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Jul 18

Chapter 20 - Arnav's father died.. (By Angel23) (Thanked: 67 times)

"Are you okay?" Arnav caressed her neck lovingly.

"Hmm.. I'm fine, I already know how he is.." Khushi assured him.

"You should rest for a while.." Arnav lifted her to the bed.

"And you too.." she pecked his right cheek when he dropped her on the bed.

He smiled and joined her. After sometime both feel asleep in each other arms.


Sometime later..

Arnav descended the stairs of his huge mansion with his wife beside him.

"Dad.." he uttered in shock when he saw his father's state, he looked pale with no force at all.

Khushi also looked at Raj worried, she went running to him along with Arnav.

"What happened papa?" Khushi asked him holding his hand.

"Last stage cancer.." his mother, Archana whispered and the next moment she broke down.

"What? This is a joke na one informed me about anything..and.. If you had cancer you would be in hospital na, why are you here?" Arnav refused to digest this news.

"Your dad is stubborn he doesn't want to go to hospital. He wanted to talk with you first.." Dadi said with a scolding tone but still crying.

"Arnav beta convince your father to go to hospital, it's not right to stay at home without any treatments.." Nani cried and Mami caressed her back trying to calm her down.

"Dad this isn't true na.. You can't leave me.. Who is the stupid doctor who told you that you have cancer?" Arnav shouted.

"Arnav beta now only we went to hospital.." Archana said crying.

"Dad no.." Arnav cried on his lap.

Raj smiled and caressed his hair, "Take me to my room Arnav.. I want to talk with you and Khushi.." his father whispered and Arnav helped him with his wheelchair.

Khushi followed them to the room still shocked.

Arnav made his father rest on the bed, "You will go to hospital after we talk.."

Raj nodded: After I talk with you, I can die in peace also.

Arnav shut his eyes crying.

Raj smiled at him: Arnav it's the rule of life. One or other day I had to die.

"Arnav I know what I'm going to plead you now is something you may not want. But I beg of you to accept it. Arnav I want you to be next owner of AR after me. I know you're a doctor son, but I can't give this property to Armaan, you know your brother doesn't have responsibility in him and he would make my all family suffer if I handle everything in his hands. That's why I beg you to accept it. Khushi is with you, she will teach you how to manage everything and there is my PA Karan, he is of your age and I trust him a lot. Please accept it.." Raj looked at him joining his both hands to Arnav.

Arnav looked at him with wide eyes, "Dad.. I don't know what to say to you.."

"Please Arnav.. I know I'm being selfish because I know you love your profession. But please.. I'm really sorry son.. I'm really sorry.." his father cried.

"Shh.. I will do it Dad.. Whatever I'm it's because of you. And when it's my time to pay what you did for me, I will surely do it.." he hugged his father tightly, then stared at Khushi.

Khushi nodded her head like you-did-the-right-thing.

Arnav then forced his father to go to the hospital. And he was like when I'm going to die what's the need.

Khushi: Let's go Arnav. I'm going to take the car.


In the hospital..

"Don't cry Arnav. Aren't you my strong friend?" she cried hugging him.

Arnav rested his head on her lap crying, "Khushi.. I didn't..even spend..time with him and he is going now.. Doctors said..there cure now.. he only has..two..weeks.. If I lived with..him.. I could have..stopped Dad from smoking..and all..wouldn't happen.. Dad would be..with me.."

"Shh.. It isn't your fault Arnav.. You have to be strong na.." she whispered kissing his earlobe.

He held her hand tightly and close to his chest sobbing.

Dadi, Nani, Armaan, Mama, Mami and Archana were standing outside all with sullen faces.

NK and Lavanya were on the bench.

"It's the right opportunity to separate you both now.." NK smirked thinking.


Two weeks later..

Arnav cried staring at the dead body of his father.

He knelt down shouting on top of his voice.

His mother and Nani also were in the same state as his. And Dadi was trying to talk with her son, who didn't respond to her anymore.

Armaan was like one day or other, this had to happen. He was sad, but in this two weeks, he prepared himself for what's coming.

The doctor came and authorized them to take Raj's body to do his last rites.

Arnav was called to complete some formalities.

He went outside with the doctor, "I'm sorry for what happened Mr.Raizada.." the doctor patted his shoulders with a sad sigh and went from there leaving him with papers.

"Arnav you should be strong.." Lavanya came to him.

"Thanks Lav.." he tried to smile thanking her for fully supporting him.

"Khushi..where is Khushi?" he felt the need of the woman who didn't leave him any second, when he most needed someone to be with him.

"Khushi must be coming now.." Lavanya said trying to call Khushi.


Raizada mansion..

"You must be jealous na! Arnav is giving more attention to his family now, and leaving you to the last place.." NK said smirking.

"What! Why did you think so NK?" Khushi frowned not liking the way he spoke.

"No it's when Arnav stays more time with someone, you feel like he is going to leave you. And now that his father died, he is only going to stay with his family and will not giving the attention you want.." he explained.

"NK first of all let me tell you that I changed for him only. And if he stays with his family more than me, in this time I fully support him. It is his duty to take care of his family, he is the son of this house.." Khushi shouted angrily at him.

"You haven't changed Khushi.. And if you changed. I'm not going to let you because your obsession for Arnav is what destroy your relationship with him.." NK pushed her to a pillar in the living room.

"Leave me NK. What kind of shamelessness is this? You're my friend but behaving like an enemy.." Khushi tried to get away from him.

"Friend.." he laughed "Friend Khushi. I don't want this tag for me.. I want to be in Arnav's place in your life. Is it so difficult to understand this? I love you so much, isn't is written in my eyes? Can't you read me??" he said whispering.

"NK what nonsense are you talking about? Let me go, Arnav is waiting for me" Khushi frowned shocked with his disgusting truth.

"Let you go!! Why? So that you hug, kiss, cuddle, pamper him and not me!! No hurts.. It hurts a lot to see you with someone else.. I don't have courage to do this.. Mahi also wants Arnav, let's do one thing, you leave Arnav with Mahi and me and  you will fly to London and get married there.." NK said like a mad man in love.

"Just get lost okay.." Khushi kicked him on his legs, he left her and groaned in pain. She went running outside to the car.


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Jul 19

Chapter 21 - A new chapter.. (By Angel23) (Thanked: 69 times)


Khushi started the car, and went from there angry with NK.

"How much I trusted you and you.. Everyone in this world is so cruel.." she thought with moist eyes.

A car honk took her attention, "Oh no .. NK is following me.."

NK was following her car behind, "Khushi I love youuuuu..." he shouted.

She opened the car's window and shouted back at him: NK stop this madness..

NK nodded sideways glancing at the road, then at her: Now you know my truth and you will tell the truth to Arnav, then you both will kick me out of your lives.. How will I live without you Love? I can't let you reach Arnav..

Khushi widened her eyes and speed her driving, NK smirked and followed her car.

"Khushiiiiiiiiii.. You won't be able to hid from me..." he shouted at her.

"NK just stop this.." she shouted trying to run from him.

"I should call Arnav.." Khushi thought trying to pick her purse.

"Damn.. where is my phone??" she cried searching on her purse.

"Khushiiiiiiiiiii..." NK called her smiling, then showed her phone on his hand. He remembered when he pushed her to the pillar, he secretly took her phone from her purse.

Khushi looked at him shocked. She gulped in fear now.


Arnav and his family were leaving the hospital now. He was worried for Khushi.

"Lavanya did you talk with Khushi? She hasn't reached yet. I'm trying to call her and her phone is unreachable.." Arnav asked her worried.

"Now your father died and you're worried about your wife! Wow Arnav.." Armaan mocked him.

"Armaan I don't want to fight with you now." Arnav glared at him.

"Lavanya please go and check in my house if Khushi is there or not. I have to perform my father last rites..." Arnav said and Lavanya nodded.


"Watch out Khushi.." NK shouted to her when he saw a truck coming on her side.

Khushi looked ahead of her and saw the truck coming to her, she quickly turned to the left side.

"NOOOOO..." NK screamed with wide eyes. And Khushi covered her face with her palms as the car fell from the cliff to  the deep sea.

NK stopped his car and got down running. He went near the cliff, and gulped scared.

" have I done now?.. Khushi.. Oh no.." he looked around massaging his temples.

"Should I call the police to search for her?! She must be alive.. But no.. Khushi doesn't know how to swim either.. She will die and if I call police here, they will think I murdered her.. No.. I can't go to jail.." he mumbled alone and fled from the place.

NK went back to Raizada mansion, he quickly went upstairs to his room.

Reaching his room, he packed his things.

Then NK went downstairs with his bags, but found Lavanya on the way.

"NK where are you going now?" Lavanya asked him confused.

"Lav.. woh.. (he cupped her face) I.. Lavanya.. " he stammered staring at her.

"What!! What's wrong with you?" Lavanya asked him shocked,  but still there was a smile on her face.

"I said na.. I love you! And this bags means we are leaving from here. I have to attend a business meeting in Paris, and I want you to go with me.. I will miss you na.. So let's go.." he held her hand pulling her to his car.

"No NK. How can we leave without informing anyone? And yeah.. Arnav wanted me to talk with Khushi.." Lavanya said remembering about her mission.

