Pyaar To Hona Hi Tha

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May 15, 2017

Pyaar To Hona Hi Tha (By Khushisingh96) (Thanked: 76 times)

So here comes another new story.

Raizada Mansion

“Yeah Yeah I’m listening-listening continue di” yawned Khushi.

“Arey yaar Khushi!!!!! I’m talking about my Chote, how can you just yawn!!!” Anjali pouted.

Khushi smiled sheepishly “Phir what di? I have been shifted to Delhi with Amma, Babuji and bua ji past two years and from that time I’m hearing only this Ramayan that My chote is this Khushi, my chote is that Khushi..I’m telling you di, one day my ears will itself start bleeding you see” Khushi started to giggle.

Anjali pouted and stood up turning around faking anger.

Khushi came in front of her and hugged her “Aacha baba I’m sorry!! Aapki bhai sab se best bhai (Your brother is the best brother)”.

Anjali smiled caressing Khushi’s hair.

“Kya chal raha hai?(What is going on)” Shyam entered inside coming back from work.

Anjali and Khushi turned around smiling looking at Shyam.

“Shyamji, you are back from work early today!!!!!??” Anjali asked happily.

Shyam: There wasn’t much work today, and being the boss I at least have that freedom waise your ladli brother will be reaching here by tomorrow then think about me? You already know how workaholic your brother is..Bechari me, mein kaise uski Jijaji ban gayi? (Pity me, how did I become his brother-in-law)

Khushi giggled.

Khushi: Bhai, It should be how he became your Saale sab :P in fact it should be how he became Di’s brother!!!! Di is so sweet and look at him :O He is the opposite. Just by hearing about him from you both itself he is fearing me like literally!!

Khushi was literally imagining.

Anjali: You both have no other work other then pulling my Chote’s legs.

“Chote hai na isliye I’m pulling his legs bade ho toh mein aisa nahi karte na (Small na that’s why I’m pulling his legs if he is big I won’t na)” Khushi giggled.

“And I just disappear when her chote is present here, I will be like the Pug puppy going behind her and her whole concentration will be on him” Shyam complained like a kid.

Anjali and Khushi chuckled. Anjali came near Shyam and cupped his face “Whatever it is Shyamji, you both are the only two persons whom I can call as my family..If he is my right eye, then you are my left eye!!”

Khushi smiled looking at the couple.

Anjali looked at Khushi “Waise you know what Khushi? My husband has two biggest flaws!! 1. He works too hard, 2. He’s so kind!! The best husband one can get!!!” saying that Anjali pulled Shyam’s cheek.

Khushi’s thoughts “Aww how I wish I also meet my prince charming”

Her inner voice “Stop waiting for Prince Charming! Get up and find him, the poor idiot may be stuck in a tree or something!!!!”

“Yayyyy he is coming tomorrow” Anjali screamed again in joy.

Khushi came out of her trance asking “Prince charming is coming tomorrow??”. Khushi being so lost in her thought dint come out of her prince charming thought and blurted out something.

“Arey wah Khushi tumari Nanad ban ne wale hai kya, Anjali? (Wow Khushi is going to become your sister in law uh, Anjali?” asked Shyam smirking.

Khushi eyes popped out hearing that “When did I tell that????” :O

Anjali : It was you who asked me all being dreamy that, is your prince charming coming tomorrow.

Khushi : Haw!! I was talking about my Prince charming di!!! Chote nahi!! Hey Devi Maiya kabhi bhi nahi!! (Hey Devi Maiya not at all).

Both Shyam and Anjali chuckled looking at Khushi’s reaction. They already know how Khushi is afraid of Arnav because of his anger-flashback narrated by them.

Shyam : Your brother is literally scaring her I guess :P They have not yet met, but just look at Khushi’s face!! Her face looks as if blood has drained out from her face.

Khushi rubbed her cheeks “Khushi kissi se dar te nahi!!(Khushi is not afraid of anyone!!)”

“Haan Haan patha hai hum duno ko(Yeah yeah we both know that)” Anjali chuckled.

Khushi: You both are kidding me na? Let he come tomorrow! I don’t care!!

Shyam and Anjali : Okay-Okay we will see that too.

“You think I cant do anything???? Mein Amarendra Bahubali ka fan hoon!! Mein kisi se dar te nahi, samjhe na aap duno!! (I’m Amarendra Bahubali’s fan!! I don’t get scared, understood!!)” Khushi said all proudly and bid bye to them leaving to her house.

Both Shyam and Anjali bust out laughing once she left, they just couldn’t stop laughing looking at her antics.

Anjali: God, she is so cute Shyamji!!

Shyam: She and her Amarendra Bahubali!! She thinks herself as Devasena I suppose :P

(Note : Amarendra Bahubali and Devasena are characters from the film Bahubali 2)

Shyam again started to laugh “Going Gaga for Amarendra Bahubali and not for Prabhas..She is really crazy!! She goes gaga for the character and not for the actor”

Anjali : She is an unique piece Shyamji wonder how it will be when Arnav joins us tomorrow along with her!!

Shyam: You can literally except World War 4 itself in their(Arshi) presence Anju.

Anjali’s thoughts “Haw how I wish Chote married Khushi” Anjali pouted as she knows they both will end up fighting since they are totally opposite characters.

Shyam noticed Anjali’s reactions not missing anything out, he somehow guessed what was going in her mind. He also wished the same but he just wanted everything to happen naturally so he just thought to wait and watch what is going to happen.


Khushi after having dinner silently went back to her room.

Khushi’s thoughts “I know he is handsome, di has showed me his pics but that doesn’t mean he can become my Amarendra Bahubali!!”

Precap :

Khushi was running behind Anjali with the mug full of water ready to splash on her, she was running behind her both were now running in the lane coming out of Gupta Mansion that’s when Anjali noticed Khushi aiming to splash the water right on her..Thats when Anjali moved at the right time to save herself and *SPLASH*

All they heard was “WHAT THE

Anjali closed her eyes and Khushi closed her mouth in shock, she just splashed the water on none other Anjali’s Chote, Arnav Singh Raizada.


So this is a new story, how was it? You will know about the characters once the story progress further. Any doubts, feel free to ask. So shall I continue?

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May 19, 2017

Part 1.... (By Khushisingh96) (Thanked: 66 times)

Part 1

Early Morning,

Raizada Mansion

Anjali was eagerly waiting for her Chote. Shyam was sitting beside her with a sulky face and hands on his cheeks yawning.

Anjali rolled her eyes seeing his reaction, she thought she could surprise Shyam with Arnav’s visit because he just called her informing he is on the way.

Shyam: What?!

Anjali: Stop being sleepy-head Shyamji! My brother is coming and just look at your face!

Shyam: Excuse me, its just your brother coming not a President or PM of India, okay? And what was that Anju? Waking me up at 3am itself dammit! Don’t you see how pity I look!!

Shyam pouted.

Anjali: My chote is coming back after 3 years Shyamji!! Just imagine 3years I have been here without him!

Shyam: So what do you want me to do? Compose a Kabhi Khushi Kabhi Gham bgm uh?

Anjali glared looking at Shyam.

Shyam: See I already told you, I will see after the problem in London but your brother voluntarily left India and he like stayed there itself for 3 years!! So that's not my fault!

Anjali: He left because we were newly married Shyamji!! That’s why he dint want you to leave..

Shyam: Oh hello, I know about your brother, okay? He is my best friend from college days and yeah he was my junior but still we turned out to be the best friends and that’s how I met you (Sighed) at last did a grave mistake by falling in love with you.

Anjali twisted his ears “How dare you Shyamji!! Mistake uh?!”

Shyam kept a puppy face “Ouch Anju its paining now I understand why they say ‘Marriage is a relationship in which one person is always right and the other is the husband!’

Anjali : That is because it is in fact the truth!

Shyam : And do you know the reason behind why Arnav left?

Anjali was so eager to know the answer and she asked “Whyy??”

“Because I know how it is to be with you :P He just wana have some freedom from you so he left!!” said Shyam.

Anjali got up to beat him, noticing that Shyam started to run to save himself from her.

Anjali: Shyamjiii!! Stop running! How dare you!!!!?!!!!

Shyam chuckled and replied “Catch me if you can!!!!”

He was about to run fast but he directly bumped with someone and he was caught at the right time not hurting himself. Shyam looked who was it and he grinned cheerfully “Arnavvv mera Saale Sab!!!! Tu agayi(You came)!!!”

Shyam hugged Arnav and Arnav also reciprocated the same happily.

Anjali cleared her throat “Excuse me? It was me who made all arrangements, It was me who was waiting for my Chote eagerly and what are you doing Mr Shyam Jha!!!”

Arnav chuckled and came near his di. He hugged her as tight as he can. Anjali also felt so overwhelmed which was shown in her face. Shyam looked at his best friend/brother like Saale Sab and his darling wife lovingly. He just love them both a lot. He loves their sibling bond a lot.

Arnav came out of the hug and looked at Shyam and Anjali “You both still dint change! God, got any idea? you both are grown ups man!!”

Both Shyam and Anjali smiled sheepishly.

Arnav: And what was that running and catching early in morning?

Shyam : It is because your di is dangerous then mafia, Arnav!

Arnav raised his eyebrows and Anjali glared looking at Shyam.

Shyam : She is ready to take my life anytime Arnav!! You won’t believe what and all she did!! She literally gave all importance to you from the time you informed her that you are returning back!! She in fact forgot that I existed in this house!!!

Arnav chuckled “Stop being jealous of me, Okay?”

Shyam : See again I will be getting my love shared man :/

Anjali giggled.

“Anju, why don’t you get Arnav married to someone? So that he will get his part of love and I will get my love back to me from you!!” Said Shyam winking looking at Arnav. 

Arnav widened his eyes hearing that and gave a “I’m going to kill you Shyamm!!!!” look. Shyam ran away till stairs and screamed back “Ye duno bhai behan bhi na! Mujhe dara ne ke alva kuch nahi aatha!!(This both sister and brother is there na! They know nothing other then fearing me!!)

Anjali screamed back “Waise idea bhi aacha hai Shyamji (Anyways your idea is good only Shyamji)”

Shyam came back near them “See that’s why I told you!”

Arnav : What the

Anjali started laughing “Seriously Chote, you need to get married you see”

Arnav : I wonder how Shyam managed these many days with you!!

