Nafrat Karo Ya Pyaar? (Hate me or love me?)

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May 15, 2017

Part 10 (By Khushisingh96) (Thanked: 55 times)

Part 10 :

Payal was feeling better talking with Anjali. She understood what she was going to do, she was equally going to hurt herself and Akash. She could have made her parents understand, but not before asking them, she concluded her own answer thinking they will reject him or they will not allow her to marry any other man other then they choose. All parents would love to see their children happy. Their parents weren’t that cruel to separate her from her love. They would in fact feel happy knowing how she has taken their parents wish seriously and she was not breaking it. She in fact thought about her parents, their morals and reputation. 

[Small note : When we have the guts to love and accept/propose the person, we should equally have the guts to take the proposal to our parents and inform them regarding the same and marry the same person with our parents permission. You can wait, till they accept because their blessings are most important for us, they are one who brought up us..We are now, just because of them. If we be a good/honest…daughter/son of theirs and be true to them that love of yours will itself will unite you with your love and it can even make your parents to even accept your love. So my conclusion is if you love someone do say to your parents..but I’m not responsible of the chappals and beatings given by them in return :P As they, if you want the rainbow you need to put up with a little rain hai na :P, the little rain is chappals and beatings :P so ahem(No comments :P) ..I know you all won’t hide it from your parents..But still do say and think about them before taking any decision :) …tho hogaya ye Chota sa note :P ]

Payal’s thoughts ‘What was I going to do? I know I can’t love anyone other then Akashji..I should have at least informed amma and babuji..Before that I have jumped into my own conclusions..Damn me!!’

Anjali and Khushi looked at Payal and they looked at each other. Anjali came near Khushi.

Anjali : Kya hua? Why is Payal standing like this??

Khushi : Patha nahi Anjaliji..Lagta she started to dream about her marriage now itself.

Khushi giggled. Anjali also giggled looking at Khushi.

Anjali and Khushi snapped their fingers in front of Payal and she came out of her thoughts.

Khushi : Arrey jiji..hayee hayee kya hua?? (Trying to pull her  leg) Don’t worry if you want to reject Akash sir then you can..I will stop this marriage.

Payal’s eye widened. Khushi was controlling her laughter.

Anjali : Haan Payal, I won’t force you to marry Akash.

Payal : Anjaliji…

Khushi : If you want I will ask Akash Sir himself to search a groom for you jiji..He will do anything for your happiness.

Anjali and Khushi busted out laughing looking at Payal’s reaction. Akash with no patience he at last came up again.

Khushi and Anjali saw Akash.

Anjali : See Akash itself came Payal..Shall we say to him?

Akash : Kya di?

Khushi : That you need to search a groom for my jiji Sir..

Akash : Kyaaaaaa???

Payal looked down blushing.

Akash’s thoughts ‘Ye kya rubbish!!! She is asking me to search a groom for Payal!!! And that to I have to do this work when I love her and this Payal is blushing for this!!! Here I asked di to make her understand and she is taking some other boy’s rishta for her!!!!’

Anjali and Khushi looked at both Payal and Akash. They again started to laugh. Khushi and Anjali pushed Payal lightly so that she could go and stand near Akash. Akash looked at their gesture. Akash looked at them.

Akash : Now I understand why bhai always says our family is mad!!! I saw it with my own eyes!!! Mad totally mad di!!!!!! Here I brought you here to fix my rishta with hers and you are asking me return fix her rishta with someone else!!

Anjali and Khushi looked at each other and they again started to laugh. Payal looked at him and asked him to be quite.

Akash : what? Why are you looking at me like that Payal?! Come on this is too much okay?

Payal face-palmed.

Payal : Anjaliji, you sure I should marry him?

Anjali  : I don’t think..(Before she could complete)

Akash : what type of question is that? You should ask that to me and yeah of course you should marry me!! I can’t let you be with some idiot and worry whole my life, you get that??

Anjali and Khushi looks at Payal and ask her to reply.

Payal : Why you are calling yourself as Idiot Akashji??

Akash : What? When did I call myself as Idiot?? I called the boy who is going to marry you as idiot!!!

Payal : I’m asking the same Akashji, why are you calling yourself as Idiot??

That’s when Akash understood the inner meaning of her line indicating that he is the idiot whom she is going to marry.

Payal noddes her head asking if he is hearing is truth..Payal looks down feeling shy.

Akash instantly smiled sheepishly looking at Anjali and Khushi.

Akash : I’m Idiot!!!!I’m IDIOT(He shouted screaming idiot)

Everyone in mandhir looked at him for shouting like mad calling himself as Idiot and pandit came near him he puts a tilak in his head and blesses him saying ‘You will get well soon beta..(Looking at Anjali, Payal and Khushi) Don’t worry, devi maiya will cure his madness soon..

Saying this the pandit left. The pandit thought he was mental. All the three girls started to laugh looking at Akash. Akash was like ‘Am I mad?!’

Anjali : Chalo, let us go down.

They all came down. Akash and Payal all the way was stealing glances looking at each other. After reaching down they were lost in their own world.

Khushi : Anjaliji..Why are people behaving weirdly after falling in love??

Khushi giggled looking at them.

Anjali : You will know it when you fall in love with your boy, Khushi.

Khushi pouted.

Khushi : But I don’t love anyone na Anjaliji..Then how will I know it..(but before she could complete her thoughts flashed Arnav’s face in front of her..She remembered how her heart beat becomes rapid because of him..her hands automatically clutched her heart trying to calm it down)

Anjali noticed her reactions..Anjali snapped her fingers in front of her and Khushi looked at her.

Anjali : Arrey Kya hua?

Khushi : (Still in her thoughts) Arnavji..

Anjali din’t expect this answer from her, in deed she was also shocked as she also came to know about Arnav and Khushi’s rapport. But she got a doubt when the question of falling in love with a boy brought his name from her mouth..She mentally thought something and smiled sheepishly.

Anjali : Chote? What did you say Khushi..

Khushi came back to present.

Khushi : chote? Kaun Chote?? Hum to bade Anjaliji..(She said proudly yet innocently)

Anjali chuckled looking at her innocence.

Anjali : Nahi Khushi, mera metlab voh nahi tha..I used call Arnav as Chote..

Khushi  : Oh..(She thinks she smirks thinking she could pull his legs by his nick name, later she thinks some more) wait wait Anjaliji..but why did you talk about him??

Anjali : Me? You only told Arnav-ji..hum nahi khushi..

Khushi : Kya? Me..(She mentally thinks ‘hey Devi maiya, how did I say his name?? I know these are all the side effects of his black magic)

Khushi pouted.

Anjali : Kya hua Khushi?

Khushi : Sab aapki Chote ki vajse Anjaliji..(Its all because of your Chote..)

Anjali was more shocked now. Anjali felt like something was cooking between and some where her heart was saying she is the right girl for her Chote and in fact she liked both Payal and Khushi. She was more eager to see her after knowing about Arnav and Khushi. She had a naughty smile on her lips.

Anjali : Then you should only handle my chote..

Khushi was like ‘what the!’

Khushi : You know Anjaliji..What and all he does!!! I will say you everything about him. You know how much he troubles me?? You know what and all he does in office?? I at times wonder he comes to office to do work or to trouble me Anjaliji!!!

Khushi was going to speak-speak-speak about Arnav non-stop but she was stopped by Anjali. Anjali was chuckling looking at Khushi as she is first girl who was talking about her chote like that and that too without any fear and even dared to pin point him.

Anjali : Khushi-Khushi breathe..

Khushi frowns.

Khushi : He seriously troubles me a lot Anjaliji!! You won’t believe that the great Arnav Singh Raizada does all these things!! Aap ko patha..(You know..)

Khushi pouted. Anjali was in pakka-understanding that she is the one for her Chote and she is the one who can handle him.

Anjali : He troubles you a lot hai na??

Khushi : Haan Anjaliji (She pouts) You know what and all he does, he calls me deaf and tries to mock me and top of it you know what he did recently??

Khushi was innocently complaining about Arnav to Anjali whereas Payal and Akash were in their world. Akash was more happy today.

Khushi : You know he asked me to take notes..that too which was going for 10 pages and he asked me to type it and bring it Anjaliji..

Anjali was confused.

Anjali : But, what trouble is there in this Khushi? I mean he is asking you to do work only hai na??

Khushi : Baath woh nahi Anjaliji..His motive was something else. Those notes were not regarding any of our projects and you know I spent two hours in his room and 6 hours typing it without any error and rechecking it and guess what was the output??

Anjali : uh..may be he appreciated you..

Khushi : Arnav Singh Raizada and appreciating Khushi Kumari Gupta??? Who toh dhoor ki bath Anjaliji..(That is an unbelievable thing)(Anjali chuckled) Aapko patha(You know) what he did..

Khushi pouted.

Anjali : (Eagerly) What did he do????

Khushi : You know, with all my fact the whole day I was doing that only. I brought the papers to him, guess what he did?? He asked me to come near him and asked to bend down, he asked me so cool like ‘What you find there?’ I said Dustbin Anjaliji…and what he told you know???? He said ‘Exactly, dump those papers there!!!!!’ Anjaliji!!! My all effort was just lie down on dustbin that day. It happened two days back Anjaliji!! How mean hai na?? I write,type whole day and it all ends up in dustbin!!!

Khushi pouted. Anjali's thoughts ‘Haww chote, you're really troubling her a lot and from when did you start to trouble others?’

Anjali : Did you stay quite??

Khushi : I have to, or else he will say his one and only black mailing dialogue that ‘If you can’t do this then resign, so that I will win and you will lose!!!’ So I have zip my mouth Anjaliji..

Anjali : I will scold him nicely, you don’t worry okay??

Khushi smirked.

Khushi : But no one knows what happened after that Anjaliji, only I know..hehe

Anjali : What you did??

Khushi : You should not scold me..Even he doesn’t know that..

Anjali nodes her head.

Khushi : Actually he made his coffee himself that day and all of a sudden Mr Sehgal was there to meet him. So I brought another coffee for MrSehgal at that time both Arnavji and Mr Sehgal were talking something and I took the packet from my pocket silently. It was actually salt which I took along with me when I prepared for MrSehgal. When they both were turning and talking I added the salt in Arnavji’s coffee alone as he troubled me. Arnavji wasn’t aware of that and in fact he wouldn’t get any doubt who did that as he himself made coffee that day, I successfully mixed the salt in his coffee. Then Arnavji asked MrSehgal have his coffee and Arnavji was about to sip his coffee and I was there at that time as I was in charge of MrSehgal’s project so I troubled him that way. Arnavji just sipped one sip and he was about spit out but MrSehgal was just sitting opposite to whom and he was our known client. Arnavji cannot split like that in front of him. He was about to keep his coffee cup down not bearing the taste, but MrSehgal made my work easy he was like insisting Arnavji also to have coffee along with him as he was alone sipping and Arnavji left with no option gulped. You should have see  his reacting Anjaliji!!!  (Khushi was cluthing her stomach laughing imagining it) He had no idea how it happened. Once MrSehgal left he rushed inside washroom. He din’t come out for an hour Anjaliji and he thought he only mixed salt instead of sugar!!! He asked me dump the papers na so I did like this Anjaliji and thank god he din’t know it. I was so happy that day Anjaliji and I kept it as a secret within myself but told you now..

She smiled. Anjali chuckled, at first she felt pity for her chote but then something hit her mind, only Khushi can handle her Chote and she thought, Arnav did with her like that so Khushi did for tit for tat and it was between them. She just chuckled knowing about their tom and jerry fight. Anjali did not believe the rapport that much when Shyam and Akash told at first but when she heard it from Khushi herself, she came to a conclusion.

Khushi : Anjaliji I know it is not good to say like that about your brother…Butttt us Laad Gover(Anjali looked at him) I mean aapki Chote hai na..He always troubles me isliye Anjaliji..

Anjali : Arey he deserves it..How can he trouble you like that haan?? Don’t worry, my support is with you..Khush?

Khushi : Anjalijiii aap bahut achi hai, how did you get a brother like him??

Anjali : Voh toh hai..but he is not that bad Khushi..sach

Khushi thinks how he was worried for his brother Akash, leaving all his ego he spoke with her for his bhai.

Khushi : Lekin haan Anjaliji, you know he left all his grudge and talked with me for Akash Sir..I can’t decide whether he is bad or good..

Anjali chuckled.

Anjali : Well bad for others and good for you..

Khushi : Kya? 

Anjali : Kuch nahi..Okay come lets see them..Those two love birds are still in their own world.

Khushi : Haha yeah..

Anjali and Khushi pulled Akash and Payal’s leg for being in their own world.

Payal : Anjaliji, you will come na..

Anjali : Zaroor..Will come tomorrow with our whole family and don’t worry..Akash is for you only..

Akash and Payal smiled looking at each other.

Khushi : Toh hum chalte Anjaliji(Okay, we will leave Anjaliji)..(Khushi looked at Akash) Hum chalte Akash JIJU..(We will leave Akash JIJU) ;)

Khushi giggled. Akash was happy hearing jiju from her.

Akash : Bye Saali and haan take care of my honewali biwi haan..(Soon to be wife)

Payal blushed and Anjali chuckled. They bid bye and went to their house.

After returning to Raizada mansion, Anjali called Shyam and Arnav to come back home to speak with elders. All the  four spoke with elders about Akash’s love. At first they were shocked that the all shy Akash loved someone. Anjali and Arnav tried to convince them and Akash told them how much he loves her. Shyam also told them how Payal at first rejected thinking about her family. Anjali added she is a sanskar ladki(Cultured/traditional girl) and so on. They were almost okay with it. Anjali pleaded them that can they meet them tomorrow and they call agreed. Akash showed them Payal’s pic. They all liked her. Raizadas were done in convincing only Guptas were left.

Gupta house,

Afternoon..Garima, Khushi and Payal were having lunch. Payal was all happy today..Khushi was more then happy for her sister.

Khushi : Amma, I am so happy today..I feel like cooking all dishes I wish to cook today..and I will feed you both everything.

Garima : Kyun??

Khushi : Jiji is happy hai na isliye..

Khushi bit her tongue for spilling the beans. Payal glared looking at her.

Garima : Payal ko kya hogaya?? She is always happy, kya special today??

Khushi :…voh..voh..Haann haan, aaj chutti hai na isliye..Hum bhi Khush hai, jiji bhi Khush hai..Hum sab Khush hai(its a holiday today na..So Jiji is also happy, I'm also happy)..see we are even eating together..bahut khush hum isiliye..(So I'm very happy)

Garima hits her forehead looking at Khushi

Garima : Hey bagwan, I wonder how your husband will bear you Khushi..

Khushi : Let us pity on him when he comes amma..Now you worry about me and jiji alone..

Garima : When he comes matlab?? Now you are 22 and she is 24..We are searching a groom for you both. You think you will get married when you become Nani Khushi?

But Khushi and Payal started to cough.

Payal & Khushi : Shaadi??

Garima : Haan, even I wish to see you both get married and we would love to see our grandchildren..You know, our Neighbour Leela is there na, her daughter is pregnant now..You know how proud she was..

Payal and Khushi looked at each other.

Khushi : Amma, what is the hurry for my marriage? We will do for jiji first..

Payal looked at Khushi. She whispered silently ‘You are escaping and you are asking me to marry someone Khushi..Tumm’ Khushi whispered back ‘Arrey Jiji, they will come tomorrow to ask for your hand from amma and babuji na so only I said’

Khushi smiled looking at her. Payal blushed.

Garima : See, how Payal is blushing as soon as I talked about her shaadi aur tum(Marriage but you)?

Khushi’s thoughts ‘She is blushing for what I told amma’

Garima :If we get good rishta means we should not leave it Khushi..We have to give you both in safe hands.

Garima caressed her both girls head lovingly getting emotional. Seeing her emotional they hugged their mother.

Payal’s thoughts ‘I hope you will like Akashji amma…’

Khushi’s thoughts ‘Hey Devi maiya from morning I was feeling restless, and now I got to know why I was getting it..see amma started to talk about Shaadi’

Khushi pouted.


Night in Raizada house,

They prepared all necessary items to be taken to Gupta house. Shyam informed Aansh also about it. He was in cloud9.

Arnav, Shyam, Anjali, Aansh were in Akash’s room with Akash. They were pulling his legs. Even though Arnav wasn’t interested in talks he participated as Aansh wasn’t leaving him. And Aansh at times din’t understand what they were teasing yet he also giggles as if he understands. Suddenly Anjali remembered something and she went near Arnav and twisted her ears.

Arnav : Ouch di..What are you doing??

Anjali : You say me what you are doing in office Chote??

Shyam, Akash and Aansh were looking at the bhai-behan.

Arnav : Di, ****o na..What I do in office matlab? I work..what else?

Anjali left his ear.

Anjali : Why are you troubling her?

Shyam & Akash : Her?

