Dead Roses

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Jul 5, 2017

Dead Roses (By Taanihalai) (Thanked: 31 times)


I will bruise your lips, and scar your knees and love you too hard. I will destroy you in the most beautiful way possible, and when I leave, you will finally understand, why storms are named after people!


The night had just turned darker, she stared at the golden watch tied on her hand, 12.00 am it read.

She put her books aside and decided to take rest for some while, she switched off the lights and pulled the blanket covering herself from top to bottom.

Turning and tossing on the bed, she tried to get some sleep but there was something that made her feel insecure, as if someone was here in her room, watching her.

She dint know what it was about today that made her feel this way, was it because she was all alone in the Mansion?

She jumped out of the bed when her phone rang all over a sudden, a few seconds later was when she realized it was just her phone and not any kind of ghost she had imagined, she quickly picked it up without even reading the name of the person.

“h..hello” she said as she tried to relax herself.

“I knew you would be awake, stop being so scared Khushi and go to bed, I’ll be back in a week” Lavanya said.

“Lav… it’s you! I can’t just stay alone in this huge good for nothing Mansion, it’s haunted”

“I told you to sleep, there is not ghost coming to take you away so relax and go to bed, stop thinking nonsense, I knew you’d be scared that’s why I called, relax Khushi everything is fine!”

“Okay I’ll try to, but come back soon, I can’t live alone in this damn mansion of yours”

“I’ll be back soon” Lavanya said disconnecting the call.

Lavanya and Khushi had been living together in the same apartment for the past two years after Khushi’s parents passed away in a plane crash.

They both had known each other since school time, and after Khushi’s parents passed away she decided to move in with Lavanya obviously after she begged to her for almost an hour telling her she would even accept rent from her but she really needed to move in with her in her Mansion which was apparently a birthday present from her billionaire father Mr. Lalit Kashyap.

Khushi walked back to her bed and just when she was about to cover herself with the blanket again, she heard the doorbell ring. She stood up in fear once again wondering who it could be at this time of the night, it was past midnight and as far as she remembered she surely hadn’t called anyone.

She tiptoed towards the main door praying to God to save her if there was any threat to her outside the mansion.

She peeped through the small hole in the door but couldn’t see anyone, was someone trying to play games with her past midnight, or was someone hiding somewhere and when she’d open the door he would just grab her and kill her?

“Control Khushi… control!” She said as she tried to calm herself down.

She knew she was just over reacting but it wasn’t her fault, she had never ever lived alone, even after her parents passed away, today was the first time when Lavanya went somewhere leaving her behind all alone in the mansion.

She decided to be strong and finally opened the door as she looked all around but all she could see was the empty garden just opposite the main door and far at the end, the security guard sleeping.

She just sighed, maybe she was too scared until she was imagining things. She turned back to walk inside the mansion when her eyes fell on the dead rose that was placed right in between the entrance.

Was this just a coincidence or somebody did it intentionally? She bent down and picked the rose when a thorn pierced her thumb, she flinched a bit and pulled it away from her thumb.

She looked around once again but she couldn’t see anyone, she surely did hear the door bell and she somewhere believed that the person who rang the doorbell was the one who left this rose here, what scared her more was why would anyone leave a dead rose on someone’s door step at midnight?

The night was just becoming scarier for her and so she decided to lock the door and rush back upstairs to her room and sleep without thinking of anything else.


The alarm clock rang for the fifth time now and once again, Khushi shut it off and went back to sleep, last night she had fallen asleep after thinking about so many things for hours and now that finally she was deprived in deep sleep, she dint want to wake up.

A few minutes later the alarm rang once again and this time she hit it angrily shutting it off as she sat up on her bed.

The day outside seemed brighter, her curtains weren’t up which was why she wasn’t able to realize that the night had ended long back and that she was late for her classes.

She quickly jumped out of the bed and rushed to take a quick shower then got dressed and headed downstairs.

She was too late to have breakfast so she just decided to pick the milk packet that the milk man might have left outside the door as usual and put it in the kitchen, she would deal with it later.

She opened the door in a hurry and to her surprise, the milk was poured all over the floor, this seemed really weird, she had been here for two years now and till today the milk man left the packet outside and she would find it completely fine, then why was all the milk poured on the floor today?

She bent down on her knees to pick up the milk packet when she noticed a folded paper lying next to it. She unfolded it and when she read whatever that was written on the paper, she was left completely numb.

Scorpio tend to be extreme in everything they do.

They intensely love.

They intensely hate.

No Middle ground here!

What the hell did it mean? Why would anyone leave such a note here?

Who was doing this? This was becoming really serious now, it wasn’t something like a prank like it seemed at night, she knew there was something more to it, something deeper to it, something really intense, the only thing she dint know was, what was it?

Firstly the dead rose at midnight, then the milk that’s poured on the floor which never happened before and then this note, what the hell was happening?

“Hari Prakash!!” She shouted at the top of her voice.

The guard quickly ran from the gate towards her worriedly, he had never heard Khushi shout out so loud before... What was wrong today?

“Yes ma’am” he said as he stood in front of her.

“Who came inside the gate after midnight?” She asked

“No one ma’am”

“Oh exactly, how would you know, you were deep asleep instead of doing your duty, but I hope you were awake at least in the morning when the milk man came and left the milk packet here”

“Yes ma’am I was the one who opened the gate for him”

“So tell me, did anyone else come? Before the milk man came or after her left?”

“No ma’am, he was the only person who came”

Khushi turned to lock the door while she was lost in thoughts, for sure this note wasn’t left by the milk man and if no one else came, if he had to leave it he would have left it long back, the question was who the hell left the note?

She needed to talk to Lavanya about this, things were just becoming too scary but she would do that later… right now she needed to attend her classes.

She quickly got into the car and drove to the university, still worried about all that had been happening to her since last night.

She parked her car in the lot and rushed towards the class in a hurry when she noticed a crowd at the other end of the university, although she was really late for her class, she was also curious to know what was going on at the other end.

She ran towards the crowd and stopped a few centimeters away.

“Relax everyone, you all will get a chance to go to the ball, all you need to do is get the tickets from the reception, I’ll leave them there by today evening, remember first come first serve, I am not going to give anyone the tickets from my side that wouldn’t be fair” She heard a manly voice.

“Please Arnav, we are your classmates, you can at least help us” The crowd pleaded.

“I agree, but I can’t go against my own rules, you are my classmates so you are closer to me, but everyone deserves to attend the ball, just be on time to get the tickets from the reception, remember there are only five thousand tickets available, so grab yours” he said

Khushi tried to jump up and down trying to get a glance of this man, she dint know why but she was just kind of impressed with his honesty and the way he handled his classmates, it was something very rare to see nowadays.

She looked at her watch and damn! She was late… she quickly rushed to attend her classes thinking about attending this ball that was held every year and the ones she had been skipping always…

There were two reasons why she wanted to attend it, one was that maybe she could get to see who this Arnav guy was and secondly she would get to spend one night away from the mansion, away from the horror that she went through last night as the ball was on the day after.

Jul 6, 2017

Dead Roses... Part 2 (By Taanihalai) (Thanked: 30 times)

We don’t meet people by accidents… they are meant to cross our path for a reason.


After the classes were over, Khushi headed back home with fear in her heart..

She somewhere felt like someone was watching her, someone was keeping an eye on her activities, someone was trying to scare her off, all she dint know was, who was it, and why was he doing all this? What was the reason behind that note, and that dead rose?

She managed to clean up the house and cook something for herself until evening. She took a bowl, filled it with food and headed to watch TV while she ate. She sat on the sofa going through the channels when she remembered about the ball, the tickets were to be released in the evening and she forgot to get one for herself from the reception.

She quickly dialed a number on her phone and waited for the other person to receive the call.

“Hello” A voice came over.

