Dark love

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Feb 2, 2017

Dark love (By Rituluvrshi) (Thanked: 49 times)



"Aren't you happy?" Mrs. Smith, the owner of the restaurant asked me as I climbed down the stairs.

"Of course, I am. This is something I dreamt of everyday. Why do you ask so?" I said, plastering a smile and wishing Mrs. Smith believes my lies. She was someone I always looked upon as a mother after my parents death. She was my mother's, Sweta Gupta's best friend and I had known her from the time I was born. Her loving and caring nature made her my favorite aunt ever since. And I was thankful for that one thing which my mother hardly possessed- looking at my face and predicting correctly that something was wrong with me. But today, I just hoped that she wasn't good at that.

"Khushi, You know me right? I can tell you.. there is something that is bothering you...tell me my daughter" She caressed my head as he held my hand with the other hand and took me downstairs.

She took the bouquet from my hand and kept it on the wooden table.

"Ever since, you heard of your promotion you had been acting like this...whats wrong? Tell me.. I am there with you." She said in such a manner that I wanted to blurt out everything that was bothering me. But I held myself because I knew.. if i revealed anything she would be in danger.

"No Aunty ... its nothing like that..I am happy with what I have achieved. i just wish my parents were with me  celebrating my success...nothing else .. just missing them."

Mrs Smith smiled at me and I gave a sigh of relief. It was obvious that she believed me.

Before she could say anything Anna's voice resounded in the air calling for her.

She just kissed my forehead and left.

I stood up in hurry and proceeded towards the exit.

As soon as I opened the door a saw flash of red and then it was gone. I looked on startled.

I frantically searched here and there for the sigh of red but it was no where in sight.

And then my eyes rested on the piece of paper under my feet.

Which read "Good job ..waiting for you at Starlight restaurant at 8 pm. IN RED - ASR"

Heys guys I am back after two years or so.. 

I was hell busy with my life.

anyways I have started a story and I hope you people like it..As it is my first attempt at something dark.

Just wish me best.

Will come soon with the first chapter.

Love ya


Feb 3, 2017

Chapter 1 (By Rituluvrshi) (Thanked: 28 times)

Chapter  1

"Mummy , Will you make me a burger?...I am so hungry andddd tireddd."I said as I launched myself on the couch.

"why wouldn't  you? You have been working hard day and night like a robot... if you keep working this way...I will grow

sick ,my child" She yelled as she brought a cup of coffee for me.

"mom, dont worry... Your daughter is one hell of a fighter. I wont fall sick so soon. My mother glared at me.

She had heard this like an umpteemth tired. And she seemed tired of it already.

"ok ...ok.. i am sorry alright!!Ï raised my hand in surrender.

She heaved a sigh and I felt guilty. Her eyes grew narrow and tears threatened to come out. She jerked around and left our small living room

I looked on. No matter how much we tried our past never left us alone. I was sick of trying and very much wanted some supernatural power to swipe out every problem from

our life. But then again I remided myself that I had to be strong, if not myself then for my mother , my only family.

Dinner was an uneventful one. Apart from passing smiles to each other and savouring the food she had made, we discussed nothing.

Later that night when I laid dowm, I vowd to make a better day tomorrow and never let any dark cloud hover upon us again.

Little did I know ,it was just the beginning. Beginning of endless suffering where happiness would be a mere oasis.


ST. Josephs Colleege , Belora

Miss Melina was a women in her late twnties. Fair, tall with a slender body, carried the air of confidence around her and why not?

She was P.G.T in computer Engenerring and a very great teacher. Everyone loved her. And boys?

They were crazy about her. Did I mention she looked very beautiful..like veeerryyyy beauutiful .. 

Her flawless skin shined under the sunrays she walked towards me in the corridors of  St. josephs college.

And anyone who would pass by can tell you how much the boys or for that matter the male staff were shamelessly oggling at her.

But she did nit gave any heed to them and proceeded towarsds me rolling her eyes.

"So miss Khushi..I need to talk to you ... please follow me." She smiled and walked passed me.

I adjusted my spectalces and followed her inside the cabin.

"Please be sitted"

Ï settled myself and wondered what she wanted to talk about. Did I do nything wrong? No ..she seemed to be in a very good mood.

I slapped myself for thinking to much. This was my problem>

I used to give so much of my time in thinking unneccessary things. You know.like I OVERTHINK.

"No need to be nevous khushi, actually I am here to give you a news...You remember the campusng that happened a month ago"

Of course I did. That was a very beautiful experience.  I remember  I was so tensed as well as nervous about it.

The interview went well nevertheless. And the authorities were also so supporting.

I nodded.

"Well, they have been going through everyone's resume and they seem to be interested in you.

They called up today in the morning and they want to meet you."

My joy knew no bound. I didnt know much about the company except the fact that they were very renowned one.

I grinned ear to ear as she explained me about the meeting and what I need to prepare.

"Thank you mam"I said and almost danced out the cabin. Well, Almost.

"What is it?" Anna yelled in irritation as I called her at evening.

"Dont shout. I have sensitive ears."I pouted as I munched my favorite cookies, my mom made after hearing the news.

"look ... whatever you are about to say , better be something important or else.. I will shoot you for disturbing me during my yoga classes."

"It is...."I grinned."you remember the time when we had campusing in our college...? The company seems to be interested in me and asked Miss Melina to fixed

my meeting with them."

But I could hear Anna frowned.

"How is that possible , khushi?...i they were interested in you they would have informed to a day or two later after the interview..why after almost a month?"

Anna explained and I too started to think the same thing.

"oh..yaa... perhaps it took them time to understand your talent .. you know hidden talent?...hahaha..."Anna laughed as she joked.

I managed to smile.

"Arre... why are you quite now?..come on khushi... I was just curious.. thats it... ok my sir is calling me.. talk to you later ..byyee.."

