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Feb 26, 2017

pyaar kiya tho darna kya. (By Fathimasumaiya19) (Thanked: 26 times)

hello everyone this is my third story.this time I thought to give some horror here little story line........................ arshi loving deeply from childhood.more then khushi arnav loving khushi very deeply and obsessively. but because of some mystery arnav dies.body only dies right.spirit dont have any how will be this horror love story.if arnav get khushi after died know please support me.I promise you all.I will not disappoint you all.please support me.this is my dream to write this would be very scary and horror.

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write the story.
Feb 27, 2017

Pyaar kiya tho darna kya.. (By Fathimasumaiya19) (Thanked: 33 times)

new ray of brightness hit the very big house in Delhi.the house giving very royal look.everyone will fall in love seeing that home in first the the home in upstairs angel like a girl sleeping peacefully with her pink teddy bear.but her peaceful sleep disturb by her pet parrot angalina..

angalina;(in her parrot voice)utho khushi....utho khushi......

khushi moan feeling disturb.angalina continuely calling her.khushi felt very irritate.she shout at angalina with closing eyes.

khushi:please angalina let me sleep.sometime before only I sleep because of you are disturbing me.pleas be quite.

but angalina not in mode to stop.she continuely calling her.khushi felt very irritated.she put her another pillow on her ears.shr thrn felt someone pulling her bedsheet.she know eho is that.khudhi finally get up and looks down her cute cavalier King Charles puch puch pulling her bedsheet.khushi sigh.she rest her head on bed board.angalina comes and sit on her right shoulder.puch puch comes and take seat on her lap.khudhi sigh seeing her both personal alarms.she ask them.

khushi:why are both waking both know Sunday.i don't have any college.thrn why you both waked me.

hearing her question puch puch get up from her lap and take the family photo of khushi from side table.he take that from his mouth and put that on khushi lap.khushi confused seeing this.she ask to puch puch.

khushi:puch puch why did you take this photo?what are you trying to tell.

puch puch again take the picture give that to her.he shaking his heads as thought.khushi don't getting anything.angalina also shouting.khushi looks her family photo sometime.suddenly something comes to her mind.

khushi:(shocked)hey devimayya how can I forget arnie family coming here for informed me can I forget that.(turn to angalina puch puch)thanks to both of you.if you both don't wake me now.then this pagal khushi still sleeping.

puch puch shake his head as welcome.but the naughty angalina comes front of her.

angalina:(shouting loudly)pagal khushi.......pagal khushi.........pagal khushi.........

khushi open her mouth widely hearing angalina shout.angslina continuely shouting.khushi try to catch her.but she fly away from shouting way she go out of room.puch puch also goes behind her.......khushi smile seeing her crazy pets.she sigh and thought «just like me»

shantivan raizada mansion.just like a name that home also looking very beautiful and upstairs room.arnav sleeping on his bed with little smirk on his face.his room filled with his soul mate photos.his room fully her photos only.arnav sleep disturb by his alarm clock.he off the clock with closed eyes.he get up and sit in his bed with closed eyes.after siting probably arnav open his eyes.first thing he saw his lover khushi photo.that photo was very big more then other photos.he smile seeing her beautiful smile face.this is the routine for him from his teenage.he look her face only first before start his day.after see her only he start his daily routine.without seeing her face he can't do anything.he get up from his bed and move near her photo.he cares her photo and kiss that.then he left to washroom.

after comes out from washroom he start to get ready.suddenly his eyes fell on his chest where he tattoo khushi name very boldly in handwriting style.he cares the tatto with ****y smirk.this is was his favourite thing which he did on their love life.the important thing is he put this tattoo in his age ten.from childhood itself he have this tattoo.from childhood itself he loving her that love increased billion %.his every part of body chanting her name day 24 hours he thinking about her only.she is his madness.his addiction,his obsession.he loving her very thinking about her he get ready.

hi guys this is the first chapter I hope you all like iteveryone tell me about your opinions.please votes me and comment me.

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Mar 3, 2017

Pyaar kiya tho darna kya.. (By Fathimasumaiya19) (Thanked: 23 times)

After get ready arnav comes to living room.there his mother neha.papa arjun.cousin bro akash and his sister anjali siting on sofa.he join to them.everyone greet him.he also greet them back.his mother ask him.

neha:arnav don't you go for shoot say na you are going there today.

arnav:no ma the film which shooting in our production house now in abroad.they go there for shoot some scenes there.i don't mood to go so I send a aman with them.

akash:you know bhai yesterday in every channel talking about our film production house only.the film which we sponsored everything box every heroes and directors like to do their movies in our film house.

arnav:of course it's should be hit only.after all this film house opened by my angel.she is my lucky it will always best.

arnav say to them pridely.everyone smile hearing his words.then arjun say.

arjun:it's also after take breakfast we are going to Gupta mansion.shashi and garima invites us yesterday night.its good if you also there.

arjun say with smirk knowing his son reaction.arnav look at them with surprised reaction.its been two days lastly he saw his Angel.its amazing news for him.he ready for go.everyone smile seeing his face.they all know how madly he loving khushi.they also very happy about childhood itself he crazy for her.dont know what magic khushi did on their arrogant son..mama mami also join them.then they take breakfast.arnav take his breakfast happily.he very eager to meet his love.after take breakfast everyone left to their room for get ready.

in Gupta mansion.shashi and garima look after everything is not they coming first time.they already comes here many times.but they not just family friends right.very soon they going to be family they arrange everything perfectly.

in khudhi room.she getting ready.she wear milk white silk saree.she left her hair naturally the way arnav like.she put some light make up.but she put kajal to her eyes darkly.the way arnav loves.she put little bangles to her both hands.and put A shaped pendent on her neck with chain.puch puch and angalina helping her to getting she fully ready.just doing touch up.

in downstairs arnav family reach to home.shashi and garima welcome them.thenn they all start to talk.arnav search khushi.but she now where to see.garima notice his searching and informed him that khushi in her second arnav left to khushi room.

arnav enter to khushi room.puch puch saw him and start to barks happily.angalina also saw him and she start to shout in excitement.

angalina:arnie aagaye......arnie aagaye....arnie aagaye..

