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May 25, 2017

Gave my Heart away.. (By Angel23) (Thanked: 92 times)


A beautiful girl was sitting in a courtyard near her house, crying.

" I'm sorry Jiji.. I could not save your marriage.. I'm so sorry" she cried heavily hiding her face with her palms.

Her father watched her from far, he approached her and placed his hands on her shoulder to call her: Khushi bitiya..

Khushi quickly wiped her tears, faking a smile she turned to her father, Shashi: Ji babuji..

Shashi guided her to a bench making her sit first and then him.

Shashi caressed her hair: Don't take your mother and buaji words bad. They are just angry that Payal's marriage broke, it wasn't your fault at all..

Khushi nodded: I know babuji. I'm angry at myself, not with amma or buaji. Its all because of me that Jiji's wedding broke. If I had reached on time and talked with Abhishekji all this would not have happened.

Shashi: No dear, it's not your fault. Perhaps it was destined by DM, that this wedding wasn't to be.

Khushi cried: Jiji will not suffer because of me na babuji? Her rajkumar (prince) will come na?

Shashi smiled faintly: I have complete faith on that. I will not be broken because of this. Payal will find another man worthy her.

Khushi smiled a little and hugged him tightly: I'm sorry babuji..


A man in a hotel room leaned on his bed headboard, thinking about the incident that occurred recently.


The show was running as expected to be. All were praising ASR with his unique talent that brought him immense success.

All he didn't expect was unknown model walk on his ramp. His eyes burned in anger scanning her from top to bottom.

She walked on the ramp fearfully not understanding what's happening in this mansion. Why were so many people looking at her as if she was an alien?..

Thinking about all this, she didn't even realize that she was about to fall, and two strong arms grabbed her quickly.

In the next moment she was in his arms like a scared cat.

Arnav on the other side, got a clear vision of her face, unlike his models she was simple and innocent, there was no arrogance in her face, and she was completely scared seeing all of them. Her dress  was something he never appreciate in women but still he has to admit it fitted perfectly on her body.

" Sir..." his bodyguards came running to him.

Arnav left the girl, who was in tears now.

Khushi: Woh..I..

Arnav looked at his bodyguards: Take her to my room.

Khushi widened her eyes: Nahin.. Dekho.. I want to talk with Abhishekji.. Please let me talk with him.. Please..

Arnav signaled the bodyguards to take her and they did as he said.

Arnav asked one of the bodyguards to stay and whispered near his ear: Don't hurt her.. Just ask what is she doing here.. Only that..

His bodyguard nodded and went with others.

Aman, his PA came running to him: ASR..

Arnav: Aman none of those pics these media people captured should be leaked, got that?

Aman nodded: Don't worry, I will do the necessary.

Anjali, his sister was really worried for him. She came running to him: Chotee..

Arnav looked at her. Anjali: Chote what is this? Is this a plan made by your rivals?

Arnav: I don't know Di. I will be right back.

Saying this he went, leaving a worried Anjali and disturbed Aman.

He entered inside the mansion, and his man came to him: Sir she says she came to meet some Abhishek.. And wants to save her sister's wedding.. I couldn't understand much..

Arnav nodded and entered inside the room.

Khushi looked at him crying: Please let me go.. Jiji is waiting for me.. Let me go.. I didn't do anything..

Arnav sat on the bed, and signaled everyone to leave.

Arnav staring intensely at her: Who are you?

Khushi hiccuped looking at him scared: K..Khushi..

Arnav: Why are you here?

Khushi started crying: Woh.. Jiji is getting married and the groom's parents demanded dowry, I'm sure Abhishekji doesn't know it.. Isliye I wanted to talk with him to talk with his parents, we don't have that money. But when I came here, I found this.. Where are them? Please let me go, my sister's wedding will break if I don't reach in time.. Please..

Arnav held Khushi's shoulder shaking her: Calm down!

Khushi sigh seeing this man not understanding her situation, she mumbled: Please let me go.. Please.. I beg of you sir.

Arnav nodded: Okay..go..

Khushi smiled a little: Thank you Sir.. Thank you...

Khushi ran from there, and Arnav kept staring at her disappearing figure with a little smile on his face.

This girl is incredible, she just kept blabbering her problems without even breathing.

Flashback ends. 

A short story about Arshi, it starts when Khushi fell on Arnav's arms and I will continue it with my imagination, not like the real plot... Hope you will like it, this story will be in few parts. Just a imagination that came in my mind and thought to share with you all..... 

May 25, 2017

Chapter 1 - Proving her innocence.. (By Angel23) (Thanked: 118 times)

Some days later:


" That boy will rot in hell for spoiling my girls reputation" Buaji shouted angrily cursing ASR.

" Buaji he isn't bad. He did let me go but I didn't reach on time, and hey DM I spoiled such a big show.." Khushi said munching her jalebis feeling sorry for Arnav.

" It wasn't your fault Sanki. Who told them to do such a show in a mansion? Are they out of their mind?" Buaji sigh hard.

" Buaji please forget it, now we are in Delhi, a new life ahead of us. Let's forget the past. And amma I found a new job" Khushi smiled looking at Garima.

Garima didn't look at her side, Khushi lowered her eyes sad: Amma please forgive me. I promise next time I won't steal anything from babuji, and I will tell you all what I do. I won't let Jiji life get spoiled because of me.

Garima melt seeing Khushi crying, what to do she was a mother and it did hurt her a lot when Payal's wedding broke. She was worried for her daughter's future and in that she also hurt Khushi.

Khushi ran and hugged Garima tightly: Please forgive me amma.

Garima also hugged her wiping her tears: Don't cry Sanki.. You're the happiness of this house.

Payal placed her elbow on Khushi's shoulder: And you shouldn't let your enemy gham gham (sorrow) win, because you're..

Khushi shouted happily: I'm Khushi Khushi (Happiness)

Garima, Payal and Shashi also laughed at her craziness.

Khushi: Jiji let's go outside and meet our new neighbors.

Payal nodded and both went running from there.

Garima shook her head smiling and continued cutting the vegetables.



" Aman you're fired" Arnav said in a dangerous tone glaring at Aman.

" But ASR I did everything I could" Aman whispered looking down.

" But still those pictures got leaked. What was her fault in this? She didn't even knew about the show, and her reputation will get spoiled now. What her parents and this damn society must be talking about her? " Arnav shut his eyes in frustration.

"Sorry ASR" Aman whispered.

" Organize a press conference. I want to clear this confusion now" Arnav said shutting his laptop.

Aman nodded and went quickly to do ASR's orders.

Anjali came inside his cabin.

Anjali: Kya Hua Chote? Why are you always scolding poor Aman?

Arnav pressed his lips: He's always doing something wrong.

Anjali giggled: What did he do now?

Arnav: Remember that girl that was in my fashion show? (Anjali nodded) Her pictures got leaked with me, I told Aman to not let those pictures get leaked at any cost, but no. Imagine what that girl must be going through now?

Anjali widened her eyes, seeing her Chote care for someone who is not from his family. She wanted to tell Nani, Mami, Akash, Mama everyone that Arnav Singh Raizada cared for someone, moreover a Girl!!

Arnav glared at her: Dii stop making your shocked faces.

Anjali smiled: Should I talk with the priest to confirm your wedding date?

Arnav: What the... Why? I don't want to marry with Lavanya.. You know very well I don't believe in marriage.

Anjali's face fell remembering about her Chote's girlfriend, she was teasing him about this girl she saw on the show, she almost forgot her Chote already has someone.

Anjali pouted: But you have to give me this chance to see your marriage Chote..

Arnav shook his head: Di please. I have to go now.

Arnav stood and went out of his cabin leaving Anjali alone thinking about his future.


Lavanya, his girlfriend came running behind him, while Arnav was walking without even looking behind.

Lavanya: ASR… ASR.. please wait.. omg.. you walk so fast…

Arnav stopped and threw a glare at her: Start walking faster then..

Lavanya pouted: Why do you want to waste time on a behanji? Why create a press conference for that ASR? Just leave her with her problems..

Arnav continued walking: Lavanya I will inform you the day I need your advises okay, for now let me do what I want.

Lavanya sigh and went behind him with Aman who rolled his eyes at her.


After sometime, hearing that ASR organized a press conference to clear the misunderstandings, many journalists gathered around ready to bomb him with questions, after all it’s not easy to find ASR!

Arnav sat on chair placed for him, Aman and Lavanya also were with him.

Arnav: I called you all here to clear this confusion regarding my fashion show and answer all your questions.

Journalist1: So ASR is this true that girl is someone close to you?

Arnav smiled sarcastically: Whoever falls in your arms, is now someone close to you, right?

All laughed, and the journalist1 smiled embarrassed.

Journalist2: Is she a model then, who was sent from your rivals to spoil your show??

Arnav: That’s what I thought! But what happens is that we should not blame people without proofs, they are not always wrong.

Journalist3: If she is not close to you, then why is the Great ASR so worried in proving her innocence?

Arnav: I’m a human being and I shouldn’t let a girl reputation be spoiled because of a misunderstanding.

Journalist3 smiled: That’s not what we hear from your employees. It is often heard that you’re ruthless and arrogant..

Arnav: Did my employees reputation got spoiled??

All laughed again.

Arnav smirked at the journalist3: Come to work for me, and then you’ll get to know who I’m. So, I just want to say that the pictures leaked don’t say anything, that girl didn’t have any intention to spoil my show, she came there with other intentions and end up in this mess. Stop spreading fake news.


Raizada Mansion:

“Hello hi bye bye!! What is this? Arnav bitwa defending someone??” Mami looked shocked at the TV.

“This is your Arnav bitwa only mami.. “ Anjali smiled.

“Anjali what happened??” Nani asked curious to know what really happened in that fashion show, that her grandson accepted to come on TV also!!

Anjali related the incident to Mami, Mama, Nani and Akash who were sited on the sofa with her.


