She/he stole my heart

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Mar 19, 2017

She/he stole my heart (By Arshika)

An early morning he woke up with jerk because of the same horror dream which he want to forget from  the last 14 years

The french door screen was removed anjali came near him "What happend chote" she was scared because of his sudden wake up.

Nothing di, I'm getting late have to get bath, You just bring my black coffee. He went to bathroom taking his towel.

Anjali gets worried she knew reason of his sleepless nights. But she can't to anything.. she just beliving to devimaiya she will change her chote's nightmare... and bring khushi(happiness) to her chote's life while thinking she left his room for prepare his black coffee...

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Mar 19, 2017

She/he stole my heart (By Arshika)

Character sketch:


Arnav Singh Raizhada

The great mighty ASR , Arrogant, ruthless person as in serial.  The king of fashion world.M.D and CEO of AR designs and group of companies and Asia's top business tycoon.He won't believe  in marriage, love are in relation with others. He loves only his di(Anjali). He do whatever for his di. As if his wants to go that moon he will that next moment. He loves his di and his raizhada family and cares but he wont show to others because he wont let ohers know about his

Anjali Shyam manohar jha

As in serial she is so naive caring person. She loves her husband and her family and chote he is world for her. She always doing some pooja for her husband wellness.

Shyam Manohar jha

He is a top criminal lawyer. As in the serial he is criminal. he married anjali for her wealth but he is acting as he is caring his wife and her family

Devyani Singh Raizhada

She is so soft and caring person as in serial and her lakshmi pet goat

Manorama Singh Raizhada

Alias mamiji. She always behind the beauty. She looks like colorful parrot. As in serial

Manohar Singh Raizhada

As in serial so silent husband of manorama. Always running from his husbands from her beauty blabberings.

Aakash Singh Raizhada

As in serial so silent always obedient to his elder brother. he do whatever he say


Khushi Kumari Gupta

So beautiful girl, so naive, trust people so easily, She completed her engineering in computer science and doing job in top mnc company. Not modern girl. She looks as middle class family. All of her frinds told to change herself even somepeople moking her but she wont bother. she like what she is.

Shashi gupta

Father of khushi. he loves his daughter very much she is the only one daughter of them. His business is sweet shop in luknow

Garima Gupta

Mother of khushi. she also loves her daughter so much. she is house wife.

Let's start story

Arnav went office without breakfast. Anjali always worried for his chotte but what can she do.  All are gathered in dining all "Good morning nani, good morning di"aakash wished to all. "Aakash today  chotte have any important work as he went without breakfast".

"yes di. today the london clients are coming for a deal it is very important to AR growth"aakash said to di.

"Ok" said anjali.

Naniji today i have pooja in devimaiya temple for his(shyam) wellness as he nowdays his health is not good

tk anjali betiya be carefull your health also not good so take care of yourself also

Anjali nodded while smiling

"Haan haan naniji i'm also telling her dnt do anything for which she got worried but never heared my voice" with fake conern shyam manohar jha came there while wishing good morning to all

"Hello hi bye bye anjali bitiya why you are not hearing damadji's bord(word) he albaysh (always) scaring you"manorama came there with penguine walk with rainbow makeup.

all are laughed

"Mano it is not scaring it is caring. You only scaring me always" manohar came there with full laughing

"Hello hi bye bye me scaring yough(you)"mamiji pouted.

All were smiled looking at the couples fight

"manorama still you chided like child grown up your son now in marriage" naniji scolded mamiji

"Hello hi bye bye sasuma bhat(what) you thinking that i'm not caring my son. Im looking my bahuriya from universal model.they only deserve to get marry to raizhada familgh(family)"

"haan haan mano you also from universal beauty"said mamaji

"really am i looking universal model"mamiji asked with excitement

"Haan you are from mars na in the mars you only looks beauty comparing with your collegues"said mamaji

All were laughed with mamaji's comment

mamiji went out with pouting with penguine walk

"Areh mano stop" but mamiji went her room

"di im going to office im getting late" with that akash went to office

"ranishaiba im also getting late bye" with that he also went

"naniji im so worring about chotte day by day he going so ruthless like monsters always wake up with jerk. when he will get normal life like others"

"haan anjali betiya im also thinking that only that's why i had planned for him"

"What is this naniji"

naniji told her the plan. anjali exclaimed "good naniji yeh acchi idea hai"

In AR office

All staffs are keep running busy with their work as they know about their boss ASR. He wont pity for anyone if they did any mistake

Arnav checking mails in his laptop. he always keep busy him. He dont like to take rest and wasting time.

