Dark love

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Mar 9, 2017

Chapter 9 (By Rituluvrshi) (Thanked: 35 times)

Chapter 9

"Khushi?" I halted my steps when I heard Akhash yell out my name.

"Oh Hi Akash.. Whats up?"

"Oh .. Khushi, Sneha was saying you were looking out for me? What is it?" He said and my smile instantly faded away.

"Yes. Actually.." I looked around to see if anyone was around. "Do you know who Vivek Gupta is?" I asked him with wide eyes."I mean What was he doing here, yesterday?"

"Vivek Gupta??" He creased his brows as if thinking very hard." Oh yeah! You know about the upcoming fashion show right? He is the manager of AR Designs. They have supplied all the raw garments required for the fashion show.(Pauses) In fact, they have also contributed some of their exclusive designs solely for the show. This is a very big project as two of the best designing companies are coming together for the first time. " He continued speaking about how media are excited about the whole project but my mind had already gone haywire because I knew I had no chance of backing off. I had to face him and that too with a smile.

I didn't have a choice. I excused myself and walked straight to a room unless Akhash notices my disturbed face.

"What the!!" Mr. Raizada exclaimed as I had straight away collided with him and he had held my arms for support. when did I enter the conference hall?

"Cant you for once see and walk Miss Gup.." His words faded away as he stared at me. "Is everything ok, Miss Gupta ?"

Why does it matter to him? I wanted to scream out. But I also knew if i try to speak even a word I might start crying.

"That's none of business Sir. Until it effects the work of the company, I don't think you should be bothered about it." I snapped back in rather rude way, I regretted it the very next second as I could feel his anger.

He held my arms in vice grip and I hissed in pain.

"You are hurting me Sir" I said my eyes glistening with un shed tears. He stared at me with anger and so did I.

"Don't talk to me like that... I am your bloody boss." He hissed every word with utmost priority.

"That's what I am saying, you are my boss. You should only be bothered about the work I have to finish. And I -"

He held my arms even tighter and I was sure that the red marks had alredy shown out there.

A tear rolled down my eyes at the pain my arms as well as my heart was feeling. He seemed to notice his tight grip as he slowly left my arms. He turned around, took a deep breath as if calming himself and again turned again.

"Please.." I whispered and if it was not for his sharp ears he wouldn't have turned around and watch me loosing my balance.

"Khushi?" He held my right arms balancing me. Some more tears rolled down my cheeks.

"please.. " I said and looked into his confused eyes.

"I am tired Sir.." I paused and he waited for me to continue. " And I don't know if I can handle it anymore . I have..(sniffs) I have already been forced a lot to do things that are out of my will and dignity." My eyes traveled down to my feet as I said. I paused and looked up as if meaning what I really was about to say." Now , no more!!" I think he was successful to fathom the resolution, my eyes most probably was yelling. I pulled my arms out of his grip and he let me go.

As I walked past him, my steps halted as I heard him say. " I just want to help you."

I walked up to me yet again and I left a sigh. " You don't understand Khushi, .. I just.. I just want to help you.. you have no idea." He took a deep breath as if preparing to say something that's really difficult to say.

I waited for him to complete it but instead he left a sigh and said almost inaudible "Never mind"

Yeah of course!! Never mind.

I walked with a long strides unless he captivates me yet again in a vice grip and utter some absolutely senseless things, messing my already messed up mind.. And life!!

That evening at 8:00 pm

Anna had been staying at my place ever since that flower incident happened. She didn't want me to stay alone because according to he. if the intruder could leave the house with flowers all around without her knowledge,

when my keys were with me that's means he could attack me anytime. And of course, she was right. I politely refused her offer to stay with her.

"Khushi, its been almost a day now. Will you please tell me what kind of reply you gave him?" She jumped right onto my face and replicated the almost cute puppy face.

"Yeah!!." I kept my cup of tea on the table and folded my legs onto the bed, making myself more uncomfortable.

"I replied that I don't really care you he is. And if he is brave enough he could come and confront me face to face rather than acting like a total psycho.

I even said that if he was willing to meet me, I would decide the venue and solve the matter here.

I respect his feeling but if he keeps on acting like a jerk I might never like him.

And thus waiting for his reply."

