My second love

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My second love (By Spriya) (Thanked: 49 times)



"Life isn’t about first chance where if we fail to grab that, then our life is finished along with that chance. If one chance or our first choice fails then there will always be a second chance like if plan A fails then we have remaining 25 alphabets to continue. But we have to be enough cautious to grab that correct chance and know how to use it. Many persons feel their life finished after their first failure. Some persons prefer suicide when their love is denied or when they are not able to unite. But some persons come out of it and use their second chance that god have given them. We have only one life. So let's see what is going to happen when a second chance knocks on khushi door??? Will she hold that chance or crush it with her own hands???"


Character sketch


Arnav Singh Raizada: 28years old entrepreneur, CEO of AR Fashion house who have 4 consecutive best entrepreneur awards. Rich, handsome, arrogant to the world but not with his family. He is a soft-spoken, sweet, charming and caring son and brother at home. Believes in god. Can do anything for his little sister. He is surrounded by many beautiful models but did not give any damn to them, waiting for his true love. He is ok with arrange marriage. No bad habits, no girlfriend.


Khushi kumari Gupta: 26years old, beautiful, naughty, chirpy girl. But lost her chirpy nature due to some past which no one knows. Stubborn girl yet understanding. Working in an IT firm. Loved her family to the core. Do anything for her family. Has 2 little sisters. And not to forget she has sharp tongue.


 Rest characters are revealed along with story progress.

I'll continue this ss after finishing my another ff. until then tell me reviews about this concept..


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May 12

1.Marriage! (By Spriya) (Thanked: 60 times)

I was sitting in a car which is big enough to accommodate seven to eight people but here i was accompanied by my two sisters and my parents are coming by another car. Why can’t they all travel in one vehicle at least for some time? The car was sent by groom’s family, they are super rich while our family is a middle class one. I sighed and turned my gaze outside the window. The heavy dresses, costly jewelleries, the never ending rituals are going to end in few hours along with my freedom. I don’t know why marriage is necessary for a girl. Can’t she live her life like she wants? Why they have to be tied in a marriage? And why is it important for a girl to marry? Why women have to depend on men in the name of marriage? Why can’t she deny the marriage? Why fate is playing with her? Her thoughts came to halt by sudden brake. I noticed my surroundings and guess what? we reached the mandap which is in the outskirts of Delhi. Someone opened the side of my door. I see here and there, gulped my saliva to collect my thoughts. Soon i was standing before a beautiful farm house which is decorated like a bride. The house stood tall with fairy lights hanging here and there and it looks like a blissful environment. How irony it looks? Here bride is miserable but the surroundings seem ecstatic.


Before i let out a fake smile i was welcomed by my would-be mother-in-law. She circled a thali around me in return i plastered a smile on my face. I heard murmurs like, “Look how beautiful the bride is? She looks like she is descended from the moon. She looks like an angel. Arnav beta is lucky”


I ignored all their comments but i can’t ignore my mother-in-law word who is a sweet lady. “You are looking exquisite khushi betiya. Arnav will be gone case today” I smiled a little at first but it faded as soon as my name and beauty is joined with him. This is not the life i wanted. I want to shout aloud that i don’t want marriage, but alas my family members face come before me stopping me from doing that. I can’t even let out my sigh before this countless people whose eyes are glued to my each activities. My younger sister meera who was standing beside me nudged to smile. Biting my inner tongue i forced a smile. Soon i was escorted inside by my nanad anika and my sisters to a room. After one hour of torturous teasings and make up i was ready.


After another torturous half-an-hour, i was escorted to mandap. There my would-be husband is sitting doing rituals in front of the holy fire as per pandit instructions. He lifted his face as soon as i entered there. His face glowed brightly and he smiled at me. I must say he is handsome and breathtaking man, i came across. I started walking towards him, my sisters and anika made me sit beside him. He stared at me without blinking. I gulped my saliva seeing his eager face which is waiting for my reaction. But i don’t care at all. I turned my gaze to the fire in front of me. I was irritated by his continuous staring, why he is looking at me like this? Even after many cleared their throats he seemed unaffected. I gritted my teeth, “Will you stop staring me?” said in a low tone which is audible only to him. He comes out of his dreamland after hearing my voice and concentrated ahead on pandit. I am not interested in all these things, he too have idea about it yet, he decided to put his head in fire. Yup, i am like lava, if anyone dare to do anything with me against my will then they have to face my wrath. This marriage itself against my will yet, i can’t do anything. I was bounded by my promise which can’t be broken that’s the reason i am sitting here tolerating all the ****s.


Soon i felt a cold thing in my neck which is nothing other than mangalsutra. Yup he tied it when i was lost in my thoughts. Next, his fingers marked me by putting vermillion on my forehead, followed by exchanging varmala, 7pheres. I did all the rituals mechanically like i did in my other rituals starting from engagement. My sisters, cousins and his relatives also teased a lot during the rituals but i don’t give a damn at all. He was smiling like an idiot when all teased us, if i am not wrong i did notice a tinge of blush on his face. How much i hate that. I wish i’ll strangle him to death, but i don’t want to go to jail. We start to leave for his home for now but not before bidaai.


