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Apr 17, 2017

Part 16 Arnie and his Kiya (By Maahiak) (Thanked: 72 times)


Hearing him and seeing his ignorance Anjali was hell angry and thus told to hurt him intentionally

Anjali: See na Dadi, he is becoming really like Mrs. Raizada and her family, always the rebellious attitude and let me tell you Arnav, you are going to suffer for that

Arnav gritted his teeth and decided to not comment upon that. He was very much vulnerable and was angry with himself for showing his weak side before them, which he opened only in front of Khushi. He knows he needed his Kiya right now more than anything, but he was afraid to confide in her as he doesn't want her to see his state now and get all stressed up.

Kiran pressed his shoulder and he smiled sadly at her thinking that this tiny girl is much more understanding than his matured family. He indicated her to get ready soon and headed towards his room so that he can go for a shower and calm himself down before meeting his Kiya.

He silently entered his room and leaned on the closed door and his eyes instantly welled up as he was missing his Mom terribly. He wiped off his tears angrily changing into the ASR avatar and turned around only to come to a standstill as he came face to face with his love, his life, his Kiya.

Her eyes were puffy red and were also welled up with tears indicating him that she had heard everything that happened downstairs. He was very much afraid as she recently was back to those terrific attacks and what happened now will only act as a fuel to them. 

But what happened next was completely unexpected by him as he was engulfed by a warm comforting and understanding hug by her which broke the wall which he created around himself and he broke down instantly in her embrace and she rubbed his back comforting him.

Actually, Khushi who got ready was heading towards Lavanya's room so that she can go down as instructed by him heard the commotion downstairs. She first thought as they all don't know about their relationship, she has no right to hear their talks and was about to go, but stayed back as she heard Sheetal is the good Bahu according to the family and they spoiled Lavanya and all. She was sad as she realized she doesn't have the qualities that they looking for their daughter in law. The fear started to engulf her notch by notch as she heard their words. But when Arnav started to defend them she was afraid as it will create problems, and when Anjali said she is a bad sister she started to hyperventilate. Then Chachi mentioned them as orphans and all memories of her parents came back which she buried deep inside and was on the verge of passing out. That's when she heard Arnav's reply to them which was like a balm to her open wounds. All the confusion which she had on being the good sister vanished as he explained how much he look into her as a good sister and her respect for him increased folds as she heard he defending her parents and referring them as his own.

She was constantly crying and was about to go down towards them so that she can stop him from saying more awful things at them. But she was rooted to her spot with his next set of words which broke her heart to million pieces to see her man in that vulnerable situation where he was like the lost child which she met after Mom's death. She forgot about all her sadness and was very much worried about him seeing his situation.

She realized sometimes drowning in her own pain she is forgetting about her love and her promise to her Mamma that she will always keep him happy. She was angry on herself as she realized she herself forgot about his pain and instantly remembered the day she had with Manav and Arnav on the day of Arpita's first death anniversary after their reunion.


Khushi was as usual like every year very sad on that day as she lost her second mother on that day. But she knows she had to be there with Manav and Arnav on that day as their strength and thus composing herself she headed to their home. Reaching there she met Manav who was in the swing in the front lawn itself looking lost towards the garden with moist eyes. She silently sat beside him and put her hand on his shoulders. 

Manav was startled but composed himself and tried to smile seeing her.

Manav: Kiya! ... you are here! ... I mean what happened today that you blessed us with your presence early in the morning?

Khushi: (In a low painful voice) Uncle, no need to act ... I know what today is ... after all she was my Mom too

Manav looked at her shockingly as he realized she remembers everything even after years being away from them while today morning his daughter was asking about conducting a surprise party for her fiancé forgetting completely about her mother's death anniversary which broke him and his son completely.

He was so much helpless as he saw the innocent Arnie controlling his tears as he heard his sister and moving from there pretending to have a nonexistent assignment so that he will not worry his father more. He was angry with himself to put the phone on loudspeaker and was pained to see his son shutting himself from everything related to his mother when he will even discuss his attraction towards Khushi.

He engulfed her in a silent hug comforting his burning heart and was suddenly jealous of his friend to have a daughter like her. He hoped as his Arpi's wish their Arnie get this angel as his life partner.

Manav: Kiya ... Arpi was always right about you. You ... you truly are a gem to come here and comfort us ... which even our family forgot. Thank you, dear.

Khushi: Uncle ... why are you thanking me? What have I done special? I was here just to check upon you guys. Arnav is my bestie and you are like my Papa. So I have to come here right?

Manav smiled sadly at the girl before him. She doesn't know how much her innocent words mean to him, it will mean to his son.

Manav: That is so sweet of you beta but ... I am very angry with you

Khushi: What happened uncle?

Manav: Because of this only ... why are you calling me uncle if you are considering me similar to your Papa? I mean ... call me Dad like Arnav does

Khushi: Oh! This was the reason. You really worried me unnecessarily ... and yeah don't worry I will call you Dad now onwards ... but please don't be an angry bird like your son

She bit her tongue realizing the slip of the tongue

Manav: Ha ha ha, angry bird! ... must say you have got a perfect nickname for him

Khushi: Dad ... mein ... voh (Dad ... that ... me)

Manav: (Chuckling) no ... no, it's ok as I (Winking at her) always support the truth. (Controlling his laugh) by the way, where is your tail today?

Khushi: Who? ... oh Kiddu? I have left her with Papa

Manav: Why? .... and how she allowed you come to Arnie without her?

Khushi: She doesn't know that I am coming here ... er ... actually, she doesn't know anything about Mom, and I don't want her stupid questions to affect you guys ... also she will not understand the depth of your pain even if I tell her now. So I thought it is better... in fact, I was afraid thinking even my presence will not be good. By the way uncle what you said about family? How come they forgot what is today? I mean don't they miss Mom?

Manav: Don't you dare even to think like that, how you or Kiddu will be disturbing us? Don't think like that Kiya, never. And ... and what you asked is unfortunately right. (Sighing) but what I can't understand is how come Anjali don't remember this day always? I mean... she will forget this day every year. You know I used to force her to call and talk to Arnav so that he will not get any idea about all these, but after what she has done today he will forget he even had a Di

He then explained everything that happened early to her and she had tears in her eyes hearing Arnav's situation

Manav: See Kiya ... even without seeing him you understand his pain, but Anjie ... I hope she cared at least ten percentages about him like you care for him. (Sighing) you know what? ... may be the mistake was ours always... I mean my parents were very orthodox and I was never attached to them like Bhai. And after our marriage, we settled here with your parents as I was very sad since they couldn't understand me or my love ... but when Anjali born they accepted us and we used to go there once in a year. Anjali from childhood liked the stay there but after Arnav was born she felt we don't care about her anymore and expressed her wish to stay there. We both tried to talk to her as he needs our attention being the little one, but she was jealous and was adamant to stay there as there she was treated like a princess, everyone will dance on her words, which we too have done before Arnav ... but after he came we concentrated more on him, especially Arpi and he was a total Mamma's boy as you know. We thought her situation as the problem every eldest child facing and will go away one day, but it never happened and only got intensified, and there lies our main fault we ... we ignored it. I mean we were ok with her fury towards us as long as she was cordial with Arnav, but I didn't know ... I never thought that she was waiting for a chance to pounce upon him. And you know when she took her revenge on him?

Khushi: Revenge? What revenge?

Manav: For snatching her place, for not settling in India because she thought we don't want to settle there just because Arnav likes to stay here. But the reality was my family doesn't like Arpi much and used to taunt her. Little Arnav who was the perfect Mamma's boy once heard that and since then he was against to go there even though he missed his Di so much. (Sighing) you know Kiya he loved her like he loved his Mom, but her single act destroyed the love and respect for her in his mind

Khushi: What happened Dad? Please tell me if you are comfortable because I remember the old Arnie taunting me saying I am very irritating unlike his Di, whom he loved so much and ... now there is this Arnav who get angry even hearing her name, and calling her by name, not as Di anymore

Manav: After ... after Arpi's death ... I thought it was best for him if we stayed with the family ... I mean I thought ... then even if he will miss his Mom, his Di will be there, the whole family will be there. Also, we both couldn't survive here without her so that was the reason we shifted to India then. But when we shifted there what Anjali told him broke his little heart to pieces ... she ... she firstly taunted him saying now I accepted her wish and he has to live there with all the traditions and all which hate the most. For that, he was just angry but ... then she told they will get a new Mom as Maa was planning my second marriage with the girl whom I left for Arpi. Of course, I haven't done because nobody can take her place in my life. But some ... some simple questions that is 'why are you sad unnecessarily Arnav? It's been 2 weeks ... and what if Mom died, Dadi said we will get a new Mom, and you know what she will be staying here, not in London so you don't have to miss me. So aren't you happy now?' and that broke every love and respect he had for her ... and he started to treated her like a perfect stranger or sometimes like a responsibility because of his promise to his Mom. (In a choking voice) I ... I still can't forget the painful eyes of Arnie who told me all this. Then he was aloof from everyone other than me until he met Rahul. They both were suffering almost the same pain so that bound them. Then day by day he was getting away from everyone, also I couldn't stay in India always so he used to tell me to send him to a boarding school. I thought it is because he is missing his Mom, he used to skip his meal whenever got chance and diabetes which was under control when Arpi was here again got worse and he even lost his consciousness one day and I realized why he didn't want to be here, because nobody 'actually' cared about him other than me ... not even Anjali. And then I decided it is best if he lived on his own rather than with my family. Arpi's Mamma was against to send him abroad and asked me to send him there, but he didn't even listen to his Nani, he was adamant on his decision. So I send him here with Rahul in boarding school as London will keep remind him about his mother. From then he is bottling every memory related to his Mom within himself even when he will share every single detail of other things with Rahul and me ... (Turning towards her and smiling a little) but you know what? ... now he is opening up Kiya

Khushi: What do you mean?

Manav: Offo ... you are not understanding beta ... look now he is talking freely about his Mom. I mean I had seen he keep talking about her habits and pieces of advice to Kiddu. And it was only after realizing the Khushi he attracted to was none other than his childhood buddy whom he nicknamed as Kiya, his Gayu aunty's daughter. And ... you see he even told me about his Mom last week

Manav was giving her proof's to make his point valid, but Khushi was struck to the sentence where he said Arnav is attracted to her. Manav seeing her stance

Manav: Hey what happened? (Then realizing something) please don't tell me that idiot hadn't told you anything about it

Khushi: (Pouting) unfortunately no

Manav: (Sighing) I think with this speed I have to wait for more than I expected for you to be officially my daughter. Oh God ... what to do about this tube light son of mine?

They both shared a laugh at that

Manav: By the way, don't tell him I told this

Khushi: I will think about that

Manav: Baap re (My God)! ... don't do that, he will skin me alive ... er... you know na? ... your angry bird

Khushi: (Sighing) okay Dad don't worry. My mouth will be zipped until he confesses it. Okay? Now leave all that and tell me where is he?

Manav: In his garden near the pool ... and beta please be calm, because he will be like a volcano today towards everyone who tries to talk to him. I know it will not be that intense to you ... but still ... please be careful, okay?

Khushi: Sure Dad ... so now get up get up and please set a brunch. I will come with Arnav

Manav: But beta, he won't have anything today, I had tried it many times, I don't think it will work and I am sure he will blast upon you

Khushi: It is totally fine Dad, I can understand his situation, don't worry I will handle him; you please go I will come with him

Manav: As you say, señorita

She then headed towards Arnav's room and knocked. Hearing no reply she entered the room only to stand still as she saw Arnav standing there before the pool, looking very vulnerable and lost in his thoughts . 

Khushi: Arnie ...

Arnav who was standing with his back towards her was startled as he heard her calling him like that ... since they started calling each other as Arnav-Khushi from the time they met again before realizing it is the old Arnie and Kiya, and from when he knows she is his childhood buddy he was back to Kiya, the name she loves most as it was given by him, but she was continuing it as Arnav as they are not kids anymore and she was finding it very weird to address him like that now. But today seeing the lost child before her without her own knowledge it came out. She pressed his shoulders and instantly felt him stilling under her touch. And when he turned around the pain she saw in those eyes was enough to describe his situation and her moist eyes made him disturbed.

Arnav: (Chokingly) Kiya...(Then masking it) why are you here early morning ... whatever it is please don't disturb me now. I mean ... I have an assignment to complete by tonight, so we will meet tomorrow ... tell Kiddu too ... bye.

And turned his back towards her but Khushi turned him around and forcibly met his eyes

Khushi:  Arnie ... stop ... stop running away ... I... I know everything ... so please ... please don't mask it. (Sighing) I know sometimes we will not be willing to share our pain with anyone and to do that we will be afraid. I too was like that when Mamma was in bed until ... once I opened up to Ninu. But then I realized one thing that is when we will be having enough courage to share it then it will be much peaceful than this pressurized situation. You know you will feel much much better

Arnav instantly hugged her tightly crying all over her feeling overwhelmed as she understood him well. She hadn't said anything about understanding his pain and asked him to move on, which he hates but said him what she had done in a similar condition to get him opened up and with that he realised why she always had that special space in his heart.