Anjali : haan..

Arnav : Kaun di?

Anjali : uss bechari Khushi ko? Why are you always troubling her??

Arnav looked at Shyam and Akash. They nodded their head in side ways like ‘We din’t say’

Anjali : Stop glaring looking at them!!

Arnav : di!! She is the one who troubles me!!

Anjali : Jhoot mat bol..Bechari ye voh..I got all complaints about you!!

Aansh came in front of Arnav.

Aansh : Arnav mama?? You troubled my Khushi mami??

Arnav was like ‘What the!’

Arnav : Your Khushi mami?

Aansh : Haan, how can you trouble princess..How can you trouble Khushi mami??

Anjali : Haan bolo chote..You made her write and type then asked her to dump the papers in dustbin????

Aansh : Haaw, you asked her throw in dustbin mama?? Haw you know how it is difficult to write..It is so difficult to do homeworks ..(He was saying about his problem of writing as if understanding Khushi’s plight)..

Anjali : and you need nicely for drinking that Salt coffee!!

Anjali just blurted out the truth in flow, now Arnav was about to connect all the dots and he guessed who has complained about him to Anjali and the secret behind the salt coffee..

Arnav’s thoughts ‘Khushi!!! I’m not going to leave you’

Arnav rushed out of Akash’s room and he went to his room. Aansh followed Arnav by following him  to punish him for troubling his Khushi mami. Aansh thoughts "I will punish for troubling Khushi Mami!!!!"

Where as Anjali told something to them and all the three went to Nani’s room along with mama and mami and Anjali told something. Again they were shocked, later Anjali convinced saying something along with Shyam and Akash. Later the elders agreed. Arnav was the only one not aware of what is going behind his back. Everyone went to back to their room.

Shyan’s room.

Anjali : I’m so happy for Akash and now even happy for Chote too Shyamji..

Shyam : Hope everything goes per our plan, and hope Arnav doesn’t blow something tomorrow.

Anjali nodes her head and prays to god.


Precap :

1.  Arnav calls Khushi and confronts her for mixing salt in his coffee and Aansh punishing Arnav for troubling his Khushi mami.

2.   Nani : Shashiji and Garimaji, so are you ready to give you Payal betiya for Akash bitwa and Khushi betiya for Chote??

That was the biggest shock for two people over there..Arnav looked at Khushi and Khushi looked at Arnav.




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May 19, 2017

Part 11 (By Khushisingh96) (Thanked: 46 times)

Part 11 :

Arnav rushed inside his room fuming in anger and getting irritated, as just because of Khushi his di was scolding him. Rushing inside his room he was about to shut his door but before that Aansh entered inside his room like a rat and kept his hand on his waist looking at Arnav.

Arnav’s thoughts ‘How comes he alone enter inside like a rat!!’

Still Aansh was trying to keep his face like he was angry and he kept his hand on his waist..Staring looking at Arnav.

Arnav : What?

Aansh : Why did you trouble my mami??..mama?

Arnav looked the other side and he murmured ‘Not again!’.

Arnav looked at him.

Arnav : Wait.

Arnav rushed near the door and he locked it.

Aansh pulled his pant and asked him to lift. Arnav lifted him.

Aansh : Mami would be upset hai na??

Arnav : Mami-mami-mami, oh god Aansh when did she become that important for you more then your mama??

Aansh :(Innocently) she is important for you na so mami is important for Aansh also na..

Arnav : Important and that too for me?

Aansh nodded his head.

Aansh : Mujhe mami se baaath karni hai(I wana talk with mami)..She would be sad na..

Arnav was like ‘It happened two days back and why would she be sad!! In fact she troubled me back by giving me that salted coffee dammit!!! Its me who should be sad but here everyone worried for that monkey!!!’

Arnav : Aansh!!

Aansh : Mujhe mami se baath karni hai..baath karni hai mami se..( I wana talk with mami..I wana talk with mami..)

Aansh started to jump being in his arms.

Aansh : Mujhe baath karne hai mami se..bath karni hai mama!!!( I wana talk with mami, wana talk mama!!!)

Arnav : Fine!!

Arnav’s thoughts ‘Even I need to show who is Arnav Singh Raizada!! How dare she complains to my di!!!!’

Arnav then thinks he doesn’t have her number later he remembers of course he has her number, as once he wanted to talk with her about a project and he did saved her number. He searched for her contact.

Aansh :  I will talk with mami first mama!!

Arnav : No let me!!

Aansh : Me mama!! I want to talk first!!

Arnav : No Aansh let mama talk first..

Aansh : first mama..

Arnav : No me!!

Aansh : Me!!

Arnav : ME! And that’s final!

Aansh pouted then he smiled thinking something.

Aansh : Tk first call mami..

Arnav found her contact in his mobile and he dial her. The call was picked up in three rings. Khushi in the other side was wondering who was calling her at this late night.

Call convo,

Khushi : Hello..

Once Aansh saw the call got connected he instantly took Arnav’s mobile from his hand and he showed his tongue to Arnav and got down from the bed to save himself from Arnav. Arnav was like ‘What the! He fooled me!!’

Khushi : Hello?

Aansh instantly kept the mobile near his ear.

Aansh : Hello mami..

Now Khushi guessed who’s call it was, as Aansh was the only boy who will call her as mami..

Khushi : Aansh? That’s you right baby??

Aansh jumped in happiness.

Aansh : Mami????? You remember me..yayy

Arnav’s thoughts ‘Unbelievable!’

Khushi : How will I forget Aansh..He is a good boy hai na..Good boys will always be remembered..

Aansh instantly looked at Arnav, Arnav came near him and he on-ed speaker to hear their conversation. He doesn’t wanted to hear their conversation but when Aansh was showering his love on Khushi more than him, he felt like to know what made Aansh get attracted to her.

Arnav indicated him to speak now, ie after Arnav making it in speaker mode.

Aansh : Haan mami, then you will remember mama also he is also good boy.

Aansh smiled innocently looking at Arnav, as he loved Arnav a lot. If someone he likes the most in the house it was Arnav as he never dejects him, he is the one who answers to all of his question including his baseless questions. Same was with Arnav, as he loves Aansh a lot..thats why he never says a No to him(But if he is doing any wrong he will correct him).

Khushi din’t know what to say.

Khushi : Kausi mama? (Which mama?)

Aansh : Arnav mama..

Khushi : Oh him..rehne do(Leave him)..Lets not talk about him..

Arnav got irked when Khushi avoided his topic, before Aansh could answer he pulled the phone and he went and sat on his bed and he started to speak with her and Aansh sat over his lap hearing their conversation.

Arnav : Kya kaha tum ne? (What did you say?)

Khushi looked at her mobile once.

Khushi : Arey Aansh, what happened to your voice? Why is your voice sounding like that Laad Governor’s voice??

Arnav was like ‘What the! Me? Laad governor?!!!’

Aansh : (Looking at Arnav) Laad governor? (Looking towards the mobile) Laad Governor kaun mami??(Who is Laad Governor Mami?)

Khushi : Tujhe nahi patha Aansh??(You dont know Aansh?) It is none other then your Arnav mama..

Khushi still din’t get that Arnav was with him. She thought she was just hallucinating his voice.

Aansh : (Looking at Arnav) Mama, aap ka naam Arnav hai na? phir Laad Governor kaise? (Mama, your name is Arnav na? Then how come Laad Governor?)

Khushi thought he was asking her.

Khushi : Mama? I am mami hai na Aansh? Wasie haan unka naam Arnav lekin Laad Governor is his nick name!! (Mama? I am mama na Aansh? actually his name is Arnav but his nick name is Laad Governor!!)

Arnav : What the!

Khushi : Arey Aansh, why are you talking like your mama!?

Arnav : Its me talking damn it!

Khushi realised she herself led her head inside the Lion’s den.

Arnav : Kya kaha tum ne(What did you say)? I am Laad Governor!!!!? How dare you??

Khushi gulped in fear.

Khushi : Voh..

Arnav : And what are you teaching Aansh haan? That too that’s my nick name??? You monkey!!!

Khushi : Monkey?! Me?

Arnav : Any doubt?

Khushi : Aap se matlab? (What do you mean?)

Arnav : Excuse me?! And how dare you complain about me to my di?! Jis kaam keliye tumne aaj wahan aaya(For what work you came there today), you should have done it! Instead you complained about me to my di?!

Khushi : Jis kaam keliye maine aaja aaya madhir pe(For which work I came to temple today), I have done it successfully and for that only you all will be coming here tomorrow!

Arnav : Aacha? Then why the hell did you complain about me to di?!

Aansh was just hearing their conversation as it was in speaker.. It was just like tom and jerry for him.

Khushi : Why? Anjaliji di punished you? Why not, in fact you should be punished how much you trouble me in a day!!!!

Arnav : Its because of you, my di twisted my ears and in fact she scolded me damn it!

That’s when Arnav understood what he just said, Arnav Singh Raizada was scolded by someone and his ears was twisted and he just blurted it out to Khushi in anger.

Khushi who heard it started to giggle.

Khushi : Please Arnavji, I am not able to laugh anymore. Arnav Singh Raizada who yells upon everyone is experiencing his own deeds..How it feels getting shouted Arnavji?

Arnav : Having fun?

Khushi : I missed it..

Arnav : Wait! How dare you?!

Khushi : What now?

Arnav : How dare you mixed salt in my coffee??? You think you can be saved from Arnav Singh Raizada??!!!!!

Khushi : Aacha? Aap ka naam Arnav Singh Raizada?(Ohh? Your name is Arnav Singh Raizada?)

Khushi started to giggle.

Aansh : Laad Governor hai na mami? (Laad governor right?)

Khushi : Aww my intelligent Aansh..

Khushi busted out laughing now. Arnav just stared looking at Aansh.

Arnav : Aansh? I’m Arnav!!

Aansh also giggled.

Khushi : Lekin aap Chote hai(But you are small na)..Chote should not talk like big, so hung up the call and sleep soon. Kids should not be awake till this hour.

Arnav looked at Aansh. Arnav’s thoughts ‘How the hell does she know I’m Chote? (HE thinks) Of course my darling di!!!’

Arnav : Excuse me?! I’m not kid!

Khushi : Then why is your name Chote?

Khushi utilised this chance to save herself from Arnav.

Aansh : Mami, mama troubles you a lot na..I will punish him!!

Khushi was enjoying her talk with Aansh, his full support was for Khushi, Khushi was enjoying it.

Arnav : Excuse me! Whats happening?!

Khushi : Chote, kids can’t understand bade’s talking..Hai na Aansh? You are big will understand, you are not a kid like your mama hai na?

Aansh : Haan mami..Mama, aap kid hai(Mama, you are a kid)..So why you are troubling mami!!

Arnav understood nothing is going his way, it was out of his control!!

Khushi looked at the time.

Khushi : Arey Aansh, you should also sleep now..

But before that Aansh all of sudden went out of Arnav’s room removing the lock, showing Arnav some gesture.

Khushi : Hello?

Khushi : Hello Aansh?

Arnav : He left!

Khushi : Okay! Then aap bhi soo jaa na Chote ji..(Then you also sleep na small kid)

Khushi giggling disconnected the call.

Arnav looked at his mobile.

Arnav : What the!

Before he could complete he saw Aansh storming inside his room entered along with a note book.

Arnav : Now what drama is this?

Aansh sat on his bed.

Aansh : I promised mami to punish you..

Arnav : So?

Aansh : My teacher used to ask us to write imposition if we do any wrong so..

Arnav understood what Aansh was up to "So?!" asked Arnav. Aansh handled the notebook to Arnav.

Arnav : What? I can’t write imposition and all!!

Aansh : Mama? (He gave the note to Arnav) Write 50 times, I won’t trouble Khushi mami..

Arnav : What? I can’t!!

Aansh looked at him.

Arnav : What?

Aansh was about to cry.

Aansh : You won’t do this for me mama??

Arnav : What? why should I do? I can do anything for you Aansh but why should I write imposition that too for Khushi!!

Aansh : Mama you won’t write it for me?

Aansh was a kid, he has never seen his mama saying a no. When he does any wrong he has seen his mama correcting him and more over Arnav has never seen Aansh doing any wrong or nasty things. He was so close to him, when he was saying a no..being a kid he was in a verge of crying.

Aansh kept a puppy face, Arnav wasn’t able to see Aansh sad.

Arnav : Fine!

Aansh : Sachi?? (Really?)

Arnav pinched his cheeks.

Arnav : Haan baba muchi.. (Yes dear really..)

Aansh : yayy..

He jumped. Arnav looked at him weirdly thinking ‘he is just happy for punishing me for that monkey? What the!!!’

Aansh : Imposition 50 times mama..that I will not trouble Khushi mami..

Arnav in frustration.

Arnav : No!

Aansh again became sad.

Aansh : you won’t write mama?

Arnav noticed Aansh fallen face, his heart pricked immediately he changed his line.

Arnav : I will, but how will I write ‘I won’t trouble Khushi Mami’?

Aansh din’t get still.

Arnav : She is mami for you, not for me? Then how will I write I won’t trouble Khushi ‘Mami’? so I said no for that..Will your Arnav mama say No to his Aansh??

Aansh smiled instantly.

Aansh : Khushi mami, mami for Aansh..

Arnav : So Arnav mama will write Khushi alone.

Aansh nodded his head in happiness.

Arnav’s thoughts ‘Where has this Khushi took me!?! Arnav Singh Raizada writing imposition!! That too writing ‘I will not trouble Khushi!’ What the hell?!’

Aansh was sitting along with him on bed and Arnav was writing imposition for 50times, mean while Aansh also slept..Arnav thought of not to write, but once said he won’t back off..He doesn’t want to see Aansh sad tomorrow as he did not write so Arnav continued writing for 50 times..Arnav also slept with him after writing for 50 times.

Morning, Aansh woke before Arnav and he took his note with him. Arnav was sleeping as he was writing imposition during night. Everyone were getting ready. Anjali came to check him but seeing him sleeping she called Shyam.

Anjali : shyamji!!! See him, its important for him also to come with us today!! Aapko patha hai na!!(You know right!!)

Shyam : Anjali relax..Don’t spoil your mood. He doesn’t know na that he is also a groom.. :P

Shyam chuckled.

Anjali : Let me wake him up.

Anjali went near Arnav and she shook her.

Anjali : Chote..Chote

Arnav moved little.

Anjali : Arey Chote wake up we need to go to Gupta house..

Hearing Gupta house he woke up all sudden and screamed ‘I won’t trouble Khushi mami!!’

Anjali and Shyam looked at each other. Arnav looked here and there that’s when he realised what he just screamed. As for first time in his life he wrote imposition that too for Khushi because of Aansh, he was all night dreaming about it and that the result of his morning scream.

Anjali : Khushi mami?

Shyam : When did Khushi become your mami, Arnav? As per my assumption Aansh is one who calls Khushi as mami..

Arnav stared looking at Anjali and Shyam. He was like why everyone are ending their topic with Khushi.

Arnav : Let me get fresh, excuse me..

Anjali : Jaldi aav Chote…(Come soon Chote...)

When he heard Chote, he instantly looked at Anjali.

Arnav : Di I am not a kid..I’m not chote, I’m in fact bade!!!

Anjali remembered how Khushi was also saying innocently that 'she is not chote, she is bade’ she remembered khushi. She instantly giggled looking at Arnav and she left the room. Arnav looked at Shyam.

Arnav : What’s so funny?

Shyam : You will know it reaching Gupta house. :P

Before Arnav could answer, Shyam left the room chuckling.

Arnav : What? What is happening in this house dammit!

Meanwhile in Gupta house last night,

Payal and Khushi weren’t able to hide this from their parents. They informed each and everything to their parents night itself.

Payal : I am sorry amma, sorry Babuji..I did not want to go against your wishes..

Khushi : Sorry amma, sorry fact jiji asked them to talk with you..Jiji never thought of disrespecting..We will never do anything wrong.

Payal and Khushi told about Akash. They both made them understand their point of view and Garima has already heard about Akash from Khushi, as how he always kind and helps Payal. So they had a good impression on the Raziadas. Its only Khushi who always complains about Arnav but Payal always praises about him. Garima and Shashi looked at each other.

Garima : I don’t know, I leave to you Shashiji..

Shashi looked at his two daughters and called them near him.

Shashi : I’m happy that you both thought of seeking our permission before doing anything in further. Okay, so they are coming tomorrow?

Payal nodes her head.

Shashi looks at Garima.

Khushi : Sorry amma, babuji..but please..

Shashi nodded his head looking at Garima.

Garima : I have no problem if your father accepts it.

Payal and Khushi smiled instantly looking at each other.

Shashi : Khush raho beta(Stay happy dear)..We will meet them tomorrow and let us decide. At least we are happy that you brought up to our notice and respecting us. We are more then happy when you thought about us.

Shashi looked at Garima.

