OS - My Irritating Brother

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Apr 18, 2017

OS - My Irritating Brother (By Angel23) (Thanked: 100 times)

“Mumma he stole my doll” that’s me when I used to complain to my mother against my brother, I looked so funny while doing that, I never wanted him to win, and why should I? He was never a good brother, always playing pranks that sometimes proved to be dangerous for both of us, and we only received scoldings later from our family. And he, never accepted that he was wrong, in fact put all the blame on me as I was the elder one, I just hated him for that.

“No, mumma Di doesn’t want to play with me, that’s why I took her doll, so that she pays attention on me” he innocently told my mother, wrapping his tiny arms around my mother legs to hug her. And of course, my mother melt just by this little act made by him.

“Princess you’re his elder sister, you should play with him. Don’t let your brother alone, please” my mother pleaded me, looking at me as if I was the one who starts this first. I angrily looked away, ignoring them I sat on the sofa, where my Nani caressed my hair trying to calm me down.

Arnav, my jealous brother couldn’t see that of course, he came running resting his head on Nani’s lap, so that they could give more attention to him, he was an attention seeker, well even I was. Tell me, who doesn’t like to be given more attention and pampering from their parents, especially when you have siblings then you always try to be your papa and mumma’s favorite.

“You both are siblings, if you fight like this, it doesn’t look good. Come on be friends now.. “ Nani said caressing both of us with her hand.

We look at each other as if we were ready to kill each other, I was waiting for him to say sorry first, only then I would forgive him, and we would be in our dosti mode again. But look at him, he didn’t even made an effort to do that, he was smirking waiting for me.

My mother sat, exhausted of both of us, seriously when I remind of her face, now it makes me laugh.

“Look if you continue like this, Nani won’t give you chocolate” Nani said, giving us one motive to end our fight, now chocolate was a food we both love, and we couldn’t deny this.

I quickly smiled looking at him: Dosti?

He nodded hugging me: Dosti Di. Nani gave us chocolate, laughing at us.


“Arnav stop crying” ohh, how can I forget? His first day of school, he was like so scared of being away from mumma and papa, and mumma gave me the responsibility of taking care of him. I knew it was normal, because even in my first day I was also scared, but since it was him, my irritating brother, I found him too childish.

“Di I don’t want to go to class” he cried clenching my hand to make me stop walking, I must admit he looked cute doing that.

“Arnav go to class now!!” I shouted, making him cry more. He nodded sideways, and my friends were laughing at me. I immediately gave him my chocolate unwillingly, even I wanted to eat that in break time: “Take this please, and go to your classroom, don’t call me every time”

He  pouted taking chocolate from my hand: “I will complain to mumma about this”, threatening me, he left.

Later on, my mother scolded me for not taking care of him, and I couldn’t even explain her because she only believed Arnav, as he was younger than me. And no one can scold him.

I didn’t talk to him for one week, but later I don’t know what got on me, I started talking and playing with me. Such things happens in childhood, that when you grow up, you don’t find sense at all, you find all this too funny.


“ Mumma Di is not letting me study in peace, you know how much I love studying in the living room, and now she and her friends are making noise there” my 10 years old brother once again complained to my mother.

“Anjali let him study here, you shift to your room with your friends” I looked angrily at my mother, urghh why he has to win all the times.

“You only love Arnav, not me mumma. You’re always favoring him” I shouted going to my room, and cried a lot that day, now I laugh, why was I crying? My mother gave everything to me and Arnav equally, but whenever she used to favor Arnav, instead of me, I changed my point of view, I used to think that no one loves me.

“Anjali open the door” my mother shouted, she was scared if I take any wrong step, as little kids we never thought before doing something.

“Di stop your drama, you can study with your friends, I will manage in my room. You’re such a crying baby, look all your friends are laughing at you” he said that only to irritate me more.

I opened the door angrily: Go and study now, stop eating my brain..

“Anjali is this a way to talk with your brother” not again, I was completely pissed off, that I left the room and went to the garden side. My friends came in to support me, and later I forgot I was angry and stayed there playing with them.


“ Di stay away from that boy..and your not so good friends” he angrily looked at me.

“For god sake Arnav, stop controlling me, it’s my life and I know what I’ve to do, I’m 19 years old okay” I shouted.

“Why aren’t you understanding dammit, they are not good for you, and your friends only have interest with you, you’re having poor marks only because of them, they’re teaching you wrong things. And you should focus only in studies now, not this boyfriend thing” he shouted back at me.

“Let me live in peace, I know what’s good and bad for me. And my friends are good, Shyam is also a good guy” I said.

“Ohh really?? I know what type of man he is okay, stay away from him or else I will complain to papa about this” he folded his arms, smirking at me, I didn’t told anything to Dad, and his smart mind used this against me.

“Then tell, I’m not scared of anyone okay, not even you. You should talk to me well, I’m your elder sister” I said frowning.

“But I look like your elder brother, you don’t have brains at all. You accept being made a fool by your friends and that boyfriend of yours, you know that he smokes right? He drinks, talks badly and you really love him? What’s wrong with you?” he said irritating me more.

“Shut up Arnav, I didn’t ask you to comment on my boyfriend and so what if he has bad qualities, he loves me okay. Just get out of my room now” I shouted throwing a pillow to his side.

“He doesn’t love you Di, just stay away from him or I will break his face, and complain to mumma what are you friends teaching you instead of studies” saying this he went away, giving me one more reason to hate him, I just so wished to have a little sister that day, at least she would understand me, unlike Arnav, now I repent wishing that…


Present day:

“He doesn’t know his loss, you’re this world most beautiful girl” I was resting my head on my that irritating brother’s shoulder, that I don’t think he is irritating anymore, but a loveable one!

He held my hand, and we sat on the floor there hugging each other, “Well I’m not here to say that I was right about Shyam, but to say that you should move on Di. I’m here with you Di, for everything you need. And I will break the face of the guy who plays with my sister” I hugged him more tightly after hearing this, the person I least expected to support me, is the one who is with me since he got to know Shyam betrayed me, in fact he was with me since childhood. As we become older, we started to understand each other and became more friends, that’s a brother-sister relationship, a brother only shows he cares, when someone mess up with his sister, ohh I forgot to say, he really broke that Shyam’s face *giggles* and I feel so protected with my brother around me! He’s my everything, I don’t even need a boyfriend when my brother is with me, he is that my boyfriend that will never leave me till his last breath and I can say that with confidence and without any doubt!..

“I love you Di, you don’t need that cheap man, I’m here to buy you ice creams, watch movies and talk with you all night” he smiled wiping my tears, I also smiled.

“I love you too my chote” I kissed his cheeks, and he made a yuck face, because he hates kisses and I love doing that to irritate him: “Let’s go for a ride”

He held my hand and we both left the house, making my family look at us with open mouth!!!


I hope you like it!!

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