Arshi SS : Deal (*Completed*)

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Feb 10, 2017

Arshi SS : Deal (By Myarshi) (Thanked: 66 times)

Shyam slapped across Rocky face fuming in anger.

" Am sorry boss" mumbled Rocky keeping his palm on his cheek

" I didn't know that the two ladies followed me, but i don't think they got any proofs boss"


Shyam slapped Rocky again " you don't try to give me explanation for your bevakoofi. You know how much risk am taking for this. Idiots! its my mistake to believe you"   fumed Shyam and went away


Arnav woke up feeling his head heavy due to chloroform he heard few murmuring sounds .Rocky and the others were talking 

" Arrey what he think of himself?" fumed Rocky taking a glass of alcohol 

" Leave it said the other kidnapper mannu

" No i won't. what is my mistake ? would i get a dream that the two ladies follows me ?" said Rocky

" He is our boss what can we do said another guy Rana

" No i won't leave it " said Rocky 

" I think he is important to boss, that's why he said to hide him but first he said just to take him from airport and kill him" said Rocky saying about Arnav 

The others nodded " yes i think boss have other plan "

" And now i will kill him and boss will be in trouble. i will take revenge" said Rocky 

Arnav eyes widened 

" Arrey listen, you are making a small issue big. why for us ? we are getting money that's it" said mannu

" Money! is he giving the same amount he finalized between us?"  fumed Rocky 

" Now leave all this. let's sleep" said the mannu

Everyone came to the room where Arnav was kept

Rocky looked at Arnav " you are lucky. other wise i would have killed you" said Rocky 

Arnav looked at him silent for a moment " what you get if you kill me ?"

Kidnappers looked among themselves 

ASR smirked " i have listened your talk. you were very angry with your boss. why?  Did he slapped you again ?"

Rocky pointed gun to Arnav " That's none of your business. you better be silent" warned Rocky

" Am a businessman. i know how to handle the Situations" said Arnav " You are angry with your boss and want to take revenge on him. But killing me, doesn't solve your revenge. because it's you who kidnapped me your boss didn't came into the picture"

The five looked among themselves 

" Listen, my wife loves me alot. whatever the situation maybe, she won't stop following you and i too won't sit here calmly and when ever something like this happens your cheek will turn red again" smiled ASR

Rocky fumed 

" What you want to say ?" asked Rana

" Deal. I have deal for you" said ASR

" Deal? " frowned Rocky "what deal?"

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Mar 29, 2017

Part (2) (By Myarshi) (Thanked: 20 times)

" How much money did your boss said to give you ?" asked ASR

" 30,000 each" said the other

" But i will give two lakhs" each said ASR 

Rocky and the other gaped " Two lakhs each"

" Yes but you should release me. Deal or no deal"

Five moved aside " two lakhs each! our lives will get settled" said mannu

" But will he give ?" asked Rana

" Arrey, i saw his photo in newspaper. he is really a big businessman " said mannu

The four looked at Rocky

Rocky nodded " deal Accha hein ! what will get if we kill him ?" 

" Yes. we will take the money and move out of the country. so that neither boss nor police can catch us" The others nodded 

As Arnav saw, everyone came near him and Rocky said " ok we like your deal , but we will release you after we get money "

ASR smirked "deal . but in order to get you money you have to do one thing "

" What?" asked Rocky

" You have to show me who is your boss ?" demanded  ASR 

" But if boss come to know.." asked mannu

" You won't get any risk. I want to know who is your boss that's  it. you can take more money but as i said you should work for me"

Rocky thought for a moment " ok we will show you"

ASR nodded 

" Ok we will come tomorrow morning. Then i will tell you about getting money" said Rocky and went from there


" Mami Ji what will do now ?" asked Khushi clutching her head

Mami looked at her " don't know Phatisadee, they shifted Arnav bitwa to other place "

Tears flowed from Khushi eyes 'when will i meet you Arnav Ji'

Next morning, Arnav saw Rocky and the others coming towards him. Arnav looked at them silently 

" Ok now give your home number. we will ask for money" asked Rocky

" There is no need to call my home. call to my wife" said ASR 

Rocky dialed Khushi number as Arnav dictated

" Give me the phone. i will explain her" said ASR

" No need. i will talk" said Rocky 

Arnav shrugged "your wish. my wife is crazy. you can't handle her" he warned 

" I will see to that"  smirked Rocky and put the speaker on

Khushi phone rang when Mami too with her

" Hello" said Khushi

" If you want your husband to be safe, you have to give us money " Khushi heard a voice

Khushi gaped and whispered to Mami " Mami Ji kidnappers "

" Hello Hai Bye Bye bhat they are saying "

" They are demanding money Mami Ji" said Khushi

"Speak" said Mami 

" How much money ?" asked Khushi to Rocky

" Ten lakhs "

" Where should i bring ?" asked Khushi

" That we will tell you later "

Khushi fumed " later! when later? kutte, **** first you kidnapped my husband and now without even a clarity of a place why you kidnapped? who taught you kidnapping" Scolded Khushi

Arnav smiled. Rocky gulped

" Give me phone" Mami took the phone " hello Hai bye Bye,Arrey baadmash if you want money then bhat you did from these many days hein ! doing bajan you bad kidnappers" lamented Mami 

Arnav frowned 'Mami too know about me'

Rocky dropped phone into Arnav arms " i think you should talk"

" That's what i said" said Arnav 

" Hello Mami "

Mami eyes filled with tears " Arnav bitwa, how are you bitwa ?"

