The Boy Under The Tree

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Jun 24

The Boy Under The Tree... Part 30 (By Taanihalai) (Thanked: 49 times)

“This isn’t happening” Khushi’s dad said as he walked in.

Khushi had given him a call and informed him that she was getting engaged to Arnav and there was no way she was going to do that without her father.

“What do you mean dad?” Khushi asked as he stood closer to her.

“I said you won’t get engaged to Arnav, that’s it! So without any more drama, let’s go home” he said as he got hold of her hand and started pulling her away while everyone else stared at them in surprise no one having an idea of what was going on.

“Dad!” Khushi said as she pulled her hand out of his hold.

“What’s going on? You know how much I love Arnav, I’ve loved him since childhood and now that when we both are getting a chance to be together you aren’t letting us” Khushi said angrily.

“I know, but then you both can’t be together”

“Why not? Give me a reason dad”

“I don’t need to give you a reason, I just need you to listen to me, you and Arnav can’t be together, that’s it”

“Fine then if you don’t give me a reason, I’m not leaving either, I will get engaged to him whether you are happy or not”

“And I’ll not let that happen Khushi so don’t even think about it”

“Why are you doing this to me dad?”

“Because he’s scared” Raj said suddenly

“What do you mean Raj?” Khushi asked him in surprise.

“You know all this while Anjali and I were so sure that Naina was the one behind sending Jay to you but then we realized we were stupid, there was no logic in it at all, but I wanted to find out the truth, I wanted to know who did this and why, and I actually did find out” Raj said as he walked towards Khushi.

“So who did it?”

“Your own dearest father”

“What? You are joking right? I mean that’s not possible, why would he do something like that? What would he get from it anyway?”

“When you met this little boy under the tree and became so close to him, your dearest father obviously did some research, he couldn’t let his daughter spend her time with someone unknown…

So while doing research he found out about Arnav’s family and realized the property he owned as his had once belonged to Arnav’s father who left if behind for him and his mother after he passed away.

Khushi your dad always had an eye on the property and now it was much easier to get it… he did all he could just to get the property and in the process he got Arnav’s mother killed”

“What nonsense Raj, I don’t believe it” Khushi said angrily

“You have to, because Jay told me about this, he worked for your dad Khushi, he came into your life because your father was so scared, he knew one or the other time if you and Arnav would get together his truth would come out and he dint want that to happen.

He wanted to hide the crime he’d committed, I know it’s very hard for you to believe that your father could do something like this, the same man who took you out in the evening for walks and taught you lessons was the same man who never applied them on his own life.

Just for the sake of a damn property he took the life of a mother, he made Arnav and orphan… I’m sorry I wanted this engagement to finish so that I could tell you the truth but now that he’s not letting it happen I had no other option.”

“Is this true dad?” Khushi asked her father in shock

He dint say anything, he stood there silently as he stared at the floor while tears rolled down Khushi’s eyes, his silence said everything, he was guilty!

Arnav remember when his mother had left telling him she’s going to fight for his right, now was when he remembered, she was going to fight with Khushi’s dad for their property and when her dead body was brought back home he dint even know a thing.

Her mother had forbidden him from asking questions, but now was when he realized, she dint die like that, she was killed for the sake of the damn property, he lost his mother because of this man who was standing right in front of him.

Until today Arnav had been a calm and sorted guy, no one might have even seen him angry or anything close to angry but right now, he was burning with rage.

How could a man stoop so low for some property that he could kill a woman, he was the reason behind why he was an orphan, he was the one because of whom, he spent a small part of his childhood at his aunt’s place while his aunt and uncle treated him like a slave.

“I’m not going to spare this man” Arnav said as he got hold of his collars angrily and looked at him with his bloodshot eyes.

“How dare you! You’ve been leaving a peaceful life all at the cost of my mother’s sacrifice? She went to fight for my right, because this property belonged to me and her, my dad had earned it with his hard work but you chose to kill her.

How could you be so ruthless? Dint you think even for a while that it was the only thing we had for ourselves? And how did you even kill her?

I’ll kill this man here, right away!” Arnav said angrily.

“Arnav… Stop please… control yourself” Armaan said as he rushed to get hold of him.

“Dad did you hear, he killed my mother… he snatched her away from me… how could he do that? How the hell on earth”

“Arnav, your anger is justified, but please let the police handle this” Armaan said

“No, I’ll kill him, he deserved the death he gave my mother… I’ll not let him live even for another minute” Arnav said angrily.

“Arnav calm yourself down, you know that’s not the right thing to do, and if your mother was alive today, she also wouldn’t want this to happen, please calm down, I’ve called the police already, they’ll be here in no time”

“Khushi… I’m sorry” Her father said

“You know today I even feel ashamed of calling you my dad, I always took you as my role model, I knew that the whole world could be wrong but not my father and see how wrong I had been all this years…

You killed his mother just for the property? How could you have been so greedy dad how? What were all those lessons you taught me for when you never acted upon them yourself?

