Nafrat Karo Ya Pyaar? (Hate me or love me?)

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Apr 11, 2017

Nafrat Karo Ya Pyaar? (Hate me or love me?) (By Khushisingh96) (Thanked: 51 times)

Hi everyone,

So here comes my next story.


Character Sketch :

Raizada Family,

Arnav Singh Raizada : He runs AR Desings with his Jijaji, Shyam and Akash his brother. He loves his Di Anjali and Bhai Akash a lot.He is totally a spoilsport.He does not have interest related to god, love and marriage, not that he doesn't believe it, but its just not his cup of tea.He thinks it is a waste of time.He is ruthless and arrogant to everyone but not to his family. He was an intelligent man before he met Khushi, not that he is fool now, but after Khushi's entry in his life he has started doing all crazy things because of her.He comes from a rich family.

Shyam Manohar Jha : He is the legal adviser in AR. He met Anjali via Arnav and they fell in love with each other and turned be the cute couple. He loves his wife a lot and his two year old son Aansh. Both son and dad irritates Anjali.

Anjali Shyam Manohar Jha : She is a house wife. Loves her husband, Bhai Akash and her Chote a lot. They both are like her two eyes. Her marriage is Love cum arrange marriage. She loves her husband Shyam, from the bottom of her heart and they are blessed with a 3year Cute boy, Aansh.

Aansh Shyam Manohar Jha : He is the apple of the everyone’s eye. A very cute, bubbly boy. He loves his Mama Arnav a lot. Loves to irritate his Maa Anjali, along with his dad. When caught he goes and hides behind Arnav to save himself from Anjali but Shyam gets caught in this process.

Devyani Singh Raizada : She is the eldest in the Raizada Parivaar. Loves her family a lot and takes care of everyone in the house.

Arnav and Anjali lost their parents in their childhood. Nani took care of Arnav, Akash & Anjali and she brought them up. Nani asked Shyam also stay along with them after his marriage with Anjali as Nani was also getting older. So Shyam also agreed and in fact he also lost his parents in his childhood. Its because of Anjali he got such a sweet family for him. So Shyam thinks Anjali is always his lucky champ and loves her a lot. 

Manorama Singh Raizada: Bahu of Naniji, Mother of Akash. She is so adorable, she always dresses herself like a Rainbow, wanna be Modern Aunty(No shhhh, dont call her Aunty..She is a beauty)

Manohar Singh Raizada: Song of Naniji, Father of Akash. He is half time busy in looking after the business often in their States Business. He is the opposite of Manorama but still, a very calm and kind soul.

Akash Singh Raizada : He is the crime partner of Arnav from his childhood and knows everything about Arnav. Works in AR along with Arnav. He loves Payal but did not confess it to Payal. 

Gupta Family,

Khushi Kumari Gupta : Works in AR. She is simple and follow the moral values. She stands for what she believes in and she never hurts anyone. She is bubbly and a sweet girl. Thinks about others happiness instead of hers. Loves her Amma, jiji and Babuji a lot. Lives her life to the fullest. Her priority is Love and affection. Comes from a middle class family.

Shashi Gupta : Father of Khushi and Payal .He owns a sweet shop. A very kind and proud father. He has put all his hard work to bring up Khushi and Payal to a good level and to give them good education and now he has achieved in it too. He made Khushi and Payal to study well and Khushi & Payal has also made him proud by studying well and by joining in a good job.

Garima Gupta : Mother of Khushi and Payal. She is a house wife. She has brought up Khushi and Payal in a good manner. Loves her family a lot.

Payal Gupta : A very simple girl. She is the one who bares Khushi in AR. She is elder sister of Khushi. She is like Khushi’s best friend and Khushi also got placed in the same company where Payal is working ie., AR after completing her UG as AR is one of the top most company in India . She is happy go girl.

Its Khushi and Payal’s talent which brought up them to this level and now that they are working in good company like AR.

So here ends the Character Sketch.

Part 1:

“Buhahaha!! what were you talking about?? Status, right??..Boliye, Abb aap chup kyun hai??Boliye, Mr. Arnav Singh Raziada!!!..(She starts to throw Money all over him, as if showering him with money)” shouts Khushi.

Payal starts to Shake Khushi.

Payal : Khushi!! Stop shouting and utto, already its time for office!!

Khushi wakes up with a jerk as soon as she hears ‘Office!!’. She gives a terrified look.

Khushi : Jiji..

Khushi’s thoughts ‘Matlab ye sab ek sapna tha!! (It was a dream) Erggg’

Payal : Khushi, don’t say me again you dreamed about Arnav Sir!!

Khushi : Jiji, phir se wahi sapna..and this time also it is not real!! One day or the other I will show my girl power to that Laad governor!! Huh, what he says (She imitates like Arnav) ‘Arnav Singh Raizada apni kismat khud likhta hai!!(Arnav Singh Raziada writes his own destiny)’..Then what about us jiji?? Hum kya, ABCD likhta hai kya??! Hum ****engi nahi uss Laad governor ko!(Then what about us jiji?? Do we write ABCD eh??! I will not leave that Laad Governor!)

Payal : Bas! Bas! Bas! Do what ever you want, first go and take bath otherwise he will write your kismat today!!

Khushi : Jiji, aap meri side ya uss Laad governor ki side?! (Jiji, you are my side or that Laad Governor's side?)

Payal : Pagli, chal go and bath!!

Khushi frowns and goes to take bath.

After half an hour.

Khushi : Amma, jaldi!! It is already too late other wise that Rakshas will eat my brain for his lunch!!

Payal giggles and she helped Garima in packing lunch. Khushi was running here and there searching her bag.

Garima : Khushi, he is your boss. Give him some respect.

Khushi stops running and comes and stand in front of her amma.

Khushi : Ye bhi sach hai amma!! He calls himself as a boss and calls himself as God!!

Garima : Enough enough!! My ears will start bleeding hearing the same Ramayan all morning. Here take your lunch!! (Looking at Payal) Take care of this Pagli!!

Khushi pouts. Payal smiles.

“Kya hua, why is my beti looking sad??” asks Shashi.

Khushi : Babuji dekho na..Amma is calling me pagli!!

Shashi comes near Khushi and shows her a Jelabi.

Khushi : Jelabi!!!!

Shashi nodes looking at her.

Khushi eats 5 Jelabis as if she was starving because she already ate 8 pooris.

Payal and Garima chuckled looking at Khushi.

Garima : Khushi enough!!

Shashi : Rest you both eat for Lunch..

Khushi and Payal keeps two Jelabis for their Lunch and they started for AR.

In Raizada Mansion,

Naniji, Mamiji and Anjali were doing breakfast in Kitchen.

Anjali : Nani, why are you straining..?? Myself and Mamiji are here to take care of the kitchen work..hai nah Mamiji??

There was no response.

Anjali : Hai nah Mamiji??

Naniji nudged Anjali to turn and look back.

Anjali was shocked and Naniji compressed her smile. Mamiji was sitting on the Kitchen slab and she was snoring and sleeping.

Anjali looked at Naniji and both of them laughed out loud looking at Mami gesture. In that sound Mamiji woke up.

Anjali : Kya hua Mamiji??

Anjali compressed her smile. Mamiji smiled looking at Nani.

Nani : Manorama you did not change still..

Suddenly they hear a voice from upstairs.

“Anjali, where is my tie??” shouts Shyam from upstairs.

Anjali : Ye Shyamji bhi nah..

Mami : Anjali betiya, you goes..I will prepare the break fast.

Nani : Manorama, she almost completed making it.

Mamiji looked here and there. Nani chuckled looking at Mamiji.

Anjali : Ok, Nani..I will go and check Shyamji.

Anjali goes to her room.

Shyam was again about to call her.

Anjali : Shyamji!! Don’t scream again! And what is this?!! You have made the room upside down and you din’t wake Aansh still?!!! I asked you to wake him up and make him bath along with you na Shyamji!!

Shyam : Bechari my Aansh, he was sleeping peacefully so only I did not want to disturb him.

Anjali glares looking at Shyam and she goes near the bed and she finds the tie under all the stuffs which Shyam has thrown. Shyam smiles sheepishly looking at Anjali.

Anjali : And that is why Aansh is also like you Shyamji!! To find this tie you have made the room upside down and so only he is also doing the same!! And you din’t even make him bath!!

Anjali got irked seeing all the mess and top of it, Aansh is studying Pre-kg.

Shyam : Anjali..

Anjali : Don’t talk with me Shyamji!!!!

Aansh started tossing and turning around in the bed as his sleep got disturbed.

Aansh: (Imagine like-baby voice) Maa, why are you speaking loudly..I want to sleep..

Anjali glared looking at Aansh. Aansh looked at Shyam with a puppy face.

Anjali leaves the room in anger. Aansh gets up and he comes near Shyam and kisses his cheek standing over the bed.

Scratching his head “Papa, kya hua??” asked Aansh.

Shyam kissed him back.

Shyam : Shhhh, don’t ask me anything now otherwise we both will see the Kali effect of your Maa’s..So come fast, let me make you bath.

Shyam takes Aansh inside the bathroom and he makes him to bath.

After sometime,

Nani, Mamiji and Anjali were waiting for the boys to come for taking their breakfast.

Mamiji : Hello Hi Bye Bye, I’m so hungry..Where are they??

“Good morning Maa, Nani and di” says Akash from behind.

Nani : Good morning beta..Manorama don’t worry you can eat soon.

Anjali : Where is Shyamji, Aansh and Chote..Akash??

Akash : They are almost ready di..

Shyam and Aansh came down getting ready. Anjali gave a deadly glare looking at them. They both kept a puppy face.

Shyam and Aansh came and sat silently. Everyone understood what would have happened. Aansh got up and he sat near Akash.

Aansh : Mama..

Akash : Aww Aansh..You know you look handsome today..

Aansh smiles looking at Shyam indicating that his papa only made him to ready.

Aansh : Mama, Arnav mama kahan??

There comes a voice from behind “Aansh!!”

Aansh smiles knowing who’s voice it is. He gets down from his chair and rushes towards that person.

Aansh : Arnav mama!!!!!!

Arnav lifts him up and kisses him.

Arnav : So, got ready for school??

Aansh nodes his head. Arnav brings him also near the table and he also sits down to eat.

Arnav and Aansh were talking in their own world, that’s when Arnav noticed that everyone were looking at him.

Arnav : What?

Anjali : What nahi, what the!!

Arnav : Di?

Akash : Voh kya hai nah Bhai..actually you never like kids na but when you see Aansh you are totally changed!!

Aansh : Mama!!! I’m not a kid..So Arnav mama loves me a lottt..Hai nah Mama??

Arnav : Haan, my Aansh is not a kid..He is big boy.

Aansh takes a bite of the toast and nodes his head happily and everyone laughs seeing it.

Everyone completed their breakfast,

Arnav : Ok, we are leaving…

Akash : Haan,yeah..You both go I will come with MrRoy’s file.

Akash also came with the file. Arnav, Akash, Shyam and Aansh were bidding bye to everyone. Anjali did not talk with Shyam alone but she said bye to Aansh seeing his puppy face.

Shyam, Akash, Aansh and Arnav got inside the car.

Aansh : Hehe (Clapping his hand) Papa, maa talked with me yaayyy..

Akash and Arnav laughed looking at Shyam as Aansh was pulling Shyam’s legs.

Shyam : Aacha?? Then my Aansh should make his maa to talk with papa also na?? Or else papa will be sad..Aansh likes papa to be sad??

Aansh nodes as no.

Akash and Arnav looked at Shyam and Aansh seeing their bond. They were happy for their di to get a husband like Shyam.

Soon All the three left Aansh in school and they left to office.


Precap :

Shyam : Arnav!! Akash!!

Akash : Kya hua Jijaji?

Arnav : What?! Why are you screaming screaming??

Shyam : (Looking at Arnav) Your Jhansi Rani came and (looking at Akash) your dil ki rani came!!!

Akash showed his teeth and Arnav gritted his teeth.



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Apr 14, 2017

Part 2 ...... (By Khushisingh96) (Thanked: 40 times)

Happy Tamil New Year to all Tamilians!! :D

Part 2:

Here comes the update :

Arnav, Akash and Shyam reached AR. It was the time for all the employs to come. Akash looked at his wrist watch, he smiled looking at his watch. Shyam noticed it.

Akash’s thoughts ‘Its time for Payal to come, what will I talk to her today..’

Shyam chuckled seeing Akash. Akash looked here and there..He was thinking how to escape from Arnav’s cabin.

Shyam’s thoughts ‘Aacha, so Saale sab is getting impatient to see his dil ki rani’

Arnav was explaining something to Shyam and Akash. Akash was busy thinking about Payal and Shyam was busy looking at Akash and Bechari Arnav was thinking that they were hearing what he was saying.

Arnav : So, if we do like this..Mr Khanna will have no option other then accepting the deal and we always give our best!! So what say Akash, Shyam??

There was no response from them.

Arnav stood up.

Arnav : What say guys??

Still there was no response.

Arnav : What the! Here I’m talking and these two are in some other world!!!!

Shyam was chuckling looking at Akash plight and he turned his face towards Arnav and that’s when he saw Arnav fuming in anger looking at them.

Shyam smiled sheepishly looking at Arnav and he nudged Akash to come back to this world but Akash was not ready to come back to our earth.

Arnav : What was that??

Shyam : uh..Voh, I was just thinking…

Arnav : Enough!! Here I’m shouting like something and you both are doing something!! Look at him, still he is in his dream land!!!

Shyam : Haha, what to do Arnav..Its 9am so he is waiting for Payal..and I know even you are waiting for Khus…

Before Shyam could complete his sentence “No! Don’t even take her name now Shyam..I’m already angry so don’t talk about that Pagal!! (looking at Akash) its all because of him!!!!

Shyam started chuckling and Arnav got irritated looking at Akash still being in his dream world. Arnav directly went near Akash and he stamped Akash foot with his shoes.

“Aahhhh..Ouch” screamed Akash coming back to this world.

He looked weirdly at Arnav. Shyam was controlling his laughter.

Akash : Bhai??                              

Arnav : Shutup!!

Akash : Bhai!! What is the need to stamp my leg?? You could have called me nah!! Aap bhi na!

Arnav fumed looking at Shyam.

Shyam : Akash..We were trying to call you but it was you who was busy thinking about Payal..

Arnav : And its because of you Akash!!!

Akash : Because of me??

Arnav : Its because of you..that Khushi is here!!

Akash : I din’t do it..It was Shyam jijaji who appointed her.

Shyam : It was you Arnav, you only asked me to select if the designs were good and hers was best and so I selected her.

Arnav : I’m not talking about that, I know her designs are good but I would have dismissed her by she is always up to irritate me!! But its only because of Akash..I did not fire her still!!!

Flash back :

It was the first day of Khushi to work in AR.

AR parking lot.

Khushi : Jiji, you go..I will come after locking the scooty.

Payal : Its ok Khushi..I will wait for you..

Khushi : No jiji, by then you go and arrange the papers for me so that I could get my appointment letter get signed by your so called boss!!

[There were two Khushi-s who came for AR for getting selected but one Khushi was rejected and other ie..our Khushi was selected, as they both had the same name..Instead of rejecting the other khushi, our Khushi was rejected so Khushi’s appointment letter got delayed because of that confusion..Khushi got pissed off by that itself]

Payal : Not my boss..Our boss Khushi..

