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Nov 7, 2017

10. Challenge between ASR and KKG (By Spriya) (Thanked: 40 times)

Khushi Pov

Controlling my sobs i determined to put an end to it. I can't bear any of his advantages hereafter. He should know his limits. Yes, he should know the restrictions and limitations of being khushi husband.

It's my fault of marrying him without consulting my terms and conditions to withstand this marriage. Better than never late. I'll clear it today with him.

He should not expect wifey duties from me, be in room or outside. We're complete strangers living under one roof. He should not interfere in my space and I'll never poke my nose into his matters. He need to keep distance from me. I'll not accompany any of his official work related parties which promotes his public status. My identity should be hidden from media. I think it's enough for now...I mentally took notes of what should be the terms and conditions before storming downstairs to my room.

Plastering a smile before my parents whose eagle eyes capturing my messy state as my eyes feel heavy so probably it looks puffy, i marched to my room only to stop abruptly hearing his voice.

"Contact our lawyer and apply divorce for Arnav singh raizada and Khushi kumari gupta"

What the hell?

Refusing to obey my brain orders eyes shed tears. While wiping tears accidentally i hit the vase placed in side table which crashed down in blink of eye.

Without wasting time i closed the door, what if my family hear this? They will be broken "What are you saying arnav? How can you decide everything on your own? You're not a bachelor to do things according to your wish, as a wife whatever you do me and my family are somewhat linked" i breathed out controlling my anxiety.

"Oh wow...the highness Miss oops Mrs. Khushi kumari gupta knows she's married" he clapped his hands mockingly.

If I was scared back then it was wrong, i flabbergasted seeing new glint in his eyes which i couldn't understand what it was! But it was not care nor love my lips whispered in uncertainty "Arnav..."

He stopped clapping while his legs taking measured steps towards me "Congratulations Khushi...You achieved what you're trying from past two days...infact quite earlier" he said thinning his lips.

I seriously couldn't understand what he's implying. He spoke something like divorce. Tired of guessing in few seconds i asked him the same "What?"

"That, this marriage and me are nothing but a thorn in your life" He said with such intensity that i jumped seeing his hard face.

"But..." I stuttered not knowing what to say. I should be happy seems like before i can explain my terms and conditions he himself understood that. Then why i am feeling scared and nervous.

"But I'll never leave you Mrs. Arnav singh raizada. Arnav singh raizada never fails" he said with stern face.

I could only get confused with his statements. Earlier he ordered someone to file our divorce but now he's saying something else. What does he want? Why he's playing with me?

I dared to ask my doubt before his cold face "Then what about your call..I mean divorce.."

"That's none of your concern Mrs. Raizada" he tried to dodge with a simple answer. But before that, i was more concerned about his last word which he give stretch.

I gritted my teeth in annoyance "Don't... don't call me Mrs. Raizada"

"You're Mrs. Raizada and I'll call you by that only. None can stop me not even you" he said determinedly.

Curling my fingers into a fist "Don't play with fire arnav and i am glad you found about the unwanted thorn in my life" i smirked seeing him disoriented which lasts only for a minute.

"The day is not far when you realize the thorn is far more than important in your life and I'll make sure of it" he smirked closing the distance between us.

"Thorn will never be important it'll always hurt others" I smirked wickedly.

"You're wrong wifey, thorns are created for protecting it's own" i wish i could wipe off that smirk from his face.

Before i could give him back he started taking rounds around me. I stood unaffected until he started speaking.

"There'll be certain rules and regulations for my wife to follow and i am happy to announce that you're going to follow that hereafter" he stopped infront of me.

How dare he? I'll never bend for his wishes nor conditions.

"Look this is not your office to put rules and regulations" i pushed him slightly as he was standing close to me.

"I never said this was my office but it was created by you for yourself" he pointed his finger at me.

What he's saying? What rules he's talking about?

Like hearing my thoughts he cleared my confusion.

"First, i'll expect every wifey duties from you and you should fulfill it without fail. You need not to worry about being with me, I am not a monster to force any girl" he said shocking me.

"What? You're kidding right?" Did my ears hear properly? Till yesterday he was all okay with my distant behaviour. What happened now? I thought if i put terms and condition all will be fine but here it is happening in reverse. He continues breaking my thought process.

"Second, we're not complete strangers anymore, we're husband and wife so you should know my schedule, likes, dislikes and vice versa" before i could object he continued his so-called rules..who would obey all this? I shrugged mentally.

"Don't expect me to keep distance from you. You should accompany me for official work-related parties which promotes my public status"

"Last but least your identity will be revealed before media. I hate to keep my relationship status in dark"

I folded my arms across in determination "Finished speaking? Do you think I'll obey your so-called rules?" I questioned raising my eyebrows. Whatever conditions i thought he's keeping the same but was in his favour.

"Do you think I'll let you disobey me?" I found strong resolution and challenge in his eyes which has the power to shake my resolve. No, i can't be weak. I should not give up my resolve. I'll never be a wife to anyone let alone arnav.

"Are you going to force me?" I asked unsure of his new changed behavior.

"If needed.. I'll never hesitate to do anything which makes you as mine" he said with danger glint.

"You can't control me like that, I didn't give permission for anyone to play with my life"

"Too late to speak wifey...You should think all this before marrying me. Now we're married.. you know it's outcome right" his cool behaviour gave me negative vibes. Two days back he was cool but not like this. What have you done khushi?

Even though i am getting alerts by his behaviour i plastered a brave face before him "You are doing wrong arnav. You'll never be my husband..never..."

"Then who khushi?" He asked next instant.

I..."What?" I shuttered.

"Who has the capability to become your husband?"

My heart beats increased by his questions, what can i say him? How can i say to him that the person who has those capabilities was no more? How...if i told the truth then he'll try to convince me to lead a life with him which I can't...

"Be ready to become Mrs. Arnav singh raizada" I snapped out of reverie hearing his phrase.

Collecting all my hidden courage "Let's see" i challenged making his smile wider. Why he's smiling?

He smirked in return before stormed out from there.

My legs slumped down not able to bear the pressure i am handling from past days. I know i put the blame on him when the fault was solely on me. Till now i was angry on him for making me go through this marriage thing when from the start i showed nothing but my disinterest in each and every moment. But now it took 180-degree turn, how i am going to handle this new change? Only if i controlled my tongue this could be avoided.


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Nov 9, 2017

11. Khushi cope up with ASR (By Spriya) (Thanked: 56 times)

Khushi Pov

"Arnav... I'll not accept this. How can you decide without consulting me?" I shouted at him as soon as we reached my room.

After the morning fight we had, he went out for hours and returned only when it turns dark. I would've been happy only if he kept his mouth shut but he came up with a new headache. He arranged our reception and along with press conference where he is going to reveal about us.

He informed my parents that our reception is a day after tomorrow and all of our dresses will be delivered by tomorrow evening. A car will pick them up from our home to the venue while we're heading to his mansion tomorrow morning.

If this happens then I'll be forced to act everywhere and media will never leave me and limelight will follow my each and every action, how can I allow that? Moreover, i don't have the heart to snatch the little happiness I witnessed in my father eyes when arnav announced our reception.

"I can Mrs. Raizada" he smiled cheekily.

"Don't..I am warning you arnav . You'll regret for making me go through this" I rasped in desperation.

"We'll see who regrets?" Saying this nonchalantly he laid in bed after disrobing his shirt.

My eyes widened seeing him occupying half of the bed, marching towards him "Move aside arnav. Where'll I sleep if you occupy half of it and what is this half-naked form of yours?" I gritted and forced my eyes away from him.

He shifted his one arm under his head and patted the remaining place as if conveying that place was for me.

"Arnav... Don't play with me, i..." before I could warn him he turned his back on me like nothing happened.

"What the hell arnav? Here I am talking to you, you are behaving as if I am not existed" I grunted only to stood speechless by his reply.

He turned abruptly and his gaze and voice was sharp like knife "That is what you did earlier Mrs. Raizada"

His scrutinized gaze made me uncomfortable. Not able to face his sharp accusing eyes I restlessly moved my eyeball from one corner to another corner. Did I gone overboard on showing my dislike in this marriage? Why am feeling he's hurt like hell? Anyways that's not needed khushi, concentrate on the current task.

Taking a breath I throw his shirt at him "Wear that shirt arnav... Don't try to seduce me"

"You know what it's better to live alone than with you" he shouted and stood up in haste.

I trembled seeing his infuriated face, for a minute I thought he's going to manhandle me but thank god he opened the window before wearing his shirt and lie down on the left side of the bed.

Regaining my strength and courage I stood before him "If you feel to live alone then do that, why are you destroying your life along with mine?"

He turned another side without caring to reply, I expected him to blast or at least a small fight which pulls off the reception.

I couldn't see my plans failing, can I? Without thinking much I flipped him by his shoulders as of now he's facing me with an uncertain expression "Arnav..Don't you think my privacy will be under the knife if you publicly introduce me as your wife. I am not used to this limelight, I cannot handle it and moreover, i am working what if it affects my job" I tried to coax him even though I hate to behave with him like a wife. Yuck...

