Kaisa Ye Pyaar Hai?

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May 1, 2017

Chapter 10 - Red, my favorite! (By Angel23) (Thanked: 69 times)

Anjali: Khushi where are you going?

Khushi: Di I'm going to NGO, we will come back.

Anjali nodded, then patted Khushi's cheek: Chote is hurt, that doesn't mean he doesn't love you anymore.

Arnav stood behind them: It means Di.

Khushi and Anjali looked at him. Anjali: Chote are you saying?

Arnav: It means that I don't love her anymore. Loving her was the biggest mistake I committed, and I won't do it again.

Khushi's eyes filled with tears, she went running outside and Lavanya followed her.

Anjali looked at Arnav: You will do the same mistake again Chote, mark my words. Because you love this mistake a lot.

Arnav pressed his lips and left from there.

He closed the door of his room with a bang, and sat on his bed clutching the pillow.

" Dammit, even my pillow smells you.. Everywhere I go, you come behind me why?" Arnav threw the pillow to the floor angrily.


Buaji wiped Khushi's tears. Khushi was hip cupping while talking with her: Buaji.. He said loving me was a mistake.. How can he say such thing? Is he very angry with me?

Buaji: Calm down Sanki. Give him some time.

Khushi looked down: Kitna time? I waited four years for him.

Buaji and Lavanya looked at each other sadly.


Payal: Arnav is so changed hain na? I felt scared while talking with him. He isn't that one who kept screaming bhabhi everyday for me.

Akash nodded: Haan, and did you notice he looks like a man now? Not that boyish look he had.

Shyam chuckled: Gym's effect!!

Anjali giggled: My chote looks so handsome, like heroes of the movies.

Shyam pouted: Chote goes to gym, hero comes out. I go, you say I look ugly. Rani sahiba you're very bad.

Anjali: I say that because I don't want girls to look at you there.

Payash giggled seeing their cute fight.

Akash: Where is Arnav?

Anjali: He went to his room, I guess he is resting now.


Khushi threw her clothes to Lavanya, who caught it at the right time.

Lavanya: Khushi why so much confusion for choosing a cloth?

Khushi: Lav, you know we are going to watch movie, and Arnav will be there.

Lavanya smiled: Ohh so this is the reason, madam wants to impress her Mr.Right?

Khushi blushed profusely: Lavanya don't start, help me!!! What should I wear?

Lavanya: Red one! Arnav's favorite color hain na? The moment he see you, he will not resist.. He will come near you ... Dhak dhak will start (Lavanya came near Khushi, acting like Arnav) your hair will come to your face, and he will arrange to you (Lavanya messed Khushi's hair, then arranged it).. Then he will kiss your cheek.. (Lavanya kissed Khushi's cheek)

Khushi was all the way imagining Arnav in her mind. Lavanya ended her act laughing, then looked at Khushi, who was smiling with her eyes closed.

Lavanya laughed more, then smacked Khushi shoulder: Khushi utho..

Khushi opened her eyes, then started beating Lavanya: I won't leave you..


Arnav looked at everyone irritated: Why don't we go inside?

Anjali looked at the road side: Because we're waiting for Khushi and Lavanya.

Arnav: What the.. Who invited them?

Anjali smiled: Chote they are part of our family now.

Arnav held Meera's hand: Let's go. We are waiting inside.

Khushi shouted running to their side: Rukhooo... We are here.

Anjali smiled: Finally.

Arnav looked at Khushi. She was in red salwar, his favorite color, his eyes refused to ignore her. He stared at her shamelessly, until some of his family members cleared their throats purposely and he noticed that.

Khushi turned red matching with her salwar, after seeing his eyes only on her.

Sheetal smiled and came behind Arnav: Oh my God Arniee you're so changed.

Sheetal held his hand: Let's go, we have so much to talk.

Khushi glared angrily at Sheetal. Then walked with Lavanya inside.

* Inside the cinema hall:

Arnav: Sheetal shut up man. Don't you get tired of speaking?

Sheetal smiled embarrassed. Khushi giggled, she was sitting beside Arnav, as Anjali helped her get a seat next to him. Arnav was in the middle of both.

Arnav looked at Khushi: What's so funny?

Khushi: Your face!

Arnav: What the...

Khushi: Stop using such words. From the time you reached you're telling me what the.. What the.. I don't like it.

Arnav: What the...

Khushi glared at him: I said stop what the.. !

Arnav: And who are you to command me like that?

Khushi: You know what right I have on you.

Arnav: You would have this right Khushi Kumari Gupta, you lost it.

Khushi whispered: I didn't..

The movie started, Khushi immediately shifted her gaze to the movie.

Sheetal rested her head on Arnav's shoulder, Arnav shut his eyes in frustration.

Khushi was getting jealous seeing him close to Sheetal.

Khushi: Sheetal is your head heavy? Are you not able to carry it?

Sheetal glared at Khushi: Kyun? Are you jealous seeing me with Arnav?

Khushi folded her arms looking at the screen again, she sighed cutely. Then looked again at Arnav: Are you not going to say anything?

Arnav: Mind your own business Khushi.

Khushi: So you have no problem if this sticky chewing gum hugs you now?

Arnav: No I don't have.

Khushi raised her brows: Oh really? Fine then. Stay in peace with your chewing gum, I wish she keeps glued to your hair, and then you have no solution other than cutting it.

Sheetal smirked. Arnav: What the..

Khushi left the seat angrily. She went to the other row, sitting beside a young man.

Arnav looked at her then at the man. He was getting uncomfortable with the fact that she was sitting beside that young man.

" Tumhe kya farak padta hai Arnav? Leave her, you want to forget her" he consoled himself.

Anjali passed popcorn to Arnav. Arnav took it from her, then gave it to Sheetal.

Sheetal accepted it smilingly. Arnav: Excuse me.

He left from the hall, and went to washroom. And then returned back, this time he sat next to Khushi.

Khushi raised her brows glancing at him: Kya hua Mr.Raizada? Was she that sticky?

Arnav without looking at her: Khushi shut up.

Khushi: Nahin shut up, tell me why are you behind me now? Meera was right you're a monkey.

Arnav widened his eyes: What the...

Khushi shouted: Don't what the me all the time.

All stopped watching the movie and glared at both.

Khushi smiled sheepishly at them, Arnav stood still.

Crowd: It's better fight somewhere else, not here.. Go outside.. Haan go outside..

Khushi left cursing Arnav, Arnav went behind her with a stern face.

Khushi: It's only because..

Arnav cuts her off: Not because of me, but your shout. Don't you know how to talk like a woman?

Khushi was left with open mouth: What do you mean by " Talk like a woman" ? I talk like a man?

Arnav: Like a stubborn and irritating kid.

Khushi: How dare you call me a kid?

Arnav: How dare you call me a monkey?

Khushi chuckled: That you're bachpan se..

Arnav rolled his eyes: Not for you! For my friends, you don't have the right to call me like that.

Khushi: But I have the right to call you laddo right?

Arnav didn't say anything after that, and left from there.

Khushi went behind him running: Suniye ji.. You can't leave me alone.

Arnav entered in his car smirking: I'm already doing that.

He started his car, leaving Khushi behind.

Khushi frowned taking a stone, she threw it at Arnav's car.

Khushi bit her tongue: Ohh teri..

Arnav's window broke, he immediately stopped the car.

" Khushi Kumari Gupta dammit. I won't leave you today" Arnav gritted his teeth.

He went near Khushi, Khushi started singing looking at the road: " Aaj mausam hai suhana.."

Arnav: Khushi you broke my window.

Khushi turned to him: Kyaa? Kab Arnav? Your window is in your room, how come I broke it? 

Arnav held her shoulder harshly: My car's window dammit. What's your problem?

Khushi shut her eyes: Ahhh mumma, it's hurting.. Aye Devi Maya.. You have hands or iron?

Arnav: Khushi I'm not in mood to joke.

Khushi: When did you were? From the time you returned, I'm seeing you like this. (trying to take out his hand from her) please leave me..

Arnav: You will pay from breaking my window.

