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Jul 5, 2017

OS - Trust.. (By Angel23) (Thanked: 187 times)


" Papaaa..." a two and half years old baby girl, hugged her father who was peacefully sleeping on the bed.

" Hmm..Pari..baby.." he lazily opened his eyes to find his princess cuddling to him, kissing her chubby cheeks, he asked "Mumma?"

" Mumma..cooks..for Pari.." she said in her baby voice.

" And here is breakfast little baby.." Anjali came in, with soup for Pari.

"Is she fine now?" Arnav touched his daughter's forehead, to see if she still has fever or not.

" Haan Chote.. I took Pari to hospital yesterday only.. Doctor said she is better now.." Anjali smiled and lifted Pari to feed her.

" Di..where is Khushi?" Arnav asked.

" Khushi has gone out.." Anjali said "Do you want anything?"

" No.. did she left some blue file with you? I told her yesterday to find it for me.. She told me she will give me today if she finds.." Arnav asked.

" No Chote..but if you want I can ask Sheetal to look it for you.." Anjali smiled.

" No that's not needed.." he said and left to the bathroom.

Anjali smirked and went to Sheetal's room.

" Sheetal take this file and give it to Chote.. Tell him I told you to look for it and you found it.." Anjali said.

" Thanks Di..you're helping me in getting Arnav.." Sheetal smiled all happy.

" Okay go.." Anjali patted her cheeks smilingly, as soon as Sheetal left, Anjali went running to Pari who was waiting to eat her soup.

" Sorry baby.. Ma is here.." Anjali smiled and feed her soup.

" Bua why did make Pari wait? Pari .. very hungry.." Pari pouted.

" Don't call me Bua Pari.. Call me Ma.." Anjali smiled pinching her cheeks.

" Why bua? Mumma is my mumma.." Pari looked at her innocently.

" Haan but you can call me Ma, no? Am I not like your mother?" Anjali clenched her fist, but still faked a smile on her face.

" Yes.. Pari will call you Maa.." Pari smiled drinking her soup.

After sometime, Arnav reached downstairs with the blue file on his hand.

Anjali: Chote you found it?

Arnav looked at the file: No Di.. Sheetal gave me, she found it..why did you told her to?

Anjali: When your wife is so busy Chote, God knows where.. And I'm busy with Pari..I had to take help from Sheetal..and see she did what I asked her to without even complaining.. She is a good girl..

Arnav looked at his daughter playing with her dolls, he smiled at her: Parii..what's my baby doing?

" Playing papa.. with my Doll.. do you know her name Papa?" Pari smiled at her father.

" No I don't know.. Tell me her name.." Arnav asked her.

" Khushi.." Pari giggled kissing her doll's cheeks.. " Beautiful like my Mumma.."

Arnav stare at her lovingly, he decided to call Khushi to share with her what Pari just said to him.

" What the.. Phone switched off.." Arnav frowned.

" I told you Chote she is busy.. I think she has gone out with her friends.. These days she doesn't even look at her own daughter face.." Anjali sighed serving the breakfast for Arnav.

Arnav became upset, he left the plate and went directly outside.

" Plan successfully done.. Well done Anjali..if Chote becomes upset with Khushi, he will send her out of here..and I will stay with Pari all day, I will be Pari's mother.." Anjali smiled.


Khushi returned home, and Anjali was playing with Pari, and Sheetal with her son, Aarav.

" Parii.." Khushi smiled and called her daughter in a baby tone.

" Mummaaa.." Pari left Anjali, and went running to her mother's arms.

Anjali got angry with the scene, while Sheetal glared at Khushi.

Sheetal: Khushi can't you let Di stay with Pari for a while? She is your daughter, but she can stay with her family members also right? You can't be this selfish..

Mami came there and heard their conversation, she glared at Khushi: Hello hi bye bye..you stay all day outside..don't take care of your own daughter and now come to show your rights.. What type of mother you're? Anjali is the one who stays with Pari all day, and now you come here and snatch her from Anjali, can't you let Chote's daughter play with us sometime?

