A short moral story on Tit for Tat – The Silver Key

Apr 27, 2017

A short moral story on Tit for Tat – The Silver Key (By Telly_News) (Thanked: 4 times)

Once a rich man came to an inn. It was night. The door of the inn was closed. The rich man was wet due to rain.  So he wanted to get in and rest for the night. He knocked at the door. The porter at the gate did not open it. “The door is locked from inside”, said he “and I cannot open it without the key”.

The rich man understood what he meant. He, therefore, slipped a rupee from a chink in the gate. The porter opened the door and the rich man came in. “Could you please bring my luggage from outside”, said he.” Said he.” I forgot to bring it with me. I am so wet due to rain.”

The porter was taken in. He did not under stood what the rich man meant. So he went out. The rich man now bolted the door. The porter did not find any luggage. When he came back he found the door closed. He knocked at the door. The rich man said from within, “I have lost the key and therefore cannot open the door.”

The porter now knew that he had been befooled. He, fore, slipped the same coin through the chink. The rich man took the coin and opened the door. Moral : Tit for Tat.

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