Arshi teen SS: Iss Dil Ka Kia Karun?

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Jul 3, 2017

Arshi teen SS: Iss Dil Ka Kia Karun? (By Farakhan) (Thanked: 13 times)

Nerd. Introvert. Bookworm. Three words to define him.

Outgoing. Extrovert. Party animal. Three words to define her.

The opposite fall for each other. What can we do?


You want to read it?


I will the prologue in the morning or after Salah.

Bye! :-*

Jul 3, 2017

Iss Dil Ka Kia Karun? Prologue is up. (By Farakhan) (Thanked: 24 times)


Hi, Arnav here.

Okay so my parents decided it was better for me to live in board school because back in India they didn't find a single good school for me. Well to be honest, my parents are filthy rich and a bit no really status conscious. I'm their second child who is **** at studies. Yes, you heard me right! I got 6 Cs out of 8 subjects in matriculation. They used their money and decided, I was to be send to New York City at a boarding school so I will somehow concentrate on my studies.


Oh how I hate school.

Not that I hate learning but school kills my creativity. When they ask me, “Write a note about partition in 1947.” I write it from my own point of view which according to my own observations is perfectly fine but well the teachers returns my paper with a complement decorated at the far corner of the paper which read like this, “Hon, you write very well but it's not from the textbook.” and right under it is this, “P.S. Thanks for the good read, I enjoy creative writings!” I scramble the paper and throw it in the corner and after few minutes, I bring it back and show this to my parents only to be told 100,000-ways-to-get-A-grade. This is the story of my life. But i have, I am proud to say, never tried my parent's suggestion. Because they are terrible.

Back to my NYC boarding school. It's not that bad. Sure it's old and all but i like antique stuff. It enhances my imagination. Talking of imagination, I want to be a novelist, something my parents detest, oh-so-passionately!

The room I'm give is neither too small nor too large. It's medium, no smaller than that. There will be four guys in this room. Well four guys, I'm glad no girl.

I'm shy as hell and if a girl was to stay in this room I would peed my pants everytime she would have talked to me. I am THAT shy!

I'm only the one in this room, I thank the invisible God. I like to call God invisible because I have never seen him and I'm a strong believer that no one can see God, you just feel him. He shows up when miracles happen.

“Hey buddy!” I hear a voice and get up like an antisocial nerd would do.

“Hi,” I say awkwardly.

“I'm NK, Who are you? Oh this room is so small. Is the washroom big enough? Is there a female to share this room with? Okay listen who are you? Waow the bed is soft! I like it…” the guy NK talks without a full stop. I take a deep breath and sigh. How can people talk so much? My mouth would probably bid me goodbye forever if talk that much. “ who are you?” he asks me again after his rant is over about how AC works fine and how I have brought so many books with me and how they (we) are gonna have fun and blah, blah, blah.

“Arnav Sigh Raizada.” I say finding it embarrassing that my name is so long.

“India! Im Indian too!”

I want to say he doesn't look like Indian but he answers without asking.

“My mom is Indian, dad is Swedish. Hate being mixture but it makes me cool.” I guess I like him. “So Arnie!” he exclaims like we are long lost friend.

“My name is Arnav!”

“We are friends!” he suddenly jumps from the bed and hugs me. Remind you I have been standing since he came in!

“I guess we are!” I sigh in relief, at least I won't be alone in this strange city.

“What's the plan for tonight?” he asks breaking the hug.

“I'm tired! Sleep.” I smile and he grins.

“I'm sleeping too.” he throws a punch on my arm and say, “Good night!”

I look at him unsure but decided to give response, “Good night!” I say punching his arm as well. He grins widely and light is gone in next 15 minutes.

Change is good!

Welcome to New York City.



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Jul 21, 2017

HI EVERYONE PLEASE PEEP IN (By Farakhan) (Thanked: 11 times)

HELLO!!!  How are you all?

I know, I know...I have disappeared somewhere after eid but I had reasons to.

Reason no. 1 I was sad/disappointed, well I still am and when I am sad I can't carry on normal stuff anymore. I have to distract myself from things that hurt me and Med somehow is the reason of my sadness.  

Reason NO. 2  I have been reading too much for past days.. I had brought so many books and had to finish them and I am still reading.

