His Possessive Lover..

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Feb 16

His Possesive Lover.. (By Roja_Arshi) (Thanked: 84 times)

A white Audi came to screech in front of a lavish  office building, a girl of her early 20s came down from driver seat, throwing the car key on face of gatekeeper, she roughly said- Park the car!!

Gate keeper nodded his head weakly seeing her tantrum again and again. That girl came and stood in front of receptionist girl- Where the hell is Arnav Singh Raizada??

Receptionist girl looked up from her desktop screen, there was standing Khushi Gupta, once again in carrying her fury personality. Daughter of Sashi Gupta and fiancé of Arnav Singh Raizada. Two famous personalities of city as well as co-owner of this Fortune Enterprise Pvt.Ltd. If for one Khushi Gupta is his soul, for another man she is his life!! Two men never leave any chance to pamper this spoilt princess of their life!!

Even before she could place her demand in front of either of these two men, her demands were fulfilled before.

Receptionist came back to earth hearing a loud smack on her desk, she jerked up. Khushi Gupta once again smacked hard on desk making her shut her eyes fearfully- You are not paid here for staring at persons, Are you?? (Receptionist looked down)

Receptionist- Sorry Ma’am..

Khushi mocked- As if I give a damn to your sorry.. Just tell me where is Arnav??


A gentle voice from behind made both girls turned her head, There was standing Sashi Gupta staring at his daughter!! When will she grow up and learn how to speak?? He sighed hard. Khushi threw one glance towards receptionist girl before crossing that small distance between her and her father!!

Sashi asked- What happened Khushi??

He asked in a soothing voice, because he knew another trait of his beloved daughter, not at any cost she will ever take anyone’s loud voice on her!!

Khushi asked directly not beating around bush- Kahan hai aap ka the most punctual Arnav Singh Raizada?

Sashi could not help but chuckled hearing her, she was sounding like a  5 year old stubborn kid, who is too adamant to know where is her mother!!

She again continued- Do you even know, I have been waiting in that café for more than 45 minutes for him?? And he??

Sashi tried to calm her down- Khushi.. It’s just 45 minutes..

Khushi spoke pushing away his hand that was trying to hold her shoulder- It’s not just 45 minutes…It’s 45 minutes of Khushi Gupta’s life!! Meri life ki.. And I don’t give anyone the chance to waste a minute in MY LIFE!!

Her words made him flinch once again, She is too tough sometime!!

Sashi still tried to calm her down- You first calm down Khushi.. Staffs are watching you.

Khushi- And you think I have come here to entertain your staffs Papa?? Mujhe Arnav se milna hai, NOW!!

Before Sashi Gupta could say anything, a husky voice from behind came, “Is this discussion going on me??”

Sashi Gupta looked at that direction hearing the voice while Khushi stopped but did not turn!! He sighed in relief once again eyeing towards Khushi, Arnav Singh Raizada smilingly nodded his head mouthing him to Relax. Sashi Gupta touched his daughter’s cheek lovingly before leaving because he knew it’s not too long to see her compose as her medicine to relax her angry nerves has arrived!!

While leaving, he patted Arnav shoulder, Arnav- I’ll see her, don’t worry!!

Sashi nodded his head, he has that immense trust on him!! And that trust on Arnav, made him agree to this proposal when one evening Khushi came to him and said,

“Papa, I like Arnav, we both like each other and want to get married!!”

She placed her words on this topic in front of him, on which most of the girls hesitate to speak so openly with their father specially!! He looked at her surprisingly once but she was staring at him, waiting to hear his response.

Sashi asked though he knew he had not had a single reason to say NO- What if I say No??

Her reply was more firm- Then you will lose the chance to see your daughter as bride!! I heard it’s every father’s special dream..



Arnav covered the distance between him and her taking his long strides. Standing behind her, he tried to touch her forearm to make her turn, but she shoved his arm off from her body maintaining that straight face.

Arnav- If you will not hear me , how will you come to know what made me late Khushi??

He asked her trying to put some sense in her stubborn mind, Khushi replied- I don’t want to know, I just know one thing I waited for you there for….