I picked my cup and sipped my tea. She had an expression as if the information was finally sinking it.

"Ooo... But how will u send it to him.. I mean you don't have addre-"

"It already has" I smiled." I kept the letter in between the red colored flower I had managed to notice. And kept it outside my house before leaving for office this morning."

" And you sure it had reached him already?" She asked with uncertainty.

"I think so.. Because when I came back, the bouquet was still there but the letter and one red rose was missing. He had found him.. "

"You did the right thing khushi and is this the bouquet you are talking about?" I looked at where she was pointing.

9 red rose stood proudly as I remembered the most bloomed one that was missing. I just hoped that this matter gets solved down.

Suddenly the light went off..

"Oh god khushi.. now whats up with this light?.." Anna exclaimed in annoyance.

"khushi, you okay na?..wait a minute I will just .. " She turned on her flash light and so did I.

"Anna.. how can the power go off? Let me call the power department" I went through the contacts list when Anna said she is going down to bring the candles.

Not a minute had passed when Anna's screaming resounded through the air. I dropped my phone in a jiffy and walked down the stairs in hurry.

"ANNA??" I yelled.

"KHUSHI?? " I heard her yell again.

I moved around the hall, only a beam of light coming from the moon directing me.

I couldn't locate her voice but she the sound had stopped coming already. A chill ran down my spine at the thought of the psycho.

"ANNNA" I yelled my lungs and instead of her reply, the hall grew bright with lights but my eyes had grown wide, almost coming out of its sockets.

My heart pounding and my body trembling at what I saw in front of me..

To be continued....

Mar 26, 2017

Chapter 10(part1) (By Rituluvrshi) (Thanked: 28 times)

Chapter 10 (part 1)

I moved around the hall, only a beam of light coming from the moon directing me.

I couldn't locate her voice but she the sound had stopped coming already. A chill ran down my spine at the thought of the psycho.

"ANNNA" I yelled my lungs and instead of her reply, the hall grew bright with lights but my eyes had grown wide, almost coming out of its sockets.

My heart pounding and my body trembling at what I saw in front of me. I rushed towards what seemed like an unconscious Anna with blood around her.

"ANNNA?.." My hands trembled as I tried to take her in my arms. I kept calling her, asking her to open her eyes, my mind seizing all logical thinking.

I frantically looked out for any cuts and wounds that oozed blood. My heart raced and tears rolled down my cheeks.

But to my utter surprise I couldn't find any. And then it clicked me. I looked closely at the blood.

My eyes widened as realization dawned me. I left a hoarse cry of relief. It was pig's blood.


"thank you so much Akhash.."I thanked Akhash as I walked him to the door.

In response h just smiled and said that there is no need for one and he would be always there for her.

As I bid him goodbye I recalled how at the nick of time he had called me when my mind had seized to work.

He had calmed me down as I kept weeping. I smiled thanking god for having a very good friend in Akash.

I watched him drive back to his home in his SUV and disappear into the dark lane.

I was just closing the door when a beam of light stroked me. I stood perplexed, my mind seizing to exist.

I was so scared that I closed the door at once and stood there breathing heavy. After calming myself down I slowly walked to my room where Anna resided.

Somewhere I knew that the flash had something to do with the stalker and this was enough to send my mind into panic mode.

I realized that I was all alone yet again with sleeping Anna in my room. I looked at her face which seemed to be peaceful.

I hurriedly closed all the curtains of the room and went down to do the same. If he was capable enough to enter the house without her notice and try to cause harm to Anna ,

he could do anything. When I was done, I gave a final glance to the hall and proceeded my way to the room.

A loud shrill of the bell freaked the hell out of me. I trembled at the thought of him being here.

The bell rang again and I jumped. "W..Who..is it?" I yelled. There was no reply. I waited for him to say anything but instead a sharp knock came in.

I breathed heavy and looked around to attack him.

"Khushi? You there?" I heaved a great sigh of relief when I realized it was Mr. Raizada. I gave a nervous smile and opened the door with still shaking hands.

There stood my boss in all his glory in his business attire and his sunglasses still on. If it was any other day, I wouldn't have stop myself from asking why he was wearing the aviators in a dark night.

I removed his glasses and looked at me with worried eyes.

