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Apr 15

FF: Romeo (By Nanduarshi) (Thanked: 37 times)

no Prologue

Also here in characters I am just saying who all they are not describing them you will get to know them as the story proceeds. 


1. Arnav Singh Raizada - Age 28. Main protagonist of the story.

2. Dr.Khushi Arora - age 25. Female protagonist of the story

3. NK- age 28. Best friend and cousin of Arnav 

4. Lavanya Gupta - age 25, best friend of Khushi 

5. Akash Singh Raizada ( ASR ) - Age 32. Elder brother of Arnav 

6. Payal Arora - age 30. Elder sister of Khushi 

7. Anjali Singh Raizada - Age 23. Younger sister of Arnav and Akash

8. Aravind Singh Raizada - Father of Arnav, Akash and Anjali

9. Ratna Raizada - Mother of Arnav, Akash and Anjali. Wife of Aravind

10. Devyani Raizada - Grandmother of Arnav, Akash and Anjali. Mother of Aravind. 

11.Brigadier Neil Arora - Father of Khushi and Payal 

12. Ragini Arora - Mother of Khushi and Payal. Wife of Neil.

13. Brigadier Avinash Jadhav - Best friend of Neil.

(Manish Khanna)

14. Kuldeep Jadhav - Age 28. Son of Avinash

15. Shantanu Kant (Shan) - Common friend of Arnav and NK

Part - 1

10 PM


Opp. xyz Park:

It was a windy and a cool night of Delhi. 

On the opposite side of xyz Park sat four boys on the foot path speaking something out loud, drinking.

" My love is gone. Everything is gone. My life is a waste now. Why did she do this to me? Why?" Cried a young man equally Shouted

" Always this will only happen. These girls are cheaters, Arnav. They will always break our hear." Cried an other boy calming Arnav down.

" Arre.. NK Bhaya, first you tell us why did bring us here? We didn't had money to pay at bar, you both brought us here and gave us drinks and now you are speaking like you guys lost it. What do you want?" Asked one boy irritated by NK and Arnav 

"Shut up you.." Nk Shouted

" Calm down, NK, calm down." Said Arnav tapping his shoulder, " You want to know what is our problem, we will say. Also we want to say this to someone that is why we brought you here. Got it?" Asked Arnav to which they nodded

He stood up and said out loud, " I, Arnav Singh Raizada son and brother of two arrogant fellows, who thinks themselves as the supreme authority. My dad and brother are running AR Designs, one of the biggest fashion company. They are tailers they wanted me also to become an tailer even NK too. But I didn't wanted to do that cheap job. I am different. I wanted to become popular, NK too. So what we did? When they send us to Pune for doing fashion designing we went to Pune Film Institute and I learned direction while he learned cinematography. We lied, I agree. Now we are aspiring stars. They are not okay with it esspecially my dad and brother..." 

" Then which girl you are talking about?" Asked one with his mouth wide open with an smile

"You only want to hear about the girl?" He asked angrily, " bloody country fellow. " 

He continued, " I was never in an relation till now in my life but at the age of twenty five, I fell in love." He said in an dreamy voice. " But now I am having an love failure." He said in an sarcastic tone 

" Great. That's cool." Clapped one boy

"Stop clapping else we will start slapping you. " Said NK, " He felt funny. That's cool." Said NK immitating him

"He will say all such nonsense, you continue its interesting. " Said the other 

"You are the best. I love you." Said Arnav while NK pulled the boy's cheek

"Let me say." Said Arnav irritated 

" okay, okay you say." They said

"It all started with an birthday party." He said smiling remembering the old times.

"Birthday party?" The two boys frowned while NK smiled running his fingers over his face slowly

"Birthday party."

"Wait.. what is the problem now?" Asked one guy

"My problem? That girl is getting married within 8 hours and his girlfriend broke up with him." He said angrily, " Okay, Flashback Starts. "



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Apr 15

Part 2 Updated (By Nanduarshi) (Thanked: 34 times)

Guys most most parts of this story are going to be Flashback and it will end only when the story is gonna end.

Part - 2


8 AM:

Near the Mandir stood a woman in her fifties praying and doing pooja for a long time, alone, which makes it clear to us that she is the biggest believer of the house.

"Hai DM save me and my family. Let my husband and Akash bituva grow high in the business. Make my daughter pass MBA with distinction. Even if all these won't happen please do one thing give a job to my Arnav and NK, 28 year old they are still they are very immature and simply roam around all day and night spending his fathers money."

"Mam, Ratna mam" She heard someone calling disturbing her prayer. She sighs and opens her eyes and prays for one last time probably no and turns to see HP there. 

HP, the most trusted worker of RM. He had been working their for years now he is like a part of that family.

"What happened HP?" She asked with a calm face

"Dadi ji(Nani) is calling you." Informed HP

"Yes i will go. Also you go and buy some grocery. I have kept the list in the kitchen. Take one of our car." She said smiling to which he nodded while she walked away



"JI ma. Did you call me?" Said Ratna sitting beside Devyani Raizada, the most eldest person of the family and her mother in law.

"I want to say only one thing. When will our Akash bituva marry? He is 32 now. After him Arnav then Anjali, all of them have to get married but what will we do if he is stubborn like this that he don't want to marry?" Dadi said in distress.

"What can I do ma? We can't force someone into this. I don't know what his problem is? I feel like this family will be having a heir from Anjali only."

"Why? What happened to Arnav? Did he too say, I don't want to marry?" Asked Dadi imitating Akash

"He didn't say." She said irritated

"Then what?"

"Who the hell will give their daughter to such an irresponsible, immature and a jobless like him. Why job he is not even qualified. He want to become film director it seem." She said angrily

"Why are you getting angry on me?" Asked dadi horrified

"Sorry ma, thinking about that boy is only making me mad. How will he live like this?" She said tired with her sons drama.

"Ratna.. Ratna just come here." She heard her husband calling her out from their room.

" I am coming." She said back, "Ma I will just go and see him."  She said and went away

"What kind of creatures are these?" Said dadi sarcastically patting her pet, Lakshmi a got.



Aravind's Room:

"Why did you call me?" She asked walking into the room

"Tell Anjali we can't drop her today to her college. We have an important meeting. Tell Akash to get ready fast. Also we are not taking breakfast today." He said to which she hummed

"Then how will Anjali go? Actually I send HP in our car to buy grocery."

"We can't drop her. Tell Arnav and NK to drop her. Ohh! I forgot both would be having hangover, yesterday I saw what condition they were. Tell her to take leave today." He said resuming his work

While Ratna exited the room and went to the room of Akash.

Akash's Room:

As she entered the room she saw Akash standing in front of the mirror wearing his waist coat.

"Good morning MOM" He said in his usual grumpy face

Most arrogant person ever. Doesn't want to marry. Doesn't believe in god at all. Thinks him self as the supreme authority. Never smiles. But will get angry every second.

"Morning, beta"

"Dad told you to get ready soon." She intimated him

"I am ready. I hate being late. Dad said right we can't drop Anjali today."

"Yes he did. Akash I want you..."

"To marry. Never mom. I have lots of work to do. Bye" He said cutting her and walked out of the room.

She sighs and walks out of the room to go to Anjali's room.

She comes in front of it and knocks the door.

Anjali slowly opens the door and jumps out of the room almost scaring Ratna , " How is this Salvar?" She asked cheerfully

"It is good. Today you ain't going to college." 

"What!" She exclaimed, " I have to go today there is a seminar. I really have to attend it."

"But no one is there to drop you. Akash and your dad left already they  have an important meeting."

"I will take Arnav and NK bhaya and go." She said tensed

"They are still sleeping" Said Ratna trying to make her understand

"I will wake them up" She said adamantly and ran to their room.