"Then be used to it. Look, it's all part of your duty as a wife. I can't do anything much. Go sleep and let me take mine. Day after tomorrow we should look our best Mrs. Raizada" he said sternly closing his eyes.

Spoilt brat, couldn't even acknowledge his wife’s discomfort. Chewing my lower lips I yelled "I'll make you regret arnav" and took my side turning my back on him. It's a waste of talking to him. I slept thinking of some ideas to stop his plans.

Hearing knock sound I lazily stretched my hands, unlike yesterday he's sleeping on his side.    

Maa stood there with coffee in her hands "Give it to damaadji and get yours from the kitchen" saying this she thrust the tray on my hands.

Twisting my mouth I placed the tray on arnav side. He looks calm as a waveless ocean. How can he sleep making me restless? Getting a mischievous thought I took slow steps towards him. Without making noise I lifted his forefinger and placed it inside the hot coffee. He freaked out getting up from his sleep.

"Are you mad? You're worse than a kid" he yelled blowing his forefinger.

I feigned doing some other work. Not a few seconds passed I jumped feeling him breathing on my cheek.

"Be ready by 9'o clock. We're heading back to RM" he ordered before taking his towel to the washroom. I too felt it was right, how quick we head back to RM how safe I'll be from his advances in the excuse of my family.

"You said we're going back to your home but why you stopped here?" I asked getting down from car before a big building named AR Fashions. Looks like it's his company.

Not having any choice I followed him inside, we went to top floor using the private lift.

I stood speechless seeing the vast area which was covered and separated by glasses. I stood admiring it's architecture when someone pats my shoulder.

I turned to see arnav gesturing me to move forward that's when I realised I was standing in middle with stupid aww face instead of sulking as I guessed we're here to finalise our reception dresses.

Stupid of you to admire your enemy's treasure khushi...Be like an old khushi who gets what she desires.

Mentally reminding of my task in hand i changed my expression and followed him.

He stopped in one room which has numerous mannequins with beautifully designed long gowns and lehenga's "Choose what you want in five minutes or else be ready to wear whatever I choose" he ordered taking his seat on a corner.

"Arnav you..." Before I could bit out he showed his wristwatch and signing 2 by his fingers.

"What?" I scrunched my eyebrows in question.

"Two seconds already finished and you have 280 seconds in your hand" he said simply turning another side.

Gritting my teeth in annoyance I took fast steps towards him only to stood back by one of his employees came there for my help.

"Mam this way, this all was on your size and specially designed for you and there is ASR's personal collection which is only for his closed ones you can choose from that also" She smiled politely showing another side of glass door.

I stood cursing my fate for landing in this situation. If only I stopped this marriage, if only I discussed my terms with arnav beforehand, if only I acted bit cordial towards him. Sighed I turn back once again to see arnav busy in some call. I entered where dresses are kept as i do not want to create a scene.

Each and every creation of his carries its elegance and pride. Some have message hidden in it which I came to know through the attendee.

"Don't you know the meaning behind it?" I asked caressing the pink, silver and white mixed soft material under my palms.

"Sorry mam we don't know and ASR has habitual of explaining this to the person who owns it" she once again smiled politely, a work ethics I learnt after stepping out of college.

"Do you like it mam? You can trail it on that room" she pointed at some door.

Thinking of something I denied at the same time arnav came there.

His face carries astonishment and I followed his eyes to know why he's surprised. His gaze fixed at the cloth in my hand.

"Do you like this dress?" He asked in fact exclaimed.

I shrugged my shoulders "I think yes" I replied nonchalantly not wanting to show my special liking for that dress.

"You'll look beautiful in this dress. Go give a trial.." suddenly I felt his voice lowered down carrying calm. What happened to him suddenly? Maybe he also likes that dress khushi, that's why he's happy with your choice. Then it's time to break it.

Unknowingly a wicked smile formed on my lips before I could proceed with my plan he leaned in my ears "Do you need my help Mrs. Raizada"

His husky voice sent a shiver down my spine I fumbled a little in his proximity "What? No..need" I hurried to trial room. 

I don't know why I obey his words from yesterday where did that headstrong khushi gone? Where did that khushi who denied his each and every concern went? What changed in a day? How can I let my control slip? It's not going to work the way you want khushi, slowly he started controlling you and you are letting him to control you. Don't get fear of him and soon you have to do something to stop him nearing me, my mind mused.

"Are you done?" He shouted from outside breaking my thoughts.

I looked myself in the full-length mirror, I should appreciate his talent. The dress was so unique and it was a perfect fit. The pattern was looking something similar but I couldn't decipher what it was. Having no heart to come out of it I stood admired for few minutes until I felt him behind me.

"How did you enter? Don't you know it's bad manners to enter into changing room? Whom I am speaking you have all..." He intervened " Don't start your lecture now. Come out soon, I don't have all the day to wait for you" he said harshly and turned to go out.

"You..." I stood open mouth seeing him ignoring me. After that, he didn't open his mouth which itself gave me peace.

"Mom don't you think your son gained some weight staying in his in-laws" Annika teased as soon as we entered.

"Don't you have college?" Arnav retorted clearly indicating he's not interested in her teasing.

"Aww...bad brother.. Tomorrow is your reception and you expect me to attend boring classes. I waited for bhabhi, now excuse us I have a long list of shopping to do" she blabbered without pause.

"Unbelievable what's left to shop? Already your dresses along with accessories are ready and will be delivered within hours" Arnav argued back.

"You'll never understand..leave it...where is bhabhi's dress?" Anika pouted and started searching the bags we carried.

I smiled seeing her eagerness finally, she took my dress "Wow...Fantastic... Arnie this is...The best in your collection" She exclaimed examining the dress.

"Call him bhai, now he's married don't call him like before" mom chided making her pout.

"It's ok mom. Why she has to change? She's his sister, how much grown we're, some relations are close to our heart from our birth. I don't want annika to change just because he's married, it's just another phase in our life" I couldn't help but support annika.

Annika jumped in joy and i smiled looking at her.

"Arnie what's hidden behind this design?" She asked closely inspecting the material. Hearing her question I too looked at arnav with expectant eyes. I too want to know what pattern he designed at the expense of annika as I'll never ask him directly.

He kept silent for few minutes. "Bhai tell na please..." Annika pouted.

Arnav smiled "A and K inside the heart"

I and annika once again noticed the pattern closely only to get astonished. Indeed A and K letter was tangled inside a heart in such a way that no one can decipher what it was unless they need to see it with microscopic eyes. That pattern was followed throughout the hem and silver glittering stones were ensemble above the hip.

"A for Arnav, K for khushi...Wow, How romantic" Annika squealed while I sat wondering if I am doing right by destroying arnav's life. There's nothing more than he can do to prove his liking towards me. I don't know what to do, maybe divorce is the only option to let him free from this relationship. 

Precap: An uncomfortable khushi in reception.


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12. Shopping with Raizada's (By Spriya) (Thanked: 29 times)

Khushi Pov

I determined and stood up to march upstairs, the sooner he stops his efforts better he'll be less wounded.

I turned only to let my eyes widen by arnav statement "Khushi, you also want to shop right. Get ready I'll accompany you both"

When did I said I want to shop? Is it a plan of his to control me or Is he trying to show we're happy and comfortable in this marriage? Whatever reason I don't have an option other than accepting his invitation after seeing the hopeful face of Annika and scrutinizing gaze of mom.

"Give me some time arnav, I'll freshen up and come" I plastered a smile for the sake "Why don't you come upstairs, even you'll need a change of dress" I said with a smile while my insides are already churning.

"Bhai..Enjoy" if it was not enough annika winked at him and he shamelessly flashed his teeth before accompanying me.

"Wow.. You're super fast. Already implementing my rules. I never thought you'll change within a day" he said as soon as we entered the room.

It angered me more "Don't fly in air arnav. How dare you..?"

"I dare to do more, Do you want to experience it" He intervened and took two steps closer to me.

I baffled and took two steps back "Don't..."

"I guess you need to sharpen your vocabulary there're more words than dare and don't..You know like love, trust, acceptance, compatibility...also in dictionary. If you want I can order an exclusive Oxford dictionary for you" his face flicked from irritation to mocking.

"I am not standing here to hear your English lectures. I am not accompanying you and your sister anywhere. Don't disturb me" I started arranging my wardrobe turning my back on him.

Thank God, at least he gave me half side of his wardrobe or else I have to fight for that also.

"You wasted three seconds in arguing. I hate to make my family members wait for me especially annika. So be quick" his stern voice reached my ears making me face him in irritation. 

"You supposed to be on clock/calculator manufacturing rather than fashion field" I grunted in frustration. If this goes on like these then the day is not far when I am going to land at a hospital for crossing high blood pressure.

"I don't need your suggestions. Stop eating time by standing like a pillar, come fast" saying this he went out just like that.

How dare he?

Stumping my foot I followed him downstairs.

"Bhabi I thought you gone to change and bhai don't you need a change of dress?" Annika asked mischievously.

I mentally chided myself for not changing my dress she's thinking something else. 'Hmph..Where did i land myself? It would be better if she had college' I kept my face straight and he, the so-called husband of mine smiled shyly.

