SS: A Bullish Khushi

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Aug 27, 2017

Chapter 10 (By Inaara_Khan) (Thanked: 86 times)

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"Now leave all this, see it's time for lunch!! Come let's have our lunch!!" Saying this Anjali ushered everyone towards dining hall for lunch.

"Hariprakashji please call NK Bhai and Aarav for lunch!!" said Anjali to Hariprakash who was arranging the table for lunch

Everyone started having their lunch.

After lunch sheetal accidentally dropped a glass which broke into pieces- "oh sorry!! I don't know how it slipped"

She was about to pick it up when Anjali objected saying- "You don't need to do that Sheetalji, HP will do that. You relax!!"

"Hariprakashji can you please clean the mess!!"

Arnav rolled his eyes seeing the drama of his sister and sheetal. Trust his sister to be dramatic sometimes. What will happen if sheetal picked the glass.

"Khushi, come upstairs with me!!" asked Arnav

"You go, I'll be there in a while!!" replied Khushi going towards kitchen

"Ok!" saying this Arnav started going towards his room.

When he was climbing the stairs he heard the heart-piercing scream


He recognised the voice of Khushi. He abruptly turned to see what happened what he saw shocked him.

There khushi was lying on the floor her hand and her foot bleeding!!

"KHUSHI!!" Shouting her name Arnav ran towards her.

"Khushi what happened?? How did you fall? Can't you see and walk??" asked Arnav panicked seeing her state.

"Who the hell dropped the glass here??" Asked a furious Arnav who was scared to see khushi in this condition which eventually came out in the form of his anger.

"That's not important ASR, first help her to stand up. See the way she is bleeding." said Sheetal faking her concern.

"Yes Chote, pick her up and take her to your room and Aakash call the doctor!!" Ordered Anjali as she knows that Arnav isn't in the state to do all this.

Arnav carefully picked khushi in his arms like a glass doll not afraid to hurt her even more. Khushi winced with the sudden movement as the glass pricked her deep in her skin.

"Sshh relax khushi, I'm here nothing will happen to You." Comforted Arnav

Arnav entered the room and carefully placed her on the bed and held her leg to remove the glass pieces when khushi winced and pulled her leg back with pain.

"Khushi let me remove the glass pieces, it may hurt You!! " Arnav said softly seeing her wincing in pain. He wasn't able to see her in the pain and the glasses were like pierced in his heart rather than her hand and leg.

"No Ar-nav-ji it's pai-ni-ng!!" Said khushi with difficulty. She wasn't able to say anything due to the pain.

"I know khushi but we have to remove the glass pieces or else it is going to hurt you more.." explained Arnav patiently not wanting to hurt her.

"Yes khushiji we have to remove the glass pieces. Wait let me help Chote!!" Anjali was about to sit on the bed to remove the glass pieces but stopped hearing khushi.

"NO!! Please don't remove it's going to hurt me more."

"Khushi relax, just close your eyes and in no time I will remove them. I promise it will be pain only for a while. We have to remove it right khushi, you can't sit with these glass pieces pierced into your skin!!" Consoled Arnav to khushi like she is a child and yes for him khushi is still a child in the form of woman whom he wish to never grow up.

"You will remove it carefully right??" Khushi asked innocently tears flowing from her eyes not able to bear the pain.

"Yes dear, trust me!!" Promised Arnav smiling inspite of all this due to her innocence.

"But you should only remove It!!"

"Yes I will only do It.. " saying this Arnav with the help of foreceps slowly yet carefully started removing the glass pieces  from her hand.

With her each wince he apologised to her with misted eyes leaving the family members along with sheetal in amazement as he is apologising, The Great ASR who did not apologize to anyone not even his Di apologising to khushi. Why not the woman who he is apologising is his love, life and his wife.

Sheetal gritted her teeth with anger seeing her plan backfire. She deliberately dropped the glass to hurt khushi. When khushi was about to go to the kitchen she pushed Aarav who was getting up from his chair who bumped into Khushi which lost her balance resulting in her fall on the glass pieces which were on the floor.

By the time Arnav removed the glass pieces from her hand doctor arrived and ask everyone to wait outside till she bandages khushi. But khushi did not leave Arnav's hand so Arnav stayed back.

The doctor immediately started cleaning the wounds of her hand with spirit and asked Arnav to bring a loose Salwar for khushi so that the cloth doesn't stick to the wound.

Doctor with the help of Arnav removed the glass pieces from her leg and later bandaged the wounds not before cleaning it with spirit.

After that Arnav helped khushi change in the comfortable clothes.

"Mr Raizada bring her to the hospital by evening she needs to get 3 stitches one at her hand and two at her leg!!"

Khushi gasped hearing it and said- "No doctor I'm fine, there is no need of a single stitch forget about 3 stitches!!"

"Khushi, is she the doctor or You??" Asked Arnav sarcastically seeing her protesting.

"There is the need of stitches Mrs Raizada as there are many chances of infection to occur there. So it's better to be safe than sorry!!" Said doctor sternly.

"As she lost a quite good amount of blood I'm prescribing some vitamins and iron tablets which are to be taken with out fail after food and a pain killer. Mr Raizada can please you roll her sleeve a little so that I can give her a tetanus shot.."

Arnav was about to roll her sleeve but stopped hearing khushi

"No Arnavji I don't want to take injection please. I will eat tablets and go to hospital for stitches but I don't want to take that injection!!"

Both the doctor and Arnav were amused seeing her reaction. Arnav bit back his smile seeing her reaction. He signalled doctor to go ahead.

"Why khushi, what is the harm in getting an injection??" asked Arnav rolling her sleeve. Khushi did not noticed it as she was panicked due to the word injection.

"Arrey, don't you know how big it is and will pain a lot more than anything. So, I don't want to take injection and upon that it will bleed too..!!" Khushi was so engrossed in explaining about the aftermath of injections to realise that doctor finished giving her one.

"Really?? But I heard it won't pain if we take injection!!" Asked an amused Arnav.

"Pain. It was a fool who said that injections won't pain. It will pain alot. Don't you know, didn't anyone give You?"

"No, no one gave me!!" Arnav said in sad tone

"It's good that no one gave you or else you would have ended up crying with the pain!!"

"Then it's good I did not take any injection or else you would have cried with me and you know right that I don't like seeing tears in your eyes!!"

Doctor was amazed seeing the way he was handling his wife with care and concern and consoling her at her every wince. She often heard about the arrogance and ruthless behaviour of ASR but for the first time saw his love, care and concern towards his wife which surely brought tears in her eyes.

There is a saying  always judge a person seeing their treatment towards their loved one's today she understood the meaning of it.

First time in her life she prayed to get a Prince charming like ASR in her life. She was very busy with Studies amd now with her job that she did not think of marriage in her 28 years of life but now seeing this couple she too want to get married to a person who will be half caring as the husband she is seeing today.

She came out of the thoughts hearing Arnav.

"Ok now khushi lay down, you need rest!"

"No Arnavji I'm totally fine!!"

"I said na rest that means you have to rest and after sometime we have to go to hospital for stitches. Sleep!!" Arnav ordered in a stern voice as he knows if he say like that she won't listen.

"Hmphhhh!!!" Khushi lied down silently as she knows that he wont listen to her.

"Mr Raizada can I speak to you alone??" Asked doctor.

"Sure!! This way!" Arnav pointed towards poolside.

"Mr. Raizada how did she get hurt??" Asked doctor directly.

"I don't exactly know doctor as I wasn't there but she fell on the floor where earlier glass was broken.."

"Maybe but you are missing something, if the glass was broken accidentally then where did these pieces come From??" She asked showing diagonal glass pieces which had Khushi's blood.

"See Mr Raizada these pieces can't be of the glass which we normally use, these are made of fine quality of glass which are far more different from the quality we find in our house hold. I saw 2 pieces on her leg.. This type of glass is usually used to catch the criminals in police department and see it's cuts which are very pointed which may pierce anyone very deeply!!!"

Arnav was hell shocked hearing this. He was also able to see the differences between the two types of glasses which she showed.

"I don't know doctor how it came in my house but I will look into the matter ASAP!!"

"I know that that's why I informed you before anyone. Whoever it is, he/she is very dangerous. He is trying to harm your family especially your wife, so please take care of her.."

"Doctor can you make sure that this will be between two of us, no one should know about this apart from us!! "

"Be assured Mr Raizada no one will come to know about it. I'll take your leave now, don't forget to bring her to hospital by evening for stitches!!"

"Thank you doctor!!" Arnav said with gratitude

She left acknowledging the gratitude in his tone.

"Sheetal kapoor you have messed with a very wrong person!!!" Arnav said bitterly as he knows sheetal is the one who is behind it.

"SHEETAL SHEETAL!!!" Arnav descended the stairs shouting her name.

To be continued..........

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Sep 6, 2017

Chapter 11 (By Inaara_Khan) (Thanked: 79 times)

"Sheetal kapoor you have messed with a very wrong person!!!" Arnav said bitterly as he knows sheetal is the one who is behind it.

Arnav entered the room and saw khushi mumbling something to herself and pouting cutely in anger. He knows she may be cursing him as he isn't allowing her to do her according to her wish.

He smiled seeing her cute angry face and went towards her.

"What happened to my wife, why is her nose red??" Asked Arnav sitting beside her.

"Hmphhh!! Why should she say you and for your information she is angry with You!!"

"Why, what did this poor soul do to bear her anger??"

"No, he didn't do anything. Everything is my fault that I expected him to be a little considerate, but no he is like always laad governor. Always boss around and if anyone doesn't listen to him then he will glare at them angrily or shout at them to scare them!!!"

"So sad, what a bad husband you got. See my wife she is so lucky she got such a caring and loving husband and you got totally opposite!!" Arnav said in sympathetic tone.

Just in time HP knocked at the door with juice.

"Arnav Bhaiya, Anjali Didi send juice for khushi Bhabhi!!"

"Give it to me HP and close the door while going!!" HP nodded and left what he was asked to.

"Ok, now drink this juice.!!" Khushi gulped the juice without any fuss as she knows that he won't leave her till she drinks.

"Ahh!!" Yelped khushi in pain clutching her left hand.

"What happened, is it paining??" Arnav panicked hearing her yelp.

"Yes, alot!!" replied Khushi in a painful voice.

"Ok, wait let me give you the painkiller. It may reduce it to some extent!!" Saying this Arnav gave her the painkiller and asked no ordered her to rest.

After making sure khushi slept Arnav left from there in anger.

"SHEETAL SHEETAL!!!" Arnav descended the stairs shouting her name.

Everyone were frightened hearing his shouts as he was shouting after a long time.

"Chote what happened why are you shouting for Sheetalji??"

"Sheetal were are you, come out this instant!!!" Yelled Arnav not paying any heed to Anjali.

Sheetal and Aarav who were in the room came out confused.

"Yes Arnav, you called me!!" Asked sheetal sweetly masking her confusion


Arnav slapped sheetal very tightly!!

"How dare you, you try to hurt my khushi??"

Every one gasped on seeing Arnav slapping sheetal. Sheetal was shocked when Arnav slapped her. No one slapped her till now but he did. She was furious!!!

"Chote, how can you slap Sheetalji, and how did she hurt khushiji??" Asked Anjali shocked by her chote's behaviour.

Sheetal was standing numb. She never expected Arnav to slap her. She is now sure that they came to know about her doings.

"Don't try to be innocent sheetal, weren't you the one who dropped the glass?? Just because khushi said you something you tried to hurt Her?? How dare you do that?!?!?" He was about to hold her neck but was stopped by khushi.

"Arnavji, what are you doing??" Khushi asked calmly.

"Leave me khushi, this woman tried to hurt you I will not leave Her, I will kill her!!" Arnav softly tried removing his hand from her hold but khushi wasn't leaving his hand.

"She didn't do anything Arnavji, I accidentally slipped and hurt myself. She isn't the reason I fell!!"

"Don't lie khushi, I'm sure she pushed you and due to the sudden push you fell. She is taking revenge from you as you took her class today!!"

"No Arnavji, she didn't do anything, you relax!!" Khushi eyed Arnav which made Arnav to relax

"Yes Arnav khushi is right, I didn't do anything. Why will I take revenge from her. What all she said she said for my betterment. I didn't mind anything!!" sheetal said seeing khushi defending her. She was relaxed as Khushi didn't know that she was the one who pushed her deliberately. If only she knew....

"Ok I believe You, but why did you come down, doctor asked you to rest na??"

"I came to see the commotion, You slapped her so loudly that the voice echoed the whole house!!"

"Ok, come I'll take you to the room!!"

"I'm sorry sheetalji on behalf of Arnavji, I hope your cheek isn't stinging with pain!!" Khushi asked with psuedo concern which made Arnav smirk.

"I'm fine Khushi!!!" Murmured sheetal and left from there caressing her cheek.

Arnav picked khushi and was going to the room when khushi protested.

"What are you doing Arnavji, everyone is present here!!"

"I'm carrying my wife not any stranger that they will object or make a scene. No one has any problem and upon that you are hurt!!"

"No one can say you anything!!" Khushi sighed seeing his behaviour

"Yes, no one can say me anything as I'm ASR!! Now shut up!!" Arnav said climbing the stairs with khushi in her arms.

"What happened here just now, how did khushiji got hurt??" NK asked on seeing the bandages on Khushi's hand and leg.

Payal explained everything to him which made him furious.

"How dare she do that!!" NK Exclaimed furiously.

"It was an accident NK Bhai, sheetal did not do anything to hurt khushiji!!" Anjali tried to defend Sheetal.

"You are saying me this Di, when you know that sheetal dropped the glass. I can't believe she can stoop this low!!"

"So what NK Bhai of Sheetalji dropped the glass. It was just a mistake. What if I had dropped It??"

"Ok Di, where was sheetal standing when khushiji fell?!?!"

Anjali thought a lot and said- "near Khushiji!!"