As she entered the room which would get the messiest room of the century award all that she could see was the walls filled with quotes based on the topic'I don't care' and many celebrities. Some sports equipment's on one corner books shattered on the floor and she could see two figures who were sleeping soundly covering themselves from top to bottom with the blanket.

She went and started tapping them in order to wake them up.

"Bhaya. Get up. please get up. Get up you idiot." She shouted to get no reaction back

After two minutes

"Argh! Tsunami" Both the boys screamed and got up from the bed and started screaming

"Shut up. Its not Tsunami." She said eyeing the bucket of water.

"What the hell? You threw water on us?" Asked Arnav angrily

"Then what else you expect me to do? You were not waking up." She shouted

"If we won't wake up you will throw water on us?" Asked NK angrily while she stamped her foot.

"Why the hell did you wake us up? " Said Arnav

"Drop me to college." 

"Huh? Daily you go with our Hitler father and Mr. Perfect brother now why do you want me to drop you?" Arnav asked

"They left" She said

"Thank god" Both said under their breath

"Yeah i will drop first let us change our dress." Said Arnav

"Then you are not taking a bath?" She said with disgust

"Before even waking up you made us take bath. Now get lost" Saying NK pushed her out of the room

" Bloody fool."NK whispered



After 1 hour:

Arnav sat on his royal enfield stuck in the traffic.

His phone started ringing while he took out the phone from his pocket to see NK's name flashing.

He lifted the call, " Hello NK." 

"Where are you? Anways leave it. Meet me at Coffee and Love Cafe. Bye." Saying he hanged the call.

"What?" Said Arnav and looked at his phone confused



Coffee and Love Cafe:

Arnav reached the cafe and looked around for NK.

He saw NK seated on a chair and went towards him and took a chair for himself and seated.

"Why did you call me?" Asked Arnav

"I and Lav fought today." He said in an disappointed tone by hearing which Arnav started laughing clutching his stomach, " Today also" He said and continued laughing.

Lav A.K.A Lavanya Gupta, NK's girlfriend. Whom he made fall for him in a gap of two years. Lavanya lost both her parents in an accident five years ago. But she recovered from it soon. Now she working in an IT company in an high position.

NK glared at him which made him stop his laugh abruptly and he cleared his throat, "Why" He asked in an serious tone

"Today is her birthday. There is a party arranged. I  should go there. The place is filled with girls and I am the only man there. Won't i get bored? Every year we will have a fight on this. She wants me too enjoy there. It is really irritating. I feel sick on myself for going behind her for two years to make her fall for me. There won't be any other guy apart from me and I should enjoy there. Why are these girls like this?" Nk groaned



"Why are these boys like this? Can't he enjoy there with us? He need his friends. Khushi, yaar what is his problem?" Muttered Lavanya angrily

"He did't say anything else. He just said what can he do staying in middle of we girls." Said Khushi trying to make her understand

Khushi Arora, Lavanya's best friend. A doctor. Works in IMS Hospital which is one of the prominent hospital of Delhi. Someone who is very cheerful and loves to make friends and can't stop talking let it even be a stranger. A daddy's girl.

" What are you trying to say Khushi?" Asked Lavanya

"I meant could you just go and enjoy with NK bro and his friends? No right. This is the same. I don't mean to call all his friends but any one friend." Said Khushi making Lavanya go into deep thoughts.

"Yes, yaar. You are saying right. Simply I fought with him. I will call him and say this."



"Dude she is calling." NK said looking at the phone which was in his hand shivering

"Pick up"

"Hello baby" He lifted the call and said in an soothing voice

" Hello, NK I am really sorry. You don't have to come alone. You can bring any ONE of your friends." Lavanya said pressuring the word ONE 

"Oh! You are so sweet. We will come. Bye. Love you" He said in an sugar coated voice and hanged the call and sighed in relief

" Okay so you are not going right I have booked for Fast and Furious 8." Said Arnav cheerfully

"No need. WE are going." He said smiling

"What do you mean by WE? Arnav asked gulping down the lump in his throat

"You are coming with me"

"NO, I am not."

"Yes you are"

to be continued

Precap- Romeo meets Juliet

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Apr 18

Pasrt 3 updated (By Nanduarshi) (Thanked: 34 times)

Part - 3

Evening 5:


Arnav's/NK's Room:

"You are not getting ready?" NK asked to Arnav

Arnav stares at NK and stood up facing NK, "Open your eyes and see, I am wearing a jeans and a shirt. Isn't that enough?"

"No! This won't be good. Wear that suit."

"What? I will decide what I have to wear. Also I don't have a suit." He said irritated

"I have. Wear that. Also you are the one whom I am taking. Lavanya has never seen you. You should make a good impression. You might have heard right first impression is the best impression. Also there will be many friends of hers look find someone who will suit you."

"Enough. I will wear, no need of your drama. And I don't think I will find one because From past twenty five years I have been searching for one but still didn't get  I think I have to follow my brother Mr. Perfect's path or go to Himalayas as a swami." He sighed

"Like that means, many proposed you why didn't you accept then?" Asked NK 

"None of them would work for me. Also by seeing their face only thankfully I didn't faint. So you leave all these we will go for the birthday party you will spend time with her and I will eat. Also at least tomorrow we will go for Fast and Furious 8. Do you know simply my money got wasted? I am booking for tomorrow. Whether you come or not if you won't come I will take Shan along with me." He finished

"I will come. Go get ready." Said NK pushing him to change



Lavanya's Home:

Lavanya started blankly at the face of the young man who was standing beside NK in a suite who was smiling wide at her

She gave an uneasy smile back

"Lav, he is Arnav my cousin and best friend" NK introduced Arnav to Lavanya.

"Hi" Saying Arnav forwarded his hand and shook with hers.

"So Arnav what do you do?" She asked

"Me?" He frowned while she nodded her head

"I am graduated from Pune Film Institute for Direction while NK is for Cinematography, you know right. Now we are trying to develop a script and find a Producer. So.."

"Umm.. Okay you guys go and have something I will come." Saying Lavanya went

"Come" Saying they went to drink the vine which was kept in the counter

After sometime:

"God, this place is damn boring. How you were being here from so long that too alone.?" He said with an 'weird' look on his face

"That is my fate. You will also face this soon." He said with a sarcastic smile taking a sip from his glass of vine.

"You are seeing lots of dream NK. When I wished to have one I didn't have then now I am not at all thinking about it and how will something of that sort happen. But all that is feeling and too feel it that type of girl should come." He said with a small smile

"Which type of girl?" Asked NK confused scrunching his eyebrows. 

"That only like when we see them we our heartbeat increases, A gust of wind, we will feel like we are in love all that." He said looking down

"Gone case" Muttered NK

"In my life I don't even know whether I will find one or not?" He said in an bored tone and looked at NK to see that his gaze was somewhere else.

"What are you looking?" Arnav frowned

"Don't turn." NK said to Arnav and again faced Arnav and said slowly only audible to them, "One girl from the time we came only is looking at you. I guess."

"She likes me isn't it?" Arnav completed NK's sentence and NK nodded his head in agreement.

"But I am not getting that feeling?" Said Arnav innocently

"Then you marry your feelings only. I am saying if you are thinking I am not getting feeling then you will never be able to marry." Said NK angrily

"Why are you get angry?" Asked Arnav in disbelief 

"Then what? Then what I have to do pooja to you huh?" he asked angrily

"Fine you say to me what I have to do. I will do."

"Okay. Good boy. With out looking who she is and where she is, just go to that corner and one you finish this glass go to the store room which is in the second floor, there first room. That girl would be there. Go say 'Hi' and develop a conversation." Expounded NK

"Will this be a problem?" Asked Arnav still unsure

"Now you just go. I will explain everything to her. She looks interested in you.." He said and send Arnav away



"Where did I keep my phone?" Thought Lavanya looking around

Searching for it she came to Khushi, "Khushi, did you see my phone?"