He ended- For 45 MINUTES!! (he stressed on each words)

She turned on her heel, looked into his caramel like eyes those always carry warmth in them. He was staring at her, his eyes were reflecting each feeling he has in his heart for this girl who was standing in front of him!! The love of his life, whom he wants to treasure till his last breath!!

But their brief eyelock broke as they heard ring on hi mobile. Arnav took his phone out from his pocket to see the caller but before that the phone was snatched from his grip.

Khushi answered the call reading the name on display screen quickly that was showing, “Mrs.Raizada..”

Khushi- Good Afternoon Mrs.Raizada..

Mrs.Nupur Singh Raizada flinched hearing the voice whom she never wishes to hear.

Nupur- What are you doing with his phone??

Arnav tried to stop Khushi knowing another heated conversation would follow soon between these two women- Khushi, phone wapas karo!!

She held his hand away from him- Let me talk..to my future mother in law.

Nupur grit her teeth hearing her words- Don’t fly high Miss.Gupta. We both are not definitely sharing such kind of relation ever..

Khushi laughed- Sorry to say, but I think Arnav forgot to give you our engagement card. But not to worry, I’m specially inviting you.

Nupur- Khushi, stop your nonsense and give this phone back to Arnav..

Khushi- I waited for him for 45 minutes, now its your turn to wait 90 minutes.

She did not wait to hear more, thrusting his phone in his pocket, she dragged him- Your next 90 minutes are mine.

Her voice was dominant, possessive, obsessive!!

And this is the story of Arnav Singh Raizada and his possessive lover!!


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Feb 17

His Possessive Lover.. (By Roja_Arshi) (Thanked: 74 times)

She did not leave his hand till the parking lot even for a mere second, the thing she wants is her!! When they reached near her car, Arnav said- Now leave my hand, I’m not running away.

She turned to face- I’m not holding this hand to leave it.

Arnav smiled hearing her, taking one step closer he whispered- Do you know how scary you are sounding right now??

She raised her brow- Really?? (moving one inch closer to him) Dar lag raha hai aap ko??

Arnav replied- Nehi, Jab se pyar hua hai, aag se khelne ki adat ho chuki hai.

She tried her best not to be affected hearing his words, looking away from his face. Now it was his turn to play with her, Arnav- But why am I feeling right now that you are scared??

Khushi- Excuse me.. Khushi Gupta and scaring!! Two parallel side of train. These two things can never come together!!

Pushing her a little against her car, he asked- Then Why Khushi Gupta is stealing her eyes??

She acted like bravery and looked into his eyes, but could not hold that control on his body, mind, emotions for long, What magic does he have in his eyes that makes her feel weak?? His eyes were doing wonder on her sensory senses.

Arnav tucked her hair strands behind her ear and said softly- Something urgent came up suddenly Khushi, that’s why I could not reach there in time!!

He carefully avoided that topic on which they were discussing a few seconds before, because if he knows this girl standing in front of even a little bit, he knows the more she was trying to hard it show on her face that much weak she is when it comes to show her feelings for those persons who are even on top of her priority lists.

She can’t show her emotions through words, but by her gesture that’s too hard to read behind that dominant nature of her!!

There was another reason for him to tell him why he did not reach there on time..Even if she does not ask the reason, he can’t keep anything hidden away from her. That’s what he feels to be there in every relationship..A transparent communication and trust!.


It’s been half an hour, they were sitting in that same café even on same place. She has finished her 3rd coffee. Arnav asked- Are we just sitting like this??

Khushi- My 90 minutes, my wish.

Arnav- Ohkay..

Just then they heard a call from behind, “Khushi!!”

Khushi turned, her eyes fell on two girls of her college. They both came near them, two girls greeted her and Arnav smilingly. Arnav reciprocated back while Khushi remained unaffected.

Girl 1- Why did not you come today Khushi??  Do you know, this is the last date of form fill up of this sem??

Girl2- You might be in trouble..

Arnav looked at Khushi worryingly- You did not go for form fill-up Khushi??