khushi hear angalina sound she turn and look arnav standing behind her with ****y smirk.she smile to him.arnav slowly com near to her.he just two inch away from her.he look her head to doubt she looking damn ****y.he wrap his hands around her tiny weaist.khushi smile shyly to him.

arnav:(romantically)are you try to kill me with you beauty khushi.

khushi:(wrap her hands around his neck)what you think.

arnav look her face and her lips.her red colour lipstick lips calling him to kiss.arnav then take her lips for possiontenkiss.khushi get shock by his sudden attack.she stand like a state without kissing him.arnav sense that she don't kissing him back.he wildly bite her lips.she then came out from her shock kiss him back.arnav roam his hands on her milky waist Sansually.khushi moan in kissing her way arnav take her to bed.and make her lay in bed.arnav kissing her very deeply.his hands reach to her pallu and hurriedly take that off.arnav goarn in pleasure when his hard chest hit her soft chest.

khushi moan in pleasure.arnav Broke the long kiss and start to kiss her neck with so much pleasure.khushi moan feeling his kiss on her body.arnav cup her both breas** and start to press ****ily.khushi take her both hands from him and she lay peacefully feeling his kisses and touch.arnav then remove her blouse and saw she wearing black net bra.her both brea** visible to him.he then start to such them.khushi moan in highly pleasure.arnav keep sucking her boss in above her bra.arnav don't have mood to stop.khushi also don't have heart to stop him.she enjoying his love very much.suddenly she hear angalina sound.she then comes to her sense.she know she have to stop him.they both family down stair.she look down and saw arnav sucking her bossom with so much desire.she calls him but he don't hear anything.she held his face force fully.arnav look her with highly irritation.he now in fully romance mood.

arnav:what are you going khushi.leave me I want to love you..

khushi:arnie do you remember that our family in downstairs.they must be waiting for us.enough now come lets go.

arnav:(pout)but I want to love you.

khushi:you can love me some other come lets go.

khushi kiss his nose.arnav sigh in irritation.he lastly suck and lick her both **** and get up from her body.khushi also get up and close her blouse botton.and put her pallu.she comes near to mirror and again did touch up.arnav also neat himself then they both left with angalina and puch puch.they both already waiting for them outside.

next:shock for arshi

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Nice update..
Mar 7, 2017

Pyaar kiya tho darna Kya. (By Fathimasumaiya19) (Thanked: 26 times)

they both come to living room and saw they family members talking about something very happily.they both wandering what that much happy thing.akash saw them and go near to them with huge smile on his face.he hug both of them tightly.arshi surprised seeing his behaviour.he broke the HUg.arnav ask him.

arnav:what happen to you akash?why are you behaving like this.

akash:bhai after hearing also will be damn happy.khushi you to..

khushi:then tell us na what's that news.

neha:(smile)I will tell that khushi.after some days you are going to live with us in raizada mansion permanantly.

khushi get confuses hearing her words.arnav also looked surprised.he felt happy when his mother tell khushi going to live in raizada house.but how can this possible.

arnav:ma don't put puzzles.tell us clearly.

arjun:neha don't test my son temper.tell him the matter.

neha:okay okay fine.arnav khushi guess what!we are decide to do your both wedding.

she happily announced to arshi.arnav khushi get shock hearing her reply.arnav heart dancing in happiness.he is damn happy.khushi also felt very happy.then everyone share their happiness.anjali tell to everyone.

anjali:come we have to take devimayya blessing for you both happy life.come.

all of them agree with her.then they all move to mandir side.all of them start to pray.arnav khushi feeling very happy.finally they both going to marry.its very happy news to them.neha and garima come forward and take aarthi thaal with diya.they both tell arshi to light up the diya.arshi held the hands together and lit the diya.after praying last time they all come out.

inside the mandir the diya which arshi lit blow off...

in living room they all take the seat.arnav ask to everyone.

arnav:why this sudden surprise.i still can't believe that you all arranged our wedding.

khushi:(smile)yes ma.even me also can't believe this.why suddenly.

garima:(smile)not suddenly beta.we already talk about your both marriage.but we postponed that thinking about your your studies are going to finish in this also say na you don't like to study more.thats why we arrange the wedding now.

khushi smile happily.arnav feeling very happy more then many years he logged to hear this news.its very good news to him.he felt like he win everything in this world.finally his khushi become his parmanantly and officially.he ask to his mother eagerly.

arnav:when this marriage going to happen ma.

neha:(teasingly)why this much eager arnav.control control.

everyone laughing.arbav look at them irritatingly.khushi smile seeing his irritating face.

anjali:ma why are you making my brother angry.(to arnav)arnav just wait some time.we called the pandit.he going to come here for fix your marriage date.after that you will comes to know when this marriage going to happen.

khushi make him calm.everyone waiting for pandit.after some time late sixties pandit combine with his assistant dev.everyone make him sit and give him coffee.then neha garima give him arshi kundali to pandit for fix marriage date.pandit start to match the kundali .after seeing their kundali pandit give long sigh.

neha:what happen pandit ji.everything okay na.

pandit:this two kundali matching in my either life I don't see this much perfect kundali.this bride and groom made for each other.for marriage date you all make this wedding in this month itself.because this wedding have to do in this month itself.otherwise you all have to wait for years.make this marriage fastly.

everyone broke into huge smile hearing pandit answer.all of them hugged in happiness.arshi feeling very happy.pandit have small faith smile on his face.

neha:pandit ji.we will feel happy if you make this marriage happen.

garima:yes pandit ji.make this marriage in your presence.

pandit:sorry garima ji.i can't come to this wedding.

neha(worries)why pandit ji.what happen.

pandit:because I have some work in this whole month.i can't make this marriage.but don't worry I will send some of my people.

garima:okay pandit ji.

pandit:and one more thing.make this marriage in simple manner.because so much evil eyes on this do this marriage simply.

everyone hurriedly agreed hearing pandit.they also like to do marriage in simple manner only.

arjun:it's also good.after take marriage in simple manner.we will take reception grandly.(to pandit)it's okay na pandit ji.

pandit:(sigh)yes after marriage happen(gulp saliva)you all do whatever you all want.

