The Great ASR

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May 24, 2017

The Great ASR (By Farakhan) (Thanked: 46 times)

Disclaimer: this is a piece of fiction, I made it up :) don't take it seriously and comment and press thank you button. 


“ASR…” Khushi examined the face of the man in black tuxedo. She blinked once and looked away, her head held high while his hand hung in air without a sound begging to be touched by hers. He stared at her face without pulling his hand back to his side, adamant to have a handshake with the woman who has managed to steal his heart for 3 years, 4 days, 54 minutes and few seconds. It's hard to remember seconds, his mind defended itself.

“I,” she took a sip of whiskey and continued now looking in his eyes, “Don't shake hands with strangers.”

Insult. Rejection. Hurt.

But he hid it.

“I don't think I'm a stranger.” he maintained the eye-contact, capturing pearls of mischievous tingles, her hazel orbs were offering for free. He would trade himself for her, she was that good, at least for him...

“I don't know you, so you ARE stranger!” she stressed calmly. How she hated business parties. Boring. Stupid. Fake.

And she hated these three elements to the core especially the third one… if she could, she would kill every fake man on earth...but she couldn't. Could she kill her own family who were just as fake as everyone else here? No. Because no matter what, she loved them.

“Well-” he began only to be cut off by her.

“-I want to be left alone, I hope you will respect my priorities, Mr. Whoever you are!” she turned to face bartender and ordered another whiskey.

“Good to see you, Miss Khushi,” he said to her back.

‘Good night, Mr-”

“Arnav, my name.”

“Okay...good-” she turned around only to find him gone.

She shrugged and laughed to herself. Strange man, she thought.

“He is ASR and is filthy rich...when I say rich...I mean he is richest man in India where he lives and is….I don't seem to remember his net worth…” the bartender said thoughtfully.

“You seem to keep tabs on him?” khushi teased him.

“Everyone knows him…and its his party, mind you,” he laughed handing the glass of juice to another girl who walked away uninterested in what they both were talking about.

“He is average looking man with money...what's good about that?”

“Average looking? He is so handsome. OMG!”

“ARE YOU GAY?” khushi whisper yelled and he nodded sheepishly. “Aww my cute jalebi…” khushi pinched his cheek and he blushed.

“You making fun of me?”

she shook her head and laughed. “I love gays, when I become president of USA, I'm going to give them equal rights in everything. They are so real and cute and honest and-”

“Excuse me…” a gentle voice interrupted khushi’s chatter.

“Yes!?” said the bartender named Raul.

“Water...fresh water.”

“Khushi!” the woman turned to see a surprised khushi.

“Not intrested!” khushi replied and furrowed her brows. She wanted to be left alone. She wanted to enjoy her time with real people not rich, crazy fakers. And she didn't care if she was acting rude.

“Rude B itch!” khushi heard her say and rolled her eyes.    

“Here!” Raul handed her water and she walked away.

Raul shook his head looking at ASR’s sister complaining (probably) about him. “She was ASR’s sister…”

“Ask me if I give a fûck?” he laughed despite the fact that he could lose his job.

“I like you...too bad I am gay and-”

“-have your eyes on ARS!” khushi grinned.

Now she was drunk. The brighter side of business parties: you could get drunk and dance with strangers without your parents’ having any objection. But khushi would get drunk and make bartenders her friends something her entire family despised. Again she had this liberty to do what she wanted in business parties without letting her family's so-called well being or name down. They took pride in these and Khushi detested these two, not to the core though. She liked her surname, it sounded cool to her ears. Khushi Gupta.



She ran in his direction and he let her hug him. “Raul is gay and he has a crush on you...He is so sweet and cute and everything and- and- what the fûck?” she giggled holding his arm looking at highly embarrassed Raul who stood with eyes and mouth shut tightly. “I heard you gonna fire him...don't!” khushi said cutely. His stares became intense but khushi was unaware. “You won't, will you?”

“No, I won't.” he said without thinking for a second. The power she had over him...He sighed when she left his side and ran in the arms of another man...her boyfriend.


How he hated him. Not just him but everything about him. The four alphabets Z.A.Y.N were in his hate list.

“My beautiful khushi,” he heard him telling her, his eyes turning red with anger.

“You think I'm beautiful?” khushi asked Zayn and The great ASR replied in his head ‘yes you are more beautiful than any woman in here or out there or anyone born in the past or would born in future. Khushi YOU ARE FÚCKING BEAUTIFUL.’

“More than mermaids.” he clenched his fist hearing Zayn’s perfect reply. How could Zayn act so confidently around her? He has no idea.

“Aww Mermaids kill people!” khushi said dramatically loud capturing other’s attention. ‘You fúcking killed me…’ ASR gritted his teeth as he mentally fight her ghost.

“You kill people too baby girl…” Zayn chuckled softly kissing her neckline. ‘Get away from her…’ Arnav wanted to punch Zayn in the face but kept it all within himself.

“You calling me...a...killer!” khushi gasped and both laughed crazily.

You are a killer…’ ASR whispered. He felt needles piercing through his body as khushi pecked Zayn’s lips.

“Let's go to beach, Alley, Mira, Liz and others are there too.”

“Take me somewhere nobody could see us...Zayn I want to dance with the air and you to see me all the while.”

‘I will take you everywhere you want…’ but khushi had no power to read people's mind so it stayed only a secret to ASR.

“Well, as you wish my princess.”

No she is my queen…’ but they were walking away already unaware of his battles.

Arnav watched them exit, his eyes full of hope...something too dangerous for him. Hope that she would love him the way she loved Zayn.

“The Great ASR falling for a Mermaid.” Raul thought after ASR left the party. He shook his head...anyone can fall for Khushi and ASR was human too. He just wished ASR was a gay, they both would have make a perfect couple. 


Tired of reading dark ASR? Here is the cute one but he is love sick puppy. 

Okay so I watched this video on crash course about 'the great Gatsby' the novel :D. I Didn't read it but i got inspired from whatever John Green told me :-) the story is my own imagination. To be honest I am not sure how long it will be.

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Jul 27, 2017

The Great ASR (By Farakhan) (Thanked: 35 times)



After the party in Arnav’s place, he was reading a book in his study room when his sister decided to interrupt. 

“Arnav!” he heard her voice and wondered what made her angry. She didn’t call him chotte. He raised his head from the book and answered, “Yeah?”


“We need to talk.” He rolled his eyes.

“Now?” it was 1 am now.

“Since you are awake why not now? Moreover, I am going to Paris for three days.”