Khushi looked at Mami with moist eyes, she nodded and left to her room leaving Pari with them.

Pari followed her mother, Khushi felt someone behind her.

She turned and saw Pari behind her, with a lop sided smile.

" Pari..go and play with bua.." Khushi smiled.

" No.. I want to stay with you mumma.. You left Pari in morning.. " Pari complained and hugged her mother's legs.

Khushi knelt down to reach Pari's level, " Aww my baby.. I'm sorry.."

" But you were playing with Bua and Aarav na.. Go and play with them.. then you will come to Mumma in the evening.." Khushi kissed her daughters forehead.

And everyone were burning in jealousy, as Arnav's daughter only loves her mother.

" Nahin mumma.. I want to play now with you.. Pari's doll name is..Khushi..do you want to meet her??" Pari smiled and went running to Anjali, Anjali thought she came back to him, but frowned when Pari took the doll that was on the sofa.

" Mumma look...her name is Khushi.." Pari giggled.

" Aww my name.." Khushi widened her eyes.

Pari giggled more, " Beautiful like you mumma.."

Khushi planted another kiss on Pari's cheeks, and lifted her to their room.

" Hello hi bye bye look at her.. Even when I scold her so much she still took Pari from us.. shameless woman.." Mami looked angrily at Khushi disappearing figure.

" Don't know why Chote married her..now she is showing us her real face.." Anjali said with moist eyes, as Khushi just took Pari from her.

" I have a plan.." Sheetal smiled slyly.

" What?" Mami and Anjali looked at her.

Sheetal told them what's need to be done. And the two agreed for it.


At night, Arnav returned and went to his room without talking with anyone.

HP called him for dinner, which he denied.

Khushi got worried, she left with a tray to their room.

Leaving the tray on the dresser, she caressed his shoulder: Is everything alright with you?

Arnav hugged her tightly, Khushi stroke his hair: I was with Buaji in hospital, she was not feeling well.. I left your blue file with Di..did she gave you?

Arnav looked at Khushi confused: No.. Di told me you didn't gave her anything..

Khushi quickly understood Anjali was trying to separate her from Arnav, but she didn't say anything.

" Why did Di lie to me?" Arnav said, making Khushi look at him astonished.

" Arnav..you.." her happiness knew no bounds today, her husband believed in her words today, after Shyam's fiasco, she never thought he would believe in her over his sister. Arnav always choose his sister over her, but today he shocked her.

" Yes I trust you.." he smiled at her, " That's the promise I did when we remarried.." he kissed her forehead.

" I thought you would not believe in my words.." she closed her eyes crying..

"I will never repeat my past mistakes Khushi.. " he consoled her.

" I l..love you.. Arnav.." she blushed and hugged him again.

" I love you too Khushi.." he smiled. And looked around the room.

"Where is Pari?" he asked.

" She must be playing with Aarav.." Khushi said, and started feeding him.

" Khushi I'm not a kid.." he said irritated.

" You're my kid.." she giggled and continued feeding him.

Their happiness didn't last for long, when they heard Pari crying.

Khushi and Arnav left the room running.

" What happened to my baby?" he lifted Pari from the floor.

Pari was crying uncontrollably, and patted her back to calm her.

Khushi was caressing Pari's hair trying to calm her baby: Pari..don't cry..you're mumma's strong girl right? ..then stop crying..

Pari raised her hands to Khushi, Arnav left her in her mother's arms, Pari buried her face on her mother's hair sobbing a little, Khushi caressed her till she calms down.

" What happened to my Pari?" Khushi sat with Pari on the sofa, and Arnav also came to sit with them.

Sheetal and Anjali were burning in jealousy after seeing that Arnav didn't scold Khushi at all.

" Why are you asking what happened to her? If you were a good mother, you would know.." Mami taunted her.

" Khushi you must be responsible now.. Pari is your daughter, and it's your duty to be with her. But you're always with your husband or disappearing all the time from the house, what's there outside that keeps you away from staying with your own daughter?" Nani scolded her.

" Nani I.." Khushi tried to say something, Arnav pressed his palms on her gently.