Khushi replied- Today is the last date of form fill-up without fees, I have whole 5 days in my hand for it.

Those girls did not speak further, because they knew if they do, something hurtful will come from her mouth which might hurt their hearts!! After all Khushi Gupta is a rich princess..

After they left, Arnav turned to Khushi- This is wrong Khushi. Everything is not about having money, something is about TIME!! You were angry when I did not reach here in time, and you are doing same??

Khushi asked angrily hearing him, though he was trying all his efforts not to sound rude.

Khushi- Now you will scold me for this not-so-important matter??

Arnav shook his head, held her hand on table- I’m not scolding you, I’m just telling because I care for you!!

She pulled her hand away from his grip- I don’t want to know. If you had really loved me, you would have supported me when those two girls said that. but you did not!!

He again held her hand but this time a little tightly- So, you are measuring how much I love you by this??

Khushi- Then why did not you reply back them??

Arnav- You will not understand that now, when time will come you will not ask this question.

She sighed, some time he sounds really difficult to understand!!


It was night, Arnav was working on his laptop sitting on bed, when the phone rang. He glanced at that, it was displaying “Mrs.Raizada”.

He answered the call- Hello.

Nupur Singh Raizada- Where are you now Arnav??

Arnav- You called me for this??

Nupur- Your dadi wants to know by the way, but thank to Khushi Gupta.. for whom..

Arnav cut her in middle- I’m not hearing anything against her either.

Nupur Singh Raizada fumed hearing the reply from her Step-Son Arnav Singh Raizada!

Arnav- Give the phone to dadi.

Arnav Singh Raizada was staying separately from his family who were staying just 20 minutes away from his flat! Nupur Singh Raizada is his aunt, his late mother’s sister whom his father married after his mother passed away thinking she might fill the place in his and his sister Anjali Jha’s life!! But he was wrong..

Nupur Singh Raizada cares for two things in this world, one is Raizada property and second one is her son Nikhil Singh Raizada.

He has shifted to his new address 3 years back, when he finds staying there will do nothing but give rise unwanted twisted relationship and useless negative emotions!! It’s better to stay away, than giving mental pressure seeing Nupur Singh Raizada in his mother’s place in each passing second!!

But that does not mean he will cut every relation from there, but for him Nupur Singh Raizada can never be more than his father Akhilesh Singh Raizada’s second wife.

After having few minutes conversation with hid dadi he hanged up the call, his eyes travelled that direction where their family pic was hanging with his mother, father,dadi, Di and his!!


Sashi Gupta was in his bedroom, shuffling his cupboard searching for something. A knock on door made him turn, he glanced once at Khushi – Khushi.. come in.

Khushi stepped inside, she silently watched her father. Khushi- Looking for something Papa??

Sashi stopped as something hit his mind, he took out some random file saying- Yeah, this one.

Khushi knew what her father has been hiding from her.

Sashi Gupta sat on recliner trying to read the file when heard something breaking into pieces. He quickly looked up- Khushi!!

There was she standing, looking down at the broken frame of a photo. Sashi Gupta stood up, he came near her, touching her shoulder gently. She looked up at him, like her, her arrogant tear did not fall from her eyes, Khushi- I hate her.. I hate this woman Papa.

Sashi felt lump in his throat hearing his daughter declaring her hatred for her mother, Garima!!


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Feb 18

His Possessive Lover.. (By Roja_Arshi) (Thanked: 52 times)

“Khushi stop..Khushi stop right there I said..” Sashi Gupta was screaming at his daughter who was leaving the house at this hour in night and that too locking him in his bedroom.

He was helpless, seeing his daughter leaving and he was just standing right there with tied hands.  Khushi turned to him standing at door- You broke my trust again Papa..

Sashi- (trying to convince her)   Just don’t go Khushi.

Khushi (screaming in equal speech)- Why should I listen to you?? After today onwards, there will not be anyone here to stop you from remembering that woman?? I’m going..