“Why?” he asked dumbly.

“Its our sixth wedding anniversary, I told you earlier!” Anjali replied irritated. Can’t her brother remember simple things about her life like Shyam does? “I guess I should just stop bothering you. Your mind is preoccupied, anyway…” she turned around to leave.

“Di, wait…okay I’m sorry. I have been busy for a while.” He stood in front of her and bite his lip, something he did when he was nervous.

“For a while? Or for three years, Arnav?”

“Stop calling me Arnav…Don’t be so mad at me di…” he begged, she was like a mother to him and he loved her dearly.

“Nope! I will not call you chotte anymore…. you have changed Arnav. Look at you! You live only for that rude bi- “

“-Di!” his voice came out louder than intended and he regretted immediately.   

“WHAT?” she shouted back.

“Di I-“

“-You have three days Arnav.” She said calmly, folding her arms on her chest, “Three days and you will be seen with a girl, well settled. I want to see you married. For God sake, you are twenty-eight! Are you going to spent rest of your life waiting for a girl?”

“I love her!” he insisted angrily, she knew him better than anyone but still she wouldn’t try to understand his situation.

“Then marry her.” She said coolly.

“Di…you got to be kidding me.” He was flabbergasted. Khushi would never marry him. He shuddered thinking about the whole rejection thing.

“Three days Arnav and I will be back from Paris. I want to see you preparing for your wedding-“

“-Impossible!” he shook his head.

“Fine! Then forget that you have a sister…” her voice firm and he knew she wasn’t kidding or emotionally blackmailing him. She was dead serious.

“Why are you-“

She cut him off, “-am I what?” she dropped her hands on her side, a frown appeared on her forehead and anger danced in her eyes. Arnav noticed it all! “Even though I think the girl is unsophisticated, rude and unfeminine, I am still accepting her for your sake. And you can’t propose a girl, you claim to love? Where is my ever so confident brother?”

“Its different!”

“Nothing is different its just that you have been reading a lot of Mir Taqi Mir lately.”

“Di, it has nothing to do with the type of poetry I read. She doesn’t love me!”

“You have three days! Arnav Singh Raizada,” she gestured him to unblock her way and he reluctantly moved aside. “If you can save dad’s sinking empire then why not your future?” she exit the room with those historic words.

“Empires have no feelings!” no reply and sighed frustrated.

He sat down and stared at the volume of Mir Taqi Mir’s poetry, lying on the table, for a long time. He thought and thought but nothing came.

“Di doesn’t understand that saving an empire is different from what she wants me to do.” He muttered to himself.

“Well maybe she is right…use the very basic rule of diplomacy and rhetoric.” The businessman within him told him to manipulate the whole situation in his favor. But no, he wouldn’t use a wrong mean to get khushi. She was too good to be betrayed by him.

“Well then forget you have a sister!” came a reply from his brain.

“She would never leave me!” he told himself!

“She would, you know that. She is probably the most stubborn woman on earth.” He suddenly felt insecure, what if di really left him? No, she wouldn’t! but what if she did?

Then khushi’s smiling face when she was hugging him flashed in front of his eyes. How nice it all was: her body right next to his. What was wrong if he tried other ways to get her?

But she loved that Zayn!

“You could make her fall in love with you!”

“easy to say!” he rolled his eyes.

“That’s what your enemies said when you said, you were gonna rebuilt the Raizada company! Are you enemy of your own dreams?” he had nothing to reply. The voice in his head, he had tried to ignore for three years, was after all right.

Even though he knew his sister would probably melt away with his pleadings, he decided to get khushi in a deceitful manner. So what if it was all wrong? He loved her more than anyone can love her. Even more than that zayn.

He grabbed his mobile and called Aman, his best friend and an investor.

“Aman…how are you? ....yeah I need you to find financial states of Guptas and Maliks….in 2 hours?...yeah okay…. See you tomorrow at lunch…bye!”

He kept the phone down and opened his MacBook. He googled both families and surprisingly there was enough information about the family. Khushi was orphan and lived with her uncle. It was a painful experience because everywhere she was accompanied by that Zayn. In fact, she was famous for her style and fashion sense and her dating Zayn.

He shut the laptop and took a deep breath, its 2 am. He sighed and decided to get sleep for an hour until Aman sent the report. Tomorrow was going to be a long day after all.


Right after an hour, he was awake and he found file lying on the side table and Aman sleeping beside him. He chuckled. He sat up and grabbed the file.

He absorbed the information he needed and put the file back on the table. He felt happy, nervous, and excited.

There was hope! Oh how he loved his sister for pushing him out of his comfort zone. He was smiling ear to ear. Already planning his future with khushi.

“Why are you smiling like a stupid?” his trance was broken by Aman who woke to see Arnav day dreaming.   

“I’m getting married to khushi!” he couldn’t hide his over whelming emotions and laughed.

“The Gupta girl?” he sat up straight. “Man, you are lucky! She is so ho- I mean beautiful!”

Arnav nodded his head, smile not leaving his face.

“So what’s the plan?”

“As per your reports, Mr. Gupta is in debts and he will be bankrupt soon and his beloved family has no idea. If Mr. Malik know what we know, he will never marry his son with daughter of a poor soon to be bankrupt! You will convey this message to him and offer him investment in his new middle east project…don’t worry your money will be safe...Mr. Malik loves money more than he loves his family. I have met him a couple of times so I know him. Di will meet Mr. Gupta for me. Don’t look at me like that! I can’t risk being involved directly… I know I am betraying her but I really have no choice. Di is acting all weird. You know her, don’t you? She told me she would break her ties with me if I did nothing with my life. I am so confused!”

“Calm down, Arnav!” Aman chuckled, “I will handle everything and chill. You are the great ASR, act like one!”

Arnav smiled and felt confident.

He was going to be alright!  


Aug 13, 2017

The Great ASR next part is up (By Farakhan) (Thanked: 33 times)

Chapter 2

“KHUSHI!!!” Shashi Gupta screamed from the top of his lungs.

Khushi scared away hearing her father like uncle shouting at her, a thin layer of tears blurred her vision. Her lips quivered and Shashi Gupta melt away.

“I...Khushi, why don’t you understand? We are in trouble and i don’t want you to be a part of this mess.”

“Why not? If I can be a part of your happiness then why not your troubles? And why all of a sudden Ar- whatever his name is want to marry me?”

“I would rather have you married than to humiliate you in anyway. We are are old but look at you! You are young and beautiful and the guy is good. He loves you that’s why he wants to marry you!” Garima interrupted father-daughter conversation.