Khushi rolled her eyes. Payal giggled and she left to arrange the papers. Khushi was trying to lock the scooty and it was also not hearing her words. The key got stuck.

Khushi : Erghhhh!!! Devimaiya!! Ye kya hai?? Already I’m late on my first day and top of it this key got stuck in my scooty..!! Why are you doing this with me!!! Hawww..

Khushi looked at her scooty.

Khushi : Lovely!! Why are you doing like this on my first day?? Come on Lovely you cant do this to me!!That too on my very first day!!

Arnav was parking his car.

Arnav : Akash, both go fast..I don’t want us to be late anymore!! All because of this morning Mandir plan!!

[Raizadas went to Mandhir with three boys so Arnav, Akash and Shyam were also late for office today..So Arnav was pissed off by this]

Shyam : Ok, relax Arnav..

Akash : You come fast bhai..We will leave now..

Arnav nodded his head. Akash and Shyam went up.

Arnav parked his car and he was about to lock but he heard some girl’s voice. He locked his car and looked who was it.

Khushi : Haw Lovely!! I feed you regularly with Petrol and in return you are doing like this!! This is not at all fair Lovely!!

Khushi was struggling with the key. Arnav gave a weird look looking at her.

Arnav : Is she mad?? She is talking with a scooty??!

Arnav went near her.

Khushi : Lovely!!!

Arnav : Excuse me?!

Khushi looked at him with face full of irritation.

Khushi : Kya??

Arnav : What are you doing here??!

Khushi replied sarcastically "I just came here for eating…!! Can’t you see I’m struggling with this key!!"

Arnav got irked with her reply.

Arnav : What the!

Arnav went near her. Khushi moved back looking at his fuming face. Arnav pulled the key with all force and gave the key to her. Khushi stared looking at him.

Arnav : What?

Khushi : Ku..Kuch nahi..

Arnav turned around and he was about to leave..his thoughts ‘Cant she even say thanks, she doesn’t even have basic manners!!?!’

‘Oh hello!!!’ Khushi shouted but Arnav did not turn around.

Khushi got irked.

‘Oh hello!! Mr Coat!!’ Khushi shouted again. Arnav turned around.

Khushi : I’m calling you only MrCoat!!

Khushi waved her hand.

Arnav closed his eyes.

‘I’m not Coat!’ shouted Arnav back.

Khushi came closer near him.

Khushi : Ok, Mr.Whatever..are you also working here??

Arnav was about to blast on her as he was already late and she is making it more late.

Khushi : I know..I know!! Don’t worry that Rakshas won’t eat you alive..I came here today na, look what I will do to that Arnav Singh Raizada!!! Uss Kadoos hum ****engi nahi..

Arnav was about to shout her.. “Ok, come lets go other wise that Kadoos Raizada will eat us alive”

Arnav and Khushi went inside the lift and Khushi was keeping on scolding Arnav without knowing he was Arnav.

Inside Office mean while,

Payal came to Akash’s cabin. Akash was working on something and Shyam din’t have any work now.

Shyam : Akash, see who is coming to your cabin.

Akash : Jijaji, I’m doing an important work..

Shyam : More important than Payal??

Shyam smirked. Akash got up from his seat.

Akash : Kahan??

Shyam : Look, she is coming.

Akash was waiting eagerly for her, its because its he who usually ask her something..and this time she herself is approaching him.

Payal knocks the door.

Akash : Yeah come in.

Shyam smirked looking at Akash.

Payal : Sir..voh

Akash : Yes Payal..Kya hua??

Shyam : Haan haan..he will do anything for you Payal.

Payal looked at Akash. Akash glared looking at Shyam and Shyam chuckled.

Payal : sister has joined in our office..(She says everything) So she need an appointment letter.

Akash’s thoughts ‘I will help in this issue for Payal and will try to get a place in her heart’..

Akash was in his own world.

Payal : Sir..

No response. Shyam was controlling his laughter.

Payal : Sir??

No response.

Shyam : You don’t worry..The appointment letter will be in your table in 5minutes.

Payal : Thank you Sir..

Payal looked weirdly at Akash gesture and she left.

Shyam nudged Akash that’s when he came back to this world.

Akash : Kahan Payal??

Akash looks here and there.

Shyam : Pairon mein (In legs)

Akash : Jijaji??

Shyam : Tum bhi na..She left already when you were in your dream land..First make that appointment letter ready Akash, so that you could get an opportunity to talk with her.

Akash makes it ready and gives it directly to Payal.

Payal : Ji thank you..

Akash : Its ok, Payal..Waise what is your sister’s name??

Payal : Khushi Kumari Gupta..

Akash smiles and he leaves.

Inside the lift,

Arnav got totally irked. No has ever talked about him..not just talked!! No girl had the guts to scold him but here she was scolding him without even leaving any break.

Khushi: You know, Mr Coat!!! I just hate him!!!

Arnav : Oh really?! Then why did you join here?! And why are you scolding him like this?!!!!

Khushi : You know that Idiot Raizada did not give a half day leave also for my jiji!! That too on my birthday!!! I asked my jiji to come back home early and she promised me that she would come soon and that Arrogant Raizada did what you know???!! He made her do over work on that day!! Not only her..All staffs!! Because of him my birthday itself got spoiled!! I started hating him from that day!!!

Arnav closed his eyes in anger.

Arnav : Your name?!

Khushi : Khushi, Khushi Kumari Gupta..Aap?

Lift stopped at the right floor. Without answering her Arnav left.

Khushi : Here I’m asking him his name and he just left like that!! Huh! His employs will also be like him only!!Bechari me, even now I’m his employee!

Arnav kept big big steps in anger and he went directly inside his cabin and everyone were wondering what was wrong with him.

Arnav's thoughts "My name?! You will know who I am now Ms Gupta!"

Shyam and Akash saw him fuming in anger and they also went inside Arnav’s cabin.


Khushi : Jiji..

Payal : Khushi, tujhe patha ASR is angry!!

Khushi : When was he normal that you are saying he is angry now!! He is always abnormal only!!

Payal : Khushi shh..Ye lo tumari Appointment letter..Go and get ASR’s signature.

Khushi : Me?!! Noo..Already he is angry!! If I go he will eat me alive..

Payal : Nothing will happen..First go and get signature then only you can stay here..

Khushi nodes. Khushi’s thoughts ‘Hey Devi Maiya..Raksha karna..’

Inside Arnav’s cabin.

Shyam : Arnav? What happened??

Akash : why are you angry Bhai??

Arnav : Who is this Khushi Kumari Gupta?!! Who the hell appointed her!!!!

Akash : Bhai, you already know her?? She is only Payal’s sister..

Akash was showing all his teeth.

Shyam : But why are you asking about her Arnav??

Arnav says what and all happened.

Shyam and Akash looks at each other and they started to laugh.

Arnav : Very funny!! And she is calling me Kadoos Raizada, Arrogant Raizada, Idiot Raizada, and Mr Coat! On top of it she calling me Rakshas!!!!!

Shyam started laughing more suddenly Akash stopped laughing..

Akash : Bhaiiii, for that and all you should not dismiss her before even appointing!!!

Arnav : No ways! She is not going to work in AR!!

Akash : Bhai!! Then Payal will get hurt!! You can’t do this!!

Arnav : Excuse me!! Its you who loves Payal and not me! So I don’t care.

Shyam was giggling looking at their conversation.

*Knock* *Knock*

“Excuse me Sir”

Shyam : Yes come in.

Shyam signalled Arnav and Akash to keep quite.

Khushi was shocked seeing Arnav in ASR’s cabin and Arnav was fuming looking at Khushi.

Khushi : Coat?? What are you doing in ASR’s cabin??

Arnav was about to blast on her..

Khushi : Aacha?? That Kadoos is himself late today uh?? Irresponsible Man!!

Akash signals from back to keep her mouth Shut..

Khushi:  Kya?? What are you saying.

Akash facepalmed.

Akash : Hello I’m Akash..

Khushi : Aacha..You were trying to say me your name from back side..Namaste, I’m Khushi..Khushi Kumari Gupta..

Arnav glares looking at Akash.

Khushi looked at Arnav.

Khushi : Haan..What was I saying??

Before Khushi could say..Shyam took the board which was written ARNAV SINGH RAIZADA. He took that board and indicated to her that he is only ARNAV SINGH RAIZADA.

Khushi eyes became wide and she closed her mouth.

Khushi’s thoughts ‘Hey Devimaiya..What have I done??..Abb mein kya karoon’

Khushi smiled showing her teeth..Pointing her finger looking at Arnav.

Khushi : Arnav Singh Raizada??

Arnav : What were you saying!?! How dare you?!!!

Khushi : Sir..voh

Arnav : Shut up!!

Khushi : But Sir..

Arnav : I said Shut up!!!

Akash pressed Arnav’s hands. Akash whispered silently ‘Bhai..Pleasee, please mere liye..Please don’t dismiss her not even before appointing..Please Bhai’

Arnav looked at Akash.. Akash asked Shyam also to speak for him.

Shyam whispered silently ‘Haan Arnav, I saw her designs..She has done good job..Even Akash knew that..By mistake she would have scolded you’

Arnav remained silent.

Khushi’s thoughts ‘What are these three talking silently??..Hey Devimaya where am I stuck..’

Khushi turns looks down looking at her sister..Payal asks Kya hua and Khushi face looks gloomy.

Arnav looks at Khushi..Khushi’s face was gloomy and the other side Shyam and Akash were asking Arnav to appoint Khushi.

Arnav : Enough!!!

Arnav shouted looking at Shyam and Akash..

Shyam & Akash : Arnav/Bhai??

Khushi din’t know what was happening.

Shyam and Akash were about to speak again but Arnav replied ‘Okay!’

Akash and Shyam showed thumbs up to Khushi and Khushi smiled instantly.

Arnav asked her appointment letter and he signed in it..

Arnav : Let me see for how many days you will work here Ms Gupta..

Shyam, Akash looked at Khushi.

Khushi : Really?? Let me see how you dismiss me!!

Saying this she left down.

Arnav looked at Shyam and Akash.

Arnav : Did you look at her attitude!! Badtameez ladki!

Shyam and Akash tried to cool Arnav and Khushi told whatever happened to Payal..Payal was little worried for Khushi..

Akash and Shyam came down and they were showing Khushi’s cabin and they introduced themselves to her and they also liked her instantly..

Shyam : And don’t worry..I’m like your brother..

Khushi smiled and she nodes her head.

Akash : You know I’m like your jijaji..

Khushi : Kya???

Shyam nudged Akash.

Shyam : Kuch nahi Khushi..and don’t forgot to say to Payal that Akash only helped you..Okay??

Khushi nodded her head and was thinking what was going on..

Khushi also told that Akash only helped her and Payal got a good impression on Akash.

Flashback ends..

Akash and Shyam smiled sheepishly looking at Arnav.

Arnav : Stop showing your teeth!! I feel like punching!!!

That’s when Shyam looked outside the cabin..

Shyam : Arnav!! Akash!!

Akash : Kya hua Jijaji?

Arnav : What?! Why are you screaming screaming??

Shyam : (Looking at Arnav) Your Jhansi Rani came and (looking at Akash) your dil ki rani came!!!

Akash showed his teeth and Arnav gritted his teeth.


Precap :

Arnav’s cabin

1.Khushi was behind Arnav with her note (To take notes). Arnav stopped walking suddenly and Khushi was about to slip but Arnav gets hold of her..


2.Shyam tries to woo Anjali as she was angry on him.


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Apr 17, 2017

Part 3.... (By Khushisingh96) (Thanked: 42 times)

Part 3 :

Here comes the next update :

Shyam : (Looking at Arnav) Your Jhansi Rani came and (Looking at Akash) your dil ki rani came.

Akash showed his all teeth and Arnav gritted his teeth looking at Akash.

Shyam : Lagta hai, Akash ko aagayi Loveache!! Too much!!

Arnav : Mujhe toh aagayi headache!!!! Ergh!?!! (Looking at Shyam)Isn't there anyway to get rid of Khushi??

Akash chuckled.

Shyam : Ek rastha hai..

Arnav face brightened and Akash looked at Shyam.

Arnav : Kya??

Shyam : (Smirking looking at Akash) Akash ko office se bhahar nikhlo..(fire Akash from office :P )

Akash instantly shouted "Jijajii!!!!! This plan is not to get rid of Khushi!! You have planed this to get rid of me!!!!!"

Arnav chuckled.

Arnav : Shyam, you are great man!! Yes, thats simple right? Its only because of Akash i'm bearing that pagal. If Akash is itself not here then who will save Khushi ;) ?

Akash : Bhai?! You can't do such things!!! After firing me and Khushi, will you fire Payal?

Arnav : Not at all!! she is totally fit for the job, its her sister who isn't fit!!

Akash : Bhai mein bhi fit hoon and Khushi bhi fit hai, (Arnav glared looking at Akash) Okay fine, she is thoda lean but still fit only Bhai!!

Arnav was talking about work fit and here Akash was talking about Workout fit. Arnav got irked.

Arnav : Akash!!! Mein uss fit ki baare mae nahi bath kar rahi hoon!!

Shyam : Kya karron Arnav, Saale sab is love sick puppy..So it happens ;)

Akash : Bhai?? and  (Looking at Shyam) Jijaji please support me!!! ( Looking at Arnav) Bhai, Aap aisa nahi kar sakte!! This is the only place where I can see Payal!!! and on top of it Payal always talks about work only!! Other then work she talks nothing to me, please don't do like that!!

Arnav : Exactly, Thats my point!! One side you are coming to office just to get glance of her and the other side Khushi is coming to office just to irritate me now she has made it her hobby to irritate me!!!

Shyam went near Arnav.

Shyam : Arnav is right.

Akash pulled Shyam to his side.

Akash : Shyam jijaji, Di is not talking with you from morning na? I thought of helping you but I think, I should drop that Idea..and I booked a table tonight for you and di in Purple Orchid while coming to office So, that you can woo di, Okay fine I will cancel it. (Akash showed his mobile that he had called Purple Orchid)

Before Akash could complete "Ok fine, Arnav!! Akash is right..Come on how can you fire your own bhai?? and Khushi is so innocent so you can't fire her too" said Shyam as soon as Akash told that he could help him to make Anjali cool.

Arnav face-palmed.

Arnav : I wonder, Does mad family like my mine exist anywhere in this world or only in Delhi!?!

Akash & Shyam : NAHI :D Ek hi Parivaar voh bhi hamari parivaar!!

Arnav : One day or the other see! I will fire that Khushi!!

Akash : Thank you bhai!!! Thank you so much!!! Means you won't fire none of us now!!!

Arnav : Enough!

Shyam : But, Akash jokes apart..if you love someone you should confess soon, if you postponed it you would never get a chance to confess your love.

Arnav : Yes Akash, I was also thinking of talking about it only!! Come on, If you love her then why to hide it from her? and If you confess your love then she will all be yours and you need not have to be love sick puppy damn it!!! because in that process I'm only getting irritated by that free product who is available all the time to irk me!

Shyam looked at Akash confusingly.

Akash : Free Product?

Arnav : Who else! Its Khushi who came as free!!

Shyam chuckled.

Shyam : Arnav, this is not a business that you are calling Payal as a product and Khushi as a Free  Product !!

Akash : Haan Bhai, ye tho meri life koi business deal nahi hai!!