Reason No. 3   GUEST!!!! Guests are blessing from God, aren't they? well i cant get solitude in their presence so I can't write. I PAINFULLY NEED MY SPACE WHICH I'M NOT GETTING HERE    -_-

Reason No. 4   I think people don't like reading my fictions. I don't know I have this feeling that I should just give up writing...I mean we write so someone would read and appreciate or maybe criticize our work but well...the thing is that the response to my fictions get lower and lower even if I update regularly. 


I wouldn't care about comments or thank yous really, but then it makes me doubt my own work. I need response, YOUR RESPONSE. I feel like there is something lacking in my work and that's why WHEN I post on med I expect people to respond and tell me honestly what they think/feel about my work. 


I really hope you understand what I FEEL :(




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Aug 14, 2017

iss dil ka kia karun. next part is up :) (By Farakhan) (Thanked: 19 times)

Chapter 1

The shrill sound of my alarm wakes me up and I hear groans of more than one person. “What the hell man!”   

I realize, two other guys are here after all.

“WHAT?” I furrow my brows. I hate mornings and on the top of it i hate people in the morning as well.

“F)ck your alarm. Its the first day and jet lagged can’t even get peaceful slumber.”

“Seriously man? Everyone is jetlagged. So what? You are not the prince of Dubai!” i say without opening my eyes, “You should be thankful, I saved your ass from getting late the very first day at school.” I know it's wrong to be so rude but he was rude too!  

I don’t care. I just want to sleep. And I fell asleep again.  

My alarm rings again and I groan.

“Wake up! Arnie.” I roll my eyes hearing NK as if my alarm would let me sleep.

“Your alarm saved my ass from getting late but seems like it failed you.” i hear the same voice again and this time i decided to face him. I meet a very tall, okay maybe 6 feet tall,  guy with dark brown hair and eyes, he has a smirk on his very handsome face. Behind him stood a slightly shorter white, seems to me a native, guy with towel on his shoulder, chuckling.

“I see you have a great collection of books,” he starts walking toward my bookshelf, I have an urge to protect my books from foreign eyes but I don’t want to sound like fetish man so I stay silent.

“HI I am prince of Dubai.” he extends his hand and I shake without greeting back vocally.

“See you later, then.” I walk to washroom.

“Will you stop peeping in his stuff. Man!” I hear him tell the other guy.

“What happened to you Arnie?” I hear NK call me out but really, I don’t answer. The nice Arnav is asleep, let the shower wake him up.

Taking shower quickly I get ready, grab my bag which thankfully was packed by my very anxious mother who was crying while doing so like she was sending her son in woods where there would be all type of animals and when I suggested I could stay with her then she lost her temper and told me to get ready or I would miss the flight.

Women are strange.

As I walk out of the room I met NK, “What? You haven’t gone to class yet?” I ask surprised.

“Yeah...we were waiting for you!”

Yeah, they were.

“I am sorry about the morning thing. I am kinda anti-social in morning.” i say looking at the tall guy.

“Ali, my name.”

“Arnav.” i greet back.

“Its clay! Clay Jensen!”

“Nice to meet you!”

“Same here. I like you,” i don’t know why he said that but i smile nevertheless. The bell rings and we start walking along the corridor. Kids of our age, girls and boys, pour out of small card box like rooms and start walking toward their classes. The school is big and hostels are really good, to my relief. I am gonna spend 2 years here. Great! I can read all Stephen King novels without my mom’s interruption.   

We enter our Spanish class. Mind you, my mom enrolled me here, even though i know spanish. I told I would rather go for Russian or Arabic but well she is a woman and women are stubborn. At least the ones I know are.

We all take seats, to my left side sits NK, to my right side sits Clay and beside him is Ali. we are basically sitting in the end row.

Some kids are making noise and doing stupid things and girls were laughing and encouraging them.

“GHABI! (Foolish/stupid/thick)” I hear Ali say something in his language.

“Welcome to high school!” clay cheers not so enthusiastically. We all laugh a bit.

“Yeah...yeah...I can dance better than him though.” says NK pointing toward some white guy dancing.

“I trust you bro.” I say remembering last night. NK is actually an extrovert. I don’t know why he is yet not dancing with all those guys. But then there are some extroverts who call themselves anti-social.  

