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Feb 7, 2017

ARSHI SS LOVE OF MODERN HEARTS (By Maahiak) (Thanked: 41 times)


This is just a try


Devayani Singh Raizada (80)

Mother of Manav and Manohar. Very strict Dadi for all except her Anju. Want arnav to marry a traditional girl like Payal and selected Sheetal for that. She doesn’t much like Arnav’s and Manav’s modern mentality.

Manohar Singh Raizada (60)

            Eventhough he is elder brother of Manav he has got no traits of study from him and running the family business under Arnav. Will do anything his Anju asks for.

Manav Singh Raizada (58)

            Manav loved his wife Arpita and so refused to marry again. He has a daughter Anjali but he is very close to his son Arnav who is like a friend to him. He was the one who inspired Arnav to get true love. He is a doctor by profession and now running a hospital and an orphanage along that under Raizada corp . He is very well aware of his son’s love life and marriage but keeping the truth for his son and DIL who is his friend Kabir’s daughter. He is waiting for his DIL to join him in hospital. He considers Akash, Lavanya, Rahul, Khushi, Kiran, Nikhil and Aman as his own Children.

Manorama Singh Raizada (56)

            She is actually a walking beauty parlour, but with no traits of fashion. For her Anju is always right. She along with Dadi has selected Payal her friend Madhumathy’s daughter as Akash’s wife and want Arnav too to marry a traditional girl  like her. Don’t like Lavanya’s thinking and dressing style. She want a goooood babua like shyam for Lavanya which she hates the most and think Pawan is the best choice.

Madhumathy Adesh Mishra (55)

Pawan, Payal and Pia’s mother and Manorama’s friend. Her husband died in a very young age.Very cunning and money minded person. Her children inherited all characters from her. Hoping that she get the raizada girl Lavanya as her DIL as Manorama promised. Like Manorama have a weird concept about fashion.

Arpita Singh Raizada (54)



Arnav and Anjali’s late mom. Died in an accident.She was a modern lady and until her death manav’s family lived separately in London, except Anjali as Anjali always liked to stay in India who turned to very traditional but Arnav was always like her and Manav. He inherited the ASR trait from her. Was a business woman. Loved her husband and children very much. Friend of Gayathri and was very fond of her daughter Kiya.


Shyam Manohar Jha (38)

            He is the pet of Anjali. He like Akash more than Arnav but has a wish to conduct his sister’s marriage with Arnav. Very orthodox and doing some works in court for time pass as he is enjoying a lavish life as Ghar jamai.

Akash Singh Raizada (34)

            He is puppet in his Mamma’s and Anju’s hand. Like Anjali more than Lavanya. Married to Payal as per his mother’s choice. Completed his fashion designing from Delhi as per his mother’s order and working under his younger cousin Arnav.

Anjali Manohar Jha (32)

            She is the pampered spoilt princess of raizada clan.Married to a civil lawyer Shyam Manohar Jha.Staying in RM with her husband and DIL. She hasn’t continued her studies after 10 th as for family girls shouldn’t study much. Even though Lavanya is younger than her for everyone except Arnav and Manav she is the little one. Love shopping very much, very orthodox, loves to keep puja for her husband and thus Arnav and Lavanya call her as PT in short for Puja Thaal. After her mother died her character changed drastically and that made Arnav distant from her. Want to conduct Arnav’s marriage with her sil Sheetal. She is actually the Ladly of her chacha, chachi, Akash bhai and Dadi.

Pawan Adesh Mishra(32)

Madhumathy’s ladly sanskari beta. Payal and Pia’s brother. They were actually very poor and after Payal’s marriage to the raizada family has planned well so that Pia and him too get an entry there. But since family was not ready to accept Pia he planned well so that she to got married to a rich family. He is actually running a  small restaurant and planning to trap Lavanya in his fake love. But as she was never close to his BIL and she is with Arnav always couldn’t get a chance, but is eagerly waiting for that. A real creep who lusts over every girl he sees.

Payal Singh Raizada (30)


  Akash’s wife and from a middle class family. First she thought she can bring her sister Pia as Arnav’s wife but later Anjali brainwashed her and now think Sheetal is his perfect choice. Likes to call everyone with relations that is Arnav as devarji, and La as nanad which irritates them to the core. Consider her bhai Pawan as mister perfect and pressurizing the family to conduct his marriage with Lavanya.

Arnav Singh Raizada (30)

            Arrogant, egoistic beast who have won the youngest entrepreneur award for three consecutive years now. Youngest  child of Arpita and Manav Singh Raizada. Was a mamma’s boy till her death at his tenth age. Then is very close to his father and tells his all secrets to his father. Close to his little cousin Lavanya, his childhood buddy Rahul, Aman who is his friend cum manager as well as to his Mother's family. He is not much attached to any other family members. He have a huge family consisting of his Dadi,  Dad, Chacha, Chachi, Di, Jijaji, Elder cousin Akash and his wife Payal. His family is very orthodox except his dad and Lavu and wants him to marry Sheetal who is his jijaji’s sister, but he is not interested at all. All young ladies are behind him including his employees and models but is very afraid of his rude charecter. But there is another cute Arnie in this mask of ASR which is known to only few people. Completed his study from Harvard and there he have a friend circle which include Lavanya. He started dating Khushi from college and married her before 3 years secretly which is known to his dad and Lavu in the family. Very close to Khushi’s younger sister Kiran and cousin brother Nikhil who is his friend. Living in Delhi but keep visiting London frequently.

Lavanya Singh Raizada (25)

            She is the ladly of her Bro and Chachu, exact opposite of Anjali. She doesn’t like her bhai Akash whom she calls as puppy as he will do everything for Anjali the PT. She is also a Harvard graduate all thanks goes to her Bro. She is now in the last semester of her MBBS with her bhabhi Khushi. Don’t like Payal, Sheetal and even her mother Manorama who think doing make up with a colourfull banarasi sari is the fashion. Very much modern and like Arnav and loves to do masti with Kiran. She is dating her Bhabhi’s cousin bro Nikhil from four years. And is currently living with Khushi and Kiran in London at Arnav’s house.

Sheetal Manohar Jha (22)


 Very orthodox but still is in her 19 th century belief that a Harvard graduate like Arnav will marry her who has discontinued study after 12th. Always trying to impress Arnav and the family but he has not even looked at her once which she think is due to shyness. Great company of Anjali and Payal and follows Anjali's every word.


Aman Mathur (30)

            Arnav’s and Rahul's friend from high school and now working at AR as manager. He pamper Lavanya like his sister and is engaged to his love Sruthy Mehra.

Sruthy Mehra (28)

            Aman’s love interest. Was Khushi’s classmate during her batchlers. Head designer of AR.

Part 2 character sketch is yet to come. Hope I am not boring you guys.

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Feb 8, 2017

Character sketch part 2 (By Maahiak) (Thanked: 35 times)

Kabir Kumar Khurana (58)

            He loved his wife to the core and after his wife gone into comma he done everything for his children. But her death affected him badly and left them three years ago. Was Manav’s childhood friend and the lost contact was re-built due to their children’s relation. Died happily knowing his daughter's are in his Arnie's and Manav's safe hands.

Gayathri Kabir Khurana (54)

            Was a lovely lady and a great mother. She gave birth to her second child Kiran even when she was known the complications of her pregnancy.

Kunal Kumar Khurana (54)

Nikhil’s father, Khushi and Kiran’s Chacha. A greedy person unlike his brother who will do anything for money. His one cruel act made his son leave him, and his wife is now constantly advicing him to leave all these. He know he did wrong but even now not ready to accept anything.