"No, why is it not with you?" Asked Khushi while lavanya nodded

"Oh no!" Said Lavanya getting hold of her head

"What happened?" Asked Khushi

"I think I kept it in the top shelf of store room."

"You be here, guest are coming right I will go and bring it." ensured Khushi and went to the store.

"Hi Neha.." Lavanya continued welcoming the guest



Arnav took the last sip from his glass of vine thereby finishing it.

He kept that glass on the nearby table

"NK said once I finish this I have to go to the storeroom. Second floor, first room." He thought and walked to the storeroom.

He came and stood in front of the store room to see the door was slightly closed.

He pushed open the door to see a girl standing on top of chair on her toes trying to take something with her back facing him

"What the hell is this girl doing? When he said I thought it will be someone good and this one is behaving like monkeys climbing and standing on top of a chair? Is this the age for playing like this?" He thought with an cranky look for the odd sight in front of him.

"That NK I will show him" He thought with a fist forming on his hand to punch NK hard on his face

As he was about to turn to walk out of the room he saw that the chair was losing its balance and the girl might fall any second yet she didn't have any knowledge about it.

"Careful" He shouted and pulled her out of the chair with all his force which resulted in she crashing on to his chest and both falling down on to the pile of clothes with she beneath him while the chair in which she was standing fell down on to the ground.

He stared keenly into her face with a smile not caring about anything,"God she is so beautiful" He thought

"Move" She pushed his aside with an irritated look and ran out of the room while he just stared at the direction she went with a smile

He slowly got up from the ground and his hand slowly went to his heart to sense his heart running a marathon.

He looked around as he saw the shadow of a cupid flying out of the room which surprised him

"Am I imagining or is this cupid real?" He thought

As he looked around he could many heart shapes around him as he smiled sheepishly.

"Beta, Arnav you are in love." He felt someone saying to him, "Don't leave her she is your luck" He again heard the voice while he tried hard to control the smile which was automatically coming onto his face which he wasn't able to control

He ran his fingers through his hair smiling and ran out of the room.

He searched around for her everywhere to be defeated at last but to find someone else

"you didn't go to the room?" Asked NK angrily

"I went and saw her." He said smiling

"About whom are you talking the girl about whom I am saying now only sheetal went into the storeroom." Asked NK

"Oh! I don't want Sheetal. I only want my angel my... By the way I don'e even know her name?" He said horrified

"That means you fell in love?" Asked NK smiling to which Arnav nodded

"Love at first sight" Nk asked in surprise to which again Arnav nodded

"Party" NK screamed

"To hell with your party here I am tensed how to find her when I don't even know her name?" He said irritated

"My dear why fear when I am here? We will find her within two days not only her name we will find everything about her."

"How?" Asked Arnav impatiently

"Just wait and watch" Said NK smiling, "Escape before that Sheetal comes to us." He said swallowing the lump in his throat.

to be continued.... 

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Apr 21

Part 4 updated (By Nanduarshi) (Thanked: 34 times)

Part - 4

"You don't worry bro, you will see that girl now only because I am damn sure that girl will come for cake cutting." Said NK side hugging Arnav

"We searched each and every corner of this house but we still didn't find her. Now from where the hell she will pop up." He asked frustrated

"Stop being negative if you will, you will never meet that girl again." Complained NK, "I will go and ask when cake cutting will take place and come." Said NK and went to Lavanya

He walked straight and saw Lavanya surrounded by some of her friends. None of them were the girl Arnav has been searching for. 

He went towards lavanya and whispered,"One sec.. I want to ask you something." while she nodded her head and excused herself from her friends and went with him.

"When will we cut the cake?" He asked slowly in a serious way

"Ten minutes" She said uneasily not able to figure out why he was asking this, "Where is Arnav?" She asked to remove that odd silence

"Ten minutes" She said uneasily not able to figure out why he was asking this, "Where is Arnav?" She asked to remove that odd silence

"k. Excuse me." Saying she left

She looked everywhere not finding Khushi.

"Where did she disappear?" Lavanya thought

The very second she thought that her phone started ringing with Khushi's name flashing on the screen.

"Hello. Where are you?" Lavanya asked immediately as she picked up the phone

"Hello. Calm down. Sorry yaar I had to go cause there is a small delay in Payal di's Salary and today she had to give rent of her flat to her landlord, else he would throw her out. You know her problems right that apartment is the only place she can go apart from her office. So I tried to transfer the money on to her account via online but some error occurred so now I am at her house. Sorry. I can't come. Please understand." She pleaded

"Hey, don't say sorry. I can understand. Will see tomorrow. Bye." Saying she hanged up.



Next Day:

Arnav sat on the bed with his hand supporting his chin, with a small smile lost in hos won world.

NK was pacing around the room talking to himself with a serious expression.

"Idea" NK screamed with his eyes glittering he shook Arnav vigorously bringing him back from his imaginary Island.

"What?" Arnav asked

"Each and every person who came yesterday to the party were Lavanya's friends. Lavanya is having a bad habit of taking selfie every passing second yesterday itself you saw right how many selfies she took."


"We will look into her Facebook account. We can see all the pictures she posted in that atleast one picture would be there of this mystery girl." NK said happily 

He looked at Arnav's face which was bright like never before,"What an idea, sirji." He said

"You heard right an idea can change your life." NK said with a proud face 

"Don't waste time open her Facebook." Said Arnav impatiently

NK took the laptop which was lying next to him and opened it and logged in to his account. He went to Lavanya's account and opened the photos.

They saw each and every photos to which Arnav nodded it was no and he sighed in disappointment.

They even checked Lavanya's friend list to find that girl but where defeated at the end.

"Did you see a girl or imagined it?" Asked NK to Arnav to see his smiling face

"What are you smiling for." He frowned while Arnav pointed at the screen smiling with his gaze still fixed at the screen.

NK followed his gaze to something which they forgot to check, Lavanya's cover photo.

He turned and saw a girl along with Lavanya in the picture, "Khushi is the girl?" Asked NK surprised while Arnav nodded his head

"Her name is Khushi?" Asked Arnav


"You know her?" He frowned while NK nodded his head, 'Then give me a description about her."He said smiling looking at the picture

"Khushi Arora age 23. Doctor works in IMS Hospital. Dad, Brigadier Neil Arora. Mother,Ragini Arora a homemaker. Has one elder sister Payal Arora. Due to some problems which I don't know she stays separately from past five years, she is a News Reporter of XYZ News . One last thing she won't fall for you." He finished


"She is a daddy's girl. Will just listen what her dad says."

Arnav starts laughing, "That is not a problem for me. Why dad I will even make her dad's dad fall for me." He said confidently with a smirk.




XYZ News Office:

"May I come in sir?" Asked a girl in her late twenties opening the door of her boss's room.

"Come in Payal." He said

She came in and took a seat,"Yes sir"

"Payal, I have seen the program which you covered it was fabulous. Okay so now I called you tell about an interview which you have to take day after tomorrow." He informed

"Whose interview sir?" She asked

"Akash Singh Raizada" 

"Who is that?" She asked confused

"You know about AR designs right? This Akash is the son its owner Aravind. You have to do his interview." He said

"Yeah sure sir. Thank You" Saying she got up from her seat and went out.



Shan's House:

A young man in his mid twenties sat infront of his computer. He was tall enough, hair till his shoulders and a pair of specs were worn by him.

"Yes I am a genius." He said looking at the screen

"Afterall my IQ is 140." He said to himself and slightly pulled his cheek.

Disturbing his special movements he heard his door bell ring.

Cursing the person who was at the door he went and opened the door to see NK and Arnav standing there at the door.

Not letting him say anything they pushed him aside and barged in.

They entered the house turned laboratory. The place was filled with lots of electrical wires, computers, satellites and cells.