"If she finished her lunch and was about to pick her plate and glass to keep it in the kitchen, then what was she doing near the dining table. If I'm not wrong she finished her lunch 5 minutes earlier than khushiji then why was she standing near dining table. She daily doesn't do any work then what was the need to do that only today??"

Anjali was in dilemma where as everyone understood that sheetal deliberately did it to hurt khushi..

"I'll answer you Di, she did all this to hurt khushiji. Nannav is right, but I don't understand why did Khushiji defended sheetal. I'm sure Khushiji too knows that sheetal pushed her resulting in her fall!! First she knowingly dropped the glass then she pushed khushiji who lost the balance and fell straight in the glass pieces which pierced her skin. She planned all this perfectly making it look like an accident!!"

"Accept it Di, there is no use of thinking this much!!"

"I got you NK Bhai, but why did she do this!!"

"Just because she gave a very long lecture to her about anything and everything!!!"

"It's ok bitiya, we will speak to her later and ask why did she do this!!"

"No need Dadiji, I'm sure Nannav and khushiji will take care of her and there is no need for you all to say to Sheetalji that you know about her doings. Let's pretend like nothing happened. They both will take care of her!!"

Nodding at him Every one left from there.

ArShi's Room.

Arnav placed khushi on the bed carefully

"What was the need to come down Khushi, what if you hurt yourself even more. Why cant you just rest dammit!!"

"What was the need to shout at her, poor Sheetalji!!"


"Dammit Khushi she was the one who pushed you and here you are sympathizing her!!"

"Who said I'm sympathizing her and I know she was the one who pushed me, let me deal her in my way. No one I mean no one can hurt me and get away easily!!"

"What are you going to do??"

"You will know soon!!"

"Ok, whatever you do please don't hurt yourself. She is very dangerous!!

"Do you know how I felt seeing you lying there withering in pain??" Arnav asked tears in his eyes. He hugged her and started crying.

Understanding his state khushi hugged him back and starred caressing his hairs to comfort him.

"Shhh Arnavji, see I'm fine!!"

"No you are not, you are in pain Khushi and I'm so sorry for what all I did from starting till today!!"

"I'm sorry for abusing you and insulting you in the fashion show, I'm sorry for realising the tape on the t.v., I'm sorry for hurting you Every time we met. I don't know how many times I hurt, insulted, humiliated, abused you. I'm sorry for every single time. I never meant all those things Khushi."

"I did not meant anything Khushi, it was just my helplessness of not knowing my feeling towards you which came out in the form of anger and those bitter words. I never meant accusing you as gold-digger, I never meant to marry you forcefully for six months. See I did not make you sign any contract papers because I wanted you with me as my wife for life time not for only 6 months. I'm sorry for marrying you without any rituals!!"

"I did not mean to throw you out at the poolside on our first night, It was just my anger on I'm not controlling my emotions towards you which hurled abuses at you. I'm sorry for not treating uou as my wife, I'm sorry for humiliating your parents and buaji, I'm sorry for not treating you as my wife when I know you deserved the respect and love!!"

"I'm sorry for not believing you when you said about Shyam, I'm sorry for cursing your parents, I'm sorry for leaving you here all alone and going to london, I'm sorry for all the hurt and pain you bore for finding about me during kidnapping, I'm sorry for leaving you here with that leech Shyam, I'm sorry for calling you as biggest mistake of my life when you are the best thing that happened to me!! I'm sorry for bearing my dadi's taunts, I'm sorry for making you wait at mandap, I'm sorry for ignoring you when sheetal came to live with us!!"

"I'm sorry khushi for every single time you were hurt due to me or due to the people who are close to me. I'm sorry for every single time you shed tears of sadness and pain!!"

"Jab jo bura kaha, uska koi matlab nahi. Jab jo bura kiya, uska koi matlab nahi. Iss pyaar mein sahi aur galat ka koi matlab nahin. Bas ek cheez ka matlab hai, ki me, hamesha, hamesha tumse Pyaar karta tha, hun aur karta rahunga!!" (What ever bad I said it didn't mean anything, whatever bad I did it didn't mean anything. There is no right and wrong in this love. What meant is my love for You. I loved You, love you and will love you always!!)

Saying this Arnav hugged her tightly!!!

"I was scared khushi scared to loose you like I lost my mom. You are like ice to my burning heart and soul, I don't want to loose you. For a second I thought I lost you!!" Saying this Arnav buried his head in her hairs.

"You can't loose me Arnavji, not now not ever. I promise you. I won't leave you this soon!!" Khushi laughed herself which made Arnav smile too...

Arnav was about to kiss her but There was a knock on the door.

"They can't leave us in peace Khushi, don't blame me when you don't get pregnant!!" Arnav said making khushi red.

"Come in!!" Arnav called who is there on the door.

Precap- sheetal's punishments begins...

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Chapter 12 (By Inaara_Khan) (Thanked: 97 times)

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"Nannav, can I come in??"

"You are already in NK!!" NK smiled sheepishly and came near khushi

"How are you now khushiji, I heard about you being hurt.. How are your wounds?? Is there any pain??"

"I'm fine!!" Khushi replied curtly.

"What happened to you Khushiji, why are you behaving like this with me??"

"Nothing happend Nanheji, and how come you realised that I exist??"

"What does that mean, you are were and will be my Best Friend Khushiji. I can never forget you. I know Sheetal is the root cause of your behaviour. Somewhere we are also responsible as we forgot about you and were busy with her and Aarav. I'm sorry for that!! We didn't do right by ignoring You!!"

"You don't need to be sorry Nanheji, I can understand You all forget about others when you get any new person!!"

"Yes khushiji I'm sorry, I was so busy in my newly found infatuation that I forgot about my Best Friend. I just ignored you like others when it was my duty to be with You, understand your pain and make you happy which I failed miserably.."

"I apologise for my behaviour, please forgive me khushiji!!" NK guilty apologized folding his hands.

"It's ok Nanheji, you don't need to feel guilty. I understand your reasons!!!" Khushi said holding his hands

"I know khushiji that she is behind your accident. She is here is to hurt you and is not leaving any chance to do it. She is trying to show that she is better than you in every aspect. She is doing all this deliberately.."

"We know it NK, but I'm not understanding why she is doing all this. What will she get??? She is portraying Aarav as me. What is her motive behind this??"

"We will find out Nannav, before that we have to expose her true colours before family members especially Di. She isn't ready to believe that she can harm Khushiji.."

"Yes you are right Nanheji, before exposing her I want to teach her lesson!!"

"That's great then, what are you going to do??"

"Wait and watch.." khushi said smirking

"We will start it from tomorrow, as we have to go to hospital. Remember??"

"Yeah yeah!!"

"Why do you have to go to hospital. Is anything wrong??"

"Yes, this madam has to take 3 stitches!!!" Arnav said pointing at Khushi.

"I'm still think there is no need for stitches. I'm fine. My wounds will heals in a few days!!!"

"Let the doctor decide Khushi. Come let's go to hospital!!"

"Please Arnavji, it will pain a lot!!"

"It won't Khushi, they will give you anaesthesia before applying stitches!!"

"Please Arnavji!!" Khushi pouted cutely to make him agree but he was firm to get stitches done. Sighing khushi got ready to go With him..

Arnav and Khushi left to the hospital for stitches while NK went to meet his friend..


Aman was trying to contact khushi from afternoon but her phone was not reachable. He was in dilemma to contact ASR as Khushi didn't mention about Arnav knowing about this background check. He was shocked to learn the NEWS and was trying to contact khushi but Damn the network.

He came to the house in hope to meet her there but was informed that both ASR and Mrs ASR went to hospital. He was shocked on knowing khushi got hurt and was sure that sheetal was behind it. He tactfully diverted sheetal who was hell bent on seeing the file which he brought for the signatures of ASR which was just an excuse to meet Khushi ma'am.

He came to know the how cunning and cruel can sheetal be. He in fit of rage said to sheetal - "When Aakash sir being the Director of AR isn't interested in the file then you are just an employee. Why are you so eager to see the content of the file!!"

"Mind your tongue Aman, think before you speak Anything!!" Sheetal spat enraged with his taunt

"You mind your tone sheetal, he is very much senior to you and a very trust worthy employee of AR, and he is right. Why are you hell bent on seeing that file when that isn't your work!!" Aaksh asked ..

"Woh, I was just asking as Arnav is busy with khushi......" trailed off sheetal not knowing what to say.

"ASR for you, how many times people should remind you, Only his family calls him Arnav and no one sheetal. You better keep that in mind or else I'm sure he wont spare you!!"

"Yeah!!!!" Saying this sheetal went from there as she doesn't want to be insulted further more infront of Aman.

"I don't think Aman they will be back soon as they started 5 mins before you reached here. You wait here!!"

"No sir it's ok, this isn't that important. I'll take his signatures tomorrow in the office!!"

"He will be on leave probably!!"

"Then I'll come tomorrow!!"

"That will be fine!!"

Aman left from there praying for Khushi's well-being.

Aaksh informed Arnav that Aman came to meet him for signatures which made Arnav confuse as he didn't know any important documents which required his signatures immediately whereas Khushi understood the reason for Aman's visit.

Next Morning

AR office .

Ladies Rest Room.


Sheetal screamed seeing her face in the mirror. Her face was covered with pimples and rashes.

Due to itching and irritation sheetal washed her face in the restroom . After washing her face she screamed not recognising herself.

She started washing again and scrubbing with her nails which did nothing but increased her rashes.

Other staff members rushed towards her and started laughing seeing her face which looked like a joker. No one tried to help her as she was very rude to everyone and always used to boss around claiming her to be ASR's friend. They were afraid of she complained about them to ASR and he may fire her. So they obeyed her and tolerated everything and now it was such a treat to watch her  like this.

Seeing the commotion NK who came to office and Aaksh too came down and what they saw left them in splits if laughter.

NK took her snap and forwarded the same to khushi.

"Plan successful - NK"

Khushi laughed out seeing Sheetal's face which was all red as if painted.  Arnav who was just busy with laptop was worried seeing her laughing like mad. For once he thought she lost her sanity but when he saw the pic it made him laugh too..

"I'm sure you both are behind this!!" Exclaimed Arnav. It wasn't a question but a statement which khushi confirmed.

"It's just the start, I'm sure there is more to come!!"

"Be careful Khushi, I don't want you to harm yourself in all this!!"

"Be assured Mr. Raizada!!" Khushi smirked evilly.


Living Room

Payal and Anjali were discussing about the lunch and dinner preparations when Sheetal entered groaning with the itching on her face.

"What happened to your face Sheetalji??" Anjali asked with concern where as  Payal was least interested in that woman who tried to hurt her baby sister.

"I dont know Anjaliji, I'm felling very itchy from morning, when I washed my face with cold water, I saw these rashes on my face!!"

"Oh God!!! You come sit here, I will call the doctor. Till then you apply ice pack, I'll send it through Hariprakash." Saying this Anjali went from there to call the doctor and asking HP to bring ice pack for Sheetal.

Payal just rolled her eyes seeing Anjali's concern for Sheetal. She now understood how Shyam cheated her right under her nose, When she can't undestand sheetal's motives and doubt her then why will she doubt her husband who she thinks as God loves her like anything!!!

"Ahh!!" Sheetal hissed in pain to gain Payal's attention but Payal went from there not willing to stay with her. She has to talk to khushi about this woman.

ArShi's Room

Anjali knocked on their door and entered the room.

"What happened Di??" Arnav asked seeing her tensed.

"Chote, can you call the Doctor, woh actually Sheetalji got rashes on her whole face. So can you please call her. I'm trying to call her but there is no network in my phone!"

"Sure, Let me try her number!!"

"What happened to Sheetal Di??" Khushi asked concerned.

"I don't know khushiji, her face is covered with rashes and pimples. I'm unable to see her condition, I don't know how she is feeling!!!" Anjali said worriedly

"So sad Di!!" Khushi said in sympathetic tone.

"Di, I called the doctor, She will be here in a while!!" Arnav said coming from poolside.

"Come Di, we will sit with her till then!!" Khushi said getting up from the bed.

"No need khushi, it may contagious. I don't want you to suffer from those rashes upon that you aren't well!!"

"Nothing will happen to me Arnavji, I'm sure of it. Let me see her please!!"

"I said no that means No!!!" Arnav said sternly.

"Ok!!!" Khushi said sadly and sat on the bed.

"Aww Chote why are you being strict with her, let her meet Sheetalji!!" Anjali chided seeing Khushi's sad face.

"I know better Di, and please don't come under her words and drama. She is a drama queen. If I don't be strict she will roam around the whole house doing all those stupid works hurting herself even more in this process!!!"

"Ok Ok, no one can win any argument with you Chote!!!" Saying this Anjali went from there.

"What is this khushi, you already saw her state and I'm sure if you see it again you will burst out laughing and I don't want anyone to know that you are behind her state!!"

"It's ok Arnavji!!" Khushi said lying on the bed.

"Now what happened to You??" Arnav asked sitting beside her.


"Are you Sure??"

"Why are you wasting your time with a drama queen Arnavji, I'm sure you have a lot of work to do!!"

"I was just joking Khushi, so that di doesn't know anything!!"

"Phir bhi.....!!"

"Achaa baba, I'm sorry!!"

"Don't you think someone is saying a lot of sorries these days!!"

"Very funny!!"

"I'm serious!!" Khushi said with mock seriousness

"Hi serious, I'm Arnav. Nice to meet you!!!"


"What serious??"

"You go do your work, you are better with your laptop, files and Aman!!" Khushi pushed him out of the bed.

"And haan never say this lame jokes, you look better when you are serious!!"

"Strange!!! When you are serious your wife rebukes you not to be serious, when you joke your wife again rebukes not to joke!! I can't understand what pleases them!!" Arnav sighed dramatically and went from there.

Khushi laughed hearing his monologue.