Gupta house:

“Jijiiiii dekho sir is defending meee” Khushi shouted smiling with her eyes still glued to the TV.

Payal came running to the living room worried for Khushi.

Payal: What happened Khushi?

Khushi pointed to the TV with her index finger: Sir, he’s talking about me!! He said that I have nothing to do with the fashion show, he doesn’t hold me responsible for the damages..

Payal smiled. Shashi also smiled: At least this society will stop pointing fingers at you. Thank DM that he did this for us.

Buaji nodded: Haan, I will call Sarla now to ask her to watch TV, she will see my nieces are good girls!! They all spoke too much, now they will see.

Khushi smiled staring at Arnav through TV. Then she glanced at buaji enjoying to see how Arnav was defending her, she smiled: Buaji you wished that sir will rot in hell! Now??

Buaji smiled sheepishly: No no.. acha ladka hai (He’s a good boy)

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May 27, 2017

Chapter 2 - Their meeting (By Angel23) (Thanked: 102 times)

Arnav returned home after a tiring day, as soon as he came inside the living room, his family grabbed him near them throwing many questions to him at the same time.

Mami: Hello hi bye bye we saw you on TV Arnav bitwa..

Nani smiled: Who is that lucky girl??

Akash: Bhai what happened? You didn’t tell me anything..

Mama: Who got those pictures leaked beta?? Did you find out?

Even Laxmi was there looking at him, only Anjali who knew everything was giggling staring at her brother.

Arnav frowned, with so many questions that he didn’t even register in his mind: What the…What’s wrong with you all?

All laughed seeing his confused face. Anjali helped him take out his suit: Nothing happened chote, it’s just it’s the first time you cared for someone, so we are kind finding it strange!!

Arnav rolled his eyes: It was necessary..

Saying this he went quickly to his room to avoid more talks about this. In his room, he sat on his bed thinking about HER..

To tell the truth, even he was surprised with his act, it’s true he would never bother about anyone, then why did he got so worried for her? Why did he organize a press conference only to prove her innocence? He wasn’t worried for his show at all, all he thought was HER..

“K..Khushi” her voice telling him her name, still rings in his ear like a melody. Was he getting mad or what??



“ DM today I didn’t came at your house to talk about me or pray something for me, I just want you to bless sir with a lot of happiness and success. You see he is so big big, and I’m so small (Khushi made a pity face for herself) it’s impossible for me to meet him again, it’s only my luck that I came across him face to face, I don’t think I will ever meet him again, so as my way of saying thank you, I want you to take care of him like you do for me okay?? If you make him rich.. ohh no, he’s already rich, hmmm what can I plead for him? He has everything!!!” Khushi stopped her prayer and glanced at Payal.

“Jiji what does Sir don’t have??” Khushi asked, while Payal was praying.

Payal opened her eyes: Sanki how would I know??

Khushi: Jijiii there must be something na. He has everything, how can this be possible? I’m sure he wants something!!

Payal rolled her eyes: Hmm I don’t know, maybe get married.. As far as I know he is still unmarried.

Khushi nodded, and joined her hands again turning to DM’s idol: Did you listen DM?? Get him married with a good girl and bless him with cute babies.

Khushi frowned and looked at Payal: Jijii what if he doesn’t want to get married??

Payal: Khushi don’t eat my brain please, let’s goo..

Khushi giggled, and started walking with Payal, Garima and Shashi.



Khushi woke up early today, since it’s her first day in the new job she got. She just hopes she succeeds in helping her parents.

She quickly wear her sandals and was about to go when Garima came running: Wait Khushiiii..

Khushi stopped: Ji amma..

Garima smiled reaching her: Have something sweet before leaving.

Garima feed her kheer, Khushi ate it smiling.

Garima: Sunno talk with everyone politely at work, if boys tease you then stay away from them ,only concentrate in your work and nothing else okay?

Khushi nodded: Haan amma don’t worry about me.

Payal came there: Khushi I will go with you.

Garima nodded: Yes its better you accompany her.

Khushi smiled and left with Payal, she’s been lucky enough to have Garima, Shashi, Payal and Buaji as her family.

The red signal made all cars stop, and one of them was ASR’s car!

Akash looked around waiting for the green signal, while Arnav was talking with Aman over the phone.

Akash smiled amused seeing a beautiful girl crossing the road: Wah! She is so beautiful..

Arnav glanced at him: Akash are you talking alone??

Akash nodded sideways still staring at the girl: Bhai dekho.. that girl..

Arnav also shifted his attention to Akash’s side, only to find the same girl of the fashion show, here in Delhi.

He was shocked to the core: Khushi..

Akash looked at him: Is her name Khushi??

Arnav: You don’t need to know about her okay, she’s not for you..

Akash pouted: Why?? Tell me na bhai. Wow even so simple with that blue dress she looks awesome!!

Arnav noticed Khushi was in white and pink churidar, he frowned: Who are you talking about??

(Khushi's dress)

Akash pointed with his finger: That girl..

Arnav sigh silently in relief, it wasn’t Khushi, but a girl that was next to her. But what was Khushi doing here in Delhi??

Akash: Bhai green signal!! Now it seems you are lost in my girl??

Arnav rolled his eyes: Of course no. And who told you she’s yours??

Akash giggled: I will make her mine!!! Just have to ask Aman to find out about her..

Arnav raised his brows: Aman is my PA, not your personal detective.


Arnav entered in his office with a sullen mood, because he missed a meeting with Khushi, how much he wanted to talk with her. And today because of that green signal he didn’t had the chance to even greet her…

 He reached in his cabin closing the door, and sat on his chair frustrated.

Aman came inside silently, he knew ASR’s mood wasn’t good today by his looks.

Aman: ASR.. today a new employee will join AR..

Arnav: Hmm. I know that, you only told me few days ago.

Aman: Actually, today I got to know that, the employee is none other than that girl of your fashion show.

Arnav immediately looked at Aman interested in this conversation now: What??

Aman gulped: I hope you’re not angry about that..

Arnav: When is she going to join us???

Aman: Today only ASR..

Arnav’s lips curved into a smile and the frown disappeared from his face, his mood completely changed now, she was coming to AR only when he found her on road.


Khushi reached in the big building, she was awed by this place, it’s her dream to work in big companies like this one.

Payal also smiled seeing Khushi excited: Good luck my sanki.

Khushi smiled and hugged Payal tightly: Thank you jijiii..

Payal left, and Khushi walked inside.

She reached and looked at everyone confused where to go.

“Good morning ma’am” Khushi smiled looking at Lavanya, who was passing by with her friends, Lavanya literally ignored her but stopped after realizing that this face wasn’t new to her at all.

Lavanya raised her one eyebrow: Tum? What are you doing here?

Khushi: Ji woh.. It’s my first day here..

Kiya, Lavanya’s friend informed her that Khushi was going to work as ASR’s secretary now.



Lavanya frowned taking a look at Khushi.

Kiya teased Khushi: Do you know who’s your boss??

Khushi: No, the day of my interview he wasn’t here.

Kiya smirked: Do you know boss doesn’t like women who wear these kind of clothes..

Khushi looked at herself: But..

Lavanya: Didn’t you hear what she said?? ASR doesn’t like it at all, if he see you like that he will throw you out of here..

Kiya: He doesn’t like latecomers, especially when it’s your first day. He will cut you in pieces, if you want to save your life then run away from here..

Khushi gulped getting scared. Kiya smirked at Lavanya: What are you waiting for?? Go away from here..

Khushi looked down sad, she didn’t want to lose this job at any cost. But seems luck is not by her side.

“She doesn’t have to run away from here” Arnav descended the stairs and his voiced echoed around the place.

Lavanya stepped back scared of ASR now, while Kiya hid behind her.

Khushi turned behind, and got shocked seeing the her sir here, she whispered: Sir..

Arnav gritted his teeth looking at Lavanya: The only one who has the right to fire the employees here, it’s me! I didn’t ask for your help still.. Got that??

Lavanya: But ASR just look at her, will you be able to tolerate working with a behanji like her??

Arnav: Do you think I like working with you??

Now this was like a slap for Lavanya, seeing everyone laugh at her, crashed her ego badly, and it’s only because of this girl that Arnav answered her like that.

Khushi got scared watching this scene, sir was so angry, that she wanted to run away now from this place, she looked around and found every employee working like a machine.

Arnav turned to Khushi: Welcome to AR..

Khushi nodded still nervous: Thank you sir..

Arnav noticed she was scared, he cursed Lavanya, only because of her, he had to show his ASR’s side in front of Khushi.

Arnav: Let’s go to my cabin, I will explain you the work..

Now this was a shock to everyone, ASR never explained anyone about work, this is usually done by Aman, Akash or Lavanya.

Lavanya clenched her fist angrily: Insulted me and now he is going to explain her also..

Kiya: You don’t worry Lav, we will make her suffer here, it’s just her first day also.


“Thank you sir, for defending me, I saw on TV. It helped me a lot, many people in my colony started talking bad about me and my sister, but because of you everything got cleared, thank you sir” Khushi said even before Arnav say something.

Arnav nodded: It’s okay, Miss Gupta don’t be nervous. I won’t throw you out of here because of your clothes. And you’re just few minutes late, so it’s okay. I just want you to do your work perfectly, that’s all..

Khushi smiled relieved now: woh actually sir, I’ve never used modern clothes and my amma and bauji won’t like it, I always used this. Please forgive me, but I can’t use such clothes..

Arnav nodded: I understand. My sister also doesn’t use it, and I won’t force you to wear things you’re not comfortable with. Keep calm, you won’t lose your job.

Khushi smiled brightly now: Thank you..

Arnav: What happened to your sister then? Did you reach on time??

Khushi nodded sideways: Nahin, her marriage broke.

Arnav felt bad seeing a glint of sadness in her eyes: Someone better will come in her life. It wasn’t destined to be.

Khushi smiled, remembering that her father also said the same thing Arnav said now.

