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Dec 15

20. Peek into his wife's past (By Spriya) (Thanked: 61 times)

Arnav Pov

"What will you do if he's not siddharth? Will you start afresh with me? Or Mourning over your lover's death for whole life?" As soon as I asked this her eyeballs raised in shock. Her horrified state was clearly written on her face.

"I asked you arnav. What will you do if I want to go back? Don't turn the question towards me" I can realise she's trying hard to dodge the topic as her eyeballs swinging left and right in nervousness.

"Don't you think we're arguing unnecessarily wasting our time when siddharth existence is still a question?" Her answer itself shows how unsure she was. It all must be hard for her. Tying in a unwanted marriage, a lost lover in heart, a living husband expecting her care and love and at last query about her ex-lover existence after seeing him and now the fight, what else she can do. She can't decide anything now, it must be hard for anyone in her place even if it was me.

So I let down the matter for time being giving her time to think and warned her simultaneously. She should not be trusted. If I act liberally, she'll again start her ignorance. I couldn't afford to bear another round of arrogance from her.

Promising her to find about siddharth, I called aman to find details about siddharth. He promised to submit the report in two days.

"Dad..You guys came soon. Didn't you enjoy the party" I questioned noticing all of them coming inside.

"When out bahu is unwell, how can you expect us to enjoy the party" Mom said dramatically earning a chuckle from almost everyone.

"She's resting" I said commonly for everyone to know.

"Ok, let's not disturb her then. Take seat shashiji, garimaji" Mom escorted them to the sofa and engrossed in some random thoughts while I marched upstairs.

I did not intend to hear sister's talk but it fell on my ears accidentally. I took steps to move away from there giving them privacy but the name siddharth stopped me.

Does meera know about siddharth? How much did she know?

I think I can get answers to my questions. A selfish part of mine perked my ears to hear much to the dismay of brain's warning. With bated breath, I perked my ears more and hide near the door making sure I was not noticeable by others.

Khushi is firm in her love for siddharth while meera claims that to be as infatuation. My heart did a happy dance in victory. If it was infatuation then half of my task will be reduced.

But what if it was true love? Whatever khushi decides I'll respect her wish if it was in the right path and if it gives happiness.

Further hearing them I was more confused on meera talks. Seems like meera knows khushi more than khushi herself. How she's sure of siddharth death? Meera knows something about siddharth.

Couldn't help but smile when I heard how meera describes khushi blushes on every occasion. Some of them are new for me too, I too failed to notice khushi's reactions sometimes. Meera is indeed correct, more than us others notice our each and every expression. I wonder how meera is so matured than khushi? Meera should rub some of her maturity on her sister too.

At the end, I dedicated that siddharth is not going to come back according to meera.

"Meera..." I stopped her as soon as she was out of the room.

"Haan jiju...You heard it" I was astounded at her ability.

"Not here, come" I escorted her to study room and made sure to lock it before starting the conversation. Lest, everyone was aware of my marital issues.

"I came to know about siddharth when she was in the third year of college. I was in school back then. First I thought he's her friend until some months back when her marriage talks happen. She looks baffled everytime a new alliance came. Then one day I saw her crying with siddharth photo. I dreaded, what if he betrayed her. I have no courage to ask her in face, so I opted to ask from her friends. Maya di, she is close to di. They both studied in same school and college and now even working in the same office. I asked her, she is the one who gave most of the information. How khushi didi has a crush on him, how in coming days they both bonded in the relation named friendship, how in coming days he proposed her, how didi accepted it and how they...rejoiced in their world. From her I was sure didi didn't love him, she had just a crush which she mistook in another way when he proposed her. I don't know he loved didi truly or just for timepass but he died long back jiju. Maya di itself with them when his final rituals happened. And Moreover I too saw him today in party, I am sure he's not siddharth. He is his lookalike. Siddharth has dark brown eyes and the one I saw today have black eyes and Moreover their facial structure itself slightly different. I mean siddharth has round face and he had a scar on his forehead while the one whom I saw today had no such marks and he has an oval-shaped face. Maybe  they both are relatives or...." She recited before I question.

"Twins" I finished her sentenced sighing in relief.

"Haan, that's what I feel" she agreed.

There was one more possibility that siddharth may did plastic surgery if he wants to betray khushi, I mused but didn't let meera to know.

"How does your father knows?"

"The same way I came across. He saw her staring and speaking with his photo and that lead to attack..."

"Why did you said, not mourn on someone who is not yours? Do you mean he is cheating, i couldn't get that" I asked scratching my head.

She let out a naughty laugh "She is tied to you, so you are her own not him"

She winked, god I thought she is a silent girl. I should keep her away from annika or else she'll rub her teasing bones on Meera too.

"By the way, what's the matter behind admiring siddharth, Do you have a crush on him?" I asked teasingly raising my eyebrows in question and sealing my lips trying hard not to let out a chuckle which was bubbling inside seeing her dilated eyes.

"Jiju.." She cried.

Letting out the chuckle I questioned with tongue on my cheek "Then what do you expect me to ask, you have accurate details of siddharth face like you had seen him close"

"Jiju you are teasing" She shrieked, she has a loud voice too.

"I inspected him closely now and then, can't risk my sister life. She was muddled in his thoughts that's why she couldn't find the difference" she pouted like a child.

"So you inspected me also" I couldn't help but tease her.

"Jiju please...If you are so desperate to tease someone then do it with your wife" She said making a crying face.

"I better shut my mouth now" it's better to give my head under lorry tyre than teasing her. Uffooo.. Arrogant women!

She laughed naughtily "Aww... You're fearing of your own wife"

"Ok, good night..." I escaped dreading to continue the topic.

Smiling like an idiot I whistled throughout the way I crossed between study room and our room. But the enthusiasm died when I saw her on the cold floor.

Without delay, I kept her head on my lap "Khushi...Khushi"

She fainted again, I lifted her and laid her on the bed calling everyone. Everyone arrived within minutes and garima aunty woke her giving the juice.

I stood in a corner watching her each and every expression. She's in mess. She's confused. Her fingers fiddled with each other showing her inner self. Her eyeballs wag showing her ignorance on me. She glanced me for a second before hanging her head down.

I don't want her to make more nervous by everyone presence. So I dispersed everyone taking uncle and aunty with me showing them a guest room. Making sure they settled well, I came back only to see her putting the blanket over her head.

Already she is in mess and if she sleeps like this then her breathing will be disturbed. Telling her the same I occupied my place after slipping into night clothes.

From past fifteen minutes, i was noticing her lost state. She's in some deep thought.

Advising her to sleep, I closed my eyes in satisfaction seeing her obeying my concern for the very first time. Hope meera words does some magic on her.

Yawning, stretching my arms wide when sun rays disturbed me, I got up and surprised seeing another pillow supporting my neck. That too khushi pillow, then where's mine? And how did khushi pillow came here? Wandering my eyes I found my pillow on the floor near my foot.

Don't know how many days I have to bear the neck pain?

Rubbing my neck I shifted my eyes to bed. She is not there, without giving work to my brain she came from the washroom.

"Good morning.."

Did I hear right? She wished me, hell she greeted me. She didn't smile though, she wished DAMMIT!!!

"I want to be away from this problems. Away from this place..."

My heart thudded against my chest. Does she want separation from me? But her next sentence normalised my beating rate.

"I think we should plan a trip or live away from here. As a husband, you have all the rights to accompany me" she said calmly.

Arrogant woman, showing attitude. At least she accepted me as her husband and speaking about husband rights. Maybe this trip will help us.

Siddharth matter is still hanging sighing, I nodded entering the washroom. 



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Dec 17

21. Change in his place (By Spriya) (Thanked: 48 times)

Khushi Pov

Can't he wish me back? I sighed with twisted lips seeing him entering the washroom.

Doing few touch-ups, I descended to the living room.

"Khushi...Are you fine now? Come.." maa reached me first dragging me to the pooja room.

"Fine ma.. where are others?" I asked noticing everyone's absence.

"They're in pooja room" we reached there by now.

"Arey Khushi...You woke up. Where is arnav? I will scold him how can he let you alone knowing your health condition" I can only smile seeing ratna maa's concern.

"I fine maa..See yourself how fine I am" Assuring her I twirled showing how good I was.

"Aww..How sweet bhabi! See mom, my bhabi didn't want arnie to get scold" Annika winked, I bit my tongue realizing how stupidly I slipped the words. Arrghh...

"Khushi... Finally, my khushi is back" I heard this muttering from my maa. How easily I let out my facade which I wore from past three years? What is happening to me? What changed in one night? Today morning also I felt fresh after so many years. Why am I feeling light? 

"Don't tease her in morning itself" Ratna maa slightly moved her aside, pulling me in front handing the pooja thaali.

"It's your turn" She eyed showing the god. Long back I stopped praying!

"Khushi..." Maa nudged my shoulder eyeing the idol.

Inhaling and exhaling, I stepped forward but stopped abruptly hearing ratna maa voice.

"Khushi, it's not good for a new bride to left the forehead empty. Put Vermillion beta" Ratna maa forwarded the Vermillion. My fingers tighten its hold on the pooja plate. It was hard for me.