She rubbed his back comforting him and they stood in perfect silence until he broke the embrace and gone to sit near the pool, near the plants and he felt his Mom around him. She too sat near him. Both of them were sitting with their foot immersed in water and he turned to her suddenly

Arnav: Khushi, I wish my parents never allowed Anjali to stay there; she ... she was my lovely sis like you are to Kiddu. You remember I used to taunt you for not having a sister like her, but now she changed Khushi ... totally changed ... she ... she forgot her Papa-Mamma who did everything in them to remove her insecurities, her chotte, (Sighing) in fact, now she doesn't even remember that name. Khushi ... whenever ... whenever I try to forgive her for everything she has done she ... she creates more and more situations for me to hate her. You know now I don't know what I feel for her, whom once I loved equal to my mother ... but I know one thing, how much ever I try I ... I can never love her like before

He choked on his words due to emotions

Khushi: Arnav

Arnav: How could she Khushi? How could she get over Mom so easily? She had told me to forget Mom and move on ... that too on the second week after she had gone. She ... she told me she won as we will settle in India but I was okay with that as long as I have Dad and Di but she ... she told me we will get a new Mom. It was ... it was so easy for her to forget Mom, just ten days and she got over her, the one who carried her for nine months, the one who stood the unbearable pain to deliver her, who treated her like a princess. Just ... just five years in India and she forgot her whole family in London. You know she could ... she could stand them taunting Mom because those traditions were important for her than Mom. And as per those traditions for the house, a Bahu was must so, rather than mourning over the lost one they started to hunt for a new one. I know they all are like that only ... but what hurt me the most was my own sister was with them, to give our Mom's place to another bimbo woman. And  ... and did you heard what happened today? She ... she remembers her stupid fiancé's birthday, the one she found along with her traditional family going against mine and Papa's wish. And you know she had gone against Nani taunting her along with Chachi when she said he is not good for her. She told she hates her mother's family ... then she hated everything about her mother's lifestyle and culture, now she hates her mother's family, who knows tomorrow it will be her mother too

Khushi: It may be due to the surroundings she brought up Arnav ... don't worry she will be again your old Di someday. Maybe ... maybe this Shyam will be her true love and that's why she reacted like that, and he may even guide her to be a better person

Arnav: I too thought the problem is with the surrounding at first, but now I know it is not ... Khushi she had changed ... changed forever ... never to become the old Anjie. And if you are expecting that Shyam to guide her then I will call you as the fool of the lifetime, because it will never happen, he is a puppet in her hands and an orthodox fool who never gonna change. And you think that greedy idiot will tell her to go against Dadi and all? Then how will they get the traditional wealth? He ... he will destroy her remaining goodness too Khushi I ... I

He couldn't continue more as his throat was clogged with tears and she side hugged him and rubbed his shoulder 

Khushi: Arnav please ... please calm down, if that is the fate for her we cannot change it. And hey stop being a crybaby ... come on cheer up ... because Mom will definitely like to see you as happy not with this stupid tears. And yeah now get up, let us have some brunch, Dad will be waiting for you

Arnav: You go Kiya ... have it with Dad ... I am fine here ... I ... I don't need anything now

Khushi: Arnav ... don't be insane yaar ... why are you making him upset being like this? Please ... please don't do this ... not to him and definitely not to yourself. Are you thinking that he will have anything today without you? No, right? ... so come on get up ... I have promised him to bring you down ... also Mamma asked me to get you there as she wanted to tell you something

Khushi started to pull him by his hands, but he hasn't moved an inch with the pulling of the tiny girl, so he himself helped her and got up. He told her he will come after washing his face. He reached the bathroom door when she called him and he raised his eyebrow asking what.

Khushi: Waise ek bath kahu Arnav (By the way shall I say something Arnav), you look more handsome when you are the angry bird, not this crybaby

Saying this she winked at him and he smirked at her comment and then shook his head at her efforts to cheer him up.

Khushi: Arnie, I am sorry dear, I should have been comforting you but what I have done, worrying you with my stupid problems. I am very bad, right? How could I forget about your pain? I am really very bad ... I ... I don't deserve you...

She was going on and on when he placed his forefinger on her lips silencing her and then hugged her tight

Arnav: Kiya, this is what I need ... not any comforting words ... your one tight hug and all my worries will be gone. (Then breaking the hug) and hey don't you dare to call my wife as bad because then you will have to face me

Khushi smiled at him and hugged him tight kissing the side of his neck with a strong determination to be the old strong Khushi who had brought the Kadoos ASR back to life, leaving her unnecessary thoughts about his family and all mumbled near his ear

Khushi: I love you

Arnav: I love you too baby, I love you too

He told happily as he was relaxed realizing the change in her body language which resembled the old feisty Khushi Kabir Khurana and he smiled to himself as it will be much more interesting now.

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Apr 21, 2017

Part 17 Let us fight back (By Maahiak) (Thanked: 76 times)


Arnav broke the hug and kissed her forehead. She smiled brightly at him and he held her by the waist and looked at her from top to bottom.

 She smiled brightly at him and he held her by the waist and looked at her from top to bottom

(Khushi's dress) 

Arnav: Hey  ... new dress ... and have to say you are looking so fresh in this ... but you are not going to wear this for the outing, right?

Khushi: Definitely not ... I will not be comfortable ... and I wore it for now as it is bought by you ... and I have never wore it before

Arnav: (Smirking) Really ... this was bought by me ... I mean I don't remember ... anyway, I liked it ... (Observing her expression) but I don't know what DR will say

Khushi: (Shrugging) doesn't matter ... you liked, right and that is what matters to me ... and yeah If they are only comfortable in Sarees it doesn't mean that everybody will be like that ... also we are going for sightseeing not to a Satsang (A spiritual gathering) . So it will be more appropriate if I wear something cool like Lav said because the season is too hot here

Arnav: Why it will not be ... I mean with a hot lady standing here

Khushi: (Pulling him towards her with his collar) dare you to mock me Mr. Raizada

Arnav chuckled and engulfed her in a warm hug.

Arnav: I told the truth yaar you are looking damn hot ... and you know what? I am too much happy

Khushi: Why? Because I am angry?

Arnav: No my lord ... because my old tigress is back

They both broke the hug and smiled at each other and that's when Khushi saw the time.

Khushi: Oh my God ... look at the time ... it is time for your coffee, right? Stupid man ... why are you always forgetting about your intake ... or is it becasue you like medicines that much?

Arnav: It's not a big deal ... just a drink my drama queen ... and you don't have to worry ... I mean I have my own personal doctor (Winked at her) so now without wasting more time you go and get the coffee

Khushi: Arnav ... you know you can't alter your food schedules? Then? ... (Sighing) no ... leave it ... no use of saying it becasue you will never change.  By the way, now I can go down without you or Lav to the den?

Arnav: Yep ... because as I told you my feisty Khush is back

Khushi shook her head at him and started walking but stopped in her tracks listening him

Arnav: Listen ... please check upon Kiddu after bringing it ... I mean she might need you

Khushi nodded understandingly and walked out. Then she got down the stairs and gone towards the Mandir first and prayed before heading towards the kitchen. On her way she saw everybody expect Sheetal and Payal sitting in the living room gossiping. They hadn't seen her so she too ignored them and walked away.

Reaching the entrance of the kitchen she peeped in only to see HP making puries and Sheetal and Payal serving tea for everyone to take to the living room.

Khushi was very angry with Anjali for saying those horrible things to him and all others for listening to it without saying anything but wasn't ready for an argument with them now as she don't want to be late. She was thinking what to do but sighed in relief when she saw Lavanya coming back after placing something in the refrigerator. So she reched beside Lavanya and touched her shoulder.

Lavanya was ready to blast on the person thinking it as her stupid family as Arnav's painful face wasn't leaving her mind. But when she turned around saw Khushi there and sighed

Lavanya: Oh ... it's you ... good morning Kiya

She saw Sheetal and Payal evesdropping so she asked teasingly but in a loud voice as she want them to hear her conversation

Lavanya: So ... had a good sleep?

Khushi: Morning Lav ... and yeah I must say the best sleep after two horrible weeks

Lavanya was surprised, hearing her audacious reply but was happy to see the change while Payal and Sheetal frowned upon hearing her.  That's when they heard Chachi calling Payal and so she headed towards the hall.

Now Lavanya got the best chance so she decided to have some fun and winked at Khushi. And she was more than ready to play with her bestie

Lavanya: (Loudly) and may I ask you why?

Khushi: (Smirking) obviously because I had the best companion

Lavanya: Companion ... who?

Khushi: You know who

The cup in Sheetal's hand almost dropped hearing that and Lavanya had to control her laugh

Lavanya: Oh ... okay. By the way, why are you here? I mean I had sent tea to the room. Doesn't Kiddu give you?

Khushi: Where did you sent it?

Lavanya: Obviosuly to the guestroom

Khushi: That's why ... I wasn't there

Lavanya: Really? Then where were you?

Khushi: Don't you know that? With Arnav of course

Lavanya: (Loudly) Oh! With Bro ... hmm not bad!

HP smiled at them while Khushi faked a blush. Sheetal started to sweat hearing all that but kept quiet as she doesn't have the guts to speak to Lavanya.

Lavanya:  So now why are you here? To get your tea?

Khushi: No ... to get Arnav's coffee ... its time you know? And he had again forgotten that

Lavanya: He will forget Kiya so that you will remind him ... and I know (As if telling to Sheetal) he likes it very much when you do things for him

Khushi: Okay ... okay ... now top it Lav ... and can you tell me where is honey, so that I can make his coffee?

Lavanya: Hari Bhaiyya ... please give her the honey ... she has to make the coffee

HP: But Bhaiyya's coffee is already prepared

Sheetal: Yes Lavanyaji ... I have made it as soon as the Puja finished

Lavanya: (To herself) Oh God ... this Behenji will never learn. (Loudly) Sheetal ... sorry to burst your bubble ... but he will not drink that. And Hari Bhaiyya now your Bhaiyya need his special coffee as he is addicted to that. (Sighing) but we can't blame him too ... I mean her coffee has magic

Sheetal had had enough of this and ran to the hall to recite everything happened here to her Bhabhi and seeing that Lavanya, Khushi, and HP laughed out. HP then took the honey and gave Khushi

HP: Bhabhi ... here is the honey

Khushi raised her eyebrows, hearing him and Lavanya laughed seeing her expression.

Lavanya: Hari Bhaiyya knows Kiya ... after all, he is Bhaiyya's pet

HP: Yes Bhabhi I know and yeah Bhaiyya had strictly instructed to call you like that

Khushi: Okay Hari ... but please call me something else until everyone knows about it ... and I can call you Hari right? I think that is what Arnav calls you

HP: Sure Didi

Khushi smiled at him and then made the coffee and was going towards the stairs when she saw the family looking weirdly at her. She chuckled at herself and started to ascend the stairs, but in the middle, came face to face with Arnav.

He was all set to go out and she smiled at him but he didnt see that as he was busy enjoying his familys look seeing his attire as if they couldnt recognize him in casuals

He was all set to go out and she smiled at him, but he didn't see that, as he was busy enjoying his family's look seeing his attire as if they couldn't recognize him in casuals. But then he saw the coffee cup but purposely descended the stairs ignoring her to rile her up. 'Oh how much I like her feisty attitude' he thought. Khushi saw that and frowned

Khushi: What the ... Arnav ... Arnav stop right there

Arnav who was with his back towards her smiled at her mood and then smirked seeing his horrified family. He then turned around and said innocently

Arnav: Yes Kiya ... what happened? And why are you not ready yaar? Go ... go ... get ready

Khushi: (Gritting her teeth) Arnav Singh Raizada ... that will not work with me so shut up and drink this ... otherwise, I won't hesitate to forcefully do that

Arnav held her shoulders purposely to show his family and smiled at her and mouthed 'sorry, just kidding' and then  took the coffee and sipped it

Arnav: Wow! Yeh tumne banaya (You prepared this) ... thank you

Saying this he pecked her cheeks cupping her nape and settled on the couch taking the newspaper. She looked at him open-mouthed seeing his guts but he winked at her.

Arnav: Arrey ... why are you standing there like a statue? Go get ready ... Lavu you too

Lavanya nodded and both of them went upstairs. The whole family was in a frozen state while Anjali gritted her teeth seeing his attitude. 'I will show you what Anjali Manohar Jha can do Arnav, just wait till Papa comes' she thought wickedly.

Arnav was talking with Akash about today's deals and that's when Khushi, Kiran, and Nikhil came down all ready to go out

Arnav was talking with Akash about todays deals and thats when Khushi Kiran and Nikhil came down all ready to go out

(Khushi, Nikhil, and Kiran) 

DR's eyes almost popped out seeing their attire but told nothing not wanting to have a repeat telecast of the morning incident.

Not seeing Lavanya there, Kiran asked

Kiran: Arnie where is Lavz

Arnav looked up at her and indicated towards her room

Kiran: (Sighing) late as always

Khushi and Nikhil sat on the sofa waiting for Lavanya while Kiran not finding any place settled on Arnav's armrest and asked Chachu

Kiran: Uncle ... can you please give me that newspaper

Chachu first looked at the paper in his hand and then towards the other papers on the table and frowned while DR watched the scene amused. Arnav saw his Chachu's expression and told

Arnav: Chachu ... she doesn't know to read Hindi properly ... that's why

Chachu: Oh okay ... take it beta

Kiran: Thanks, uncle

And that's when Madhumathy (Kaki) came there. She frowned seeing some new faces and asked

Kaki: Maaji ... you have guests but nobody told me anything

Dadi: They came yesterday evening only

Kaki: Oh ... so who are they?