Sheetal's Room

"I think you are using expired make-up products or cheap products which are the reason behind this itching and rashes. It's better you avoid them for some days!!"

"I'm prescribing you a powder apply it for every four hours. Your itching amd rashes should be gone by evening. If not come to my clinic tomorrow!!" Saying this doctor got up from the bed.

"Thank you doctor!!" Sheetal and Anjali said simultaneously.

"Your welcome, Take care!!" Saying Doctor left from there.

On the way she met Arnav and Khushi enquiring about her wounds. When khushi asked about Sheetal's itchiness she said the same reasons.

"Can I come in??" Khushi asked seeing Sheetal resting on the bed.

"Yeah sure.." Sheetal said straightening herself.

"How are you feeling now??"

"Much better!!"

"Doctor said it's because the expired or cheap make-up products. You should have asked me some I would have given you as you know I don't use them oftenly. What was the use of using all that. I know you can't afford all these branded products I wouldn't have mind if you asked me. See now you are sitting with all this patches on your face!!" Khushi said in sympathetic tone.

"No Khushi, I use branded products only. I don't understand how this happened!!"

"It's ok, Sheetal you don't have to make any excuses. I can understand!!"

"Arnavji increase her salary so that she can buy some branded make-up products. I don't want her to suffer anymore and take leaves and who will pay the doctor's fees as these days doctors charge very high for home visits!!" Khushi said to Arnav who came with her to visit Sheetal.

Arnav bit his inner lips to stop himself from laughing hearing khushi and seeing sheetal's face which was worth watching. Sheetal's face became red from hearing Khushi's taunts and she wasn't able to say anything lest Arnav scolds her.

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Sep 24, 2017

Chapter 13 (By Inaara_Khan) (Thanked: 70 times)


"Khushi why are you saying like I'm living at your mercy. Don't forget you were the one who insisted me to stay here with Aarav!!"

"Yes, how can I forget the favour I did to you, but I asked you to stay till your broker gives you the keys for your flat but I think he forgot to give you or you denied taking the keys as you are living in luxuries. See if you would have moved to your flat you wouldn't get all these na, like 24 hrs maids, ready made food, Nanny for Aarav and so on. The list doesn't ends here. Why will anyone wants to leave this comfort and luxuries and go. It's been more than 20 days you are living here but your broker didn't give you the keys where as you said he will take 2 days to give it. Strange isn't it??"

"Khushi, please don't insult me and your family please. If you are not comfortable with me living here then I will go out from here tomorrow. At least allow me to be here till then as I'm not well!!"

"Ok, tomorrow is it!!" Saying this khushi went from there with Arnav.

Sheetal hoped that Arnav will say something to Khushi but he was mum. She gritted her teeth seeing all this. She never thought that khushi will be this clever. Her informer warned her about her cleverness but she ignored him thinking her to be  a foolish woman but she is totally opposite.

She now has to do something to be here in this house and she knows what she has to do. Sighing determinedly she called someone.



Living Room

"HP call Chote and Khushiji!!" Anjali ordered sternly.

HP was surprised hearing her tone but left from there doing what he was asked to.

"What happened bitiya, why are you calling Chote and khushi bitiya down. You know that she didn't recovered yet!!!"

"I know what I'm doing Nani. Please don't say anything till then!!"

"Hello Hii Bye Bye, from when did Anjali bitiya became Arnav bitwa!!" Mami said jokingly which she earned a glare from her mother in law.

Sheetal was smirking all the while.

"Di, did you call us!!" Arnav asked coming down with khushi.

"Yes Chote, I wanted to ask you both something!!" Anjali said

"A minute Di!!" Arnav said making khushi sit on the sofa as she can't stand for long time but Anjali thought that he was ignoring her and giving more attention to Khushi which made her resolve strong.

"Yes Di, what did you want to ask us??" Arnav asked after making sure khushi is comfortable.

"Chote, how much do you love me??"

"Di??" Arnav was dumbfounded hearing her question. Everyone except sheetal were shocked hearing Anjali. No one expected her to ask this. They were confused from where did this question arise.

Arnav and Khushi exchanged confused glances. Khushi somewhere understood that sheetal is behind this.

"What are you asking bitiya??" Nani asked pained with the question.

"I asked you something Chote!!" Anjali asked ignoring everyone's shocked faces.

"Don't you know it, di??" Arnav asked holding her hand.

"I don't know Chote. Answer what is asked. Don't question me back!!" Anjali said looking away from his face.

"More that my life di!! You are my everything!!" Arnav said

"More than Khushi??" Anjali asked shocking everyone.

Arnav was stunned hearing her question. From where did the comparison arose.

"What the **** di, what is this question. I can't believe you from all asked this question. First you questioned my love for you and now you are comparing my love for you with Khushi!!" Arnav said hurt with her.

"Chote..." Anjali moved forward to hold his hand but he stepped back.

"You both are like my eyes Di, both are equally important to me and I love you both equally!!" Arnav was about to leave but khushi held his hand.

"Why did you ask such question di, where did he fail to you that you questioned his love for you!!" Khushi asked not able to see the painful face of her husband.

"You don't say anything Khushiji, you are the root cause of all this. Weren't you the one who asked Sheetalji to leave??" Anjali asked indignantly.

Everyone were perplexed

Arnav and Khushi both were stunned hearing Anjali. How did she know all this. No one was present when khushi talked to sheetal. Now khushi is sure that Sheetal is behind all this.

"Ohh so she came to complaint against me!! Can't handle anything on her own. She needs some to baby sit her and her son, is it?"

Sheetal clenched her fist listening to Khushi.

"Khushiji!! Mind your tongue. You cant insult our guest!!"  Anjali yelled. Everyone were shocked hearing Anjali's tone.

"Guest??" Khushi laughed sarcastically and continued- " Which guest are you talking about Di, the one who forced herself on us. The one who is staying with us from more than 20 days, the one who insult his friend and his wife infront of many People, the one who hurts others deliberately??"

"Which guest does this?? Ohh I forgot anything can happen here in Raizada Mansion. They can insult family members but not say anything to guest, because Athithi Devo Bhava. You do what is just be with guests. Today is Sheetal tomorrow bring someone and pamper them ignoring your family members. That is what is done here!!" Khushi said angrily. Her face became red due to anger and she was panting too. Anjali started crying hearing Khushi's tone. No one talked her in this tone and for the first time Arnav wasn't restless by seeing Anjali's tears.

"Shh khushi calm down!!" Arnav consoled her drawing patterns on her back of her hand.

"What calm down, can't you say this to your sister!!" Khushi asked and went from there not wanting to stay there or say something bad to anyone especially Arnav.

"Di, what was that, what was the need to shout on Khushi and sheetal pack your bags you are leaving from here as by tomorrow!!"

"Chote..." Anjali was about to protest but Arnav declared

"Sheetal is leaving from here and that's final, I dont want to hear anything related to it. I hope I'm clear!!" Arnav announced in no nonsense tone.

Everyone nodded and left from there not wanting to argue with him.

ArShi's Room

"What was that khushi??" Arnav asked as soon as he entered their room, holding her hand.

"Now you please don't say that I did wrong for shouting at your sister!!" Khushi snapped moving away from him.

"I didn't say anything like that Khushi, but you have to understand that it isn't the way to handle things. You have to be calm. See now you almost spilled the truth about Sheetal."

"So you are saying that I'm wrong here!!" Khushi asked narrowing her eyes at him.

"Why are you misinterpreting my words. I didn't say anything like that Khushi. I was just saying that we are almost there to unveil sheetal but any wrong move from our side will result in our failure. So you just have to take things lightly. Now, Sheetal will try to ambush you from many other ways using Di as bait. We have to be calm and handle her!! Arnav explained patiently.

"Hmm you are right, I don't know what happened to me that time."

"Forget it, but be careful nex time!!" Arnav said  pulling her into hug.

"Waise, I was wondering how did our roles are reversed. Just few minutes back you were seething in anger and I was being patient!!" Arnav teased kissing her hair which earned a smack on his chest.

"Aap bhi na!!" Khushi said snuggling in his chest

Sheetal's Room

"I'm sorry Sheetalji, I tried but I think Chote isn't in a mood to listen anyone apart from Khushiji!!" Anjali said in a apologetic tone.

"It's ok Anjaliji, I saw how Arnav was ignoring you for Khushi. I wonder what magic web she weaved that he isn't ready to listen to his mother like sister!! Now I think all that Shyam's cheating fiasco was a drama to separate you both and remove Shyam from her path as I bet Shyam knew her true colours!!" Sheetal chose her words carefully and she was successful as it hit the bull's eye right at the target as she saw Anjali's face going pale as her words sunk. Sheetal smirked as her work was done.

"You take rest sheetalji, I'll be right back!!" Saying this Anjali went from there.

If Anjali wasn't too concentrated in her thoughts she would have doubted sheetal as how come she came to know about Shyam and Anjali being mother figure to her Chote. But Alas!

"Wah Sheetal, you would have won Oscar if you would have chose acting as your career!!" Sheetal clapped gleefully as she saw her plan was going to work.


Sheetal applied glycerine in her eyes and started dumping her's and Aarav's clothes in her bag on seeing Anjali coming towards her room.

Listening to someone's sniffing Anjali moved towards the direction of sound and saw sheetal sniffing and packing her bags. She immediately rushed towards her.

"What happened Sheetalji, what are you doing and why are you packing your's and Aarav's clothes??" Anjali asked confused.

"What to do Anjaliji, how can I live in the same house where I was insulted and was called names!!" Sheetal said sniffing and seeing Anjali from corner of her eyes.

"What!! What rubbish are you speaking Sheetalji, who said you and what??" Anjali probed.

"She is insecure of me and thinks that I will snatch her husband. Why will I do that Anjaliji, what will I gain by snatching someone's husband. She thinks that I'm a gold-digger, a home-wrecker who is behind her husband for money. Say me please I'm not like that. I don't snatch anyone's husband, I'm not a gold-digger and a home-wrecker. Say me please!!" Sheetal cried folding her hands and going on her knees.

Anjali's heart went out for a woman who was wrongly accused by someone.

"Shh!! Sheetalji you aren't anything like that. I'm saying na you are no where related to that cheap women. You are very pure and good at heart!!" Anjali consoled hugging her close to herself. Sheetal smirked seeing her falling in her trap. She was far more gullible that she thought.

"You don't take anything to your heart, just ignore their words!! You say me who said you all this!!" Anjali asked making her sit in the bed

"No, I don't want to create any misunderstandings between the family. It's better I'll move out of this place like she said!!" Sheetal said moving back and resumed her packing.

"No Sheetalji, nothing of sort will happen like you are thinking. Please tell me who said you all this absurd things!!" Anjali asked caressing her hairs.

"No please, I beg you don't force me!!!"

"Sheetalji, if you don't say now then she will create more problems in our life in future!!" Anjali persuaded.

"It's Khushi, she said me to move out of her house as I stayed more than required period and is trying to snatch her husband and I'm behind Arnav's money!!" Sheetal whispered between her sobs.

"Khushiji said you all this??" Anjali asked stunned with the revelation.

"I'm sure there must be some misunderstanding Sheetalji, Khushiji won't say anything like this!!" Anjali said coming out her shock.

"See, this is the reason why I wasn't ready to say her name as I was sure that no one will believe me. Why will you believe an outsider over a family member that too your brother's wife!!" Sheetal said sniffing.

"Arnav too was like you. He was just standing silently when khushi was accusing me, he didn't try to stop Khushi when he clearly knows that I'm not like that. He is so much into his wife that he can't see anyone apart from her!!"

"Sheetalji, I think there is something missing, I'm not saying that I don't believe you but it's l hard to believe that khushiji can do it. She is such a sweet woman who doesn't think to hurt anyone in her dreams. Please try to understand from my perspective!!" Anjali said muddled up.

"The you can ask it to your khushiji, I'm sure she will deny this accusions with Arnav. They both will try to circumvent you!!" Sheetal said with confidence which made Anjali to believe sheetal which was anything but true.

Anjali with determined face moved towards the hall asking HP to call Arnav and Khushi.

Flashback ends

"Tch..Tch....Tch Khushi, what are you now going to do. I can do more than you think to reach my goal and Anjali is only the scape goat. I get whatever I wish, if I don't get is easily I'll snatch it from anyone be that anyone be my sister, friend or enemy!! You got all the traits but with naivety which is your weakness.." Sheetal laughed out loud as she is sure she is about to win the battle not knowing what is stored in the future.


Arnav and Khushi were in each other's arms enjoying the peaceful silence when NK barged in the room.

Arnav and Khushi were startled with the sudden intrusion.

"What the- NK don't you know the basic manners to knock the door before entering especially the couple's room!!" Arnav exclaimed furiously.

"I'm sorry Nannav, next time I'll keep that in mind!!" NK smiled sheepishly pulling his left ear.

"What is the special reason that you graced your presence here in our room!!" Arnav asked sarcastically which earned a smack on his chest by Khushi.

"Khushiji, I came to know about the melee downstairs. What was that about, I mean, I want to hear it again from you!!" NK asked as he wants to know exactly what happened.

Khushi explained everything from the start. It didn't take much time for NK to understand that is is mainly caused by Sheetal.

"So, is there any change of plans??" NK asked after sometime.

"No, we will do as we planned. We can't let that Sheetal go out of the house this soon!!" Khushi said vehemently.

"Ok then let's get back to work and haan Khushiji, Aman was asking about your health. I said him that you are totally fine!!" Khushi acknowledged it and NK continued

"You both can continue your romance!!" Saying this NK ran off from there snickering leaving an embarrassed Khushi and smirking Arnav.

Dining Table

Everyone were present on the table when NK asked

"How are you now Sheetalji, I mean your face...."

"I'm fine NK. Thanks for the concern!!" Sheetal said smiling tightly.