Anjali : Haww, you both have no other work other then pulling my legs?!

Anjali pouted looking down. Shyam and Arnav looked at each other  kissed Anjali on her cheek. Arnav on the left side and Shyam on right side and screamed “We love you” and they hugged her almost squeezing her.

They looked like a cute happy family as if Anjali, Shyam were Arnav parents and Arnav like a grown up kid and back to his parents after a long time.

Later Anjali asked Arnav to take rest because of jet lag and asked Shyam also continue his sleep.

She was so happy today, her husband was also with her and her brother also she was in cloud nine. The next person she is close to is Khushi, she wanted to call her here immediately and share this news with her but then she looked at clock it was just 4.00 am now so she just waited for the time to pass so that she could tell Khushi.



It was almost 7 in morning and Anjali couldn’t wait anymore so she herself decided that she would wake Khushi by herself now.

Anjali went to the opposite house and knocked the door, she was waiting for the door to get opened. The door was opened after 5 minutes.

“Arey Anjali beta, you? Come in” welcomed Khushi’s mother Garima.

Anjali smiled looking at her and got in.

Anjali : Where is Uncle, Aunty?

Garima : He went out of station today morning all of sudden Anjali beta..Some problem in Mumbai branch it seems so he left early morning itself.

Anjali : Oh okay Aunty, waise where is Khushi?????

Garima : What else that Khumbkarni will do?

Anjali chuckled “She is still sleeping ? :P”

Garima : Haan beta, I just don’t know what I’m gona do with this girl! You know what she did today morning when Shashiji was leaving to Mumbai?

Anjali: What did she do Aunty?

Garima: Shashiji went to bid bye to her before leaving so we both went to her room to wake her up. She got up, came near Shashi ji and screamed “Jai Mahismathi Babuji!! Everything will get solved and take care of yourself Babuji and Mera vachan hi shaasan hai(My word is my rule)!!” She just stood like Bahubali, Anjali beta!! Being her mother, I myself is telling that she is mad! Literally mad Anjali beta!!! And we ended up laughing at her antics beta.


Anjali giggled imagining that.

Anjali : I’m sure she will not marry anybody other then Amarendra Bahubali.

Garima : I’m sure she will make us all go crazy one day!!

Anjali: Haha, okay let me go and wake her up!

Garima: Pour that cold water on her betiya! She needs that treatment only!

Anjali chuckled and went to Khushi’s room.

Anjali was trying all ways to wake her up, she blew air in her ears, she tickled her, she even jerked her but she was not ready to get up.

Anjali: Arey Khushi, come yaar!! I want you to meet my Chote!

Khushi closed her ears and replied “Aacha so your Chote came? Then pakka I wont come there!!!”

Anjali sighed then she remembered Garima’s idea of pouring water on her so she giggled and brought the mug with cold water and *SPLASH* Khushi woke up with jerk panting.

Khushi: diiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii!!! What the hell!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Anjali started laughing looking at her, Khushi got up and took that mug from her in fact snatched it and went inside washroom to get some water, Anjali guessed what she was going to do, so she ran away from the room and Khushi was running behind her, Garima was laughing looking at both the girls.

Arnav was disturbed from his sleep with the sound coming from outside, he was wondering who was screaming aloud like this, so he came to his balcony and saw his di running out from the opposite house, he got worried seeing that so he immediately came down running.

Khushi was running behind Anjali with the mug full of water ready to splash on her, she was running behind her both were now running in the lane coming out of Gupta Mansion that’s when Anjali noticed Khushi aiming to splash the water right on her..Thats when Anjali moved at the right time and *SPLASH*

All they heard was “WHAT THE”

Anjali closed her eyes and Khushi closed her mouth in shock, she just splashed the water on none other Anjali’s, Chote Arnav Singh Raizada.

Khushi hid behind Anjali in fear, and Arnav was spitting fire looking at Khushi. Khushi was panting in fear behind Anjali.

Anjali whispered silently to Khushi “What have you done, Khushi?”

Khushi replied “What did I do di? He came inbetween us” Khushi kept a puppy face.

“What the hell!? Who the hell are you?!” asked Arnav angrily to Khushi.

Anjali : uh..voh She is Khushi, chote. Our neighbour.

Arnav : So? She will splash water on me?! And cant she open her damn mouth?!!

Anjali : Uh Chote, Khushi actually..

Arnav: Not you di! I asked her to open her mouth! First ask her to come in front of me!

Khushi whispered a silent “No” to Anjali.

Anjali: Chote actually..

“K-H-U-S-H-I! OUT! NOW!” Arnav sounded as dangerously he can.

Khushi’s thoughts “Is there any better way for my day to start?! Ye kya hai Devi Maiya?!”

Khushi slowly came and stood beside Anjali as if like a kid who has commit a mistake and his/her mother scolding her.

Arnav was just observing her each move.

Khushi caught hold of Anjali’s hand and both Anjali-Khushi looked at each other.

Khushi took a deep breath and said to Anjali “Jab tak tum mere saath ho, mujhe maarne wala paida nahi hua, didi(As long as you are with me,there’s no one born to kill me, didi)” She exactly told in Bahubali’s style.

Anjali and Arnav couldn’t stop laughing hearing that, though Arnav did not laugh out loud like Anjali he chuckled looking at her antics.

“Ufffffff, Thank god! Your bhai smiled di!!” Khushi said cheerfully.

Arnav immediately stopped chuckling and Anjali smirked looking at them.

Arnav: This time I’m leaving you next time if you show me your face, I will literally kill you with my own hands!

Khushi’s mouth formed an ‘O’ hearing that, Arnav noticed that and turned around chuckling silently.

Khushi ran away inside her house chanting “Bhaag Khushi Bhaag(Run Khushi Run)”

Anjali giggled looking at both. Arnav came inside RM followed by Anjali.

Anjali : Arey Chote, why are you fearing her!! She is already afraid of you yaar..

That’s when Shyam came down “Fearing whom Anju?, (Shyam looked at Arnav) Why are you wet this much Arnav? Jogging is good, but getting wet up to this level?!”

Arnav looked at Shyam. Anjali chuckled.

Arnav: Shut up Shyam! Do I look like I’m back from Jog?!

Shyam : Then why are you wet as if it was raining only on you?

Arnav: All because of that cartoon in that opposite house! Damn she!

Shyam : Cartoon? Who is cartoon in that opposite house? There is no cartoon there..

Arnav: Who else?! That girl Khushi only! Wonder how they manage her in her house!

Shyam raised his eye brow looking at Anjali asking what, then Anjali narrated what happened till how Khushi splashed water on him.

Shyam : She is already scared of you, Arnav!! Man, you have really sacred her for real now!!

Arnav was wondering why she was feared of him.

Arnav: She is afraid of me? But I remember we have not met each other before.

Shyam: You both haven’t met but Anjali has told all your angry antics to Khushi in fact she knows everything about you.

Anjali : and that is the reason she was not ready to come to RM just because you have returned.

Arnav: Excuse me? You guys have created an image of me as if I’m a monster and I will eat her alive! huh, Unbelievable!

Shyam : and Arnav, Mr Gupta our partner ie Shashi uncle hai na..

Arnav: yeah?

Shyam: Actually Khushi is his daughter, they shifted from Mumbai to Delhi two years back opposite to our house like a coincidence from that time we became close with Khushi.

Arnav: How in the earth, Shashi uncle has got such a daughter?!

Shyam: Haan Arnav, such a cute and good girl na..

Arnav: Cute and good?! She is the opposite Shyam!! Tail is only missing else she would like a monkey only!

Shyam: Hey don’t talk about my sister like that!

Arnav: Sister? When did she become your sister when she calls Anjali di also as di in fact how?

Anjali giggled “Voh actually she is only daughter na so she has no siblings which she is very sad of, so she calls me as di and Shyamji as Bhai”

Arnav : I’m telling you people, she will make you people crazy one day!

Arnav left to his room, both Shyam and Anjali chuckled.

Shyam: The fun has already started Anju..

Anjali: Haan Shyamji, lets see..



Precap :

Garima: I seriously don’t understand what to do with this girl Arnav.

Arnav: Aunty, if you don’t mind can I wake her up?

Garima: I will be more then happy if she wakes up beta..

Arnav’s thoughts “Now I will see how you don’t wake up!” smirked Arnav.



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May 20, 2017

Part 2.... (By Khushisingh96) (Thanked: 62 times)

Part 2 :

It has been 5 days since Khushi came to Raizada Mansion after her first encounter with Arnav and it has already been 5 days since Arnav arrived back to Delhi.

Shyam, Anjali and Arnav were having their morning tea.

Shyam: Arey Anju, Where did Khushi go? She went out of station hai kya?

“No Shyamji” replied Anjali pouting. Now Arnav became alert and concentrated in their conversation.

Arnav’s thoughts “Arey haan, even I did not see that Cartoon after that day. I even met Garima aunty more times then seeing her, where did she go?”

Shyam: Then why dint she come here?

Anjali twisted Arnav’s ears “Sab iski vajse! (All because of him!)”

Arnav shrieked “Ouch! Diiiii”

Arnav rubbed his left ear “What did I do, di?!”

Anjali: You scared her that’s why she is not even stepping inside RM! :/

“When did I scare her? We just met once, and she got feared of me in that meet itself?” asked Arnav sarcastically as a matter of fact.

Anjali: Of course yes, will someone scare a cute girl like her! Such an idiot you are Chote! You said na that day that, next time if she comes in front of you then you will kill her with your own hands! That’s why she isn’t even stepping inside :/

Arnav : You mean she believed that I will kill her dammit?

Anjali nodded her head as a matter of fact.

Arnav : Unbelievable!

Shyam : Don’t you miss her Anju?

Anjali: Of course I do :( that’s why I myself go to her house and visit her..

Shyam: You did visit her :O without me?!

Anjali : and she wasn’t even ready to tell why she wont be coming here and then at last after a lot of black mailing yesterday she opened up that its because of Arnav’s dhamkee(threat) she isn’t coming here it seems.

Arnav : Di! I seriously have never seen a girl like her in my life! How can she be mad all time?!

Shyam and Anjali stood up, folding their hands glaring looking at Arnav.

Arnav : What?!