Khushi: Why are you doing so much drama for a window? You're so rich, you can fix it.

Arnav: No matter how rich I am now, every hurt you caused to me, no one can fix it.

Khushi gulped her saliva, staring at deeply at those hurtful eyes. Her hazel eyes couldn't control anymore, and got moist, she wasn't crying for the pain he was giving now to her, but for his pain, had she left with him four years back, he wouldn't be the Arnav she was seeing now.

Arnav left her, and called Aman: Come to take my car, some stubborn kid broke the car's window.

Aman just nodded in his sleep.

Arnav went from there walking. Khushi smiled walking behind him.

Arnav rolled his eyes.

Khushi: Aaj mausam hai suhana, what the.. What the...

Arnav stopped walking, and glanced at her: You're not going to sing this right?

Khushi: Didn't you like my song? I'm planning to go for audition in Indian Idol.

Arnav: Congrats! You will be the first one that instead of refusing, they will throw you out from there too.

Khushi: Then talk with me, I won't sing. Promise baba..

Arnav: Khushi I want you away from me. Can you do this favor?

Khushi nodded sideways blinking her eyes: Why should I leave you? Did you left me, when I didn't want to talk with you in the summer camp? Did you left my side when Nikhil troubled me? Nahin na? Then now I'm also not leaving you.

Arnav kept staring at her.

* Rabba vee... Rabba vee...

The sound of his phone disturbed their eye lock. Arnav picked the call:  Haan Di...

Anjali: Where are you both Chote?

Arnav: We are outside.

Anjali: Chote Khushi?

Arnav: She is also with me.

Khushi shouted coming near Arnav: He is lying Di, he wanted to leave me alone. Acha kiya I did broke his car window. Otherwise he would really leave me here.

Anjali: Chote! Don't leave Khushi alone. You know it's already night. There are many goons outside there. How will she handle it alone?

Arnav glared at Khushi: I'm with her now Di.

Anjali: Okay Chote. Don't leave her alone her please.

Arnav: Hmm..

" She is the one who doesn't leave me" Arnav thought glaring at Khushi, who showed her teeth to him like a kid.

Arnav: Let's go home.

Khushi: Aaj mausam hai suhana! Why go home early?

Arnav: It's early for you now? At what time you return to home?

Khushi smiled shyly: With you it's too early to return home, if I was alone then it would be late.

Arnav looked at her in disbelief: What the.. Time doesn't change with people.

Khushi: Haan,  with you time doesn't change, it stops!!

Arnav: Khushi are you seriously flirting with me?

Khushi hid her face with her palms smiling: Flirting nahin ji..

Arnav: Khushi stop it dammit..

Khushi: Kyun ji? Are you getting shy? Oyee your cheeks are getting red ji.. Dekho toh..

Arnav: How will l look at my own cheeks? .. Shup.. Bilkul shup..

Khushi put her finger on her lips.

Arnav started walking, and she came behind him still with her finger on her lip.

Arnav groaned, then decided to ignore her.

Khushi: Nice perfume.. I like the smell.. You know my perfume is also good, you will smell it because I used to sleep in your bed. There is my fragrance there..

Khushi giggled, Arnav remembered about the pillow.

Khushi: Arnav dekho na.. Stars.. They are shining.

Arnav: Yeah stars are supposed to shine. I don't know what else they do.

Khushi pouted.


Reaching home. Arnav sigh: Finally!

Khushi: You forgot to drop me home.

Arnav: No way, go with the driver, if I go somewhere with you I will get head ache soon.

Khushi made a sad face: Will you really leave me alone? Sachiii?

Arnav: Yes.

 Arnav went inside the mansion.

Nani looked at him: Arnav..

Arnav turned to her: You're still awake Nani?

Nani smiled: Haan, I was waiting for you.

Arnav nodded, descending the stairs, he went to sit beside her: Bolo. Do you need anything?

Nani stroke his hair: I want to talk with you. How was your life in these four years? You're so changed. You look like a man now, now I have to find a good girl to marry you.

Arnav: Naniiii please. You wanted to talk about these marriage things?

Nani: No, okay. Let's talk about something else.

Khushi barged inside: Arnav!!! Driver already left.

Arnav raised his brows: Ohhh Khushi ka kya hoga abhi?

Nani chuckled: Khushi bitiya, Anjali said you will sleep here today.

Khushi widened her eyes: Nahin, how can I sleep with Arnav?

Nani laughed more: Khushi in another room.

Khushi smiled embarrassed. Arnav mumbled: Fool..

Nani raised her hand calling Khushi: Come Khushi. You both will chat with me.

Arnav stood up: Good night Nani.

He left, Khushi went to sit with Nani making a crying face.

Khushi: Dekha how is so bad with me?

Nani: He will melt. You continue doing your effort to make him yours. 

Khushi rested her head on Nani's shoulder and nodded, she whispered: I will Nani..


Khushi was brushing her teeth, thinking ways to convince Arnav. 

" Should I say directly that I love him? Nooo.. he already knows it, and what if he gets me out his life? Think Khushi.. think" 


She left the bathroom after freshening up. Lavanya woke up looking at Khushi: Khushi yaar why do you wake up so early haan? 

Khushi smiled combing her hair: I'm excited for Akash bhai's wedding, mami called that man that sells saree, lehenga and all. He must be outside.  I'm going bye. 

Khushi left running downstairs, but stopped abruptly seeing Arnav passing by. 

" Early in the morning, what is your pea sized brain planning to do?" Arnav asked glancing at her. 

" I want to choose lehenga for Payal bhabhi okay. My brain isn't planning anything" Khushi glared at him. 

" You will choose? I'm sure bhabhi will look like a joker in her wedding" Arnav said. 

" Chote stop teasing Khushi. Khushi come" Anjali smiled hearing their fight. Arnav went behind them to have breakfast. 

Khushi sat beside Payal side hugging her. Payal smiled. 

Arnav: Aren't you going to have breakfast?

Nani looked at Khushi: Khushi bitiya didn't you eat anything?

Khushi glared at Arnav, then looked at Nani smiling: First I will help bhabhi, later..

All shouted: Noooo..

Khushi pouted: Please, I can't miss this part. 

Arnav: They will wait for you.

Khushi: Why don't you just say that you need someone to have breakfast with you?

Arnav: I don't need you. 

Akash: Please stop fighting you both. 

After having breakfast, Arnav left to AR. Anjali, Mami and Akash looked at each other sadly. 

Akash: Arnav went to work today also. It seems he is not even interested in my marriage. 

Anjali caressed his back. Khushi smiled: Bhai why worry when Khushi is here? I will go and get him. 

Akash smiled. Anjali nodded: Please do this Khushi, otherwise Akash won't be happy. 


Khushi went inside and looked around, she asked the secretary: Where is Arnav?

The secretary smiled: So you're the model, wow I'm impressed you already came with indian clothes. Hmm want to impress ASR in the first meeting itself. Come I will show you the way. 

Khushi looked weirdly at her, then accepted going with her, since she was taking her to Arnav. 

The lady looked at Pam: She is the girl, make her ready. ASR wants to see her in that saree, he wants to finalize everything today. 

Khushi widened her eyes: Suno I'm not any girl. Listen to me..

The lady left, Pam handled Khushi a saree: Wear this quickly. ASR doesn't have time to wait for you. 

Pam pushed Khushi to a room, and locked it. Khushi: Areee you're misunderstanding me. Please open the door.

Pam: First wear the saree, then I will open, I know models like you want to show tantrums that's why I locked the door. 

Khushi sigh hard looking at the red saree in her hand: Now I have to wear this to talk with him, great!!

Khushi: Now open the door, I'm dressed. 

Pam smiled and opened the door. Pam: Not bad, leave your hair open now. 

Khushi did as she said cursing her inside, after making sure Khushi was perfect. Pam guided her to ASR's cabin. Khushi shut her eyes scared of Arnav's reaction. 

Pam opened the door, Arnav was looking at his file: You're 5 minutes late Pam. 

Pam: This girl came late. 