"Arey, why are you thanking me, you are our guest it's our duty to take care of you. I can't let anything happen to you right!!" NK said in a flirty way.

Khushi was finding it hard to control her laughter hearing NK. Everyone smiled seeing his nature and concern for Sheetal while Anjali thought  an idea to to prevent Sheetal from going!!

Khushi abruptly stood up and went from there lest she burst out laughing. Everyone except NK and Arnav thought that she went from there in anger not wanting to see them.

"Ohh I'm glad to know that humanity still exists in your house or else I thought you all know how to insult and throw some one out of the house especially when they aren't guilty!!" Sheetal taunted glancing at Anjali.

"Huh!!! Why are you you saying like that Sheetalji, here everyone are known for their hospitality. You won't get any host's like them in the entire world.They are the best!!" NK said feigning ignorant of the happenings.

'That's good right!!" Sheetal said sarcastically.

"Arrey what happened? Did anyone say you something??"

"Nope, why will they say me. They are the best people in the world!!" Saying this sheetal went from there.

"What happened to her?? Why is she acting strange!!" NK thought aloud. No one bothered to answer him.

Sheetal's Room.

There was a knock on the door. Sheetal who was talking to someone on the phone instantly hanged the call and asked the person to enter.

"Sheetalji, can I come in??" NK asked charmingly.

"Yeah sure!!" Sheetal said reluctantly.

"Woh actually I brought juice as you didn't have your dinner properly!!" NK explained his purpose of visit pointing at the tray which had 2 glasses of juice.

"It's nothing like that NK, I had my full!!" Scrupled sheetal..

"Arey it doesn't look good when the guest of our house sleep on half empty stomach!!" NK exalted.

"Arey it's fine, I don't need it!!" Protested Sheetal.

"Please, or else I'll think that you are still upset with us!!" NK said making a sad face.

"Ok Ok!!" Sheetal took the juice reluctantly.

"So, where is Aarav??" NK asked looking for him.

"He is with Anjaliji, doing his homework!!"

"Hmm... He is a smart boy. Doesn't behave like the other children of his age!!"

"Yeah, he went totally upon his father. Though he didn't meet him but his behaviour is exactly the same!!"

"Yeah it happens in some people, Genes you know!!"

"Yeah you are right!!"

NK deliberately spilled some juice on his hand!

"Oh sorry! It slipped. Shall I use your washroom!!" NK asked getting up from the chair.

"Sure!!" Sheetal said and NK went towards the washroom.

ArShi's Room

Arnav was working on laptop when khushi moved towards poolside and called Aman!!

"Hello Aman!!" Khushi said as soon as the call was answered.


"Yeah I'm alright, is the work done?"


"Ok Then, let's meet tomorrow!!"


"No, don't come to my house. I'll come to AR tomorrow. We will meet Then!!"


"Ok, Good night!!" Khushi hanged the call sighing. She just wished that the report shouldn't be that bad

"Whom were you speaking to khushi?" Arnav asked as soon as she entered the room.


"Aman??" Arnav asked confused.

"Yeah, so that I can know if you are cheating behind my back!!"

"What the- Khushi!!" Arnav asked appalled.

"I'm joking, look how funny you look with this expression!!" Khushi laughed seeing his horrific face.

Khushi sobered after looking his serious face and said

"Actually I asked Aman to........" She was cut off by a loud shriek which she recognised as sheetal.

Precap- Sheetal's reasons.

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Chapter 14 (By Inaara_Khan) (Thanked: 95 times)

Every one rushed towards Sheetal's room hearing her shriek and saw the door was closed.

They started calling for her while knocking the door but Sheetal wasn't responding.

Somehow Aakash and NK broke the door of her room to see her in washroom.

Anjali went and knocked the door but she wasn't opening. Everyone were tensed except Khushi, Arnav and NK who pretended to be.

"Hey Bhagwan! I hope she is fine. Don't know what is happening with Sheetalji these days. Someone has casted an evil eye on her. Something or the other is happening with her!!" Anjali prayed folding her hands.

"Don't say anything like that bitiya, she will be fine. What will happen to her in the confines of four walls!!" Nani asked

"Anything can happen Nani, you don't know about the people these days. They just need one or the other reason to hurt others, even if they aren't at fault!!" Anjali said eyeing khushi.

Arnav clenched his fist lest he lashes at his Di where as Khushi tried to ignore her because according to her she is under the influence of Sheetal's words.

"Di, we can discuss all this later, first we need to concentrate on sheetal!!" Aakash tried to change the topic which he was successful as he saw that Anjali was again tensed regarding Sheetal!!

Anjali was in tears when she didn't get any response from Sheetal.

"Aakash NK Bhai, please break this door. I'm sure something is wrong!! What if she fell down or fainted!!" Anjali gasped thinking about Sheetal's state. She pleaded Aaksh and NK to break the door.


"Di!!!" Both exclaimed unable to believe what she is asking her to do. Break the washroom door when a woman is inside.

"I know, I know but please do it. You both don't need to go inside I'll do that instead. You just break it!!" Anjali said irritated as they weren't listening to them.

After a moment of hesitation NK and Aaksh moved towards the washroom's door to break it open when they saw the door opened and Sheetal came out limping and exhausted.

Everyone except the three who were behind her state gasped seeing her. She wasn't able to walk properly so was holding the wall for support.

Anjali came forward to help to sit on the bed when everyone saw foot prints covered with blood on the floor.

"Sheetalji, what happened to your foot it's bleeding!!" Anjali asked concerned.

"Woh......." Sheetal ran towards washroom

After Some time sheetal came out exhausted and sat on the threshold of washroom's door not having energy to walk properly..

"What happened to you Sheetalji and your foot is bleeding, let me bandage you!!"

"No, that's Ok!!!" Sheetal managed to say while going again the washroom.

Her whole room started stinking..

"Aakash called the doctor!!" Anjali said tensed

"Di, this time doctor's won't be available. It's better we take her to hospital!!" Aakash said as it was half past 10.

"We can't take her in this condition Aakash, she isn't able to sit for 2 minutes then how can she travel till the hospital. I think she is suffering from food poisoning!!" Anjali said worry etched on her entire being.

"I don't know Aakash, there may be some doctor who can be available at this time or someone who is on his/her way. Can you check at the hospital where chotey sponsor's. I'm sure they will send the doctor who is on duty at our place!!" Anjali said.

"I'm not sure Di, but let me try!!!" Aaksh said moving away from there dialing a hospital's number.

"My husband sponsor's but sheetal should get the benefits of that!!" Khushi muttered which was audible to everyone except Anjali who was too much into sheetal to hear her.

Arnav gave a look to khushi which prevented her to say anything more while Payal and NK suppressed their laugh.

"Nani, I think it isn't good for you to stay awake as you have sleep as soon as you take medicines. So it's better you sleep, I'll inform about Sheetal to you tomorrow!!" Arnav said volunteering Nani to drop at her room. Soon khushi and mami followed Arnav leaving Payal and NK with Anjali.

NK in pretext of call left from there not willing to stand there anymore and went towards Khushi's room.

"Great work Nanheji!!" Khushi appreciated patting his back.

NK acknowledged her compliment with thanks and said

"It had to be great khushiji, after all it was planned by you!!"

"Not you but us!!" Khushi didn't forget to give him the due credit.

"I didn't understand how did she get so many wounds on her foot!!"

"Actually I broke the glass pieces and kept it on the upper part of her flip flops as it were furry, so she didn't notice that there are glass pieces between them!!"


Previous Day!!!

Arshi's Room

"Khushiji, here are the things you asked me to bring!!!" NK said handling few packets.

"Good, tomorrow I want you to keep that Sheetal away from her room after break fast!!" Khushi said after making sure there are all the things she asked NK to bring yesterday.

"Ok, done!! But what are you doing with all these things like peanut powder, tanning lotion and liquid dark bronzer though I understood the use of MiraLax, itching powder, red chilli sauce.." NK asked confused as well as perplexed.

"You will soon come to know that Nanheji!!" Khushi said with evil smirk.

"Ok!!!" Saying this NK left from there..

"Arnavji, did you order the things I asked you to??" Khushi asked coming towards poolside where Arnav was working.

"Khushi, how many times shall I say not to walk, your wounds are yet to heal as well as stitches. If you move they are chances that your stitches may open!!" Arnav scolded her helping her to sit on the chair.

"I'm fine Arnavji, you don't need to worry!!" Khushi said trying to calm him down.

"If I don't worry Khushi then who will worry, Sheetal??" Arnav tried to joke but failed miserably as he saw the expression of her face changed instantly hearing Sheetal's name.

"That witch will worry for me? Never!!! Not in my wildest dreams!!" Khushi said

"Talking of wild I remembered, I planned to be wild with you, ravishing you like anything but my bad luck, I can't!!" Arnav sighed feigning sad. This changed her mood as she started blushing hearing him.

"Oye hoye!! Some one is shy!!" Arnav teased seeing her red face.

"I asked some thing earlier!!" Khushi tried to change the topic.

"Yeah, I ordered it long back. It will be here in an hour!!"

"I don't understand, why do you need products of different brands. I mean you can take of one single brand instead of different different brands. Not that I'm complaining!!" Arnav asked

"Those brand products are used by Sheetal. So I need them to teach her a lesson 'Never to mess with Khushi Arnav Singh Raizada'!!" Khushi said furiously

"Hmm.... I understand!!" Arnav said thoughtfully.

After Some time HP came and gave a packet saying someone delivered things for Arnav.

Khushi took that and was satisfied with the things.

"What are going to do with this khushi??" Arnav asked seeing her satisfied expression.

"Wait and watch!!" Saying this Khushi took the Gucci's compact and crushed the powder cake and and added peanut powder with the crushed powder and again filled the compact with the special mixture she made.

She then took the Mac's studio fix fluid foundation and emptied it in one plate. She then added peanut powder, tanning lotion and dark bronzer in foundation, mixed it thoroughly and refilled the small bottle of foundation. She did the same with concealer.

She took the lip gloss and added red chilli sauce in it. Then she dissolved the lipstick by keeping it above the burning candle and added the chilli sauce in it and again refilled it.

Arnav was amused watching all this. This was unbelievable. She never thought that khushi will do all this. She is all set to torture sheetal slowly slowly!!!

"What are these??" Arnav asked pointing at the MiraLax and itching powder.

"They are laxatives and itching powder!!!" Khushi said mischievously.

"What The Khushi!! Are you sure???" Arnav asked with some uncertainty.

"Do you have any problem??" Khushi asked narrowing her eyes.

"Nope, I don't have!! You carry on. If you need any help you that I'm there for you, don't you??" Arnav asked

"Yeah!! You will help me like you are doing now like asking many questions in favour of that witch!!" Khushi said sarcastically!!


"Achaa baba!! Go and keep these things in the freezer!!" Khushi said giving compact and lipstick.

Without saying anything Arnav went to keep all the things in the freezer as he knows if he utter anything Khushi will take that in other sense

Next Morning

NK kept sheetal busy with something or the other when Khushi with the help of Arnav changed her foundation, concealer, compact and lipsticks.

As sheetal was already ready she only used compact powder!!"

Khushi cursed herself for not changing her things when she was in washroom!!!


Khushi added the Marilax into the juice and asked NK to give it to sheetal. As NK didn't want to make sheetal suspicious, he took one more glass with him but marked the glass with some turmeric powder so that he doesn't mix the glasses.

When NK entered the washroom, he took out the oil bottle from his pocket and poured some oil on the floor. He was about to throw some glass pieces near the door so that when Sheetal enters the washroom she will first step on the glass pieces but he saw that the flip flops were soft and furry so instead of throwing the glass pieces he carefully spread them on flip flops between the fur so that she doesn't notice.

After doing his work he left from her room asking her to take rest!!

Flashback Ends

"Com'on you go to sleep. We have a long day ahead as we have to see what Sheetal does to stay back. I'm sure she will use illness and try to stay back!!" Khushi said

"No khushiji, I have to go to that Sheetal's room so that Di and Sheetal doesn't suspects me to be with you!!"

"Ok, I'm not coming there. You keep me updated of her condition!!"

After NK left Arnav entered the room seeing Khushi smiling satisfactorily

"What happened? Why are you so happy??" Arnav asked as soon as he entered the room

"I'm very happy, Sheetal is getting her fair of punishments!!" Khushi said excitedly.

"Really, she is getting her punishments, khushi?? You are so innocent and naive khushi that this is looking like punishments or torture to you!! These are childish that's all!!" Arnav said

"She isn't gonna learn any lesson from all these. Now doctor will come and give her an injection or a medicine then she will be back to herself tomorrow!! You mixed that peanut powder in her compact as she is allergic to that, what happened after that? She just came back home with those rashes had meds and slept. Did anything happen to her?? No Right!!"

"According to you if you did all this with her she will leave you and go from here!!"

"No Arnavji, I tried to play with her beauty and pride which meant a lot to her. I made her laughing stock infront of your office members by this her ego was hurt, she will remember their laughing faces and insult whenever she will enter the office. She will be embarrassed for going to your office!!" 

"No Khushi, she is big gambler. She isn't any normal woman...."

"Yes Arnavji, she isn't any normal woman. For her, her beauty and pride is everything. I targeted those points. Her ego was hurt seeing others laughing at her!!"

"No Khushi, according to me this punishment isn't enough!!"

"This is enough Arnavji, I can't hurt her further more!!"

"Why Khushi, she is the one who tried to hurt her, she is the same woman who insulted you, she is the same woman who tried to create misunderstandings between us, she is the same woman who is trying to claim that Aarav as my son, she is the same woman who is manipulating everyone against you, she is the same woman who is the reason you aren't cordial with our family and you are saying that you can't hurt her more than this!!" Arnav yelled clutching her shoulders.

"I agree she is the one who is behind all this, but who encouraged her to do all these things??"