everyone nodded him happily.pandit them get up to leave.everyone send him.after coming out from house dev ask to him.

dev:why you lied to them you have work this whole are in your rest days na.then why you say like that.

pandit:(sigh)why we have to come here.

dev:for marriage only.or what.


dev:(highly shocked)pandit ji what are you saying.

pandit:sandfly that boy who going to marry .he is his last days.he going to leave this world before start his life.

dev:pandit ji what are you yourself say na they both made for each other.they why are you talking like this.

pandit:those all 100% true.they both born for each other.i don't meet this much matching couple in my whole life.but sadly they can't live together in this world.THE BOY GOING TO DIE.

dev:(sadly)if this marriage not going to happe then why say to them arrange the wedding.did you see how much happy they all.what if they comes to know this marriage not going to happen.

pandit:(sigh)that's what destiny decided for them.we can't change that.thats why I say to them make this marriage simply...because this happiness not so long for them.

dev:(feeling very bad)that bride and groom very happy.dont know why they going to get this much horrible looking their face we can see how deeply they both in love.dont know why God did this to them.before start their life they going to separate.

pandit:no dev they not going to separate.they both going to live together always.


pandit:yes dev.the love which they both having each other limitless.and that boy love powerful more .which will lead him to do anything.their love going to do very new thing which no one did in this world.and this world first time going to see the true love.after dead also this love going to breath.destiny also can't change this.i swear this on god.

pandit say to dev with so much he say destiny going to do hard war with the true love.which no one can separate.even God also.

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Amazing update.
Mar 17, 2017

Pyaar kiya tho darna kya. (By Fathimasumaiya19) (Thanked: 30 times)

In side the home.after talking with pandit.everyone jumping in happiness.they happiness no bond.arnav feel like yo shout loudly in happiness.khushi look at arnav happy face.she know what he feeling.because she also feeling the same.after sometime neha garima anjali left to kitchen for make lunch happily.mans are talk in living room.seeing everyone in their own works arnav take khushi to her room.

in khushi room.arnav make her lay in bed and left to close the door.because he don't want any disturbance.he comes to khushi and lays top of her.khushi smile to him.arnav cup her face and ask her softly.

arnav:are you happy with this marriage know those all very sudden news.

khushi:(lovingly cup his face)of course arnie.what question this.i am damn know na how much I waited for hear this news.(smile)my happiness is no bond.

Arnav kiss her forehead romantically.khushi close her eyes feeling his kiss.arnav start to kiss her whole face.he remove the pallu from her shoulder.he start to lick her neck ****ily.he then remove her blouse and start to suck her cleavage.khushi grips his hair tightly.he remove the blouse from her body and start to kiss her body romantically.khushi hug him tightly without bear the highest pleasure.he hand slowly move to her navel.he put his finger on her belly button.khushi moan in pleasure.he take her moaning mouth to passionate kiss.they both feeling highly pleasure.he then start to remove her saree pleats.his rough hands doing magic on her navel.he broke the kiss and comes to her navel side.her navel bright img like start to him.he start to lick her navel slowly with passion.her navel filled with his saliva.he fully turn on.she suddenly hear someone knocking the door.she get up and sit on bed.arnav look her with irritated face.again his mood broken.he ask her with little angry.

arnav:khushi what are you always like that.everytime spoiled my romantic mood.

khushi:(hit him silently)arnie do you hearing the knock sound on door.someone knocking the door.go see who is that.

arnav with irritating face go to open the door.he opened and saw no one there.he close the door with irritate.he say to khushi«khushi no one he»his words cut of by the scenes front of him.puch puch siting on khushi lap comfortably with his ball.angalina flying around her head.arnav look at them with shock.

arnav:khushi when they both come.i don't saw them in room when we come here.but how now.

khushi:(confused hearing his question)what questions this now only open the door you are asking this.

arnav:(amused)but I don't saw they both coming inside.

khushi:(laugh)but you know they both naughty pieces.they both come inside without your knowledge.thats why you don't saw them.

arnav shake his head as unbelievable.then he join to the,.arnav asked to khushi.

arnav:why they both always spoils our moments.i many time notice this.they both always irritating me.

khushi:(laughing)don't you only present they both to like you.they also irritating persons only.who always irritating me.

arnav:(held her shoulder tightly)what you mean by that.did I am irritating you.why did you say like that.answer me.

arnav shake her with anger.khushi shock by his sudden acts.she relies her mistake.she try to say something.arnav eyes turn red.she don't know what to say.dhe cup arnav face.and try to make him relax.

khushi:arnie relax.i don't mean that.i just say for not true.i just kidding you.please arnie.calm down.just look my eyes will be calm down.come on relax.

arnav look her eyes.she look him without blink her eyes.arnav slowly start to calm.khushi sigh in relief seeing his calm face.he move close to her.then suddenly he take her lips hungrily for kiss.she shocked by his sudden act.she then miss him back.he bite her lips hardly.khushi moan in pain.he leave her lips difficulty.

arnav:don't you dare say that to me again.i will not take that can't think me as your irritation.I WILL ALWAYS BE WITH you understand.

Arnav told her dangerously.she hug him tightly.and cares his back.

khushi:(softly)sorry arnie.but I promise you I will not say anything like this again.please forgive me.

arnav:(hug her back)I will forgive you.if you promised me something?

khushi:(confused)what's that arnie tell me.ibwill do anything.

arnav:(strongly)promise me that you will love only have to love my HOWEVER THAT WAS LIKE.promise me that HOWEVER I LIKE.YOU WILL LOVE ME.just promise me.

khushi:(smile)I promise you arnie.however you like I always like you madly.i don't care how you.but I always loves you.THIS IS MY LIFE TIME PROMISE.

khushi broke the hug and cup his face softly.arnav smile at get.he don't know why he ask something like this from her.but Unknown to him.he want this promise from her strongly.because of this promise only the very big change going to happen in this world.

they both spend some time each other with those pets in khushi room.after sometime they both left to living room for have lunch with everyone.after have lunch everyone talk about somethings.speacially about arshi marriage preparation.

