Dead Roses

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Aug 29, 2017

Dead Roses... Part 41 (By Taanihalai) (Thanked: 36 times)

Both Khushi and Lavanya arrived at the mansion in no time and found Kabir already there waiting for them, Khushi felt nervous as she stepped out of the car and walked towards Kabir wondering what he might have found out.

She just hoped whatever it was, it was going to put an end to everything that had been happening all this while.

“What is it Kabir?” She asked with a trembling voice.

“Let’s go inside first, I have to show you something, and please be calm and listen to everything I tell you calmly okay?”

Khushi nodded although her heart was feeling weak by now, she had made all the possible assumptions in her mind and was now even feeling tired of overthinking this things.

They all settled down on the sofa while Khushi looked at Kabir waiting for him to tell her everything he had found out.

“I went to Arnav’s place, and this is what I found” Kabir said as he held the diary in front of Khushi.

“What is this?” Khushi asked as she took the diary from him to give it a look.

“This diary belongs to Kriya, and you will be surprised to know that Kriya was Arnav’s sister” Kabir said leaving Khushi in complete shock.

“You can’t be serious” Lavanya said

“I read the diary a bit, and according to it, that’s what I found out, Arnav and Kriya were siblings, Aman is Arnav’s friend and used to be Kriya’s best friend that is why he told you he loved her which was true but according to what I read in the diary, Kriya dint love him, she loved Yash, that is Khushi’s brother” Kabir said as both Khushi and Lavanya looked at each other in complete shock.

“Now the confusion here is, I don’t understand who was stalking you, both of them were related to Kriya in one way or the other and both have the motive to stalk you but my doubt is on Arnav, firstly because he always avoided the topic about the stalker and secondly Lavanya told us that Aman had mentioned about Kriya to her, so if he really was the stalker, he wouldn’t have ever mentioned that.

He would have tried to hide every detail that would lead you to him but he dint hide anything, but then like we can’t also forget he was caught out here with flowers at the odd time when your stalker also left flowers for you but then he narrated a different story which seemed quite genuine.

So all I can do is make assumptions only, it’s upon you to confront both of them and ask them who did it to you because now you’re sure that it’s either of them.”

“It can’t be Arnav, I’m sure it can’t be him, he would never do this to me, he would never hurt me” Khushi said as she stood up.

“At times it’s not okay to trust someone so much Khushi, once the trust breaks we are the ones to be left shattered”

“I know Arnav would not break my trust, and I will always trust him” Khushi said as she ran to her room while tears started rolling down her eyes.

“Don’t worry Kabir, I’ll talk to both Arnav and Aman and get to know who was behind this, I don’t know if I’ll be able to forgive Aman if he’s the one because I just hope it’s not Arnav… you don’t know how vulnerable Khushi is, she won’t be able to take the truth, she’ll break”

“I really hope she doesn’t get hurt like you are saying, please keep her strong” Kabir said

“I’ll try and thank you for your work, I’ll send your payment to the office by tomorrow” Lavanya said

“That’s not an issue” Kabir said as he stood up and walked away.


Lavanya walked into Khushi’s room and found her hugging her pillow tight as she cried her heart out.

She walked towards her and lied next to her, they dint say a word to each other for so long, Khushi was trying all she could to control her tears but they dint seem to stop, there was this fears he had developed in her heart, the fear of Arnav being the Guilty one.

She dint even know how she was going to react if what Kabir had said turned out to be true but then she had full faith on Arnav and she believed he wasn’t involved in this at all.

“We need to talk to them Khushi” Lavanya said finally breaking the silence.

Khushi looked at her terrified, she dint know what she wanted right now, everything was scaring her.

“What if we talk to them and neither of them admits to it?”

“I have a plan” Lavanya said as Khushi looked at her in surprise, as much as she wanted to sit here and believe Arnav wasn’t wrong, she also wanted to find out who was stalking her and why were they doing that to her.

“Fine tell me” She said as she sat upright to face Lavanya while Lavanya started explaining the plan she had in her mind.


Khushi and Lavanya waited in the hall impatiently for both Arnav and Aman to arrive, they knew once they were here it would take them only a few moments to get to know the truth.

“Don’t worry Khushi, everything is going to be well soon” Lavanya said

“I just hope so” Khushi said sadly

The doorbell rang while Lavanya headed to open the door, Khushi stood up there waiting for both Aman and Arnav to come in, her heart was like running a race right now, she could feel it beating in her chest as loud as possible.