Garima :So that is the reason, my Payalia was having fever and Khushi was desperate to go to Devi Maiya temple.

Both Payal and Khushi hold their ears looking at their parents. Garima hugged Payal nodding a no and Shashi hugged Khushi nodding a no. Garima and Shashi looked at each other in pride that their daughter did not let them down. They asked them to sleep now and they said they will talk with Raziadas when they come here for asking her hand.


So they were also waiting with snacks and sweets waiting for Raziada family. Khushi informed Shyam that they told everything to their parents. Shyam was happy that they din’t hide it from them. He also informed his family. Their family was also happy knowing that their soon to be bahus din’t hide anything from elders. They understood how good and sanskar they were.

Raizadas reached Gupta house.

Nani, Mami, Mama were the first one enter inside. Warm welcome was given for them from Guptas.

Followed by them Shyam, Anjali entered. Akash was the next.Next was Arnav holding Aansh with him.

Garima : Ji namste..

Shashi : Please sit down.

They all sat down. Anjali looked at Nani and Mami..

Nani : Namste..We are sorry that we din’t inform in prior..

Mami : Yeah, we want our children to be happy hai na?

Shashi and Garima looked at each other.

Shashi : We understand, in fact Payal and Khushi told us everything yesterday night..

Garima: But we are not rich like you all..We

Mama : Shashi ji, we will take of your daughters like our own daughters..

Arnav looked at his mama like ‘Daughters???’

Garima and Shashi also looked at each other. Akash was already informed that they are here for asking Khushi for Arnav also, so he din't react.

Mama : (Pointing Akash) He is Akash..(Pointing Arnav) He is Arnav.

Both Arnav and Akash smiled looking at Garima and Shashi. They did a Namaste and stood up to take their blessings. Shashi and Garima were cleaned bold with their gesture. Being rich they din’t show It off.. They were impressed by them. At first they were afraid as they were rich what If they demand a lot or will they keep their daughter happy but looking at their family they gained some confidence. They blessed both Akash and Arnav.

Garima’s thoughts ‘Ye Khushi bhi na! Arnav babua kitne achi hai(This Khushi is there na! Arnav is really a good person)..Only she always find fault with everything..pagli’

Shashi looked at Garima asking if she is okay with Akash. Garima gestured a yes.

But someone was eager for their mami and no one introduced him its none other then our Aansh. He got down and went near Shashi. He also bent down like his mamas. Raizada families giggled looking at Aansh. Shashi and Garima felt so cute looking at him. Aansh went near Garima and he asked ‘Mami???’. That’s when they understood they din’t yet call Khushi and Payal. Already one member from the family along with Akash was eager to see the bride. That is none other then Aansh. Arnav had no interest to see Khushi after yesterday night’s torture.

Garima : Let me call Payal and Khushi. Garima called both Khushi and Payal, they came out with snacks and sweets. Raizada family liked both Payal and Khushi. Nani, Anjali, Mama and mami looked at each other.

Nani : Shashiji and Garimaji we need to talk with you elders now.

Shashi and Garima looked at each other.

Shashi : Sure Devyaniji..

Garima looked at the youngsters.

Garima : Payal, Khushi why don’t show them our house..

Anjali gestured Shyam to send Arnav, Akash and Aansh along with Payal and Khushi.. Payal and Khushi looked at each other thinking what it might be. Payal and Akash walked ahead. Aansh came near Khushi and Arnav looked at him.

Arnav’s thoughts ‘As soon as he saw Khushi, he forgot me! What the!’ Meanwhile Akash silently informed Payal that they are here to ask Khushi for Arnav also, At first she was shocked later Akash made her understand then he also added how she can also be with Khushi in same house and he added how Arnav will take care of Khushi. Payal had full faith on Arnav but what she was afraid he will they accept? Akash managed to understand Payal after all he was her better half and even Payal wants Khushi to be happy. So she also agreed.

Khushi bend to his level and extended her hand towards Aansh.

Khushi : Friends?

Aansh instantly shook hand with her showing all his teeth.

Aansh : Aap bahut achi mami..(You are very good mami..)

Suddenly he ran out and took something from a bag, Shyam was looking at Aansh but he concentrated on elders talk. Aansh came near Khushi handing her a note. Seeing the note Arnav eyes got widen.

Arnav : Aansh?

Aansh : Mami..see

Arnav : No Aansh!

But before Arnav could stop him Aansh opened a page and he showed it to Khushi. Khushi was confused seeing Arnav and Aansh. Arnav turned around facing the other side.

Khushi at first was shocked seeing ‘I won’t trouble Khushi’.

Aansh : See Mama wrote imposition. He won’t trouble you anymore.

Khushi looked at Arnav and looked at note. Khushi busted out laughing looking at Arnav and Arnav was irked looking at her.

Khushi : Aansh??..oh my god..

Aansh pulled her duppata.

Khushi : kya?(What?)(In between her laugh)

Aansh : Laad governor only wrote it..that too 50times mami..

As soon as Arnav heard Laad Governor from Aansh mouth..He looked at both Aansh and Khushi.

Arnav : What?

Khushi : What nahi Arnavji..What the!!!!

Saying this Both Khushi and Aansh started to giggle looking at Arnav. Khushi and Aansh started to run here and there and Arnav was running behind them for pulling his legs.

Mean while outside,

Nani : We don’t want to drag it Shashiji..

Mama : We even like Khushi betiya..

Mami : Arnav bitwa ke liye Khushi Betiya sahi hai.. (For Arnav, Khushi betiya is only right)

Shashi and Garima looked at each other,

Garima : But Khushi and Arnav bitwa??

Anjali : Aunty I understand what you are thinking but trust me only they can handle each other. I understand what you are thinking but trust me..

Garima looked at Shashi. It is not that they din’t like Arnav. They were just thinking what will be Khushi’s reaction.

Shashi : Arnav beta is okay with this Devyaniji??

Before they all could talk further they heard giggling sound.

Shyam : (Pointing backwards) Uncle and Aunty just turn and see. (He gestured his family also to turn around.

They all were rooted at spot looking at the scene. Arnav was running behind Khushi and Aansh. All the three were giggling.

Shashi and Garima looked at each other.

Shyam : We understand Uncle, Aunty but they will be the best pair. Its just they are pulling each other legs, they din’t yet understand there is more then that..

Nani : Khushi betiya will have good future with Chote..

Anjali : Don’t think I’m supporting my bhai but he needs a girl like Khushi in his life Aunty. He needs that love which can change him and only Khushi can do it..

Shashi and Garima were confused what to say, they once looked at Arnav, Khushi and Aansh they were just looking like a cute little family. Shashi and Garima saw that happiness in both Arnav and Khushi’s face.

Nani : Shashiji and Garimaji, so are you ready to give Payal betiya for Akash bitwa and Khushi betiya for Chote??

That’s when Aansh ran and came towards his mumma and he was hiding taking her pallu. Arnav and Khushi who came there running behind Aansh heard what Nani just asked and they stood rooted at spot looking at each other.

That was the biggest shock for both Arnav and Khushi over there..Arnav looked at Khushi and Khushi looked at Arnav.

And for the big Shock, Shashi and Garima looked at Arnav-Khushi and Raizadas were also looking at Arshi. As Arnav and Khushi were looking at each other they thought they were staring lovingly looking at each other but the truth only they both know. Seeing that Shashi and Garima looked at each other and they smiled nodding their head looking at Raizadas saying a yes and that brought a smile in Raziadas face.

Arnav and Khushi got the next shock seeing their family accepting the alliance. That’s the next shock of their life. They din’t even ask what was their opinion.

Arnav and Khushi looked at each other they din’t create scene in front of them. As Akash and Payal’s life was involved. Their one move can, spoil everything. Taking their silence both Raizadas and Guptas thought they are happy with it.

Arnav looked at Khushi giving a looks ‘You think I will marry you dammit?!’

Khushi gave a look like ‘Marriage and that too with you?! Huh don’t even dream of marrying me!’

Arnav looked at Anjali and Anjali instantly shifted her gaze as if a good girl and he looked at Shyam, Shyam smiled like a good boy looking at him.

Arnav’s thoughts “Its all planned? Its just me and Khushi who din’t know it!?”

Khushi looked at Arnav and whispered silently ‘Chote? Being a kid why dreams about marriage this soon??!’ She asked sarcastically.

Arnav was totally irked. Arnav replied back “I will show what this kid can do with you after our marriage, then decide whether I am kid or” he left the sentence abruptly.

Seeing Khushi’s big eyes that’s when Arnav understood what he just said in a flow. Khushi’s dhak-dhaks started. She closed her eyes not getting anything. She tried to calm her down and started to chant ‘I should stop my marriage with this Laad Governor’

She opened her eyes. Arnav’s thoughts ‘I should stop my marriage with this monkey!!’

Both Arnav and Khushi glared looking at each other fuming in anger. Khushi turned the other side and Arnav the other side.

Precap :

Arnav : We should stop this, with out affecting Akash and Payal’s marriage!!

Khushi : This is so complicated Arnavji!! We should do something!!



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May 20, 2017

Part 12 (By Khushisingh96) (Thanked: 56 times)

Part 12 :

Raizadas left Guptas house after deciding everything. They decided to check the dates, and to let know each other soon. Both Arnav and Khushi were fuming in anger in other side. Raizadas left their house happily.

Garima and Shashi were very happy for their daughters and Khushi wasn’t able to talk anything about her wish and in the other side whole Raizada family was happy for Arnav also so he wasn’t able to deject their happiness on their face by saying he wasn’t ready to marry Khushi. Everyone were happy he din’t wish to ruin their happiness.

Arnav directly went inside his room. He was totally irked with everything and Khushi in the other side went to temple to complain to her Devi Maiya.

She parked her scooty outside the temple.

Khushi looking at her scooty ‘Wait here Lovely, I am not going to leave Devi Maiya today’.

Saying this she entered the temple fuming in anger. As it was not worshipping time there was not much crowd.

Khushi stood before Devi maiya Idol..

"ye aap ne kya kiya Devi maiya?? (What have you done, Devi Maiya?)" Khushi demanded an answer standing in front of the idol.

Khushi : Abb aap kyun chup hai?(Why are you numb now?) You planned everything before hai na Devi Maiya?? Aapko patha hai na(You know very well right), that already that Laad Governor troubles me!! If he marries me then he will trouble me whole life time aur waise aap ko patha hai na(You know na) he will call me makeup-ed monkey after I become his biwi..

She suddenly closed her mouth.

Khushi : Hey devi maiya(she remembered something) Oh yes, he has also did some black magic on me!!!!! Aapko sab patha hai na..Phir kyun Devi Maiya??(You knew everything na..then why did you do like this Devi Maiya??)

Khushi : Now what will I do?? You know, amma-babuji and jiji are very happy but me?

Khushi looked down.

Khushi : From where everyone got the idea to unite me and that Rakshas, Devi Miaya?? aapki idea hai na??(This is your idea na??) I am your ladli devotee then why did you do this to me??

That’s when Khushi’s mobile started to ring..and she looked at her mobile then at Devi Maiya..

Khushi : Think of devil and devil is here!!

Khushi fumed looking at her mobile.

Khushi : Now he is calling me!! For what?! to trouble me more!

She attends the call and before Arnav could speak she screams ‘Dekhyie mujhe aapse baath bhi nahi karni hai!! Abb hum phone rakte kyunki hum bahut nazaz hai!(Look I'm not interested in even talking with you!! Right now I'm very angry so I'm disconnecting the call!)’

Saying this she disconnected the call.

Arnav in the other side,

Arnav : What the! She disconnected my call!!!!!

He looks at his mobile.

Arnav : How will I spend my whole life with her??? Half life will pass away in our fight and in her baseless talks then where will I have romance in my life?! When the hell I will have my kids then??!!! How will I marry this monkey???

Arnav has already started imagining his married life with Khushi :P

Arnav : She half time talks with herself, how did everyone even think of uniting us??

Arnav looked at his mobile.

Arnav : Mujhe bhi tumse kuch baath nahi karni hai!!(Even I don't wish to talk with you!!) (He thinks) Huh! Lekin mujhe baath karni hai!(But I want to talk now!)

He again calls her. Khushi sighs and attends the call again.

Arnav : Don’t you dare speak!

Khushi : Kyaaaaa??? It’s a democratic country and I don’t even have the rights to speak!!!! Now itself you are behaving like this then after marriage..Hey devi maiya, how will I marry this Laad Governor!!!

Arnav : Excuse me!

Khushi : And don’t even think I will be sweet with you!!!

Arnav : Bahut shauk hai na to jump into conclusions!! As if I am eager to marry a monkey like you!!!!

Khushi : As if even I am interested!?! And why don’t you stop your Monkey Ramayan!

Arnav : Did you stop your Laad Governor Ramayan?

Khushi : See, we are fighting even for this then how come we stay happy together throughout our life??

Arnav : I never thought my fate will be this bad, I never thought that I will never have even small romance with my wife, but when I came to know I am going to marry you!!! You shattered my dreams Khushi! Now whom will I romance and how will I..

Before he could complete Khushi started..

Khushi : You were not in an idea to marry then only you should think about Romance!

Arnav : When the baath of shaadi has come then how come I not think about it! Its all boys right to romance with their biwi but look at my fate! I should romance a monkey like you!!! And I always feel only like troubling you dammit! Then how will I even romance you!

Khushi and Arnav were talking openly as if they have prepared to marry each other.

Khushi : As if I'm loving to Romance you!!! You shattered all my dreams..Aap ek shaitan aur hum ek bechari Sundari..(You are a monster and I'm an innocent girl)

Khushi pouted.

Arnav : From where you keep new-new names for me?!

Khushi : You are not that intelligent like me so don’t even try to keep any name for me!

Arnav : Can’t you talk without fighting with me?!

Khushi : As if you aren’t fighting!

Arnav : Look!!

Khushi : That’s why I say you are not intelligent like me!

Arnav : Excuse me?

Khushi : Look means how will I look? You are in your house and I am here..How will I see you?

Arnav face-palmed.

"I never thought you are this much intelligent..Very good, keep it up!!" replied Arnav sarcastically.

Khushi looked at Devi maiya and looked at her mobile.

Khushi : You are interested in this marriage Arnavji?

Arnav remained silent then replied.

Arnav : Are you interested?

Khushi : (Sarcastic)Maaf kijiye(Sorry), I asked first!!!

Arnav : Okay maaf kiya! (Okay I forgave you!)

Khushi : I said I asked first Arnavji!!

Arnav : OH, so you asked first?

Khushi : haan!

Arnav : Then reply first!

Khushi : Stop playing with words Arnavji!

Either Khushi or Arnav weren’t ready to say a No for this marriage yet they were still rejecting.

Arnav : Okay, lets do this..

Khushi : Okay, lets do that..

Arnav was confused "Wait, I din’t say what we are going to do..then why did you agreed before knowing itself?"

Khushi : Any one should come up with solution hai na..

Arnav : Okay, so you are accepting you have no brain?

Arnav smirked.

Khushi : haw..Kadoos!

Khushi pouted.

Arnav : Khushi, enough of keeping new names for me!

Khushi : You are happy in insulting me! Happy in troubling me! And happy in doing everything to me hai na!!!!

Khushi was irked and Arnav was chuckling.

Arnav : Aacha? Happy in doing everything? You want me to do everything?

Khushi : Kyaaaaaaaa??

Arnav : Maine ne abhi tak kuch nahi kiya Khushi(I din't do anything still Khushi), stop shouting!!

Khushi : You are twisting your words!!!

Arnav’s thoughts ‘Wow, now I got this new way to irritate this monkey..She is getting irritated with my twisted talks..This is also nice to pull her legs but marriage?’

Arnav : I din’t say! you only said I like doing everything..

Khushi : Aapppppp

Arnav :  Mein? Kya?

Khushi : Erg! Kuch nahi..Now say what shall we do!

Arnav : Fine We should stop this, with out affecting Akash and Payal’s marriage!!

Khushi : This is so complicated Arnavji!! We should do something!!

Arnav : I suggested that we should stop this without affecting their marriage so its your turn to give an idea..

Khushi : Matlab aap ki paas koi idea nahi, hai na?! (That means you have got no idea, right?!) then why such build ups!

Arnav did not want to get caught.

Khushi : What will I do with you Arnavji!!!?!!

Arnav : I will have to worry about what to do with you Khushi, you don’t have to worry in thinking what to do with me..Let it be my department..

Khushi : Keep everything with you! Better have every department in your name! Turn Delhi name as Arnav in fact India should be renamed as Laad Governor, everything belongs to Arnav-Arnav-Arnav! Like seriously, you alright Arnavji?

Arnav’s thoughts ‘This is working out, this is more fun in pulling her legs’

Arnav : Abhi tak I am okay, once you enter inside my life only..

Khushi : As if I am very eager..anyways let me think..