Khushi eyes widened .she took phone from Mami "hello Arnav Ji where are you?"

" Khushi relax and just listen to me careful" said Arnav .Mami signalled Khushi to on the phone speaker 

" Khushi, the one who kidnapped me and their boss got clashes and now these people agreed to release me without knowing their boss" informed Arnav

Khushi , Mami looked at each other

" But Khushi we have to give them money. you should arrange ten lakhs"

Mami ,Khushi gaped

" Khushi listen, in the wardrobe there will be a blue file. In that a check was present in which my signature is also there. you just write the amount and bring it from bank"


" But Arnav Ji, what if Jijaji or Aman Ji comes to know"

" No Khushi nothing going to happen. you just be careful and do what i say "

" Ok Arnav Ji i will arrange money as soon as possible"

" Ok i will get in touch with you tonight "

" Ok Arnav Ji you be careful" said Khushi

" Mami Ji what is this? am very scared. what if this is  kidnappers plan and what if they harm Arnav Ji after taking money ?" khushi panicked

" Phatisadee shall we inform police now " asked Mami

Khushi shocked " no Mami Ji. it's very risky. First we have to arrange money" 

" Yes and we have to tell that kidnappers that until they give us Arnav bitwa, we should never give money" said Mami 

Khushi nodded and went near wardrobe and looked for the blue file .. yes in it there was a check present  

" We have to draw it Mami Ji"

" Then bhy(why) lates (late). let's go" said Mami 

Khushi filled the check and went out


It's almost night eight 

" Have you decided your place?" asked ASR 

" Give time to your wife to arrange money" laughed Rocky

" That is none of your business. call her and fix your place. The more you delay the more risk to you"

Rocky looked at the others and called Khushi

" Hello" said Khushi

" It's us" said Rocky

" Where should i bring the money?" asked Khushi

" Come to sector-22. And don't you dare to come with police" warned Rocky

" I won't come with police. but you should give back Arnav Ji. if any thing happens to him" paused Khushi

" Until you don't show any chalaki. your husband will be safe. come tonight at twelve thirty"

" Ok "

Night after evryone slept Khushi ,Mami came out of RM with cash bag from back side gate and got into the cab they have booked 

" Hello Hai Bye Bye bhat kind of place is this?" asked Mami as they reached a godown that was closed from many years . As they saw a man came infront of them his face masked

" Bought the cash?" asked the man 

"Yes "

" Show me" demanded the kidnappers 

Khushi opened the bag and shown the cash

" You leave the bag here and go out. your husband will be outside itself" said the man

Mami and Khushi looked at each other

" First show hamare Arnav bitwa and until you give us hamare Arnav bitwa, you won't get one rupee also understandzzz. you bad kidnappers " warned Mami

" Ok wait here itself" said the man and went from there

" Rocky they came with money and there were no police with them but they demanding until we give them him they won't give us money" said Rana

" Ok " said Rocky after a moment

Mannu released Arnav from chair 

" Don't try any stunts" warned Rocky aiming gun to Arnav "you can now go to your wife"

" I know that. But as i demanded i want to know who is your boss" asked Arnav 

Rocky nodded and showed Shyam photo in his mobile.

Arnav eyes widened "what ? he is your boss? he kidnapped me ?"

" You know him" asked Rocky "he is our boss "

Arnav clenched his fist ' Infront of me pretending that you changed and at back you tried to kill me You are out Shyam manohar jha' thought Arnav 

Khushi ,Mami eyes widened as they saw Arnav along with kidnappers 

" Arnav Ji " whispered Khushi tears in her eyes

" Khushi " said Arnav 

" Arnav bitwa " smiled Mami 

" Keep that bag on the table" said Rocky 

Khushi kept the bag on the table placed between them. The other took the bag Rocky pushed Arnav front. Khushi and Mami caught him. In that moment Rocky and the others escaped through their vehicle 

" Arnav bitwa shall we follows them" asked Mami 

" No Mami. No need of that "

" Arnav Ji are you ok ?" asked Khushi tears rolled from her cheeks

Arnav smiled " am ok Khushi" he hugged her she hugged tight then Arnav hugged Mami and she responded with an emotion 

" Mami how do you know?" asked Arnav 

" Phatisadee told me"

" Arnav Ji let's go from here. our car waiting outside"  said Khushi

Arnav nodded

" Yes yes let's go to Shantivan" said Mami 

Arnav looked at her and trio went out


Mar 29, 2017

part (3) (By Myarshi) (Thanked: 47 times)

Mami, Khushi looked at Arnav who sat silently in the car

" Arnav Ji what happened ?"