I feel all pair of eyes on me, gulping saliva I forwarded my fingers only to stood shocked hearing maa's next statement "Damaadji came...Damaadji apply vermillion on your wife forehead"

Closing as a fist I brought my hand back to the plate. I cannot deny before everyone. I tried to act nonchalant when arnav stood in front me poring into my eyes. 

His chocolate orbs possess some power. I would like to drown into them. He kept staring me, without breaking the eye lock he dipped his finger on vermillion, raising it towards my forehead.

Involuntarily my eyes closed, when his tip of the finger pressed hard on my forehead which smeared on the red powder.

'Tch...' Hastily I opened my eyes when I heard that sound which was none other than a camera.

"It's good arnav also arrived. Arnav take aarathi with her" Ratna maa made arnav to hold the plate in my hands.

Turning around, facing the idol we both circled the pooja plate. My shoulder brushing his chest, his half body covering half of my back.

"Finished" He murmured in my ears only for me to hear.

"Haann..." I snapped out from my dream land hearing him.

"Give everyone prasad" He eyed the prasad moving aside.

Nodding I distributed the prasad and the last in the order was arnav. When I forwarded it to him, out of nowhere meera held my hands which carries prasad and raising it to his mouth.

Like me, he too stood perplexed for a minute and recomposing himself he opened his mouth and at the same time, meera took her hold back leaving me to feed him. 

He took a small bite, chewing it he intends to move back only to halt when his hands raised taking the prasad he ate.

I stood confused seeing he too carries the same expression.

"Anni...what you're doing?" He shouted when she held his hands forwarding the prasad to my lips like meera did a few seconds before.

Unexpectedly his shout caught everyone's attention. Everyone's curious eyes now fixed on us. Not wanting to create a scene I opened my mouth letting brother and sister feed the same prasad he ate.

"Hayyee...cute..." Annika shouted and jumped on her own happiness diverting everyone's attention. I chewed the remaining nervously without meeting his eyes.

"Ok, now come breakfast is ready" Ratna maa disposed everyone to dining area.

Dining went smoothly with small chit-chat. But that was not same after.

"I want to announce something" Making sure he gets everyone attention arnav continued "I want to expand our business in Goa, to ensure its great success, I was needed there for next few months" Gasps erupted over the hall including mine. 

"What? When did this happen? You didn't even inform me" My father-in-law's abrupt shocked voice prove that it was a haste decision owing to my wish.  

"Sid my friends are going to trucking in a nearby forest. Will you join us? All are coming as a couple. So..." I trailed giving him enough hint of my wish.

"I cannot come today khushi. Mom strictly ordered today was a family day and no other works should be entertained. We'll go next week" He said in ever so light voice.

"But all are going today" I cried in disappointment.

"Please understand na...Next week, only both of us trucking. How romantic it sounds?" He tried to bend me according to his wish.

"No, please.. It'll be super fun if we go with our friends" I tried even after knowing I lost the battle.

"Baby...please...Next week, promise... Can't you adjust this week" He convinced me with his words along with his kiss.

"Okey... Bye...Take care. I am going to sleep" I end the call going back to my beauty sleep. 

"Khushi bhabhi...Khushi bhabi...See arnie you scared my bhabi. How can you let her alone, take her along with you" I was brought back to the present by annika squeal.

"When did I say, I was going alone. She's accompanying me" Arnav smirked at annika. How good he looks while smirking!

Arnav is everything whom a girl wishes to be her man. Charming looks, golden heart, caring, loving man. But what destiny wrote on his fate? ME!!! Who has own set of views, principles. Who was confused about her own feelings. Who carries another man in her heart.

How different arnav and Siddharth were? Just for my one wish, arnav is ready to leave his family. Even after knowing I carry another man in my heart, he's trying to fulfil my wish and giving me space. What else I need? Why can't I love Arnav like Siddharth? Why can't I give him the same care he showers on me? Why can't I behave normally with him? Why?? Why??

But, I already told him I'll not stay in the joint family and need to stay away from them. He too promised we'll live in a separate house. Maybe he planned before then and executing after I told my wish. 

"'re flying to goa" payal hugged my arms shaking me in happiness.

"When are you starting?" My papa asked him and his family keeps silent. No one speaks a word, only my maa, papa and sisters are rejoicing.

"As soon as our flat is ready. It was under construction" He answered keeping his eyes on his parents. I think they're upset with his decision.

"Ok. Get ready then. Tell me if you need any help" his dad, gave his consent. Only mom is remaining.

"I'll help you in packing" Mom followed her husband suit giving her consent indirectly.

The day went in spur with my family around I didn't even realise it was night and here I am sitting on the bed applying lotion on my hands.

"Are you happy now?" I raised hearing his voice.

I can only nod, I don't know what talk I had to be with him. Shall I need to thank him for considering my wish? Or let them just like that thinking it was his duty.

Whatever it is, I was determined not to let him sleep in the recliner today. Poor soul, lost his sleep due to my torture.

"Arnav sleep in bed.." I patted showing the empty place while he stood rooted to his place.

"Your body must be aching sleeping in the hard recliner. Today I'll take recliner. Either of us can use both in alternate days" Saying this I took my pillow and blanket throwing it on the recliner, closing all the doors I lay back.

"Good night" Closing my eyes I drift back to sleep.

Can't you wait until he took place on the bed? My heart chided which I pushed back hearing my brain. While my heart cried seeing my indifference behaviour. 


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22. First travel (By Spriya) (Thanked: 59 times)

Khushi Pov

A week passed in a blur. The whole week I spent my time with my family. Arnav winding up his work here so that, he'll start new from goa. In this whole week, he called me once for updating the flight schedule.

Today we're flying to goa and I came to RM yesterday night owing to the reason of packing my luggage. So checking my luggage, ensuring all was packed I tick the checklist which I prepared yesterday morning.

"Didi... Finished packing or need any help?" Meera asked entering the room along with payal.

"All was packed...Just checking last minute items" I replied ticking the lotion gel in checklist which I put into my bag at last.

"Payal maa had some laddoos in her bag. Will you fetch it here? Didi will pack it in her bag" Meera send payal downstairs.

"Didi... Where's jiju's bag? Haven't you packed yet?" Meera asked inspecting the bags placed on the corner.

Frowning I asked "Why? Why should I pack his luggage?"

"Didi.. You're still clinging on to your so-called attitude. He's your husband didi, Isn't it's your duty to pack his too? If not as duty at least can't you do it for courtesy. If I am not wrong he's doing this for you, or else why would you accept it without grudges, I am seeing you're happy on this trip" She spoke like my elder placing her hands on either side of hips.

"He has hands, he knows what he wants and when he has to pack. Leave that topic" I dodged the topic keeping the big trolley on the corner.

"Didi...Why do you want to stay away from your sasural? Are by any chance, do you change your decision?" She raised her eyebrows in question.

"Don't you think you're reacting more than your age? I know I was confused but doesn't mean I'll accept arnav right away. I need to be away so that I can think calmly, not the reason you think. And I want answers from you" I held her by arms making her sat on the recliner.

"What answer didi?" She asked scrunching her brows.

"How come you are sure about the person whom I saw in the party was not siddharth and what do you mean by he's not your own" I asked what was nagging me from the morning. From past week I was trying to ask this, but one or another reason didn't let me. After thinking for a week, What confused me the most was meera's judgement regarding my love and his existence.

I don't know why I didn't go out searching siddharth? On one side I want him and on the contrary, I don't want to face him.

I feared what if it becomes complicated if I meet him. There was a time, I wished to see him in flesh and blood but when he's I couldn't bring myself to find the truth about him. I become hopeless these days.

"Didi...If you check the footage you may get a clue for your first question and for your last question you're Arnav singh Raizada wife not siddharth so obviously jiju is your own not him" She confused me even more possible.

Thining my lips I sank on the bed hiding my face on my palms. It's getting more and more complicated than I thought. Why is she playing riddle? Can't she say the truth directly?

Exhaling, wiping my face with empty palms I raised from my seat.

"If you want me to take a clear decision then tell the truth or else only your jiju will suffer" I smiled in victory when my target strikes it point.

Her dilated eyes took a brief time to come back to normal "Didi..." She whined telling what she knows.

Will my eyes deceive? But siddharth didn't tell me anything about his twin. If he has one, he must know it. Why didn't he inform me? He shared everything about his family but why not he shared about his twin if he had one? Meera must be wrong.

But what if he's siddharth twin then? What will happen?

What if he is actually siddharth? What will I do then?

Back to square one...

"Hope this little trip will change your decision didi... I'll be eagerly waiting for that day when you and jiju live as a couple in a true sense" Throwing a smile she hugs me before leaving the room.

Maybe my confusion will be cleared soon. I need to see the footage. Whom can I ask? Only arnav can give me the details. But before seeing the footage I should be prepared to face the consequences. I should be clear what I want if he is siddharth and what if he's not. Where arnav will stand on this?

Musing, I kept the remaining things inside the bag. Arnav hastily entered the room, opening the wardrobe he emptied it on the suitcase. Instead of keeping the ironed clothes neatly he dumped it in hurry. His way of packing is not nearer to the image he carries, A perfectionist in whatever he does, that's what my father told.