A girl entered wearing pink pants and white shirt, written on it was “I’M A ROCKSTAR” and she has her hair tied in ponytail, headphones around her neck, her lips painted dark pink and a messenger bag on her shoulder hung freely as she walks, i think, toward me and sits on the chair right in front of me.

She has managed to enter my imaginations in just few seconds.

I close my eyes as I realize how pretty she was! I don’t know how long I sit like that but when everyone goes silent and this unusual stillness wakes my senses.

Nk nudges me and I ask dumbly “What?”

“If you are done sleeping, Mr.?”

I look up at our spanish teacher, a rather young man of 28 or thirsty, I guess, stares at me with amu****t. I feel my cheeks turning red as all the girls giggle and guys mimicking.

“He is kinda jet lagged, excuse him for today sir.” I hear the crispy voice of certain someone whose back was facing me and her back was exposed to my sinful eyes. I look away. How does she know I am not from New York?

“That’s alright!” he nods like he really understands.

“So class, let's introduce each other. I am Mike, your Spanish teacher.” the guy Mike has a very thick Spanish accent. It’s hard for me to understand what he says. I look at clay for help and he nods. “Introduction session.” he writes on his notebook and I nod my head.

“Thank you!” i write on my notebook and he replies, “Always a pleasure. I will write everything he says, no worries” from the movies to the tv shows, i have seen only mean high school teenagers but Clay seems nice. Like really nice.

Everyone introduced themselves.

“MIss?” the girl whose back is facing me talks “Khushi.”


“Khushi Gupta. My name is khushi Gupta and I hate high school.” NK, ALI AND CLAY laugh and I wonder why she hates school anyway.

“Your name, what does it mean?” it means happiness and she is Indian, I know that now. Maybe she is living in hostel too.   

“Happiness.” she says and I think, I felt, for a second, a change in her tone. It became hard. Does she hate her name? Maybe i should stop imagining thing, I scold myself.

“Hi my name is Ali and I hate high school.” i shot him a glance and he looks calm.

“And, why you both hate school?”

“I love traveling and school is synonymous of jail.” Ali says coolly.

“Who loves high school anyway?” khushi shrugs, “They lie when they say they love school and would miss these years.”  

“Why are you here when you hate high school?” all eyes on Ali and Khushi.

“Personal reasons!” khushi said and Ali added, “Yeah, Personal affairs.”  

“Hi, I am clay, I am here because I want to study in Harvard. so yeah.”

And now, it is my turn. I wet my lip and sigh. I can’t escape attention, can I?

“My name is Arnav and I am here because my parents thought it was good for me.”  

“Such a moma’s boy!” someone shouts. And I go red with embarrassment.

“Sure ****head!”

“Language Miss Khushi!” actually he says k-u-s-hi because he can’t pronounce her name.

“It’s khushi. And sir Its ironic that we are told not to swear in school but insulting someone is allowed? What is more inhuman, insult or swears?”

“Swear is an insult, too.”

“I told him his real name, what's wrong in that?”

“Silence Miss.”

“I will be silent but in my presence if someone insult the other person just because they are being honest, i will speak up against such ****heads.” Khushi Gupta is my hero. Okay? I was mesmerized by her beauty and now I am mesmerized by her fearless attitude and courage.

“No more comments Miss.”

“Maybe you should go and work with counseling groups.” came a voice.

“F)king amazing to know that you think you are normal. How delusional.” WHAO she is sarcastic!

“Enough!” the class went silent. “You will meet me in the office.” he tells khushi.

“Sure, if those anonymous speakers would join me too.”

“ 'iinaa muejab biha.” Ali whispers aloud and three of us look at him as he grins.

“What?” NK asks dumbly.

“He says, he likes her.” I say in small whisper fearing teacher would caught us and khushi would hear me.

“You know my language?”

“A little bit.” I whisper back.

“Man! I like you!”

I look down embarrassed. I feel like the whole world is watching me.

”What’s so funny that you are grinning?”

“I just realize, I have a friend.” I feel emotional when he says that.

“Great, now concentrate.”

The classes go by but my heart, well it keeps on beating faster whenever she is around. I think i have a crush on khushi…I lay on my bed, tired. All the guys are sleeping.

I groan. First day at school and I am already crushing on a girl. Sometimes i wish I was a gay, those beautiful girl wouldn’t have affect me like they do now!