Shyam pulled Arnav by his collar “It was you who threatened Khushi! So it is you who will bring her back here!” Shyam left his Collar followed by Anjali holding Arnav by his collar now “Haan Chote, if you are coming back inside RM then enter with Khushi!”.

Arnav came out of Anjali’s hold and asked “Wait, what are you both doing?”

Anjali and Shyam “Threatening you!”

Arnav rolled his eyes “Unbelievable! Like seriously threatening me?!”

Anjali : Don’t talk with me unless you bring Khushi, Chote!

Arnav raised his eye brows.

“Yeah, don’t talk with me too!” retorted Shyam faking anger.

“Who wishes to talk with you even Shyam Jha!” Arnav rolled his eyes.

Arnav :Di..

There was no reply.

Arnav : Di?

Still no reply.

Arnav : Okay, fine! I will bring her back! Happy?

Anjali instantly smiled and kissed him on his cheeks, and Shyam hugged Arnav.

Arnav was like wondering should he laugh or scold them for their craziness.

Anjali and Shyam literally pushed him out to go to Gupta house.

Arnav : FINE! I’m going yaar! Stop pushing me.

Anjali and Shyam waved bye to Arnav and Arnav just sighed.


Arnav in Gupta house,

He was wondering whether to enter inside or not seeing the door open, that’s when he heard Garima’s voice “Sleep-Sleep Sleep nicely pagli, mark my words your child will also do the same, and you will also experience the same..Don’t know what I’m going to do with this girl!!” Garima saw Arnav standing out and Arnav smiled faintly not knowing what to do.

Garima smiled looking at Arnav “Arey why are you standing out beta, come in”

Arnav smiled and came in.

Garima : See, I should have got a good son like you Arnav but look at my fate who I got as my daughter.

Arnav chuckled “Why? What happened Aunty?”

Garima : What will I tell beta, I wonder how did Brahma even created her, like how? What did he think and create her? I’m still wondering..

Arnav looked at Garima astonished.

Garima : Wondering how her own mom talking like this na?

Arnav dint know what to say.

Garima : You know it happens when you get a daughter like her ;) Though I complain about her all day, still she is the best daughter anyone can get..I know she behaves like a half mental but still she spreads happiness wherever she goes beta..

Arnav chuckled remembering their first meet “Haan thoda pagal hai lekin cute (Yeah she is little mad but cute)” Arnav whispered it aloud some what audible to Garima.

Garima : What beta?

Arnav realised what he just blurted out so he immediately corrected “ Nothing Aunty”

Garima : Tk beta..any work?

Arnav dint know how to ask about Khushi directly “Yeah actually uh eh when will uncle come?”

Garima : Don’t know beta, he said it will take time.

Arnav : Uh oh okay, waise Khushi kahan?

Garima : In her room only, and still she has not got up.

Arnav : She is still sleeping?

Garima: I seriously don’t understand what to do with this girl Arnav.

Arnav: Aunty, if you don’t mind can I wake her up?

Garima: I will be more then happy if she wakes up beta..

Arnav’s thoughts “Now I will see how you don’t wake up!” smirked Arnav.

Garima : and beta, why is she afraid of you?

Arnav : Uh?

Garima : Don’t know what happened from the day you arrived she isn’t entering RM.

Arnav : I did nothing aunty, she is only creating such an image of me as if I'm a monster who will eat her alive..Trust me.

Garima chuckled hearing his explanation.

Arnav : Don’t worry Aunty, I will deal with her now.

Garima smiled and she instructed Arnav where Khushi’s room was, and Arnav at last reached Khushi’s room.

As soon as he entered inside her room, he was astonished everywhere he found only Amarendra Bahubali's posters.

Arnav’s thoughts “Is this her room or Amarendra Bahubali’s room? :O Is she mad or what? She is really mad dammit”

Arnav went near her, he smiled looking at the way she was sleeping. She was sleeping just like a kid.

He went near her and he thought “uh should I tap her? What if she screams if I touch her, what if she mistakes me”

Arnav was thinking what to do, “hmm okay fine, let me call her out if she doesn’t wake up then I will tap her”

Arnav : Khushi

No response.

Arnav : Khushii

Khushi in sleep “Arey Katappa you have no other work hai kya? Always scaring me out!! I’m not coming to RM na, then why are you coming in my dreams :/ (She twisted her lips in sleep) wait, wait one or the other day My Amarendra Bahubali will come and beat you up for scaring me”

Arnav was like what the “This girl is unbelievable! She is talking in sleep and dreaming about me?! And top of it calling me as Katappa?” Arnav sighed looking at her.

Arnav decided to tap her, when he tapped her on her shoulders she snuggled more inside her blanket but Arnav did not stopp his mission to wake her up so he again continued to tap her.

Arnav’s thoughts “What are you doing Arnav? Where have you landed yourself man?! I’m sure your employees will faint seeing your this side” Arnav pitied on his own plight and all of the sudden he was pulled by Khushi under her blanket, being busy in his thoughts he lost his balance when Khushi pulled him with her under the blanket thinking it was her mom.

Khushi closing her eyes and hugging Arnav thinking it was her amma “Amma, why are you always disturbing me when I’m sleeping? Please let me sleep na..Today I will show you how heaven sleep is so you also sleep with me today waise you got no work also today because Babuji is also in Mumbai na” said Khushi in a sleepy voice and hugged Arnav more tightly.

Arnav for first time in his life was experiencing a new feeling, which he just cant explain what it is called but he liked this feeling. She has got something in her which was attracting him, not that he hasn’t met any girls before in his life he is the Fashion king in the Fashion world, girls just wait for his one look but its just he doesn’t give any damn to them.

In the other side Khushi was wondering in her sleepy mode why her Mom looks so hard.

Khushi : Amma, you should take care of your health and wait why are you so hard?

Arnav was about to get up because he just couldn’t tolerate that feeling which bloomed inside him now, he knew that was not any kind of lust but which was purely affection and the need of real Khushi ie happiness, which he felt. He feels heaven being near her.

Arnav was trying to move, Khushi got irritated because of his moves.

Khushi shrieked “Amma!!!! Stop moving, you are disturbing see I’m going to punish you for this!!!” saying that Khushi got up and kissed him on his cheeks opening her eyes and that’s when she noticed she just kissed him, ARNAV, di’s Chote!!!!”

Khushi immediately got up screaming “Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh” and Arnav abruptly closed his ears with his hands. Garima came up hearing her sound.

Garima : Arnav beta, you have done magic!!!! How did you even wake her up??

Mean while Khushi was still screaming “AHhhhhhhhhhhhhaahhhhhhhhhh”

Garima looked at Khushi and retorted back “Ae Chup Kar! (Oyi, Shut up!)”

Khushi closed her mouth abruptly seeing the way her amma talked with her, and pouted.

Arnav just looked at Khushi, closing his eyes slowly and opening remembering Khushi’s kiss.

Garima : Beta, do this just wake her up daily!!

Khushi screamed “Nooooooooooo, I promise from tomorrow I will wake up early amma”

Garima giggled “I should really say Arnav, you have done magic on Khushi see she is even ready to wake up early from tomorrow, What did you do beta?”

Arnav smirked looking at Khushi “Actually you should ask what she did Aunty”.

Khushi pleaded with her eyes like “No no don’t”

Garima : What did you do Khushi?

Khushi gulped her saliva looking at Garima and then Arnav.

Arnav winked looking at her, Khushi started to hiccup.

Arnav : Uh Nothing Aunty, I was just pulling her legs..Dont worry she will wake up early from now on..Hai na Khushi?

Khushi : Haaaan? (Arnav looked at her) Haan haan

Garima : Chalo then thik hai..You both come down, I will ready the breakfast.

Garima left, Khushi was trying all possible ways to have eye contact with fan, ceiling, floor and what not.

Arnav cleared his throat, Khushi looked at him.

Arnav : Aacha, madam I know you are weird but now looking at your punishments I can confirm that. Innovative punishments haan?

Khushi : I..voh actually amma..

Arnav : Dint you remember what I told you in our first meeting?

Khushi : I..I actually dint come to RM from that day..God Promise

Arnav chuckled.

Khushi : You don’t believe me? Okay, Bahubali wala promise!

Arnav : What? Kya Bahubali wala promise? (What Bahubali’s promise?)

As soon as Bahubali topic came Khushi forget her uneasiness and started blabbering “Arey you don’t know? Bahubali is full of promises..Rajamatha’s promise for Bhallaladeva, Kattapa’s promise, Amarendra Babubali’s promise from Kattapa when he dies (Khushi told very sadly remembering her Bahubali getting killed), Mahendra Bahu baby’s promise to his mumma Devasena, Then Amarendra Bahubali’s promise for Devasena then for kingdom waise there are many promises in Bahubali waisa promise is my promise ye Khushi’s promise, now understood Bahubali’s promise?” she said excitedly.

Arnav just looked at her astonished “What was this girl made up of? Man She is equally crazy and cute”

Arnav : See, if you don’t stop your Bahubali Ramayan then I will do the same what you did to me.

Khushi’s eyes popped out hearing that.

Arnav : And if you don’t come to RM then also I will do the same what you did to me, okay?

Khushi nodded her head like a good girl.

Arnav : What?

Khushi: I..I will come to RM…but Bahubali

Arnav : What about the first one? Stop talking about Bahubali too..

Khushi couldn’t open her mouth, she loved Amarendra Bahubali that much..How can she stop talking about him?

Arnav’s mind voice “You are asking her to stop talking about Bahubali because you are jealous of him right?”

Arnav’s thoughts “Why would I be jealous of some fictional character?!”

Arnav’s mind voice “Its because she called you Katappa and not as her Amarendra Bahubali”.

Arnav just pushed his thoughts aside and came back to world but he found no Khushi around, while Arnav was in his thoughts Khushi escaped not wasting time.

Arnav’s thoughts “What happened to you Arnav?” Arnav wondered himself.



Precap :

Arnav pinning Khushi near the wall “What were you telling them about me?”

Khushi : I..actually..uh voh

Arnav just got lost looking at her.


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May 22, 2017

Part 3.... (By Khushisingh96) (Thanked: 73 times)

Part 3

Arnav was little bit lost in his own thoughts, what has just happen to him after Khushi’s entry in his life. 

He came downstairs and saw Khushi already eating as if she starved for years.