Arnav: Mrs. Mishra, they are my people from U. S. Khushi, Kiran, and Nikhil

Madhumathy frowned, hearing 'my people' and was about to interfere, but Payal shook her head indicating no and Chachi whispered she will tell everything later.

Everybody looked up hearing sound from the stairs and saw Lavanya coming down. Kiran was about to speak, but Arnav pressed her hands while Khushi and Nikhil' jaw dropped. The DR breathed a sigh of relief seeing her

 The DR breathed a sigh of relief seeing her

Lavanya: (Innocently) Mamma ... can I go with Bro

Chachi instantly looked at Kaki as for her, to allow that Lavanya's future MIL's approval was required.

Kaki: Manu ... see even living there Lavanya hadn't forgotten her culture. And look at her dress she is very well dressed unlike them ... I mean at least it is covering everything properly ... and that means how much ever they try these people can't influence her or change her ... so its okay let her go

Chachi: (Nodding understandingly) okay Lavanya go ... but don't be too late

Lavanya nodded at that and they were about to go but stopped hearing Kaki's extra sweet voice

Kaki: Lavanya beta you are looking very beautiful ... from where did you buy these dresses?

Lavanya: (Acting all innocent) really! thank you auntie and it's From America, what happened?

Kaki: (Pointing at Khushi and Kiran) do you know them?

Lavanya: Yeah ... of course, why?

Kaki: Nothing much, but look at their clothes (Payal pressed her hands but she ignored it)

Lavanya:Nice right? looking good on them ... in fact ... it's from AR's casual collection. Right, Bro?

Hearing that everyone's jaw dropped as they thought Lavanya will change tables in one sweet word

Arnav: Yep Lavu ... and why will not it look good (Arrogantly) AR have everything best ... so nobody can blame it

Kaki smiled unwillingly as Arnav spoiled her plan to defame them because as it is from AR, if she said anything bad about the dresses, it will be against Arnav and it is will not be good for them while Anjali gritted her teeth. Then Dadi asked as instructed by Anjali

Dadi: Arnav ... are you guys going shopping?

Arnav: Why? Did Anjali and Chachi found fault in it too?

Dadi: ARNAV! Don't be sarcastic ... and yeah if yes then take Bitiyas too; they wanted to buy some new Sarees for an upcoming Puja

Arnav: Dadi ... first of all ... I am not interested and I am not ready for any argument right now and secondly ... we are going for an outing and maybe to some local markets. But your Bitiyas only wear high branded designer Sarees ... (Under his breath) wasting my money ... (Loudly) so it will be better if they go themselves ... and (Sighing) don't worry I will ask Mohan to drop them

Anjali stomped off to her room as her another plan to make Arnav and Sheetal closer too failed.

Soon they came out to the car and as soon as they were away from other's sight

Kiran: Lav ... what happened to you? What type of dress is this? I mean It is horrible summer here and you ...

Nikhil: Yes Lav ... what is this? Why are you wearing a winter collection when you instructed all of us to wear something cool?

Khushi: Yeah ... I even asked you is this dress okay and you said yes but now you yourself ...

Lavanya: Sorry Kiya ... but otherwise Mamma won't allow me out

Khushi: Okay ... but I am not underdressed for India, right?

Khushi asked doubtfully while other two frowned and Arnav said keeping his hand around Khushi's shoulder

Arnav: Don't worry baby ... this dress is more than right here ... and Kiddu nothing happened to Lavu ... it was her old idea to go out without any fuss which she used to do before coming to London. (To La) But I thought you left all that

Lavanya: Old habits die late Bro

Saying this she opened her jacket and threw it in the backseat of the car while others looked at the 'hot La' open-mouthed and Arnav shook his head at her antics as she winked at them.

Saying this she opened her jacket and threw it in the backseat of the car while others looked at the hot La open-mouthed and Arnav shook his head at her antics as she winked at them

They all then set for the day out. Rahul called him on the way and told him to come to the orphanage during lunch.

At U. S. 

Manav came back exhausted after a six-hour long operation to his cabin and relaxed in his chair. His PA came there with his tea and said

Asst: Dr. ... there was a call for you one hour before

Manav: Here? To office? Who?

Asst: Yes and it was a lady ... she was saying that she tried your number many times but it was on voicemail. I told you are in OT ... so she told me to inform you once you are back and it is very urgent.

Manav: Oh Okay ... but who was it?

Asst: She only told me to memorize you about checking the phone

Manav nodded and took out his phone, he frowned seeing so many missed calls from the number and about to call back but his phone rang with the same number

Caller: Hello Manav ... are you there? And where is Arnie ... what happened to him? Why his number is out of coverage area? Is he ok? What about Kiya? Her number too is unreachable. Nothing happened, right? Kiddu, Lavu, and Nikhil everyone is okay right?

Guys any guesses on the person who called? Anyway I hope the update is not boring.

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Apr 25, 2017

Attention please (By Maahiak) (Thanked: 37 times)

Guys this message is just to inform you that my final semester university exams are starting from tomorrow and thus I will not be able to update for a while. I know the previous update was stopped at a cliffhanger situation but I hope you guys will understand my situation.

May 10, 2017

Part 18 A day out (By Maahiak) (Thanked: 70 times)

Guys I am back again, thank you for your wishes and I hope you will like this chapter.

At U. S.

Caller: Hello Manav ... are you there? And where is Arnie ... what happened to him? Why his number is out of coverage area? Is he ok? What about Kiya? Her number too is unreachable. Nothing happened, right? Kiddu, Lavu, and Nikhil everyone is okay right?

Manav: Mamma ... Mamma... relax ... nothing happened ... everyone is alright ... okay. Now tell me why have you called?

Caller: Then why Arnie is not answering the calls? I mean I haven't talked to him after the prom night ... and he is not calling back even after these many missed calls. I was very much worried and was about to book my tickets for America ... and yeah it's his birthday too

Manav: Mamma ... you have tried his international number, right?

Caller: Of course

Manav: That's why ... because he and others are in Delhi

Caller: What? What are you saying? When did he come back ... and others too. .. when did all these happened?

Manav: (Sighing) yes ... he is there since last two weeks ... but Kiya and others reached yesterday.

Caller: Okay thank God ... now I can breathe properly. I mean I was very much worried. And yeah I am angry with you Manav

Manav: Why? What happened?

Caller: Really Manav? You haven't called me for one month ... and now asking what happened. Manav ... you know only you can give me all the information about his life becasue when I ask him, that idiot will tell me (Imitating Arnav) Nothing dear I had visited America as I had a deal there ... the prom is on the weekend ... AR is organizing it ... I and Rahul planned a surprise for Dad ... I will call you after that and that's it. Huh!

Manav chuckled at that and their conversation went for about an hour or so, afer all he had a lot to explain. After hearing everything from Manav she was very angry on Arnav for not informing her about Khushi's attacks last time he called and decided to teach him a lesson.

At Delhi

Arnav was driving the car and Khushi was in the passenger seat while Nikhil, Lavanya, and Kiran had occupied the back seat.

Arnav: So guys ... where do you want to go?

Khushi: Show us 'the Delhi' Arnav ... I mean the places which we should see in Delhi

Kiran: Yes Arnie ... I want to take so many pictures and post in Insta as 'K3 in Delhi'

Nikhil: Me too ...

Kiran: Excuse me! ... how is that possible? It is my idea and moreover ... you are not K3 you idiot

Nikhil was left open mouthed while Khushi, Arnav and Lavanya chuckled at that.

Kiran: Now close your mouth monkey ... otherwise flies will enter into it

Nikhil: You! You called me monkey ... how dare you?

Kiran: What happened bro ... hey, why are you frowning? (Smirking) after all said the truth

Nikhil: You ...

Kiran: Me ... what? 


Their bickering continued until they reached the first destination and others didn't had any choice other than bearing it all. And when they reached Arnav interrupted them

Arnav: Okay guys ... so here is the first destination. The famous Qutub Minar ... one of the famous heritage site of UNESCO

Arnav: Kiya do you remember the trip in our childhood ... we had come here then

Khushi: Oh yeah! And there was a pillar with a fascinating saying attached to it, right?

Arnav: Oh ... you remember that?

Khushi: Of course, after all Mom and Mamma were going gaga over it

Arnav smilingly nodded at her remembering those days

Kiran: What saying? Tell me too

Arnav: Hmm ... I think it was something like that if you can encircle it with your hands while standing with your back to it your wish will be fulfilled, right Kiya?

Khushi: Yeah! But they didn't allow us to do that saying we are kids then ... so now I want to try it. Lavz ... you will come with me, right ?

Lavanya: Of course ... it is so much fun ... I mean I had tried it once with my friends and you know what my wish was to study at Harvard ... and see it iss granted

Khushi: Wow ... that's cool

Arnav: Bull****! ... you had got admission because you had marks Lavu

Nikhil: But maybe her parents allowed because she had done this. I mean no problem in trying right?

Kiran: Don't tell me you are going to do that ... I mean

Arnav: Leave it yaar ... they won't understand ... after all, not everybody is confident in our abilities like us

Nikhil: Oye hello it is termed as arrogance, guys ... not confidence

Khushi: Leave it Nikhil ... to whom are you trying to explain?

Arnav: Whatever ... (Sighing) anyway come ... guys

Kiran: Yeah let us don't waste time ... I mean I want to take so many pictures

Arnav: And Kiddu ... we can post the photo of Nikhil doing it (Winking at her) what say?

Kiran: Yeah it will be too much fun then ... I mean his female fan following will be doubled. (Winking at Nikhil) so don't worry Nik

After their sweet bickering and wish completion and all Arnav had taken them to places like the National gallery, Akshardham, Tughlaqabad Fort etc. Then the ladies demanded to go to India gate to have foods like Momos, Chaat, Kulfi etc.

Even though Arnav was very hygiene conscious about food, it is a habit he got from his Mom that to eat these types of delicacies once in a while and while eating it he will enjoy it to the fullest. So he too readily agreed to their wish. And while eating they had different types of competitions too and everybody enjoyed it to the fullest. Their next destination was Anand Sadan (Raizada orphanage and oldage home) as Rahul had called them there.

When the gang reached there they saw Rahul playing cricket with the kids there and old men and women cheering for them.

Kiran, Khushi, and Nikhil who are visiting it for the first time were amazed to see the comforts and facilities they are provided with and most importantly to see the happiness in their faces unlike in the other orphanages and old age homes. Kiran cheered louder seeing the sixer by Rahul along with Arnav and Nikhil and that was when everybody noticed them. The oldies smiled at Arnav and Lavanya while the kids surrounded them like giving a group hug for Arnav.

Kid1: Arnav Bhaiyya ... when did you come back?

Kid2: You know Lavu Didi came last week and had brought chocolates for us

Kid3: Yeah ... and now what have you brought for us?

Kid4: Tell us ... tell us what have you brought for us?

Kid5: Bhaiyya, who are they came with you?

Arnav: Wait ... wait first let me breathe and relax I will answer all your questions. Seema ... I had come back last week, but was too busy and thus couldn't meet you guys. And I am really really sorry about that. Lavu brought chocolates ... that's really nice Rani ... and for your questions Vishal and Manish I had brought a lot of things, but for that, you have to wait. But before all that ... guys let me introduce them to you ... these all are my friends and very special family members. So meet Khushi, Kiran, and Nikhil. Lav please handle them ... I will just come meeting Auntie and you come with me Rahul

Rahul nodded and they both headed to the Matron's office after indicating Khushi to join him sometimes later.

The kids and the gang clicked well and they were going gaga over Khushi Didi, K3 and Nikhil Bhaiyya. Later as per Arnav's order caretakers brought all the gifts for every member irrespective of their age making them glow in happiness.

Arnav and Rahul knocked on the room and Matron was really happy to see the best friends together after a long time.

Matron: Come ... my children and by the way, when did you come back Arnav?

Arnav: Last week ... and Auntie actually we came here to tell you something

Matron: Oh... kay ... what is it?

Rahul: You know right? That tomorrow is Arnie's birthday ... so we were thinking that like in our teenage days to arrange tomorrow's every meal with the people here.

Matron: Really? They will be very happy

Rahul: Yes and Auntie ... please inform the Kitchen help about that. Also, we were thinking to have a picnic arranged for the kids after Manav uncle's return with all our friends and family

Arnav: And let us plan it for a one day trip to somewhere near ... I mean then we can get a whole day

Matron: Okay that will be very nice for all and don't worry ... I will inform everyone

Their talk were disturbed with a knock and looking up saw Khushi standing there. Matron indicated her to come wondering who is she but then saw she exchanging smiles with Arnav and Rahul.

As soon as she reached them Arnav gently pulled her beside him and addressed the matron.

Arnav: Auntie ... now what I am going to tell will be very shocking and you will scold me for not sharing such a news ... but you have to understand that the circumstances were like that

Matron: What's the matter Arnav? And who is this?

Arnav: (Sighing) that is what I am talking about Auntie and this is my wife ... Dr. Khushi Singh Raizada

Matron: What? When did this happen? How do you know her? And your family? Sheetal Madam? I don't get it Arnav.

Arnav: Long story

Matron: Then cut it short

Arnav: (Side hugging Khushi) Okay ... as I said she is Khushi ... or even better my childhood friend Kiya

Matron: Yeah I remember you saying about your buddy Kiya when you were a kid. But you said you lost all the contacts with her, then?