"byee." but  she had already disconnected the call.

Anna was right somewhere.. Why a big company like HR house would take such a long time to decide something..

I thought and thought an thought.. and later scolded myself for thinking so much..

Uff!! khushi !! Stop thinking so much. These are big companies and have other things to do rather than hiring an intern.

That night I slept peacefully thinking about the possible job opportunity.


Somewhere In belora


"Sir, I have informed the authorities  and we have fixed the meeting with Miss Gupta at Starlight Restaurant at 4 pm." His pa informed him

and he cut the call immediately.

He leaned some more on his couch and closed his eyes.

"Finally, I will make you suffer Khushi Gupta .. so much that you will beg yourself to be killed." He gave a sinister laugh as he made himself a drink.

The game has just begun!!!!

Heyaa friends

I dont know how this chapter turned out to be..

So just spare me for my mistakes 

and do tell me if you are interested.

Thank you


Feb 4, 2017

Chapter 2 (By Rituluvrshi) (Thanked: 25 times)

Chapter 2

As Anna bid me goodbye after drooping me by her bike at entrance of HR designs, I looked at the huge building which shone due to sun-rays being reflected by its glass covered walls. I smiled at the security guard after showing him my ID and entered in.

The yard was a beautiful sight in itself. With colorful flowers surrounding the well trimmed garden it gave rather a vibrant feeling to the dull looking building.

Mr. Akash Singh Raizada greeted me with a pleasant smile as he noticed me talking with the receptionist who anyways was giving a weird look

looking at my dress. I looked at my dress. I wore black jeans with off-white colored top along with a scarf. That's ok right? Even Anna

seemed to be okay with otherwise she would never let me come without the proper dress code.

I wondered whats wrong with me..or Her?

"..Miss Gupta are you listening" Mr. Akash Singh Raizada stared at me with concern.

I had the grace to blush. "I-I was... nothing... woh actually.. I was thinking why everyone is staring weirdly at me." I glanced around the room and then at him.

"Oh _ that!! haha..that's nothing.. actually Miss Gupta you are fully covered"

"What ?" I replied shocked.

"I mean you are the first female candidate who is fully covered from head to toe and it is not common thing here..."He said and gave an uncomfortable smile.

It is then I noticed every female employees and there was none who had cloth below their thigh or for that matter knees.

I don't know why but I found this rather funny. "Can I as you a question , Sir?"



"Call me Akash."He smiled.

"Well please ask"And he started walking.

"I was asked to come at Starlight restaurant.. i mean why sudden changes?"He slowed down and again he increased his pace.

And then he explained about the team that was supposed to meet me had some important meeting settled which they couldn't shift.

I nodded all the way. Half of my brain comprehending the information he was giving and the other half thinking of possible things

I could do to blend in their environment.

"Listen Khushi, our boss believes in honesty, loyalty and perfection. and to retain yourself for a long time you got to hold his qualities real hard."

He sited and explained me about the person I was to work with. So after a full-fledged lecture I came to know that my would be boss was, moody,

short-tempered, extremely conscious about hygiene and a work freak.Dude It would be hard to handle him. I murmured.

"And yes Miss Gupta ,he is very specific about what the sales manager wears. They are to wear a red dress quite often like four times a week. That's means

you have to do shopping"At the end he grew friendly talking about me shopping.Thanking him I left the office premises.

As i walked past the building I felt a bit dizzy. To tell you the truth ,I found the idea of wearing red so weird. I frowned. This company feels so weird.

I had an uncanny feeling as I reached near the taxi stand and looked at the building that stood high in the skyline.

It would be an interesting working here. Just then a taxi stopped in front of me and I hopped in.

flash of red-

When i had just stepped down from the taxi a red flash came across my face. This was the first time I had been accustomed to this strange thing.

I couldn't understand what exactly it was. But i was sure it had the color red- the color of love ,the color of BLOOD!!

And that's when it happened. A bike came like a wind and had me hit by it making me land into the color of RED.

I blacked out.


Feb 4, 2017

Chapter 3 (By Rituluvrshi) (Thanked: 32 times)

Chapter 3

Mr. Abhay Singh Raichand was rather a mysterious person. He spoke only when he thought it was necessary. His blue eyes seemed to give an impression that he was looking very deep in everything he saw.

I was intimidated my his serious look given that I was a jolly person. Nevertheless, he was a handsome guy in his late twenties. I couldn't help but admire him.

Did I tell you he saved me from that accident? Thank God, I was not injured much but a wound managed to cast on my pale leg. I was so frightened by the blood that I had passed out.

"Miss Gupta , you should take rest. And are you sure you don't want to inform your family?" He said as he stood up.

"No Sir.. they would really be tensed if I tell them. Beside its just a small wound.. I will be fine." I smiled and I think I saw something like smile but not exactly that.

I saw a flicker of  anger in his eyes but then it was gone before I could comprehend.

He stood up gave me his card and walked out without glancing back once. For some reason I found it rude but then again I reminded myself that I shouldn't judge people like that.

He was a nice stranger after all.

The walk from the clinic to my home was a very troublesome one. For once I was thankful that I had wore jeans and it was possible to hide away the wounds.

 My mom was out for the market and the locality was deserted as there was a marriage going on in near neighborhood so the only witness to my almost tragic accident was seen by the only person who saved me. Wait a second!! I didn't even thank him for his help!! oh ****.

Just then I remembered the card he had given me.I fondled through my bag and managed to get it out.

Mr. Abhay Singh Raichand

CEO- AR designs

My jaw dropped. OMG. Such a celebrated personality had helped me. I blushed. And you didn't have the grace to thank him you stupid!!!

I groaned. My mind went into a war if I should call him or not. He seemed to  be in hurry. He is the CEO of AR designs.

