed her eyes to calm herself.

Lavanya frowned: Who is this girl???

Preetika, her friend cried: Must be my Chocolate boy girlfriend.. I'm heart broken today..



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Sep 20

Chapter 5 - The feelings changing! (By Angel23) (Thanked: 78 times)

Khushi pushed him lightly, "Pagal.."

"Miss Khushi lets go and work.. You have a long day ahead.." Arnav said and climbed up the stairs heading to a room.

"Can I see your designs? Do you have some with you? Or I need to teach you that too.." Arnav asked her opening the door and making space for her to enter first.

"Very funny Arnav!! I am a designer.. You don't need to teach me that.. And very soon.. to be your Boss.." she smirked.

"Uff..For such Boss I will come to work even in Sundays.." Arnav said placing his hand on his chest dreamily.

Khushi laughed and smacked his shoulders, "You have a good sense of humor ahn!!"

"It's not sense of humor madam.. It's flirting!!!" he whispered near her ear.

Khushi pushed him, "Since you called me madam.. Let me tell you that you have to obey my words.. So from now on, No flirting at work..get that Mr.Arnav??"

"Sorry madam!! My heart can't help it.." he pouted.

Khushi chuckled and shook her head, "Can we talk about work??"

"Hmm.. Come here.. This is the place where we kept our designs..our collections.. and.." Arnav said explaining her the works done in every department, and he specified the designing part for her.


Lunch time..

"I think we can take a break now.. Lunch time.." Arnav said smiling cheekily.

"Ohh yes.. I'm very hungry.." Khushi said pouting.

Shashi came to them, he pulled Khushi to a side hug smiling, "Enjoying your first day??"

Khushi nodded smiling.

"How will she not enjoy sir?? After all Arnav Singh Raizada is here to guide her.." Arnav said and raised his shirt collar proudly.

Shashi pinched his cheeks, "Naughty boy!! Can I know why did you give yourself a holiday on Friday??"

"My Nani was sick Boss.." Arnav said.

"Aww liar.. Di was sick, and he was on shopping!!" Khushi thought glaring at Arnav for lying to her father in front of her.

"Is it? I'm sorry then.. I wish she recovers soon.." Shashi said patting his shoulder.

Arnav nodded, and behind his back he crossed his finger, thinking: Sorry DM.. I know you hate lies.. But I can't say to my Boss that I didn't came to work because I was on shopping na!! Try and understand my situation.."

"Khushi lets have lunch.." Shashi said taking her with him.

Khushi nodded and walked with him.

Arnav face palmed, "Boss bhi na.. Spoiled my plans to have lunch with this "Candy out of the box" (Khushi).."

Khushi stopped on her tracks and reminded herself of her purse.

"I forgot my purse Papa.. I will come back in a while.." Khushi said and went running back.

Shashi walked till his car then, waiting for his daughter to come back.

"Ohh you Candy out of the box you came!! Great.." Arnav smiled brightly ready to invite her to have lunch with him.

"I just forgot my purse.. And you.. How dare you lie to my Papa? You were in shopping right on Friday?" Khushi glared at him.

Arnav pouted sadly at the first thing she said, then he said, "You should be thankful to me you know Khushi.. I actually saved you with my lie.. Yes I was in shopping.. But think if I told your father that I saw his daughter in such state.. Screaming and whining about her hair, make up and all on a shopping mall.. Wouldn't that be embarrassing for you? I saved you.."

"Arnav don't take me as a fool okay.. Such a stupid explanation that got nothing to do with your lie.." Khushi shook her head in disbelief.

Arnav chuckled, "If you know it, stop eating my brain na.."

Khushi: Papa was right about you, Lazy!!

"Try me.. You will see how hard working I am.." Arnav winked at her.

Khushi placed her hands on her ear to not hear his flirting lines, and went running to take her purse.

Arnav laughed seeing her running away from him.

He went downstairs at the entrance of the company and waited there chatting with the guards.

"What happened beta?? Today you are chatting with me for so long, other days you just pass from here and there busy with your life.. Today you remembered me na.." the old man pinched his cheeks smiling.

"Now this is not fair uncle.. Don't I say good morning everyday to you??" Arnav said with a fake angry tone.

"I know everything.." the old man chuckled sarcastically at Arnav.

"Okay.. Okay.. I'm waiting for our Boss ki Beti to take her purse inside and then go with her father, then I can peacefully go and have my lunch.." Arnav revealed the truth to him.

"Ohh but why are you protective about her? Isn't Shashi sir here waiting for her? Then why do you need to stay?" the old man frowned.

"Ohh uncle ji..she is a girl and new here, if I don't stay here to keep a watch on her then other men will take advantage of her.." Arnav side hugged the old man explaining to him.

"Hmm.. Jealousy!!" the old man smirked.

"Nahin.. I'm just protecting Boss ki beti.." Arnav lied, looking away.

"Aur Arnav ki biwi.." the old man laughed.

"Shh.. Uncle ji what's wrong with you? I didn't even made her my girlfriend and you're talking biwi so loud like this.. You want boss to kill me or what??" Arnav widened his eyes shocked with the old man audacity.