“So what? Mom I-”

“Khushi, why don’t you meet him once?” Payal intervened knowing her sister very well. Even though they were of different nature, but still dad was right after all.

Khushi seemed thoughtful and shashi took the chance, he walked closer to her and said, “Go and meet him. And your decision will be the final one!” khushi nodded. “Your parents would have done the same khushi, trust me.” khushi looked in the eyes of the old man and felt overwhelmed. It was unusual for them to have emotional talk but they all loved each other even if they seldom showed it off. Her parents decided to leave her alone and started walking away.  

Khushi glanced at her sister, Payal smiled unlike her usual fake one, it was genuine exclusively for her family. Payal was married to a well off guy named Akash and they were quite happy. And now if khushi would get married, it would somehow bring good to family.

“Can i get his number?” she asked getting her voice back.

“SURE! I will give you his sister’s number, ask her.” Payal said and they both started walking upstairs.

“Oh no! She is a ****!”

“Stop being so straightforward.”

“Its like asking me to stop breathing.” Payal chuckled at her reply.

“What do you think about it? I am so confused.” khushi asked walking in the long corridor which eventually led to her room.  

“I think you should give it a try! Life is too short to overthink.”

“Hmm.” khushi opened the door of her room and settled with her sister on her king sixed bed.

“He is a nice guy. I only googled him, though. Meet him up if you don’t like him we are with you.” khushi nodded and there fell silence for minutes. Khushi fidget with the pillow in her lap and Payal battled with herself about whether she should talk to khushi or not.

“Reckon what happened to zayn?” she decided to talk.

“I don’t know. I am worried!”

“You don’t think he ran away?”

“No. I have known him for years, he is not escapist. Its his **** parents.”

“You love him?”

“I love him but...its complicated!”

“Got ya!”

“I mean, I know everything about him. And he, well, he even understand the language of my eyes. Could you believe it? We both are like mind readers of each others. Sometimes when i think of “us” I don’t get excited about it. I love him but this love will never be as adventurous as i want it to be.” she threw the pillow off her lap and turned completely towards Payal, “He has his own worries, his dreams, his enemies, and of course his parents!”  

“Is this what stopping you?”

“Not really. I don’t want relationships, i want freedom. I want adventure. I want myself only for myself. I dream of being a sparrow.”

“Even sparrows get married!”


“Fine. just meet him up! Alright?”


Khushi nodded reluctantly.

Arnav was sitting with his sister who was sulking about the fact that Shyam could not come because of some “work”. But Arnav’s heart was dancing with joy but he kept a straight face. He would had to convince his sister to stay but well Shyam decided to help. He felt bad for ruining his sister’s 100th honeymoon but felt it was necessary and jija ji would make it up for her, anyway.

“Di, it was like 1000th honeymoon of yours!” she glared at him but before she could answer him , her phone rang and a grin broke on her face. “It’s khushi!” Arnav sat up straight, his eyes glued to the phone, heart suddenly started beating faster, his mouth went dry. what if she refuse to marry him? All the bad thoughts surrounded his head like a tall shadow of his physical self.

“Hello!” Anjali spoke excitedly, turning the loudspeaker on so Arnav can hear.

“HI! It’s Khushi Gupta aka rude b itch.” came cheerful greetings from khushi. Arnav closed his, embarrassed. Why? Just why his sister has to use that kinda word for khushi? How will he face her now. Anjali noticed Arnav’s expression and rolled her eyes, thinking, "things I do for you chotte!"

“First, i would like to apology for that night!” Arnav instantly looked at his sister who glared at him and he smiled gratefully.

“Apology accepted. Can I get your brother’s number?” Arnav almost jumped to give his number but somehow controlled his impulses.


“Duh! I need to talk to him.”

Anjali suddenly felt all protective for her little brother.but decided to give his number since he was begging silently.

“Chotte. If this girl hurt you in anyway, she is going to see the worst version of Anjali.” his sister left.

After 5 minutes, his phone rang.

Sweet Creature XD calling…

Sweat beads formed on his forehead and upper lip. What if she said she will not marry him?



Aug 21, 2017

The Great ASR-next part is up :) (By Farakhan) (Thanked: 43 times)

I Have an important announcement to make: I MADE this story up and YOU DONT TAKE IT SERIOUSLY. ALL the content is fictional, events, places, rules, everything is fictional. THANK YOU! 

Chapter 3

                                                           "Issa Yes!"

He quickly glanced at rear view mirror to see if he looked good enough as he saw her approaching his car. She was wearing a light peach colored, sleeveless sundress with white lilies scattered all over the fabric. It reached her knees.

He has just met her father a minute ago and he had somehow assured him that khushi wasn’t bad or as rude as people think she was. She was, in fact, very good at heart. He didn’t needed explanation about her character and personality, he knew who she was and how she presented herself. But he couldn’t reveal his secret to her father, could he?

It seemed like Arnav was lost in thoughts, so khushi had to knock the window from passenger side and he felt stupid for getting lost in his own thoughts. He rushed to unlock the door for her and she was inside in a second after he unlocked the door. She placed her bag in the back seat and fixed her hair in rear-view mirror before saying, “HI! Its hot today, isn’t it?”

“Yeah, its New York City,” and she laughed as if it was the joke of the year. He stared at her laughing until he suspected she was watching him too. He started the engine and brought the car back to life. They sat in silence as the car raced on the wide, sunny road.

“So…” khushi broke the silence and Arnav felt nervousness eating him up. He wasn’t ready. He was not ready for anything, be it rejection or acceptance. He has loved her from far and he had gotten so comfortable in that position that her presence bothered him. When he breathed, he felt like she was watching him breath and judging the way he did so and counting number of times he breathed per minute. But it was all in his head. Because he was so insecure about his position in her life that he failed to trust his own self in her matters.

He cleared his throat. “Where would you like to go?”

“Somewhere near the ocean, but not crowded. I hate big crowds, sometimes.”

“Sure!” he knew exactly where he was going to take her.

It was a small restaurant with big glass windows, offering the best views of ocean while you were eating or just sitting like Arnav did most of the time he came there.

“These people seem to know you.” she asked as people greeted Arnav with an air of friendliness.

“Yeah. i don’t live in space, do I?” He felt defensive, like if he didn’t defend himself she would judge him wrong. It was the most important evening of his life and he needed some courage, some stamina to fight for what he thought he deserved and loved dearly.  

“To me you are alien, Mr. Raizada.”

“Arnav, thats my name.”