“Hey Rosie, it’s Khushi Kumari Gupta here, actually I needed a favor from you”

“Oh Khushi, how have you been, it’s been long time since I saw you, have you been coming to the university lately?”

“Yeah I have been, just that I don’t get time to pass by the reception and greet you”

“Oh that’s okay, so tell me what favor were you asking for?”

“I needed a ticket for the ball, please don’t tell me I’m late, I really wanted to go”

“You are lucky, I just have five tickets left, all have been taken, anyway I’ll keep one for you, pick it up from me tomorrow”

“Sure, thank you so much” Khushi said as she disconnected the call.

She finished up with her dinner and retired to bed for the rest of night, she was too tired to read for even a while.


Sharp at twelve o’clock midnight, the doorbell rang waking Khushi off her sleep.

She looked at the watch which read twelve o’clock and once again, she felt scared, she dint know what to do, should she go and open the door? What if someone was there? But Hari Prakash was there right, he wouldn’t have allowed any stranger inside at this time.

But he was asleep last night and someone left a dead rose at the door step, what if the person is here today? What if he tries to harm her? She was so scared and nervous, she wanted to cover herself in the blanket and just sleep but she also wanted to know what the hell was going on and who was disturbing her at midnight.

She gathered all her strength and headed downstairs as she opened the door and looked around but like yesterday, there wasn’t anyone today too.

She looked down and there it was, another dead rose lying next to her feet, but this time it wasn’t only a dead rose, it was accompanied with a note.

She picked up the note and kicked the dead rose away, this time again, the note had something to scare her off.

You know the future is really happening when you start feeling scared.

Maybe the future is happening…

Or maybe it has already happened!

Khushi walked out of the door and started looking around, this was now becoming just too much! Who the hell on earth was doing this? Why was he trying to scare her for no good reason?

“What’s wrong ma’am, why are you outside at this time?” Hari Prakash asked

“Who came inside just a few minutes ago?” Khushi asked

“No one ma’am and I promise I wasn’t asleep today, I have been awake and I dint see anyone”

“You dint even hear the doorbell? You dint see anyone leaving a damn dead rose and a note at the door?” She asked angrily

“No ma’am, I never heard anything neither did I see anyone”

Khushi just stared at Hari Prakash in disbelief, she could have understood maybe he dint hear the doorbell as the mansion is quite far from the main gate but how couldn’t he see anyone walking until the door?

She headed back inside, although she was pretending to be strong, she was scared too, this was really scary.

She picked her phone and thought of calling Lavanya but it was too late, she might be asleep… she really needed someone to talk to at this time, but she dint even have other friends, she only had Lavanya.


Arnav walked inside the hall with lots of shopping bags, everyone was busy decorating the hall for the ball, half of the work had almost been completed only half of it was left.

“Oh thank God you finally managed to get all this things at this time, otherwise we wouldn’t finish the preparations” His friend Aman said as he walked towards him and helped him with the bags.

“As long as we finish up with the decorations, the rest can be handled in the morning” Arnav said as they both got to work.

“Why did you take so long by the way?”

“It took me long to find a supermarket that was open at midnight obviously, stop asking stupid questions Aman”

“Okay relax man I was just asking casually”


Thankfully, this time Khushi dint find a torn milk packet and a note in the morning, which at least lessened her fear a bit but today, she for sure had to talk to Lavanya about this.

She quickly finished up with all her work and then headed to the university, she stood in the parking lot after parking the car, there was still time for her classes, maybe she could call Lavanya now.

She pulled out her phone from the pocket of her jeans and dialed the number, Lavanya received the call after a few rings.

“Yes Khushi, what’s scaring you now… oh wait, you must be in the university so is there something scary there too?” Lavanya giggled

“Shut up Lav, this isn’t funny okay”

“Okay fine, relax… what happened? You sound angry today?”

“I sound angry? I am so damn angry… you have no idea what has been happening to me after you left”

“What happened?” Lavanya asked worriedly.

“Someone rang the doorbell at midnight and when I opened the door what I found was a dead rose.. The next morning I found the milk packet torn and all the milked poured on the floor and next to it was a note with something scary written… the same happened the second day, the doorbell rang at midnight, and again I found a dead rose accompanied with a note… I don’t understand what’s going on Lav… who might be doing all this?” Khushi asked

“Relax Khushi, someone might be playing some kind of prank”

“No Lavanya, this doesn’t look like a prank in any state, please come back as soon as possible, we need to do something about this”

“Okay chill, I’ll see when I can come back, relax for now and go attend you class”

Khushi disconnected the call as she started walking toward her class lost in so many thoughts… she was continuously thinking about the dead roses and the note… was it something like a serial killer? No if it were that, he could have just killed her instead of leaving dead roses at her doorstep.

The question was then who the hell was he? Or was it even a he or she? Or was it someone who was so much obsessed about her and was now stalking her? She had heard so many stories about stalkers and she surely dint want to be a victim, that whole **** was just too scary.

“Hey you! Watch out!” She shouted when all over a sudden a man just hit her.

Before she turned to look around and begin a fight with him, he had already walked away shouting a sorry… who the hell was he even?

“Khushi focus on your studies” She told herself as she walked inside the class and settled down… only she knew how much she wanted to concentrate in the class but she just couldn’t, every time she tried, she would just end up thinking about the dead roses.

She picked her books and headed out of the class feeling frustrated… why the hell was this happening to her? She punched the wall in front of her angrily and rested her head on it.

“Too much of anger isn’t good for health” She heard a manly voice.

“Really? Thank you for your advice, now leave me alone!” She said without looking at the person.

“I was just concerned… are you okay?” He asked with a soft voice.

“For heaven sake leave me alone, the last thing I need is sympathy from a stranger” She said angrily.

“Hey Arnav, we are getting late! Hurry up dude!” She heard another voice.

Just at the mention of the name she found herself turning around to look at the person, she dint even know why she was so excited to see him, she just was… but unfortunately by the time she had turned around, she saw him walking towards his friend who had called him.

She stood the hoping he would turn around and she would get a glimpse for him but he just disappeared in a few minutes.

“Not a problem, I’ll see you at the ball tomorrow” She giggled as she remembered how she had responded to him when he was just asking if she was fine.

She dint know how he looked like, but he definitely had a ****y voice which just got her carried away into some dream world.

Jul 7, 2017

Dead Roses... Part 3 (By Taanihalai) (Thanked: 31 times)

I only know that the first time is ACCIDENTAL, the second is INEVITABLE, and the third time is by FATE!

The Ball.

Just like every year, the students of Saint Mathews University had chosen a random group of so called popular student from the university to prepare for the ball. The ball was normally meant for a limited number of students who were lucky enough to get the ticket, to come together for the ‘big event’ as they called it. The fun part of the event was that only students were invited, no teachers were allowed. This had been going on for like almost ten years now, and being in the university for the past three years, Khushi had always been skipping the ball, although she had no genuine reason for skipping it, she always thought she wouldn’t fit into that category that stays awake late till night dancing over some loud music, that wasn’t her taste.

She preferred spending nights locked in her room with her books or sitting in the huge hall of the huge mansion with her best friend while they watched some good movies together… That was the only things that she thought was fun.

Although this time too she had planned to skip the ball for the usual reasons, but then she changed her mind firstly because of the unknown stalker or serial killer or whoever the hell he was and secondly just because she wanted to see who this Arnav guy really was.

This was actually kind of weird for her, she never imagined that there would ever come a day in her life when she would do something like this, to just look at an unknown guy… she actually even dint know why she wanted to see him, all she knew was she wanted to see him be it with or without a reason.

She stood in front of the cupboard looking at her clothes, there was nothing she could find suitable to put on for the ball, the fact remained to be that she had never been to a ball or any other such event, she even skipped her high school prom so she had no idea at all on what kind of clothes people wore to such events.

She brushed off the thoughts and decided to get dressed in her normal clothes, but would a jeans and a random t-shirt look good for a ball? She dint have any evening dress even, so what was she supposed to do?