Smiling a little, I walk towards him pulling the next set of clothes from his hands which are soon going to be untidy if he dumps in his trolley "Arnav give it to me. You're making it messy"

His surprising gaze poring into my back, who cares!

"Will you always pack like this?" I asked in astonishment seeing the dumped comb in file slot.

"Haan... Nope. Mom will always do it for me" He replied coming out of his reverie.

"Then why didn't she packed this time?" I questioned engrossed in packing his bag.

"Because I have a wife now" Came an instant reply. It would be wrong if I say I was not affected.

"Why, Is your wife a maid? Why would she have to do all the things for a husband? Why every man wants his wife to cook, look after his needs starting from morning coffee, then lunch, until night. Only wife have to ensure husband needs, not only him and his family also? You're also expecting the same from me right. You would go to the office and I have to look after the family until you came back cooking all the time doing household c****s" I stopped not knowing why unnecessarily I was blabbering and picking another fight. If only this thought came before I slipped the words.

"You're speaking like I am treating you like a slave. Did I ask you to pack my clothes? You'll never understand why wife doing all the things for a husband" He roughly pulled my clothes dumping it back.

"What do you mean by I'll never understand?" I raised my voice not able to bear his accusing, empty eyes which carried a glow sometime before.

"You can't even understand your own feelings then how could you understand the love, care and affection between a couple making a wife do her husband works. Everything you believe and says will not always be right, keep that in mind" He stated sternly marching out of the room taking the bag with him.

Sighed, cursing myself for this unwanted tension I followed him trailing the trolley, closing the door before glancing a look at the poolside.

Standing at the top of stairs I struggled to drag the trolley downstairs. I took a brief glance over the living room inspecting for anyone who can help me but sighed when I found none.

"You cannot always do everything on your own. You should share your worry with anyone" I jumped when the sudden voice ring near my ears.

My right foot slipped on my sudden movement. Letting out a shriek closing my eyes an instant, I waited for my head to hit the ground. Instead of the hard floor I found myself against a hard chest.

"Get a grip on yourself" Raising my eyes to the direction of voice I realized I was standing close oops..Clinging to arnav with bated breath.

I don't know why I feel his words have a double meaning.

"Thank you"

"What the!!! Bhabhi why are you thanking bhai. You can order him as much as you want..." From nowhere annika teased, turning I saw her behind me. I took a step back creating an arm distance between us.

"Stop interfering in-between them everytime" Ratna maa chided her beating her lightly on her arms.

"Haan...How will I not be? They'll not be here for next few months so I am utilizing the given time" She showed her tongue childishly hugging arnav by side.

"Don't scold her mom. She is right, I'll miss her and her teasings" He smiled through pain hugging her back.

"Only miss her, what about this old souls?" Ratna maa asked while aravind dad also joins.

"I'll miss you two, three, four....." Arnav chuckled hugging each of them.

Did I do the right thing? Why do I feel like I was separating this cute family? Hell, how can I read the pain in his eyes? When did I become a mind reader? Agrhh...

"Ok..No more drama. Come..." Everyone started descending leaving me with that big trolley bag of mine. Well, they didn't leave me, I did not follow them.

"Leave that khushi. I'll ask kaka to bring it down" Arnav said turning back.

Finally, after freaking one whole week I heard him calling me with my name. It sounds soo good from his mouth. Why am I feeling this way? The man whom I hate for no reasons was turning more and more important for me now. I started noticing his minor expressions also. What does it mean? In this whole week I never missed him but suddenly why feel like I missed hearing my name from his mouth. He stopped calling me with the name unless it was necessary after that first fight. Either he calls me as Mrs. Raizada or without mentioning my name he speaks commonly.

Gulping at my thoughts, I nodded descending the stairs. After good fifteen minutes of bidding farewell, we started for the airport.

Meera, payal and annika jumped waving their hands until we disappear from their sight. How good it would be if we never grow?!

After check in we took our seats, I sat in window seat while he took next to me.

It was my first travel in flight. I was nervous, I couldn't decipher whether it was due to my travel or owing to the future after this travel. Suddenly I felt my decision seems to be a bad idea. At least here everyone will be around but there only we two...I couldn't ignore him henceforth, or Can I ignore?

Everything now looks like what if's? Can be? Couldn't be?

"Khushi relax..It seems this is your first travel. Just take a deep breath and close your eyes....If needed hold my arms only if you want" His soothing voice put a temporary halt to my overstressing mind.

Nodding, tightening the seatbelt I inhaled like he said. While the flight took off, I kind of felt uneasy and ended up hugging his arms hiding my face on his shoulders.

He kept caressing my arms relaxing me time to time.

"Now it will be fine" I heard his voice but I didn't leave my hold, I don't feel like. I placed my head comfortably on his shoulder entwining both my hands keeping it on my lap. Closing my eyes, I felt calm and I felt I was in right place. Fidgeting with my fingers on my confused feelings, I heard him inhaling a sharp breath.

Maybe this decision will not be bad as I thought lately. 


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Dec 23

23. His feelings (By Spriya) (Thanked: 40 times)

Arnav Pov

I couldn't believe the fact that she wished me good morning, Indeed it was a good start of the morning. My wife for first time wished me without any pressure.

Drowning in her new behaviour I forget to wish her back. Damn! 

And for the first time, she asked me something, to be away from here. Tagging me along with her itself a big change in her, I should fulfil it. If she was willing to change herself on that time being then what more I want? Love will not be gained easily, some adjustments and sacrifices should be done. Nothing will change if I sacrifice my few days with my family if she is willing to take forward this relationship. Even she left her family...Already I can feel little change in her, so fulfilling her wish will not be bad.

Determined I wiped out the remaining water from my face and got ready in jet speed. It's surprising to see her woke up early and not in the room. As far as I remember her earlier behaviour she'll not go downstairs unless it is needed. Her family is here maybe that's why this change. Or her mind was clear from confusions after yesterday fight. Is that be the reason?

Musing all the possibilities I descended the stairs, noticing everyone absence my feet automatically took a right turn towards the pooja room.

Like I guessed everyone was there, she too. Standing there with aarthi thaali as a bahu of the house, it gave me a proud feeling. If only everything was fine between us...

As soon as garima aunty spotted me she shouted turning everyone attention on me.

She asked me to fill khushi forehead with vermillion. I would glad to do that but what if she dislikes. Moreover surrounding with the family I cannot back out and I guess she too can't.

Gauging her expressions I stepped forward filling her partition. My heart swell with pride when her features screamed my right over her even though she denies it. Her closed eyes screamed her acceptance towards me. 

On the insistence of mom, we both together circled the pooja plate doing aarathi for first time as a couple. We were standing close to each other after that terrible fight, she was lost somewhere. When I murmured to distribute the prasad she snapped out of her dreamland.

After handing every one share of their prasad to them she came to me at last. Without delay, I extended my hands. The next instant I saw meera holding her arms and raising it towards my mouth. I did not expect this but nonetheless, I didn't show outside. I opened my mouth not wanting to make them embarrassed. At last minute meera withdraw her hands making khushi to feed me. Meera is trying hard to make us close, hope one day her wish fulfils.

Chewing the prasad I took my foot back to move from there only to stood back by a sudden intrusion which was none other than annika. She raised my arms to khushi mouth like meera did, maybe they both planned this. Unlike meera annika didn't withdraw her hand back. She'll not, I know. She's one naughty bubbly girl unlike meera. 

And true to her nature, she chirped making everyone smile even my kaddoos wife too. I think she didn't realize that.

After breakfast, I announced my relocation to goa. Mom and dad were shocked while my eyes fixed on khushi. I am doing all this for her, I want to see her happy at least now. But it didn't happen. She was lost in some other world, maybe siddharth... Even thinking his name I feel like to choke his throat. But it is not his fault if khushi loves him because I was not even there in her life then.

I should thank God for giving me a sister like annika. Sometimes her habits annoy me but at the end of the day, she is my sister, my cute doll. Once again she helped me bringing her bhabhi out of her lala land saying I scared khushi and asking me to take her with me.

I confirmed khushi too accompany me and this time I got the desired expression from her. She understood why I choose this, she has to know why I am doing this for her. At least she'll not give me false hope in future.

Dad asked me when am starting though I can feel his disappointment, even mom too. They didn't show anything but who else knows them better than me. They'll not like this, but I have to do it. Do it for my future and I was sure they'll support me if it was my wish. Have big task in hand..Mentally calculating the plan I followed them both to their room while khushi spent her time with her family.

"Mom, Dad..Are you upset with my decision?" I asked taking their palms in mine while they sat on the bed.

Mom nodded while dad sighed started answering "We were disappointed but we too understand, in the business world nothing is permanent. Innovation, expansion, creation is needed if we want to sustain in the competitive market. You're newly married, you may want to spend quality time with your new companion. Looking into Khushi's actions it's needed too. You two need space to sort out your problems"

Mom continued intervening dad "Arnie, I know you're disturbed about something and that something related to khushi..." I raised my eyes in shock, how does she know?