"I'll say you, it's your family members who did this. If they weren't so involved with that child,  if they didn't sing praises of that woman, if they didn't ignore me and my pain, if they didn't take me for granted infront of Sheetal, if they didn't try to find the similarities between you amd Aarav this day wouldn't have come. She wouldn't have done all these things. Sheetal alone isn't responsible for my state, your family is 70% responsible!!"

"Arey she just tried to snatch my husband, but they are hurting me from that time and for me they are greatest culprit that sheetal!!"

"Were they that blind not to see her true colours. Inspite of being cheated once they are again ready to believe an outsider sideling family member. Oh I'm sorry, I'm not a family member. I'm the one who is responsible for your di's state, my Amma is the one who is responsible for your mother not being alive, Am I Right??" Khushi yelled exasperated.

Arnav stepped back not able to bear the truth in her words. Not able to stand there he left from there taking his car keys!!

Khushi realised what she said in anger but didn't regret it as she knows it's time that he should know the truth of the family members. They are making her work a lot, scolding her for every thing. She can't  tolerate this anymore. Why can't they be little considerate towards her like earlier. Sighing she sat on the recliner waiting for Arnav as she knows that he won't come this soon

Arnav was driving his car harshly remembering her every word which was the truth!! He and his family is responsible for her state. He knew it but somewhere he was afraid to admit it as now she said it he can't ignore the bitter truth.

After his wedding his Nani's behaviour is changed towards khushi while Anjali is neutral but he knows she is just pretending it not to hurt him as she knows if she says some thing to khushi it is gonna hurt him.

Due to all this they ignored khushi and her happiness which resulted her pain and hurt.

Arnav returned home late in the night and saw khushi sleeping in a very uncomfortable position of recliner.

He picked her and placed her on the bed. When he was about to get up she held his hand and whispered "Arnavji!!" Sighing he removed his hand and got up from the bed after kissing her forehead.

Next Morning

When khushi got up she didn't find Arnav beside her on the bed and wondered where did he go early in the morning. She freshened up and went downstairs in hoping him to see him there. Not finding him around she asked Anjali

"Di, did you see Arnavji??"

"No, why should I know the where abouts of him Khushiji. He isn't my husband!!"


"Anjali bitiya!!" Khushi and Nani yelled her name at the same time.

"It isn't the way to speak about your brother. Behave yourself!!" Nani said furiously

Anjali too realised her mistake and left from there not before apologising to Nani. She totally ignored khushi which hurt her a lot.

Khushi constantly called Arnav but he wasn't picking her call. Muttering something she left from there.

Khushi got a call from Garima

"How are you Amma??"


"I'm fine Amma, yes yes, he is also fine. Yes Amma everyone is fine here, yeah even Naniji is also fine!!"


"Yeah, what can I do Amma. I'm busy these days and upon that there are some guests in our house!!"


"Ok Ok, you don't say like that. I will try to meet you. Yeah today only. Yes Amma I'm sure!!"


"Ok Amma, I'll meet you in the afternoon!!" Saying this khushi hanged her call.

Khushi left from there after her breakfast informing Payal that she is going to AR office.

Anjali who heard khushi was confused as why was she going to the office. As far as she knows that there is no work for her there. This is isn't lunch time that she is taking lunch for Arnav neither she is taking break fast for him as she remembered that Arnav left for the office in a hurry with out break fast.


"Chote, what are you doing this early in the morning!! Are you going to office?" Anjali asked as soon as she saw Arnav climbing down the stairs dressed up in formals

"Yeah Di, I have some work!!" Arnav replied curtly

"What happened Chote, is everything alright!!" Anjali asked seeing him aloof.

"Nothing Di, just work tension!!"

"Ohh ok, take care Chote, nothing is important that you and your health!!"


"Chote can I ask you anything!!" Anjali said hesitantly

"What Di??"

"Chote, can Sheetalji take a day off. I mean she isn't recovered still. Whole night I was with her, she wasn't able to sleep. Doctor too asked her to rest for a day!!" Anjali said worried for Sheetal.

"Your wish Di, but she is taking lot of leaves these days. She didn't even complete one month and took more than 5 leaves. If this goes on then I won't even think before firing her!!"

"Chote she isn't well, how can she come to office in this condition?? Don't forget she is your friend!!" Anjali asked perplexed

"I don't know anything Di, but I won't hesitate to do that. I won't forgive Aakash then forget about Sheetal who claims herself to be my friend. Don't forget Di there is hell lot of difference between a friend and a class mate!!"


"Enough Di, I don't want to hear anything in defence of Sheetal and by today evening she should move into her flat!!" Saying this Arnav went from there fuming in anger..

This made Anjali's anger increase tenfold as it was the first time he spoke to her in that tone.

Flashback Ends!! 

Don't know what is happening to Chote, he is not even ready to listen to me!!  Thinking this Anjali left from there.

AR Office

Aman's Cabin.

"Can I come in, Aman??" Khushi asked peeping inside.

"Sure ma'am!! Have a seat!!"

"How are you now ma'am??" Aman asked concerned.

"I'm fine Aman, where is the file!!" Khushi asked not beating around the bush.

"Here you go ma'am!!" Aman said giving khushi the blue file.

"I hope it's nothing serious!!" Khushi prayed

"You will know it ma'am!!" Aman replied hoping against hope that the file won't break the graceful woman who is sitting in front of him.

Khushi went through the report not once but thrice to make sure what she is reading is true. She was sitting numb as the content of the file slowly sunk her.

"Ma'am are you alright??" Aman asked seeing her sitting like a statue.

"I'm fine Aman, is Arnavji free??" Khushi asked composing herself.

"Yeah, he asked his p.a to cancel all the meetings today!!"

"Ok, I'm going to his cabin!!" Khushi said getting up from the chair.

"I'll escort you till there!!" Aman offered help not wanting her to go alone in this condition.

"I'm not a baby Aman to need your help to climb the stairs!!" Khushi snapped

"Ok!!" Aman understood her condition and opened the door for her. He made sure that she reached ASR's cabin safely and sighed in relief. He is sure that ASR will handle her.

Khushi was numbly climbing her stairs when she remembered the uneasiness of her mother on hearing Sheetal's name.



Khushi was talking to Garima and Buaji when out of nowhere buaji asked about Sheetal.

"Is Arnav babua's friend still at your house nandkis****??" Buaji asked vehemently.

"Yes Buaji, she is still there!!" Khushi replied twisting her mouth.

"What is her name? She is very strange woman. I never met anyone like her till date!!" Buaji said.

"Her name is Sheetal, Sheetal kapoor!! Yes Buaji I too never met anyone like her till date!!" Khushi agreed with buaji.

"Sheetal kapoor!!" Garima exclaimed with some uneasiness as she remembered something.

"Yes Amma!! What happened to you!!"

"Nothing I will bring tea for you both!!"

"Yeah, at least that lavanya had some respect towards elders but she doesn't even knows the spelling if it. HRNK! she has a boy of 6 years but doesn't even know any manners and respect. God only knows what she is teaching her kid!!"

"Don't even ask me Buaji, Aarav doesn't know how to respect anyone. He talks so rudely with anyone and everyone!!"

"This type of women only spoil the society. Why blame boys when they weren't given a proper upbringing!!"

"You're right Buaji!!"

Like this khushi spent sometime with her parents and Buaji and left from there as she has to meet Aman.

Flashback Ends 

Khushi knocked the door of the cabin and entered the room. Arnav was so lost in his thoughts that he failed to sense the presence of any other person in the room.

Khushi directly went and sat in his lap

"What the!!" Arnav jerked out of his thoughts sensing some weight of him but relaxed seeing Khushi. But it was short lived as he noticed that she was in a miserable state.

"Khushi, what happened??" Arnav asked concerned seeing her messed up state.

As if she was waiting for his arms and his voice the damn broke and khushi started crying bitterly!!

Arnav was shocked seeing her crying this much. He for the first time saw khushi crying this bad. He came out of shock and started consoling her.

"Shhh Khushi!! Don't cry!! See I'm here with you. Did anyone say anything to you??" Arnav asked rubbing her back but she was nowhere to listen.

Just then he saw a blue file in on her hand. He pulled it out and started reading it while balancing khushi with other hand.

Sheetal Kapoor- Born to Nitin Kapoor and Riya kapoor in Lucknow, aged 28 years. Has a brother Samar Kapoor. Her uncle  Sidhanth Kapoor and aunt Roshni Kapoor along with their daughter Khushi Kapoor died in a mysterious accident When she was only 14 years.  When she was 12 years they relocated to US. Studied in Delhi Public School New York branch. Completed her degree in New York University and P.G from Harvard university. Changes Boy Friends like tissue paper. Managing director of Kapoor industries which at present are suffering from losses. She came back to India after 15 years. Living in Delhi since a year and was in constantly touch with Shyam Manohar Jha.

She adopted a boy around 8 years from Sunshine orphanage named Aarav and taught him to behave exactly like ASR a.k.a Arnav Singh Raizada. She offered Shyam a lump some amount of money in return to know the every small detail of his brother-in-law, ASR. Shyam worked for her and was in ****ual relationship with her for many months before ending up in jail.

She is here to rename the property of her cousin's to her name. At present living in Raizada mansion. She paid some goons to kidnap her adopted son but he was saved by Mrs ASR in the nick of time. She with the help of doctor manipulated Aarav's health and report thus showing him to be diabetic and changed the DNA report done by Mrs ASR. She even leaked to media that Mrs Raizada is a middle class woman and married to ASR for money but this wasn't published as ASR himself took care of this.

According to the news the accident in which her relatives died was done by none other than her own father for money as most of the property was on her uncle's name. Her father for the greed of property and money killed his own brother. She came to know about her cousin being alive after seeing the video which was aired by ASR of AR's fashion show.

Her only motive is to acquire all the property which is in the name of khushi kapoor and kill her!!

Arnav closed the report after reading it. He can't believe khushi and Sheetal are first cousin's and upon that she is here to kill khushi by slowly slowly depriving her of  relationships which are very dear to her.

"What the hell!!! I won't leave you sheetal Kapoor for planning  against my Khushi!!"

Phew!!! There were lot of flashbacks here!!!

So... Many of you thought that Sheetal is involved with Shyam which is true? but she was with him only for selfish reasons not for Shyam's benefits.

Only 1 thought that Sheetal is related to khushi!! Hat's off to them, they guessed it right..

Achaa, what should be the punishments of Sheetal's crimes??


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Nov 13, 2017

Interlude (I) (By Inaara_Khan) (Thanked: 26 times)

Hello guys!!

This isn't exactly an update but the some persons pov.

15 Days Later

Nothing was normal in RM. It's like Shantivan has got it's true meaning there was shanti all over the house.

Nani was bed ridden. She wasn't able to see her family break into pieces which she made after a lot of efforts. She is guilty and is repenting for neglecting khushi and and indirectly encouraging Sheetal in her devious plans.

She wasn't able to come to terms that it is the same khushi who his grand son loves and the same woman's aunt was somewhere responsible for her daughter's death.

She accepted khushi because her Grandson who is rude, arrogant, and workaholic started to change after this woman entered his life. She filled her grandson's colourless life with colours. Her grandson who didn't know how to smile started smiling in presence of her. Her grandson who didn't know anything to talk with her apart from asking 'how are you Nani?' started spending time with the family.

She saw how her grandson changed after the death of his parents. Who was naughty, mischevious and extrovert became introvert, rude and workaholic. So she didn't hesitate for accepting khushi as her grandson's wife unlike Subhadra. She was sure if Subhadra knew the changes before and after the entry of khushi in her Arnav's life then she would have accepted.

She just ignored khushi and only talked to her whenever necessary and started being strict with her.

It took a long lecture from her grandson to understand that Khushi or her aunt was no where responsible for the death of her beloved daughter Ratna, as her son-in-law was a two timing man. He not only played with Ratna and Garima but also with many other women who were hidden from everyone. It was a co-incidence that Garima came to Sheesh Mahal on Anjalis's wedding to meet Arvind or else he would have destroyed her life like many other women.

Arvind Malik was never faithful to his wife. He just married Ratna Singh Raizada to fulfill his mother's wish and to strengthen the business as he was getting a lot of money from Raizada's. Ratna Malik was just his trophy wife to show the world and to keep his mother happy. She wasn't allowed to interfere in any business matters. As she was loving, caring and selfless woman she never cared for all this just invested her whole time in serving her in laws and later children. She was happy with whatever time her husband spent with the family. Due to his mother's warnings Arvind use to come to home almost everyday spent some time with his mother and children and leave the house as soon as his mother retired to bed faking his work. Ratna who never questioned about his whereabouts was happy that he was atleast spending sometime with her and family never bothered anything as she knew that running a successful business requires a lot time and hard work. She was so into her children that she use to forget about her husband.

Arvind use to visit red light areas and spend most of the nights there. Slowly slowly he started trapping many innocent girls into his web, marry them by appointing a fake pandit amd leave them after he was done with them. When he was almost sure that Garima fell into his trap and was about to marry her but luckily Garima visited Sheesh Mahal with out informing Arvind and got the biggest shock and betrayal of her life that Arvind Malik was married man and that day was the marriage day of his daughter. She met Arvind and broke her ties with him this conversation was heard by Subhadra and Ratna.

Ratna not able to take the betrayal ended her life followed by her husband as he wasn't able to meet the eye of his mother and society thus leaving two orphan children behind in the clutches of this evil world. Subhadra wasn't able to believe that his son was cheating his wife the daughter of her best friend dumped the entire blame on Garima and ran away to Aashram as she wasn't able to keep the promise she did to her best friend to keep her daughter always happy!!

Taking the opportunity Avinash Malik threw the weekly orphan children on the roads by snatching all their rights on the property thus making them homeless. Arnav and Anjali with lot of efforts called their Nana who was in Delhi. Thanks to Arnav who had a very sharp memory to remember their new number.