But khushi is different…If I was a gay, I would never have noticed the magnificent work of art. no ! no! She wasn’t work of art, she was art, herself. I have never met a single teen girl who was as fearless as khushi.

I close my eyes, I refuse to overthink and fall asleep.

“Arnav, wake up!” I open my eyes and Ali stood there with coffee in his hand. “Come on, someone is calling you for hours want some coffee?”

“Sure!” I say instinctively but add “I will make some.”

“Clay made it. Don’t worry. He knows how to cook, I am amazed.”

“My mom is extra protective so before coming here, i was sent to take a cooking course so I would avoid eating outside food.”

“But hostel provides everything!” i say frowning.

“I said my mom is OVERPROTECTIVE.” he says dramatically.  

“My mom is always busy, she probably doesn’t remember if she has a son or not.” NK says casually. “What about your Arnie?” he asks me as I sip my coffee.

I take a deep breath and say, “It’s complicated.”

“Got ya!” Clay grins.

I look at Ali, he hasn’t said a word, instead is busy toying with coffee mug. I think his mother is dead or maybe his parents divorced each other and now his mother lived away from him or maybe….okay shut up! I tell myself.

“I miss mine.” he says not looking up from his cup.

“We all do, no matter what.” Clay adds with a note of seriousness.

“Guess what?” NK says grinning.


“Tonight, there is a party in Justin’s place. I am invited.”

“So” I ask.

“We are going.”

“He invited you not us.”

“He invited Ali too and clay, he called him too.”

“I am not going uninvited.” i say placing the cup on the small coffee table that Ali brought. It is placed between our (mine and Ali’s) beds.

“Its high school bro. You go uninvited!”

“I refuse to go.”

“Come on Arnie.”

“Arnav, I think, I need you to come. A nerd needs a partner.” Clay says chuckling.

“Khushi will be there too, though.” I hear Ali say and I think I am ready to go.  

Its just a party, righT?


I wrote this chapter in entire day, taking breaks after breaks but really I had nothing to do. 

I think its boring. 


Nov 17, 2017

Iss Dil Ka Kia Karun next part is up! (By Farakhan) (Thanked: 19 times)

Chapter 2


"I am buzzing and I feel laced, I am coming from a different phase when I am with you." ZAYN (DRUNK all summer) 

I sit in one corner of the room with Clay beside me and we watch kids dancing and drinking as dj plays Calvin Harries’s “This Is What You Came For”.

“Okay, you have a crush on Khushi, I see.” I hear Clay chuckle. Yes!, I have a crush on the girl dancing along the crowd.

“Yeah…” I agree.

“You should go and talk to her. She’s been drinking a lot. Already drunk. Look!” clay is right, khushi has been drinking ever since I walked in the party.

“I don’t think, i should-”

“If you don’t go, someone else will!” Clay says and I frown as I see Justin approaching khushi with calculated steps. I must confess, I am green with jealousy. Why shouldn’t I be? The guy justin is perfect with his square face and blue eyes. I walk up to khushi taking long strides.

“Hey!” she smiles at me and I realize she is sober despite the fact that she’s gulped dozens of shots.

“Hey!” I greet back rather nervously.

“Come on!” she drags me with herself to the dancing crowd. I sigh and resist by pulling her toward myself.

“I don’t dance.”


“I don’t know…I just know,  I hate dancing.” she laughs and I stare at her pretty face.

“If Leonardo De Vinci was alive, he would paint you instead of that Lisa del Gioconda.” I say mesmerized. She seems surprised and gasps followed by laughter.

“You are funny!” she says in between her laughs.

“Am I?” I ask unsure. I am rather considered a dry person.

“Yes because comedian are the only people who don’t lie.” she says cupping my jaw.

Her touch is soft and it makes me crave more of her. She slides her fingers off my face and questions with her brows raised, “Tell me are you a mean comedian or a nice one?”

“I would consider second. I am too nice for my own good.” she nods her head and says after a second or two. “Lets make you dance tonight.” she pulls me to herself and I struggle to move my legs the way she does. “Put your hands in the air,” she shouts over the music and i do swing my arms in the air, though I feel stupid. “NOW DANCE!”

“I CAN'T!” I shout over the loud music. She laughs and I join her. A waiter passes by, she stops him, snatches two shots, one for me and one for herself.