And to hide your crime, you even separated me from Arnav, I’m sorry but I have no trust left on you, I can’t trust a man who could do this to his own daughter, who could kill a mother and leave a child orphaned just for some money.

See here we are now, see where your hunger for money has brought you, I hope now that you are happy…

You’ve lost me forever dad, you’ve lost your daughter… from today onwards I’ll live believing my dad is dead” Khushi said as she ran away while Raj followed her.

Ashima, Anjali and Armaan all stood around Arnav trying to console him and calm him down, everyone else in the hall were busy discussing what had just happened.

Jun 28

The Boy Under The Tree... Part 31 (By Taanihalai) (Thanked: 52 times)

Khushi walked inside the mansion followed by Raj who was trying to talk to her but she was in no moods of listening, after learning the truth about her father she was deeply hurt.

The person who she’d been taking as a role model all this while was in real a murderer! She always thought his father was one of the best human being on earth, he was so down to earth and he had earned all this property at the cost of his hard work but the truth was something else.

“Khushi, please listen to me” Raj shouted

“No Raj, please let me be, I need to be alone, I need to think about things, I need to know where things went wrong”

“Khushi please, whatever uncle did isn’t related to you”

“I know Raj, I know it isn’t related to me, but he’s my father! You know this doesn’t related to me but do you think Arnav will think the same?

For him I’m the daughter of the man who killed his mother, the only person he had in his life, I am the daughter of the person who snatched away all his happiness, do you think he’s going to accept me after knowing the truth?”

“If he really loves you yes he will”

“No! If he really loves me doesn’t mean he has to accept me, I wouldn’t blame him if he chose otherwise Raj, I just feel sad, that my own father could turn out to be like this.

He dint care about killing someone, and then to hide it he played games with my life, I lived seven damn years believing Jay was Arnav and all that because of him, how could he do this to me? To his own daughter?”

“It’s not your fault Khushi”

“I know Raj, I know it isn’t my fault but I’m hurt, my own father did this to me… please let me be, I need to be alone for a while please”

“Okay” Raj said as he headed to his room and Khushi headed to hers.

She jumped on the bed and broke down completely, the person she had trusted the most ended up hurting her the most.

For a while she dint even want to believe that her father could do something like this, why would he? He had always taught her right things, he had always taught her to help people, then how did he end up being opposite of what he had always taught her?


Arnav was sited in his room completely shocked.

So many memories had been awoken again, so many things he had forgotten about came up once again… today he faced the murdered of his own mother and it was terrible, the feeling of seeing him standing there right in front of his eyes having no shame of what he had done infuriated him more.

How could such a man have such a great daughter like Khushi? He dint deserve a daughter like her, in fact he dint deserve a daughter as he had killed someone else’s daughter already just for the sake of his greed.

He punched the mattress angrily, trying to calm himself down and his anger, he was sure the police would deal with that man, he was going to get punished for what he had done, but it hurt him knowing that he had lived free all this years.

“Arnav… are you okay?” Ashima asked as she walked in.

She sat next to him and held his hand as he leaned on her shoulder, he dint know what to do, he dint know what to say, he was feeling angry and hurt at the same time.

He dint say a word, he just sat there silently lost in his own world, remembering the days when he used to plant trees with his mother..

He remembered when she told him she was going to fight for his right and then she never returned…

He wished he had known she was going to fight for their property, them maybe he could have stopped her, and told her that the property dint matter to him, as long as he had his mother by his side he knew he was going to be okay.

But it was too late now, too late to change things, only if there was a way to go to the past and change things, the he would definitely have.

“Everything is going to be okay Arnav, I’m sure your dad is going to make sure he gets the worst punishment for what he did” Ashima said

“Why did he have to do this mom? Why did he have to snatch my mother from me, I loved her so much… she was the only one I could call mine, then why?”

“Arnav questioning things that have already happened isn’t going to change anything, you need to forget about the past… I know what happened was terrible and it had a great impact on you but life doesn’t stop right?

You have a lot more ahead than behind… at least now you know how you lost your mother, you know that whoever was behind it will get his punishment so it’s time to let it go.

You can’t go to the past and change it so I don’t want you to feel the same way someday in future, please think about the future and take wise decision”

“Wise decision about what mom?”

“About your life, about Khushi… Arnav you have to understand that whatever Khushi’s dad did wasn’t her fault, she herself had no idea about it and as much as you are hurt today, she is also hurt and I wouldn’t want you to ever punish her for something she never did”


“I know how much you both love each other, you both know how much problems you’ve faced to be together and now that there’s time for you to be together I don’t want anything coming in between, I want you both to be happy together Arnav, that’s it”

“I love her mom, I obviously can’t punish her for what her father did. How can I forget that she’s the girl who taught me to smile again, the one who helped me without knowing how much she was actually helping me?