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Amazing update
Mar 22, 2017

Pyaar kiya tho darna kya.. (By Fathimasumaiya19) (Thanked: 23 times)

Next day...both family decide to do engagement in raizada mansion preparations going on for engagement.they not invites many people's.just some closed relatives and friends only.everyone in family very happy.finally their love birds going to married...

after sometimes Gupta family comes to raizada mansion.raizada family welcome them grandly.arnav khushi share deep eye always they both lost in each other.arnav drinking her beauty mentally.she wearing dark pink colour lehenga.looking hell gorgeous.she also admiring him.he looking very hot and handsome in his brown colour coat suit.then everyone in family make them stand opposite each other in everyone ready for engagement function.khushi take the ring from anjali and put that to arnav finger slowly.everyone applause arnav turn.he take the ring from garima and put on khushi finger carefully and softly.another applause sound comes from everyone.he kiss her hand above on finger.both family congrats each other.arnav look at her with ****y smirk and tell to her slowly without anyone hear.expect she..

Arnav:this is first step to make you mine fully.after some days you wil be mine forever.

Khushi:(smile beautifully)yours...forever...

they both smile each other.they both very eager to become together.arnav now counting the days very impatiently.

Next day in Gupta mehendi function.raizada family already present there.all ladies putting mehendi on their hands.and our bride khushi putting mehendi on her legs and hands with happy smile..two mehendi designer putting mehendi on her.both raizada and Gupta present front of her.atnav get up from his seat and take sit beside khushi.she looking very beautiful with full of mehendi on her both legs and hands.

desinger:which latter you want to put on your hand madam.

Arnav:(before khushi say)put A on her hand boldly.

desinger smile at him.she then draw bold A on khushi hand.khushi smile seeing that.arnav feel some satisfaction seeing his name  latter on her hand.both family smile seeing arnav acts.he is fully into khushi.he don't care about anyone.

arjun:(smile)arre shashi your daughter completely made my son mad.

everyone laugh hearing his words.then shashi say to arjun.

shashi:(smile)your son also not less.he made my daughter fully into him.she 24 hours thinking about him only.and I am her dreams also your son only in her mind.

both family laughing hearing both fathers complaining other children in funny way.arshi in their own love world.they both don't know what's happening around them...

then suddenly akash turn on the music.everyone start to dance.everyone now in dance mode.seeing everyone dancing khushi also feel like to dance.she tell this to arnav.he slowly make her stand up and let her dance.dhe also did moments without spoil her mehendi.everyone in joyful mode.everyone dancing their heart out.then suddenly something fell on khushi.she fell on table.everyone shocked to see that.arnav hurriedly comes towards khushi.

arnav:(worried tone)khushi you okay..did you got hurt...tell me khushi you okay..

khushi:(relax him)relax arnie..I am okay..see I am fully fine.dont worry.

everyone get relax hearing her words.there one women notice khushi hand.she say to khushi loudly.

women:hey khushi..look at your's got spoiled..

khushi shocked seeing her hand.her right hand mehendi totally got that hand only  she write arnav's name.but now it's totally got spoiled.

women:groom name got spoiled in your hand.its not good sign to happen in marriage function.this is very bad sign.

everyone in family got worried hearing her words.khushi feeling hurt hearing that women words.arnav got angry seeing khushi hurt filled face.he look at the women with highly anger expression.

arnav:(angrily)there nothing like that.mehendi got spoiled by all saw that right.then why are you all saying such a nonsense.

another women:you are right beta..if it spoiled by the mistake then why her other hand not get spoiled.her hand spoiled which she have your name on it.thats what we are saying.

women:yes beta it's very bad thing happened.bride mehendi got spoiled before marriage.that to groom named hand.

Arnav eyes turn red hearing their words.he can't disgusting the fact his name vanish in khudhi hands.he angrily left the house.khushi and other try to stop him.but he already left.khushi got really this beautiful moment such a bad thing happened.then family members make guests are comfortable.khushi left to her members also don't stop her.they know she is in sad now.....

in night..khushi room..she laying on her bed.dhe looking her hand with silent doubt mehendi become really very dark.her mehendi almost turn to her hair black colour.but her right hand totally got spoiled.arnav name completely vanish on her hand.tears falling from her eyes thinking those women words.she feeling really hurt.after that she don't talk with anyone.and she don't have anything looking her hand suddenly she hear some sound coming from her window side.she wandering what's was that.she slowly move to window side.and move aside the second she god shock if her life.

next update:obsessed lover.

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Amazing update
Mar 31, 2017

Pyaar kiya tho darna kya.... (By Fathimasumaiya19) (Thanked: 31 times)

Arnav coming to her room from a long ladder.after seeing her he hurriedly come inside.she look at him with wide open eyes.she don't expect him here.that to like this.he jump inside her room.she look at his face.his face showing somethings very different thing.he is not looking normal.his eyes are dark all messy.he is still in function suit.and he have something on his hand with fully cover.she don't understand what happen to him...she held his arm.

khushi:arnie what happen !why are you looking dull.

she ask with little worry.he look her without blink his eyes.he held her hand and take her to bed.and make her sit on that.he look her with some unknown expression.she look his face keenly.suddenly she remembers something.

khushi:(softly)arnie you are looking dull because what happen in today in function?

arnav start to shake in anger.his teeth are start to bite his lips.she confirmed her doubt.she held his hand.

khushi:arnie I know you don't like what happen today in mehendi me even me also don't like what also I thought about that only.but we can't change anything just forget about that arnie.forget it...

arnav held her arms tightly.she get shock by his sudden act.he look at her angrily...

arnav:(greet his teeth)forget it khushi....forget can I forget you think this is small matter to forget.(louder)khushi my name got vanish in your you think this small issue to damn

he shout at her angrily.khushi feel pain Because of his tight grip.she say to him hide her pain..