"I am your mother Arnie. A mother knows when her child is happy and when not? Something is keeping you both away and you want to solve the differences. That's why this sudden work, Am I correct?" I could only nod, already I feel half of my load was taken off from my shoulders.

"We always want your happiness. I trust my son, he can handle anything. I am sure while returning you two will be one soul, two bodies" Mom hugged me. Smiling I extend my other hand for dad to join.

"Meeee......" Not again...Annika jumped on my back hugging all them at the same time crushing me in-between.

"Glad, I will be escaped from her craziness" I said shrugging her from my back.

"Haan...Haan..I'll see. You're gonna miss me" She stuck her tongue out.

"In your dreams" I purposely teased her knowing I will miss her and her antics more than she knows.

"Daddy..." She whined like a kid earning everyone's chuckle. Oh God, I am gonna miss this...

Excusing from them I went to the office, the whole day my time was spent on winding up my current project.

Night after dining with family, entering our room I asked what I want to ask from her morning "Are you happy?" She nodded accepting being happy and her next statement rooted me to the spot.

She suggested me to sleep in bed, wow..What a change? Indeed it was a good change and it strengthens my determination when she said we can share bed and recliner on alternate days.

Maybe away from homeland will not be a bad decision, I mused.

Seeing her caring me for the first time I slept in no time.

Next day morning also she wished me, life was indeed changing. When I reached office the first file came to my table was of siddharth. His complete bio-data from birth to death was detailed in that. I clearly remember how I ordered aman to find the siddharth whom khushi loved first. Her college name was mentioned on her marksheets which I came across accidentally on my stay at gupta house. I want to find siddharth intentions before digging over the current siddharth matter. Like I wished here is the report.

Leaning back in my chair, I muddled over the given details. Siddharth sharma, single kid to his parents born and brought up in mumbai. He grows as a genuine, energetic man with a charming personality which attracts most of the girls. One of the girl was khushi and fortunately, he too fell on her charms. More than her personality her beauty attracted him. They both studied in same class and only they both are singles in that class. That distinct itself made them pair up. Due to family pressure on marrying him with another girl, siddharth decides to marry khushi. On the marriage he lost his life. There was no such bad mark or intention on his motives.

I couldn't decipher siddharth love is true or not. Only he has answers, if he's alive then I may get answers or else it will be secret always...

Sighing I ordered aman to collect personal details on the journalist.

Suddenly dad barged into the room, I stood up and met him halfway "Arnav, I think you should hurry up your travel" He said taking his seat.

I scrunched my eyes in confusion "Why?"

"Sooner you return back from there that would be better for our company. You know every year our participation in world fashion fest was important. We have six months in hand, your presence is needed for our company. It would be easy to work from the main office, you got what I mean"

I nodded hearing his reason, from past three years I was handling those fests. Dad slowly started withdrawing from the business. I cannot overlook the business for my personal issues. So I decided to wrap all the works in one week and informed the same to khushi.

Khushi...Still a puzzle for me. A puzzle has six months time to solve.

I wind up all the work in a week and in this whole week she spent her time with her family owing to the fact of settling away from homeland. She didn't call me in this week. I too didn't want to disturb her though I missed her.

Today we're flying to goa. Still few works are pending. Quickly finishing it, I remembered I didn't pack my bags. Till date, mom always does that so it slipped out of my mind. Hurriedly entering the room, I dumped all the clothes, things in a trolley.

From nowhere khushi snatched it with right and started arranging neatly in my bag. That was surely not her habit. I saw her after a whole week. Yesterday itself she came, but I was immersed in my work to notice her.

Rejoicing in her habit I stood there with a smile playing on my lips which turned into anger when she unnecessarily points at wife's duty which I clearly didn't expect from her. When did I treat her like a slave? I always give respect to her feelings. I act according to her wish inspite of my hurt. What else she wants?

Angrily arguing with her I left the room. Only after few seconds, I realised she'll be struggling to get her trolley down. Turning my path I realised I was indeed correct. She was on top of the stairs struggling with the trolley.

Throwing my hurt in the form of sweet coated words I helped her to stand when she slips.

She thanked me, that was the thing I least expected from her.

And I need to thank annika for her unknown support. By one or other way she's making khushi flush with her teasings. I would miss this. Today she told what I cannot tell directly to khushi. She does not need to thank me.

Finally, bidding bye to everyone we started for airport.

After check-in, we took the seat beside each other. These days she is so much to herself, her face always carries confusion. I am sure that siddharth would be the centre of her confusion. And her confusion is slowly rubbing on me too.

One thing is clear, siddharth is dead. But how does that will favour or affect my future? Being shrewd in business doesn't help me in personal.

Sighing I made her comfortable sensing her discomfort though I maintained my distance. Henceforth I'll never let my fingers touch her unnecessarily. She herself hugged my arms and put her head on my shoulder. I felt heaven. A new feeling rush through my veins. A new sense of responsibility seeped in. 

She is mine, I am hers..., How good!

Sighing I closed my eyes waiting to know what future beholds for us...



Thank you very much for all of your support!!!

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Dec 26

24. He deserve a princess not ME! (By Spriya) (Thanked: 52 times)

Khushi Pov

"Khushi...Khushi...Wake up. Flight is gonna land" I snapped from my sleep taking my head away from his shoulder. I had good sleep, considering the fact that I was close to my husband for the first time. It felt so right.

Wiping my face in order to ebb my sleep, I stood up to go to the washroom, before I can tell him to move he himself stood up giving way to me. Mumbling a quick thank you I moved from there.

He is thoroughly a gentleman.

We stepped into a lavish apartment near the seas****. The surroundings itself screams its extravagance. Examining the place we took the elevator.

"Is this your own flat or we're renting here?" I asked breaking the silence. We didn't converse much throughout the travel and I kind of feel bored seeing him all silent engrossed in aloof from me.

"Own flat" He replied in crisp.

"On which floor?" I asked hoping to get him in a conversation.

"25th" Again his crisp answer made me think about my decision.

Is he angry with me?

Why do I feel he is not in his usual self? Does he miss his family? Did I do wrong? But even I too left my family after marrying him. That was a universal norm, right. A girl has to leave her house while a man will happily stay with his family till his last breath.

"Did you buy recently or Is it your old flat?" I asked gauging his expressions. If he bought recently then it may be due to my stubbornness.

"I bought it recently, before our marriage"

Offo..oh goodness, he didn't buy it after I put forth my decision.

"I thought to gift it to you on our wedding night. I heard you love beach houses. From our flat, we can easily view the seas**** and go there through backyard of this apartment"

I hiccupped knowing the truth behind this house. He has so many dreams. What did I do? Crushed under my feet even before he rejoices!!!

Elevator pinged indicating we reached our desired floor. He stepped out first waiting for me to join him.

I followed him and he keeps glancing back to know whether I am following him or not. I kept glancing him time to time thinking whatever I am doing was right or not. The decision I thought would be for my betterment was now eating me from inside.

Something is not right with him Or else why would he keep his face as stern? But his voice sounds usual. What the hell is happening with me?

"Why're you walking slow? Walk beside me" He said flattering his steps. 

"Haan...I don't know where is our flat" I said eyeing all the flats which look similar.

"Last in this row" saying this he started walking and stopped before one flat.

That may be our flat.

I stood beside him waiting for him to open the door. He took keys from his trouser pockets and I got attentive to see our new house.

Instead of opening the lock he turned facing me, forwarding his hands which holding the keys.

My breath hitched understanding the underlying meaning behind his actions.

"Open the door khushi. It's your home" He said with smile.

What the!!! My home. My home...., I chanted in mind not believing his words. I can't explain how overwhelmed I was due to his one word. Being grown in a rented house for years, I was just swept off when he said it was my home.

But you did not earn it, brain screamed. You have own house now, what if it was not earned by you. It was rightfully yours, your husband's. Whatever he has was rightfully yours too, My heart stated proudly.

"Open it khushi" He said this time stuffing the key in my hand.

Nervously I held it, inserting it into the keyhole. I turned the key and it creaked open.

He pushed the door, it's floor shines like a diamond. I took my right foot to enter but stopped when he held my hands suddenly.

Scrunching I met his eyes in question. "We are going to start a new thing. Leave your sandals here and it was needed to....Step in" I didn't understand that latter part what does he mean, but nonetheless I freed my foot from my sandals and he too did the same. 

Next moment I understood what he means by the latter part when he put his right foot simultaneously when I step my right foot into the home.

"So this is your home, you can arrange it according to your wish. Interior works are still bending, an architect will arrive shortly. Tell your wishes and plans to them, they'll make it ready and don't interrupt in study room designs, I would love to make it according to my wish. Kitchen is on the right corner and after that hall way, there were three rooms. And dining area was attached to the kitchen, one balcony is attached to the living room and another one in one of the rooms. Anything you wish to know?" He explained in a single breath waiting for me to tell something.

"I'll take balcony room and..You can take whatever you like...Hmm..Yeah.. Hope you won't mind staying in a separate room for few days.." Next instant I regretted my words seeing his fallen face before he recomposes himself.