“What is it? Why did you call us both here urgently?” Aman asked as he walked inside followed by Arnav who headed towards Khushi directly.

“Is everything okay Khushi? You look so pale, what happened so suddenly and why did you leave from the university before informing me?

Is your health okay Khushi? At least talk to me, you are getting me worried, what happened to you, why do you look so different so sad?” Arnav asked

“Kill the suspense guys, tell us why you called us here, what is it? And why are you both giving us such weird looks?” Aman asked

“This, this is what we called you both for” Khushi said as she held the diary in front of Arnav and Aman.

They both looked at the diary for a moment realizing what it was and then turned to look at each other in shock, this was something they hadn’t even expected in their worst nightmares.

“Kabir found this in your house, now do you want me to say the truth or would you do the honors yourself?” Khushi asked feeling weak in her knees.

She looked at Arnav and then Aman, both of them had the shocked kind of expressions on their face but neither of them spoke a word.

This suspense was now killing her more and more, she wanted to put an end to this but neither of them was saying anything.

Aman stood still and rooted where he was but Arnav took a step closer to Khushi and cupped her face as he looked her into the eyes, his eyes were full of guilt and she feared what she dint want to happen was actually going to happen.

His hands trembled and she could feel them going cold slowly, he started taking in deep breath and with each and every small thing, he heart started breaking.

“I am sorry Khushi, please forgive me for this” Arnav said as Khushi looked at him in shock.

So he was the culprit? Kabir had been right all this while about him? And she thought he was innocent?

She wanted to think all this was just a dream and that she would wake up from it because she trusted Arnav so much, she never thought he would do something like this and right now even when he was standing right here, in front of her apologizing for his mistake, she dint want to believe it was him.

“Why? Why did you do this to me?” Khushi asked as she took a step backward.

“I dint want to, I was helpless, I dint know it was you but when I got to know I stopped doing it, I am so sorry, I really am, please forgive me Khushi please” Arnav begged.

Khushi stood there like a pillar as she stared at Arnav in shock, the person she loved the most and trusted the most was the one to do all this terrible things to her?

Aug 30, 2017

Dead Roses... Part 42 (By Taanihalai) (Thanked: 28 times)

Khushi fell down on her knees, she couldn’t stop staring at Arnav and wondering how he, out of everyone else in the whole world would do this to her.

It was still impossible for her to believe this, she wished it was a dream and she was going to wake up and everything was going to be fine but maybe that wasn’t going to happen.

She stared at him as tears rolled down her eyes, the pain she felt was something she couldn’t explain, how could the man she loved so much be the one to terrorize her by stalking her and doing all those terrible things he did to scare her?

Yeh.. pyaar mein kyun hota hai…

“I am so sorry Khushi, I dint know it was you, I dint ever want to hurt you, I love you so much I can’t even think of hurting you”

“But the fact remains to be that you did, you dint just hurt me, you destroyed me completely Arnav… How could you do this to me Arnav? How could you?”

Kyun kisi ko wafa ke badle wafa nahin milti…

kyun kisi ko duaa ke badle duaa nahi milti…

kyun kisi ko Khushi ke badle Khushi nahi milti…

“Khushi, please let’s sit and talk, I can explain everything, give me just one chance and I’ll explain everything, let’s talk”

“Of course we will talk, don’t you think I want to know why the man I love so much was the one to stalk me like some psycho and send me dead roses with scary note and even blood at times, don’t you think I want to know why I was chosen for this so special treatment?

Yes we will talk Arnav because I need answers, I need to know why despite me telling you never to hurt me like this again, you did just exactly that, why despite me loving you so much you had to do this terrible thing to me.

I want to know why you, the man I loved and the one who claimed to love me in return wanted me to live the rest of my life in horror, so explain yourself Arnav, I need a damn explanation.

I need an explanation to what you said, to what you promised me, you told me you had changed and despite my promise to my brother that I’ll never be with the bad guy, I chose you, I broke the promise and chose you and you still did this to me…

Why Arnav, why?”

Ishq kitna rulaaye… saari duniya bhulaye.. bekraari badaye… chain ek pal na aaye…

Arnav held her by the shoulder as he helped her stand up and then took her to the sofa as they both sat there face to face, tears couldn’t just stop rolling down her eyes, she was really hurt.

“I am sorry Khushi, my intentions were never to hurt you”

“So you thought that stalking with me would give me happiness Arnav?”