He chuckled looking at her.

Garima : Arey beta, come you also have breakfast.

Arnav: No aunty, I’m already done.

Garima smiled looking at Arnav and glared looking at Khushi “See, learn something from Arnav!! Look how good he is and see you!”

Khushi dint even give ears to anything, her whole concentration was on her food.

Garima just rolled her eyes looking at her “She will never change!”.

Arnav was just wondering how could her craziness be up to this level? She lives her life as per her wish, she eats as if she has starved for years, she talks as if there is no tomorrow, and her love for Amarendra Bahubali which is like eternal, she is like total opposite to him. He was just getting lost in his thoughts once again that’s when Khushi snapped her fingers in front of him and he jerked back.

Arnav : Uh?

Khushi: Chalte? (We will go?)

Khushi tried her level best not to show off her nervousness which caused because of the act which she performed some while back in front of him, Arnav noticed the change in her.

Arnav : Lets move.

Both Arnav and Khushi entered RM, Shyam-Anjali both just hugged Khushi as soon as they saw her and Khushi also did the same.

Arnav stood there wondering like “They are hugging each other as if Khushi is back after years! Even I dint get this treatment!! God they are unbelievable!”

Arnav just went to his room not ready to watch all this drama and Khushi watched him going through the corner of her eyes.

Shyam : God Khushi! I missed you so badly girl! I thought you went out of station then only Anju told me the reason behind your absence!!

Khushi smiled sheepishly.

Anjali : So don’t do such things again Okay?!

Khushi : It depends on your brother’s action di!! What will I do di? I mean like seriously , don’t mistake me but how the hell like you both are sister and brother?????????????????

That’s when Arnav came out of his room to take the file which he left downstairs and heard everything. Arnav was just watching what these 3 crazy people are up to.

Shyam started laughing “Even I had the same doubt, Khushi!!”

Anjali glared looking at Khushi and Shyam for making fun of them.

Shyam and Khushi : Aacha we are sorry meri maa .

Both Shyam and Khushi were holding their ears, Anjali smiled looking at them.

Shyam : Chalo thik hai, lekin tumari Chote Hai kahan? (Okay fine, but where is your brother?)

Anjali looked at Khushi waiting for an answer.

Khushi : We came together then I saw him going upstairs that time itself.

Shyam : ahem ahem someone is keeping an eye on someone..Should we have to know something Khushi?

Khushi’s mouth formed a ‘O’ shape hearing that.

Anjali : Aww really Khushi? You like my Chote??

Arnav was like more interested in knowing Khushi’s answer, he was like all ears.

Khushi : ME? Are you both like kidding me?! Your Chote is not even Chote di!! I’m telling you! He is more then that! Like seriously Chote means someone who is the innocent one and the one who is treated like a kid and anything said by this one is taken like a joke and is loved the most that is called Chote!! But your Bhai he is the opposite di!! And wait in which angle he even looks like Chote, di?

Arnav was like ‘What the!’

Khushi : Your Bhai knows only to scare others!!

Anjali : Arey Khushi enough yaar! My brother is always Chote for me..He is so sweet.

Khushi : Sweet? Dint you see how he scared me that day?

Anjali : is because you poured water on him that’s why.

Shyam : Oyi! Chup kar tum duno! Ek dham Chup! (Shut up you both! Just Shut up!)

Both Anjali and Khushi pouted.

Shyam : Like ridiculous girls! One girl is hell bend in bashing Arnav, and the other hell bend in supporting..Come on give some peace to him! He is not a toy that you girls are playing with his topic!!

Arnav was like “At least Shyam is saving me from these two”

Anjali and Khushi : Excuse me? Even you were complaining about him!

Shyam : I will complain and do everything because he is my friend!! I have all rights!

Arnav was like “Aww” hearing it.

Anjali and Khushi : Thik hai ji, we wont talk about your friend.

All the three chuckled.

“Chalo thik hai, I have to make a call..Let me” Shyam was searching his mobile.

Khushi : What happened?

Shyam : I think I left my mobile in room, Anju can you just get it for me?

Anjali was about to get up but Khushi stopped her “Arey di, you wait I will bring..Be with your husband till then” winked Khushi.

Arnav immediately went inside the guest room, seeing Khushi coming upstairs. Once Khushi neared guest room, she was pulled by Arnav and Arnav just closed her mouth so that she don’t scream. Khushi was struggling.

Arnav : Don’t shout its me, Arnav! And stop moving.

As soon as Khushi heard his voice she stopped struggling, noticing that Arnav left his hold on her but as soon as he left she tried to escape but Arnav pinned Khushi near the wall “What were you telling them about me?”

Khushi : I..actually..uh voh

Arnav just got lost looking at her, Khushi also noticed the change in his eyes. She saw his eyes becoming soft all of the sudden, Khushi was getting lost in his ocean like eyes.

Khushi’s thoughts “His eyes are conveying me something” She was trying to read his eyes.

Arnav moved closer to her and tucked her hair strand behind her ear which was disturbing his view of her. Khushi closed her eyes, feeling his hand cupping her face.

And both heard Anjali calling Khushi’s name, both came out of their trance. Khushi ran away from there breathing heavy and Arnav stood there still wondering.

Arnav : Damn me! What were you doing Arnav? If di did not call Khushi, I’m sure you would have done something!

Arnav took deep breath “Its better I stay away from her! Which is good for her also and for me also!”

Khushi took Shyam’s mobile and came down running, Anjali and Shyam noticed her cheeks red when she handed over the phone to Shyam.

Anjali : Khushi? What happened to you?

Shyam : Yeah Khushi, why do you look red like tomato?

Khushi : Haan? No..uh not, I’m..I’m fine

Shyam : Really? (He asked Anjali to ask her by giving an indication with his eyes) Anyways I have to make an important call.

Shyam moved from there to make a call and he moved to study room. Arnav also came down to take his file back, he was like trying his level best not to look at her but his eyes just cheated him, he was just looking at her with so much love.

Khushi was just concentrating on floor, Anjali was wondering what was wrong with her. Arnav also went to study room cursing himself for looking at her.

Anjali : So Khushi, you tell me what happened to you?

Khushi : Arey nothing di, its just I became red because of heat..Already this summer is producing so much of heat..So only..

Anjali wasn’t convinced with her answer yet she just brushed off her doubts for now.

Khushi’s thoughts “Hey Devi Maiya, what was that? What was that I saw in his eyes”



Precap :

Arnav : Arnavendra Bahubali?

Shyam : She wants her prince to be like Amarendra Bahubali, and by luck your name also starts with A..So from now on you are only her Arnavendra Bahubali!!!!!!

Arnav : But..

Shyam : You like her or not?

Arnav : Of course I like her dammit!!!!



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Jul 10, 2017

Part 4.... (By Khushisingh96) (Thanked: 52 times)

Part 4 :

Khushi was completely confused because of Arnav’s behavior, she took a deep breath and brushed of her thoughts started her gossip with Anjali again.

Arnav entered inside the study room fuming in anger, he was irked with his own behavior.

Arnav was talking with himself and threw the file on table “Din’t I ask you to keep your eyes away from her dammit!!!!” He screamed on top of his voice. That’s when Shyam who was in his business call noticed it and disconnected the call excusing himself and stood behind Arnav.

Arnav : Damn me! Why to have that look in your face looking at her Arnav?! I know! You are out of your mind! How can you just stare like that in spite of me warning you 1000 times!

Shyam interrupted asking“I can understand you are angry on someone Saale Sab but who did disobey your orders?? Who did even have the guts to do it in spite of you warning him 1000 times??” Shyam kept his hand on his shoulder.

Arnav turned around in frustration and replied “That stupid is me only, Shyam!”

Shyam looked at Arnav as if he was some Alien that’s when Arnav noticed what he just blurted out.

Shyam started screaming getting hyper “Oh my god-oh my god-oh my god!!!!!!!! Saale Sab you love someone????? Who is that?????”

Arnav Shhhh-ed him by closing Shyam’s mouth with his hand. Shyam was showing some sign languages.

Arnav : W-h-a-t?!

Shyam signaled him to move his hand from his mouth, Arnav moved his hand from his mouth “And don’t you dare you scream Shyam!!!!”.

Shyam : Okay-Okay wait!!

Arnav : And don’t you dare tell this to anyone, Okay?!

Shyam smiled sheepishly.

Arnav : I hate that smile, stop smiling like that!

“Okay fine, but I shouldn’t tell about this matter to anyone means then you have to tell me the whole matter..Deal or No Deal?” asked Shyam feeling so proud as if he had won a deal with Arnav.

“Deal or No Deal to me itself?” Arnav rolled his eyes.

Shyam shrugged his shoulders and winked looking at him “Anjuuuuuuu” Shyam went outside as if blackmailing Arnav all dramatically, Arnav dragged him back “Excuse me? What are you trying to do?”

“Trying to open up a secret to my Anju, Saale Sab..Any problem??” Shyam winked looking at Arnav.

Arnav : I hate you Shyam!

Shyam : Okay byeeeee, I will tell Anjali everything.

Shyam was about to keep his leg outside the room, and Arnav screamed “Okay, S-t-o-p!”.

Shyam showed all his teeth and returned back to Arnav “Aww I know my Arnav is so sweet, come on-come on tell me!! May be I can help you out you see”

Arnav : But promise me our talks should be within us only, Okay?

Shyam was thinking.

Arnav : What?

Shyam : No I mean, there are no secrets between me and Anju..

Arnav : Excuse me? Girls have their own secrets okay?! I’m sure Di wont share her girly talks with you! She has Khushi for that to share okay?! Just think and see, has the girls shared their secrets with you?!

Shyam thought for a while “Yes Arnav, you are right! Last week, those two girls went to shopping without me!!! That too leaving me alone yaar, I said Anju that I will come with her but she just refused me not to take her with me!!” Shyam said with a puppy face as a matter of fact and Arnav was just flabbergasted with Shyam’s explanation he literally got a doubt whether he was a boy or a girl.

Shyam : What you are also thinking the same na, that how can they leave me alone and go for shopping right?

Arnav left his breath out “Shyam! You know what being with girls you became a girl!”

Shyam screamed “Whatttttt? Hey I’m not a girl!! Look I have biceps and all yaar!! And even (Shyam was about to tell something more which Arnav cannot hear)”

Arnav screamed back “Stoppppppp!! Not one more word!”