" My wife takes care of me and my daughter..she doesn't need to show you all that.." Arnav looked at Nani and Mami.

He was in ASR mood, that could be seen perfectly on his face, scaring the hell out of Mami, while Nani just shook her head.

" Mumma..the floor hit Pari badly.." Pari pouted rubbing her eyes.

" Ohh..bad floor.. Mumma will beat him right away.." Khushi smiled and kissed her forehead.

" No..don't beat.. Pari doesn't like fights..no fights.." Pari said cutely.

" Acha okay.." Khushi giggled, her daughter is a drama queen yet innocent one like her.

" I have two Khushi now to take care of.." Arnav smiled.

" Papa I'm Pari..not Khushi.." Pari pouted confused.

" Papa is talking about your doll.. She is also Pari na.." Arnav lifted her  and held Khushi's hand, taking both to their room.

Arshi room:

Arnav placed his daughter carefully on the bed.

Arnav: Show me where you got hurt..

Pari showed him her elbow, Arnav caressed it and she hissed in pain.

" Sorry..baby.." he said looking at her cute expression just like her mother.

Khushi bandaged the wound and made Pari sleep on her lap.

" Is buaji fine now?" Arnav asked making Khushi rest her head on his shoulder.

" Better.." Khushi said stroking Pari's hair.

" What's wrong with everyone here? Why I felt everyone is against you?" Arnav asked.

" I don't know.." Khushi shrugged her shoulders, and closed her eyes letting herself drift on a deep sleep.

" You don't know or you're hiding from me Khushi.." Arnav thought, he planted a kiss on her forehead.

And then made her lay properly on the bed, with Pari..


The next morning:

Khushi was serving breakfast for everyone.

"All day same boringwa food.." Mami complained rolling her eyes.

" I can take you to a new restaurant today Mami" Sheetal smiled.

" Take her everyday Sheetal then..because I won't stop eating the handmade food of my wife.." Arnav said glancing at his mami, who gulped looking at him.

" Mami should I do something else for you?" Khushi asked.

" No..why should you? Sheetal will take her outside.." Arnav pulled Khushi to sit on the chair.

He also sat with Pari, trying to feed his little baby.

Anjali: Chote give her to me.. I will feed her.. She only accepts me.

Pari smiled: Maa..  I don't want to drink this milk..

Arnav looked at Pari: Why are you calling her as Ma? She is your bua Pari..

Pari pouted: Bua told me..to call .. her maa..

Arnav frowned: Di can I know why? Khushi is Pari's mother.. And she is alive also..

Khushi nodded sideways to Arnav, who was already angry.

" Chote don't mind me saying this, but more than Khushi.. I stay with Pari. And now I look like her mother..so.." Anjali tried to continue only to be cut by Arnav.

" You look like Di..you aren't her mother.. And let her stay with Khushi also, Khushi will look like her mother only.. Why is it everyday I found you snatching Khushi's rights from her?" Arnav shouted making everyone shocked with his sudden outburst.

Pari shut her eyes tightly, sobbing a little. She raised her arms to go to Khushi, Khushi took her from Arnav's arms: Arnav.. (she glanced at him showing him that he is scaring Pari)

Arnav kissed Pari's cheeks mumbling sorry to her, he looked at Khushi: Take her to my room with Aarav.

Khushi: Arnav you don't need to do all this.. please don't fight with Di..

Arnav: I'm bearing all this since two years.. Today I won't..

Khushi tried to make him understand, but he signaled her to take Pari to their room.


Anjali's room:

"Why are you doing this?" Arnav asked a silent and crying Anjali.

" Chote I just care for Pari..your wife doesn't give attention to a baby, what's my fault if Pari is attached to me now?" Anjali said crying.