"Arnie don't buy whatever she asks, already her wardrobe is overflowing" Mom warned as soon as we step out. Like my mother she also dropped us till the door, there's no trance of richness reflected in her there's only mother concern.

"Mom this is not fair. Bhai don't hear her..." Annika turned her gaze to arnav "Don't you want your little sister to look best at your reception" she pouted for which i was sure it'll melt anyone. She's such a cutie pie.

"I'll order new wardrobe" he replied getting in the car. Annika throws a winning smile to her mother getting on the back seat.

"You're never going to change, you're spoiling her as if your dad was not enough" mom muttered. I smiled taking my place beside annika.

"Bhabhi.." annika screamed making me jump in place. My corner of eyes captured mom's running frame. She's running towards us hearing annika.

"What?" Arnav also asked turning at the same time.

"Your place is beside bhai not here, don't make me do a sin by separating you both" she muttered dramatically.

I can only roll my eyes, both brother and sister are way too dramatic.

"Shut up Annika... Don't prank on poor soul, my bahu is naive" Mom chided for which she smiled sheepishly.

Life would be beautiful with this family if only I wasn't trapped in this relationship rather than willing to lead this life. If only I met them before few years, if only I wasn't fallen in love, if only I met arnav before Siddharth. If that incident didn't happen I would've been leading a happy life. I wouldn't be trapped in this relationship, hell I wouldn't even met arnav let alone marry him. Wish I could rewind the past, wish I could live those moments again, wish I could lead a life with my love. Wish you're here Siddharth, it chokes me to death thinking me as someone else wife, imagining someone other than you showing his love on me, seeing him doing things which I dreamed of you being in that place is something I can't digest. I never let arnav close to my soul nor me.. It's my promise.

"Khushi..." I jumped hearing someone voice.

I swirled my head trying to register where I was. The car was stopped in some parking lot and annika was not beside me.

"Where are you lost?" I turned to the source of voice where arnav stood with the opened door.

Before I could recover arnav leaned on me "I thought girls love to shop but you're crying, do you hate shopping?" He murmured slowly.

What is he saying? My hands in own accord raised to cheeks only to find it wet. When I looked in the side mirror, I realised my face was fully drenched with tears.

Furiously I wiped the tear droplets seeing his concern eyes. I don't need anyone's sympathy and strictly not him.

My eyes lowered before getting down. I ensured my eyes to stay away from him yet, I couldn't deny his presence, I let Annika between us who stood few metres away from us but she cleverly slipped out and let me to sandwich between the duo.

"Where to start? Bhabhi what do you think?" Annika questioned letting her eyes wandering around the mall.

It felt so good when annika asked my suggestion, it's just two days I came to their house yet she considers me as a family member never let me feel as an outsider not only annika mom and dad also treat me as their daughter. Her mind effortlessly pushed arnav out of that family.

"Do you have any list or plan of what you want to buy if yes then go according to that or I guess we should shop from dress, it's must be easy to buy accessories according to that" I answered her politely, perhaps I don't want her to think I am controlling her nor I am imposing my decisions on her.

"Yeah you're right..." Annika agreed and we three enter into a shop. Annika went to another side leaving us alone.

"Khushi look for yourself also" arnav eyed the numerous classy modern dresses displayed in the shop.


"Henceforth you need this type of dresses more often. Don't forget you're are now wife of a businessman, you should dress accordingly" he intervened.

"And don't dare to create a scene else you'll see worst of me" He warned through smile showing some dresses at the same time.

"Don't underestimate me, just because I am accepting your orders. I don't want to create a scene else you'll see another khushi" I gritted showcasing my coldness.

"Don't copy my words Copycat Gupta"

"Don't act like arrogant man Mr. Arrogant Raizada"

As soon as I said that he took steps towards me, "The total credit only goes to you. You broke my misconception, girls like you only interested in arrogant man, so it's not my fault you see" he shrugged his shoulders.

"What do you mean by that? I didn't told you to behave arrogantly" I too turned my gaze towards him.

"Yeah, like you never said it instead you did something else" his words came out as sarcastic as his face.

"Take this" he thrust some dress on my hand. When did he choose these dresses.

"I am not a millionaire like you to buy these costly dresses" I thrust back on his hands.

"I agree you're not a millionaire but your husband was. So..," he thrust it back into my arms.

"I never acknowledged you as my husband" I replied rudely.

"Law says something else" he replied confidently.

Annika interruption stopped me from retorting back.

"Bhabhi your choice was so similar to bhai's" She squealed, I finally decided to look at the clothes on my hand. Indeed it was classy and decent.

Like earlier before I could protest annika took the clothes from my hands and thrust in arnav hands along with hers "Arnie pay the bills we're on accessories shop, come soon" saying this she dragged me to next shop without letting arnav or me to react.

I turned back only to see arnav standing there with shocked expression time to time gazing the pile of clothes in his hands.

My lips curved a little, serves him right for troubling me and imposing his decisions on me. So Mr. Raizada's weakness was his sister and he'll do anything for her. It was the biggest weapon, you can use it whenever the situation arrives khushi. 

Precap: Same as before. 


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Nov 20, 2017

13. Reception party (By Spriya) (Thanked: 38 times)

Khushi Pov

Why would I always end up in misery? I can do nothing seeing him sharing my food on my plate sitting in a food court. The desert he ordered for him was too much spicy. Shouldn't he know what he likes to eat? Or Is he purposely get the food which was not of his taste so that he can share my food.

My jaws are paining by the pressure i gave it, not so a few seconds before. He silently ate two morsels from his plate only to let his eyes red, seeing his struggle annika jumped in.

"Bhai drink water" she passed him water before glancing me maybe she expected me to react.

"Bhai shall I order less spicy food?" She asked with full of worry.

"No anni, this food will be wasted..." Wow being rich doesn't curb his humanity but next instant I cursed myself for praising him earlier after hearing his suggestion "Khushi likes spicy food i think we can exchange it" he said without my permission he effortlessly exchanged the food.

Now he's eating my food while my appetite flies out of the window the minute his food reached me.

"When did I said I like spicy food? Why are you playing?" I murmured through gritted teeth trying hard to keep the conversation between us without letting annika to know.

"Forgot what I told you yesterday. We should know each other likes and dislikes. And pairing with a log headed like you who constricted all the way to reach her, it was next to impossible so I thought to find it myself. Now see I don't like spicy foods so as you. By this way, you never will forget what I dislike in food" He winked and flashed his teeth before gobbling down his or precise my food.

"You know I don't like this then how can you expect me to eat this spicy food?" I twisted my mouth seeing the plate full of foods yet can't able to eat any of it.

He smiled and slightly pushed the plate towards me "We can share" saying this he passed another spoon to me.

I feel like to shout my lungs out, how dare he? First, i should hit myself on a wall for choosing pulav instead of a burger. If it was burger there was no question for sharing in the first place.

I sat grimaced wandering my eyes away from the food. Albeit losing appetite, my stomach grumbled indicating its hollowness. Gritting my teeth I hold back my breath to calm my nerves.

"Khushi...Take this burger hope you like it" I turned at arnav who gestures newly arrived burger. When did he order? Anyways thank goodness! I need not to starve.

I attacked the burger earning astounded expression from arnav. Did I overreact? But what to do when my stomach keeps grumbling which will ache if I keep starving.

"You like burger" His eyes showed victory. I have more work than noticing his detailed expressions, ignoring him I gobbled up what was before me.

The following evening passed with chit-chatting with the family. Arnav left to the office after dropping us. Nothing hard much happened, i felt as I am with my family. Both mom and annika entertained me so well and dad also joined later. Dinner went as noisy affair and arnav absence made me behave normally with them which I myself can realise it. Along with it some fear also crept me 'How they'll feel if they came to know about arnav and me are not a normal couple? What would happen if my parents become aware of it? All will be heartbroken. How am I going to escape from this marriage without hurting others? I don't know when sleep took over me.

New morning dawned bringing some unknown restlessness within me. I don't know what but something was amiss, what was it? I don't know but somehow I have to stop this reception, How? Thinking various plans, I came downstairs after getting ready and noticed the house was full of hustle bustle. Mom was giving instructions to some workers who were decorating the living room. Annika showing some images on her iPad probably, designs. Dad was supervising all of it. Where's arnav? I didn't saw him from yesterday itself. Did he come home?

Like clearing my confusions annika noticed and came towards me with a smile "Bhai went to an important meeting. He'll be back soon. Come bhabhi, have to take breakfast, i was waiting for you. Mom and dad ate early, you know they have health issues so need to eat in correct time. Don't mind" she smiled apologetically.

"Why are you apologizing? I am also this family member right, there's no need for that" I smiled genuinely.

We two strolled across the garden area for sometime before my parents stepped in. Keeping his promise arnav sent a car to pick them up. Payal and Meera were beyond excited seeing the huge house with decorations. Annika accompanied them touring the entire house. Seeing the smile tagged along with the glowing face of my family members I dropped the idea of cancelling the reception when this marriage was for them on the dot.