I just needed time, to calm down, to be okay… I promise you mom, Khushi and I will be together, we will get engaged but I live the decision of when and how on her.

She’s got a big shock just like I did, and I want her to decide the rest”

“That’s like my son” Ashima said as she hugged Arnav.

Memories of his childhood flashed in his mind and knowing his mother wasn’t here with him anymore did hurt him, but he was glad he had another mother, not everyone was lucky to have two mothers anyway.

“I’ll go visit Khushi and talk to her” He said as he wiped his tears and stood up.

Jun 29

The Boy Under The Tree... Part 32 (By Taanihalai) (Thanked: 44 times)

She was sited in her room staring at the blank ceiling as a million of thoughts ran through her mind, she was so immersed into her thoughts she dint even hear the sound of the birds chirping outside or the sound of the door to her door opening.

Arnav stood at the door as he stared at Khushi who seemed so lost in a faraway land, he knew what she must be thinking and he was here to talk about it to her, he was here to tell her that he loved her and no matter what he was going to be with her.

“Khushi” he called out her name.

She turned her head to look at him and stood up suddenly as she ran towards him and jumped on him giving him a bone crushing hug.

“You’re here Arnav? I can’t believe this… I thought I was never going to see you again” Khushi said as she broke the hug.

“Why wouldn’t you have seen me again? Khushi I love you, do you think I’d just leave you like this? You know I am not that kind of a man, I can’t punish you for your father’s mistake, it was his mistake you had nothing to do with it and that’s all that matters”

“I don’t know Arnav, I just got scared, for a while I thought what if you left me, what would I do without you, I love you so much”

“I know Khushi and I just want you to know that you mean a lot to me and there’s nothing that can take you away from me or take me away from you”

“Thank you so much Arnav, thank you for understanding me” Khushi said as she hugged him happily.

“When would you like us to get engaged? I know it’s a hard time for you that’s why I’m asking you, I’ll be okay with anything you want”

“I want us to get engaged as soon as possible Arnav, we can get married later but I don’t want any other chance of losing you, I’m scared I’ve already lost my dad, I don’t know what punishment he will get, I know he deserves it but then he’s my dad and somewhere no matter how big a monster he was I’ll still love him”

“I know Khushi… I do understand you… anyway I’ll talk to mom and then we can get engaged tomorrow, if that’s fine for you”

“Yes it’s fine” Khushi said as she hugged him again.


Arnav left after spending more than an hour with Khushi hoping he’d make her feel better but it was difficult, at one side he was mourning his mother’s murder and while on the other side Khushi was stuck between hating and loving her father.

The feeling of him being a murderer was something so worse, it was almost impossible for her to believe it only if it wasn’t the confession he made himself.

She walked around staring at the room, at the curtains, cupboards, stickers on the wall, when she finally stood next to the window peeping outside.

The birds were flying away merrily, some people were walking by the streets, some drove their cars, everyone seemed busy in the routines and here she was standing like a statue wondering how things went so wrong.

Why couldn’t her life be normal as everyone else’s? But then she remembered about Arnav and knowing how his life had been, she knew her problems were nothing.

It just did hurt her that the person she always trusted and took as a role model ended up turning to be the worse person she’d ever have met.

She wanted to hate her father, she wanted to hate him so much so she couldn’t feel this pain, but she couldn’t hate him… they had built a strong bond all this years it was impossible to hate him.

She walked back to her bed and lied flat on it, she wanted to feel nothing because the scar her father had just given her was just too big to heal.

She continued staring at the ceiling and fell asleep within no time while thinking about all the things that had happened.


Arnav walked back inside the mansion as everyone stood up like they were welcoming some royalty.

“What’s up?” he asked as he walked towards them.

“Did you talk to Khushi?” Armaan asked

“What did she say?” Ashima asked

“Are you getting back together? Of course you should you both love each other so much, you better not tell me otherwise” Anjali said

“Relax guys, everything is fine, I’ve talked to her and she said we can get engaged tomorrow, though she’s a little bit disturbed by what happened, she fears she’d lose me if the engagement dint happen… she was also worried thinking I was going to punish her for what her father did but anyway I’ve talked to her and I’m sure she’ll be okay soon”

“You should have stayed with her for a while then Arnav” Armaan said

“I did, we sat and talked, I wish I could stay there with her or bring her here but she dint want it that way, she said she’d be here tomorrow on time for the engagement we just need to make all the preparations”

“Poor girl, I understand how it must have felt for her to realize that her father was a murderer, it must be so painful for her, seeing him being arrested, it’s going to get worse for her when the court hearings begin, please don’t ever leave her side Arnav” Ashima said

“Don’t worry mom, I’d never leave her alone in anything, whatever comes from now onwards, we’ll face it together”

“That’s like my son”

Arnav sighed as he walked to his room, he dint want to discuss this topic anymore, he was already missing his mother, he just dint want to get angry remembering about Khushi’s dad.