“We sho-”

“Shh!” she puts her finger on my lips. Her hazel eyes has shade of green in them and right now green color is shining like fluorescent light. I don't question her. And take the shot.

My first shot with the girl, I admire the most.

We look in each other's eyes, she grins and holds my arm.

“You are mad!” I laugh as she holds another drink for me and herself.

“Madness is what makes life worthwhile.” I sigh and gulp another shot.




Until we lost count of it.

I have no idea what I am doing except that khushi is beside me and we are laughing at everything.

We are interrupted by dj announcing something over the Mic. I think he says, “dedicate a song to your lover or enemy.”

“What did he say?” I ask aloud.

“Sing A Song For Your Lover Or Enemy,” khushi shouts back.


“Do you sing?” I ask her.

“Yes but not today.” she giggles, “I am a terrible singer when drunk!”

The shy Arnav is hiding behind my drunk self. I wet my lips. I would sing and no one would understand a word. I grin at the thought.

I get up and Khushi claps her hands.

“You gonna sing, desi boy?” a black boy in leather jacket, with dark brown dense hairs and dark brown eyes asks me and I nod.

“This one is for Khushi!” I raise my hand in the air and grin. Everyone cheers and she joins them all.

Jaane baharan

(Soul of spring!)

Jannat ki hoorain tujh pe fida

(hoors of heaven sacrificed over you)

Raftaar jaise mauje Saba

(You move as softly as the breeze of the dawn)

Rangeen ada tauba shaman

(Entrancingly elegant, bewitchingly beautiful)

Ay jaane Mann jaane bahaaraan

(O light of my life, soul of springtime)

I stare at her face in trance. She looks so beautiful to my eyes. It is as if I am dreaming. Like I am floating in the air and she is beside me. We both stole some pixie dust and are both shining like stars now. The glow up on her cheeks, the green shining eyes, her perfect pink lips and her long hairs which she keeps bound in her perfect pony. Too much perfection. Damn.

Jaane Baharan rashke Chaman

(Soil of spring, Envy of the garden.)

Jeanne baharan o Jane Mann

(Soul of spring, my life)

“I don't understand a word but Damn boy, your voice is awesome!” I hear someone yell from the crowd but i don't tore my gaze from khushi. She keeps on smiling as if it is the last night of her life and if she doesn't smile enough, she would be left deprived of it.

I leave the stage

“Arnav come with me.” khushi drags me out of the crowded party and I let her take me wherever she intends.

We walk into silent street, singing stupid songs and laughing our asses off.

“I have lived my life in this one night!” I tell her and she grins.

“No darling! You haven't.” I frown.

“How do you say that?” but she doesn't answer this time. We walk into a park probably children’s playground.

She pulls me down on the soft grass and I lay beside her.

“Look at those stars, one of them is my mom.” I hear her and inquire “Does she talk? How do you know she is your mother?”

“Silly!” she hits my arm playfully. “Before she died, she said, she is going to be transformed into a star.” she sighs, “I wonder weather she talks and I can't hear or maybe she is angry.”

“Silly!” I hit her arm slightly. “Stars are billions and trillions of miles away from our planet and even if they talked, how would you hear ‘em?” I furrow my brows.

“I never thought about it…” she yawns and before I know she falls asleep. I place my arm under her head and fall asleep too.


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Dear @Noor: I am alive and fine  my papa is still here with us. Pray, I will not fall sick more because I have been sick for past two months. Love you!

Dec 27, 2017

iss dil ka kia karun. next part is up :) (By Farakhan) (Thanked: 9 times)

Chapter 3


All weekend I refused to go out. I don't think I'm ready to see khushi. She probably thinks I'm an idiot.

“Its Sunday! Come on!” NK shrieks making me roll my eyes in annoyance.

“I refuse to abandon my book!” I say stubbornly


“-No means no!”

“Alright! I give up!” he grumps and leaves. I'm alone, at last!

I throw my book on the coffee table and sigh. Dank what did I do last night? I bet Khushi is laughing somewhere and making fun of me. She would never make fun of you! Idiot! Says a voice in my head.


She can't do that...out of all people you thought Khushi would make fun of you? The girl who defended you? The girl can't do that. You are just a coward!

I roll my eyes. Right. I'm a coward and yes I think my image is ruined in front her and yes my social anxiety is getting the best of me. How am I gonna do this!? I'm dead. I close my eyes wishing for sleep but nah it refuses stubbornly like I refused NK a few minutes ago.

