Need a help and important

Aug 13, 2017

Need a help and important (By Chamkililaadgoverner) (Thanked: 13 times)

Hi guys all of you, I am just stuck in a problem now.. The day I was fearing  finally came.. All these days I was thinking what to do when I too will face same situation like others but now when I have faced it, I  am confused..

Don’t think too much.. I am talking about Plagiarism.. My story “ Second Love and Marriage 2” is plagiarized in one of the site.. In the past, when ever I read other  writers mentioning their stories were plagiarized, I used to feel bad for them.. But now, I don’t understand what to do.. The site where it was copied is malware site which means if you open it, there are high chances that your device may caught by virus..

I am thinking to go for copyright of my stories.. I don’t know how to copyright for stories.. So, if anyone knows about how to copy right stories, plz say me..

Until I can’t sort out this issue, I won’t update any of my stories..

If I don't get any option finally, I will delete my stories from here..


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Love u Sarun