He sat on the bed as he pulled out his diary and started writing, things were so different right now that he had pictured them.

He thought he would be so excited and happy when he’d be getting engaged, he would be throwing tantrums about what he would wear and do a lot of things but nothing seemed exciting anymore.

It wasn’t that he wasn’t happy about getting engaged to Khushi, it was just that the moment wasn’t right for it, and maybe he wanted to wait until things got a bit better but then Khushi’s fear was also a reason why he thought this might be right.

Maybe if not the engagement, then their wedding would be exciting and full of happiness like he’d wished and maybe Khushi wouldn’t be sad anymore about the things that had happened.

Right now it was like getting engaged without being happy even if that’s what they wanted, it dint feel like the right time to do it.

He put the diary aside and pulled out his phone, if he couldn’t be with her the whole time, he wanted to make sure she dint feel alone, he’d keep on talking to her over the phone and making her feel better, that was the least he could do for her.

Jun 30

The Boy Under The Tree... Part 33 (By Taanihalai) (Thanked: 48 times)

It really dint seem like an engagement day at all, everything seemed to be dull and sad like something they dint want was happening, maybe it was because of the recent events that took place and changed everything.

Armaan and Ashima were sited in the hall having their own small discussion, Arnav had kept himself locked in his room and he refused to eat, they all knew it was because of what he had found out, nobody would feel like eating when they find out that their mother was murdered that too by the father of the person you loved, it was terrible.

Anjali kept on walking around the mansion making sure the arrangements were okay, although Arnav and Khushi had decided that it wasn’t going to be big, she still wanted to make it special for them.

After all the preparations were done, Anjali walked towards Arnav’s room nervously, all this years she had never been nervous to go to him and talk to him but today she was maybe because this was something really difficult for him and she dint know how she was going to help him out of the trauma he was in.

She knocked at the door a couple of times but Arnav dint say anything, she pushed the door slightly and walked in, Arnav was sited on the bed with his diary in his hand as he was lost in some deep thoughts.

“You know I always wondered why you wrote that diary” Anjali said as she walked towards him.

She sat down next to him and got hold of his hand, he looked up at her and hugged her suddenly, she dint know what to say, it felt terrible seeing him like this, so broken so hurt.

“I still don’t know what reason you have for writing it down but I can tell you one reason why it’s good to keep a diary, because on such days when we feel low and hurt, there’s only one thing that can cheer us up, and they are the good memory.

Look at your diary bro, go through all the pages where you wrote about your happy days and happy moments, whatever happened was in the past and sitting here sad like this isn’t going to change a thing. We’ve got one life and I want you and Khushi to cherish it and live it up to the point where you can say that if I die tomorrow, at least I’ll know I’ve lived my life to the fullest” Anjali said

Arnav broke the hug and looked up at her trying to smile.

“When did you grow up to be so big little sister?”

“Well if my elder brothers behaves like a kid, I’ll have to grow up wouldn’t I?” She smiled

“I’m so glad to have you in my life, I wish there was someone who could make Khushi understand this too, I know it’s a tough situation for her, but I just want to see her happy and smiling like she’s always been, and I don’t want that to get lost somewhere in between all this”

“Don’t worry bro, I’m sure Raj would help her there”


“See, isn’t it beautiful?” Raj asked Khushi as he pulled out a dress and showed it to her.

“Yes it is, but what is it for? Are you planning to gift it to Anjali? She’ll love it” Khushi said

“No, this is your engagement dress Khushi, I know you’ve been so lost but you can’t forget you are getting engaged in the evening and you haven’t even got yourself a dress, so I thought I’ll do the honors”

“There was no need for this Raj” Khushi said as she turned away from him.

“And there’s no need to cry for your dad Khushi, I know he’s your father and you love him a lot but he’s my uncle too and I loved him like you did but what he did was wrong wasn’t it?

Your tears won’t change the truth Khushi, so I want you to be okay, please stop crying, it’s your engagement today and you know you will look like a monkey with dark circles under your eyes, do you want to look that way?”

“Why did he do that Raj why?”

“Khushi just know this, it all has happened, questioning it won’t change it, the least you can do is accept it, that’s it.

I’ve called the stylist she’ll be here at six o’clock, and don’t object it, I want you to look fabulous tonight, I want you to do all the things you would have done if all this dint happen, it was your dream Khushi and now that’s it coming true, I want you to be happy about it okay?”

Khushi nodded positively as she took the dress from Raj and headed to her room, it was such a big day of her life and she wasn’t going to have her father by her side.

Like Raj had told her, the stylist arrived at the mansion sharp at six o’clock, she was welcomed by Raj who took her to Khushi’s room to style her and left them alone.

Khushi got dressed in the Royal blue dress that Raj had bought for her, it had matching neck piece and earring too.