"what..happened khu-" I didn't let him complete his sentence as I had jumped to hug him tight. I didn't know what made me do so. Maybe I was simply glad that I was not alone or perhaps

I was just happy....to see him??

"I ..I was so te..tensed .(sniff) I..I thought i..I will die..I .." I said in between my sobs.

I kept on weeping failing to realize he had not hugged me back. I clutched him tight as memories of evening flooded my mind.

I didn't know why but his mere presence had brought a great solace to my mind, almost as if I knew I am safe now.

Moments later when realization dawned me, my eyes widen. He was my boss!!! I started pulling myself back when I was surprised to feel his arms around me. He was hugging me back.

It was like I had forgotten to move. I felt his arms around me which gave me a feeling of protectiveness. It was magical.

Putting rest to my thoughts, I started pulling myself back. And then our eyes met and the world seemed to stop. His soft and concerned look touched my heart and at the same time questioned why?

We kept on looking at each other as if that was the only thing that's needs to be done.

"Are you okay?" His, this one question always managed me to be off guard and even if I wanted to lie i just couldn't.

I nodded my head slightly and pulled myself from his arms. I looked here and there in embarrassment and I knew his eyes were fixed on him.

Taking a deep breath I asked him to come in.

"Sir, was there any work that needs to be done? I mean Its so late .." words faded away as I looked at the clock.

"Actually khushi... I - I was.." I saw him fumble with words and stared at him with confusion.

"Iwastensedforyou" He said in one breath and my eyes widened in surprise.

"Tensed?.. why?... I mean"I waited for him to explain and to my surprise he was looking at me with soft smile.

He slowly walked up to me and I stepped back. what was going on?

He continued walking towards me, his eyes fixed on mine while I clumsily walked backward.

I collided with the wall and stood perplexed. He brought his hand up and rested it onto the wall beside me.

"Sir.. Wh-what are you,,doing?" I stammered and tried to move away from the other way but he had already blocked it with his other hand.

Breathing heavily, I didn't dare to look at his eyes so I thought of admiring his shirts button for a while.

But to my utter surprise he leaned forward and involuntarily looked at his eyes.

"Khushi.Gupta. Do you have any ounce of idea ,what you have been doing to my mind from the day I met you?" I looked at him with wide eyes.

What was he talking about?

"You have been messing with my mind even though I tried every possible thing to push your thoughts away.."

"I..I..What ..what have I done Sir?." I mustered up the courage to ask him.

"Ssshh.." He kept his finger on my lips and I immediately felt the kind of sensation it brought.

"Don't say anything?" He removed his fingers and I stared at him as if waiting for his next move. He was unpredictable anyways.

Slowly,he straighten himself kept his hands into his pockets and stared at me. What does he want now?

And when I thought nothing more could surprise me today, he asked "Why were you crying?"

Mar 27, 2017

Chapter 10(part 2) (By Rituluvrshi) (Thanked: 26 times)

Chapter 10(part2)

"Look Khushi.. I don't know what you are thinking.. "She held my elbow " don't trust any of them"

"whom are you talking about?" I tried to shove her hand away but she was adamant.

"you know what I am talking about..." She looked into my eyes with sheer seriousness.

"I know Anna.. but.." I sighed at last.

"Khush.. listen.. ASR could be anyone..And its better if you be careful around all of them."

Silence prevailed for a while as I analysed how true her words were.


"Why were you crying khushi?" his question came once again as I was brought back from the flashback.

I didn't know, how to reply to his question because neither could I tell him the truth nor could bring myself

to lie him. But keeping Anna's words in my mind I spoke the words that came to my mind.

" Actually.. I -I was .. I mean I am scared of darkness.. so I ...panicked and ..and I am sorry for .. i -I shouldn't have hugged you.."

My cheeks had gone red with embarrassment as I recalled how it felt to be in his arms.

"Bas(Enough)" If it wasn't for the thick silence in the hall , I swear I wouldn't have heard him say that.

I looked up to him and stared at his face as if waiting for him to continue.

"If you don't intend to tell me the truth.. at least don't lie." I saw a flicker of hurt in his face and I wondered if that was because I didn't tell

him the truth. How does he know that I am lying?

More than that, one question was running in my mind, What the heck was he doing here at this time of night???