"An other version of our room."NK whispered to Arnav

"What do you both want now?" He asked angrily

"Hey don't be angry. Just a small help. Isn't?" Said NK

"Yes find us all the information which you can give us about Khushi Arora." Said Arnav

"Who is that?" He asked irritated

"You don't need to know that now. Just give us the information."

"Aree. Is she some celebrity or what if I will just search I can find her give me one day time." he said frustrated

"Better is me going to her." Said Arnav angrily

"Then go" Said NK

"I will play in his play station for sometime and go." He said with an awkward look and left

"What about Fast and Furious 8" Asked NK

"I am not coming" Arnav said

"yesterday he was pestering me I should come and now he himself is not coming." NK thought out loud

"Leave him, Shan you coming?" Asked NK


"If you both won't come who cares for me I am there. I will go alone." Said NK and went out.

to be continued...

Precap - Meeting her again

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Apr 24

Part 5 updated (By Nanduarshi) (Thanked: 35 times)

Part - 5

Arora's Mansion:

Drawing Room:

"Hello, Avinash, is the deal fixed?" Asked Neil


"Oh that's great news. If this Delhi branch didn't have emergency, I would have joined you. How is Kuldeep? Its almost six years since I saw him? He could have stayed here na? Why did he go the San Francisco branch and taking things over there." 

"I too told him. But he is adamant." Avinash laughed, "How is Khushi bitiya? How is her new job?"

"Everything is going well. Tomorrow you are coming right we will see tomorrow. Bye." Saying he hanged up the call

He turned around and saw Ragini who was waiting for saying something to him.

"Break fast is ready come." Said Ragini

Dining Room

"Where is Khushi?" Asked Neil having breakfast

"I am here. Good morning dad." She said coming and settling herself on the chair

"Good morning. Yesterday why were you late?" He asked

"I went to see di." She said slowly which resulted in a complete silence in the room

"How is she?" Asked Ragini slowly

"She is good." Khushi said

"How many times I have to say stop speaking about her in front of me?" Neil shouted

"Neil, she is our daughter after all." Said Ragini trying to make him understand

"She was my daughter now I have only one daughter who is sitting here, Khushi. My other daughter died five years back, the very day she went against my word. I am not stopping you all from meeting her, you can go and meet her but her name should not be taken in my house." Neil Shouted in rage

"Mom, I am leaving." Said Khushi getting up from her chair taking her bag having enough of the drama

"You didn't have properly." Said Ragini looking at the remaining food on her plate

"Its enough. I will have from canteen." Saying she went out of the mansion while Ragini gave a helpless look to Neil who ignored it.



Raizada Mansion:

"How am I looking?" Arnav asked nervously to NK

NK looked at him who was wearing a plain white shirt with a pair of blue torn jeans.

"Its good. Why are you asking this?" Asked NK confused by his behavior

"Because today I am going to see my love, my Khushi." He said dramatically which NK shrugged off

They came and took their seat on the dining table.

"Mom, where is the food?" Arnav called out

"Coming" He heard her

"Wait, if you will go to her, I am damn sure she will kill you after what you did that day. Although you didn't have any bad intention she don't know that right. So it will be better if you won't go." Said NK

"Who are you to decide that? You go wherever you want and I am going for her. Today evening when we will meet I will have a place in her heart. I challenge you." Said Arnav

"You challenging me, okay I accept it. We will see." Said NK banging on the table with his fist

"If table breaks tell your father to buy a new one. I won't buy." They heard a voice

They turned and saw Mr. Aravind Singh Raizada or Hitler as called by his son settled on his seat with his Mr. Perfect son.

"What is your dad's problem?" Whispered Nk to Arnav

Shortly Ratna and HP came to the table with all the dishes

"What is the break fast?" Arnav asked

"Aaloo Paratha" She said serving everyone

"Aree. Daily this one only. First this Modi should ban this Aaloo Paratha instead of money." He said irritated yet having the food, "Isn't Nk and Anju?" He asked taking a bite from the paratha while they nodded chewing the food soundly

"First thank that jobless like you are being fed here daily." Mocked Akash

"Is it? Then what about Anjali, Mom and dadi(nani)?" Asked NK angrily

"They are at least working in this house? What about you any single work have you both done? Both of you spoiled all my dreams. I send him for doing MBA from Harvard first where both of them failed, then I have send them to Pune for doing MBA where the went to Pune Film Institute and got graduated in direction and cinematography. Okay leave it both want to make a film in the starting itself. By this time if they joined in some production House they would have been assisting someone and soon would have been able to make one by their own. No how will they do it? Both are born to waste our money right?" Aravind shouted punching on the table making the whole table jerk.

"We don't want your food." Said Arnav getting up from the table grabbing NK's arm

"Arre, leave me let me eat." NK pleaded

"We are leaving." He said and dragged NK along with him not paying ears to his plead to let him eat.

"See because of you they didn't eat." Ratna said angrily while Nani and Anjali agreed

"You think it is because of me? See his plate water from that glass spilled into it and there is no more food left. That is why he left. Even if I slap him in front a crowd he doesn't care. Your son is that thick skinned all three of you are pampering them like this. See his classmates they are now in top positions. he doesn't have that type of good friends all are these kind of irresponsible guys only." He said sarcastically

"You wait and see they will change." Said dadi

"Yes they will" he mocked, "Come Akash we will go."



6 PM:

IMS Hospital:

Khushi stood in front of the her hospital waiting for her bus to come. Normally it is her di who drop her to hospital in the morning and back at home in the evening but today due to an emergency she didn't come and she had to opt for a bus.

As she stood there she felt someone's presence by her side, without turning she looked through the corner of her eyes and saw a man's figure beside her.

"Excuse me" She heard the person say

She turned and saw him she felt him familiar,"I saw him somewhere." She thought

"God she shouldn't recognize me" Arnav prayed in his mind  

"What is the time?" He asked straightly remembering the acts which are done in movies from which he is inspired

"Six." She said,"I saw you somewhere... But where?" She told him trying to recollect

"Before she finds who I am, i will introduce myself." He thought

"Yeah.. I too feel like that.." He lied acting like thinking

"Wait... you are Lavanya's friend right?" He asked acting like suddenly he recollected

"You know Lavanya. She is not my friend, she is my best friend. But how do you know her?" She frowned

"You know lavanya's lover NK?" He asked while she nodded smiling

"I am his best friend." He said smiling while she laughed

"Anyways you might have seen me in some parities or something I guess. So Myself Khushi Arora. I am working here in IMS Hospital." She introduced herself

"I am Arnav. I am still looking for a job." He said lost in her

"So friends.." She said extending her hand which he reciprocated, “Sure" He said with a smile

"I have to be very alert with me only whom she met five minutes back she became friend then what about others. I have to be very careful and not let someone snatch her and go. I am proud of you Arnav. I am proud of you." He thought

"You there in facebook?" She asked bringing him back from his thoughts

"Yeah" He said

"Arnav what?"

"Arnav Wayne Dropzz." He said with a sly smile

"What?" She asked laughing searching for his account while he put on a forced smile

"Yeah, I found it. I am sending friend request." She said

"Yeah, I accepted it."

"Then we will post our first pic together. We will take a selfie." She said cheerfully and they posed for it and took it.

"Send that to me." He said

"Give me your number" She said


"I have send it." She said, "God when will this bus come?" She cried in irritation 

"You will daily go by bus?" He asked as if he didn't know

"Not always only when my di is busy. Normally she drops me."

"If you want I will drop you." He said not wanting to loose his jackpot

"umm. Okay." She said still unsure which wasn't unnoticed by him

"See I am not forcing you if you believe me come." He said 

"No..No I will come." She said while he just nodded his head but inside he was dancing in joy

After two minutes:

He came with his Royal Enfield.