Once she got dressed, she sat down near her dressing table and waited for the stylist to style her hair and do the makeup of her.

She sat there with her eyes closed remembering all those times she had spent with her father, all the daily walks and his lessons and every bit of those memories made her want to believe that he wasn’t guilty but he had accepted his crime and no matter what she did, she couldn’t change it, she had to believe that her father was a criminal, and he had committed a murder for the sake of money.

She felt disgusted at the thought, how could someone kill someone else for the sake of money, was money really that important?

As much as she loved him as a father, she hated him as a criminal, what he did was terrible and she was never going to forgive him for it, Raj was right, she shouldn’t waste her tears for such a ruthless man.


She walked downstairs holding her dress carefully so she couldn’t step on it, Raj stood up as he heard footsteps.

“Wow, you look beautiful” Raj smiled

“Thank you, it’s all because of you” Khushi smiled

“So all okay? You ready to leave? Ready to become half Mrs. Raizada” He giggled

“Yup, just a little bit nervous, I hope there aren’t a lot of people, it’s scary like everyone staring”

“Don’t be nervous everything will go well, we should leave anyway, it’s almost time, everyone must be waiting for us.”

Khushi nodded as she followed Raj to the parking and they both drove to the Raizada mansion.

They both walked inside Raizada mansion and just like Khushi had told Arnav, everything was simple and beautiful, there were very few people which made her a bit relaxed.

She looked around hoping to get a glimpse of Arnav when she saw him walking downstairs, she couldn’t take her eyes away from him, he looked like a complete gentleman in his three piece suit, well he was a gentleman anyway even without the suit.

She smiled at him when his eyes met with hers and he also couldn’t stop staring at her, she looked simply gorgeous and he was happy to see her here, happy to see that she looked happy despite of all that had happened.

They both continued staring at each other and got lost into each other’s eyes as the world around seemed to fade away.

Jul 1

The Boy Under The Tree... Part 34 (By Taanihalai) (Thanked: 42 times)

Arnav walked towards Khushi and stood next to her as he got hold of her hand and looked her into the eyes.

“Are you okay Khushi?” Arnav asked worriedly.

Although she was smiling and to everyone else she looked like a girl happy about her engagement, only he knew what must be going on in her heart, the fight between wrong and right, and the worry about what would happen to her father.

“Now that you’re here with me, I am okay” She said as she held his hand tighter.

“You look beautiful Khushi, and with that smile on your face, you make me go weak on my knees”

“Stop flirting” Khushi giggled as she looked at him happily, she was glad she had him by her side because if Arnav had taken a decision of going away from her, she dint know what she could have done.

“Shall we begin with the ceremony?” Ashima asked as she walked towards Khushi and Arnav.

“Sure mom” Arnav said

“Khushi, I’m very sorry for all that happened, I hope that you are okay”

“I’m okay aunty, and I’ll be perfectly fine as time goes by, like they say, time is the best healer”

“Call me mom, now you’re going to be a part of our family, anyway let’s go, let’s get you both engaged now” She smiled as she headed on the stage and started announcing the engagement while Arnav and Khushi joined her.

Anjali walked in with a tray that was beautifully decorated and on it were placed the engagement rings.

“So exchange the rings now” Armaan said as he stood close to Arnav.

Arnav picked up the ring and got hold of Khushi’s hand as he slid the ring into her finger and there was a loud applause from all over the house, everyone was cheering and smiling.

Khushi picked up the ring and slid it on Arnav’s finger and everyone applauded them once again, and within no time, they all rushed towards the stage with their gift boxes to congratulate them.

“Arnav, I know you love her and you’ll always take care of her, but as your father, it’s my responsibility to tell you that you should always take good care of her.” Armaan said as he put his hand on Arnav’s shoulder and Arnav turned to look at him.

“You both will soon get married and she’ll leave everything behind and come here, only for you and for your love, so make sure you keep loving her as much as you love her right now… always treat her right and do the best you can for her…

I know when she comes here you’ll understand what value she has in your life just like I did when I got married to your mom, believe me she changed my whole life in a good way, she stood with me no matter what came, women are a huge part of our lives Arnav, they spend half of their lives just doing things for us, so I want you to learn how to appreciate them”

“I will dad, I promise I’ll always love her as much as I do right now and I’ll always treat her like my queen” Arnav said

Armaan smiled at him and then stepped aside giving space to the guests who were coming to congratulate them.

Arnav moved closer to Khushi as he held her hand again while she shook one hand with the guests, Anjali and Raj were standing beside them accepting all the gifts.

It took a while as they had invited only a few guests, after all was done, dinner was announce and everyone rushed to get themselves some food.

“Let’s dance” Arnav said

“What? Here? There are so many people Arnav, how can we?”