Shyam : But still they should have taken me along with them!!

Arnav : I’m telling you again, you are a boy! Shopping is only for girls!

Shyam: Excuse me? Who said that? Its for boys too we also have stuffs to buy, I always used to buy all car, bike toys in my childhood..

Arnav just rolled his eyes, and Shyam was continuing talking about his love for shopping.

Arnav : ENOUGH! You want to know or not?

Shyam : yes yes!!

Arnav : Then be a boy and lets have this secret between us, okay?

Shyam : You are right, we also can have secrets..And I will help you out in this!! Not to fear when Shyam is here!!

Arnav : That is my problem, I wish you don’t confuse me idiot!

Shyam : You know I need not have to confuse you stupid, because you yourself wouldn’t obey your orders!

Arnav kept a sulky face and he started narrating to Shyam, almost everything except the morning kiss act played by Khushi since it was something between they both so he did not wanted to go deep in that area.

Shyam : Arnav!!! You love her??

Arnav : No! Not at all!! How will I?! We are not even of same type!

Shyam : Love doesn’t need similarities yaar!!!

Arnav : But I’m sure I don’t love her!!

Shyam : Okay fine, just do as I say..Okay?

Arnav : hmm Okay.

Shyam : Just think about Khushi, Think deeply!!!

Arnav just started to think about her, their first meet and he screaming what the..He was visualizing everything, he even did smile which Shyam noticed.

Shyam’s thoughs “Oh god, My Arnav loves Khushi and he isn’t ready to accept it!! May be I should deal him in his own ways”

Shyam got so excited to unite Arnav with Khushi. Shyam thought of pulling out words from Arnav’s mouth.

Shyam : Don’t you like her?

Arnav getting lost in Khushi replied “Yes, a lot!!”

Shyam just hugged him as tight as he can, that when Arnav realized what he just said.

Shyam : May be you don’t love her but you may like her..Just think-think.

Arnav was thinking “May be I like her??”

Shyam : I know you are only her Arnavendra Bahubali!!!

Arnav : Arnavendra Bahubali?

Shyam : She wants her prince to be like Amarendra Bahubali, and by luck your name also starts with A..So from now on you are only her Arnavendra Bahubali!!!!!!

Arnav : But..

“You like her or not?” Shyam asked as if it’s a matter of do or die and Arnav immediately responded “Of course I like her dammit!!!!”

Arnav ruffled his hair.

Shyam : Hey don’t worry, its just a common thing in your age.

Arnav : Don’t talk as if you are a Grandpa in this..Tell me what to do now? I was asking myself not to look at her and I ended up doing that!!

Shyam : Just don’t bother yourself more Arnav. Its just side effects of a girl in our house you see.

Arnav : You are right, I will be more careful the next time onwards.

Hearing that Shyam busted out laughing “You..Buahhaha..You and being…Buahahah..Careful uh?? Hahhaha”

Arnav : I yes, I will..I should ergggg!!!

Arnav ruffled his hair again and came out of the study room and stood there again getting lost in Khushi who was playing with Anjali, she was having some belonging of Anjali and was running followed by Anjali trying to catch her.

Arnav was covered with that lovable smile all over his face again, Shyam stood near him whispered slowly “ahem ahem”

Arnav came out of his trace and replied “uh..I was..No..actually..uhm”

"Ohhhhhhhhhh, okay okay I see you were trying to be careful..Okay okay" Shyam said Sarcastically.

Shyam chuckled.

Arnav : forget it!

Arnav went back to his room in his confused state and Shyam was already in the imagination of seeing Arnav and Khushi’s marriage.

That’s when Anjali and Khushi noticed Shyam smiling all lonely they went near and Anjali asked him “Arey what happened to you??”

Shyam replied in his trance state “Arnav Khushi’s marriage!!!!!!”

Khushi screamed with a “WHATTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTT?????!?!!!!!?!!!”

That’s when Shyam  came out of his trance and realized what he just blurted out, both Khushi and Anjali were waiting for an explanation.

Shyam : What?

Anjali : Chote and Khushi’s marriage??

Shyam : What?? Arnav and Khushi’s marriage ah? When is that?

Anjali: You only told that!!

Shyam : Hey no, I said Arnav’s Khushi marriage which means Arnav’s happy marriage Anju!! It will be nice all happy marriage na if your bhai gets married I was talking about that only..

Khushi was like “phew”

Anjali : Oh yes, superb it will be but he isn’t accepting for marriage.

“Thank god he did not accept then think about that girl’s life..Pity she” Khushi giggled and she ran away to save herself from Anjali and Anjali ran behind her to catch her.

Shyam was like “Thank god, I did not blurt out and I diverted these both from that topic”.




Precap : Arnav’s thoughts “I wish I could just strangle this Shyam with my own hands! Who asked him to send this Cartoon with me to multiply my problems!”

Khushi : I want fresh air!

Arnav : So? I cant buy it for you!

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Jul 13, 2017

Part 5.... (By Khushisingh96) (Thanked: 49 times)

Part 5:

The rest of the day Khushi just managed to stay away from Arnav. It was night and Khushi wasn’t getting sleep so she came out sat in the small garden area outside her house.

Same was with Arnav too, Khushi was not leaving his mind. She was occupied in his each cell which irked him a lot. So he just thought of standing in his balcony to brush off her thought.

He was standing in his balcony and there she was again!! He could see her there in the garden from his balcony.

“Not again!” Arnav got irked.

Arnav was wondering what she was doing all alone in the garden at this hour.

That’s when he noticed Khushi running out near the gate and picked up a cute puppy which was all alone standing outside the gate. Khushi still did not notice Arnav.

Khushi started talking with that puppy after holding, now it was quite audible for Arnav to hear her talk since she was almost near the gate.

Khushi talking to the puppy “Aww you look so cute!! How did you come here??”

Arnav was like, his thoughts “As if  it can talk back to you!! And wait what are you doing holding it now?!”

“Haw I know you cant talk but I know you can understand what I’m saying hai na????” Khushi asked excitedly to the puppy.

Arnav’s thoughts “She really is mad!”

Khushi : You know I always wanted a puppy but I’m usually afraid of dogs that’s the reason I dint get one..But see looking at you standing here all alone my legs automatically came running towards you and even now I had no fear holding you!! I think there is some connection between you and me, what say??

Arnav’s thoughts “Whatttttt?? Seriously? Connection between you and that puppy!!” Arnav rolled his eyes.

“Hey but what is this?? You are not even replying for anything?? You dint like me??” Khushi kept a puppy face just like it and all of sudden it started to wag its tail and barked so cute.

Khushi hugged it as if it was her baby.

“Aww you love me puppy??” Khushi was so happy.

Arnav chuckled looking at her and the puppy. She was even getting happy for small things, she enjoys each and everything which made Arnav again to fall in love with her unknowingly.

“From today I will keep you with me puppy..I love you so much!! I think I should give you a name!!!” She thinks and smiles naughtily “I guess everyone knew what name I will keep hehe aww my cutie puppy, you are always faithful and true so from now on you will be called “Bahubali”!!!!!”

Khushi smiled happily and as if the puppy understood the name it started licking her.

Arnav face palmed “Bahubali? Like seriously?!!! Uff this girl will make everyone go mad one day!”

Khushi went back inside her house carrying her Bahubali and Arnav chuckled going back inside his room thinking about Khushi.


Next day,

Arnav felt something wet in his cheek and he woke up with a jerk finding Khushi’s Bahubali on him.

Arnav : What the! Bahubali, what are you doing here?!!!!! (He thought for a while, what did he call the puppy, seriously Bahubali??) No I mean you puppy what are you doing here!!!!?

That’s when Arnav noticed the decoration all over the puppy, he was wearing something like a shirt.

Arnav screamed “Diiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii”

Anjali came running inside Arnav’s room.

“Arey Chote..(That’s when Anjali noticed Bahubali) phew thank god, Bahubali is here only ah!!! Khushi would have literally cried Chote!!!” said Anjali.

Arnav : Even you are calling this as Bahubali, di?? And why will Khushi cry?

Anjali : Today morning as soon as Khushi woke up, she was introducing all of us to Bahubali and she was telling us how she found it yesterday night, Chote..At first Aunty was shocked later she also accepted since its really a cute puppy Chote ..So we both were playing with it and Khushi was telling about Bahubali to her dad via phone and in that second he just disappeared somewhere and we were searching him in the whole house and at last he is here with you!!!

Arnav : But seriously Bahubali, di? This is heights!

Anjali : So what Chote, at last Khushi got her Bahubali!!

Arnav : Excuse me? You mean to say she is going to marry this puppy?

Anjali : Arey no Chote, I mean we cant find a person like Bahubali in real na because no one is like him..At least dogs are faithful with us so that’s the reason she is proudly calling this puppy as Bahubali and you know bechari she was in the verge of crying not finding him..She got so attached with him you know..

Arnav dint know what to reply that’s when Khushi entered inside his room with a sulky face “Di, Don’t know where Bahubali went..I’m not able to find him anywhere” that’s when Khushi noticed Bahubali sitting on Arnav’s lap who was busy licking his shirt.

Khushi screamed “Bahuuuuuuuu, you are here!!! Oh god I was afraid that I just lost you” She almost cried and seeing Khushi Bahubali jumped on her. She hugged it as soft as she can and Bahubali looked so protected in her embrace.

Arnav and Anjali smiled looking at them.

Arnav and Shyam had no much work today in office, so they stayed back in house today.

Shyam planned to spend his whole day to go out with Anjali and Arnav was more then happy for the couple.

That’s when Khushi entered inside RM with Bahubali,

Shyam : Khushiiiiiii, guess what Anjali is mine today :D We are going out!!!!

Khushi : Awww wow Bhaiiiiii!!! Enjoy!!!

Khushi winked looking at Anjali “Ahem Ahem” Anjali blushed.

Khushi smiled “Okay then I will meet you guys later..You both carry on lovebirds ;)”

Shyam : Yes yes :D

Khushi was about to go and that’s when Anjali asked “Hey Khushi, but do you want something??”