Arnav : Whatever! Confess soon thats what the point! and now get back to work, no more discussions.

Akash took a deep breath and he was thinking "Why is proposing this difficult?!"

Shyam : Don't worry Akash. Come lets work now.

Arnav also smiled looking at Akash.

Arnav : So, I was talking about Mr Khanna..Akash today you have to go and meet Mr Khanna to finalise the deal.

Akash : Yes Bhai.

Shyam came near Arnav and told something. Arnav nodes his head.

Akash : Kya hua?

Arnav : Well, we don't mind if you take Payal along with you as she did that Project.

Akash : Oh..(Now only Akash realised what Arnav meant) What?????????????

Shyam : Haan Akash, if you wish to take her along with you means you can, we don't mind you see ;)

Akash came near Shyam and Arnav. He gave them a tight hug.

Akash : Thank you so much bhai and Jijaji!!!

Arnav : Akash, see i'm not against love and of course even I would love to see my bhai happy!! Its just I don't believe those things!

Shyam : You will believe soon ;)

Akash : Haan bhai.

Arnav glared looking at them. Shyam smiled sheepishly.

Shyam : Ok, Arnav I will check the legal papers.

Saying this Shyam escaped.

Akash : Haan Bhai, I will go outing with Payal..

Arnav : Outing?! Business deal Akash!! Outing nahi..

Akash  :Haan bhai, wahi..

Saying this he also escaped from Arnav's cabin.

Arnav : Does love make people go crazy?! Unbelievable!!

Arnav gave a weird look and continued with his work.

Akash came back to his cabin and called Payal. Payal came inside his cabin.

Payal : Sir, May I come in?

Akash : Yes come in Payal.

Payal : Sir aapne mujhe Bhulaya?

Akash : Haan voh, we need to make deal with MrKhanna so we need to go to mrKhanna's office. So I want you to come along with me as you are the one who worked in that project. 

Payal remained silent.

Payal's thoughts 'Mein kaise jaa Sakthi hoon??! Kya karoon?? (She is getting nervous, as she likes him because of his soft nature so she is feeling nervous to go with him)'

Akash : Payal, any problem?

Payal : Voh, sir mein Kaise?

Akash : Tum nahi aah sakthi hai kya?

Payal : Is there anyone coming along with us?

Akash : Payal, its for office work..As you are part of this Project you would know about it in detail!!

Akash's thoughts 'Sach mein I'm calling her for making the deal only but why is she afraid looking at me as if I would eat her alive?? This is where I could spend some time with her, but when it comes to work I know to concentrate on my work and not on her but why is she not even ready to come with me?? For this itself she is thinking this much, then how will she accept if I propose her?!'

Akash became sad. Payal saw the changing reaction in his face.

Payal's thoughts "ye kyun itne sad lag rahe hai??"

Payal : Sir, tk I'm coming.

Akash was still sad and he did not look at her.

Akash  : Ok, take the file fast and come down I will wait for you.

Akash's thoughts 'She doesn't even feel that I love her?' He sits inside his car lost in his thoughts.

Payal came to Khushi's cabin. Payal was also in her own thoughts.

Khushi : Jiji? 

Payal : Khushi, I'm going to mrKhanna's office along with Akash sir for making the deal. I will come back soon. I came here to inform you.

Payal left informing to Khushi.

Khushi : Ye jiji ko kya hogaya? Why is her face looking like this.

Khushi brushed offed her thoughts and continued her work.

Shyam after checking the papers. He took his mobile.

Shyam : Let me call Anji first.

Shyam calls Anjali and she cuts his call.

Shyam : Phir se she is cutting, What did I do?? Aansh was sleeping so I did not want to disturb him so only I did not wake him up..but later I made him to get ready na!! Still she is angry??

I should make her to come to Purple Orchid somehow!! But if I call she won't agree then how will I? (Shyam thinks, he gets an idea) Of coarse Arnav hai na!!!

Shyam goes to Arnav's cabin.

Shyam : Arnav!!!!!!!!!!!

Arnav : what? Stop shouting !!

Shyam : Look Arnav, only you can do this!! 

Arnav : I know I'm capable of doing anything. Did you came here to say that, seriously!?

Shyam glared looking at Arnav.

Arnav : Ok Fine! I was just kidding.

Shyam : Look, Arnav make Anjali to come to Purple Orchid some how!!! and you have to send her there somehow today!!!

Arnav : No way!!

Shyam : Come on you are my friend and I'm your Jijaji!!  won't you do this for me!!!?

Arnav : OK! OK! relax Shyam, I will do something but how are you going to console di? what if she splashes the water in your face in Purple Orchid in front of everyone in anger??

Shyam imagines like Anjali splashing water on his face.

Shyam : Nahi!!!!, I will take something for her and will make her cool.

Arnav : Whatever.

Shyam : Arnav, I'm leaving now. I myself will pick Aansh today from school and Inform that he is coming out with me. Now I have to leave!! Bye!!

Arnav : Wait, where are you going??

Shyam : I will go and buy something for my wife along with my son ;)

Arnav : Are you going to go date along with Aansh?

Shyam : You know if Aansh is there, the atmosphere of Anjali's will be also light.

Arnav chuckled.

Shyam : Ok, I'm leaving now and I have checked all the papers so I have no work now!! I have completed all my work!! So I've got to go now and you inform Anjali!!

Shyam leaves.

Arnav : Love and Marriage makes a man crazy!!

Arnav calls Anjali.

Arnav : Di, one of my client is having a problem.

Anjali : Chote, what will I do in your work?

Arnav : Di it is not related to work. I know her personally. She has some personal problem which only you can solve!! so please meet her tonight at Purple orchid.

Anjali : Chote? But mein Kaise?

Arnav : Di, I have given my words that my di will help you out..My reputation is also in this. Mere liye di..

Anjali : Tk..

Arnav : (Instantly) and Shyam will pick Aansh from school today and Ok bye di!!

Arnav cuts the call.

Anjali's thoughts 'ye chote ko kya hogaya? Client?? and I should solve her problem, Kausa Problem that he could not solve? Patha nahi let me go and see, but why is Shyamji picking up Aansh today?'

Arnav : Arnav Singh Raizada has started speaking Jhoot! Akash and Shyam bhi na!! If I try to make them like me, they are making me like them!!!

Arnav was in his thoughts.


Arnav looked who was it.

Arnav's thoughts 'Lo aagayi meri headache!'

Arnav : Come in.

Khushi enters inside.

Khushi : Sir, I need your sign in these papers. So that we can send it for approval.

Khushi places the papers on his table and she waits for him to sign. Arnav signs the papers after reading. 

Khushi : Thank You Sir.

Saying this Khushi was about to leave but stopped when she heard "Thank god, she did not eat my brain today!!" said Arnav bit loudly.

Khushi : Kya???

Arnav : What?

Khushi : Kya kaha aapne?

Arnav : Aacha? Now you became deaf too??

Khushi got totally irked. Khushi stared looking at him.

Arnav : Excuse me?

Khushi did not respond.

Arnav : Why are you staring looking at me now?!

Khushi still did not respond.

Arnav : Khushi!!I'm talking to you only damn it!

Khushi : Aap kyun chilla rahe hai Sir? You said I'm deaf! isliye, I showed you practically how deaf people would react and you did not like it! so stop calling me Deaf!

Arnav's ego was getting hurt by her attitude.

Arnav's thoughts 'You are talking to me itself like this? Look, how I will torture you now!'

Arnav : Take notes!

Khushi : Kya?

Arnav : I said, take notes!!

Khushi : Lekin Sir, I should send this for approval Sir.

Arnav calls someone. A man enters. Arnav takes the paper from Khushi's hand.

Arnav : (Looking at the man)Send this paper for approval.

Man : Ok sir.

Man leaves. Arnav looks at Khushi.

Arnav : Now take notes!

Arnav's thoughts 'Look how I will break your hand today, Enjoy writing today!!'

Khushi takes the note pad which was placed on the table. Arnav started giving his long speech and Khushi was taking it down. It went for two hours.

Arnav in between.

Arnav : Khushi, I need these to be typed too!!

Khushi's thoughts "Sach mein he is Rakshas only!' Her hand started paining.

Khushi : Ok Sir.

Khushi was about to leave thinking at last he stopped his speech.

Arnav : Where are you going?

Khushi : To type..

Arnav : When did I complete?

Khushi : Kya??? This itself went for 10 pages Sir!!!

Arnav : So? I'm your boss!! If you can't do this means, you can type your resignation letter. I don't mind Khushi and I will probably win by firing you from the job!!

Khushi's thoughts "Khushi Kumari Gupta never losses!"

Arnav : Ready? Shall I continue??

Khushi : Yes Sir!

Arnav was walking here and there. He was still speaking. Suddenly he found the place so silent. So he turned back to see whether Khushi was taking notes or not. He was shocked turning around. He found Khushi sleeping leaning on the wall in standing pose.

Arnav : What the!

Arnav went near her. He was about to yell on her but stopped looking at her cute gesture. She was pouting and sleeping. Her fringe was falling on her forehead which was disturbing him from looking at her. He came near her, more closer.

He was lost looking at her, Rabave..

He slowly brought his hand near her face and he tucked her fringe behind her ears. In this process Khushi  opened her eyes. She was shocked seeing him this close that too for first time. They have never been this close in this 3months. Khushi heart started beating fast. She kept her hand near her heart. Arnav moved back as soon as Khushi came to sense and he also came back to sense. 

He looked at Khushi weirdly as she kept her hand near her heart.

Arnav : Kya hua?

Khushi : Aap?? Voh...

Arnav : Your heart is aching??

Khushi : KYA?!

Arnav : Then why are you keeping your hand near your heart as if you got heart attack!!

Khushi : Ku...Kuch nahi..

Arnav : Why were you sleeping??

Khushi silently whispered "Won't anyone get sleep hearing this boring speech of yours!?"

Arnav : Did you say something??

Khushi showed her teeth.

Khushi : Kuch nahi, (Then only she remembered their closeness) What were you doing?? How did you come near me?

Arnav's thoughts 'What will I say? I myself don't know why I cam near her!?'

Arnav : Look, I'm the boss! SO, only I have got the rights to question! 

Khushi : Kya?

Arnav : Shut up and start taking notes!!!

Khushi : Don't you feel this a way tooooooooo much SIR!

Arnav : Do as I said, and don't stand in one place then you will sleep! I'm not here to wake you up! So keep moving.

Khushi showed faces looking at him.

Arnav : With a smile!

Khushi : Ji Boliye..

Arnav started his speech again and Khushi went behind him and suddenly Arnav stopped walking and he turned around. As he stopped suddenly Khushi clashed with him. She was about to fall but Arnav caught hold of her before she could fall.

Arnav was holding her by her shoulders. Arnav was looking at Khushi and Khushi was looking at Arnav without blinking her eyes.

Precap :

1. Shyam, Anjali and Aansh in Purple Orchid.

2. Khushi knowing about Akash's love.


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Apr 18, 2017

*Note To The Readers* (By Khushisingh96) (Thanked: 35 times)

Guys, Please let me know if you seriously want me to continue the story or not because the views are like more but there is no response but I seriously Thank all my constant readers who always brings a smile on my face with their comments, thank you so much for that dears, I really mean it guys <3 It is just when there is no much response then what is the use in continuing the story? Reason for less response : There will be only two reasons one, they are bored else two, they are not liking the story..I'm not asking for more, even non-users can press thank you's even though they don't have an account in med..So what is even the harm in pressing the Thank you button guys? Simple, we all are here for to get some peace of mind for ourselves..So when yu are reading someone's story any writer not alone me..It do take time for them to type..They are obviously writing it for the readers to read only in that process why don't some of you just motivate the writers too?? That small thank you button voting can also bring a smile on someone's face..We all are like sisters/friends/brothers with each other..Then why not just motivate your friends? Sorry if I even annoyed anyone with this post!! But I just can't stay numb without expressing my views so I just shared my views with you all. If you want me to continue or not just let me know and Press the Voting option, either continue or discontinue.

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Apr 19, 2017

Part 4.... (By Khushisingh96) (Thanked: 49 times)

Note : Thank you so much for letting me know guys, don't mistake me. I have no other option other then asking to you all and you all have always been kind to me and I can not deny that anytime. That is the reason I asked directly to you all, so that I can know whether I need to continue or not. Thank you for considering my message and responding to the Voting option. Thanks for the support <3 . Love you all!! <3

Part 4 :

Arnav was holding her by her shoulders. Arnav was looking at Khushi and Khushi was looking at Arnav without blinking her eyes.

Arnav helps Khushi to stand properly.

Khushi's hearbeat started to beat fast again. She again clutched her heart, breathing heavy.

Khushi : Kya hogaya hamae??(What happened to me??) Hey Devi maiya..

Arnav : Yeah! Whats wrong with you Khushi..Why are you clutching your heart again and again??

Khushi’s thoughts ‘Mujhe bhi nahi patha, kyun?(Even I dont know, why?), hey devi maiya..Why is my heart beating this fast???’

Khushi moves away from him. Arnav was confused looking at her. Khushi’s heart beat was normal. She was holding her forehead. She again came near him, her hear beat started ‘Dhak Dhak’. Khushi clutched her heart again and she ran away from his cabin. Arnav did not understand anything.

Arnav : What the! She left without taking notes!!!

His inner voice ‘Kya faraq padta hai??(Why do you care?) You just dictated those notes just to torture her and those notes are not all important!!’

Arnav smirked.

Arnav : She is afraid of me!! That’s why she ran away.

Arnav was smiling happily.

Khushi was anxious.

Khushi : Ye kya hogaya hamae??(What happened to me??)

She goes to washroom and washes her face and comes back to her place.

Khushi : Let me try to keep me busy.

Khushi starts typing to divert herself.

Meanwhile in Akash’s car.

Akash was all way silent. He was hurt that ‘feeling Payal did not feel his love’. Payal was wondering what was wrong with him. The journey was all way silent. Akash and Payal reached Mr Khanna’s office . Payal and Akash presented the presentation well and they got the deal. They left the office about after three hours. Till now Akash did not speak with Payal. Akash and Payal got back inside the car to return to AR.

In Ar,

Khushi was typing everything for almost 4 hours. Her fingers started aching because of typing. At last she completed typing and stood up.

Khushi : Abb mein kya karoon?(Now what will I do?) How will I go and meet that Rakshas!!!(Monster!!!) If I go there, something is happening to me!!! Has he put any black magic on me?? Hey Devi Maiya how will I see him now!!

Khushi was all nervous and she started walking towards his cabin.


Arnav : Yes come in.

Arnav saw Khushi entering. Arnav smirked looking at her.

Khushi’s thoughts ‘Matlab!! I’m right, look he is smirking looking at you Khushi!!! He has put some black magic on you!!! So only he is smirking!!!!!! Hey Devi Maiya Raksha karna!!’

Arnav stood up and came near her while she was lost in her thoughts.

Arnav shook her. Khushi was shocked seeing him so close again.

Arnav : Oh god! Now you started sleeping keeping your eyes open??!! You know what, you are unbelievable Khushi!!!!

Khushi moved back so that her Dhak Dhak does not start again.

Khushi : Lets speak keeping a distance..

Arnav smirked.

Arnav : Aacha? Kyun?(ohh? Why?)

He again came near her. Khushi moved back.

Khushi : Nahi!!! Don’t come forward!!!