“So Arnav, you know my family is getting me married to you because, well, you are rich and i wouldn’t end up on road with them.” he was prepared for her straight forward speech. He decided he wasn’t going to act like a pretentious ****. He was going to absorb her words and offer an answer, that's all. “So basically i am marrying you because you are rich.”   

“No, I don’t believe it.” he said smiling politely at the waiter who came to ask whether they liked to have something or not. But they decided they needed to talk first then eat and drink.

“Money doesn’t matter to you khushi, your sundress costs ten dollars and its second hand because you are an environmentalist and you think buying new clothes would add up to waste and your slippers, they are second hand too.”

“Do you spy me?”

“Well, we are at every business party together, its okay if you refuse to notice me.”

“Yeah, didn’t know someone was a ****ing creep!”

It angered him. “To me you are an institution khushi. And i never spied intentionally. I just kept descovering you everywhere i went.”

“What if I tell you, I don’t want to marry you and that I love someone else and I would like you to leave me the **** alone?”

It broke his heart but he wasn’t that weak or maybe he decided to act brave. 

“I would walk away.”

Khushi stared at his face to find a lie but it was transparent. She saw hard lines on his face, all of them were original. He would leave her if she told him to.

“This place is good.” she said after a moment of silence. 

“Yeah" Arnav nodded as he starred out of the window. The sun would set here and now birds were flying in the air making khushi jealous.

“ I am too complicated to be someone’s wife.”

“I know, right? When i was fourteen, i would actually cry thinking no woman would ever marry me!”

“You didn’t do that!” she was shocked at his honesty..

“I kinda did but I am not proud of it, though.” he felt embarrassed even thinking about it.

“No one is proud of their teen age years. They sucked a big deal.”    

They sat in silence for minutes until waiter interrupted again with two glasses of champagne and asked if they wanted something more.

“I am hungry, bring anything vegetarian.” khushi said to the polite waiter.

“Same.” and waiter walked away.

“I know, you are not vegan!” khushi raised her eyebrow.

“I have a thing for vegans,” he said smiled, feeling relieve. It wasn’t awkward at all.

“Why are you not vegan, then?”

“I am a man.”

“That’s not a justification,” she supported her chin with her hands and looked straight at his face.

“It is! In a way, though.” his smile wasn’t leaving his face and he felt stupid.


“Women can sacrifice everything for what they believe in and love, on the contrast, men kinda miss that mark.”

“I insist, you explain a bit more.”

“I have grown up between a lot of women, my mother, grandmas, nannies, my sister, cousins, aunts and the list goes on. They all share this single quality of what i call, Determination. All the women, i think have this one thing in common. But that’s my observation.”

“You are so naive!” she laughed and started combing her hair with her fingers.

“That’s the last thing someone would ever tell me.”

“I would like to add this particular thing in your naive observation that is: woman are born with determination but not every women retains it when she grow up.” the waiter arrived with two glasses and he put the bottle in the middle. “A lime, please.”

The waiter went away and came back with two plates of what looked like salad to Arnav.

“What is it?” he asked making a disgusted face.

“It’s vegetarian Courgette carpaccio, sir. Don’t worry, it tastes very delicious.”

Arnav didn’t reply and khushi looked amused. “Oh my God!” she laughed. The waiter stood waiting for Arnav to taste. 

“What? Go away man.” he was scared of tasting new food.

“Thank you!” khushi grinned as the waited walked away trying to stifle his laugh.

He ate, with hand on his heart. Khushi stared at his face, waiting for his reaction like a child watching magic show waiting for magic to happen.

He looked in her eyes as he chewed, she raised her eyebrows asking, if he liked or not.

“It’s ****ing awesome. Whao! Its great.” khushi relaxed and laughed along him. It felt nice discovering who he was and how he felt about certain things versus common stuff.   

“I had once upon a time, in my childhood, tasted a very horrible dish and from that day, I am scared of tasting new stuff,.” he confessed as he swallowed food stuff in his mouth. “It’s weird, I know…”

“Its not! Everyone has fears.”

“You have one?”

“I have many. Like i am scared of marriages.”

“Can i know why?”

“I think you would become a beast and chain me up in your castle of gold and expect me to be your trophy wife and your family would expect me to be an ideal type of woman which only exist in their imaginations. I am someone else. I am a free born khushi.”

“And I respect that about you khushi.”

“Things change after wedding.”

He stayed silent. They ate in complete silence. Both lost in their thoughts.

‘I invite you to trust me, that’s all I can say. I am not really a person who makes promises and all but I do know I like you a lot.” he skipped the “love” part intentionally.

“We should leave.”

“You don’t want dessert?” the waiter asked as he came back to collect empty plates from the table.

“Nope. some other day, sure.”

“Would love to see you again.” he smiled at khushi.

They settled in his car, he drove her home.

“I like you, Arnav. And yes I will marry you but I am khushi before I am your wife or my parent’s daughter and my identity matters more than anything in this world, i will never sacrifice it for anyone.”

“I will remember that.” he felt all the excitement rushing through his body.

“SHE SAID YES….OH MY GOD DI I LOVE YOU.” Anjali stared at the phone with her eye widen. has her brother gone mad or what? but she laughed, anyway. 


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Sep 19, 2017

The Great ASR-next part is up :) (By Farakhan) (Thanked: 32 times)

Chapter 4


Khushi stood in front of zayn’s house with determined look. She knew, she wasn’t supposed to be here. Her family was humiliated by these very people but still zayn mattered and she was worried. His phone is off. No one has seen him for a week now. Elle even said that he has left the country.

She walked up to the door and knocked the door. Mrs Malik stared back at khushi’s face with anger and surprise.

“Can I see Zayn?” khushi asked trying to peep into the house over Mrs Malik’s shoulders.

“Didn’t he call you?”

“He did!! And he said you people have kidnapped him so i am here to save him.”

“Get out of here Khushi. I know what you trying to do. “ khushi rolled her eyes.

“I need to see zayn.” she said sternly.

“He is not home.”


“He chose us over you.” Mrs Malik said proudly.

“Sure!” khushi snorted. And the door was shut on her face. She sighed and walked back to her car. Just when she was about to drive back, something clicked in her brain. She started exploring her bag and found ring, the ring zayn had brought on their engagement. She wore it back and started knocking the door of his house loudly.   

“I am gonna call police and tell them you are hiding my fiance away!”

“He is no longer your fiance!”

“Here!” khushi showed her finger and smirked. “Here is the proof!”

“He isn’t home.”

“Let me see then..”

“Leave him alone khushi.”