"NO!!" he screamed "Lav look we don't have time. We need to leave now. He will call her na, and I saw Khushi she was just going to the hospital now..don't worry okay.." NK hugged Lavanya tightly, his heart beat increased as he didn't had time to hid this from them.


2 years later..


Hey little doll don't cry.. I'm here na..

We are best friends forever.. No one will separate us..

Arnie we got married!! We are husband and wife now..

I came here to take my husband back with me..

I don't accept you as my wife..

I love you Arnav.. I'm scared to lose you..

I will never leave your hand Little doll..

Your father is no more..

Arnav you have to be strong. I'm here with you..

Khushi isn't here..

Khushi died Arnav!! She is no more..

What? Raj transferred his property to you!!

This is not possible! Archana see what your husband did. He gave our property to an orphan..

Orphan?? Yes you're an orphan.. Raj wasn't your father..

Welcome to AR Arnav..

There he is!! ASR what a boy! He managed to get his father company to the top position in the world..


"Malik.. Malik..." HP increased the pitch in his voice to wake Arnav, who has fallen asleep on the sofa.

"What the.." Arnav woke up in jerk, he was sweating because of the nightmare that never leaves him.

HP looked at him with pity on his eyes, since Khushi died. Arnav is the one who changed drastically.

Arnav glanced at him, then went to his room.

"Good morning Khushi.." he whispered and kissed a huge picture of hers that was hanged on the wall of his room near his bed.

Rubbing his eyes, he took his towel and entered on the bathroom to freshen up.

After sometime he left the bathroom shirtless and went to the dresser to comb his hair.

"Arnav beta you're getting late for work now. Go and eat something fast" Dadi stood behind him with a sweet smile on her face. 

"I know that.." he looked sternly at her "Don't come to my room to remind me little little things that I don't care anymore"


In a normal and simple house, a girl is seen running towards a room.

"Oh god Suhana! All day painting and sketching. Don't you get tired?!" the girl whined.

"I'm trying to find the reality of my life.." the girl turned to her smiling.

 (Suhana/ Khushi)

"Which reality? You're here with us and you're my sister. That's the truth!" the girl glared at her.

"No Meera. You know very well that I lose my memory and what is true I don't remember. What I'm living now with you all isn't my reality! Maybe I'm not deserving all the love and care you all give me.." she said sadly.

"Who said that?" both turned and found an old man standing with his hands on his hips.

"I'm sorry.." Suhana held her ears cutely at him blinking her eyes.

"If you ever talk again about this. I won't talk with you Suhana. Just forget you had a past, you're our family now only. We love you so much and you keep planning of leaving us all day.." her father scolded her.

"Sorry Papa.." she stood up from the floor leaving the papers and colors behind and hugged him tightly.

"I know you all love me but this is not me!! I don't want to live in a lie.." she broke the hug and looked into his eyes.

"I know dear. You have full rights to do so. I won't stop you from doing what you want. I'm just telling you Suhana, that even if you don't get your memory back, we are here with you and will always be your family.. The three of us!!" they shared a warm hug.

"Papa I was thinking to start working now. I'm completely fine na and I remember now the avenues and all the roads and places of Mumbai.." Suhana said biting her lips.

"Okay Suhana. If this is what you want. I won't stop you.." he smiled at her scared cat form.

"Oh God. I will talk with Mayank to help you find a job.." Meera said jumping in happiness that finally her sister is going to start her life out of the house. Suhana never leaves the house until someone comes to take her out. And since Meera works in a bakery shop she doesn't have much time to make Suhana spend time outside. And now that she will work, it will get much easier.

"Where are you going now Suhana?" Meera asked rolling her eyes.

"Mandir.." Suhana said smiling and went outside the house.

Meera shook her head, "I'm sure to pray for her memory to come back.."

"She stays upset all day because of this, I just hope DM really helps her to remember of her past and family..." her father said sighing.

"Even after staying with us for two years Suhana still looks for her past. Like something is pulling her back and not letting her move on.." Meera said.

"Hmm. I think she had someone very close to her that still today remembers her, that's why she is never in peace.." her father said and left the room with Meera. 

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Jul 20

Chapter 22 - Arshi meeting (By Angel23) (Thanked: 70 times)

After walking for some minutes, Khushi reached in Mandir.

She ascended the stairs talking with herself, "I know DM, you must be saying there she is again to plead me to get her memory back. I'm sorry for disturbing you all day but what can I do!!" she reached the temple and rang the bell, then entered inside and walked near DM's temple.

"You already know what I want. I'm sorry to disturb you but I need to know who I am. Please do something about me. Please send someone to help know who I'm.. Please.." she begged DM.

At the same time, Arnav parked his car there and looked at Dadi.

"You can go now.." he said and got busy in checking his phone "And yeah, your flight for Lucknow is tomorrow morning.."

"Aren't you going to accompany me? And what's the hurry to send me back to Lucknow?" Dadi looked at him sad.

"No! And it's your hometown, your real grandson must be waiting for you also.." Arnav said sarcastically.

"You're also my.." she tried to speak only to get cut by him.

"I'm not your blood! Isn't that what you said to me when you got to know that Dad transferred his property to me? Now don't try to butter me. And one more thing, don't worry that I'm not going to send you to the roads to beg because I still have some respect for you, after all you're my Dad's mother.." Arnav said and opened the car's door for her.

Dadi gulped in fear, and went inside the mandir.

Arnav looked at her going, Khushi's duppata fell on his face and made way inside his car.

He caressed it staring long time for it and suddenly remembered of Khushi, then looked around to see who does it belong to!

Khushi on the other side covered her neck with her hands, searching for her duppata, "Where did it go now?"

She started descending the stairs when she bumped with Dadi.

Arnav started the car and went from there.

Suhana: I'm so sorry! I.. I'm really sorry..

Dadi looked at her face shocked, she gulped seeing Khushi alive.

"Tum!" Dadi managed to utter.

"I'm sorry ma'am. I was searching for my duppata and I bumped with you.." Suhana explained her act.

"'re alive.. Don't you recognize me?" Dadi touched her cheeks to confirm her doubt.

"Khushi? Who Khushi?" Suhana asked looking at the woman suspiciously, she already knew DM showed her way. This woman surely knows something about her.

"Khushi don't you remember me?" Dadi also figured it out by Khushi's expression that she doesn't remember anything.

"Nahin. Do you know who am I? Please tell me.." Khushi widened her eyes not believing she found someone finally to know about her.

"Yes I know who you are.." Dadi smiled slyly "Come with me.."

Dadi took her to an isolated place where they could talk.

"Please tell me. I need to know who I'm. I don't remember anything of my past life.. I had an accident and after that I lose my memory.." Suhana said crying.

"Oh it's good only you lose your memory" Dadi said shocking Suhana.

"I mean I will explain. Your name is Khushi, you're an orphan and you used to live alone. There was boy named Rohan who used to love you but you didn't love him and never reciprocated his love. But he was adamant to make you his, one day you were in your car and he was following you, in that a truck was coming to your side and you quickly escaped but then your car fell off the cliff and everyone thought you were dead but... Don't tell anyone who you are. Just live as what's your name...

"Suhana.." she whispered shocked with her harsh reality.

"Haan Suhana only. Don't tell anyone what I told you okay. You will be putting your life in danger only. Are you listening to me?" Dadi cupped her face.

"But why my life is in danger?" Suhana asked confused.

"Because he still loves you madly and if he finds out about you he will make the possible ways to get you. That's why.. I was your neighbor and saw how tormented you used to stay with his presence around. And I don't wish bitiya for you to go through it again. That's why I want you to live as Suhana only.. No one will say you're Khushi, she used to dress in a different way also. So you tell everyone you're Suhana only when they ask you okay! Never tell anyone you're Khushi, you never know when your enemy is around" Dadi cupped her face.

Suhana nodded: Okay. I'm never going to tell anyone about my identity. I will live as Suhana only.

Dadi smiled satisfied: Okay then..I will get going..

Suhana nodded smiling, "Thank for letting me know the truth and warning me also.."

Dadi patted her cheeks, and went from there.

Suhana walked to go home, when her phone rang. She picked it quickly seeing Meera's name.

"Haan Meera.." she said.

"Suhana come to my workplace. We will go to parlor today. You know at evening, there is Preeto's birthday party.." Meera said excited.

"Okay.." Suhana smiled and took a rickshaw to Meera's work place.


Preeto party hall..

"Excuse me can you tell me where is Preeto's party going on?" Suhana tapped the shoulder of a man who faced his back to her and was talking over the phone.

Arnav (the man) heard HER voice, he blinked his eyes and stood numb for a while trying to register her voice in his mind.

"Khushi.." he whispered with a smile on his face and turned immediately to face her, but no one was there..

On the corridor, "Where were you Meera? I thought I got lost here.." Suhana said shaking her head, "I even asked a man there where is the party going on, but he didn't even respond to me.."

"That's why I came to take you there.." Meera winked at her.

And both entered in the hall.

Arnav on the other side frowned when he turned and didn't saw anyone there, "I felt your presence here Khushi.. You're near me.." he thought.