“Of course we can, today is our engagement day, we definitely should dance” Arnav said

“We agree with him” Armaan and Ashima said

Khushi blushed a little bit and then looked Arnav into the eyes and then nodded positively.

She gave her hand into his as the slow music started to play and everyone else left the stage leaving both the love birds behind, lost into each other’s eyes and dancing as they celebrated their engagement.

Arnav pulled her closer not leaving any space in between them, he tucked the hair that was falling on her face, behind her ears and looked at her like she was some angel.

“I love you” He whispered to her

“I love you too Arnav” She whispered back as they continued moving with the rhythm.

“Anjali and Raj stood in a corner staring at Arnav and Khushi and then they looked at each other and smiled.

“I can’t wait for the day when we’ll get engaged” Anjali said

“And dance like this” Raj winked at her as she blushed deep red.


“Come with me” Arnav said as he stopped dancing suddenly and got hold of Khushi’s hand pulling her out of the stage.

“To where?” She asked

“If anyone asks about us, make some excuse, I’ll be back as soon as I can” Arnav said to Anjali.

“Oh I get it, some private romance huh” Anjali giggled

Arnav just smiled as he walked away pulling Khushi with her while Raj and Anjali were left behind smiling at the thoughts of what they were up to.

“Arnav, there are guests downstairs” Khushi said as they started climbing the stairs.

“I don’t care, just come with me, I promise I won’t take long, I have a surprise for you”

“What surprise?”

“Now obviously it’s a surprise so I’m not going to tell you about it, so now shut up and do as I say or you’ll not get it”

“Okay fine” Khushi said as she followed Arnav silently.

They both headed to Arnav’s bedroom where Arnav told Khushi to sit down, she sat on the bed while he went to get something from the cupboard.

He pulled out a small gift box and walked back to Khushi as he handed it to her.

“This is for you” he smiled

Khushi took the gift box from him and opened it up revealing a beautiful Love shaped pendant with both their names engraved on it, it was all decorated with diamonds and there was a tiny switch aside which she pressed and the whole Keychain lighted up.

“This is beautiful Arnav, thank you so much” Khushi said as she pulled it out of the box.

“I’ll help you” Arnav said as he took it from her and then turned her around, while he helped her wear it on her neck.

He locked it with his teeth inhaling her body fragrance which drove him crazy within a few seconds, he dint feel like taking of his face from her neck.

He kissed her on the neck while Khushi tightened her fist and closed her eyes, his lips felt so smooth on her skin she wanted to feel more of it.

He turned her to face him again and cupped her face, his eyes stuck on her glossy red lips, they were too tempting for him.

He moved closer to her, both their breaths getting heavier, he helped her stand up and then made her sit on his lap, facing him, his hand sliding to her waist he pulled her as close as he could.

Khushi shut her eyes, it was a beautiful moment and she wanted to feel everything about it, his grip on her waist suddenly became tighter and in the next second he was already claiming her lips.

A soft moan escape her mouth as she ran her hand on his hair and pulled them lightly while he kissed her.

He got hold of her as he stood up suddenly and pushed her to the wall, with his hand on her thighs, he lifted on of her legs up, pushing himself in between as he sucked her lips with full passion.

Khushi couldn’t stop moaning and the harder he went on kissing her, the louder her moans became.

“I wish I could undress you right away and make love to you, but everyone’s waiting for us downstairs” He said as he broke apart.

Khushi stood there still with her eyes yet shut, she was yearning for more herself, but maybe the time was wrong.

Jul 1

The Boy Under The Tree... Part 35 (By Taanihalai) (Thanked: 43 times)

“Done with your romance?” Anjali giggled as both Arnav and Khushi walked downstairs hand in hand.

“Shut up will you?” Arnav said as he gave her an irritated look.

All the guests had had their dinner by now, half of them had already left, their big day seemed to be coming to an end.

“Congratulations!” They heard someone’s voice and turned around.

“Naina!” Khushi said in total surprise.

“What a pleasant surprise, I wasn’t expecting you’d come but I’m glad you did” Arnav said as he hugged her.

“Well you were getting engaged so I had to come, just that I got a bit late trying to convince myself, but wish you both all the very best, I’m so happy that you both are finally together, there couldn’t be anything better than this.”

“Thank you so much” Khushi smiled.

“Are you okay?” Arnav asked as he looked at her worriedly.

“I will be, at least I feel less hurt than what I would have felt in future if you both got separated because of me.” Naina said

“I’m sure you’ll find someone to keep you happy and to love you more than you deserve.” Arnav said

“Yes, let me wait for my prince charming” Naina smiled.


“Mom is the party over? I need to go somewhere” Arnav asked Ashima.

“Most likely, everyone has almost left, you can leave too I’ll handle the remaining guests, I’m sure they’ll leave soon”

“Thank you, I’m taking Khushi with me, I’ll drop her home then be back in a while” Arnav said as he held Khushi’s hand and pulled her with him.