Her eyes suddenly fell on the beautiful red sari placed underneath all her other clothes, she pulled it out and sat on the bed holding it in her hands.

“You know how much I love red, if you are deciding to gift me a white sari I’ll never wear it, better gift me that red one, just look how pretty it is”

“I know Khushi but…”

“But what? Don’t you love me? If you do you’ll gift me that red sari or else I don’t want any other gift… come on it’s not even that expensive”

“It’s not about expensive, I am a working man, I can afford that sari for you”

“Then what’s the problem? I don’t care, I need that red sari that’s it”

“God you are so stubborn!” he exclaimed

She quickly wiped off the tear that was almost rolling down her cheeks, it was after so long that she remembered him… those memories were something she always tried to keep away because she knew how much they hurt her. All she dint understand was why was God ever so cruel with her? He always snatched the people she loved from her.. Firstly he took him away and then he took her parents away too leaving her in this world to struggle all alone.

If it wasn’t for the favors Mr. Lalit Kashyap had done for her, she wouldn’t have been here today, all she knew was that as soon as she started earning, she’ll first return all the money he had invested into her studies and taking care of her.

She decided to get out of the past and concentrate on the present, she had to go to the ball, it would start in an hour and she wasn’t even ready yet. She quickly looked for the blouse and started draping the sari on herself.


Arnav walked in dressed in a three piece suit and all the girls wouldn’t stop gushing about him, he looked handsome as hell that was of no doubt. Aman walked behind him dressed in a suit too and they both headed to the stage.

“Ladies and Gentlemen, the event is about to begin!” he said at the top of his voice.

There was a lot of locomotion around the room, different groups of students walking from one place to another, others standing in a corner waiting for the music to start so they could dance the hell out… everything looked beautiful, just the way he had imagined it to be.

“I am glad we did this, I wasn’t sure we would manage” He whispered to Aman.

“Neither was I sure” Aman added

They both walked towards a group and started discussing things and making fun of each other… the waiters walked all around the hall serving drinks and everyone was busy getting drunk as if there was no tomorrow.

Aman gestured to the DJ to play the music and as soon as it started playing all the couples put their drinks aside as they came forward for the couple dance, this was one beautiful thing about the ball, you’d get to see so many couples together dancing like they were so much in love.

Aman also got himself a partner and headed to dance, Arnav decided to skip the dance in spite of so many girls asking him to join them. He headed to a corner and settled himself down while he gulped down a full glass of vodka.

He was on the second glass when he noticed this girl who had just walked into the hall, there was something different about her… she dint look like all the other girls, she wasn’t dressed in some prom dresses or an evening dress, she dint have her hair styled up, she dint have that extra amount of make up on her face, she was dressed in a simple red sari with her hair open, and just a lip gloss on her lips yet she looked so breathtakingly beautiful.

She walked to a corner and stood alone, she looked uncomfortable… was she a new student? He had never seen her at the ball before neither at the university. He suddenly felt the urge of talking to her but he restrained himself, what would he talk to her about and why would he talk to her? She was a complete stranger for him and talking to a girl who he dint know wasn’t his style, girls normally did the honors of starting the conversation but then there was something about this girl that was just like pulling him towards her.

He stood up and headed towards her but stopped in between telling himself he wasn’t going to do that, he was half drunk already, what if he messed up? But he so damn wanted to talk to her, to listen to her voice, he was sure it was as beautiful as she was.


Khushi looked all around the hall, everyone was busy dancing and she was here standing like a statue, all she could notice was that she was the odd one out, who the hell wears a sari to the ball anyway? She felt uncomfortable and for a moment she felt like just walking away and heading back home but then she was scared about the door bell ringing at the midnight once again.

She noticed this man sited a bit further from her staring at her like she was the only person left on earth, she felt insecure for a moment but then she thought maybe he was staring at her because she was dressed in a sari unlike everyone else.

She saw him heading towards her and she dint understand why, but instead of being scared there was that rush of excitement all over her body, for sure every guy that looks at girls isn’t a moron, he might just be thinking of something else rather than irritating her with some one-liners.

Within no time the man stood in front of her and she just stared at him confused on what to do, should she run away? Should she talk to him? What was she supposed to do? She dint even have an idea on what someone should do in such a case, she had always avoided socializing with people so she rarely knew about things.

“Hey, I’m Arnav” He said as he brought his hand forward

Khushi just stared at him, so he was the one? The one she had been trying to get a glimpse of? Never in her dreams did she ever think that he himself would walk to her and make an effort to talk, this seemed like a dream.

“Khushi” She smiled as she shook hands with him.

“Would you like to dance with me? I promise you’ll be safe” He said as he raised his hands up making Khushi giggle.

“I’ll surely be safe, there are so many people around and if you try to mess up with me, you’ll get kicked so badly you’ll never forget”

Arnav just smiled as he gave her his hand to hold and they both headed to the dance floor.

Khushi walked with him hand in hand nervously, she dint even know how to dance and she dint want to tell him she dint know how to dance, that would have been so embarrassing but what was she going to do now that they were on the dance floor?

“What happened?” He asked

“Nothing actually I think I’ve changed my mind, I don’t want to dance now… can I go please?”

“Actually you know what I think? That you don’t know how to dance and you feel embarrassed about it” he smiled

He got hold of her and pulled her closer running his hand to her waist giving her the rush of adrenaline all over her body. Damn! His touch was something else.

“Don’t be scared, I’ll teach you… there’s always a first time” He smiled

Khushi wasn’t able to concentrate on the dance, she was looking at him busy trying to teach her the steps but all her mind was stuck in was his hand on her bare waist.. it sort of felt ticklish… she had never been touched like this before.

She stepped backward as Arnav looked at her in confusion, she looked nervous and scared and he couldn’t understand what was scaring her, maybe because they dint know each other.

“I’m sorry maybe next time” She smiled as she walked away in a hurry.

By the time Arnav was able to decide whether to follow her or not, she had already disappeared. He rushed out of the hall looking for her but she was nowhere to be seen.

He headed back inside the hall feeling disappointed, he wasn’t sure why he was disappointed but anyway he tried to engage himself in other things.


Khushi stood near her car breathing heavily, she couldn’t understand why her heart was in such a race, why she never felt this way before… why she even let that Arnav touch her like that.. and why she dint feel uncomfortable at all about it.

She sat inside the car and looked at her watch, it was 11.30 yet… she dint know what to do, she had only one option and that was to go home where she dint want to go, not until after midnight at least.

Maybe she would just sit in the car and stay here in the parking area until the ball was over and people started leaving, then she could go home and relax.

She got inside the car and locked both the door as she adjusted the seat and sat there with her eyes shut… she wanted to think about everything else but those dead roses.

No one would have hated roses as much as she had started hating them!

Jul 8, 2017

Dead Roses... Part 4 (By Taanihalai) (Thanked: 26 times)

I will stain you with my blood, and when you’d look at the mirror, you’ll be scared of yourself

Khushi arrived home at 6 o’clock in the morning, while waiting for people to start leaving, she dint realize when she fell asleep in the car and when she woke up, there was no one around.

She stood at the door feeling frustrated, angry, and what not… as usual there was a dead rose placed at the door step with a note once again, she just kicked both away and unlocked the door as she walked in.

“Who the hell is doing this?” She shouted at the top of her voice but all she got in return was silence.

She felt so terrible… until today she was just ignoring this thinking it might be a stupid prank or something else but now this was just getting out of hands… who the hell was this person and why did he or she have to do this?


Arnav was pacing up and down his room, he was already late for his classes and on top of it he couldn’t even remember where he left his books, this was just ridiculous.

“What’s wrong dude?” Aman asked as he walked in.

“This is why I hate partying till late, I dint even get enough sleep and now I can’t find my damn books… I need to hurry”

“It’s really weird” Aman said as he pretended to be lost into some deep thoughts.