“Sure once i make sure you haven’t kidnapped him.”

“Go on!” she let khushi in. khushi ran upstairs in his room only to find it empty with his things placed neatly on their respective places by his mother.

“Where is he?” she asked the woman behind her his mother.

“He...he…” she started sobbing and khushi turned to face the woman.

“What? Is he okay? Is he hurt or what?”

“He is in Los Angeles.”   

“Why are you crying?”

“Go away khushi. I am crying because of you!”

“Excuse me?”

“He hates us because of you!” the moment Mrs Malik said that khushi knew exactly what happened.

She laughed emptily, “All his life, he sacrificed himself to make you happy and what did you give him? Betrayal and hateful memories. Tragic!”

Khushi walked out of zayn’s house and drove back to hers. On entering the living room of gupta house,, she was greeted by her very excited soon-to-be in laws, beaming at her. Anjali walked up to khushi and dragged her in the middle of the room. She introduced khushi to her mami, nani, mama, cousins and their children and her dadi in the end. Khushi lost count of people so she just waved at them and cheered, “Hi! What’s up?”

anjali wanted to smack her forehead. How could khushi be so unsophisticated and yet be loved by her brother? Arnav’s description of an ideal partner was someone sophisticated who would know how to play piano and who would cook delicious foods and who would be traditional like their mom was and who will be an introvert like he was.   

And khushi was exact opposite. Look at the girl’s clothes! So cheap. Arnav wore nothing other than luxurious branded stuff and khushi...well… Anjali rolled her eyes.   

Anjali scanned her family’s faces and realized she was not the only one who was lost in thoughts. They refused to respond to her cheerful greeting so anjali cleared her throat. They all forced a smile on their faces and greeted her. Expect NK who was most excited of them all. He texted Arnav.

  • BRO SHE IS HOT!!!!

  • F(K OFF NK.

  • WHAT???

  • Nannav has blocked. You can't text or call him unless they unblock you.

NK giggles seeing the notification. Really? Arnav thought he could get away from teasing?

“Come, come. Sit here.” NK jumped from his seat and offered her his seat.

“No, thanks. I would like to freshen up first.” she smiled at him and turned to exit the room before glancing at her parents who smiled at her reassuringly. She went into kitchen and ordered to prepare tea with cookies. 

After about 10 minutes, she walked back and sat beside Anjali.

“Arnav will be here in few minutes.” anjali announced smiling.

Khushi glanced at her hand and realize she was wearing zayn’s ring. She pulled it and when she saw maid leaving after serving tea and cookies, she called her. “Throw this in my trash.” the maid nodded softly and left.  

“What do you do khushi?” Anjali started the conversation.

“I am an environmental activist and will soon apply to college to pursue my passion as an environmentalist. yeah…”

“Ugh climate change is not even real…hello hi bye bye” khushi heard Mami ji say that and sighed. But she refused to argue. His mami wasn’t a scholar or something. She was a product of media and society, khushi thought.

“What else do you like?” NK asked grinning ear to ear.

“I like playing drums. We had a band in school.” khushi shrugged. Just then the doorbell rang and khushi’s father walked up to receive Arnav. They both strolled in and Mr Gupta made Arnav sit beside him. He liked Arnav and realized he really loved khushi and that’s what khushi deserved. Pure love.

“Your wife missed you.” NK winked and Arnav decided to ignore him, at least for now.

Shashi and Arnav began talking, Mami started chatting with khushi’s sister and her mother got engrossed with dadi and nani. His cousins were busy with their kids. NK was texting someone. Khushi and anjali sat in silence. soon Anjali got busy in texting her husband.

Khushi stared at Arnav as he talked with her father. They both seemed to like each other. Khushi once again was reminded of their meeting and their conversation. She wet her lips. The thing was that she was scared and nervous. Life has always been unfair for her and zayn. She was an orphan and that was tragic but zayn had toxic parents. She knew zayn but she knew nothing about Arnav. He seemed like a simple guy but she knew he wasn’t that simple. He wore nothing less than perfect. She knew, she has wore these very brands and has an idea of how people wearing these acted like. He may as well be nicest guy but a part of him will always be of those elitists who refused to acknowledge how others feel or how their actions affected the world.  

But then, she has never scared away from the face of difficulties. If she liked Arnav she will stay. More than 10 years, Mr and Mrs Gupta gave her love and care and if they thought Arnav was a good guy, khushi decided to trust their words. But that didn’t mean she would now shut her eyes. Just like every woman, she would give him a part of her soul and wait for him to share his. If he didn’t, she would know he was an **** and then treat him like one! 

Arnav glanced at khushi and passed a nervous smile. Khushi smiled back.

He was cute, she decided and laughed pretending to be texting.


Precape: Arshi wedding.

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The Great ASR-next part is up :) (By Farakhan) (Thanked: 23 times)

Chapter# 5

“What makes you hate khushi?” asked Arnav dumbfounded upon hearing his family’s dislike for khushi.

“The girl is so…plain!



Said his aunt, sister-in-law and di together making him clench his jaws indignantly.

“Di…you too?”

“Chotte…” she began coolly, “You love her and love has blinded you to all her flaws. But we aren’t blind. We see through her. She is what we say she is!”

“I’m not blinded to all her flaws,” Arnav furrowed his brows.

“Yes, you are!”

“No, I accept her with her flaws. So will you all.” He said with a tone of finality and after a moment started walking upstairs to his room.

“That girl is a pseudo-environmentalist…I’M DONE WITH ‘EM ALL.” His aunt Monarma announced to her family.

“And she is cultureless.” Said his Nani grumpily. “Why don’t you do anything, daughter? He listens to you!”

“He won’t listen to anyone…Ishq has driven him crazy!” She sat down beside her Nani, in living room, “Nani, Mami, Mama and Payal, all we can do is: get him married as soon as possible to the girl he loves. It’s his life after all. And Khushi isn’t that bad.”   

“I am just worried, she will ditch him like modern girls do these days.” Mani said with additional remark ‘Hello-Hi-Bye-Bye’.

“That would be his destiny, then.”

“She doesn’t have a class. Can’t take her to any of our kitty parties.” Payal rolled her eyes.

“Darling, I don’t think any sensible person would want to be in any of your kitty party.” Aakash commented with a smirk.

“You are always a part of them!” she retorted

“The day I got married to you, I lost my sensibility!” he said dramatically with a tragic look on his mischievous face.

“Aakash!” Payal glared at him.