" Khushi let's stay in a hotel tonight. i don't want to go Shantivan now"

Khushi ,Mami looked at each other

" Arnav bitwa bhat bill everyone think tomorrow, when they won't see us in Shantivan"

" We can go tomorrow. not now" said Arnav gently

Khushi ,Mami looked each other and nodded as ok

Trio checked into a hotel

" Hello Hai Bye Bye you take rest Arnav bitwa" said Mami after Arnav got fresh up and ate

"Mami, Khushi i need to say something "

" Kya Arnav Ji " asked Khushi

" I demanded kidnappers to say about their boss if they want money from me and they agreed. It's Shyam who kidnapped me"

Mami ,Khushi gaped 

" Da...damaji" whispered Mami " no Arnav bitwa. why damaji do like that?"

" Mami his intentions were always wrong. he doesn't love Di .he just want her money and now he tried to kill me. i saw with my own eyes, that Rocky showed me and i and Khushi know about his intentions first itself. but never thought that he will take such a step"

Mami looked at Khushi she nodded"  yes Mami Ji shyam ji is wrong"

" Hello Hai Bye Bye damaji is like this. Arnav bitwa now bhat"

" It's enough now. i tried to give him a chance but he misused. now i can't take risk. if he dared to kill me then he can harm anyone in the house"

" Yes Arnav Ji we have to get rid of him"

" I will call commissioner sir. Rocky and his gang planning to leave the country. They are our biggest proofs. we have to catch them" said Arnav and called commissioner and said every details about his kidnap his suspect on his Jijaji

" Ok Mr. Raizada. we will track your Jijaji activities and yes we know about that Rocky gang. we are trying to catch them. don't worry we will check in Airports "

" Ok thank you sir" said Arnav 


Next morning, Shyam paced length and breadth of his room 'why this Rocky not answering my calls '

" Shyam Ji have your breakfast" said Anjali from downstairs 

Shyam went down

" Where is Khushi and Mami Ji?" asked Anjali

"Don't know Di. From morning i didn't saw them and they were not in their rooms" said Payal

" Manorama didn't woke up this early" wondered Nani 

" Am not getting what Khushi Ji and Mami Ji doing these days?"  said Anjali

Shyam who listening this fumed. ' Does Khushi Ji got Saalesaabh' he twitched his nose in agitation 

Soon the door got open. everyone eyes widened Arnav along with Khushi and Mami Ji and with them police entered the living room

Shyam gulped

" Chottey " smiled Anjali and limped towards him and so as others 

" Chottey when did you came India and Khushi Ji ,Mami Ji you, with chottey ?" asked Anjali looking at them

" I will tell you Di " said Arnav and everyone took their seats 

" Chottey police" asked Nani panicking 

" Ranisahibha, i have little work. I'll come in few hours" said Shyam in a hurry 

Anjali nodded with preplexed eyes but Police stopped him " no one should go out"

Shyam fumed 

Anjali stood up " what. why?" she asked 

" Because damaji kidnapped hamare dearest Arnav bitwa" said Mami 

Everyone eyes widened "what you are saying Manorama?" asked Nani

" Yes Sasumma, he is number one cheat. he kidnapped hamare Arnav bitwa "

Shyam gasped " ra...Ranisahibha what is this ?"

" Truth " said Arnav getting up from his seat and slapped across his face "how dare you to kidnap me?"'

" Chottey he is your Jijaji" cried Anjali

" Mrs.jha. you have to believe. we have proofs. your husband tried to kill Mr. Raizada.  Rocky and his team, the kidnappers whom your husband appointed got clashes in money and they released Mr. Raizada after taking money from your brother " informed Police

" This is lie" said Shyam 

" Mr.jha. we have tracked your call records and Rocky his members caught at airport they agreed that you are his boss and now we are going to arrest you"

" Ranisahibha this is all lie"

" If it is a lie then give your mobile to police" challenged Arnav 

Shyam fumed. Anjali looked at him

" Shyam Ji what is this? you tried to kill my Chottey " asked Anjali

" Not only that Di ,he harassed Khushi and her family" said Arnav

Anjali looked at Khushi she nodded 

" Is it true?" she asked shyam

" Ranisahibha no" defended Shyam

" And you know i won't lie you Di. you have to come out of his net. you can't ignore the truth and  these many proofs " said Arnav

Anjali looked at Shyam slapped on his cheek hardly. Police dragged Shyam out

" Am sorry Chottey" whispered Anjali

" Am sorry Di"

Both siblings shared a hug

******************The End***************


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