Karan came to him and said: ASR let's go. The guests are waiting for you to start the party.

Arnav nodded and both also went to another hall.

"Meera I will call Papa to inform him that we are going to return with Mayank.." Khushi said to her and left the hall because of the loud music they were playing.

She went outside the hotel to a garden side, and called her father.

After informing him, she sat on the bench alone thinking about her life.

"Khushi.. My name is Khushi.. It's a beautiful name.." she smiled "But unfortunately I will have to live as Suhana. I can't let that Rohan find me.. I will have to hid myself and live with my sister and father.." she made a sad pout.

"But it's okay na Suhana..oops Khushi.. You were orphan then, and now you have a family.." she said thanking DM for giving her a family.

She gulped when she saw a shadow coming near her. She clutched her salwar scared, "DM please save me.."

Again it was Arnav, who left the party not interested to celebrate his own success.

He sat on the pool digging his feet into the cool water.

"Where are you Khushi? Am I the only mad who believes you're still alive?" he thought hurt.

Suhana turned again to see if the man was coming to her, but no one was there also, she frowned and looked around that's when she saw a man sat near the pool. She sighed in relief.

"What is he doing alone here?" she thought in her dream land, but soon shifted her attention to him again when she heard sobs coming from him.

"Ohh he is crying.." she said sad and took baby steps to reach him.

"Don't cry.. What happened?" Khushi asked him clutching her duppata.

Arnav immediately looked up, and his doubts were true only. There was Khushi standing looking at him with a sad expression on her face.

"Khushi.." he smiled unable to express his happiness, he stood up and didn't waste a second to take her in his embrace, he buried his face on her neck crying, "I knew it.. I knew you were alive.. Everyone told me you died..but you are alive Khushi.." he kissed her face all over her face, and then on her neck slowly "Khushi I missed you.. why did you leave me? two years.. Khushi..two years.."

Suhana's heart beat increased when this strange man kissed her on her forehead, then her eyelids, then her nose and cheeks and also pecked her lips without her permission. But she didn't feel like stopping him, her mind shouted this is wrong to accept a strange man do this, but then her heart refused to deny him, her heart was enjoying his care and gentle soft kisses on her. She felt his touch known, his touch wasn't wrong, she knew this smell, everything of him made her feel good! He was kissing her without her permission, but she felt safe with his presence. 

"Khushi talk with me.." he broke the hug, and looked at her cupping her face. 

"Huh! Main.. (she remembered of Dadi and thought Arnav is Rohan only) I'm not Khushi.. I'm SUHANA.." she pushed him away and went from there running.  

Arnav stood still confused with her words, why did she push him like that?!

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Chapter 23 - Suhana to work in AR. (By Angel23) (Thanked: 68 times)

"Meera let's go from here" Suhana reached in the party hall panting.

"What happened Suhana?" Meera caressed her cheeks worried.

"Nothing..please let's go.." Suhana pleaded her and glanced behind her to see if the man was coming or not.

"Ok!.." Meera nodded and held her hand to go but a friend came and pulled Meera back.

"Hey don't leave now!! Meera please na..why are you both going now the party started?" Ayan, Meera's boyfriend asked pouting.

"Ayan she wants to go.." Meera said trying to explain him.

"Please Suhana. Let us romance for a while. We don't get much time..please.." Ayan looked at Suhana pleading her,and hugged Meera from behind.

Suhana nodded with a sigh, "I'm going to the terrace then. I don't want to stay here.."

"Be careful Suhana.." Meera said and kissed her forehead before letting her go.

Suhana nodded and went to the terrace of the hotel trying to hide from that man.

"Is he Rohan?!" she thought "Please save me DM, if he is Rohan and I didn't like him then why didn't I stop him when he was kissing me? Why I liked his touch? His smell, I felt I know this smell. I forgot to ask that aunty if I had a boyfriend before.." she prayed to not be caught but two arms snacked around her waist showed her that her prayers were not accepted by DM.

"Khushi.." he whispered her name softly and made her turn to him.

"What happened with you? Why are you calling yourself strange name?" Arnav shook her.

"I'm Suhana.. I don't know who you are.. Stop calling me Khushi.." Suhana shouted to him angry.

"What? You don't know me? ME? Your Arnav Khushi.. What's wrong with you? Who is Suhana?" Arnav shouted back confused.

"Arnav!! You're not Rohan?" Suhana frowned.

"Who the hell is Rohan now Khushi?" Arnav sighed irritated.

"No one.. I'm telling you na.. I'm Suhana.. I'm not Khushi.. Maybe you're misunderstanding me with someone else..haan.. I'm not Khushi.. I'm Suhana.." Suhana said stammering.

"God what's wrong with you Khushi? Doll are you angry with me for leaving you alone that day??" he asked her cupping her face.

Suhana got lost in his moist brown eyes. He was telling her different things from that woman she met at the morning, but one thing is common, both know her name as Khushi only.

Arnav hugged her tightly, "Doll forgive me for leaving you alone.. I'm sorry..everything happened because of me.." he cried burying his face on the crook of her neck.

She tried to push him but he tightened his grip on her not letting her go.

"Come with me.." she pushed him gently and held his hand, guiding him to the party where Meera was.

She spotted Meera dancing with Ayan.

"Meeeraaa.." Suhana shouted calling her sister.

Meera looked at her and went quickly to Suhana.

"Meera tell him who am I?" Suhana showed Meera to Arnav.

"Suhana. She is my sister.." Meera said looking at him.

"What?" Arnav looked at both shocked.

"Now do you believe in me? I'm not Khushi. I'm Suhana and she is my sister Meera. If you want come to my house, you will ask my father also.." Suhana said confidently trying to hide the truth.

Arnav stepped back in tears, and went from there upset.

"Who is he?" Meera asked.

"I don't know.." Suhana whispered, her heart broke in pieces seeing him go away with tears in his eyes.

"Why is it hurting me?! Why do I want to be close to you?" she thought confused.


Next morning..

"Sir Shanaya ma'am is here.." HP guided the lady to the breakfast table.

Arnav nodded: Join me for breakfast!!

Shanaya smiled and sat on a chair, "Why did you call me early in the morning?"

Arnav smirked: I will cut half of your salary..

Shanaya raised her eyebrows: Well the deal was if you find Khushi before than me I would lose my job. Now what is this cut my salary thing?

Arnav: Because I found her but I'm not sure if she is she or not! 

Shanaya sipped her coffee: Please explain clearly this story.. 

Arnav sighed: Look yesterday I went to my party na, and I found her but she is claiming she is not Khushi, but Suhana, she showed me her sister, who also agreed. So now your job is to find if she is Khushi or Suhana as she claims to be!

Shanaya: You mean you found her look like no?! You know Arnav I never lose a challenge, I will also prove it to you that she is Suhana and not your Khushi, and save my job. 

Arnav smirked: I also don't lose Shanaya! No lies in this deal..

Shanaya nodded: I won't lie to you if she really turns out to be Khushi. 


"What???? He kissed you Suhana?" Meera asked with open mouth. 

"Hmm shh na, I'm telling you only, don't tell Papa.. " Suhana said closing the door of their room. 

"So what? He should be beaten up, he kissed you on your lips without your permission!!" Meera fumed in anger. 

"I didn't stop him also! Meera should I tell you the truth?? I liked it!!" Suhana pouted slapping herself cutely. 

"I'm doing a sin I know.. but I liked it when he touched me, he wasn't that bad guy from movies we see.. " Suhana looked down. 

"But he is such a hotiee na! Of course you liked his kiss.." Meera added. 

"Goooooddddd you know I'm not like this Meera" Suhana threw a pillow to her. 

"Whoever he is, he knows about my past.. I'm just not sure if he is a good or bad.." Suhana said deep in thoughts. 

A knock disturbed their conversation, "Suhanaaaaa fast dress up" Mayank shouted as soon as the door opened. 

"Why?" both sisters asked him. 

"Because I got a job for you in a big company, you will work in a cafeteria of AR!!! And they hate latecomers.. okay.." 

"Okay!!!" Suhana ran to the bathroom to dress up. 

"Mayank why didn't you informed her before you got a job for her??" Meera scolded him. 

"Heyy the chef there is sick and he won't come, they told me to find a solution asap, so I thought no one cooks better than Suhana, so why not try her??" Mayank said. 

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Jul 25

Chapter 24 - Khushi accepts Arnav (By Angel23) (Thanked: 86 times)

Arnav took slow steps to his cabin, he was all the way thinking if Khushi was really Suhana.

Arnav turned to Karan following him: Get me a coffee..

Karan gulped: ASR it's on her way..

Arnav frowned: Karan are we talking about the same thing?

Karan: Haan ASR. I mean..

Suhana reached in the cabin sweating, "Uff.. Thank God I reached in time.." she rolled her eyes.

Karan sighed in relief: I was talking about her ASR. She is the new chef in our cafeteria. Suraj is sick!

Arnav shifted his attention from Karan to Suhana.

Both looked at each other shocked.

"Tum?" Suhana pouted.

Arnav smiled: Yes me, I'm the owner of the place you're going to work.

Suhana gulped, and thought "Means everyday I will go through the same torture in form of his kisses.."