Arnav was still busy in his search for his books until he finally found them under the bed.

He sighed and put them in his bag as he quickly rushed to get his shoes on while Aman followed him everywhere.

“May I know the special reason as to why you are following me like a dog to everywhere?” Arnav asked

“You know Arnav, it’s really weird” Aman said

Arnav just stared at him and nodded his face in frustration, here he was getting late and Aman was in moods of making jokes, seriously! Doesn’t he get any other time to joke around?

He headed to the parking and Aman actually followed him there too.

“What’s wrong with you Aman, are you still drunk or what?”

“Arnav… it’s weird” Aman said again making Arnav angry like nothing

“What the hell is weird Aman… here I am getting late and you are busy singing songs about something weird”

“It’s weird that you hate partying… it’s weird that you were the one who planned for this ball, it’s weird that the Great Arnav Singh Raizada is late for his classes… it’s weird that you are actually worried about getting late and the weirdest thing is that you are going to the university today!” Aman said

Arnav just looked at him with disgust on his face.

“What are you trying to say? Stop beating around the bush and come clear about your point”

“Arnav every time we had a party, the next day you made sure you skipped your classes no matter how important they were… until today I’ve always heard you saying you love parties so obviously I’ll find this weird and think are you really going to attend classes or you know what I mean”

“No Aman I don’t know what you mean, get back to bed, you really need some rest” Arnav said as he got into the car and drove off.


He pulled his car to the parking lot and parked it in his usual spot. He picked up his bag and got out of the car when he noticed the same girl he had met last night at the ball, she was parking her car almost near his.

“What was her name?” he asked himself as he tried to think harder, thanks to the alcohol he couldn’t even remember her name, like seriously.

Although he couldn’t deny the fact that she was pretty, he knew he was getting late for the classes and he had to rush even though he came to university today only to see this pretty girl but he somehow felt weird… this wasn’t him… he dint run behind girls like this.

He quickly locked his car and started to walk away when suddenly he heard someone call him out.

“Hey Arnav!”

He turned around not knowing how to react or what to do and say, he knew she was the same pretty girl he met last night whose name he had already forgotten, but why was she calling him?

She stood in front of him with a smile on her face, God she looked so beautiful… what was it about her that even without the extra amount of make up like every other girl, she still looked beautiful enough.

“Remember me?” She asked

He pretended not to remember her only if he could tell her she wasn’t one of those he could easily forget about… Khushi looked at his confused look and for a while she was disappointed he dint remember her.

“I’m Khushi… we met last night at the ball.. And you asked me for a dance”

“Oh yeah I remember, I’m sorry just that last night you were in a saree and today in casuals so I just got bit confused and I was drunk too but anyway it was nice meeting you, I’m getting late for my class, I’ll catch you later” He smiled

“Sure.. See you”

Arnav walked away leaving Khushi behind in thoughts… she dint want to talk to him but she did, she dint even understand what forced her to talk to him actually but anyway whatever that happened was for good…

Arnav seemed to be like a nice guy but she had a lot more to concentrate on that just a guy… she had to build a career and pay back the favors Mr. Kashyap had done to her so instead of wasting her time behind a guy, she better concentrate on her studies.


After classes, she headed home directly in the evening… it had been four days since Lavanya left, it was tough to live without her at least when she needed her the most… all she prayed today was that she dint want to see another dead rose.

She parked her car in the garage and then headed to the mansion when she noticed a gift box at the door, she looked at it in confusion for a while… who would send a gift to her? Till today she only got gifts from Lavanya and she wasn’t here anyway so who might have sent this to her?

Might be Lavanya… Maybe she’s back and she wanted to give her a surprise.

She unwrapped the gift box and opened it just to find weird things inside the box.

There was a bottle filled with some red liquid, God knows what the liquid was.

There was a mirror which she pulled out and there was something written on it with red lipstick.


This surely was a surprise, well not really… maybe a shock because this wasn’t what she was expecting.

She found some dead roses inside and instantly understood that this wasn’t a gift from Lavanya… it was from the same person who had been leaving those roses outside the mansion.

“Hari Prakash” Khushi shouted out at the top of her voice and when she was done, Hari Prakash was already standing in front of her.

“Who brought this here?”

“A few men, they said it was something you had ordered for from their shop so they came to deliver it...”

“And you allowed them to leave this things here without confirming with me? Someday someone might bring a bomb in a gift box and you’d just allow them to bring it in so that it can destroy everything right?” Khushi asked angrily.

“I’m sorry ma’am”

“Next time better not allow anyone inside when I’m not here and without confirming with me or Lavanya or else I’ll have to file a complaint about you in your company and I don’t care if they fire you… now leave and burn this things away” She said angrily.

“yes ma’am” Hari Prakash said as he started gathering all the things back in the box when the bottle fell down from his hand in hurry and what came out of it left Khushi completely scared.

It was blood!

Who the hell sends a bottle of blood to someone? This was becoming really scary for her, she dint know what to do now… maybe it was high time she went to the police to ask for help, maybe they could help her with security at least who would get hold of whoever was doing this.

She looked at the sky… it was dark already and she never liked driving in the dark… maybe she’d wait until tomorrow and the first thing she’d do is visit the police station before this got more serious.

She opened the door of the mansion and headed inside locking it… today no matter how many times the bell rang, she wasn’t going to open the door…

This was enough to scare her off anyway… she dint want anything more.

Jul 8, 2017

Dead Roses... Part 5 (By Taanihalai) (Thanked: 29 times)

Next Morning.

Khushi woke up early deciding to visit the police station today, things were just getting out of hands and she couldn’t risk her life anymore, she had no idea what threat the stalker meant.

If nothing she could get help from the police at least.

She had her breakfast quickly and headed out and luckily today, there was no rose or letter or anything which made her feel a bit relaxed.

She got into the car and headed to the police station.


She parked the car in the parking lot as usual and headed to her class thinking about what the officers had told her right back at the police station.

They advised her to either get a body guard or allow one of the officers to be around her twenty four hours for security but this would just sound too weird, like going everywhere with a body guard or a police man… what would her life be like?

She decided not to go for that suggestion, she had the threat only when she was at home so she requested for security at the mansion to which the officers agreed.

She hit someone suddenly coming out of the thoughts she was lost it.

“I’m sorry I was just…” she said as she turned to look at the person

“Khushi!” he said with a smile

“Arnav.. It’s you… I’m sorry I was just lost in my own world”

“It’s okay never mind” He said as he started walking away but stopped suddenly and turned back to look at Khushi who was still staring at him.

“What are you doing right now?” he asked

“I just have a class to attend, why?”

“I have a better option, let’s go for a coffee at the canteen? Much better than the boring classes”

“Umm actually I… I mean…”

“Don’t worry, we aren’t going to fall in love”


“All the love stories start with a coffee, first a coffee date then exchange of numbers, friendship, flirting kissing and falling in love… if you are scared of that I promise it wouldn’t happen” he said

“So if your motive isn’t falling in love with me, why do you want to take me for a coffee?” Khushi asked

“Because… wait, does that mean you want me to fall in love with you?”

“Shut up Arnav!” Khushi said as she started walking away.

“It wasn’t a bad offer, not everyone gets the chance to have a coffee with Arnav Raizada you know”

“I know and I’m that one unlucky girl who had the chance but is still missing out on it” She smiled.

Arnav just stood there in complete disbelief… although he wasn’t the dude of the university, but any girl he had asked for a coffee date had never refused, what was so special about Khushi then? Why dint she want to go with him?

Khushi had almost entered the classroom when she heard students outside shouting and screaming… she quickly rushed towards the crowd that already gathered and what she saw there left her completely shocked.

A student had jumped down from the terrace and committed suicide.

Tears started rolling down her eyes suddenly, even though she knew nothing about the student, maybe it was even the first time she was seeing him.