It was obvious he was a busy person. So perhaps it would be  a disturbance for him. Beside it would look bad if I call him just to say thank you.

Holy goodness Khushi! Than why would he give you his card?

I questioned myself and later as I reached for my home I concluded I would look like a despo who wants to friend the CEO just because he helped him.

My mom opened the door and stared at me for long time  and didn't give me a way in. I frowned.

"What? Give me a way mom,what happened?" Did she witnessed my accident? No , it cant be or else she would have gone hysteric and would have come to the clinic like crazy.

"Ah- come sorry"

I limped a little hoping that mom doesn't notice. And guess what ?she didn't. To my surprise, I heard her murmur 'Was it really him?'

My mom looked tensed. I asked what's wrong but she ignored the question and asked me to get fresh and come to the dining table.

I rolled my eyes. Why everything and everyone is acting so weird around me?

Few days later

I took a deep breath as the elevator came to a stop at the 11th floor, the last stop of the lift and the office of the CEO- Mr. Arnav Singh Raizada.

I stepped into the corridor as I murmured the name of the goddess so that she could take away all my nervousness.

As I walked past all the rooms reading the plates I stopped at the last one which read "CEO-Arnav Singh Raizada"

Ok khushi, you can do this. I practiced a smile and knocked three times in a row.

After knocking for two times more and not getting any reply I peeped in.

"Sir?" but the cabin was empty.

"Sir?"I entered and looked around. He seemed to be nowhere in sight. I waited for few minutes and when he didn't appear I decided to go down and inform 


Just then a hand came around my waist locking my left hand and the pressed my mouth. I got scared. I started getting out of his grip but he was too strong.

"who are you?" he inquired as he held me more tighter. my back facing him.

I moved my free hand and tried to shove my file document at his face.

"uummmimmmkhummshii...."I tried talking, my lips touching his palms.

"what?" I got tired and stopped struggling, moved my right hand frantically holding my documents.

he pushed me on the couch that I didn't notice before. He stood in front of the exit as he first observed my face and then peeped inside my file.

I blushed. Even though he had looked at me with suspicion but his looks burned me. He was a pretty head. And from what I had experienced before he had a muscular body.I blushed some more if that was possible.

I saw realization dawn him as he read my appointment letter. He kept or better say threw my document on the table kept beside and folded his hands.

He was looking at me as if nothing else existed in this whole world.

"Si-rr I- I am Khushi Guptaa..I had came here as Akhash Sir asked me to.."I said as I stood up. He was so annoying. I mean who on earth does, what he did a few minutes ago? He was the CEO and He has a dozen of security guard for an intruder to come in. Dumb head.

"Miss Gupta.. Right?" He said as he raised his eyebrow in perfection. Goodness he was Greek god!!

"yes" I looked here and there unless I get scared his looks. Without saying anything he went around the table and sat on his chair.

He dashed some files across the table, opened his laptop and started typing. 

" These are the last year account of our sales in India and aboard. Study it. And make a presentation on it as well. By 2 pm."He said as he kept working not even at me.

I imagined him to be a robot as he spoke in a robotic tone.

I looked at my watch which showed 11:25 pm. means I had two and a half hours in my hand. And looking at the stack of files I wondered if it i even possible.

"Is that clear Miss Gupta" At last he looked at me.

"yes Sir"I said as I collected the files.

He hmmed and asked me to leave. Just when I held the knob of the door, I heard him say.

"And talking about me being confused about as intruder... I expected you to be in red"

RED!!RED!!REDD....arrrrghhhh.....he doesn't allow anyone in his cabin without this color or what??


Somewhere in Belora.

"Sir its done... I have send all the images to you mailbox." the person on the other side said as I observed her working on her desk.

I expected her to be in red,but she didn't. I was  furious on her but then I cooled down because it was just the beginning.

I drank my coffee and watched her. She didn't look bad in green as well. She is all mine. I smirked.

Hey guys, here is the third chapter.

hope you are enjoying it.

I will reply to your comments as soon as I get time.

love you all.

keep reading.

Thank you


Feb 6, 2017

Chapter 4 (By Rituluvrshi) (Thanked: 32 times)

Chapter 4

The work that I was assigned with was a really tiresome one. I profusely cursed my new boss  and at the same time wished I could finish the work in time.

I had to. Afterall, I should try to make a good impression on my boss.. then maybe I will get a better job opportunity?

As the clock struck 1:00 my stomach growled. I was hungry. But only half of the work was completed and it would take another 1 hour to complete it. 

Godd!!! Atlest I  should get time to  eat. I pouted and resumed my work. When my stomach growled and made unwanted noises ,after 5 minutes ,begging me to feed the tiny mices

dancng in my stomach, I gave up. I decided I should take some food within ten minutes and work back in extra speed for next hour.

"Two panckes please."I ordered as I sat down on the chair. The canteen area was more pleasing than the working one. I wished I could bring my desk here.

Just then, I dont know why but I felt being stared at. I looked around, that is when my eyes met his- The Arnav Singh Raizada. His eyes looked so softly at me 

that I was compelled not to break the eye lock.

I felt my cheeks burn as we kept staring at each other. What are you doing, Khushi?...he is your boss... look away..look away..

I said dammit look away. But then an employe came up to him and he moved away his gaze. And I was very much thankul or it. I didn't like the unsettling feeling in my stomach.

Though it felt good..but...arr..I didn't like it..When I was almost over with my lunch I looked at that direction again. He was still standing there with his employes.

But this time when our eyes met, it had something else in it- raw anger!!

I hurriedly finished the remains and decided to walk back to the counter to pay the bill.

After an hour, when I was over with my work I smiled in glee and gave a yawn. A little bit of streaching and I thought to report him the same.

I reached for the elevator and entered in. To my suprise, Akhash also entered.