Arnav: If you want to make part of this show, then I won't tolerate all this. For me you're already fired. 

Karan (Arnav's friend and also a fashion designer): WOW don't fire her man. This girl is apt for this show Arnav. Gorgeous you're!

Arnav who was still looking at his paper, looked up, his breath stopped seeing Khushi in red saree, he was shocked at the same time, was he dreaming about her?

Khushi smiled awkwardly. Arnav: Out you both. (looking at Karan and Pam).

After both left, Arnav: Khushi what are you doing here? 

Khushi: Woh I came to talk with you but..

Arnav gritted his teeth: Who told you to wear this saree dammit? And first of all why did you came here?

Khushi frowned and pointed her index finger at him: I came here to tell you that you're very bad brother, how can you leave your brother's marriage preparations like that ahn? That too for work? Aren't you ashamed?

Arnav shouted coming near her: GET OUT! 

Khushi stepped back in fear, widening her eyes: Laad governor. 

Arnav: Who are you to say I don't care for my brother? I care for him that's why I'm trying to end all this work, so that he can enjoy his marriage without having to worry about this show, do you get that?

Khushi: Acha.. woh I thought..

Arnav: Just get out from here, and change this dress NOW! 

Arnav tried hard to control himself, he was burning in anger because Karan looked at Khushi shamelessly and he only he had the right to look at her like that, no one else. 

Outside Khushi was sad, because she misunderstood him and she was scared that this will bring more separation between both. 

 Arnav came outside looking at her: Khushi you still didn't change?

Khushi looked at him: Kya?

Arnav: Go and change the saree, I'm waiting for you in the car. 

Khushi nodded, and went to the room to change. Arnav was about to go, but stopped: If you, people will flirt with her here. 

He went behind Khushi. Khushi was in the room searching for her dress. Khushi: Aree I left it here, where could it go?

Arnav looked at her impatiently: Khushi fast. 

Khushi: My clothes aren't here. 

Arnav: What the.. they don't have legs to walk, search it well. It must be somewhere. 

Khushi: Nahin, I left it here. 

Arnav shouted: Pam...Pam..

Pam came running to him: Yes ASR.

Arnav: Where are her clothes?

Pam: I don't know, Jolly her clothes?

Jolly smiled scared: Sorry ASR. I didn't knew it was hers, I threw it to the dustbin. 

Khushi: It's okay. You don't need to be scared. 

Arnav gritted his teeth: You're fired. Tomorrow no need to be here. Let's go Khushi. 

Khushi went behind him, with a sorry face to Jolly. 

Arnav walked behind Khushi, controlling if any man was staring at her, the ones who dared to do that, he was making a list in his mind, and tomorrow he would surely fire them. 

Khushi looked behind her: You look like my bodyguard! 

Arnav: In your dreams. 

Khushi: Laad governor. 

Karan came there smiling, Arnav immediately hid Khushi behind him, making Khushi think what's wrong with him. 

Arnav: We will talk tomorrow Karan. I'm going now. 

Karan smiled, still trying to peek at Khushi: Ohh okay. Is she leaving with you? (Whispering near Arnav's ear) Give me her phone number please. 

Arnav's eyes turned red, he grabbed Karan's shirt collar: Don't ever plead me that, I will forget you're my friend. 

Karan was shocked: ASR.. what are you doing? Come on yaar.. You will use her, then give her to me. I don't mind. Why are you getting so hyper? (Karan laughed)

Khushi shut her eyes, hearing his word. Arnav pulled Karan to the floor and started punching his face: What did you say? you will use her? Do you know who she is? In my mind I never thought of her like that, who are you to think and say such disgusting words to her ahn? Forget you're my friend Karan, for thinking of my Khushi like that. I will kill you today.. suna tumhe I will cut you in pieces..

The office staff gathered around them looking at both worried, Karan's lips were bleeding now. Khushi tried to stop him: Arnav leave him, you will kill him. Arnav please leave him.. forget his words. 

Arnav: Leave me Khushi, he will pay for it. He will pay for staring at you. 

Khushi held his hand to stop him: Arnav please stop it, everyone is looking at you. 

Arnav shoved her hand: Leave me Khushi. 

Karan groaned in pain: Aahh.. for..for..give .. me .. ASR.. 

Pam and Jolly were equally shocked seeing their boss so angry: Please leave him ASR. He is bleeding so much. 

Khushi with no other option left with her, to stop from commiting a crime: Tumhe meri kasam Arnav, leave him. 

Arnav immediately left Karan on the floor, he clenched his hand and left from there. Khushi smiled a little: "You do so much for me, kaisa ye pyaar hai Arnav?"

 Khushi went quickly to the car, Arnav's mood was off, so she didn't even dare to talk with him. 


They returned home, Arnav was walking faster angrily, Khushi: Arnav be careful.

Arnav: Shut up. 

He got stuck with the rug, and was about to fall but Khushi held him at the right time. 

Khushi: I said be careful, but you're Arnav Singh Raizada, you're never wrong hain na?

Arnav looked at her: Yes. 

Buaji looked at both smiling: Ayeee bilkul Heer Ranjha ki jodi. May no one cast an evil eye on their jodi. 


All looked towards Arnav and Khushi. Anjali smiled, indeed their were looking like a perfect jodi, with Arnav in his black suit and Khushi in red saree.  

Payal and Akash were smiling surprised. Mami: Arnav bitwa did you design saree for Khushi? That's great, she will not have to buy then. The great ASR design it for her. 

All giggled. Khushi blushed. 




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May 2, 2017

Chapter 11 - Marriage in Udaipur! (By Angel23) (Thanked: 75 times)

" Chote why do you look so angry? And Khushi why are you dressed in saree?" Anjali asked, while Arnav and Khushi came near them.

" Woh chote did something big" Khushi said innocently. This irked Arnav more: One guy flirt with her, I got angry. 

" Kya? Did he touch you Khushi?" Payal asked patting Khushi's cheek. 

" He would never dare to touch her Bhabhi. I will never let anyone touch her" Arnav interrupted Khushi, even before Khushi could say anything. 

" Awwn so protective you're Monkey" Meera smiled at both, and winked at Khushi. 

Khushi side glanced at Arnav smiling: Over protective and... (whispering in Arnav's ear) possessive.

Arnav: I'm not possessive at all.

Khushi smirked: Yes you are.

Payal: Acha we decided that the wedding will take place in Udaipur. Is it okay with you guys?

All nodded.

Shyam: Have made all the list of the guests? We have to inform them also.

Anjali: Shyam don't worry about this part, I will take care of it.

Arnav: If you need my help Di, then you can say it.

Anjali nodded.


*Udaipur (Hotel):


"It's perfect" Akash whispered smiling. 

" I chose that's why" Payal smirked. 

" Payal I helped you too, don't take the credit alone" Akash pouted, Payal giggled looking at his face. 

" Heyy we will romance a lot hain na? " Akash winked. Payal busted out laughing, knowing very well what he meant, in his mansion everytime he is with her, mami comes and takes her away from him, in AR work come in their way, and in her home, her father loves talking with him, so basically they don't have time to be together.

Anjali stood in middle of everyone: Sunno. We have to help HP carrying everything. Chote and Khushi, please take care of the gifts, Meera and Ayan will carry the bags with HP, please be careful with the bride's clothes it shouldn't be spoiled. Mami, Mama and Nani you all can rest or see if the place is good. 

Arnav: Why me and Khushi?

Khushi smiled: You're destined to be with me. 

Arnav smiled sarcastically: Or you want that to happen??

Khushi ignored him, and went to take the boxes. Other were also engrossed in their tasks. Khushi looked at her both hands that had boxes, and her hair was falling to her face, she tried to move it, Arnav came at the right time to help her, he tucked her hair behind her ear, staring at her. 

Khushi also kept staring at him. 

Rabba vee... Rabba vee...

Meera smiled, then continued her work. Ayan: These two will fall in love once again. How fool they are..

Meera chuckled: They are already in love, Ayan. It just Arnav will take some time in accepting his princess again. 