Khushi : uh..Nothing di, I thought we all could take Bahuu out..But That’s okay I will go and you guys carry on and have a wonderful day :)

Arnav was just the silent spectator and that’s when some good idea popped in Shyam’s mind . He smirked looking at Arnav, and Arnav guessed what Shyam was planning to do. Arnav signaled Shyam to shut but Shyam gave no ears to Arnav.

Shyam : Arey Khushi, we both are only going na..Arnav is free!! He will accompany you!! What say??

Both Arnav and Khushi screamed “Noo!”

Anjali : Arey Khushi, Chote will come with you..You need not go alone.

Khushi : But no I’m not alone di..I have Bahuu with me..

Arnav : Yes di, she has her whatever with her!

Khushi : Excuse me! Its not whatever its Bahuu Bahubali, okay?

Shyam : Okay okay stop it guys!

Anjali : That’s it, Arnav will accompany you and that’s final! Chote, wont you do this for me?

Shyam : and Khushi wont you go with him for us!! See even he wont feel lonely here all alone you see.

Arnav was like “Wasn’t I alone all these days? How much build up he is giving to send me along with Khushi!! He already knew how abnormal I behave around her”

Arnav took a deep breath keeping aside his thoughts and Khushi also sighed as she had no option left. At last both of them agreed to accompany each other.

Khushi informed her amma, Shyam went with Anjali in his car and Arnav with Khushi in his car.

Arnav’s thoughts “I wish I could just strangle this Shyam with my own hands! Who asked him to send this Cartoon with me so to multiply my problems!”

Khushi : I want fresh air!

Arnav : So? I cant buy it for you!

Khushi holding Bahubali “Haww, how mean of you!! See even Bahuu needs fresh air!! It would suffocate him..or what if something happens to him!! And I cant live without him!! He is such a cute Bahubali which I got and..” Khushi was about continue more but Arnav screamed “Enoughhhhhhh!” and he wind down the car window.

Khushi was just enjoying the morning breeze along with Bahuu..and Arnav was deep inside enjoying the ride with Khushi even though he was complaining.

In between Bahubali would look at Arnav in fact it would steal a glance of Arnav which Arnav noticed while he was glancing Khushi all silently and he was like 'What the' seeing Bahubali looking at him.


Precap :

Khushi holding Arnav’s hand and Arnav in the other hand carrying Bahubali. They looked like a cute little happy family.



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Jul 17, 2017

Part 6.... (By Khushisingh96) (Thanked: 39 times)

Part 6:

Arnav was bewildered seeing Bahubali’s reaction. Arnav stopped the car aside.

Arnav : (Looking at Bahubali who was in Khushi’s lap) Excuse me!!! Why are you looking at me?!

Khushi thought Arnav was screaming at her and she screamed back “What?! What did I do?! When did I look at you?!”

Arnav : Stop screaming Khushi!

Khushi : I dint start, it was you who screamed!

Arnav : But I did not talk to you dammit!

“Whatttt?? Is there anybody else other than two of us here??” Khushi asked with a horrified reaction “Is it some ghost who was looking at you???????”

“What? Khushi you are seriously impossible girl! Seriously Ghost??” Arnav chuckled whereas Khushi pouted.

Khushi : Then why did you scream??

Arnav : All because of your that so called dog!

Khushi : Don’t call it as a dog!

Arnav : Then should I call it as a Hippopotamus huh?! It is obviously dog so it should be called like that only! Use your common sense Khushi!

Khushi : Ergg! I meant it has got a name and its name is Bahubali which you know very well!!

Arnav : So why should I call it as Bahubali! I don’t want to call it like that!

Khushi : Okay Human!

Arnav : Wh-what? Human?

Khushi : I suppose you are a human, so I called you the same way like how you called my Baahu as not Bahubali and called as dog!! So I will also not address you with your name!

Arnav : Unbelievable dammit!

Khushi : Whatever human!

Arnav : Human?!

Arnav left a sigh “Where do you want me to take you now?”

Khushi : Lets go for a walk around Connaught place, HUMAN!

Arnav : For god sake! Stop this human thing okay?!

Khushi : Then call my Baahu as Bahubali!

Arnav understood how stubborn she was in Bahubali’s matter so he replied  “F-i-n-e!”

Khushi smiled instantly replying “Awww thank you so much Arnavji!!!!!”

Arnav smiled looking away from her.

Arnav : But Khushi, your dog..I mean Babubali is staring at me! Which is so weird!

“May be he likes you Arnavji” Khushi giggled and Baahu started wagging his tail as if saying a 'Yes'.

Arnav screamed a “Noooo!!”

Khushi started laughing out load and Arnav got lost again seeing Khushi later with Baahu’s bark he came back to reality and he started for Connaught place.


Arnav parked the car and all the three started walking. Connaught place was already crowd with people, though Khushi hated crowd area but she couldn’t stop her excitement of going out with Bahubali for first time though her heart felt safe accompanied with Arnav too.

She always loved Connaught place since it is one of the oldest shopping places in Delhi and it is an upscale shopping place with all the famous Brand Shops ranging from Ready made Garments, Foot Wear, Restaurants, Car Show Rooms, Cinemas, Banks, ATM, Metro Station and what not. She was excited.

Though Arnav hated shopping and these crowded places still he was happy to see that smile and excitement on Khushi’s face.


Both Arnav and Khushi started their walk while Khushi was holding Baahu by its leash. It was hell difficult for Khushi to manage herself without dashing anyone and help Baahu also not to dash anyone. Both of them faced difficulty which Arnav noticed and everyone were irking Khushi. They were walking in between her and Arnav which got a fear what if she gets lost or what if she lost Bahubali. Arnav noticed everything and he pulled Khushi to the side.

Khushi : What happened?

Arnav : Leave Bahubali to me, Let me hold him..He is not even able to walk properly here Khushi.

Khushi : Its okay I will carry him, I don’t wanted to trouble you..I know you don’t like him.

Arnav : Shut up and give him to me!

Khushi pouted, though Arnav first hesitated later he did it for Khushi. He was holding Bahubali now. They both started walking and Khushi was lost in her thoughts “He did this for me? He doesn’t like Bahubali but still did he do this for me?”

Arnav by then went forward, and Khushi was just standing there lost in her thoughts. When he noticed her missing he was shocked. Khushi was again pushed by someone and she came back to the real world and was shocked seeing no Arnav near her.

She started running forward to find Arnav and at last Arnav who also came running back along with Bahubali, at last both saw each other and Khushi just hugged him finding him and Bahubali was almost squeezed between them.

“Where the hell were you dammit!” Arnav scolded Khushi.

Khushi with a sad face replied “I’m..I’m so sorry”.

Arnav : Don’t repeat this again Khushi! Do you have any idea how worried I was!

Khushi kept her eyes low.

Arnav : Hold my hand Khushi.

Khushi : But..

“Fine! Leave”Arnav replied getting irked. He just wanted her to hold his hand so that she doesn’t go missing but here she is thinking something else so he just got pissed off in fact his ego got hurt.

Arnav walked forward.

Khushi : Sorry..please wait.

Arnav just stopped. He did not turn, Khushi directly got hold of his hand.

Arnav : If you don’t want to hold, then don’t Khushi.

Khushi:  No I want to..I’m sorry..

Arnav still did not speak with her.

Khushi : I’m sorry Arnavji..

Arnav just kept his hand on Khushi’s and Khushi caught hold of Arnav’s hand but still Arnav did not talk with Khushi.

Khushi : Wont you talk with me?

Arnav remained silent.

Khushi was holding Arnav’s hand and Arnav in the other hand carrying Bahubali. They looked like a cute little happy family.




Precap :

Arnav : So..

Khushi : So?



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Aug 23, 2017

Part7.... (By Khushisingh96) (Thanked: 64 times)

Part 7:

Arnav was still angry on Khushi. He dint reply for anything.

Khushi’s thoughts “Arey yaar, he is not even talking with me :/ Now what will I do?? I dint mean to hurt him its just I wasn’t close with any boy like how I’m with him now, so I had that hesitation at first but I understand that he cares for me but I ended up making him angry :("

She felt so sad, and Arnav just stared looking at her, it showed how hurt he was.

Arnav’s thoughts “I wanted her to be safe and she thought bad about me? I asked her to hold my hand so that she don’t get lost but her face showed that hesitation, what am I supposed to do then?! I’m not able to leave her too!”

Arnav started walking as Khushi walked along with him.

Khushi : Arnavji

Arnav walked along with her silently.

Khushi : Arnavji?!

Still he remained silent.

Bahubali sensed that these both are having some fight, he looked at Arnav as Arnav was holding him in his hand and he started barking at him and Khushi.

Khushi clapped her hands in excitement seeing Baahu barking at them “Hoyi hoyi, see even my Baahu can understand my feelings and see even he is asking you to talk with me..(She looked at Baahu) Hai na Baahu??”

Bahubali wagged his tail barking “Bow-wow Bow-wow” Arnav glared looking at Baahu and it automatically  zipped its mouth.

Khushi’s thoughts “Hey devi maiya..Even Baahu is scared of Arnavji, how can he scare everyone..Now what am I supposed to do!! Yes, how can he just stop talking with me like that :/”

Khushi : Arnavji, if you don’t stop I will do Satyagraha!! I will go for Dandi March!!

Arnav stopped and looked at her, his thoughts “Satyagraha? That too going to Dandi march?”

Khushi : What? I will seriously go for Dandi march if you don’t talk with me now!

Arnav crossed his hands holding Baahu firmly side by side “Salt march and you? Okay fine, go..”  said Arnav.

Khushi smiled sheepishly : I wont go for Dandi March ;)

Arnav : Then you lied to me?!

Khushi : No I dint! I said truth only.

Arnav : Then what about your Salt march plan?

“If you did not talk to me means I would have gone for Dandi March but you have already talked with me na? So why should I go?” Khushi winked looking at Arnav.

“Excuse me?! When did I talk…” that’s when Arnav realized he already talked with her. He was acting so mad when it came to Khushi’s matter, he got so carried away in her talks and ended up talking with her, why does she have this much of impact on him, he realized he do really like her.

Khushi snapped her finger in front of him seeing him lost in his thoughts.

Arnav tried being calm and asked  “What do you want Khushi?”

Khushi : I’m sorry

Arnav dint consider her sorry and he asked “You want to go anywhere else?”

Khushi replied sadly “Lets go back home”.