Khushi:I know arnie this is not small things to forget.abd you know that I am also equally very upset....but baby we can't change anything right.everything already happened.

arnav:(angrily)I can't be like you khushi.i can't take this don't know how much I feel disgusting and hurt when that women's say all those.i can't bear that my name got vanish in your hand.i can't....

he shout in anger and pain.khushi eyes also moist seeing his pain.she hug him tightly.he to hug her back.he know how much this is painful to him.she cares his hairs and tell him softly..

khushi:arnie baby I know how much you are feeling hurt..and do you think I got get hurt.i am feeling very hurt whenever I see my hand.i can't disgust that my soul name got faded in my hand.but baby we can't do anything.we don't have any option to bring you name back.we can't do anything baby.

arnav:(broke the hug)we have option khushi.we have one option to bring my name back on you..

khushi:(surprised)really!then tell can we bring you name back on my hand.tell me arnie..

arnav look at her eagerness face.he then take the cover which he bring.he slowly take that thing from bag.khushi get shocked seeing what he is having on his hand.she don't expect this truely..

khushi:(whisper)TATTO PEN..

arnav:(determinedly)yes khushi I can't bear that nice again my name faded always from your I want my name always on your body.this is the best solution for one can weep my name on your body.this will be with your last breath..

arnav tel her determinedly and dangerously.khushi gulps seeing his obsession towards her.she somewhere got scared seeing his over possessed love.but she love this idea.After this his name on her forever.she sigh and give her right hand to him..

khushi:come arnie drew your name on my hand.i to want your name on me forever.

arnav look her face keenly.he felt satisfied seeing her approval on his decision.he held her hand and place that on her lap.he say to her..

arnav:I don't want to write my name on your hand.i want to drew my name where you keeping myself on you.there only I want to drew..

arnav say to her looking her eyes keenly..she confused hearing his words.she don't know what he is saying.his eyes fell on her chest.khushi mind get what he is saying.she look at him with shocked reaction.he slowly come towards her.she look at him with little fear.

Arnav:khushi are you ready.

khushi look at his hopeful face.she sigh and nodded at him.arnav look at her sometime.and after seeing she fully ready.he unpinned her pallu.she closed her eyes.he make her lay in bed comfortably.he move close to her.he start to cares her body.he look khushi who closing her enjoying his touch.he slowly remove her blouse.and look her milky chest with romantic eyes.she wearing net bra inside.her both fully brea*t viable to him clearly.he move aside the bra little down in her left side bossom.she closing her eyes and waiting for his next move.he take the pen to his hand.and ready to write.after looking her face.he place the pen on her second he take that hurriedly hearing her isss.he got little worried.she open her eyes.she look at his face.his face showing little sadness.she then held his hand and tell him to move future.

khushi:drew it arnie.this pain will not big problem.i can bear it.its pain with pleasure.come on drew it.

arnav look her determine face.and again start to drew.khushi close her eyes in pain and pleasure.he slowly slowly drew the latters.she grips the bedsheet in both side tightly in highly pain.tears coming from her eyes.little bit of blood coming from her chest.he weep that with his hand.her eyes filled with hot tears.after sometime he finally drew the name on her chest in Rachel design.he look her chest with huge satisfaction.she open her eyes and look at his smile face.she cup his face..

arnav:(kiss her chest)now no one can fade my name on you now.this will remain with you forever.

arnav kiss her chest continuely.she smile seeing her mad lover.her every pain fade away because of his kisses.she look her chest,he very amazingly drew his name in her chest.she cup his face and bring him close to her.she take his lips for love filled kiss.he to not less.he kissing her back very hardly.they both can't get enough from this kiss.they both want even kissing each other they both go to peaceful sleep in hugging each other..they both very eager to start their new journey...but they don't know before start their journey going to end very soon.....

next update:jungle villa.

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Simply super..
Apr 7, 2017

Pyaar kiya tho darna kya. (By Fathimasumaiya19) (Thanked: 57 times)

Next is sangeeth.they prepare sangeeth function in raizada mansion.both family felt relief seeing arshi behaving normally.they both forget what happen in mehendi.but they all don't know na what happen after it's after noon.sangeeth function going very smoothly.khushi really enjoying the function.after sometime function going to end.arnav ask a permission from shashi and garima to take khushi out.they to give him permission.and arnav inform them they will come tomorrow early morning only.knowing arnav possessive nature they give permission to them.and also ask him to come early because tomorrow MARRIAGE.after tell raizada family.arnav take one pair of clothes from khushi and himself and left from there.

in going way khushi ask to arnav..

khushi:arnie where we are going?you still don't tell me.(pout)tell me na.

arnav:(smirk seeing her pout)baby just wait sometimes.after reach there you will see yourself.

khushi pout and sit on the seat with kitten face.arnav smile seeing her antics.after one hour arnav turn the car to jungle side.khushi confused seeing that.thats was very big jungle.and looking little scary to.but have very clear bath.its now almost animals are start to shout and whimper different sounds.she gulp hearing all sounds.she look arnav who very relaxing way driving the car.

khushi:(gulp her saliva)arnie why we are here in this jungle.i am getting scared.

arnav:(relaxing tone)baby why are you getting scared like this.i am here na.dont worry nothing going happen to you.relax.

she got some relax hearing him.after sometime khushi some brightness coming from their front side.that light very far away from them.when they coming forwards that brightness start to growing even more.when they comes to the place she gasped seeing the sight front of her.there was big villa standing front of her with beautiful fairy lights.she first sight itself falling love with this villa.arnav waiting to see her reaction.then he sigh in relief seeing her wow reaction.he hug her from behind.

arnav:(huskily)how is this?

khushi:(bright smile)it's amazing..awesome..

arnav:want to go inside ?

khushi:(hurriedly )of course.

arnav:(smirk)lets go..

she nodded at him first sight..then arnav held her hand and move towards the villa big door.he push the door and it opened with little creaky sound.khushi like a wow seeing the inside beauty.every wall of that villa designed very very Royal look.its was have very big living room.and have every necessary things.arnav take her inside and start to show her every corner of villa expert one everything khushi notice that this villa don't have any phones or television.and also don't have any internet connection.he then take her to living room.and make her sit on sofa.and he sit on his knees near her lap.he held her both hands.

arnav:khushi do you like this villa.i specially build for you!

khushi:(softly)arnie I don't know how to tell you how much I love this villa.this is words to discribe how much this villa beautiful.

arnav:I glad that you like this villa.its got one year to complete.i specially made this for you..

khushi:(smile)thank you so much arnie..this is very special to me..but baby why this sudden gif.and also I notice that.this villa don't have any internet connection or television connection..why..

