OS : Oh Really? Watch Out Mr.ASR

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Mar 29, 2017

OS : Oh Really? Watch Out Mr.ASR (By V1184) (Thanked: 76 times)

After winning Mrs.India competition, Kushi was offered some modelling projects from different companies but Arnav rejected them even before they reached her.

A week later, Kushi received one such offer which was sent to Raizada Mansion. Others were sent to AR thinking that Arnav probably got his wife as a model for his designs.

Later at night, Kushi asked Arnav about the offer.

He was silent for a few minutes and asked her how she received that offer.

When Kushi said that it was sent through mail and reached in the afternoon, he was lost in his thoughts.

He don't know whether to tell her about other offers or not.

Upon deciding, he told her about all the offers she received and how he rejected them.

Kushi was angry. Furious indeed. He maybe her husband but that doesn't give him the rights to decide for her. Not something that can lead to a successful future, without discussing with her.

If Arnav was uncomfortable, he should've told her. It's not like Kushi will do something that her husband doesn't like. Even Kushi was somewhat uncomfortable with Western clothes and the fashion world in the beginning.

So, Kushi didn't reply to any of Arnav's questions. She rejected the offer though.

She didn't talk to him for one whole week... The longest amount of time they haven't talked to each other after marriage.

Not each other, because Arnav is trying his hardest to get Kushi to talk. She's talking with everyone normally. Just ignoring him and his words.

No reply or reaction.

She didn't utter a word even when he took her out for shopping and then fed her Panipuri himself.

Kushi was silent for a reason. She wanted to prove him wrong. She wanted to let him know what she can do. It was tough for her but she managed to do it. She thought of a plan during the week.

She went to his office next day and decided to talk to him. Make a deal with him and get back to normal.

Arnav was in a meeting when she came there. So when he entered his office, he was shocked and surprised to see his wife there.

Sitting in his chair and twirling. He loved that sight. She looked carefree and happy. Her happiness is his happiness.

When she turned towards the door, she saw him standing there. So she stood and went to the sofa chair in his office. She signalled him to sit on the opposite sofa chair.

After they got settled, she started speaking before he could even open his mouth.

Arnavji, I am still upset with your deeds. You could have at least told me about them. I won't do something that you don't want me to. I am an independent person. I don't think you easily forget something. So I hope you do remember that I am still running the catering business and even if you stop providing for me, I can happily live off that income. I've even repaid the initial investment you made. You do know that right.

Arnav said that he know it and he didn't think that way. His intentions weren't to hurt her or question her individuality.

She cut him off before he could say anything else.

I don't know if you want me to be a part of the very same industry you're in. I maybe illiterate in your view. I may not be up to the standards of your fashion but I am my own person and I've my own opinions. I don't care about others' views if they don't concern me. I want to make a deal with you.

Arnav asked what deal she wanted to make that she came to his office instead of asking him at home.

Kushi gave him a document she prepared earlier with the help of her good friend and lawyer Swadheenata.

She asked him to go through the documents while she started explaining her proposal.

She wants a laptop and uninterrupted internet connection for two years. Her IP address shouldn't be tracked and history should not be checked, at least until the two years term is completed.

She should be allowed undeniable access to his office. She wouldn't touch a file or any other documents. She is to be given access to take any of the material from his clothes department free of cost. She would repay everything at the end of two years. The two years term starts the day he signs the agreement. She shouldn't be questioned about anything she does unless it concerns his or anyone else's well being. She promises to be liable for all the expenses she would make during the two years and if any damage is caused by her, she'd repay it. She is not to be questioned about the orders she may make to his employees during the term of their agreement.

Arnav asked her why she needs this. She could've simply asked him instead of preparing a long agreement and making a big deal out of it.

Kushi is determined to accomplish her goal, for which she set a time period of two years. She needs his support but not directly. If she says it to anyone, they won't hide it from him and it doesn't help her in anyway.

She simply said that she wants to have a legal proof and that as soon as he signs it they are to go and buy a laptop for her. Also the mentioned uninterrupted internet connection.

