Reason To Live.

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May 19, 2017

Reason To Live. (By Lillyzilin) (Thanked: 31 times)

Hey guys, I can't help but write even though I still stories to write, but I decided to give this story a try.


A life without any meaning.. 

That what life is, there lot a people envy of me because I have nice family who love me. A luxurious life, respect from others.. For what I have achieved in my life... Yet, why do I ffeel everything that I have now is meaningless? I have family, money then why?

That is what I want to know..


I, Arnav Singh Raizada. 28 years old, young businessman. 


Today, 19th may 2017.

I am getting married to my fiancee, Sheetal Kapoor.

Love marriage, you ask me? (chuckled) Who am I kidding here? I dated her for a year and now marriage.

Love.. Do I ever love that Sheetal? I don't know..

Sheetal is really happy to marry ASR, isn't she? Then what about Arnav? The real me? Will someone like her will marry Arnav who just  a ordinary man?

No. She won't.

Sighed hard, there is no use of thinking these things anymore right? Since I have agreed to marry her anyway, for sake of my family.

Am I happy in this decision? I don't know my own feelings..

Since that incident happened, I feel so numb without any feelings.

Why do I still alive then? For family.. And I thought living is the most cruel punishment I could ever give to myself.

I... I honest regret of being alive, every time I breath it's feel like the regret and guilt is pricking me with thousands of needles.

I never did thought about that incident for long time but now.. I just received a letter from a person..

I know who is this letter is from just by reading it's content.

A piece of a newspaper attach to letter..

"Arnav Singh Raizada, congratulations for marriage. I hope the best for you and your beautiful fiancee. (mark of tears on the paper) It's actually every mother's dream to see their daughter in bridal attire. If she did been alive, she also would have get marry to someone that she love, don't you think?  Unfortunately that chance had been snatched away my daughter and family.. By you.." 

A piece of a newspaper attach to letter..

10 years old girl, school student became a victim of a serial murder.

Khushi Kumari gupta, my old classmate.

I kill her!!!!! She would've been alive if it's not for me.

I.. don't deserve to be alive..

To be Continue. . .

Let me know what you are thinking about this.

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What want me to write this story further?
May 22, 2017

Chapter 1- A chance to change. (By Lillyzilin) (Thanked: 44 times)

A chance to change.

I crumble that letter and hide it behind me, and turn toward her as I heard my sister knock my room door before coming in.

I don't want to make her worry for me anymore, so there is no need for her to know about this letter.

"Are you ready chote? Why are you sweating like this?" She asked in worry for me.

"Nothing Di, I will be ready soon so can leave me alone for a bit?" I asked her almost a request, for now I want to be alone.

"Sure chote, but let me tell you. You may be don't love Sheetal as much she does but I am sure that everything will be fine."She said it ,patting my shoulder and went out.

I sighed hard and locked my room door as she gone, slowy looking at the crumbled paper in my hand.

I can't blamed anyone but me and that bloody killer.

This letter is a sign of her mother's pain, the anguish of losing her beloved child.

Can I  ever make it up to her? There is no way I can bring a dead person alive.

I swallowed hard as I remind her smiling face, her big doe eyes.

I am getting marry today, are you happy for me?

She were here alive today at my marriage, what would she say to me?

I closed my eyes as I drew a deep breath, imagining her here before me.

"At least smile at your important day, Arnav. I am here na.." She definitely would say something like that, I thought.

Tears welled up in my eyes, thank you...

But for me this not my important day, I am not happy..

Sheetal Kapoor, my brother in law's cousin. I came know that after 3 months of dating her.

Shyam Jha, treat her as if she is his real sister.

To tell the truth they  both after my money and fame, I'm marrying Sheetal for sake my sister's happiness and this family's peace.

My sister Anjali will die without that gold gidder and this is my way of saving her, I can save her. 

I started to get ready, before sister come here again.

After a while, I look at my reflection on the mirror silently. make a fake smile that I usually do for sister's happiness.

I looked so pathetic, I hate myself, why? I.. hate this life..

So selfish aren't I? Then why a selfish like I am still alive and a person who kind as her died? What a cruel fate..

I can't take this anymore, I want to scream my heart out.. My mind is going crazy!

I punched mirror hard that showing that my reflection, watching blood coming out of my hand. 

Pain? Just how did it pain for her when that murderer killed her? The police found her body floating in the river covered in the plastic bag. The killer cut her body into several pieces..

This room is suffocating me, it's so hard to breath.. So I just run out..

Running away from thing this place to place where it's easy to breath.

Hariprakash chase me from behind to stop me, but I just drove my car away.



I am here again, this is the orphanage that I build for disable children. 

Soon as I enter in, I saw meera who noticed my presence run to me with smile.

This little girl attached to me since she came here first, Meera, 6 years old. Deaf since she is 3 years old, her parent left her here.

"You look soo good in this sherwani." Meera sign with her hand and giggled at end knowing that he hate this kind of attire..

I make a face and pinched her face, she always remind me of Khushi, yes khushi was a deaf too.

"But why so special today?" Meera sign faster in curiosity.

"I am getting marry today.." I sign her back, with uneasy..

Meera's eyes wider in surprise, sign him again.

"Is it your friend Khushi? You're marrying to? Hehe.. I know it!" Meera jumped in her excitement.

I sighed and nodded no at her, I did told her about Khushi but I never told Khushi being dead..

"Is that so?" Meera's smile dimmer..

Then my phone rang up, without seeing I know who it's from, my sister.

"Haan, I will back in few minutes there." I can't escape the reality, can I?

I bid goodbye to Meera and went back to my car.


In the car.

Driving back too Santivan, 

"Is it your friend Khushi? You're marrying to? Hehe.. I know it!" Meera's words, floash in his mind,. 

He shook his head, seriously where did she get this idea from?

Rather than thinking that, he should be more concentrate on the road way.

His eyes widen when he saw lorry coming before him, did the driver.. Did he fainted?

"What the .."  Doomed, the lorry hit his car. Everything went blank.


I blinked my eyes so many times in shock, this can't be..

My old school is before me, but it's in lucknow right? How could it be possible? I was in delhi, on the way to Santivan.. Then the accident happens..

I am standing here before the main gate of the school.

"Heyy!! Arnav!!" My old friends called me, this..

I looked at my self nearby car's door mirror, my body shrunked.. I am 10 years old again!!

That's mean, Khushi must be alive.. Right? 

I don't know how this all is possible but, if this a chance to see her again alive.. I.. 

I will take this chance to change this cruel past!! And horrible fate that awaits her.

With hope in my heart I rushed into school as fast as I could.

To be Continue. . .

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