Akash entered his his cabin"bhai mr singania make problem to deal with our company. Now what we have to do"

Arnav seeing akash with raged look

He calls aman his pa manager"fix meeting with singania companies board members" with that he again burried his fac in laptop. without looking akash "you can go akash i will take care of him" akash know the meaning of take care in his dictionary with smiling he went.

"Mr singania your singania company's properties has been changed to AR group of companies because your company share holders are sold their shares to AR with unexpected price so he is having now 75% shares. sorry now ASR is the MD of the Singania company you leave from this company " the lawyer mr roy explained to him what happen if anyone mess with ASR

After hectic day he came to his room and changing his casual dress again burried his face on laptop

On the khushi side

After the working in office she came home with confused face

"khushi beta kya hua tum kahan kho gayi"asking garima with confused face

"kush nai amma aaj pata nahi achanak hamari company owner bhadal gayi. pata nai kya hua" she narrated the all stories happend in her office. It is her hobby to narrate all stories which happening on the day

"leave that nw go and get fresh i prepared your favorite all bonda with chutney go" saying she went to kitchen

"hai aloo bonda wow my favorite thank you amma hum abhi aathe" saying she went to washroom.

After finishing her dinner and chit chatting with her parents she went to her room with the thoughts of what her friend payal told her for vocation. She dont know what to do. what she will say with her parents. definetly they wont agree for this. with that thoughts she drifted to sleep.

Hai guys how is my story please tell how is my story. as this is my first story. I'm a big fan of arnav and khushi. if you people want to say something about this story please comment

i'll keep regular updates

Thank you


Mar 20, 2017

She/he stole my heart (By Arshika)

Hi guys Thank you for your comments...really im so happy and for your votes..tomorrow i cant update as it is monday.have to go office so im updating now. thank once again

here story goes..

Next day morning arnav came from his jogging and taking his towel for get bath

anjali came there "chote"

"haan di"

"when your new fashion show going to held"

"within 10 days di, why what happened"

"nothing chote you working a lot without taking rest and proper food, thats why i asked"

"di you know i love to work so please dont worry about that"

"chote dekho how i cant worry when you are not well, I dont know who will take care of you after my absence" she put fire spark in the petrol bunk

"diii stop it how many times i told you dont speak about death of yours" he emitting fire in his eyes

"oops! sorry chote im really sorry i wont say next time" she keep pouting face

"but chote im telling is true you should find your soul mate"

"di i told you million times i dont interest in these stuffs dont make start again that too morning itself" he went bathroom and slamming the door which she startled

"khushi wake up beta you should get ready for office you are getting late" garima tired of waking up khushi

"Amma please 5 more minutes" she said in deep sleep

"see you told me na your new management is very strict you should go at correct time na"

khushi awake with jerk "haan amma i forgot " she went washroom with hurry to get ready

"hai khushi"payal came with her modern gang

"Hi payal good morning  "

"good morning did you ask your parents about our vocation  trip"asked payal

"no payal i'm sure they wont send me with you guys that too that for one month no way"

"offo khushi why you are behaving like school students, nowadays school students also having courage that they dating with their friends but tum bi na" payal chidd with her

"I know payal see your parents are well educated so they know outing with friends is not a crime but my parents are not like that we are so conservative. so they wont allow to go,  sorry guys.." saying khushi went to her cabin

"leave it payal first of all she is not trusting us like we are going to devour her" said lavanya with irritating face

lavanya she looks too modern and from rich family but she always getting jealous of khushi as she looking so pretty even without brand make up and classless dress