Nanditha Kunal Khurana (52)

Nikhil’s mother, Khushi and Kiran’s Chachi. She like Khushi and Kiran like her own children but afraid to go against her husband. Now she is repenting on her actions because it made them separated from their son Nikhil who is her world. Waiting to apologize to her son and constantly trying to make her husband understand his faults.

Nikhil Kunal Khurana (30)


  Elder cousin of Khushi and Kiran. Loves his sisters very much and thus while his parents betrayed them he too left his house. Angry on his Mom for not standing up for his cousins whom she considered as daughters. Arnav and Aman are his best friends. He was the one who first find out Arshi’s relation and supported them. Working in AR’s London branch. Dating Arnav’s cousin Lavanya for four years. Never been into India and hence afraid to face his soon to be in law’s family.

Khushi Singh Raizada (28)

            She is simply a chirpy girl who loved to be a doctor. But due to the sudden death of her mother who was in bed for years due to her complicated pregnancy, she was compelled to pursue bachelor of fashion technology in Harvard. Due to her mother’s death she couldn’t attempt the entrance examinations and she thought her all dreams ended there. During her bachelor’s she met Arnav again who was her childhood buddy as her senior. Arnav was the one who re-built her dreams in her and thus after completing her bachelor’s she joined MBBS in Harvard in next year. Now she is in the last semester along with Arnav’s sister Lavanya. After her mother’s death, her father was in great depression and was died three years ago. After his death her father’s brother snatched their all properties and she and her sister had to leave their house. Her sister Kiran aka Kiddu is her everything whom she looked after as her baby from her birth. And for her Arnav is her better half in all ways. Loves her cousin bro Nikhil who cut all ties with his parents due to their greedy nature. Friends with Naina,Rahul,Aman,Sruthy etc.

Kiran Kabir Khurana (17)

            She is what Khushi was during her childhood and now Arnav is enjoying his lost childhood with Kiran. Loves to nickname others, calls Khushi as Kiya and Arnav as Arnie but sometimes to get things done she will go for Di and Jiju. She is not very much aware about Indian traditions as Khushi is. Loves to do pranks with Arnie, Arnav also relieves his lost childhood with her and always their prey will be Nikhil. Even though Khushi and Arnav studied in same college they become close due to her. Now she is completing her tenth grade and wants to become a fashion designer as her Arnie. She had never visited India since before her birth her parents settled in London. During her birth due to complicated pregnancy their mother was in comma and thus Khushi is her everything. After her father’s death and Chacha’s betrayal she was the one who supported her sister even though Arnav and Nikhil were there. Named herself as K3 and her family as K3G (Kiran,Khushi,Kabir and Gayathri). Not to forget she is a SRK fan like her sister.

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Prologue (By Maahiak) (Thanked: 53 times)

Arnav was sitting in the dining table in RM. He was not at all interested to sit there since even Lavanya and Dad wasn’t there because like everyday the topic will reach into their pyaari, sanskari Sheetal bitiya. Actually what he cannot understand is that there will be idiots like her even in these century. Most of the girls he is close with, i.e. Lavanya, Khushi, Kiran, Sruthy, Naina etc are enjoying their life like there is no tomorrow.He thought is my family is that dumb that they thought he HE will marry Sheetal. Here comes she, Oh god what is the new thing sheetal bitiya did? His sister and SIL all are same in this house. I have to complete this stupid deal so that i can fly back to London, to my Kiya and Kiddu.His thoughts were broken by Dadi

Dadi : Arnav, When are you planning to get married to Sheetal bitiya ?

Arnav : Oh not again

Dadi : What ? She is twenty two now.Anyway this time Manav comes back from his conference, let me discuss this with him and decide. Anju did he called you ? when he is coming?

Anjali : Papa called today. It will take more than one month. Actually he have to go to America from there

Dadi: Mm

Sheetal : Arnavji, eat the aaloo puri na. I have made it

Payal : Aa, eat na devarji she made it especially for you

Arnav : No thanks, it’s too oily.

Suddenly Arnav’s phone started to ring. First he frowned to see the call at this time, then smiled thinking about her. Another complaint he thought. It is daily thing that khushi will call him to complaint against Kiran saying she slept late,woke her up in early morning by pouring water etc.Anjali who is sitting beside him saw the name and frowned. All the raizadas and jhas got a big shock seeing the kadoos ASR’s smile.

Arnav : Bolo na madam

Kiran : Arnie… it’s me

Arnav : Hey today the complaint is in reverse direction

Kiran : Arnie.., Kiya…

Arnav : What happened Kiddu?

What he heard on phone was enough for him to jump from his seat.

Arnav : Kiddu.. Now where are you ? Don’t worry I am coming. Lavu and Nik are there right ?. Don’t worry I will reach there before evening.

All were shocked with the turn of events. The thoughts in all their mind were Who is Kiddu? Why that person is important to Arnav? Who is Nik? How all of them know Lavanya?. But before they can intorregate him Arnav rushed out from RM in his SUV calling Aman and booking his tickets.

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Part 1 Jiju's ladly (By Maahiak) (Thanked: 56 times)


After Arnav was gone every person's jaws were dropped. Is this the same arrogant egoistic ASR they know? Unbelievable. Their silence was broken by Manorama

Chachi: Hello hi bye bye who is this Kiddu? Arnav ran away in one phone call

Dadi: Maybe some kid from Manav's hospital orphanage, I mean he said 'Kiddu'

Payal: But me, Nanad and Sheetal went there last week. There isn't anyone with that name.

Dadi: Then who is that? Arnav will not call an anybody with a nickname, and yeah didn't you guys heard what he said, he said something like 'today the complaint is in reverse direction' or like that. So that means the person may be a regular caller and must be really important as he went with just a phone call. You see was even smiling and then very much concerned. Anju do you know who is that Kiddu?

Now everyone looked towards Anjali, but she was not hearing anything, Shyam asked shaking her

Shyam: Anju, Dadi is asking you something

Anjali: Huh? What happened Dadi?

Dadi: Anju do you know this Kiddu?

Anjali: How will I know? He will never share anything with me. But yeah I think I have heard this name before when Mrs. Raizada was alive. She used to talk about a Kiya always.

Sheetal: But bhabhi Arnavji said Kiddu, not Kiya.

Dadi: Yes Anju, he said Kiddu.

Anjali: I know Dadi, he said Kiddu but I saw the caller id which you guys haven't. And it was Kiya, not Kiddu

Akash: I wonder how that people become so much important to Arnav that he left almost immediately

Chacha: Yeah, and I think he is going there today itself.

Shyam: They even know Saali Sahiba.

Akash: Oh yes let me call Lavanya then.

Akash called Lavanya numerous times, but the call went to voice mail and he frustratingly cut the call.

Anjali: What happened Bhai?

Akash: The call is on voice mail. Don't worry Anju, we will find out who it is.

After some time

Everybody was in living room resting after breakfast and Akash was trying different ways to get Arnav's whereabouts

Akash: (Sighing after cutting the call) I tried in office too, I thought he will go only after the meeting as it was really important. But he gave Sruthyji the charge of the meeting and gone. Even Aman too went with him. Then I contacted the airport but there is no booking done by Arnav in there.

Chacha: Maybe he had gone by his private jet but where would he have gone?

Chachi: I think he went to London since Lavanya is there.

Payal: Then this Kiddu may be Devarji's friend.

Dadi: Maybe

Suddenly Anjali's mobile started ringing with Manav's number

Anjali: Hello papa.

Manav: Anjali...Anjali is Arnav there? I...I can't get his number.

Anjali: No, he has gone somewhere without informing anyone after receiving a call with Aman.

Manav: He already left? (Sighing) Thank God! I was worried as I couldn't get him on phone.