Arnav was busy analyzing her, "Miss  Suhana you could make a coffee for me. I want to see your cooking skills.. And yeah a dessert also.."

Suhana nodded, "I will.. But I don't know where is the kitchen.."

Arnav walked near her, making her shut her eyes.

"Oh God is he going to kiss me now?" she thought while her cheeks turned red.

Arnav smirked: I will guide you!

He pulled her by her waist, and tucked her hair behind her ear. Then he gently threw her hair back making a clear vision of her neck to him.

Karan shut his eyes tightly after seeing his boss romancing with an employee in front of him!!

Arnav tilt his head to kiss her neck, Suhana stood still shivering, she wasn't able to stop this man from getting close to her.

"Thank God you're my Khushi.." he smiled after seeing a small mole on her neck.

Arnav quickly placed a wet kiss on her neck teasingly.

"Let's go.." he said and walked out of the cabin.

Suhana stood still with wide eyes. He kissed her again without her permission and again she liked it!!

Karan: Miss you better follow him otherwise you will face ASR.

Suhana nodded and went behind Arnav, she stood a little away from him protecting herself.

Arnav smirked and took her to the cafeteria.

"This is where you will work Khushi.." he said glancing at her.

"Listen I already told you I'm not Khushi" Suhana frowned.

"And I'm telling you, you're my Khushi" he said calmly.

Suhana looked away and went inside the kitchen. Arnav followed her.

"She is the new chef here. Do you them to explain the work to you or should I?" he looked at her lovingly caressing her cheeks.

"They..will..explain.." she stammered.

"Okay! And you all, I don't want any boy near her or flirting with her.." Arnav said in a warning tone.

She smiled feeling protected.

"Good luck.." he pecked her forehead before going from there.

Suhana closed her eyes feeling his touch.

"Somewhere you're connected with me. I feel so close to you, it's impossible that I didn't know you in my past. It's feels so good when you pamper me like this, when you touch me.. I feel like I'm with my dear ones. But I didn't feel anything with that lady like I feel with you.. I think you should tell the truth to him Khushi, maybe he helps you.." she thought preparing the coffee for him.

Arnav on his cabin was thinking of her, "Maybe she lost her memory. You're my Khushi and I know it. You can't remember me means in that accident you lost your memory..dammit.." he slammed his fist on the table.

Khushi entered in the cabin at the same time with coffee for him, she stepped back scared.

Arnav looked at her, and his mood changed.

"Come.." he said in a soft tone.

Khushi walked near him and gave him his coffee.

"Can I talk with you?" Khushi asked him.

Arnav nodded and pulled the chair for her, then went to sit on his chair.

Khushi: Woh.. I know I'm Khushi only.. I'm not Suhana.. I lost my memory and I don't remember anything of my past.. But I think you know a lot about me.

Arnav gasped happy, "Yeah.. Khushi.. I know you.. I knew it.. You're my Khushi.."

"Then please tell me who am I?" Khushi asked him.

"Khushi.. You're my little doll, my friend and my wife..Khushi I know you when you were a little kid, we both were friends and then we got married. After that we went to my parents, but they ousted you from my house stating that you were orphan so they wouldn't accept you. We both stayed away from each other, but then you returned to me. You came to take your husband back with you as Khushi Kumari Gupta! We both fell in love instantly, but then I lost my father and the same day I lost you. I got to know your car fell on the cliff, and they didn't find your body so declared you dead.. But you're alive Khushi.." Arnav said.

"Kya? I'm married to you? But.. That lady told me different story.." Khushi mumbled looking at nothing in particular.

Arnav stood up from his chair and sit next to her. He cupped her face: Kya hua? (What happened?)

She looked at him: I met an aunty one day in Mandir and she told me different story from yours.

Arnav frowned: Aunty in mandir? Who?

Khushi: I don't know but at the same day I found you too. I met her in the morning and you in the evening.. Haan.. Yesterday..

Arnav thought then gritted his teeth angry: Dadi..

Khushi looked at him confused: You too know her? You know everyone!!

Arnav chuckled: I know everyone related to me and you. What did she told you?

Khushi narrated to him everything that Dadi told her.

"She is lying Khushi.. I just don't believe this.." Arnav said in disbelief "Khushi tum meri biwi ho, you don't know any Rohan.. All this is a lie.." he picked his phone on the table and showed her their pictures together.

Khushi looked at them attentive, "I look so happy with you.." she said innocently.

Arnav: Because we love each other a lot..

Khushi: Then your Dadi lied to me because she doesn't like us together?

Arnav nodded, Khushi pouted: And I was believing in her words. DM why did you make me meet the wrong person first?

Arnav looked at her smiling.

Khushi looked at him: I don't remember you. You're my husband na.. I..

Arnav placed his finger on her lips: Shhh.. It's okay.. I'm with you na. That's all I wanted.

"That's all I needed. To find someone mine, to live my truth.." Khushi whispered staring at him.

Arnav hugged her tightly, she hugged him back smiling.

Arnav: I will help you regain your memory Khushi. You will remember everything again.

Khushi nodded: You don't know much it's difficult to stay like that. Everything is blank in my mind. I tried everyday but I couldn't.. Only I get nightmares..

Arnav pecked her forehead, "It's okay.."

Khushi blushed profusely when he kissed her again.

"Now I can right? I'm allowed.." He smirked.

"Hmm.. But don't kiss me in front of someone else.. I get shy and please give me sometime to accept this truth.." Khushi lowered her eyes.

Arnav nodded: I will give you time Khushi. I won't force you to accept me when you don't remember.. But you will come to stay with me na?

Khushi nodded: Haan I will come to stay with my husband..

His happiness knew no bounds now, he lifted Khushi from the chair smiling and twirled her.

Khushi laughed, clutching his shirt to save herself from falling on the floor.

Jul 28

Chapter 25 - Arnav possessive of Khushi! (By Angel23) (Thanked: 75 times)

Khushi descended the stairs of AR happily, finally her heart is in peace now. She found someone to call her own, she isn't scared anymore.

Reaching the cafeteria, she quickly called Meera.

"Come to AR in lunch time. I want to share something with you.." Khushi said.

"Okay.. Did your boss scold you?" Meera asked.

"Nahin! It's a big news and I want to share with you face to face.." Khushi smiled.

"Okay.." Meera said.

Khushi hang up the call and continued her work.

In lunch time Arnav went to the cafeteria excitedly to see her face. There was a big smile playing on his lips, which made his employees look at him dumbfounded.

He reached there and pulled her to a table.

"What are you doing?" she asked shocked.

"It's lunch time.." he said and gave her the menu card.

"Hmm.. woh actually Meera is coming here. I wanted to talk with her about you.." Khushi smiled.

"Tell her to come later. Now I want to spend time with you.." Arnav said ordering the food for them.

"But I want to talk with her.." Khushi looked at him.

"And I want to talk with my wife.. I missed you so much Khushi.." he said.

"Okay.." she nodded blushing with his stare on her, then messaged Meera to not come.

After having lunch together, Arnav took her to his mansion.

Khushi was like aww, "Such a big mansion!!" she admired the place.

Arnav was quite surprised with her admiring a thing, which is normal for her.

"You own a mansion like this.." he said.

"Was I rich?" she asked him.

"Yeah! You are rich Khushi.. You have your own company which is being handled by NK and your PA Lavanya.." he said walking inside with her.

"Sachiii? But I don't know anything about business.." she pouted.

"You will remember soon. I will make you like the earlier Khushi.." he smiled and took her to his room.

"Your room?" she asked.

"Hmm.. Filled with your memories.." he whispered.

"You.. love me this much?" she pointed to her big picture hung on the wall.

"I didn't even knew that I love you this much Khushi..but when you left me.. It felt like a part of me isn't with me anymore.. I was like nothing else matters.. The world seemed dull without you.. colorless.. ugly.. horrible.. I only used to find solace in your pictures.." he stared at her with moist eyes.

"But I'm here na.." she looked at him smiling.

He walked near her, and cupped her face: It's like a dream come true!!


"Haan Papa.. I will come home soon.." she consoled her father, who was worried for her.

Arnav sat with her on the sofa, with a frown on his face: Khushi you're going to stay here.

Khushi nodded sideways: Papa is worried for me today. Can't you come tomorrow and we will explain all this to him?

Arnav: What? But why? You're my wife. Why should I beg him for you?

Khushi: It's not begging Arnav. It's like he is my father and he deserves an explanation..

Arnav: He isn't your father Khushi. And both took care of you, which I'm thankful for but that doesn't mean I should let you stay with them now. You're my wife and you should stay with me now.

Khushi looked away, thinking: He is so bad! He doesn't understand my feelings. Did I love him as my husband?

Arnav looked at her thinking: Khushi look I spent two years without you.. It's such a long time.. Now that I found you, I don't want to stay away from you..

Khushi: But it's just one night Arnav.. Then I will talk with my papa about my truth.. And I will come to stay with you..

Arnav gritted his teeth: No means no! You're not going anywhere and will stay with me here..

Khushi looked down and fat tears start flowing from her eyes.

Arnav cupped her face planting a soft kiss on her forehead, "Stop crying. Tomorrow we will go to your home and explain to your father.."