" What the.. Di..don't think your brother is blind when it comes to you.. what do you think? Since Pari was born, you're always trying to take Khushi's place in her life.. Why Di? Khushi is her mother.. First I thought it was normal because you lost your baby, and you felt Pari could fill that empty space in your life by making you happy.. But I never imagined that you would start snatching her real mother's place.. Yesterday when I saw Khushi's eyes, she was hurt Di..very hurt.. and why wouldn't she be? Being a mother, she wants every morning to feed her daughter, every afternoon play with her daughter and at night cuddle with her daughter to sleep..but you snatched that happiness from her Di..and that pagli doesn't even complain to me or anyone..she lets you stay with our daughter all day, and is scared to say anything to you otherwise you would feel bad because you lost your baby..that's why she keeps quiet.. And on top of that you're trying to prove her as a bad mother.. Why do you think?  I will fall on this trap now.. I won't Di.. Because I stayed with Khushi those nine months, I talked with her,  I saw her care for the unborn baby on her belly,  I saw the unlimited happiness in her eyes when first time baby kicked her, everyday I returned from office I found her on our bed chatting with my baby in her own world, no one was with her that time, they were more worried for you because you lost your husband and baby..and with Payal and Akash little baby.. But she had me, we both cared for each other every day and waited eagerly for our baby to come in this world.. And now you do this to me and my wife..why Di?.. You gave the blue file to Sheetal to give it to me, to create misunderstanding between us, you told me she left early in the morning without telling you all where she went, when you knew Buaji is ill.. And I don't know what you keep telling to other family members that they are against Khushi now.. Stop this Di.. Please stop.." Arnav said in a broken voice, he walked to leave the room but Anjali held his hand.

" Chote..yes I did all this.. I was helpless Chote.. I love Pari as her real mother Chote.. I can take care of Pari better than Khushi.. (sobbing) Chote you know I can't conceive now, please give Pari to me.. Please.. I promise I will keep quiet in my place with my daughter.. Chote you and Khushi can have another baby..please have some pity on me, please chote..give your daughter to me.." Anjali cried resting her forehead on his hand.

" Di..what are you saying?.. How can I give Pari to you?" Arnav asked shocked.

" Why not Arnav? You know Anjali will never experience a mother's feeling, why can't you help her? She is your sister Arnav.." Sheetal came in the room to protect Anjali.

" Pari symbolizes our love, she is my and Khushi's first child.. And more than me, Khushi has full rights on her daughter, Khushi will never give Pari to you Di..and neither I will accept that. Di Pari has a lot of feelings attached to us.. I'm sorry.. I can give you anything you want that is mine, Pari is not only mine, she is Khushi's daughter, the woman who bear her nine months and dream of Pari everyday.. I can't snatch such a big happiness from my wife..  Bhai hoon, God nahin.. " he glared at both.

" Chote can't you do this for your Di? Your wife totally changed you now.. earlier you would do everything I wanted and today you shouted at me.. I'm sure Khushi instigated you to do this.." Anjali cried badly in Sheetal's arms.

" Hello hi bye bye..true.. ASR always sacrifices his life for his Di, why not today?" Mami taunted him, as soon as she entered in the room with Nani beside her.

" That's because my life doesn't belong to me anymore, it belongs to my wife and my daughter.." Arnav replied back.

" Khushi has really changed you.." Nani looked at him.. " How can you say such thing to your sister? You know she lost her baby Arnav and you hurt her like this, why can't you both give Pari to her when you can have another child? You're being selfish now.." Nani shouted.

" Selfish!!" Arnav smiled faintly.." Selfish I never was..but now I want to be.. I worked hard everyday for the luxury you all are living today.. I listened to Di's words without even thinking of me.. I spent all my day thinking about her, and I'm selfish..my childhood just passed by and I became the man who couldn't even express his own feelings, because even before he could say what he wished, another person came to him to fulfill their wishes.. I was always left behind.. But the man you're all seeing now, is a changed and happy man, only because of one woman..Khushi, my wife..she is the one with whom I can share my feelings, my pain, my happiness, my wishes..everything, she is the only woman who gives me happiness, and two years back she gave life to a little baby that means my life now, and you all want to snatch her from me.. I can't do that.. If there is someone I would never leave in my life, then it's Khushi and Pari. I made one mistake by hating her because I didn't trust and always hurt her because of Shyam.. I don't want to hurt her anymore.. It's enough you all.." he shouted his heart out, with moist eyes.