When his Nana reached Lucknow to pick up both his grandchildren he saw a totally changed Arnav and a weak Anjali. He wasn't able to recognise both of them. Making himself strong he took them to Delhi to start a new life.

Arnav changed totally. He didn't want to associate himself with Maliks so he changed his surname as Arnav Singh Raizada. Not only his surname he changed himself completely not wanting to remember his last life. He came to Delhi, a new place, a new beginning and a new life.

After a couple of years his Nana passed away leaving all the responsibilities on Manohar and Arnav. Arnav worked hard day and night and build the AR empire which is reaching a new milestone every year.

Devyani Singh Raizada is badly regretting for blaming Khushi and her aunt for the death of her daughter. She clearly remembers that Ratna always use to mention about her kids and her mother in law, never for once she talked about her husband which clearly meant that he use to hardly spent any time with her.

She wasn't able to meet the eye of the woman whom she treated badly and the same woman is now taking care of her which her daughter in law and grand daughter ignored. She can't thank enough to the God who is sitting above them to send this woman in her Chote's life. If there was any woman in her place then she would have left them due to the indecent behaviour from others.

She is in need of a right time to apologize to her granddaughter-in-law.

If only she knew that it was late, very much late to do so!!


Payal, she to regrets ignoring her sister and concentrating on her mother in law. If only she paid some attention towards her sister then she wouldn't have to see this day.

If only she raised her voice on Sheetal and other family members to stop their comparison between Arnav and Aarav but she too compared them and now bearing the brunt. She didn't see the pain and hurt her words were inflicting on her baby sister. Didn't she promised herself that she won't allow anyone to hurt her but she only did that.

Due to all this there relationship isn't like earlier. There is a big dent on it. Her sister isn't ready to look at her face forget about talking like before!!

Didn't she promise herself when she was young that she won't allow any harm to come towards her and any tears in her eyes, but she ignored her and started concentrating on her life. If only she saw the hurt, pain and sadness in her eyes. Thank God that Arnav is there with Khushi or else khushi would have died long back!!

And now again that Sheetal is all set to hurt her but she has to stop her somehow.


Anjali, first she was Anjali Malik, she was about to become Anjali Singhania but at the last moment her mother came to know how treacherous her father was, so her mother ended her life followed by her father leaving both her and her brother in this world. After a week her uncle who shr started to consider as her father threw her and her Chote out of the house leaving them homeless and helpless.

The Anjali who grew as a princess was in the road just in a week, she wasn't able to digest it. Then she remembered the story of 'king and the beggar'. In that story there was a king who was very proud of his life, the richness and luxuries in which he lives and a beggar who use to beg for his living. Once the king made fun if the beggar which made beggar sad and angry. He prayed to God, that why did he make him the beggar and God snatched all the richness from the king in a war and made that beggar the king. This story was said to her by her grandmother which she realised the meaning now. She came to know the power, Devimayya holds upon the people. So she devoted her entire time praying and doing religious stuffs. She kept vrat for the family's well-being inspite if the warnings given by her brother and Nani. She didn't listen to anyone and did all the religious stuffs told by the priest.

She became weak and started fearing God and his/her powers unlike her brother. Her brother didn't object anything as far as she was happy and the smile on her face didn't vanish.

While going to Mandir she met a man named 'Shyam Manohar Jha' who she started to fall in love by meeting him daily which no one from the family knew about. One day out of blue he proposed her which made her elated. She accepted the proposal and promised to talk with her family.

When she talked about Shyam and his proposal to the family her brother right away rejected the man. This made her angry as after a lot time some one rejected her with out knowing anything about him. She knew how to make her brother and family members accept. Shed some tears that's it, her brother and the family members will accept anything and everthing without objecting.

Like every time this time too everyone were ready to accept the proposal as she blackmailed them about her happiness. 'Chote, Nani after a lot of time someone is ready to marry me inspite of knowing about me, my past and my limp and I love him too. He don't want any money from you all!! He is a lawyer earns enough to provide the basics needs. Please agree with me. Don't you all want my happiness. Didn't you see earlier, many people rejected me as we weren't able to give the amount of dowry they demanded or due to my limp and he isn't bothered about it. He just wants me!! Please' Anjali cried burying her face in her palms. Which melted the family members but Arnav said he will do the background check on him on which again Anjali made a fuss saying 'Chote, don't you all trust me and my choice. I know he isn't a bad person, he is very nice, trustworthy and loyal. He daily comes to Mandir and I met him like that and more over he saved me twice from falling. Trust me Chote, he isn't bad nor he is a criminal. There isn't any need for background check.'

But Arnav wasn't ready but somehow Anjali convinced him not to to for a background check. But mamaji again raised objection saying he is orphan to which Anjali replied ' Mama ji, ain't I also an orphan, when he is ready to marry me inspite if my past then why can't I do the same.' Which shut up everyone's mouth as they thought if they say something it may hurt Anjali. After that they met Shyam everyone were impressed with him except Arnav. He hesitated to accept him but Nani and Mama somehow pursued him to accept him. After Some days they both were married, when came a time for vidaai Anjali made a fuss saying she can't live without her chote so Arnav who can't see tears in his di's eyes asked his newly brother in law to stay at their house. But actually Shyam asked Anjali to so as he don't want his wife to be deprived of the family's love when they have one. Later Arnav build RM and everyone moved into it. After this Anjali became more stubborn as she thought everyone will listen to her and fulfill her each wish like a command and now she has a husband so she no longer will be taunted and there won't be any gossips behind her back.

She again indulged herself into Puja's and religious stuffs to thank the almighty for giving her a very good family and husband. Sometimes she was so into Puja's and her brother that she failed to notice her husband. Her day started with Puja and ended by worrying for her brother in which she neglected her husband which made Shyam furious in his brother in law that inspite of having a husband his wife is so into her brother. So slowly slowly he started giving hints for the marriage of Arnav, which made Anjali's focus on searching a bride for her Chote. She thought that her only motive is to marry her brother in which she totally forgot about her husband and ignored his frequent trips.

Due to her constant constant pestering to marry, Arnav asked Lavanya to become his girl friend which she came to know fron Aman. She wasn't much happy with Lavanya but she accepted thinking her Chote loves her and wishes to marry her but later she  came to know that he isn't willing to marry anyone not even Lavanya. She for some time regretted to spend most of the time in Mandir doing Pujaa's instead of her brother. If only she spend some time with her brother instilling some religious values but she failed but her husband tried to make her understand that it isn't like she is thinking. He like a dutiful son in law made her grandmother understand Arnav and his wish to have relationship with Lavanya. He tried to calm both Arnav and Nani.

It was her duty to make Lavanya an eligible bahu so she appointed Khushi who she thought was good with values to teach lavanya basics things ignoring her husband's uneasiness like always. When did she paid attention to her husband apart from parties when some one or the other asked about him.

When she was sure Lavanya was ready to marry her brother, her brother denied marrying her. She like always supported him as according to her anyone in this world can be wrong except pandits and her Chote. She equally participated in her cousin's wedding and saw the closeness between Arnav and Khushi. To make Arnav confess his feelings, she with the help of Nani made him jealous.

Then she came to know that she is pregnant, the happiness she was waiting for years to become a mother. But her happiness was short lived as her brother, her Chote who did everything after asking her permission, married khushi without informing her, let alone asking her. She was hurt angry and what not but what hurt her ego is, her Chote didn't even ask her, his Di before taking this step.

She blamed khushi for all this, because her Chote asks her everything and anything before taking an important step in his life. As khushi came her importance is some what reduced that's why he stopped asking his Di after his marriage. If only she knew that her Chote was securing her future.

She stopped speaking to her Chote but after a lot of efforts of Arnav she started speaking to both of them but some where she knew that her Chote won't be her Chote anymore. She was happy when she saw her Chote was happy with Khushi, what else she wants apart from his happiness. Then for the first time she noticed the aloofnesss of her husband but she ignored it thinking to be the work tension and concentrated on her baby who was growing in side her womb, which she was nurturing. She started weaving small socks, sweaters and many things which baby requires.

She was upset when her brother went to live with his in laws but she understood that he has a new family and it is his right to spend some time with them. But when he came back she saw that her brother was back to being ASR. She ignored it thinking there is some tiff going on between Arnav and Khushi. Then she noticed the changed behaviour of her husband. She was surprised seeing him lost in his thoughts. He was irritated and edgy all the the time. She was worried for him.

Like always her Chote left for London on Mamma's birthday. She knew he is sad and can't help it as she knows that he won't share his pain with her. But this time like every time he didn't call or message her, so she thought may be he informed khushi but when she knows that he didn't call or message khushi too, she started worrying for him as he was never irresponsible. She made a huge fuss for that as she was worried for him. Then khushi got a call from him which made a slightly upset as he didn't speak to her like always. But she let it go. After few days she noticed the change in behaviour of Mami, she was behaving very friendly with Khushi and thanked God that she started accepting khushi.

Then came a blow that her Chote, her papad ka tukda was kidnapped and that too by husband. She can't believe it, albeit she had doubts. She was in denial but her Chote threw him out of her thoughts without asking her anything. She was angry with her brother who acted in anger. Didn't he know that his jijai can't do anything like that. He can't hurt a insect forget about hurting her and kidnapping his wife's brother and upon that her husband was engaged to khushi!! How can it happen when he was always infront of her with her. She was sure khushi was bluffing everything as she didn't have any proof to prove him guilty.

Her brother slapped him and threw her husband out of the house accusing him of adulterous man like her father when her husband was saying otherwise so she chose to believe her husband and stand by him. Next day, she was so furious with everyone that she denied to eat anything, so that they will melt and bring her husband back in the house but she was wrong as for the the first time her tears didn't work. When khushi came to feed her the food she didn't see her face as according to her it is all due to her. She went to abort the baby as she knew that no one will listen to her, she took this method to gain sympathy but alas! She was saved and her husband wasn't back.

She started eating properly when Shyam contacted her, she was very happy as he promised to take her back with him. She was in touch with him which she conveniently hid from everyone. She then realised that her chote distanced himself from her and started spending time with khushi. Then only Shyam's calls and messages kept her sane. Then as promised her husband send her Dadi back to her house to take care of her and the baby. Dadi started hating khushi and spend most of her time either reading holy book or with her.

Then came a blow that chote and khushiji weren't married with all the rituals, so they were planning to get married. She was hesitating for marriage but with Shyam's help she came over the hesitation and happily participated in the functions albeit secretly meeting Shyam as she no longer has any problem as well as she has her brother and her husband with her.

Then on the Mehendi, she miscarried her baby which came a shock for her, she was heart broken as she lost her rajkumari for which she and everyone were waiting for from ages. That time she wanted her husband with her to support her for which she made a huge fuss by not eating anything which made her Chote and khushiji to being her Shyamji back in the house. It was a bitter sweet moment for her, she got her husband back at the cost of her child. But she let it go and moved on as another baby can be born right!!

But on the wedding day, she got the biggest shock that Garima Aunty was responsible for her parents death. She wasn't able to digest the news. She was hurt as why everthing bad happened to her and her family is some where related to Khushi. She was happy as Chote married khushi as a woman she can't see another woman's marriage being called off that too by her own brother and upon that her brother loved that woman. She tried to accept the truth and she was some where succeeded in it.

The again Shyam's truth was out and this time with proofs that he killed his own baby with his hands. She wasn't able to take the betrayal from the man she devoted and gave everything and he himself accepted his crimes. She threw him out of his life and regretted not believing her brother earlier as he only wanted her happiness.

She tried to cime to the terms which was hard at the start but with family's support she almost came out from the trauma when she met Aarav who reminded her of her brother. She started spending almost her time with Aarav as he was blessing in disguise. He use to keep her away from her thoughts. But later she came to know that sheetal was insulted and humiliated by Khushi and this didn't go well with her. She tried to make her Chote understand that this won't go on if your wife will insult the guests but instead he lashes at her and if sheetal is right then khushi is doing all this purposely. She has to make things right!! But she came to know the shocking truth which can't be hidden from the family members!!


To be continued..............

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Interlude (II) (By Inaara_Khan) (Thanked: 7 times)

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Nov 13, 2017

Chapter 15 (By Inaara_Khan) (Thanked: 86 times)

15 day later!!!

Breakfast table

"Khushi Khushi!!" Arnav shouted on the top of his voice.

"Coming....." Khushi replied coming out of the kitchen.

"What happened Arnavji, is everything alright??" Khushi asked concerned as he was shouting in the morning itself.

He was ok few minutes back, now what happened to him! Khushi thought coming towards him.

"Why didn't you prepare the breakfast today??" Arnav asked controlling his anger as today Italian was made for the breakfast.

"Offfo Arnavji, I'm not the maid or Cook here to cook for everyone in morning disturbing my precious sleep.  The persons who thought themselves as maids or Cooks of this house prepared the breakfast!!" Khushi replied carelessly shrugging her shoulders.

"Ohh wow!! Today's breakfast is Aarav's favourite, Italian!! Then I'm sure it's made by Ms. Anjali Raizada as she is favouring him a lot these days even claiming him as your son!!"

"But I wonder how can she prepare Italian as she only knows how to make Prasads for puja's, Am I right di??" Khushi asked innocently battling her eyelashes.

"Khushi, stop mocking Anjaliji. Today I made the breakfast as it's very long since I ate Italian and I'm sure Arnav too didn't have Italian from a long time as you only prepare Indian. I'm sure you don't even know what comes in Italian cuisine!!" Sheetal mocked as she wasn't able to take the insults thrown at her and Anjali.

She has to stand for Anjali if she wants to live in this house.

"Hawww!! Why did you take so much trouble Sheetalji. Don't you know you are the guest of this house. I'm noticing from past few days that you are trying to do house hold c****s. Don't try to involve very much in my family matters and household c****s as one day or the other you have to leave this house. You can't live here forever, can you?"

"She isn't leaving any where Khushiji, I think you forgot that Chote only asked her to stay her as long as she wishes and I think it's her right place as she is the mother of Chote's child!!"