"Oh Khushi..how is your day going?" looking at my files "Seems like ASR has already assignd you with tons of work..Is it tiring?..Do let me know, I can ask ASR to be easy on you."

"No..Not at all"I lied though my teeth "..infact I am really glad he trusted me with such a load..beside it brodens my horizone about the whole sales matter." I smiled and he reciprocated.

After exchange of few words here and there, he left the lift at 9th floor. I was really fond of Akhash. Though he talked less and appeared to be shy..he was very friendly and supportive.

Infact, he was also there for the interview in my college. Maybe, he had only recommended me!! who knows?

I was deliberately making slow steps towards the cabin where the lion resided. I wondered and wondered that what I had done wrong that he looked so angrily at me.

Maybe , I should have smiled when he had looked at me. Perhaps, that was how the high class society people acted!! But no khushi!! you had to act like an idiot.

I hoped my first day didn't end up being the bad one. 

As I reached the 11th floor,I adjusted my spectacles and took a deep breath.

Mr Raizada sat on his chair in a stiff manner. The only thing that gave away about him not being a statur was his hands typing furiously on his laptop.

"May I come in, Sir?" I asked.

He stopped typing and looked at me. He nodded and resumed typing. ROBOT!!

"Sir, I have studied all the datas and prepared the presentation on the same. I have forwaded the ppt to your mail id."

"hmmm"..Hmmm? thats it...for god shake I had worked like crazy in a crazy speed and the only response I got was hmmm?

I wished I could hit him on his head with the laptop he was oh-so lovingly working with. I imagined the situation and I felt a little good.

I couldn't help but a chuckle left my mouth as I imagined him begging me for forgiveness.

He looked with wide eyes at my reaction and all I wished was the mother land to open her arms and let me in.

"Do you want something Miss Gupta?" He asked raising his one eyebrow pefectly.

"Ah- No .."I said embrassed.

"Then LEAVE." I almost ran out. He is so arrogant. Akhash was right. He had very bad temper. And his mood swinged like a girl on a swing.

When I recahed back to my desk which was on 7th floor I wondered how much weight I will loose in a month. Rushing from my desk to his cabin was really time and energy consuming.I sighed.

Now, that I was finally settled on my desk I wondered what should I do? He didn't assign me any work and I felt free. Lets wait till he says something. I decided to play some songs and relax a bit.

The clock struck 6:00 and still there was no call from him. Few of the employees had already left the office and some other were getting ready to leave.

Having no idea what to do..I looked around hoping to spot Akahsh. But he was no where in sight. I sat back disappointed. Noise of heavy rainfal and storm made its way to my ears.

What  the hell!! I didn't bring umbrella with me. How will I get back home? Uff khushi, first of all, get the permission for one.

An hour later, when I lost my patiece. I headed to his cabin. The office was almost empty now with one of the employee packing his stuffs.

On my way, I spotted him busy with his phone, probably yelling on the person at the other side. Poor creature.

He seem to be in a foul mood, I had never seen him in a good mood ,anyways.

"Aman dammit, I want those files tommorrow. I dont care how will you do that!!"" and he cut the call. 

"Sir?"  I called out. He turned around slightly. He seemed to be suprised. " Sir, Can I go home Sir?" He stared at me for few seconds with a poker face.


"Thank you Sir"

I rushed towards the lift and in the next 10 minutes I found myself standing at the entrance of HR house. For god sake I didn't have umbrella. I decided to call Anna so she could pick me up...

Her phone was not reachable. I looked at my watched which showed 7:23 pm. I have been standing here already for so long and the rain decided to be more heavier.

 I took a deep breath, kept my spectacles inside my bag, and brought my scarf more closer of my body.

I braced myself and then the next second I ran like a hurricane(that is what I thought I looked like) I halted when I reached the bus stand and relaxed. The taxi stand was almost empty unlike other days.

Two men who looked like the goons from a hindi movie, stood a distance away from me. I shivered. Goodness, I wished I reached home as soon as possible. Suddenly, my phone rang and I wished it was from mom or Anna.

But alas my phone dropped from my hand as I shivered due to the cold water dripping down my body. I was wet from head to toe. I picked it up and impatienly waited for it to start again.

"oh-ho...what a beauty ?"One commented.

"that too wet from head to toe..haha" Another commented.

"shut up, dont you have mother and sisiters at your home. Have some shame."I shouted and walked a distance from there. The road was almost deserted. The watch showed 7:45 pm and I knew the bus would arrive 

after 15 minutes only. I felt tears threatening to fall down. I didn't knew how I will survive these 15 minutes with those jerks commenting cheap things about me.

A minute later , one men came towards me...and stood really close to me. He smelled of alchohol and I felt like puking,

"what are you doing ?..move" I said but he held my hand in a tight grip. I struggled but failed, the other man came around and held my other hand.

"nothing much ...just thinking to pleasure you. "I felt filty and tears rolled down my cheeks.

"Let me give you the same pleasure you scoundrel" a hand came from behind punching him straight on his face.

I looked on suprised at the person standing infront of me.

Hey guys

I noticed some of you were confused as who was who?

let me tell you , the person who held her in the office was Arnav Singh Raizada.

And the one who saved her from accident was Abhay..Abhay Singh Raichand.

They both are CEOs of company, while Arnav is of HR house, abhy is owner of AR designs.

and talking about who khushi's mom saw...well thats a mystery..

Do keep reading and commenting to motivate me and get the answers to your questions.

Do let me now if you are still confused.

Thank you


Feb 7, 2017

Chapter 5 (By Rituluvrshi) (Thanked: 34 times)


"What are you doing ?..move" I said but he held my hand in a tight grip. I struggled but failed, the other man came around and held my other hand.

"nothing much ...just thinking to pleasure you. "I felt filthy and tears rolled down my cheeks.

"Let me give you the same pleasure you scoundrel" a hand came from behind punching him straight on his face.