“They will never grow up!” muttered Mami and slipped out of living room not wishing to witness her son having argument with his hot-headed wife. Others followed mami and slipped away, leaving angry Payal with her ever-calm husband.    

Arnav paced the length of room. He was worried. Why would his family not love or at least like Khushi? What would he do if they refused to accept her? What if they refused to be a part of his marriage? No, don’t stress Arnav. calm down baby! You are exaggerating! Everything is going to be alright!

He closed his eyes and took 3 long breaths. He opened his eyes and found his sister standing in front of him. She raised her eyebrow as if questioning his weird behavior.

“What?” he asked annoyed. Why couldn’t she leave him alone?

“Chotte…what’s wrong? You look stressed.” Anjali inquired ignoring his anger.

“I…its nothing.”

“Well, if it is nothing, then why are you frowning? You always frown when worried!”

“You woman aare so observant yet so dumb!” he glared at her.

“Excuse Raizada, I’m offended by your comment! Apology and take your words back now.” She snorted.

“You’ll attend my marriage, won’t you?” he asked rather softly. Anjali burst into fits of laughter. Arnav looked embarrassed

“Seriously Arnav?” she said in between her laughter, “You are…worried about it?”     

“I…forget it!” he said offended by her non-serious attitude.

“We will be with you, always!” she stressed earnestly making him smile a little. “But nani still thinks she is cultureless.” Anjali added smartly.

“Di, I don’t care about it.”

“I know but remember we care for you.” She said and added after getting nod from him, “Good Night!”

“Night!” he kissed her forehead and she left.

Later when he decided to sleep, his phone beeped. He hurried to see it was and smile lit his face seeing her message.

K. “Hey!”

A. “Hey!”

K. “Watcha doing?

A. “was preparing to sleep.”

K. “I see you are an early sleeper :D”

A. “Not really! Its been a long, tired day.”

K. “May I know, why?”

A. “course you can! We are working on our winter collection and things get hectic at times like this.”

K. “hate business.”

A. “Nah its fun!”

K. “It’s BORING!”

A. “depends on how you perceive it!”

K. “IDC I am biased.”

A. “Yes you are.”

K. “Introduce yourself.”

He stared at the message for few seconds before replying.

A. “My name is Arnav and I don’t like Messy. I love basketball and I love my job. My two hobbies are reading and gardening. I’m very shrewd and sometimes very heartless. I hate liars and have a thing for feminists. I am arrogant and diplomatic, alright! There is a sharp contrast between me-at-home and me-at-office. Idk how to explain it otherwise.”    

K. “Wasn’t expecting that intro”

A. “Why? Is iit not good or what?”

K. “no its great. Its what they call ‘cool intro’”

A. “what were you expecting from me?”

K. “A formal intro with a lot of career success stories!”

A. “why would you expect that?”

K. “Told you I’m biased.”

A. “Why? May I know?”

K. “Half of the world problem is caused by rich people!”

A. “For me being rich is important.”

K. "Why? I don’t think you need THAT much money to live!”

A. “Your father would never have accepted me if I wasn’t rich Khushi.”

He regretted sending that message. She didn’t reply for a minute. He was convinced that he has offended her but she replied after few more seconds.

K. “Right? It sucks to be me right now…”

His heart skipped a beat, he stared at text for a second.

A . “I will never force you to marry me, khushi. Just tell me what you want?”

K.  “I didn’t mean that. I miss my parents and right now, I’m sitting with their will in my hand. My maternal grandfather has left quite a fortune for me which I just discovered through their will. And my uncle is re-thing about my alliance with you.”

He frowned. Jaws clenched. Another message arrived from her.

K. “Arnav are you there?”

A . “Yeah…”

K. “I don’t care about your money and you don’t care about my bluntness. So we are perfect for each other!”

It took him a minute to understand what she said. A huge smile broke on his face.

A . “So?”

His heart was beating fast, swelling twice its size.

K. “SO…I’m thrilled to marry you.”

A . “So am I.”

Arnav smiled as he saw ‘sent’ written on his screen.

K. “See you on our wedding, then.”

She replied and he smiled wider. He replied with an ‘okay.’ But received no reply. He placed his phone on the side table and fell asleep with excitement still in his system.  


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The Great ASR-next part is up :) (By Farakhan) (Thanked: 32 times)

Chapter# 6

                                            "Wedding Shopping"

“You didn’t want to marry him, why sudden change?” Payal asked irritated at the sight of khushi getting ready for her wedding shopping.

“I like him!” she answered coolly.


“-Payal! This is my life! and I have got the right to do whatever the hell I want with it just like you!” she grabbed her bag and started walking out of her room. Stopping on the threshold she turned back to her sister, “Stay out of my business. Because i don’t want interference!”   


Khushi strolled downstairs with Payal following her footsteps.

“Khushi…” she heard her aunt.

“Not again, aunt.”

“Your uncle would like to have a word with you!” Mrs. Gupta said “In his study!”

Khushi reluctantly reached for study room and knocked the door impatiently.

“Com’on in!” he cheered but khushi stubbornly stood on threshold.

“If you’re gonna talk about breaking my wedding-”

“-No! Its not about it.” he assured her and khushi marched near large square table behind which Mr. Gupta was seated on his leather chair and sat in front of him on one of two chairs.

“I’m all ears!” she spoke softly sensing seriousness of the situation.

“About your marriage-”

“-I was going for shopping but you called me!”

“I’m sorry for interrupting your plans. Are you sure you want to get married?”

“Do you have any doubt? You of all people asking me this?”

“Zayn…” a lump formed in her throat hearing his name. She cleared her throat.

“What about him?” she shrugged her left shoulder trying to sound unbothered.

“He’s been abducted.”

“WHAT?” khushi jerked up.

“His father-”

“-The jerk kidnapped him. I’m sure of that!”

“Mr. Malik.” he corrected her but she rolled her eyes.

“He doesn’t deserve any respect!”

“He is elder-”

“-f*ck it! Do elders have any right to **** up our lives?”  

“I see you’re mad at him. God save him.”

“Where is Zayn now?”

“Still don’t know.” he looked at khushi’s troubled face, “Are you still sure about marrying Arnav?”

“Yes.” she said determingly, “But we have to save Zayn!”

“What about your love for Zayn?”  

“Love isn’t just enough to save us!”


“He has lived his father life. Its time for him to be free of those chains and he can never be free with me by his side!”