With a loud thud, the door was closed behind her!! Sashi’s each call did not reach fall in her ear. Sashi tried to find his mobile phone to call someone, but he could not find any single communication tool starting from his cordless phone to his cell. He sat on bed with thud just like a imprison parrot in its caze helplessly!!!

Continuous knock on door, made Arnav to open his eyes. He found himself sitting on his recliner while his laptop was laying on his lap. Rubbing his eyes he sat straight when again another knock came, his eyes automatically travelled to digital clock on table beside his bed. It was quite late!! Who might be at this time??

Quickly slipping into his pair of slipper, he rushed down to open the door, there was standing Khushi in all her fuming glory with a luggage in her hand, wearing her night suit!!


Before he could even ask anything, he was pushed back. Pulling her luggage along with her, Khushi came inside and sat on sofa throwing her bag away. Nothing made sense for him after seeing her like this. He quickly spared one look at parking lot from his balcony, there he could not find her car!! How did she reach then??

Locking the door, he rushed towards Khushi taking his long strides. Khushi was gulping down the glass of water like a thirsty bird of years.. She was sweating profusely!! Arnav quickly switched on AC seeing her state.

He got up from there knowing right now it would be useless to ask her anything as she was never going to answer him back anything. Moving away from there, he dialed Sashi uncle’s phone but none picked up!! Now that again made him worried, Will he be fine?? How did he let Khushi leave at night?? All these thoughts were making him worried, he quickly dialed the care taker’s number who answered immediately  seeing Arnav’s name.

 Arnav- Can you give this phone to Sashi uncle?? He is not answering my calls.. It’s kind of urgent.

Care taker was staying in a quarter little away from the mansion, he quickly reached there, unlocking the door using extra key he called out Sashi’s name!! Sashi who was in room, heard him calling.

Sashi (banging on bedroom door)- Raghab..Raghab, I’m here.. Open this door!!

Caretaker rushed upstairs, opening the door he handed over his phone to Sashi saying- Sirji, Arnav sir is on line.. He was sounding tensed!!

Sashi grabbed the phone- Arnav.. Arnav.. I don’t know where did Khushi leave at this hour?? I was locked, I am not getting what to do?? Where must be Khushi?? how will be she?? I’m scared.. This girl will oneday show me hell, I swear!!

He spoke everything in one breath.

Arnav- Uncle.. First calm down. Khushi is here, in my flat!! She is just more than fine!!

Sashi- She is there!!! Let me reach there, then I’ll talk to her..

Arnav tried to stop Sashi knowing, this will once again make the situation worse!!

Arnav- Uncle, Don’t come right now, I’m here with her!!

By then the caretaker also reached there with a glass of water- sirji, drink some water..

Sashi pushed his hand away- Are you even realizing the situation Raghab?? Khushi is not here and you are asking me to drink water!! Have you lost your mind??( he spit out angrily)

Raghab looked down, Arnav was hearing everything- First drink water Uncle, then we will talk!!

Sashi tried to argue- Arnav.. You..

Arnav- Uncle!!! Khushi ke liye..

Now this was something that for which Sashi Gupta can never deny..His life lies in his only daughter, whom he loves the most. He can’t stop caring for her even if she hurts him!!

After few seconds, Arnav asked- what had happened uncle??

Sashi narrated everything to him, he listened everything patiently!!


Arnav placed a bowl of noodles and a glass of cola in front of Khushi who was sitting on sofa crossing her legs, watching TV.

Khushi- I don’t want to eat.

Arnav shook his head, sat beside her- Tell me onething honestly Khushi, from where do you get so much anger?? Is there any secret between this?? (he asked raising his brows)

Khushi rolled her eyes- Papa told you I have not had anything in my dinner!!

Arnav- Papa!! I meant to say you remember him till now?? I thought your anger must have wiped that name from your mind..

Khushi looked away- I’m angry with him does not mean I will ever forget him!! He is my Papa..(again her voice turned possessive)

Arnav smiled a little, pulling her close holding her hand who was reluctant first but later went close- Do you really think whatever you did is right Khushi??

She tried to argue- But he..

Arnav- Shhh..(pressing her hand gently) Yes or No?? that’s it..

