Dont You think My love deserves a chance ?

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By:    Part - 4 by Akshaya21    

Story based on sheetal track of ipkknd     

Dont you Think my love deserves a chance ? Season -2

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By:    Part- 5 by Akshaya21    

A story from 2nd marriage track of arshi      


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A short story about girl child and a daughter     


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By:    Thank You... by Arshi_Shreya    

My OS for MED CC OS Competition...     

TS - All I Need is - A KISS

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By:    EPILOGUE by Nakshu_Haya    

Khushi's broken heart - Will Arnav ever mend her heart?     

Sanaya Irani's 'Zindabaad' becomes a smash hit

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Sanaya Irani's 'Zindabaad' becomes a smash hit     

OS : Confusion, Hallucination and Realisation

 Sep 13     6227     39    

Another thought that has been in my mind for a few years finally penned down as an OS of Arshi... Please do read and comment.     

How to search stories of Writers

 Sep 13     6163     20    

How to search stories of Writers     

Yeh Ladka Haye Allah Kaisa Hai Deewana Itna Mushkil Hai Tauba Isko Samjhaana

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Yeh Ladka Haye Allah Kaisa Hai Deewana Itna Mushkil Hai Tauba Isko Samjhaana     


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By:     QUAGMIRE by Varanasi    

The basic plot of the story is based on the original series only so you see similar scenes coming up in some of the updates but the route the story takes henceforth is my solely my idea.     

IPKKND - Saajan Ji Ghar Aaye

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IPKKND - Saajan Ji Ghar Aaye     

|Realization| life changes....Completed

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By:    Realization... Once again by Nakshathra    

A gal who never knew abt love from their parents, finds on her hatred husband.... a true value of life....      

Dear Readers

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Regarding pinning the stories      

Barun Sobti on his web-show Asura: It’s the most intelligently written script

 Sep 11     448     8    

Talking about his new venture, Web-show Asura actor Barun Sobti, in an exclusive chat with shared that he feel so lucky to have got this opportunity.     


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By:    ARSHI:SOULMATES??? by Arshidreams1    

New Shot= Cindrella

 Sep 10     12457     255    

This is one shot :)     

Mind Of Mine- Arshi OS- Tose naina laage

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By:    #4 OS: Tose naina laage piya savren Nahi bas mein ab ye jiya savren by Farakhan    

Series of Arshi Os-es by Farakhan aka me lol........Peep in to know more :)      

Sanaya Irani Talks About Reality Shows

 Sep 9     392     1    

Says She Hasn’t Come Across Something She Wants To Do On TV!      

Result Time - Link of 7 OS

 Sep 9     1867     8    

Peep in for the results of IPKKND OneShot competition