Arnav: Come, I will show you AR company.

Khushi nodded and both went outside the cabin, Arnav guided Khushi explaining her work and showing her all parts and departments of AR.

Few people were burning in jealousy, it’s the first time ASR is doing this for an employee or his models.


May 27, 2017

Chapter 3 - Shyam's entry (By Angel23) (Thanked: 94 times)

Khushi: Thank you sir. What's my work??

Arnav: For now that's all. Tomorrow you will join us. I guess you're tired now.

Khushi widened her eyes: I didn't even do anything sir. Please give me some work, otherwise amma will say that I came here to play!!

Arnav chuckles: Alright!! There are some reports which need to be done, will you be able to do it?

Khushi nodded.

Arnav gave her some files, and asked her to do a report based on that.

He then left her to do her job and went to his cabin.

Lavanya was left with open mouth seeing this.

Kiya smirked: Just chill yaar, you go and spend some quality time with your boyfriend. I will take care of this behanji..

Lavanya smiled: Thanks babes.

After sometime Lavanya went smiling to Arnav's cabin.

She entered, Arnav looked at her confused with her looks: What??

Lavanya approached him and started massaging his shoulders, she bend and whispered near his ear: I'm sorry baby..

Arnav: Lavanya we're working, and you know I don't like all this.

Lavanya smiled and sat on his lap ignoring completely his words: Please forgive me baby, why are we fighting over that beha.. (Arnav glared at her) okay that girl??

Khushi knocked the door, and entered only to find such an embarrassing situation for her.

She immediately closed her eyes: Sorry sir..

Arnav pushed Lavanya quickly from his lap, Lavanya was shocked.

Arnav: Miss Gupta..

Khushi interrupted him: I'm sorry sir, I didn't know you were hmm..busy!!

Arnav didn't like it all, Khushi saw him with Lavanya, what will she think of him?

Arnav: Miss Gupta its okay. Do you have some doubt??

Khushi nodded sideways: It's here the reports sir.

Khushi was still with her eyes closed, Arnav looked at her and a smile appeared on his face: Miss Gupta you can open your eyes.

Khushi opened slowly, Lavanya as usual was looking angrily at her, and sir was normal.

Arnav took the papers from her hand: I will go through it..

Khushi left from there, embarrassed: Urghh why did I enter in the sir's cabin now?? Couldn't you make me delay DM?? Its all your fault I had to watch these scenes... But sir is unmarried, why is he getting close to ma'am??

With her thoughts she went from there..


Arnav gritted his teeth: Why Lavanya??

Lavanya: It's her fault ASR, why did she had to come now??

Arnav shouted: Its your fault, I already had informed you to work in AR, and not try to seduce me dammit..

His shout was heard all over AR, Khushi who was descending the stairs almost fell scared.

Khushi: Heyy DM what's happening with Sir?? Why did he shout like that??

Aman chuckles looking at her: It's normal Miss.Gupta.. ASR and his famous anger..

Khushi gulped her saliva scared: Sach mein? He never scolded me till now.. 

Their conversation was heard by Kiya, she smirked: Found a way to throw you out of here.. Task number one: Make ASR angry with this Behanji..


Khushi returned home happily, the day went well for her, with few strange incidents.

As she entered, Garima came running to her smiling: Dear..

Khushi: Amma everything went well, you don't worry.

Payal and Shashi smiled.

Buaji: I knew it you would get this job.

Khushi sat on sofa: Buaji you won't believe who is my boss..

Shashi: Who is your boss Khushi??

Buaji: That acha ladka na??

Khushi widened her eyes surprised: wow buaji how do you know??

A man came in the living room smiling: I told her..

Khushi frowned looking at the strange man in her house: Bauji who is he??

Buaji smiled: Shyam.. He is an orphan and will stay with us as a paying guest..

Shashi nodded: Haan Khushi.

Khushi nodded with an awkward smile. She didn't like the fact of an unknown man stay in their house, but still accepts it, because she knows Shashi only accepted this because it will help them financially.

Shyam smiled looking at Khushi: Hi I'm Shyam.

Khushi: I'm Khushi..

Buaji: I already told him Khushi bitiya. He knows everything about you now, hain na Shyam bitwa??

Shyam nodded: Haan, I heard you like eating jalebis. I'm a great chef by the way!!

Khushi just smiled and went to her room with Payal.

Khushi's room:

Khushi was tying her hair: Jijiii..

Payal nodded: Haan Sanki.. Start relating everything that happened in your office.

Khushi giggled: Today na.. I was so scared of my boss, but he turned out to be sir only. Sir is very good with me, he even showed me AR and explained to me all the work. Only ma'am isn't good with me..

Payal: Kyun?

Khushi shrugged her shoulders: I don't know Jijii. And I entered in sir's cabin when..( the scene flashed in her mind again)

Payal was curious now: When?? What happened??

Khushi: Woh... Ma'am was on Sir's lap.. And I made an entry!!

Payal placed her palms over her mouth shocked. Khushi smiled sheepishly: I didn’t even knew what to do Jijii. I just closed my eyes.

Payal: Then? Did he scold you??

Khushi nodded sideways: Nahin sir was normal, but ma’am was really angry with me. Don’t know what’s store for me tomorrow..

Payal: Take care Khushi, they are rich people so it’s common for them these things..

Khushi: I thought sir wasn’t like that..


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May 28, 2017

Chapter 4 - Anjali meet Khushi (By Angel23) (Thanked: 88 times)

Early in the morning, Khushi woke up lazily and went to the bathroom. After that she left her room and headed to the kitchen to make breakfast for herself.

" Good morning amma" Khushi smiled seeing Garima already having breakfast with Shashi and the new man Shyam.

Garima smiled: Sit here, I already did breakfast for you dear.

Shyam: Good morning Khushi. How are you??

Khushi smiled: Good morning Shyamji. I'm fine and you??

Shyam nodded indicating that he's fine, still smiling at her which was making Khushi feeling uncomfortable.

Garima: Khushi why are you standing there? Have breakfast na, it's getting late, otherwise your boss will get angry on you.

Shyam: Yeah, you have to work like a slave in AR. Seriously your boss Khushi, is someone very arrogant and ruthless. I don't know how you're managing there.

Khushi pressed her lips with a slight frown on her face: Sir is good with me.

Shyam widened his eyes in shock thinking "How come salee sahab be good with her?? Salee sahab never leaves me in peace, with Rani Sahiba he is always behind her, now Khushi too.. urgh.. I just hate him"

Khushi: Acha amma, I'm going.

Khushi left running from there otherwise she would hear a lecture from her mother now.


Reaching in AR, she entered and sat on a chair, but Aman called her: Miss Gupta..

Khushi stoop up: Ji sir..

Aman smiled: Sorry for scaring you. Actually you have to prepare ASR's schedule for today, and give him these files to sign.

Khushi nodded: It will be done sir.

After Aman left, Kiya came to Khushi with a smirk on her face: And handle this coffee to ASR, it's his favorite.

Khushi nodded smiling: Thank you ma'am.

She went to Arnav's cabin with the coffee and the files. Today she knocked the door and waited for his response, otherwise she will find another embarrassing situation for her.

A response came from inside: Come in..

Khushi opened the door, and smiled walking in. Arnav just felt relieved from his work, seeing her angel like face.

Khushi: Good morning sir..

Arnav: Good morning Miss Gupta.

Khushi: Your coffee and Aman sir gave me these files, they need your signature.

Arnav nodded: Let them here, (he extended his hand to take the coffee from her hand)

While taking the coffee, his hand brushed with her soft tiny hand, which he was didn't want to leave, but Khushi was quick. She soon left his cabin, but left his eyes on her. 

Rabba vee... Rabba vee...

Khushi was preparing his schedule now, engrossed in her work. A pair of brown dark eyes were busy staring at her through his cabin, since she reached he couldn't concentrate on his work anymore.

Anjali entered in his cabin with Lavanya, and found her Chote all lost looking somewhere, she called him softly: Chote..

Lavanya looked weirdly at Arnav: ASR!!!!

Arnav was still lost in Khushi, there was no way he wanted to go back to the reality. Anjali followed his gaze confused, she was shocked seeing the same girl here too. What was Khushi doing in AR? Anjali thought, but was more surprised to see that Arnav left his work to concentrate on her.

Anjali coughed purposely gaining Arnav's attention now. Arnav immediately stood up, and caressed her back: What happened Di?? Are you alright?

Anjali nodded: Where are you lost Chote?

Arnav was embarrassed now, he knew his Di saw him staring at Khushi, there was a teasing smile on her face: Nothing. Why are you both here??

Lavanya smiled: Actually Nani organized that party, and she wanted us to come back from work early today.

Anjali corrected her: Lavanya it's a puja, not party..

Arnav frowned, if they leave early from work then he will not be able to see Khushi then. Arnav: Di you know I don't like all this..

Anjali was about to say something, but someone knocked the door.

Arnav: Come in..

Khushi entered again "Offo I always come in wrong situations" she thought seeing Arnav with not one, but two girls now..

Khushi handled his schedule scared now: I'm sorry to disturb sir, here is your schedule.

Arnav nodded: It's okay Miss Gupta.

Anjali smiled: Khushi right?? I'm his sister. I'm really sorry for what happened with you because of that scandal.

Khushi nodded sideways, widening her eyes: Don't say sorry ma'am, amma will beat me if she gets to know you said sorry to me. I should say sorry for spoiling your show.

Arnav: You don't need to say sorry, the fault wasn't yours at all, and let's forget incident forever okay.

Khushi nodded smiling, her eyes were only at Arnav, she doesn't know why, but in this office she only feels comfortable with him, when he is around she feels protected.

Anjali smiled seeing this bond forming between them, while Lavanya fumed in anger, she badly wants to ASR hate Khushi, but everything happens opposite of what she thinks or wants.

Khushi walked to leave, but something took her attention, sir didn't drink the coffee she gave to him. Why????