"Dekha.. I managed to know your feelings for this girl.." the old man pinched his cheeks, "I am old now, but I've seen this world more than you beta.."

"Haan you proved to me how much you have seen this world.." Arnav sighed.

Khushi walked towards the exit door brushing her hair with a smiley face.

Arnav look at her lost in her, he smiled: Khushiiiii..

She turned back to him, and asked through her eyes "What??"

"You're not my neck.. But you make head turn!!" Arnav bid good bye to her with his flirting line!!

"Naughty boy!!!!" the old man and Khushi said at the same time.


Gupta mansion:

"He is funny, good man and flirty!!" Khushi giggled talking with Payal in the living room.

"Good man? Didn't you hate him??" Payal widened her eyes shocked.

"Haan good man.. He saved my life today Payal.. And then, although he flirts with me.. He didn't took advantage of me like others.. He was in his limits.. And flirting is in his blood I guess.. Every moment a flirting line at me.. I don't even know if I should laugh, blush or be angry with him!! Naughty!!" Khushi talked about Arnav lost in her dream world.

"Hmm.." Payal smiled.

"But something strange too happened today.. You know when he saved me, he screamed my name.. When he didn't even knew it.. And after that he scolded me like he knows me, I'm not a stranger to him, his eyes were dark and his whole face expression changed Payal.. He didn't even seem to be the same person.. It was scary.. Still I felt good don't know why.. I felt as if I know a person that is exactly with this behavior.. Strange.." Khushi said worried.

"Heyy relax.. Maybe you're thinking much.." Payal said caressing her shoulders.

"No, I'm not Payal.. This is all strange that happens with me.. Why do I get the same nightmares everyday? There must be a reason for it.. And today I was crossing the road, but my mind was in another place, it was another road and a car was coming to my way with the intention to kill me.. I was screaming for the person to stop but  the car just went on.. And at the nick of time, the car was close to me but it came to a halt and I was saved, and in reality Arnav pushed me down and saved me at the right time.." Khushi explained.

"What can be the explanation for this?" Payal said thinking.

"I don't know Payal.. But I feel scared now.. This isn't a normal nightmare for sure now.." Khushi said.

"Who should I ask help to? Papa is going to say that I'm imagining things.. And mumma will say for me to not take stress.. But I'm not!! Then what is this?" Khushi shut her eyes tightly.

"Aww baby please don't be upset.. We will surely find a solution for this.." Payal hugged her tightly.


Arnav sat on the restaurant chair and stuck his tongue out to Akash, "Khushi is her name!! I said for you I will find her name by hook or by crook.. Don't you ever underestimate the power of ASR.."

"What the hell!! How do you know her name Magician??" Akash widened his eyes in shock.

"I won't tell you that..Keep searching for that on Google all night like you made to.. This serves you right.." Arnav said with a complaining tone.

"I'm not a magician, she is for sure.. because everytime I look at her everyone else disappears from this world.." Arnav said and leaned on his chair with a charming smile.

Akash rolled his eyes, "Dare you flirt with her.. She is my girlfriend's friend.. You're gonna make my girlfriend break up with me.." 

"Why do you get scared of Payal? Is she a tigress?" Arnav asked sarcastically.

"Not less than that.." Akash replied sipping his juice.

"Come on just look at my face Akash.. What does it tell to you??" Arnav said.

"Your face is like "Are you serious??" Akash said.

"Exactly.. Are you serious?!.. And you don't need to worry about Payal, because Khushi is my friend now.." Arnav said.

"Ahn? So fast?" Akash looked at him confused.

"Off course man.. Do you doubt on ASR's magic??" Arnav smirked.

"Teach me your magic then.." Akash giggled.

"What no!! Wanna betray my Payal didi.." Arnav nodded sideways.

"Didi? Seriously Arnav you just love to tease others right??" Akash chuckled.

Arnav giggled and ordered a dish for himself when the waiter approached him.

"I'm always like this, but today I felt for a moment I was another person.." Arnav said thinking when he scolded Khushi for her carelessness.

"Why? What happened?" Akash asked him.

"Nothing.. Forget it.." Arnav shook his head, and engaged himself in another topic with Akash.


Khushi climbed down the car, and stare back at Ram, "Ram Uncle bye!!

"Bye bitiya.. Call me when you leave from office if Shashi sir isn't here okay.." Ram smiled at her, he treats Khushi as his own daughter.

"Okay.." Khushi nodded smiling and went from there waving at him.

"He will kill you!!" a scary old lady suddenly appeared in front of Khushi.

"Aaahh.." Khushi stepped back in fear.

"He will kill you.." she repeated the words, coming close to Khushi and trying to hold Khushi.

Khushi cried, "Leave me.. Who are you??.. Leave me.."

Arnav came running to Khushi, "Heyy who are you? Just leave her.."

Arnav pushed Khushi from the lady, and asked the guards to take her away from the company.

Khushi rested her head on Arnav's chest, and clutched his shirt crying.

"Relax.." Arnav caressed her hair, trying to calm her.

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