After arranging everything, Khushi, Payal, Meera and Lavanya went to their room to rest, while Shyam and Akash were talking with the manager. Anjali was going through the list of the guest. Arnav accompanied the elders to rest. 

Nani: This place is so big hain na? It reminds me of our times of romance. How girls used to run shyly around here to hid of their lovers. 

Mami giggled with Mama. Mami: He used to do this also, and I used to get scared, what if my parents caught me?

Nani: Manohar was always naughty. (Nani smiled)

Arnav was like what-the..Nani looked at him: Arnav beta why are you walking fast? We are still appreciating this hotel. Acha, tell us how is romance in your generation?

Arnav widened his eyes: I don't know. 

Nani: You don't know? What do you do with Khushi?

Arnav: Khushi isn't my girlfriend Nani.

Mami: Liar, why did you both came that day so perfect like a couple? Khushi in red saree and you in black suit, ayeee my god you both killed it bitwa. 

Arnav: It happened, that doesn't mean anything. 

Mama, Mami and Nani whispered: It means everything!

Arnav raised his brows looking at the three. Nani: If you love her, then tell her beta. Why are you both wasting time? She waited for you 4 years, isn't this enough to prove you that she loves you too?

Arnav: We reached. Here is your room Nani. Mami and Mama, your room is the next one. 

Saying this he left. 


Arnav went to his room, he leaned on the bed closing his eyes. Nani words were ringing on his ear. 

" Why should I forgive you Khushi? You didn't trust my love for you..." 

His phone rings, interrupting his thoughts. He picked it: Hello.

Khushi smiled, then talked with a seducing tone: Hello ASR! 

Arnav looked at his phone, seeing a private number he frowned: Who are you?

Khushi: I got to know you are in Udaipur for your brother's marriage, I'm your fan and madly in love with you. Ohhh ASR you don't know when I see your face, I get butterflies in my stomach.. I really want to meet you. Can we?

Arnav: No, we cannot meet. 

Khushi: Why? Do you love someone else? I'm sure she isn't pretty as me. Leave her please, I will keep you more happy than her. 

Arnav: Shut up okay, she is more beautiful than you or any other girl in this world. And don't irritate me more, whoever you're. 

Khushi smiled, in her real voice: Really? You find me beautiful?

Arnav: What the.. it was you? Khushi what kind of madness is this? 

Khushi bit her tongue: Yes it's me. I was just checking if you flirt with girls also, now I can rest assured, you are a good boy. Keep it up. 

Khushi hang up the call, and beat herself: How fool I'm, urghhh why I spoiled my own prank. 


It was night time. Raizada family was outside chatting. Arnav: Di where is Khushi?

Anjali gave him lopsided smile: Kyun? Do you have any work?

Arnav: No, I'm not seeing her anywhere, that's why.

Anjali pointed to a place: There she is!

Arnav looked at place, and saw her in middle of many diyas. A wind blew on her face, Khushi adjusted her hair and looked at Arnav's direction. Both stared at each other.

Khushi stood up and tried to go out of the place, then she noticed she was trapped in all those diyas.

Arnav looked at Anjali: What is she doing with diyas?

Anjali: Shaadi hai Chote, she is decorating this place, tomorrow guests will arrive, everything should be perfect. It should look like a grand marriage!

Arnav nodded, and walked to Khushi. He extended his hand: Give me your hand, you only know how to trap yourself.

Khushi was about to give her hand, after hearing his scold, she looked away: Go away. I don't need your help.

 Arnav didn't listen to her, instead entered in her trap, and held her. Khushi was about to fall because of his sudden hold on her, and he saved her at the right time. 

 Rabba vee... rabba vee...

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May 3, 2017

Chapter 13 - The evil's entry! (By Angel23) (Thanked: 88 times)

" Aaah diya is hurting me" Khushi said hissing in pain. 

Arnav looked at her feet, then lifted her. Khushi smiled hiding her face on his neck. 

" Arnav.." Khushi whispered. Arnav just hmm-ed to her. 

Khushi: Please forgive me. 

Arnav left her, and was about to go. Khushi held his hand: I love you. 

Arnav stood still: Why didn't leave with me that day then?

Khushi: Arnav I was scared to lose my Dad. 

Arnav held her shoulders: You didn't trust my love for you. Why should I trust yours now?? I hate you Khushi Kumari Gupta, I hate you..

Khushi: Stop lying to yourself your love for me is no secret. There is no use disguising it will not change. Your eyes don't lie even when you want to.  I know that I still exist and live inside you.

Arnav left from there without saying anything. 


" Good morning ASR" The manager smiled at him "I hope you liked our sevices"

Arnav: Morning. Yeah, my family loved this place. 

Arnav saw Khushi running giggling, his attention shifted to her, and the poor manager was busy praising his hotel to ASR. 

The manager noticed that Arnav wasn't paying attention to his words, he looked behind him and saw a girl, he smiled and left from there. 

Arnav went near Khushi: Subha subha why are you running like a kid?

Khushi raised her brows: Subha subha why are you controlling me?

Arnav: Shut up Khushi.

Khushi left from there, Arnav: Seriously, I said shut up and she left me??

Khushi went running towards the entrance, where Meera, Ayan and Lavanya were welcoming the guests, she also stayed with them, but the sun rays were disturbing her and on top of that her mood was off today because she fought with Arnav yesterday and she didn't eat anything because of that. 

Meera: Khushi please be here attending the guests. 

Khushi nodded smiling. She stayed hours and hours welcoming those never ending guests, she was tired but didn't want to show that. 

Arnav noticed that she was alone doing this job, everyone abandoned her. He didn't like it, he looked at the servants: Give me one glass of water. 

The servant gave him, Arnav went near Khushi. Arnav: Khushi drink water. 

Khushi looked at his hand, then looked away: I don't need anything from you. 

Arnav forcefully made her drink the water. Khushi looked at him shocked, but couldn't reject it, she badly wanted something to drink. 

" Won't you welcome us?" she heard the voice she is most scared of him, Arnav also stopped and both looked at the same time towards the entrance. 

Khushi started trembling after seeing him, she clutched Arnav's shirt, and her eyes turned red. Arnav looked at the two persons he most hate in this world, his father and Nikhil

" What are you both doing here? Get lost from here" Arnav shouted glaring at them. 

Dev (Arnav's father): Beta, is this the way you welcome your father, I'm sorry I interrupted you while romancing with this little girl..

Arnav: Who invited you both in the first place?

Anjali came there: Maine Chote. 

Arnav looked at Anjali shocked. Khushi went running from there crying, she was remembering of her past again. 

Anjali: Chote he is your father, he has the right to attend Akash's wedding. 

Arnav shouted at her: He is not my father, he destroyed my mother's live and Nikhil, destroyed Khushi's. Di ARE YOU MAD or what? How can you do this to me? Didn't you think of ma before accepting this man? 

Anjali: Chote I didn't knew Nikhil was going to come, but since he lives with papa, he had to come, don't worry he will stay away from Khushi.

Dev smiled caressing Anjali's face: You're so understanding my dear. But your brother is an angry man, I don't know how is he like, me or your mother?

Anjali giggled with Dev. Arnav clenched his fist. 

Nikhil joined his hands: Please forgive me Di for everything I did and for speaking badly with you. I promise I will not even look at Khushi in this marriage, I will behave like a good boy, my brother (Arnav) has already taught me a lesson on how to treat girls, so I will be careful this time, believe me Arnav mere bhai, I'm changed, these 4 years helped me to think of my life better, ask uncle I'm even working and earning my money with honesty. 

Arnav glared at him: If you look at my life, I will make you blind. 

Arnav left from there, and went to look for Khushi. 

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May 5, 2017

Chapter 14 - Arnav look for Khushi (By Angel23) (Thanked: 80 times)

Arnav went outside the hotel, looking for Khushi.

" Where are you Khushi?" he asked to himself.

Arnav: Ayan come here.

Ayan came to him like a good boy.

Arnav: Did you saw Khushi anywhere?