I looked on surprised at the person standing in front of me.

I watched as Mr. Arnav Singh Raizada hit the two men till they ran from there to save their lives, moaning and pleading soory to me. He walked towards me in a steady pace and I thought of 

how many times I should thank him for helping me.  He stood just inches away from me and I slowly looked up to meet his gaze, and for the first time ever I noticed concern for me.

"Thank-y-you" I shivered because of cold or his hot gaze, I didn't know. A moment later I realized that my dress had clung to my body like a second skin and my body shapes was apparently quite prominent.

I felt exposed. "Don't be" He said in a single breath. I looked on with wide eyes. The next thing I remember is, Mr Raizada walked back to his BMW , sat on his seat, pulled down the window shied and with a sharp voice

asked me to come in. Before I could answer, I noticed a sharp light coming straight from the woods. I stood perplexed. It was the same beam of light I had been directed at when I met with an accident.

Before i could comprehend it was gone faster than it came.

" Miss Gupta, I don''t have all day to wait for your move." He said or better yelled at me, clenching his teeth.

"Sorry, but Sir...please don't trouble yourself .. I think I can mange on my own.. you may please go."

"Really Miss Gupta, You think you can manage on your own?" he raised his eyebrow as if challenging me. I gulped. I knew it was almost deserted and no taxi ever passed from there.

I thought I should consider his offer. Without any word, I entered his BMW and wondered how much damage my wet clothes would do to his property.


I pulled the belt and tried to clip it. But I cold hands refused to cooperate. A warm hand made it way and collided with mine. He slowly pushed away my hand and clipped it.

There was utter silence during the whole journey except for the timely direction I gave him for my house. The car halted in front of my house and I looked at him...he was already staring at me.

"I don't know how to thank you ....but I am really thankful for what you did today... If it wasn't for you then,,.."I shivered at the very thought and I saw him frowned at the same.

"Its ok... But next time...try not to get yourself in this kind of trouble anymore."he leaned a little towards me and rather whispered ".. the world is full of self-centered jerks...they may use you for their own selfish desire."

I dont know why, but I felt there was more to what he just said. The way he said it, send tremors down my spine as if warning me that someone is really after me to harm..Was I reading too much? I wondered.

Little did I know, I was right all way long.

Bidding him goodnight with a smile, I watched as his car disappeared down the lane. He was not that bad really!!

After a round of question and answer with my mother about why I was late, I slept with my eyes open... playing back everything that happened today... The day was an eventful one.

My first day at AR .. not to be forgotten ever.. I dont know why but the thought of Mr Raizada crossed my mind every now and then. With his thought plaguing my mind I fell into a deep slumber.


Somewhere In Belora


I watched her as she got down from the BMW and enter her house.

I cursed myself as I realized she was not hurt much from the bike accident.

"Next time Khushi... I will see to myself ..at least your leg should have broken... baby I dont want you to die... but at least get hurt.. I love you so much...." 

I laughed with glee as I imagined her in my arms..



Days flew like hours after that night.

Mr. Raizada turned a little friendly ok not friendly but at least he behaved nicely with me... though he never returned a smile with a smile but he nodded.

Akhash had become a very good friend of mine and mostly we had our lunch together.

Did I tell you, Mr. Raizada hired a driver for me? That was really sweet of him. At first I thought it was too much but he explained me he was not doing any favor as most of the employees where having the facility.

Beside, he also said he will not be there every day to be her knight in shining armor in a very rude way. As if!!!!

As if I was expected him to be the one. But the idea didn't seem bad at all. Him being my knight in shining armor, my prince char-... What the hell khushi???

What are you thinking.. Get a hold in yourself. These days I got a butterflies in my stomach whenever he was with me.. I got conscious of things and I wondered what was the need of my heart to go for a marathon

race when his hands accidentally brushed mine? I sighed. Why was I thinking all these things when I had a stack of files I need to study, in front of me?

"Khushi?..." Akash smiled at me and the moment he looked at me he frowned.

"What happened"

"Exactly, What happened?.. Where is your spectacles."

"Ah- nothing..woh..actuallly.."But Mr. Raizada's voice cut through the air and he excused himself.

I blushed realizing the reason behind the change.


A day ago

"May I come in ,Sir?" I asked knocking the door once. 

"Come in " he said and gestured me to take a sit. Without a word he shoved some papers infront of me. The papers contained some beautiful designs of traditional dresses.

I loved every design but one specific design caught my eyes- the lehenga in red. The blouse my a combination of modern and traditional world with full sleeves and a small bow cut at the end.

"Miss Gupta, these are the designs that we are presenting in th fashion show to be held 1 month from now. A company is collaborating with us on this project and I want everything to be at its best."he paused

"There are total 20 dresses and e have already selected 19 top class models from around the world.".. he took a a breath "So.. the thing is .. I want you to be the 20th model.

"My eyes grew wide as his words finally sank in. 

"But Sir, I am not a model.. I mean I am not trained for it.. how can I walk on the ramp?"

"Is that a problem?"He cut me off.


"you are not trained.. thats only the problem right?...well, I have a solution for that...u can get trained Miss Gupta.."

"Sir.. this is a very big project.. beside, I dont look a model." I said to myself more than to him.

"Who says?..."He smirked. " You are tall and have an almost perfect body shape. You are beautiful too , Miss Gupta"  I don't know why but hearing praises form him had m get butterflies in my stomach. I blushed.

I looked at him but he himself seemed to be disturbed, almost as if he himself didnot expect to say something like that about me.

An awkward silence prevailed for a while.

"I am ready."I said "..I will do it Sir.." A saw a play of emotions on his face.. From surprise to acceptance and then to glee.. I could see it in his eyes. From when did you start reading someone's face ? I questioned myself.

Äs Mr. Raizada explained me about his plans, I heard a distant voice from my head ..The day you met Arnav Singh Raizada. Shut up!!!!!!