Khushi thinks, Arnav was chuckling.

Khushi : Haaann idea!!!

Arnav : Kya?

Khushi : You can’t say to your family and I can’t say to my family..But what if they see with their own eyes?

Arnav : I know you are pagal, but is it occasional or what?

Khushi : Kya?

Arnav : then what? Did you say anything clearly? I din’t understand either head or tail!

Khushi : As if you always understand me!

Arnav : Come to the point..

Khushi : huh! We will fake by showing to my amma that you have a girl friend then she will cancel..Acchi idea hai na?

Arnav : Are you trying to show me bad in front of Aunty’s eyes!

Khushi : Aap ko kyun faraq padta hai? (Why does it matter to you?)

Arnav remained silent.

Khushi : We will do this, you come to the near my devi maiya temple with a random girl. I will come with amma to the temple. There Amma will see you with that girl and she will think she is your girl friend. Perfect hai na?

Arnav was like ‘What if aunty thinks bad about him?’

Khushi : You there?

Arnav : You have already decided to spoil my image, right?

Khushi : You have got any other idea? No? right!

Arnav : Fine! Will come by 9 tomorrow! You also reach there by 9!

Saying this Arnav disconnected his call getting irritated.

Arnav : from where does she get this stupid plan of spoiling my image!

In  the other side,

Khushi : Hope this plan workouts.

Praying to Devi Maiya she returned back home.


Precap :

Khushi was asking him to start his acting, Garima was looking at the girl.

Garima : ye Kaun Arnav beta?

Arnav was thinking how to spoil this plan since he din’t like this plan at all :P ..that girl was about to say she is his girl friend but before that Arnav opened his mouth..

Arnav : ye meri sister Aunty..

Khushi looked at him with big-big eyes and the girl was looking at him like ‘I should be girl friend hai na? then how come sister’.. 

Garima was relaxed and Arnav was smiling sheepishly looking at Khushi, while she was fuming in anger.


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May 21, 2017

Part 13 (By Khushisingh96) (Thanked: 60 times)

Part 13:


Khushi waked up first before everyone in fun mood as today herself and Arnav will execute their nahi nahi her plan :P because Arnav is not happy with the plan hai na..

She looks at the wall clock.

Khushi : Hey Devimaiya, its 5am only..Now I should wait till 9am to execute the plan..Haww

Khushi thinks, she takes out her mobile and sneaks to the balcony. She looks back whether anyone is watching her.

Khushi : Why to fear, Everyone will be sleeping only. Amma and Babuji in their room and Jiji..She was already talking with jiju the whole night so she won’t wake early..

Khushi sighs.

Khushi : Now let me conform with that Laad Governor whether did he arrange any fake girl friend or not.

In Raizada house-Arnav’s room.

As usual Arnav and Aansh were sleeping in their own way, Aansh all over Arnav and Arnav sleeping peacefully cuddling him.

Arnav’s phone starts to beep but instantly disconnects.

Khushi’s room.

Khushi : What if he scolds me for calling in early morning..

Khushi’s thoughts ‘Lekin I’m his hone wali biwi, so I can call him!!’

Khushi : Hey Devi Maiya nahi nahi..I don’t want him to be my biwi..nahi nahi(I don't want him to be my fife..No NO) I don’t want to be his biwi(Wife)..Haww he is making me mad what am I blabbering?!

Khushi takes a deep breath.

Khushi : Come on Khushi, you can do it..You should stop na..You don’t want this to happen..SO call him to conform everything..Isme kya problem hai..(What problem you have in this?)

Khushi makes herself to get prepared to talk with Arnav via phone now.

In Arnav’s room.

Arnav moves in sleep getting disturbed, in this process he disturbs Aansh sleep also.

Aansh : (Sleepy tone) Mama..

Arnav : (Sleepy tone) Mmm..

Aansh : You are shaking me..

Aansh opens his eyes and looks at sleepy Arnav.

Aansh pinches Arnav’s cheek..

Aansh : Kitne cute hai mama aap..(You look so cute Mama)

Arnav wakes up with jerk as Aansh pulled his cheek all of sudden with force.

Arnav : What the!

Aansh : Kya hua mama..(What happened mama?)

"Why you always wake up so early Aansh? And what’s this who teachs you to pinch others cheeks like this??" Arnav was rubbing his cheeks.

Aansh sits on his tummy.

Aansh : Mumma always wakes up early na mama..So I also wake up along with her, you always used to put me back on mumma-papa’s room after I sleep when I was young na..So at that time and all I used to be with mumma na, as she wakes up soon I also wake up along with her..isliye mama..But now I’m grown up so you can’t fool me by leaving me in mumma-papa’s room after I sleep..

Arnav : Aacha, my grown up boy..Thats why I don’t leave you in di and jijaji’s room after sleep nowadays.. ;)

Aansh again pinches Arnav’s cheek..

Aansh : That’s why I love you so much mama..

Arnav : Ouch, Aansh baby..Who thought you this thing(He indicated Aansh’s pulling his cheeks)

Arnav was rubbing his cheek and waiting for Aansh’s answer.

Aansh : MAMI!!

Arnav looks at Aansh with big-big eyes.

Arnav : What?

Aansh : I met mami in her house na mama..That day she did like this only to me and she told (Imitating Khushi) Aansh you are so cute..

Aansh was remembering how Khushi was playing with him.

Arnav : What the! She is not your mami!!

Aansh frowned and looked at him.

Aansh : She is my mami only!!!

Arnav : She is not your mami!!

Aansh : She is my mami!!

Arnav : She is not your mami!!

Aansh : You are my mama, then she is my mami na!!

Arnav was tongue tied.

Aansh : Mami was right, app Laad Governor mama..

Arnav : What the!

That’s when Arnav’s mobile again beeped. Aansh almost jumped over him and took Arnav’s mobile.

Aansh : Hayeee Mami is calling!!!!!!

Arnav now jumped down from bed and took the mobile from Aansh. Arnav sat on his bed and Aansh sat on his lap.

Arnav attends the call.

Arnav : Don’t you dare to teach Aansh anything!! You are spoiling him dammit!!

Khushi looked at her mobile with a ‘O’ shape in her mouth.

Khushi  : Don’t you have manners to speak with a girl Arnavji?

Arnav : You are teaching me manners? First tum khud sikh lo(You first learn it), then give me advice!

Khushi : See early morning itself you are fighting with me, just imagine how it will be if we marry!

Aansh was looking at Arnav, understanding nothing.

Arnav : Its your fate!

Khushi : Aacha? The same fate of yours is attached with mine!

Arnav : Enough!! And its you who called me!

That’s when Khushi remembered why she called and where their conversation was leading to.

Arnav : and one more thing, Stop teaching your antics to Aansh..Because of you he is calling me Laad Governor and he is pulling my cheeks as you did the same with him dammit!

Khushi : What will we call a milk man?

Arnav : What?

Khushi : Say na Arnavji What will we call a milkman?

Arnav : Milkman!

Khushi : what about Postman?

Arnav : Postman dammit!

Khushi : A doctor?

Arnav : Doctor!

Khushi : Then what about Laad Governor??

Arnav : (Frustrated) Of course Laad Governor dammit!!!!!!!

Khushi : Wahi to mein ne bola(See that's what I also told)..See, now you itself accepted it Arnavji..matlab Laad Governorji(I mean Laad Governorji)..

Khushi was giggling silently as Arnav fell in his own dig..Getting frustrated he was answering her without even thinking.

Arnav looked at his mobile and he looked at Aansh..

Arnav : Wait!

Arnav looked at Aansh..

Arnav : Aansh, why don’t you go and continue your sleep with di??

Aansh : Hehe mujhe patha mama..(Hehe I know mama..)

Arnav : Kya patha tujhe?(What you know?)

Aansh : Aapko mami se Akhele baath karni hai na?? Isliye(You want to talk with mami alone na?? So) asking me to go to mumma’s room na..Hehe tk, you talk with mami..I will go to mumma..

Aansh shouts ‘Good morning mami!!!!! I love you!!!!!’

Khushi hears it and she shouts back ‘Aww Aansh you are there…Hey Good morning baby..I love you toooo!!!!’

Aansh runs out giggling and Arnav face palms.

Arnav : How come everyone in this house be mad? Including my Aansh?

Khushi hears it.

Khushi : Don’t you dare to call them mad Arnavji!!

Arnav : Tujhe kya faraq padta hai? Mere family!! (Why does it matter to you? My family!!)

Khushi : Mere bhi family (They are my family too)…(Khushi stopped)

Arnav : What was you saying??

Actually Arnav felt good when Khushi was calling his family as her family too..he wanted to hear it from her mouth but Khushi tried to change the topic.

Khushi : Uh, Arnavji now we are going to be relatives..

Arnav : You mean you are ready for this marriage??

Khushi : Haan, What problem I have with this marriage Arnavji??

Arnav : (Happily smiling) Matlab I don’t have to act in front of Aunty na!!!!! Wow!! That sounds great!!

Arnav was not in his sense what he was talking and he was only bothered for not showing himself bad in front of his in law mother.

Khushi : Rukhiye!!! Aap kya kehna chate??(Wait!!! What are you talking??) Plan is not cancelled!! Then why to stop it?

Arnav : What? But its you who said you don’t have any problem with this marriage!!

Khushi : Of course, its Jiji and jiju’s marriage, isme meri kya problem hai?(Why will I have problem in their marriage?)

That’s when Arnav understood she was talking about Akash’s marriage and he was talking about his marriage with Khushi.

Arnav:  oh..

Khushi : Kya hua? (What happened?)

Arnav : (Irked) Kuch nahi! (Nothing!)

Khushi : Tk..Aacha now say me, did you arrange a girl?

Arnav : Excuse me!?

Khushi : Mera matlab..Aapki voh Fake girl friend!!! (I mean..that fake girl friend!!!)

Arnav : Oh she..yeah! Plan is all set!

Khushi : Thank god..

Arnav : Oh hello! Thank me!

Khushi : Will thank you after the plan workouts!

Arnav : Are you sure, should we do this plan??

Arnav was not at all ready for this plan and here Khushi was hell bend to go ahead with this plan.

Khushi : I am very sure!!!!

Arnav face palmed.

Arnav : You have to pay for all these deeds Khushi!!!!

Khushi : Deeds? What did I do?

Arnav : As if you don’t know!!

Khushi:  Aacha aacha tk, abb hum phone rakte(Okay okay, I will disconnect the call now)..You reach temple with that Chudai(She was about to say Chudail(Ghost) but stopped abruptly)…uh mera matlab aapki fake girl friend ke saath..(I mean with your fake girl friend..)

Khushi disconnects the call and she giggles thinking about Arnav’s reactions.

Arnav : What the! Is she ordering me?

He thinks.

Arnav : No one can order me! May be she was requesting me!

Arnav’s mind : Oh really?

Arnav’s heart : of course she has all the rights to order you Arnav, don’t you know?

Arnav’s mind : Don’t believe him Arnav, he is brainwashing you..

Arnav’s heart : Don’t you know Arnav?

Arnav’s mind : Believe me Arnav!!

Arnav’s heart : Believe me Arnav!!

Arnav shouts : You both shut up!!!!!!!

That’s when he hears giggling sound outside his room, he comes out and was shocked, his di, jijaji and Akash were standing outside his room.

Arnav : What the! What you people are doing outside my room??

Anjali : My son was saying something..

Shyam : So we came to cross check it..

Aaksh : And now I believe my niece..

Arnav : Aacha? Kahan hai tumari ladli niece?? (Ohh? Where is your dearest niece??)

Anjali : Voh toh soo rahi hai.. (He is sleeping..) :P

Arnav : Aacha? He waked me up and he is sleeping peacefully uh??

Shyam : Oyi Saale sab, don’t blame my son!!

Akash : Haan bhai, we came to know everything!!

Arnav : What? (He thought they came to know about their fake Girlfriend plan) I mean what you all know?

Anjali : Aansh told us everything..Talking secretly with your hone wali biwi uh..

Akash : Hayiii hayii, Bhai..See how you have changed thank god Aansh when coming out of your room bumped with me so he told me otherwise I would have not known..Only di and Jijaji would have known..

Arnav : Aacha? Why don’t you announce it in a speaker and make posters and stick all over Delhi!!

Shyam : Arey wah…Publicity chayiye meri Saale Sab ko..chalo tk granted(Wow..My Saale Saab wishes Publicity so Okay granted) What say Akash?

Akash : Sure..Our first work of today is spreading this news Bhai

Arnav : You both!!!! I won’t leave you both!!!

Arnav started run behind Akash and Shyam..

Akash locked himself inside his room and Shyam in his room..

Arnav : You both will come to office with me only na!! I will see you both at that time!!

Anjali was smiling looking at the three.. She got happy tears.

Arnav looked at Anjali..

Arnav : See di, how these two are pulling my legs!! I won’t leave them this time!!

Anjali all of sudden cupped his cheek.

Anjali : You know what Chote? I first thought am I doing right by making you accept for this marriage..But I have full faith on Khushi, she is the one who can handle you and see its because of her now you even started to be crazy around. Do you know? Nowadays you started to smile and complain about Khushi to Aansh….You know he always speaks about you, khushi, Payal and Akash only to me..He loves you four a lot..You are back like how you were in childhood chote..You know she is the girl, for whom your heart was waiting for and when she is not around you will feel like your heart stopped beating..She is one for you Chote, The girl who will bring happiness into your life..

Anjali was just lost, Arnav snapped his fingers in front of Anjali.

Arnav : Oh my god di!

Anjali : Kya hua?

Arnav : That’s why I ask you not to watch those Saas-bahu serials!! What they have made you!! They made you crazy di!!

Anjali hits his head.

Anjali : Tum bhi na Chote!! (You are there na Chote!!)

Arnav : That’s nothing like that di..

Anjali : Let me also see..That day is not so far Chote..You will believe it very soon..

Arnav indicated to his di that she became mad..

Arnav : Let me sleep di..Good night

Anjali : Its good morning Chote!!

Arnav : Its good night for Aansh di..So same is for me, wake me by 7 di..

Anjali chuckled and she left to her room.

It became a beautiful morning in RM..

Khushi in the other side, convinced Garima to come with her to temple..

Khushi and Garima reached temple. They were praying but Khushi was trying to search Arnav and that’s when she saw Arnav entering inside the temple with a girl. Khushi waved her hand silently and Arnav sulked his face as she is going to execute the plan.  Garima opens her eyes..Khushi and Garima turns around to leave and that’s when Garima sees Arnav climbing up with a girl and she came near him. Arnav was not feeling good to be bad in front of Garima’s eyes.

Garima : Arnav beta?

Arnav : Hello Aunty.. I mean Namaste..

Arnav instantly took her blessings and Khushi was looking at him with big-big eyes..Garima was happy with his gesture she blessed him happily.

Khushi’s thoughts ‘Is it necessary to woo mumma..Hey devi maiya!!!’

Khushi was asking him to start his acting, Garima was looking at the girl.

Garima : ye Kaun Arnav beta? (Who is she Arnav?)

Arnav became nervous, he din’t like this plan na :P ..that girl was about to say she is his girl friend but before that Arnav opened his mouth..

Arnav : ye meri sister Aunty..behan hai mera..(She is my sister..)

Khushi looked at him with big-big eyes and the girl was looking at him like ‘I should be girl friend hai na? then how come sister’

Garima was relaxed and Arnav was smiling sheepishly looking at Khushi, while she was fuming in anger.

Garima : Behan?(Sister?) But I din’t see her that day beta..

Arnav : Nahi aunty, actually MY SISTER..I mean she was my neighbour when I was young, later she shifted her house..So from childhood she used to call me bhaiya..Koon ki rishta nahi..Lekin hum duno bhai behan hai..Hai na Tanu? (Not sister by blood, but we are brother sister..Right Tanu?)

Tanu : uh?

Khushi’s thoughts ‘Haww kitne jhoot(He is lying!) ..and he is saying his own dialogues and not as per plan!!!’

Arnav : Hai na?? Hum duno BHAI-BEHAN hai na?? (Right?? We are BROTHER-SISTER right??)

He made it sure that she goes along with him.

Tanu : Haan hann AS..I mean BHAIYA..

Tanu : Namste Aunty..That day I wasn’t able to come as I went out of station..

Garima : Koi bath nahi beta, but shaadi pe zarror aa..Tumari bhaiya ki shaadi hai na.. (Thats okay dear, but you should pakka attend the marriage..After all its your brother's marriage)

Tanu smiles.. Khushi was fuming in anger and Arnav was chuckling happily for spoiling her plan.

Arnav : Behan ki bina shaadi kaise(Marriage without my sister?)..She will come Aunty..

Garima : Tk beta, ab hum chalte(Okay we will leave)..waise you want to talk with Khushi?

Khushi instantly screams : Haan! and Arnav instantly screams : NOOOO!