In a blink of eye daytime passed and here I am standing with the long gown which carries A and K. When I took that dress for the first time the thought popped in my mind was to tear the dress. But that went upside down when I stepped into it.

"Di...Why are you staring at the dress? Change na..." Meera pouted pushing me into the washroom.

Soon makeup was done among the teasing of annika and my sisters. Arnav was still not in home.

"Where's your bhai annika?" I asked not able to keep the curiosity. From the time of marriage he didn't leave my side, now even after 24 hours I did not see his face nor hear anything about him except the piece of information annika spit out on the morning.

"Missing my Arnie..." Annika grinned showing all her teeth. Suddenly I felt my cheeks are burning. Why? My questions are answered when I look myself in the mirror. Am I blushing??

Hands automatically found its way to my face. Lips stretched widen if it was not enough already. It can't be happening?? It can't be true...Why am I blushing hearing his mere name? Am I started to like him? Consider him as my husband? How? What changed? Why my resolves are breaking? Is my love for siddharth was receding? How can I?...

Tears of anger and anxiety started to roll down. Anger on myself, anxiety on my changing feelings.

"Bhabi bhabi don't cry. Bhai will arrive soon. I'll scold him, how dare he made you cry" Annika consoled me like consoling a child wiping my tears. Even in my dishevelled mind I was overwhelmed getting love from my sister in law. Who can get these types of loving family? I was lucky yet unlucky to restrict myself from getting and accepting their love.

"Why should I bear your scolds?" Arnav asked entering the room. He is already dressed for the reception. Where did he change it? When did he reach home?

"See you made my bhabhi cry, can't you postpone your meetings for some time?" Annika chided him while I rearranged my makeup.

'She and crying because of me, Funny. She'll make others cry' I heard him muttering.

"Don't you think we should argue this issue some other time? We're getting late" His voice came as displeased as ever. Annika pouted dismissing the topic as mom also called her simultaneously.

"Meera, payal car is waiting for you" He smiled. And they disappeared after assuring me. Seeing the decorations I also thought the reception was in home but later realised I underestimated Raizada power and popularity. Besides fashion they're running constructions and exports, lately they signed up in communication sector too.

"Shall we?" He gestured his hands at the way. Glad, he didn't ask me to hold his hands.

We reached the venue in next thirty minutes. Silence and oxygen were the things occupied the whole car, lest I expected him to speak.

"Don't create a scene khushi" Before I could understand why he's saying, he exited and let his hands for me to hold.

Composing myself I held his hand seeing the thousands of camera keeps flashing.

"Keep smiling, it'll not cost you much" He whispered placing his hands on my waist.

I felt something changing inside me "Arnav..." My shoulders time to time touching his chest.

"Shh... It's going to be a big event. Any absurd, it'll cost us much. Think about our family before doing any mishap" He again whispered while we keep smiling passing through the entire crowd.

Someone came running towards us "Sir, Press conference was held on party lobby" Arnav nodded and he escorted us to the lobby.

"Usually press conference will be at last right" I asked with the little knowledge of high-class parties.

"Yeah, I can't trust you"


"You heard it right, I know you hate to attend this reception and party so I planned to introduce you beforehand" 

I scrunched my face in annoyance, he becomes so much sharp these days.

"Smile..." He mumbled tightening his hold on my waist.

I smiled for the sake cursing my fate. My steps slowed down seeing someone from distance. His features look known to me. Soon my feet halted when I took close look at him.



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Nov 30, 2017

14. His dilemma (By Spriya) (Thanked: 58 times)

Arnav's Pov

There on the door she stood with tears in her eyes. I must be the one in her place who should be crying hearing her hateful words. Never ever i was insulted by anyone like khushi did. Albeit being in fashion field never ever my character was questioned. Never ever i was linked with any girl. But today my own wife, a wife of few days who doesn't know me fully raise question on my character.

Leaving me devastated with her words, she stood there with tears like she's innocent. And she dared to question me and my decision. She conveniently showed herself as a victim putting whole blame on me asking, How can i decide our divorce without discussing with her? And taking lessons on How I was no more bachelor, How my decision affects her and her family as she's my wife.

How irony? she will not accept me as her husband and will not consider my feelings but I should consider her as my wife and give importance to her feelings as if I didn't give those respect earlier.

I was way too furious on seeing her vengeance without having any fault of mine. Scratch i did one mistake which dragged me til here. I married her, that was the only blunder i did. I'll rectify it, either by releasing her from this marriage or making her accept this marriage.

I wanted to know where I stand in her life, even though she didn't voice out i can see it in her eyes I was nothing but a thorn in her life. So I asked the same which she happily declared me as a thorn on her life, my patience broke. How dare she??? If I was thorn then she should have given that thought before saying yes to marry me.

Now, enough of dancing on her tunes. Enough of tolerating her every idiotic behaviours. Enough of giving her the space she needed. Enough of covering her mistakes before the family. Enough of her harsh words. Enough... Henceforth, I am not going to bend according to her wishes.

Newly married cannot get divorce easily before completing atleast an year. I took that period as my target. If I can't change her in this one year then I myself will back off from this marriage. But her submission on yesterday itself screamed her liking towards me yet something stopping her. I should try to find out what it was in this one year, it may helps.

Deciding to start my target today itself, I purposely intimidated her by putforthing some conditions before challenging her. Like i foresee she was enraged making things easy for me. Her scandilized expressions added fuel in me to carry on with my plans.

She did argued, threatened atlast pleaded without slipping out from her attitude to make me withdraw my conditions. I loved that attitude if hers.

I don't know why she looks perplexed when I asked, Who has the capability to become her husband? Atleast i shall try to change myself according to her likings, if she share her wishes with me. 

She remained tight lipped and i have no other option than carry out my plans. Without delay I arranged for our reception and consulted with family members.

When I disclosed it to her family they're excited right way unlike her who fought with me. I can feel her apprehension when I disclosed about press meet. She's getting agitated with my unexpected behaviour as i normally laid on her bed disrobing my shirt. Before I could rejoice my first victory of making her accepting my conditions she accused me once again saying i am seducing her. Dare she, her mind travel in that way only. I don't know what I lashed out on her. Somewhat i am not in mood to argue with her, but looks like she's not.

Again she brought the press meet topic which infuriated me more. What she is thinking of myself? A puppet whom she can dominate whatever she wishes. Never. I'll be more than happy if she dominate me with her love not with her arrogance. Sleep overtook before my anger reaches its peak.

Next morning was worst than any day. I thought she's just headstrong but never knows she is mad. She made me freaked by putting my finger on hot coffee. Who does that? That too with her unwanted husband.

She'll not do it with her wanted husband, My mind mused.

Mustering my patience i whispered in her ears to get ready. I was once again left with surprise seeing her getting affected by my closeness. It was indeed a good sign, a sign which altered my plans. Instead of going to home i turned the wheels to my office.

I lead and let her to choose whatever she likes. To my astonishment she chose what I planned to give it for reception. And that was my first creation for her. That simple gesture from her gave me immense pleasure.

When she wore it I was lost, lost in her beauty. Until she shout at me I was in my dream land. As usual madam argued and i dismissed her without caring much.

When we reached home annika teased me, if only khushi accept me I'll be happy. Happily accept all their teasings. It reminds me of my crumpling marriage. Nonetheless i composed myself before everyone.

Seems like unknowingly my family was on my side. Annika wanted to shop which I used on my favour. I know khushi will not like it. I purposely riled her up. I loved seeing her edggy as she suggested i should be in clock manufacturing sector.

She was annoyed man..

But I don't know what made her cry throughout the whole travel. Even when mom supported her, annika teased her she sat stone faced.

When I asked her why she was crying she just shrugged off. I am looking forward for the day when she'll share her problems with me.

The only thing that I admired in her was, she never treated my family with hate like she do with me. She once again proved i was not anyone to her by refusing to buy clothes. She's dragging the economical status between. Can't she understand whatever i earn was for my family and that includes she too? She's one hell stubborn lady i came across.

Owing to annika's interference she accepted what I have chosen. They shopped as if world is going to end and dumped all the cloths on my hand like i am their shopping bag. Sighed chanting anything for my ladies, i did that billing before joining with them on food court. Khushi was so annoyed when I ordered her and her face was worth watching when I grabbed her food.

If she knows i purposely ordered the spicy food then I'll be gone. Glad annika didn't interfered who knows i don't like spicy foods and wantedly ordered that food. But I can't be heartless leaving khushi to starve while I gobbling her food. I ordered burger which turned to be her favourite unknowingly that soothes me and I guess that was the first information i know about my wife apart from her biodata or precise cv.

As soon as i dropped them back in home, I planned to finish all the office works as i have serious issues with khushi which should be solved if i want to lead a happy peaceful married life. But the work took toll on me and i find it hard to reach home at night. Not even once khushi called me. I was away for whole twenty four hours but khushi seems less cared about it. Anyways pushing away the negative thoughts which starts ebbing away my spirit I entered my room only to stop seeing breath taking view of khushi. I already got ready in office itself.

She looks eternal in my creation but felt something missing that was her happiness. I can't understand what to do. How to make her happy. In between annika asked something which I not paid attention as i was busy reading khushi eyes.