“I dint mean it that way… okay let me explain it from the beginning. Kriya was my sister, I loved her a lot, she was like my whole world, I used to do everything I could to see her happy.

One day a man entered in her life, and snatched my sister away from me, she committed suicide because of him, today if my sister isn’t with me, it’s all because of him, you know who that man was Khushi?

It was Yash! Your brother. I don’t have better words to explain this than what Kriya had written in that diary, I think you better read it and when you finish, I’m sure you’ll get your answers as to why I did this and the rest I’ll explain it all myself”

Khushi looked at Arnav for a while and then turned to look at the diary she was holding in her hand, she flipped the pages and started reading it, she had to know what had happened and how it was all related to her.

I met him again today, he smiled at me as I passed by and I could hear all the boys in his gang teasing him, I don’t know why they always found me strange, maybe it was because I rarely talked to anyone, but then Yash was different of them all, he was smart, polite and not to miss very attractive.

He had this six pack abs he used to show off but it was cute, he was the most polite person I had ever met, just that he was in a bad company.

I couldn’t stop thinking about him the whole day and his smile dint seem to be fading away from my memories, everything felt beautiful suddenly and I had this urge of seeing him every now and then suddenly.


I had memorized all the places he usually visited at break or lunch and I would make sure I reached the before he could so I’d just get to see him.

Today he decided to go a step ahead and joined me at the canteen, he was alone when he walked in and as soon as he spotted me in a corner he walked towards me and settled himself in front of me, I was nervous, everything about him was so intimidating, even his presence.

“Hi Kriya” He said in his husky voice and I was completely flattered on how he said by name, it hadn’t sounded this beautiful ever.

“Hi Yash” I blushed but tried to hide it.

“I am surprised, so you know my name, you aren’t as anti-social as people say, so tell me, how come you’re always alone, don’t you want friends or?”

“I rarely trust people, I need friend who can last, who can understand me and who are completely loyal and then I’m very shy to start friendship so in case anyone tries I don’t make much effort if I know they aren’t the kind of friends I want”

“So do you think I am the friendship type? Would I be allowed to be your friend?”

“Of course you will” I smiled and just then his friends walked in, they were as usual surprised to see him with me, he bid me goodbye and walked towards them as I left the canteen too.


I don’t know what to do, I can’t believe someone could play such a prank on me, but then I also have no idea who it could be.

Someone rang the doorbell at midnight, Arnav wasn’t around and I was so scared to open the door, but I managed to and what I found terrified me to death.

Someone had left a bloody dead rose at my door and there was a note splattered with blood, there was something scary written on it but I dint want to read it, I dint even want to touch it, I kicked it out of the way and rushed back inside.

This was scary as hell, who could have done this? I wish Arnav was here with me, I can’t even tell anyone about this…

I just hope it was a prank and it would end here, please God let it be so.


I saw him in the hallway, he smiled at me and complimented me with a gesture, I couldn’t stop blushing, my cheeks were completely red. I seemed to be having no control over what I was starting to feel for him, everything was so beautiful.

I couldn’t stop staring at him whenever he came around, I don’t know what this feeling was, but whatever it was, I was liking it and I wanted to feel it more and more.

I spent the whole day thinking about him, wondering how things would be different from now onwards and by evening when I reached him I had even forgotten about the dead rose only to be reminded about it at midnight.

The doorbell rang again, I sat in my room wondering if I should go open the door or not, when I managed to convince myself, I went to open the door and there was another dead rose waiting for me.

I picked it up with the note that was attached to it, there was something scribbled on it but she ignored it trying to find if there was any name written on the note but there was none.

I threw it away once again and rushed inside hoping Arnav and Aman would be back soon from their trip, living here all alone was becoming scarier than ever.

“So you sent me dead roses just because you sister was getting them too, you wanted to punish someone and you chose me?”

“There’s a reason why I chose you Khushi, do you know who sent those roses to my sister?”


“Your brother, Yash. He was the one who sent the dead roses and those stupid notes to her, he’s the one who destroyed my sister”

Aug 31, 2017

Dead Roses... Part 43 (By Taanihalai) (Thanked: 28 times)

“What? No way, I believe my brother had made mistakes but he couldn’t ever hurt any girl like this” Khushi said defensively.

“You don’t believe me? Fine then read this” Arnav said as he took the diary from her hand and flipped the pages and then handed it back to her.