Arnav : Ye mera office(This is my office), I will come anywhere!! If you want you can leave the office so that I can win and you will loose..

Arnav winked. Khushi started blinking her eyes vigorously.

Arnav : Stop doing that!! First, you had heartache (Arnav thought her Dhak Dhak as heartache :P hehe) now eye problem??!!

Khushi : Kya?!!

Arnav : Do this!! Just do a complete body check up Khushi!!

Khushi : Why don’t you do one, Mr.Raizada!

Arnav : I don’t need check ups because I’m always fine!! Its you who gets heartache and eye problems often that too today, you are getting it a lot!!

Khushi : Its all because of your black magic!

Arnav : What?

Arnav did not understand. Khushi’s thoughts ‘No Khushi, don’t reveal that you came to know about his black magic then he will become alert’

Khushi : Ku..kuch nahi..(No..Noth Nothing..)

Arnav : I told you right, something is wrong with you..Now you started blabbering too.

Khushi closed her eyes getting irked.

Khushi : Sir its better we talk about work instead of my health!!

Arnav smirked again.

Khushi : Stop doing that!!

Arnav’s thoughts ‘So now this my new way to irritate her!!! Now I also got a way to irritate her..*Smirking* That irritates her!!! Come on Arnav, now its your turn to torture her’

Arnav was totally happy torturing her.

Khushi : FINE! Sir, I’m here to give you these papers which I have typed.

Arnav sits and asks her to come near him.

Arnav : Khushi, bring that papers near me.

Khushi came near him.

Arnav : Now bend down, what do you find there??

Khushi bends down and she was thinking ‘Is he out of mind?!’

Arnav : So what do you find there?

Khushi : Dustbin!

Arnav : Exactly! Now dump those papers there.

Arnav smirked.

Khushi : Kya?????? But kyun????

Arnav : What will I do with unwanted papers Ms Khushi Kumari Gupta??

Now only Khushi understands everything.

Khushi : Matlab?!!! You were wasting my time past 6 hours!!!!! You made me to take notes and asked me to type it to while away my time!!!!!!

Arnav : Kitne brilliant ho tum(How brilliant are you)..You understood so soon, Aacha now throws those papers inside the dustbin and leave my cabin!!

Khushi glared looking at him and dumped the papers inside the Dustbin.

Arnav : Don’t you dare to mess with me again!

Khushi fumed in anger and she left his cabin.

Khushi’s thoughts ‘How dare he!!! How dare!!! Erghhh!!!!! I should do something!!!!! Huh!’

She comes back to her place.

Meanwhile Shyam and Aansh were buying gifts for Anjali.

Aansh : Papa, mama likes red roses some bunch of red roses.

Shyam : Haan ok Aansh then let us get her a necklace set too..ok??

Shyam and Aansh were in a mission to console Anjali.

Back to Akash and Payal.

Payal wasn’t able to tolerate his silence anymore. Payal broke the long silence.

Payal : Akashji!

Akash just hmm-ed.

Payal : Stop the car!

Akash was shocked and he looked at Payal instantly.

Payal : I said stop the car Akashji!!

Akash stopped the car. Akash looked at Payal.

Payal : What’s wrong?

Akash remained silent.

Payal : Akashji!! I’m asking to you only!! Why aren’t you talking with me from the time we started from AR??

Akash stared looking at Payal.

Payal : Sir?! I’m asking to you only Akashji!!!

Akash : Don’t you know the reason????

Payal : No, I don’t!!

Akash : Really?? Don’t you know that I always stare looking at you?? Don’t you know that I always search for the ways to talk with you!!? Don’t you know why I’m doing all this??

Payal remained silent.

Akash : I know that you know what I’m trying to say Payal!!

Payal looked the other side in anger. Akash was almost shouting on her.

Akash : Look at me!

Payal turned and she glared looking at him.

Akash : FINE! GET THIS IN YOUR MIND!!!  YES, I LOVE YOU!! I fell in love with you, the day you joined AR!!!

Payal turned her face and she looked outside.

Akash : Payal! Now you would have heard! Yes, I LOVE YOU! You get that!!? Yes, I love you past one year!! Can’t you feel my love??!!!

Payal did not respond. Akash punched the steering and he started his car again.

They reached AR. Payal got down not even looking at Akash. Akash was hurt by her ignorance.

One side Khushi was fuming in anger because of Arnav and other side Payal was all silent since she returned. Akash was also looking gloomy. Akash informed Arnav that the deal was successful and he left his cabin with the Devdas look. Arnav was confused looking at Akash’s gloomy face.

Arnav's thoughts "He should be happy as he went with Payal, but why is he looking gloomy??"

It was evening.The office time got over. Khushi and Payal started for home. Payal was also silent all way and in the other side Arnav, Akash also started for home. Akash was also silent.

Arnav : Akash? What’s wrong with you??

Akash : Kuch nahi Bhai..

Arnav : Akash?

Akash looks at Arnav. Akash took a deep breath.

Akash : Bhai, I proposed her!!

Arnav stopped the car all sudden.

Arnav : What???? I mean what did she say??

Akash : She said nothing, she started to ignore me bhai!!

Arnav : So that’s the reason! Okay, wait why don’t you give her some time??

Akash : Lets not talk about his now bhai..

Akash was so sad. Arnav felt helpless. Arnav thought of giving him some space.

Mean while,

Anjali reached Purple Orchid.

Shyam and Aansh reached there. Anjali was shocked seeing them there.

Anjali : Aap?? Matlab, Chote helped you????

In Khushi’s house,

Khushi and Payal were in their room. Payal went inside the washroom. She did not come out for about 30 minutes. Khushi felt something weird. She started knocking.

Khushi : Jiji?? Kya hua??

Payal wiped her tears. She washed her face and came out.

Khushi : Jiji?? What’s wrong?? After coming back from Mr Khanna’s office you are silent??? What’s wrong jiji??

Payal : Kuch nahi Khushi(Nothing much Khushi)..I’m just tired.

Khushi : Jhoot mat bholiye jiji!!!(Don't lie!!!!) I know about you!!

Payal remained silent.

Khushi : I’m asking you only jiji!! Look, if you aren’t saying then I will go and say to amma!!

Payal looked at her instantly.

Khushi : Fine, you are not going to say jiji?? Okay, I will say to amma that you cried. You speak directly with amma.

Payal : Khushi no!!

Khushi stopped.

Payal : Fine, I will say..

Payal told what ever happened. Khushi eyes widened in shock.

Khushi : Matlab Akash Sir is in love with you!! Aacha so only he said even he is like my jiju when Shyam sir said he like my bhai!!

Precap :

Anjali : Are you both sure? This would workout..?

Shyam : Hope so..

Arnav : Don’t worry di..We will unite them.



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Apr 27, 2017

Part 5.... (By Khushisingh96) (Thanked: 44 times)

Here comes the next update :

Payal told what ever happened. Khushi eyes widened in shock.

Khushi : Matlab Akash Sir is in love with you!! Aacha so only he said even he is like my jiju when Shyam sir said he like my bhai!!


Anjali reached Purple Orchid.

Shyam and Aansh reached there. Anjali was shocked seeing them there.

Anjali : Aap?? (Now Anjali understood who is the client Arnav has mentioned is none other then her husband) Matlab, Chote helped you????

Shyam stared looking at Anjali, thinking what to say. Aansh started pulling Shyam’s pant and he looked at Shyam and whispered silently ‘Papa, kuch to kijiye(Dad, do something)..Mumma looks very angry’ . Shyam was like Abb kya karoon(What will I do).

Anjali : So that is why you were there in Aansh school to pick him up!!

Anjali looked at Aansh. Aansh smiled looking at her innocently showing his broken front teeth.

Anjali : Aansh, come to mumma. Lets go back home.

Aansh was nodding his head like a good kid following his mumma’s orders and he came near her. Shyam was like ‘What the!’

Shyam : Aansh??!!

Aansh turned and looked at Shyam.

Shyam : (Kiddish tone, keeping his face sad) Papa ki bina tum jaa rahe ho??(Without dad you will go??)

Aansh wasn’t able to see his dad sad. He again came and stood near Shyam, holding his hand. Anjali saw this and her mouth formed a ‘O’ shape.

Anjali : F-i-n-e! Then I’m leaving!!

Anjali was about to turn around, ‘Anjali….’ Shyam calls her. when she heard Shyam calling her, she turned around to see him and she was shocked looking at him. Everyone there were looking at them only.

Shyam was kneeling down with his one leg and he had the bunch of red roses in his other hand.

Anjali : Shyamji? Kya karre aap?? Utiyae(What are you doing?? getup), everyone are looking at us only.

Shyam : Let they..

As Shyam was kneeling down by his one leg, he was upto Aansh’s level. Aansh whispered something in his ear and he ran towards Anjali.

Aansh : Mumma..Papa ko maaf kardo na..(Mom..Forgive dad na)

Saying this he dragged her towards Shyam and Aansh asked Shyam to start.

All of the sudden Shyam started to sing Tujhe dekha to yeh jaana sanam 

Pyaar hota hai deewana sanam  

Ab yahan se kahan jaaye hum 

Teri baahon mein mar jaaye hum 

(On seeing You, I've learned this sweetheart

That love is crazy, sweetheart

Now where shall I go from here?

I will die in your arms)’

As soon as he was singing ‘Teri baahon mein mar jaaye hum’ Anjali rushed towards him and she placed her hand on Shyam’s mouth and nodded as no saying ‘Don’t even sing a song where it says ‘I will die in your arms’ Shyamji..I can’t live without you and I can’t let you die.

She made Shyam to stand up and Aansh din’t get what his mumma was saying but he was happy seeing them together like that. Anjali hugged Shyam emotionally. Shyam broke the hug and looked deep in her eyes. To make her smile he started speaking.

Shyam : (Smirking) There might be scarcity of water in India but you know the actual scarcity of water should be in girl’s eyes (Damn he, he din’t like to see tears in his wife’s eyes). How easily you open your water tank.

Anjali beats his chest for making fun of her. Shyam stopped her from doing it and cupped her face saying ‘Maaf kardo na mujhe’ .

He extended the red roses to her, she glared looking at him first..Later chuckled thinking what and all her husband is doing to woo her. Shyam smiled widely and showed thumbs up to Aansh. Anjali took the flowers from him.

Anjali : (Smirked) Maafkiya..(Forgave)

 Aansh was clapping his hand happily seeing them together. Seeing Aansh clapping, everyone who were looking at the couple also started clapping seeing their love for eachother.

Anjali blushed looking at Shyam and whispered silently to Shyam ‘Kya kiya aapne(What have you done) Shyamji, everyone are looking at us only’ . She looked down shyly.

Shyam looked towards everyone ‘Well sorry for disturbing you all, kya karoon it happens between husband and wife’.

Everyone smiled and they were back to their business and not to disturb the couple.

Shyam dragged the chair to let Anjali sit, Anjali is still blushing looking at her husband.  Shyam made Aansh to sit with Anjali and he took the opposite seat.

Aansh : Amma, aapko roses pasand agaya?? (Mom, you liked the roses??)

Anjali looked at Shyam and them looked at Aansh and replied ‘Haan, bahutttt pasand aaya..woh bhi meri favorite hai na’(I loved it..that too my favourite) saying this she kissed his cheek.

Aansh : Mujhe patha hai amma(I know Mom), isliye(so) I asked papa to give you red roses.

Anjali looked at Shyam.

Anjali : Learn everything from Aansh, Shyamji. See how he is taking care of his mumma’s happiness.

Shyam glared looking at Aansh for revealing that he is the one who asked to give red roses. Aansh giggled looking at Shyam. Anjali was silently giggling looking at Shyam and Aansh.

Aansh : Papa..EEEEEEEE (He showed his teeth as if smiling to pull his papa’s legs)

Shyam chucked looking at Aansh’s reaction and he smirked looking at Anjali. Anjali was wondering why was he smriking looking at her.

Shyam : Aansh baby ke saath, unki papa ko bhi patha hai ki, kya pasand hai unki biwi ko.. (Along with Aansh baby, even his dad knew what and all his wife likes)

Anjali : ky..kya?(Wh..What?)

Aansh : Papa, give it..Give it..

Anjali was looking at Aansh wondering what Shyam is going to give. Shyam took out a gift box which was beside him. He extended it to her, smirking.

Anjali was feeling special as she was surrounded with her Son and husband’s love. Anjali was excited seeing his gift.

Anjali : kya hai iss mae?(What is in this?)

Shyam : Kholo aur dekho..(Open and see)

Anjali smiled and she started opening it. Shyam and Aansh were looking at her only.

There was beautiful necklace set inside the gift box. Anjali was now left with happy tears now. One side, Aansh has asked Shyam to gift red roses and in the other side Shyam gifted her a necklace set. She was overwhelmed by the love showered by them. Shyam and Aansh looked at each other and they were happy seeing Anjali happy. Anjali looked at Shyam.

Anjali : I love you Shyamji..

Shyam : I love you too Anji..

Aansh with puppy face “Then you both don’t love me??”

Aansh looked at the ground frowning his face.

Shyam got up and lifted him in his arm and Anjali stood up and she said ‘Awwww, how can we stop loving our prince?? Hai na Shyamji??’ Shyam kissed Aansh cheeks.

Aansh looked at Shyam and Anjali. Shyam winked looking at Anjali, and gestured her to do something. Aansh was still pouting his lips as his mumma and papa did not say they love him. Anjali kissed his left cheek and Shyam kissed his right cheek in unison and they shouted together ‘We love you baby’

Aansh closed his mouth in happiness and showed his teeth in happiness as his mumma, papa kissed him and as they said they love him.

Aansh : Aansh also loves his mumma, papa..

He said proudly. Shyam and Anjali chuckled looking at their son. Later they all sat to have their dinner. They felt like a complete  and contended family with happiness. Shyam and Anjali were eating and side by side they would feed Aansh.


Khushi : Jiji? What did you say to Akash Sir?

Payal remained silent.

Khushi : Jiji?

Payal : What do you expect me to do so Khushi? I stopped talking with him.

Khushi : Lekin kyun jiji?

Payal : Khushi? Are you asking me to accept his proposal??

Khushi : uh..but Akash sir loves you deeply na jiji..

Payal : Khushi? Don’t you know amma and babuji wanted us to marry someone of their choice. You expect me to break their heart?

Khushi : Mera matlab voh nahi jiji, may be Akash Sir can ask your hands from Amma, babuji hai na??

Payal : Khushi, leave me alone..

Khushi : Tk, say me one thing..Don’t you love Akash Sir?

Payal looked at her. She did not reply anything.

Garima came inside calling them and Khushi and Payal looked shocked looking at their amma at this time.

Garima : Arrey kya hua? Why you both are looking at us like that??

Payal looked at Khushi..

Khushi : Voh..voh kuch nahi amma (UH..uh nothing mom)

Garima : Aacha? (oh Really?)

Khushi : Haan amma, bas jiji was looking tired because of work so I was just trying to change her mood..bas ye hai bath..

Garima came near Payal and looked at her.

Garima sensed something was wrong with her daughters. She waited to know it from them so she did not pressure them.

Khushi : Kya hua amma??(What happened amma??)

Payal : Haan amma, you don’t worry..Hum thik hai..

Garima : Ok, come lets have dinner..waise I came to call you both for having dinner only. Khushi immediately nodded ok and left down with Payal. Payal did not feel like eating but still she don’t want her amma to get tensed because of her so she ate for Khushi and her amma’s sake.