"Okey...You can take rest, travel must take a toll on you, straight right was your room" He said without moving from his place.

"You?" I asked unsurely, he too travelled.

"After collecting our luggage, you go" He stated taking his place on sofa.

I stood few seconds admiring the house and planning how to decorate, and what was needed..

My feet dragged me throughout the house examining each and every corner. It was a luxurious flat.

Opening to the said room, I noticed the walls look empty except a bed, dressing table and wardrobe. Throwing my clutch on the bed, I open the balcony door which gives the direct view of sea.

Gripping the balcony grill, I stood to enjoy the fresh air which tastes a little bit salty showing how near the sea was.

"Khushi..." I turned when he calls me.

Walking into the room, I saw him standing with my trolley and few packets in his hands.

"Your bags and ordered few foods. Will I keep it here?" He asked showing the food packets.

"No, keep it in dining table. I'll be there in a minute" I stood staring him until he disappears from my sight. 

Can't he get angry? Most of the men carry a big fat ego and where's his? He always does whatever I wish. What did I do in return? Separated him from his family and denying his husband rights. On the top of it, I dared to say him I carry another man in my heart. He didn't even question me on that till now. Why is he like this? He deserves a princess, not ME!!!

Sighed I freshen up and joined him on the dining table. He smiled seeing me, How can he smile hiding his pain!

"Wait I'll serve you" I stopped holding his hands when he started serving himself. At least, I can do this. This is not equal to what he does, My heart put me in the guilty spot.

He looks astounded, ignoring his looks I opened the packed and serves him and myself.

"Enough khushi.." He held my hands when I served him more.

I eyed his hand which rested on my wrist, following my gaze swiftly he took his hand back.

Lunch went silent except chewing sounds.

"I called and informed architects to come by evening. Until then you can take a nap, if you want" He said the last part hesitantly.

He never orders me, unlike siddharth! 

"You too should take a nap" I said or indeed say commanded discarding the food packets.

He nods, "I locked the main door and it has an electronic lock too" He informed.

Nodding I went back to my room. Lying on the king size bed, I let my eyes fix on the ceiling. 

Arnav loves me! What am I doing to him? He doesn't deserve this kind of treatment from me. What wrong he did that I was punishing him? Why was I written on his fate? If arnav was my destiny then why the hell I met siddharth and why should I fall in love with him? How would life be if arnav was my first love instead of siddharth? It would be blissful. Why didn't I met arnav earlier? Why the hell I couldn't forget siddharth? Or Am I just clinging to him only because of my stubbornness? If I loved siddharth why was I affected by arnav's closeness? Why does my heart worry when he is sad? Why I feel awful about separating him from his family? Why the hell I came here at first? To clear my thoughts. But will I be successful? How is this little privacy going to change my mind? What do I want??? Arnav or siddharth? 

Arnav is your future, siddharth is your past...Heart screamed. 

What shall I choose? Whom do I need? Arnav was a gem!!! Siddharth...I don't know now...He always imposes his decision on me either by his love talks or blackmailing me in the name of love. 

Arnav...He is a prince charming!!! But I am not a princess!!!


Thank you so much for all of your thank you's and comments!


Dec 27

25. Burden (By Spriya) (Thanked: 64 times)

Khushi Pov

Flickering my lids I open my eyes when a knock on the door disturbs me.

Tossing on the bed, I stared at the door where arnav standing with his hands floating in the air ready to knock again. He could've entered without my permission as he has all the rights and the door is not locked too. But he chose to knock.

Sigh, how he behaves as a gentleman always..

Stuffing my long tendrils on a band I walk towards him.

"Do give your consents to interior designers, they're here" Saying this he left from there. Freshening a bit I joined them on the living room.

"Here she is" He introduced me to them. Next few minutes we discussed what should be done and asked few suggestions from arnav also. Even though he says it's my home, it was equally his too.

Finalising the design they promised to start the work soon. Following them arnav too stood up "I am going outside. Lock the door, be careful. Open the door only after making sure whom at the door" He advised as if I was a small child.

'I am not a child, I can take care of myself' I swallowed my sentence not wanting to hurt him. He is doing everything to make me comfortable.

Nodding I waited until he entered into the lift, before locking the door like he said.

Remembering maya's earlier call which I ignored for few reasons I thought to rang her.

Facing the waves from balcony I dialled her,

"So madam remembers me" Came a taunting even before I could greet her. 

"Nothing like that maya, you know.."

"Yeah...Yeah..I know that's why I came to know about your stupid behaviour from meera" I closed my eyes in realization. Now I have to bear her lecture.

"Don't curse me in mind...I swear khushi, if you ignore this topic then I'll never show my face to you" Maya spoke ignoring my silence.

"What you have decided?" Asked she.

I kept silent, keenly noticing the waves which came after another inspire of losing its life at the s****.

"Am asking you khushi" Her stern voice brought me back.

"What?" I uttered diverting my gaze to the waves.

"You dragged jiju all the way from here to goa, what's the matter?"

"Nothing...I don't like to stay there which keeps reminding me of siddharth when his existence is still a question" I replied gripping the balcony grill.

"For god sake, he is not siddharth. He died. He is your PAST...Do you hear me..He is your PAST. Wake up from your dreamland. Open your eyes, see the world, who else gets a lovable husband and in-laws like you. Don't spoil it with your own hands. Grab the opportunity. God give you a wonderful family, Do you even realise their value?" She shouted hoarsely.

"I realised.."


Taking a sharp breath I continued "I realised arnav deserves a princess, not me"

"You can...You will become princess khushi, if you change yourself a little" She said desperately trying to make me understand.

"I...I don't know. I wronged him. I can't..."

"You're exaggerating the matter khushi. You loved or liked siddharth in past and your present is your husband" Didn't I loved siddharth why everyone is questioning that, maya also says like...

"Tell me an honest answer khushi. What do you plan when you agree with this marriage in the first place?"

"I decide to leave him"

"Can't your father will be affected then? You married just for him, if you fail in this marriage can't your father feel bad?"


"Then what should you have to do?"

"What could I do?" I repeated not understanding where it was leading.

"You have to live happily that's what your family wants"

"How can I live happily?"

"YOU HAVE A LOVING HUSBAND KHUSHI" I jumped hearing her shout.

"What more you want? Think this is your second chance. Live your life khushi. Don't torture yourself and jiju unnecessarily. You're holding onto a decayed stem. Give a chance to bloom yourself"

"But..." She didn't let me finish the sentence.

"Don't make me use bad words. This is the limit... Can't you see everyone was unhappy with your behaviour, You, meera, me and most importantly jiju who married you with a dream of happily ever after"

"How can I kill my heart?" I whispered.

"Then DIE!!! You're of no use to anyone. You're a BURDEN khushi, BURDEN FOR EARTH, BURDEN FOR ARNAV SINGH RAIZADA" She slammed the call.

How dare she? Am I a burden? How can she say that? How can she say I am a burden to arnav? Grunted at her words I stood glaring nothing at particular.

Replaying all her words I can only analyse she wants me to give a second chance to my life.

Mobile ranged again showing maya name on the display.

Swiping I attended the call, maintaining silence I waited for her to speak.

She took a sharp breath before continuing "Khushi, will you divorce jiju? Divorce him and move on from his life. I guess that will be the only solution. At least he will be happy with the one who loves him unlike you" I don't know why her sharp words torn my heart. Involuntarily few tears drop down from my eyes.

"I can't..." I whispered barely.

"Why?" My heart thudded against rib cage hearing her words.

"Don't know..." I replied swallowing the cry.

I heard her sighing heavily "You like him, didn't you?"

"Don't know..." Words come out in dilemma.

"Then find it khushi"


"Accept him.." I gasped, she continues "Give him a chance, what if he is far better than siddharth? What if has the power to make your life upside down giving you mountain of happiness"

"He has..." I intruded her.

"What?" This time it's her turn to query.

Closing my eyes I replied what I analysed and what I felt "He has the power to make me forget everything around me"

"Then you like him Khushi...You do have answers but you're not ready to accept, why?" She rasped holding her patience.

"Isn't it a betrayal to siddharth?" I finally asked what was eating me inside from the day he kissed me making me a part of his love web.

"It wasn't. But you're betraying your husband"

I stumbled a bit, "What?? I am betraying arnav?" I gasped. It can't be!! I never betray anyone!

"Marrying to arnav, carrying siddharth in heart, isn't something called BETRAYAL? You're betraying your scared relationship" she stated coolly.

How can she accuse me of such thing?

"Accept it or not. You are a BETRAYER" she yelled from other side.

My hand on cell phone got tighten. Lips quivered, heart galloped in anxiety, brain trying hard to digest such accusation. When it registered I can't help but deny the accusation.


"Then prove it"


"Then prove that you're are not a betrayer, throw siddharth away from your heart even if you don't like arnav. Erase all the thoughts of him being a wife of someone else"

"Think khushi...If you do this then I'll accept you're not a betrayer or else..." She trailed down.

Am I a betrayer? If I accept arnav can't it be a betrayal to siddharth?

Then, keeping siddharth in your heart and marrying arnav wasn't it a betrayal to arnav?