Arnav knew she will start her bak-bak for spoiling her plan so he thought to save himself from her but here she was saying to her mumma that she needs to talk with him.

Garima : Khushi, at least feel some are openly saying a haan for talking with Daamad on front of me..See how politely being Shy he said no..

Khushi : Shy? Aapko s**** aagayi Arnavji? (You felt Shy Arnavji?)

Arnav was like ‘What the!’

Garima : Tk..You both talk, I will leave now mujhe bahut saari kaam hai ghar pe(I have lots of work in home)..

Garima left leaving them alone as their house was near.

Khushi looked at the girl.

Khushi : Tum uska behan hai kya? (You are his sister?)

Tanu  : Eh..Phela mein Girl friend tha abb behan.. (Actually first I came as girf friend now Sister..)

Khushi : Kya? Tum pagal hai kya? (What? Are you mad?)

Tanu : Bhabhi mujhe bhi script nahi patha..On the spot script ye bhabhi.. (Sister-In-Law (Bhabhi) even I dont know the script..This is on the spot script Bhabhi..)

Khushi : Bha-bhi? BHABHI? Mein? Tumari?!!! (Sister-In-Law? SIL? I am? Yours?!!!)

Tanu : Haan, if he is my bhai then you are my bhabhi hai na?

Arnav was chucking..

Tanu : Tk bhaiya, ab hum chalte(Okay brother, now I will take my leave)..You  already paid me yesterday..I will surely come for your marriage..Hum chalte Bhabhi..(Bye SIL)

Tanu left.

Khushi : Bahut Khush hai na Aap??? (You are very happy na???)

Arnav was looking here and there, He knows she will start her blabbering for spoiling her plan but Arnav in the other side was very happy for spoiling the plan. He at first din't like the plan as Garima Aunty will think bad about him which he did not want to happen. 

Khushi : How neatly I explained you the plan!!!? Dint I?

Arnav looked at her,

Arnav :  Excuse me? It was a bakwaas(Stupid) plan! I din't even like a bit of it!!!

Khushi : Kya???? You called my plan as bakwaas plan? Bakwaas????

Arnav : Your plan was also like you only! All Bakwaas!

Khushi :  Aacha? Aapki paas koi idea hai kya? (Ohh? You had any idea?)

Arnav remained silent,

Khushi : Dimaag(Brain) toh mere paas..

Arnav : Excuse me? Monkeys have 5 senses! namely touch, taste, sight, sound and scent!! In this list from where do you have Dimaag??

Khushi with a 'O' shaped in her mouth looking at Arnav.

Khushi :  Phir se? bandhar? (Again? Monkey?) and Its you who acted badly!! You don't even have acting skill, at least which I have..

Arnav : oh really? You will show me as a bad guy in front of Aunty's eyes and you think I will do it?

Khushi : Aapko Kya faraq padta hai ? Meri amma hai voh.. (Why does it matter to you? She is my mother..)

Arnav : Exactly! Fine, you said you have better acting skill then me right? Then why don't you show yourself as a bad girl in front my Families eyes..Then they will stop the marriage!!!

Khushi's thoughts 'How will I behave like that with Arnavji's family..They will think bad about me..'

Arnav : Abb kya hua?(Now what happened?) How does it feel to taste your own bakwaas plan now..

Khushi's thoughts 'Abb hum kya karre?(Now what will I do?) I can't accept my defeat. (Khushi thinks) You spoiled my plan today na..See how I will spoil your plan!!! You will not be bad in front of my Amma's eyes and then how come you expect me to be bad in front of your family..Tomorrow you will see the real acting of Khushi Kumari Gupta!!'

Khushi smirks.

Khushi : Thik hai..

Arnav : Fine, come tomorrow to my house along with Payal so that your parents will also allow you..I will manage to ask di to call you both in pretext of something. So let me see how funny, matlab how extraordinarily you act tomorrow!

Khushi : You will see it tomorrow!!

Arnav : Lets see.

Arnav and Khushi both showed faces. Arnav went the opposite side and Khushi the other side. 

Khushi as soon as she turned she started to dance in excitement, as she will also spoil his plan like he spoiled hers.

Arnav who was walking in the opposite direction was stopped by someone and that guy pointed looking at Khushi.

Guy : Voh ladki aapki saath aayi hai na? (That girl came with you na?)

Arnav turned around to see whom he was saying, as soon as Arnav saw Khushi dancing all alone. He couldn't control his laughter and everyone were looking at Khushi.

Arnav instantly shouts back looking at Khushi "Khushiii you never forget your ancestors antics(Ancestor monkeys :P who) I will appreciate you for that" Saying this Arnav chuckled and he left, Khushi instantly stopped dancing and looked at everyone. She smiled faintly.   Khushi instantly imagines Monkey dancing like her.

She instantly screams closing her eyes.

Khushi : I am not monkey..I am not monkey..Mein bhandar nahiiiii..(I'm not monkeyyyy..)

Saying this Khushi ran away from there and everyone were giggling. Khushi came near her Lovely and looked at it.

Khushi : We will see you tomorrow Mr Raizada!!

Precap :

Garima takes the onion and Payal takes the knife from Khushi’s hand.

Khushi : Amma!!!! Jiji!!! Give me back my Arnavji!!!

Garima and Payal looks at each other.

Payal : Arnavji?

Khushi : Haan amma Give me back my Arnavji..



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Jun 5, 2017

Part 14 (By Khushisingh96) (Thanked: 54 times)

Part 14 :

Night at Gupta’s house,

Garima : Shashiji..Shashiji…

Garima was searching Shashi.

Shashi : Kya hua Garima?

Garima : Voh Shashiji, damadji ghar se phone ..(There is phone call from groom's house..)

Shashi : Damadji ghar se phone? Abhi? (Phone from Groom’s house? Now?) What happened?

Shashi got worries with the sudden call from Raizada house. Garima gives the phone to Shashi and Shashi talks.

Shashi : ji..

Naniji says something.

Shashi : Lekin..(But)

Naniji says something.

Shashi : ji koi bath nahi (Ji that’s ok)

Naniji says something.

Shashi : Thik hai bilkul (Okay Sure) Yeah I will send them tomorrow…

Shashi disconnects the call.

Garima : Kya hua? (What happened?)

Shashi : Arey kuch nahi (Oho nothing much)..Naniji wants to see Payal and Khushi, She wants to spend some time with them it seems..So she asked them to visit her in their place tomorrow..

Garima : But Shashiji..

Shashi : Don’t worry Garima..At first I was also worried but they are not like we thought. They are gem like people. Don’t worry and I trust them..They will take care of daughters very well..

Garima : Haan Shashiji..

Shashi : So let us send them to their place tomorrow.

Garima smiles. Both Shashi and Garima goes to Khushi-Payal’s room to inform them.

Bechari them din’t know its Arnav’s plan to bring Khushi to his house tomorrow as his plan is to show Khushi as bad in front of his family so that they will stop his marriage but bechari Arnav did not know khushi’s plan.

Garima and Shashi informs Payal and Khushi.

Khushi : Kyaaaaa??? Matlab he is going to show me as a bad girl!!!!

Garima-Shashi-Payal looks at each other.

Payal : Kya?

Garima : What are you blabbering Khushi?

Khushi : Mujhe patha (I know) Mujhe patha amma (I know mom)

Shashi comes near Khushi.

Shashi : Kya hua beta?

Khushi : How dare he?! See what I will do tomorrow!!

Khushi stamps her own foot in anger and goes to kitchen.

Payal : Amma, how come Khushi alone is pagal (mad) 24*7?

Both Shashi and Garima chuckles.

Payal : She is screaming, she is speaking to herself and she is stamping her foot herself..hey pagli bhi na..(This mad girl is there na)

All the three chuckle.

Mean while Khushi in kitchen.

Khushi takes a onion and starts to cut it.

Khushi : (Looking at Onion) I’m sorry Onion ji but now I need to imagine you as Arnavji!! How dare he!! How dare he spoiled my plan by introducing that girl as his sister in front of amma!!! And now he is expecting me to act per his plan!!! That too to show me as a bad girl in front of Naniji,mamiji mamaji, Anjaliji, Shyamji hawwww even in front of Aansh!!! Kabhi nahi!!! (Never)

Khushi starts to cut Onion fuming in anger thinking it as Arnav.

Garima and Payal enters kitchen seeing Khushi cutting the Onion vigorously.

Garima takes the onion and Payal takes the knife from Khushi’s hand.

Khushi : Amma!!!! Jiji!!! Give me back my Arnavji!!!

Garima and Payal looks at each other.

Payal : Arnavji?

Khushi : Haan amma Give me back my Arnavji..

Garima : Khushi? Tum thik ho? (Are you ok?)

Payal : Kahan Arnavji? (Where is Arnavji?)

Khushi pulls the onion from Garima’s hand.

Khushi : (Looking at the onion) Arnavji!!! No one can save you from me today!! Chutney is Chutney only!!!

Payal whispers to Garima “Amma, voh Onion hai na? (Amma, that is onion right?) Isme Kahan hai Arnavji? (In this where is Arnavji?)

Garima replies ‘Lagta hai meri beti ko pyaar hogaya Damadji se..(I think my daughter has fallen in love with Arnav beta)..She loves him that much that even Onion looks like Arnav beta for her.

Both Garima and Payal chuckle looking at Khushi and they leave. Khushi continues her battle with the Onion(Her so called Arnavji) by cutting it..She was taking out her frustration on that onion.

Khushi : Hey devi maiya, how will I be bad in front of Arnavji bhi na!!

Khushi’s inner soul ‘Din’t you ask Arnav to do the same?’

Khushi : Haan toh..But he did spoiled my plan na so I will do the same tomorrow!!!!

Khushi starts to eat the Onion and thinks what to do.

After some minutes,

Khushi : Wahh..wahhh, I am very proud of myself kya idea hai..

Khushi gets excited and thinks of her plan.


Next morning,

Raizada Mansion,

Aansh pleased Anjali some how to bunk school today as his both mami-s are coming to their house today.

Everyone were having their break fast.

Nani : Chote..Why are you eating in a hurry?

Arnav : Nani I have loads of work today in office..So not today!!

Anjali : Kya??? Matlab you are going to office today?

She whispers in his ear ‘You think I don’t know? I know you are the one who pestered Nani to call them both here..hayee hayee..Then why are you acting now Chote??’

Arnav stares looking at Anjali and Anjali gives a look like I got you.

Akash showing his teeth smiling widely asked "Bhai? Then are we going to office today?"

Shyam chuckles.

Shyam : Bilkul yes Saale sab..Your fate, when your Dil ki rani is here you are going to work at office.

Akash keeps a puppy face looking at Anjali..

Akash : Di..Ye fair nahi hai (Di..This is not fair)

Anjali : Haan Chote, they both are coming here today and you are going to work today!! Come on Chote, none of you are going for work today..Nothing is going to stop if you don’t go for one day!!

Arnav : What will I do when they come here di?

Akash : What do you mean by what you will do Bhai?? Bhaiii..??!

Shyam : Lagta hai, Saale sab hasn’t seen Kuch Kuch Hota Hai, and all..Bechari Khushi


Arnav : What the!

Shyam : Anjali darling..I am not like your brother see..How unromantic he is..

Akash instantly screams ‘I am also not like bhai di..I am also good boy only!!!’

Arnav : Excuse me? What do you mean by you are good boy?Then what am I?

Akash & Shyam : Rakshas!!! Villan!!

Aansh shouts ‘Nahiiiii (Nooo) Mama is not Rakshas or Villan!!!’

Arnav gets up and lifts Aansh and kisses him.

Arnav : Only Aansh in this family is like me! Hai na Aansh..

Aansh shows his teeth and screams ‘Aap Meri Laad Governor mama hai na Mama..’ Aansh starts to giggle. Everyone were silent till then once Aansh called Arnav as Laad Governor everyone busted out laughing.

Akash and Shyam : Hoyi oyi..Laad Governor Mama…

Arnav : I swear I won’t leave you both today!!!!

Both of them busted out laughing. Arnav got up and ran behind Shyam and Akash for making fun of him.


Precap :

Khushi : Swami..Swami..

Arnav looks back and see..Everyone concentrated on Arshi now.

Khushi : Swami, Kya dekh re aap piche? (Swami, What are you seeing at back?) I am calling you only Swami..

Arnav points his index finger facing him.

Arnav : Me?

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Jul 10, 2017

Part 15.... (By Khushisingh96) (Thanked: 58 times)

Part 15:

Khushi and Payal started for Raizada house. Meanwhile everyone were waiting for their arrival in Raizada house. Anjali and Nani managed to stop Arnav from going to office today. The happiest among them was Akash as he can also bunk office since Arnav himself is bunking.

All the three boys along with Aansh were having their own talks.

Mama went for the meeting to be held today on behalf of Arnav, Akash and Shyam.

Nani, Mami and Anjali were making sweets for their hone wali bahus (Soon to be daughter in laws) to welcome them home today.

It was 10am and the door bell rang.

Aansh : Yayyyy..My two mamis came….

Aansh got down from Arnav’s lap and he rushed towards the door to welcome his two mami. Arnav was like ‘What the! Now itself Aansh is giving importance to that Pagal’.

Akash was showing all his teeth in the thought of meeting Payal. Shyam was chuckling looking at Both of his Saale Sabs reactions. Hearing Aansh sound, all the ladies also came out.

They saw Aansh coming inside along with Khushi and Payal holding their hand .

Nani and Mami welcomed both Payal and Khushi.

Nani : Aaye Payal aur Khushi betiya.. aap duno ko dekh ne ke bath bahut khush hai hum.. (Welcome home Payal and Khushi dear..I am very happy seeing you both)

Payal and Khushi smiled looking at Nani and they took blessings from Nani.

Mami : You both forgets me?? I am your sasuma meanings mother in law..

Khushi giggled looking at Mamiji..Payal pressed her hand to stop giggling. Khushi and Payal kept a serious face.

Nani : Mano? Why are you scaring them??

Mami : Hello Hi Bye Bye..I am not a ghost..Why you both are looking at me like that??

Khushi and Payal looked at each other.

Payal and Khushi : Uh..ji Namaste..

Mami giggled.

Mami : Arey I was just cuddling you both.

Payal and Khushi looked at Mami wondering what it was and Anjali smiled saying "Cuddling nahi mami its kidding"

Mami smiled looking at them. She came near them and caressed their hair. Nani was so happy that Manorama was kind towards the girls.

Khushi looked at Arnav and fumed in anger. Arnav gave a look like ‘Chal re, first act then you can fume in anger’.

Akash and Payal were stealing glances looking at each other.

Anjali : Arey my Bhabhi-s are not even giving me attention.

Anjali pouted.

Aansh came near Anjali and pulled her pallu.

Aansh : Mumma, even I din’t get attention. I’m the one who brought mami inside and I’m not getting attention.

He also pouted.

Payal : Di..Its because of you I realized my love for Akashji..You are always the best di..

Anjali smiled. She hugged Payal. Aansh was still pouting. Khushi bend down to his height and she pulled his cheeks.

Khushi : Aww Aansh tujhe patha tum kitne cute ho when you pout..(Aww Aansh do you know how much cute you are when you pout..)

Khushi smiled looking at Aansh, once Khushi praised Aansh he was melted in fact Khushi was his favorite mami and he already started to follow her blindly.

Khushi winked looking at Anjali indicating Aansh is ok now, she lifted Aansh and took him near Anjali and she did a group hug.

Khushi : Aap  duno ko ek baath patha? (Do you both know something?)

Anjali and Aansh looked at each other.

Anjali and Aansh : Kya?

Khushi : I love you both a lottt..

Saying this she hugged them tightly.

Arnav’s thoughts ‘What is this Pagal doing? I asked her show her as bad in front my family instead she is extra buttering each one of them!! Does she even have a thought to stop this marriage or not!! Huh..Don’t know whats cooking in her mind!’

Nani, Mami fed sweets to both Khushi and Payal. Everyone were talking. Arnav was giving a cold look looking at Khushi. Akash and Payal were talking with each other. Khushi, Anjali and Aansh were talking with each other. Mami and Nani were having their talks. Shyam and Arnav were looking at everyone.

Arnav to Shyam : Shyam how come this Akash forget the whole world?

Shyam : Because he is in love Saale matlab Pyaar..which you are lacking in knowledge you see..

Arnav glared looking at him.

Shyam : Truth bitters you know na….Its not my fault..

Arnav : Will you..ergg leave!

Shyam chuckled. Arnav was about to leave, but Khushi stood in front of him blocking his way. Shyam showed thumbs up to Khushi.

Khushi covered her hair with her duppata. Arnav looked at her weirdly.

Arnav’s thoughts ‘Why is she covering her hair?’

Khushi : Swami..Swami..

Arnav looks back and see..Everyone concentrated on Arshi now.