I’m sorry Khushi, I know you’ll never forgive me for this but I wish I could tell you why I had to do this…

I couldn’t live with the guilt anymore… what I had done was wrong…

I know this isn’t fair for you, I’m leaving you when I promised I’d always be with you but I hope you’ll understand and forgive me…

Every time I close my eyes I see the same incident in front of my eyes and I just can’t stop myself from feeling stupid over it.

I should have been put in a mental asylum for that!

I don’t want you to cry for me Khushi because guys like me don’t deserve tears of innocent girls like you, just know that this was my punishment…

I won’t be able to tell you today why I actually took this decision but I’m sure one day you’ll get to know… and when you get to know I just hope you forgive me for it.




“Hey… are you okay?” Someone asked

She turned around and saw Arnav standing behind her as he looked at the student worriedly.

“Was he your friend?” he asked

She nodded negatively.

“Your brother or someone you knew?”

“No… I have never even seen him in this university” Khushi cried

“Then why are you crying Khushi… such incidents keep on happening here… students commit suicide out of pressure, I know it’s terrible and I wish they understood that suicide isn’t the option” He said

“I wish he dint leave me like this… every time I see something like this, I remember him and I remember he left me all alone in this world… he was my entire world Arnav… my life revolved around him… why did he have to leave me?” Khushi cried

“Hey it’s okay… calm down” Arnav said as he side hugged her.

Khushi’s phone rang suddenly when she realized she had told Arnav something she shouldn’t have and he was so close to her right now.

She moved away from him and received the call as she walked away completely ignoring him.

“Yes Lavanya” She said

“I’ve got some really great news for you… guess what?”


“I’m coming back tomorrow so you don’t have to be scared of anything now, let me just be back then will find out who’s been disturbing you lately”

“Really? You are coming back… wow! Thank God!” Khushi exclaimed.

“What happened Khushi? You sound low? I mean your voice is different… is everything okay?”

“Yeah I’m fine, nothing to worry about”

“Tell me the truth, you were thinking about him again and crying right?” Lavanya asked

“Yes I was, because he left me, because I loved him and he had no right to punish me like this… because I miss him… why isn’t he here with me” Khushi said as she almost broke down.

“We’ll discuss this when I’m back, till then be strong babe” Lavanya said as she disconnected the call.

Jul 11, 2017

Dead Roses... Part 6 (By Taanihalai) (Thanked: 37 times)

There’s always a reason, maybe too painful or maybe too stupid.

Khushi sat on her bed upright as the clocked ticked 11.59 pm.

Her heartbeats were in a race, she knew anytime from now the doorbell would ring, and she would once again find the dead rose at the door, all she wished was she could be strong enough to go downstairs and peep from somewhere to see who the hell was doing this.

The doorbell rang as soon as the clock ticked 12.00 am… she clutched the bedsheet tightly in her hands and shut her eyes painfully, this was becoming so damn scary.

She looked out through her window and saw all the policemen around, if they were there how did the person come in? How was he able to ring the doorbell?

She rushed downstairs quickly and opened the door as all the men turned to look at her.

“What happened ma’am?” They asked

She looked down and as usual spotted the dead rose with a note, she picked it up and looked all around.

“Were you people blind or were you sleeping? The stalker just came a while ago and left this at the door step and you want to tell me none of you saw him?” Khushi asked angrily.

“Ma’am we’ve been looking all around, we have been awake, no one came here” they said

Khushi just looked at them in disbelief, how could it be possible that somebody left a dead rose and a note in front of the door and they dint see the person?

She opened the note and read whatever the message was this time.

If you think this foolish guards would be able to stop me from leaving this rose and message for you, you also are as foolish as them.

I’m here to ruin you with the most beautiful pain and no one can stop me from it… not even God himself so stop trying sweetheart.

She locked the door and rushed back to her room, this was just become real scary… who was this person and what did he want from her?

Why was he up to all this? What would he get out of scaring her like this for no reason?


She was woken up by the doorbell early in the morning.

She looked at the clock which showed the time, it was only 5 o’clock in the morning, who could be here at this time?

She yawned and stretched her arms and she headed downstairs to open the door.

“Good morning lazy bum” a lady said as she hugged her.

“Lavanya! You are back” Khushi exclaimed out of happiness as she hugged her back tighter.

“For you, I’d do anything my love” She giggled as they both walked in and settled themselves down on the couch.

“You came so early… I thought you’d be here in the evening”

“I tried my best to be back as soon as possible, anyway what’s up with all those policemen outside the mansion”

“That stalker… I don’t know who the hell he is… he came again last night and the policemen were there and they were awake but none of them even saw who it was, and he left a dead rose and another note again”

“That’s scary, how is it possible that they dint see who it was? I mean the person wasn’t just invisible”

“I have no idea… this is just too scary.. I don’t know what to do… you have no idea how I’ve spent this days alone in this house, at least you are back now, we’d work together to solve the mystery.. this was a lot of headache!” Khushi said

“Might be someone in love with you, just a poor guy who’s scared to confess and maybe he’s doing this” Lavanya said

“No… it’s nothing like that… if it was about love I wouldn’t be getting dead roses… I wouldn’t be getting blood and stuff… torn milk packets and some scary notes that only state one thing… whoever the person is doesn’t really have any sort of love feelings towards me…

It’s someone who wants to hurt me, give me pain or fear… I don’t know why he’s doing this but all I know is maybe he can even decide to kill me… who knows if he’s after my life”

“Stop thinking nonsense Khushi… for a while I can believe that someone might be after my life, I’ve been so social but you, since childhood you’ve always been like an introvert kind of person you even talk less to people, I’m sure you haven’t done any bad to anyone”

“Actually you are right…” Khushi said as she got lost into thoughts.

She stood up and started walking around the hall.

“Who knows if those dead roses and notes are for me or for you? We both live in this mansion… and besides the notes never had any name mentioned.

What if someone isn’t stalking me but you? What if all this that I’ve been scared off wasn’t meant to scare me but you?”

Lavanya stood up as she started thinking about it too.

“You might be right… as of now we have no idea who is doing this and to whom he is doing this… maybe once we find out who’s being targeted between you and me then we can get an idea on what to do next”

“So what do we do? How do we find out?” Khushi asked

“I have an idea… you said the bell rings at 12 midnight... we’ll stay awake, and we’ll peep out through the window… we’ll send the policemen away… let’s see who comes to put the dead rose, maybe if either of us knows the person we’d recognize who it is”

“But whoever is doing this… why would he do anything of such sort to any of us… what have we spoilt of anyone”

“I really have no idea Khushi… only the person himself can tell us why he’s doing this but don’t worry, we’ll find out this soon, stop being worried and go get ready, you have to attend your classes”

“Yeah, I guess, I just go to university and try to put my mind out of this”


After an hour, Khushi was all set to left for college. She opened the door to walk out when she again found a dead rose and a note at the door step.

“Now tell me you dint see again who left this here… or is it like I’m leaving this here for myself and just making up stories?” Khushi asked sarcastically.

The officers looked at each other in confusion giving Khushi her answers… she opened the note to read what next was the stalker up to.

A friend in need is a friend in deed, unfortunately your friend isn’t going to help you out of this misery in any way

Khushi shook her head feeling tired of this, she wanted to go and show Lavanya the note but she was asleep so she let her sleep thinking she’ll show her the note later when she comes back.


Khushi was just heading towards the classroom when Arnav stopped her midway.

“Let me go” She said trying to get past him.

“Do you have a boyfriend Khushi? Or did you ever have a boyfriend” Arnav asked

“And why are you interested in my personal life suddenly”

“Because I’m interested in you, now would you please answer my question?”