" Chote please don't get angry.. And Pari isn't your first child Chote.." Anjali dropped the bomb.

Arnav looked at her shocked: What???

Anjali showed him the DNA reports of Aarav and him, " This is the truth, Sheetal is the first woman in your life, and she gave you Aarav.." she cried.." Please leave Khushi now, and live with Sheetal and your son, then give Pari to me.."

Arnav threw the papers angrily, " I don't believe in this nonsense.."

Sheetal jaws dropped: Even with DNA? It doesn't lie Arnav.. Aarav is our son..

" Why? Because he talks like me, eats like me, sits like me? Are you mad Sheetal? Like really? You seriously think I'm going to give in just like this.. And yes DNA results don't lie, but people like you know very well how to manipulate few nurses and doctors and get your work done.. I'm Arnav Singh Raizada no one can fool me just like that.. I never came so close to you, then how come Aarav is my child?" Arnav shouted coming near her with a dangerous glare.

" You..party..drunk.." Sheetal stammered unable to maintain eye contact with him.

" I was drunk in a party and took advantage of you..perfect plan Sheetal.." he smirked.


" Mumma..papa angry with Pari..because Pari didn't drink milk?" Pari asked her mother while a small tear left her cute eyes.

" Nahin.. meri Pari.. Papa isn't angry with you.. but you have to drink that milk.." Khushi wiped the tear in her eyes.

" I will.." Pari said and hugged her mother, Khushi hugged her back thinking what is happening in Anjali's room now.


" Which party are you talking about by the way? Because the one I remember I was with you.. I wasn't drunk.." he said making Sheetal looked down in fear.

" Two months you're staying in this house as a guest.. I thought you would not poke your nose in our family matters, but not only that you also had plans to start a family with me? Wah Sheetal.. You even brought my carbon copy here.. That's really funny you know.. You used that innocent child to make him like me and prove to everyone that he is my child, right? Tell me, was this your plan??" Arnav shouted.

Khushi came running to the room hearing his shouts, " Arnav.." she called him softly.

He looked at her worried form, and calmed a bit.

" Khushi come here.." he called her, and she obeyed him.

" Did you ever thought Aarav is my son because he does everything like me?" he asked.

Khushi nodded sideways: You already told me that Sheetal and you were never that close..

Arnav nodded: That's all I wanted, now I don't need to prove it to anyone.. Let's go..

He held her hand and walked out of the room, Khushi kept asking him what happened but he wasn't in mood to answer her now, later he would explain,  for now he wanted to be far away from this family.

" Arnav what are you doing? Why are you packing our bags?" Khushi asked him all confused.

" I don't want to stay here anymore.." he whispered, and she looked at him shocked.

" What? What happened Arnav? We can't live our family like this.." Khushi said shaking him.

" I know.. I'm not leaving them..  But I don't to stay here..it's suffocating me this place now.. I just want you and Pari now..please.." he whispered broken.

" Okay.." she cupped his face, worried, she had many questions on her mind, but for now it was important to make him calm, pecking his lips, then she helped him pack their bags.


Weeks later..


" Good morning.." she smiled opening the door of their room, but soon a pout formed in her lips when she saw Arnav-Pari still sleeping cuddling to each other..

She shook her head smiling, a new start for them.. Arnav told her everything that happened on that day, she was so so hurt with Anjali for thinking like that, and also for trying to make Arnav leave for Sheetal and accept Aarav as his son, she forgives everyone, but this time Anjali just crossed her limits, that she thinks she would never forgive Anjali now.. But one thing that made her the happiest woman in all this, was Arnav..he fought with his family for her, with his Di for her, he rejected giving their child to his Di, he showed his trust on her, he really turned himself a prince from the ruthless villain he was for her!! She couldn't ask for more now.. She finally managed to bring the Arnav inside him, and he became a prince for her, and their daughter a blessing God send to them that only made their relationship stronger than before.. 

Nov 28, 2017

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