Siddharth is dead, Is it? Then who is the one I saw in the party?

If he's siddharth, can I go back to him? NO!!!

Then whats stopping me from accepting arnav? Why he has to suffer without his fault? Either I would accept him or give a chance to him or... divorce him. 

Sliding down holding the railing I kept pondering over the three choices I had.

Accept him?

Divorce him?

Give a try?

What do I need?

Comparing all pros and cons I typed opening whatsapp.

"Challenge accepted! I'll never be a BETRAYER"

Pressing send button I leaned on the railing gazing the waves which start from high and end at low.

Life is same as the waves!


 Thank you Avni, Dillirani, Prajakta_k, Londoner, Lily30, Candie for your comments and to who pressed thank you button.

Jan 4

26. Pretence (By Spriya) (Thanked: 60 times)

Khushi Pov

Standing up from that place I marched inside determining to prove myself.

From where shall I start? Shall I confide with arnav or let him realise by himself? No he already suffered enough, he has all the rights to know how his life is shaping. 

From where should I start? How to forget siddharth? Will I able to do it? Will I be loyal to arnav? Wouldn't it be a betrayal to siddharth? How will I be loyal betraying another person?

How would I mingle myself with arnav? I promised to be loyal but that means forgetting siddharth and there's no need to love arnav. Is it possible? How will I live my whole life like this, thinking treating arnav as a stranger? Hell, how can he live with a person like me. He has better options. Already he is ready to divorce. If it happens then... I have to apart from him and one or other day he'll marry a girl who loves him unconditionally while I...I die alone...


Even though I accepted the challenge, I was confused to the sky. Calming myself I called maya again.

"Now what khushi? Don't tell me you changed your decision" Maya said irritatedly without even greeting me. But who cares, I have more issues to handle.

"I...Maya... Won't it be a betrayal to siddharth if I...Accept..Arnav..." I asked in a feeble voice.

Sighing she spoke "No dear. I am glad at last you think to give a chance to jiju. Don't worry about your past. Doesn't he died, think wisely khushi who'll cry over the closed chapter of their life? Leave it...What do you gain by crying over him? Peace, happiness, joy..Nothing. Instead, you're losing your peace, happiness and joy. Now tell me what does that siddharth gave you that you're hell bent on spoiling your life? Even when you had been with him, he never completed you, never gave the happiness you deserve, never gave the feeling which makes you feel you're the happiest person in the world. Agreed, some love has been not much happy as they face hardships but what keeps them happy through little things was LOVE. Now tell me did you felt like that with siddharth?"

"No..." I answered pondering over her words. She is right, what was the need to cry over him when he's no more. Will he come back and cry over me accuse me of betraying him..No..

Immediately flashes of party played infront of my eyes.

"Then who is the person, I saw in the party?" I asked not wanting to add another confusion to my bucket list.

"Do you trust me?" Asked she.


"He's not siddharth, trust me. He is a lookalike of siddharth and if you want I will personally search for him but you should not involve in this. Don't think about him, your priority is jiju" some clouds of confusion cleared on my mind. Now my soul mission is to forget siddharth if...If.. Possible...Give a chance to myself with arnav...

"Bye..." Ending the call I determined to change myself once for all. 


Impatiently tapping my sandals on the floor I waited for him to grace with his presence. There was no such work here that keeps me engaged. Though I want to utilize that time by planning for my future I passed the time leisurely. Many times I put him in the guilty spot for taking a decision on his own when my life is entwined with him. But after maya speech one thing I realised and trying to erase was the same issue. Knowing my decision will affect arnav I barely cared.

Will I be successful? What if I get more hurt in the process? Will arnav understand me and my feelings? Will he help me? Only if he arrives I'll get answers to my questions.

Doing nothing it was hard to sustain in this huge flat alone. Hope he arrives soon..

Not making me wait more he came by night.

"Here is the food. From tomorrow onwards a cook and a helper will start their work" He said handing the cover.

Nodding I served it on the dining table.

"No need to do all this. I'll serve myself" He said curtly. Maybe he's angry with me for staying in separate rooms.

I let away myself "I want to have a talk with you"

"Hmm...I too have" I frowned thinking what he wants to talk.

Unlike afternoon he helped me on cleaning the table.

"So tell me" He asked comfortably sitting in his seat.

All of sudden I felt nervous, nervous to start the topic. What the hell I was supposed to say? What was I suppose to talk?

I snapped out hearing him clearing his throat purposely to gain my attention.

"You too have something to talk tight, say me?" I tried to delay my side of conversation.

He gazed me for a brief time "What about your work? Did you quit it or planning to continue here?"

Is this what he wants to ask?

"I got myself transferred here. Will be starting from next week" I replied thinking whether to ask his help or not.

"Err...Can you help me to find my office?" I asked straight to his eyes. I wondered why I never look straight into his eyes. Maybe I was guilty.

"Yeah..Sure" He nodded keeping mum moving his gaze elsewhere.

A thick line of awkward silence filled the room making the environment more embarrassing.

"You want to speak right" He said breaking the silence.

My fingers fiddled in its own accord in nervousness. How will I tell him when all those days I did nothing but insult him on every step? Oh..I couldn't even dare to say my thoughts aloud like I did earlierHell, I never face such situation where I am struggling to speak.

"Khushi... Anything you need?" He asked again.

Mustering my muddled thoughts I raised my eyes to him "Friends..."

I extended my hands while he stood up in shock. It made me more nervous, Did I ask anything wrong? Will he accept?

I purposely cleared my throat to gain his attention.


"I thought you have many friends then what happened now?" He asked raising his brows.

If anyone denied me like that, then I'll never speak to them. How can I expect him to accept my friendship then?

"Uhmmm...Yeah...But... Can't we be friends?" I don't know what to answer, his question shows me the mirror. How bad must he have felt when I denied it on his face? How humiliated it would be? What had you done khushi!

"Let's not get into that zone then, any relation should not be forced. It has to happen naturally even if it was friendship. Until then we're just flatmates, what say" He said casually. But I felt offended.


"I don't believe in starting a relation with sour which will end as bitter" He said fueling my anger.

"What do you mean by sour?" I raised my voice.

"Don't tell me you don't know the meaning of sour. I don't want to point out but if you feel so, then hear...I am sure this thought didn't occur to you easily. Either meera forced you or your friend..Who..Haan..Maya... It's not from your heart. You're forcing yourself. Let it free khushi, neither I am running nor will let you. Take your time but..You know everything has a limit. All I can say is, feel free. Live your life, if we're bound to happen then it'll happen at any cost. We'll try out...Good night" Saying this he left to his room.

I stood baffled, how he read my inner thoughts and struggle. He understands me more than myself. That's what everyone searches in their life partner, even me too some years back.

Maybe he's the one for me. Siddharth is a pretence. 


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Feb 18

27. Roommates or flatmates? (By Spriya) (Thanked: 60 times)

Thank you for all your support and patience for waiting for this story to get updated

Khushi Pov

I don't know how many hours I stood thinking about the happenings of my life. One side I feel Siddharth was a pretence and on the other side I was not ready to live the way it was going.

What was I supposed to do now?


Flashing all the incidents from the time I got married, all I found myself was inside a bundle of mess. It seems as if my head will burst out with the muddled thoughts. What have I done to myself?

Am I overreacting for no reason? Am I voluntarily inviting all the messed thoughts?

Not able to control the bubbling frustration I tapped the floor before storming into my room. Throwing my slippers in whichever direction it flies I lied on my stomach. Gradually sleep overcomes my muddled brain after deciding to live the way it was, like Arnav said If we're bound to happen then there's no way I can stop that. Destiny was not in my hands back then and now.


Someone's voice reached my ears, ignoring it I pushed myself into the duvet.

Wait... How did the duvet came in the first place? As far as I remember I didn't cover myself with a duvet.

With knitted brows I got up in haste realising none other than arnav would be the person who covered me with a duvet.

My lips streched involuntarily knowing his care for me even though all I kept doing was turning down his every effort and every step.

Why is he so caring? Time to time he's proving himself as a prince charming.

Pushing the duvet aside, I got down only to realise my bare foot form. An instant irritation creep in my system with the thought of searching that damn sandal in the early morning as the last night action flashed in mind.

To my astonishment the sandal was perfectly arranged just at the edge of the bed ready to welcome the owner.

He was so sweet!

Slipping my feet into it, I got freshenup before going out of the room.

"Good morning khushi, here's your coffee" As soon as I stepped into the living room Arnav voice greeted me.

Couldn't help but smile at him when he throws a charming smile at me. Taking the cup I noticed him clothing in a three piece suit. Swiftly my eyes caught the digital clock only to gaped in shock. It's only seven but Arnav was already all set to go office.

"Arnav it's only seven. Why are you going early?" I asked not able to control my urge.

"Yeah, have few works to start my project here. I woke you for the same. Lock the door, be careful. Helper and cook will be here by any minute. Open the door only if they show their ID card. If you need anything don't hesitate to call me..." Arnav replied and list out his set of instructions ever so caringly.

I stood mesmerized, How can he act like this? Even after my tantrums he's doing his duty perfectly.