"stop it lavanya she is our friend how we can leave her like that we should think what to do now"said payal to lavanya

all are discarded with their respective cabins

hi guys how is it please comment put vote for me

Thank you

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Mar 22, 2017

She/he stole my heart (By Gitakmr) (Thanked: 24 times)

hi guys thanks for your comments...and votes

Here the story

khushi woke up from her deep sleep... "good morning amma" she wished to her amma

"Good afternoon beta" she replied with smile

"kya!" she get shocked then checked the wall clock its shows 2'0 clock

"kya amma wh you not wake up me" she pouted

"it's ok beta aaj sunday na thats why i let you sleep till now"

"nahi amma i can help you na for morning breakfast and house hold works and babuji ko bhi"

"nahi beta you are our angel how we can let you do this types of works.. waise bhi shaadi ki baad mein tum karnayi  padega tab karo

"nahi amma my prince wont let me do like that he will always protect me like you are protecting he will give all caring and happiness" she said while dreaming

Garima smiled she know she always dreaming about her prince charming and her fairy tale marriage

But god only knows how it would be! :)

in AR even in sunday some staffs are working for upcoming fashion show

in ASR cabin

"What the hell are you have done."Arnav rored like lion his voice echoed whole office. Staffs are startled with his voice. They know it happens often time in this office but want know whose is that unlike person today.

"can't you atleast care about only one section that too very important"

Sheetal standing there like statue she dont know what to do now. she always giving important to fall arnav with her so not paying that much attention to her work.

"say something dammit! I'm not paying you stand like statue and for faulty works. I already warned you but you are not paying attention on it. I'm not firing you because for your father he so good person. Because of him i'm tolerating you. But not anymore just get out you are fired!."

"Aman settle all her payments accounts"

"Ok ASR"

sheetal got afraid she thinking that what she have to do"arnav! i'm really very sorry please give me a last chancei will correct all the problems please for sake of my father if comes to know that i lose my job surely he will get hurt arnav please" she cried

arnav thought something and then said

"This is the last warning! that for your father. I dont want any problems and any confusions in my fashion show it will going to be held day after tomorrow before that you should clear all the mess otherwise you will face ASR wrath that still u haven't see"

"thanks arnav"

"now get back your work"

Sheetal went to her cabin with smirk she know how to convince arnav  by using her father because her father once helped to her sister anjali from an accident from that arnav always respecting her father

in khushi home

khushi's room got knocked she came outside of room and saw but one was there suddenly payal and her gang came "boom!"

khushi startled "payal tum"

"what are you here

"why cant we come here, aunty dekho na khushi kya bolre hai" payal complained

"nothing like that payal in holiday you spend your time with your boyfriend that's why asked"

"No today  i came here for important thing"

"important thing" khushi get confused

"haan but not with you, i came here for talking with aunty and uncle"

"kya beta"shashi asked payal

"i'm coming to the point directly, i dont want to drag this that is we have planned to nainital for vocation trip we all are going but your conservative daughter still not say anything about that"

"we will happy if khushi comes with us. we all girls only uncle please let her come

shashi said"but beta she didnt told me anthing about this trip"

"we know uncle she didnt say nothing and also we know she wont"

"please uncle let her come" asked krithika one of khushi's friend

"khushi beta do you want to go there"shashi asked

"if you are not like then i'm not going pappa"

shashi smiled he know his daughter wont cross her limits and his word

"achcha tk beta tu jao"

"sach pappa"khushi asked with excitement tone

because this is the first time they allowing to go somewhere alone that too long distance

"haan beta yu jao"

"thank you pappa!

khushi hugged her pappa

"ok problem solved we got permission so lets prepare other things"payal said

"thanks payal"khushi said

"i did for my friend only without you how i will be happy" paal hugged khushi

"achcha ab shopping time come we have to do lots of shopping we have to bus lots of food items"khushi said with excitement

"pagli always thinking about food only"said payal while hitting khushii's head all are laughed

"nahi toh kya halway ki beti hoon mein haina pappa!"