I don’t know for which reason i have to cry, be it for leaving my parents and home or for the life i am going to start unwantedly. But nonetheless, i cried for both. In between my cries i heard my father speaking to my husband of one hour,


“My betiya will be stubborn sometimes, but she is good at heart. Please don’t take her words seriously. Please forgive her if she does anything wrong. Please take care of her damadji” my father Sashi gupta requested my husband.


“Don’t tell please uncle. Now I am her husband, i’ll take care of her. She is my life more than my responsibility. You don’t have to worry about her. I am here for her” my husband replied. I rolled my eyes hearing his filmy words.


The same sentences are again repeated by my mother Garima to my mother-in-law Ratna singh raizada. She too replied same like my husband arnav.


After a lot of crying, me and my husband are made to sit in a decorated car which covered the remaining distance between the farm house and my in-laws. As soon as i sat beside my husband, he hold my hand gently and caresses the back of my palm assuring me. But i don’t need all this, i am capable of taking care of myself. I release my hand from his hold, he stared me for sometime before turning to other side. But it did not last long, within few minutes he handed his kerchief seeing my tears which i refused to take from him. He forcefully wiped my tears with concern.


“Khushi..” his voice reached my ears. I didn’t acknowledged though he continued, “You can visit your parents whenever you want. We both will shift to our new home like you wished after finishing the rituals which takes another three days. I called you to inform this but as usual, you didn’t attend my call” he finished with accusing tone. I shrugged at this. After that conversation we sat in silent till we reach his house.


Car stopped before a big mansion which is also decorated like a bride. I stared the mansion with my heart content not that this is my sasural, i liked the infrastructure. The mansion is not less than a palace. But my staring session came to halt hearing a click sound and i turned other side to find a hand held out for me from outside of the car. That’s when i noticed my husband is missing and the hand is none other than my husband’s. I decided to deny his help but because of my heavy lehenga i have to take his help. I stumbled at the door; he caught me by my waist. I felt new sensations in my body when his cold hand met my bare skin surprisingly i liked it. Immediately i stepped out of his hold, this is not what i expected. I have to keep distance between us. He stared at me in confusion seeing the distance created between us by me. But thank god his gaze was broken by loud voice,


“Bhai and Bhahi reached” i think it is anika voice.


I know this is small chapter, but i want to know about your opinion. This story is mostly in khushi POV and you all will get others when the story demands. I want to know whether i continue like this? It's my first story to be written in one's POV. I briefed khushi's thoughts more in this so that i can explain her stand in this marriage which is the root of this story. Hope i am not bored you with this. I am waiting for your reviews dears. Feel free to tell your opinion. constructive criticism is always welcome!

*And the update will be depending on the response!!!!!

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May 17

2.First Night! (By Spriya) (Thanked: 52 times)

“Bhai and Bhabhi arrived” i think it is anika voice. In no time we are surrounded by his family. Slowly we walked till the door. His mother circled pooja thali before them and she put thilak on each of us. I genuinely smiled at her, as i have no heart to hurt her, she has no fault in this and i feel close to her than my mother in just few interactions. My monologue came to halt by her,


“Kick the rice pot with your right foot betiya and dip your feet in red water and mark your entry in your home” his mother ratna affectionately said to me pointing the pot and red water in a plate.


I nodded and did what she did as that is the only option left for me. I really wished to feel like home in my new sasural like she said, but some things are never going to change, like this home will never be my home. I felt bad for this family, they are too nice people except arnav how dare he? Due to his one foolish decision they are all going to hurt. She is not planning to continue this marriage at any cost. She cannot give his place to arnav and not anyone too. Again my thought was broke by shout. I think i become too much into me from the time my marriage talk starts.


“Yey...Finally i got my bhabhi” anika shouted crazily like me. I was once like her, get pleasure and happiness in simple and small things and act crazily. But now all looks alien to me.


“Chup karo anika. Don’t frighten my bahu by your craziness” ratna scolded her daughter for me. Unknowingly my lips stretch into a smile. But that does not last longer,


“Arnie pick her up and take her in” his mother ordered her son making my eyes widen. “What the?? What is this?” I thought.


“What is this mom?” my husband asked. I can’t predict this time whether he asked in teasing tone or really he don’t know about this, but how is this possible? He is living here then obviously he must know about this. I shrugged the thoughts which are unnecessary for me.


“Are you planning to stand outside whole night or any plan for performing wedding night my boy?” his father arvind teased him earning a slap from his wife.


“What the?? What is happening here? They are so bold. Arghh...Why i am feeling nervous suddenly? Be strong khushi, you are fighter, independent girl you cannot easily get nervous by this talks” i thought and promised myself to be strong.


“Hann..Hann..bhai, lift bhabhi fast or else you will end up spending your first night here in doorstep itself” anika also teased him. I did not expect this from her, for god sake she is his younger sister and he cannot smile at her teasing. I conclude that this family is too bold in their talks. I wonder how arnav will be? True he tried to talk to me some times after our marriage fixed but i did not talk to him, i thought atleast he’ll cancel the marriage by my ignorance. But he???