Ayan rubbed his chin trying to remember: Uhh.. Haan she was attending the guests.

Arnav: She is not there anymore. You go..

Ayan went from there.

Arnav continued his search for her, until the manager came to him.

Manager: Do you need something ASR?

Arnav: Do you remember that girl I was looking at today?

Manager smiled, then nod in positive: Yes ASR. She is in our garage alone there. I guess she is sad ASR.

Arnav nodded then patted the manager's shoulder, as if thanking him.

He went to the garage, Arnav looked here and there to find her.

Arnav shouted: Khushiiii..

Khushi flinched. Arnav felt her near him, he looked she was hiding behind a car.

Arnav took slow steps to her, Khushi got up and took one step back: Stay away from me.

Arnav: Khushi don't be scared, I'm Arnav.

Khushi pushed him with all her force: I know that, you only called him hain na? You're very bad Arnav.. very bad, why did you call him here? I hate you.. Was this to revenge on me? Do you want him to torture me again? First you save me, then you bring him back to me, if you want to send me to him, I won't go.. I won't go.. Did you listen? You're a monster.. How can you do this to me? Did you joined him? Both want to make me suffer now.. I really repent having fall in love with a man like you.

Arnav held her both hands, there were beating him now, and pushed her to the wall: I didn't call him here Khushi.

Khushi: Then who called him? I know no one will other than you.

Arnav: Di called them, her father and Nikhil.

Khushi stare at him shocked: Kya? Di kyun?

Arnav wiped her tears with his palms: First stop crying. I already told him that if looks at you, I will make him blind. And I will make sure he doesn't do anything bad to you.

Khushi looked down, clutching Arnav's shirt: I'm scared..

Arnav rested his forehead on hers: There is nothing to be scared of, when I'm with you.

Khushi closed her eyes, and both stood there, with their hands entwined.


Nikhil: Your act is amazing Uncle. I'm impressed.

Dev smiled: Keep acting like me, you will get Khushi as your award.

Nikhil nodded: That's true, you really managed to convince that dumb di of his.

Dev smirked: That's why I choose her, like her mother both are dumb. Arnav might never trust me, I know that. That boy has a sharp mind, its better not to mess with him right now.

Nikhil: Okay!


Laxmi started making sounds to gain Nani's attention: Meeehhh..meehh..

Nani looked at the Laxmi's direction and found a loving scene.

Her grandson lifted Khushi, Khushi was looking at him.

Nikhil was coming downstairs and didn't like to see Arnav so close to Khushi.

He faked a smile, when Arnav glared at him.

Arnav went up upstairs, and left Khushi in her room.

Khushi clutched his shirt: No, don't leave me.. Nikhil..Nikhil will come..

Arnav: You're going to tear my shirt today. I'm not going anywhere.

Khushi slowly left him, and hugged her pillow.

Arnav sat beside her waiting for her to sleep.

" Can I come in?" they heard a known voice.

Khushi smiled and started shouting: Paaaaaapaaaaa..

Arnav closed his hear with his palm, shutting his eyes.






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May 6, 2017

Chapter 15 - Sona.. (By Angel23) (Thanked: 65 times)

Khushi smiled seeing Shashi: Papaaa I missed you!

Shashi hugged her smiling: I missed you too dear. 

Khushi looked around: Mumma? Di?

Shashi: Your sister is pregnant so Garima stayed with her. 

Khushi smiled: Ohh yes! 

Arnav hugged Shashi greeting him, and left the room leaving father-daughter alone. 


Shyam was walking when Nikhil came across him. Shyam glared at him: Nikhil don't think because my wife trust you, I also do. Don't forget I'm a lawyer, and my eyes are on you.


Nikhil faked a smile: You will trust me like Di did, it's just a matter of time. 

Shyam laughed: And you think Arnav will give you that time? Stop dreaming Nikhil, as far as I know Arnav, he will not even let you sleep in peace. 

Shyam left from there, Nikhil cursed him. 

Dev came there: Calm down, control you anger please. 


The next day:

" Arnav beta wait for Khushi" Nani shouted for him to listen. 

" Why Nani? I know how to buy haldi" Arnav asked. 

" Nahin, girls understand better these things than boys" Nani pressed her lips to suppress the smile on her face. 

Arnav went to Khushi's room and knocked: Khushi open the door.. 

Khushi frowned looking at the door: I'm getting ready, have patience laad governor. 

Arnav: What the.. 

Khushi came out of the room: What the.. what? A girl takes time to get ready. 

Arnav: Yeah I know, let's go now. 

Khushi nodded, and both went out to buy haldi and mehndi. 

Arnav was driving the car with a little smile on his face, Khushi was blabbering her things, and this means that she's not scared of Nikhil anymore. 

Arnav: Khushi turn off the radio. 

Khushi: Kya? Whose radio??

Arnav: You, from the time we left from the hotel you're talking non-stop. 

Khushi glared at him: I'm not like you who use mouth only to eat. 

Arnav gave her a ohh-really look. The car suddenly stopped, Khushi shouted: DM earth is shaking.. raksha karna.. 

Arnav: What the..

He got out of the car, then gritted his teeth: Dammit, tire got punctured. Khushi came running outside: But how can this happen with you car? You're so rich, how can you let this happen?

Arnav glared at Khushi, Khushi giggled. Khushi: Where will we go now??

Arnav: Find someone to help us. 

Saying this he went, Khushi walked behind him. Arnav shouted: Is someone here??? Hellooooo.. 

Khushi: I think they don't know english. Zara hindi bolo, maybe they will understand..

Arnav looked at her shouting: Koiiii haiiiii? Is it fine now??

Khushi smiled nodding: Haan. 

Arnav walked again trying to find someone. Khushi came behind him teasing: See if you hadn't come with me, what would have happen, you here alone! Thank me for supporting you.

" Aaaaaaaaaaahhhh" Arnav turned to Khushi quickly after hearing her shout. 

" Khushiiiiiiiii" Arnav looked at her, she fell on a hole. 

' Give me you hand" Khushi did as he said complaining about the pain. Arnav pulled her to him, she crashed with his him, Arnav wrapped his arms around her. He feels the pain when he see her hurt. 

Arnav: See where you walk Khushi. How can you just walk carelessly like this? What if you got badly hurt?

Khushi looked at him: If you're with me, I don't have to think for me. 

* Rabba vee... rabba veee.. ohh rabba vee...

An old man came to them running: Malik kya hua??

Arnav and Khushi broke the eye lock. Arnav: The tire of my car got punctured, can you fix it?

The man nodded: Ji malik. Come, I will help you. 

The man quickly changed the tire for Arnav, Arnav paid him and the man was satisfied now. Khushi got inside the car with Arnav. 


" Khushi bitiya what happened with your clothes??" Nani asked worried. 

" Nani I fell on a hole because of Arnav" Khushi glared at him. The girls laughed at Arnav and Khushi expressions to each other. 

" I saved you" Arnav added. 

Nani just smiled. Nani: Go and change your clothes, don't you want to apply haldi in Payal?

Khushi nodded excited, she went quickly to her room, after bathing again. She sat on the bed, now feeling the pain in her leg. 

Arnav came inside the room and looked at her worried: Are you feeling any pain??

Khushi didn't say anything, but the small tears in her eyes made Arnav sure that she was in pain. 

Stretch your leg, come on Khushi. It will not hurt Sona.. try it.. I'm here to help you" Arnav touched her leg, to help her. 

Khushi just forgot every pain, when she heard him talking softly with her, and even called her "Sona". 

" Sona it will not hurt.. try it.. " Arnav was trying to stretch her leg, engrossed in it, he didn't even realize what he was saying. 

Khushi tried to stretch her leg as he said, she shut her eyes in pain. Arnav couldn't see her in so much pain. 

He went running to take Nani with him, Nani came inside the room with a confused face. After seeing Khushi in bed crying, she came running to Khushi: Bitiya kya hua??

Arnav: After freshening up, she started feeling pain in her leg, maybe she hurt herself more while bathing. Nani jaldi kuch karo. 

Nani nodded: Bring some haldi here. 