Khushi : Swami, Kya dekh re aap piche? (Swami, What are you looking at back?) I am calling you only Swami..

Arnav points his index finger facing him.

Arnav : Me?

Khushi : Ji Swami..

Arnav : Kaun Swami?

Khushi : Aap Swami..

Everyone busted out laughing, Arnav got irked and was about to move.

Shyam : Swami kahan jaa re aap?? (Swami where are you going??)

Shyam started to laugh loudly.

Akash : Ji Swami, bhai..Where are you going leaving Khushiji alone?

Arnav : What the!? Swami, bhai?!

Arnav looked at Khushi.

Arnav : What rubbish?! Do I look like swami?!

Khushi : Ji Swami..

Arnav : Youuuuu..

Nani and Mami : We have a got a nice girl for Chote..See she thinks him as her god..

Nani and Mami smiled looking at Khushi. Khushi was looking down like a obedient girl. Arnav now understood the plan of Khushi and understood why she was behaving like that as he spoiled her plan yesterday so Khushi is spoiling his plan.

Nani and Mami were happy for both Payal and Khushi, they retired back to their room to take rest for a while.

Arnav was fuming in anger. The youngster along with Aansh were only present there now.

Khushi : Swami..

Arnav : Not a word! I’m not swami!

Khushi : Aap mere pati parmeshwar  (Pati Parmeshwar means that for a woman, her husband is the owner of her life and that he is the god of her life)..Tho aap he meri Swami, Swami..(So you are only my Swami, Swami..)

Arnav : What ****?

Anjali : Arey chote..kitne Pyaari wife milgayi tujhe..(Oyi Chote, how lovely wife you have got)

Arnav : Di!! She is not my wife yet!

Anjali : Ok..tho kya?(So what?) Anyway she is going to be your wife only na..

Khushi : Haan di..Arnavji never cares for me, if you want you can ask Shyam Sir..

Khushi kept a puppy face. Anjali looked at Shyam and Arnav.

Shyam : I will say everything Anjali but with one condition that Khushi should accept.

Khushi : What is that Sir?

Shyam : It is that stop calling me Sir and call me Jijaji..I’m your Jijaji hai na??

Shyam winked. Anjali smiled looking at him.

Khushi : Haha thik hai Jijaji..

Arnav’s thoughts ‘What the! What is she doing?! She is building up relations here instead of breaking up!’

Arnav : Di! I’m going to my room!

Khushi stood in front of his way.

Khushi : (Dramatic) Swami..If you want I will leave, you please don’t leave because me..

Anjali : Arey Khushi, why should you leave? Let Chote itself leave!! He is the only Spoilsport among all of us.

Khushi chuckled.

Arnav : What the!

Khushi : Swami..

Arnav : Shutup!

Khushi : Kyun Swami? (Why Swami?) Why are you this much angry on me?

Arnav : Khushi..I’m warning you, stop this drama of your Swami..

Khushi faked crocodile tears.

Khushi : Hey Devi Maiya..Where will I go and say this..My pati parmeshwar hates me..Hey devi maiya..

Shyam : Arnav, this is too much yaar..See how she is calling you lovingly Swami and how lucky you are..Look at my biwi, till date she has never called me Swami..

Anjali : Shyamji..

Anjali hits Shyam playfully.

Shyam : See how my biwi is beating me..

Shyam pouts. Others giggle looking at Shyan. Bechari Aansh was confused with their talks. It was not up to his level so he got bored and went to play with Nani and Mami till they complete their talks.

Khushi : Swami..Even now you hate me?

Arnav’s thoughts ‘Huh kitna acting karre ye..erg!’ (Huh, How much acting she is doing..erg!)

Khushi : Bolti band hogayi hai kya Arna..matlab Swamiji?? (Have your voice stopped Arna..I mean Swamiji??)

Arnav : First stop calling me Swami!

Khushi : Kyun Swami?

Arnav was totally irked.

Arnav : Swami se aacha toh Laad Governor hi tha!! (Laad Governor is much better than Swami!!)

Khushi chuckled.

Khushi : Lekin Swami.. (But Swami..)

Arnav : Shut up!

Arnav went to his room getting irked. Others were laughing looking at him. Khushi was getting happy as her Plan 1 to irritate Arnav was succeeded.

Khushi’s thoughts ‘Now wait for plan 2 Mr Raizada..How dare you spoiled my plan by calling that girl as sister in front of amma yesterday!! Today I will spoil your whole day..’

Khushi smirked.


Precap :

Arnav came near Khushi..Khushi was stepping back.

Arnav : Kya hua BIWI?

Khushi looked at him shocked. Arnav pulled Khushi towards him by holding her waist.

Arnav : (Husky) Kya hua BIWI?? Bolti band hogayi hai kya? (Why aren’t words coming now from your mouth)

He blew near her ears..Khushi closed her eyes and her heart beat started to beat fast.



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Jul 13, 2017

Part 16.... (By Khushisingh96) (Thanked: 45 times)

Part 16 :

Khushi was mentally proud of herself for spoiling Arnav’s plan and she loved irritating him today. Khushi was chucking thinking how Arnav was getting irked.

She was smiling all alone.

The other side,

Arnav in his room.

Arnav : How dare she?!

Arnav sat on his bed, and got pissed off.

Arnav : Do I look like swami for her?! And what the hell is she doing here?!!! She is calling my di as di!!! Nani as Nani!! Shyam as Jiju!! What the! Is she here for building up relations or what?! Ok I accept she will become our relative once Akash and Payal marry!! But me and her?! No ways!

Arnav’s inner soul ‘But you did spoil her plan yesterday hai na??’

Arnav : Arnav Singh Raizada has his own rules!

Arnav’s inner soul ‘Then Arnav Singh Raizada should have got his own way also too handle the situation!!’

Arnav smirked.

Arnav : Of course I know what to do!

Arnav thought something.

Arnav : Aacha..I’m your Swamiiii..Pati Parmeshwar..Tho thik hai..

Arnav smirked.

Arnav : Torturing me uh? Lets see what you do now.

Arnav was relaxing. He was literally waiting for Khushi to volunteer herself in pulling his legs so that he could turn the table to her side.


Anjali, Shyam, Khushi, Akash and Payal were still talking. All the three girls were talking together. Shyam and Akash called Aansh back from Nani’s room and they were with him.

Anjali : Payal you need not have to worry about Akash. He loves you truly. Just shower him back with equal love. I just want to see him happy.

Payal blushed.

Payal : Sure di..Thank you so much…for everything.

Anjali looked at Khushi "And Khushi..I know all of the sudden you got a shock when we asked your hands for Chote"

Khushi was thinking whether to say or not to Anjali that Arnav and herself aren’t interested in this marriage.

Khushi was confused whether yes or no for revealing it.

Anjali : Khushi, are you getting me?

Khushi : Ha..haan di..

Anjali : Haan what was I saying..(She thinks) Yeah, I heard from Shyamji and Akash how you both fight but you know only you can handle a person like my Chote, Khushi. The very first time I saw you, at that time itself I wished you to be Chote’s wife Khushi..Even though now you both fight but soon you both will love unconditionally..I can see that..

Khushi’s thoughts ‘No di you are wrong, Love is next to impossible for us di..I know how much Arnavji hates me..He gets irritated in whatever I do!! Right from the day one!! In fact even if I fall in love with him also he won’t reciprocate his love for me di!! He has no interest in me. He sees me as his mere employ and that too he is just waiting for the day when my Contract with AR will get over so that he could terminate me..These many days he left me just because of Akash jiju..I very well know about him di..He doesn’t and he will never will love me!!’

Khushi was lost in her thoughts. Unknowingly tears started to flow down from her eyes. Seeing it Anjali and Payal got worried.

Payal : Khushi? Kya hua tujhe?? (What happened to you??)

Anjali : Khushi..I’m so sorry if any of my words hurt you or if I spoke anything wrong!! I’m so sorry..

Khushi : Di? Why are you asking Sorry? Please don’t di..

Anjali : I’m sorry Khushi, I din’t mean to force you and Chote in this marriage. I want you both to be happy. I know I’m being selfish thinking only about my Chote’s life. I din’t think before asking you. I’m sorry.

Khushi wiped her tears.

Anjali : I din’t really want to hurt you Khushi.

Anjali became emotional.

Khushi : Di please don’t embarrass me..I’m thinking you as my own di..In this short span of time I got people like you..and you have never hurt me di! Please smile..

Anjali was still sad.

Anjali : You are happy with this marriage Khushi?

Khushi was confused. She remained silent.

Anjali : Its ok Khushi, you can say me..

Anjali looked at Payal.

Payal : Ek second di..Aap mere saath aaye(You come with me)..May be we will leave her for some time alone.

Anjali thought to be right, she went along with Payal. Payal whispered in Anjali’s ears that she need to talk with her. Anjali took her to her room.

Anjali  : What is it Payal? Anything serious? Or is it that Khushi isn’t ready for this marriage??

Anjali was little sad. She was hell worried now.

Payal : Di please relax.. Trust me Khushi will not back off from this marriage. I know about her di..I have been with her from her childhood. She doesn’t show it out but I know. I’m not sure if she loves Arnavji but I’m very sure she does not hate Arnavji!! I can assure you that.

Anjali : How Payal??

Payal : Di..I know about Khushi..Din’t you see how she was voluntarily was irritating Arnavji today. You think she hate him?? Everything will start like that only di..You are getting me?

Anjali : You mean Hate-Love relationship!!

Payal : Exactly di!! They are the grown up Tom and Jerry!! They fight all day but they can’t stay without each other.

Anjali now only got it.

Anjali : Oh god you are right Payal! See how din’t I think this way?!!!

Payal : You know there isn’t a single day she hasn’t stopped talking about Arnavji!! She always used to say he did that he did this..How dare he!! And in office Arnavji never leaves a chance to fight with Khushi and Khushi continues from where he left di..They would never stop talking!! Even in the form of verbal fight they talk!! But they had never been quite!! And thank god that not everyone knew about their fight in office. Arnavji makes sure that the fight matter will be within Akashji, Shyam jiju and myself. Or else by now whole office would have fainted knowing Arnavji talking that much with Khushi..

Anjali giggled.

Anjali : You know I was so worried Payal thinking about it. I don’t want their life to get spoiled because of my wish.

Payal : A person who irritates you always is the one who loves you very much but fails to express it di..They are like that..Its just we should show them the way.

Anjali : Then we will be the cupid for them!!!!

Anjali got excited.

Payal : So lets start our plan di!! We should make them realize!!

Anjali and Payal got excited. They were planning what to do next.

Meanwhile downstairs,

Khushi was still confused.

Khushi talking with herself.

Khushi : How can I be this much confused soul?!!

Aansh who was playing with Shyam and Akash saw Khushi sitting alone. He immediately told about it to Shyam and Akash.

Khushi talking to herself.

Khushi : I’m here for what? and when di asked me why couldn’t I say!! I’m thinking something and doing something!!

Khushi was taking deep breath.

Khushi  :This Arnavji, when I ask him to do something he won’t do it!! But he expects me alone too do what he says!

By then Akash, Shyam and Aansh came near her. In spite of them standing in front of her she was still lost in her thoughts.

Khushi’s thoughts ‘Now how will I stop this marriage?? If I stop marriage, what if my jiji’s marriage get stopped!!!’

Khushi shouted ‘Nahiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii!!’

All the jerked hearing her scream and they closed their ears. That’s when Khushi saw them. She smiled sheepishly looking at them.

Khushi : eh..Hi jiju-s..hi Aansh..

Akash and Shyam : What was that??

Aansh looked weirdly at Khushi for first time.

Aansh thoughts ‘Mama is right at times..Mami is bit crazy only at times..Mummyyy she scared the hell out of me by screaming!!!’

Khushi : Sorry..

Akash : Bhabhi..

Khushi : Bhabhi?

Akash : Haan you are going to marry Bhai hai na Bhabhi..When I marry your sister you call me did I..

Khushi : Jiju But I’m younger than you..Please call me Khushi itself..

Akash smiled..

Akash : But..

Khushi : Pleaseeee *Puppy face*

Akash : Ok, fine Khushi..

Shyam : Excuse me Saala and Saali, mein bhi hoon yahan..(I'm also present here)

Aansh : Papa..mein bhi hoon yahan!!! (Daddy..Im also present here!!!)

Both Akash and Khushi chuckled.

Khushi : Sorry again…

Shyam : Wasie Khushi, why did you scream like that??

Aansh : Haan mami..You scared me..

Aansh pouted.

Khushi in a flow ‘All because of Arnavji!!!’

Shyam : Arnav?

Akash : Bhai?

Aansh : Mama?

That’s when Khushi understood what she blurted out.

Khushi was thinking what to say.

Shyam : Ok..relax Khushi, I understand you both fight.

Akash : Yes Khushi but you need not have to worry for you!! See your both Jija-s are there for you to protect you from your Laad Governor!!

Khushi giggled once she heard Laad Governor from Akash.

Aansh jumped screaming ‘Mein bhi hoon-Mein bhi hoon mami!!(I'm also there-I'm also there mami!!) I will also protect you from Mama!!!’

Khushi started to giggle more. She was so happy for getting a family like them who were ready to support her blindly and the way they care for her. She was soo carried away with the love showered by Aansh.

Khushi lifted Aansh.

Khushi : Aww Aansh you know what?!! You are really so cute!!

Aansh brought his face near hers, Khushi was wondering why.

Khushi : Kya?

Aansh indicated her to pull his cheeks like how she does always.

Aansh : You will always do like this na..when you say I am cute.

He was so happy to get his cheeks pulled by Khushi. Khushi giggled and she pulled his cheeks and pecked him.

Khushi : Aww I love you loads Aansh..

Aansh : I love you too mami.

Both Shyam and Akash smiled looking at them. Khushi turned looking at them.

Khushi : Thank you so much Akash jiju, Shyam jiju..

Shyam and Akash : We are your jiju-s!! Don’t ever worry that you never had a brother..see you have got two brothers for you!!

They said proudly. Khushi was really getting emotional now. How can she hurt them by rejecting this marriage when they are showering endless love. She got tears not knowing what to do.

Shyam and Akash saw her tears, they at instant wiped off the tear drops.

Shyam and Akash : Pushpa I hate tears re (It’s a old dialog from a hindi film which is quite famous dialog)

Khushi instantly couldn’t stop her smile hearing it.

Shyam : Yeah be like this..

Akash : Don’t worry, we both are there for you and see who is with us(He pointed at Aansh) Not to fear when Aansh is our side.

Aansh proudly smiled moving his head up and down. All the three busted out laughing seeing it.

Aansh : Ok Mami…You come with me!!!! I will show you what and I will play!!

Aansh dragged him with her to Anjali’s room as there is where his games are there. Khushi saw Anjali and Payal over there.

Aansh : Mumma, I’m going to show my toys to Mami..(Looking at Payal) Mami you also come, I will show you also..

Saying that he dragged both Payal and Khushi. Anjali and Payal looked at each other, for thinking what to do now to make Arshi together. Anjali was now thinking what to do where as Aansh was showing his toys to Payal and Khushi.

Aansh : Mami see this is my favorite..Ye meri favorite Car..I always used to play with this only..

He showed his big car toy to them. They both were seeing it with interest. He then showed his play station, his other toys.

Aansh was showing all his toys one by one. At last he was missing to find something. He came near Anjali calling her and Anjali came out of her thoughts because of that.

Aansh : Mumaa..Mumaaa

Anjali : Arey kya hua Aansh baby?

Aansh : Mumma..My spiderman is missing!!! Where is it??

Anjali now got a superb idea. She was so excited.

Anjali : You took it to your Arnav Mama’s room yesterday when you went to sleep with him hai na??

Aansh then thought.

Aansh : Haan mumma…

He looked at Khushi and Payal.

Aansh : Wait mami, let me bring it back from mama’s room to show you.

He was about to run but Anjali stopped him.

Anjali : oye oye wait..(Aansh looked at her) Where are you running?

Aansh : Spiderman..

Anjali : (She pointed the mess which he has created in the process of showing toys) Then who will clean that mess??

Aansh smiled sheepishly.

Anjali : If you want your spiderman, first clean that mess.

Aansh : But I want to show it to Mami..

Anjali : Ok then, you clean it by then let Khushi mami bring your toy from Arnav mama’s room.

Khushi eyes came out of her socket hearing it and Payal now understood Anjali’s plan. She was mentally praising Anjali.

Khushi : Kyaaaaaaaaaaaaa?? Why me?? Payal jiji will bring it.

Payal instantly screamed "Nooooo"

Khushi : Kyun? (Why?)

Payal : eh.uh..Here Aansh will clean everything alone na, so I will be here to help Aansh mean time you go and bring his toy..hai na Aansh.

Aansh : Haan mami.

Khushi’s thoughts ‘Me and going to his room!! Noooo’

Anjali : Haan Khushi..