"haan pappa"shashi said with smile

"achcha when you going"shashi asked

"after three days uncle"said payal

here raizhada mansion

"nani did you prepared all things there"asked anjali

"haan beta all are ready"

"i'm waiting for that "said anjali

"hum bhi" said nani

on the fashion show

all models are walking that cat walk with with AR new collections

it went well all are surprised the designs how a man can design this much beautiful

on the next day arnav ready to go office anjali came there

"chote i want to speak with you"

"haan what happend" h asked while knothing his tie

"you have to go nainital"said anjali with straighten face

"what the!"

hai guys how is this story. please comment and vote for me

thank you

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Mar 23, 2017

She/he stole my heart (By Gitakmr) (Thanked: 30 times)

hi guys thanks for your comments and votes.

and thank you button :)

here story goes

"What the! the are you mad. i have lots work to do, i have to go to london in few days then how should i its impossible"said arnav

"nahi chote you have to for my sake, see chote u did lots of work to this fashion work, tum ko aaram ki jarurat hai chote please"

"im fine di i dont like to take rest please try to understand"

"nahi chote i have heared enough, ab tum hamari baat suno"

"sorry di i dont have enough time to listen your blabberings, so im going to office now bye take care"said arnav went to office

But anjali is anjali she is a dramaqueen na so she palnned  something

In AR office

arnav discussing something with aman while aakash came there

"bhai di is not in home, she went somewhere none know about her whereabouts" aakash said with single breath

"what the! aakash what are you saying" asked arnav with shock

"haan bhai she went some where, nani told me that she were cried after you came to office"

"oh **** yeh di bi na, ok aakash i'm going to search di you give complaint about di missing to commissioner sir"arnav went

here khushi going to office on the way she thought to go temple of devimaiyya, so she went

there a lady climping the stair but suddenly her foot got slipped so she going to fall down

but suddenly khushi came there and catch her "areh dyan se " khushi said to that lady

"ji shukriya"that lady thanked her

"koi baad nahi, hamari naam khushi hai app?"

"anjali" said anjali

they talked sometime

arnav searching his di in each and every place, but he cant find her

"haan aakash did you you gave complain"

"haan bhai i gave complaint to commissioner he assuring to find her as soon as possible"

"ok aakash"

he driving his car like crazy man to find his di, he told himself he will do whatever his di saying, asked sorry thousands times himself for not hearing his di's voice

he heard temple ring sound, he got idea, he turned his car to temple, he got down from the car and went to temple, in entrance of the temple he saw her , she talking with some one young girl

"diii" he rored

khushi and anjali got startled because of his voice

khushi turned to see his face

sorry guys for short update i will update tomorrow  long update

dont forget to put votes and comments and please press thank u you button

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Mar 24, 2017

She/he stole my heart (By Gitakmr) (Thanked: 27 times)

"diiii" arnav screamed

both khushi and anjali startled of his voice

khushi turned to see his face but suddenly she got call from payal so she went from temple

arnav came near to anjali "What the hell di... what are you trying to do?" he yelled with her

"leave me chote i dont want to talk to you"

"di whatever come to home we can talk in home, come with me right now" he ordered to her

"no why should i"

"di yeh kya bachpane"

"you wont heard my word then why i should hear you leave me i  wont come"

"di i told you na we will talk in home with me i hear whatever you say you just please come"

"sach" anjali asked with cute face

"haan baba sach, now come with me"

they went to raizhada mansion

after entered to her room he asked her about the matter

"chote as i said you have to go to nainital for 10 days for taking rest i mean fully rest i meant it" anjali told to him  with stern face

"but di  you know na i have lots of work to do"

"your first priority is your business you wont care about your health but this is my responsibility to take care of you after mom went..." a lonely tear came from her eyes

arnav can't take it any more he hugged her "di you there for me instead of mom you caring me like mom who said mom passed out she still alive that to infront me with you di" arnav also started to cry

"ok di i'm going to nainital as you wish ok, are you happy now" arnav said while lifting her face

"haan chote i want that only i'm so happy" she smiled and hugged him

"kab ham jana hai" he asked

"parson main"

"ok di till that  can work na"

"haa chote"she smiled

here khushi making so fuss for shopping

"dekho payal i wont change my style on there too so dont comple me ok" she told to payal

"ok for that you can wear chudithars na why you bought all these sarees band half sarees" payal asked with irritating face

"haan toh we are going to village na in there this is traditional dress you know and also i love to wear this" khushi said with happy face

payal looked her at disbelief

at night khushi packed all her things they have to leave within half hour they have to catch the bus to nainital