May 29, 2017

Chapter 5 - Arnav help Khushi (By Angel23) (Thanked: 120 times)

Khushi left the cabin sad; she sat on her chair and called Payal.

Khushi: Jiji without wasting time answer my question okay, and don’t call me sanki for that!!

Payal frowned but still nodded, she really wanted to utter “sanki” but stopped herself: Bolo!

Khushi: What could be the reason to not drink a coffee today, when it’s your favorite and you drink it every day??

Payal: I don’t know, maybe that person is sad or the coffee today isn’t good.. why are you asking me this?

Khushi: If he gets the same coffee every day that means it’s good na, then it means sir is sad today, or he didn’t want to drink coffee from my hand..

Payal sigh: You’re talking about your sir, maybe his lady gives him every day na, that’s why..

Khushi nodded: Yeah you’re right Jiji. I think sir was waiting for ma’am to give him coffee, but still what’s the problem if I’m the one who gives him, couldn’t he drink that??

Payal giggled: Tu bhi na.. Leave all this, and concentrate on work!

Khushi nodded smiling: Bye, love you Jijiii..


ASR’s cabin:

Anjali looked at the cup of coffee which seemed untouched by her brother: Chote why didn’t drink your coffee?

Arnav glanced at the cup, then at Anjali: It has sugar..

Anjali widened her eyes: Who put sugar in it despite knowing that you’re diabetic??

Lavanya smirked, Arnav: It was a mistake Di, Khushi doesn’t know it.

Lavanya: ASR you should fire this girl from here, how can she work as your secretary and commits such a big mistake?? This can affect your health.. Don’t you agree Di?? If something happened to ASR, then..

Arnav cuts her off: Just shut up Lavanya, why are you always behind Khushi? She doesn’t know it, what’s the big deal? I will inform her about my illness and the matter gets over.

Anjali looked at both fighting and pressed her lips to suppress the smile on her face: Please stop fighting. And Lavanya it seems you’re insecure of Khushi. Kamal hai, I never saw you like that. Khushi has some magic, that is disturbing you and hypnotizing Chote.

Lavanya and Arnav widened their eyes, Anjali just said the truth for both of them, Anjali went from there faster to avoid further discussions on this.

She descended the stairs and looked at Khushi smiling, Khushi was chewing on a pencil and humming her favorite Salman’s song while typing on the laptop, she was fully concentrated in her own world.

“No wonder Chote lost his heart to you, you’re unique piece Khushi” Anjali smiled faintly and left from there.

Anjali picked her phone call while entering in the car, it was her husband Shyam.

“Haan Shyamji, how are you?? Finally you remembered me” Anjali smiled indicating the driver to go ahead.

“Rani sahiba why are you talking like this? I remember of you every day..” he said.

“Okay sorry baba” Anjali giggled.

“Woh actually I wanted to ask if you already transferred money to my account, I’m in need of them now” Shyam said.

“Ups I’m so sorry Shyamji, I forgot it. I will do it right now” Anjali said thinking about something in her mind.

“Okay no problem Rani Sahiba. I love you” Shyam smiled satisfied that he will get what he wants.

“Bye Shyamji, love you too” She said, and hang up the call.

Anjali looked around through the window thinking: Not this time Shyam, you have fooled me enough. I will not let you win now. I just need to find out where you are right now, instead of being in abroad for work, and then I will prove to my family that you’re cheater.


Khushi approached Lavanya who was in her cabin working: Ma’am..

Lavanya looked up: What??

Khushi handled her coffee: Ma’am gives this to sir, he will like it.

Lavanya frowned, she pulled Khushi harshly by her shoulder: You’re enjoying it a lot na, that ASR scolded me because of this coffee, now you came to make fun of me?? You behanji, you heard all the conversation na, between me and ASR. Don’t act smart with me..

Khushi nodded sideways, her cheeks turned red and her eyes moist: Ma’am you’re hurting me, please leave me..

Arnav passing by with Akash and Aman noticed this scene happening. He immediately barged inside Lavanya’s cabin and pushed Lavanya.

Arnav: What the hell are you doing with her??

Khushi cried silently, Lavanya: ASR why are you always falling on her traps?? She isn’t innocent as you think..

Arnav gritted his teeth: Shut up Lavanya, what’s your problem? I won’t tolerate such behaviors to my employees, do you get that?

Lavanya also faced him: What will you do? Bolo  to save this mere employee, what will you do to me??

Arnav shouted on top of his voice: I will fire you Lavanya if you don’t keep your mouth shut.

Lavanya looked at Arnav in disbelief: You’re ready to fire your girlfriend just because of this behanji..

Khushi: Sir and ma’am, I’m really sorry please don’t fight because of me.

Arnav looked at Khushi’s scared figure, then at Lavanya: Say sorry to Miss Gupta right now Lavanya.

Lavanya was shocked: Why me?? I’m Lavanya Kashyap, I’m not going to say sorry to this useless woman.

Khushi felt bad now, Lavanya’s insults were hurting her a lot, and she tried to be strong but started crying.

Arnav, Aman and Akash looked at her crying like a baby, Khushi was wiping her tears continuously with her duppata, like it would stop, but more tears made way to her eyes.

Arnav quickly made her sit on a chair: Miss Gupta stop crying.

Lavanya rolled her eyes, and left from there unable to witness these scenes. Arnav glared at her but decided to concentrate on Khushi now.

“Shh.. stop crying Khushi..see you look ugly while crying.. stop it please..” Arnav said anything that came in his mind to stop her crying.

Aman and Akash were like aww seeing him trying to calm Khushi. They never saw the great ASR console someone. Khushi was making them start writing a list of first-times-of-ASR!!

Khushi wiped her tears: Sachi?? Jiji says I look cute..

Arnav smiled: Maybe she is lying to you, because you look better smiling.

Khushi pouted: Jiji never lies to me..

Arnav: Then she is so good, that she didn’t want to break your heart..

Khushi: Are you saying that I’m ugly??

Arnav nodded sideways: People say you’re ugly when you do bad things, crying is one of them. If you don’t want to be called ugly, then do something good. “Smile”

Khushi smiled broadly.

Arnav: Feeling better?

Khushi nodded: Hmm.. thank you for defending me sir, my intention is not to break your relationship with ma’am. I swear I even prayed for you to get married and have cute babies.

Aman and Akash laughed out loudly hearing this, while Arnav widened his eyes. He didn’t even think of marrying Lavanya and having babies with her, and Khushi prayed for that, he wanted to bang her head on a wall for pleading such a nightmare for him.

Arnav whispered: You shouldn’t do such prayers..

Khushi: Kyun sir? Don’t you want to get married?

Arnav nodded sideways. Khushi: Ayeee DM how will you live with Lavanya ma’am then?

Arnav stayed silent, how would he tell her that he doesn’t believe in marriages, she would think badly about him.

Khushi: Sorry I’m getting in your personal life..

Arnav nodded sideways. Akash: Bhai it’s getting late for the meeting.

Arnav looked at Akash: Yeah, you guys carry on. I’m coming..

Akash and Aman left, Arnav: Khushi let’go. You need to attend this meeting, later you will to draw up a minutes of the meeting.

Khushi nodded, both left for the conference room. Khushi sat near Arnav, and Aman and Akash were next to each other.

Lavanya was far from them, which was irritating her the most, she wanted to be close to Arnav, but once again Khushi won!!

The meeting started and Khushi had to note the important aspects and conclusions of their discussions.

But there was one problem, most of them were speaking in fluent English, and she didn’t understand it at all.

She stopped writing and looked at the person talking trying to figure out what he was saying. Arnav, whose eyes and attention were only on her and very far away from the meeting, smiled understanding her problem.

“Not understanding anything?” he whispered to her.

“No sir, I know..” she lied scared to save her job.

After some seconds, she regretted lying scared of DM now: I don’t understand sir..

Arnav smiled at her cuteness: It’s okay, I will translate it for you in hindi okay.

Khushi nodded smiling, Arnav explained her all they were talking, and Khushi noted that.

“But I need that in English..” he added after helping her.

Khushi nodded: I will manage sir, thank you.

Arnav: Can you stop “thank you” and “sorry” all the time??

Khushi pouted: What will I say then??

Arnav chuckles: For thank you, you just have to smile, I will understand. And for sorry, you make that cute pout expression of yours.

Khushi giggled: Okay sir.


Khushi packed her things to leave, Arnav came towards her: Miss Gupta..

Khushi turned to him. Arnav continued: Tomorrow you have to come to my house, I mean I have some work with you.

Khushi nodded: Ji sir. Address??

Arnav was about to say, but then smirked at the idea on his mind: Give me your number, I will text you.

Khushi gave him and Arnav left happy.


While going to his car, he noticed the same girl Akash liked probably waiting for him.

Arnav left his bag on his car, and went to her: So finally my brother managed to find you..

Payal looked at him confused, but still smiled: Good evening sir..

Arnav: How did you accept Akash so early?? And I must appreciate Aman detective skills, he really managed to get you to AR.

For Payal, Arnav was speaking in another language and not hindi: Sir.. I..

Akash came there running after seeing the girl of his dreams: Bhaaaaaiiiii you found her..

Arnav frowned hearing this: What are you saying?? You only found her with Aman na..

Akash: No you find her first here..

Arnav nodded sideways: You found her Akash, that’s why she is here to meet you..

Akash scratched his head: Acha? But I didn’t even search for her, why are lying to me bhai?? You’re the best I know it, you only found her for me..

Payal widened her eyes. Were they really talking about her??

Arnav: Are you mad?? I don’t have time to look for girls for you..

Akash giggled: Why are you lying bhai?? I caught you!

Their fight was interrupted by Khushi, who shouted happily seeing her sister who came to pick her up: Jijiiiiiiiiii..

Payal smiled seeing Khushi: Khushi..

Akash and Arnav raised their brows: Jiji???

Payal smiled: I didn’t came here to meet anyone, just came to pick my sister Khushi.