Given that he had not given me any proper reason for his sudden wish to visit me out of blue, I wondered.

And considering what kind of person he was, like someone who believed that he is answerable to no one, I doubted if he will ever answer me.

"Why are you here Sir?" I asked him out of blue.

At first he seemed surprised at the sudden turn of topic and with almost a small smile, well almost, replied" Because I wished to"

Thats it?? I mean, does he even know that he is acting like a perfect boyfriend that I had imagined for years???

He shouldn't be acting like this, even though I agree I have a little ,ok not little, feelings for him but I knew he was not interested in me.

Well, thats what I think. And I didn't want to embarrass myself by letting my feeling take over my mind and at last getting insulted for the same.

"Sir, I think this looks highly unprofessional from your part. We share an employee-boss relationship and 'wishes' don't really count." I finished in a business like tone.

"But not outside the office" he snapped back and smirked at me.

My eyes widen as I tried to comprehend the meaning behind his words. Was he flirting with me?? 

Either he had got his head hit somewhere or I was dreaming. This couldn't be possible.

Before I could answer I saw him looking past me. Oh ****!!!! I had totally forgotten about the blood. I turned where he was looking.

His eyes had widen, and I gulped. I racked my mind to create some believable lie.

"Actually."before I could complete, he had giving me an unnerving look and stormed out of the house in long strides.

I stood gaping at the sudden turn of events. Whats wrong with him??


As he stared at the picture in front of him, a small smile played on his face.

"Abhay babu?" A lady in her early fifties called out to him.

He kept the frame down as if to hide it from her.

"There is no need to hide it from me.. I know everything beta" She kept her hand lovingly on his head and explained.

"I can't forget what she had done to me... She has to endure the punishment." His eyes turned red in both anger and with unshed tears.

"Don't do this... just let her know.. She will love you." Tears rolled down her eyes and she stroked his hair.

"No!!" He replied in sheer rage and the lady was taken aback.

"No.."he repeated once again "This will never happen" He said and stormed out of the room, leaving Sweta Gupta, Khushi's mother, in total stress and total discomfort.

Heyya friends,

Sorry, couldn't reply to your comments

Just a little busy.

Will reply back soon.

Thank You


Jun 22, 2017

Chapter 11(part1) (By Rituluvrshi) (Thanked: 19 times)

Chapter 11 

Part 1


Mrs Smith carried an infectious smile as Sweta Gupta came forward to hug her.

"I am glad you came" Mrs Smith said with teary eye as she looked into the eyes of the person, she believed cared for her. In fact, she was the only one who truly cared for he. She knew it.

Reciprocating the smile, Sweta produced a photo frame from her worn up bag and handed it to her.

"I know Mrs Smith, this is equal to nothing but I really wanted you to see it." She gave a teary smile to the blonde women and waited for her reaction.

But instead, she turned it down and spoke with firmness.

"No, not now.. I want him to meet him in person" and with little irritation "And Sweta, you can call me Rose. How many times I have to tell you that?"

Memories of togetherness flooded their mind as they jumped to hug each other with tears running down their skin.

Yes, Best friends or rather sisters were truly united.

HR head office

The scheduled fashion show was to be held after few weeks and the employees in hr were working very hard.

They were so determined to make it successful and sometimes they would leave late at night.

My condition was no less. Technically, I was the Sales manager of the company but due to some mysterious reason Mr. Raizada wanted me to finalize the dress for every model. To find out what was in his mind was jotted down in my to-do- list. Well, I had almost forgotten that I was supposed to model one of the dress  designed by HR house.

It was Akhash who gave me a fake angry look when he realized I had not chosen the attire for the big day.

"I am so sorry Akhash. I had almost forgotten. Well, dont worry. It will over in minutes." I gave an apologetic smile which he never returned. Instead,"Minutes?? Are you kidding me Khushi?? Please take hours to finalize what you would be wearing. Your outfit is very important."

Important? Why so much stress to it? I am just another model. Before I could raise the question, someone called him and he got busy.

Hours later, when only few models were left to take their size, Akhash approched me.

"Here Khushi, this is the outfit you are supposed to wear. Designing team thinks it is best for the show stopper.

I just hope you like it."