Arnav:(huskily)baby I build this villa only for us..whenever we got time I want to spend our time here after marriage.when we are here I don't want anyone interrupters us.not even any phone or tv.when we are here I want you forget everything in this world except me.when you are here.YOU ARE MINE..ONLY MINE.i don't want you remember anyone other then me here..this is our you and me one can enter our this world.this is arnav khushi world.ONLY OUR WORLD.

khushi got tears on her eyes hearing his words.she fell on the floor and hug him tightly.he to hug her back.she don't know what to arnav showed her how much he loves her.she felt very bless to have him as her soul mate.she don't know what good thing she did that she got him as her lover.she broke the hug and cup his both cheeks.

khushi:I promise you arnie.i will not let anyone enter in our this you and me only..and no one have right to enter our this worlds his is arnav khushi world forever..

arnav eyes to get moist hearing her promise.he the remember something and make her stand up.and he to stand up..

arnav:khushi come I want to saw you something..

she agreed with him.then he held her hand.and take her to that room which he don't saw her.she open the door and next second gasp in shock..

the room was decorated with rose flowers and good smelling candles..and giving very romantic feeling.and she saw the room fully coved with their pics..their every bit of pics from their childhood till now.and also have recent marriage functions photos.she look the room without blinking.she don't expert this truely.abd her mind know what going to come next.arnav slowly make her move inside.and close the door.he then come her from behind and hug her.

arnav:(huskily)and this is our bedroom.

Khushi felt when his huskily voice touch her ears.and he make her turn his side.

arnav:(slowly)khushi do you know why.i am take you here today(she shook her head)because today I want to mark you as in every single way I want to mark you as mine..I want to break the boarder which we have in our I want you fully...will you give yourself to me..

khushi look him without saying anything..she don't know what to say.she look at his love filled eyes.she saw his craves for her.without saying anything she hug him tightly.arnav got her approval.he slowly take her to his arms.and move to bed.he very carelymake her lay in bedroom candle light her face glowing very brightly.he start to unbutton his shirt.and throw that aside.he slowly lay on her body.she getting little shy.because today they going become one fully.he kiss her both eyes.and suck her eyebrows.she held his both arms for support and ask him to continue in silent talk..he held held pallu.and throws that aside.and kiss her cleavage tightly.she grips his hair and moan in kissing her cleavage he open her blouse.then her both milky bossom clearly visible to him from her pink colour bra.he gulp seeing that.he cup her both bossom and tell her huskily«those all so soft baby»she blush I hearing his statement.he remove her bra and hungrily stare her both bossom.he fastly take her one bossom to his hot mouth.she moan in highly pleasure..she grips his hair tightly.he sucking her one bossom and pressing her other bossom.he pressing he bossom very hardly.his mouth and hand doing magic on her body.she scream in highly pleasure.he slowly came down and lick her navel.and start to put  his tongue on her belly bouton.she start to breath fastly.he tourturing her very much.he remove her saree hurriedly.he now don't like to ware a second he get up from her body and open his pant.then his boxers.she gulp seeing his hard body.his six pack body giving amazing view to her.he then again lay on her body then take the bedsheet to cover them.after cover their body he slowly remove her panty.she shiver when his male pride touch her female pride.he hug her tightlyandvstart to suck her neck.she to hug him back.they naked body very bodly touching.he look her intense eyes and ask her huskily..«are you ready baby »she nodded at him shyly.he then position himself on her entrance.after seeing she is fully ready he slowly enter inside her.she held his both arms tightly feeling highly pain.tears are start to come out from her eyes.he stop his moves seeing her tears.«you want to stop baby»he ask her with worry seeing her face..she shook her head as no and ask him to go future.then he again start to move slowly.soon her pain turn to amazing pleasure.she bite his arms to control her loud screams.arnav moan seeing wild khushi.seeing her wildness he start to move fastly.then they both fully enter to their love world.they truely become one.ful moon light witness their endless love..after sometime they both reach to end.he then fell on her.they both breathing heavily.

khushi:that's WAs...

arnav:mind blowing.....

they both smile then arnav sleep on her chest.khushi also fell to sleep in crashing his hair.they both very happy without knowing what going to happen in their little paradise..

next update:Unknown women...marriage

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Beautiful update
Apr 24, 2017

Pyaar Kiya tho darna kya... (By Fathimasumaiya19) (Thanked: 53 times)

It's early 5 o clock....arshi having wild love making..after their first love making.they both sleep just half hour only.after that they both don't sleep still.arnav to not waste the time.he keeping loving her endlessly.khushi to giving herself to him gladly.not its almost going to sun rise.they both have to go the biggest day of their life.their can they ignore this important day.after sometime they both finished their wild love making season.then get ready to go home.khushi look around the room with admiring and adroble way.she thinking about their last night moments.yesrerday they forget everything in this world.she cant forget anything.thats was best moment of her life.she submit herself fully to her soul mate.she now feeling some relief.finally she give her most precious gift to arnav.its enough for her.arnav look her admiring face.he cup her face and ask her what's the matter.

khushi:(smile softly)arnie I don't have any heart to go from here.this villa now totally mingle with me.its feeling very difficult to go from here...can't we stay here so more days.

arnav:baby I can understand your me even me to wishing the same.but think about our know na how many years I waiting for this finally I am going to get to officially.(smirk)but don't worry I will arrange our first night here.

she blush and hit him on the chest.he smirk at her seeing her blushing face.then they both get ready..before going out khushi clicks photos of villa from her phone.they both come out and arnav lock the door.he gives the keys to khushi...

arnav:sweety keep this keys with you.this will belong to here take this.

she smile at him sweetly and takes the keys from him.then they both board to the car and start the travel.they both driving with going way middle of the jungle.suddenly someone come stand front of the car like breeze.arnav hurriedly put the break.khushi got frightening seeing the scene.arshi quickly came out from the car and moves towards that person.there was very old women laying there with closed eyes.she was very ugly to look.a messy grey colour short hair.thorn dirty saree fingers full with long long nails.she is completely looking like an her first sight itself arshi not feeling good around her.arnav touch her cheek and comes to know she is faint.