She looked away from his face first, but within a brief of second she lunched herself in his arms burying her face in his neck- No..

Arnav asked wrapping his arm around her waist- Then why do you do this?? Does not uncle love you much?? Do you doubt him??

She questioned- I know he loves me.. and I know this also that he loves that woman Arnav.. He still loves that woman…who..

But Arnav stopped her not letting her to utter any inappropriate word for the person who carries the position of her mother in her life, even if she never admits that!!

Arnav- Promise me Khushi, You will never repeat this again.

She pulled back from his embrace- What if Papa…

Arnav- If you ever do this, then remember that day you will lose me too!! (her eyes got widen) So you have whole night to decide.. who is more dearer to you, your anger or hatred towards your mother or my feelings for you!!

Her eyes were moist, she pushed him away hearing him uttering these words- Fine.. Leave me like everyone..

She got up, grabbed her luggage and was about to leave his house, when heard, “ Where are you thinking you are going at this hour??”

She turned back to him- I can go any where, why do you care?? Even if I get hurt also, you will never care, even if I die also, you will never care!! You are also selfish like..

But he was just hearing her silently. It’s better to burst out anger than suppressing within. When she will feel sort of words to present her anger, she will automatically calm down!!

Arnav- Ho gaya??

Khushi- Arnav!!

Arnav- Yeah I know, that’s my name. You come here and eat something unless you will not get enough energy while searching some shelter for you at this hour of night!! Right??

Her mouth left opened- How could you??

Arnav- Me?? Why??

She sighed hard, turned away her face from him!!

None understands her!! Is she that complex to understand?? All are same, selfish, self-centered!! Even her Arnav also!! Her heart ached thinking this.

Arnav got up, held her hand and dragged her to sofa gently. Making her sit, he raised the fork near her mouth but she looked away.

Arnav- And this shows what I mean to you!!

Khushi- What??

Arnav- That you can also neglect me like any random person on street whom you meet..

This time she did not argued!! He should be reminded once again regarding his position in her life!!

She herself held his hand and made him feed her.


Even if Arnav tries also, he can’t be upset with this girl god knows why??  Even if she irritates him, does nonsense work, behaves rudely, does listen to him, get angry without any reason!! He feels no feeling for her except immense love!! Just like how much heart loves its beat!!


He pulled the blanket on her- Close your eyes and just sleep, forgetting everything!!

She did not reply back, Arnav was about to get up, but was pulled back as Khushi was still holding his hand- where are you going??

Arnav eyed to recliner- I’ll be there. I’m not going anywhere.. You sleep!! Ok??

He planted a soft kiss on back of her palm, she blinked her eyes!!

He knows, she fights with him, argues with him endlessly, but at the end he also knows this she simply can’t stay without him!! She hardly..hardly declares her feelings for him..But Arnav knows to what extent she loves him behind this mask of her!!


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Feb 19

His Possessive Lover.. (By Roja_Arshi) (Thanked: 50 times)

 Morning sun light falling through the gap of curtain made her blink her eyes lazily. She opened her eyes lazily, the first thing that her eyes did, scanning the place?? Then only she remembered last night she had come to Arnav’s flat after fighting with her Papa!! She frowned sadly as she remembered the last night conversation with her Papa..  Sighing deeply she tossed on bed, clock was showing 8 am which means Arnav must have woke up earlier, he is a early riser unlike her!!

She and Arnav!! Are not they too different from each other?? She never understand how can Arnav be always calm and composed like this even in worst situation?? Her eyes travelled to his photoframe on table, her fingers caressed his image gently as if her fingers were touching him instead of his picture.

Pushing the blanket away, she got down from bed. Tying her hair loosely in a bun, she was descending the stairs when heard Arnav and HP kaka talking in kitchen!!  She went there, HP smiled seeing Khushi- Good morning bitiya..

Khushi gave a half smile, then turned to Arnav who was busy in preparing toasts for them for breakfast. Hp excused himself from there.