Her tears, she cried which again tampered my spirits. What if she loves someone else? That though itself angered me, i cannot take that. In my own contemplation i failed to notice the surroundings until the car halted.  

Warning her to behave properly i held her close to me when we stepped before cameras. It was the first time we're appearing outside as a couple and it was second time we're close to each other. My hands perfectly fitted on her slim waist and involuntarily her shoulder blades brushed against my torso. The media which irritated me to the core was the saving grace of my party today from my wife who planning to stop it somehow.

I can feel her nervousness and smiling through gritted teeth posing for cameras which captures us throughout the way. When aman informed about press meet i saw her stiffening. She was annoyed, i don't know how long she is going to hold it. Clearly showing my unfaithfulness on her i dragged her to the lobby.

Her feet slowed down, thinking her planning to ran away i tightened my hold indicating her to walk fast. Before we could proceed to take two steps she halted abruptly and heard her whispering siddharth.

My breath hitched. Is he was the reason for their failing marriage? Were she loved him? Or Loving him? Suddenly the hall seems spining around me before I could hold on myself khushi slumped down taking fistful of my coat. 


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Dec 7, 2017

15. Truth revealed to arnav (By Spriya) (Thanked: 58 times)

Khushi's Pov

Everywhere looks dark. Something happened to me. Why was I alone? Siddharth..where is he? Suddenly I was not in a dark place. I was standing near some office. Siddharth.. There he's. I found him at a little distance who stood talking to someone. Siddharth, siddharth I called him. He glanced back and gestured me to wait. I got bored standing in the same place, wandering my eyes I inspected the surroundings until my eyes fell on a speeding truck coming at its full speed towards us. Before I could understand it crashed someone.

"Siddharth...My eyes filled with tears, i tried hard to breath. I start to run run....

"Khushi..Khushi.." I felt someone is patting my cheeks.

"Open your eyes... Khushi" A distant voice reached my ears. The voice is known to me. Who?? But I have to run. Why my hands are tied? I couldn't lift my legs. I have to run. I have to save my siddharth..

'Leave my hand, I have to save him. Leave me..' My constricted throat didn't make much noise. I couldn't hear my own voice but heard someone else voice. Whose voice??

"Khushi..." Arnav, it was arnav voice. How can arnav be there?

Battling my lids I mustered all my strength to open my eyes.

"Khushi..." Raining. It was raining. My face was wet.

Biting my lips, I opened my lids only to greet with worried arnav. He's worried why? ARNAV..

My eyeball captured the surroundings. How did I come inside a room? It looks like a hotel room. I was on the road, didn't I?

"Thank God, you opened your eyes. Here drink this" Arnav pushed some liquid inside my mouth.

"How was I here?" I asked in a hoarse voice.

Instead of answering me he ordered me "Come down. Just attend few minutes of the party. Then we'll go home" he said gesturing annika to help me.

Annika was also here, that's when reality dawned. I met him... Siddharth..How he's alive? He died in front me. How he's standing before me now? I felt my head will burst out.

"Bhabhi take this tablet. Just hold on few minutes. Bhai will take you back to home" Annika forwarded the tablet in concern.

Collecting my thoughts with difficulty after freshening up, I came to party hall with annika.

"Payal and Meera wanted to stay with you, but bhai don't want to worry them" she answered before I query her about them.

Seeing us arnav strode towards us  "Are you fine now?" He asked taking my hand in his.

I cannot concentrate on anything, siddharth face disturbing me now and then.

I staggered a little when he places his hand on my waist.

Why is it always happen with me? What is this new twist in my life? Can't I deserve peace?

"Few minutes after cutting cake we'll go back home" He whispered taking slow steps towards the centre of the party hall.

My mind was not with me. In dilemma, i go on flow with arnav. I felt my hands trembling with anxiety. My heart beats as if it will be out any moment. I felt him holding my hands and guided me to cut the cake. And the feeding each other part was the last thing I was prepared to do but nonetheless, i was forced to do that.

My questions will be cleared only if I confront siddharth. For that, I want to be away from this crowd. 

I silently slipped out only to caught by arnav.


"We need to talk. Come" Saying this he dragged me to his car and in next half an hour we're standing face to face in his room. He never let me speak in our journey.

"What do you want to speak arnav? Look I am not in a mood to argue. Move aside" I was beyond irritated. First siddharth, now arnav.

Only if siddharth matter clears i can concentrate on anything. Be it arnav or family.

Without caring his presence I took my mobile with trembling hands. I badly wanted to have a talk with maya. I want someone beside me. No one better than her will be my companion.

"I am talking to you khushi. Don't test my patience or else you'll see the worst of me" His voice did nothing to me.

I have to collect information about siddharth. How come he was alive? That too a journalist? His passion was IT field, that's why I was working on MNC fulfilling his passion.

If he's alive then why didn't he come to me? Why didn't he contact me? Did he forget me? Is it easy for him to forget me? BUT HOW THE HELL HE WAS ALIVE? HE DIED IN FRONT OF ME!!! INFRONT OF MY EYES!!! HOW?? HOW???

All the images of his last breathing kept flashing inside me. After the truck hit him, I ran towards him only to see him struggling hard to breathe. I cried, yelled for help keeping his head on my lap. A few minutes later an ambulance came. Some attendees took him on it and I sat beside him wiping the blood stains. Then..Then..His body lifted in the air for few minutes and the doctor announced he's dead.. DEAD!!!

HE IS DEAD!!! I couldn't understand anything. I saw him sometime before..

"Khushi, what the hell you're thinking? I am waiting for your response, but you're bubbling in your own world" I was brought back to present and frightened by his tone and his vigorous shake on my shoulders.

I pushed his hands fervently "Arnav behave. You're manhandling me"

"You behave first khushi. Do you even treat me like a human? From the time of our marriage, you are misbehaving. I am not going to tolerate that behaviours of yours henceforth. Do you get that" He yelled crashing the glass table in anger.

Blood dripped down from his hands. The humanity inside me didn't let him on his own.

"Show me your hand arnav. You need first aid" I tried to held his hand which he raised far away from my reach.

"First answer my question. Who is siddharth?" He questioned through gritted teeth. I can feel a rage in his voice.

I lowered my eyes not knowing what to answer. Shall I say the truth? Or Shall I lie?

"I don't want to hear a lie. At least be truthful for this goddamn relationship we share" He clearly showed his frustration. Who else can't be in this situation, my mind mused even in this critical situation.

'Maybe I should say the truth. I was tired of being bugged by his advantages he's showing to me in the name tag of wife'

"You owe me an explanation khushi" He commanded before I could reply.

My brows scrunched by his command "What did you mean by owe? I am not your slave arnav"

"Yeah you're not. But I am. I am sick of your behaviour khushi" He yelled making me jump fearing the intensity. 

"I am asking for last time who is he? If you are not willing to answer me then fine. I'll ask this to your family" Saying this he stared me for few minutes before taking his mobile.

He dialled someone..Whom was he dialing? My mind was blank, I couldn't decipher what should be done. Already I am confused by siddharth presence now this arnav. Hmphh...

My eyes widen when I heard him speaking.

"Hello uncle, I need your help. I want to know something about khushi"

"ARNAV..." I jumped snatching the phone.

I shuddered at the thought of my father going aware of this. He cannot bear this. Simply he can't..The rage which was hidden started resurfacing...How dare he? How dare he to involve my father?

I held arnav collar "You want to know who he is right. Then hear me. HE'S THE ONE WHO OWNS MY HEART. HE'S THE ONLY ONE WHOM I LOST MY HEART TOO. HE'S MY FIRST AND LAST LOVE. Is this enough or do you want to know more" shouting this  I made the truth clean and clear for arnav.


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Dec 8, 2017

16. Confrontation (By Spriya) (Thanked: 45 times)

Khushi POV

"Then why the hell you married me dammit???" He yelled gripping my arms as tight as possible.

I shuddered seeing the intensity in his eyes "I..."

"Why the hell, you let me dream a happy future with you when you're keen to break it. Why the hell you married me in the first place dammit? Do you realise you DESTROYED MY LIFE DAMMIT? Do you even realise the intensity of your actions???" His vigorous shake did nothing to calm my anxiety.

I felt so weak feeling his rageful voice. What should I do now? I left his collar, trying to keep distance between us. But his grip got tighter.

"Why are you silent now? You always love to back answer me right, then what happened now? Answer me now. When you love that damn siddharth why the hell you married me?"


I slumped down on the bed not able to bear all his accusations.


It's better to answer him than keeping him dark and giving hopes. Lifting my lashes I gazed him only to lower my lashes again seeing the raw anger.