Arnav went running take it, and came back. Arnav: Nani??

Khushi looked at him: Someone called her.. 

Arnav himself started applying haldi on the area Khushi was feeling pain: Keep telling me what you're feeling. 

Khushi smiled: I'm better now. 

" Are you sure?" Arnav asked to confirm it. Khushi nodded: Woh.. I want to apply haldi.. 

Arnav: Khushi how will you go like this? You won't be able to walk. 

Khushi pouted looking down: What what I planned to enjoy in this marriage, everything is turning the opposite. 

Arnav lifted her: Stop complaining. 

Khushi smiled, Arnav took her downstairs and made her apply haldi to Payal and Akash. Then he made her sit in a place where she could watch everything. He sat with her to control if she isn't doing any madness. 

Khushi: Arnav.. woh.. in room you called me Sona..

Arnav remind it: Hmmm..

Khushi pouted: What does that mean??

Arnav: Sona you call someone who is dear to you. If you have some intelligence in your pea sized brain, I'm sure you got it. 

Arnav winked at her, Khushi was left with open mouth and wide eyes.  

May 6, 2017

Chapter 16 - Our supportive family (By Angel23) (Thanked: 68 times)

" So you mean..." Khushi blushed. 

Arnav looked up seeing Nk and his father going to a room: Wait here, I will come back. 

Khushi looked at him leaving and pouted: Urrgghhh why everyone is coming in between us? You were about to confess your feelings now. Koi baat nahin Khushi, once he comes back I will take the truth out of his mouth. 

Meera and Ayan were clicking pictures of Payal and Akash. Mami smiled and went near Payal kissing her forehead: Are you happy?

Payal nodded blushing: Haan ma. I'm very happy. 

Meera: And why not? She will stay close to us now, we will do masti everyday!

Ayan smiled mischievously: Aur no one will interrupt their romance now..

Akash widened his eyes: Ayan ke bacche, I won't tell you my secrets now. 

Khushi giggled seeing them talk. 


" How are you both?" Arnav smiled looking at both, drinking. 

" Arnav dear, I'm fine what about you?" Dev smiled back, making space for Arnav to sit in the balcony. 

" I'm fine. Hmm so what's cooking in your mind Mr.Dev Malik?" Arnav look directly to his eyes.

" Nothing beta, I'm just here to enjoy the marriage" Dev smiled. 

Arnav: These good and sweet stories doesn't convince me okay. Spill the beans, what you both want? Nk getting Khushi, won't benefit you in anything. So what do you want Dev Malik??

Dev smirked: You are really very intelligent. That's why AR is on top position. And that's exactly what I want, my company on top position. 

Arnav laughed: For that you really need intelligence, and since from the past till today you've been stealing people's luck to be successful. You won't get it so easily. 

Dev: Don't be to over confident. 

Nikhil: Because this time we came prepared, your dumb sister will help us a lot, hain na uncle??

Dev nodded, and smirked to Arnav. Arnav: Do what you want dear daddy. I also want to see where are you going to reach with your plans. 

Nikhil: What if our plans affect Khushi's life?

Arnav who was about to go, turned to him: I won't let you do so, Khushi is my priority, if in this past 4 years, I didn't even let a goon, or any man stalk or flirt with her, do you think I will let you do something to her? Especially you Nikhil? 

Dev smirked: So Khushi is your priority hmm interesting. We must use her Nikhil, instead of Anjali. 

Arnav: Khushi already knows your real faces, she will not fall on your trap like Di did. 

Anjali frowned hearing Arnav's last statement: Choteee who said I fell in their trap, why are you thinking papa as your enemy? They just came here to enjoy, please stop your drama. Khushi is fit and fine as you can see, did they did something to her? No na. then leave them in peace, Papa left us because of your behavior and you're repeating it again and again. If you don't like him, leave him but at least let me spend time with my father can you?

Arnav: DI what are you saying? You're fighting with me because of this cheap man. He left mama don't forget that.. 

Anjali slapped him hard on his cheek: Don't call your father a cheap man. 

Arnav left from there angry with red eyes. He came to where Khushi was sitting. Khushi looked at him: Laad governor.. 

Arnav: Khushi please don't start. 

Meera came to them: You both come to dance. Join us..Monkey come here.. 

Arnav looked away. Khushi and Meera sensed something was wrong with him. Khushi: Meera tum jao, I will convince him to go and dance with you all. 

Meera nodded and went from there. After she left, before Khushi could say anything, Arnav hugged her, burying his face on her neck. 

Khushi didn't say anything, only stroke his hair. Arnav also stayed silent. 

Nani looked at them smiling, then turned to Shashi: Aren't they made for each other? DM will surely bring them together in this marriage. 

Shashi smiled: I hope so.. 


Lavanya, Meera and Ayan were laughing after seeing their little plan successful, they put marbles where Nikhil was walking and this result in Nikhil falling on floor. 

All girls looked at him laughing. One came to him: Awww poor boy, let me help you. 

She extended her hand to Nikhil, who just glared at her and went from there. 

Meera smirked: Will we let him enjoy in this marriage??

All girls: Noooooooo...


" Di is wrong Khushi" Arnav mumbled. 

Khushi was confused: Arnav.. what happened?

Arnav wiped his tears, then cupped her face: You won't leave my side right? (Khushi just nodded innocently) You won't believe them.. (Khushi nodded again now remembering about Nikhil and his father) 

Khushi: I trust you and only you Arnav. I won't listen to anything your father and Nikhil say. I know they are here to destroy our love again, this time we won't let them. 

Akash, Payal, Nani, Shyam, Meera, Lavanya, Mami, Mama, Ayan, Aman, Shashi: We won't let them!!! 

Khushi smiled and indicated Arnav to look at his family, that were always there to support him. Arnav smiled faintly.

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May 12, 2017

Chapter 17 - Why are you an unique piece? (By Angel23) (Thanked: 68 times)

Dev cough, Anjali patted his shoulder worried: Papa are you alright??

He smiled a little: Haan dear, I'm fine, I'm getting old now, any my son still wants to be my enemy, when I die..

Anjali nodded sideways crying: No papa, you will not leave me now. I will make Chote be your friend! I promise.. 

Dev: Really? Can you do it for me?

Anjali nodded smiling: Haan papa it's my duty now to reunite you with your son. 

Anjali left the room after hugging her father. Nikhil looked at Dev: Uncle what's happening? Are you leaving my side or what?

Dev smirked: Nikhil wait and watch what I will do. This time we won't do little plans, but will make a big plan on the marriage day, and this will mark our victory. 

Nikhil: But what if our plan doesn't work??

Dev: Then Arnav wins, unfortunately. I hope you will do every effort to make us win. 

Nikhil nodded: So now we're supposed to enjoy the marriage and not do anything. 


"Let's click a selfie" Ayan shouted, everyone went behind and he clicked it. 

" Khushi looks like a joker" Arnav said. Khushi glared at him: And you clown! 

Everyone laughed. 

" Take me to my room" Khushi demanded. 

Arnav sigh and picked her, both went to her room. Meera smiled: I wish you both stay together like this always. 

Ayan: Let's plan a date for both. These two will not move forward without our help. 

Nani nodded: I will talk with the manager to reserve a place for both, where no one will interrupt. 

Meera hugged Nani from behind: Huh not bad Nani, I see you're very romantic!

Nani smiled: Of course, I taught Akash how to convince Payal to stay with him, not its time to teach my dear ASR!

Shashi laughed: Then I will teach Khushi also. 

Nani: No need Shashi, I already trained Khushi bitiya very well! 


" So you were saying something about Sona" Khushi smiled. 

" Yeah I was, won't say now" Arnav replied giving her a glass of water to drink. 

" Why? You know you're being very bad!" Khushi pouted. 

Arnav shook his head and went from there. 

Khushi sigh sadly: I thought we would become closer now. 