Anjali: Papa is there any problem? And yeah who has called him?

Manav: Err... Anjali I will call you later.

Anjali: But... (Frowning at her phone) oh he cut the call.

Chacha: What was Manav saying?

Anjali: It seems like Papa too knew the issue. But before I could ask about those people he cut the call.

At Harvard McLean Hospital, London

It is night time now and Kiran, Lavanya, and Nikhil are sitting in the hospital corridor. Kiran and Lavanya have their head on Nikhil's either shoulders. And that's how Arnav and Aman arrived there saw them.

Arnav saw Kiran with a tear-stained face and whispered

Arnav: Kiddu...

Kiran who heard it looked up and saw her Arnie. She ran to his waiting arms almost making him fall and started sobbing.

Kiran: Ar...Arnie...Ki...Kiya

Arnav: Kiddu...Bacha, hey hey don't cry. Shh...It's ok nothing will happen to her, In fact, we won't let anything happen to her, okay?

Arnav: (Turning to Nikhil) Nikhil, what happened to Kiya suddenly.

Nikhil: know her. When she gets busy she forgot about her health if it is not for you. (Sighing) God knows when she had something.

Arnav: Lavu, You were there right, then how come?

Lavanya: No Bro, I had morning shift this week she had night shift and Kiddu, she was busy with her combined studies due to the board exams.

Arnav: (Sihing) This is the reason I told her I will go to India with her only. But the deal...and she...she...I...I don't know what to do. Now I am not going to listen to her I will stay here until the classes finish. The deal can go to hell, for all I care.

Lavanya: Bro...Bro our classes have finished. And graduation is in this weekend.

Arnav: What? Then, why didn't she tell me anything?

Lavanya: You were very busy bro, she told me she will inform you later when you are free.

Arnav: Is it? okay then let me talk to her first and then decide what to do. (Turning to Nikhil) Nikhil I will be here you go home with Lavu and Kiddu.

Kiran: No...Arnie, Arnie please let me stay here. I have my next exam only after this weekend.

And Arnav couldn't resist her pouting face and nodded

Lavanya: Okay then Bro, me and Nik will go and come tomorrow with your change.

After Lavanya and Nikhil gone Arnav gestured to Aman to bring something for Kiran from the canteen and sat side hugging her.

Kiran: Arnie I am afraid

Arnav: Why?

Kiran: I have only you people in this world. And she...she...Argh...why she is like this? Doesn't she care about us while doing this? Why can't she take care of her properly? I mean she is the elder one, but she, (Sighing) You know sometimes I feel like I am the elder one here. I mean she is, again and again, doing things like this and...

Arnav couldn't help but chuckle at her words even though he knew she is trying to hide her sorrow.

Arnav: Kiddu, yaar's ok, don't be...don't be afraid. Okay? Now I am here right? Let she wake up and we both will scold her...scold her so much that she will not dare to do anything like this again. And I think after your board exams finish we will shift to India.

Kiran: Wow India. I am really excited.

Aman came there with three juices and sandwiches. Arnav taking that from him,

Arnav: Kiddu, now have this without any fuss. Or is it like this that you too love the hospital's glucose like your sister?

Kiran made three O's on her face exactly like her sister making Arnav and Aman laugh. But nonetheless started having the juice and sandwich along with her constant blabbering sitting beside Aman while Arnav went to meet the doctor.

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Part 2 The cute family (By Maahiak) (Thanked: 51 times)

At London

It was late night. Arnav slowly walked towards the doctor’s cabin. The doctor  Mrs.Mary Jhon, Khushi’s senior doctor is a very friendly lady of almost his mother’s age. He knocked and entered her cabin after the soft ‘come in’.

Arnav : Hello auntie

Dr : Oh Arnav, come in sit dear. I was waiting for you only.

Arnav : Why? Everything is fine, right? I don’t know why she can’t take food on time.

Dr : Arnav, this time the problem is not about food, it is again a panic attack.

Arnav : What? But, it is a after a long time, you told me she was ok and will not have it again.

Dr : I know, I said you that but I told you also that until she doesn’t take any stress.

Arnav : Sterss? Why?

Dr : You will have to find out the reason from her. Last time it was her father’s death. This time I am sure about one thing, it is the fear of losing someone too close to her. And I personally have a doubt that it is about you.

Arnav : Auntie?

Dr : Yep, even in her unconscious state she was taking your name, that too very painfully.

Arnav : I feel helpless again. I had successfully brought her from those attacks after a lot of attempts. Now again, what shall I do?

Dr : Arnav, you know her better than me. So, talk to her and take it out from her mind and make her understand that her fears are not going to happen. I know you can. I had to talk to you about this. That’s why I had waited for you. Ok.

Arnav : I will try my best auntie. Anyway thank you

Dr : Hey, you don’t have to. She is like a daughter to me. Also please talk to her alone, I think she will only tell you the matter that’s why I hadn’t talked about this to others. Now go to her she will be awake in sometime. Everything will be fine Arnav, don’t worry we will make everything alright. Ok. Bye now. Good night.

Arnav : Good night Auntie.

The doctor walked away patting Arnav’s cheek. She really adores this lovely couple whom she considered as her own children.

Arnav walked back to Khushi’s room. Outside Kiran had fallen asleep in Aman’s lap. He slowly picked her and walked to Khushi’s cabin with Aman. He placed Kiran on the couch and sat in the stool near to her. Aman signaled him that he will be outside. Arnav nodded and started to caress her head slowly patting her to sleep and thought what had happened to her suddenly she had called him early yesterday morning and was in a very good mood. Then only the reality hit him. She hadn’t called him after that, now he was sure that the doctor’s words were hundred percentage right. What could be the reason? He was pondering over it but suddenly heard a sound of something falling. He turned around suddenly only to laugh out loud, since there Kiran was sitting on the floor after her rolling down from the couch. She pouted seeing his laugh. Arnav slowly walked towards her to help her, but he couldn’t control his laugh. And that made Kiran angry.

Kiran : Haw Arnie how cruel you are? Your wife is in hospital bed and me on floor and you are laughing! How mean!

Now both Arnav and Kiran burst in to laughter and Khushi started to wriggle her eyes to open them and suddenly sat on the bed with a thud.

Khushi : ARNAV……

Arnav and Kiran first looked at each other and then ran towards her. From her facial expression one thing was sure that she was very much afraid. In fact she was shivering very badly. Arnav sat on the bed and Kiran stood near them. Seeing him Khushi hugged him like her life depending on it and started to take uneven breath. He hugged her back and slowly stroked her back to calm her down. After Khushi was stable he looked towards the strong hold on his hand and saw a fearful Kiran. He pulled her towards them and hugged both of them together. Kiran too hugged them both, and then only Khushi realized they were not alone and broke the hug. She then looked towards her right to see her little sis there.

Khushi : Kiddu

Kiran hugged her and started to sob.

Kiran : Kiya, please don’t do this again. If you want I will never play any pranks on you. I will even come to temple with you and will do everything you are saying. Please, please don’t leave me. You know I was very much afraid to see you like that. Don’t do that again.

Khushi : I am sorry Kiddu, very sorry. Please now don’t cry baby

Now Khushi too started to weep with her. So Arnav decided to lighten the atmosphere.

Arnav : Hey ladies, now stop crying  . Otherwise the people here will ask me why I am with two ghosts.

Instantly both of them hit him on hand and then all the three smiled.

Arnav : And Kiddu you agreed to scold Kiya after she wakes up, now what happened?

And then raised his eyebrows.

Kiran : you too were saying the same thing

She stated as a matter of fact and then made an expression like tit for tat.