"Right place?? Really di?? Living in some stranger's house is her right place I didn't know that. Living at someone's mercy is her right place? Living with married men and one single man is her right place? Living as a single mother and going to other men is her right place? Sleeping with other men before marriage is her right place? Living without doing a job is her right place?"

"And you are a perfect sister, trying to unite your Chote's son's with your Chote Who denied having any relationship with Aarav!! What did you say that there's no need to for Arnavji to marry Sheetal but he should give his name to Aarav?"

"You didn't trust your brother but a stranger whom you met a month ago and who is trying to claim that your brother is the father of her son. No wonder shyam cheated you right under your nose!!!"

"KHUSHIJI!!" Anjali raised her hand to slap her but she held her hand.

"You love children a lot right, that's why God snatched away your child from you or else he/she would have shed tears of blood on seeing you as his/her mother. You can't understand what's right and what's wrong and is trying to do justice with a boy who according to you us your Chote's son.."

"Shall I say you something, he is your Chote no doubt, but he is also my Arnavji. He isn't just your brother to dance on your tunes but also my husband. He not only has to take care of you but me and this entire family.."

"Arnav won't you say anything to your lovely wife who is going in insulting your sister. Will you allow her to insult your precious sister??" Sheetal mocked challenging Arnav.

"Don't you have any work Sheetal, apart from finding any way to speak to my husband. He was your best friend in the university but now he isn't anyone to you. The friendship between you two ended the day he stepped out of the university taking his degree!!"

"Ohh Yes!! How will you have any work as you are fired from AR for taking unnecessary leaves and not maintaining professionalism. Now as you are jobless as well as penniless you need someone to take care of your this high profile status. That's why you are here sucking out the money out of my husband like a leech!!"

"That's enough. You said enough, I heard enough!! Who are you to say all this haan? You worthless middle-class girl? I'm sure you and your sister both trapped these men in your web of love. Wasn't able to live in that low class society without these luxuries out of no where your gaze fell on these men and decided to trap them for money!! Bloody Gold-diggers!!"

"I'm sure it was you who trapped shyam in your love then you saw Arnav, The ASR, the great catch so you left him and decided to allure him in your beauty and that shyam was coming in your path so you decided to remove once and for all by blaming that he killed Anjaliji's child but it was you who killed that unborn!!"

"You kidnapped Arnav and blamed that shyam kidnapped him without any proofs or else how did you reach that places where he was hostaged first at Alwal then at Old Delhi highway. You reached it twice to save him in fact it was just a pretence so that Arnav believes you that you are innocent!!

"You showed that fake video to everyone and the great ASR like a love sick puppy believed in that which was any thing but truth. It was you who placed the broken wire and placed the glass pieces in the floor carpet and it was again you who misplaced Anjaliji's shoes so that she can roam bare feet!!"

"Now again you are blaming both of us of which crime we didn't commit. You just want to show everyone especially Arnav, how bad his sister is and throw her out of his life so that you can rule him and live here like a queen!!" Sheetal bellowed.

"How do you know all this, I mean you came here almost a month ago and know all the secrets which we didn't know??" 

...............To be continued..

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Dec 6

Chapter 16 (By Inaara_Khan) (Thanked: 50 times)

Nani was resting in her room as she was too weak to walk. Her breakfast was sent to her room via HP, this is what happening from past few days. No one cares for her except for Khushi and Payal not even her own granddaughter and daughter in law. Anyways she wasn't expecting too much from Manorama as she will be the first one to bid a dieu to her when she will die but Anjali she is too much into that woman and her child to see her grandmother bedridden. She had so much pride that if something happen to her then Anjali will take care of her but she was wrong in judging, first she did with Khushi and now Anjali. She thought Khushi was no good for the family but accepted just for her beloved Chote but here she is proving to be more that perfect for this family.

She was guilty for mistreating Khushi and seeing her as the daughter of the woman who is the cause for the death of her only daughter but her Chote opened her eye.


14 days earlier

Nani was resting in her room when she saw a restless Chote at her door step. She was surprised to see him there as he rarely comes to her room, she called him inside and asked about his well being but he not beating around the Bush asked her which she had no answer

"Nani, what happened to you and your behaviour with Khushi. I'm noticing it from past few days that you aren't behaving the way you used to with Khushi??" Arnav asked

"Nothing Chote, why will I change my behaviour or is that your wife send you here complaining against me??" Nani asked slyly.

"No nani, she didn't need to say anything to me as I have eyes to see what's going on around me!"

"I don't understand why are you behaving in such a way after our marriage earlier you weren't like this, yesterday too when she didn't come for dinner and today she didn't prepare the breakfast. This didn't happen earlier, I mean there are many maids in the house to cook then why are you so particular that only Khushi should cook??"

"Or is it that you too hold her responsible for what happened in the past?" Arnav asked his doubts and they were confirmed when nani looked away.

"So I'm right, you do consider her responsible!!"

"Chote, it's not that but I'm not able to come to the terms that she is the daughter of the same woman who is responsible for my Ranta's death!!" She replied hesitantly.

"No nani, my father is responsible for your daughter's death. You and I both know nani that he had many illegal affairs even after his marriage with my Mamma. He wasn't a saint, he destroyed a lot of lives and he did the same with Garima Aunty. If not Aunty it had been someone else so you can't blame her because she too is innocent in all this. You Know that he use to visit Red light areas, then you should hold them responsible too not only Aunty and what is Khushi's fault in all this, just because she is the daughter or the niece of the same woman. It isn't fair with her!!"

"Nani, you used to say right to forget the past and move on, live in present and dream of future, then why didn't you use the same for Khushi??"

"She is hurt nani with this indifference and this all costed her a lot. Due to this behaviour of yours and the family someone took advantage of this!!" Arnav said clenching his fist. He can't wait to show Sheetal her right place.

"I hope you understand nani, what your actions did to her!!" Arnav left saying that as nani didn't say a word. She was in her own world.

Nani then realised that neither Khushi nor Garima was responsible for the death of her only daughter. She tried to mend her relationship with Khushi but Khushi was stiff and distant.

Her guilt was too much to overcome. Slowly slowly her health deteriorated which made her bedridden.

But she knew the happenings in the family, she knew that Khushi was bearing too much but it didn't make any sense that why is she so quiet.

Sheetal is the root of all the problems happening, she came in the house to destroy their happiness, wasn't Shyam enough now she came too.

She remembered how Arnav denied sheetal to leave the house as she is sure that her grandson has store something up his sleeves .

On the same day in evening payal asked sheetal who was much better

"Sheetalji when are you relocating, I mean Arnavji asked you to leave the house but as you were ill he let you stay as now you are perfect I think you should leave!!" Payal said vehemently. She can't stand this woman for a second more as she is the only reason her sister is in this state and adding to that she isn't herself any more.

"She isn't going anywhere Payalji, she will stay here with Aarav and about Chote I'll speak to him, he won't deny me anything!!" Anjali boasted proud of her manipulating skills. She forgot that she has to deal with Khushi's Arnavji in her Chote.

"Di is right Payal, sheetal won't go anywhere and she can live here as far as she wishes. No one will object to it!!" Arnav ordered coming from outside.

"See I was right, my Chote won't deny me anything!!" Anjali boasted with pride.

"But Arnavji......"

"That's final Payal, sheetal is living here. Period!!" Ordering this Arnav left. He didn't miss the smirk of sheetal.

"See Sheetalji, everything is settled. You are not going anywhere, and you were unnecessarily apprehensive!!" Anjali said happy that sheetal and Aarav will live with her in RM. She can't wait to pamper Aarav more.

"Now go to sleep as you have to join the office tomorrow!!" Anjali ushered Sheetal and Aarav to sleep.

After that Payal was angry with sheetal, Anjali and Arnav which she didn't forget to show in her actions. Her every action showed that she is very furious, she denied doing any work for Sheetal and Aarav, even she didn't make food for them. Later Anjali ordered HP to make the meals and banned Payal to enter the kitchen for which payal was happy as she didn't have to slave herself any more.

Aakash and Mami didn't care as Aakash was very busy with office work and the time he gets at home he spends with Payal and his mother where as Mami was busy with her parlours and kitty parties.

Khushi was as if she became invisible as she was hardly home. No one knew where she was but every night she didn't forget to visit nani and made sure that HP gave her the medicines at time.

Next day

Sheetal came home huffing and puffing. She was so furious that she pushed HP in her way. Thank God HP was able to balance himself or he was about to break a bone or two.

"What happened Sheetalji??"

"You are asking what happened, see this..." saying sheetal thrusted an envelope in Anjali's hands.

Anjali opened it saw there was a pink slip given by the AR company. She was shocked as Sheetal was ousted from the office. She didn't believe that Chote can do that.

She immediately called her Chote.

"Chote,what is that I'm hearing, why did you fire Sheetalji??"

"What?? Sheetal is fired!!" Arnav feigned shocked.

"Yes, didn't you know??" Anjali asked suspiciously.

"No di, because I didn't fire her!!"

"Then who did and the pink slip has your signature!!"

"Di, this all is handled by HR department and I just sign papers after Aman review them, maybe Sheetal defied the rules of the company...." Arnav trailed off.

"But Chote....."

"Let me see why she is fired!!" Arnav disconnected the call saying that.


"What happened, what did he say??" Sheetal asked eagerly.

"Did you break any rules of the company??" Anjali asked her.

"No, why will I break any rule?" Sheetal asked back.

"I knew it is Arnav's company then why will I break my friend's company's rules. Even though he doesn't regard me as his friend but I do!!" Sheetal said with teary eyes.

"Aww Sheetalji, don't cry. I'm sure Chote will find the reason and fire that person who fired you!"  Anjali consoled her.

"I'm sure this is all Aman's doing!!" Sheetal said gritting her teeth swallowing her humiliation.

"What did Aman do??" Anjali asked confused.

"He is the one who fired me I'm  sure of it. He is back of me from starting and doesn't like if I go anywhere except my cubicle, he immediately comes there and order me to sit at my cubicle.." sheetal said furiously.

"I don't think so Sheetalji, because Aman does all the work Chote assigned him and Chote doesn't like people roaming here and there leaving their work, so he was just trying to warn you not to do those things which are not allowed!!" Anjali said as she was sure that Aman isn't like the way she is complaining.

"Who knows or it may be Khushi's doing as she is insecure and jealous of me from the start and doesn't like me working in AR!!"

"You know I can work anywhere at a high position  but I chose to work at AR as it's Arnav's company at a low position so that I can be comfortable with Arnav being around and now he fired me..."  Sheetal added slyly.

Anjali started thinking as she knows that Khushi didn't like sheetal working in AR. From the start she use to degrade sheetal for working at such a low position where as she can work in higher position anywhere.

She was brought back from her thoughts by the ring of her phone on seeing it was Chote's call she eagerly picked it.

"Yes Chote!!"

"Di, Sheetal has taken 8 leaves just in 20 days of her work so according to the rules HR department fired her as no one can take more than 3 leaves in a month but she took 8 leaves that too in only 20 days. She was even warned not to take these many leaves but she didn't pay any heed to that. So they had to fire her!!"

"What?? But Chote She wasn't well that's why she took those many leaves.." Anjali defended Sheetal.

"I don't know why and for what she took leaves di, but she did so they didn't have any choice except firing her!!"

"Chote can't you do anything, you are the boss right you can again hire her!!" Anjali pleaded not wanting sheetal to be humiliated.

"No di, if I do that to her on your recommendation then I will be partial towards my other employees. They will take these rules for granted and will take leaves as much as they can and if I try to warn them they will accuse me of being partial towards sheetal. So I'm sorry I can't help her or you!!"

"But Chote....!!"

"Di, she can work in any other company. It's not that AR is only the best. There are many other companies which will hire her, ask her to search one nice job and please warn her that no one will entertain any employee who takes these many leaves!!" Arnav said in no-nonsense tone and hanged the call.

Later, Anjali as well as Sheetal persuaded Arnav to hire her again but Arnav dismissed them not wanting to entertain them further.

This happened for a while where Anjali and sheetal used to be at the back of Arnav but Arnav being ASR didn't pay any heed to them and stood firm on his decision.

After couple of Days

Anjali saw sheetal hugging a photo frame and crying saying 'I miss you' time to time.

"What happened Sheetalji??"  Anjali asked concerned.

"Nothing..." Sheetal said wiping her tears and keeping the frame back in the drawer.

"Won't you share it with me!!" Anjali persuaded. Sheetal didn't take a second to throw herself in Anjali's arms and cry hysterically.

"Who I'm just missing Aarav's father!!" She said coming out of the hug.

"It's ok, you don't need to miss such a man. You are better off without him!!"

"Yeah you are right. I can handle my self but what about Aarav. He constantly asks me about his father. He is just 6 years and needs a father in his life at this stage but I'm so helpless and such a bad mother that I can't tell him about his father!!"

"No Sheetalji, a man who can leave such a pretty and a good woman isn't worth of you and Aarav. I'm sure where ever he is, he isn't happy as he left such a beautiful soul for someone else. Don't cry please for me and for Aarav!!"

"I'm sure if I go and tell him that Aarav is his son, he won't accept it by saying that I'm lying to him and in behind his money and moreover he will do a DNA test and prove himself that he isn't his father. These days it's easy to manipulate the laboratory and get the result as negative by throwing some money at their face!!"

"No, you don't need to go to him. You are enough for Aarav!!" Anjali said

"No, I'm not, that's why he keeps asking me about his father. How can I say him that his father is happily married to someone and doesn't need us in his life. He will be so broken. At this age he should play with toys and all, but he will have a broken heart and childhood as wherever he goes everyone will taunt and mock him for being fatherless child!!" Sheetal sobbed in her arms.

"Shh shh!! That's enough you don't have to go through all this. No one will mock or taunt Aarav as we all are there for him and we will warn the school authorities to keep an eye on Aarav and his friends!!"