She nodded wiping her tears: Okay..


The next morning, she woke up from her deep beautiful sleep. She feels like a baby waking up, since her husband took care of her all night.

He told her stories about herself, when they were kids, and when she returned to him later. After that he made her sleep by stroking her hair lovingly all night..

And now he woke her up, by placing his favorite kisses over her face, making her feel ticklish!

Arnav: Good morning Khushi..

Khushi smiled: Good morning Arnav.. Did I call you Arnav before?

Arnav nodded: Arnav or sometimes Arniee..

Khushi nodded and stood up from the bed, Arnav gave her Khushi's clothes.

"Ohh I don't use these modern clothes.." she looked at the clothes with big eyes.

"You used to wear them.." he said.

"Nahin.. I don't.." she nodded sideways.

"Suhana doesn't wear it, but Khushi does.." he reminded her "And by the way, after marriage Khushi started using more simple salwars like this.." he showed to her.

"It's not simple!! It costs too much in market this one.. But I prefer to wear this salwar only.." she picked it from his hand.

Arnav chuckled and brushed his nose with her, "Slowly slowly you will remember everything.."

She smiled and closed her eyes when he touched his nose with hers.

His touch makes her feel so good! She wondered what connection she has with this man, he doesn't make her feel like a stranger. Did she love him a lot, that even after forgetting him, her heart still beats for him probably like before?

Arnav: Go and freshen up quickly. We have to go to hospital now.. They will examine you..

Khushi nodded: But first..

Arnav cut her: I know.. I didn't forgot about your family..

Khushi nodded smiling and went to the bathroom.

He frowned, she is giving more importance to her family than him. He never saw Khushi loving anyone other than him, maybe that's what is irking him more in her Suhana's personality.

Jul 31

Chapter 26 - Arnav in Khushi's house (By Angel23) (Thanked: 72 times)

Khushi's house..

Arnav and Khushi entered in her house now, he was really surprised by seeing the house she lived in. It clearly shows that they are middle class family. And it upsets him that she lived such lifestyle when she doesn't deserve it.

"Come.." Khushi walked in holding his hand.

"Suhana what happened? You didn't call me back neither came home! I was so worried for you Suhana.." her father came running to her.

Khushi hugged him: Papa I'm fine! I want to tell you all my truth.. I finally found it.. I mean him!

Meera shocked: What? Him? Khushi he is that man na who kissed you without your permission?

Suhana's father widened his eyes: How dare you kiss my daughter?

Arnav looked at him with sharp eyes: My wife!

"Wife??" Meera and her father shouted.

Khushi nodded: Haan, Papa he was my husband..

Arnav cuts her off: I'm your husband Khushi.

Khushi nodded: Let me explain! He is my husband, and my real name is Khushi.. I married him when I was a kid, and then..

Khushi narrated her story like Arnav told her.

"But.." her father was too shocked to react.

"I don't believe him! What if he is telling you a lie like that woman also?" Meera frowned.

"What the.." Arnav glared at her "What would I gain by lying to her?"

"I'm explaining to them.." she touched his shoulders blinking her eyes.

He calmed down after hearing her melodious voice.

"He is really my husband papa.. I saw my pictures with him, and even his servant recognized me.. He isn't lying to me.." Khushi said and glanced at Arnav smiling "I trust him.."

Arnav smiled faintly at her.

Meera: But I still don't believe you! If she was your wife, why didn't you said it in first day? And why did you went when I said that she is my sister?

Arnav clenched his fist getting infuriated with the woman who think she is too smart.

"I was shocked also. I met with my wife in a sudden day, when everyone else used to tell me she died. How would you react?" he tried to be calm.

"I will have a husband, not wife! And where is the marriage certificate? I want to see Suhana's signature?" Meera glared at him.

"We didn't register our marriage.." Arnav said sighing. He made a big mistake by not doing that!

"What? And you expect us to believe in you!!" Meera said in a disbelief tone.

"Meera please.. I trust his words.." Khushi said.

"I told you I don't need to give explanations to anyone.." Arnav looked at Khushi.

"Please calm down.." she tried to handle both.

"Suhana if you trust him, then I have no problem. But like Meera, I don't trust this man.." he glanced at Arnav suspiciously.

Arnav: You both don't matter to me, the fact that she is my wife and trusts my words, is enough for me!

Meera muttered angrily: Shameless..

Arnav: I'm waiting for you outside..

Arnav walked outside the mansion, leaving Khushi upset.

"I'm sorry Papa.." she whispered looking at the floor.

"You don't need to say anything Suhana. I also prayed to DM to give you back your life, your happiness.. But it's just I'm scared to believe in anyone just like that and give you to his hands without thinking! What if he turns out to be what you had not thought?" he caressed her head.

"He is telling me the truth Papa.. I know.. I can feel it.. When I look at his eyes talking about Khushi, you have to see it Papa.. His eyes twinkle in happiness.. Like he is heaven when with me.. Our pictures together showed how much I loved him.. And even today Papa.. Although I don't remember him, but still my heart beats for him.. I feel affected by him.. It's not normal na Papa.. Whether I agree or not.. I surely have a connection with him.." Khushi smiled and stood up to go.

Her father and Meera nodded and hugged her tightly.

"Don't be emotional! I will come often to meet you both.." Khushi smiled.


Khushi opened the car's door, and glanced at him, looking around with a frown on his face.

"Don't get angry Arnav! My family is over protective when it comes to me.." she said.

"Hmm.. Very much!" he said before starting the car.

"Are we going to hospital now?" she asked changing the topic by seeing his irritated expression.

"Yes.." he nodded.

"Arnav did I loved playing with water?" she questioned him.

"Yeah.." he smiled "Did you remember something connected with this?"

"No. I too love playing with water.. That is a good sign hain na?" Khushi smiled.

Arnav nodded, "What about salad?"

Khushi nodded sideways: No, I hardly eat salad..

Arnav: Ohh, but it was your favorite one!

Khushi: Will you feed me? Maybe I like the taste now..

Arnav nodded once again, "I will.." he whispered.



He stare at Khushi sat on his chair, sketching.

"Mr.Raizada you have to recreate the moments you lived with her in order to help her regain her memory.. Here are some medicines I would prescribe but all she need to improve her state, is your help and attention.. If she stays more with you maybe she remembers everything quickly.." he thought about the doctor's words to him.

"Arnav what happened?" Khushi looked at him staring at her for a long time.

"Doctor said I had to recreate the moments spent with you.. I was thinking what to do.." he said.

"Hmm.. But you don't need to take stress over this.. Slowly slowly I will recover.." she smiled to him.

Arnav nodded and walked near her, caressing her hair.

"I wish you recover fast.." he whispered.

"Are you hurt with me for not remembering you?" she looked up to him innocently.

"No.." he said "Are you hungry?"

"No. I had breakfast!!" she nodded sideways.

"Do you want to see your office? Maybe it helps you remind of yourself.." he said getting an idea how to start.

"Yes, but what will I do there Arnav? I don't know anything.." she pouted.

He pulled a chair and sat next to her, "I will help you Khushi! You know you don't have to be scared to live the way you were.."

Khushi nodded: But it feels strange! I don't know anything, my mind is blank and people there would look at me as if I'm their boss, when I don't even know myself!

Arnav caressed her palms: I know it's difficult for you. But please try, we never know if we get successful or not..

Khushi nodded and caressed his palms also: I will if you are with me..


Arnav parked the car in front of her company, he called NK.

"You know your friends are here! They live in London, but luckily came here for some work and I found you know.." he said to her while waiting for NK to pick up the call.

"NK and Lavanya?" she asked him remembering yesterday night when he told her about her friends in London.

"Yeah.. (talking with NK) NK come outside with Lav, I have a surprise for you both.." Arnav said with a smile on his face.



Raizada mansion..

"That girl is alive.." Dadi said shocked, massaging her forehead.

"Who?" Armaan asked her not interested in her talks.

"Khushi!" Dadi whispered.

"What?" Armaan freaked out.

"Yes! I'm also shocked like you. This girl came back to destroy me. She doesn't leave Arnav! What to do? This seems like a movie Armaan, the more people try to separate them, destiny always find a way to get them together.. And make me lose!!" she sighed.

"Already we are destroyed Dadi, with Arnav in AR.. We are more like beggars now.. I don't know why Dad betrayed me like that.." Armaan cried.

Aug 2

Chapter 27 - NK shocked! (By Angel23) (Thanked: 73 times)

Khushi was looking around the office. It's such a big company, that she never in her dreams could imagine that she is the owner!

Arnav opened the car's door for her and she climbed down.

NK and Lavanya also came outside of the office and came to their direction.

NK's feet came to a halt when he saw Khushi ALIVE with Arnav.

He stood still thinking what to do, what if Khushi told everything to Arnav, what will happen to him now, and how and why was she alive!? Didn't she die? How come she suddenly came back? What was she doing with Arnav? Many questions surrounded his mind and the fear of being arrested too.

Lavanya waved her hand on his face, "What's wrong NK? Why did you stop?"

NK didn't respond to her, only looked at Khushi's direction. Lavanya also followed his gaze, and widened her eyes seeing her friend alive, Khushi!