"Show stopper??" I asked wide eyes "But Akash, you all know that I have never walked on a ramp. How can you trust it with me? No.. You should take someone else for it." I looked up at him.

"Hey Chill yaar.. Dont worry.. we have plans. You just change into it and see if it fit for you."

"But-" his phone started ringing and he just gave me an re-assuring hand on my shoulder and walked away.

I hopped into the dressing room and took out the dress from the packet and gasped.

It was a maroon red gown with a curvy cutting on the shoulder. With pearls bordering every corner of the dress gave a

shiny feeling to it. It had outer that matched the dress but had net work on it. It was so elegant,modern but yet

not revealing so much of skin. It was too beautiful.

Minutes later when I had slid down the gown, I was struggling with the zipper on my back.

I heard footsteps in the green and thought it to be Sneha, who was assisting me with my work.

Without, looking back, I yelled "Sneha, please come help me with the zip. I cant do it."

I called out one more time when I heard footstep around. She was here, finally.

"Please pull up that zipper Sneha. I cant each it. What are you waiting for? Make it fast."

Seconds later I felt a cold and manly hand gliding up on my zip. Shocked, I looked up

on the mirror. Mr. Arnav Singh Raizada stood there looking at the like no one ever had.

Like a man looks at his woman. My heart skipped a beat.

Jun 28

Chapter 11 part2 (By Rituluvrshi) (Thanked: 14 times)

Part 2

"Please pull up that zipper Sneha. I cant each it. What are you waiting for? Make it fast."

Seconds later I felt a cold and manly hand gliding up on my zip. Shocked, I looked up on the mirror. Mr. Arnav Singh Raizada stood there looking at the like no one ever had.

Like a man looks at his woman. My heart skipped a beat.

He slowly pulled the zipper up and I closed my feeling his cold hands against my skin.

My heart beat increasing and I closed my eyes as if afraid of something.

Why did I get butterflies when he was around me? I didn't know and neither I wanted to find out.

"You look beautiful!" I jumped out of my skin and opened my eyes only to witness his chocolate

brown orbs observing. I was so lost that I haven't felt him leaving me and standing in front of me.

I blushed. I dropped my eyes and searched for my voice. He had become so vocal about his thoughts nowadays.

And I was having difficulty in comprehending the reason behind his words.

Did he like me? Or he was just playing around like the rich guys in movies? I was confused yet I didn't know how to reciprocate.

"Thank. you" I said at last and looked up only to see him giving a lopsided smile. He looked beautiful when he smiled, I thought.

"Miss Gupta, I think this dress goes perfectly with you. I was not wrong. " he raised his brows as he said those last words.

My eyebrows crinkled as realization dawned me. He had chosen the dress for me? Why?

Oh God!! He is the head of the company and he would want only best for every little thing concerned for the benefit of the it. No big deal!! Isn't it?? Am I reading too much between the lines??

He looked at his watch and said I could leave the office. He walked towards the door but he stopped on the threshold. He turned around and said nonchalantly "There is a low profile business party tomorrow.

All the delegates, especially from AR degins will be present there. Don't be late."

"But Sir, Akhash didn't tell me anything about it. He would have informed me earlier. I-"

"He also doesn't know about it. He will be informed. "

" Oh" Thats all I could say.

"The address of the venue along with the party theme will be forwarded to you. Be there by 8 pm sharp." He left.

I sighed and wondered about the shades of personality he showed in front of me. He was weird person.

I turned around and looked at myself. I actually looked good. A red hue slowly made its way to my cheek as I remembered his compliment. Its not everyday that your boss compliments you. It was special.

And somewhere I knew it was more special because it came from Mr. Raizada ,no!.. Arnav. I smiled.

Unknown place

A man probably in his late twenties halted his car in front of the old building. He came out of the car and kept looking at it feeding his hungry eyes of the probable abandoned structure in front of him.

If it was not for his aviators, anyone could just glance into his eyes and say it held great pain.

So much that even devil would want to take away some.

It was a dark night and the whole place looked deserted. There was hardly any house around and no single soul could be seen. The silence was eerie and it could give anyone the chilling sensation-but not for this guy.

He slowly walked up to its main door moving his head around as if replaying something. When he reached the door of the 2-story building, he looked at the old styled lock, which could broke within a single stoke of the stone.

