OS Am I dreaming

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Feb 18, 2017

OS Am I dreaming (By Asu29494) (Thanked: 43 times)

It's a very bad day for Aman. His boss the great ASR is eating his brain from morning. It's not that other days he will let him free but today it's extreme.

He composed himself and entered the lions den only to return back as a squeezed rat by lorry tyres. He prayed the god to end this day as soon as possible. But god seems to add extra hours to the day. 

It's 7 pm Aman hoped atleast now he will be spared from that angry lion. But that too was snatched from him mercilessly. Because he was called by his boss to some restaurant that too on valentine's day where everyone will be enjoying with their partners. 

Now here he is standing in front the restaurant with this stupid file to meet the monster in this special day. The day can't be worst than this. Sighing he went to the reception. His boss just gave him address of the restaurant and walked away. 

As soon as receptionist heard ASR's name she called the manager and the manager took him to a open garden. The garden was fully decorated by lights and balloons. He was awwed by the site. 

But soon frowned why would ASR call him here? Is he planning something for babhi and need his help for that. But then why would he ask him to bring the file. He is scratching his head not finding the answer for his questions. 

He heard a soft masculine voice calling him from behind. But he doubted his hearing capacity. Because it sounded like ASR's. ASR and soft that too with him no way. He again heard the same voice calling him from behind. 

He slowly turned back to face ASR standing there with all his glory. But wait what's that that sticking on his lips. He contracted his eyes. He gasped finding it. Omg it's a smile. The kadoos ASR is smiling at him. He turned to check whether there is anyone behind him but there's none.

Seeing all this Arnav said his signature line what the. But Aman is in different world. He came near him and touched his face. He can feel Arnav's stubbled cheek.

"Aman" Arnav shook him to get him back to conscious. 

" I am not dreaming right" he pinched himself to clear his doubt and it pained.

"Aman if you continue your blabbering like this I'm sure I will  smack you" he warned him.

"Haan then what do you want me to do seeing your smiling face" he chuckled.

"You idiot" with that Arnav started chasing Aman.

They fell on the ground laughing after completing atleast three rounds around the garden.

"How long it had been we spent time time like this"Aman said panting heavily.

"Haan man I miss those days" Arnav said remembering his collage days. 

"Oh really. Then why are you keep on eating my brain"Aman raised his brows.

"What to do? You are my special punch bag" he smirked. 

"You stupid" Aman hit him playfully. 

"Ok tell when is babhi coming here"

"Kushi, why would she come here?"

"you made all these arrangements for her only na"

"Who said?"


"Its for you"

Shock would be an understatement for Aman hearing him. 

"Are you sure. Am I dead or something"

"No you are all fit and fine. And before you ask another question this is not your dream too. I did all this for my best friend"

Aman was overwhelmed. He hugged Arnav all emotional. He too hugged him back. Aman is his great friend. He supported him all the time. He deserve at least this much. Arnav thanked kushi in his heart for giving this idea. 

Then both the friends had some quality time with each other laughing and teasing each other.

This is my another story adding to my Valentine's special package list.

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