"Khushi..OMG.." she mumbled.

Arnav glanced at both standing shocked, he smirked.

And held Khushi's hand taking her to them.

Khushi looked in their direction,and saw one man and woman, she tried to remember the woman but nothing came up! But when she saw the man, she felt strange bad vibes.

Images of a woman falling into a deep sea inside her car started flashing on her mind, but unfortunately she wasn't able to see anything clearly.

She shut her eyes tightly crying.

"Aaahhh.." Khushi let out a scream holding her head with her hand, and another hand clutching Arnav's hand.

"Khushi..Kya hua?.. Khushi.." Arnav panicked.

Khushi hugged him tightly, "" she pointed with her fingers to NK.

Arnav broke the hug and looked at NK, "He is NK.."

"W..why are you introducing me to Khushi Arnav? She already knows me!" NK stammered.

"No! She lost her memory.." Arnav sighed.

NK sighed in relief, Lavanya touched Khushi's cheeks crying: Khushi.. You're alive.. I thought I lost my best friend.. But God protected you.. You..

Lavanya pulled Khushi into a tight hug, Khushi hugged her back with a little smile on her face, then her eyes traveled to NK who seemed not so happy by seeing her! She also didn't like him, the way he looked at her.

Arnav: Shall we go in?

NK nodded, "Y..yes..let's go.."

Arnav looked at Khushi, and extended his hand to her, she held his hand and both went inside of KK with NK and Lavanya, who were still in state of shock.

Lavanya: I still can't believe this! Where were you Khushi all these three years?

Arnav: Lavanya don't ask her such questions! She doesn't remember anything about her past, or what happened to her after that accident.. It can create problems for her health..

Lavanya nodded.

Arnav took Khushi to her cabin, and closed the door.

"What happened? Are you okay? Why did you scream like that?" he cupped her face.

"That man.. I didn't like him.. I.. He..looks..disturbed..with my presence.." Khushi mumbled.

"NK is your good friend!" Arnav said and made her sit on a chair.

"But when we went to London, after your accident he started behaving strangely with you.." Arnav said with a suspicious tone.

"Strangely means?" she asked.

"Means like trying to get close to you despite knowing that you're my wife.." he answered.

Khushi nodded: Maybe that's why I didn't like his presence!

Arnav nodded: So this is your company Khushi Kumari Gupta!

Khushi spread her arms: So big for me!!

Arnav smiled and planted a kiss on her forehead, "But it's yours!"

"What do I do here?" she asked confused.

Arnav: I will explain to you..

Saying this, he took her outside of the cabin and started showing her all rooms and departments of KK. And explained her role of being the fashion designer and owner of her company.


At night time..

Arnav walked out of the kitchen with two plates on his hands and placed it on the table outside.

"Khushi come.." he called her.

"Yes I will come Meera. Bye, I'm going to have dinner now.." Khushi smiled and hung up the call.

"Here I am.." Khushi reached near him and sat on her chair.

"Where will you go?" he asked.

"Meera called me to go to Mayank's house tomorrow.." Khushi said serving for him, and then she served for herself.

"Who is Mayank?" he frowned.

"Mayank is our friend!" Khushi said smiling "He is very mad, you have to meet him.. In fact why don't you go with me tomorrow? We will have fun.. I love spending time with him, he is the only one who can make laugh when I'm upset! Meera and Papa try, try and try but they never can make me laugh like Mayank does.. Mayank is the best!!!"

"Is he your boyfriend that you're talking like this?" he raised his one eyebrow.

"He is not my boyfriend! And tomorrow he called us to his house because he is getting MARRIED.." she left the spoon fall from her hand, visibly hurt with his words.

He bit his lips, and tried to touch her hand. She shoved his hands away.

"From what I know a husband should trust his wife, if I liked another boy, wouldn't I tell you? Why would I accept coming back to you?  I don't even know anything about you, but I read your eyes and saw that you love me a lot, without knowing about the man I'm living with, I trust him and never questioned about his character, and you know everything about me, how I'm, how much I loved you, you know my character.. Just I lost my memory, but I'm the same Arnav.. Same body, same soul, same tumhari Khushi!" she sobbed.

Arnav  raised his hand to cup her face: I'm sorry! I shouldn't have talked with you like that.. I'm sorry Khushi.. I know you're my Khushi.. I'm sorry, I felt jealous when you talked about other man.. Look at me..

Khushi looked at him crying.

He kissed her palms, "I won't talk with you like that again!"

Khushi nodded, he wiped her tears with his fingers.

"Eat your food.." he said raising the spoon to reach her lips.

After having a silent dinner. He took her to the living room, and both watched television together.

Arnav showed her fashion shows, and Khushi looked at herself on the television.

"So different from me!" she was awed by seeing herself with a blue gown.

"Not that much! Both love me a lot..and blush when I kiss you.." he smirked.

"Both? We are the same Arnav.. You're talking as if she is another woman.." she said with a slight frown on her face.

"Hey you're getting jealous of yourself.." he pulled her to his chest, caressing her back.

"No! Huh..but don't talk both! Like if she is another woman, Khushi and I'm Suhana.. We are the same!" she pouted burying her face on his chest.

"Alright I won't say both!" he smiled.


Hotel XYZ:

Lavanya looked at NK all disturbed staring at his laptop without moving.

"NK is everything alright?" she asked.

"Hmm..Yeah.." he looked at her and composed himself.

"You look disturbed" she raised her eyebrows.

"Not disturbed, I'm shocked that Khushi is alive.. It's difficult to digest this news na.. We thought she died three years ago and suddenly today she comes with Arnav.." he said.

"Yeah.. Even I'm shocked! I mean.. This look like a dream.. I can't believe she is alive and here in Mumbai also.. But her accident was in Lucknow na, how did she get in Mumbai?" Lavanya scrunched her eyebrows.

"We have to get these answers soon!" he said.

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Aug 9

Chapter 28 - The three devils! (By Angel23) (Thanked: 81 times)

Early in the morning..

"What's your plan now? You thought I wouldn't find my wife. I wouldn't get to know that you are trying to separate me from my wife?" Arnav shouted to Dadi, over the phone.

"Arnav beta what happened?" Dadi shut her eyes scared, but still faked that she doesn't know anything.

"What happened? Don't take me as a fool okay.. I know very well what you told to Khushi! You know how to use people very well.. I must say.. But your plan to separate us failed.. Because my wife trusted my words.." Arnav said burning in anger.

"I.. I just did that for you Arnav.. See because of her you almost destroyed your life, yourself.. You aren't that good boy you were before.." Dadi cried.

"Listen you don't need to think about me and my life. Do concentrate in yours and let me live in peace. I'm not that good boy anymore because I lost two important persons on the same day. There was no reason for me to be happy after what happened to me. But Khushi is alive now, my happiness returned to me. She never destroys me. I will be destroyed in my life without her, not with her! Am I clear now to you?" Arnav said.

"Yes.. I'm sorry beta.." Dadi said.

Arnav hung up the call and turned to go.

"What are you doing here Khushi?" he asked.

Khushi was in tears, she ran and hug him tightly.

"You love me so much! And I feel so bad that I'm not able to remember anything about us.." she cried in his embrace.

"I have that patience to wait for you Khushi.." he whispered before he wrapped his arms around her  waist.

He broke the hug after one or two minutes, and lifted her from the floor.

He descended the stairs staring at her.

"Don't you feel scared to fall down the stairs?" she asked him innocently.

"No.." he replied.

"But I'm! Please look at the stairs otherwise we both will fall badly here.." she said clutching his shirt.

Arnav chuckled, "Don't worry! I won't let anything happen to you.."

"Hi love birds.." Lavanya smiled as she walked near them, with NK behind her.

"Hi Lav!" Arnav greeted her.

Khushi looked at NK, her heart started beating faster. She buried her face on the crook of Arnav's neck.

Arnav stare at her scared form, he wondered why does she become like that when NK comes in front of her.

"Khushi are you feeling well?" he asked as soon as he made her sit on the sofa to face him.

NK and Lavanya moved to sit with her.

Lavanya: What happened Khushi? Are you okay? Tell us..

NK wiped his sweat, he tried to behave normally.

Khushi: I just see a car falling off the cliff.. I can't see anything properly.. My head hurts..

Arnav nodded: That's how your accident happened. That's a good sign Khushi!

He smiled and she rested on her head on his shoulder.

NK gulped, "Khushi is slowly remembering how her accident happened. If someday she regains her memory and tells Arnav that I did that. Then I will be send to jail.. No.. I can't let Khushi tell Arnav about me.. I have to do something.."

NK smiled: Khushi it's so unfortunate that you can't remember us. Everyone here is waiting for your comeback, me, Lavanya, Arnav, your employees, your company.

Arnav patted her back to calm her, then glared at NK: Don't pressurize her NK!

NK nodded: Haan.. I was just telling her..

"Let's have breakfast.." Arnav said and the four headed to the breakfast table.

Arnav glanced at Khushi, she was constantly looking at NK with a scared expression, it's seems she didn't like NK's presence.

"Why is Khushi not accepting NK?" he thought.