After seemed like eternity my mother-in-law stopped their teasing session. She warned them not to tease.


Suddenly i felt i am in air and a cold sensation run in my back and waist making me gasped realising arnav picked me in his arms. I clutched his collar in fear of being lifted but i like his touch which is wondering me. I always keep distance from men after my heart break and i promised to not give anyone the chance of touching me even if it is a simple hug. I loved being only his but this equation starts changing the moment arnav married me. This is not good sign. I have to keep check on my emotions.


“Bhai you can put bhabhi down now” i heard anika’s teasing voice and met an embarrassed arnav’s face.


He slowly put me down carefully. Soon we are surrounded by his family, they are more than 10members. I guess i don’t know any of them. They said some post marriage rituals to be performed by us. I was irritated, how many rituals are there. This family has more traditions. I am not the person who love and follow traditions after that incident. I left all my fantasy and dreams of happy life due to my past happenings.


In short time, we are made to sit opposite to each other and a big bowl containing milk is placed between us. They said to search a ring in that bowl. Sighed i put my hand on the bowl he too did the same. I have no interest to entertain people who are shouting as if world cup match is going on. I carelessly wandered my fingers with a fake smile plastered on my face. Abruptly my fingers are blocked by hand and i realised it is arnav’s hand. He passed something to me, before i comprehend what it is he raised my hand along with him.


The group broke into cheers, at first i was frightened later calmed down and gasped hearing their words,


“See khushi betiya found the ring and she is the one who have upper hand in this marriage” someone said.


A cheeky smile adorned his face hearing this; i don’t know why he did this. Why did he push the ring to my hand when he is the one who found it? Is he want to make me win, it is not a serious game. By any chance, did he want me to rule this marriage but anyway why would i care when i not want to continue this play.


“Ok enough of this rituals, ratna take khushi betiya upstairs, they are tired of these rituals” my father-in-law said.


Soon i was escorted to a room correction his room, ratna aunty made me sit in the decorated bed by spreading my lehenga. I must have to admit that the room was wonderful and it carries a serene atmosphere. Decoration was indeed beautiful. They put lot of effort and love in this marriage, which i felt guilty. I know surely one day i’ll repent for hurting ratna aunty, but i can’t help it. For her i cannot kill my heart to live with her son. It is against my principle, my heart beats only for him and now it died, i cannot make it beat again. I lost in my musings when anika entered the room.


“Bhabhi don’t be nervous. My bhai is not vampire and he’ll eat you up! But i am not sure how he is with his wife” anika ended with mischievous smile. Gosh...Shameless family, i thought.


“Chup anika, she is your bhabhi. Don’t tease her; she is new to this family. You have to support her not to tease. Don’t make her nervous by your talks. If you are in teasing mood then go downstairs i am sure arnie will restlessly walking here and there rubbing his palms, tease him to your heart content” ratna aunty scolded her. From the time my marriage rituals starts this is like this, anika is such a tease and she will get scold from ratna aunty. Today also no less but today anika teasing was in peak.


“I am sorry bhabhi. Don’t take my words seriously. If you have problem in adjusting here and felt bore then give a shout i’ll be here before you. Take care bhabhi, don’t worry arnie bhai is not like i said he’ll understand you” anika apologised to me, i can’t help but smile at her words. “See now i asked sorry mom, bye” pouting herself anika left the room. Ratna aunty faced me,


“I know khushi betiya, it is not easy for a girl to leave her parents who nurtured you with love and care all these years. This marriage will be hard on you when it is a arranged one. I too have arranged marriage with your father-in-law so i know how it been feel. Don’t look me as your mother-in-law consider me as your mother. You are no less than anika for me. This is your home. Feel free to tell me your problems even if it is related to arnav; i’ll be always here for you. I’ll send arnav in” ratna aunty cooed and kissed my forehead before leaving the room.


“Girls always dream their marriage life should be like fairy tale. I too had the dream but it ended before it started. Now i have no dreams and no expectations from life. I want a peaceful life with no one around unfortunately fate planned this marriage” i sighed and changed my dress, before he come i have to sleep. I am tired and don’t have energy left in me to fight with him.


I lied in bed after pushing the flowers aside; before i close my eyes i heard door opening sound. I closed my eyes hurriedly, i felt him near me. He sat beside me, for some time i didn’t felt any movement. I thought to open my eyes but before that i felt some kind of wetness in my forehead, i inhaled my breathe realising it’s his lips pressing me. God he pecked me. I opened my opens hearing door closing sound. He is in washroom; i touched my forehead where he pecked me. I rubbed the place to erase his touch. Again i closed my eyes hearing him coming. I didn’t hear any sound after that, i felt the room light is dimmed. I guess he is going to sleep; slowly i opened one eye to see him lying in the green colour recliner with his back facing me.


I mentally thanked god for saving me from this situation. If he planned to start our marriage life then surely one world war could have happened here. No one has the right to touch me except him. I closed my eyes to sleep but my thoughts wandered into the past where i accepted this marriage.


Next update will be arnav POV. So cheers to all who wants his thoughts!!!!

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