“When we got engaged, his father was unhappy. He gave him two choices: if he wanted to marry me he had to leave music and you know he lives for his guitar! Or if he wanted to become a musician he had to let me go or his parents would abandon him. He chose me, his parents by leaving a part of himself behind…He never told me all this but when he wasn’t playing anymore and was going to his father’s office, I asked his mother and she told me all this,” her eyes welled up and she blinked trying not to cry in front of him. “He doesn’t deserve that. I don’t deserve that kind of love. We both could never be happy. We are young and beautiful. We will both find what we’re looking for and be with people who we can love freely and unconditionally.”  she wiped the corner of her eyes, “We need to save him.”

“We will.”

“Will you help me?”

“When you have become mature enough to see what I couldn’t then its time for me to follow your lead. I'll contact detective Joe and see what we can do..”


"You are always welcome my dear!" 


Arnav was checking final designs of winter collection when his phone rang, he picked up without taking his eyes off the portfolio.

“Di before you start your rant. Yes I’ve had my breakfast and no I’m not coming home for lunch and no I’m not joining you for your shopping spree and don’t even think of buying those annoying cloths for me. I can take care of my wardrobe myself. I’m busy, will call you later.” he spoke without breathing and his breath stopped when he heard someone (precisely khushi) giggling on the other side.

“Oh I was...I thought…” he cleared throat, “Why did call?”

“Can’t I call you?” khushi asked still giggling.

“No...I mean...Yes...of course you can call...I mean…” he closed his eyes. Why so nervous ASR? Get your **** together!

“Relax Arnav!” she replied earnestly, “I was thinking you would join me for shopping...its okay if you’re busy…”

“Yes...I mean...No...I can squeeze some time out of my work.”

“no I’m not joining you for your shopping spree!” khushi mimicked his voice and Arnav swore he could have died of embarrassment.

“She is...well its hard for anyone to join my sister for shopping. She is…” he couldn’t find exact word to for his shopping-holic sister.

“...annoying!” she chuckled.

“Yeah kind of…”

“So you coming then?”


“Great! I’ll be outside your office in 30 minutes.”

“Ohh” the portfolio fell from his hand and he cut the call hurriedly saying “Okay.”

She will be outside in 30 minutes! Oh my God! Lily (his assistant) walked inside his cabin with coffee, seeing him pacing the length of room, she asked curiously, “ASR, You okay?”

“Yes, Do I look good?” he asked pointing at himself.

“Yes! You look, if I’m being honest, extra ****y today!” she smiled. “Are you going on a date?”

“Yes. and cancel all my meetings for today but don’t forget to check the progress in manufacturing units. We need to be sure that everything goes right.”

“I won't kill you, if you would just enjoy your date and not be a perfectionist for a day. ”  

“I’m gonna fire you for being this sassy.”

“Survived two years of being fired, can’t wait for more!” Arnav rolled his eyes. “Since you’re going, I can drink this coffee.” she said coolly and moved to exit but stopped on the door and smiled at him “I hope you get laid tonight!” she winked and Arnav glared at him.

“Get out or I’ll really fire you!”

“I’m going!” she giggled and Left. “Good luck!” she shouted and he shook his head.

“Yeah I need that!” he muttered to himself.

“You were waiting for me?” Khushi asked seeing him standing beside his car. To khushi, he was as perfect in appearance as a man could be. But today he looked extra ****y. If not love, at least they have burning chemistry and it excited her more.

“Yeah...umm you wanna see my office?”

“Nope. some other day. Lets get going!” she cheered and he nodded. “My car and I’ll drive.”

“Sure.” he said and smiled teasingly “I hope I’ll survive.”

“I’ve got my license for truck driving too.” she announced proudly and Arnav’s jaws dropped.

“You know how to drive a truck?” he followed her inside the car.

“Yes! Why are you so shocked?” she asked buckling her seat belt.

“I...I hate trucks.”

“Why?....oh wait...did your? I’m sorry!”

“One night, my parents were coming back from their date, their car got hit with the truck. They couldn’t survive the accident.” he explained with misty eyes.

“Mine too!” she smiled at him and began driving. “I hated so many things Arnav. But one day someone pointed out I’ve no effing right to hate stuff then I stopped being scared and learnt to drive truck and I went skydiving with zayn. I learnt to sing, cycling and painting with him.”

“I guess I wasn’t lucky enough to have a friend like that.” even though Arnav was burning with jealousy, he decided to be unbiased.

“You’ve me, now.” she placed her hand on his for a moment and then pulled it back with smile on her face.

Arnav felt like he was floating in the air or maybe he was underwater and could breath in there. He felt dizzy...happy and overwhelmed.

“Where are we?” he asked when the car came to a halt.

“Second hand clothing stores.”

“Eww I’m not buying used clothes.”

“You’re such a snob!”

“Khushi its our wedding!”


“You ARE GONNA BUY WEDDING STUFF FROM THERE?” flabbergasted, he pointed at the warehouse.

“Yes, Its environmental friendly and nothing is more important than our environment.” she unlocked the door and Arnav felt like he would faint any minute if he went in there to shop for his wedding. “Arnav!” she called him “I’m not forcing you to buy stuff from here just chill. You can buy your stuff from wherever you like!” she smiled and was about to get out when he held her hand.

“I’ve got an idea.” he swallowed his nervousness and decided to try and convince her. “Look, you can buy new clothes and when you are done with them, you can donate them to needy people.”

“And I can donate these too without producing additional waste.”

“O-okay.” he shrugged.

“What is it?”

“I hate second hand clothes. How do you know the type of people wore these before? What kind of diseases they must be suffering from.. I can’ imagine!” he ranted. Khushi chuckled.

“Arnav look at me,” he did look in her eyes, “I’m me and I love this *pointing toward warehouse* and you are you, you love new branded stuff and I would never tell you to not buy stuff you love. And I expect you to respect my choices.”

“I respect your choices but...I am a designer and…” he wanted to say that aloud but she guessed it.

“You designed our wedding dresses?”

“Yeah..” he agreed.

“Silly!” she slapped his shoulder playfully, “You could have told me that!”

“I still hate second-hand stuff.” khushi rolled her eyes and locked the door again. “Aren’t we going in there?” he asked confused at her behavior.

“No. we are gonna see your designed stuff.”


“So your uncle…” Arnav began after few minutes.

“What about him?”

“Does he...I mean he-”

“-has got no problem with this wedding. Don’t worry!”

“I wasn't worrying. It would take five minutes to convince him even if he didn’t want to.” she gave him a steely stare, “I’m a businessman, shrewd enough to get stuff done!”

“I see!” “Have you killed anyone ever?”

“No! Why would you ask that?”