"I was never interested in marriage because of...siddharth. I denied many proposals right away. So my family hide your proposal from me. The day you came to see me was the day I know you and my family already decided to marry me with you. Do you remember I wished to have a talk with you and my father effortlessly blocked the ways to reach you. I was going to convey my disinterest on that day. After your family left on the same day I argued, pleaded and threatened to stop the marriage, nothing worked. So I took one worst decision which leads me here. I left the house and joined in women's hostel. Two days later maa and papa convinced me saying they'll not force me for marriage and I was shifted back to home. Life is strange...Not a day passed papa was hospitalized. He had...heart attack...Second time...Our family was totally devastated. Papa feared what will happen to us if he middle-class family with three daughters is not easy to manage. Payal and Meera were still studying only me and papa were working. We already have dues to pay. He again forced me to marriage. I couldn't accept it....Such an irony, a day before he promised me, he'll not force me into this marriage but did the opposite next day. I cannot blame him though. He was impressed by your family. As a father who wants to see her daughter settle down in a well known, a well-cultured family he is right in his place. I gave my consent to marriage and on another side, I tried to contact you but that went in vain. You didn't attend the calls nor I have time to move aside from my father. Somehow I want to confide the matter to you so I sent a letter, sounds funny in this century. I believe you read the letter, but still you acted as we're normal husband and wife" I give him an accusing stare but he frowned.

"What made you believe that I read the letter? And what you wrote in that?" He raised his eyebrows in question.

What is he mean by that? Does it mean he didn't read the letter? Oh hell, khushi you're screwed.

I tried to cover my nervousness 'What if he's not the way I thought'

"I know. I..." Fiddling with my fingers I tried to reason my stand.

"That's what I am asking, How?" He yelled nearing me.

Moving my eyeballs throughout the room except him trying to calm my mind.

Why were his each and every question digging my soul? Why his anger was affecting me?

"What did you wrote in that letter?" He stressed each word taking a step towards me.

"That I was not interested in this marriage, I can't deny my family so I asked you to stop the marriage from your side" Finally I let it out.

I heard his sigh and continuing in calm voice "If you love him then what is stopping you from marrying him with your parent's permission"

What can I tell him? Siddharth is dead or I saw him sometime before? How can I say the truth when I was not sure of his existence? Few hours before I was firm in my decision. Now I feel my world turned upside down.

"Khushi you're testing my patience"

With quivering lips, I tried to say the truth. But couldn't. I don't have the courage to say siddharth is dead. I can't say it when I was in dilemma regarding siddharth existence.

"He came to the reception, isn't it? You must be on cloud nine seeing your love in front of your eyes. Haaina..I was a thorn between you both right. If I was not there you must be run to him, cried with him, telling him how good to see him after living with the unwanted husband of yours and how bad your husband is and how he is expecting wifey duties from you, torturing you... And yeah maybe planning to keep an affair with him, living lavishly with my money and spending it to your boyfriend too. Is it your plan?" The minute he said I slapped him hard.

How dare he? How disgusting to think low of me? How cheap his thoughts are? Who gave him the right to judge my character? Who the hell is he to question my dignity?

"How disgusting of you to think such low of me when you don't even know me? How the hell you can accuse me of this ****?" I yelled through gritted teeth.

Once again he gripped my arms while forcefully dragging me towards him "Oh, Where did this thought went when you accused me the other day? Even you thought low of me when you didn't know me and termed my love as lust. Doesn't your conscience mock you for this partiality or whatever you do will always be correct whilst I will be termed as guilty in your eyes"

"Leave me arnav. Don't turn the topic, you're unnecessarily picking a fight" I tried to dodge the topic as I cannot accept whatever he accuses me nor I can deny. My conscience will never let me in peace henceforth. I wronged arnav when he's not at fault.

"Ow...So madam feels I am turning the tables. Let's stick to the topic. What is your plan? Do you and your lover plan to elope from reception? That's why he's there even after knowing you're my wife" I felt disgusted myself on hearing his thoughts.


Cupping my mouth I tried to reduce my sobs. Never ever I was insulted like this. Never ever my dignity was questioned. Never ever I felt disgusted myself. Guess KARMA bites back... Whatever I accused arnav was now redirecting towards me...

"What??? Come again" his question reduced my sobs. I gained little hope hearing his soft calm voice. He's back to his self. Like old days... Not so old, only two days if I am correct.

"I... Siddharth is....dead...long back, before three years" I can clearly hearing him sigh and his posture seemed relaxed.

"Then why did you whispered siddharth before you faint?" I noticed his eyes look effective when he scrunched his brows in confusion.

This time it's my turn to sigh, maybe he'll help me in solving this riddle.

"I don't know arnav. He looks like siddharth, but... Siddharth took his last breath in front my eyes" I shivered while remembering the last minutes of siddharth.

"What do you do if he's siddharth and wants you back in his life?" Shivers run down my veins hearing him, I don't know is it because of his cold voice or the question he asked which made me tremble.

Biting my lips to maintain my calm "I don't know"

I realised I was in a pit of mess. Seriously, I couldn't decipher what I want in future, what will I do if siddharth is back? I was not prepared for this new twist in my life.

"What will you do? Will you allow me if I want to go back? Or Will you keep me tied to you?" I turned the tables as I couldn't bear his piercing gaze.

He stood thunderstruck which turned to shock, then worry, and at last fear, fear of losing his...LOVE...

What will be his answer? Will his answer going to affect my lives? NEVER, my mind screamed...While heart gave a cunning smile saying the opposite. 


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Dec 9, 2017

17. His Insight (By Spriya) (Thanked: 42 times)

Arnav's POV

Seeing her falling down taking my coat in her fist, I held her before she touches the ground. Picking her in my arms, escorting the media away I took her to one of the room I booked here for emergency purposes.

While placing her safely in bed, annika and other family reached there knowing Khushi's sudden deterioration in health.

"What happened to her damaadji?" Garima aunty was the first one to reach khushi.

"She fainted aunty, don't worry I called the doctor. He'll be here in few minutes" I assured her albeit being in dilemma with the name khushi uttered before fainting.

'Siddharth' I don't know who he is, but somewhere i fear he'll be close to khushi that's why she fainted. She must saw him in the party.

Doctor came and checked stating, she just fainted due to weakness or shock. Nothing to worry about.

"Aunty, uncle why don't you attend the party while we'll be down once she is back to the sense. Don't worry about her, I'll be with her. See how worried Payal and Meera were, they planned so much for this party. Dad take them down. Mom..." I reassured them and eyed mom and dad to control the situation. Who better than them knows about this party and media issues! If media smells something then it'll turn mountain out of a mole. Already they must be seen khushi fainting, it's better to inform aman to handle the media.

Family moved out from there giving the last stare to khushi.

Not few seconds passed I heard her yelling "SIDDHARTH"

"Khushi...Khushi..." I patted her cheeks trying to wake her.

She murmured some incoherent words, something like leave me, I have to save him. I tried to wake her and got succeeded in that too.

Simultaneously annika came there with some juice for her.

Fluttering her lids she opened her eyes asking where she was?

I thrust the liquid into her mouth and ordered her to come downstairs once she's good enough to attend the party. Annika took charge of that.

Cancelling the press meet I waited for khushi, seemed like an eternity I saw annika escorting her down. Striding towards them like a wind i held her hand in mine. Asking about her health I escorted her towards the centre of the hall promising her to end the party soon.

But seems, she has some other plans, as soon as I loosened my hold she went on searching for someone. That someone maybe siddharth. Anger rushed through my veins, she's not even smiling for courtesy in my party but starts searching someone according to her wishes.

Having no patience to end this torture, yeah torture for both of us. She feels I was a thorn, and I feel insulted.

Forcefully I dragged and dumped her in the car.



"Who is siddharth? Why did she whisper his name? Does she know him? How? Maybe he's her colleague! Ofohh...How would he be her colleague, when he seems to be from media industry? Maybe school friend, but that reason is not enough for her to shock. Why would she be shocked if he's close friend of her unless he threatened her. But is it possible to threaten a person like khushi? What if she loves him...

Hmphh....My head will burst with these thoughts. I felt hard to keep my calm until we reach our room. 



As soon as we entered I started to ask my doubts only to realise she is in her own world dialling someone not hearing an ounce of what I am saying. Can't she realise I am also human, I can't stood as a robot like she wishes?

Calling her two more times, resulting in frustrating me. Forcefully dragged her towards me I yelled, Finally, my patience slipped. 

She cared when I wound my palms purposely in anger. I would have been happy if she has shown this little bit of understanding and care earlier. It poured oil on my anger even more.

Questioning her about siddharth I threatened her to say the truth as I can guess she's trying to dodge that question. Still, she muddled in her own land making me command her.

"You owe me an explanation khushi" I commanded her by husband right but what she termed was a slave.

She will never be going to talk normally. Such an arrogant woman.

I tried one more time only resulted in none. The only way was to call her family. Maybe she'll open up fearing for her family.

I was successful in that, as soon as I called her father she snatched my mobile and held my collar.

"You want to know who he is right. Then hear me. HE'S THE ONE WHO OWNS MY HEART. HE'S THE ONLY ONE WHOM I LOST MY HEART TOO. HE'S MY FIRST AND LAST LOVE. Is this enough or do you want to know more"




Like I feared he's her love. LOVE!!! She loved, loves someone else. That's why she's not accepting me. I have NO PLACE in her LIFE nor in her HEART.

Then why the hell she agreed to marry me and let me dream a happy future? Why the hell she dragged me into her mess? Why the hell she decided to destroy my life when she's not going to handle it? 


