OS I love my enemy

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Feb 17, 2017

OS I love my enemy (By Asu29494) (Thanked: 32 times)

Another addition to my Valentine's special package

I saw everyone enjoying the party. But where is my love. Why she is taking this much time to come? Ok it's just 5 mins the party started. But I'm restless man, I want to be with my love. My Kushi.

Haaaahhhh there she is. How she always manage blew me off with her beauty. I walked towards her and extended my hand to her. She smiled at me. Before she held my hand other hand held hers. And I know whose hand is that. It's my enemy. He always seal her from me. And I stood helpless as always. 

I saw them dancing. Someone pattered my shoulders. I turned to see a pretty girl smiling at me.

Girl: can we have a dance?

Arnav: why not. He too smiled at her and both went to the dance floor.

Even though he is dancing with that girl his eyes were fixed only on his kushi. The girl saw this and giggled.

Girl: you love her so much right. It's not a question but a statement.

Arnav: yes he sighed and continued. But she always choose him over me. 

This made the girl laugh. 

Arnav: don't make fun of me.

Girl: ok come I will get your love back to you. She took him to them.

On the other side at the same time when these conversations going on here.

Man: you are beautiful as always. She just smiled at his compliment.

Man: he is glaring at me right. He giggled.

Kushi look over his shoulders to see Arnav who is glaring at them as he said.

Kushi: why are you teasing him so much?

Man: because I like teasing him. Say who has the guts too tease him other than me. He winked at her. 

Kushi: you are never going to change.

Man : why should I. By the way I want to tell you something.

Kushi: what?

Man: I love you. Saying this he kissed her cheek.

Kushi: I love you too my jelebi. She pulled his cheeks.

Man: mom how many times I tell you don't call me jelebi.( Yes it's their son Arush Singh Raizada)

Kushi: but I love too call you that. He pouted cutely making her giggle.

By the time Arnav reached them. 

Arnav: your time is over and now I'm talking my wife with me. He pulled kushi towards him.

Arush: Haan Haan take take but she always loves me more than you.

Arnav: what the..

Keith:: shut up you both. Turning to Arnav she said Papa take maa with you. Now turning to Arush and you come with me. She pulled her husband with her. (Yes it's Arush wife. She knows her husband and father-in-law well. They both always fight for the attention of kushi. She find it cute and she is happy to be the part this cute family)

Kushi: Arnavji why are you always fighting with him?

Arnav: what the... me, I didn't fight. He is the one who always steal you away from me. He complained like a kid.

Kushi: he is your son Arnavji. This father and son is driving her crazy.

Arnav: no he is my enemy. She rolled her eyes. He continued but I love my enemy. This brought the smile back on her face. This what they are they will fight like kids but both love each other immensely.

Kushi: laad governor she slapped his arms.

Arnav: yours laad governor. He smiled at her resting his forehead on hers.

Ok I really don't know what I have written. I thought something and written something. Like always bear my craziness. 

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