Arnav was also so disturbed, here he was concerned but there she mistook him so he also thought its better to go back home since he was also not able to stop hearing her talks.

Both Arnav and Khushi along with Bahubali left back to RM.

Khushi also entered inside RM and Arnav looked at her.

Khushi : What? Why are you looking at me?

Arnav : Why are you coming along with me?

Khushi : No one’s home, Dad dint return back and Amma said me morning itself she will be going to meet her friend today, so what will I be doing there..and even you would be alone, since di and bhai also went out.

Arnav : I’m happy being alone Khushi!

Khushi’s thoughts “Buddhu! Here I’m trying to ask his forgiveness but he is hell bent in staying away from me, in spite of my fear of him, I’m here and he is doing too much” she pouted.

Arnav : What?!

“I don’t know that and all, I will come with you only!!” telling that she started walking inside RM as if it was her house.

Arnav screamed “Excuse me?!” from her back, Khushi turned around and came near him “You are excused, here hold Baahu..I’m very hungry so I will make something for us and you will be taking care of him till I come” she dint even wait for his reply and went inside.

He was bewildered with her act,

He looked at Baahu and asked “Was she ordering me?” it kept a puppy face.

His mind voice “You are Arnav Singh Raizada! No one can order you, she might have requested..might be this is her way of requesting” but the truth is to say Arnav tried to make himself believe that no can order but the truth is Khushi just ordered.

He took Baahu inside the house, and he got fresh and came back to hall. He was trying his best to be nice with Baahu and he had no idea why Baahu liked him so much. He felt it so weird, later Baahu snuggled in Arnav’s embrace and indicated Arnav that he wants to sleep.

Khushi mean while called Anjali and said that there was some misunderstanding between him and her so she wanted to make up for her mistake, so she asked what was his favorite food so that she could cook it for him. Anjali told her what he likes and she at least was happy that they were in talking terms now, how she wish that they both could marry each other, bechari Shyam dint reveal to Anjali since Arnav has asked promise from him not to reveal this to anyone.

Khushi prepared Aloo Paratha and Malai Kofta along with Panner Lollipop as per his taste. Arnav already smelled something good from kitchen and he couldn’t resist the aroma of the food Khushi was making. His footsteps automatically took him inside the kitchen, while Baahu was busy snoring in his sleep.

Khushi was busy cooking that she dint even notice Arnav entering inside the kitchen. Arnav guessed what she was up  to, she was hell bend in asking for his forgiveness.

Arnav : Khushi

Khushi turned around with the sudden call of Arnav, and she was startled seeing him already near her.

Khushi : uh Arnavji..Okay I accept that it was my mistake, I shouldn’t have reacted like that but what am I suppose do, I have never been this close with a boy and when the situation was like that so I just needed some time, just 2mins to think but before that you got angry.. I’m sorry Arnavji..I dint mean to hurt you..

Arnav just looked at her, he came to know the reason why she behaved like that..It is at least now he felt better, but still he remained quite.

“You wont forgive me??” she pouted “Okay fine, at least eat the food I prepared please don’t show your anger on food, I made all your favorites only” She said innocently.

Khushi : Please…

Arnav nodded his head alone without replying.

Arnav sat in the dining table, as Khushi served him everything.

Arnav had a super lunch with Khushi, he relished her food a lot. Khushi cleaned everything after they had their lunch, Arnav was sitting in hall and Khushi stood near him.

Arnav looked at her.

Khushi : Forgave me?

Arnav : Why are you doing all this Khushi?

Khushi : Because I hurt you, but it was completely unintentional Arnavji..Believe me..

Arnav nodded his head.

Khushi smiled “Does it mean you forgave me?”

Arnav : Not completely

Khushi : Haww why?

Arnav raised his eyebrows.

Khushi : So?

Arnav : So..

Khushi : So?

Arnav : If you are ready to accept friendship with me, then I will forgive you..

Khushi : Whattttttttttttttttttttt?

Arnav was startled with her scream and he got irked “So you even have a problem with even having friendship with me!?” he asked dejected.

Khushi : No  no, not at all.

Arnav : Then why were you screaming?

Khushi : It was out of shock Arnavji! Just imagine, ASR wants to be my friend who was indeed irritated with my presence, that’s why.

Arnav : Did I tell you I was irritated by you?

Khushi : uh..No

Arnav : Look Khushi, you are always busy in bringing up your own conclusions..Its better we stay away from each other I guess, I shouldn’t have asked for friendship. You have no good opinions about me! This is what I can understand with your behavior towards me!!

Arnav felt so terrible inside, telling that he left RM to go for a long drive to cool his mind. Khushi stood there without reacting anything.



Precap :

Anjali : Arnav, come on drop us in temple na..

Arnav : I’m ready to drop you di, but not Khushi.


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Sep 2, 2017

Part 8.... (By Khushisingh96) (Thanked: 55 times)

Part 8 :

It has been a month now since Arnav avoided Khushi completely, Khushi tries starting a conversation with him but he would behave as if she never existed for him so she was also angry on him.

Garima, Shyam, Anjali noticed how these both were behaving past one month, they were sure something was wrong between them and if they ask why? Both Arnav and Khushi wouldn’t give them any explanations even Bahubali had noticed the weird behaviour of Arnav and Khushi, since he got no time to spend with Arnav much its his part of sadness but he never leaves the chance to go behind Anjali when she visits Gupta house so Baahu grabs that chance to meet Arnav, and Arnav himself dint know why both Baahu and Arnav shared such a good bond, Arnav did came to know in this 30 days that why dogs are much trustworthy than humans because Baahu showed so much love for Arnav, and Khushi the other side was like ‘What the’ when she saw Baahu getting more attention from him than her. She got no idea how to handle Arnav now, she understood how anger is a-z mixed in his blood.


Shashi returned back to Delhi the early morning, Khushi, her amma and her babuji were talking as if they had no tomorrow. Khushi and her mom was happy that he was back at last, they did really felt so empty without Shashi.

That’s when Anjali entered inside, and she was surprised seeing Shashi.

Anjali : Arey uncle, when did you come??

Shashi : Hey come come beta..I just came this morning only..

“Phew, you are back you wont believe if you are late even one more day I’m sure aunty would have landed there to see you, kyun aunty?” Anjali winked looking at Garima.

Khushi :  Haan babuji, amma missed you a lottt..

Garima just blushed, and Shashi winked looking at her. Anjali was like ‘Awww’ seeing them. They were such a cute couple.

Anjali also joined along with them in the conversation.

The other side, in RM Shyam was getting ready for office and Arnav was searching his file.

Arnav : Shyam, you saw my file?

“Hawww!! :O the great Arnav Singh Raizada misplaced his file” Shyam said all dramatically.

Arnav rolled his eyes “Shut up Shyam!”.

Shyam : You want to know where your file is or not?

Arnav : You are going get nicely from me Shyam! Just tell me where it is!

Shyam : If you want the file, then tell me what happened between you and Khushi that you stopped talking with her when you damn like her!

Arnav : Forget her Shyam! She doesn’t exist for me! My file is more important now!

Shyam : You sure?

Arnav : Yes I’m very sure!

Shyam smirked “Okay fine, your di was only having your file last night so ask her” Shyam was mentally planning for something to do in Arshi’s matter because he felt it was too much for them not to talk for one whole month, then how will his dreams of seeing them get married will take place. So he was mentally planning for it.

“Shyyaaaaaammmm” Arnav screamed and Shyam jerked back “Arey why are you screaming yaar!?”

Arnav : Because I have called you more then 10 times and you were busy day dreaming!

Shyam rolled his eyes, here he was busy thinking how to bring these two closer and this Arnav is back of his damn file.

Shyam : What do you want now?

Arnav : Where is di now?

Shyam : She would be in Khushi’s house only.

Arnav : Okay, then go and get di back here I want my file!

Shyam : Excuse me? I have to get ready, you go!

Arnav : I don’t want see her face Shyam, so just go!

Shyam : aacha?? You are afraid of Khushi?

Arnav : What rubbish?! Afraid and me? that too for Khushi?!

Shyam : Then go all by yourself.

Arnav :Fine! Arnav Singh Raizada is afraid of no one!

Arnav marched as fast as he can to Khushi’s house, he stood out of her house. It hurts him again and again when he thinks about her and she not trusting him. He sighed and entered inside her house, and was welcomed by Shashi, they have just met 2 times during business meetings and Shashi always liked Arnav for his hard work and same was with Arnav.

Shashi : Arrey long see no time handsome boy, come come how are you??

Arnav : Hello uncle, good to see you back..I’m fine and how are you and everything settled there?

Shashi : Yes Arnav, all fine and fettle.

Garima : Arey no business talks now.

Both Arnav and Shashi chuckled.

Garima : and Arnav beta why dint you come home, it has been a month since you came here.

Arnav glared looking at Khushi, Khushi was also angry on him for just ignoring her for a whole month.

Arnav : Its just I got busy with work aunty that’s why..

Anjali :  and I wonder he is a robot or what!! always work-work and now this Shyamji also joined along with him as soon as he came back..I don’t understand whats going between them, they share some secret you know uncle?

Shashi chuckled with Anjali’s complaints.

Shashi : You know even boys have some secrets let they enjoy na..

Arnav : Right uncle! At last I got someone for my side..

Anjali : huh :/ and what made you come here leaving all your works then?

Arnav : you!!

Anjali : Why?

Arnav : Where is my file di, you just took it away from the table yesterday night while we were having dinner, and I want it to go through it to check some  details..

Anjali : Because you weren’t eating and was concentrating on that stupid file..

Anjali pouted and Arnav rolled his eyes.

Anjali : Its there in your bag only Chote! You would have checked everywhere and except your bag!

Arnav : Right, yeah I totally forgot that!! Okay I have to leave now, I will catch you later uncle.

Arnav was about to go and Anjali stopped him “Arey haan I forgot about why I came here itself, I came to take Khushi along with me to temple..

Khushi : Arey haan di, I totally forgot, we planned to go na..

Arnav : Okay then I’m leaving..

Anjali : Chote wait, why don’t you drop us on the way?

Arnav : No!! not at all!!

Anjali : Arnav, come on drop us in temple na..

Arnav : Uh, di not now..

Anjali : Chote please, why don’t you do this for your di??

Arnav : I’m ready to drop you di, but not Khushi.