“Where are we going to Arnav?” She asked

“You’ll get to know soon, just come with me” Arnav said

They both got inside the car as Arnav drove off while Khushi kept on staring at him in confusion wondering where he was taking her on their engagement night.

“Arnav… come on tell me where we are going”

“We are almost there Khushi, you’ll see it for yourself” Arnav said as he continued driving without answering to her questions.

Arnav stopped the car outside a huge gate, the guards ran to open the gate as he drove inside while Khushi looked around in shock.

“You’ve brought me to the prison?” She asked in complete shock.

Arnav parked the car aside and then turned to look at Khushi, he got hold of her hand and looked her into the eyes.

“Look, I know how much our engagement means to you and I know you missed your dad today, it was a very special day for you and no matter what any daughter would miss her parents on such days…

Although I really hate him for what he did to my mother, he’s still your father, and even though he’s guilty you can’t stop loving him so suddenly, yes I want him to be punished but not by punishing you, I won’t ever want you to stay away from him just because I hate him.

I want you to know that you can come here and see him whenever you feel like, I won’t ever object, the only thing is that you’ll see him alone, I don’t want to see his face ever again in my life” Arnav explained.

“I don’t want to see him Arnav”

“Khushi we both know you want to, he’s your dad and you do miss him, so go inside I’ve talked to the police officers, they’ll let you in… I’ll be right here waiting for you”

Khushi looked at him hesitantly and then nodded as she stepped out of the car and headed inside while Arnav waited for her in the car.


As the police officers took her to meet her father, she felt nervous, she dint know what she was going to say to him or what she was going to talk to him, it was all going to be so awkward.

“Wait here” The officer said as he walked away, Khushi sat in front of the glass waiting for her father to walk in from another room.

A few moments later, he saw him being led there by two officers, she stood up at the sight of him, just in like three days he had gone so pale, he looked sad.

He sat on the chair opposite of hers while Khushi sat down too staring at him, only if he hadn’t committed the crime, then things would have been so different today.

“So you finally got engaged to him, you look beautiful Khushi” her father said as he looked at her with a tired smile.

He wanted to hug her, in this few days he had been here the only person he missed was his daughter but because of this glass barrier between them he couldn’t even do that.

“Why dad? Why did you do it? Hell, I even feel ashamed of calling you dad” Khushi said as a tear escaped her eye.

“I had no other choice Khushi…”

“You had a choice, you could have chosen to live as a poor man than to kill someone for property, you snatched Arnav’s mother from him and despite all that he himself brought me here to meet you…

I don’t understand a thing, I always loved you dad but today I feel like hating you, how could you just kill someone for money?” Khushi asked

“I know Khushi, I made a mistake and here I am paying for it”

“And you aren’t paying for it alone, I’m paying for it too, every minute of my life… whenever I look at Arnav, I feel like I am the one who snatched his mother from him”

“You know that’s not true, you dint do a thing, I was the one who killed her, I wanted to be rich, I wanted so much money and when I learned about her, I got to know she was a widow and her husband had left behind all this property for her…

I dint intend to kill her, at first I tried to lure her into falling in love with me so I could get married to her and get her property but then that never happened so I had no other option left, I killed her”

“You disgust me dad, until now I was somehow feeling bad for you, I thought maybe you had other reasons to do what you did but now I feel disgusted, you killed her because you were just greedy for money!

I would never ever forgive you for that, know this, you might be my father but for me you are dead from today, I’ll forget I even had a father, don’t ever expect me to come to visit you again!” Khushi cried as she ran away.


“Take me home Arnav!” Khushi said as she entered in the car.

Arnav looked at her as she fastened her seatbelt and then started the car, he drove off without asking her a question until they reached to Khushi’s house.

“Are you okay Khushi?” Arnav asked as he stopped the car in front of her gate.

“Thank you for taking me there Arnav, I wouldn’t have ever gathered enough courage to go there and now that I went there I am a hundred percent sure I don’t want to see his face ever again just like you” Khushi said

“But he’s your father Khushi”

“For me he’s nothing less than a criminal, I loved him and respected him all this years but today what he said was enough to make me lose it all for him, from today onwards I don’t want to talk about him or even hear his name”

“As you wish, but please stop being sad, you know I don’t like seeing you like this”

“I’ll be happy soon Arnav, it’s going to haunt me for a few days but once I get out of it, everything will get back on track and we would leave our lives happily forever”

“Like the happily ever after?” Arnav asked

“Like the happily ever after” Khushi said as she hugged him tight.

Jul 4

The Boy Under The Tree... EPILOGUE (By Taanihalai) (Thanked: 38 times)

Five Years later…

“Arnav! Where are you?” Khushi shouted as she looked around the whole mansion searching for her husband but he was nowhere to be seen.

“Mom have you seen Arnav anywhere?” Khushi asked Ashima.