She took the back seat keeping some distance between them while he was riding

"You don't know how to drive?" He asked

"I know but dad is scared to let me drive." She complained looking at her phone

"As expected" He muttered

"You said something?" She asked

"No." He lied and continued concentrating on the road

Soon they reached the Arora's Mansion.

She got down the bike and started walking into the mansion.

"Call me in. call me in" He said under his breath to himself

She slowly turned and faced him ,"Arnav will you come in? A cup of coffee?"

"Okay" He said, "Was just waiting for this only my darling. Come let me meet my future in laws and see my soon to be wife's house." He thought with a loop sided smile and followed her who failed to notice all these.

to be continued

Precap- Meeting his soon to be in laws

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Apr 27

Note and Teaser till part 15 (By Nanduarshi) (Thanked: 17 times)

Teaser till Part 15

Nk laughed,"Arnav it doesn't mean that as she got on your Facebook and whatsapp list she became your friend. Now she took your number right. In her phone like this only some 25 to 50 Arnav would be there."


"This photo" Arnav stared at the photo is Neil's hand

"This? This is Aravind Singh Raizada. My biggest enemy ever is he and his family."

"Why?" Arnav biting his nails


"My full name is..... Arnav Singh Raichand." He sighs in relief


"I Love You" He said giving her a small box


"I am fixing my daughter's marriage today and now engagement ceremony will take place." Neil announced which was followed by the guest cheering.

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Apr 29

Part 6 Meeting his soon to be in laws updated (By Nanduarshi) (Thanked: 35 times)

Part - 6

She slowly turned and faced him ,"Arnav will you come in? A cup of coffee?"

"Okay" He said, "Was just waiting for this only my darling. Come let me meet my future in laws and see my soon to be wife's house." He thought with a loop sided smile and followed her who failed to notice all these.

They both entered the Arora's mansion

He looked around the mansion and followed her in looking around the mansion.

As they entered the living room he saw a man of his dad's age sitting on the sofa working on his laptop.

"Hi dad, this is Arnav." She said cheerfully while Arnav smiled at Neil.

"And that is my mom" She said to Arnav pointing at Ragini who was coming from kitchen with a cup of coffee.

Ragini gave an uneasy look to him while Neil's face had no expression.

"Mom you know today it was Arnav who dropped me else I had to come by bus."Khushi said while Ragini gave him a forced smile

He soon finished his coffee and said,"Okay then I am leaving. Bye." Saying he went

As soon as he left Ragini got hold of Khushi's hand angrily,"Khushi, how many times I have to tell to you don't take help from strangers. It is not safe. Can't you understand that?" She asked angrily

"Mom stop it he is not like that. All these years anything of that sort happened no right then why are you getting tensed unnecessarily?" khushi asked

"Till now. What about future?" She yelled while khushi stayed silent with a grumpy look.

"What if he was a... forget it. Neil at least can't you make her understand?" She asked

She turned and saw khushi walking towards her room.

"You think she will obey?" He chuckled while she rolled her eyes

*******************                                                                                                             *******************


"See I won. Now I have made a place in her mind. She even added me in her FB and whatsapp. We even took selfie." Arnav said with a smirk

Nk laughed,"Arnav it doesn't mean that as she got on your Facebook and whatsapp list she became your friend. Now she took your number right. In her phone like this only some 25 to 50 Arnav would be there."

"25 to 50 Arnav? What are you saying?" He asked in disbelief

"Open her facebook and see including you how many Arnav is there?" NK said and immediately Arnav took his phone and scrolled through her friend list.

By seeing which his eyes bulged out of its socket.

"How many Arnav is there?" NK laughed

"Thirty eight."

"Total friends"

"Eight thousand five hundred and sixty two." He sighed

"After two days if you will go to her she will ask who you are? So I will tell you what to do." NK said while Arnav nodded his head lightly

"Her real friends include Lavanya, Her sister Payal, me because of Lavanya and Sheetal, that same girl whom I have arranged for you." NK said

"Arre, tell me a way to make her fall for me" Arnav cried

"We need Lavanya to help us here AKA daily I will go to meet Lavanya we will break all these to her and tell her not to say this to Khushi instead just grab her along with her. So now Khushi will be coming with Lavanya and I will take you along with me. You both can meet. In that way you can enter into her real friend list. Rest is in your hand. What say?" NK said

By hearing which Arnav slowly walked to NK and cupped his face and pecked him on his cheek,"You are very intelligent." He said irritating NK

"But he is my friend how come he be this intelligent." He thought out loud

NK takes a deep breath,"Being friend of his is the biggest mistake of my life." Nk said under his breath

*******************                                                                                                           *******************

Next day:

"But Lavanya why I should I come with you and NK bro?" khushi asked


"Okay I will come"


"I will go to hospital and will come there directly."


"Hey I have to go on rounds. Bye." Saying Khushi hanged the call.

Evening:                                                                                                                                     Coffee and Love Cafe:

"Arnav why are you so back of khushi?" Lavanya asked helplessly 

"I love her." He answered while they rolled their eyes

"Khushi is not that type. She will not fall for you."

"Then I will change her and make her fall for me. This is the same you told to NK right now you both are in a relation. Just add me into her real friend list." He said making Lavanya shut her mouth 

"There she is coming!" Lavanya exclaimed

"Khushi here!" Lavanya called her slowly Khushi came and sat in the chair beside Lavanya opposite to Arnav's.

She keenly looked at his face,"I saw you somewhere." She said trying to remember 

"Same dialogue." He thought

"Yesterday I dropped you home and came to your home had coffee. Arnav" He said making her recollect

"Oh! Arnav that was you" She said while he nodded his head slowly

"Guys would you mind in going to the other table." Nk said while they nodded yes 

"Rest is your" Nk whispered to Arnav

to be continued....

Precap- Being in real friendlist with her and her family

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May 8

Part 7 updated (By Nanduarshi) (Thanked: 35 times)

Part - 7

Coffee and Love Cafe:

"Sorry, actually I wasn't able to recognize you." Said biting her lips 

"If this is how you behave in hospital you will have a great career ahead." He mocked while she laughed

"By the way what do you do?" She asked

"Me? Nothing just developing a script and have to find a producer." He said while she frowned

"You are a writer?" She frowned

"No Director" He said plainly

"Huh? Stop lying" She said

"Arre, why would I lie this is the only thing in which I am qualified and I am not like those youth's who doesn't even know the spelling of direction and crying to become a director. I am qualified from Pune Film Institute." He said

"This is the first time I am seeing a director." She said in Amu****t while chuckled

Their conversation was broken by her phone ringing

She lifted the call,"Yes mom. Mom I am having an emergency. Yes I am in hospital. Ok bye." She lied and hanged up the call

She sighs," If my mom will know this I am finished. You must me facing the same thing." 

"No. For me and NK nothing of that sort. I am having problem with my Hitler Dad and Mr. Perfect brother. We always tries to escape from them."

"What is that Hitler and Mr. Perfect?" She asked confused

"Their behavior is like that. Leave them I don't want to spoil my mood." He said as she nodded her head

His phone beeped and he looked to see a message from her

"Why did you text me?" He asked in confusion

"Thats is my number."

"Then which one you gave yesterday. Thats an old one. This one only very few people have. Only my friends and family. Other one is for strangers which I won't attend." She said

They then chatted with each other for a long time which was broken by NK and Lavanya.


"So how is Arnav?" Asked Lavanya 

"Actually I met him yesterday then I though he was just one among those road side romeo's but now I understood he is not. He is a good guy. I don't even know how fast time flew when I was talking with him. He is a cool and fun guy. I like him." She said while Lavanya with a smile hanged up the call which was waiting to hear this.