"bye amma, and babuji, i'm going to miss you all for 10 days" she cried tears came from her eyes

"chup dramaqueen"garima hit her forehead and  smiled

"pappa dekho na amma ko meri parva nahi nahi hai, wo kitna khush hai " she complained to her dad

"khushi tumari amma teek kahariye tum achi drama queen hoon" garima, shashi laughed

khushi pouted bit bye to her parents

all are gathered in the bus

lavanya came there with so much fuss

"offo who can come in this bus i cant, i will join with you there, i'm coming by my BMW car ok" said she went all are looked at her  even all are rich except khushi only but lavanya showing so much of attitude

bus get move khushi enjoying her trip with full happiness she planned so much but who know all her dreams not comes true she will face her fate  :)"

bye dudes thanks for votes, comments and thank you buttons, please put vote for this story also and comment, thank you button

thank you

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Mar 25, 2017

She/he stole my heart (By Gitakmr) (Thanked: 27 times)

khushi reached to nainital

"wow kitna sundar hai" khushi said

"haan khushi this is your first time na you came to nainital"asked kritika(she also khushi's friend)

"yes kriti this is my first time "said khushi

"you know this is my favorite place i used to come here often times" said kritika

"really" asked khushi

"yes and see there mango trees i used to stole that mangoes without knowing security, you know that was all amazing memories and that mangoes taste is so good surely we will eat some other time okay" said kririka

"sure kriti but what if the owner of that trees came he will harm us na"asked khushi innocently

"don't worry the owner of that house will not come because from so many years there is no one came and stayed they are settled in delhi i don't know more about them but surely they will not come" said kritika

"then ok we will taste that mango right now come on guys"said khushi

"pagli now only we reached here but you started to thinking about to eat first we have to take rest i'm so tired come, haan kritika where we have to stay?"asked payal

"the next street come on it is near only"said kritika

"guys but i want that sweet mangoes right now" khushi said with cute pout

"khushi chup karo aur aajoa, these not going anywhere and owner of that also not will come suddenly come" payal dragged khushi

they reached their staying place khushi came out and saw that back of that bunglow with mango trees are straight to their home she exclaimed "haiii jolly payal see you said me na dont eat see now that is infront of me..."

payal looked her at disbelief

"diii aap log koun hai"asked a little boy to them

"hai i'm khushi she is my friend payal we all came here for enjoying you place can you please accept me as your friend and will help me to roam this place"khushi asked to that boy

he smiled"sure di hamara naam rohan"

"good shall we go out i'm getting bore"asked khushi

"sure i ll come"

they went to somewhere

they talked with each other like best friends

rohan calls her di and khushi calling him as chote :-)

here raizhada mansion

"nani your plan always get success only see as you said i went to temple without informing to anyone even shyamji, you said our chote will come there as said he came first i get shocked and then i remembered our so i kept quite" anjali said with smiling

"haan anjali betiya shaayad our chote seems like he wont care about anyone but he cares to all members in our family bas he not like show to all, but he know all our activities' said nani while preparing flower garland for devimaiyya

"haan nani apa teek kehariye hamari chote ham par parva hai"anjali smiled

"nani i forgot to say something i met a girl in temple she looks like so pretty, and good hearted too, i thought that time she so perfect for our chote if our chote accepted to marrysomeone i will sure go and find that for getting marry to our chote"anjali said with smiling

"achcha agar hamari ranisahiba ko pasand hai toh woh jarur ho jayega, haina naniji" shyam came there with fake smiling

naniji noded with smiling

"arre aap!when you came here"anjali asked with full of joy

"when you started to describe that unknown girl"shyam said

all were laughed

achcha teek hai ranisahiba hum bahu thak hai hum jaa kar aaram lethi hoon"

teek hai aap jaye hum aapkeliye chai lekar aati hoon"anjali went to prepare tea for shyam

in AR

"aman take care of all things i dont have any other choice rather than trust you, i cant refuse my di's order so i have to go" said arnav

"ok boss"aman smiled

arnav give ASR look

aman kept quite and went from there

thanks for your vote, comments, and thank you button

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Mar 26, 2017

She/he stole my heart (By Gitakmr) (Thanked: 31 times)