He produced a bunch of key, held together with a thick thread and chose one.

The locked opened after few attempts and he pushed opened the door.

He entered inside to see many furniture covered with white cloth , he moved around and walked straight to the hallway.

It was as if ,he knew the interior like the back of his hand. He stopped at one of the table and looked at an object covered with the white cloth. From the outline it produced, one could predict that it was a frame.

Clutching the cloth tightly in his fist and taking a deep breath, he removed it.

A girl, nearly of 8 years stood smiling with a lady in he late twenties. No doubt, the lady was Sweta Gupta.

But what shocked him was when he realized, the kid was none other than Khushi Gupta.

Something changed in his eyes. Just like his life has changed in seconds.


Next day

At party was to be held at Daze Club and I had reached the venue by 7:00 pm. The reason why I got early was because I got a call from Mr. Raizada that there were certain changes in the plan and I need to reach early.

First I didn't believe him at all because he was someone who never makes last minute changes but the constant coughing gave me an idea that he got cold and must have some rest before the party.

The thought of him being sick concerned me but I waved away the feeling thinking he can take care of his heath.

He is not a kid Khushi!! And don't try to act like his wife!! I scolded myself and entered the club.

Surprisingly, the club was empty, not a single soul could be seen. The lightings were on all around and everything was ready.

But presence of no one gave a knot in my stomach.

"Akhash?"I moved around "You there?"

"Sneha?" I opened the door to enter the garden area, decorated fully red and white balloons.

It was beautiful but I had no time to admire it.

I moved from one corner to another but I couldn't locate anyone.

I don't know why but fear of unknown started gripping me.

I fumbled through my bag to take out my phone and instantly dialed Mr. Raizada's number.

After few rings, he picked up his phone but instead of a hello he said something that took my breath away.

"Miss Gupta, where are you? The head of the AR degins wants to discuss about you work."

"Si.Sir..Party?..I am already here!!" My heat beat rose as thoughts of the stalker creeped in.

"Are you kidding me Miss Gupta? I cant believe you are showing me highly unprofessional behavior...Come to the Sunshine Club ..."

Raw fear gripped me as I turned around to see the door of the club looked from inside.

Next second, the lights went off, I yelled and felt the manly hand closing my mouth as I slowly fell conscious.

I could hear Mr. Raizada shouting if I was okay, if anything was wrong. I wished I could tell him. Something was terribly wrong. Very wrong.

Sep 14

Chapter 12 (By Rituluvrshi) (Thanked: 15 times)

Chapter 12

I could feel someone carrying me but couldn't move my hands and legs. It was as if it was under some spell.

I struggled to open my eyes as I realised, the mysterious man was right infront of me

without any mask.

I desperately tried to open my eyes fighting the enormous sleep trying to engulf me.

He kept on moving , his hot , uneven breathe kissing my face time and again.

He seemed very calm and composed as if kidnapping someone and carrying them everyday was his daily job. Or maybe, yes??

Slowly, the darkness was engulping me and I fought desperately unless he disppeared like last time.

I couldn't let him do this.

"P.Pl-ease..."I gulped "Tell me .. who are you?"

He shot his eyes red eyes towards me and I dont know why I passed out.

 Maybe under the influence of  medicine or under the shock of recognising him.


Anna ran across the deserted road with a crushed letter in her hand.

Her hair disleaved, clothes torned at places with blood marks here and there.

Blood streamed through her  mouth and stained her white collared tshirt.

She seemed totally exhausted but taking deep breathe she ran across the road again.

After few steps she stopped to catch her breathe but her exhausted leg gave away and she fell down on the road.

"khu.shi..Khushi" She gasped for breathe while taking khushi's name desperately.

It was as if she wished Khushi could hear what she wanted her to know.

A white suv halted right in front of her, flashing the light on her.


She looked up and a tear ran down her cheeks, mixing with the blood.

Few man surrounded her. One of them sat down and snatched the paper out of her hand.

The man punched her on the face, she screamed while more blood streamed through her mouth.

She wept silently at her helplessness.

Without wasting next second, they sat on the vehicle and left.


Khushi struggled to open her eyes and after few attempts she did.

She took in her surrounding and it took her a while to register that she was in totally different place.