They completed their dinner quickly and went to their room.

Shashi : What happened to them?

Garima : Patha nahi Shashiji, they both are behaving like this from the time I went to call them for dinner.

Shashi : Arey Garima, don’t worry..They are well matured, if something important means they would let us know. So stop worrying.

Garima smiled little confused. She cleaned the table and she also went to their room with Shashi.


In Raizada mansion,

Arnav went to check Akash in his room to console him and ask him to join for dinner but he refused to come.

Dining Area.

 Nani, Mama, Mami, Arnav were alone present.

Nani : It looks so silent without Anjali, Damad and Aansh..

Nani looked at Arnav.

Nani : Akash kahan?? Chote..

Mami : Hello Hi Bye bye, Arnav bitwa..Kya hua?? Akash bitwa ko??

Arnav : Voh.. (Arnav din’t know what to say)

Mama : Haan Arnav, Kahan hai Akash?

Arnav : Ek minute.

Arnav called HP and asked him to send Akash’s food to his room and warned him to say that his bhai has ordered him to eat it.

Mami : Arnav bitwa?? He isn’t feeling well?? He din’t talk to me even after coming back home..

Mami was lil worried now.

Arnav : No no, everything is fine mami. He just had lot of works, he is just tired that’s it..

Mami nodded a ok and they all started to have their dinner.

They completed their dinner. Arnav went directly to Akash’s room and saw the plate still with food. He himself stood there and made sure to eat him in front of his eyes, Akash tried to avoid but Arnav wasn’t that easy to go out .He asked Akash to eat and without no option Akash completed having his food. After Akash completed having his food, Arnav hugged Akash and left to his room.

Arnav was waiting in his room for Shyam’s arrival. He thought of calling him but thought not to stress him right now so he remained silent.

Mami meanwhile came to Arnav’s room and gave him milk (As she equally treats Arnav, Akash and Anjali as her son/daughter) .

She gave the milk to Arnav and she left to Akash’s room. Akash refused to drink milk later, for his mom he drank it. He hugged his mom. Mamiji was confused. Akash was never like this.

Mami : Akash bitwa kya hua?

Akash : Kuch nahi maa, aap jaaye..Bahut dher ho chuki hai. I just felt like hugging bas yun hi..

Mami cupped his face and smiled looking at him and she left the room.

Shyam, Anjali and Aansh returned back home and Aansh already slept in car.

Anjali took Aansh to their room. Shyam was also about to enter his room, later he thought of thanking Akash and Arnav for helping him in wooing Anjali. So he excused himself and went to Arnav’s room.

Shyam : Arnav..

Arnav instantly closed his laptop seeing Shyam.

Arnav : Shyam!! Atlast you are back!! Guess what happened today??

Shyam : Kya?? I mean Kya hua??

Arnav : Akash proposed Payal!!!

Shyam : What? Akash proposed Payal??

Arnav started to narrate whatever happened from start till now.

Arnav : and Shyam, now is totally depressed as she started ignoring him!!

Shyam was worried for Akash now, he knows how much Akash loves Payal.

Shyam and Arnav were thinking what to do further.

In the otherside, Akash came out of his room and he came to the living room. He felt suffocated being alone in his room. He took out his mobile and tried calling Payal but she disconnected his call. She irked him more.

Akash was sitting holding his forehead. Anjali came down to drink water as the water jug in her room was empty. She was shocked to see Akash sitting in the living room all alone.

Anjali went near Akash.

Anjali : Akash?

Akash : Di..

As soon as he saw Anjali, he stood up and hugged her tightly. Anjali sensed something was wrong with Akash.

Anjali took him along with her to his room. She made Akash to drink water which was in the table. She made him to relax and waited for him to open up, but he was still silent.

Anjali : Akash? I’m your di only na?? Won’t you share with me?

Anjali sat near him. Akash looked at Anjali.

Akash : I love someone di..

Akash started to say everything to Anjali. Anjali was at first surprised that he loved someone and both her husband and chote knew it but they din’t say to her and top of it Payal ignored him..

Anjali : Akash, ok first relax..Don’t pressure yourself. Why don’t you give her sometime? Everything will be alright and who can reject my bhai?

Akash : But she has rejected me already di..

Anjali : Did she say you she don’t love you??

Akash nodded as no.

Anjali : Phir kya..wait and give her some time and now you don’t keep your face like that..I love to see your smile.

Saying that she asked Akash to sleep and she caresses his forehead to make him sleep. As he had a support from his di and as he shared everything with his di..He felt lite now and he din’t know when sleep took over him. Anjali also came out of his room.

In Arnav’s room, Arnav and Shyam decided to speak about this to Payal tomorrow and bidding bye to Arnav, Shyam came outside only to bump with Anjali. Shyam was shocked seeing Anjali at this time. As soon as Anjali saw Shyam. She pushed Shyam inside Arnav’s room and she entered inside. Arnav was shocked seeing Anjali.

Anjali : Why din’t you both say me?

Arnav and Shyam looked at eachother. They weren’t sure what she was asking about.

Arnav : Say what di?

Shyam : Haan Anjali, what should we both say now?

Arnav looked at Shyam.

Arnav : May be good night? (Looking at Anjali) Good night di?

Shyam gave a look like ‘Are you sure?’ to Arnav.

Anjali gritted her teeth getting irked.

Anjali : I’m talking about Payal!!

Shyam and Arnav looked at eachother in big shock.

Shyam smiled looking at Arnav.

Shyam : Eh..uh Anjali, Payal is already in your leg only why to talk about Payal?

Arnav : Or you need new Payal di?? And I’m sure Shyam will get you one..

Shyam and Arnav winked looking at each other. Anjali came near them and twisted their ears.

Arnav : Ouch!! Di?

Shyam : Anjali, its paining..****o na

Anjali : I’m talking about Akash’s Payal, He told me everything!! Why din’t you both tell me before itself.

Arnav and Shyam apologised to her and Anjali was in no mood to fight with them as she was worried for Akash.

Anjali : Abb kya karoon? (Now what to do?)

Shyam and Arnav informed her that they decided to talking with Payal tomorrow.

Anjali : Are you both sure? This would workout..

Shyam : Hope so..

Arnav : Don’t worry di..We will unite them.

Anjali nodded her head and she left their room with Shyam.


Precap :

Akash : I told you right bhai/jijaji , see now she din’t come to office today!!

Saying this Akash went to his cabin, Shyam went behind Akash to console him. Arnav looked at Khushi.

Arnav’s thoughts ‘To unite this Ram and Sita I need a monkey and I think I have got that monkey already(He looked at Khushi)’



May 2, 2017

Part 6.... (By Khushisingh96) (Thanked: 45 times)

Part 6 :

Payal was disturbed thinking the whole night about Akash. She did not want to marry a boy out of her parents choice. She decided to be in a mute with Akash.

Payal’s thoughts ‘Sorry Akashji, I know I’m hurting you by avoiding and disconnecting your call..but no I can’t ditch my parents’ .

Payal was crying. She turned the other side looking at sleeping Khushi. She hugged Khushi and slept, sobbing silently.


Khushi’s alarm was ringing.

Khushi : Jiji!!! Off that..

Khushi was talking in half sleep.

Still the alarm was ringing, Khushi woke up getting irritated. She off-ed the alarm and looked at Payal. She was still sleeping.

Khushi : Ye jiji ko kya hogaya aaj? She will only wake me daily na?

She went near Payal and shook her and that’s when she was shocked. Her body was burning so hot.

Khushi tried to wake her up and Payal opened her eyes slowly. Her eyes were swollen, she understood what would be the reason of the fever.

Payal : Khushi..

Khushi : Jiji, why are you hurting yourself?

Payal tried getting up.

Khushi : What are you trying to do jiji?

Payal : Office..

Khushi : Aacha? You are burning as if you landed here from SUN! and you are all ready to go for office?! First take rest today! I will inform in office that you won’t be coming today!

Payal : No Khushi.

Khushi : Jiji I swear if you step out from bed for office!! Then I will say everything to amma..that too about Akash sir!!

Payal : Khushi, you are blackmailing your sister?

Khushi : Haan toh kya? First sleep, let me call amma!

Khushi goes to her parents room and informs them. Her mom comes with a medicine which she has right now to cure her. After checking the temperature she gave her medicine.

Garima : Khushi you don’t worry, I will take care of your ladli jiji..Now you leave for office!!

Khushi : Meri jiji ki bina mein kaise? (How will I go alone without Jiji?)

Payal : Aacha? Someone told me they will go to office today.

Khushi : I should go alone na jiji..

Shashi entered in.

Shashi : You have your bodyguard lovely(Scooty) Khushi, hai na?

Khushi hugged her father.

Khushi : Why you all are rushing to send me to office?

She pouted.

Khushi : Tk, Take care jiji..I will get ready and leave with my lovely.

Saying this Khushi got ready and she had her breakfast and left for office.


Khushi parked her scooty.

Khushi : Lovely, ye kya moosibat hai?? (Lovely, where have we stuck?)

She was still looking at her lovely. That’s when the Shyam, Arnav and Akash parked the car and got down. They saw Khushi all alone with her scooty.

Arnav’s thoughts ‘Lo phirse this pagal started her conversation with her Dappa Scooty!’. He smirked. Akash was searching Payal around Khushi. Shyam was looking at his two Saale Sab’s wondering what these two were thinking, as one Saale Sab was smirking and other Saale Sab was searching. Akash turned towards Shyam and Arnav.

Akash : I told you right bhai/jijaji , see now she din’t come to office today!!

Saying this Akash went to his cabin, Shyam went behind Akash to console him. Arnav looked at Khushi.

Khushi : Lovely, bye I need to leave now..What to do? Even I feel lonely without jiji today. Look, I’m alone speaking! Why don’t you reply me?!

Arnav was like ‘What the!’ . Khushi hits her forehead.

Khushi : Hum bhi na! How will you speak lovely but you are always my priority because I bought you with my money. My own pocket money which I had with me from childhood so you are always close to my heart. What to do now I should leave you also alone like I left jiji alone in home. Now if I don’t leave that Arnav Singh Raizada will eat me alive he such a big Kadoos Lovely, Ok bye..

Saying this she turned around and she was shocked looking at fuming Arnav.

Khushi : Hey Devi Maiya, I think he heard me talking about him.

Arnav : Haan I heard even now!

He gritted his teeth and came near her. Khushi smiled sheepishly and she ran away before he could catch hold of her. Arnav was enjoying seeing her getting afraid of him.

She entered her cubicle and breathed heavily.

Khushi : Thank god, I escaped from that Laad governor otherwise he would have poured out all his anger on me and his black magic effect on me!!!!  Baaprey I should stay away from him!!

Arnav came to his cabin and saw Khushi restlessly speaking to herself. He smirked looking at her.

Arnav : I know you speak with non-living things but now it conformed Khushi Kumari Gupta that you escaped from some asylum or any circus!

Then Arnav thought how to solve Akash’s problem. He looked at Khushi.

Arnav : The only way to connect Payal is Khushi.

Arnav’s thoughts ‘To unite this Ram and Sita I need a monkey and I think I have got that monkey already(He looked at Khushi)’

Arnav : BUT ARNAV SINGH RAIZADA seeking help from that monkey?! Impossible! (He thinks) May be I can make her seek help from me.

He smirks. Arnav’s thoughts ‘Fine, so let me call her to my cabin then I will make everything my way’


Khushi mean while informed that Payal is in leave today. She came to her Cubicle and she was working. Khushi saw Akash all gloomy and Shyam trying to cheer him up. Khushi sensed what might have happened.

Khushi : Ye kya hai Devi Maiya? Why don’t jiji allow Akash sir to ask hands from babuji and amma, he is a good guy only na then why is jiji doing like this Devi Maiya. I can’t see jiji like this. I know she got fever because of this matter only.

Khushi intercom started to beep. Khushi attended the call. It was Arnav who called her.

Arnav : Monkey, come immediately to my cabin! ABHI! (NOW!)

Khushi’s mouthed formed a perfect ‘O’ shape.

Khushi : Monkey?!!! ME? Do I look like a monkey?!

Arnav cursed himself for calling her monkey in a flow.

Arnav : Uh, I meant come immediately after getting Mr Maan’s key and not monkey!

Khushi : I don’t have Mr Maan’s key!

Arnav : I meant take his file from your locked drawer I meant that key of yours and the file inside it!! I know, you would hear me calling you as monkey, it happens when you yourself is one of them. Its ok, come now to my cabin.

Not leaving any chance he disconnected the call.

Khushi : How dare he?! How dare he called me?? Me? Monkey again?!!! And who the hell is Mr Maan?!I know he purposely called me Monkey and Mr MaanKey was his excuse!

She fumed in anger and entered inside his cabin as is she has all rights to enter his cabin without even knocking. Khushi looked at him. Arnav smirked looking at her.

Khushi : You called me monkey?! ME?!

Arnav : (Smirking) Ms Monkey, actually you are a monkey indeed!

Khushi : You are calling me monkey directly looking at my face!

Arnav : Of course if you are a human, then you would know some basic manners! Don’t know you know to knock and enter inside your boss’s cabin Ms Monkey!?

Arnav smirked again.

Khushi : Stop calling me like that!!

Arnav : Fine you are right, tail is missing hai na? that’s your problem (He thinks) I got a solution for that too, what about the name ‘Tailless Monkey’??

Khushi closed her eyes getting irked.

Arnav : Don’t you think you should obey my orders?

Khushi : Kya? (What?)

Arnav : Jao (Go), go out..Knock the door and than enter inside my cabin, if suppose you are obeying this then you can resign your job and I can win over you.

Khushi came near him ‘You know what? Sach mae you are a Laad Governor!’

Arnav : What the!

Khushi turned around, she went out and knocked the door from outside . ‘May I come in Laad Governorji’

Arnav was irked now.

Arnav : Actually Boss is better.

Khushi chucked seeing his irked face. Arnav asked her to enter.

Khushi : (Imitated) Actually Khushi is better.

Both Arnav and Khushi chuckled looking at their counter for each other.

Arnav : Well, to say you know we are hell bend to irritate each other and that’s why I was doing that!

Khushi was surprised seeing him speaking so casually with her.

Khushi : Same goes here. I have no idea why I love irritating you all the time Sir.

Arnav : Its ok, fine. I want to clear some things so shall we keep our irritating mission aside for some while?

Khushi now understood why he was speaking nicely with her.

Khushi : Aap ko kuch chayiye? (You need something?)

Arnav : Excuse me?

Khushi : I wonder why you are being nice to me Sir.

Arnav : Khushi, Don’t start again. Look, I don’t want another argument and I’m doing it for our goodness only because after marriage we will become relatives so I thought to avoid that rift between us.

Arnav tried to hint her about what he was going to talk but Khushi being Khushi understood it in a perfectly wrong manner.

Khushi : Kya?????? Shaadi??? No ways!! I can’t marry you! How on earth Khushi Kumari Gupta and Arnav Singh Raizada can marry each other?!! Erhgggg I hate you!!! You might love me but it’s a clear rejection from my side!!!!!

Arnav : What the!

Khushi : I should ask that Arnavji! What the! (She asked it in the same tone)

Arnav : You know what?! You always prove me I’m right! How on earth I will talk about OUR marriage dammit! I’m talking about Akash and Payal’s marriage!!!!!