"ok d i'm going bye take care"said arnav

"teek hai take care you too, dont do any work there also i have spy there to watching you so be careful"said anjali and giggled

all were laughed

arnav rolled his eyes

"ok di bye"arnav went

In lavanya home

"don't know why all are going behind that chamkili" said lavanya with irritating face

"why baby what happened" asked her mom megna

"see mom i had planned to go goa in this vocation but for that chamkili all were denied my decision, now they all enjoying in that village that too with that chamkili"said lavanya she stood from the cushion sofa and came near to window of her room

"if you are not interested to go there with that khushi you can go to goa as you wish if you ok i can ask ajay he will accompany to you to goa" said megna and came near to lavanya and caressed lavanya head

"no mom i can't let my friends go behind her i have to do for that i too have to go to nainital so i'm going and i promise you there will be a last day for that chamkili" said lavanya with evil face

after few hours

"haan di i reached nainital, ok bye" said arnav while checking his mail he is in urgent to sent the mail to londan delicates, suddenly the car stopped suddenly

"what the, what happened now mohan" he asked to his driver mohan

"don't know sir just a minute i will check"said mohan

"ok hurry up"said arnav, he is typing in his laptop with urgent

mohan checked the car, and came to arnav

"sir just a small problem if someone push our car it will get starting, it having starting trouble sir" said mohan

"ok find someone for push the car and give some money to them" said arnav while typing something in his laptop

"teek hai sir" said arnav and searched for people

"beta, can you please help me"asked mohan to one girl

"ji bhai kya chahiye hai aapko" asked that girl

"wo hamari car mein ek problem hai kya aap yeh car push kar sakte" asked mohan

"ji bhai saap, aap car start kijiye"said that girl started to push that car

arnav felt something good  he saw that girl through the glass, he was mesmerized to seeing that girl her innocent face, hazel eyes, rosy lips and cute smile on that lips, her dress green half saree, she looking like fully village girl he saw her milky waist he felt something different but he is ASR ho don't like that feeling he came back that ASR mood

the car get started

mohan thanked her"thank you beta"

"it's ok bhaiya" said that girl with face full of smiling

"chalo di we are getting late" said rohan to khushi

"arnav saw that boy and told "hey stop"

They stopped abruptly"khushi saw him she also go mesmerized by his browny eyes

they shared a small eye lock

"kya" eyelock disturbed by rohan voice

"take this money for your work" he gave some amount  to khushi

khushi get angry with his behavior "kya keep it with yourself, i don't need any money"said khushi with angry voice

"think before say anything this much of money you can't see in your life time" said arnav with ASR attitude

""look mr i was not doing this for your penny he asked help with request that's why i did, so mind your tongue" said khushi with full of angry

"if you are that much interest to give this money to any one go and give to any other person" said khushi and also she offed the car

"what the, how dare you" roared arnav

"kyun dare nahi kar sakta, you are worth for it" said khushi

"you don't know who i'm and to whom you are messing" said arnav with anger

"as if i care, i don't want to know about you"said khushi went from there with rohan

"how dare to that girl,i hate this type of attitude girl, i will not leave her" arnav promised himself

he stood in road seeing the direction of khushi went

suddenly a BMW car came near to him the car door opened and a girl came near him and asked"hai mr may i help you, why are you standing here"

mohan came and said the problem of the car

""it's okay if you are don't mind can you come with me, I will drop at your palce"asked lavanya looking arnav

but arnav in all times looking the same direction of khushi went

"hello mr where you lost" she patted his shoulder

"nothing"arnav said and went to her car and sat beside her

lavanya was overwhelmed he is looking like top most handsome guy and rich she want he fall for her

lavanya spoke with sweet voice and kind of nature, arnav liked her behaviour and he thought how wonder she looking so rich but behavior is so good, but that village girl having lots of attitude on her head, he got tensed about thinking her behavior towards him

hi guys thanks for voting, comments and thank you button

please give the response for this story also, and please bear my hindi, i don't know  hindi that much but im trying to do best in hindi

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Apr 5, 2017

She/he stole my heart (By Gitakmr) (Thanked: 17 times)

hi guys sorry for late update, i was busy with my work sorry. but i got only few comments i feel so bad....

