Arshi FF:Raabta

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Jun 2, 2017

Arshi FF:Raabta (By Kattty) (Thanked: 108 times)

Hello dearies, this story is a collaboration between me (Katty) and Kiddo_Star.

"Good Morning, Khushi-ji!" Khushi felt surprised at the excitement that dripped from Anjali's voice.

"Good Morning, Anjali-ji!" Khushi wished her back and continued, "What's the reason behind this excitement, Anjali-ji? Did jijaji come back from him trip?"

Khushi asked making Anjali blush at the mention of her husband.

"No Khushi-ji. But this is something even more wonderful than that. My wish has finally been granted. My Chhote has agreed to get married. He, finally, said yes to marry to Lavanya." Anjali declared in a dramatic way.

Anjali failed to notice the colour drain out of Khushi's face. Anjali hugged Khushi and rushed towards Mama-ji to fill him in with Arnav's decision.

Khushi stood rooted to the spot, still trying to digest the words uttered by Anjali.

My Chhote has agreed to get married.

He, finally, said yes to marry Lavanya.

"Khushi-ji?" Khushi broke out of her thoughts on hearing Anjali's voice.

She turned to look at a concerned Anjali gazing back at her.

"What happened, Khushi-ji?"

"Nothing at all. I - I just-" Khushi was cut off by Arnav's voice who descended the stairs calling out for his Di.

"Di, what is all this?" Arnav asked looking at the helpers carrying covered plates out of the mansion.

"Chhote, Nani and I are going to the temple to thank Devi Maiyaa and also to ask Pandit-ji about the auspicious days for the wedding rituals." Anjali informed.

Arnav felt his heart pick up it's unusual pace and he looked at Khushi who stood behind Anjali.

Arnav turned his gaze away from Khushi failing to note the disappointment that flicked in Khushi's eyes. But Khushi was quite fast to cover it up with her usual smile - fake.

"Congratulations, Arnav-ji. May you lead a happy life with Lavanya-ji." Khushi wished Arnav who kept his eyes fixed on Khushi's wanting to note her expression - any expression.

Arnav kept looking at Khushi who busied herself in a conversation with Anjali. Feeling ignored, Arnav's anger bubbled up and he strode back to his room barking orders at Aman.

Khushi was about to take leave from Shantivan when she saw Lavanya enter Shantivan.

Putting up another smile of hers, she wished Lavanya, "Congratulations, Lavanya-ji."

Khushi hugged Lavanya who hugged her back happily. Needless to say, Lavanya was flying in air. Finally, she was going to get married to her ASR.

"Thanks, Chamkili. God, I am so happy today." Lavanya said, her voice laced with happiness and excitement.

Khushi's eyes filled with unshed tears but she held them back and broke the hug.

Something struck Khushi and she looked around for Nani. Seeing Nani walking out of the temple, she walked towards her and said, "Nani, I was called here to train Lavanya-ji to be an Indian lady. Now that you have accepted her as the daughter-in-law of the house, my work here has completed. I must take your leave now."

Anjali, Lavanya and Nani looked at. Khushi shocked. Khushi had unknowingly become such an integral part of their lives that it slipped their minds that Khushi had come only to train Lavanya.

"Chamkili, c'mon you can't do this." Lavanya whined not wanting Khushi to leave.

Anjali, Nani and Lavanya tried to stop her but Khushi was adamant on her decision. She couldn't bare to stay there and witness the wedding. She didn't have the strength in her to do that.

"Okay, fine. You want to go because your work here has completed, right? But you can at least stay and help in the wedding preparations." Lavanya exclaimed.

Seeing Khushi about to retort, Lavanya cut her and said, "Don't you consider me your friend?"

"Of course I do, Lavanya-ji."

"Then you are going to help us in the wedding preparations and you are coming here everyday." Lavanya stated with Nani and Anjali supporting her.

Khushi sighed in defeat. She was helpless. She couldn't see these people sad. They have given her umpteenth reasons to smile and now she didn't have the heart to just not listen to them.

Closing her eyes and taking a short breath, she said, "Okay Lavanya-ji. I'll help you all out with the wedding preparations."

Khushi gulped hard as she talked about the wedding. It pained her in the heart but she was helpless.