“What’s wrong Arnav? Why don’t you leave me alone? Why are you irritating me, I have many things to deal with, the last thing I need is your attraction” Khushi said angrily

“I dint tell you to come at the ball putting on a sari, I dint tell you to come dance with me when you dint know how to, I dint tell you to leave from there just like you did and I damn dint tell you to cry like you did yesterday!” Arnav replied back

“What’s your point?”

“Everything that has attracted me towards you… I don’t know why I have never been attracted to any other girl like I’ve been attracted to you and trust me, I tried my best to stay away but I couldn’t because you are one innocent soul and I just can’t keep myself from admiring you.. Yesterday when you cried saying he left you I dint know who left you but I could realize how much you loved the person and that love attracted me to you.

I don’t know what’s up with you and why you’re avoiding me when I can see that you also are kind of attracted towards me, but if the person was your ex-boyfriend the one who committed suicide and the one you are crying for then I’m sorry to say but you have to move on”

Khushi slapped Arnav angrily leaving all her five fingers printed on his cheek as he looked at her in disbelief.

“Who are you? We just met yesterday and you already are telling me what I should do about my life? Grow up Arnav and leave me alone for heaven sake!

And just for your information, the person I was crying for wasn’t my boyfriend, love isn’t only about boyfriends” She said as she walked away.

Jul 12, 2017

Dead Roses... Part 7 (By Taanihalai) (Thanked: 40 times)

It takes a strong person to say sorry and it takes even a stronger person to forgive.

As the day came to an end, Khushi walked to the parking so she could go back home, today’s day had just been so bad, she was pissed, scared and what not.

Whoever this stalker was, she had no idea what she wanted from her, but if it was to scare her, he did manage to do it.

Just when she was opening the door to her car, she saw Arnav walking towards his car, he dint even look at her, he just behaved like there was no one around.

Khushi walked towards him and stood in front of him as he stared at her silently.

“Coffee?” She asked

Arnav looked at her in surprise, just in the morning she had behaved so badly with him and right now she was asking him for a coffee? What was going on in her mind?

He started walking towards his car as Khushi stood there staring at him sadly, until today morning he had been asking her to go out with him and now when she did herself, he dint even bother to say yes or no.

“Are you coming with your own car? I don’t mind if you come in my car, I can drop you home later and I can pick you up tomorrow from your place for university” he asked as he opened the door of his car.

“I’d prefer you drop me back here so I can get my car and drive back home later” Khushi said as she walked towards him with a smile on her face.


They both sat down in a corner and ordered for the coffee.

“I’m sorry for the way I behaved with you in the morning, my mind wasn’t just right” Khushi said

“It’s okay but just to clear the confusion so you don’t get angry on me again I just said I was attracted to you and I liked you that doesn’t mean I’m in love with you… there’s a huge difference. I just thought we could be friends, because I really don’t do the love thing”

“You don’t do the love thing? So what happens when you are attracted to a girl like you are attracted to me?” Khushi asked

“Nothing, I just ask them for friendship and make things clear from the start, the only thing they can get from me is friendship, time together, some kisses and making out, and I’ve been lucky so far, I just make out with the girls and later on I get over them so it’s not really a huge thing”

“So I hope you aren’t planning the same on me, we can surely be friends but kissing and making out, think of it only if you are so desperate for a slap” She giggled

“You see I don’t force anyone, I just give them what they want and in return get what I want”

“You sound so different from how I thought you’d be when I first heard you talk to the crowd about the ball tickets”

“How different?”

“Like you were being honest, you weren’t being biased, you just sounded like a good genuine person and I wanted to see you, like I liked the way you were but couldn’t see you, I never attended the ball in the past years but this time I did only because I wanted to see you, so just imagine how good I thought you were”

“Well for your kind information I am good, I am still honest you see I told you everything honestly and  by the way I’m impressed to know that you were at the ball just for me, which means I can get kisses” he winked at her

“Not at all…” Khushi giggled

“Anyway sorry accepted, you’re forgiven, just make sure you don’t shout at me like that once again, I have a weak heart, it might just break” Arnav said innocently as Khushi just laughed at him, he was being too funny.


After the coffee, Arnav dropped Khushi back at the university and she headed home from there.

Lavanya was sited in the hall waiting for her worriedly, as soon as Khushi walked in she rushed to hug her and confirm she was okay.

“I got worried, I thought something must have happened, you always come back early from university, today you are two hours late… I thought the stalker might…”

“Relax Lavanya, I’m fine… I had work to finish up so I stayed till late don’t worry” Khushi said as she sat down.

“Did anything else happen? Any news about the stalker?”

“I don’t really know if we can call him a stalker, he doesn’t follow me everywhere, he just leaves dead roses and notes at the door but anyway I found another note later in the morning and it was kind of addressed to me, so whoever he is, he has issues with me and not you”

“But why would someone do that to you, you even rarely make friends so the thing of you having enemies is just too hard to accept.”

“I don’t have an idea who he is and what he wants from me” Khushi said sadly.

“Don’t worry, just relax… now that I’m here we would sort this out” Lavanya said

Her phone rang as she took it and walked aside to receive the call, after talking over the phone for five minutes and blushing the entire time she walked back to Khushi.

“I have a date” She said excitedly

“And I’m not really interested to know about it, it would just be coffee, dinner, then **** and the end!” Khushi said

“Well, that’s all life is about”

“What if some day while doing this one night stand things you fall in love with someone, do you have an idea how badly your heart might break?” Khushi asked

“No one falls in love in just a day come on, he’s a guy I met before I went for my trip this is the second meeting anyway, we’ll get what we want from each other and never see each other, where does falling in love come here?

I don’t mean to say I don’t believe in love but to fall in love you need time, not just a day and a night spent together… anyway lots of lectures, let me get ready, I’ll see you tomorrow morning” Lavanya said as she headed to her room.

One reason why Lavanya normally lived with Khushi in this mansion and not with her dad was because she could go out at night and come back in the morning and no one would question her.


The doorbell rang as Aman rushed to open the door. He looked at the lady standing in front of him and for a while he couldn’t take his eyes off her, she was so pretty.

“Hi” he greeted her

“Hi... Arnav dint tell me he had a friend around tonight” She said

“On no, I was just leaving… you guys have fun… Arnav! She’s here” Aman shouted as he smiled at her and walked out.

“Lavanya!” Arnav said as he headed towards her, he hugged her and welcomed her inside

“What’s up, you’re without a shirt, trying to tempt me already?”

“Oh no, I was just working out, and I’ve tempted you already so it’s not really a big thing you know” Arnav winked at her as she blushed

Her got hold of her hand and led her to his bedroom as he pushed her to the bed and jumped on her claiming for her lips like a beast.

“I’ve wanted to kiss you since the first time I saw you” Arnav said as he turned her around and unzipped her dress, pulling it off completely.

“And I’ve wanted you to take off my dress since the first time I saw you” She giggled.

Arnav stared at her for a while as if unsure of what he wanted to do… he dint know but he was just confused… it wasn’t that she was the first girl in his bedroom but it was just that today, it dint feel comfortable.

“What happened?” Lavanya asked

“I can’t do this” he said as he stood up and put on his shirt.

Jul 13, 2017

Dead Roses... Part 8 (By Taanihalai) (Thanked: 35 times)

You cannot run away from yourself, you’re always right behind you.

Lavanya took her dress as she put it on and looked at Arnav who was looking the opposite way.

“Who is she?” she asked

“Who is who Lavanya?” Arnav asked as he turned to look at her.

“The girl who’s making the beast a man”

“What are you talking about?”

“I’ve heard about you Arnav, one of my friends has slept with you and she said you were perfect. I know a lot about you and I know that you’ve slept with so many girls, that’s what you want from us anyway so when you call me here, you even bring me to your bedroom and undress me, I don’t see any other thing that can stop a man after that than his conscience. And I know somewhere all this is related to a girl”

“It’s nothing like that, just that today my mind isn’t accepting what I want”

“Don’t run away Arnav, we keep on running away from it our whole lives and when we realize we can no more run away from it, our lives run away from our hands… those feelings that you are developing in your heart are trying to tell you something… listen to them” Lavanya said as she walked away.