She leaned on her bed, and closed her eyes. In that time Arnav came back and sat beside her, staring at her face, he noticed a lone tear escaped her eyes. He wiped her tears: I love you Khushi...why are the unique person in this world, which I want to hate, but I'm not able to? I only want to give you so much love to you, show you my Arnav's side, play with you, smile with you, cry with you, share my every thought with you, why are you such a piece? You're unique Khushi.. believe me, you're unique, I can roam around the world, but won't find a girl like you! I guess that's why Nikhil wanted you badly. Let me deal with Dev Malik and Nikhil okay, then I will give my attention only to you, I will work on our relationship once I'm sure you're safe from these monsters. Dev Malik killed my mother, I won't let him take you away from me now, if I let him win this time, mumma will be very angry on me. 

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May 13, 2017

Chapter 18 - Arnav get close to Khushi.. (By Angel23) (Thanked: 63 times)

Arnav left the room, letting her rest. Khushi opened her slowly smiling: I love you too Arnav.. why is our love story like this? We want to be together but there is always someone in our love story... 

She jumped on her bed happily. 



Anjali: Chote we're going outside, don't you want?

Arnav ignored her, and went near Nani: Is everyone going?

Nani nodded: Haan beta, everyone is going. 

Arnav: Khushi too?

Nani smiled: Khushi is coming if you want to, so you have to decide. 

Khushi came downstairs, with a blue and white dress. Arnav blinked his eyes, staring at her, she blushed seeing his gaze on her. 

Reaching near him and Nani: Stop staring Mr.Raizada.. I know I'm beautiful!

Arnav smirked: I was thinking how come a monkey was here, then I realized it's you.. 

Nani giggled. Khushi glared at him: You need to do eye check up okay.. 

Arnav: Let's go monkey.. blue and white monkey!! 

Ayan and Meera laughed hearing this. Khushi was getting irked with Arnav. Arnav giggled silently at her face. 


" Yeh bandar to pyaar ka bandhan hai (This monkey is a bond of love) " Arnav sang teasing Khushi.. 

Khushi glared at him, riding her cycle: Shut up.. I'm not a monkey..

Arnav giggled: Now you know how much I got irritated when you broke my car's window.. 

Khushi: You still didn't forgot about it?

Arnav: I'm not angry Khushi, break it as much as you want.. haqh hai tumhara (It's your right) 

Khushi blushed, at the same time she was really happy seeing Arnav treat her well now, he was showing his love to her now. 

" Tomato.." Arnav smirked teasing her more. 

Khushi just smiled ignoring him. 

 (Imagine Arnav and Khushi) 

Everyone behind them smiled seeing them get close, only NK was getting angry but he couldn't do anything. 

" I think we can stay here" Akash said and left his cycle. Everyone did as he said. 

" Arnav wait for me" Khushi shouted coming behind him. 

" Jump na monkey.. " Arnav said walking towards a near lake there. 

" Urghhh" Khushi groaned. "Don't call me monkey everytime.. I hate this name" 

" Butterfly.." Arnav said. 

" It's better now" Khushi said smiling. 

" It's not for you, for that beautiful girl there.." Arnav pointed to one of the guests playing there with Payal. 

Khushi beat him on his chest, with a crying face and walked to angrily, Arnav pulled her back to him. 

" You get jealous very quickly" Arnav said coming near her, Khushi leaned on a tree behind her. 

" You call others butterfly and me monkey" Khushi frowned, Arnav tilt his head reaching near her lips. Khushi's heart started beating fast, even Arnav felt that, he smirked seeing his effect on her.

" Khushi.. you're my butterfly, monkey, jalebi, sweety, sona, tomato, jaan, sab kuch.." Arnav whispered and pecked her lips slowly. 

Khushi widened her eyes in shock, Arnav quickly left her: I'm not kissing you, because there is something still left to do in our relationship now.. hmm not one, two. 

Khushi blushed hard, she asked stammering: Kyaa?

Arnav: My confession and yours too, and our marriage. 

Arnav walked to go, Khushi stopped him with her voice: This means you forgive me for leaving you 4 years back??

Arnav nodded: Yes butterfly.. 

Khushi ran to hug him happily: Thank you.. thank you... I'm very happy today.. You forgave meee.. thank you.. 

Arnav wrapped his arms around her waist: Don't break my trust now Khushi. 

Khushi cupped his face whispering cutely: I won't! 

Resting her head on his chest, Arnav said: This time our love has to win Khushi, you won't let Nikhil win, promise me. 

" I won't let him win Arnav, I will fight for our love this time.." Khushi said closing her eyes, now her heart was in peace, Arnav support was everything she wanted. 

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May 18, 2017

Chapter 19 - Little lovely moments (By Angel23) (Thanked: 61 times)

" Khushi.." Payal interrupted both who were in each other embrace.

Khushi was snuggling with Arnav, with her eyes closed.

She quickly opened her eyes hearing Payal's voice.

Khushi blushing: Ji..

Payal also was embarrassed: Kuch nahin.. I guess you're more busy here.

Khushi widened her eyes in embarrassment.

Payal went away giggling alone.

Khushi turned to Arnav: Ohh no! Payal will tell everyone now.

Arnav nodded caressing Khushi's cheek with his finger: So?

Khushi shut her eyes feeling his touch, she was literally shivering with his touch.

Khushi stammered: Toh.. If.. Nikhil..gets to know..

Arnav kissed Khushi's forehead: I'm keeping an eye on him Khushi. And I'm sure Payal is responsible, she will not gossip to everyone about us.

Khushi nodded: You're right. But I'm embarrassed to face her now, she caught us in such a situation!

Arnav just smiled: Thank that she caught us like that, imagine if it was the earlier scene, when I ..

Khushi placed her palms on his mouth: Shup.. You always do these things without my permission.

Arnav giggled seeing her red face.

Khushi pouted: Stop laughing at my face, does it look good for you? Kiss me without my permission..

Arnav smirked: You didn't stop me from doing so, it means you like it.

Khushi blushed and looked away.


Payal came running to Akash smiling.

Akash looked at her weirdly: What? You went to call Khushi and Arnav right? Where are they? Payal go and bring Khushi here, otherwise both will kill each other..

Payal giggled: Kill no, they are romancing each other there alone.

Akash smiled with wide eyes: Really? You mean..

Payal nodded: I guess he has forgiven her. So now we need to keep Nikhil away from Khushi and Arnav.

Akash nodded: Of course, let's keep it a secret.


Khushi and Arnav were walking on the roads alone, holding each other hands smiling.

Khushi: Did you like the change in me?

Arnav nodded: A lot.. What about me?

Khushi made a yuck face: No way, ASR is very rude and arrogant.. I can't even read your face, always stern with no emotions at all.. I prefer you as my Arnav.

Arnav looked at her amused: I guess to live in this world you have to be like that.. Selfish..

Khushi: That's not what you taught me..

Arnav nodded: I know. But now I have to be like that, Dev Malik is a threat to my family. I can't fall weak this time, but don't worry (pulling Khushi by her waist) with you I will be Arnav.

Khushi pinched Arnav's nose: Thank you..

Arnav smiled: Tomorrow is Mehndi ceremony right? You have to write my name in your hand.

Khushi raised her brows: My hand why should I write your name?

Arnav: Alright I will ask Sheetal to write my name. By the way since I reached here, I haven't talk with her..

Khushi frowned: Go then, and pamper your mother.

Arnav bit his lips smiling: Someone is jealous..

Khushi: I'm not, I know you're mine.. Only mine. Sheetal is nothing, if she tries to come close to you this time I will really punish her and if you go.. I will never talk with you again!

Arnav: Hmm..

Khushi was left with open mouth seeing his disinterest in their talk: I'm telling you the truth.

Arnav: Hmm..

Khushi: Okay fine. By the way did you saw Rahul? Ohh you don't even pay attention to the guest, he is such a handsome hunk..

Arnav wrapped his arms around her waist, stopping her from walking, Khushi also stopped talking.

Arnav: Let's end this conversation here. I don't like Sheetal, neither you Rahul or whatever..

Khushi smiled: That's good now..

Arnav: I want to see my name in your hand.

Khushi whispered near his ear: Your name is in my heart, my mind, my eyes, my breath, don't worry it will not miss in my hand too.