here story goes

arnav came to his big bunglow after he went to his room and took some rest after some time his room got knocked, he went to open the door he saw a middle aged lady stood their

arnav: who are you

lady: I'm here working, maid for cooking shaap,my name is gowri. i came here for asking you as do you want anything for eat

arnav: yaa bring me some mango juice

gowri: teek hai shaap, here we have own garden of mangoes, so i bring fresh mango juice

arnav nodded and closed the room door

payal: khushi khahan gayiti  tum, kabse dunruin mein tume

khushi: offo payal i just went site seeing with rohan, while you people were busy with your boyfriend

khushi chuckled

payal: chupkar pagali,  it had been three days we came here, three days i didn't saw my aakashji

payal pouted

khushi smiled

khushi: don't worry payal after we reach delhi you can talk  not romancing with your aakash jiiiii

all were laughed

but only one girl was in her dream world, lavanya she is in her dream world with arnav, she is  having much more confidence  that who can say no to miss lavanya kashyap, she is rich, beautyful girl, modern girl,fit for modern society surely he will fall for me

she smirked

khushi: lavanya why you looking so silent as something you palnning for someone

lavanya: yes i'm planning for how to kill someone who always irritating me

said lavanya went somewhere

khushi's face fell down she know lavanya doesn't like like but she always treating her like one of her best friend but return only she got hurt, a lonely tear escaped from her eyes

rohan: khushi didi shall we go out... i'm getting bore here


khushi not in mood to go out but payal insisted so  she went with rohan

rohan: didi you know you looking like my own di that is why i like you very much

khushi: achcha where is your di now

rohan: she is in town went for higher studies

khushi: achcha what is her name

rohan: ruhani, can i call you like that, becoz i miss my didi very much

khushi: ok ruhani its a nice name i like it

teek hai ruhani didi, achcha shall we go to that big bunglow, you asked me too go there in yesterday na

khushi: ya its a good idea i just want to taste that sweet mangoes come come

both are left from their

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Apr 6, 2017

She/he stole my heart (By Gitakmr) (Thanked: 20 times)

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here story goes

rohan: ruhi didi u know the owner of that bunglow came so the security also now very tight, we should more carefull

khushi: offo chottu, you dont about me i never failed at my aim, see today we definitely eat mangoes that from that garden

here arnav doing some work in his laptop for that london project, he dont have enough time to prepare the presentation, so he is working typing like tufan

khushi and rohan came near to that bunglow then they saw a big watchmen was standing there, he looking like gundas with big mouthache, big belly fat and he having a big stick in his hand

both khushi and rohan horrified on seeing him

rohan: ruhi ddi app kya karoon, see that gundaas was there he will not let us go inside

khushi: haan chottu, we have to think,,,hmmmmm

khushi saw wall on the next side of this side

khushi: idea!.. chottu see there, there is a wall we can jump that wall and can go inside and taste that mangoes teek hai?..

rohan: haan ruhi didi, challo

they wentv other side wall, they saw a big stone there they were jumped that wall by by limping that big rock

khushi: success...chottu we came inside wow im so happy come lets go

they were searching big and sweety mangoes on that garden

rohan: didi see there, a big mango that looks so sweet come di lets go

they went near to that big tree

khushi: but its too height we can't get that what to do.hmmm. ek minute

she took a stone that stone is capable of hit the mango and then she threw that stone to mango but her aim was

missed that stone hit a glass window

both khushi and rohan got scared

rohan: ruhi didi, u were failed see u were hit that glass window now what will do now

khushi: chup raho chottu, i'm also scaring for that now t do

she biting her nails

they heard foot step near to them

rohan: ruhi didi, that big gundass coming here what to do now, if my comes to know this she will beat me

rohan started crying

khushi: offo chottu rona mat main hoon na, come we can hide some where come

she dragged him near the well they hide behind the well as it was large

they heard footsteps very near to them,she closed her face by her hands and she prayed her devimaiyya, but devimaiyya also  not helped to them, they can feel someone was near to them, she removed her hands for look that gundaas but...

she feels like her head was burst she only heard one word from that man"WHAT THE!"

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