“Read from there onwards and you’ll know what happened and what she felt like, my sister was an innocent soul Khushi, your brother destroyed her and made her life miserable, her only fault was that she loved him more than anything, now I wish she had loved Aman then at least today she would have been alive”

Khushi sat back and started reading from the page Arnav had opened for her.

Every passing day became scarier than the day before, every dead rose came with something more to haunt me every night.

It had been a month and they dint seem to be stopping, I even told Aman and Arnav about it and they tried to find out all they could but there was nothing, whoever was doing this was really clever.

Everything was becoming worse, I was getting scared and that feeling was terrible, I dint want to go to college anymore, I dint want to step out of the house anymore because of the fear, it felt like someone was watching me every minute and they might try to harm me, it was scary knowing that I was being followed.

Even the thought of someone having their eyes on me twenty four hours was scary, it was tearing me apart, I dint know what I was going to do, I dint know who it was and what they wanted from me, I just knew that whatever it was and whoever it was dint want me to live in peace.

Tonight I was sited in my room staring at the clock, I knew as soon as it was midnight, the doorbell was going to ring and I was going to find another dead rose, Arnav and Aman had their plan set up as usual to catch the person, Aman had got someone to mess up with the doorbell button so that if anyone presses it, they would get and electric shock and it would slow them down.

I don’t know if they were going to get hold of him, but I wanted them too, I dint want to spend the rest of my life in fear.

I couldn’t take my eyes off the clock, it was almost twelve o’clock and my heart beat like it was in a marathon, and then a few moments later, I heard the doorbell ring, I wanted to slide down my bed and hide myself there, I wanted to do all I could have to keep myself safe but then I heard his voice and I couldn’t explain how my heart broke into a thousand pieces one by one tearing me apart.

Aman and Arnav walked in pulling him as I stood up from where I was sited.

“He’s your culprit Kriya, we caught him red handed, he had been leaving the roses behind for you, I’m not going to spare him” Arnav said

He was just about to punch him when I don’t know where the scream came from, I dint want to but it just happened, I saw him standing in front of me all guilty for the torture he had done to me but I was still trying to save him, and at that moment I hated myself for saving him, I hated myself for doing so much for him when he deserved none of it.

I remembered the day I had told Aman that I was in love, I was glad I dint tell him the name of the guy I was in love with because I dint know what I would have answered him today.

Khushi looked at Arnav in shock as she flipped to another page, the more she read, the curious she became to know what had happened and why.

I tried staying away from him after Aman and Arnav handed him over to the police, but I couldn’t… no matter how much I tried to keep myself away from him I just couldn’t because I loved him and I was worried for him.

I decided to pay him a visit without informing anyone, and that day I found out why he did this to me, why he decided to give me a life where I’d live every minute in fear of someone looking at me or stalking me.

He told me it was some sort of a stupid bet he had with his friends and that he had to do it to prove himself, I felt like slapping him so hard but I couldn’t, he apologized and said he knew he was guilty but he was just blinded by everything.

That day he said something I had always wanted to hear from him but it dint make me happy, he said that he had fallen in love with me and when Aman and Arnav caught him, he had decided it was going to be the last time he was doing that and that he was going to tell me the truth but things turned out the other way.

I couldn’t take it anymore, I ran away from there and kept myself locked in the room for weeks but nothing helped, despite knowing the fact that he had done wrong to me, I couldn’t stop myself from loving him, the love I had towards him just kept on growing stronger and stronger and I had no control over it.

I decided this was it, I had punished him enough, I wanted to go back to him and tell him that I had forgiven him despite all that he had done to me, but when I went there, I found his dead body.

Yash was dead! He had killed himself because of the guilt of what he had done to me, he couldn’t take the pain anymore and he thought I was never going to forgive him, that day I hated myself more, although I knew I was never at fault, I still hated myself.

Khushi blinked her eyes severally trying to stop the tears that were forming up in her eyes from coming out but she couldn’t, it was too painful.

She flipped to another page and looked at Arnav who was staring at her all the while she kept on reading hoping that she was going to understand why he did this.

Days changed to months and I tried all I could to forget about Yash, to forget about what he had done to me or that I ever loved him or that he committed suicide but I wasn’t able to.

Every day I could see his face in front of my eyes and somewhere it haunted me, he was dead because of me and no matter how much I wanted to believe that it wasn’t at all any of my fault in all of this I just couldn’t.