Payal's Apartment:

"Di, at least say something. Do you know how much worried I was when you didn't lift my call." Asked Khushi sitting beside Payal who seemed very angry yet tried to control it

"I lost my job." She said gritting her teeth

"What?" She said in a state of shock

"You heard it right, I LOST MY JOB." She in rage

"But so suddenly? Everything was going well...." Khushi stammered

"Everything happened due to that bas***d. Akash Singh Raizada." She said with her breathing high


"Yeah. I was forced to take his interview where he started harassing me mentally after knowing who I am. I reacted. As I reached my office after that I got my dismissal letter. I have applied to other news channels." She said,"Whenever I close my eyes I see that moron  laughing at my state which is more irritating." She frustrated

"hmm. If you want I can lend you some money." Khushi said slowly

"No need. For this month I have in my account. Come I will drop you back."



                                Back To Present

xyz Wedding Hall:

"Welcome, plz have a seat." Said Neil standing at the entrance of the wedding Hall along with Ragini and Avinash welcoming the guest

"Today if Devika was alive she would have been very happy. Our son's marriage is taking place in the way she always wished for." Said Avinash to Neil

"I was initially scared thinking that anything bad will happen and Khushi will go against us." Said Ragini

"She is my daughter. She will never go against me." Said Neil proudly

Their conversation was heard by an other group of people.

"Mom I guess we should go." Said Anjali to Ratna

"Yes Mom Anju is right. We will go." Said Akash

"If you all want to go then go. I will come only after this marriage takes place." Said Ratna with moist eyes

"Don't know where my Chote would be at this time." Said Nani wiping her tear

"Ma, you think I am not worried, Akash is not worried. We are all worried for him. Yes we scold them but that is to see them changed. When Aarati, my sister will call what should I say. I don't know where your son is. She believed us and gave us NK's responsibilities." Said Aravind but their conversation was interrupted by someone else's voice

"How is the arrangements Aravind? You like it?" Asked Neil with a smirk which was not replied

"Wait someone is missing. Where is your younger son, Arnav? Didn't he come?" Asked Neil sarcastically

"Oh no murat is gonna start, I have to go. Its after all my daughters marriage." He said and left

Bride's Room:

Khushi sat in front of the mirror looking gorgeous in her red wedding lehenga lost in thoughts about how her life was just seven days back.

That one month was the best phase of her life but she still couldn't believe that one month finished so fast it seemed like just one day. Obviously if she couldn't believe that two years finished this soon will she be able to believe one month.

Exactly seven days back she was with him now she is going to get married.

To her left she can see Payal who was wearing her ear ring with a sad face.

She looked into the mirror into her own eyes trying to find the answer of what she wanted to do but failed miserably. At the movement she didn't know what was right and what was wrong all that came to her mind was her father.

Her chain of thoughts were broken by someone opening the door she turned and saw Anjali coming in.

She came in and stood behind Khushi looking into the mirror while Payal turned and looked at them.

"Do you feel this right?" Anjali asked

"Anjali I don't want to hear anything about Arnav. Please. If you are in my position you will understand. Now go." Said directly looking into Anjali's figure in the mirror

"Congrats. Wish you a happy married life." Said Anjali stamping her foot and went out.


                                        Back to past

to be continued........

Precap: knowing some bitter truth. After six Months.

Also changed into a SS

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May 10

Part 8 Bitter Truth Updated (By Nanduarshi) (Thanked: 34 times)

Part - 8

Its been six months since they met. They were now thick friends who meet each other every passing day. Arnav got along well with Payal and Neil, they both like him but it is Ragini who is not so fond of him and doesn't like him being Khushi's friend and he being this close where she spend most of her time with him roaming around. In this six month neither did Arnav disclose his love for Khushi nor she understood that.


Arora's Mansion.

Khushi stood by the window of her room gazing outside into the heaving downpour as the glass of the window was slowly swallowed by the fog.

She gazed back into her phone expecting his phone call which usually comes at this hour, sighing she thought to call him. The call was attended on the last ring, “Hello Arnav, where were you? There was no news of yours today. It’s been three days since we last met. Is everything alright?" She asked with lots of care present on her voice

"Yeah. I am in airport. I am going to Mumbai." He replied in a cold voice

She was taken aback by his cold voice and yet maintained herself and asked, “You alone?"

"NK is with me. Bye." Saying he hanged up the call not waiting for her reply

"What happened to him?" She thought looking at the gift-wrapped box, “He never speaks like this."




"What happened man? Why are you speaking like this? You didn't inform he about we going?" Asked NK

"Why should I inform her? Who is she to me?" He said in an angry tone

"What happened?" NK frowned

"Then what three days back it was my birthday. Obviously the damn facebook notification was there and she didn't even wish me forget the matter of gift. Why Hitler and Mr. Perfect gave me gifts and not her? From past six months I am behind her can't she even understand by that I love her. Am I her bodyguard or what just following her everywhere? I am damn sure this relation won't work. When you went behind Lavanya like this she understood right, though she didn't accept at first."

"For that Khushi is not Lavanya and Lavanya is not Khushi. Khushi is not like Lavanya to understand that. She is just seeing you as a friend to let her know you yourself have to go and say to her openly. You dare enough to do that? Then about not wishing, I know her from the time I met Lavanya. There might have been some problem that is why she wasn't able to wish you." NK tried to make him understand

"I don't know about all these. Now the only thing in my mind is going and meeting that producer saying the story and making him accept to do this project with us. That’s all." 



After a week:

Arnav sat lazily at Shan's house along with NK. They returned two days back from Mumbai. He didn't go to meet her nor did he attend her calls.

As they sat there NK's phone started ringing he attended the call,"Hello"

"Hello NK bro, Khushi here."

"Yeah I know. What happened?"

"Give your phone to Arnav, I want to speak with him." She said not beating around the bush

"Then why did you call me?" He asked slowly

"If he will see my name he won't attend the call right so. Give him" She ordered while he did so

Arnav frowned at NK as he handed him the phone, “Hello" He said

"Hello Mr. Arnav where the hell are you? I hope you didn't forget me. I want to meet you now. No lame excuses. You know the place and time right. Bye." She said not giving him a chance to speak and hanged up

"Damn" He groan in fustration



xyz park:

After 2 hours:

He looked around the park in search of her and sensed a tap on his shoulder. He turned back to face her.

"What is your problem huh? Where the hell where are you and why were you not answering my calls?" She asked angrily while he remained silent

"I didn't come here for your silence." She said while he rolled his eyes, “Do you know how much worried I was." She shouted while he hung his head down

"This is the end. Our friendship ends here. And one more thing. Take this." She said forcibly placing the box in his hand, “I bought it to give you on your birthday. But that day due to an emergency I was not able to. Next day when I tried calling you phone was dead. After that, you went to Mumbai. Everything is over. We are done." She said angrily and started walking past him while he stood dumbfounded

"What?" He stared at the box in confusion, when it hit him what she meant he started running behind her

"Khushi, Khushi." He called out while she continued walking not paying ears to him

He finally was able to stop her while she stared at his face blankly, "Sorry" He said while she again started walking, "Arre I said sorry right. I was a bit busy." He lied

"Arnav this is your last chance." She said dangerously while he nodded in agreement

"So why did you go to Mumbai?" She asked

"To meet a producer."

"Then what happened?" She asked excitedly

"He liked the script but he doesn't want me and NK to work on it. He said we are new comers and he can't believe us. If we agree he will take this story and direct it with someone more experienced and will pay us for the story which I denied." He said," Anyways leave that."



Arnav's and NK's Room:

He sat in the poolside and started unwrapping the gift as he opened it a small smiled carved on his lips. It was a DSLR Camera. He remember telling her that photography was a passion to him. This made him understand how much she understood about him and made him believe that she was his.



After 3 Days:

9:30 PM:

Arora's Mansion:

"Arnav come and join me for a drink." Said Neil sitting in the garden along with Arnav and Khushi

"No no need Uncle, me with you." He said with an uneasy smile

"Arre have." Said Neil pouring out some into a glass

"No need.." He tried to deny

"Have it" Neil said placing it on his hand while he gave an uneasy smile and turned and looked at Khushi who smiled at him.