Arnav widened his eyes, while Akash glared at Arnav for letting Payal know that he likes her like that. What will Payal think of him now??

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Jun 1, 2017

Chapter 6 - Khushi in RM. (By Angel23) (Thanked: 102 times)

 Khushi smiled confused seeing the three with different expressions on their faces: Kya hua??

Arnav quickly left: “See you tomorrow Miss Gupta” he left followed by Akash who was embarrassed. Payal shook her head: Chalo Khushi..

Khushi shrugged her shoulders, “Now that I reached, everyone went away as if they’re hiding a big secret”

In the car Akash kept a grumpy face at Arnav: It’s all your fault bhai. What will she think of me now?? I’m a bad guy..urghh.. No man this can’t be happening with me.. Why me DM??

Arnav raised his brows: Why do you guys keep torturing DM all the time??

Akash: Who else??

Arnav: Khushi, Aman and you.

Akash smiled teasingly: Hmm Khushi name came first in your mind.

Arnav: You shut up, concentrate on your..Jiji..

Akash widened his eyes: She’s not my Jiji, only Khushi’s jiji bhai.. why are breaking my dreams more???


Khushi reached in her house with Payal, Shashi was talking with Shyam of his financial situation. Khushi didn't like her father share their problems with a stranger but still couldn't say anything. 

Shyam saw Khushi, he smiled: Khushi today is lucky day, I made jalebis for you, Go and try them..

Khushi: Only for me???

Shyam smiled, in his mind "Of course, I only want you", but he covered up saying: Nahin for everyone, but especially for you. 

Buaji smiled: Ayee so sweet bitwa. 

Khushi picked one jalebi reluctantly, she went to her room. 


Later on, Arnav stopped typing on his laptop on his room, and glanced at his phone.

“Should I call her?? I’m sure she must have had her dinner now..” he said to satisfy himself, and call her quickly.

Without any second thought he picked his phone, and called Khushi. The phone rang but Khushi wasn’t picking it.

He left the phone disappointed, “It’s better I text her, otherwise she will not come here itself”, he quickly text his house address to Khushi.

And again started typing on his laptop.


Khushi entered in her room making a yuck face: It’s a horrible jalebi Jijiii.. Who told him he is a great chef??

Payal nodded:  Don’t know how Buaji liked it.

Khushi giggled: Buaji liked him, not his jalebi..

Both laughed, Khushi went to her room to freshen up. And Payal went to her bed ready to sleep..


Arnav wasn’t able to sleep, he wanted a response from Khushi, which she was taking too long to do it.

“Did she see my message or not??” Arnav thought, and checked his phone yet again. Anjali came in his room as usual to give him a good night kiss.

She was surprised to see that Arnav wasn’t sleeping today.

Arnav and Anjali said at the same: Di/ Chote??

Anjali: What are you doing??

Arnav nodded sideways: Nothing Di.. and you??

Anjali smiled: Came to give you a good night kiss..

Arnav: Yuck Di you still do it na, you come here silently every day to kiss me??

Anjali giggled: Yeah, you know you’re still like my baby. So I have to do this every day.

Arnav: I’m not baby anymore!!

Anjali face palmed: I know you’re the great ASR, but for me you’re still that chubby kid who used to come to me, to sleep with me, to make me feed you.. aww you were so sweet Chote..

Arnav chuckles: I used to irritate you a lot na..

Anjali hugged him, caressing his hair: You were never a burden to me Chote. Never say that, with you by my side, my life is great!! I never regret any moment spent with you, even during our hard times..

Their emotional moment broke with a phone call, Anjali saw who was calling Arnav, she smiled: Acha that’s why you were not sleeping today!!

Arnav: Why? I’m really not sleepy today Di..

Anjali nodded smiling: I know Chote… I know…

Arnav: Hmm Di, you can go now..

Anjali left giggling, she almost left her brother embarrassed.

Arnav answered Khushi’s call. Khushi cut him before he could say anything: I’m so sorry sir.. I am really sorry.. I didn’t see you were calling me.. Actually I was eating jalebi..

Arnav was like what-the: Calm down Miss Gupta! I texted the address to you.

Khushi: Yes sir, I will come tomorrow.

Arnav was thinking what to talk with her, but sigh not getting anything in his mind: Good night Miss Gupta.

Khushi smiled: Good night sir..


Khushi lay on her bed, glancing at Payal: Jiji Lavanya ma'am is so lucky na, Arnav sir is so good and gentle, he didn't even scold me for not picking up his call. I wish to have someone like him in my life..

Payal smiled: Yeah, he is good!! But his brother nooo..

Khushi: Haan you guys kept quiet when I reached there why??

Payal pouted: Kuch nahi, let's forget it..


Next day:

Raizada mansion:

Khushi reached in RM, she walked inside, and looked awed by this amazing mansion. She took baby steps trying to spot someone, and she did, all of his family!!! They were having breakfast.. 

"But Chote why did ask HP to prepare all this food?? We won't finish this" Anjali pointed to the table shocked. 

"I don't know what she likes Di" Arnav said irritated with the question and big eyes looking at him. 

Anjali giggled: Chote you're impossible!

Lavanya was confused: Who???

Khushi interrupted their confusion: Sir!!?

Arnav tilt his head, and smiled a little realizing it's her. Arnav stood up and went near Khushi: Good morning..

Khushi smiled. Arnav looked at Akash: Give space to Khushi to sit..

Akash widened his eyes: There is a lot of space here bhai, why do you want mine???

Anjali pinched Akash, and whispered: Give them space na, Chote wants to sit with Khushi!!

Akash pouted and went to sit with Lavanya. Lavanya fumed in anger seeing this. 

Arnav guided Khushi to the table, Khushi nodded sideways shyly: No sir, I already had breakfast..

Arnav: Come on Khushi, I made HP do all this for you. You have to eat with me. I didn't have my breakfast. Do you want me to work without eating??

Khushi nodded sideways feeling guilty, Anjali: Haan Khushi please eat something, it's first time you came here, you have to eat something..

Khushi walked near Nani, Mami and Mama and took blessings from them: Namaste..

She said with a smile, Nani smiled and blessed her: Be happy!! 

Arnav and Anjali smiled seeing her, she returned to Arnav: Woh they are elders and amma says I have to take blessings from elders no matter if they are or not from our family, now we can eat..

Arnav nodded: Sit here.

Mami smiled to Khushi: Hello hi bye bye, I'm Manorama Singh Raizada, Arnav's aunty!!

Akash added: Aur Akash ki ma!!!!!

Everyone laughed except Lavanya who was making faces, Nani glared at her. 

Nani excitedly: Khushi bitiya.. I'm Arnav's Nani. 

Khushi nodded smiling, mama also introduced himself. Anjali: And I'm Anjali, you already know me..

Khushi: Haan sir's sister right??

Anjali nodded: Then tell me what will you eat Khushi?? 

Arnav: Hmm what's your favorite food Khushii??

Khushi said chirpily: Jalebiiiiii... I live for jalebi only.. 

Arnav glanced at the dishes he asked HP to prepare, there wasn't jalebi there, he made a sad face.. 

Khushi followed his gaze: Sir it's okay. Wow aalo paratha I also love this..

Lavanya wasn't believing this, Arnav asked HP to prepare all this food for Khushi only!! 

Anjali winked at Nani. Nani nodded, when Anjali told her that Arnav has started liking Khushi, Nani didn't believe it, because ASR was never interested in girls moreover a traditional girl!! Now she will do every possible thing to unite them and kick Lavanya out of their way!!

Nani didn't realize her laugh was audible to everyone, Arnav looked at her weirdly, his nani laughed all of sudden: Nani is everything okay??

Nani pressed her lips: Haan haan I'm alright, what will happen to me??

While eating, a piece of paratha was on the corner of Khushi's lips, Arnav wiped it for her gently. 

Khushi shivered with his touch, it's the first time someone touched her and made her feel so strange, her heart was beating faster, and wait.. she was blushing also!!! She couldn't even make eye contact with him.. 

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Jun 1, 2017

Chapter 6 - Lavanya-Arnav Break up - Khushi-Anjali plan (By Angel23) (Thanked: 104 times)

Khushi stammered: Th..thank.. You..sir..

Arnav: What did I told you about thank you??

Khushi smiled. Arnav smirked: That's better!!

After having breakfast, Khushi and Arnav headed to his room.

Lavanya also came behind them, for which she received a glare from him.

Lavanya  folded her arms, and raised her eye brows: What? I'm also a part of this project!!

Arnav gritted his teeth: But the work I have is not with you, but with my secretary!

Khushi rolled her eyes "Yeh sir and ma'am are always fighting.. Only one day I saw them lovey dovey.."

Lavanya frowned: What work you have with your secretary?? You should talk with your partners and not this woman..

Arnav glared at her: Lavanya leave my room, before I lose my patience with you.

Anjali and Akash entered in the room, in mood to tease Arnav but found Lavanya-Arnav fight, and Khushi looking right-left-right when they were speaking.

Lavanya: I also want to see you both working, can't I?

Arnav: No, just get the hell out of here..

Lavanya: Why are you so rude with me? With Khushi, you defend her in front of the whole media, you protected her when Kiya was throwing her out of the company, you fought with me because of that coffee, you made HP prepare all those dishes only for her, why is everything you do is only for her? Why ASR?? Even when we started dating, you didn't want to tell the media, I was the one who leaked this news to them..

Arnav-Anjali-Akash shocked: What??

Lavanya bit her tongue, she cursed herself for this sudden outburst.

Arnav pulled her by her shoulders: Repeat what you said...

Lavanya stammered: Woh.. I.. It was Kiya.. Who said to.. me.. That.. It was..

Arnav looked intensely at her eyes: Then go and tell Kiya that it's the worse idea she had thought in all her life..

Anjali: Toh chote are you breaking up with her??

Arnav looked at Lavanya, who was nodding sideways to him crying: Go away from my life..