I tried moving on, I tried everything but the love I had for him in my heart wouldn’t just die and it compelled me to think that life without him was impossible.

I knew I was going to hurt everyone who loved me, especially Arnav and Aman, they both loved me so much and I knew I was just being so selfish and I dint want to, only if I could take out the thought that Yash was dead because of me from my mind then maybe I would have been able to live this life but I knew it was always going to be there and it was going to haunt me for the rest of my life.

I had just hoped for a fairytale, a man whom I could love and the one who could love me in return and a happily ever after, but I don’t know where we both went wrong to get such a nightmare, we both did love each other, maybe the time was just wrong.

This is the last time I’m writing this and if in any case Arnav, or Aman either of you reads this, I just hope you’ll forgive me for being too selfish, but all I knew was I couldn’t live, not like this at least.

“What happened to her?” Khushi asked wiping the tears off her eyes.

“She committed suicide” Arnav said leaving her shocked.

Sep 1, 2017

Dead Roses... Part 44 (By Taanihalai) (Thanked: 31 times)

Khushi stood up slowly placing the diary aside, she walked towards Arnav and pulled him into a hug as tears rolled down her eyes.

“I am really sorry for what happened to Kriya, I wish my brother had just acted a bit mature” Khushi said as she held on to him.

“I lost my sister because of him, she was the only family I ever had Khushi, I was so broken without her, my life had always revolved around her… you know why I became the bad kind of a guy the one who dint believe in relationships and all? It was because of her, she left but she taught me that love never existed, and if it did it only destroyed people but then I met you and you changed my whole thinking and I fell in love with you.

Please tell me you’ve forgiven me Khushi, please tell me you’re still going to be with me, I am sorry for what I did, I dint know I was doing it to you, but as soon as I realized I stopped doing it, I was scared if you get to know about it, you’ll leave me so I dint want to tell you about it.” Arnav said

Khushi broke the hug as she stepped backward, she looked at Aman and Lavanya who hoped that she was going to forgive him, she looked at Arnav who had the same hope and she felt sad that for once she wasn’t going to do what they wanted.

“Arnav, I am sorry but I don’t think I’ll ever be able to forgive you for what you did to me… yes as a human being I understand your pain and as a girl I understand what your sister might have gone through but how do I forget what you did to me?

You know I felt so broken when you said you were the one who did it but after listening to you, I feel strong, I feel like I should do what’s right and that’s what I’ll do.”

“Khushi please don’t say that, I had lost Kriya I was angry, I wanted revenge and Yash was dead too, I found out he had a sister who lived here, I never knew you were the one, I dint even want to see your face, all I wanted was revenge and that’s why I started leaving dead roses here for you… I dint know it was you I promise”

“Arnav it’s not about you knowing that it was me or not, yes I agree you were angry and you wanted revenge but what you did wasn’t right… you should have calmed yourself down and you should have understood revenge is never the right thing.

I mean you had seen your own sister going through all the pain and fear, you had seen how difficult it was for her, then how could you even in your subconscious mind think of doing the same to another girl? How could you think of giving her the same pain your sister went through.

Let’s say it wasn’t me and maybe it was some other girl, what would you have done then? When you learnt that you were sending those dead roses to the girl you loved, you stopped, but what if it was some other girl, you would have continued and who knows what effect it might have had on her?

What if she had committed suicide like Kriya did or what if she decided never to step out of the house just because she was scared of someone stalking her? You see how all this would have ruined someone’s life?

It’s not about me Arnav, it’s about you doing that to a girl when you had seen your own sister going through it, I’m not here defending my brother, yes he did a terrible thing and he deserved a punishment for it but what’s the logic of punishing another girl for what he did?”

“I am sorry Khushi, I know I was wrong”

“Your sorry isn’t going to change what I had felt all this while, you have no idea what it is like when you feel like someone’s watching you twenty four hours and they might attack you or do something terrible to you.

You have no idea what it is like to live every day of your life knowing there’s someone around keeping an eye on everything you do and they can’t even leave you alone at night too because every midnight you find those ****ty dead roses and scary notes with them.” Khushi cried as her whole body shook reminiscing how she had felt all those days.

Arnav just stood there still hoping there was a way he could correct his mistake, just when he noticed Khushi feeling dizzy, he rushed to get hold of her just in time as she fell on his arms.

“Call the doctor right now” Arnav shouted as he carried her in his arms and rushed her upstairs to her bedroom.