Arnav : Oh, I am sorry my lord I forgot I am talking to K3.

Kiran : Don’t worry I will always make sure you  remember that.

Arnav sighed and Khushi started to laugh seeing their cute fight. Suddenly she started to cough badly. Arnav fetched the water while Kiran rubbed her back. He made her drink the water and after she was better, Kiran sat hugging the two important persons in her life. After sometime  Arnav and Khushi looked down to see Kiran sleeping peacefully.

Khushi : Slept?

Arnav : Hm. He then got up from there and placed her again on the couch, this time with pillows around her.

Khushi : Why are you placing pillows?

Arnav : Kiya, you are asking that? She is your sis right? The same TKD pose. And also she had fallen before you woke up?

Khushi : What?

Arnav : yeah. I have a lot to talk to you. But now you are very tired. Will talk in morning.

Khushi paled hearing him. She thought is he going to say me that he wanted to be free from me, so that he can obey his family. Arnav saw various emotions playing on her face. He understood she was going to say something.

Arnav : Hey Kiya, don’t think much. I am here only, don’t worry, and now sleep.

Khushi : Promise?

Arnav : Promise baby. Now sleep.

Khushi hugged him tight placing her head on his chest and slept peacefully trusting his words. After she slept he tucked her carefully and gone to the couch and sat there replacing the pillow and made Kiran to sleep on his shoulder. He too placed his head above her.

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Feb 17, 2017

Part 3 Let us talk it out (By Maahiak) (Thanked: 51 times)

At London in Arnav’s house

Lavanya and Nikhil just reached home and Nikhil fell on the couch. Lavanya picked her phone to put it on charge and frowned to see a number of voice mails from home.

Lavanya : Oh no!

Nikhil : What happened Lav ?

Lavanya : There is a number of voice calls from home, especially from the maa ka ladla and puja thaal. I don’t know what has happened there. Now what might be their Anju want? Oh she really irritates me. You know Nik yesterday it was a wedding proposal and that too that Payal’s cousin.

Nikhil : WHAT? Are you going to marry that guy?

Lavanya : Are you mad Nik? Me? That too that dumb. Never gonna happen. I know Bro and Chachu will handle it.

Nikhil : Anyway you just play the message. Might be something else

Lavanya played the message and she was shocked to find the reason of their call. Her mother’s message was as expected was about her marriage and all but from Akash and Anjali it was just questions and questions about Arnav and his whereabouts.

Lavanya : OMG. Bro has gone this time. I think he has taken Kiddu’s name infront of them. All are asking who is she? Is bro with me? Etc. Now what will I reply? I should not call them back.

Nikhil : No Lav it might bring suspicions and will cause problem for Arnav and Kiya. You please tell them I had an accident and as he is my friend came here.

Lavanya just did as told by Nikhil as she doesn’t want to raise any suspicions before Arnav introducing Khushi to his family as told by her Chachu.

In india

It was 7.30 morning when Akash got Lavanya’s message and he immediately informed the matter to the family when they gathered for the morning puja. They all breathed a sigh of relief as they heard it was Nikhil who was in hospital without actually knowing where Arnav was.

At London

It was 7 in the morning when Khushi opened her eyes and saw the two important persons sleeping with Kiran’s head on Arnav’s shoulder and he has protectively held her around shoulder. Then they too started to wake up due to the sunlight coming through the window.

Kiran : Hey today you woke up early Kiya. Good morning

Khushi : Good morning

Arnav nudged Kiran with his shoulder

Kiran : Oh good morning to you too ASR

Arnav : Good morning K3

Arnav slowly walked towards khushi and sat beside her while Kiran gone to wash room.

Arnav : You ok baby?

Khushi just avoided his eyes and said a ‘Hm’. Arnav frowned seeing her behavior but decided to talk later. That was when Lavanya and Nikhil entered. And Kiran too came back.

Nikhil : Arnav you fresh up we had brought dresses for you and we will take Kiddu while going back.

Kiran : Nik, I too want to stay here

Lavanya : No you came with us and bro you please call Anjali once, otherwise she will eat me. You had said Kiddu’s name yesterday and they were bombarding questions to me. I had told Nik is in hospital

Arnav was continuously watching Khushi. She was cringing hearing about family and he frowned.

Arnav : Thanks sis I will call her later.

That’s when the doctor entered the cabin. After checking Khushi she said that they can take her home and indicated Arnav to talk to her.

Kiran : Arnie I will come with you guys

Arnav : No you go home with them. I have to talk with Kiya.

Kiran looked at Arnav, and decided to do what he has told because she knows this tone. This is something serious she then looked at Khushi and understood a talk is important. Nikhil too observed them and gestured Aranv what’s the matter. He just blinked indicating he will solve this. After taking discharge papers the threesome left.

 Then Arnav picked up Khushi and she was just staring at him. Then he drove towards the park. After reaching there he again picked her and placed her near the bench near the swimming pool. Sitting beside her and taking her hands he started to speak.

Arnav : Khushi

Khushi looked up at him surprised because he calls her as Kiya usually but as Khush if he is super excited or frustrated  and as Khushi only when he is very much emotional.

Khushi : Aranv, what is the problem. You look very upset.

Arnav : No I am fine.

Khushi : You remember you are talking with me. I know you are not alright. I can understand you without you say anything to me. Please what is it? Take it out. You will feel better.

Arnav : So you to have to understand that it is applicable for you too. Now don’t frown. What are you hiding from me? I know this is something related to me. You know you haven’t called me a whole day. You know Khushi, someone had told me once sometimes we will not be able to share anything with anyone, but sharing it will clear your mind and you will feel better.

Khushi looked up at him hearing her own words from him which she told to him on his mother’s death anniversary.

Arnav : You know khushi what this place means to me. This is the place where we fought as children, I met you after years, met Kiddu for the first time, and most importantly it was where I last played with mom and her favorite place and I will never lie sitting here. Khushi I know we have married suddenly without any preparation. But you and me both know we was not compelled for that, we were one even before that, we were engaged for a long time and was sure will marry soon. The circumstances were different but the marriage wasn’t anything which we weren’t sure. Right?

Khushi : Yeah, Why are you saying all this now?

Arnav : No, let me speak today. You know how much I was worried when I got Kiddu’s call? How painful it was to see you like that? Baby you again had a panic attack. I don’t know what the matter is but something has happened after our call. I know it is not easy for you to trust, after all your family itself has ditched you, Your papa who told he will be with you always had gone but trust me, After we shifted to India I had met a number of girls, no one was close to me other than Lavu. You know why? Because even then I was always in the pain of missing my hazel eyed irritating girl that I didn’t even realize when I fell for you. I know I was only 10 years then, but love is something which has no age. When I again met you here these eyes which attracted me even before I realizing it was you. The day Auntie died I saw a strong sister, and then when I met you during college even when you were in pain after Auntie’s death the way you sang the song to entertain seniors who tried to rag you, nobody will say that you were in pain. That was the girl I fell in love with who was strong, who always trying to make other’s happy. Who has changed the ASR into this Arnav, Please tell me the matter if you can and don’t forget one thing, I am not going to leave you, my love for you is not a pretense, It is not like I love you because you are my wife, rather you are my wife because I love you.

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Part 4 Heart to heart (By Maahiak) (Thanked: 54 times)

Tears were continuously flowing from both their eyes and Khushi hugged him feeling overwhelmed.

Khushi : Arnav please don’t say that I know you are not lying, I can never question your love, but Arnav yesterday when I got all negative thoughts together, my mind couldn’t take it. I am sorry

Arnav : Hey please don’t say sorry. If you are not comfortable to share it, it’s ok. I will not compel you.