Arnav kissed her cheek, Khushi lowered her eyes feeling shy.


At the hotel:

" Are you sure this Mehndi has the best quality?" Nani asked to HP.

" Yes ma'am. I bought in one of the best shops here" HP smiled proud of himself.

Nani nodded and smiled after seeing Khushi returning with Arnav by her side, what surprised her was that both were holding each other hands, and staring at each other like a lovely couple.

She prayed that her wish comes true.

Nani: Chote..

Khushi left Arnav's hand.

Arnav: Haan Nani.

Nani smiled looking behind them: Only two of you? Where are others?

Mami came there: Hello hi bye bye, all left only two return.. Did ghosts eat all of them?

Khushi giggled. Arnav rolled his eyes hearing Mami's comments: Nahin mami. It's just Khushi was feeling cold so I thought it's better we return.

Khushi widened her eyes shocked: But..

Arnav looked at her: Shup.. Just nod at what I say.

Khushi glared at him: Why are you using me?

Mami looked at both suspiciously: What are you both mumbling to each other?

Arnav faked a smile. Khushi: I was feeling cold Nani that's why. But you know what Arnav did? He made me walk Nani when he had car, he left the car there itself when he knew I was feeling sick. And on top of that he offered me ice cream, this is bad na Nani?

Arnav widened his eyes: What the..

Nani shocked: Aww Chote this is bad, how can you make her walk in such situations? And you offered ice cream to her?

Arnav glared at Khushi, she send him a winning smile.

Arnav: I know it's bad, should I take her to her room to make her rest now?

Nani smiled then nodded: Say sorry also.

Arnav smirked to Khushi: Chalo, let me say sorry to you.

Khushi got scared seeing his smirk.

Both went to her room. Mami and Nani looked at each other smiling.


" I offered you ice cream right?" Arnav went forward her, with his gaze fixed on her.

" I was feeling cold right?" Khushi asked with the same attitude.

" I was saving you" Arnav said.

" Saving me?? Really?" Khushi asked raising her brows.

" Yeah.. What would I say?" Arnav shrugged his shoulders.

" Whatever why use my name to save you?" Khushi pouted.

" Save us okay" Arnav pulled her near him, Khushi smiled shyly snuggling more to him.

" I know, was just pulling your legs" Khushi mumbled.


" Yeah right.. Payal won the game.." Akash laughed entering in the hotel, with everyone.

They were laughing happily and it reflected in their eyes.

Nani, Mami and Shashi smiled seeing their kids happy.

Dev rolled his eyes " I have to tolerate all this nonsense to reach my goal"

Nani noticed him, she looked away disgusted to sit with the one responsible for her daughter's death.

Akash caressed Payal's hand: Go and rest Payuu.

Payal blushed and went upstairs with Meera and Lavanya.

The boys went to the garden side, to spend time together.


In Khushi's room, both were watching a movie, Khushi was cuddling to Arnav.

Arnav was looking at his phone, then looked at Khushi: Boys are having fun in Garden. 

Khushi pouted: You're always finding a way to stay away from me.

Arnav chuckled: I'm kidding Khushi. I can't miss a chance to stay with you.

Khushi smiled and rested again her head on his chest playing with his shirt's button.

Arnav wrapped his arms around her  waist placing soft kisses on her forehead: I missed you Khushi.. Living all these years alone was so difficult for me.

Khushi nodded: I also missed you Arnav.

Arnav: I hope this time nothing bad happens. I don't want to be separated from you now..

May 19, 2017

Chapter 20 - Mehndi ceremony (By Angel23) (Thanked: 66 times)

The next day was only for girls, since the boys knew there is no work for them, they decide to sleep peacefully today.

Khushi went to Arnav's room silently and opened the door of his room carefully to not wake him up.

She giggled seeing him sleeping like a baby, totally tired of working in the events of the marriage, it's really not easy to have such a big wedding.

Khushi patted his shoulder: Arnav.. Utho na.. Please..

Arnav frowned: Kya hai Khushi? Let me sleep..

Khushi giggled and kissed his forehead, she knew he won't ignore her now.

Arnav slowly opened his eyes, and wrapped his arms around her waist: What happened?

Khushi giggled: Kuch nahin, just came to wish you a good morning!!

Arnav: You came to disturb my sleep only, you knew today boys won't work, but no you want to see me awake!

Khushi showed him thumbs up: Right! How can you sleep when I'm getting tired there of waiting for that girl to design my Mehndi?

Arnav: What the.. What's my fault in this?

Khushi: My Mehndi will have your name na. For whom I will be waiting for long? You right... And see you're sleeping peacefully here.

Arnav shook his head: Unbelievable Khushi.. Give me that Mehndi, I will write my name there.

Khushi nodded sideways: You don't know how to design it.

Arnav: Then go downstairs otherwise they will make your Mehndi last one.

Khushi widened her eyes: Noo, I'm going.. Bye.. And good night again!!

Arnav kissed her cheeks before she runs from him.

After receiving a kiss from him, she went running blushing from his room.

In her way she found Dev, her smile faded from her face.

Dev: What happened dear? You look very happy..

Khushi: Nothing..

Khushi went running downstairs, she didn't like to stay near this man even for seconds.

Payal looked at Khushi and called her.

Payal: Why are you running here and there? Don't you want to apply Mehndi in your hands?

Khushi nodded smiling: Haan.. I'm coming.

Meera, Lavanya and Khushi started dancing to entertain everyone.

While Nani and Mami  and the guests clapped cheering for them.

Khushi took Payal to the centre of the room, making Payal shake her legs.


After sometime:

" Red flowers is okay.. Hmm and make sure it's a place where no one will disturb us.." Arnav said to the manager.

" Sure sir, it will be the perfect date in your life.. " the manager smiled.

Arnav nodded and went inside the hotel.

" Aree Arnav bitwa why did you woke up early today?" Mami saw him coming inside.

" A little cat woke me up Mami.." Arnav said glancing at Khushi.

" Little cat really?" Meera looked at him.

Khushi glared at Arnav: Its a little cat, have some pity on her, maybe she only wanted to wish you a good morning.

Arnav chuckled, while everyone laughed.

Nani: Men are not allowed here Arnav beta.

Arnav nodded: Yes I know Nani. Just was passing to go to my room.

Khushi was talking with the girl that was designing the Mehndi for her: Write A..

Arnav smiled seeing a adorned smile on her face seeing the initial of his  name being written in her hand.

He stood still admiring her, her smile, her eyes, her cute way of talking, her soft pink cheeks that turns red only with him!!

Nani smiled seeing Arnav staring at Khushi.

Nani's friend look at her: I think your grandson likes Khushi bitiya. Just look at the way he is staring at her so lovingly.

Nani nodded: Haan I know. Next is their marriage for sure..

Payal whispered to Khushi: I think your A is looking at you now..

Khushi widened her eyes, and turned behind her.

She indicated Arnav to go with her eyes.

Arnav smiled mischievously nodding sideways.

He was coming near her, Khushi thought what was he was going to do next with her.

Arnav sat beside them. Then looked at Payal: Bhabhi your Mehndi is beautiful..

Payal smiled: Thank you.

Arnav smiled: Unlike some people sitting beside me..

Khushi and the Mehndi designer looked at him shocked.

Arnav looked at the girl: You do design beautifully, the fault is in the hand of the one you're designing it..

Khushi's mouth shape was a big "O", Arnav stood up and prepared himself to run away from Khushi, Khushi came behind him to beat him.

Khushi: What did you say? My Mehndi is not good ahn.. I will not leave you..

Arnav giggled running: There is nothing wrong if I say the truth..

Running they reached outside the hotel, in the garden side.

Khushi bumped with a pot on her way and was ready to reach the grass but two strong arms caught her successfully and didn't let her fall.

Khushi looked at Arnav, he also look at her..

Rabba vee... Rabba vee...

Some of her mehndi went to his face, but Arnav didn't even mind that, he was so lost in her eyes, that he forgot about his surroundings.

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