I was snapped back to the present when he clicked his fingers infront my eyes.

"Where were you lost?... Don't mind... I am leaving. Bye" He said turning his heels.

"Wait..." I found myself yelled calling him when a thought crossed my mind.

He frowned seeing me and waiting for an explanation.

"Don't go to work with empty stomach" I blurted out without thinking.

He smirked taking a step towards me "So much of concern for your new flatmate"

I bit my tongue realising how my one single sentence was digging my own nerve.

"It's nothing like that.. " Somehow I found my voice to deny it.

"Then how is it?" He questioned taking a step toward me.

I stood unmoved. What the hell is wrong with him? Here I am trying to act cordial with him, but he keeps pushing my wrong buttons.

Exhaling a breath "My mother always says not to start work with empty stomach. I am sure your mother also wish the same if she was here" I mentally patted myself for coming with this wonderful explanation but it only lasts few seconds until he throws next question from his question bank.

"So, are you trying to fill my mother space or trying to act like my wife?"

Arghhh.. What happened to him? Why is he twisting my words? He was not like this before, then what changed now?

"What answer do you expect to hear that you're twisting my words?" I asked bluntly. He's trying to instigate me, but for what?

"Quite smart! With this quality of yours, you'll get your answer if you rack your brain. And as far as I know you don't know to cook. Why did you stop me by the way?"

Gritting my teeth in irritation I didn't resist it within me "Don't play riddles Arnav. Wait here I'll be back soon"

Rummaging through the filled kitchen I searched for ingredients. Not that I was familiar with cuisines, but now want to do something. Taking the bread I put it on a toaster. Thankfully I know how to make a toast!

"I never know you care for me" I darted my eyes at the direction of voice.

There Arnav stood at the entrance folding his arms under his chest. Ignoring him I took the toast ready to make another layer with cheese.


Jumping a little by his shout, I stared him angrily.

"Put peanut butter. I don't like cheese bread" He answered handing me the peanut butter.

Snatching it from him, I started spreading it.

"You know, we're acting like a couple now not flatmates" He said cheekily.

"What makes you think like that?" I asked trying to act non chalant.

"Well, Haan... Remember our earlier days of marriage. You didn't even act cordially with me but see now, you're taking effort to make breakfast for me. Aren't we already crossed the relation of flatmates?" He reasoned making me think of my own actions.

He's right, till now we behaved like roommates.

"Nope we were roommates, now flatmates and the thing which you put around my neck hold some values. I guess, I should value it a bit" I shrugged giving him his share of breakfast.

"So you agree you're my wife?" He asked taking a bite of toast.

"Argh... Arnav... Did you swallow any question bank yesterday?" I couldn't help but to ask him when he keeps forming questions from my every statement.

He chuckled "Nope, I want to keep my heart secure from breaking. What if you again went to your old self after making me depend on you?"

"Do you mean I am breaking your heart?" I fired at him when his question directly hit my heart.

"Do you have any doubt on that? Look Khushi, you're being confused by your feelings and dragging me inside it now and then. Till yesterday, you acted as if I was nothing to you and see today you're making breakfast for me. I understand, it was all hard for you but think from my view also, how many days do you expect me to wait patiently? Wait will be only worth if it gives sweetfull fruit. If this wait was going to break my heart then what was the purpose of waiting?"

"I... I want to a...chance" I fumbled with words as the decision was so instant that my brain failed to ponder over my heart wish. Till yesterday I have no idea about starting my life with him. But... something inside me want to feel his care and love only for me which lack in Siddharth. Unlike Arnav Siddharth never let me feel so warm and care under his protection. It's not that I need Arnav wings to protect myself,

but the care and protection which he gives naturally were pulling me towards him.

Let's risk my heart one more time! Parents choice will not be wrong!

"God, I impressed you in a single night! Can't believe it" He whistled and the next instant he hiccupped as the toast he ate was struck on his throat.

I leaped forward in worry rubbing his chest, "Eat slowly" When his hicupps reduced, I searched for water and found it with his help "Here drink this"

Taking my hem of the dupatta I wiped his moist eyes.

"Are you ok now?"

He nodded with a smile. I got conscious when he bend down towards me "Your wish is accepted. See you at evening wifey" He whispered at my ears and flied away before I react at his words.

He's back to his usual chirpy mode like earlier days.

My lips streched involuntary. 


Henceforth Arnav POV will not be showed. I think there was no need for that when Khushi slowly started to give attention to Arnav feelings. If you want to read them feel free to tell me I'll write it.

Hope you all like it! 

Mar 5

28. Whatsapp (By Spriya) (Thanked: 58 times)

Khushi POV

Thinking about my sudden decision I liesurely pick up my coffee mug which he gave me before going to office and settle my place at sofa.

Am I doing right?

Will my decision take me in a right path?

What if it didn't turned out well?

What if I fail to love him?

What if I disappoint him?

Will he wait patiently until my heart is ready to accept him?

Suddenly I found myself spilling out the content, the coffee turned cold by the time.

Sighing I got up to reheat the content only to notice a small piece of yellow paper sticking at the bottom of the cup, scribbling something on it.

Frowning I reached it to read.

'Coffee would be cold by now, don't drink it without reheating else you'll catch cold. If I had time, I would've done it. Take care wifey.. and hope you liked my handmade coffee..'

Aww... My Arnav...

I slapped myself smiling like an idot. When did he become my Arnav?

Don't smile Khushi, it's not much big that you're feeling so overwhelmed, My conscious keep a tab on my feelings.

Small or big, the care is what matters! Heart screamed pushing back the conscious. Shutting the both thoughts, I carefully kept that scribble inside a box.

Sitting in the balcony which gives perfect view of new morning where the bright sun spreading it's energy to everything, I sipped the reheated coffee. Unlike my hometown where birds chirped welcoming the light here waves lapping across the s****s making less whoosh noise.

Opening WhatsApp messenger I scrolled down to find his name. But couldn't get the desired result.

Doesn't he use WhatsApp?

After probing my whole contact list, I cursed myself realising my blender of not saving his number and deleting the call logs.

'How to get his number now? Everyone will become worried if I ask this to anyone from our home. They'll be aware of our relationship then... Hmphh...'

A bulb lit up on my brain after racking hard through it, Meera... yes she must have his number'

Smirking at the victory I dialled her number. Before I could greet her she started to panic.

"Di, Are you fine? It's too early for you to wake up haainaa..? Oh god di, did you do anything which bought fight between you and jiju? Don't tell me you're coming here. Please..." Meera keeps blabbering no nonsense without letting me to take a chance to speak.

"Meera, will you pause your chatter for a minute? Nothing of that sort happened as you said. II need your help" It's damn awkward to ask help from her especially when it regards Arnav.

"What you need di?" Asked she without any second thought.

Opening and sealing my lips like a fish I asked finally closing my eyes "Woh... I need... I need Arnav's phone number" I can clearly hear her gasp.

"What? You didn't even have his phone number. Too bad di..." I can feel her displeasure even from her voice itself.

"I'll whatsapp you, Hope you solve your feelings soon" She said after a two minutes of painful silence.

Before I could thank her, a sheer ring echoed across the flat.

"Will call you later, bye..."

Letting the helper inside the home after checking her ID like Arnav said, I shifted my eyes when I felt someone eyes bore my frame.

There in the opposite flat stood a lady at doorstep looking as same age as me. I felt uncomfortable when she kept blinking her eyes and trying to smile at me. I throws a smile for courtesy and she reciprocated without hesitancy. Not want to extend the courtesy I closed the door.


Mobile beeped indicating a message which I am sure it must be from meera.

Eagerness start to eat my conscious as the helper keeps asking things now and then about breakfast, likes and dislikes of taste without sparing me to peek at my mobile. How can I answer her when I myself don't know about his likes?? There was more to work on...

Ordering what to do I sprinted away from there taking my mobile.

Quickly saving his number, I opened the chat.

"Thank you for the coffee..." Giving a thought I pressed the send button.

Will he see my message?

Will he reply it?

He's in offline. Argh... When will he saw the message?

Biting my lips, I wondered why I am feeling anxious just for the mere message.

Hah...this is not me.. Pushing the tendrils back, I breathed out.

Sipping the remaining coffee, I thought to give a call to my maa to distract myself from that message. All go in vain when a blink along with sound indicating a message.

Opening it hurriedly I got delighted when it's from Arnav.

"I thought you accepted me as your husband"

What does this message mean? I was supposed to get some other words than this question or statement or whatever.

"So?.." Replied I, tapping my foot on the floor.

"No need for these formalities between husband and wife, I believe" I recited and found myself reflecting my thoughts in next message.

"Often these small gestures reduces the distance between the couple and it erases invisible wall of irritation or worry if anyone had, I believe"

Flipping over the newspaper when his reply took time to arrive, my eyes caught an adverti****t for valentines day party in an open restaurant.

Valentine day is nearing, when my eyes notice the date at the top it gave me a strange feeling as only two days left for the day.

Will this year bring something unusual? From past years, this day was nothing but a reminder to Siddharth who proposed me on that day!

At once, I felt to cocoon myself in a corner hiding from the world where all are celebrating valentine's day.