I came back to present and smiled when my hand went in automated direction to adjust my specs. It wasn't there anymore. Only because she thought, she need to practice not wearing specs. That's a first step to being a model. 

When it was 5:00 pm. I packed my stuffs and headed towards the exit.

"Khush, you going so soon." Akash said.

"yes.. have some work" 

"oh-..ok.." he left as he said he had important call to make.

I exited the HR house and walked down the parking lot. I should call the Mohan kaka(uncle).

The parking lot had no one around but somehow I felt an uncanny feeling like someone was following me. I was going through my contacts when a red beam appeared and a hand reached my face with  cloth smelling of some chemical. I struggled to free myself but then the person held me tightly I slowly I fell unconscious.

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Feb 22, 2017

Chapter 6 (By Rituluvrshi) (Thanked: 32 times)

Chapter 6

A loud shrill broke my sleep as I scrunched my eyebrows in irritation. What was the noise? I slowly opened my eyes. I yawned and looked around. 

My eyes widen the very next second when I realized, the environment was oddly unfamiliar.

I jerked up when the memories hit we hard. 

I was walking down the parking lot- searching phone number and a hand pressing my mouth. I panicked. Where am I? Before I could fathom anything, the door pushed 

open and the person I least expected entered.My mouth went dry as I thought him as my possible kidnapper.

But the question was ,Why? He neared me an I mind went crazy. "l-look ..don't come near me... i -i w-ill.." I took the pillow from my the other side and bought it between us.

"I-will i-will hit you hard." I saw him his poker face change into the amused one. Hit with a pilloww??.... seriously Khushi??

"Like, are you sure you want to use it against me?" He chuckled. Mr Arnav Singh Raizada looked extremely good while laughing. Come on khushi!! What you are doing? He is your kidnapper.

Shout!!! Attack him. At once I got down the bed and with full speed ran towards him to push him hard. But my dear readers, the great Raizada held my hard, pulled me around and  pinned to the wall.

"AHHhhhhhhh!!!!!! helllpppp hellp hellp" 

"Khushi shut up!!!!"His lips thinned "Khushi .. i am not going to harm you...."He almost screamed.

"Then why did you kidnapped me Sir?...if you didnt like me...you should have said me....why did you use the indirect way to kill me??" I said in a slow voice hoping he drops the idea to kill me.

His eyes turned red in anger and I gulped hard. "I . dont. want. to. kill. you..." My eyes grew wide. Thank God. But then, why did he brought me here?? OMG!!!! But he doesn't seem like a pervert.

Of course, he is arrogant, rude and all the similar words from oxford dictionary but not a pervert.

"Khushi, don't get ideas. I had left some important document inside the office so on my way back, I found you unconscious." He paused as I waited for him to continue. This cant be enough. I clearly remember 

someone trying to abduct me. "Look khushi, I don't know why but you seem to be the best friend of trouble... So just to inform you..." He sat at his couch with his laptop and spoke nothing for sometime.

"inform me what?" I narrowed my eyes,wondering what he would say. 

"..that I wont save you every time Miss Gupta... Learn to help yourself." he emphasized the last four words.

"Mr Raizada, its not like I love to get into troubles and surely not to grab your attention. A-Annd thank you once again."

"LEAVE"he yelled.

"What?" I asked shocked with his sudden change in demeanor.


Weeks later

After that incident Mr. Raizada had turned a little cold towards me, in-fact everyone. I too didn't bother to talk much with him. He was very rude last time and I dont know why but it really did hurt

when he ignored me. What was the matter? Was it the statement that turned him against me? I didn't know. And the fact the I didn't know burned me from inside.

I walked down the pavement lost in my own thoughts when I collided with Akhash. He held my arms as he made me steady.

" Hey! easy easy... whats up? Lost in your dream land???" 

"UH- oh..I am so sorry ..   nothing was just wondering about my exams...Nothing else." I said trying to brush away the thoughts.

"Exams??  Well, I don't think you have to give one.." He smiled.

"What ? Why?"  I said tensed at the thought that the company wont even allow me exams leave.

"Ha-ha Khushi!! Dont stressed out..Actually the thing is, we had the meeting yesterday where we were discussing about the work handled by our employees and I think you have chances of having 

the job before you complete your exams. Seems like our heads are highly impressed by you." He smiled and I wondered why my smile was coming out forcefully. Was I even happy?

Was it because the 'officials' were impressed by me and not 'Mr. Raizada'??

The rest of his words flew over my head as I was again transferred to my dreamland.

Next morning as I packed my lunch ,my mom approached me with a tensed face.

"What happened mom??"last 

"Beta, What if I say, dont go to office today??" I was surprised by her demand. She had never in my life stopped me from doing something.. There  was definitely something seriously wrong.

"ok- ok fine.. first have a sit and then talk" I gave her a glass of water and she gulped it down at once.

"Listen beta..actually"she took a deep breath and then continued "woh Mrs Smith called me up early morning"

My eyes widen as I realized whom she was talking about. Mrs Smith  was our neighbor and I had known her from the time I was 5. But few years back, she had left our neighborhood and traveled somewhere without informing anyone. My mom was highly affected my her disappearance for they were almost like a best friend and were inseparable.

Her switched off phone didn't make the matter any good.

"What did she say mom?" My eyes watered thinking about her. 

"SHe-She said she is coming back."

I hugged her tight. "So, you want me to stay back??"


Just then the bell rang. I wiped her tears and  asked her to take rest in her room. I opened the front door but to my surprise there was no one.

I scrunched my brows and looked around an then my eyes fell down on a small red-colored card.

I picked it up and noticed, there was written something.

Closing the door from inside, I started reading , my eyes widening at every line..

" Dear Khushi,

I know its been ages that we last talked properly.