I asked the same to her, seeing her sitting like a stone acting nonchalant I was furious. What does she think of herself and ME???

It triggered me more and more, at last  she shouted "I HAVE NO CHOICE"

And finally, she told her part of her story which was partially acceptable but not the part when she said I acted like husband even after reading her letter. 



I doesn't even know the existence of that so-called letter. She herself found its funny to send a letter but presume herself as I read the content without knowing the truth and acted like a dumb woman. If she asked me once during our marriage rituals, I must found a way out of it. Dumb women putting allegations on me!!



"If you love him so much then what is stopping you from marrying him, destroying my life in the process?" I felt to ask the latter but couldn't.

Even after the arguments we had, she has the audacity to keep mum. She is made up of full of ego. She'll not be happy and never let others too happy. I spat venom in words accusing her having affair behind my back, I couldn't help but speak in anger. But her slap came as a shock.


She slapped ME!!! How dare she? All fault was her's but I have to bear the repercussions.







Is this what I deserve? 




She didn't stop there, daringly she accused me more "How disgusting of you to think such low of me when you don't even know me? How the hell you can accuse me of this ****?"

Didn't she accuse me the same? Doesn't she point at my character when all I showed was love?

When I questioned and accused her once again in rage, she accused me of changing the topic. When I dig more she shouted she doesn't know the person whom she saw was siddharth or not.


"I... Siddharth is....dead...long back, before three years"

Her answer was the one of the best sentence I heard till date.

I didn't believe my ears....When she repeated once again I feel elated, ecstatic, euphoric..I don't know what to name that feeling.

Further conversing with her I came to know her dilemma regarding siddharth existence. Suddenly a doubt popped in my mind and I asked without keeping it in heart "What do you do if he's siddharth and wants you back in his life?"

I held back my breath for her answer and exhaled only when she said, she doesn't know. How should I take this answer? How useful will this answer be? How much chance I have? I don't know...

She dropped the oil much to my dismay by her next question.

"What will you do? Will you allow me if I want to go back? Or Will you keep me tied to you?"


What will I do? Will I roam like a devadas, sacrificing my khushi to siddharth? Or Will I forcefully tie her with me?

What will happen if she leads a peaceful life with siddharth while I will be struggling to give her place to someone else? Can it possible? Can I give her place to someone else??  The answer is "I CAN'T"

At the same time, I cannot act against her wishes. After all To lead a peaceful life, Two hearts to be mended!!! Two hearts to be ONE!!! Which will never happen when her heart was with someone else.



But wait, what's this siddharth being dead and alive??? How can a person who died three years before will be back unless he faked his death! Or Is he another person? Uffooo...First, have to handle khushi matter.

To answer her question, I need to clear my doubts.

"What will you do if he's not siddharth? Will you start afresh with me? Or Mourning over your lover's death for whole life?" I kept my face as stern as ever. 



Now the ball is in her court, HER WISH WAS MY COMMAND!!!! Nothing less, Nothing more! 




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Dec 10

18. Shocking realization (By Spriya) (Thanked: 47 times)

Khushi's Pov

"What will you do if he's not siddharth? Will you start afresh with me? Or Mourning over your lover's death for whole life?"

What the hell? Why did he turn the tables now?

"I asked you arnav. What will you do if I want to go back? Don't turn the question towards me" I tried to keep my nervousness to myself. His stance changed from grim to calm. He must be happy for turning the tables.

What if he sticks to this topic pestering for my answer? What will I tell then? What do I want? Can I forget siddharth? NO. Can I break everyone heart to lead a life with siddharth? But he is dead..DEAD...

"Don't you think we're arguing unnecessarily wasting our time when siddharth existence is still a question?" I tried to dodge the topic as I have no answer to his question. I cannot lead a life with arnav when my heart is still beating for siddharth.

But can I start afresh with him? How can I accept siddharth when all these years I kept living alone believing my love is dead so as my heart. But is it true? If it is dead then how the hell I reacted to arnav advances? How the hell I reacted to his kisses? The flashes of four days of my married life played before my eyes like it happens today. I noticed each and every facial expression of him when I say, I hate him. Why everytime his touches and his loving stares did something to me? When he lifted me for the first time when he held my hands and waist and the loving kiss...Even now his closeness chills my body. Every time something happens, I took it as a distraction but...Did I forget siddharth? Did I start accepting arnav? Then where's my love for siddharth???

Offoo..Where did I land myself? Can't even decide what I want. It was even more confusing now.

Already my head starts aching. I need a calm atmosphere to clear my mind. Only then I can decide what I want from arnav and this life and SIDDHARTH.

"You know what, you're fearing about your own feelings. That's why you're trying to cover up and pointing towards me. Take your own time, think wisely and decide what do you want in this life. And mind it your decision should be clear, this time keep ME in your mind. You're not alone to decide according to your own wishes. Your each and every decision was related to me and my family" He repeated what I said two days back.

He's hell-bent on using my words and pointing it towards me. Thank goodness, at least he gave me time. With this time hopefully I'll find some information about siddharth.

"I'll ask my secretary to find about siddharth. Be ready to give some details about siddharth and your time will end when we find about siddharth" He stated nonchalantly and left outside.

What the hell? It seems he likes to keep me on toes. Why the hell siddharth has to come before me after three long years? It would have been peaceful if he didn't appear before me. Why he left me alone these years? What is his problem? Did he...forget old memories?

Chi..Chi...How would that happen? Agrhh..HE DIED IN FRONT OF ME...

Smacking my forehead, keeping my face in palms I took deep breathe only to lift my face when someone sat beside me.

"When you came Meera? Where are others?" I asked noticing it was meera.

"They are coming in another car" she said blankly.

What happened to her?

Checking her body temperature by placing my hands on her forehead I asked without assuming anything "Why are you looking dull? Any problem?"

"I have no problem, but you Have" I couldn't predict where these talks are going. What she meant by I have a problem, maybe she is talking about my health.

"I am fine meera. Sudden flashes of cameras and attention made me tense. Nothing else" I assured her through smiling face. 

Instead of giving a smile which shows her acceptance meera took my hand in hers "It's about siddharth right" It was not a question but statement.

Shock would be an understatement. No one except maya knows about him then how she...

"Don't be shocked. I know, because of him you denied marrying. You assumed you loved him if I am not wrong" she asked calmly.

"How? How do you know?" I feared even to question her.

She pressed my shivering hands "We are staying in one home didi and it was not big like your sasural where one needs to contact through phone if they wants to meet another family member"

I don't have the courage to look into her eyes. Still, now I thought I was cunning enough to hide my personal details and a guide to my little sisters. But now seeing meera I think I failed somewhere, suddenly meera looks so matured in my eyes.

"You didn't love siddharth at least not now"

My brows scrunched automatically in question "What?"

"You heard me right didi. You didn't love siddharth, you love jiju"

I stood up vigorously "What rubbish?"

She let out a dry laugh "If I am talking rubbish then whatever you're doing was more than to be called as rubbish"

"Look didi, I know I am small to you. But not that small to struggle to  differentiate between infatuation and love. What you have shared with siddharth was infatuation and what you have for your husband was more than like, that include love too. Remember once, that once four years back, you are talking on the phone about something like siddharth met with an accident. If you loved him you must be devastated even if it was a small scratch but how did you reacted? Take care siddharth, you should be careful while driving. Don't you think it was just a care like you show to your friend? I was small back then to understand what it was but I know it now, it was infatuation. And once I met siddharth too... Again don't be shocked, I have seen you in a mall with him, when he came here to Mumbai. You enjoyed flaunting than behaving as a caring lover. You enjoyed like other teenagers showing to the world that you too have a boyfriend because your all friends have boyfriends while you don't have one..And you being away from home staying in hostel spoiled you...I am sorry didi. I didn't mean to advise you or point at you but you needed it. I don't want to see my sister destroying her own life with her stupidness. Remember your times with arnav jiju. You are disinterested in marriage yet you did blush on all the ceremonies of your marriage"

I looked at her shocked, what I blushed??

"You presumed you love siddharth and not interested in marriage, so you didn't notice your own reactions. You blushed when arnav jiju put the engagement ring on your finger, you blushed when the mehendi colour turns dark, you blushed when everyone teased you linking with jiju, you blushed when maa put haldi on you taking jiju name, you blushed when ratna aunty praised you being arnav jiju wife, you blushed when we escorted you to mandap, you blushed when jiju tie mangalsutra in your neck, you blushed when he put sindhoor on your forehead, you blushed when he held you fingers while taking pheras, you blushed when he lifted you for the first time...Annika informed me and showed your photos of post marriage ritual. You blushed when jiju feed you, you blushed when...After you came from your room crying at the same time(the scene when arnav kissed her after bathroom scene and she accused his love as lust) and at last you blushed today when jiju come inside after getting ready. So tell me why did you blush on all the occasions when it was supposed to be hate. Think didi. Don't spoil your life by confusing between infatuation and love..."