Khushi : No today I want to share everything with you. I had closed my mind after Papa’s death not sharing anything to anyone and it has brought enough problems for me. I too want to be the old Khushi.

She started to walk towards the pool and stood staring at the pool. Arnav came towards her and hugged her from back and kept his head on her shoulder.

Khushi : You said right? That I was strong even when Mamma died. Even though I was the one who consoled Papa that time But I was always afraid to lose my loved my loved ones and that’s why I was very protective over them. You know Mamma was in bed since Kiddu was born, so she was always my strength. Mamma used to tell me stay strong always. You will be weak only when you yourself allow for that. Also papa was there so I was carefree. But after Papa gone I was not able to think that now I have to take up every responsibility and my strengths started to lose. But I took up the responsibilities for Kiddu. I wanted to be strong, but then Chachu snatched the properties and all and the thought of someone who is our own betraying us broke me. Then even after that he planned to demean me, but thanks to you and Dad we got married. It was you who saved me from the people Chachu sent to kill me after a group rape so that he can hurt something which is precious to Papa, it was you who give me reason to live, who brought back my dreams for me, who become the perfect Jiju for Kiddu and protected like an elder brother .You know Arnav the place I feel protected when I am in your arms you are my weakness and it is you who is my strength too. Arnav and the thought of letting you go from my life is something which stopped my breath, I felt suffocated everything started to revolve around me and then lost my consciousness. Kiddu and Lav would have very much frightened. Did you hear what and all she told when I got conscious? Poor my baby. Leave all that Arnav you remember my friend Rose?

Arnav just nodded and she continued.

Khushi : Her mother died yesterday and you know the reason? Her parents don’t like her boyfriend and she married him. But that brought an attack to her mother. Her brother lost his mother because of her selfishness. . You and I both know the pain of losing our dearest family our Mamma.So I was very upset and thought to call you but I forgot to take my phone with me. Then when I came back from there, Lav’s phone was ringing which she left in hurry. Even before I started speaking Chachi was saying her she want her marriage to happen with Payal’s brother Pawan along with your and Sheetal’s marriage. She was saying Dadi and Anjali too were very much excited, whole family wanted this etc. At first I was shocked and angry and thought you are mine how can they think like that and all, but when I thought about Rose’s mother I couldn’t be angry, I know if your family can’t accept our marriage, you will leave them. But the pain of living without a family is something we cannot accept easily. I had gone through that so I will never wish that for you. So I thought I should let you go for your family. But my mind wasn’t able to accept that thing, a life without you, without seeing you, hearing you, feeling you, your love, concern, and protectiveness. I was like back to square one after Papa’s depth, my mind started to get blank and I lost it again. Arnav I know it’s my selfishness but please don’t let me go, please I can’t even take that thought. I am not that strong. I know I may be snatching your family but……

Arnav just turned her around. Both were crying together. He first shushed her and kissed her tears away.

Arnav : Baby, please look at me, it is not your Selfishness, it’s your right to ask me that. Because I can never let my life to go away, right? Khushi you yourself told the pain of losing family. Do you realize that we are a family? Now you and Kiddu are my own. Dad and Lavu too accepted you and that is enough for me. The family I have in India other than them is just for name sake. They only love their Anju other than traditions. She was in India even before Mom’s death, so it was not a problem for her to settle there, Dad too couldn’t live here because without Mom this place felt empt. But when we settled there I couldn’t accept the surroundings. My sister was never affected but Dad understanding my situations sent me to America. Even during my vacations when I will go home I was always left out as odd one until Lavu grown up. Anjali may be my own sister but she never understood me like Lavu did, the same goes for Akash and Lavu too. Anjali never pampered me when I was a kid but when I started to earn money, to be famous suddenly started to care for me and now Anjali just want me to marry her SIL so that all wealth can be under her control. Can you imagine she didn’t even get a doubt that I might be in love with someone, while Lavu identified it even before me. You and Kiddu too are like that, have the capacity to read each other’s mind. The other members of my family are puppet in Anajli’s hands and they will do everything for her. Even when I and Lavu are younger than her, they all treat her like a baby. I can never marry Sheetal Khushi, even if I am not married to you. As I said earlier, like dad I too believe that marriage should happen only when if there is love, otherwise it will be always compromises and acts to impress our partners like Anjali-Shyam, Akash-Payal and even Chacha-Chachi. You see your Papa is my another role model, love is eternal Khushi it can’t be created. It has happened for us and I will never let it to go away for others. Leave all that you should see Anjali, Payal and Sheetal, even you wear traditional dresses, but that doesn’t mean you can’t be modern. Khushi my family believe only traditional people can understand love. The funny thing is that actually they know only to be afraid of society. I really can’t understand that why modern people can’t love? See both our parents were modern but their love is pure, but my family will never understand that, and that’s why they were angry with dad to marry a person like Mom until Anajli was born. So if I have to leave them for you I will never feel bad Khushi but if you are thinking that I will let you go even after all this it will surely hurt me.

Khushi : Arnav I am sorry, really sorry please forget all this. I will never again think like this.

Arnav : Good for you. Otherwise I know other methods to make you believe

Khushi : And what is that Mr.?

Arnav: (Huskily) you really want to know?

Khushi nodded shyly, he pulled her close and whispered.

Arnav : Later.

Arnav was now happy after clearing her confusions and was smiling all the way home. Both were glancing at each other and he decided to tease her.

Arnav : You don’t worry Kiya you will sure get your punishment tonight

And winked at her. She just made the famous three o’s in her face and he chuckled heartily which brought a smile on her face too.

At home (Arnav’s home - Paradise)

Kiran was talking excitedly but all her listener’s were almost asleep due to her constant blabber. Suddenly Arnav with Khushi in his arms entered there. They both were lost in each other. Seeing them like that she understood the ‘talk’ done its benefits and decided to tease them and shouted. All woke up hearing that.

Kiran : Hey love birds, if you have time here we are, otherwise get a room.

Arnav :  YOU..

But stopped seeing his father and placed Khushi in the nearby couch.

Arnav : Dad? You here? You didn’t inform me. I would have sent a car.

Manav : Hey relax. Iam fine. Aman came to receive me. How can I sit there peacefully knowing my Kiya is not well?

He walked towards Khushi and sat beside her.

Manav : What happened bacha? You should take care of your health. You yourself is a doctor and don’t know this? Or is this a new technique to bring your Kadoos husband here?

Khushi : Dad…

Manav chuckled and hugged her.

Kiran : Haw Uncle, you forget me after meeting your DIL.

Manav : Come here pagli

Kiran too ran to them and sat in the other side of Manav and he hugged both of them together. All people watching them were smiling with wet eyes seeing the bond. For Arnav and Lavanya this scene is always a surprise, since even though Anjali is a girl she was never a Daddy’s girl and Manav too wasn’t much fond of her. But here he was totally open with Khushi and Kiran.

Manav : Arnav, I am here for a week. I have to attend an operation next week at USA so will go for that. And I am very much excited. My two daughters are going to graduate, to be doctors and then going to assist me. By the way do you know who the chief guest is?

All together: Isn’t it obvious the great ‘Dr: Manav Singh Raizada’

Manav : (Chuckled) ok ok. Arnav now let us have lunch and then Kiya have to rest. Also you please call home and say only will come after Lav’s graduation. I think today Lav saved you. Anyway I am very eager to take my Daughters home.

Arnav : Sure dad. We all will shift there after Kiddu’s exams.

Manav : Hm. And Nikhil, you better start preparation since these two are married that will be more easy. But you have got a competition in the name of Pawan. Even though he is nothing compared to you for us to impress her Parent’s and my Maa is not easy.

Lavanaya : Chachu you are frightening him.