But I want you to know that I have loved you ever since I saw you 

and baby you may have known me for the past few months but I have known you 

from the time you collided with me years back in the outskirts of Belora.

So baby guess who I am and I will reward you if you identify me at the first given chance

or else for every wrong guess your family and friends will pay for it.

Isn't it cool? Yeah, I know. 

So just write my name... 



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Feb 24, 2017

Chapter 7 (By Rituluvrshi) (Thanked: 23 times)

Chapter 7

Part 1

"hmm..." Anna hmmed as if she was analyzing what I just said.

"Hmm? Like Really, Anna? Thats all you have to say?... Someone has sent me a letter, which says he loves me..and- annd.. what was that.? Harming my closed ones

if I fail to guess who he is??.. I mean who does that?" I fumed. "And Anna if it turns out to be prank by someone... Then I will kill him.." I saw red as I thought about the chances of 

being victim of some practical joke. 

"Or her?" Anna raised her eyebrow as she stared at me.


She sprang up from the bed and sat across me in the dinning table.

"Look Khushi, if it is a practical joke by someone.. then how are you so sure its 'him' and not 'her'?" 

I frowned and looked away. "Yeah.. might be ..b-but.." I heaved a sigh. "Ah- I dont know"

Without any second thought I attacked my cereal, my stomach growling already.

As I ate my breakfast, Anna boringly stared at me. Oh- I knew that look very well.

"Tell me what is it?" I rolled my eyes.

"What about your reply to him or..maybe her?" 

 I told her that I have not thought of replying that person. I will I waste my time on someone whom I don't even know.

And being a typical Anna, she created a fuss about it, saying how bad it would feel if he turns out to be some random secret admirer. Like seriously?

"Ok- Anna .. I will think about the reply.. happy?.. Now dear I am getting late, have to drop mom to the station as well."

"I will also join you, Khush... by the way.. Where is she going?" I stopped mid of packing my stuff. I very well knew, whom she was planning to meet.

Mrs Smith. But, ever since this topic came over, her behavior changed a lot. Not like, I wasn't aware of her emotional bonding with her, but it was almost as if she was hiding something from me.

 I asked her a couple of times about her address other than teling me, Mrs Smith had been living in Shimla.

Shrugging off her question, I asked her to call mom down.  

She climbed down the stairs with a small black-colored bag which I had never seen before.

" Khushi, my child" Mom hugged me and I hugged her back. Tears threatening to roll down my cheeks.

" No mom, Don't worry, I will bve fine." I said as I pulled back "After   all I have your blessings with me... So, don't be sad..okay?.. Now smile please." She forced a smile and so did I.

Both knew how much we would miss each other but the again I would never make my mom feel suffocated. Just like us, she too needed space.

Just when I had bid adieu to my mom at the taxi station, I turned around as my eyes widened as I registered who stood in front of me.

"Miss Gupta, What you doing here?"Arnav Singh Raizada asked me as I felt my mouth going dry. 

"Exactly, What you doing here?"

"I asked you the question first" He raised his brows. Oh- how much I hated this person. I had not forgotten how he had behaved with me last time.

"Well,you shouldn't be bothered about what I am doing outside the office premise, Sir" I said the Sir part rather way to sweetly unless he didn't get the intended sarcasm.

"I shouldn't  be, you are right Miss Gupta, but not when you are to be in the office right now. In that case,.." he paused and leaned towards me. What was he doing, in the goddam public place??

I closed my eyes and my mind went haywire and my heart went to a marathon race. Thats when I felt his hot breath on my left cheek".. mujhe haq hai( I have right to ask you)"

When I had opened my eyes, he had already pulled back and stood smirking at me. I blushed as I scolded myself for thinking useless things. What was I thinking, anyways??

He walked away and got into his BMW and I looked at dazed until he was no longer in sight.  What was wrong with me?? Why was I so much effected by his presence??

I didn't know and I din't bother to answer to my obvious sane question.

An hour later, I stood outside the door of The ASR cabin wondering if I should knock the door. Of course, you idiot!! Then how will you explain him about the changes you brought in Sales section??

"What happened, Khushi?" I jerked up the voice.

"Oh Akhash.. you?? No-nothing..A-actually I had to speak to Sir about the sales section..So."I looked around.

"Then go in..Why you standing like that??" he raised his brows and cheeks heat up at that. Whats wrong with me? Why was I acting like a stupid teenager??

"Yeah yeah.." I gave a distracted smile and knocked thrice.

Akhash looked at me as if I had grown horns. Then I saw him beak into a smile.

"You are weird, Khushi" he laughed and walked away."I really am, I whispered to myself.

"Come in"he yelled when I knocked for the third time.

As I entered the cabin, I was shocked seeing at person sitted in front of his desk.


Tears rolled down my cheeks as I remebered whom I saw in his cabin. I ran down the stairs, avoiding the lift and entered the parking lot.

Fortunately, my driver was inside the car and I instructed him as to where to take me.

He had just pass the HR house when he handed me something.

"Mam, I saw this paper kept on the bonnet, your name was written in it so I didn't bother to read it." 

"Thank you" I unfolded it as I read my name written in shining red almost matching with my red dress.

"Dear Khushi,

You look beautiful in red.

i didn't know, this color would suit this much at you.

By the way, you didn't listen to what I said right?

So just as a prize for the same, I have sent something at your house.

And yeah, don't forget to check if your mom has reached the desired destination.

I fear she had met with an accident. hahaha.. don't panic..

I don't think she is injured much. Anyways, don't ignore my letters.



__ __ R "

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Feb 26, 2017

Chapter 7 part 2 (By Rituluvrshi) (Thanked: 23 times)

Chapter 7

Part 2

Mr Vivek Gupta carried the air of dominance around him. At first glance, he might appear to you like any other middle-aged man with a mature personality but in real he was much-much more than that.