"Yeah that will do, Thank you so much for being there for me when no one is!!"

"It's ok Sheetalji, you are like my sister!!!" Anjali kissed her forehead, empathy bursting inside her.

"I'll just wash my face, if Aarav sees me in this condition he will throw a fit!!" Saying this sheetal went in the washroom leaving Anjali in her thoughts.

Anjali out of curiosity took the photo frame out of the drawer to see the picture of the man who caused too much trouble in 2 most beautiful persons life. What she saw shocked him as it was the picture if her Chote, her brother, her papad ka tukda.

She can't believe that Arnav can do wrong to someone.

By then sheetal came out of the washroom and saw that Anjali saw the photo frame of Aarav's father who is none other that Arnav.

"Ch..o..te.. Ch..o..te.. is Aarav's father??"

"Yes, I can't hide this any more Anjaliji as you came to know everything. Arnav is Aarav's father. We were in relationship back in Harvard and we consummated at graduation night, but the next day Arnav broke up with me and left and after few weeks I came to know that I'm pregnant with his child. I tried to contact him but he didn't pick my calls. Later I moved to Canada, Aarav was born and I  made my life thinking I don't need Arnav anymore as Aarav is enough for me but as Aarav grew he started asking me about him father not having any choice I came back to India in search of Arnav but came to know that Arnav is happily married to Khushi. I can't break their relationship just because I want my son to be happy. So now I'm planning to go back to America as I can't see Arnav with anyone!!"

"But Sheetalji..."

"No ifs and buts, I'm leaving that's final. But I'll request you some small thing will you able to do that?"

"Can you please ask Arnav to give his name to Aarav. That's all I want, I'll handle Aarav but I want Arnav to give his name to his child, his first Born!!" Sheetal pleaded

"Come with me!!!" Saying this Anjali dragged sheetal to the living room shouting for everyone to assemble.

To be continued............

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Dec 8

Chapter 17 (By Inaara_Khan) (Thanked: 67 times)

"Can you please ask Arnav to give his name to Aarav. That's all I want, I'll handle Aarav but I want Arnav to give his name to his child, his first Born!!" Sheetal pleaded

"Come with me!!!" Saying this Anjali dragged sheetal to the living room shouting for everyone to assemble.

"Anjaliji what are you doing, please leave me!!!" Sheetal pleaded not able to keep up with her pace.

"Shut up!! You said enough and I heard enough, let me do what is right!!" Anjali said in a determined voice.

"But what.....!!!" Sheetal trailed off doing a happy dance internally.

"CHOTE!! NANI!! AAKASH!! MAMI!!" Anjali shouted.

"HariPrakash can you call every one here, Pronto!!"

HP nodded confused as it is the first time he is seeing her in this avatar.

Every one assembled in the hall to see a sad sheetal pleading to Anjali and Anjali with a determined face.

"Hello Hii bye bye!! Whats happeningya Anjali bitya??" (What happening Anjali?)  Mami asked seeing both of the women.

"What is the new drama di?? Now please don't ask me to give her a job in AR!!" Arnav said exasperated. He is fed up with all this. He can't wait to throw sheetal out of the house and open the eyes of every one. If possible he would have  shook her shoulders vigorously till she saw what is right and wrong. Alas! He has to keep quite and see what extent sheetal can go.

"No Chote, I won't ask that but surely I want to ask something else!!"


"Were you and Sheetalji in relationship back then in Harvard??"

"Yes but that was platonic!!"

Every one gasped hearing that. Till today they allowed Arnav's ex to live in the house and they didn't know that sheetal was his ex. They use to think that she was a friend and class mate.

"Ohh!! You were in relationship but you didn't find important to inform me about it??"

"Com'on di, there are many things I don't find it important to tell you as they don't hold any importance in my life like that relationship and moreover I broke up with her before coming back to India and totally forgot about her until she showed up. I mean I don't say each and everything to you until you pester me. You didn't ask about the relationships I had except for lavanya!!"

"But Chote you just can't sleep around some girls and women and forget them!!"

"Sleep around?? What are you saying di? When did I sleep with anyone!!" 

"Chote you can't act ignorant, you did sleep with Sheetalji and the result of that is Aarav!!"

Everyone were shocked hearing that Arnav is father of Aarav. Till then they were comparing a father with his son and didn't know anything. That's why they are so similar.

"What are you saying di?? Aarav is my son, how can that be possible??"

"What do you mean by that Arnav?? Don't you remember the Graduation night were we consummated our relationship in your drunken state and next day you broke up with me!!"

"What are you talking about Sheetal I wasn't drunk on Graduation night. Heck I don't even drink now as it is prohibited for me due to my diabetes!!"

"I know that Arnav but don't forget our batch mates were forcing you to drink and you took 2-3 pegs of tequila which made you loose your conscious and took advantage of me!!"

"Don't you feel ashamed or penitent to talk about all this in front of everyone and I'm sure I wasn't drunk that day to loose my conscious and take advantage of you according to you. I don't take advantage of my wife when I'm drunk forget about the strangers!!"

"Enough Chote, I'm sure you are forgetting about it as you were drunk but the outcome of that night is Aarav who is your son, accept it!!"

"Stop it di!! You believe her over me, your brother? Do you think I'll do that, that I'll father a child and deny to acknowledge him? I won't di not even in my wildest dream!!"

"It's not dream Chote, it's reality. And the reality is that Aarav is your son, accept him as your son Chote!!"

"Yes Arnav, Aarav is indeed your son. I think you forgot what happened on the graduation night as you were drunk but believe me he is your son!! If you want you can do a DNA test of you and Aarav!!"

"No Sheetalji, he won't do any DNA test as no mother will lie about her child's father.  So we don't need a DNA test to prove it!!"

"I still don't believe it. Aarav cannot be my son. Period!!"

"You have to accept it sooner or later Chote. Denying his rights won't do any good neither to you nor to him!!"

"What rights are you talking about di when I don't even have a son. If I'll have child then it's from Khushi not from anyone else. And sheetal are you sure that Aarav is my son not of any other man!!"

"How can you insult me like that Arnav?? Didn't I tell you Anjaliji no one will believe me that Aarav is a Raizada and the son of ASR then why did you tell this to everyone. No one is believing me and upon that insulting me. That's why I said I don't want anything except his father's name!!"

"Wait Sheetalji, Chote I want you to acknowledge Aarav as your son  and give him your name!!"

"I won't!!"

"It's ok Chote, but can you please give him your name and allow both of them to live here as a family!!"

"They are living here from God knows when, and I won't give my name to anyone!!"

"Chote don't you know how is it to live without father's name?? Then how can you deny to give your name to Aarav!!"

"Because Aarav isn't my son and for the last time I'm saying if I'll have kids then it will be from Khushi not from anyone else as she is my love, my life and my wife. Get this fixed in your head!! And ask your so called Sheetalji to find Aarav his father and give his name as from no means I'm his dad!! I won't snatch my future child's right from him/her and give it to some outsider claiming to be my son and I don't need a DNA test to prove that Aarav isn't my son!!"

"I don't want this discussion to happen again and especially not infront of Khushi and behind me!! Close this topic once and for all. If anyone thinks that Aarav is my son then they are free to leave the house and I won't have any problem with that. They can do whatever they can for all I care!!!"

"And if again I hear anyone comparing me and Aarav or claiming Aarav to be my son then they will have to face ASR and it's better you don't do that and invite problems!!"

Arnav stormed off from there mentally thanking that Khushi wasn't there to witness all this things or this will surely break her down.

"It's ok Sheetalji, Chote is just angry let his anger cool down then I'll speak to him and make sure that he will accept you and Aarav in his life!!" Anjali consoled sheetal hugging her.

"But Anjaliji what about Aarav......" She was cut off as a hand landed on her cheek.

Khushi came home early today as the work she went was finished to hear some shoutings. When she she neared the entrance she recognised the voices of Anjali, Sheetal and Arnav. She ran inside to see the melee but was surprised to see that Anjali and sheetal claiming Aarav as Arnav's son. She stood there silently to see the length she can go. She was proud that Arnav was standing for her.

She heard everything and observed no one noticed her presence. She was silent but wasn't able to stand when Anjali assured sheetal that she will make sure Arnav will accept them in their life.

Not able to stand there she went and slapped sheetal for creating all this drama when Aarav wasn't even her son.

First her parents harmed her and her parents and now she is here to break all the relations she has.

"You disgust me Miss kapoor, A woman like you can sleep with anyone and everyone when given a chance and here you are claiming your son as My husband's. Just because we are letting you stay here doesn't means that you can do whatever you wish. I want you to stop all this right now and I don't want to hear anything related to Aarav!!" Khushi spat and turning to Anjali.

"Go on di, You can do whatever you want if Aarav is not enough you can go and bring some homeless children and claim them as Arnav's child. You weren't able to save your child and came here to give Aarav his rights!!" Khushi snorted and left from there.

Payal and NK gave a disgusted look to both of them and left from there where as Manorama caredless and ordered HP to bring green tea while nani understood the whole fiasco of sheetal!!!

Flashback ends!!

Now again a new drama started. It was ok with Payal talking rude to Sheetal but she know payal refrained the same behaviour with Anjali respecting her to be her husband's sister. It won't be long when she lashes at her too.

Now Khushi came to know all this and she won't leave any one. She knows what all a woman can do to save her marriage and the relations close to her if only Anjali can understand and see beyond her love for Aarav.

Nani came out if the room hearing the commotion when she heard Khushi and sheetal arguing. She sighed as she expected this long ago but was surprised as it's happening after many days. She knew Khushi isn't at home these days.

"That's enough. You said enough, I heard enough!! Who are you to say all this haan? You worthless middle-class girl? I'm sure you and your sister both trapped these men in your web of love. Wasn't able to live in that low class society without these luxuries out of no where your gaze fell on these men and decided to trap them for money!! Bloody Gold-diggers!!"

"I'm sure it was you who trapped shyam in your love then you saw Arnav, The ASR, the great catch so you left him and decided to allure him in your beauty and that shyam was coming in your path so you decided to remove once and for all by blaming that he killed Anjaliji's child but it was you who killed that unborn!!"

"Then why will a girl with full of morals and values decides to marry live with a man only for six months that too on a contract basis, because you wanted money. You decided to live with him for six months and demand huge money as alimony and go from here but fortunately for you and unfortunately for the family Arnav decided to remarry you, you again jumped with the offer to spend your whole life in this luxurious house with all the luxuries!!"

"You kidnapped Arnav and blamed that shyam kidnapped him without any proofs or else how did you reach that places where he was hostaged first at Alwal then at Old Delhi highway. You reached it twice to save him in fact it was just a pretence so that Arnav believes you that you are innocent!!

"You showed that fake video to everyone and the great ASR like a love sick puppy believed in that which was any thing but truth. It was you who placed the broken wire and placed the glass pieces in the floor carpet and it was again you who misplaced Anjaliji's shoes so that she can roam bare feet!!"

"Now again you are blaming both of us of which crime we didn't commit. You just want to show everyone especially Arnav, how bad his sister is and throw her out of his life so that you can rule him and live here like a queen!!" Sheetal bellowed.

"How do you know all this, I mean you came here almost a month ago and know all the secrets which we didn't know??"  nani asked surprised. She didn't even know many of the things sheetal revealed. Contract marriage? What is this woman talking about.

Everyone were also shocked hearing Sheetal. 

Sheetal froze hearing this.

This wasn't in her plan to blurt out the details which only few of them knew.

"Answer me!!" Nani demanded

Arghhh!!! Sheetal cursed herself mentally for landing in such situation. She knew this old lady can read between the lines and she observed her behaviour which changed drastically in last few days.

"Woh naniji...."

"How do you know the inner details of my family?"

"Naniji, it isn't that difficult to know what's happening in ASR's house as you can find them all in newspapers!!"

"Really?? No one apart from this house members knew that he was kidnapped except shyam and it wasn't in the newspapers too. His absence was kept as a secret then how do you know except you are involved with shyam!! It's impossible that no one from this house spoke to you about that!!" Khushi asked determined to get the truth of this vile woman.

"Wh..o is shy.." Sheetal stammered

"Wow!!! You amaze me sheetal, you really do!! Just a minute back you were shouting that I trapped shyam in my love and left him for Arnav, blamed shyam that he kidnapped Arnav when in real it was me who kidnapped, blamed shyam to kill his unborn when it was me who did it!! Did you forget it or need anymore reminders??" Khushi asked sarcastically.

"What are you talking Khushi, I didn't say anything like that!! I think you are hallucinating!!" Sheetal blamed.

"Ok, she is hallucinating them me?? I also heard the same!!" Payal asked disgusted with this woman. She is such a chameleon.

"You are her sister so obviously you'll support her!!" Sheetal snarled.

"Ok, I'm her sister then let's ask others who are neither Khushi's sister or brother. Let's Start with Maaji, Maaji did you hear what all sheetal said a while back about Shyam, Khushi and Arnavji??"

On seeing her nod she asked the same question with everyone, everyone nodded in positive while Anjali wasn't able to do anything.

No one knew what she was thinking as her face was blank.

"So, what do you want to say now Miss sheetal kapoor??" Payal asked.

"Nothing much jiji, she will say the truth of why she came here as she knew so much more than anyone of us!!"

"Out with it sheetal!!"

"What are you saying Khushi!!" Sheetal tried to behave nonchalant.

"Why did you come here sheetal, what are your motives, how do you know shyam, how do you know that I had a contract marriage of six months, how do you know that Arnav was kidnapped and was held hostaged at two different places and know the exact place where he was hostaged. How do you know Di's shoes were missing and she went barefoot in her room, how do you know that she miscarried her child, how do you know that I was engaged to shyam or I trapped Shyam??" HOW!!!" 

"Yes I knew all this!!!" 

To be continued...............

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