NK also was looking at her scared that at any time she would remember everything and tell to Arnav.

Lavanya: What did the doctors said about Khushi's state Arnav?

Arnav: They told me to recreate all the moments I spent with her. Which would help her to recover quickly.

Lavanya nodded, "I have some idea, why don't we take her to Lucknow? The place she met with an accident.. It would be good, since Khushi remembers at least something about this.."

NK widened his eyes, he choke on the food he was eating.

Lavanya looked at him worried, she patted his back: Are you ok? What happened to you?

NK nodded sideways: I'm fine.. Actually I don't think it's a good idea Lav.. We should go slowly with Khushi.. Arnav should start with recreating their married life moments, and then I think we should opt to show her Lucknow..

Arnav stare at him suspiciously, "But I think Lav's idea is the right one. We shall leave for Lucknow.."

NK gulped his juice, he was trembling now in fear.

Khushi: But we can't go now! It's Mayank's wedding and I can't miss his shaadi functions..

Arnav nodded: Ok! After his wedding functions, we will go to Lucknow.

NK sighed in relief, he thought "I have to do something about Khushi in that time.."


Six days later..

In these six days, Arnav did everything which he used to do with Khushi in the past to make her remember. Unfortunately she didn't remember anything, she only get nightmares about her accident.

Arnav was now sure he had to take her to Lucknow, this was the only way he had to make her regain her memory.

While NK was trying to harm Khushi to make her shut her mouth, but wasn't getting a way. Arnav was always with Khushi, he didn't leave her for a second.

It is Saturday and today Mayank is getting married.

Arnav took the responsibility of taking his wife to the wedding hall.

"Why is Khushi taking too much time to get ready?" he thought and honked to signal her that he was waiting for her in the car.

Khushi finished her make up, and at last filled sindoor on her maang proud of being his wife!

She smiled at the mirror, when she heard her phone ringing, he was calling her, she grabbed her phone on the dresser and left the room.

"I'm coming! Sorry I was doing my make up.." she smiled.

"Why? You look beautiful without make up too.. Come fast.." he said.

"Ok! I'm just on the corridor coming to you.." she said and cut the call.

"Why is it so dark? I think light went off.." Khushi thought.

She switched the light on from her phone and continued walking.

NK smirked and came out from a room he was hiding, "Finally Khushi.. I found you alone.."

Dadi and Armaan also appeared on the corridor following Khushi, "Now it's our time to revenge on Arnav.."

NK, Dadi and Armaan walked near her.

Khushi was descending the stairs, and the three pushed her.

"Aaaahhhh..." she screamed out, and her body went rolling down the stairs.

Arnav, outside the mansion heard her scream, he got out from his car and went running inside his mansion.

Dadi, Armaan and NK got shocked seeing each other.

Arnav reached inside, it was too dark that he wasn't seeing anything. 

HP also came running when he heard Khushi screaming, he shifted his torch to the stairs.

HP was the first one who saw Khushi on the floor, and blood covered her forehead.

"Maliiiik.. Khushii madam.." he screamed in shock.

Arnav looked down on the floor, he gasped when he saw Khushi laying on the floor.

Both went running to her, Arnav cried and sat on the floor.

He placed Khushi's head on his lap, "Khushi.. open your eyes Khushi.. talk with me.. how did this accident happened?.. Khushiiiiiiii.."

HP sobbed: Malik lights went off, and NK sir, then Dadi and Armaan told me to go out and buy some candles.

Arnav clenched his fist hearing this, NK, Dadi and Armaan ordering HP to go out,  proves that this wasn't an accident but they did it purposely.

"You won't escape from me now Dadi" he thought, his eyes were turned red in anger.

"What is Dadi doing here? When did they came?" Arnav asked to HP.

HP: Malik they came when you left to office today morning. And told me not to inform you or anyone about them, they wanted to surprise you.

He lifted Khushi from the floor, and glanced at HP.

"Don't let Dadi, Armaan and NK leave from here. Call the police right now.." he said while walking towards the door.

HP nodded and went secretly to call the police.

Dadi's room:

"Why do you want to kill Khushi boy?" Dadi asked NK.

"Because I was the one behind her accident three years back and I don't want her to regain her memory otherwise she will send me to jail then.." NK said scared, he sat on the recliner to calm himself.

"Ohh seems like Khushi has many enemies.." Armaan smirked.

"I'm not her enemy! I just don't want my reputation to be spoilt, I have my parents to take care of, my company and now my wife Lav.. I can't let them think I'm murderer.. That's why I did so.." NK yelled at Armaan.

"We should go away from here before Arnav discovers that we came back to Mumbai.." Dadi looked at Armaan.

"Heyy what about me?" NK looked at both secretly going outside the room.

"Does anyone know you were here?" Dadi looked at him.

"No.. Not even Khushi knew that I was here.." NK said.

"Then let's go asap!" Armaan glared at him and the three went silently to the living room.

The lights came on, and the three stood still shocked, when they saw police in front of them and HP angrily staring at them.

"HP.. What are they doing here?" Dadi faked a smile.

"Don't ask questions madam ji! Now you will answer to us.." a lady constable smirked and handcuffed Dadi.

And others went to NK and Armaan.

"What did we do? Why are arresting us? HP what's happening here?" Dadi shouted.

"Yeah.. HP tell him that if Arnav gets to know about this, he will be very angry.." Armaan looked at HP.

"How will he be? He will be very angry with you three who committed a crime.." HP yelled to the three crying.

NK shut his eyes crying, what will everyone think of him? His parents, Lavanya. He will lose his company, and this society will never leave a chance to taunt him.

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Lazydoll, Sania Rameez - Here is the update dears!

Aug 12

The Last Chapter (By Angel23) (Thanked: 84 times)

"Please take me out of here.. Please I didn't do anything.. I'm not a killer.. Please.. Leave me.. I didn't want do this.. Mahi is behind all this.. She is the one who forced me to separate Arnav and Khushi.. " NK cried.

"Hahahahahaha.. Khushi Kumari Gupta.. She finally destroyed everyone who were against her love.. She managed to destroy me, Me.. That's why I never liked her.. I knew it.. This girl would bring bad luck to me.." Dadi laughed as she leaned on the wall of jail.

The police officers reached near NK, "What did you say? Mahi? Who is Mahi? Is she your partner in crime?"

NK nodded: I didn't do anything.. She forced me too.. Please take her inspector.. And leave me.. I didn't want to hurt Khushi.. I'm not a killer.. Please.. Leave me and put Mahi behind the bars.

The police officer smirked: Thanks for the information, but you both will pay for the crime you both committed okay! No one will be spared as per as ASR's orders.



The doctor walked out of the room, after Khushi's operation. 

He walked till Arnav, Arnav looked at him eagerly to know what happened to Khushi.

"I'm sorry.." the doctor whispered.

"Wh-at hap-happened to her doctor?" Arnav asked in a broken voice, he was really scared of what the doctor would say next.

"We managed to save her life, but she is in coma now.. And it's difficult to say if she will gain conscious in a week, a month or after some years.." the doctor said looking at Arnav tearful eyes.

Arnav cried: Nooo.. This is not possible.. Please do something.. Please.. She can't stay like this.. I will not be able to live without her..

Lavanya and HP came running to him.

Lavanya: What happened to Khushi Arnav?

Arnav didn't say anything, he took heavy steps to the door of Khushi's room.

The doctor turned to Lavanya, "She is in coma now.."

Lavanya widened her eyes shocked. While HP cried out loudly.

Arnav stare at his lady love, who was not moving, her face without any expression.

"Why Khushi? Why do you always go far away from me??" he knelt down on the floor devastated, will he be able to survive without her by his side now?

Lavanya ran to him crying, "You have to be strong for her Arnav.. I'm so sorry its all because of NK.. I'm so ashamed to say he is my husband and tried to kill his friend.. I don't know what made him do that.. I will never forgive him for what he did.. One thing is true he never loved me.. He once again tried to separate you and Khushi.. Shii I feel so disgusted now.. I'm so sorry Arnav.. I'm really sorry.. If only I could stop him for doing this.. Khushi would still be here talking with you and not in coma like she is now.. "

Arnav's blood boiled remembering of those who are responsible for Khushi's state now. Now he was more determined to give them a bigger punishment than just staying in jail. He would make their lives a hell inside that jail.

"I'm sorry for your husband Lavanya.. But for what he did to my Khushi, I'm going to make him pay very badly for it.. She only screamed once, he will scream thousand times still no one will save him.." Arnav gritted his teeth.


Three months later..

Arnav reached early in the morning to the hospital, as usual with a smile adorning his face and flowers and chocolate box for her.

The hospital staff looked at him feeling bad for this man, who comes everyday in hope that he will see his wife gain conscious, but everyday he returns with nothing on his hands.

But only for the people seeing Arnav for the first time find it too romantic, what he is doing for his wife. Only if they knew how much hurt he is inside, how much he wanted to cry and make a magic so that she wakes up, but he can't do anything, he has to wait patiently for her and he will do it, even if it's for life time but he won't give up on her. He would try till he takes his last breath..

Arnav opened the door of her room, he stare at the state of her room, it looked like a garden now with his flowers all over the place and a chocolate shop also with her favorite ones.