“Damn those feelings! There’s nothing like having feelings for anyone, there never will be!” He said as he punched the wall angrily.

Lavanya walked away leaving Arnav behind sited on his bed holding his forehead with his hand.

There were a lot of things going on in his mind and he just wanted to run away from all of them.

He dint want to believe a single word that Lavanya had said, he dint want to believe the reason why he was feeling this way was some girl, he dint want to accept that he had feelings for any girl because he had promised himself that won’t ever happen.

He just dint do this because he dint want to, he dint feel it was right so that’s it… he should stop over thinking about it.


Khushi was sited in the hall staring at her watch, today she was going to make sure she caught the person, the clock was almost striking twelve… her heartbeats were in a race.

She stared at the ceiling, at the floor, at the window… everything was making her scared and restless.

When the clock hit twelve, the doorbell rang, she rushed to open the door without wasting even a second, but what she found wasn’t what she was expecting.

She looked around, but couldn’t find anything.

“What are you looking for?” Lavanya asked

“There’s no dead rose today Lavanya… did you see anyone around the mansion when you were coming?” Khushi asked

“No I dint, and if there’s no dead rose, its good right… might be whoever was doing it stopped doing it” Lavanya said as she walked in and settled down on the sofa.

“What happened? You are back early, I thought you’d come back in the morning”

“Well that was the plan but things dint go as planned”

“Why do you do this… I mean the one night stands… okay before you say I’m still living in the nineteenth century and all I don’t have any problem with you sleeping around with a guy, but it should be the one you feel for, the one you love, why go on with some stranger you don’t even know?”

“Because I don’t believe in love, I don’t think anything of such sort can happen”

“It can Lavanya… it can, Yash did fall in love, where he went wrong was he made some mistakes and he couldn’t get over the guilt… and he decided committing suicide was a better way… I lost my brother because of the so called love still I believe in it.. so why can’t you? Just because the first time you fell in love with someone that person ended up betraying you?”

“Let’s not talk about it… it was a bitter experience and since then I thought, if guys can use us then why can’t we use them? It’s a revenge game you see” Lavanya giggled

Khushi just looked at her sadly as a tear dropped down from her eyes.

“Khushi its okay… it happens… I know he left but he still lives in your heart right… he must have felt terrible, I’m not trying to justify that he did right by committing suicide but maybe if you were at his place you’d understand better why he took the decision”

“I wonder where she might be now… what she might be doing right now… the girl that he loved… she must have felt terrible knowing that he committed suicide”

“You never knew her?”

“Not really, he always used to tell me she was his queen, he loved her a lot, and she did love him too but there were some issues, when they get solved he’d introduce me to her… but before he could… anyway, I don’t want to think about it”

She stood up and looked around once again, it felt good not receiving a dead rose today, she just hoped everything was going to get back to normal.


“What am I hearing dude? She was hot and you just let her go like that? That’s so unlike of you, what’s the matter?” Aman asked as he drove the car.

“I don’t know… at one moment everything was fine, she was there in front of me on my bed, it was only for me to make the move but it was like something was stopping me, it was so weird, I’ve never felt this way before, like I couldn’t just listen to my mind”

“That’s really serious…” Aman said as he parked the car in the usual spot.

They both stepped out of the car as Aman headed away while Arnav stood there, at the spot he was standing, waiting for Khushi…

He dint even know why he was waiting for her, he just felt like he needed to talk to her… he needed to be with her without any good reason of course.

A few minutes later, Khushi drove in to the parking and stepped out of her car, she headed towards Arnav with a smile on her face.

“What’s up? Seems like you were waiting for me” She asked

“I was waiting for you… anyway coffee?”

“We just arrived and you are asking me for coffee? Are you crazy Arnav? I have a class to attend, I’ll see you in the canteen at lunch time okay” Khushi said as she walked away.

Arnav ran behind her and got hold of her hand as she turned to look at him.

“Please… I’m feeling very restless, I just need someone to talk to… please Khushi”

Khushi nodded as they both walked to the canteen while he kept on holding her hand and she just stared at him on confusion.

He was a confusing kind of a man… at one moment he was honest, at one moment he would tell her stupid things he did and at other moment he would behave so strange… like a child, like he was behaving right now.

“Is everything okay?” Khushi asked as they settled themselves at the table.

“Nothing is okay… I’m becoming stupid… I’m doing things I shouldn’t and not doing things I should now I don’t even know what I am supposed to do and what I’m not supposed to do” he said

“What?” Khushi asked in confusion.

“There’s nothing like feelings right? They don’t exist… people just like control, they like getting what they want… no one here loves the other selflessly, no one here lives without hurting others then why can’t I do the same to them?”

“Because you are a good person Arnav, and you have a good heart” Khushi said

“No! I don’t have a heart! I don’t have feelings… I don’t want to have feelings and I don’t want to fall in love!” he almost shouted.

He stood up and looked around… then walked away leaving Khushi behind staring at him…

She dint know but the way he behaved…he reminded her of how her brother used to behave before he committed suicide.

She just rushed towards him and pulled him back holding him tightly into her arms, he tried to push away but she kept on holding him tighter and tighter.

“Everything will be okay Arnav… please relax” She said. He hugged her back and nodded as tears rolled down his eyes.

Jul 14, 2017

Dead Roses... Part 9 (By Taanihalai) (Thanked: 46 times)

I’ll torture you until you’d beg for death, which wouldn’t be given to you easily.


Khushi pulled apart after some time as she looked into Arnav’s eyes…

All she could see was fear, although she dint know what he feared so much that it was hurting him like this, she just hoped he’d get over it soon.

He looked into her eyes trying his best to control his feelings, trying his best to make sure that whatever Lavanya said wasn’t true.

He dint want to change, he loved being the way he was, flirting around with girls, having one night stands and all the fun he’d always had.

He dint want some **** called love in his life, he’d never want it because he knew the only thing it did was to destroy people and he dint want to be a victim of it.

He looked at her, she was still staring at him worriedly…

Damn it! Why was she worried about him? She shouldn’t be… it wasn’t just right…

“Khushi” He whispered as a tear dropped down her cheeks..

She gasped in shock… how could she cry? Why was she even crying at the first place? What the hell was going on?

Arnav’s eyes fell on her pink glossy lips… they were shining bright as the sun rays fell on her face and for a second he was tempted to kiss them…

For a second he just wanted to push her to the wall and suck her lips so badly, maybe it would make him calm down… maybe it would get rid of the way he was feeling at the moment… maybe all he wanted from her was what he wanted for the other girls.

He moved his mouth closer to hers, his breaths becoming heavier… he dint even understand why he was going so slow, he had always jumped at girls and kissed them so roughly… why was he treating her so soft?

She shut her eyes as he almost touched her lips but then suddenly, she realized what was happening and she knew it shouldn’t happen, it wasn’t right…

She pulled herself back as Arnav looked at her in surprise.

“I guess I’d get back to my class” Khushi said awkwardly.

“Sure” Arnav said as he looked everywhere else but towards her.

She quickly got hold of her bag and rushed away before things became more awkward.. What happened today wasn’t right… they shouldn’t get this close.

She dint even know this guy well… he just came to her life all over a sudden and almost kissed her, and she was going to let him? Even after she knew what he had for girls was just lust?

She cursed herself for being too weak to let this happen to her, next time she had to control herself no matter what… Arnav was just a friend to her and that’s what he would remain to be.

She made sure to stay away from Arnav the whole day and on the other side he tried the same.

At the end of the day she quickly rushed to the parking and got into her car before Arnav arrived there and left for home.

Lavanya was in the mansion busy watching television as she walked in.