Khushi : Di, I will also help Aansh.

Anjali : We both are here for that Khushi..You go and bring his toy..Chaliye..

Anjali and Payal literally pushed her out, Aansh was bit confused why they were pestering Khushi a lot but he wanted his spiderman now so he kept his mouth Shut.

Anjali showed Khushi, Arnav’s room and Khushi went from there nervously. She tried her level best to convince them to not send her but nothing like that happened. She cursed her own fate and stood in front of Arnav’s room.

Khushi’s thoughts ‘What shall I do now?? Shall I run from here’.

Khushi : Hum bhi na..Then what will Aansh think about me..But that Laad Governor.

Khushi : Now what will I do?? Should I go in..

Khushi : But what if he shouts at me for irritating him by calling swami today and he too spoiled my plan so only I did like that. What will I do now!!

After a lot of fight within herself she knocked his door. The door opened automatically when she touched the door, it was easily opened as door wasn’t locked. She entered inside fearfully. She looked here and there to find him. She found him no where then she heard water from washroom.

Khushi : Thank god, he is in washroom. Mean while I will search Aansh’s toy and will escape before he finds me. Khushi starts to search his toy. She was looking everywhere at last she found it near the bed’s near by table. She heard the sound of water getting stopped and for her shock Arnav came out of the washroom, Arnav at first was shocked seeing her and Khushi got nervous looking at him. She literally ran near the spider man toy, but before she could touch the spider man toy, she found it in Arnav’s hand.

Arnav smirked looking at her.

Arnav : You need this?

Khushi : Give it to me.

Arnav : You are going to play with this??

Khushi : Give it back to me Arnavji..

Arnav : Arnavji?? Oh I thought my name was..hmm whats that called yeah Swami right??

Khushi : uhh....(She looked at the toy)Spiderman..

Arnav came near Khushi..Khushi was stepping back.

Arnav : Kya hua BIWI?

Khushi looked at him shocked. Arnav pulled Khushi towards him by dragging her by pulling her with her Dupatta.

Arnav : (Husky) Kya hua BIWI?? Bolti band hogayi hai kya? (Why aren’t words coming now from your mouth)

He blew near her ears..Khushi closed her eyes and her heart beat started to beat fast.

Khushi’s thoughts ‘Hey Devi Maiya, I know I was right that time itself!!! He has done black magic only on me!!! Mujhe patha!!!! I gussed right that day itself in office’

Khushi was breathing heavy. Arnav was enjoying it.

Arnav : You need the toy BIWI?

Khushi opened her eyes. It was just a two inch distance between them. They could feel each other breath.

Khushi stammered.

Khushi :…Kar re…aa..aap.. (Wh..Wht..What

Arnav caught hold of her more safely now.

Arnav : Why are you stammering Khushi??

Khushi : Hu…hum.. (

Arnav : Ha..Haan tum..(ye..yes you..)

Khushi became more nervous now. He was teasing her back.

Khushi : Arna..Arnavji toy..

Arnav : Are you a baby?

Khushi : Kya? (What?)

Arnav : Are you a baby to play with Spiderman?

Khushi : Voh..first you leave..

Arnav : Nahi! (no!)

Khushi : Kya? (What?)

Arnav : I said No! My wish!

Khushi : I don’t wish!

Arnav : Kyun BIWI? I’m your pati parmeshwar..Your Swami, I can do anything with you..You are my BIWI hai na?? I have all rights on my BIWI…

Khushi was hell shocked, her own plan back fired her.

Khushi : hu..Hum..Vo..Voh nahi…Arnavji.. (M..Me..No..Not..Arnavji..)

Arnav : What not Khushi?

Khushi closed her eyes getting nervous. Arnav was lost looking at her. The way she got nervous, and the effect of him on her. He very much enjoyed it. He just felt like being like that with her. It was so adorable for him to hold her. She was so fragile. Arnav was just looking at her lovingly that’s when he heard some giggling sound.

Both Arnav and Khushi came back to this world and looked at the direction the sound came from. Both Arnav and Khushi felt embarrassed.

Shyam : Hoyi hoyi..

Akash : Jijaji..I guess we entered at the wrong time..

Khushi took the Spiderman from Arnav’s hand and she ran away from there blushing. Where as Arnav was caught red hand.

Shyam : Akash, did you see something?? What Arnav beta was doing..

Akash : Haan Jijaji..Someone says they are not interested in this maariage, they hate Khushi..

Shyam : Lekin baath tho kuch aur hai..

Both Akash and Shyam smirked looking at Arnav.

Shyam and Akash came near Arnav.

Shyam and Akash started to sing a song : Choli ke piche kya hai, Choli ke piche kya hai..

Arnav : Shut up!

Akash : Bhai..What was that?

Arnav : Which?

Shyam : Aacha? So you don’t what we are asking about?

Akash : And we should believe that?

Shyam and Akash busted out laughing looking at Arnav. Arnav caught hold of them and pushed them out and locked his room.

Shyam and Akash shouted from outside “WE CAUGHT YOU!!!” .Both of them started to laugh.



Precap :




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Jul 14, 2017

Part 17.... (By Khushisingh96) (Thanked: 63 times)

Part 17:

After spending the whole day in RM, Khushi and Payal at last decided to return back home as it was too late now.

Payal : Tho hum chalte Naniji.. (So:) we are leaving Naniji..)

Khushi was bidding bye to everyone followed by Payal. Akash was saying bye through eyes, and Khushi and Arnav did not speak with each other after the room encounter. Anjali and Payal as per plan they decided to play the cupid role between Arshi.

They have already worked out their first plan by sending Khushi to Arnav’s room today..So they decided to do some more in the upcoming days..They are trying their level best to unite them.

Khushi also did not bid bye to Arnav and he also dint mind it. Khushi told bye to everyone except Arnav and Same was with Arnav, he bid bye to Payal and not to her, this was not Unnoticed by Shyan and Payash.

Nani : But how will you go back all alone betiya?

Khushi : Aap chinta mat kijiye Naniji (You dont worry Naniji), we will reach safely.

Nani : Nahi nahi Khushi betiya..We can’t be careless..

Payal : Nahi naniji.. (No Naniji..)

Nani : Nahi Payal betiya.. (No Payal dear..)

Payal : Naniji you need not have to worry when I have lady Jackie Chan beside me(Pointing Khushi).

Khushi lifted her artificial collar.

Nani : I’m proud of you Khushi betiya that you are bold but nowadays it is not safe for girls to go out in night like that..Some people are still being humanoid animals!! They are monsters betiya!! I can’t allow you both alone like that!!

Nani looks at Arnav.

Nani : Chote, you do one leave them back in their house.

Arnav was like ‘Why me?’ and Akash was looking at Nani with a puppy face for not asking him to leave them back in home. Shyam and Anjali who looked at Akash’s puppy face giggled. The other side Khushi was not ready to go with Arnav. Anjali and Payal were happy hearing it as Arshi will travel together.

Khushi : Nahii nahi Naniji..We will go by ourselves.

Arnav was about to open his mouth and say that ‘Yes, Nani Khushi can manage herself’ but before he could open his mouth Akash spoke.

Akash : Nani, this isn’t fair!! Even I will go and drop them..

Hearing his complaint everyone busted out laughing and Arnav was feeling like face palming.

Arnav’s thoughts ‘Can’t this Akash keep his mouth shut, is it necessary to Romance Payal while driving..Damn with his Romance!!!’

Arnav thought something.

Arnav : Yeah Nani, Akash is right..Let he drop them back home.

Khushi left sigh hearing this, where as Anjali and Payal was like ‘What the!’ So immediately Payal whispered back to Anjali to do something.

Anjali : uh..wait Chote!!

Everyone looked at Anjali.

Nani : Haan Chote, why don’t you also accompany Akash.

Arnav : Oh come on Nani, he is not a kid that I should accompany him..right Akash?

Anjali and Payal glared looking at Akash, asking him to ask Arnav to accompany him where as the other side Arnav was glaring looking at him asking him to go alone.

Akash’s thoughts ‘Why these both ladies are scaring me, as if they will eat me alive and this bhai!! Oh god, they are scaring the hell out of me!’

Anjali : Chote, come on don’t be shy..we know you wanted to accompany Khushi now..

Arnav : Shy and me?

Anjali : Haan chote!! And Akash can’t come back alone!!

Arnav looked at Akash.

Arnav : Can’t you come back alone Akash?

One side Arnav was glaring looking at him and the other side Anjali was glaring at Akash and asking him to say a no.

Akash : uh..

Khushi : Nani, actually that’s okay..We don’t want to bother them..

Akash got worried what if Nani wont allow him to go so he screamed "Nahi!! Myself and Bhai will come with you both!!"

Arnav : No, he will come alone!

Anjali glared looking at Akash.

Akash : uh..see bhai I can’t come back alone! So you are coming back with me..

Arnav : Excuse me?

Anjali : Haan Chote..he is also going to get married now, he is afraid of traveling you have to accompany him and that’s final!

Akash was like ‘When am I afraid of traveling alone?’. Arnav was like ‘Seriously?’. Arnav was totally pissed of with this dropping matter.

Arnav : Fine! I’m waiting in car..just two minutes! Ask them to come!

Arnav directly went out grabbing his car keys getting pissed off.

Akash, Payal and Khushi bid bye to them.

Khushi was walking ahead giving some space for the love birds. Payal using that time informed Akash about her and Anjali’s plan even Anjali silently informed about it to Shyam like Payal, Shyam also showed a green sign as he will join their cupid club. Akash also got excited hearing their plan so he also decided to join in the Cupid club. All the three reached near the car. Arnav was waiting for them.

Akash : Khushi, why don’t you get in the front seat..

Arnav automatically glared looking at Akash. Akash pleaded with his eyes indicating that he want to sit with Payal so Arnav couldn’t say anything. Khushi left with no option sat beside Arnav and Payal-Akash sat back together. Payal whispered to Akash ‘Arey wah Akashji, kya plan hai..not bad’. Akash replied back ‘Hope so they both unite soon’.

The whole journey was silent. Both Arnav and Khushi were stealing glances in between and Payash were in their world. At last they reached Gupta house, Payal called both the raizada brothers to come inside. Akash and Payal went inside together, Arnav informed them that he will park the car and come . Khushi was about to get down but was stopped by Arnav.

Arnav : Khushi

Khushi looked at him.

Arnav : Do you even have any idea what you did today?

Khushi : Really Arnavji? Din’t you know what you did by calling that girl as sister in front of amma yesterday?

Arnav : Look Khushi, I din’t want to show me as a bad guy in front of Aunty!

Khushi : So the same goes with me Arnavji! I don’t want to show me as a bad girl in front Nani,Anjali di, Shyam jiju, Aansh..

Khushi was about to continue her list but was stopped by Arnav.

Arnav : Enough!!

Khushi : And its you who was behaving like that in your room..

That’s when Khushi realized what she just spoke. She closed her mouth, remembering how Arnav caught hold of her and how close they were.

Arnav : and you very well know why I behaved like that Biwi!

Khushi : Ji Swami!!

Arnav : Look not again! Fine, now lets end it! Yesterday I spoiled your plan and today you spoiled mine so tit for tat is over!

Khushi : So what shall we do now?

Arnav : Should I only always answer your questions? Why don’t you also think?

Khushi : Fine, you also think..I will also think!!

Arnav : Fine! Waise, till marriage you both need not have to come to office. In fact after marriage, if you both wish you both can join back in office. None will have problem in my family if you both work even after marriage.

Khushi was happy hearing but wait just then some thought strike her brain.

Khushi : Wait wait! Both? Look Mr Raizada only jiji is going to be the bahu..and not me!! So why should I not continue my job?

Arnav : You really have a pea sized brain Khushi! Its so obvious that your family and my family are hell-bent in doing our marriage!!! So if Payal did not go to office so you should also now! As you both are the brides!! After we break our marriage only they won’t question you for going to office!! Getting me?

That’s when Khushi understood his point.

Arnav : Anyways, we will think soon how to stop this marriage.

Saying that both Arnav and Khushi got down from the car and they entered inside. Both the brothers were given Royal treatment in their sasural. After being for 15minutes they left back to their house.

After two days,

Both Akash and Payal used to talk in phone with each other but there was nothing like that between Arnav and khushi. Arnav was busy with office stuffs, he totally forgot that he was also one of the groom and Khushi was trying to show in front of her family as if she has no interest in marriage but all her acting ended up in comical manner which irked her.

Whatever she would do her family would pull her legs with her each statement. Khushi also din’t contact Arnav past two days. Both weren’t interested in talking so they thought this was the best way to avoid each other but this was their biggest mistake which they committed as their family fixed their Roka itself. Both of them din’t know how to react. They felt helpless, hearing it. Both cursed their ego for not sorting out things between them, if they did not try to avoid each other past two days at least they would have asked their family some time for their marriage but both being stubborn avoided each other concentrating on their own work.

Arnav and Khushi called each other hearing the Roka news, instead of finding a solution they again fought with each other blaming that its her fault as she din’t call past two days and Khushi blaming him that it was his fault as he only din’t call her. At last both got irked and disconnected the call, saying they won’t talk with each other. Arnav shouted a "get lost" and Khushi disconnected the call in anger.

It was decided that their roka would take place in three days.

Both Arnav and khushi after fighting decided not to talk with each other as they were angry with each other.

Three days later.

Roka Day,

Both the families arrived the respective booked banquet hall.

The First ceremony took place between the families and relatives of both the families began. Payash were stealing glances looking at each other. Arnav at first couldn’t take his eyes from Khushi, but the thought of their fight came to his mind so he tried not looking at her, same was with Khushi, she was also not able to move her eyes from him but their fight was standing like an obstacle between them. The family members gathered and exchanged gifts, sweets, dry fruits and shower blessings for both the boys and girls   for their happy future. The priest who was the match-maker for both the Jodis was performing puja.

Later It began with Tilak ceremony, applying paste of vermilion/sandalwood and rice grains on forehead for both the boy and girl followed by all elders giving them blessings and gifts.

Both the girls were adorned with red chunni by their to-be-mother in law Manorama Mamiji (As Arnav and Anjali’s mom had passed away, Mami was happy doing it for Khushi in fact Mami loves Arnav and Anjali also like how she loves Akash) and Nani gifted gold jewelry, cash and clothes. The boys were gifted clothes and cash by the Guptas.

The families fed each other sweets and feasted themselves.

The commitment for their future bonding began with this ceremony.

Their first commitment with each other began from this moment both Arnav and Khushi looked at each other, not knowing what god has planned for their future.

Both the families were happy showering blessings for both the boys and girls. The only confused soul among them was Arnav and Khushi. Anjali and Payal were happy, as now Arshi are committed with each other. They were happily enjoying this along with their partners.


Precap :

Khushi in Arnav’s cabin.

Khushi : Arnavji, can’t you understand I need to talk with you!

Arnav gave no damn to her talks.




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Jul 17, 2017

Part 18.... (By Khushisingh96) (Thanked: 47 times)

Part 18 :

Both Arnav and Khushi din’t even open their mouth to talk with each other. As they were angry with each other, they were all while faking smiles looking at everyone. At last the Roka came to an end and the families went back to their respective homes.

That was a sleepless night for both Arnav and Khushi. Now they were publicly the to be groom and bride. Even if they don’t accept it now they are already committed with each other by the traditional customs. Even though they did not wish to marry each other, but God had got different plans for them. God has decided to tie their knots. Arnav and Khushi were lost in their own thoughts.

Arnav’s room,

Arnav : I don’t understand what’s wrong with my family and hers?! And top of it whats wrong with this Khushi! She talks unnecessarily in all the unwanted times! Can’t she open up her mouth to deny for her marriage dammit?!

Arnav’s heart (Inner voice) : Before questioning her that question, why don’t you question it back to you?! Why din’t you deny for this marriage? You could have directly told your opinion to your family and hers!

Arnav : I can’t dammit!

Arnav’s inner voice : So can’t she!

Arnav : I have reasons for it, but she doesn’t have one!

Arnav’s inner voice : Oh really? What are those reasons?

Arnav : Its my this family who brought up me and di when we lost our parents..I’m emotionally attached to them! I can be rude to everyone but not to them! My family comes first to me! You think I can show them my gratitude towards them if I deny their opinion? In fact they are happy for my marriage! How can I snatch their happiness dammit?!

Arnav’s inner voice started to laugh.

Arnav : Stop laughing!

Arnav’s inner voice : I wonder were you the one who was from Harward University! (Chuckles) (Glaring looking at Arnav) If you are emotionally attached to your family, doesn’t others are attached emotionally attached to their family? Khushi also has her family, her parents, her sister is happy for her!!If you think she is selfish, then so you are also! If she is thinking for her family then you are also doing the same! You also don’t want to hurt your family and she also doesn’t want to hurt her family! Any wrong?