She panicked while she remembered about the kidnapping.

She jerked up but her  hands and legs were tied  up to the chair.

The room was not properly lit with a low voltage bulb in the corner. It smelt faul and she wanted to puke.

Old furnitures were stacked in  a row covered with white clothes all around and it gave her a feeling that she was in a possible storeroom.

What was she doing here?? 

"Help?" She yelled. "Is anyone here??" 

She desperately tried to move but the rope was tightly tied around her wrist to the chair.

Suddenly there was a noise behind the close door and a person, tall in appearance came in front of her.

"How are you, Khushi??" He asked slyly.


Jan 19

Chapter 12(extended):the commotion (By Rituluvrshi) (Thanked: 20 times)

The next morning saw Mr. Arnav Singh Raizada rushing into the city hospital with his panic stricken face.

His steps seemed heavy and it was almost as if he was dragging himself into the corridors of the hospital.

His ears refused to register voices but the one guiding him to his Khushi.

"This way Sir."Someone in white cardigan called out to him and he followed him almost mechanically.

His vision blurry,breath shorts and sweats rolling down his forehead.

He almost left a sigh of relief but stopped short when he took in her pale face and a body connected with numerous wires.

"You can be here for sometime but please do not disturb the patient"The person in the white cardigan said oblivion to the fact that the other person didn't register anything he said.

His eyes were fixed to the lady dressed in pale green dress provided by the hospital.

He stared at her with a blank face as he registered how pale and dead her face looked in her color and immediately decided he hated that color.

He will never allow her to wear it again.

He dragged himself to her and carefully took her hand in his as if he didn't wanted to hurt her.

Not that he had never done that. His closed his eyes in guilt as that thought crossed his mind.

He is guilty. Guilty of so many things and he was afraid how much more guilty he would feel when his Khushi would know about it.

Few minutes later there was a knock and his must trusted employee stood in-front of him.

"Where is he?"Arnav breathed out without looking behind.

"Sir, we are still trying to track him. He just seems a little too smart. It seems like he got hold of the chip that we were usi-"Aman started.

"Trying ?"Arnav glared at him "You people are still trying to get hold of that **** " He breathed fire.

"Its that why I pay you people for?..For trying dammit!!"He lost his cool while his voice resounded across the corridors of city hospital.

There was a little commotion outside the door and few nurses entered in.

"Sir, What are you doing?Please don't make noise. You will disturb the patient." One nurse voiced out in a shaken manner as if she was scared of the person in-front of her.

And why not, he was giving Aman a deadly glare which has even make dead bodies shiver.

But the nurse seemed a little relieved as the man in question gave a look at his Khushi, which surprisingly for the nurses, soften his gaze and walked out of the room.

Aman followed suite.

Next update:Coming in few fours

Jan 24

Chapter 13-Anna (By Rituluvrshi) (Thanked: 23 times)

Akhash seemed rather confused as he looked at Mr. Abhay Singh Raichand suddenly appearing in their office.

As far as he remembered there was no meeting scheduled for today and as a matter of fact, Arnav wasn't present.

Pushing the thoughts aside, he greeted Abhay with a smile but was rather surprised when he ignored it and asked where Khushi is.

"Khushi??..Why?..I mean she isn't here..Is there any problem Mr. Raichand?"Akhash asked with uncertainty.

Abhay took a deep breath which looked like he was trying to calm himself down.

"Can you tell me where she can be right now? Its a little urgent." Abhay said in a composed manner but his eyes gave away his inner turbulence.

"She has taken a day off, must be at home. "Akhash started.

"She isn't there."Abhay murmured.

"Pardon?" Akhash looked at him, sure he has gone insane.

Shaking his head off and mouthing a small   'thank you', he walked out of HR designs.

Upon reaching the parking lot, Abhay came to a sudden halt. Frustrated, he kicked his car swearing profusely.

Where are you, Khushi?? God dammit!! She is danger. I know it. I just need to find her.

Closing his eyes, he tried to calm himself. He needs to clear his mind to think straight and think of all the possible places she could be.

He was sure that her mom had no idea that she isn't in Belora, so he thought of one person who could know about her whereabouts-Mr. Vivek Gupta

The car sped across the outskirts of Belora and halted in-front of a huge mansion. Abhay stepped down and entered the mansion, not caring to glance upon the security guard who greeted him.