“No I haven’t seen him, I dint even see him leaving the house, why don’t you call him?”

“I did but his phone isn’t reachable, I don’t know where he’s disappeared so suddenly.” Khushi said sadly.

“Maybe he’s preparing a welcome for Anjali and Raj, after all they’re coming back home for the first time after their wedding, he must be planning something” Armaan said as he joined them.

“But why alone? He could tell us and we all could help him” Khushi frowned.

“He’s your husband you know him better” Ashima giggled.

Khushi blushed as she sat on the sofa wondering where he might have gone as he had also left his phone behind. She was thinking of every possible place he could be when something clicked her mind.

“I think I know where he might be, I’ll just go and check on him” Khushi stood up as she quickly rushed outside the mansion.

She found him sited under the same tree where she had first seen him when they were kids, the same tree where everything began.

After Arnav and Khushi got married, Arnav wanted to shift back to this place so he could stay closer to his mother who had been buried under that tree, Armaan and Ashima decided to shift here with him too and since then they’d been living here.

He was sited there lost in thoughts just like he had been the first time she saw him, he was completely silent and was staring at the ground.

Khushi walked towards him and sat next to him as she got hold of his hand, he raised his head up and looked at her with a smile, he held back her hand tighter and leaned his head on her shoulder.

They both sat there for almost half an hour silently just feeling the cold breeze and enjoying the peaceful silence until Raj and Anjali arrived home.

Anjali rushed towards Arnav as soon as she stepped out of the car while Raj parked it, Arnav stood up happily seeing her as she ran towards him and hugged him.

“It’s just been a week and I miss you already” She said sadly.

“I miss you too my little sister” Arnav said as he hugged her tighter.

Raj walked out of the car and joined the as he greeted Khushi first and then Arnav.

“Let’s go inside, mom and dad have been waiting for you” Khushi said happily.

They all headed inside the mansion to meet Ashima and Armaan when Arnav stopped Khushi suddenly as Anjali and Raj walked towards Armaan to meet him.

“Are you sure you still don’t want to meet your dad? You know I don’t mind, Raj is here also you both can go and see him”

“No Arnav I don’t want to see him, he deserves this punishment, he snatched your mother from you, I’ve snatched his daughter from him, he’s going to spend the rest of his life in the jail anyway and that’s it, let’s not discuss this topic ever again” Khushi said

“Okay, as you say my dear wife” Arnav smiled as he side hugged her and then they both joined everyone else.

They all had dinner together and after that headed to off to bed, Anjali and Raj were going to stay with them for a few days.


Khushi walked in the room after finishing up all her work when Arnav got hold of her suddenly and hugged her from behind.

“Arnav… What are you doing… let me change at least” Khushi said

“How about I help you” Arnav said as he turned her to look at him.

“You know you just drive me so crazy at times, like now I feel like making love to you, you’re just so adorable”

“Am I a teddy that I’m adorable” Khushi giggled

“Yes, my beautiful and cute teddy bear” He said as he got hold of her waist and pulled her closer.

Tucking her hair behind her ears, he kissed on her cheeks and then went for her lips straight away, sucking her lips and the taste of the fresh orange juice she’d had just before coming to the room just drove him crazier, he wanted her, he wanted all of her tonight.

He pushed her to the nearest wall, got hold of her thighs pushing himself in between he kissed her so hard and deep she couldn’t stop moaning.

She got hold of his shirt and started unbuttoning it, the way he kissed her got her so high she wanted more, she wanted him to make love to her and not stop at all, she wanted to make love to him the whole night.

She pulled of the shirt revealing his bare chest, she pulled apart breaking their lips kiss as she bent on his chest placing wet kissed all over his bare chest.

Going down on her knees, she unzipped his pants and pulled them off to. He got hold of her dress as he helped her stand up and pulled it over leaving her in her inners only.

He looked at her from top to bottom making her go weak as she blushed, he picked her up in his arms and took her to the bed as he threw her on it and jumped on top of her.

“Tonight I’m not going to stop” He winked at her making her blush more

“At least turn off the lights” Khushi said

“Still shy of your husband even after three years of marriage?” Arnav giggled.

Khushi blushed deep red as Arnav went for the switch and turned the lights off so he could make love to his wife for the rest of the night.

They couldn’t see each other really well now, but what pleased him more were Khushi’s moans and light screams that couldn’t seem to be stopping and he knew he was doing the right thing, he was making love to her in the most beautiful way.


He turned on the lights as he lied next to her looking her into the eyes with a smile.

“I must say, my wife is very wild” Arnav said as he looked at the scratch marks of Khushi’s nails on his chest.

“Not more than you” Khushi said as she hid her face inside the blanket.

“You know his is what I love more about you, they shyness, the childishness, you’re just the perfect wife for me” Arnav said

“And you are just the perfect husband for me” Khushi smiled as she hugged him and they stayed like that until they drove into deep sleep.


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