khushi:(little worried tone)arnie I think we should admit her in hospital.see she is faint.

arnav:yeah okay..lets admit her.

khushi nodded at him.thrn arnav try to take her.suddenly that women open her eyes widely and grips arnav neck tightly.khusji shocked to the core seeing that scene.she rushed towards arnav and try to free him from her grip.that women as very strong.she very tightly holding arnav neck.he getting difficult to breath.he struggles to free her hand from his neck.he coughs very badly.tears are coming from his eyes.khushi crying seeing him like that.

khushi:(tears filled voice)what are you going.please leave him..please I beg you..please leave him.what you want.please leave him..

but she is not losing her grip little bit to.she push arnav on the floor and keep her other hand to his she struggling him very hardly.khushi try to push her away.but that women very strong.she is not taking her eyes from arnav face.khushi look around something to hit her.she saw there was big black stone.she take that stone great difficulty and throws that on her head.that women cry out loud in sudden huge pain on her head.she fell on the floor and held her bleeding head.khushi move towards arnav and quickly make him stand.he coughing very badly.he look at the women  angrily.he near to her to hit her.but khushi stop him.

khushi:(fear tone)arnie lets go from here.we are getting late.i don't want to be here some more seconds..lets go.

arnav look her scared tears face.he agreed for her.then arnav start the car fastly and move from there leaving that bleeding women .

that women get up from the floor with bleeding head and look at the vanishing car.

women:(cracked voice)you did very big mistake don't know what going to happen after this..from today other wards you can't see the real world.your life going to change.he going to change your either life.he is not going to leave you.he will follows you did a mistake khushi..very big mistake..

she look the car left place silently.suddenly dark black smoke start to spread around her.then she got vanish in that smoke like a breeze.

in car..arnav driving the car silently.they now came out from the jungle..their journey going silently.thinking about what just happened few minutes ago.thats was truly unexpected event.thr y can't understand anything.who is that lady.why she try to attack arnav.from where she come.those questions running on their mind continuely.arnav look at khushi.he got shock seeing she is crying silently.he stop the car in halt.he cup her face softly and weep her tears.

arnav:(concern tone)khushi what happen by everything okay na.why are you crying my soul.

khushi:(frightening tone)arnie I am feeling really scared.i still remember how that old lady struggle your neck....what if something happened to you...I don't know why after this incident I feel like something not good.i am getting some unknown frears and hurts.arnie I can't bear it if something happened to you.i am really scared arnie. are you thinking all you this I will leave you...if you think like that then that's was the most impossible thing.I WILL NOT LEAVE YOU KHUSHI.i'll always with matters what happen I will not leave you.I WILL BE WITH YOU FOREVER....

they both hug each other tightly.they both feeling relief in others embrace.they not like the thing to being apart.its very impossible thing to separate the true lovers...after composing their self arnav again start to drives the car..

its early morning..arnav drops khushi in Gupta mansion...her family members already wake.they just waited for khushi arrival.after she reaches they start to parpare for the marriage.khushi take special rose both to relax her body.its really need for her.her whole body aching very badly afte their wild love.her full body covered by love bites and his nail mark.he almost eaten  her last night..she slowly try to forget that women incidenttodat her marriage day she don't want past incidents comes to her future life.she want to start her her new life with fresh and new sorrows or bitterness.after take long bath she get ready for marriage.

Next update::biggest shock of khushi,life....

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Fabulous update
May 17, 2017

Pyaar kiya tho darna kya (By Fathimasumaiya19) (Thanked: 40 times)

In raizada mansion.after dropping khushi in Gupta mansion.arnav straightly reachs to his also every preparations going with full of energy.after talk few words with his family.he reachs to his room for have relaxing is very big day for his long time dream going to become many years he logging for this all dream going to true.after had two hour long shower he came out from washroom.someone knocks his room door.he wear his t shirt.he still on towel.he open the door and saw his lovely sister and brother standing outside with his wedding dress.they both smile at him.he let them come inside...

anjali:(happily)hi are you...


anjali:(dramatic sigh)offo bhai.why are you being like this today give us small smile na.

akash:yes bhai smile atleast little.what if your khushi thought you don't like this marriage.thats why you are being angry.dont make our little khushi sad.

arnav:(smirk)you guys don't have to worry for anything.and for your khushi knows me very well.she only knows what I am feeling you guys don't have to worry.

they both smile at him.they agree with him completely.then akash gives his dress and left from there.arnav have lot of time to he thought to call khushi.after dress up he takes his phone.and dial her number.before press the call botton hp inform him family members calling him.he then keep the phone and left from there..

in evening...Gupta every preparations done.few close relation of both bride and groom comes to function.both garima and shashi welcoming them with happy smile.they want all happens smoothly.without any problem.after some time marriage going to happened,

in khushi room.she getting ready alone..she tell her parents she don't want anyone he,p.she want to ready for her marriage alone.her parents to agree with she getting ready.puch puch and angalina sitting front of her and staring her dressing way.khushi wearing full of browned colour heavy lehenga.her both hands and legs are filled with dark mehendi.she wearing very heavy she completely ready.just doing touch doing touch she talking with her cute pets.

khushi:you guys know na how much I am happy today..finally my dream going to be true.last night I become his he going to take me officially. I am very happy.

the both pets hearing her silently.khushi look at the time.she pout sadly seeing the time.she sigh .why no one calling her.its been 1 hour she got ready.still no one comes to take her out.she thinking all this with irrtation.she waited so many years for this day.but when the time nearing.she felt like she can't wait anymore.why can't they marry very thinking all this she thought to call arnav.she take her phone and dial his number.but number un reachable.hearing this her heart start to beat fastly.some unknown fear grips her heart.she try to relax her heart.but it's not working.suddenly she start to sweat.she don't know what happened to her in this one minute.she grips her phone tightly and close her eyes to relax.but she open her eyes widely hearing the glass cracking doing from behind..she turn quickly and shocked to the core..

she rushed to the place and saw arnav's photo frame broke into million pieces.her eyes fill with little tears seeing this.she take his photo slowly and saw his version completely blur.phonto giving view like it surrender by dark clouds.she crying silently seeing this.she sobbing.