Arnav: That was true but then we met again at university and fell in love. We were planning to marry after she completed her studies but as Kiya's Papa too died after Mamma she and her sister Kiddu was left with only a huge bank balance as their shrewd uncle played well to get their house and business. And their protection was my first priority then, so for avoiding further problems we got married as per Dad's wish

Matron: Manav know this? But he didn't tell me?

Arnav: We couldn't risk it all auntie ... I mean  leaving the country and settle in India was impossible at that time as I was busy to build up the Raizada Empire which Chachu spoiled for the greedy ladies of my house and also ... she was in the second year of medicine so we stayed there. As for family apart from Mom's family, Lavu and Dad, nobody knows about us. And Dad said as everything has happened with his knowledge he wanted to explain everyone and I hope you will keep our secret.

Matron: Sure ... (Smilingly coming came near Khushi) okay ... so you are Arnav's childhood sweetheart Kiya whom he missed so much ... oh ... I had heard a lot about you

Khushi: Me too auntie ... he always used to talk about the people here and I know everyone even though I hadn't seen them. And yeah I am a huge fan of yours too ... for the way you have dedicated your whole life to the people here ... only great people will do that

Matron smiled at her and caressed her cheeks

Matron: Now I understood why Arnav fell for you ... but the surprising thing is that how you fell for this Kadoos?

Arnav: Auntie ...

Rahul: Nah ... it is not like that Auntie ... this Arrogant ASR is a kitten in front of Kiya

Arnav glared at Rahul and Khushi swatted him on his shoulder.

Matron: So Anjali Madam doesn't know this, right? That's why she is telling everyone you are going to marry that Sheetal Madam soon and you know what ... all your Grandpas and Grannies are very sad hearing that ... I mean all were saying she can never be a good match for you seeing her attitude

Arnav: You know her Auntie ... she can never understand what I want. But what I can't digest is that she linking my name with that stupid Sheetal. But don't worry all this will end once Dad comes. And by the way Auntie, why are you addressing Anjali as Madam? And what about Ms.Jha?

Matron: Leave it Arnav ... she wanted me to call the family members as Sir and Madam as I am just an employee here. It's okay

Khushi: Auntie but you are not just an employee here and I know how respectfully Arnav and Dad feel about you. So please don't call all of us like that

Matron: I know Khushi ... that why I don't felt bad when 'she' said that. And let me tell you one thing Arnav ... I too didn't like that Sheetal and now I know Khushi is perfect for you. And yeah please introduce her to the old bunch ... they will be so much happy to know that Khushi is your wife

Rahul: But Auntie ... the family should not know about them until uncle comes ... so what if they?

Matron: Don't you know how much they adore Arnav? So don't worry they will surely keep it as a  secret but yeah tell them to be careful

Arnav: I will talk to them, Auntie

Lavanya: (From door) can we come in?

Arnav: Yeah ... come. Auntie this is Kiran aka Kiddu ... Khushi's and my little sis and this is Nikhil, ... their cousin and my friend

Like Khushi, Kiran and Nikhil too instantly found a place in Matron's heart. All the people there mingled with each other and Arnav as promised introduced Khushi as his wife to the oldies. All of them were very happy to know that Khushi Bitiya is their Bahu and he will not marry Anjali's pet dog.

The gang spent a quality time and left from there after promising to come tomorrow. Rahul too joined them as he was free.They all enjoyed a lot and when it was almost late evening Arnav asked Rahul to drop them home because he is taking Khushi somewhere.

When Rahul and the gang reached DR was confused not seeing Arnav and Khushi but they kept their mouth shut because Rahul too was with them and decided to ask Arnav directly when he will come back. 

Okay so now could you identify the caller? And guys let us see what and all will happen on Arnav’s birthday and the good news is that Manav will arrive soon.

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May 15, 2017

Part 19 Khushi's surprise (By Maahiak) (Thanked: 75 times)

Guys this chapter contain some pictures. But it was necessary

At the car

Arnav was driving and Khushi was enjoying the evening breeze through the window. Seeing something she excitedly turned to him to say about that, but it was as if Arnav was in deep thoughts. She stared at him for some time hoping he will look at her but nothing like that happened. So she decided to break his reverie. First, she cleared her throat but he didn't hear, then she placed her hand on his lap, still, he didn't react. She was getting really pissed her off with his ignorance and thus pinched his shoulder making him yelp

Arnav: Ouch! What the hell? What are you doing?

Khushi: Excuse me ... it should be my question ... I mean do you have any idea that from how much time I am trying to get your attention? By the way, (Scrunching her eyebrows) what were you thinking this deeply that you didn't hear me?

Arnav: (Hiding his smile) not something Kiya ... I was thinking about someone

Khushi: Someone?

Arnav: (Shrugging) yep ... someone who is very special to me

Khushi: (Sarcastically) and who is that ... for whom you will avoid me? Tell me ... tell me now. Arnav ... (warningly) don't irritate me with your stupid smirk ... tell me who is it?

Arnav: Arrey ... wait for sometime yaar. Can't you see I am driving now?

Khushi: Arnav ... don't give me that ****, okay? And if the problem is with your driving then stop the car ... stop the car now!

Arnav: Why are you angry, baby? Just two minutes we are almost there ... and I promise you then you can argue how much you want

Khushi looked at him with angry accusing eyes and turned her head. Arnav turned towards the window and bit back his laugh. He likes to see Khushi like that all riled up and angry like as in their childhood.

Soon they reached their destination. He parked the car and got down. Circling the vehicle he reached her side and offered his hand after opening the door for her. But Khushi got down without his help and then holding his collar, pushed him on to the car and then pulled his face towards her.

Khushi: Tell me who is that witch?

Arnav: Hey don't you dare to call her like that ... I mean she is the most beautiful person I have ever met ... she enlightens my whole world with a smile ... only she can handle and comfort the vulnerable Arnie as well as the angry ASR

Khushi was now angry like hell hearing him praising his so-called someone special. And due to that, she hadn't concentrated on what he had said. Because otherwise, she would have already guessed about whom he was talking about.

Khushi: I don't care who it is ... but understand one thing clearly Mr. Arnav Singh Raizada ... you are mine ... only mine ... do you get that?

Arnav: That is what I too was saying, baby ... only my 'someone special' has right on me

Khushi: What?

Arnav started to laugh out loud and that's when the realization dawned upon her and started to hit on his chest with her fists.

Khushi: You ... you were playing with my emotions? How dare you ... you ...

Arnav pulled her fists that were hitting him and hugged her and pressed her to the car. Khushi too after some futile attempts of trying to free herself, hugged him. Both closed their eyes to enjoy the blissful moment and hugged each other tightly. Then Arnav breathed out

Arnav: I love you baby ... and yeah know this no one can be special to me other than you

Khushi: I know Arnav and I love you too

Khushi then opened her eyes and broke the hu. But seeing the house in front of her she got teary

Khushi: Arnav ... this ... this is ... our old farmhouse, right?

Arnav: (Side hugging her) shh ... yes ... it is indeed our old farmhouse where we stayed during our vacation and I renovated it without altering the exterior look. But yeah I changed the interiors according to the occupants and I hope (Looking expectantly at her) you are happy with my decision

Khushi: (Again hugging and kissing his neck) you don't know Arnav ... how happy you made me by bringing me here and ... to know you are ready to let go of the past

Arnav: Hmm(Kissing her hair) ... by the way don't you want to go inside

Khushi: Of course but wait a second why you hadn't told anything about this? And when did this happen? And top to it how you allowed a stranger to make changes here? Hey, don't look at me like that since I know you are way too much possessive about this place for that

Arnav: Yes ... you are right and for your earlier question it has not done by a stranger

Khushi: Meaning? Big B?

Arnav: No ... Rudy

Khushi: Really ... oh my god! (Smiling happily) I mean It's his first year only and did this project, man he is awesome

Arnav: I know ... after all whose cousin he is?

Khushi: (Swatting on hand) don't fly too much, okay? ... And hey why didn't you called others?

Arnav: (Sighing) you know ... we will be 'WE' only when we are alone

Khushi immediately understood the reason because they both will be true self when they are alone; they can only be vulnerable when they are alone. They hadn't allowed any other person to see them weak and it was like an unwritten rule between them. And she knows coming here will make both of them emotional ... so she smiled at him understandingly.

Arnav: And you know what? I have a huge surprise for you inside

Khushi: Surprise ... what is it?

Arnav: For that ... we have to enter inside

Soon they reached the door and Arnav handed the key to Khushi and she opened it. But before she could step in Arnav picked her up.

Khushi: Hey ... what are you doing? Put me down Arnav

Arnav: It's a ritual sweetheart

Khushi: Ritual? What ritual? And even if it is you normally don't like to follow them

Arnav: (Chuckling) that's true ... but I like this tradition of Raizadas very much ... that is the wife should enter in the arms of her husband

Khushi: Hey ... that is only for the first entry after marriage but here. Er ... leave it because sometimes you are too much Arnav

Arnav: Whatever ... so here is your surprise sweetheart

Khushi slowly steadied herself holding Arnav and looked at the wall before them and was totally mesmerized. The wall was full of pictures from their childhood. She literally ran towards the pictures and touched them to ensure it was actually there. Arnav came and hugged her from back keeping his head on her shoulder started to speak pointing at the pictures

Arnav: Hey see that pic ... it was taken when my baby Kiya was born ... look how sweet she looks

Khushi: Haww! ... look Arnav I was so chubby

Arnav: I know and see these all are our sweet as well as angry encounters

(Guys I just wanted to show some moments so don't get confused with the pictures)

Khushi: (Turing her head towards him) we really used to fight a lot right?

Arnav: Hmm

Khushi: But it was fun ... I mean ... thinking how to irritate you in the next morning up to sleep and even in the dream damn ... it was so much fun

Arnav: And I used to think ways to escape your crazy antics ... but no I could ever escape from you because you used to plan everything carefully so that I always fell in your traps. But yeah I liked that fights very much baby ... so much that it broke my little heart when I was alone here without you all ... I ... I used to cry Khush ... as I felt really alone without you

Both were getting emotional and Khushi kept her hands on his arms which were on her waist and he too tightened his hold. Both again looked at the pictures.

Khushi: (Looking backward at him) but hey from where did you get these photos?

Arnav: (In a low voice) I used to visit here once in a while when I was in India during vacations ... but I could never enter your room or Mom's room as I will overcome with emotions. You know I was very angry on destiny to snatch you two from me and I kept the rooms closed because the memories used to make me weak. (Sighing) but after we met again ... when I was again back to life one day I took the courage to open the room and there ... I saw the album in Mom's room. I hadn't taken them to RM because they don't know the price of these. So I treasured them for years and when I thought about renovating the house I put it here

Khushi: Hmm ... but how did you get the idea to renovate it?

Arnav: Not mine ... it was totally your idea

Khushi: Mine? How?

Arnav: Khush, do you remember what you told on Mom-Dad's wedding anniversary last year ... to do something from next year that will make me and Dad happy and close to Mom ... and be with Dad. So I planned to renovate it by including Mom's likes and to enrich her garden with her favorite flowers and all. I want to gift it to Dad this year ... but as you said earlier I didn't want strangers here ... so I asked Big B to do something and we both were working on it

Khushi: Then how did Rudy came into the picture?

Arnav: He heard our talks and asked me can he do this. I was reluctant at first thinking he is inexperienced but Big B told me he is the best option ... so decided to try my luck

Khushi: And it turned out to be wonderful ... Oh Go  I have to congratulate him

Arnav: Hmm

Khushi: Hey, common, now show me the rooms

Arnav: Yeah come ... see the dining room, kitchen, living room, study room, and pool

Khushi: Oh my ... It's just wow

Arnav: I know

Khushi: Now first we will see Dad's room

Arnav: Okay, come

Seeing it Khushi instantly hugged him and murmured

Khushi: It will be the best gift for Dad Arnav. I mean ... Mom's variety of drawings ... her praying area, Christ, candles and all ... I mean it is like Mom is really here ... (Caressing his tensed back) hey, Dad will surely love it don't worry

Arnav: But I am afraid Khush ...I mean he has never come here after Mom

Khushi: He will come, Arnav ... surely we will bring him here

Arnav: I hope so ...(Sighing) and the next room is Nikhil's and Lavu's and we will gift them once they married

Khushi: Wow ... gray and white ... a perfect combination of their likes and a bit cozy too

Arnav: Really and (Huskily) how my baby actually knows it is cozy?

Khushi: Arnav!

Arnav: (Chuckling) okay ... okay ...and this is

Khushi: Rudy's room (Seeing his raised eyebrow) it's simple ... see that guitar

Arnav: Ok my intelligent Dr.  ... And here come Kiddu's room

Khushi: Beautiful ... and hey whose idea was it to put that'K'?

Arnav: Rudy ... he was adamant that Kiddu will love it

Then they both looked at each other and raised their eyebrows.

Khushi: Arnav ... are you thinking what I am thinking?

Arnav: I guess so because they remind me of the old Arnie-Kiya

Khushi: Yeah ... finding ways to be with each other ... be it fighting or chatting

Arnav: (Sighing) anyway, we will see what happens in the future

Afte seeing all other rooms

Arnav: And finally our room

Khushi: (Cuddling Arnav) It's beautiful Arnav

Then they both laid on the recliner side by side cuddling each other

Khushi:  Time flies really fast, right? I mean I feel like everything happened yesterday

Arnav: Yep ... it's been 21 years. So how is our new home? Liked it?