Khushi now understood about which marriage and which relationship Arnav was talking about. Khushi smiled sheepishly.

Arnav : That will never happen in dreams also Khushi!! Just imagine, seriously hum duno ek roof mein?? (We both in one roof??)

Khushi already started imagining,

Khushi was in a beautiful saree and standing infront a mirror and Arnav was hugging her from behind.

Khushi : Arnavji, aaj hum kaise hai? (How am I looking today?)

Arnav : (Husky) Khushi..

Khushi : Hmmm

Arnav : You..

Khushi : Hmm

Arnav : You are looking..

Khushi : I’m looking what Arnavji..

Arnav : You already look like monkey only now you look exactly like how a makeup-ed monkey would like.

Khushi’s imagination stops. Her mouth shaped in ‘O’.

Khushi : After marriage also you will call me Monkey, that too makeup-ed Arnavji?

Arnav : Excuse me?

Khushi : Ku..kuch nahi. (No..Nothing)

Khushi’s thoughts ‘Huh, look now I started dreaming with open eyes. No khushi, you should not marry him!! After marriage also he will call you like makeup-ed monkey!!’

Khushi pouted.

Arnav : Khushi, literally you are wasting my time!!

Khushi : Sir, but you only called me.

Arnav took a deep breath.

Arnav : Khushi, look first lets stop arguing and can you keep your mouth shut for sometime so that you understand my POV!

Khushi remained silent as if obeying him.

Arnav : Look Khushi,understand and I hope you know that Akash proposed your sister. I can’t see Akash sad like this!

Khushi : Even I can’t see my jiji like that Arnavji.

Arnav was not able to handle Khushi at times. One time she was calling him Sir the next time she was calling him Arnavji, when she calls him Arnavji he was always feeling like flying in air. He calmed himself from his thoughts.

Arnav : You know? Akash din’t eat yesterday and I forced him to eat and your sister in the other side is ignoring him dammit!

Khushi : My jiji also din’t eat, I only forced her to have food and she was crying the whole night and that’s why she got sick and suffering from fever now!

Arnav : She cried?

Khushi : I din’t see her crying but I saw her eyes swollen and she was having high fever when I woke up today. I saw her crying when she came from office yesterday Arnavji.

Arnav : Why did she cry?

Khushi : Patha nahi (Don't know) Arnavji..

Arnav : Why did she avoid Akash?

Khushi : Patha nahi (Don't know) Arnavji..

Arnav : What the hell then do you know Khushi?! She is your sister and you don’t know why she cried, why she avoided you?!! Say me one things, Can you see a Taj Mahal from here?!

Khushi : No Arnavji..

Arnav : You know what? You answered rightly for only this question!

Khushi : Fine! I’m sorry I will say!! Voh..Babuji and Amma wants us to marry a groom whom they select for us so only Jiji is avoiding Akash sir.

Arnav : And you are supporting your jiji in this by avoiding my brother?

Khushi : Aisa nahi hai Arnavji..She was trying to stick to her words.

Arnav : Then what about my brother Khushi ? Wait, if she wants us to ask for her hands from your parents then we would be ready to do it right?! Whats the problem in that?

Khushi : Right Arnavji, I understand!! I asked the same to jiji that Akash Sir can ask for your hands from Babuji and amma but I don’t know why she isn’t accepting it Arnavji!! She is not saying why she is not ready to accept for this option too! Toh hum kya kar sakte?

Arnav : What? She even denied with even this option?

Khushi : Haan Arnavji.

That’s when Akash and Shyam entered and heard their final conversation. Akash was totally hurt hearing it.

Akash : Does she hate me to that level Khushi?

Shyam and Arnav looked helplessly looking at Akash.

Khushi : Sir, but when I asked whether she loves you..She neither denied or accepted. She never told me she hates you.

Akash : And she never told you she loves me right?

Khushi : There might be something which is bothering jiji, Sir. Please have patience I will talk with jiji. Please trust me. Devi Maiya ki kasam.



Precap :

Khushi calls Payal. She puts the speaker on, so that Shyam-Arnav-Akash could hear it.

Khushi : Jiji, if you are not going to say me the actual reason..I swear..I..uh..Swear I will never return back home and will go somewhere else or or I will jump off some cliff or hang myself fan!!

Arnav and Shyam looked at Khushi like ‘Really?’. Khushi winked looking at them. Arnav and Shyam chuckled. Akash was thinking at least by this way he got a chance to hear her voice after a complete 24 hours of their mute conversation.



May 10, 2017

Part 7.. (By Khushisingh96) (Thanked: 41 times)

Part 7 :

Akash : No Khushi, I’m sure Payal is not going to change her opinion!!

Shyam : Akash, why don’t you give her some time. Relax, we understand how much you love her.

Akash : Its Payal who should understand jijaji!!

Arnav : Akash, won’t you trust us?

Khushi was looking at the three men. They were in their own world and they never thought that about her that even she was IN the plan to unite Payash. Khushi cleared her throat to get their attention but none of them looked at her. The three men were engrossed in their baseless argument.

Khushi folded her arms and sat in chair pouting looking at three.

10 minutes passed away and the three men were still arguing within themselves, Khushi got bored. She took her mobile and she started to play until she gets some attention from them. That’s when Arnav heard some game sound and he looked at Khushi. He was shocked seeing her. He, Akash, Shyam everyone were standing and she was all cool and sitting, that too playing some damn game in her mobile.

Arnav : What the!

Arnav gestured Akash and Shyam to look at Khushi. All the three men folded their hand near their chest and looked at her to get her attention.

Khushi was talking to herself ‘Huh, phir se out!! This game is so difficult..Let me play Burger game..’ That’s when Khushi realised that the room was utter silent. She shifted her gaze from her mobile and she looked up. Her eyes met the three men who were folding their hand near their chest and looking at her. Khushi stood up immediately. Khushi smiled sheepishly.

Arnav : Here we are discussing seriously and you are playing some random game in your mobile? Seriously, are you a kid to play even now?

Khushi : Its not that I should be a kid to play!! Anyone can play any game at any age!

Khushi pouted.

Shyam : Wait, don’t start your fight again, Arnav and Khushi!!

Arnav : Then look at her Shyam!! She is playing instead of helping us!!

Khushi : (Looking at Arnav) Phir what will I do? You three were so engrossed in your baseless argument Arnavji!!!! And you three never considered me to be a part of this plan!! Then what do you expect from me?(Looking at Shyam) I’m here to help you all but you three were busy in arguing!! (Looking at Akash) and what do you think Sir? If you be all gloomy and talk like a Devdas you will get back your love?? If you have the guts to love a girl then you should equally have the guts to face her rejection too and instead of thinking what to do to make her feel your true love, your fussing around thinking she hates you? Did she say she hates you? NO! Then why are you jumping into your own conclusions?? (Now Looking at all the three) That’s the problem with you men!! Stop jumping into your own conclusions!! (Disclaimer: I don’t know if all men jump into their own conclusions. According to this part, the statement spoken by Khushi is a must. So the men whom I mentioned here includes Akash, Shyam and Arnav alone. So I’m not mentioning anyone else apart from the imaginary characters)

Khushi spoke everything in a go out of frustration. The men were blown out hearing it. They never saw this side of Khushi, She was always so playful and they never saw her behaving maturely. They were equally amazed and they understood its their mistake that they din’t acknowledge her presence so she started to stick with her phone.

Akash took a deep breath.

Akash : Khushi, I’m sorry.

Khushi : No sir, you need not have to be sorry.

Khushi : (Looking at Shyam, purposely to avoid Arnav) You guys carry on Sir and handle the problem in your own way. I think you people never need my help. So, let me continue with my work.

Arnav was totally irked by her behaviour. She was purposely ignoring him. Arnav was angry on her. Shyam keenly noticed the change on the both side.

Arnav : (Looking at Khushi) Right, we don’t need her help!

Shyam’s thoughts ‘(Looking at Arnav and Khushi) Kya chal raha hai in duno ki bech mae(What is going on between these two)..’

Khushi gave a cold looking at Arnav for his rude behavior. Khushi was about to turn and go but was stopped by Akash.

Akash : Khushi, you can’t go like that yaar!! I need your help.

Khushi turned around and smirked looking at Arnav.

Akash : (Looking at Arnav) Bhai, even I need your help. Please, you both stop fighting.

Shyam : Yes, Akash is right. Stop fighting guys!! Now come on shake your hands.

Arnav and Khushi stared looking at each other.

Akash and Shyam came forward and they said ‘Stop giving that angry glares looking at each other and come on do a hand shake’ saying this they both made Khushi and Arnav to shake their hands. Once their hand met, Khushi again got her abnormal heart beat. She smiled weekly looking at Arnav, so that he don’t find her restlessness. Arnav in the other side was confused with her smile.

Arnav’s thoughts ‘I think she gave up..hmm so I also can leave me grudge on her’. He also reciprocated her with the same weak smile. Still their hand was in handshaking mode.

Khushi’s thoughts ‘Ye hamesha kyun mere sath ho raha hai(Why is this always happening with me), I get this abnormal heartbeats and he will in return ask me if I got heartache and this happens only when Arnavji is around me!! I’m very sure now, he seriously has done some black magic on me’ . Khushi pouted and that’s when Shyam and Akash cleared their throat so that Arnav and Khushi stops concentrating on each other and look at them also. Khushi was the one who took back her hand and Arnav the next. They tried to act normal.

Akash : And now Khushi, yes you are right. I want to make things right. So, now what shall we do?

Shyam : Well, first we need to know why Payal is not okay to accept the proposal and(Looking at Khushi) because she is not even okay, even if we ask for her hand from your parents.

Arnav : And only Payal has got the answers for this questions Shyam.

Khushi : Ok, relax. I will find it now.

Arnav : Now? But how Khushi?

Akash : Yeah how?

Khushi : I will call and ask her.

Shyam : will she say if you ask?

Khushi : Acting toh karni hai(Acting should be performed) to make her answer to our questions. She is my sister and I know how to bring the answer from her mouth.

Arnav : Don’t you think you are going overboard?

Khushi : She is my jiji so there nothing overboard when it comes to jiji and I’m doing it for Akash sir and my jiji’s goodness. (Looking at Akash) Dekhiye Sir, your bhai is himself trying to make our plan flop.

She purposely told this to irritate him. Akash was feeling better now, he got some confidence because of Khushi. Shyam understood Khushi was pulling Arnav’s legs.

Shyam : Leave him Khushi, he is at times a spoilsport.

Khushi giggled.

Arnav : Excuse me?

Akash : Ok bhai you are excused, now please allow us to continue with our plan.

Khushi silently giggled. Arnav’s thoughts ‘What the! Nobody is considering my view! And they are behaving as if I’m talking to walls!! All because of this monkey!!’  Arnav glared looking at her. 

Shyam silently whispered in Arnav’s ears ‘She is not that bad, hai na Arnav?’ Arnav replied back ‘She never leaves a chance to irritate me Shyam!!’ . Arnav gave up and Shyam chuckled. Akash and Khushi were discussing seriously.

Shyam looking at Arnav ‘Arnav, now they forgot us’.

Arnav spoke aloud : (Looking at Khushi) Now someone is forgetting our presence Shyam..

Khushi fell on her own trap.

Khushi : both were discussing something so till that we were discussing.

Shyam : Relax Khushi, we were just pulling your legs.

Khushi smiled.

Akash : Ok guys, now khushi told me that she will call Payal. She will talk to her in front of us and we will hear the conversation silently. Okay?

Arnav : What? Its bad manners to hear others conversation Akash!

Khushi face-palmed.

Shyam : Din’t I say? He is a spoilsport guys!!

Arnav glared looking at Shyam. Akash, Shyam and Khushi chuckled.

Khushi : Arnavji, fine I accept its bad manners to hear other conversation. But don’t you know the statement ‘We can say 1000 lies and conduct a marriage’ (lol I guess in tamil it will be like ‘aaiyram poi solli oru kalyanam panalam’ :P I just said this in English :P ) . So everything is fair in Love and War Arnavji!!

Arnav : You know what Khushi? Instead of opting a job in AR you should become a lecturer, kitna bol rahe ho tum(How much you are speaking)!!

Arnav chuckled. Akash and Shyam controlled their laugh.

Khushi : Aap bhi na Sir..huh, fine now let me call jiji.

Khushi calls Payal. She puts the speaker on, so that Shyam-Arnav-Akash could hear it.

Khushi : Jiji, now how are you??

Payal : Hum thik hai Khushi(I'm fine Khushi).

Khushi : Amma and Babuji kahan hai?

Arnav was like thinking why isn’t she coming to point. Arnav asked her silently that ‘Come to the point Khushi!!’. Khushi closed her mobile with her duppatta and replied him silently that ‘No Arnavji, if I ask directly jiji will find we are planning something so let me handle’. Arnav rolled his eyes.


Payal : Khushi, you there??

Khushi : Haan haan jiji..

Payal : Amma went to market and Babuji to office Khushi, kyun?

Khushi : Thanks to devi maiya that they are not in home.

Payal : Kya?

Khushi : Ku..kuch nahi jiji..

Payal : Khushi?

Khushi : Jiji, I need to know something..

Payal : Not again Khushi!!

Khushi : Jiji, if you are not going to answer me now and if you try to change the topic then I will surely say everything to amma about Akash Sir!!! Is that ok?

Payal : Khushi don’t you think, you are blackmailing me from yesterday?

Khushi : I don’t know jiji, shall I say to amma?

Payal : Stop!!

Khushi : Haan yeah na?

Payal : Fine poocho(ask)! What you need to know?

Khushi : First say me you like Akash Sir?

Payal : Khushi?

Khushi : I know my name is Khushi, jiji!!!

Payal : I don’t wish to answer that question!!

Akash frowned.

Khushi : Oh? Then I wish to say this to amma!!

Shyam and Arnav chuckled looking at way she was blackmailing Payal.

Payal : I don’t want to hurt them Khushi, what will amma think when she knows about this?

Khushi : I don’t know about that jiji, now first say me..You like Akash Sir or not?

Payal remained silent.

Khushi : Should I take your silence as a yes jiji?

Akash, Arnav and Shyam were more eager now.

Khushi : (Sad) Jiji, please try to understand. Please speak up jiji..Won’t you share this with me jiji??

Payal : (Upset)Khushi..but why don’t we talk about this after you come back home?

Khushi : (Her sadness was visible in her tone) Fine jiji, so you don’t want to share anything with me? I’m no more important in your life hai na jiji??

Payal : Khushi stop this!! You know how much I love you!! Stop talking like that Khushi!!

Khushi : Then please give me a proper answer jiji, you like Akash sir or not?

Payal : Fine! Yes I like him!!!! I In fact love him and I even respect him for his behaviour with others!! He is perfect in always Khushi!!!

Payal poured her heart out. Akash wasn’t able to believe the sudden confession of hers. Shyam and Arnav were hugging him. Khushi showed a thumbs up looking at them.

Payal : But I can’t marry him Khushi!!!

Akash was about to talk but Shyam and Arnav closed his mouth.

Khushi : Kya?

Payal : I’m clear about this Khushi!! I can’t marry him!!

Khushi : I need an explanation for this jiji!!

Payal : Not anymore Khushi. Its over!

Khushi : Jiji, if you are not going to say me the actual reason..I swear..I..uh..Swear I will never return back home and will go somewhere else or or I will jump off some cliff or hang myself fan!!