Khushi dint like walking inside this mansion anymore, as soon as she stepped in she knew she would receive a dead rose and another stupid letter and that things scared the hell out of her.

But what she wasn’t able to understand yet was why was the stalker only stalking her here? Why dint he leave her dead roses at the university or any other place she went?

Why was it that nothing unusual happened outside the mansion? Why did it always happen inside here? It was all curious.

“Where are you lost?” Lavanya asked

“Nothing… I was just wondering about the stalker… I mean the only place he leaves things for me is here… he never follows me anywhere else or does anything outside here… why could it be so?”

“Or maybe he might be following you everyone and you have no idea about it”

“It’s obvious I’ll sense or get a hint… this has been going on for quite a while and I’m sure I note every detail, but I don’t know I’m just sure whoever this person is he doesn’t follow me anywhere else”

“Forget that, anyway I have a surprise for you and you’ll get that surprise only if you receive a dead rose tonight” Lavanya said excitedly.

“This isn’t a thing to joke about La… and why is your surprise connected to the dead rose? I hope you aren’t the one playing pranks on me”

“Shut up, I have no interest in playing pranks on you at twelve midnight daily, I love my sleep more”

“Okay fine but what is the surprise?”

“Wait for the dead rose Khushi” Lavanya said as she pinched Khushi’s cheeks and rushed upstairs to her room while Khushi was left behind furious.

This was something really serious and Lavanya was taking it too lightly… why?


She just finished reading and switched off the table lamp putting the whole room into darkness… the whole place was silent.

She looked at the wall clock which read 11 o’clock… she was too tired for the day and wasn’t going to waste an hour just waiting for a damn dead rose.

She shut her eyes as she remembered the time she spent with Arnav today…

That moment when he almost kissed her… her heart ran miles… it was something she had been trying to keep out of her mind the whole day but no matter how hard she tried she couldn’t.

There was something about that moment… about what they both shared… it was just something different.


Sharp at twelve o’clock, the bell rang.

Khushi woke up as soon as she heard the door bell and quickly rushed downstairs as she opened the door hoping today she could see her stalker but there was no one around… even the security guards weren’t around.

Today there wasn’t a dead rose at the door step, instead there was a bunch of dead roses all covered in blood.

Next to it was a note, she picked it up with her trembling hands and opened it to read.

“I dint begin the game, you did and before you’d realize it’ll come to an end with your death.

It started with a few pieces, it will change to bunches and boxes, me ready for the biggest and worst horror you’ll ever face.”

Lavanya stood behind Khushi as she read the note too… Khushi almost fell down as she got hold of her and pulled her inside.

She locked the door and rushed to her room then headed back downstairs with her laptop.

“I want to show you something” She said as she placed the laptop in front of her.

“I got cctv installed outside and got the footage saved on my laptop… I was the one who sent the guards away because last time when the guards were there he used some other trick or it was obvious the guards could have seen them, so today I wanted him to come here and leave the rose himself so we could capture him in the camera and I was awake waiting if I’d see anyone coming I’d rush outside but I’m sorry I fell asleep” Lavanya explained

“Show me the footage” Khushi said

Lavanya played the video footage had been recorded through the camera and passed the laptop to Khushi for her too see.

Jul 15, 2017

Dead Roses... Part 10 (By Taanihalai) (Thanked: 34 times)

New beginnings are necessary in order to overcome the past.


Khushi watched the whole footage and then returned back the laptop to Lavanya.

“What happened?” She asked

“He was here, but even this camera’s couldn’t help, his face was covered with something, I couldn’t even see any part of his face” Khushi said sadly.

“Don’t worry Khushi, I think maybe we should just ignore this”

“How do I ignore this Lavanya? This guy has been sending me dead roses, blood and some hell **** of scary notes, do you want me to just sit and believe it means nothing?

I don’t know who he is, I don’t know why he is doing this, at least I must do anything I can to find out what’s going on in my life” Khushi held her head feeling frustrated.

“Okay relax, we’ll look for another way to sort this thing out, for now just go and take some rest okay?”

She nodded as she headed back to her room, it was obvious sleep wasn’t going to come so easily after this, so she just decided to sit on her bed and give this things some thought.

When nothing seemed to be going right in her mind, she decided to divert it, so she headed towards the cupboard and pulled out a box.

There were so many things in the box, some pictures, a diary, some letters, and some s****s… they all belonged to her brother.

In all this years after he left her, she had only had a look at the pictures, she never dared to look at the diary or the letters, she just felt she would invade his privacy even though he was no more.

Or maybe she thought if she read all those letters and whatever that was written in that diary, she might hate her brother, just the way the girl he loved, what was her name? Kriya… just the way Kriya hated him.

She dint even know why Kriya hated him, maybe they had some fights or something… but all she knew was since her brother met that girl, he’d never been the same person.

The last time they talked before he left, he had told her something, because of which she had kept herself from reading those letters and diary.

He told her he had made mistakes of which he was guilty and he could no more take that guilt.

She returned back everything in the box and placed it back where it was, she still dint have enough strength to read all that, but some day when she would have the strength, she would read.


Arnav was yet tossing and turning on his bed, he had been trying so hard to fall asleep but his mind was just somewhere else.

Maybe Lavanya was right, maybe he was falling in love… and that too with Khushi… she would never love him back, she knew what type of a guy he was.

Why was he even thinking about Khushi loving him back? He had promised himself he would never let this happen to himself, he would never let himself fall in love and go through the pain it comes with, so now why was he becoming so weak?

“It’s okay Arnav, there isn’t anything wrong with that” Aman said as if reading his thoughts.

“Nothing wrong with what?”

“Nothing wrong with liking someone, nothing wrong if you think you might fall in love with them”

“Are you the one saying this Aman?” Arnav asked

“Yes Arnav because you can’t plan your future based on you past experiences, things have changed since then, you can’t deny yourself love and happiness just because of all that. People move on and I always thought you did but I can see you are still there”

“It’s difficult, I’ll end up being cruel to her”

“No matter how bad a man might be, he’d always be good to the girl he loves and you aren’t bad Arnav, you are just denying yourself love because of some reasons which you shouldn’t”

Arnav just nodded as he covered himself with the blanket and drove to sleep, all this was just stressing him more and more.


Khushi had just parked her car and was heading to the classroom when Arnav pulled her back.

“Arnav! You got me scared”

“I’m sorry… I just thought once you get in your class, it would be hard to get you out so I thought I’d ask you before you go”

“Ask me what?”

“Would you go out with me? Not the one night stand types, not the friend types, just you and me, on a date, maybe lunch or dinner? Please don’t say no”

“I’ll be free after seven” Khushi smiled as she walked away leaving Arnav behind jumping up and down in excitement.

She sat in the classroom confused as to why she even agreed for the date.

She just did, maybe to spend some time away from home, or maybe she liked spending time with him.

No matter what kind of a guy he was, one plus point was that he was always honest and that’s why she felt like she could trust him.

And anyway it was just a date, they would meet, sit somewhere and eat, that’s it.

She stood up suddenly remembering something as she rushed out of class and bumped into Arnav just outside class.

“I was coming to you” They both said

“I forgot to tell you, you can pick me up from the parking”

“Are you sure? I mean at seven in the evening? I can just pick you from your place, just give me your address”

“No, here will be fine” Khushi said noting down in her mind that if Lavanya gets to know she’s going on a date, she’d just get over excited and might even mess up things.

It wasn’t that she wanted to hide all this from her, she just wanted to make sure it was worth telling her about it.

Arnav just stared at Khushi while she blushed and looked confused at the same time as if not being able to decide how she felt about this date or anything.

He just stared at her and so many memories of his past flashed in front of his eyes…

This feeling was just something so familiar, something he knew about since long, he just hoped it wouldn’t turn to be worst like it had before.

“I’m sorry about yesterday, I had no idea what happened to me”

“It’s okay, I understand” Khushi smiled as she headed back to her class.

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