Losing all the interest by the mere remainder of past I opened the message lazily.

"Are you trying to impress me with these talks Mrs. Raizada?"

What the!

"You're already impressed Mr. Raizada" I smiled at my own message. Yes, he likes me... Love me... It was not a rocket science to decipher that love shining eyes, caring behaviour, supporting nature...

I was distracted when another message fell on my bucket.

"That I am, I never know this side of my wifey.."

Earlier his words looks cheesy to me, what happened that I am loving the same names! I can feel a possessiveness behind his wifey gesture.

"You'll find more of your wifey, only if you try hard to impress her" I hit the send button with naughty glint. Somewhat I am loving this little chat I am having with my husband for the very first time without quarrelling.

Not a second passed my eyes bulged out realising my slip, damn Did I typed wifey? His choice of words are rubbing on me too. Quickly I selected to delete it and chided myself when he replied that means..he read that too.

"So, you are not impressed now?" Came an instant reply and I was relieved he didn't ask about any. Thanking almighty, I replied.

"That was the meaning of my previous message, I guess"

When was the last time I chatted with someone and waited for their reply so eagerly, I don't know.

It seems as if life was dragging me back to the old Gupta in just one day. How is it possible? Is it so easy to forget Siddharth which was the breathing element in past years was now barely there? Uffff...

Life is a riddle, unless you couldn't fine the correct path you'll always crawl inbetween without any growth!!! Somewhere I heard it. Maybe I should find the path or Am I travelling in that path?

Lowering my lids I read the latest message popped on my screen.

"Then be ready to get impressed Mrs. Wifey...!!!

P.s: Glad you finally saved my phone number. Btw, I love to know the name which you used to save my number. I wish it was not Arnav;)" 

****, he knows I hadn't saved his number. What is he going to do?

"I am waiting" Swiftly sending it I leaned on that chair to relish the view presented over my eyes.

"You didn't replied about my last question"

Scrolling up I realised he's asking about the name.

"Sorry to disappoint you, it was Arnav :(" I answered with a pout.

"I am waiting for the day when it'll be something else.."

Even I am anticipating... I typed but didn't send it.


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Mar 6

29. Two can play the same (By Spriya) (Thanked: 66 times)

Khushi Pov

"Wah.. Did sun rose from West today?" Arnav asked from other side. I gripped the phone tight with my palms to avoid reacting to his question but couldn't help when my stubborn mouth opened in cue.

"There's nothing unusual that you need to bicker now" I tried to keep my retort as straight as possible.

"You yourself messaged me at morning and now called me to ask about my lunch, isn't it a unusual happening?" Asked he with an amu****t evident on his voice.

"I got bored so thought to give a call. Don't think too much" I shrugged.

"Really, Here I thought it will took atleast few months for you to initiate a conversation with me"

Seriously is he mocking me?

"I can't understand what's your problem Arnav. When I didn't want to continue this marriage you hoped against hope but when it's happening you're pushing me backwards with these talk of yours"

I ended the call abruptly in annoyance. It took me few seconds of meditation to calm myself.

Gritting my teeth I cut the call when he keeps calling me.

Calling him was a bad idea.

Deciding to keep myself engaged with some other thing, I left outside to stroll across the garden.

When the lift opened, I saw the same girl who's at my opposite flat. She smiled brightly at me unlike morning.

"Hi..." She greeted and I mumbled a small hello feeling uneasy. Something with that girl not good, I don't know what.

"I am Nandhini, You?" Asked she managing a shopper bag.

"Khushi. I must be going, bye" Swiftly I entered into the lift without giving chance to engage in conversation.

Nature, It was a perfect partner next to lonely. Nature does not judge our every actions like humans do.

Feeling the salty air on my lips I strolled towards random direction. Siddharth and Arnav thoughts started rotating for a while. If Siddharth was in arnav place what would he have done? Would he able to accept me like Arnav do?

STOP!!! You should stop comparing Siddharth and Arnav if you're willing to give a chance to your marriage, A distant voice from my head screamed and advised.

Determining I tried to indulge myself in other thoughts. Everything where my eyes laid were new. New people, new language, different habits. I kept walking around the garden and never realised when I crossed the main gate until a honk was heard.

Cursing myself for walking away from the apartment, I turned my heels only to gasp when a cold hand clasped across my fingers grabbing my palm.

"Khushi, where the hell are you? Just because I teased you for few seconds,  doesn't mean you can leave the flat in anger. Do you even realise how worried I was when you didn't attend my calls and left home without informing anyone?" Arnav shouted even before I could acknowledge his presence.

Snapping out from my reverie by his shake, I raised my eyes to him "Don't think high about yourself. I came here for refreshing not by your teasing" I lied through my teeth. Lest, I will let him know how bad I felt when he teased me and my step towards reaching a healthy relationship.

Tugging my palms he said "Oh really... Ok, leave it. Now come I'll drop you home before heading back to office"

"You go, I am not coming" I shrugged his palms.

Instead of convincing me he smiled, damn.

"You know what, now you're behaving like a child ah.. stubborn child"

His words unleashed the rude side of me "I never asked my character certificate from you"

"Ok, will you do the honour of coming with your husband?" He asked slightly bowing down.

A curve threaten to appear on my lips which I have hard time in restraining back.

Inhaling a sharp breath I pushed back the urge of agreeing him as a thought of play came on my mind. Let's see how he's going to convince me, "No.. I know the way" I voiced out totally opposite of what I want.

Never I was prepared for the result of my little play.

He left my palms which has been enclosed in his warm hand "Ok then. See you at evening"

He put his shades before jumping and accelerated the car without having an ounce of care to glance back.

What the hell, he left me!

I stood gaped open mouth making myself a show piece to passerby.

Calling names I turned my heels and started walking back to the apartment, let him come I'll see him. Dare he left his wife on the middle of the road.


Arnav Pov

Smiling at today events I wheeled the car. Never in my dreams I thought, she'll change in a day. Seeing her activities I can only conclude her as a determined person.

Earlier she was under the instinct of loving Siddharth and she stick to that strongly. Now she decide to give us a chance, I can very well see her change of behaviour within few hours.

I was so touched when she showed her care on breakfast matter, probably for first time. And when she come forward to start a chat with me was unbelievable. She said thanks. Seriously Khushi and thanks doesn't fit in single sentence, that's what I thought.

Her single move made me more greedy to have her by my side. When I came to know that her call for me was result of her boredome, I wished nothing but to hug her. At last, my thoughts began to occupy her when earlier she never acknowledged my presence.

Flying in air, I never realised I gone overboard teasing her. When she refused to attend my call I was panicked and even more when the maid informed about her departure.

As my office was so near from our home I readily reached her place.

I was so worried seeing her walking lazily like she know the city before. Questioning her the same all I got was her stubbornness.

What was the need to deny her feelings when it was clearly written on her face like a open book.

All of sudden an urge to tease her sat at the tip of my tongue and I have to obey that. Don't know why I want to tease her and want to know how she'll convince me if I get angry.

Provoking her I left the place only from her eyes. When she turned a street I followed her quietly until she enter into the apartment building.

Now after finishing all the works, I was excited to see her reaction strangely than getting angry or nervous.

Parking the car, I slipped into the elevator and reached my floor. A known excitement washed my form and it got down the minute when the lady from our opposite flat crossed me after locking the door.

I stood rooted to the spot, out of many people never expected her to be in our new home as our neighbour.

Pushing away the uneasiness I slowed down my pace. Rang the bell, I waited until it got opened as the lady thought occupied me.

Instead of Khushi the maid opened the door. Sighing I caught her form as soon as I took few steps. There sat she watching TV in living room.

I purposely tapped my foot to gain her attention and was quiet successful in that when she glanced at me before shifting her eyes to Tv.

"Coffee" I asked out loud intentially slumping beside Khushi.

She sat uncared "Maria what are you staring at? Go and get coffee for sir"

Oh.. So mam will not speak to me. Let's see how long she behaves like this.

"Maria no need for that. You just prepare dinner" I shouted dismissing Maria.

Meanwhile from my corner of eyes I noticed khushi's angry stare.

Bending slightly towards her ear I whispered "I want to taste my wife's handmade coffee"

She hiccupped darting her pupils.

"Oh, so now you remember you have wife. Where this thought went when you left your wife midway on the road" She yelled gritting her teeth.

I can't help but smile at her submission "But my wife said she knows the way and she was in no need to accept her husband help"

She groaned at the turn of events. I sat admiring her as she chant something calming herself.

"Wifey coffee"

I asked stifling the erupting laughter.  

Leaping on my side she took the magazine and rolled it. I looked at her in confusion and the next moment I found myself jumping from my seat.

"What the, Khushi.." I was bewildered when she start to beat me with that roll.

"It's for teasing me. Arnav stop... Arnav"

And she keep shouting and chasing me while I circled the whole area with laughter.


I took a minute to glance back my bouncing wifey who was running towards me with raised arms.

Her ruffled hairs obstruct my half view and her face was covered with sweat. Not daring to stare her more than required as it started tickling my wrong nerves I ran away from her at the nick of time.

"Catch me if you can"



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