Arnav and Shyam looked at Khushi like ‘Really?’. Khushi winked looking at them. Arnav and Shyam chuckled. Akash was thinking at least by this way he got a chance to hear her voice after a complete 24 hours of their mute conversation and her confession that she too loves him but he was confused why wasn’t she ready to marry him.

Payal : Khushi, stop this..Enough

Khushi : No jiji!!

Payal : Try to understand Khushi, we are not like them. Our life style is different from theirs. We are not like them. We can’t afford to keep relation with them and Babuji, Amma would hesitate to get a Rishta from the people like them. They are very rich Khushi. We can’t even imagine even living like them. Things won’t work and because of us what will the society think about them? No khushi, I can’t marry him..Their level is totally different from us. You very well know its only because of you, me and babuji we are running our family. If I leave the job then only you have to take care of the family and Babuji is also going to retire in a month. So its our duty to take care of them.

Payal got bit emotional and Khushi also got emotional.

Khushi : Jiji, please don’t cry.

Payal : I need to take some rest Khushi, will talk later.

Saying this Payal disconnected the call and she started to sob. Khushi in the other side tried to hide tears from Shyam, Arnav and Akash. She wiped her tears off.

Khushi : I told you right Akash sir, see my jiji loves you and now you came to know why she rejected your proposal.

Akash : Khushi you think the life style of yours and ours will affect our relationship?

Khushi remained silent.

Arnav : Khushi? You think we will care about what the society speaks??

Khushi : But jiji is also right Arnavji..

Shyam : No Khushi, then you are totally wrong!! And if Akash marries your sister then its not your family alone!! It will equally be our family Khushi!! Hai na Akash?

Akash : Yes Khushi, if they are your parents then I’m also related to them Khushi!! How can Payal think like that?

Arnav : And Khushi, our family is not like how you both are thinking!! We don’t see classes and treat people!! Everyone are humans. Its doesn’t mean if we are rich we don’t have humanity!!

Khushi got emotional hearing their talks.

Akash : Stop crying Khushi, we are trying to make you understand the fact Khushi!! And if Payal is related to me then even your family is related to us.

Khushi : I understand how good you people are but..

Arnav : Khushi understand, in fact you people are leading a happy life. Why you both are worrying about unnecessary things. Uncle would even get his pensions. You both are thinking unwanted things!!

Khushi was thinking.

Akash : Khushi still you lack trust on us?

Khushi : No no Akashji..Its not like that..I was thinking about jiji.

Shyam : Fine, then I have a plan for that too.

Shyam told something to rest of them.

Khushi : Hope jiji understands..

Shyam : So, Akash tomorrow you are coming with Anjali to the near by temple near Khushi’s house and Khushi you are going to come with Payal there tomorrow exactly by 10.

Khushi : Lekin Sir, Anjaliji kaun?

Shyam : She is my wife Khushi. She know about Akash’s love and she is Arnav’s sister. She will make Payal understand.

Khushi : But tomorrow at 10? Office?

Arnav : Huh!! Too much Khushi you are!! I will not cut your salary just take an off along with Payal and Akash tomorrow!!

Khushi chuckled.

Khushi : Thank you Arnavji..

Khushi talked about the plan and left to her cabin.

Arnav : (Looking at Akash and Shyam) Sometimes she is too much yaar!! I wonder how they manage her at home!!  And I’m feeling sorry for the guy who is going to marry her!! She is really too much at times!!

Arnav sighed. Shyam thought of something and he chuckled.

Arnav : What?

Shyam: No actually you are feeling pity on yourself na..So only I couldn't hide my chuckle :P

Arnav at first dint get then only he understood what Shyam meant and Arnav glared looking at Shyam and Shyam tried changing the topic "So Akash abb Khush?"

Arnav : Why wont he be?? And don’t worry Akash I’m sure di will make her understand and try to make her understand what you are feeling.

Akash : Sure bhai..

At last there came a smile on his face. Shyam and Arnav felt relaxed.

Akash and Shyam also left to their cabin. Shyam informed everything to Anjali and Anjali was also ok to meet Payal the next day along with Akash.

And for first time Arnav and Khushi tried to speak calm with each other even though they mocked each other in between.

Khushi was happy with what Akash, Shyam and Arnav told. Khushi started to speak with herself in her cabin.

Khushi : Hope jiji understands everything Devi Maiya, I would love to see my jiji happy and I don’t need anything else other then this.I know only Akash Sir can keep her happy. Please do something Devi Maiya.

This was also watched by Arnav. He was passing by her cabin for a meeting and he stopped seeing her talking to herself. He chuckled looking at her antics and he went for the meeting.

Precap :

At temple,

Anjali whispered silently to Akash ‘Akash, she looks so beautiful. Don’t worry I will make her understand’

Akash blushed.

Anjali replied ‘But who is the other girl that one plait girl near her? She also looks pretty hai na..She will be good for Chote na?’

Akash replied ‘She is Khushi, di . Payal’s sister. You mean Bhai and Khushi? They are like Tom and Jerry di!! And you know bhai is not ready for marriage’

Anjali ‘Tom and jerry eh? Hmmm..Fine let me first clear your problem then will look into theirs’. Anjali chuckled.

Akash replied ‘Not bad di, that’s a good idea in fact. Only Khushi can handle Bhai’.

Anjali replied ‘So that’s a new information for me. Ok come, first introduce me to them. Let me first clear your way’.



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May 12, 2017

Part 8.... (By Khushisingh96) (Thanked: 37 times)

Part 8 :

Next day morning,

Khushi woke up before everyone in her house as today is D-Day as per their plan. She should take her jiji to the near by temple to convince her to marry Akash.

None in her house has woke up yet. She went near the Devi Maiya Idol in her table.

Khushi : Why I am feeling restless today?? And is some Volcano going to come in my life? Why I feel like my life is going to take a turn?? And today I should say something and some how take jiji with the me to temple. It should be her best day but why am I feeling nervous?? Hey devi maiya, stay with me.

She closer her eyes and did silent prayers.

Khushi : Fine let me conform with Akash Sir whether he is coming with his sister today for sure or not first.

Khushi checks the time. She thinks ‘Its 5:00 am will he be awake?..(she thinks) He should be awake after all he will get his love back today then how come he sleep??’

Khushi immediately dialled Akash’s number. The ring was going but there was no response.

Khushi : Arrey ye kya hai, is he sleeping? Ye kaise ho sakta.. (How is this possible?)

Khushi pouted.

Khushi : How can he sleep peacefully??

Meanwhile in Raizada Mansion Last Night,

12hours back (Night time)

Nights’s effect (Here you guys will know why Akash din’t attend the call, what was he doing the whole night in excitement spoiling everyone’s sleep that night..)

Akash, Shyam, Arnav in Shyam’s room with Anjali.

Akash : Oh I’m so excited di!!! You know she told she loves me..I just cant believe it di!!!!

Arnav looked at Shyam with a irritated look. Anjali was giggling.

Arnav : Akash!!

Akash : Hayee, bhai!!! Payal loves me!!!

Akash hugs Arnav. A very tight hug. Shyam and Anjali giggle looking at Arnav. Arnav glares looking at them.

Akash : Payal weds Akash. Akash weds Payal. How beautiful hai na bhai?

Arnav : Akash..this is the 100th time you are saying the same thing!!!

Akash breaks the hug, he looks at Shyam and goes near him.

Akash : Jijaji!!!! Mujhe mil gaya..Mujhe Payal mil haya..(I got..I got Payal!!)

Arnav : Aacha, Payal mil gaya?

Akash showed all his teeth nodding a yes.

Arnav replied sarcastically getting irked " Aacha? Payal mil gaya toh(Found Payal) Then why waiting?! wear it in your leg!"

Anjali and Shyam busted out laughing. Aansh who was sleeping, woke up by the sound made by their parents.

Aansh wakes up and looks at everyone.

Aansh : Mumma papa, aap duno bacho ya mein? (Mom and dad, are you both kids or is it me?)

Akash saw him and he went near him and took him in his arms.

Shyam : Bechari Aansh, now he is also going to suffer like us!!!

Arnav rolled his eyes "Lo he will start his Ramayan with Aansh once again!"

Akash : Aansh tujhe patha kal kya honewala hai? (Aansh do you have any idea what is going to happen tomorro?)

Aansh looked at Akash all confused.

Arnav : Akash, at least allow him to sleep!!

Akash : Bhai aap shh..I’m talking with my Aansh!! hai na Aansh?

Arnav : What the!

Aansh : Akash mama..kya hua..(Looking at Anjali) Maa, mujhe neendh aa rahi hai..Sone do na..(Amma, I'm sleepy..allow me to sleep na..)

Aansh yawns. Akash looks at him.

Akash : Arey Aansh don’t sleep, you know you are going get a mami soon..

Hearing Mami, Aansh looked at him.

Aansh : Mami? I am going to get a mami?? (He looked at Anjali)

Anjali nodded her head.

Aansh kissed Akash and he started to shout ‘Yayy mujhe mami milne wali (Yayy I'm going to get a mami)..Mami..Mami..Mami..Mami’ He started to jump on the bed.

Shyam went near Aansh and closed his mouth so that he won’t disturb others sleep.

Shyam : Beta dheer se.. (Dear, silently)

Arnav rolled his eyes.

Arnav : My Whole family is a mad family! Lagta hai directly escaped from an asylum.

Aansh : (Looking at Shyam) Papa, when will mami come?

Shyam : Soon beta..

Aansh : Lekin mujhe ek doubt.. (But I have a doubt)

Arnav : I’m leaving to my room di..

Akash : Bhai, it’s a day to celebrate!! You can’t sleep today!

Arnav : Excuse me! Its not a day, its night!

Akash : Koi bath nahi, night party..Lets celebrate our night party..

Akash pulled Arnav beside him. Arnav was continuously glaring looking at Akash.

Aansh screamed in his childish voice "Akash mama, mujhe bhi party karni hai..mujhe bhi chayiye..mujhe bhi..chyiye.. (Akash mama, I also want party..I also..I also)"

Aansh started to jump again.

Akash came near him.

Akash : Aww my Aansh, you are the only boy in this house who is equally excited like me for bringing your mami here.

Aansh : Haan mama, mujhe mami chayiye..(He thinks all of sudden, He in fact doesn't know what Mami means and he was screaming all while like I want mami, I got mami) Lekin mami se matlab? Mami kya hai? (But Mami means? What is Mami?)

Everyone started to laugh thinking Aansh got excited not even what mami means..Akash looked at Arnav. Arnav came near Aansh.

Arnav : Aansh, you hear bed time stories from my di na..Di used to say you prince princess story na..Like how the Prince gets his princess like that your Akash mama is also going to get his princess..and she will be your mami..

Everyone looked at Arnav, as he is the one who can close Aansh mouth from asking questions and he managed to answer his question.

Aansh : Akash mama is going to marry mami..Akash mama got his princess…heyy jolly..

Aansh clapped his hands. Suddenly he stopped clapping his hands and looked at Arnav.

Arnav : Now what?

Aansh got down and went near Anjali and puller her dress.

Anjali took him in her arms.

Anjali : Kya hua? (What happened?)

Aansh : Akash mama is going to bring his princess na mumma..

Anjali nodded her head.

Aansh : Then will Arnav mama bring his princess??

Shyam and Akash started to laugh and Arnav was like ‘What the! My own plan backfired me!!!!’

Anjali : I don’t Aansh..Your Arnav mama has got all the answers for your questions na..Why don’t you ask this to him itself..

Aansh got down from Anjali immediately and he went near Arnav and asked him to lift up. All the three were giggling looking at him. Arnav took Aansh in his arms.

Aansh : Mama, when will you bring your princess?? Mujhe ek aur mami chayiye(I want another mami too)..then I will get two mamiss..yayaayyy Aansh will two mamiss..Mama you also bring mami along with (he thinks something and looks at Akash ) Mama what is mami’s name??

Akash : Payal..

Aansh : (Looking at Arnav) Haan Payal mami ki bring my another mami also mama..You will also get your princess and I will also get my mami..haan you will say deal na mama..So deal in this mama?

Arnav : Wh..what?

Arnav looks at Anjali.

Arnav : That’s why I ask you not to talk about my marriage in front him di!! Look he is behaving just like you!!! Now he also started talking about my marriage!! And he is asking me Deal or no deal di!! Like seriously?!

Anjali : He has got his mama’s traits chote..Business minded you come on handle him.

Aansh : Mama, look at me..

Arnav looks at him.

Aansh : Mamii (He was about to start)

Shyam : Haan Arnav, you do whatever your Aansh demands right..So you are going to fullfill this wish of his?? ;)

Shyam smirked. Akash and Anjali chuckled looking at him.

Shyam : Anjali, you know we need not have to search a bride for my saale sab..Like how Akash did not make us difficult for us to search a bride for him even Arnav will follow his path.

Shyam winks looking at Akash.

Akash : Right di..Jijaji is saying right. You know what he does in office?

Arnav still holding Aansh.

Arnav : Excuse me? What I do?

Anjali : chote? Even you love someone??

Shyam : Why are you asking him Anjali, ask us we will say..

Akash : Yes di, you know he always talks with Payal’s sister..He never leaves a chance to irritate her.

Shyam : Yes Anjali, you know like how Payal is Akash’s dil ki rani..waise Payal’s sister is Arnav’s Jhansi ki rani..You know you should see the rapport they share between them.

Arnav’s face was worth watching. His thoughts ‘What the! I will not leave these two!! Is that a must to bring Khushi’s name in front of di!! Now di will start to pull my legs!!!!’

Anjali : chote? Then you love Payal’s sister? So what is her name?

Shyam & Akash : Khushi.

Shyam and Akash chuckled looking at him.

Arnav : Di!!! That khushi is there na!! I have never seen a girl like her before!! She is always hell bend in irritating me di!! And these two(pointing Shyam and Akash) they are adding fuel to the fire!!! Don’t hear their and Khushi seriously!! No ways!!

Aansh looked at Arnav.

Aansh : Hayee, mami’s name is Khushi mama?? Yayyy even I want to see Payal mami and Khushi mami..


Arnav looking at Anjali : You know what di? In a family, one member can be mad but in our family how come everyone are mad?

Anjali : You see manufacturing defect..and don’t forget you also belong to this mad family only!!

Arnav sighed.

Arnav : I’m going back to my room di..You guys do whatever you want! erg..Unbelievable!

Akash : No bhai, come lets celebrate..See I even got CDs..Lets all watch a film today together and lets enjoy.

Shyam : Yes Arnav, come on don’t be a spoilsport!

Arnav : Excuse me?

Anjali : Fine, you are excused chote..Come on, its our Akash’s day..So party toh bante hai..hai na Akash?

Akash : Haan di..Bhai please..

At last Arnav agreed, they all were watching a movie and Anjali made popcorns and they were enjoying. Aansh was sitting in Arnav’s lap and he was continuously asking about Khushi to him. Everyone except Arnav and Aansh were watching the film as Aansh was busy in asking about Khushi to Arnav. Arnav without no option was telling about her and they slept late being the same position. Being in Shyam’s room.

This is what happened in Raizada house, the last night.


Khushi looking at her mobile,

Khushi : Why isn’t this Akash sir not attending the call. Let me try once more.