“Is she okay doctor? What happened to her?” Arnav asked after the doctor had finished checking her up.

“Yes everything is fine, there’s nothing to worry about just that she’s too stressed and that’s not good at all for the baby”

“What do you mean for the baby?” Arnav asked as Aman and Lavanya looked at the doctor keenly wanting to know what she really meant by what she had just said.

“You don’t know? Khushi is pregnant, so anyway make sure she gets enough rest and whatever it is that’s stressing her up like this gets handled, too much of stress isn’t good for her and the baby’s health”

Aman escorted the doctor outside while Arnav looked at Khushi his eyes filled with happiness and joy, he dint have words to express how happy he was to know that she was pregnant and he was soon going to be a father.

“Why dint you tell me?” Arnav asked as he sat next to her holding her hand.

“I dint know either, I mean yes there were signs but I ignored them, I dint know I was pregnant Arnav”

“Oh My God! I’m so happy Khushi, I can’t believe this, it’s just too overwhelming” Arnav said as he hugged her happily.

“You two should get married now, at least before the baby is born” Lavanya said

“I don’t mind” Arnav said as he looked at her.

“But I mind, I mean how can you forget what we talked a while ago Arnav? I am not forgiving you for what you did and our relationship is over”

“Khushi you can’t do this to me, I mean it’s my baby too”

“Arnav I am not taking the baby away from you. You have all the rights on it but that’s it, you’ll be the father, I’ll be the mother nothing else, I am not going to forgive you for what you did just because of the baby or because I am pregnant before marriage or whatever.

I am standing up to my decision and it’s final, yes it’s your baby and you’ll have all your rights I wouldn’t do anything to come in between you both but then I am really sorry as much as I understand why you did it I can’t forget what I went through, so I’m really sorry Arnav but whatever we had is over”

“Khushi please”

“Let’s not argue about this now, I need some rest, I’ll see you tomorrow at the university okay?”

Arnav nodded positively as he stood up and walked away with Aman while Lavanya rushed to hug Khushi and congratulate her about it.

“Are you sure you don’t want to forgive Arnav?”

“Lavanya you are asking me this? Tell me what you would have done if this happened to you? I know he had reasons and he stopped but then how do I stop feeling what it all made me feel? Yes I love him and I’d do whatever I want to be with him but if I have taken this decision, I would have thought about it wouldn’t I?”

“But he isn’t a bad person, the situation made him so, if you want my advice I’ll say give it a bit more thought”

“Fine, let’s wait… I’ll wait until the baby is born and then decide, but whatever the decision I’ll make at that time is going to be a final one”

“That’s better” Lavanya smiled.

Sep 2, 2017

Dead Roses... Part 45 ((Last Part)) (By Taanihalai) (Thanked: 28 times)

Eight months later…

She sat on the hospital bed full of pain as the nurse handed her baby girl to her, as she took her in her arms, all her pain seemed to have disappeared. She lied deep asleep in her arms looking exactly like her father, everything about her was so much like Arnav.

Tears of happiness rolled down her eyes as she hugged her little bundle of happiness, she couldn’t describe how she felt, the feeling of being a mother, the feeling of giving life to a tiny baby was overwhelming for her, she felt like she wanted to rejoice happily.

There was a knock at the door of her room and then a few moments later Arnav walked in eager to see the baby too.

“It’s a baby girl” Khushi said to him as he walked towards her.

“I know, the nurse just informed me, and I couldn’t wait to see her, I’m so happy Khushi… can I hold her in my arms?”

“Sure” Khushi said as she handed the baby girl to Arnav while he got hold of her very gently making sure he dint hurt her.

Arnav carried her in his arms and stared at her in awe, he couldn’t believe how much she looked like him, he hugged her happily and looked at Khushi not having words to thank her for bringing so much of happiness in his life when all he had done to her was give her pain.

It felt like he had got his sister back in form of her and he was surely going to love her as much as he had loved Kriya and protect her always.

“Did you think of a name?” Arnav asked

“Kriya” Khushi said leaving Arnav surprised, this was something he wasn’t expecting at all.

Arnav looked at Khushi in shock while she smiled, she knew it was time for explanation and that’s what she was exactly hoping to give.

“You know until I had labor pain, I was so sure about my decision Arnav, I never wanted to forgive you for what you had done to me, for all those dead roses and the fear I had lived in all that while not knowing what was happening.