He gulped a sip from it and saw Neil looking at a photo with hatred filled eyes.

He peeped into it to see his father’s photo.

"This photo" Arnav stared at the photo is Neil's hand

"This? This is Aravind Singh Raizada. My biggest enemy ever is he and his family."

Which made him to start coughing hearing Neil while he composed himself and asked, ”Why?” Biting his nails while Neil chuckled

And held the photo on his right hand and took the lighter which was lying on the table and lit the photo on fire and started laughing dangerously seeing the photo changing into ashes.

"Why?" Neil chuckled and got up and went into the Mansion leaving Arnav behind in thoughts which were broken by Ragini's voice,"Khushi I am going to sleep wash all these plates." She said and left while Khushi kept a grumpy face and started walking in while Arnav followed her when he was back to his sense gulping down the drink in a go.


He stood beside Khushi who was washing the dishes.

"Who is that man?" He asked pretending as if he don't know that person

"Who?" She asked rising her eyebrow

"That photo" He stammers

"That one... Aravind Singh Raizada"

"Why does your father hate him and his family?" He asked trying to hide his fear

"hmm that’s a long story even before me and you were born, 28 years back. Actually I never met this man and his family. Okay back to story. At first these two were not enemies but friends, best friends, that is what mom told me. My dad had a sister Manorama and that man had a brother Manohar. Our family fixed Manorama Bua's marriage and everyone were happy and everything was going well but on the day of the marriage she eloped with Manohar." Khushi said

"I didn't even know my father had a brother." Arnav thought

"For this hate? it was his brother who eloped and not him." Defended Arnav

"No absolutely not. But that would have been able to stop them he knew they were eloping actually he unexpectedly saw them and instead of stopping them he gave them some extra money and told go and live somewhere happily. Because of him my father had to face lots of taunts and our family's name got spoilt. From then my father will daily burn that man’s photo in to ashes. I hate that man because of him my father had to face lots of humiliation. He and family should come roads. His sons should never have a good future." She cursed

"Stop it..." He cried

"What happened?" she asked while he nodded no gulping down the lump in his throat.

"I am leaving." He said in a trembling voice

"Ok bye. Good Night." She said cheerfully and continued washing the dishes                        to be continued.....                                                                                                                        Precap: Raizadas turn into Raichands

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May 12

Part 9 Raizadas turn into Raichands (By Nanduarshi) (Thanked: 35 times)

Part - 9

"Arnav. Arnav. yaar your life is so complicated like how they show in movies. You love a girl whose father and your father are enemies and moreover she is cursing your family with out even knowing its your family. Oh god my stomach is paining." Laughed NK lying on the bed clutching his stomach

"NK if you won't shut up, I won't mind in killing you. Once you are in my position you will understand." Said Arnav gritting his teeth

"Then what? I am damn sure this won't work out. I will give you Sheetal's phone number. She is interested in you. Yesterday also she asked me about why you didn't meet her on store room on Lavanya's house on her birthday."

"If you are so interested you go with Sheetal." He said angrily

"Then you only say, what are you gonna do. I really don't have any idea. If I was in your place long time I would have stopped thinking about her." He said in a sarcastic tone

"What I am gonna do?" Arnav frowned while NK nodded his head," I am changing myself and my family." He said plainly

"What! What did you say?" NK exclaimed

"You heard right problem is when she will come to know I am her father's enemy's son what if she won't come to know that?"

"I am not understanding what you are saying." Said NK frustrated running his fingers through his hair

"What is my name? Just say.."

"Arnav Singh Raizada."

"No. It is Arnav Singh Raichand."

"You are insane. For how long you will hide. At least on your wedding card I hope your real name and father's name would be there." NK groaned

"That is future, I don't want to think about it now. I want her for that I will go to any extend. What ever it may be." He said in a firm tone

"Are these things really needed. How much you will lie?"

"I didn't wanted to lie to her but destiny is forcing me to. It want to play with me and I am ready to play with it. Else why would our families fight for a silly thing like that and keep it in mind even after 28 years also why would I meet her and fall for her. Now the only thing in my mind is her, for her I will do anything. I can't see what is wrong and what is right here only she."

"Leave my matter just think isn't your heart saying that you are cheating her." NK said while Arnav looked everywhere but not him

"What happened now? Speak up." NK said

"If that is what then why did I meet her? Last week when I thought to end everything why did she come and solved everything that means something is there between us. After all for her only I am doing all these. I won't loose this chance. I am going ahead with this." He said and walked out



After 3  days:

Arora's Mansion:

"If I will ask you something, will you say the truth?" Arnav asked to Khushi who was sitting beside him on the sofa doing something on phone while she hummed

"Why Payal Di is staying separately? I mean here all are like she never exist." Her face fell hearing him

In these six months he got along well with Payal too. Payal liked him for his kind nature but always had a doubt on him whether he loves Khushi or it was just a friendship as she claimed.

She turned towards him,"It was five years back. Di for the first time in life fell in love with someone. He was a christian which made my mom and dad to oppose that relation and told her that if he was a Hindu they would have agreed. Told her just to leave him and follow what they are saying. In that young age she felt to go against mom and dad. She left us one night and planned to go with that guy but he actually cheated her. He wanted only our money and Di went leaving everything behind and he left. After that nor did Di's or Dad's self respect allowed both of them to forgive each other and live like before. Both had ego problems. Dad claims that he has only one daughter that is me though he silently cares for Di.." 

She said while he nodded his head and asked,"Will you ever have a love marriage or a arranged marriage. No I am just asking for me it is Love marriage." He asked wanting to know what was there in her mind

"Obviously arranged marriage. More than us our parents will know what will suit us. Also my dad hates this Love and all after seeing Di's life. I will never go against my dad."

Arnav was taken aback by her reply yet controlling himself he asked," Lead a life where there is no love?"

"After marriage also people can love also once my parents select someone for me after getting to know about them well only we will get married." She said plainly while he nodded slowly

"Khushi, come here." Called Ragini and she left

"I am getting mad. I am getting mad. Full family is crazy. Why are the things so damn complicated?" He asked to himself groaning in frustration scratching his head



After 2 days:

"Kill him. Run CJ run. Oh no how will I kill this Tempenny. Why did you climb up Sweet." Arnav groaned playing Gta Sanandreas on his play station to add fuel to his irritation his phone started ringing 

"Who the hell is this?" He though to himself and attended the call without seeing the caller's name

"Who the f*** is this?" He shouted for spoiling his game

"Arnav, Khushi here." She said slowly while he silently groaned in frustration hitting his head against the phone,"Hello why this early?" He asked composing himself

"No if you are busy now with in ten minutes I will meet you then we will talk" She said

"No, No, I am not busy. I am completely free." he said in a sugar coated voice

"Okay so from xyz we have to take left or right?"


"Me and Di are coming to your home." She said dropping the bomb shocking him to the core as the phone slipped from his hand and fell on the floor

It took him a minute or so to register what was happening around him swallowing the lump in his throat he called out for NK in a trembling voice.

By hearing which NK walked in speaking on his phone and hung up," What happened to your sound? It is really irritating..." NK commented

"Khushi is coming.." He said expecting the same reaction from him

"Yes she is coming now I was telling her the route she called you and you hung the call it seem." He said with a smile

"You idiot she is coming here. She doesn't know I am a Raizada but here now mom, dadi(nani) and Anju are there. Akash is sleeping in his room. She is coming along with Payal Di and Payal Di have seen Akash and hates him and knows he is a Raizada. She even saw my dad. Why did you say to her this house address?" He cried in a breath smacking NK on his head

"Damn. I forgot that. What will we do?" Nk asked tensed rubbing the spot where Arnav hit him 

Arnav thought for a while," Remove" He said with a smirk

"What do mean?"Nk asked in confusion

"Go and remove all the photos where dad and Akash is present from this house and hide it in the store room also go and break that big name board which states 'Raizada Mansion'. Clear? I will also do." He said and started to pace out of the room to be stopped by NK

"Wait I have to do all these alone."