Arnav : But more than him, you be prepared you even forgot to wake up early.

Lavanya : Bro?

Kiran : What bro? When we call you guys for morning jogging you two blame us stating we disturbed your sleep.

Arnav : Yeah, you two lazybones. What to do yaar, both our sister’s are alike.

Khushi : Lav now again we are out.

Aman : Leave all this. Now we can have lunch.

Even before Khushi could stand Arnav picked her up and all started to tease them. The Lunch was a jolly affair and after that Arnav called Akash because he was the better option now.

Akash : Hello Arnav, why didn’t you called us? How is your friend? When are you coming back? Wait let me call Anju.

Arnav : Akash, Akash wait let me speak with you,I will come only after this weekend. After Lavu’s graduation.

Akash : But I am coming for the graduation. Papa said he will manage. I will come with a surprise

Arnav : You are coming here ? Your Mamma allowed for that? And Anjali? By the way now aren’t you afraid of plane?

Akash : No, all are insisting me to come. I will manage.

Arnav : Ok then, I will send Aman back. All can’t be here. There are important deals to handle. You will come on graduation day right? Please inform me when you are coming. I have to be prepared.

Akash : What?

Arnav : Nothing Akash, you will not understand. Ok then.

Akash : Ok I will message you the time, please be there, I don’t know the place that’s why.

Arnav : Hm

He cut the call and started to living room to say this problem to everyone and thinking about different plans.

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Please note (By Maahiak) (Thanked: 8 times)

Guys i have modified my character sketch adding two more persons. please check it.

Feb 19, 2017

Part 5 Its date time (By Maahiak) (Thanked: 43 times)

At Paradise

Kiran : Uncle you please take me for shopping and an ice cream too. These two doctors are so boring.

Khushi : Idiot you are saying this to another doctor.

Kiran : But he is not like you guys. Right uncle?

Manav : You are always right princess.

Arnav came and sat near Khushi and lied there keeping his head on her lap.

Khushi : What happened Arnav? Any problem?

Arnav : Not that I can’t handle. Aman you go back to India before weekend somebody has to be there for the deal.

Aman : I will dude, but Akash is there right?

Arnav : No, he is coming for La’s graduation

Lavanya who was drinking a juice lazily spat the whole content on Nikhil who was sitting beside her hearing the news.

Nikhil : WHAT

Arnav : Yeah! He will come on the day of graduation. He told me he is coming with a surprise.

Lavanya : Bro, Anjali’s Puppy, Maa ka ladla Akash is coming here. Means I have to act as a behenji? That too on my graduation day. No way, you please tell him not to come.

Arnav : Lavu, how can I tell him to not to come for his sister’s graduation

Lavanya : Oh please, it is not like now he love his sister. It is just they want me back and guess for what? To marry that creepy Pawan. Eww

Nikhil : Oh god, now what about me don’t say me that I can’t go there as her date.

Arnav : Don’t worry dude both our sisters are there na so we will never miss our date.

Manav : Arnav? Now what is your plan? Are you planning to disclose everything now?

Arnav : That is what I am thinking. But I think it is better to tell everyone together.

Manav : That is right. We can tell them everything directly. And I will be the person to tell them, it will be much better. So a proof planning is necessary on the grad night.

Arnav : Hm.

Manav : Anyway leave all that. Me and Kiran are going out, right dear? What about the two love birds?

Lavanya : We have to attend a party.

Arnav : No you guys go. Kiya should take rest.

Kiran : Ok then I will get ready.

Lavanya : Chachu will you do me a favour, please bring a suit for Akash, otherwise I will be a laughing scene there.

Kiran : We will select something yaar. You please take a chill pill.

All started towards their rooms. Arnav was sitting on the recliner thinking deeply. Khushi come there with a cup of coffee. She placed it on the coffee table and sat near him placing her head on his shoulder.

Arnav : Why are you straining yourself I didn’t asked for one.

Khushi : I wanted to have a coffee with you. Arnav what is your plan? Is it right to hide when Akash comes here. Later he will feel bad.

Arnav : I will do something by which we don’t have to lie to him.

He kissed her forehead and she closed her eyes. Both were relishing their togetherness. Kiran knocked the door and came in. She saw relaxed Khushi and thoughtful Arnav. Khushi raised her head and both looked at her.

Kiran : Kiya I am going out, come to say bye. It would have been good if we all go together. But you need to rest too.

Khushi : We will go together later. Ok? Now go and enjoy but please be nice on Dad.

Kiran : (Pouted and sighed dramatically) I will not be able to sleep if I can’t play pranks but you don’t worry I will spare him. Anyway you need anything from shop?

Khushi : No baby, ah may be some ice cream.

Kiran : Sure will bring a family pack. Oye ASR, didn’t have any well proof plan? Don’t worry when K3 is here.

Khushi : No Kiddu, you don’t give any stupid ideas.

Kiran : Stupid? You are saying MY ideas are stupid. You stupid doctor don’t underestimate the power of a common man. Arnie you take ideas from your wife itself I am going.

Kiran hugged him and kissed his cheeks. Showing her tongue to Khushi ran out. Arnav chuckled seeing that. He looked to her sprinting form retreating and gone down the memory lane to the day he first met her.


Arnav as usual came to the park for jogging. He came here because it’s his Mom’s favorite place. He took so many rounds and then sat on the bench drinking his protein shake. That’s when he heard a sound. He looked towards his right to see a little girl of about 7-8 years wearing a jogging suit crying sitting there. He felt sorry for her and asked.

Arnav : Hey dear what happened? Why are you crying?

She slowly looked up at him.

Kiran : (Sniffing) She said no to K3, how dare she

Arnav : K3? Who is that?

Kiran : Me who else?

Arnav : Ok what happened ?

Kiran : You see that lady sitting there showing her back to us. I was tired after jogging, so I went to have an ice cream then she scolded me and said to vendor to not to give.

Arnav : What the. How dare she? How can she tell like that? Wait let me ask her.

They both walked to the bench and he realized the lady was sleeping sitting there.

Arnav : She is sleeping! Is she mad or what to sleep here?

Kiran : She daily does that.

Arnav : Hm, let me talk. (To the lady)  Hello, how could you talk to a kid like that? How dare you to ask the vendor to not to give ice cream to her?

Khushi : (Woke up due to his shout and got angry and turned around but without looking up) I dare and I can decide when to give an ice cream to my sister (Looking at Kiran)

Arnav : You may be her sister but do you know who am I? One second you are her sister WHAT THE (He too looked at her)

Now Kiran started to laugh out loud seeing both of them and they understood she had played well and looked at each other.


Arnav smiled at the memory and brought back from the thoughts seeing Khushi coming from bathroom changed into her Shorts and loose tee for the night. Before he could think about some naughty thoughts she handed him the night shorts and tee and pushed into bathroom. When he came from bathroom he saw the lights on the poolside is on saw he went there. He saw a table set for two and all the food items. He searched for her and saw her sitting in the swing looking at the pool all lost. He gone there and lay there with his head on her lap.

Arnav : Baby where are you lost.

Khushi : Arnav what will be the surprise he told you?

Arnav : Who? Akash? Hey you are again thinking all that. You don’t worry sweetheart I have planned it all. Please don’t go here.

Khushi : (Smiled) I know Arnav I am not thinking it like that. Just curious you know. Leave all that come let’s have dinner. I have prepared all your favorite items. Now don’t be in the angry bird mood. I am perfectly fine. By the way all are enjoying their dates to the fullest I think. Nobody came back, so have arranged the dinner here.

Arnav : Really! Let them enjoy na, so that I too can enjoy my date here. (Winked at her)

Khushi : Hm. Ok then come I am really hungry.