Khushi: No ... I loved it and hats off to Rudy

Arnav: I agree on that but don't let Kiddu hear that ... she will kill you

And both laughed out loud thinking about their silly fights which were present whenever they meet each other.

Arnav: (Looking at the time) let us leave baby ... I have booked a table at Purple orchid

Khushi: Okay  ... but when will we bring others?

Arnav: Soon ... very soon

Then they went to Purple orchid and had a romantic candlelight dinner cozying with each other.

When they reached home after the dinner they saw the gang was engrossed in chess in the living room after dinner. Kiran and Rahul were in one team and Nikhil and Lavanya in the other. Chachu, Akash, and Shyam were talking something but were watching the game while DR Ladies sitting on the dining table were trying to gossip as usual but today it looked like they were waiting for someone. They were even time to time looking at the foursome whenever they heard sound from there even though they don't know the C of chess. Suddenly Kiran was about to make a wrong move

Arnav & Khushi: Shhitttttt ....

Now everybody's attention turned on to the couple standing at the door and Kiran raised her eyebrow asking what the matter is.

Khushi: It was a wrong move baby ... see it's a checkmate

Arnav: And Kiddu ... I think it's the problem of your partner ... (Smirking) I mean don't you get anyone other than this idiot?

Rahul: Arrey ... you are talking as if you are a chess champion

Arnav: Why not? (Seeing his look) okay, let us try ... then. (Sitting beside Kiran) today we will win ... you wait and watch buddy

Anjali: Yeah ... you don't know what Raizadas can do ... just wait and watch ... right, Arnav?

Arnav: (Totally ignoring her) and who will be your partner? Lavu or Nikhil? You choose whoever you want

Rahul: Hmm ... (Smirking) okay so my partner will be Kiya

Arnav: What? No... not she

Khushi: Why? (With a challenging look) don't tell me the great ASR is scared

Arnav: Oh...kay so you are challenging me. Let us see, then

Khushi: Yeah, let us see

The DR smiled wickedly seeing their fight not knowing it is not a new thing for them.

Guys I know there are some Characters whom you don’t know about in this updated. Soon they all will be introduced.


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May 22, 2017

Part 20 Pleasing the ASR (By Maahiak) (Thanked: 93 times)


The game started soon and much to the DR's irritation Arnav was enjoying Khushi's expressions without concentrating on the game as he was as usual fascinated by her every frown, every pout, and every secret smile.

Rahul: Concentrate Arnav ... varna haar jaoigi (otherwise you will fail)

Kiran: (Seeing no change in him nudged his shoulders) Arnie ...

Arnav: Huh!

Kiran: (Whispered in a low voice but could be heard by the sharp ears of DR) look at the chessboard ... not the players

Arnav smirked at her and concentrated back on the game. Khushi made a check

Rahul: Oops ASR ... that's a check ... (Turning to Khushi) Kiya I must say you are a genius and top to it we have such stupid opponents

And that hurt Arnav's and Kiran's ego, they looked at each other and discussed something then she checkmated them.

Arnav: Checkmate buddy ...

Khushi: Hey ... but that move is wrong ... I am damn sure it cannot be done like that

Arnav was enjoying her irritation as she understood the move is not right but couldn't actually pinpoint what is wrong

Chachi: Now you understood the brain of Raizadas ... and yeah don't find excuses when you failed

Anjali: Yes Rahul ... what did you say... Stupid? (Smirking) now we understood who is stupid and who is the genius ... and there is nothing wrong with that move, okay? ... and yeah don't you dare to accuse Arnav

Arnav: Excuse me ... what do you all know about playing chess that you are commenting on it? (Pointing at Khushi) what she said is her doubt regarding the move and nothing wrong in asking that. Oops ... my fault ... (Sarcastically) whom am I trying to explain? ... the people who don't even know to differentiate the pieces in a chess board ... and ... by the way, the move was by Kiddu ... not me that you are praising the brain of Raizadas

Khushi: And no ... the move is not right ... I am damn sure ... but

Arnav: But can't pinpoint the fault, right? ... (With a lopsided smile) yes, that move is not proper but it is right until you can't find the fault. And there is one more thing ... everything is fair in love and war darling

He said with a wink and hearing his comment Khushi's jaw dropped. She thought 'as usual, the arrogant angry bird' and shook her head. But the statement actually brought the DR to a state of shock seeing his cheerful attitude as well as the cheesy comment.

Suddenly Arnav's phone rang and it brought them back to earth and as it was a business call he excused himself and went from there.

Kiran and Lavanya were struggling hard to control their giggles while Rahul and Nikhil mentally hi-fived Arnav seeing the horrified look on Raizadas. Lavanya was sure one more minute and she will explode. So she stood up

Lavanya: Kiya do you want tea?

Khushi: Not now yaar ... I mean I want to freshen up first

Lavanya: Okay ... then you go and freshen up meanwhile I will get it for you

Khushi: (Side hugging her) thanks, Lavz ... see this is why you are my best buddy

Lavanya: (Chuckling) I know

Lavanya went to Kitchen and Khushi decided to freshen up before joining Lavanya. Kiran, Rahul, and Nikhil sat there chatting but with full concentration on the conversation of DR

Chachi: Hello hi bye bye ... did you hear what Arnav called Khushi?

Chachu: Manno ... what is the problem? What did he call her that you are reacting in this way?

Chachi: He called her darling!

Chachu: Yes ... so?

Chachi: You stupid man ... you don't see movies and because of that only you are not understanding. I mean I had heard Shahrukh Khanji calling his heroine as darling in his movies. Does that mean Arnav...

Meanwhile the gang

Nikhil: Rahul ... I must say my future MIL is really a genius ... see she guessed it soon

Rahul: Haha ... that is just the power of films man

Kiran: Not films ... its SRK power

Nikhil: You and your SRK

Kiran: Dare you to say something about SRK

Rahul: Shh ... guys ... concentrate


Sheetal: What! No

Anjali: No ... no ... Chachi he must have said it casually and ... Sheetal anyway he is going to marry you ... (Smiling) so don't worry, okay?

Payal: And I think Devarji just said it to tease her ... nothing more than that ... I mean Khushiji is a modern lady so she would not even consider him more than a friend even if he did all that

Dadi: I too guess what Payal Bitiya told is true ... they are ... just friends

They stopped their ranting when they saw Arnav coming and sitting beside Rahul

Arnav: Buddy why still here?

Rahul: What? Family in and friends out ... it's not fair yaar ...

Arnav: Oye ... don't start with your drama and hey ... you know why I am asking it ... I mean Ninu will strangle me alive saying I kept you engaged here

Rahul: Oh! ... so the great ASR is afraid of my wife!

Arnav: Hello ... ASR is not afraid of anyone ... I mean I am afraid of the after effects

Rahul: I know buddy ... but what to do they too are best buddies like us and protective of each other

Arnav: Yeah ... that's right ...

Chachi: (Whispering) who are best buddies other than Arnav and Rahul?

Anjali: Shh...Chachi let me here properly

They all looked back hearing

Khushi: Are you guys gossiping about us?

Arnav: No ... no ... I mean do we have that much courage?

Khushi: (Smirking) that's good ...and hey Rahul where is Ninu? ... it's saying her phone switched off ...

Rahul: Maa and Papa are here and ... (Huffing) she switched off her phone so that I ... I will not disturb her ... how cruel!

Khushi: Cruel? You both are this much busy that you go to them once or twice in a year. So they might be missing her ... especially uncle ... after all ... she is the Daddy's girl

Rahul: Arrey ... when did I say not to enjoy with Papa but

Kiran: Oh ... I got it you too want to spend time with aunty as Mamma's boy

For which Rahul just shrugged and Khushi said

Khushi: Oho ... that's the matter ... don't worry I will talk to her

Rahul: Thanks yaar ... (Turning to Arnav) ... and you know what buddy (Side hugging Khushi) ... this is the benefit of them being friends

Chachi: (Whispering) Hello hi bye bye ... she is that 'irritating and clingy' Naina's friend! ... okay, now I got it ... that's why she too is behaving like her

Payal: And see Sheetal ... she is even hugging Rahul just like she did with Devarji ... that's why I said earlier that these are all common for them

Anjali: yeah I think Payalji is right ... now you are happy, right Sheetal?

Sheetal just nodded her head not sure about being happy.

Khushi: Do you guys need coffee I am going to get one for myself

Arnav & Kiran: What's the matter Kiya? Are you tired?

DR frowned at them hearing that question while Khushi raised her eyebrows as if asking what?

Arnav & Kiran: You are taking coffee ... not tea?

Khushi: No ... nothing ... just like that ... I thought to get one as Lavu seems pretty busy. And hey is it anywhere written that I can take coffee only when I am tired... no, right? So tell me do you need?

Arnav: I will not take that as an answer Kiya ... you sit here ... I will get your coffee

DR got the shock of their life while Sheetal almost fainted hearing that

Khushi: No ... no Arnav ... I am telling na I am really fine ... so you just sit here ... and yeah you are not allowed inside Kitchen now

Arnav: What the! What are you saying? Why can't I enter Kitchen?

Khushi: Can't you do what I am asking for? ... Is it too much? (Sighing) okay, do one thing ... go and do your work ... I will meet you once I finish my work

Arnav: What work do you have now?

Khushi: Just do as I say now Arnav ... don't make me angry

Arnav: What? ... okay ... okay ... come after your so-called work ... I am going

Saying this Arnav went to his room.

Kiran: What are you planning Kiya?

Khushi: Nothing much ... to make his favorite strawberry cake

Sheetal: What? Cake? Don't you know Arnavji have sugar ... then how can you give a cake to him?

Anjali: Yes ... saying is right ... he can't take sweets so I won't allow you to give it to him

Khushi first thought to explain them well but when she heard Anjali commanding her as if denying her rights on Arnav she went to the Mrs. ASR mode

Khushi: Excuse me ... I know that he can't have sweets from the time he was born as I had seen how Mom used to care for him. Also as a doctor ... I very well know what is good and bad for his health ... and for your kind information there is a thing called 'artificial sweetener' for diabetic people and most importantly I don't need anyone's permission for preparing something for Arna

Saying this she walked away with the same attitude.

Chachi: Look at her courage ... I mean how dare she to insult Anju like that

Anjali was ready to pounce on Khushi for insulting her and was on her way to the kitchen

Dadi: No ... stop it Anju ... don't say anything to her now. I think today was a bad day for us ... we can talk to Arnav tomorrow

Anjali: But Dadi ...

Shyam: Dadi is right Anju; sale sahib is already angry with us ... don't make him angrier by saying anything now ... and let she do whatever she wants. I mean this all will be over when his marriage gets fixed

Dadi: Yes ... Damadji is right

Shyam: And Dadiji ... I think you should talk to him that he should have a control over his life ...  it is not good to be like ... I mean ... always hugging and kissing girls and all ... I mean this all will hurt my sister

Dadi: Hmm ... okay, I will talk to him

They all turned around hearing Nikhil, Kiran and Rahul roaring in laughter. They thought it to be their silly jokes, but actually, the trio had heard their conversation and hearing Shyam complaining about Arnav to Dadi was hilarious for them.

Chachi: But what is special today ... I mean Khushi is preparing cake?

Anjali: I don't know, Chachi ... only God knows what she is plotting

Hearing them they felt bad for Arnav and Rahul got reminded of the lonely Arnav in childhood. And not wanting to go there he said

Rahul: Okay ... I am going then ... good night guys

All wished him back and he left after wishing La and Khushi too. After he left Nikhil and Kiran went in search for Arnav.

In kitchen

Khushi was preparing his favorite cake like every year and La and HP were assisting her. After baking, HP took the cake to the guest room where Khushi and Kiran were staying. DR saw that but chose to not to comment on it. La and Khushi who was ascending the stairs saw DR preparing the table for dinner.

Chachi: Only god knows what magic those siblings have done on Arnav and Lavanya that they are always supporting them and even fight with own family

Payal: Why he is not down yet ... I mean his friends had dinner already without waiting for him

Anjali: And he thinks we are the people who don't care for him ... (Sighing) anyway, Sheetal you go and call him for dinner

La and Khushi shook their head and joined the gang in Arnav's room.

In Arnav's room

Nikhil: (Seeing them) guys ... come fast I have got the DVD of the film 'The Space Between Us' last week but as Lav was here I brought it here

La: Really! You are great Nik ... and that's why I love you so much

Arshi and Kiran: Oww! How cute!

Kiran: Okay ... okay ... enough of it ... play it now

When Sheetal had come to call him for dinner she could hear the laughter from the room and that was enough for her to know that all of them were there. The door was opened but she knocked on the door as she remembered the previous encounter

Arnav: Come in

She entered the room happily as Arnav called her in only to be left shocked with the seen there. La and Nikhil were on the sofa sitting side by side, Kiran was in the bed on her stomach while Khushi sat on the bed with her back resting on the headrest and Arnav was lying on her lap. And even though he asked her to come in, all were engrossed in the movie so she cleared her throat. La paused the movie seeing her and she looked first towards the TV and understood it is not a Hindi movie and then towards Arshi. Immediately jealous tears come into her eyes seeing their closeness.

Lavanya: Oh ... you! What do you want?

Sheetal: Bha ... Bhabhi told me to call Arnavji for dinner

Lavanya: Really! From when did your Bhabhi and you all used to wait for bro?