"Mr. Dump head take those HP OP and that watch mans help. Who ever you find?" Saying he ran out of the room

After 5 minutes:

Living Room:

Both Nk and Arnav stood panting on the living room with their hands on their hip

"Everything is removed which would prove that you are a Raizada."

"What about this?" He asked pointing at the big family photo which was hung on the wall.

"They are removing it just two minutes." Nk said

Arnav wrapped his one arm around Nk's shoulder and said with a proud face,"A friend in need is friend indeed." and they looked lost in each others friendship

"Where are they taking that photo?" They heard Ratna who broke their emotional bond 

Arnav just stared at her nor giving a reply

"I guess you have to say the truth and convince her now itself." NK whispered while Arnav exchanged glances 

He walked towards Ratna," Mom in this house no one is there to help you do the c****s right. My mom have to do all the work." He said with a sad face

"Now only you came to know all these?" Ratna asked

He sighs," At least for my mom I should get married."

"What are you talking about?" She asked suspiciously 

Arnav turned and looked at Nk and again looked at Ratna by now the other two ladies have also come.

He gave an awkward smile at everyone,"Plz forgive me mom. I did a mistake. Sorry." He said joining his hands he cried out everything to them making them shocked. All the three ladies stood as if a lightning struck them.

Anjali was the first one to come out of the shock,"What am I hearing mom? Normally when people love they change their character here this guy even changed his father and family." She said disbelief

"Neil's daughter?" She asked with a mocking smile while he nodded

"This marriage will never happen. Even if I agree your dad will not."

"Who cares for hitler?" He cried

"Arnav he is your dad" Ratna said angrily

"I know that yaar I mean mom. Please you people cooperate with me. Mom you are the one who should do for her grah pravesh." He said

"Whose grah Pravesh who is is doing?" She said angrily," Ma ji why are you staying silent say something." Ratna said 

"What can I say?" She said in a lifeless tone

"See mom for that girl he did all these." Anjali said in irritation

"My dear sister when you will be in my position you will understand and if you help me now when you will love someone I will make you both get married." He said

"Promise." She asked while he reciprocated," Then okay."

Their conversation was broken by the sound of the door bell ringing.

"Mom please mom. Listen to me once." He said in a cracking voice with pleading eyes

"Now only I am going and saying to her all the truth. Can't even earn a penny and want to get married." She muttered and went to opened the door while Arnav cried at his life

"What will we do now?" He heard NK

"Run" He said," Come we will pack our bags and go to bus station."

"From there?"

"Somewhere better than here." He said and dragged NK along with him to their room



Ratna marched forward and opened the door angrily to see two good looking beautiful girls smiling at her at the door.

"Both are very beautiful. But whom did he mean. Never mind whoever he wants let him marry her other one I will look for my Akash." She thought and gave them an awkward smile

"Arnav?" Khushi asked

"My son? He is inside. Come in. Come." Saying she dragged both of them in they didn't deny she being elder than them though they were uncomfortable 

She dragged them in and made them sit on the sofa and kept smiling at them where there was an awkward silence

They heard some noise and turned to see Arnav and NK coming descending stairs swiftly with a bag in their hand.

"Hi" Khushi and Payal greeted him while he looked at them shocked and then at Ratna who was smiling

The bag slowly slipped from his hand and Khushi asked,"What is that bag? You going somewhere?" 

He looked to his sides,"No, no" 

He saw Khushi staring at his Dadi and Anjali with clear confusion in her eyes.

He walked towards them and pointed at Anjali," My younger sister Anjali." He said while they smiled at each other

He then pointed at Dadi and before he could say she said," I am Arnav's Dadi, Devyani Rai..."

"Raichand. Devyani Raichand." He said with a forced smile and looked at dadi and muttered,"Act properly Dadi." 

"So you will have a coffee or tea?" Ratna asked

"Coffee" They said 

"I will bring it. Arnav come with me along with others." Saying she ran into kitchen

"What the?" Payal whispered to Khushi,"Why did she run?"

"I will come now." Arnav said to them and left with others to kitchen


"She is so beautiful!" Ratna exclaimed while Arnav maintained a proud face

"But whom you love?" She asked confused

"What? The one wearing pink Salvar." He said gritting his teeth

"Oh! She is also beautiful. Other one is girl only right?"

"Mom" He shouted slowly

"No her dress made me confused. Anyway your selection is good. For the first time in your life you did something right. I will support you in this. By the way did she accept?"

"No No, I didn't say to her only." He said with a smile

"Then say soon. You both go. We three will bring juice."

"I will give you a advice you should never run behind girls, they should run behind you. "

"For that I should snatch her bag or cash and run then she will run behind me. " He mocked

"What did you say? " Ratna asked in threatening tone

"Mom every mom in this world should be like you." He said pulling her cheek

"Enough of icing I agreed na. No need of this. Go beta." She said and they went out of it

"Ratna are you out of your mind? They are Neil's daughters. Will he agree why will Aravind agree?" Asked a worried dadi

"You think I am mad ma ji?" She asked while Anjali and dadi stared at her in confusion 

"Do you know why I agreed you saw that Neil's elder daughter right? She is very beautiful she will suit for Akash. I really feel if they see each other obviously they will fall for each other. Also that Neil deserves that." She said not knowing about the hate which was blooming between them

After 5 minutes:

Ratna walked with Anjali and Dadi with a tray in her hand and kept it on them table and asked them to take.

"Aunty you said you were bringing coffee." Payal said

Ratna bit her tongue,"I am like this. A bit crack." She said playfully

"For the first time your mother said truth." Whispered NK to Arnav only to get a glare

"Come I show you my house." He said in confidence that all the proofs were removed

They nodded their head and went with NK and Arnav.



Payal reached in front of a door and was about to open it when Arnav stopped her," Di don't go to that room. It is the storeroom. All the OLD things are kept there." He said while she nodded and left

He sighs in relief but got scared seeing Akash coming out and opening the door all of a sudden

"What are you doing here?" Arnav whispered

"Is someone here?" He frowned and looked around while Arnav turned his face made him look at him

"Yes I am there you are there then mom, Anju and Nk is there. Why are staying here you not well right go and take rest." He said in a breath and pushed him into the room back.

"Close the door." Arnav said gulping down the lump in his throat.


"Because I said."

"Are you mad?" He said irritated and slammed the door

"If this hide and seek game will go on I will really go mad and should be admitted in some asylum. God please save." He cried in a dry voice



After 10 minutes:

They were descending the stairs while Khushi asked ,"Arnav what is your full name?"  

"My full name is..... Arnav Singh Raichand." He sighs in relief

They come and take seat 

"So why did you come?" He asked

"Umm. Tomorrow is my birthday a small party is there. You should also come. In my home." She said

"Sure" He and NK smiled at her

"Aunty even you all should come." Khushi said to Ratna while she looked at Arnav who nodded no.

"Woh kya hai na beta tomorrow all of us are going for an auspicious pooja. We can't miss it. So Advance happy birthday." Said Ratna smiling

"Okay then we are leaving." Said Payal and they got up 

"Mom I will go till the door." Arnav said Payal walked out fast while Khushi and Arnav followed her slowly

"Normally I don't celebrate my birthday after Di left cos' dad never let her come. This year he said she can come also he want to give me some big surprise. He says no one can ever give me such a big surprise." Khushi said

"Is it I can, tomorrow I will also give you a big surprise which is even more than your dads." He smirked


"Yes. The surprise no one can ever give you in your life." He smirked

"Will see" She smirked back and left

to be continued..... 

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