Arnav Singh Raizada likes to do all his work himself, Everyone should do their own work, that’s his principle!! He never likes depending on others even if for any small task!! He cooks his food, cleans his room, washes his clothes, and buys his own things!! HP comes in every morning as per the command by Arnav’s dadi, Devyani Singh Raizada. For a grandmother her grand child is always a kid for her no matter how old he grows!!

Khushi opened fridge and took out a cold chilled water bottle, she was about to gulp down the water but heard Arnav- Khushi!! (But his eyes were still on toaster)

Khushi rolled her eyes- What??

She knows why he stopped her.

Arnav looked up at her, eyeing towards the chilled water bottle. Arnav- Drink normal water.

He was about to snatch that away, Khushi moved back- No..

Arnav groaned- Khushi!! Don’t be stubborn in this case. You catch cold next day when ever you drink this water.

Khushi- a little will not be hampered!!

Arnav knew how to trick her very well, he resumed his work- Fine!! Tum meri sunti kahan ho??

She rolled her eyes, he knows what works on her. She placed the bottle back, poured some normal water from purifier. After some time something stuck in her mind, but she did not get how to ask Arnav?? What will he say?? But she needs that!! She needs 20,000 for her form fill-up for this semester as she has forgotten her wallet, her credit cards everything at her home in anger. She just packed god knows what in luggage and left wearing her night suit.

Arnav asked filling two plates- You still have not told me how did you reach here last night??

Khushi- By my feet.

Arnav was surprised hearing her, but did not let that show on his face- Good!! Tumahra evening walk ho gaya..

Khushi’s mouth left opened.. She was expecting him to get angry?? To ask how could she just come here from her house like this and that all alone in middle of night?? Why did not she take her car or any cab?? But he preferred not to ask such things but commented she did well!!

Khushi- So you are not affected??

Arnav moved his face- For which??

Khushi- How did I reach here all alone??

Arnav replied- I guess no.. I think you know your safety zone?? Don’t you?? (He added)

She pressed her lips looking away. Arnav pulled her holding her hand towards dining table, making her sit, he took his place.

Arnav-Umm..Eat Khushi.(he spoke seeing her looking at him) Have not you seen me before??

She started her food.

After breakfast, both were ready, one for her college other one for his office. Khushi was sitting beside Arnav who was driving the car. His look was straight unlike her. She was continuously staring at him as they were nearing the college.

She needs money but her ego never lets her do that to ask Arnav!! She is not even going to call her Papa, she is still angry with him!!

Car stopped at college gate, Khushi was about to get down but Arnav stopped her holding her wrist. She looked at him confusingly, Arnav asked while taking out something- Don’t leave before calling me in afternoon.

Khushi- Why?? I’m not a kid.. I can take care..

But was stopped when he placed his few credit cards on her palm. She looked up at him surprisingly!! How did he know??

Arnav- I need to keep an eye on you Miss.Khushi Gupta..

She looked at him angrily- Why?? Am I a criminal??

Arnav- Actually I don’t care what you are doing, But mujhe meri Khushi ke liye koi bhi muskil nehi chahiye.. (Brushing his finger on her nose tip) Let me remind you again, You better take care of her!! Aur use samjha dena, next time not to dare to show her bravery at night specially.

She looked down feeling guilty. Arnav held her by her shoulder- You will never repeat it again Khushi.. If you next time get furious and wants to leave home, then give me a call than giving me and Sashi uncle any heart attack. Ok??

She nodded her head. Arnav smiled- That’s my girl.. And don’t worry, you can throw your anger on me to calm yourself down.

Her lips broke into a little smile!! The only person who can make her smile!!

Arnav’s mobile rang, Khushi’s eyes fell on his phone laying on dashboard. It was showing “Dad”. Arnav sighed hard seeing the id, rejecting the call he threw his phone on dashboard again.

Her eyes travelled on his face, tighten jaw line, that intense look in his eyes!! But she did not know how to support him like he supports her always!! She is too weak when it comes for giving emotional support to someone. But she knows one thing, she can never tolerate anyone who ever try to hurt him!! No matter what relation he/she carries in Arnav’s life.


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