Khushi: And he is not coming ... you please inform that

Sheetal: But ... he should eat dinner and take his medicines

Khushi: And don't I know that? Don't teach me okay? ... and leave from here

Sheetal: But how can you say that? I mean ..he must be hungry. And by the way, you are just a guest here and I

Both ladies were becoming possessive for Arnav, one in an illusion and another being his wife and he knows he should interfere before Sheetal say anything that will hurt Khushi.

Arnav: Why can't she say that? She very well can and ... understand this she is not just a guest ... she is my ... (Khushi pressed his hands) leave it ... and ... now go

Sheetal: But dinner and medicine

Arnav: Ms. Jha ... as I had told you before you don't have to care for me ... I have my personal doctor here (Winking at Khushi) and tell your lovely Bhabhi that I already had my dinner outside with Khushi

Sheetal left from there disappointedly as she expected him to get angry on them to had dinner without him and him to be soft towards her seeing her care as her Bhabhi said. But again everything went in the drain. She had clearly seen how Arnav was about to say something and Khushi stopped him and that clearly indicated they were hiding something. But she decided to try to find it before telling everyone so reaching the table she just said that Arnav had dinner outside. Everyone was angry at him as they had waited for him without having dinner.

He hadn't called them but Lavanya and that was the reason the gang had dinner. And DR's plan to play the lovely family again failed. All people after dinner went to their respective rooms thinking about new strategies to defame the Khuranas in front of Arnav.

It was in the midnight they heard loud sounds and one by one everybody gathered in the hall. They all went towards the sound and was once again shocked to realize what is happening there.

There in the hall, the arrogant ASR they all know was actually blowing the candles like a small kid and everybody was clapping and singing 'Happy birthday Arnie' for him.

When Arnav was about to cut the cake he saw his family standing there as if thunderstruck. He once again painfully realized his family's, especially his dear sister's care and love towards him But he was happy he had his other family to make him feel special. So he royally ignored DR and took the knife. The gang saw his painful look and Kiran decided to cheer him up.

Kiran: Arnie cut the cake fast as I am eagerly waiting to have Kiya's cake ... okay ... oaky... I know it is special for you but what to do (Pouting) I too like it very much

Arnav smiled at her and cut the cake. The DR thought he will first feed his family; especially Anjali was waiting to have the first piece. But he fed the first piece to his dear wife. Khushi too fed him back, hugged him and kissed his cheek wishing him a happy birthday without caring about the family.

He then fed La and Kiran who together hugged him tightly. He then fed Nikhil, the family was waiting for their chance, thinking that he was doing all this because they are the guests and after feeding them he will come to them. But then he just fed HP and then cut a big piece and gave that to Kiran as per her wish. And then told to HP

Arnav: Hari ... keep the remaining in the freeze ... Dad likes it very much

HP: (Smiling) sure Bhaiyya

Anjali: Wait, HP. Arnav ... what is this? You hadn't even told us today is your birthday but it's okay ... I am forgiving you ... but we too want to wish you and feed you ... we too want to be a part of your happiness

Arnav: No Anjali ... you don't have to do anything like that. Because nobody goes on telling that today is my birthday ... it has to be remembered by their loved ones. But here you have forgotten that ... so it is better to leave it like that rather than forcefully remembering it. And by the way, I don't need anybody to be a part of my happiness to please me. We need the support during hard times and here I had overcome that without you all and now it became a habit for me to not expect anything from you. So definitely it is not needed

Chachi: But...

Arnav stopped her showing his hands

Arnav: No more discussion on this and I think it is better if you go and sleep rather than standing here and wasting your time on me

Khushi held his hand tightly hearing all that, he too pressed her hands suppressing his feelings. Everybody was thinking about what he said but Sheetal had seen this. She was really afraid because by each second it was as if her worst nightmare becoming true.

The gang soon went to bed with Khushi to in Arshi's room but it was unnoticed by the DR who was making plans for tomorrow to do something for Arnav. It was almost two in the morning when they all went to bed satisfied with their plan to please Arnav.


Guys let us see what is the plan DR made to please Arnav.


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May 27, 2017

Character Sketch Part 3 (By Maahiak) (Thanked: 71 times)

Guys let us meet Arnav's maternal family ...

They are oberois and from ishqbaaz but most of the characters will be different in my story but some similarities with their actual characters too can find. And I am stressing guys it is not a crossover, the story is solely of Arshi but different characters will be there. 

Suhasini Singh Oberoi

Arpita's mother and Arnav's super cool Nani. Arpita was her only child but gladly accepted Arshad as her son when his parents and that is her brother and sister in law died and love both of them equally. Very close to Manav from the time her daughter announced her love towards him and was his support system when Arpita died. She never wanted Arnav to go to boarding along with Arshad and Shalini and asked Manav to send him to them. But the stubborn father-son duo never agreed for that and after he left to boarding school she used to go and visit him once in a while. But every time she met him her sadness increased tenfolds seeing the happy go lucky child turning into a reserved person until Khushi came into his life. She adored Khushi from childhood but loved her more for the happiness and peace she brought back in Arnie's life. And now her only wish is getting someone like Khushi for her other grandsons too. But nowadays she is very much worried for Ravi as day by day his rudeness is getting increased, all thanks to her once upon a time favorite grandchild Anjali. She was broken when Anjali insulted all the Oberois including Ravi and her own mother in the name of cast and money and from then she has only one grandchild other than Oberois that is her Arnie.

Arshad and Shalini Singh Oberoi

Arnav’s Mama-Mami. Arshad never treated Arpita as a cousin but loved her like a sister and Shalini too was no less. They loved Arnav and Anjali like their own kids but now can't help but to care less about Anjali for what she had done to Ravi. But they don’t have any hard feelings towards Arnav and Manav since they know they both were helpless in that matter. In fact, they used to love and respect Arnav more when he went against Anjali and family for Ravi. Adopted Priyanka as their daughter when she became an orphan after the death of her parents.

The O' Bros

Arnav’s maternal cousins. The three of them treats Arnav as their real brother and vice versa as from childhood he was left out because it was always Akash for Anjali. Arpita used to call them as Ravi, Rishi, Rudy, and Arnie and together as 'Four Princes'. Manav too adores them a lot but Anjali from childhood jealous to see the trio’s bond with Arnav. And later when she grew up she started to hate them more along with all the others of her Mom’s family for snatching Manav from his family.

Ravish Singh Oberoi

As Ravish was elder to Anjali, Arpita and Manav always dreamt both of their marriage. Ravish too loved Anjali with all his heart but she broke it with bare hands calling his love as lust and insulting him and his family by bringing matters like their religion and all into that matter. And that single incident changed the cool Ravi into the rudest Ravish Singh Oberoi, CEO of Oberoi Constructions (OC) who hate the word love itself. But that was all for the outside world, for the family he was always their Ravi. But even when he claimed to hate the mention of love he was very supportive of Arshi’s love and used to give tips for Arnav. And that was enough for his family to understand that he still craves love but he shrugged it off saying Ravish Singh Oberoi will never fall in love again. And he kept that word too until ... Ms. Tania Ganguly joined as his PA and brought back the emotions which he thought as dead for him. Respects and love Priyanka as his elder sister.

Rishabh Singh Oberoi

Rishabh aka Rishi is somewhat different from his brothers and chose psychology as his career. And apart from being a doctor, he loves to write poems. His bond with Arnav is more like buddies than brothers as they are of same Age. He and Ravish have a good understanding and treat Rudy as a child which irks Rudy much. Very much attached to Priyanka due to their similar outlook towards life.

Rudesh Singh Oberoi

Rudesh Singh Oberoi or Rudy is the youngest of them. He loves Arnav like his real brother and it will not be wrong if we say more than his own brothers. And he had found a reason for it too and that is Ravi and Rishi is a gang before he was born and they don’t appreciate his stupidities like Arnav does. He likes to fight with Kiran and always find ways for it but he treats Khushi just like Priyanka and calls her Khush. He started college just last year but as architecture was his passion from childhood working part-time for at OC under his Big B. And from there he found that their Big B has a soft corner towards his new PA and is all set to bring back love in his life. But he is waiting for Arnav and Khushi as he is afraid Rishi won't agree for any of his plans calling it as childish.

Priyanka Singh Oberoi

Priyanka Singh Oberoi or better Priyanka Sharma used to love a person from childhood, a lot but he betrayed her for a better life. Which caused the death of her father followed by her mother and she became an orphan in the span of a few days. But she never blamed him for what he did because all she wanted was his happiness and if he isn't happy with her no use of keeping him tied to her. Then the Oberois adopted her as the daughter of their house and she is indebted to them forever for their love and care they showering on her.

Tania Ganguly

A Bengali girl who ran away from her hometown to when her father's family decided to sell her off after her parent's death with the help of her friend. She reached Mumbai, joined college and studied doing several part-time jobs. And after graduation joined OC as the PA of the great Ravish Singh Oberoi and after several bickering she in love with him. But is afraid to confess as she knows he doesn't believe in love.



 Tell me what you thought about the new characters. Waiting for your comments. Thank you

May 29, 2017

Part 21 The Dad and son (By Maahiak) (Thanked: 88 times)


When they reached in the room Khushi realized her phone is vibrating in her pocket so she immediately pulled it out to see Manav.

Khushi: It is Dad

Arnav: Now?

He asked frowning and then searched for his phone first in pockets and everywhere in the room and then cursed

Arnav: Dammit ...It is definitely to scold me

Khushi: Where is your phone? Oh god, Arnav ... are you a kid? Can't you at least keep it with you always? And why do you always put it in silent mode? There is an option called vibration ... do you even know that? Arnav I am saying you ... you will definitely suffer due to your this idleness one day and Dad should definitely scold you for this

Arnav: Now stop it okay? ... and take the phone meri maa (My mother) ... you can scold me after the call. Imean if you too missed it ... you will have to give me company to hear from Dad

Khushi: (Shaking her head at his unchangeable behavior regarding his phone took the call) Dad

Manav: Hello sweety ... how are you all doing?

Khushi: Good Dad and you?

Manav: Me too ... just missing you guys ... so where is everyone? And most importantly where is that arrogant son of mine? Ask him to throw away his phone if it couldn't be used for communication purposes

Arnav: What the! Dad ... it is not fair ... daughter is sweety and son is arrogant! Huh!

Manav: Oh ... it is on the speaker that's good ... and what to do Arnav ... truth is always ugly

Arnav: Dad

Manav: What Dad? I said the truth only and Arnav ... you are saying it is not fair ... so now you tell me where the hell your phone is? What is today's excuse?

Arnav: Dad... you know I am always clumsy about it and also

Manav: It is in silent mode? No not that please... please find something new because I am bored with that. And Arnav I can't understand one thing ... how the hell you are the successful businessman when you can't even look after your phone

Arnav: That's not a big deal Da ... it is all scheduled calls and if my clients can't get me ... my PA will have to suffer so ... it doesn't matter really

Manav: You will never change Arnav ... always the arrogant self

Khushi: Arnav! Don't talk like that to Dad ... say sorry to him

Arnav: What the! Now you are supporting him (Getting a swat from her) okay ... okay ... sorry Dad

Manav: Oh god ... what have you made my son in to? Biwi ne ek baar keh diya aur tumne man li sorry bolne ki? ... you had become a perfect joru ka gulam (Your wife said it once and you agreed to say sorry? ... you had become an exact henpecked husband)

Arnav: (Smirking) Dad ... don't tell me you are jealous of my wife

Khushi: (Swatting him) Arnav!

Arnav: Ouch! It hurts lady ... are you listening, Dad ... she is raising her hands on her husband

Manav: Don't you dare to blame my daughter. If the husband is an arrogant ass like you ... then we can't blame her, right?

Arnav: Okay ... to whom am I complaining? You will favor your daughter always ...

Manav: Now don't tell me you are jealous of my daughter

All three laughed at that hearing the same dialogue back. And after the laughter subsidized

Arnav: Dad how was the conference? When are you coming back?

Manav: Before answering all that many many happy returns of the day son

Arnav: Thanks Dad

Manav: And yeah it went well ... and about coming back ... I had called you to inform you about that too. I am coming the day after tomorrow and I had asked Aman and Rahul to do all the preparations to arrange a party the next day itself to introduce my daughter to the world

Arshi: Really! Thanks, Dad

Manav: Hmm ... and Arnav don't get angry ... because I had done something which you will not appreciate. I know I should have thought before saying that but it slipped my mind and now it cannot be changed

Arnav: What is it, Dad?

Manav: Arnav ... you know tomorrow's date ... it is the date I give a special donation to Anand Sadan every month

Arnav: Hmm

Manav: And when I and you are not there it is done by Anjali and like always last week I had asked Anjali to go there to deliver it. So she will go there tomorrow with her minions

Arnav: (Gritting his teeth) when you know that we will be spending the day there ... or do you too forget what tomorrow is like them?

Manav: Arnav ... I am sorry for what I did without thinking but how can you say that? How would I forget the day I got my son?

Khushi: Arnav ... don't let your anger on what happened downstairs on Dad. He said it last week so how do you expect him to guess what you will be doing tomorrow when you yourself weren't aware of it till yesterday. Yet he is apologizing and you are questioning his love for you?

Arnav: I ... I am sorry Dad. I shouldn't have said that.

Manav: What happened Arnav?

Arnav: Nothing special Dad

Manav: Arnav!

Arnav: Really, nothing special Dad. They all don't remember it ... that's all

Manav: Are you okay son?