Lavanya hugged Arnav: Please forgive me.. ASR.. It's all Kiya fault..

Khushi stared at Arnav, she was scared seeing this side of his, she didn't like it. But she couldn't deny what Lavanya did was wrong and it's normal to Arnav to behave the way he did.

Khushi said innocently: Lavanya ma'am you didn't do the right thing..

Akash-Anjali whispered smiling: Go on Khushi, say more!!

Khushi looked at Arnav: But sir please forgive ma'am, give her one chance please..

Akash-Anjali face palmed.

Akash intervened: Do you know why bhai stayed with you Lav?? Only because your parents went to New York and left you here alone. You cried so much that day, and all day clinging to him that he finally accepted to stay with you, he felt pity of you only. And you did this to him??

Anjali: It's not good Lavanya, you shouldn't have leaked this news to the media, and why were you so worried to make the world know that Chote is your boyfriend?? You should have been more worried in making Chote fall for you.. This is what happens when you don't love someone truly.

Khushi nodded getting to know another truth: Acha nahin kiya Lavanya ma'am. And sir why did you stay with someone who you don't love? Love cannot be forced..

Arnav looked at her amused.

Akash-Anjali were making a happy dance on their minds: Oh laa laa.. Oh laa laa.. Khushi you're so great!!

Lavanya cried: I love ASR truly okay, please don't leave me ASR.. Please.. I will die without you.. I will commit suicide.. sach mein..

Akash-Anjali noticed Khushi's face she was melting in Lavanya's words. They immediately interrupted her before she could talk anything.

Anjali: Lavanya what are you saying?? You can't force Chote to stay with you, using this emotional blackmail.. Nani won't like it..

Akash nodded.

Khushi thought they were right.

Arnav looked at the four trying to write his destiny.

" You all can leave my room" Arnav said.

Khushi started running scared of what will happen.

Arnav held her hand stopping her: Not you Miss Gupta. (looking at Lavanya, Anjali and Akash) you three..

Lavanya smiled: You didn't break up with me na?

Arnav: I already told my decision, once I say something I keep my words.

Lavanya went away crying, Anjali and Akash went from there smiling.

Arnav closed the door, and turned to Khushi.

" Let's work" Arnav said casually.

Khushi looked at him with big eyes: You don't love Lavanya ma'am?? Sir you broke up!!!! I thought you will cry..

Arnav chuckles: Why would I? Sit here and I will tell you how I end up with Lavanya..

Khushi sat on his recliner and Arnav sat on his bed facing her: So Lavanya's father is my business partner, that's how I met Lavanya. She started to work with us, because she likes me. When her father left to New York, he told me to take care of her. I was okay with it, but then next day she came to me and said that she loves me, I knew it but I didn't had such feelings for her, I reject it first time, but then she started a drama and started filling in Di, Akash and Nani's brain that she was my girlfriend and I accepted her, Nani believed it because she works and stays here, and we were together all day, so it stayed like that.. Today I got to know that she is the one who leaked the news of our fake relationship!

Khushi widened her eyes: Such a liar she is.. Ayee DM..

Arnav: Don't say this to anyone, otherwise it will create a bad image for her. I also didn't share this with anyone till today.

Khushi nodded: Don't worry sir, I will keep your secret in my heart. But now you're not with her anymore na??

Arnav: Yeah, finally.. I just hate liars, and it's the second time she is hiding such a big thing from me..

Khushi gulped: I will never lie to you sir..

Arnav smiled faintly: I know you will never lie to me..

Rabba vee... Rabba vee...


One hour later:

" Sir are you sure you're not sad?" Khushi asked sadly.

" No Khushi.. I'm not sad at all, acha do one thing check these files and see is everything in order or not, which I need to sign or not.. I don't want this work to be done in AR. Tomorrow we will only concentrate in the works of our next fashion show.. " Arnav said handling files to her.

Khushi took it from his hand and concentrated on her work.

Arnav left the room for a while. Khushi came running behind him: Siiir please don't leave me alone.. Your room is very dark na, I'm scared..

Arnav couldn't help but smile, although if it was any other woman other than Khushi, he would have just ignored them: Okay, come with me.

Both went to kitchen, Arnav took juice from the fridge and poured it in a glass, and placed snacks in a plate.

He handled it to Khushi: It's for you..

Khushi: Nahin sir. Why are you doing this for me? It doesn't look good, I'm your employee and you are serving me juice and all. Amma won't like this..

Arnav sigh: Khushi forget your amma for now. And drink this juice.

Khushi nodded sideways: I can't accept such treatment from you sir.. Acha nahin lagta..

Arnav thought, then said: Okay let's be friends then. Such treatment are accepted in friendship right?

Khushi: Woh amma..

Arnav cuts her off: What did your amma say now?? You can't be my friend?

Khushi nodded sideways: No sir, I can be your friend..

Arnav smiled: Then stop calling me sir.. And I will call you Khushi from now on.

Khushi widened her eyes: No sir, I can't call you by your name. Acha nahin lagta..

Arnav: You will call your friend "sir"?? Call me Arnav..

Khushi nodded sideways.

Arnav nodded in positive.

Khushi nodded sideways.

Arnav again nodded positively.

Khushi nodded sideways.

Arnav also nodded sideways.

Khushi nodded in positive now, Arnav smirked: Now you're going to call me Arnav.

Khushi: This is cheating sir..

Arnav smiled: Khushi I won, I don't want to know nothing else. Call me Arnav now.

Khushi: A..a..Arnavji..

Arnav amused: Arnavji??

Khushi lowered her eyes: You're elder to me, now I can't call you by your name.. So I will call you Arnavji.. Tik hai??

Arnav nodded, he liked it hearing from her mouth his name: Okay.. Arnavji is better than your sir..

Khushi giggled...

Both again went to his room, Nani-Mami-Anjali giggled seeing both.

" Nani we will have to help this Arnavji-Khushi to stay together" Anjali smiled.

" Haan haan kyun nahin?? Lavanya is out and Khushi bitiya in" Nani said clapping excitedly, Khushi's entry in their life brought some happiness for them, they got to witness a caring side of Arnav.


"  Acha Arnavji have you decided about the theme of your fashion show?" Khushi asked.

" Yeah I have some in mind, you can give suggestions if you have" Arnav said.

" I will think it Arnavji, tomorrow I will come with an answer" Khushi said chirpily.

Arnav just smiled, he wonder how can anyone enjoy life this much. Like Khushi is happy in her way, without worrying about anyone.

" What the.. I'm smiling too much these days" Arnav thought and kept his stern favorite face for the time.


It was afternoon, and Khushi was with Anjali and Nani now. Arnav left her to rest for a while.

Anjali was showing family members pictures to her.

" This chote when he was young.. " Anjali pointed to the picture hanged in a wall.

" Aww Arnavji was so cuteee.." Khushi said smiling, she wanted to pinch his cheeks, she even raised her hand to pinch his picture, but stopped in the middle when she noticed Anjali and Nani gazing at her astonished.

Anjali: This is me and Akash..

Khushi smiled: You two were also cute.

Anjali: Not more than Chote right??

Khushi nodded giggling: Arnavji was  the cutest one!!

Anjali laughed: Okay, this Mami, Mama and..

Khushi widened her eyes when she saw Shyam in the pictures: Yeh..(she pointed with her index finger)

Anjali: He is my husband, Shyam..

Khushi shocked: Kyaa?? How can this be possible?

Anjali raised her eye brows: Kyun? What happened Khushi? 

Khushi stammered: Anjaliji..this man.. He is living...

Anjali thought "Maybe Khushi knows something about Shyam"

She quickly cuts Khushi: And see na Khushi, these are more childhood pictures of Chote..

Nani left them seeing the pictures, when Nani left Anjali pulled Khushi to her room.

Anjali: Khushi you were say something about my husband.

Khushi gulped: Haan Anjaliji.. woh..Shyamji is..

Khushi was scared to tell the truth to Anjali, she didn't know the outcome of it, at the same time she was so confused, knowing if Shyam is such a rich man, why did he present himself as an orphan??

Anjali caressed her cheeks: Bolo Khushi. Please you're the only one who can help me, do you know something about my husband??

Khushi nodded: Anjaliji he is staying in my house as a paying guest..

Anjali's hand slowly left Khushi's cheek, she was shocked.

Khushi became more scared: Anjaliji what happened??

Anjali composed herself: Woh actually, it's a long story. You have just to know that he isn't a good man, so stay away from him, I don't know why he came in your house. But for sure his intentions are not good.

Khushi shocked: What are you saying Anjaliji? Why isn't your husband here??

Anjali made Khushi sat on her bed: Khushi, I married Shyam because he was the only one who accepted marry despite knowing that I'm handicapped, at that time I was so in love with him, I thought for the first someone loved me truly, but I was wrong.. He started come late at home stating he works all day, he pleads for money all day, and moreover he cheats on me. In the past I trusted him because I was blind in love, but when he left this time, I bumped with one of his friends on the road, he told me that my husband didn't go abroad, he was still here in Mumbai. I was shocked, but decided to investigate this matter, I got to know about his bad habits, he is a cheater and works for criminals as a lawyer, I'm feeling so disgust that I married a man like him. I wanted to know where he was now, so that I can prove him as a cheap man in front of my family, and DM send you to me.. Thank you Khushi.. Thank you..

Khushi smiled sadly, suddenly she hugged Anjali tightly crying: Don't worry Anjaliji, I will help you.. We will show this man his place..

Anjali giggled with Khushi's filmy dialogue: Thank you Khushi... You have to act as if you don't know anything okay..

Khushi nodded: I will become from Secretary of Arnavji to Detective of Anjaliji..

Anjali laughed: No, you will become  a sister to me.

Khushi smiled, she was feeling so happy that his family gave her so much love. Now she needs to help Anjali show her husband's truth to the family. And she will do it at any cost..

Khushi: Anjaliji does Arnavji know about all this?