Not being able to comprehend his wife's intentions, he signed the seemingly simple agreement and went to laptop shop with her.

Soon after, Kushi went home with her laptop and Arnav went back to his office.

Kushi searched for different online courses and bookmarked a few pages.

She didn't use laptop when Arnav or anyone else is in the same room. She learnt a few courses and viewed many different videos related to her goal.

Arnav didn't find anything out of normal. She didn't even visit his office for six months. So he thought it's really some silly agreement his wife made him sign.

Kushi continued her online education unknown to others.

She even started a blog with a different name and was happy with the response. She felt insulted by Arnav's action six months back. She always thought that he knew her better than anyone else. He understood her when no one else can. But he hid her chance at a potential career. So she wanted to learn fashion designing and get an insider knowledge. She wanted?to prove to him that she is not the same village girl he thought her to be.

She is still not okay with shirt dresses but she could design a few now. She finished her basic training by the end of six months. She also enrolled herself in few online language learning courses. She want to show him that she isn't illiterate and can speak a few languages with great fluency.

She thought she needed two years for that. But considering the pace she's learning, she can accomplish her goal by the end of one year itself.

When Arnav asked her if she even uses the laptop, she said yes but not the reason.

To avoid suspicions, she started watching some movies in the laptop sometimes when he's around.

Eight months after their agreement, Arnav came across Kushi's blog.

It was a blog explaining fashion industry's insider view and some designs with copyright.

Kushi decided to sell her designs online through her blog and start earning through fashion designing early. That way, she can repay her husband sooner.

What surprised her was when an email came from AR designs regarding one of her favorite designs.

Arnav is intrigued by the emerging fashion designer whose copyrighted under the name " AnkiT "

He wanted to meet the designer and maybe make a deal with that person.

It was picking interest of several brands around the world because the designs are almost perfect but the designer is almost anonymous. A name for copyrights, an email for the blog and a new design is uploaded every week.

Kushi understood one thing for sure..That nothing remains in fashion these days. Anything could be considered old fashioned or out of trend in seconds.

She worked during the nights and uploaded her designs from the beginning till that time.

There were many, so she decided to upload once in a week.

She was happy with the outcome. When AR sent her an email asking for a meeting, she refused it.

She wanted to stay anonymous. She didn't try tailoring any of her designs. She designed them, saves them in her laptop and a hard disk as backup and uploaded in her blog.

After one year, when it's just two months left for their agreement to end, Kushi decided to change her blog details.

From Anonymous, she became some known person.

Her blog description read " An aspiring designer and a housewife, I really appreciate all your encouragement. It motivated me to be who I am. What hurt my ego which I never thought existed lead to the existence of this blog."

She bought at least one outfit of her every design sold and wore them once. She had pictures modelling those clothes.

She clicked the pictures when Arnav is out of his office or during the night time. She started uploading them alongside the design in new posts for those two months.

A day before two years end, Kushi sent an email to AR's official id.

She said she would like to meet Mr.ASR and talk to him directly in person.

Arnav was excited. The aspiring designer whose designs became show's toppers and eye Turner's, finally gave him time.

He replied scheduling an appointment at 11:00am the next day.

During the night, Kushi went to Arnav and gave him a cheque. He was confused.

When Kushi brought up the agreement and said that it is the cheque for all expenses, he was shocked. He said it was unnecessary and she don't have to pay.

He thought the money came from her catering business. Upon Kushi's insistence he finally took the cheque and sent it to be deposited the next day.

Next day

Arnav woke up early, got ready and went to office even before his employees started coming. He shared the news that 'AnkiT' is coming today and everyone is expected to be on their best behavior.

Arnav himself made sure the conference room is ready and everything is set.

Kushi, at Raizada Mansion, is looking through the different outfits to wear from some of the designs she got tailored.

She decided on a simple design and went to AR.

At 11:00AM sharp, Kushi entered the office building. She went inside and to the receptionist.

