She/he stole my heart

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Oct 24, 2017

She/ He stole my heart (By Gitakmr) (Thanked: 37 times)

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Here story goes..

In nainital

Khushi and her friends were ready for vocate nainital. They were keeping their luggage inside of van. After that khushi went to rohit's home.

Khushi: Rohit we are ready go. Now I'm going don't forget me. Study well. U know na that laadgoverner gave visiting card to u. Call them don't hesitate to ask help from him. Bcoz he is not that much bad. He is good so good. And also don't forget to call me. Okay. Take care of family. Bye I'm going.said Khushi kisses his cheek.

Rohit: literally crying: didi plz come here oftentimes. I'm going to miss I.

He too kissed hee cheek. And they both bid bye to each other.

Finally they left from there.

While traveling Khushi thinking about past few days especially about laadgoverner.

She smiled little a cooling braze came from window. She is enjoying the view of nainital.


Shyam in phone.

Shyam: what type of locker that is? Why can't u open that? U r expert in opening lockers. Then what happened now?

On other side: sir this is old type locker. It made by five type of heavy metals. There's no keys for these type of lockers. It will open with some sequence. Without knowing that we can't open. Even we can't break this.

Shyam in angry voice; don't give me explanation. I want to open that locker. Open that at any cost. For that only im giving money to u. For not giving useless explanation. Do u understand? Said shyam cut off his call. He can't do any thing waste fellow. I'm wasting my money for this stupid man. I should find out that password by myself. I can't waste time and also money. What to do?

Shyam thinking about that locker seriously. In that time Anjali and saw thinking shyam. She kept her hand on his shoulder and called him.

Anjali; shyamji khya hua? Aap Kya soch rahethe the?(shyamji what happened? What are u thinking?)

Shyam gave fake smile as usual. He made her sit next to him in cozy bed. Keeping her hand in his while rubbing her hand with his thumb finger.

Shyam; nothing RS. I was thinking about one case. This case eating my brain from so long. Im trying my best to do but whatever I do some interruption will come. See now to one problem came.

Shyam said with worries.

seeing his worried face Anjali get panicked.

Anjali: what shyam ji what hpnd? What kind of problem came. Tell me I will inform to chotte. He will handle that.

Shyam smiled

Shyam: no RS. It's my work. And in my career it is common.

Anjali: achcha. Ok can't u share with me too?

Shyam: of course RS if it is not you then with whom I'm going to share my worries.

Shyam kept his head on her lap. Anjali carrasing his hair with smile with content. Her heart is jumping with proud for her husband's statement. She thanking her devimaiya in every second for giving shyamji as her husband.

Shyam: Woh RS. One of my client his all properties are kept in old type of locker. That locker made by five types of heavy materials. And there is no key for that type of lockers. That locker will open only by some sequence. My client's grandparents only Kow about that sequence. But they too died. They kept all his property in that locker. Now he is asking help for open that locker. I'm thinking that how can I help him.

after sometime.

Shyam: RS do you know this kind of locker before?

Anjali was thinking sometime. Then she remembered their locker in sheesh Mahal.

Anjali: Haan shyamji we too have this kind of locker in our sheesh Mahal. Our parents and grandparents used to keep valuable things in that locker only. That too locked by some sequence.

Shyam get alerted: achcha RS who all know that sequence.

Anjali: Our parents and grandparents. They only know about that.

Shyam: but they died na. They who is maintaining that locker?

Anjali: I don't know shyamji. We are not opening that. So I don't know that. But chotte know about that. Bcoz by malikins habitual they will that sequence to male neice. Bcoz according to them male niece only develop their parampara. Girls will go to other family. So they will not consider female as their neice. So they will not tell us.

Shyam: so saalesab knows about that sequence. Isn't?

Anjali: Haan. Ok leave that topic. U take some rest. I will bring tea for u.

Shyam nodded.

Anjali went from there for preparing tea.

Shyam: what the hell is now how can I going to ask him about locker sequence. What if he get suspected on me? Now what to do? He throwed pillow at corner of room.

In Gupta Mansion

Shashi checking his shop's accounts then garima came there for giving his tea.

Garima: what are doing?

Shashi: checking shop's accounts.

Garima: do u know Khushi is coming today.

Shashi: Haan yesterday night she told na. Did she called again.

Garima: Haan she called before she left from there.

Shashi: okay. Saying he returned empty tea cup to her.

Garima turned to leave when their door bell rang she went to open and she saw postman was standing there.

Garima: ji what you want?

PM: ji is this Shashi Gupta house?

Garima: yes one second. Said she went to call her husband.

Shashi came there.

Shashi: yes I'm the Shashi Gupta. What do u want?

PM: A courier came for you please sign here and get this.

Saying he showed some paper, after signing that shashi got his courrier.

He opened and read that. After reading that he folded that his face covered by worries.

Garima: what shashiji. What hpnd?

Shashi: nothing garima it is from finance company which we got home loan for our home and shop repairing service. Our due got over so they asking full amount with interest to settle that too within three months.

He said with worry.

Garima panicked.

Garima: hey bhagwan. Now what we will do? How much amount totally we should pay?

Shashi: around 6 lakhs.

Garima: now what to do shashiji?

Shashi: don't know but don't tell this to Khushi. She will get upset. We can manage this. Okay?

Garima: Ji okay.

Said garima went inside worrying about 6 lakhs.

Sry guys . There is no arshi part today. But soon they will meet.

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