Anjali nodded sideways: I don't want him to be worried about me, if I tell him the truth he will stop living his life to worry about mine. So I have to do this alone, and show him that I'm fine!

Khushi nodded, then she remembered Arnav's words: Nahin nahin Arnavji hates liars, he will hate me also Anjaliji..

Anjali raised her brows: Why are you so worried about Chote??

For the first time Khushi herself couldn't explain her actions, indeed why is so worried about Arnavji? Why doesn't she wants him to think bad of her??

Khushi stammered looking for an answer: He is my sir Anjaliji.. He will fire me then..

Anjali shook her head: I will not let him Khushi, don't be worried.

Khushi still wasn't satisfied: He will not talk with me then..

Anjali was surprised with these both, first Chote who didn't sleep yesterday waiting for Khushi's call, and now Khushi who didn't want hide anything to him.

Khushi: Please Anjaliji let's tell this to Arnavji only.. I promise other than Arnavji. We will not tell anyone.

Anjali sigh: Khushi I don't want to involve Chote in all this..

Khushi looked down sadly, she didn't want to break her promise.

Anjali felt bad now: Acha okay, I have an idea. You tell Chote about Shyam, and tell him not to share with me. And till then, you will help me in getting proofs to prove Shyam's crimes and the fact that he is cheating me..

Khushi smiled brightly: This is a good idea now...


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Jun 2, 2017

Chapter 8 - New feelings (By Angel23) (Thanked: 113 times)

Khushi went again to Arnav’s room. Arnav was coming out of the bathroom, both bumped with each other and this caused Khushi to fall, Arnav saw it coming he raised his hand to save her.

Grabbing her by her waist, he managed to balance both, Khushi clutched his shirt with her eyes shut tightly scared to fall.

She slowly opened her eyes, and met with his, both were lost in each other, Arnav was already staring at her lovingly, he felt like kissing her soft cheeks but controlled his feeling for a while.

Khushi’s heart started beating fast yet again, she felt goose bumps with his touch, his hands were on her waist, she was feeling so shy, but didn’t had to force to compose herself, she was so lost in him.

But someone had to interrupt them and it was none other than Akash: Bhai..

Arnav quickly composed himself; Khushi also arranged her dress blushing.

“Ayee DM what’s happening with me?? Why that is when Arnavji touches me such transformations happen inside and outside me?? Outside I blush, and Inside I feel my heart beating faster..” Khushi thought pouting.

Akash: Bhai I will take Khushi home. It’s late, she can’t go alone.

Arnav: And who told you that I was going to leave her to go alone??

Akash: Haan but I will drop her home.

Arnav frowned: No need, I can do that.

Akash wanted to meet Payal, that’s why he was interested in dropping Khushi home, but his brother didn’t understand him.

Akash: Par bhai..

Arnav: Akash I will drop her home, and that’s it..

Akash pouted, Khushi: It’s okay Arnavji, I can go with Akashji you are busy with work today.

Arnav nodded sideways: We almost finished all the work, there is nothing left for me to do. I will go with you Khushi, that’s not a problem.

Akash: Okay, I will go with you both then..

Arnav widened his eyes: No!

Akash: But bhai, it’s late now, if some goons attack you then I will be there for you!

Khushi laughed out loudly: Akashji this is not true.. Everyone is scared of Arnavji, I’m sure that those goons will also be scared of him.. One angry stare from ASR is enough to scare everyone, even DM!!!!! (Khushi said dramatically)

Arnav thought: “Is she scared of me??”

Arnav: Let’s go Khushi..

Khushi and Arnav descended the stairs, he found his family sited at the living room chatting with each other happily.

He felt satisfied seeing them, Khushi noticed this from his gaze: It feels so good to see your family happy na Arnavji..

Arnav nodded: It feels like you’re on top of the world.

Khushi smiled: You love Anjaliji a lot na???

Arnav nodded again: If I’m alive then it’s only for her..

Khushi looked down sadly “I wonder how you will react when you get to know the truth of Anjaliji’s husband”

Nani looked at both heading towards the door: Khushi bitiya you’re going already??

Khushi nodded: Haan Nani (Khushi’s hit herself for forgetting to say good bye to them, she was thinking about Anjali, that she forgot completely about them)

She went running like a baby to Nani, and bend to seek blessings, the same she did to Mami and Mama.

She hugged Anjali tightly, Anjali smiled.

 Khushi: Take care of yourself Anjaliji.

Anjali nodded: And you too (warning her about Shyam)..

Khushi nodded: Don't worry DM is with me. Even that rakshas can't do anything bad to me..

Anjali smiled: Go on..

Khushi left running again to Arnav: Chalo Arnavji.. We are getting late. Buaji will be very be angry with me..

Saying this started walking leaving Arnav behind, Khushi was walking alone and talking to herself, while Arnav looked at her amused, then went behind her.

Everyone laughed loudly seeing this scene, Khushi just made ASR walk behind her...

Anjali chuckled: Aww Khushi looks like Chote's wife already, did you see how she just left him to walk behind her??

Nani laughed: Haan she is too sweet and funny..

Mami smiled: Hello hi bye bye very sweet girl!! But now there is no Lavanya to take care of my beauty! (Mami pouts sadly)

Akash: I just thank God that Lavanya isn't here anymore, she was so irritating, never leave us with bhai..

Anjali: But I don't think Lavanya left our house, she just went out.. And Chote is responsible to take care of her till her parents come back na..

Nani pouted: Right!!


" Khushi wait.." Arnav said trying to match her steps.

" Ohh Arnavji you're still there.. You walk so slow.." Khushi said smiling.

Arnav was like what-the, but said: Okay, I will learn to walk faster then..

Khushi smiled: Nahin, I will learn to walk slow now like you..

Arnav started walking towards the car, now Khushi was the one who wasn't able to match his steps.

Khushi pouted: Arnavji please wait na.. You're walking so fast..

Arnav chuckles: Roles exchanged!


They reached Gupta house, Arnav was scanning her house.

Khushi looked at him: Arnavji bye, thank you dropping me home.

Arnav nodded: Bye Khushi, take care.

Khushi smiled and left the car, one evil person was watching them through his room's window.

" Salee sahab is becoming close to my Angel now.. Nahin, salee sahab you will not win Khushi at any cost, she is mine.. Only for me.. I have to start convincing Buaji to make Khushi marry with me, then no one can stop me from making her mine and treat her the way I want.." Shyam thought smirking.

Khushi entered the house, her mind reminded her to find proofs against Shyam.

Buaji: Heyy Sanka Devi.. Why did you came so late today??

Khushi: Heyy Nandhi kis**** I had a lot of work in Arnavji's house.

Buaji giggled seeing Khushi's dramatic way of talking.

Shyam clenched his fist: Arnavji??

Khushi smirked: Haan we became friends, cool na??

Shyam faked a smile nodding.

Khushi: You said he is arrogant and ruthless, but I don't see such characteristics in Arnavji at all.

Shyam: Everyone says so, that's why I informed you Khushi.

Khushi nodded: Acha Shyamji tell us, what is your profession??

Shyam said casually: I'm a lawyer..

Khushi smiled and asked innocently: Don't you earn enough to buy a simple house for yourself??

Shashi: Khushi why are you asking that??

Khushi: Bauji Shyamji looks like an elder man na?? He seems to me, someone who has been working for a long time, how come he doesn't have a place to stay??

Shyam coughed: Woh.. Actually I used to live in a rented house, and I didn't have enough money to pay it. That's why..

Khushi nodded, Buaji smiles teasingly: Sanki you're very interested on Shyam bitwa work why??

Khushi said: Shyamji is elder to me Buaji.. I was just asking to him like that..

Shyam widened his eyes, is he that old for Khushi? He thought!!

Khushi left to her room, and closed the door.

" Urghhh.. I wish I could kill this cheap man.. DM I never pleaded anything bad to anyone.. But what type of creatures you made in this earth? How can he betray such a sweet and simple woman like Anjaliji?? " Khushi thought, strangling an imaginary Shyam's neck in her mind.

Payal: Khushi open the door yaar.. This is not your room only..

Khushi bit her tongue, and opened the door: Come princess.. Come. The room is all yours..

Payal rolled her eyes: Sanki..

Khushi giggled. Payal: Acha tell me how was the day in RM??

Khushi smiled: Awesome and not awesome at the same time!!

Payal nodded.

Khushi continued: Awesome because Arnavji became my friend and you won't believe Jiji Arnavji made his servant do so many dishes for me. You should have seen this.. And then he broke up with ma'am. And not awesome because I got to know something which I can't tell you now..

Payal raised her brows: Are you happy that your sir broke up with ma'am??

Khushi looked at her numb.

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Jun 4, 2017

Chapter 9 - Khushi tells Arnav the truth! (By Angel23) (Thanked: 138 times)

The next day, Khushi was in the courtyard trying to call Arnav.

Khushi: Arnavji please pick up the phone.. Khushi maybe he is having breakfast.. But I need to tell him the truth.. If he goes to AR then I will not be able to speak with him. It's better I go in his house.

She entered inside her house, and sat on the breakfast table to have her morning tea with jalebis!

" Good morning Khushi" Shyam smiled seeing her cute innocent face early in the morning.

" Shameless idiot.. How dare he smile at me?? " Khushi thought angrily, then smirked at the idea in her mind.

" Good morning Shyam kaka.." Khushi smile like a good girl!

Shyam almost fell from his chair, shocked.

Buaji held him at the right time: Bitwa kya hua?? Are you sleeping sited??

Khushi giggled. Payal shook her head smiling.

Shyam: Please Khushi don't call me kaka.. I'm not that old..

Khushi nodded sideways: Nahin, you're elder to me, I will call you Kaka only, it suits you!!

Shyam widened his eyes, Shashi laughed: Let she call you like that Shyam, it shows her respect to you..

Garima widened her eyes smiling: Khushi tu bhi na..

Khushi smirked looking at Shyam's face.