I fetch my phone from bedside drawer and scroll down the contacts to reach my psychologist’s number. When nothing works, psychiatrist does!

“Hey!” I cleared my throat mentally practicing dialogues.

“Hi! How are you Arnav?”

“I'm not okay! I'm sorry to disturb you but-”

“-tell me what's bothering you?”

“Usual anxiety!”

“What happened? I'm all ears.” she cheers making me feel grateful for having her in my life. She is an angel.

“Alia…” I narrate Friday night's events and add, “I feel like trash! I feel like I betrayed's ridiculous and I think I will never be able to face her again. I think I should just quit this school already.”

“Close your eyes.” she says and I do.

“take deep breaths!” I follow her instructions. “Now listen, you go and see khushi.”

“NO!” I yell and my eyes opening wide.

“Yes! You will always be afraid if you don't face it.”

“Its hard. Tell me some meditation instead.”

“Sometimes seeing your fear in the face is the only meditation to calm your anxiety!”

“Okay…” I say in a low voice.

“And I'm proud of how far you have come, Arnav.” it makes me feel good. At least she isn't disappointed in me. “Bye!”


Deep breaths, Arnav. I tell myself. It makes no difference because I'm anxious as hell. I reopen my phone contacts and find NK’s number. I consider the idea of asking NK for khushi’s number but drop it on second thought of his unwelcome questioning.

I open my FB app instead and add her name ‘Khushi’ there. What was her surname? I furrow my brows and think. Something like Gupta, right? I enter it uncertainty. On the top of the page I find her public page with an official blue facebook stamp. She has at least 600000 followers and likes. I open it. 

The intro reads: “I live!”  I stare at her photos. Her cat videos and gardening tips. Her fashion tips and book recommendations. There are her YouTube video links. She is a youtuber? I scroll up and click on her bio which confirms her to be a youtuber. I hate youtubers without a reason. I know I'm biased but I don't care.

And there is, what I want, her email address. I copy it and get ready to mail her after debating about it of course.


I hope you are having a great day. Got your email from your page. Don't think I'm spying you tho. Can we, maybe, meet somewhere. Yeah?

See you.


I send it after re-reading thrice.

What am I gonna talk to her? I will just see if she is changed after That night. I may as well ask her about that night only if she would open the topic first. I will pretend to be normal. After all the years of pretending, I can pretend for tonight, can't I?

I fall asleep waiting for her reply but well it's evening already. I look for her reply but find none. I sigh.

After freshening up, I begin making coffee when my phone rings. I stroll toward my bed and check unknown id. I pick it up and hear the most unexpected cheer.


“H-ey!” i stammer. Its khushi!

“What’s up?” she asks in her natural cheerful manner.

“You read my mail?” she giggles.

“You think i check mail?” i feel silly now.

“Well...i thought...never mind.” i say red with embarrassment.

“You are shy as f*ck!”


“I like shyness...its rare.”

“I’m not shy.” i try to defend myself. I hate to label my anxiety as shyness. One simply isn't troubled when shy?.  

“Okay...then what are you?” it makes me smile. She wants to know me which means she thinks about me.

“Who am I?” I say, “Is not a mere sentence, its call for existential crises!”

“I see you’re a nerd!” she laughs. Is she always laughing? Why? How?

“Your voice is so melodious…” i hear her.

“Y-ou rem-ember?”

“Course i do!”


“Thanks.” my brows raise in surprise. Did she just say thanks? I frown.


“For dedicating the song to me! It was a very kind and lovely gesture.”

“Was it?”

“It was.” she confirms, “What did you write in mail?”

“Maybe you would like to meet tonight? Yeah?”

“Yeah.” i smile. Am i dreaming? No I’m silly! Silly enough to overthink and turn **** more complicated. Alia is right. Facing khushi can change my life. Don’t you see I'm actually feeling shy without being anxious?

“See you, then. I will pick you up from your hostel. Yeah?”

“Yeah adios*!” I say and she cut the call after a second.

I stand there for minutes. Thinking about the sound of her laugh. I’m crushing very hard, indeed.


*Spanish word meaning goodbye!

day after tomorrow is my exam. i just wanted to update before getting too busy! pray for me.

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