I spent this eight months living a life where I hated you as much as I had loved you, and all I had thought of was, yes I’ll have the baby and we’ll both take care of it but not together, there was nothing enough to convince me to forgive you and to get back together with you, Lavanya kept on trying to convince me with reasons but nothing ever seemed enough to get me convinced.

But you know when the nurse brought her to me, the pain I had gone through while delivering her just disappeared, and as I looked at her, I realized how much I love her and I was ready to give her all the protection and love I could.

And then I realized, you had been with your sister for at least more than twenty years, loving her, taking care of her and then one day somebody just came to your life and took her away, you were supposed to be angry because if anyone did that to my daughter I would have been angry too.

I looked at her the way you would have been looking at Kriya and somewhere I understood what pain you must have been through when all that happened to her.

I am not saying what you did was right because you know it wasn’t, but I understand why you did it and I don’t know if you’ll be a good husband or not but I for sure know you’ll be a great father just that I don’t want you to do anything like this with anyone ever, no matter what.”

“I know Khushi, I know what I did was wrong, but I loved my sister so much… I was furious but when I knew I was doing this to you I stopped, I realized I was that I was the one at mistake and I am so sorry for it…

Remember there was a time you dint want to love me but you did, and now there is this time when you don’t want to be with me but I’m begging you to be, I promise I’ll never hurt you, I promise I’ll always love you… when you had trusted me before, why don’t you trust me one more time?”

“I do trust you Arnav, and that’s why I told you all this”

“Does that mean you’ve forgiven me?”

Khushi nodded positively as Arnav rushed to hug her happily.

“Aman and Lavanya?” Khushi asked as she broke the hug.

“I’ve left them outside to sort their issues, for the past months they’ve both been fighting like crazy so I gave them an hour long lecture and left them outside, I’ve told them they don’t get to see the baby until they sort everything out”

“Thank you so much… I know she loves him a lot, and she’s changed because of him, she doesn’t even look at other boys”

“I know… and after Kriya I’ve seen Aman taking interest in Lavanya only so I hope they work things out.

“Hopefully they will” Khushi said as she hugged him again.

“Can we see the baby now?” Lavanya asked as she peeped in.

“Only if you both have been able to act mature enough to solve everything” Arnav said

“We have” Lavanya said as she rushed in leaving the door wide open while Aman followed behind.

Arnav stood her and walked towards him, he hugged him happily.

“I’m glad you both are together” Arnav said as he broke the hug.

“And I’m also glad that you two are together too, now can we take the baby home?”

“Nope, the doctor said we’ll take her tomorrow, tonight both Khushi and the baby have to stay under observation”

“Then we’ll go and prepare for her welcome” Aman said excitedly.


 Aman, Lavanya and Arnav had done everything possible to make the house look it’s best when Khushi and the baby arrived home next day, although it was a small house shared by him and Aman, they all tried to make it look just perfect.

Khushi stood at the door with Arnav by her side with Lavanya and Aman finished up some last moment preparations inside.

“Guys, hurry up, I’m tired of standing here now” Khushi said

“Just a moment Khushi, relax” Lavanya shouted from inside.

In the next minute she rushed to the door holding a golden plate with a candle lit on it and some vermillion while Aman followed her with a plate full of flowers.

“I don’t know how to really do this, it’s not really the Indian style but it’s a welcome for your little Kriya so you better not complain” Lavanya said as she put her finger in the vermillion then applied it on both Khushi and Arnav’s forehead.

She took some flowers from the plate and started throwing them on the floor as Arnav and Khushi walked in.

The whole house was decorated in pink with baby pictures and cartoons and what not, it looked like a shop for babies.

“What did you guys really do?” Khushi asked as she looked around and giggled.

“We just tried to welcome her” Arnav said as he took Kriya in his arms.

“This is for Kriya and mind you I baked it” Lavanya said as she walked out of the kitchen with a beautiful cake.

“You guys are so sweet, thank you, I’m sure I’ll be telling Kriya about all this when she grows up”

“Or we could tell her ourselves because from today onwards, the four of us live together” Lavanya said

They all gathered around the cake and took their pieces while Arnav was busy with Kriya trying to make her fall asleep.

“Mark my words Khushi He’s going to be a great father” Aman said

“I know, and maybe that’s why I forgave him, I’m sure he would love Kriya more than I do”

“Or we would love her equally” Arnav smiled as he hugged her and they both looked at Kriya who was now asleep in his arms and smiled thanking God for this beautiful life.

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