Khushi : And even I’m not interested in coming with him di!!

Shashi was wondering what was wrong with his daughter and Arnav. He asked Garima silently, she replied that she has no clear idea what was it about but she just informed him that they both are having some fight in between them.

Arnav : yeah see, even she isn’t interested di..

Arnav looked at Shashi, he knows what would be going in his mind “Don’t worry uncle, I’m sorry for behaving like that but I cant help it.." he felt bad for Shashi to experience their fight the very first day but he dint feel for Khushi, he was about to go, that’s when Baahu came running and started wagging its tail looking at Arnav.

Arnav immediately, bend down to its level “Hey good morning” Baahu barked back as if replying him.

Khushi murmured silently “He wont talk with me, but will talk with Baahu” Shashi heard it and he chuckled.

Later he bid bye to everyone, even to Baahu except Khushi and he left.

Anjali : I don’t understand whats wrong with you both!! Neither you will tell nor him!

Anjali pouted.

Khushi : di??

Anjali : Chalo, come lets go to temple by ourselves.

Shashi : I will drop you both, come :)

Anjali : No No uncle, you arrived just two hours back you would feel tired.

Shashi : That’s okay beta, you both are like my daughters..Fathers never get tired of their daughters ;)

Anjali felt so touched when he said that because he always gave that father love for her which she missed.

Anjali, Khushi asked Garima also to join them so all the four went to temple and returned back.

Later Anjali went to meet her friends who were here in Delhi and Khushi felt bored. It was evening so she thought of taking Baahu out somewhere.

She took her scooty, and made Baahu sit in front. She went to the park and played there with Baahu, and she dint notice she was been playing more then two hours with Baahu.

Later she took him and she started her scooty, Khushi looked at Baahu “It was super today na, okay come lets go back home now..It will already take time for us to reach home”

She started her bike and in a 15minutes, she heard some air sound and soon realized her back tyre got punctured. She immediately stopped her scooty and got irked.

She looked at her scooty “Do you have to get punctured at this time only ah? That too in this place?!!!! Already this place is so silent in dark, and I don’t even have any idea if there’s any mechanic shop near by errgggg” She was damn irritated and afraid.

Baahu barked looking at her seeing her worried. Khushi realized there was no network in that area.

Khushi : Baahu, what are we gona do and how are we gona reach home now :/  

Khushi sat there on the plat form, she was almost filled with tears in her eyes and Baahu was sitting on her lap and she was hugging him.

Khushi decided not to stay there for a long, so decided to move her vehicle since she cant drive it, Baahu was walking beside her. They were moving the vehicle for some 5 minutes and she heard a whistle sound from behind, already she was hell scared and hearing the whistle she got more irked, she turned back looking at a man who was like a uncle age whistling at her. This was heights for her, she was irritated with this uncle now. He was following her, and she got irked..turned back.

Khushi : What the hell do you want?????!!! Don’t you have aunty in your house to whistle? You idiot man!

Baahu also started barking looking at that bad uncle.

That uncle was about to come near Khushi, and Khushi immediately pulled out her keys and pricked with it on his neck when he was about to touch her and Baahu also started barking vigorously and Baahu bit him on his leg, and that man screamed in pain with Khushi and Baahu’s attack..He screamed “Leave me, you idiot dog and stupid girl!!!!”

And Baahu started biting him hard when he screamed at him, so that man ran for his life from there.

Khushi sighed with sweat and she started crying, “Thank god Bahu, you were there else imagine what would have happened !!”

That’s when she heard a horn back side and she was shaken, and afraid thinking who was there now to trouble her.



Precap :

Arnav sprinkled water on Khushi’s face “Khushi please open your eyes dammit!!!! Please talk to me, I’m sorry Khushi!! I cant forgive myself if you don’t wake up now!! Please Khushi please” Arnav almost cried, and Baahu was barking the other side, seeing Khushi lying down numb.




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Jan 13, 2018

Part 9.... (By Khushisingh96) (Thanked: 62 times)

Happy New Year Everyone!

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Part 9 :

That’s when she heard a horn back side and she was shaken, and afraid thinking who was there now to trouble her. She got so pissed off already with that uncle who troubled her so she just removed her sandals and turned around showing her chappal to the owner who was making the horn noise.

Baahu who was barking looking at the car stopped barking once he saw the car owner, it was none other than Arnav. Arnav was not aware at first that it was Khushi, since a girl was blocking his way in the middle of the road, he was pressing the horn but he was flabbergasted seeing Khushi that too with those Chappals in her hand.

Khushi already being mad she started screaming "What now?!! Why you all are hell bend up in irritating me today?!"

Arnav was already angry on her for not accpeting his friendship thats the reason he avoided her for one whole month and here she again blaming him for no reason which irked him to the core. No one treats him the way she is treating him. He got down from the car.

Arnav : What are you trying to do dammit?!

Khushi : I will do anything! What bothers you!?

Arnav : First put that chappal of yours down!

Khushi : I wont! What will you do?!

Arnav : Are you out of your mind or what?

Khushi : Haan I'm only out of mind and I'm only doing everything! Right!

Arnav was so confused with her behaviour "Why are you so frustrated yaar!?" asked Arnav.

Khushi : You boys na! I just hate you all!!!! Can't you give some peace to a girl!! (Khushi was talking about that Uncle who tried misbehaving with her but she dint convey what happened to Arnav in a clear instead she increased Arnav's anger on her more.")

Arnav came near her got hold of her shoulders "Excuse me! What the hell do you think of yourself! Do I look like a cheap guy who troubles every girl!! and for your kind information not all boys are bad!"

Arnav was in a very bad temper he just couldn't handle that feeling when she thinks bad about him when he was not a bad guy.

Khushi pushed him "Leave me! Just Leave me alone!"

Arnav : Fine! You know what?! Just Get lost!

Baahu felt so sad seeing them fighting, he did figure out now that they are fighting.

Arnav got inside his car leaving Khushi and Baahu in that road. He was so much frustrated and he started his car.

He was thinking why was she standing in middle of the road and what made her so frustrated. He looked at her from his car through his back when he reached at the end of the road, he was shocked. He saw Khushi crying badly hugging Baahu and she ended up fainting down. Arnav was more then shocked and he immediately started his car and went near her.

Baahu was barking near Khushi and trying to wake her up. Once Baahu saw Arnav again and he started pulling Arnav near Khushi.

Arnav : Khushiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii!! What happened you?!!! Wake up Khushi!!

Arnav lifted Khushi and he made her to sit inside the car. Still she dint come back to conscious.

Baahu entered back and he was barking continously get worried for Khushi, not seeing her speaking.

Arnav : Khushi dammit! What happened you?! Dont test my patience, I just cant see you like this!!

Arnav was in so much worry seeing her motionless.

Arnav sprinkled water on Khushi’s face “Khushi please open your eyes dammit!!!! Please talk to me, I’m sorry Khushi!! I cant forgive myself if you don’t wake up now!! Please Khushi please” Arnav almost cried, and Baahu was barking the other side, seeing Khushi motionless.

Khushi caught hold of Arnav's hand, which already holding hers while he was crying.

Khushi opened her eyes calling his name "Arnavji" . Thats it once he heard her calling his name he hugged her as tight as he can "what happened to you Khushi!! Do you have any idea how worried I was??!!!" He looked at her, where as Khushi was crying.

Baahu immediately jumped on Khushi, even he was trying to wipe her tears with his hands. She started crying more.

Arnav : Khushi please stop crying, whats wrong with you Khushi?

Khushi : Arnavji...I..I'm so afraid!

Arnav thought she was afraid of him, he felt hurt. He looked at her calmly with a dejected face "Khushi, I have no idea why you are forming a image of me being a pervert and me being a monster when I never behaved like that with you! You know what this really hurts me Khushi! I'm not that cheap guy as you think".

Thats when Khushi understood what Arnav was thinking, she was behaving so abnormal and he thought the opposite because she never thought him so bad. She started crying more knowing that she has hurt him.

Arnav : I have no idea why i am still asking sorry to you, when I did noting Khushi!! Still I'm sorry. Please stop crying!

Khushi while crying "I am sorry Arnavji". Arnav was confused.

Arnav : What?

Khushi : I am sorry..I dint mean to hurt you Arnavji, I did not think bad about you..Believe me..

Arnav : but why are you behaving the opposite as if I'm a bad guy?

Khushi narrated what happened some while ago and how that Uncle sacred her and how she tried escaping from him so when she heard the horn she thought someone else but then it was Arnav and she ended up showing her frustration on him.

Arnav : Khushi relax. You are okay and fine now..

Arnav felt so bad, he wish he could just strangle that man who tried misbehaving with her. Khushi felt bit okay after sharing with Arnav, she was feeling okay being with him that lonely road now. Arnav asked her to drink water and she calmed down slowly. This was all too much for Baahu in a single evening once he saw Khushi calming down he ended up sleeping in Khushi's lap.

Khushi : Arnavji, please dont tell to Amma and Babuji what happened they will worry.

Arnav : Okay, but you must be careful Khushi..You should have not taken this short cut when you are alone.

"It became late so I thought I can reach home soon but my scooty got punctured." she said sadly.

"I'm out of words, and good that he ran away!" He gritted his teeth in anger.

Khushi : I am sorry.

Arnav : We better go home.

Khushi : You wont forgive me?

Arnav : Lets talk about it tomo Khushi.

Khushi : You will start avoiding me, once we reach home. You will even give attention to bahubali :/ but not me!

Arnav smirked looking at her and asked"Dont tell me you are you jealouse of Baahu??"

Khushi murmured "You even made me feel jealous on him!".

Arnav chuckled "I heard you".

Khushi : I am asking again, you will talk with me or not?

Arnav : I said lets talk tomorrow!!

Khushi made a sulky face and turned the opposite side, not facing Arnav. Arnav chuckled silently.

Arnav and Khushi reached home, Khushi bidded bye to Arnav but he just looked at her and he went inside his house without replying. Khushi stamped her foot and went home carring Baahu.

Precap :

"Wake up-wake up-wake up!!!" Khushi screamed.

Arnav closed his ears and was startled seeing her in his room in this mid night.

It was just that moment he was about to sleep peacefully after days knowing that Khushi did not think bad about him and he was already late today to sleep since he had some pending works, but here he was irked with that scream of hers.


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