Before Kushi can say about her appointment as "AnkiT" she was allowed inside.

She simply went in and found Arnav, along with his employees, waiting near the entrance of his office.

She went to him but he cut her off before she could speak saying he's waiting for important guest and that he has no time for her. In his excitement of meeting the now known designer he didn't notice her clothes.

She cleared her throat and told him to listen to her.

The way she spoke broke his bubble of excitement and he finally noticed her dress too. He didn't recognize the design.

Kushi was supposed to upload it today and she didn't. She wanted to upload it in front of him. To prove that she is not someone to be underestimated.

After Arnav said that he has no time for her, she laughed. She laughed and said Oh Really? I thought you were waiting for me Mr.ASR. I guess I should just go back and schedule appointment with other firms.

You're mistaken Mr.ASR. if you could lead me to the conference room, we can start the meeting.

Even though she knew her way around the office, she didn't go. She wanted him to show the way. She felt happy being the boss. People change and so did she. The once selfless carefree happy girl is now a strong girl with an attitude to match the challenges of life.

Arnav didn't want to have an argument with her, so he lead her to the conference room and took a seat.

She addressed everyone so formally that they thought her to be a different person altogether.

She connected her phone to their projector and started it.

She said that she is going to upload the design worn by her that day and did it using their system. She showed them a few designs and told that she's interested in working with AR.

Arnav was silent throughout the presentation but once it ended, he immediately said yes to her proposal and sent his employees back to work.

The conference room is occupied with just Kushi and Arnav.

Arnav asked her when she learnt it and why she's being so formal and all the other questions he have.

She sat down and suggested him to do the same. Then started explaining him how his words hurt her invisible ego and what she did.

He was impressed and shocked too. When he asked her why she didn't tell him anything, her reply shocked him once again.

She replied privacy Mr.ASR. I need my privacy to continue my business. You maybe my husband but also my potential rival. I can't leak my design to you. So, back to business, I'll bring my agreement with my terms tomorrow. Make sure to get your agreement prepared by then. Thank you and Have a great day.

Saying that she left and went home.

At Raizada Mansion, same day evening

When Arnav came home, he didn't see anything different. So he thought Kushi didn't tell the family members too.

At dinner, Arnav brought up the new Revelation. His family members were surprised but proud of her too. They congratulated her on her success and wished her luck.

Anjali asked the reason what made Kushi take up fashion designing and when Kushi said about how Arnav's words hurt her, Anjali felt bad and good too.

She scolded him first and then said how he became the reason of her further education.

At the end of the dinner, Anjali said Watch out Mr.ASR, you've got a tough competitor now. Be careful with your words. Or else you might as well be defeated in your own industry.


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Mar 30, 2017

AnkiT means.. (By V1184) (Thanked: 41 times)

@Arshiliciousmegha : Thanks for pointing it out.

I guess, I forgot to explain it.

When I am typing the OS, AnkiT just came to my mind.

It could be understood in any of the following ways.

When I searched in Google Translate, it showed that Ankit means 'CONQUERED'

So, we can take it as Kushi conquered her emotional feelings and went after her goals and achieved them.

Or, Telugu word " Ankitam " which means dedication / dedicated , where Kushi dedicated herself to her goal and achieved it. She dedicated her hard work to all those who were looked down but still stood for themselves and motivated themselves.

Or, simply, their names.

A for Arnav, her husband, because of whom this whole work started.

or a could mean " Aadapilla / Ammayi " which means Girl in Telugu

nk for her best friend NK 

or n for Naari which means Woman in Hindi

k for Telugu word " Krushi " which means Hardwork

i for Hindi word " Izzat " which means Respect

T for Hindi word " Tamanna " which means Wish.

or T for Hindi word " Taaliyan" which means Applause.

So, it could lead to either their names

or this sentence.

A Girl or Woman's hard work must be appreciated and her wishes must be respected.

That above sentence, if we rearrange a few words.

Thank you everyone for your support. I really am glad, you all liked this OS.

Have a Great Day/Night. :)

Thank you :)

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