The security guard wanted to question him as to who he really was but his car and the dominating aura he carried spoke volume about him.

He strode across the well-trimmed garden and walked past the broken flower pots,right next to the entrance.

He decided to ignore it but something caught his eyes. Among the destroyed pots, lay a watch, which undoubtedly was of Khushi.

He remembered this unique design Khushi wore, its screen cracked at the exact places,he had seen it, the day Khushi had met with an accident.

Abhay waited impatiently for the door to open, frustrated he was about to kick it when it opened ajar. And the first thing he saw was a disheveled looking Anna tied up to a chair, right in the middle of the living room, facing him.

"What the hell!!" he exclaimed, his eyes widening.

"Hello Mr Raichand" Vivek's voice boomed across the hall and broke Abhay's trance.

Glaring at him, he stepped inside.

"What the hell is going on???"He gritted.

"I was expecting you. And I must say, I would have been rather disappointed if you hadn't turn up"He smirked.

"By the way, meet Anna" he glanced at Anna "She is Khushi's friend"

He walked towards her and stood beside. Lighting his cigarette," I am sure you know her."

Abhay refused to take his eyes away from him, sending him deadly glares.

"Oh..Come on" He waved his hands "Don't look at me like that, it hurts "he mockingly held his chest.


Two days later

Sweta Gupta felt restless for the whole day. She had this uncanny feeling that something was not right and Khushi not picking up her phone made it worse.

Just as she decided that she will contact her office, the door bell rang.

She looked at the clock and wondered why Mrs. Smith came so early from her classes.

Rushing down, she opened the door.

"Rose, why you-" She started but stopped short when she saw ASR standing in-front of her.

But before she could say anything, she felt a sharp object hitting her head.

A gasp left her mouth, holding her head she dropped with a thud. And before she went unconscious she heard him saying "This is just the beginning"


Jan 28

Chapter 14-Arnav Singh Raichand (By Rituluvrshi) (Thanked: 22 times)

Chapter 13-Abhay Singh Raichand

Two days ago

I was in a deep sleep or so I thought. I could hear the faint,distant voices, probably mom was scolding dad for something.Like always.

I tried opening my eyes but it seemed as if someone had kept a huge weight over my eyes. The voices grew louder around me.

paper.. my..m..y..wish..es...khus..hi.. ?? No, it wasn't my mom neither it was my father.

As the seemingly distant voices turned clearer,I struggled to move my hands but something was stopping me.

My brows creased in a frown as I felt my body heavy. The noises around me going louder and louder. Something is strange in here.

My breaths grew heavy while I fluttered my eyes open. It struck with a sharp light and I closed my eyes in reflex.

When I opened it next time, realization slowly started dawning me. I tried focusing on someone whose voice pricked my ears.

My vision blurry, but I somehow knew that I have seen this person before.

"Oh come on don't look at me like that..it hurts." He said.

"Shut the **** up!!"I turned my focus to the source of the voice. A sharp pain shot my head and I took a deep breath.

The pain was unbearable and I felt my vision go blurry again. I could see the other person suddenly getting hold of him.

"Where is Khushi?"he gritted out. "Tell me, where is she?"

"I know you are behind her. How could you? She is your daughter god dammit!!" He pushed the older one.

"Exactly my point" Mr. Vivek Gupta smirked."She is my daughter. I can do whatever I want to do with her. Who are you to stop me?"

Vivek Gupta sounded sick to my ears and I wanted to puke.

This man had brought me here. But where were the papers I so wanted to show Khushi.

But something also bothered me right now. Who was the person who was seemingly concerned about Khushi?

And just as that thought crossed my mind, he said,"I am Abhay Singh Raichand God dammit! And I love her."

His eyes blazed fire and my eyes widen in shock. Abhay Singh Raichand? That means..that means he is the one who is after Khushi.

I panicked. My mind going haywire as I struggled some more and this caught their attention.

"Don't come near me ....Don't..Don't"I shook my head vigirously while looking at them with fear.

And then when I thought nothing more can surprise me today,Akhash Singh Raizada entered the scene.

I was oblivious to the fact that something more shocking and unbelievable things were coming my way.


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