Arnav shouts ‘Get Lost!’ . Arnav’s inner soul smirks looking at Arnav saying ‘The game has already started Arnav!’ saying that it faded gradually.

Arnav : And I will keep a full stop to this game!

Arnav was hell furious.

Arnav : If I’m not ready for this marriage then it means I’m not ready! And you, Khushi I won’t spare you!! I don’t care what you will do..but the way I’m going to behave with you from now on wards will make yourself stop this marriage!

Arnav smirks.

Arnav : Now none of our families will get hurt and Khushi will itself open up that she isn’t interested in this marriage.

Arnav some where in his heart wasn’t feeling good with this idea. He was feeling like Why should Khushi always pushed by him, just because he can’t deny to his family he is forcing her and not even thinking that even she has also got feelings, and she also cares for her family. But his always ‘I know Everything’ brain forced him to brush off that thoughts and forced him to do as per his mind and not per his heart.

Arnav : You can’t with stand me for long Khushi! I can’t spend my whole life with you, is there even a day which passes without our fights? I don’t want to marry you and spoil my already ‘so peaceful’ life! Its best if we stay away from each other. Akash and Payal will be a good couples but we never can’t be! We can never stop fighting! And I don’t want to spend my whole life like that! In a family either the boy or girl should argue but in our case? We both argue not just argue you always insult me in all stupid ways! I sometimes feel as if I’m fighting with a 5year old kid! There’s really no difference between you and Aansh! (He takes a deep breath) Your countdown starts from tomorrow Khushi!


In Khushi’s room,

Khushi was looking at sleeping Payal, she could see her Jiji was peacefully sleeping today.

Khushi : I wish I can also be happy jiji but nothing like that has written in my fate.

Khushi sighed. Khushi went and stood near the window watching the stars (Guys, I hope you din’t forget this..Khushi is not an orphan in this story..Shashi and Garima are her true parents as mentioned at the start, she is looking at the stars as she is lost in her thoughts  it’s a indirect way to share our problems with someone, so she is sharing it with the stars which will give its ears to her talks without any complaints).

Khushi : I always dream of my prince charming and the day I would get married with him..may be my prince charming would not be the perfect one but he would be someone who would appreciate and love me for who I’m truly and Sweep off my sad feelings…I want my prince to come up behind me and put his arms around me and hold me. He should whisper in my ears that he loves me. A guy who’ll wake at night, just thinking about me like how I also think about him. A guy who will call at 3:00 am just to tell me how much he misses me and he’d come over just after we got off the phone because he wants to know how I’m really doing because I said I was fine and but we both know I was lying. He will tell me ‘everything is going to alright’  (She sighs) But I should have known that dreams always remain as dreams only..It will never come true! Seems like my Prince Charming has got no interest on me! And stuck somewhere else..

Khushi takes deep breath.

Khushi : And in which angle this so called “I know Everything” Laad Governor can be my Prince Charming?! He would be the Villan of my love story and not the hero!

Khushi goes near her table and sits in front of her Devi Maiya Idol. Khushi takes out her mobile and searches something, then she keeps her mobile aside and takes out a paper and writes “Rules For A Happy Marriage”. She thinks trying to remember what and all she read about this topic while she surfed in her mobile some times back and she starts writing,


1.  Never both be angry at same time. (She thinks ‘First itself isn’t matching for us!’)

2.  Never yell at each other unless the house is on fire. (Khushi was like ‘Well then our house is always on fire only!’ She sighed)

3.  If one you has to win an argument, let it be your mate. (She laughs dramatically, ‘He and losing the argument for me? Not even in his dreams!’)

4.  If you have to criticize, do it lovingly (Khushi thinks ‘Is there a word called love in his dictionary?’)

5.  Never brings mistakes of the past (Khushi thinks ‘Oh really? You think he will leave a chance to make me forget my mistakes?!’)

6.   Neglect the whole world rather than each other ( Khushi thinks ‘This will be followed by him, though he can’t neglect me, not because he loves me! Its because he hates me!! He will never neglect his behavior of behaving cold towards me’ she thought sarcastically)

7.  Never go to sleep with an argument unsettled. (Khushi’s thoughts ‘There is no difference either if me sleep with an argument or after settling the argument! It makes no difference!)

8.  Speak gently towards your partner. (Khushi was like ‘Gentle?! Gentle? Uss Laad Governor!(Sighed) He can never be gentle’ she fumes in anger.)

9.  When you have done something wrong, be ready to admit it and ask for forgiveness. (Khushi smiles sarcastically ‘He and asking forgiveness??only in my dreams and it is Next to impossible! He and his big fat ego!’)

10. It takes two to make a quarrel, and the one in the wrong is the one who does the most talking. (Khushi was like ‘Was it him or me!’)


Khushi looks at the Devi Maiya Idol.

Khushi : Huh, none of these 10points would go with us Devi Maiya!

Khushi was disturbed with her own thoughts.

Khushi’s thoughts ‘All this while, writing those 10 points what were you doing? You were also blaming him only, did you even take any blame upon you? If he has big fate ego so does you! You leave no chance to back answer him..Be with rubbish or sensible, you just bank answer him with out even thinking!’

Khushi : Haan toh..Even he never thinks before speaking, I at least don’t hurt him but he never leaves a chance to bark upon me!

Devi Maiya couldn’t stop from Face-palming herself looking at these two.

Devi Maiya ‘How come, Brahma even created these two humans and top of that one human among them is my Devotee who never leaves the chance of not calling me. She is easily buttering me by offering her Jalebis and I can’t stop myself from showering love on her as her love and belief on me is never stopping me to take my eyes away from her, Crazy insaans..They both are really weird, they like each other but they themselves doesn't know that’.

Devi Maiya Chuckles.

 Khushi looks at the Devi Maiya Idol.

Khushi : Hey Devi Maiya, hum kitne Parishaan hai..Lekin aap ko meri pavra hi nahi hai!! Abb hum kya Karrre?(Hey Devi Maiya, How much worried I’m!! But you don’t even care about me!! Now what shall I do?) How am I going to deal with this Laad Governor? I can’t hurt my parents and his family is also so sweet!!! And top of it we are not the Perfect Couples!!! Abb hum kya karre Devi Maiya?!!

Khushi starts to bite her nails.

Devi Maiya : Lo agayi, Just now I was talking about her and here she calls me.. (Devi Maiya smiles) A great marriage is not when the ‘perfect couple’ comes together.It is when an imperfect couple learns to enjoy their differences.

Devi Maiya smiles looking at Arnav and Khushi, thinking about their future. DM’s thoughts ‘Crazy couple’ . This couple even made Devi Maiya to giggle happily in spite of her tight schedule.


Back to Khushi,

Khushi : Its better to sort out things, else I don’t know where my life will end up with! I should talk with Arnavji! How much days will we stop talking?!

Khushi at last decided that she would talk with Arnav tomorrow.



Next day,

The Raizada house men were all set to go for office, after after having their breakfast they started for AR.

Where as Khushi was making some stories to her Amma to go to AR to meet Arnav.

In AR,

Shyam and Akash were in their cabin and preparing for a meeting and Arnav in his cabin.

Khushi reached AR. She was about to go to his cabin but was stopped by a staff member saying Arnav was preparing for a meeting. So she should wait. Khushi sighed and waited for him. The staff informed Arnav that Khushi was here to meet him.

Arnav’s thoughts ‘You will have to wait your lifetime Khushi! Keep waiting’.

Arnav smirked looking at her from his cabin, who was sitting in the reception.

Arnav started for his meeting, he came down and he passed by Khushi, Khushi tried to talking him to but he gave her a look like ‘You don’t exist’ for her. Khushi sat down getting irked.

Khushi’s thoughts ‘Khadoos! Rakshas! Does he even know a word called Respect exist which he should give for others! He is not at all fit for that 10points! He only follows his own rules!’

She almost waited for 3hours, she already got calls from her home and she was still building up stories. Arnav was coming back from meeting and again he gave no damn to her which irked her more. That’s when Shyam and Akash noticed Khushi, they reached the meeting before Arnav so din’t notice her at that time in hurry-burry.

Khushi was again asking in the reception if she can meet Arnav but she again got a no . (Yes, the receptionist was asked not to send Khushi up by ASR).

Shyam : Khushi?

Akash : What is she doing here? Has Payal also came along with her???

Akash showed all his teeth.

Shyam : Unbelievable man! Arnav is actually right, how come you are always in your dream land Akash??

Akash : Jijaji…aap bhi?

Shyam : Then what? Can’t you see, she looks tensed yaar!

That’s when Akash also noticed it. They both came near her.

Whereas Khushi was all messed up, she was talking to herself ‘Can’t this Laad Governor spare 5minutes? I wonder now itself he can’t spare time for me, then how come!! Uff forget it Khushi!’

Shyam : Khushi?

Akash : How I mean what happened to you?

That’s when Khushi looked at them.

Khushi : You say me whats wrong with this Laad Governor?! I mean seriously!

Shyam and Akash chuckled.

Shyam : Okay relax..

Khushi : Relax Jiju? You mean seriously, I’m here waiting for him past 3hours and he has got no time to even meet me!

Akash : You can meet bhai now na Khushi?

Khushi : Your always ‘I’m so Busy Bhai’ isn’t free even now!

Shyam : Who said that?

Akash : He has no work today other than the meeting which got over some time back Khushi..Now he is all free..

That’s when Khushi joined all the dots, so now she understood it was all Arnav’s plan to make her wait, to waste her time, to test her patience and what not! She fumed in anger and got up and went upstairs and barged into his Cabin without any warning . Whereas Shyam and Akash couldn’t understand nothing.

Shyam : You understood anything?

Akash : They are really weird Jijaji..

Both went back to their cabins.

Khushi was fuming in anger looking at him, Arnav was shocked with her sudden entry.

Arnav looked at her and he again acted as if she doesn’t exist in the cabin.

Khushi : Mr Raizada!

He dint respond.

Khushi : Mr Arnav Singh Raizada, I’m talking to you..

Still there was no response from.

Khushi murmured silently “Lagta hai Dimaag ki saath Kaan bhi chali gayi..(I think along with his brain now his ears also went)’ which was in return heard by Arnav, he was like ‘What the!’ hearing it. Still he tried to remain silent and irk her. Khushi sighed.

Khushi : Arnavji, can’t you understand I need to talk with you!

Arnav was like ‘At last this pagal called me Arnavji!’ . Still he remained as if he don’t care which irked her more.

Khushi shouts  ‘Laad Governor Kahike!’

Arnav looks at her as soon as she called him Laad Governor. How can he remain shut after hearing Laad Governor.

Arnav : Did you ate loud speaker for your breakfast?

Khushi : Excuse me?

Arnav : Then why are you shouting as if you just gobbled a Loud Speaker!

Khushi : Its because you are suffering from deafness!

Arnav : What the!

Khushi rolls her eyes.

Khushi : I really feel so stupid!

Arnav : It’s okay to feel what you are!

Khushi was like ‘Again and Again he is giving me counters!!!! Erhg!!!’

Khushi takes a deep breath.

Khushi : What’s happening?

Arnav : (Smirks) With your IQ, I don’t think you can understand..

Khushi felt like pulling his hair in anger. Arnav was like feeling high with his first attempt to irk her, as Khushi is the one who always does that but now he doing it with her was making him feel like he has won some Oscar.

Arnav’s thoughts ‘You will soon deny this shaadi Khushi’. He smirks.




Precap :

Khushi : You-You-You How dare you?!!!!!!!

Khushi runs behind Arnav where as Arnav was trying to run away from her shouting ‘Pagalllll, ****o mujhe!!!!(Maddd, Leave me!!!!)’



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Jul 20, 2017

Part 19.... (By Khushisingh96) (Thanked: 67 times)

Part 19:

Khushi was highly pissed off.

Khushi held Arnav’s collar “Mr Raizada, are you out of your mind!! Do you even have any idea what you are doing?! Have you gone nuts or what?!”  asked Khushi being annoyed and she totally forgot what she was doing by coming close to Arnav, Arnav was shocked not because she dared to this act but she was so free with him which he liked. Arnav was so lost in the world of Khushi.

Arnav : Before talking, look what you are doing Khushi!

That’s when Khushi noticed how she was holding his collar without bothering anything, she immediately stepped back moving away from him. Arnav’s motive to irk her or to say his plan just vanished in air somewhere, now all he could see was only Khushi-his Khushi-his soon to be bride.

Khushi’s thoughts “Hey Devi Maiya, what have I done?? How did I even dare to hold his collar, I’m not even feeling discomfort in his presence”

She was about to turn around and go but Arnav held her hand and pulled her back. Khushi stood facing him but did not look at him. Arnav grabbed her from her waist and pulled her towards him, Khushi looked shocked at him and Arnav was just looking at her eyes.

Khushi’s thoughts “What is going on in his mind?” Khushi noticed how calm he looked at her. Arnav tucked her hair behind her ears not leaving the eye contact before pulling her more into him by her waist. Khushi started breathing heavy with his close proximity, yes it did affect which Arnav also noticed.

Khushi felt her knees going weak, if Arnav wasn’t holding her probably she would have landed on floor. Khushi could hear her own Dhak Dhak she badly wished that he shouldn’t hear it.

Arnav lowered his face in her face’s level “Why are you doing this to me Khushi?”

She averted her gaze, he brushed her nose with his “Please Khushi don’t do this to me, you are getting me aren’t you?”

Khushi bit her lower lip with her teeth, her mind and heart were having their own fight, Arnav brushed his thumb on her lower lip “Don’t hurt them Khushi”.

Khushi just looked at him, this was the side which she has never seen of him. Khushi unknowingly felt happy and she dint know why.

Arnav buried his face at the crook of her neck, Khushi closed her eyes not able to bear his this intimacy. This was all new to her, and he was the first boy who was this close to her.

Arnav brushed his lips on her neck he did not kiss her directly, and he caught hold of Khushi’s both hand. She felt a shiver ran through her spine.

“Do you have any idea what you are doing to me Khushi?” He entangled his fingers with hers.

Khushi : Arn..Arnavji..I..

Arnav : Shh..Let me speak Khushi, please.

Khushi : But

Arnav shh-ed her “I have got to speak now and you have to hear okay? Dint I hear all your talks??” Khushi nodded her head.

“So its my turn to speak now” saying that he pulled her more close near him, and he closed that gap in between them “Do you have any idea, what I am going through? I say I hate you but no I’m not able to do that dammit!! All this while I was trying to irk you so that you would stop our marriage but I had no guts to stop our marriage, you can call me Coward but I did love to be this type of Coward by not refusing for this marriage and that may be because I wished you to stay in my life, forever!” Khushi couldn’t measure the happiness she got hearing this “Just yesterday she was feeling so sad noting all her 10points for a successful marriage and she was blaming him but here, he was behaving the opposite.

“I first felt jealous seeing all the love you got from my family members, even di and Aansh were your side and even Akash-Shyam!! But I equally loved the how my family treated you with all love and not to forget even your parents are no less. I had this battle always in my mind, whether mein tumse Nafrat ya Pyaar kartha? (Whether I hate you or love you)..You have never left my mind Khushi. This is all new for me, and I’m loving this feeling. I tried all ways to hate you but no, I can never do that. Even when you entered inside my cabin I tried my level best to irk you but I lost everything when you came close to me now Khushi, I understood how much effect you have on me. Top of it you came here to stop the marriage and I don’t want to make myself a fool anymore making myself believe that I hate you when I know I love you, Khushi! I want our marriage to happen. I want you Khushi, yes Me Arnav Singh Raizada is in love with you!!”

Khushi blinked her eyes looking at his confession, it was even the first time he tried expressing something to her and this was the very first time that it was him who spoke and she stayed numb.

“I love you more then anything else in this world Khushi” Arnav held her face in his hands and kissed on her forehead.

“I do not love you because I need you..I need you because I love you Khushi” and he finally kisses her on her cheek and Khushi stood dumbfounded.

Arnav looked at her waiting for an answer but she spoke nothing.

Arnav : Khushi..

No reply, Khushi stood without blinking her eyes. Arnav shook her and still she stood in the same position, Arnav got damn irritated. Here he tried his level best and proposed his love for her at last but there she stood doing nothing.

Arnav immediately went near his table and brought his water bottle and *SPLASH* he splashed water on Khushi’s face and Khushi coughed with the sudden water splash.

Arnav : Phew! I thought you slept with your eyes open..

“You-You-You How dare you?!!!!!!!” Khushi grabbed his water bottle from him and ran behind Arnav where as Arnav was trying to run away from her shouting ‘Pagalllll, ****o mujhe!!!!’




Precap :

Arnav sneaked into Khushi’s room, and he lied on her bed as if it was his and covered himself with the blanket from top to bottom “Phew! What and all I have to do to meet her..” Arnav relaxed getting tired because of the jumping and climbing acts of his to reach Khushi.


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