In Shyam and Anjali’s room, Akash’s mobile was vibrating in silent mode and making ‘hmmm-hmmm’ sound.  Shyam and Anjali were sitting on the couch and they were sleeping. Akash was sleeping in the middle of the bed. Arnav and Aansh were sleeping in the edge of the bed. Aansh was sleeping over Arnav peacefully and Arnav was under him. He was used of Aansh Karate’s in sleep so he was sleeping in that position as they all slept late. Aansh who was disturbed by the “hmmmm-hmmmm vibration sound’ near his ears since Akash Mobile was near Aansh, he woke up and looked at the near by table by opening half of his eyes. He saw Akash’s mobile vibrating. Aansh extended his hand near the table and he took his mobile and tried to read the caller name.

Aansh : K-h-u-s-h-i..(He was spelling the word one by one and he was trying to read) Khushi? I heard this name..(that’s when Aansh remembered about his mama’s Khushi, his mami)

A smile was spread all over his face.

Aansh : Khushi mami(Hayeee..This is Khushi Mami)…Mama’s princess…Let me talk with her.

Aansh attends the call without delaying.

Khushi sighed in relief as the call was attended.

Khushi : Hello..

Aansh : Khushi mami..

Khushi was confused. Khushi’s thoughts ‘Khushi mami? And why is Akash’s sir’s voice is like a kid??’

Khushi: Hello..

Aansh : Khushi mami..mami

Khushi looks at her mobile to check if she has dialled any wrong number but it was right.

Khushi : Beta, tum kaun? (Dear, who are you?)

Aansh : I’m Aansh..Aansh Shyam jha, Khushi mami..

Now Khushi understood who’s son he was..

Khushi : Aansh..beta, Akash sir kahan? (Aansh dear, where is Akash Sir?)

Aansh : He is sleeping speak with me na..Let us both speak..

Khushi was smiling talking with Aansh. She felt him so cute.

Khushi : Aww you are so sweet Aansh..

Aansh was happy the way Khushi was talking with him. He liked her.

Aansh : Even I like you Khushi mami..

Arnav was disturbed in his sleep as Aansh was sitting on him and he was talking. His sleep was disturbed. He opened his eyes slowly and saw Aansh sitting on his stomach and talking with someone in phone so casually. He was wondering with whom he was talking early in morning.

Khushi : Aww even I like you Aansh.

Aansh : You also like me na Khushi mami, even Arnav mama likes me..yayy

That’s when Arnav realised to whom Aansh was talking to..

Arnav’s thoughts ‘what the! He is talking with Khushi!!!!’

Khushi : But Aansh, why are you calling me mami??

Aansh : Because you are mama’s princess hai na Khushi mami..So you are my mami hai na??

Arnav instantly snatched the mobile from Aansh before he could say but he was late. Aansh has already blurted out.

Khushi widened her eyes hearing it. Not knowing who was in the other side. Khushi started to speak. Aansh was smiling happily in the other side as he spoke with his mami.

Khushi : Aansh beta..Me? that too your mama’s princess?? You know your Arnav mama is a big Kadoos!! You know he is a big-big(She thinks) you know he a beast-Monster!!!! How can I be his princess.. You know he always tortures me Aansh..But you are not like him, I like you so much. You are so sweet Aansh.

Arnav : Oh? So I look like a Monster?

Khushi understood who’s voice it was and she instantly was stuck with words.

Arnav : why are you silent now?? Haan what and all did you say I am Kadoos..I am not sweet like Aansh, I’m a beast?? What else??

Khushi : Sir..voh..voh..nahi..mera matlab ( I mean)

Meanwhile Aansh went and waked up the rest of them and he shouted.

Aansh : Mumma, papa, Akash mama seeee see..Arnav mama is talking with Khushi mami!! Yayyy even I talked with mami..

That’s when they all woke up and saw Arnav talking with Khushi in phone. Arnav was like now ‘Why it always happens with me!?’

Arnav instantly gave the mobile to Akash.

Arnav : Stop looking at me like that!! I did not call her!! In fact she has called Akash and not me! So stop giving me such looks.

Arnav was giving explanations for first time in his life, he himself was wondering why.

Saying this Arnav escaped from there and he left to his room. Khushi heard everything and she felt relief that Arnav did not shout at her in early morning.

Akash talked with Khushi and she asked whether the plan was conform or not..Later Akash informed her that plan is conformed and they will reach temple by time and he asked Khushi and Payal also to come on time and they disconnected the call.

Aansh : Mumma, you know Khushi mami is so sweet..She told she likes me..

Anjali looked at Shyam and Akash.

Anjali : chalo tk, now you sleep..I will wake you after an hour so that you can get ready..

Aansh : Lekin mami?(But Mami?) I also want to see mami.

Anjali : You go to school today, I will take you to your mami soon..and that is pakka.

Aansh was not convinced but he was good boy who obeys his mumma’s orders. So he went back to continue his sleep.

Anjali looked at Shyam and Akash.

Shyam : Well Anjali, you know Khushi is also a good girl, but Arnav and Khushi never stop their nok jhok’s you see!!

Akash : Yes di, they are the next version of Tom and Jerry..!!

Anjali : They hate each other?

Shyam : Its not like they hate..But they either hate or like each other. They have a unknown bond Anjali.

Akash:  Haan di..Patha nahi what they are? They don’t hate each other either they like each other but still they end up with each other!!

Anjali : Iss pyaar ko hum kya naam doon?

All the three chuckled.


Precap :

Same, Payal-Akash-Anjali-Khushi's meet to convince Payal.


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May 15, 2017

Part 9.... (By Khushisingh96) (Thanked: 45 times)

Part 9 :

In Gupta house,

Everyone has waken up by now.

Khushi : Haam amma, aaj Chutti hai..Its a holiday for us in AR for all the employees.

Garima  : Kyun Khushi?

Khushi : Holiday because it’s a holiday amma..that Laad governor hai na?? at least he has given a holiday today..

Garima : Tum bhi na Khushi, stop bak-baking about your boss all the time!! Only you are cursing him always.. I have never seen Payal cursing him!!

Khushi : Its because he always tortures me alone amma and not Jiji!! :/

Garima hits her head and she leaves. Khushi and Payal comes to eat their breakfast.

Shashi : Payal beta, how are you feeling today?

Payal : Hum thik hai babuji..

Khushi instantly thought something.

Khushi : Its all because of devi maiya jiji that you are fine and fettle now..All credit goes to Devi Maiya..You know I prayed to devi maiya yesterday..

Garima : You prayed only yesterday Khushi? You in fact all time disturb her only..You never leave your Devi Maiya to stay in peace. She might be spending her whole time only on you!!

Shashi and Payal chuckled.

Khushi : amma aap bhi?!! :O

Garima : Chal, khalo.. (Come on, eat..)

Khushi munching the food.

Khushi : So what was I saying..Haan I prayed to Devi Maiya yesterday that if jiji gets well today, I prayed to take jiji to devi maiya temple. So I will take her by 9 amma..

Payal looked at her suspiciously.

Garima : But why by 9?

Khushi : voh..9 aacha time amma isliye..

Garima : This girl will never change Shashiji..

Shashi : Tk beta..You take Payal to the mandir.

Khushi instantly smiled and Payal noticed it.

After an hour, Khushi started for temple along with Payal.

At temple,

Payal : Khushi, you are hiding anything from me?

Khushi: Me and hiding? Kya jiji..aap chaliye mere saath.. (What come with me..)

Saying this Khushi entered inside the temple along with Payal and they were buying pooja thali.

That’s when Anjali and Akash entered inside the temple. Akash eyes for searching to meet the eyes which he was searching for as he did not meet her the whole day yesterday and after knowing she also loves her he can’t remain quite. At last Akash saw Payal and Khushi getting the pooja thali.

Akash : (Pointing towards Payal and Khushi) : Di..there they are!!! The one with her pony tail, the girl in pink duppatta is Payal di..

Anjali whispered silently to Akash ‘Ok, so the girl in pink duppata in the left side is Payal…hmm Akash, she looks so beautiful. Don’t worry I will make her understand’ and she thought "I guess the girl with her is Khushi"

Akash blushed.

Anjali replied ‘But who is the other girl near her, the girl with one plait? She also looks pretty hai na, wait she is Khushi??..She will be good for Chote na?’

Akash replied ‘She is only Khushi, di . Payal’s sister. You mean Bhai and Khushi? They are like Tom and Jerry di!! And you know bhai is not ready for marriage’

Anjali ‘Tom and jerry eh? Hmmm..Fine let me first clear your problem then will look into theirs’ Anjali chuckled.

Akash replied ‘Not bad di, that’s a good idea in fact. Only Khushi can handle Bhai’.

Anjali replied ‘So that’s a new information for me. Okay come, first introduce me to them. Let me first clear your way’.

Both Akash and Anjali went near Payal and Khushi.

Payal and Khushi went near the Devi Maiya idol and they were praying. Khushi was praying for Payal and Akash and she opened her eyes to check whether to see Akash came or not and that’s when she turned around and saw Akash along with a lady. Khushi understood that she must be his sister. Khushi smiled looking at them. Akash and Anjali also smiled looking at Khushi. Khushi turned around to check if Payal was done with her prayers. They waited for Payal to complete. Payal was done with praying and she turned around that’s where her shock of her life was waiting.

Payal : Akashji?

Payal looked at Khushi.

Payal : So this is why you prayed to come here today, Khushi? And that is why it’s a holiday today in AR, Khushi??

Khushi : Jiji..voh actually

Khushi was about hold her hand, but Payal moved away.

Payal : Kyun Khushi? Kyun? Din’t I tell you?

Khushi : Its not like you think jiji.

Anjali was watching them. Akash looked at Anjali.

Akash : Wahi problem hai di..

Anjali assured him by pressing his hand.

Payal : I never expected this from you Khushi!!

Payal was about to go but was stopped by Anjali.

Anjali : Ek minute..(One minute..)

Payal : Ji?

Anjali : Kya hum duno thodi dher keliye baath kar sakte? (Can we both talk for a while?)

Payal : Lekin, aap hai kaun? (But, who're you?)

Akash : Payal ye meri di, Anjali (Payal this is my Sister, Anjali)

Payal : Ji Namaste, but..

Anjali : Can we talk?

Payal : Lekin Anjaliji..what is there to talk?

Khushi : Please jiji..

Akash : You have problem in talking with me, but what problem with my di?

Payal took a deep breath.

Khushi : Jiji?

Payal : Fine Anjaliji..kya bath karne hai aapko mujse? (What you want to talk with me?)

Anjali : Chaliye mere saath..(Come with me..)

Anjali, Akash, Payal and Khushi went near the steps and they sat over there.

Akash : Payal there is no need of hiding anymore!!

Payal : Kya? (What?)

Khushi : Voh jiji kal maine aapko phone kiya tha na office se.. (Actually yesterday I called you from office na..)

Payal :haan

Khushi : That time I had put in on speaker so that Akash Sir, Arnav Sir and Shyam Sir could hear it and they all know that you love Akash Sir and why you aren’t ready to marry him..

Payal was shocked now. She never had any idea that they all will know the whole truth.

Payal : Khushi tum?

Anjali : Please don’t scold her..

Payal looked at Anjali.

Anjali : Payal, can I ask you something?

Payal looked at her.

Anjali : Fine, wait. Akash why don’t you wait for us down..

Akash : Di? Even I want hear what she is going to say..

Anjali : Look Akash, we girls need to talk something why don’t you wait for us down??

Akash : Diii this is too much.

Anjali whispers in his ears ‘Look Akash she might feel free to talk with us in your absence. She is getting nervous in front of you now as now you also got to know that she loves you’

Akash whispered back ‘But why nervous in front of me di?’

Anjali replied ‘Look Akash, first you should not pressure her. We should make her understand and then she would accept you. If you want to marry her means go down now’

Akash replied ‘Ok di..’

Akash : Fine Payal, I won’t make you uncomfortable here now. Talk with my di..I will wait for you all down.

Akash went down.

Payal looked at Anjali.

Payal : Voh..How did you understand that I was feeling nervous?

Anjali : Its because you love him Payal! You cant reject your love in front of him. You wanted to live happy with him but you are forcing yourself to hate him which you probably can’t..You can’t see that grief in his eyes hai na while you reject him?

Payal and Khushi looked at each other.

Anjali : I know you both don’t know me much but I know Akash very well. He is my little brother. Right from his childhood I’m with him. He loves you so truly Payal. I came to know about this the day he proposed you and I know how he was that night and what he was going through Payal.

Payal : But this is wrong Anjaliji..

Anjali : Kya Galat Payal? (What is wrong Payal?)

Khushi : Jiji stop being stubborn. Don’t ruin your own life!! And in this you are not alone hurting yourself jiji!! You are equally hurting Akash Sir also!!

Anjali : Look Payal, we are not forcing you we are just trying to make you understand.

Payal : Anjaliji baath voh nahi(That is not the matter)..and Khushi you know why I’m not accepting and Anjaliji I think by now you would have also knew why I'm not ready..

Anjali : You think our family will reject you Payal?

Payal : We are not like you Anjaliji..We can’t afford in having rishta with you people. We are not like you Anjaliji..

Khushi remained silent. She looked at Anjali sadly. Anjali assured her not be sad.

Anjali : If we are rich it doesn’t mean we don’t respect others Payal. We do have a heart and our family people are not money minded. We respect relations.

Payal : Lekin, Amma and babuji wants me to marry the boy whom they select for us.

Anjali : Let me make it clear Payal. You know love should be strong Payal. You cannot hurt your love and once Akash marries you then your family is equally our family Payal!!! We respect relations!! And I will come with my whole family to ask for your hands for Akash from your parents in a proper way and that will make your parents also feel happy in fact they will happy that you asked us to ask your hands from them first before taking your own decision. They in fact will be happy knowing how much you respect them. We don’t make our Raizada bahus to suffer Payal. We treat them as our own daughter. Even our Naniji treats our mami like her own daughter instead of a bahu. We are not that bad Payal.

Payal was hearing words keenly. Khushi was holding her hand to support her.

Anjali : Say me this Payal, can you forget Akash?

Payal : Nahi..Anjaliji..

Anjali : Can you see him with any other girl? And you think he will marry any other girl other then you?? And you think he can live a normal life without you Payal? He will destroy himself Payal. He loves you from the bottom of his heart Payal!!

Payal : Even I love him Anjaliji..I just don’t want to hurt my parents and I can never hurt Akashji..How can I hurt him when I love him but what if my parents mistake me Anjaliji..

Anjali : Don’t worry about that Payal. We will talk to your parents. Now first say me whether you love Akash! If you are ok with it we are ready to talk with your parents! You should be clear in what you need Payal! It will be your future!! Can you live your life spending with someone else??

Payal : Nahiii..(Nooo..)

Anjali and Khushi looked at each other.

Payal : Yes I love Akashji..

Anjali : Don’t worry Payal, we will come and ask your hands from your parents tomorrow. You should be clear in what you need Payal and I’m very happy that Akash is in love with you who isn’t selfish. In fact who thinks about others. I’m so happy for you Payal and yeah don’t worry, your marriage will happen with your parents permission and with their blessings. They will be proud of you.

Khushi smiled looking at Anjali. Anjali side hugged Payal. Payal nodded her head.

Payal : thank you Anjaliji..Thanks for showing me what is right and what I need to do..


Precap :

Raizadas in Gupta’s house for asking Payal’s hand…wait wait have they come for asking only Payal’s hands ya phir…..ahem ahem hehe :P



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