The car came to a halt in front of AR building. “Would you’ve killed my uncle if he were an obstacle between us?”

“You want me to be honest?” he questioned and she nodded.

“I wouldn’t!” khushi sighed in relief, “But I can kill anyone if it would make you happy!” he caressed her cheek, “I love you beyond self.” khushi stared at him breathlessly, under some kind of spell. The guard knocked the window of their car pulling them out of the magical spell.

“Come on!” Arnav took her inside the AR building to select their wedding dresses.

Precape: Arshi wedding  



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The Great ASR-next part is up :) (By Farakhan) (Thanked: 37 times)

Chapter# 7


Tere hath main mera hath ho/ saari jannatain mere sath hon/ tu jo sath ho/ phir kia ye jahan tere pyaar main ho jao fanaa

“Chotte, where are you? Its your wedding? You didn’t change your mind, did you? Chottee…”

“Di, calm down! I’m here!” Arnav said coming out of changing room wearing traditional white sherwani making his sister beam at him.

“Nzar na lage!” she hugged him tightly. “I’ve been dying for this day!” he smiled.

“I still wanted this grand ceremony for my brother’s wedding!” Complained Anjali breaking the hug.


“-I know khushi hates grand ceremonies.” Anjali fumed. Arnav kissed her cheeks and hugged her again.

“Di, I love you but-”

“-you love khushi more.” said Anjali breaking the hug.

“No, I think she is right.” Anjali rolled her eyes.

“Di, we are getting late!” came NK’s shrill voice making Anjali part from him and rushing out.

“Dear, be fast!” she called out to Arnav and he began combing his hairs.

After fifteen minutes, Arnav joined his family: his mami, mama, nani, dadi, sister-in-law (Alia), akash (cousin), NK, di, Jeeja ji and of course HP and his family.

“Chotte, you agree or not, we are gonna have a grand ceremony back in India!” Mami ji declared with a ‘hello hi bye bye’ and all the family members agreed.

“She is the only girl on earth-”

“-Stop complaining or I’ll not return to India with y’all.” Arnav threatened colly knowing very well the weakness of his family.

“Are you-”

“-Di let’s go!” he said and started walking out of the house followed by his fuming family.


Gupta House

“Khushi...your lipstick is so not fine!” payal exclaimed angrily.

“What?” khushi asked irritated at her sister’s bossy behavior.

“You look like a widower attending a ceremony.”

“Ha ha ha, so funny!”

“Wear red, its wedding khushi!” get that red out and red lipstick that I brought you…”

“I’m not wearing that unless I’m sure it-”

“-It is organic and no the company does use animal testing. Get over it!” Payal glared at her activist of a sister.

Khushi pouted but gave up fighting and decided to wear red dress which Arnav designed for her. He made sure to use recyclable stuff like soy cashmere for very long ghagra which as simple but choli was embroidered and khushi would’ve complain her sister wasn’t staring at her with a murderous expression.

“We are getting late!”

“Okay I’m going!” khushi ran inside changing room and came out looking nervous.

“You look…” payal smiled

“I look what?” *staring nervously, “Like a joker?”

“Oh shut up, wear the red lipstick. Fast!” khushi obeyed.

“You look gorgeous!” Payal beamed proudly holding khushi by her forearms and checking her from head to toe.        

“You sue, I don’t look like Felicity Smoak?”

“I hate that woman. You, my sister look like Princess Diana. Oh no prettier than her…”

“I’m scared Payal!” she hugged her tightly.  

“It’s okay to be scared. It adds fun to adventure.”

“How can you be so calm all the time?” khushi asked after breaking the hug.

“I pretend!”

“You’re a great actress!” khushi smiled.

“Look here,” Payal held the chunri in front of khushi and spoke with a small smile, “When I put this on my head for my wedding, I felt strong. For the first time, I felt independent. If you, *handing khushi chunri* don’t feel that kind of confidence then don’t marry, he isn’t the one for you!” she left giving her one small nod of encouragement.

Khushi stared at the long chunri with embroidery on its edges and turned to see herself in the mirror. She put the chunneri upon her head just the way she practised then suddenly her eyes fell the jewelry her mother (real one) left her. She put the churi away and smiled. Her mother must be proud of her. She could feel that. She pulled the necklace out of the box and wore it then put the headpiece and then the earrings.

She pulled the chunneri from the chair and put it upon her head and stared at her reflection in the mirror. She felt like woman, a soul with a propose and tears welled up in her eyes. And all of a sudden she realized her eyes were empty of kohl, she started looking in the drawer for it and found it in the stuff Arnav’s family bought for her. She applied kohl in her hazel eyes and smiled. She looked beautiful.

She felt beautiful.

“The guests are here!” khushi heard a voice from outside and sat down on the settee, nervousness kicked in again.  

Anjali walked in to find khushi sitting on the couch, fidgeting. She walked upto her and sat beside her. Khushi turned her surprised and Anjali gasped in surprise.

“He-y” khushi said awkwardly.

“You look...gorgeous.” Anjali said smiling. “This is a handsome jewelry set!” 

“It belonged to my dead mother.” khushi replied beaming at her. Khushi felt proud of herself she had no idea why but she was pleased with herself. It all felt good.

“Would you like to wear something from Arnav’s dead mother?” Anjali smiled sadly. She extended two kangans and khushi took them from her awkwardly. This was for the first time khushi was this intimate with anjali and it felt weird.

Khushi wore each on her both arms. “They are beautiful! I guess old designer were more creative than these new trashy ones!”

“That’s what I tell chotte and Shyam ji but they say I’ve got a weird taste.” Ajali complains childishly.

“Guess, men don’t understand women’s aesthetic.”

“Exactly! I agree!”

“Is it okay that I’m nervous?”

“Perfect. I was having literal panic attacks. It was a love marriage, mind you!” khushi smiled.

“I’m sorry about that night. I was drunk and-”

“-You are forgiven.”


“-Look, you are gonna be okay. My brother is in love with you and you are lucky because every girl dream of that kind of love!”

“I don’t doubt him. I just...its just that...forget it!” khushi smiled awkwardly. Before Anjali could inquiry anymore, Payal walked in ready to take the bride  to mundap.

The thing with khushi was that, she had no real life after her parents death and she never could move on from that tragic night and now when she was sitting beside this supposedly amazing man, getting married, she was hoping for a new life, for this void of her parent’s death to be filled with his world because her’s was not enough anymore.

Seven vows, a pinch of sundoor and a mungalsooter.

“You’re husband and wife!” and at last priest’s call.


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