"Today the person whom you saw was not siddharth. Siddharth is dead long back. Your infatuation died long back, face the reality. Don't mourn over someone's death who is not your own" saying this she stride outside but stopped glancing back "By the way dad came to know about your love oops..Infatuation for siddharth, that's why he got the heart attack. And that was the reason he forced you for this marriage. Don't worry none knows except you, me, dad and maya di...Think like my elder sister not like a younger sister. Use your heart, not with a brain. I'll be waiting for a good news"

"Last but not least, more than ourselves everyone around us will notice the things even more than us. It's says right we will think nobody notices us, only we have eyes but forget to remember others too have eyes which will see the things in own perspective that are unaware to our ownself. I am sorry, if I hurted you any way. Whatever happens, I will always love you didi....Keep that in mind too..We all love you, JIJU too.."

What is happening around me? What she's saying? Is it true? I love arnav or my love for siddharth was infatuation? 

I feel like to pluck all my hairs. How does papa know about this? Now the life I lived for the past four years was standing as a question. Is it all a facade??

Why doesn't I was happy when arnav gave me a option to share my wish? Why couldn't i declare I want a life with siddharth when arnav himself ready to help me? Why couldn't I answer his question? WHY?????

{Meera- First sister of khushi}


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Dec 12

19. New morning (By Spriya) (Thanked: 70 times)

Khushi Pov

"Khushi...Khushi..." I scrunched my brows feeling someone palms on my cheeks.

"Khushi beta..." Maa, maa was calling.

Flickering my lids, adjusting to room light I realized I fainted again.

"Here drink this. What happened to you? Why are you fainting here and there?" Maa asked in worry caressing my face, moving aside my tendrils.

I drank the juice as I needed that most at the point. I feel like all my energy sucked

up. Moving my eyeballs, I noticed everyone looking at me with a worried expression.

Arnav stood in a corner piercing into my soul. His chocolate orbs fixed on me without blinking.

"Here eat this" Maa feed me distracting from my thoughts.

"You should take care khushi" papa's concerned talk made me realize how self-obsessed I become these days.  Muddling in my own self, I failed to notice how worried everyone because of me.

Is that includes arnav too? My heart questioned.

Involuntarily my eyeballs land on him. He's trying to read me, I can feel it. Suddenly feeling self-conscious under his scrutinizing gaze I shifted my eyes to avoid my thoughts which plans to enter inside a dangerous territory.

"We should let her rest, already she looks pale. Shashiji why don't you all stay here tonight, it is getting midnight" Ratna maa suggested for which everyone agreed.

Where's meera?

Finding her standing beside arnav I felt all her words started ringing in my ears.

How she's sure of siddharth decease? 'Don't mourn over someone who is not yours' what she means by that? Isn't he is my own? Is it true, what I have for siddharth was infatuation?

"Let's call it a night. Uncle come I'll show your room. Anni show their room to Payal and Meera" Arnav dispersed everyone letting the darkness to occupy the room.

Slipping into a nightdress I pulled the blanket over my head only to get horrified when someone pulled it away.

Calming my unlaboured breathing realising it was none other than arnav "What the hell arnav?"

"Don't put the blanket over your head. It'll restrict you from getting fresh air" saying this he entered to washroom taking his spare clothes.

Even after the arguments we had, he cares for me.

Involuntarily my thoughts went back to the time when I and siddharth had a fight. 

"Sid, please understand me. This week I want to go home. It's already a month I see my family" Pleaded I.

"You can see them next week khush. I will be bored alone in home so I booked movie tickets for us and scheduled our programs too. Morning we'll be roaming around the mall and afternoon movie then evening another movie and then if you want you can stay in my home too" He recited what he planned without consulting me.

"I can't sid. I am going home that's final. You can't decide my decision. Bye. I'll be back in two days" I slammed the phone. From past four weeks, I was spending my whole weekend with him, what else he wants.

Unfortunatelynext day my health deteriorates, I called sid to inform the same and ask him to buy medicines as most of the hostel was empty. My friends gone to their homes. But for two days he neither lift my calls nor replies to my constant messages. I was devastated for very first time, the one whom I thought will never let me down actually left me to dwell. Later somehow due to a lot of pestering and his constant apologies he gained my forgiveness. 

Why didn't he came that day when he claimed to love me?

He didn't even asked why I called him and top of it he didn't even opened the messages I sent. Is this love? Seems like I too didn't take it as a big issue, but now it looks like something else. Is it because of Meera words?

Why arnav still care for me when all I gave him was hurt? Why??

Tossing and turning for few minutes again mind drifted back to the fateful day I lost him.

"Sid...What a surprise! You came here that too in the early morning. What happened? Don't you have office?" I asked after meeting him in one of the coffee shop.

"Khushi.... We're getting married. NOW!!!"

I couldn't believe my ears. What the hell? Early morning around 4'O clock he called me saying he will land in Mumbai within few hours and asked me to meet him at this coffee shop. And now he is kidding. Yeah, it must be a prank.

"Sid, don't play okey. I am going to order a cappuccino and what do you want?" I asked inspecting the menu card.

"Khushi I am serious. My family is planning to marry me with a client's daughter for a deal" He dropped the bomb.

I know his family doing business in small scale and planning to expand it. But that doesn't mean they have to bait him.

"Sid, this is ridiculous. We just started our career, still I didn't join in a company. How can you expect me to marry on such short notice? Don't you think I too have a family who has every right to know about us and plan our marriage with their wish. I can't sid" I denied right away. I have no marriage plans for at least two years. For god sake, I just completed 21 years of my life.

"Khushi, this was the last chance we have. I tried to convince my family about us but went in vain. They would not sit silently henceforth until I marry the girl whom they chose. Please khushi, think from my side also. Can't you do it for me? Don't worry about your family, I'll convince them and moreover if we married then no one else can separate us" His convincing, pleading voice tighten my insides. I couldn't deny his pleading face nor to marry him on the back of my family. But situation demands...

"But...Where...I mean where you planned for marriage?" I indirectly accepted his proposal placing a stone in my heart. I should be happy instead I felt something is wrong. My hands shivered in nervousness, some unknown fear occupied its place in my heart. Sid pressed my hands in assurance placing a loving peck on my forehead raising from his place from the opposite. Yet the fear remains on the heart occupying more of the place.

"Sid, I don't think it will work. I mean..I can't..." Suddenly I felt weak to express my feelings.

He stood and took place beside me, rounding his arms around my shoulder. Swiftly I removed it, I don't know why I feel the whole thing is wrong in the first place. My whole body tensed up with his sudden proximity. Few times we hugged and barely pecked on my forehead. Maybe that's why I feel that way, I consoled myself.

He held my palms, entwining it with his before placing it over his heart which thudded like mine. 

"Khush baby..Trust your heart not your brain. We're doing the right thing. See how your heart answers" he placed the entwined hands over my heart. It galloped more than necessary, I don't know it was answer or fear.

"I can't" I replied defeatedly releasing my hands from his turning other side calming my anxiety.

He wipes the lone tear which was ready to out from my eyes. Cupping my cheek he tried to turn me, I refused to budge. I determined not to fall for his pleading face hearing my heart wish like he said.

He forcefully grabbed my nape turning me towards him. My breath got stuck in throat seeing the proximity. Eyes widen when there was only a centimetre apart separating our lips.

Before I could push him he spoke surprising me "I'll speak to your family and arrange our marriage within two days with their blessings. Is it okay, are you happy?"

Sudden relief rushed through my veins. I nodded hugging him with a content smile on stopping the marriage.

"I planned to do register marriage. So the officer and friends must be waiting for us. I'll inform them to stop the process. Until then wait baby" saying this he pecked my forehead not having an ounce of idea that will be the last peck we shared.

That's when I noticed we're sitting in a cafe near register office.

I followed him outside, he ordered me to wait there while he went few metres away to inform. And then.... The truck came out of nowhere taking his life along with two other members.

Even after three years, I shiver whenever I remember that incident. Now also no less, sweat surfaced on my palms.

Why I felt wrong that day? Is it because it was not love but infatuation like meera said?

Couldn't help but compare the kiss sid placed on my forehead and arnav. I felt lively when arnav pecked my forehead and electrified when he kissed my cheeks and his touch on my tendrils...Ow..It shivers. His hug has the power to make me forget myself, unlike siddharth whose hug made nothing. 

How can I compare them when I know arnav only from few days? Smacking myself I tried to sleep when I heard his voice.

"Sleep khushi. You badly need it" Following his voice, I saw him lying in the recliner. When did he come from washroom?

Obeying his orders wholeheartedly for very first time, I let my lids to seal forgetting all the worries for time being.

Surprisingly my lids seal broke in the early morning and after a long time, a fresh wave passed through my nerves.

I need to start afresh. Away from the problems. Need a change. Need a change from my routine. This was the first thought came in my mind when I see a sleeping arnav with a cute pout adorned his face. His neck is craned on one side says a lot of stories. His neck was paining probably.

Moving my arms and legs giving them much needed relaxation I took my pillow, allowing my feet to fit on the slippers and reaching him I adjusted it on arnav neck. Ohwww...His skin in nape was soft. Settling his neck in a proper way, giving a satisfied smile to myself, I started my new day taking my clothes to washroom.


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