Payal: Khushi aren't you getting late??

Khushi looked at her watch, then nodded: Haan Jiji.. I have to go now..

Garima: But you haven't eaten anything yet..

Khushi: Arnavji is going to force me to eat again anyways...

Now everyone looked at her curious.

Khushi noticed their gazes on her: What??

Garima: Did you eat with your boss Khushi??

Khushi nodded: My friend Amma...

Buaji frowned: Stay away from such big people Khushi bitiya.. Otherwise they will take advantage of you..

Shyam nodded quickly: That's what I'm thinking, ASR is so interested and being friendly with Khushi. I'm sure he wants to use her for something, otherwise these people never look at girls like Khushi.

Khushi shut her eyes tightly hearing  these words against Arnav.

" Shut up.. You don't know how Arnavji is, why are you talking about him?? First look at yourself, then talk about others.." Khushi shouted angrily at Shyam, leaving everyone shocked.

Shyam was shocked seeing this side of Khushi.

" Don't you dare to utter something against Arnavji, he is far better than you.." Khushi furrowed her brows, and left from there.

Shyam clench his fist hearing her last statement.

Buaji didn't like when Khushi spoke to Shyam like that: Garima teach this girl manners please..

Shashi: What wrong she said?? I have complete trust in my daughter. If Arnav Singh Raizada wasn't a good boy, she would distanced herself from him. Khushi knows very well to judge people. And Shyam you should see what words you're using. It's normal to Khushi to be his friend because of that fashion show incident. Arnav is a good boy and it reflects on his actions, by proving Khushi's innocence to the world, and yesterday he himself came to drop her home. I saw it myself, that proves that he is responsible boy.

Shyam faked a smile, inside he was very jealous of Arnav.


The rickshaw stopped at RM, Khushi went quickly inside.

Nani saw her coming, she smiled: Khushi bitiyaaaa..

Arnav who was reading newspaper, stopped.

He also shifted his gaze to where Nani was staring. And was surprised seeing Khushi.

Khushi smiled and took blessings from the elders: Namaste..

Arnav went to her: Khushi tum..

Khushi scared: Sorry to come without informing..

Arnav smiled: It's okay, do you need something?

Nani widened her eyes, Mami jaws dropped with the scene, this girl surely has some magic..

Khushi nodded: I need to talk with you Arnavji..

Arnav frowned: If you need some holidays, then I can't give you Khushi.

Khushi looked at him confused, when did she talk about holidays.

Arnav thought she wanted holidays, and he couldn't give her that, because he will miss her..

Khushi: Nahin Arnavji, I need to talk with you something else.

Arnav nodded sighing in relief: Lets go to my room.

Both went to Arnav's room.

Lavanya was leaving her room, to go to AR, she clenched her fist seeing Khushi in RM again!!

Arnav's room:

" Yeah Khushi tell me" Arnav sat on chair in poolside.

Khushi also sat, scared to tell him.

" Woh.. Actually.. I.. mean.. " Khushi was trying to find a better way to tell him.

Arnav nodded: Tell me Khushi..

Khushi nodded breathing in: Arnavji..

Arnav looked at her fondly, she is so cute!!

Khushi: Anjaliji's husband is staying in my house as a paying guest.

Arnav frowned: What??

Khushi gulped: Actually yesterday I saw his picture here with Anjaliji and realized that he lied to her that he had work, when in reality he is living in my house, and even told my family that he is an orphan. He is cheating on Anjaliji, she told me yesterday that she found out that he works for big criminals and cheats her with other women.

Arnav clenched his fist, registering every word Khushi was telling him. His eyes burned in anger, and Khushi stopped talking seeing his ASR side.

Arnav stoop up and started walking, Khushi went running behind him, she held his hand to stop him: Please listen to me carefully..

Arnav shove her hand: What should I listen? Isn't this enough? He is cheating my Di.. How dare he? I will kill him now for doing this..

Khushi nodded sideways: Let Anjaliji deal with this Arnavji.. I will help her also. I just informed you.

Arnav looked at Khushi in disbelief: Let Di deal with a criminal like him, her brother is still alive to protect her.. He is staying in your house na, lets go..

Khushi held his hand again: Arnavji listen to me. Please let Anjaliji take her revenge on him, if you do this using your power, she will never be in peace..

Arnav shouted angrily: Khushi you're not getting it?? This man cheated my Di.. I will not leave him..

Khushi slapped him on his right cheek: I'm also not saying that you should leave him, but at least let your sister deal with her life, it's her life, her decisions, if you send Shyam to jail, do you think Anjaliji will ever be in peace?? Do you think she will really feel that she took her revenge like this?? Anjaliji is your sister, yes.. ASR's sister, but that doesn't mean that you have to do everything for her, she should live her life on her own and face all the obstacles in her life, only then she will grow as a person. Let her prove to everyone that her husband is a cheater, let her show that women are strong and they don't need to depend on men everytime... Please..(Khushi whispered "please")

Arnav stood quiet, Khushi bit her nails realizing that she slapped him.

Khushi stammered: I'm s..sorry.. Arnavji..

Arnav was just staring at her, he wasn't believing someone just dared to slap him.

Khushi cupped his face with moist eyes: I'm sorry Arnavji.. I just wanted to explain you, but you weren't listening to me.

Arnav: So you slap me..

Khushi lowered her eyes feeling guilty, she was sure she lost her job now.

Arnav: I accept this, but with one condition.

Khushi looked at him, Arnav: I will keep my bodyguards around your house in case Shyam does something wrong with you and whatever you plan with Di, you have to tell me.

Khushi nodded: Done Arnavji.. I'm sorry once again..I didn't want to..

Arnav: I'm fine Miss Gupta. We are late, let's go to office.

Khushi pressed her lips, sadly: Miss Gupta?? Am I not Khushi for you now??

Arnav: Because I'm angry with you for slapping me.

Khushi: I'm sorry Arnavji.. Please forgive me.. Please..

Arnav smirk: Lunch with me??

Khushi nodded: After that you will forgive me??

Arnav nodded.

Khushi: And call me Khushi too?

Arnav nodded smiling. Khushi smiled feeling relieved now.


In the car, Khushi glanced at him: Arnavji I will help Anjaliji.. Don't think much okay, everything will happen the way we want.

Arnav nodded: I know.. I trust you Khushi.. But please take care of yourself and if you both need my help, don't think twice.

Khushi stare at him lovingly..

Rabba vee.. Rabba veee..


Kiya's house:

" I wish I could break her face.." Lavanya fumed in anger, talking with Kiya.

" Hey calm down.. She hasn't won yet okay.. And ASR will be yours. " Kiya calmed her down.

" How can I? Day by day she is getting close to ASR and I am going away from his life, everything is happening the opposite of what I thought.." Lavanya frowned.

" So? What are you planning to do now?? Create a misunderstanding between them?" Kiya asked sipping her juice.

" Yeah kind off.. I think I've someone helpful.." Lavanya smirked taking out her phone from her pocket.

She called the person: Hii Shyam Jha..

Shyam: What??

Lavanya: I need your help urgently.

Shyam: Lavanya I'm really busy okay, don't have time to help you.

Lavanya: Wait na. ASR is liking someone else now, I need your help to get rid of her.

Shyam widened his eyes: And who is that??

Lavanya: Some useless Khushi Gupta..

Shyam: So salee sahab is really liking her??

Lavanya raised her brows: And how do you know that??

Shyam smirked: I will help you Lavanya.. Rest assured!!

Lavanya smiled: Thanks Shyam!! You are really helpful sometimes..



 Arnav was disturbed thinking about Khushi, he couldn't concentrate, Anjali was with him and he could protect her, but Khushi wasn't, she was living under the same roof with Shyam and at any moment he can do any evil to her. 

" Aman do one thing for me, go through Shyam's works till now" Arnav said to Aman who was sitting with him in his cabin.

" ASR??" Aman was confused. 

"I said I want you to find out how Shyam works, which type of people are his clients and how he is professionally and personally if possible.." Arnav said. 

Aman nodded: Any problem???

Arnav nodded: A big problem..I will tell you later.. 

Aman smiled a little, he likes his boss, ASR can get angry with him many times, but he only trust Aman only. 


" Where is Khushi??" Arnav asked looking around his office. 

"I don't know bhai, since 11am I haven't seen her here.." Akash shrugged his shoulders. 

"What the.. how can she leave without having lunch with me??" Arnav thought frowning. 

"Please helpppp... baaachaaaooooo.... someone please open the door... open the dooorrrrr...." Khushi shouted inside a dark room, someone locked her inside. 

Arnav heard her shouts, he immediately went running to the room with Akash. 

Lavanya wiped the sweats beads that were forming on her forehead. 

"Kiya what if he founds out that we did that??" Lavanya asked scared. 

" Shup Lav, no one will know it because Khushi didn't saw us there" Kiya smirked "At least we can daily torture her here in office, and Shyam will end her whole happiness" 

"Right.. I'm loving this.. hearing her screaming sounds" Lavanya smirked. 


Arnav: What the... why is this room locked?? 

Khushi: Arnaaavvjiii please open this door.. I'm scared of darkness, pleaseee...

Arnav held the door: Don't cry Khushi, I'm here.. nothing will happen to you.. don't be scared.. (looking at Akash) go and bring this room's key. 

Aman came running: No need Akash, here it is ASR. 

Aman handled Arnav the keys, and without wasting a second opened the door for Khushi. Once the door opened, he took two steps back with the sudden force on him, her little body was hugging him tightly, she was sobbing. 

Khushi crying: Arnavji.. I was so scared..

Arnav caressed her hair: Shh nothing would happen to you, I'm here na.. who did this??

Khushi nodded sideways, still resting her head on his chest: I don't know.. I.. went.. to.. take some old files.. but.. 

Arnav nodded: Shh it's okay.. 

Akash and Aman had a warm smile on their faces, after seeing this cute couple caring for each other!!



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