khushi:(sobbing whisper)arnie...why I am feeling like you are very far way from me....why I am getting those thinks....arnie please come soon..I can't be like this..please arnie..

she crying silently seeeing his blur version.suddenly someone knocks her room door.she weep her face and make her self normal.she then open the door.there on of her relation looking really tension..she confused seeing her like that..

khushi:auntie what happen.why are you looking tension..

anutie:(try to control the nervous)khushi beta please come downstairs.there a problem.

khushi:(alert it)what!what are you saying ..what happen..

anutie:please beta come with me.(gulp saliva)I can't say that to you like this..

khushi with confuse left to living room..quickly..she reachs to living room and saw everyone being silently.both raizada and Gupta family very hardly try to control the tears.mans are try to control ladies.but they to in same situation.khushi looking all this with big run.what happen to all them.she then notice police to present there.they all hanging the heads down.they still not notice khushi presence.when they hear payal sound.they attention turn to second garima Naha and anjali start to cry loudly arjun shashi akash to cry seeing her.khushi shocked to see them like this.she rushed towards them.she held garima arms and ask her with lot of worry..

khushi:ma what happen.why all you crying.,.what happen ma..please tell are making me scared.please tell me...what happen.

hearing her words garima crying even more.khushi thrm move towards Neva.she almost looking like dead.khushi held her arms and try ask softly..

khushi:neha ma atleast you tell me whT happened..why are you all crying like this.what make you all cry like this.tell me what's the problem.but neha crying continues.khushi also got tears in her eyes seeing all this.why they all crying like this in such a good day..she moves to arjun side.

khushi:papa tell me na what happened.why all you crying like this in such a good day.dont you all all have to be happy today very big day for us na.then why all this tears..what happen.

arjun close his eyes tightly.tears all start to fall in his eyes endlessly.everyone in hall crying hearing her words.khushi look everyone.all of them crying without saying anger peek to high.she shout loudly.

khushi:for a god sake..tell me what happens.

seeeing her this condition.officer moves towards her.she look him confusingly.

khushi:inspector what are you doing here.

officer:(gulp saliva difficulty)woo hour ago.we got call that an accident happened in high fell on mountain.and got damaged brutality..we try to find something in car.but we don't get anything..the body got burned.

khushi:(alert )okay..but why are you saying all this to us.

officer:(difficult tone)madam we got news that.the car belong to arnav sir.....high..way road camera showed us arnav sir inside the car..

khushi step it back hearing his answer..she stop breathing..she looking the officer without blinking.her heart beat stop.her body pats are become lifeless.she going to fall but akash held her.she try to speak something...but nothing come out.she can't accept the fact..her happened to him...he if fine....this police officer saying arnie  not can't say that words in my mind arnie fine....he is perfectly fine....nothing happens to him....she chanting all this continues on he mind.being without breathing...she start to breath hardly...akash and other try to relax nothing worked...khushi look at her father and held his hand....

khushi(breathinghardly) papa.....nothing happened to him....papa.....say....those all lie....nothing happened to my...arnie....whatever officer say....everything lie na....say papa..

she held shashi shirt and shake him hardly..shashi crying seeing his daughter broken state...khushi start to cry tears falling from her eyes.....everyone crying seeing her life this...neha hug arjun tightly without bear her tearful state...arjun to crying seeing his daughter state..more then anyone she only got the hurt very badly.shashi hug her and cares her hair..

shashi:(tears voice)please beta try to accept the truth...our arnav is no more...he leave us beta...please try to control yourself ...please beta.

akash:(tears tone)yes khushi please...we can't see you like this...please try to accept the truth.....

khushi:(breathing difficulty)how can you all say that much can I accept that my arnie leaves you think it's very easy think to can I forget him...he is my soul papa.....oh god why did you do this to me....why you takes my arnie.......arnie.....please give my arnie..back.

she start to et hyper.she get up hurriedly and move towards mandir...everyone got panic seeing this..they rushed behind her...there that scene front of them make gasps in shock...khushi takes the diva lap and going to stab her stomach.

akash shashi hurridely rushed towards her throw the diva lamp away...khushi look him with angry tears..she totally out of sense.she held shashi coller.

khushi:(shout loudly)why did you stop me..why you stop me papa....I want to to my arnie...I can't live without him...I want to go...I want to go.

she crying Loudly .everyone crying seeing her state.he become so broken seeing his bubbly daughter much they wishing this moment not happens.raizada family to can't to anything...they to lost their son...the deep pain they feeling.only khushi can understand...khushi fell on the floor and crying loudly.shashi held her.she touch his hand.

khushi:please bring my arnie papa...I can't breath papa...please bring my arnie...I can't breath without's feeling very whole body and heart now lifeless without him...please papa....I beg you...bring my arnie back...I am dying papa...please papa..

khushi touch shashi foot and begging continuely.tears are falling endlessly seeing his daughter state.he cup her face and tell her broken voice.

shashi:if I can bring him back..I not waste single second to do that khushi beta...but your papa helpless..I can't bring your arnie back...I am sorry beta.

khushi cry hardly hearing his on there to help can she get her arnie back...she lay on the floor and crying very hardly...everyone try to console her.but they knows this is not small thing to forget Ealing....after control her self strongly neha moves towards her.she cup khushi face...khushi look her with teary face.neha controlling her self so much difficulty...

khushi:(hurt filled voice)ma my arnie...

neha:(broken voice)beta we knows it's very hard to accept that our arnav.....but beta you should accept lost your love..I lost my's very hard to believes he is no more.but beta this is the don't know how much we all broken..we are try to be strong for you...we can't see you like this beta...our arnav not going to come back...he left very far from us beta...

khushi:(hug her tightly)no ma I can't accept can I accept  that my arnie not going to come back to me I accept that my arnie not going to Give his charming smile  to me again..How can I accept that.i am not going to see my arnie can I can't..

neha cares her hair and crying softly..everyone become so very broken hearing her words...garima hug her daughter and try to console her..

next update:strange events...real story start it...

Note for readers::hello everyone and very very sorry for late update...and after this there only horror the real story start it..after this I will update correctly..please try to votes me..and support me..

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Fabulous update
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