He knows the little sick kids in hospital steal those chocolates everyday one by one secretly, but he doesn't mind. All he hopes is that at least the kids pray for Khushi's well being while tasting her chocolates.

Arnav pulled his chair and took his seat, he left the flowers and chocolate on the bed near her.

"Good morning Angel.. It's a new day now.. Wake up.. Open your eyes.. Enough of sleeping.." he pouted staring at her.

"Please see it's a new day.. Don't stay quiet.. Talk with me.. See as always I didn't forget to bring your favorite chocolates and flowers for you.. Won't you wake up?" he asked hoping that a magic happens and she open her eyes.

The doctors watched him through the glass window with pity faces. They just felt for this man who sacrifices his time everyday to stay with her, all they pray to the Almighty is to make Khushi regain her conscious as soon as possible so that this man stops torturing himself..

Arnav looked at the window and the doctors and nurses disappeared from there quickly.

"See how they were looking at me? Like I'm a mad person who waste my time with you.. Tell them na.. I'm not wasting my time.. You will come back to me na.. Tell them you're listening to my talks everyday.. You like when I come here to give you flowers and chocolates.. Tell them Khushi.. Open your eyes.. Talk with me once Jaan.." Arnav kissed her forehead.

"Acha okay.. If you don't want to wake up it's okay.. But don't think I'm going to give up.. I will come tomorrow too with your gifts.. Ohh.. I get it.. You like to receive everyday na.. Chocolates and Flowers.. That's why you don't wake up na? Smart girl.." he smiled.

Arnav rested his head on her belly, "Let me start sharing with you what happened yesterday.. Yesterday in the morning I came to you na to wish you good morning, but you didn't wish me back.. I went to office and finally I bagged the deal I was interested in.. It would be a big fashion show of this year.. But don't worry.. I won't give attention to my work as I give to you.. I love your more.. You're my everything Khushi .. I love you more than my family, my work, my mansion, my friends and even my life.. I can give my life to you.. Just ask.. I will give it to your name.. But just talk with me Khushi.. Ask what you want.. But please open your eyes.. Ok, you don't want? I will wait.. So where was I? Then I came here to have lunch with you and then I spend my afternoon with you.. After that I went home, tried to sleep but  couldn't.. Without my life, Khushi life is so boring! So hurtful.. I just can't live without you Khushi.. You know at office one of those girls who I was interviewing tried to flirt with me, can you imagine she tried to touch me!? I scolded her a lot, then told her that I love my wife a lot, no one would ever take your place in my life Khushi.. No one.. Then come back na Love.. Come to take your place.. I just can't live without you anymore it's suffocating me now.. You know when you used to be obsessive towards me.. And I started repenting to accept you as my wife, I told to myself that I would be Destroyed in your Love.. But as time passed by now, I realized that what destroyed the love between us wasn't your possessive attitude but the way we separated from each other.. I realized that I'm destroyed in Love when you're not with me.. Not when you're with me.. So please come back to me Khushi.. Don't let me destroy myself without you.. Please open your eyes Angel.. Please.. " 

Tears that he was trying to control finally came out of his eyes.

Khushi moved her index finger, and Arnav who fingers were entwined with hers, felt that.

Before he could glance at her, she started breathing hard. 

Arnav smiled, he held her hand gently and looked at the door, then back at her.

"Doctor.. Doctor.. Please come here.. Doctor.." he screamed while caressing Khushi's hair.

The doctors came running to his aid, they were worried as to why did he scream like that.

When they reached, they could see Khushi trying to move her body.

"She has regain her conscious.." the doctor and nurses looked at each other smiling.

"What happened to her? Please see her doctor.." Arnav said to them.

They nodded their heads and asked Arnav to stay out of the room for sometime.

Arnav stayed outside eagerly waiting for a good news, through the glass window he could see her trying to fight to with her own body, she was constantly moving her legs.

" can do it Khushi.. Do it for our Love.." he prayed with closed eyes.

While the hospital staff and others gathered around Arnav, also praying for Khushi to come out of coma. They couldn't see Arnav's state anymore.

The kids came to see what's happening there.

"Is Didi awake now?" they asked pulling his shirt.

"She will soon.." Arnav smiled to the kids.

The kids smiled excitedly to see the lady walk, talk and smile to them too.

"Arnaaaaaav.." they heard the scream they wanted to hear for a long time now.

All sighed in relief smiling. It's prohibited to make noise on the hospital, otherwise they would dance and shout in happiness for the win of their love.

Arnav knelt down smiling while tears left his eyes. This time his tears are of happiness!

The elders caressed his hair, smiling: "You did it boy"

The doctors came out of the room, and one of them who was accompanying Arnav till today with Khushi's treatment, said "I think she needs you more today than the doctors.."

Arnav quickly stood up and went running inside her room.

And it was such a relief for him seeing her eyes open, her body moving, and her hands calling him!

"Arnav.." she whispered his name, but with a worried face.

And extended her hands calling him, Arnav sat on his chair and held her hand.

"What happened? Ssshhh.. Calm down.. Everything is fine now.." Arnav said while planting a kiss on her palm.

She nodded sideways, "Arnav.. N..K.. He tried to.."

Arnav placed his finger on her lips, "It's okay.. I know he was the one who pushed you down the stairs.. And don't worry everyone responsible for your state is now getting a severe punishment on jail.."

Khushi slowly removed his finger from her lips, "Lis..ten to me.."

Arnav nodded confused.

"NK..three years ago.. my accident.. he was responsible..for it.. he loved me Ar..nav.. He was making..plan to in London also..but..we Lucknow..and that day..Papa.. lost his life.. I..was coming to you..he revealed..that he..loved me.. I ignored him and...went to my car..he chase me.. and I wanted to call you...but he also took my phone.. A truck was coming on my way..and.. I turned the other side..but I didn't see the cliff there.." Khushi told him with tears on her eyes.

Arnav wiped her tears shocked, "That's why he tried to kill you now.. He was scared that you would remember everything.. But you don't need to worry because they are already getting their punishments. And I will make sure this NK doesn't leave from that jail.."

Khushi leaned on the pillow more relieved now that she told him the truth.

After few seconds, Arnav blinked his eyes staring at her.

"Khushi remember everything?" Arnav smiled.. "Yes.. Your memory.. Three years ago.. You remember it.."

Khushi nodded smiling to him, "Yes.. I remember everything especially YOU.."

Arnav hugged her tightly, and buried his face on the crook of her neck, while Khushi laid on the bed smiled and caressed the back of his hair.

"Today I can eat the chocolate you brought for me.. " she whispered.

" can and give the kids also.. All day they plead you, but you don't respond to them.. So they steal it and next day keep apologizing to DM for stealing.." Arnav giggled.

Khushi nodded laughing, "Ok! I will share with them.."

"Now tell me who is this girl who tried to touch you?" she pouted.

"One hot girl! Wanna kill her?" Arnav smirked.

Khushi beat him playfully, "Arnaaav.."

"I'm kidding! No one is as beautiful as my wife.." he whispered while kissing her earlobe.

Khushi blushed hugging him more tightly now.

"Take me now far away from our enemies to a place where is only YOU and ME and our FAMILY.." Khushi said.

Arnav broke the hug, "Lucknow?"

Khushi nodded, "Where everything started.."



After few days of Khushi's full recovery, Arnav took Khushi, Archana, Mama, Mami, Nani, Shyam  Anjali and their baby , Akash, Aman and Lavanya to a dinner out on his favorite restaurant.

Everyone were so happy that finally this family united. And there were no more villains that would separate Arnie from his Little Doll. 

Nani was the happiest as because of Khushi, Arnav decided to stay back in Lucknow and now she would not have to live away from her grandson.

And Khushi's heart was finally in peace, now she wasn't insecure or possessive of Arnav. Now she knew he would never leave her hand. Now everything is alright!

Arnav held her hand mischievously under the table.

"Arnaaav.." she glared at him.

"I really miss Suhana now.. She was so sweet and good girl.. She let me touch her without any problem.. Even when she didn't even know who I was.. And here my wife, knowing me fully is rejecting my touch.." Arnav pouted.

"Ohh really! Then go back to Suhana.. Don't cuddle me all night and in the morning don't give a kiss.." Khushi smirked.

"No way! I'm kidding senorita.. I'm all yours.." Arnav chuckled.

Khushi smiled and her eyes landed on Anjali and Shyam playing with their baby.

One thing she could finally do, was apologize for her rude behavior to Arnav's friends, she now feel more relieved that they accepted her with open arms.

Arnav held her hand once again, and this time he took permission from Nani to take her outside.

Nani nodded, and Khushi blushed scolding Arnav on the way outside the restaurant.

He took her to a Lake, the place they meet for the first time.

"You remember this place?" he asked to her, while he hugged her from behind showing the lake side to her.

"How can I forget?" she whispered caressing his arms with her hands.

"I will also never forget the day I met you Khushi.." he smiled.

"Khushi nahin.. Little doll.." she corrected him.

"My Little doll.." he kissed her cheeks.

If you truly love someone, then their presence can't destroy your life, but their absence is sure it's reason..

                                           The End..

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