Arnav : (Huskily) Let us finish it soon, then I can have my dessert.

Khushi : Eww you are becoming naughty day by day (Swat his arms)

Arnav : Only with you.

Khushi : Ok then catch me first.

She started to run around the pool and he too ran behind her. At last he caught her in his arms and put over his shoulder to the world where only they and their love was present.


Next part is about the Graduation night. Akash is coming with his surprise.


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Part 7 facing the problems (By Maahiak) (Thanked: 54 times)

Part 6

At Paradise

It was a nice evening and the day before Lavanya and Khushi’s D day. Arnav received Akash’s message before hours and was almost the time of his reach. He had sent a driver with a placard Akash Singh Raizada. All were in the enjoying each other’s company in the backyard playing Basket ball. They were playing in girls- boys’ team as usual and Kiran was near the basket. As she was not much a good player Arnav had been training her to play and all was happy seeing her improvements. Nobody noticed a car stopped there or the servant opened the door or hearing the loud voices from the back yard Akash reached there. Akash left mouth opened seeing Arnav, Manav and Lavanya playing and laughing to their heart’s content. He saw a girl, a lady and a man too is with them. The Men team was teasing the ladies saying like always they will win. Suddenly Kiran got the basket. Khushi and Lavanya cheered loudly in their victory and Manav and Nikhil was smiling at them. Akash knowing Arnav expected a blast due to his opponent’s victory. But what he saw shook the ground under his feet as Arnav ran to Kiran and picked up her from the ground and cheered loudly.

Arnav: OH MY MY. KIDDU THAT WAS AWESOME YAAR. You seized it so soon. I am very proud of you my girl.

Khushi & Lavanya: Now you understood girl power. Yaay.

That was when Manav saw a rooted to the spot Akash staring at them.

Manav: Oh Akash! You reached so soon.

Now all looked Akash and seeing his pose Arnav asked.

Arnav: Akash, Dad is asking you something.

Akash: (Blinked twice) Ah I reached now, the plane was early.

Manav: Ok, let us get inside.

All started to walk towards the house, Akash was the last one and he grabbed Lavanya.

Akash: Lavanya! What the hell are you wearing? There were men around you. And who are they?

He asked her showing a sprinting Kiran with Nikhil & Manav and Khushi who Arnav had side hugged.

Lavanya: Bro (Akash raised his eye brows so Lavanya stressing the word) Bhaiyya Chachu will tell you. What is the surprise you were talking about?

Akash: Come with me.

All reached the hall and saw a person sitting there from back. The servant was looking frightfully seeing his lusty eyes. Arnav frowned thinking who the hell is that? Hearing the sound the person turned back and as Manav feared it was the creep itself. He looked at the ladies with a negative look. Lavanya looked at herself and then looked at Arnav pleadingly. Arnav clenched his fist seeing Pawan in his home.

Arnav: Lucy, you go and bring juice for all. We all will come after changing. Akash (Akash frowned but it has no effect on him like Lavanya had) you take Pawan(With gritted teeth) with you and go to the guest room we will talk after fresh up.

Manav: Yeah come Akash I will show you the rooms.

Akash and Pawan walked with Manav but Pawan smirked looking at Lavanya and Nikhil clenched his fist.

Nikhil: Dude what is that guy? Do you saw the look I would have beaten him if he is not your family. Disgusting man.

Arnav: You think I like that creep. I felt to kill him the first day itself. And dude He is just Akash’s BIL, for me but the family is seeing him as the best guy. Now everyone go and fresh up. Come Kuku before they coming and ladies wear something which will cover you more.

Reaching the room Arnav showered first and told Khushi to come fast and went down to see his father sitting there reading newspaper and Nikhil watching TV. They all looked at each other and nodded understandingly. Soon Khushi and Lavanya came and went into Kitchen to help Lucy. Then Akash and Pawan too come there and Khushi and Lavanya served the juice. Kiran came running and sat on Arnav’s armrest started to drink the juice very fast and coughed. Arnav immediately patted her back.

Arnav: Slowly Kiddu. Kiya take a glass of water.

Kiran: I am ok Arnie.

Akash looked shocked at Khushi and Kiran. He thought Oh so this is the Kiddu he talked that day and Anju was right Kiya is here too. So this may his friend Nikhil who was in hospital she called him Arnie and he smiled at her. Manav saw his frown and decided to tell the half truth.

Manav: Akash this is Nikhil Arnav’s friend from Harvard and they are my friend Kabir’s daughters. Khushi is doing her Medicine with Lavanya.

Khushi and Nikhil said a hi. Before Manav can continue Kiran said.

Kiran: And myself Kiran Kabir Khurana, doing my tenth grade.

She shook hands with Akash and waved a hi at Pawan.

Manav: This is my elder brother’s son Akash, and Lav’s elder brother. And he is Pawan Akash’s BIL. They both said a hi and Arnav seeing Pawan’s look towards La ushered them for the dinner.

All were at the dining table with Manav at the head chair and Nikhil opposite to him, Khushi and Kiran on each sides of Arnav, Akash was sitting in between Lavanya and Pawan. Kiran was as usual blabbering away and Arnav was giving her with full attention. Suddenly Pawan turned towards Arnav

Pawan: So Arnav Bhaiyya, you guys are living together (seeing Arnav’s raised eyebrow) I mean these guys are staying here? I mean unmarried ladies and gents staying together.

Arnav: (Smiling sarcastically) Oh come on Pawan some creeps doesn’t know the value of friendship. They think everyone is like them. For that we cannot change right?

Akash frowned without understanding anything while Pawan realized he was not talking to his dumb jiju.

Akash: Chachu I have a list of things to buy for the ladies at home, when can I go? And Lavanya you come with me I will take you for shopping, you will need a saree for tomorrow na Anju had told to buy one for you.

Kiran: Saree! But Kiya and Lavu’s dresses are already designed by Arnie. Right?

Arnav: Yep. Akash you can select something from our own boutique. The driver will take you there.

Manav: Do one thing Akash You and Pawan go for shopping tomorrow morning and then come to the venue itself. We have to be there as AR is the sponsor of the show and I am the chief guest. So we all have to go.

Pawan sighed dejectedly seeing his plan to go with Lavanya again failed while Akash nodded understandingly. All retired to sleep and Nikhil fearing about Pawan told Kiran and Lavanya to sleep together. Khushi and Arnav was the last to go to their room. Reaching the room Khushi saw Sruthy’s message that Aman and she too is coming for the grad night since the deal was successfully got over.


All were at breakfast and Manorama who never bothered about her daughter’s education told them excitedly.

Chachi: Akash bitua called. Today he is going to shopping with Pawan bitua since Arnav brought her dress for today’s function. I hope Lavanya will pass today then she will return here soon so that we can conduct her marriage with Pawan babua along with Arnav and Sheetal bitiya.

Anjali: I hope my plan to be successful that now Lavanya will change her attitude towards Pawan bhai seeing his genuine love towards her. You see he has gone there for her.

Chachi: Don’t worry she will realize his golden heart. Now just Arnav and Manav come back then we can have two marriages together.

Sheetal blushed thinking too much about Arnavji and Payal teased her and all smiled seeing them.

At Harvard

It was evening and the problems will reach here soon thought a bored Kiran. She had saw how Arnav urged Akash and Pawan to go early morning before anybody wakes up so they will not have to act. Now what will be his plan? She looked at Arnav, Nikhil and Aman who is busy organizing the event. Khushi and Lavanya gone to their friends with Sruthy, and as Kiran was not interested in girly gossips she sat there itself. Manav was with the college authorities. Suddenly Aman came and sat beside her.