Arnav: Of course dad. That's why I said 'nothing special' because when did they remember my matters?

Manav: I understand ... but Arnav, don't take it into the heart and I too am sorry for what I did. I mean I should have thought about you when I know you will not like them there tomorrow especially when Kiya is with you but ...

Arnav: No ... no Dad ... please don't make me guiltier by apologizing to me. Like Kiya said how would you know last week that I will be there tomorrow?

Manav: (Sighing) okay ... so what will you do tomorrow? They ... in your words, DR will be there. So you will not get any chance to romance

Khushi: Dad! ... you too

Arnav: (Smirking) we will manage Dad as your son is very well capable to find chances to romance so don't worry

Manav: I know ... after all whose son you are. Okay now getting into the matter will you do something for me?

Arnav: Tell na Dad

Manav: Will you go to the church with Kiya tomorrow? And please don't say no ... I mean ... you are going to churches here ... so why not there? If not for me at least for Mom

Arnav: Dad ... don't bring Mom here for emotionally blackmailing me when you clearly know why I am like this

Manav: It is not blackmailing Arnav ... it was Arpi's and Gayu's wish to conduct your marriage there but the marriage happened in a hurry and that wasn't the important thing to do then. But now you two are there at least attend the mass ... I had talked to the priest you just have to go there

Khushi: We will go, Dad

Seeing Arnav was about to say something but giving a stern look to him she left from there towards the pool. He sighed at her attitude seeing his behavior on matters related to God because only she knows after how many persuasions and blackmailing he agrees to go to churches there too.

Arnav: Dad what was the necessity to bring that topic? Now I have to woo her

Manav: (Chuckling) good punishment for you and ... if you want to woo her I have a nice idea

Arnav: And what is it?

Manav: Take her to temple too

Arnav: Dad! Don't joke like this and ... thank goodness she is not here ... otherwise, I would have a tough time

Manav: But Arnav ... I am serious. I know she will never say this but she too may wish to have her husband with her while praying. I know she used to take you to churches as per Mom's wish but do you remember I too used to go with Arpi to churches, do you know why? Because most of the ladies like that Arnav ... they think it as extremely romantic and I am sure she too will ... especially when it is your birthday ... hey, are you hearing what I am telling? 

Arnav: Hmm ... okay, Dad ... I will think about it

Manav: Now that is like my son ... okay so best of luck for wooing your tigress and once again happy birthday

Arnav: Thanks Dad and Good night ... oops it is not night there

Manav: It's ok as you are going to sleep ... So good night Arnie

Arnav: (Smiled hearing his explanation) Goodnight Dad

Arnav then went to poolside and saw his wife trying to make faces to show him that she is angry and terribly failing in it. He silently smiled at her and sat beside her and wrapped his arms around her. She tried to free his grip but he was very strong for her.

Arnav: Arrey where are you going?

Khushi: To the guest room

Arnav: Why?

Khushi: To sleep ... because that is what normal people do at night Mr. Raizada

Arnav: So ... you are angry

Khushi: Why would I be? I am going because I want to sleep

Arnav: Without me?

Khushi: Don't fly too much. I can sleep without you too, okay? 

She was about to go but he held her hand.

Arnav: But I can't

Saying this he pulled her beside him. She sighed and put her head on his shoulder.

Arnav: I don't like when we fight Baby

Khushi: Me too ... but what to do ... it is necessary for pig headed people like you

They both chuckled at that

Arnav: By the way madam ... don't we have to hit bed? I mean Dad said to reach there at 7

Khushi: Meaning ... we are going?

Arnav: Of course ... do you think I would dare to deny my wife

Khushi: (Elbowing him) Arnav!

Arnav: Okay ... okay on a serious note ... we should sleep babes ... it is really late

Khushi: (Cuddling him) Hmm

He then pulled her along with him and both settled on the bed. Khushi put her head on his chest and hugged him tightly and whispered

Khushi: Happy birthday baby

And he smiled hearing her endearment and kissed her head. 

Next day

It was morning and none had got up. But Khushi was ready to go and came to check on Arnav. He was just out from the shower in his trousers and a towel around his neck. She helped him to get ready and after that, he took her towards the mirror to click some photos which he does whenever he feels nostalgic.

 She helped him to get ready and after that he took her towards the mirror to click some photos which he does whenever he feels nostalgic

Khushi: Arnav ... why did you asked me to wear a suit today and that too with the chain mangal sutra?

Arnav: We are going to the church where Mom and Mamma wanted our marriage to happen ... it didn't so (Winking) I thought at least to take you there as an Indian bride

Khushi: (Smiling) okay ... so let's go as we have to reach there at 7

And they started to their destination.

After some time the entire DR was ready early than the usual time as per Anjali's instructions to impress Arnav by conducting a special Aarti and then to conduct a special Puja in the temple. 

It was past Arnav's time for the jog and they couldn't find him. So Anjali said Sheetal to go and call him down after the Aarti. But when Sheetal informed that Arnav is not in the room they were confused because he never does something different from his schedule still they decided to wait for him sometime. 

But it was getting on their nerves as after almost half an hour Arnav was not there. That's when they found Lavanya, Nikhil and Kiran getting downstairs with Lavanya in suits, Nikhil in just Shirt and trousers and for their at most amu****t, Kiran too was in a decent attire according to them as today she wore a half skirt and top as per La's instructions. Chachi was the first one to respond

Chachi: Lavanya ... where are you going? That too with these foreigners?

Lavanya: Mom ... they are not any foreigners they are my friends and we are going to temple

Anjali: Temple? Why?

Lavanya: Maybe you guys have forgotten but I didn't ... today is bro's birthday so obviously to pray for him

Dadi: We didn't forget Lavanya ... we too are waiting for him. Do you know why he didn't back from jog yet?

Lavanya: That is because he is not gone for a jog

Chachu: Then where is he?

Lavanya: I really don't know. He told me to meet at the temple and he will wait there. So now please excuse us ... we are getting late

Saying this without waiting for any reply they left.

Shyam: Anju ... now, what will we do? I don't think Sale sahib is coming here now then how do you expect him to get impressed of my sister?

Payal: Jijaji is saying right ... our all plan got ruined. Now he will not know we had done special Aarti for him

Anjali: Not all the plans ... and Sheetal you don't worry it is good that he will be waiting for Lavanya in the temple. So we can go there and do the special puja before him. And do you all realized ... as usual Khushi hadn't got up today too ... so it is a golden chance to prove to him that Sheetal is better than his that foreign friend

Dadi: I too think what Anju saying is right ... he will be impressed if Sheetal Bitiya doing a special puja for him

Outside the church

Khushi and Arnav were out after attending the mass and walking towards the car. They both felt contended to be there together where their mothers wanted their marriage to happen. Arnav even though doesn't believe in God always used to fulfill all the wishes and prayers made by both his mothers, be it in a temple or church. 

But yesterday night he had thought about what his Dad told, and thought maybe he was right. Almost all ladies like to do special worships for God on special occasions for the well being of their family. And that's when he realized even when Khushi is an extreme devotee who believes everything is God's blessing, she had never ever asked him to come to Churches or temples for her, it was always something Mom or Mamma wished. Because she knows it makes him uncomfortable to do something he doesn't believe in so like Dad told she is suppressing her wishes. So he decided to do what Dad told, to surprise her with something she truly wishes for, and that is where he is going to take her. 

He had asked La to come there with Kiran and Nikhil. It is his birthday but he is the one giving surprises for her, he mentally chuckled at that thought. 

When they settled in the car Khushi took out her chain mangal sutra and put on the bracelet one she usually wears.

When they settled in the car Khushi took out her chain mangal sutra and put on the bracelet one she usually wears

Arnav: Why did you take it off?

Khushi: Arnav ... do you remember what Dad told ... we will be meeting Anjali in Anand Sadan. And if I wear it they may get doubts and I don't want anything wrong to happen before Dad comes ... anyway, he is coming tomorrow ... so ... 

Arnav: You can wear it if you want and don't think about them. They will not say anything to you

Khushi: No Arnav ... I don't want a new fight now ... especially today. And you know this is what I wear every day ... so it is perfectly alright

Arnav just smiled at her and started to drive. Seeing the route she asked.

Khushi: Arnav, it is not the route we had taken yesterday. Is it a different route? Or are we going to a different place?

Arnav: Wait, baby ... you will get to know soon

Khushi: But at least tell na where are we going? 

Arnav: Surprises are not meant to say, darling

Khushi: But ... please ... say na baby

Arnav: No buttering will do Khush ... just wait and see

Khushi huffed and looked outside because she knew it is of no use to plead him more. Arnav shook his head at her childish behavior. But when they reached the place Khushi actually couldn't believe her eyes.

Khushi: Arnav ... temple?

Arnav: I thought you will appreciate it

Khushi hugged him feeling emotional

Khushi: You don't know how happy you had made me today by taking me here. I mean I always wished to visit temples on your birthdays but knowing you ... 

Arnav: I will not be comfortable my Biwi had suppressed her feelings and that's why I had decided it myself without asking for your opinion

Khushi: (Hugging him more tightly and kissing him) I love you Arnav

Arnav: If this is what I will get as the reward I will take you here every day

Khushi: Do you know how romantic do you look doing all these

Arnav: What the! Khush, don't tell me this impressed you more than the other romantic stuff I had done for you. Actually, Dad was right ... every girl is similar ... huh!

Khushi: Oh ... so it was Dad's idea ... I too thought how did my Kadoos husband get ideas like this

Arnav: Khushi!

Khushi: Arnav!

Both chuckled and got down.

The Raizadas was doing the special puja for him with at most concentration to impress Arnav. They all were relieved as like Anjali said Khushi had not got up for his birthday too and this will be a great chance for Sheetal. Sheetal who had little doubts yesterday too was slightly happy thinking what Anjali said was going to happen. 

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Jun 6, 2017

Vedu's Arnav uncle. (By Maahiak) (Thanked: 73 times)

At the temple

The DR was all ready to impress Arnav as per Anjali's instructions thinking that doing some special puja in his name will wipe away the years of pain he had gone through because of them.

Shyam: Anju did Sali Sahiba mention this temple? I mean ... there is nobody here ... neither she nor sale sahib

Dadi: I too was thinking that Damadji ... because there is no one

Chachi: But this is the temple Lavanya usually comes

Akash: Maybe they had taken the other route because Mohan will take the route which is safer rather than short as per Arnav's instructions

Anjali: Yeah ... what Bhaiyya said is true ... they are coming here only ... you all please think positive ... everything will go according to our plan

Sheetal too was praying to give her the love of Arnav, but what to do even god cannot fulfill everyone's wish at a time, because that was when they heard a voice calling as Arnav.

Hearing the name and as the sound felt familiar they all looked towards the voice and what they saw was extremely unbelievable for anybody who only knows the ASR. Because it was the first time they were seeing him inside the temple. After registering it only they concentrated on the owner of the voice and it was obviously his Khush who was in the yellow suit looking as beautiful as ever and much traditional according to them.

Anjali, Sheetal, and Payal were extremely jealous of her beauty as every male person who turned towards her hearing her voice was shamelessly admiring her including their own brothers or husbands. Arnav saw some male eyes on her and possessively held her shoulder. Then he turned her around to face him to divert her attention as he noticed DR standing there even when he was on a call and indicated her one second.

Khushi cared less about the attention she was getting from the male population and indicated the Prasad to him. He raised his other hand towards her in which he had held her phone wordlessly saying her his hands are not free. She who was unaware of the presence of his family happily fed him and by that time he had finished his call.

He then purposely took the Prasad and fed her the remaining part. By the corner of his eyes, he saw Anjali gritting her teeth and others were standing as if hit by thunder. He knows they will not create a scene in the temple and it is a golden opportunity so he purposely flirted with her.

Arnav: Yaar ... don't put this much sweetness to your hand ... I am diabetic you know

Khushi: Arnav behave ... we are in a public place

Arnav: If not ... it is not a problem?

Khushi: Arnav! It is not London and also we are in a temple. And you know I won't appreciate you to do your shameless antics before God

Arnav: Okay ... okay ... (Side hugging her and rubbing her arms) relax yaar and ... leave it ... I mean I was just teasing you ... nothing serious, okay?

Khushi: Now that's better ... okay so who was on the call?

Arnav: It was Lavu ... they had struck in a traffic jam and will reach here in some minutes. (Noticing his family trying to come towards them) so let us wait downstairs and also ... there is someone I want you to meet

Khushi: Who Arnav?

Arnav: Just come man ... you will definitely like her

Saying this he forwarded his hand towards her, she smilingly linked her hand around him and he led her downstairs royally ignoring his parasite family.

He led her downstairs unaware about the curious Anjali and Payal following them while Sheetal and others stayed there to complete the puja. He then led her towards the bench kept near the offerings doves. Arnav pulled Khushi on the bench and sat there while Anjali and Payal to find who that person is, hid behind the pillars from where they can hear Arshi's talks. But when they saw Arnav and Khushi sitting in peaceful silence it was getting on their nerves.

Suddenly they saw a little girl of about five years coming running towards them. Arshi who was talking between themselves looked up hearing a little voice calling Arnav uncle and stood up. She hugged Arnav by his legs and squealed.

Girl: Arnav uncle ... you are back!

Arnav picked her in his arms and hugged her.