"Khushi-ji, can you please talk to Chhote and make him agree to come to the temple?" Anjali pleaded Khushi who looked shocked at her.

"Anjali-ji, how can I? Why don't you send Lavanya-ji?" Khushi suggested clearly showing disinterest in meeting Arnav.

Khushi looked at Lavanya who stood there gulping hard. Khushi knew why Lavanya was hesitant. The anger of ASR wasn't unknown to anyone, off course.

Khushi stepped towards Lavanya and nudged her whispering in her ears, "Lavanya-ji, what's the harm in trying? I am sure Arnav-ji will listen to you. Now that he has agreed to marry you, he will surely listen to you."

Consoling Lavanya, Khushi pushed Lavanya to Arnav's room.

After a few minutes, everyone saw Arnav descending stairs with a smiling Lavanya beside him.

Though Khushi herself had said Lavanya that Arnav would agree but now when she saw Arnav really changing for Lavanya, her heart pained. It felt stabbed.

He really doesn't care, Khushi. He has moved on.

Khushi berated herself. But Khushi failed to notice a smirking Arnav looking at her. He, once again, defeated Khushi. Arnav Singh Raizada never fails.

When Arnav had heard Khushi denying to call him and rather asked Lavanya to do the task, he got the opportunity. He got an opportunity to satisfy his ego by seeing Khushi's pained expressions and concluding that Khushi doesn't matter to him.

You do not affect me, Khushi Kumari Gupta.

Arnav concluded.

As everyone left for the temple, Khushi took leave and walked out of Shantivan. Hauling an auto for Laxmi Nagar, she let herself get drowned in the flood of past - hurtful past.

I don't care what you do, where you go and how you go.

Stop irritating me, Ms. Gupta.

It means nothing to me, Ms. Gupta.

It was just a mistake.


Khushi's eyes flew open at the bitter truth and the harsh realities.

Khushi wiped away the tears that flowed out of her eyes and she saw the driver looking concerned at her through the rear glass.

Such an irony it is! The one you don't want, cares about you while the one you want to care for you, doesn't even give a damn about your existence.

Khushi jerked out of her thoughts at the sudden hauling of the auto. Paying the driver, Khushi walked aimlessly to her house.

"Hai Re Nandkis****, here comes Sankadevi." Khushi heard Buaji's loud voice as she entered the house.

Khushi looked at Buaji and looked around for Payal.

"Bauji, where is Jiji?" Asked Khushi not finding Payal anywhere.

"She has gone to the temple, Titalya. She'll be coming around in a while." Buaji informed as she tied her red scarf around her head and read the newspaper.

"By the way, how come you came back so early today?" Inquired Buaji.

Khushi completed the glass of water in her hand and answered, "Arnav-ji agreed to marry Lavanya-ji. So everyone has gone to the temple for prayer and to ask Pandit-ji about the auspicious dates for the rituals."

"Hai Re-"

"So finally you're never going to face that angry ASR, ever." Khushi and Buaji turned around to see Payal standing at the threshold.


"What? I am happy for them but more than that I am glad that my sister would no more have to see Arnav-ji and bear his anger." Payal stated with a distaste towards Arnav.

Finally, my Khushi won't get hurt because of Arnav-ji.

Payal smiled at Khushi which soon got wiped off as she heard Khushi say, "I am going to help them out with the wedding preparations."

"What? Why?" Payal asked horrified.

She did not want her sister to go back to that house. She had been noticing Khushi for a while now. Khushi surely has lost some weight. Khushi also gets lost in some thoughts. And note, Khushi has never been like that. Don't know why, but Payal knew Arnav Singh Raizada was the reason behind it.

"Jiji, Lavanya-ji is my friend. She wanted me to attend her wedding and as a friend, I am going to help her out. Nothing else, okay? And also by the time I search for another job, I'll sort of have some distraction too. You know, right, that your sister can't stay without doing anything." Payal looked at Khushi with her scrutinizing gaze.

Did I just see hurt in Khushi's eyes? But why?

Payal mused.

Is Khushi hiding something from me? Is she in any trouble? I need to talk to her.

Payal thought determined and waited till the night fell. She needed to have a serious talk with her sister.


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