Aman: So, Kiddu is bored. What are you thinking this deeply?

Kiran: A little bit. Ammy what is Arnie’s plan? The host will surely address Kiya as Mrs.Khushi Singh Raizada. By the way why are you worried?

Aman: Arnav has given me the responsibility to move them during the honoring otherwise to type my resignation letter.

Kiran first chuckled as Arnav will fire Aman everyday and then gestured Aman to come close and whispered something. Then they hi-fied together.

Aman: Thanks Kiddu, you know you are my life savior.

Part 7

The event has started Arnav and Manav was in stage. Akash and Pawan who has never been in this type of functions were sitting in the first row itself very excitedly in their not so much comfortable suits while all others except them were in the backstage. The prizes for the toppers were giving today and after that there will be the prom or after party.

Host : Hello guys a warm good evening to all, welcome to today’s graduation and award ceremony. I think some you guys know me and my co-host as we were students here. I was in law section and my friend in business management. It is a great privilege for us to stand in front of you as hosts of today’s function. Right Arnav?

Arnav : Well said Rahul. We are honored to stand here and to host this function. So guys we are welcoming you all for tonight on behalf of Arora and Raizada corp.

Rahul: Before getting in to the function we would like to thank the authorities for giving us this wonderful opportunity and I would like to enlighten you about today’s agenda. Along with this year’s graduation we are getting the privilege to honor our chief guest, my mentor Dr: Manav Singh Raizada who had won the best compassionate doctor award recently with his immense dedication in the works of Raizada orphanage hospital from where my life has started.

Arnav: Ok guys let us welcome the principal Dr.John to do the honor and Dr: Raizada to receive this award as our token of love.

Dr.John gave the award for Manav and then he took the mike.

Manav: Thank you all for your love and a special thank you for Rahul and Arnav for keeping it as a surprise and making it special for me. This award is more than special to me than the one I received from the board as I was a professor here and to get this from you students’ means a lot for me. Once again thank you and best of luck for the winners.

Rahul: Thank you Dr.John and Dr: Raizada. So let us start with the awards and all.

The ceremony has started and the award for toppers starting from 10th rank was giving and the students spoke some words showing their gratitude.

Rahul: Ok now coming into the next, this is special for me as the person who receiving it is like a sister to me. So guys put your hands together for the runner up of this year Ms.Lavanya Singh Raizada.

Lavanya came into the stag and Rahul and Arnav hugged her. Then Manav presented the award.

Rahul: Congrats Lav and tell us how do you feel being the runner up?

Lavanya: Good evening guys and thanks Rahul. Guys actually I don’t know what to speak being here but I am so glad that I am a part of this awards, at which rank it doesn’t bother me and if I achieved this then the credits goes to Khushi and our combined studies. Thanks to all my friends and to you too Rahul for all your support and love. More than all that I have to express my gratitude towards the two important men in my life, my Uncle Manav Singh Raizada and my cousin Arnav Singh Raizada. Without their guidance and love I will not have been here today. Thanks Chachu and thanks Bro.

Lavanya said this with moist eyes and looked at them. They too were with wet eyes looking at her. Manav smiled her fondly while Arnav gave her a side hug squeezing her shoulders. They were very much content to see her determination and hard work paid-off and was proud to see her achievements. Akash looked at the stage and seeing that bond he felt a pang in heart. Even though he love Anju more, to hear that for his sister Arnav is important than him he don’t know actually what to feel. Lavanya even thanked Rahul but forgot about him. He thought is this what she feels when I support Anju over her? Suddenly he got a call and gone outside to take that. Manav saw that and sighed.

Rahul: So guys now coming in to the topper of this year, I think Arnav would like to do the honor. What say dude.

Arnav: Very true. Guys I don’t know what introduction I should give you about her. As the most adorable doctor I know or the person who hold the strings of my heart. Yes guys you guessed it right let us welcome the topper of this year my wife Mrs.Khushi Singh Raizada on to the stage.

Khushi came to the stage and Arnav gave her a tight hug to show his support. She then briefly hugged Rahul and Manav after receiving the gift.

Rahul: Congrats Kiya and tell us how is the family re-union we arranged here?

Khushi: (Chuckled) you are right Rahul actually I feel like it is a family reunion. Like Lavanya said I too don’t know where to start and yes dear our combined studies found its results. First of all I am thanking Dad, Kiran, Lav, Nikhil, Aman, Sruthy, Naina, Rahul, Rose and all my dear ones. But most importantly all this credit goes to you Arnav. I know you don’t like it when I thank you but tonight I have to. Guys when I am standing here now I am thinking about the days when I dropped the dream to be a doctor and joined Fashion technology. The three years I spent there was constant reminder of my unfulfilled dreams. But then I could join for medicine and now could stand here all because of my better half. Arnav Mom would have been proud of her Arnie than me today and Mamma and Papa would have been so happy to get you as their son in law if they would have been here. So thank you Arnav for being my strength and support system and for loving me unconditionally. And today in front of this crowd I am saying this love you Arnav love you so much. (In tears)

Arnav too hugged her feeling emotional and murmured a love you too and the whole crowd gave a standing ovation for them. And that’s when Akash walked back to his seat with his limping BIL. Kiran and Aman saw that and winked at each other. Pawan dropped in his seat without having any remaining energy but Akash saw the hug and frowned. But later he thought they may be friends and even Lavanya hugged Rahul and Arnav but even then he could feel the intensity was somewhat different. He brushed it off hearing Pawan’s groan.

Rahul: So now all the couples welcome to the prom and after party

Arnav : Yeah welcome all and make it memorable

Akash then walked to back stage with Pawan. All saw them coming and frowned thinking what happened except Aman and Kiran. Akash informed he can’t attend the Prom and as Pawan was not well and was going to home with driver and all nodded happily in mind seeing the creep’s look and as now they don’t have to pretend.

At prom

All couples (Arnav-Khushi, Nikhil-Lavanya, Aman-Sruthy, Rahul-Naina and Manav-Kiran) were around a large table and enjoy the meal. Suddenly

Rahul: Pawan’s pain was worth watching.

Arnav: Yeah Aman thanks dude.

Aman looked Kiran and she winked at him. Khushi had already seen the exchange.

Khushi: So Kiddu what was the plan?

Arnav: Why are you asking her?

Khushi raised her eyebrow and all eyes now shifted towards Aman and Kiran.

Guys meet Rahul Samar Arora (30) and Naina Rahul Arora (26)

            Rahul was a member in the Raizada orphanage at a very young age. After Arnav’s mom died he used to visit the orphanage frequently with Manav and they become friends and later seeing Rahul's brilliance Manav sponsored for his studies and he was Arnav’s classmate from his fifth grade. His father was an IPS officer and someone killed his parents since his father’s sincerity towards truth. So he vowed to study law to help poor from his childhood and he and Arnav supported each other during tough times giving a shoulder to cry. Later Aman joined their gang during high school and Nikhil in university. He married his college sweetheart Naina whom he met due to Khushi after he came back to India and joined IPS. He later started his own secret detective agency and expanded his business with Arnav’s help and that’s how Arora corp. was born. He always tell Arnav that they are an example for opposite attracts as he is RSA and Arnav is ASR. He is now actively participating in the matters related to orphanage along with Arnav and Manav. He treats Lavanya and Kiran as his sisters

            Naina and Khushi were neighbors and that lead into their friendship from their nursery classes. They used to do all masti together and later joined Harvard together. There due to Khushi and Arnav she met her soul mate and as her parents wanted her happiness more than anything they approved her choice and they got married four years ago. She is a lawyer by profession and now staying in India and running her law agency Arora associates under Arora corp.

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