Payal: Nanad ... did you see that? ... Is that Devarji? ... I mean he is behaving all sweet

Anjali: Payalji ...  I think he is acting actually ... to irritate us. Otherwise how this drastic change in a person? Because from the time Mrs. Raizada dead he is the always the angry and arrogant self ... he is rude even towards his Di and family ... so how can he change overnight?

Payal: But his behavior with the Khuranas

Anjali: Payalji ... yesterday night I had thought about the whole thing and now I have arrived at a conclusion

Payal: What is it?

Anjali: That is it is his acting. I mean ... do you remember him denying the marriage with Sheetal from the time I had told my wish to him? From that time he is singing only one song that is he doesn't love Sheetal ... he will never marry her and he will marry that person whom he loves. Don't you think it's all his stupidity? Because it is not that we were in love with our partners when the alliance came. And I think he thinks like that because of Papa's inter cast marriage with Mrs. Raizada saying it is true love. (Sighing) I can only call it as stupidity rather than love and Arnav too wants that type of crazy love for him ... like I will let that happen. So I think he is doing all this drama so that we won't pressurize him to marry Sheetal

Payal: You are saying that ... he is doing all this just to make us believe that he is very close to Khushiji so that we will drop Sheetal's alliance?

Anjali: Exactly

Payal: I too think it is right ... because he is getting more intimate with Khushi like hugging and kissing only when he sees us. Maybe he is doing all that to irritate us thinking that Sheetal will herself reject the marriage and we will drop this idea

Anjali: Hmm ... but we will not let that happen ... come what may happen I am not backing off from this alliance and won't allow Sheetal to do that. (Sighing) let us move Payalji ... let him act however he like but at the end it's we are going to win. Now let us go and complete the puja and then we have to go shopping and then to the orphanage remember?

Payal: Ok then let us go

Arnav: Of course Vedu ... do you think I can stay more days without seeing you?

Vedu: Haww! Don't lie to me, uncle ... I know you hadn't missed me

Arnav: Hey ... who said that? I definitely missed my Vedu

Vedu: Really? Where were you last month then?

Khushi giggled hearing that and Vedu looked up to see a pretty aunty smiling at them. She broke the hug and looked at Arnav raising her eyebrow and then looked at Khushi. Arnav too followed her line of vision and saw her frowning seeing Khushi.

Arnav: Vedu that is Khushi ... and Khush this Vedika

Vedu: Is this the same Khushi Naina aunty talk about?

Khushi: You know me?

Vedu: Yes ... she I mean Naina aunty told me about her best friend that is you and to make friends when I was going to school for the first time. She, Sruthy aunty, Aman uncle, Rahul uncle and Arnav uncle used to talk a lot about all your friendship

Khushi: Really? So have you made friends at school?

Vedu: Yes ... a lot but...(With a pout and sad face) Aunty ... you don't know about me? I will not talk to you

Khushi: Arrey ... why are you not talking to me Vedika? It's all the fault of your Aunties and uncles ... I mean they had told you about me but hadn't told anything about you to me ... then how would I know? So it's not at all my fault, right?

Vedu smiled at Khushi once agreeing with her and then started to hit Arnav on his chest with her tiny hands.

Vedu: Leave me, uncle, you are very bad ... you hadn't told anything about me to Aunty ... you don't love me right?

Arnav: (Stopping her hands) it's not like that Vedu ... I mean I wanted to surprise your aunty. (Winking at Khushi) did you see Aunty's surprised funny face? (To Khushi) you were surprised ... right, Aunty? ... okay so now you only tell her to not to be angry with me

Khushi: (Playing along) yes ... yes, I was surprised ... so please forgive your uncle now

Vedu: (To Arnav) Really? ... so you love me, right? ... you ... you won't leave me like Sunil Papa?

Arnav: (Hugging her) never ... and I love you so much Vedu

Vedu: I too love you ... uncle

Khushi: Haww ... you left me out!

Vedu called her by waving hands and Khushi too joined them and the three shared a group hug.

Anjali and Payal had already left from there who were irritated with the emotional scene.

Vedu: (Breaking the hug) so how come you are in the temple today? And why hadn't you come to the park for jogging today?

Arnav: Your aunty wanted to pray ... so ...

Vedu: (Observing both of them closely) Aunty are you uncle's wife?

Arnav: What the!

Khushi: How do you know that?

Vedu: Arrey ... isn't it obvious? Like the heroes of films, (To Khushi, pointing at Arnav) he is doing things you like ... changing his usual routine and all. Also, I had seen the bracelet you are wearing ... it is similar to the one married women wears in the neck, right? ... so by all that

Khushi: (Hugging Vedu) wow Vedika you are very ...

Vedu: Intelligent?

Khushi: And cute too

Vedu: Really? (Kissing her cheeks) you too Aunty ... I like you ... and you can call me Vedu like uncle does

Khushi: Okay ... I will call you that only

Arnav smiled seeing them get along well.

Arnav: So ... you came for flying your worship doves?

Vedu nodded at him and ran away towards the seller to get the doves saying them that they will meet after that. Arnav smiled at her retreating back and again they both settled on the bench.

Arnav: She remembers me of the little Kiddu I met 10 years back

Khushi: (Smiling) she resembles Kiddu a lot ... so where do you meet her?

Arnav: Here only ...

Khushi: Here?

Arnav: Yeah ... that day I think it was Rahul and Ninu's wedding anniversary last year and I came with them as we were heading towards the party after that ... Aman and Sruthy too were there. The all had gone in and I was waiting here. Then I saw a little girl crying sitting here and like I said she reminded me of Kiddu. So I went to her and asked what is the matter. She told me her life story and (Tears filling his eyes) I was horrified imagining her situation

Khushi: Arnav?

Arnav: Roshni ... Vedu's Maa belonged to a low-class family in Punjab who considered girls only as responsibility. Roshni from her teenage loved her neighbor and friend Sunil but her parents weren't happy with that and married off her just at the age of 18 crushing her love. But she was ready to move on as she didn't want to hurt her husband and parents. Later only she realized her husband was just lusting over her and by that time she was pregnant with Vedu

Khushi: What happened to her lover ... Sunil?

Arnav: He was broken ... but he knew she was helpless so decided to live with her memories but when he got a job here he couldn't stop the urge to go and meet her. And when Roshni met him she was very guilty that only because of her he decided not to marry. But he explained it was not her fault and continued their friendship. Everything was going well she had Sunil's support and her husband was at least loyal after the news of her pregnancy. But one day he found Roshni with Sunil and he thought she is continuing her affair and was again back to his monstrous life ... beating her mercilessly ... bringing girls home and intimating them before her and she was totally broken and guilty thinking it was her fault to talk to Sunil again which lead to all this because he started to even doubt about the fatherhood of the child.

Khushi: But she had moved on long back ... how could he even!

Arnav: She had but that was him ... he couldn't think against his obsession and after Vedu born he used to rape Roshni continuously. Everything got worse on that day when he heard little Vedu calling Sunil as Papa because she loved Sunil and that man killed him then and there and she and her Maa ran away to this temple and ... that was the day I met her

Khushi held his hand tight unable to even imagine that situation. Both of them were crying silently for that poor soul

Khushi: She ... she ... saw that?

Arnav: Unfortunately yes ... and she told me she used to fly worship bids so that her wish got fulfilled. She used to pay the vendor with the little money Sunil used to give and that day all her money was over. And she was crying for that because she hadn't money. Khush, that day I realized all the money we had made doesn't mean anything before her wish ... because she wanted only that ... the money to fly a dove

Khushi: Then?

Arnav: I said her to come here and complete her ritual every day and I will pay for that. She was very happy and immediately we become friends (Chuckling at his own words) but then only she told me about her wish Khush ... and hearing that I promised myself that I will do whatever I can for accomplishing it

Khushi: What was it?

Arnav: For her mother to get love in life ... she is hoping that today too even after Sunil gone she is thinking someone to love her mother and pamper her like heroes do in movies. I hadn't had words Khush ... to say anything to make her feel better. And you know what was more ironic nobody was there for them ... even Roshni's family blamed it all on her indicating her relationship with Sunil ... they left Roshni and Vedu on roads. She was hoping to have a better life by flying those doves ... and I couldn't stand all that. We all then met Roshni ... she was a little girl grown overnight as a mother ... so we decided to take up her responsibility and she was with Sruthy in her apartment until last month as she couldn't stand more people then, otherwise, Anand Sadan was there. Now she decided to move on for her daughter and is working as Sruthy's assistant and living the next door to Sruthy

Khushi: What happened to Roshni's marriage and that man?

Arnav: Obviously she got divorced ... Ninu fought her case ... domestic violence ... marital rape ... murder ... so it was very easy and he is sentenced to the lifetime

Khushi: Hmm ... you all had done everything for them and that was very good of you ... but ... why didn't you all hadn't told me anything about it?

Arnav: Khush ... everyone wanted to tell you but that time the situation was different ... I mean you were just out from those horrible attacks and doctor told to not to stress you so I had prevented them all. I never had an intention to hide this from you ... but as time gone and they moved into a normal life it had skipped my mind. I am sorry Khush ... I know I shouldn't have

Khushi: (Holding his hand) I understand Arnav ... its okay

Both shared an emotional eye lock.

Kiran: (Waving her hands before them) hey lovebirds ... come to back to earth ... it's a temple after all

Lavanya and Nikhil chuckled at that.

Arnav: Oh ... you guys reached. Lavu, go ... and complete your Puja soon ... we have to be present at Anand Sadan for breakfast

Lavanya: Okay Bro ... I am just going to get the puja props and then just a simple puja. It will not take more than half an hour

Khushi: I will come with you Lavz ... I mean I want to know all the special pujas here and this Arnav doesn't know about anything

Nikhil: I too am coming ... I too want to understand the traditions here

Kiran: Now please go and complete your puja soon ... I want to go to Anand Sadan soon ... so go and come fast

When Lavanya went inside with them she saw her family looking at them curiously but she just ignored them.

Outside the temple

Arnav: Arrey why my tomboy Kiddu is all dressed up like a cute doll?

Kiran: Why asking? Your sis insisted ... saying it is a temple and blah blah

Arnav: What to do yaar ... see even your sister was insistent on these

Kiran: Arnie ... then why do you ask to come here? What was the necessity... when there isn't a person called God? Because if yes then there will not be a thing called pain ... we will not lose our Moms ... I and Kiya will not lose our Papa ... these all bad things will not happen. These all people are stupid Arnie ... but what I can't understand is that how can Kiya believe in him?

Arnav chuckled at that

Kiran: Why are you laughing Arnie ... I am serious

Arnav: I know ... and I had laughed because this was the question I too asked her one day ... but her answer stunned me Kiddu ... so I left that thought from my mind completely

Kiran: What?

Arnav: That is what I had said was true ... that its God who gave us that pain ... but again it is God who gave her ... her Kiddu and Arnav ... her happiness too

Kiran: (Smilingly) she is weird isn't it? I mean taking everything positively

Arnav: But you love her like that

Kiran: Like you

They both chuckled at that. When the DR finished there and came down they saw Arnav and Kiran. As she saw them she wished Chachu Shyam and Akash who she found was just the puppet of the DR Ladies and when Akash asked her why didn't she go inside the answer itself showed them she was literally the female version of ASR.

After they all left Arnav and Kiran continued their chat. Then Vedu came there and he invited her to Anand Sadan and knowing it was his birthday she squealed and hugging him tight wished him. After that, she left to meet Khushi and by then Kiran who was observing everything was really angry. Arnav saw her and asked frowning.

Arnav: Hey ... what happened?

Kiran: How do you know this Vedu? ... and Arnie why are you behaving like my Arnie with her? ... I mean why are you treating her like me?

Arnav smiled at the Kid inside her who now too can't stand him bonding with some other kid but he chose to clear her confusion as he knows it's all the problems of teenage.

Arnav: (Side hugging her) Kiddu, you don't have to be insecure bacha ... she is just a little Kid and faced a lot in her this small life.

He told her everything about Vedu and by the end like her sister she too had tears in her eyes.

Kiran: I ... I am sorry Arnie ... I mean I behaved like that without knowing anything ... poor soul had to face all these at such a young age and you were cheering her up and ... how foolish of me to get jealous of a little girl

Arnav: (Rubbing her arms) hey ... hey, it's okay ... it happens ... you see even Lavu was first afraid seeing our bond it was the problems during teenage ... but later she realized. And Kiddu ... I just want to say to you to not to be behind this because you have to know this ... that is you are most important for me like how you are to Khushi ... you ... you are like our first born ... because you are the one who instilled this father-mother kind of emotions and responsibility in us; you are and always will be our kid even when we will have our kids, ok?

Kiran hugged him feeling emotional with his talks and then they all left to Anand Sadan. All of their friends were there and with cake cutting and all everybody enjoyed a lot during breakfast and lunch. Anjali and her gang who was busy with shopping had only reached there in the evening much to the relief of Arnav and for the first time, he was happy that his sister was a shopaholic.

But what was surprising for Arnav, Lavanya, Rahul, and Aman was the happy Anjali left from there even after his flirty behavior with Khushi in front of her.

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Jun 10, 2017

Teaser for next part (By Maahiak) (Thanked: 42 times)

Anjali: Sheetal you hadn’t seen what I am saying. Dadi you know what, Khushiji is engaged.

Payal: What? How do you know that?

Anjali: I had saw Lavanya asking something about her engagement ring. And most importantly you know Dadi on tomorrow’s function Papa is going to arrange a party to announce about mine and Arnav’s marriage.

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