His sweet and friendly nature would never give away as what kind of devil he was in real life. So, when I saw him inside my boss cabin, I could hardly understand what brought him back into our lives after

almost 3 years. Mr Raizada had yelled at me for not focusing in what I had to explain. How could I ,anyways? When the person you literally hated, sat in front of you with a smirk that irritated the hell out of you.

I couldn't believe that he had no regrets for what he had done to us, my mom and me. Suddenly I was so angry and wanted to punch him straight at his face and wipe off that smirk.

"Miss Gupta, are you okay?" Mr Raizada had asked me, his face showing the genuine concern for me. Well, I didn't have time to react to that as Mr Vivek Gupta intervened.

"Yes Miss Khushi Gupta, you are visibly sweating. Is everything okay??" Mr Raizada's face shot up to him as he asked " Mr Gupta, how come you know her name?(pauses) Oh- I see.. surnames? You people related in any way"

He chuckled but I didn't find it funny, infact I wished he was not related to me. At the moment, i hated the fact that his blood ran down my veins.

Murmuring a small sorry, I excused myself and exited the cabin. I could hear the clock struck 1:00 , it was time for lunch and probably everyone must be heading towards the canteen.

Though the lift was working perfectly fine, I chose to walk down the stairs... I wanted to spend some time with myself.. As I walked down the almost deserted stairs my mind went to the flashback, when everything was okay,

when my family was happy, when I was happy... 

Suddenly, someone caught my elbow and turned me around, but my leg got tangled with my dress and we both fell down. I opened my eyes in shock as I realised Mr Raizada was on top of me.

"What  are you doing, Sir? " I asked him but he seemed to be lost somewhere. I looked at his eyes which were already staring at me. All my earlier encounters forgotten and we both looked at each other as if that was the

only job we had at hand. I could hear my heartbeat loud and clear and I wondered if he did too. Somewhere down the line, I could hear the faint rabba ve playing.

There was something in the way he was looking at me. His eyes carelessly bore into mine but in a soft way contrary to how strong and manly he felt on top of me. 

I blushed as I realized no person has ever looked at me the way he was looking. Like a man looks at his woman. His strong hand held my hand ever so gently and I wiggled a little.

My movements seemed to distract him and he moved way his gaze from me. He slowly got up and extended his hands towards me I looked on ad kept my hand on his. His hand felt so warm and protective and

I almost felt like never leaving it. I think he too felt the same because he also looked up at me when I did. With all my strength I got up and but winced when I felt a surge of pain rush down my leg.

Old wounds I had from the accident seemed to come out fresh.. just like the wounds I got in life. I instantly felt a hand hold me firmer yet gently.

"Are you okay?" he asked, his face painted with concern.

"I dont think so.."I whispered but loud enough for him to hear. He frowned as if I meant more than my words. I certainly did. 

He slowly brought me closer to him. "Khushi, Whats wrong? You can share it with me." I hated the fact that the tears were already threatening to roll down my cheeks.

"May be..I-I can help.."he seemed more confused about the statement, almost as if he knew he can't really help me.

"No Sir.. you cant" I confirmed "Not when I can't even help myself". He looked at me with wide eyes as he noticed my moist eyes. And next second I had pulled myself away from him.

I ran down the stairs with tears running down my cheek. I could faintly hear him calling for me. 

Just when I thought, the day can't get any worse, my driver had handed me a letter that he had seemingly found on the bonnet of the car.

I don't know why but I had an uncanny feeling that this person really meant what he said. I checked my phone to call up my mom when I realized I already had almost 5 missed call from her.

A shiver ran down my spine at the thought of my mom being harmed.

I decided to call my mom but to my horror, her phone was not reachable.

The journey from my office to my home felt so long. I had dialed my mom's number like thousand times but it disconnected every time.

My car halted in front of my house and I rushed inside. I frantically looked for my keys and unlocked the door.

The door cracked open and sheer darkness welcomed me. With my heart beating frantically, I stepped inside. 

Looking suspiciously around, though nothing was visible, I searched for the switch. Lights streamed in and left me in shock with what it had to show me.

Flowers of every color but red, flooded the living room and I looked on dazed. Who had done this? My phone vibrated bringing me out of my trance. 

"He-hello" I said in a distracted voice.

"Beta, Why didn't you pick up your phone? I had tried-" Realizing it was mom.

"Mom, are you okay?"..I-I had been trying to call you.. but -but I ..are u okay?" I said, my eyes full of tears.

"Areey..beta,..I am fine..Oh-acha..It must be Anna who told you about my accident..."

"Accident?? Mom are you okay?? Should I come over?? Have you been to the doctor??or.." I panicked.

"Areey beta calm down..it was just a small accident. Because of some rash biker our driver lost his control but then he saved us at the last moment.

Everything is fine.. dont worry.. and no need to come over" Mom assured me.

"Are you sure?"

I sighed in relief. She was fine.

" I am missing you mom."

"Its not been a day and you are already missing me?"she chuckled sadly.

"Yes mom, I already feel alone" I whispered as I moved my eyes around the hall. 

After a little chit chat, I hung up. With a thud, I sat down on the couch.

I dug my face onto my palm, playing back everything that had happened today.

After a little while, I stood up. I roamed my eyes around as if there was more than my eys could see. Was it a harmless admirer? Should I complain about him to the police? 

But then, he seems to know a little too much about me. I felt dizzy. As I turned around, my feet accidentally knocked out a bouquet of white flowers.

And then I eyes rested on a small note.

"Dear Khushi,

Scared? Angry? haha baby..

I know what you might be thinking. I know your mom came out save this that, but I am not sure about the future.

This is just the beginning. You didn't bother to reply my question so it was just a gift.haha..

I am so glad that you are afraid of who I am and what I can do.

No, really!! Because no one other than me have the right to give you pain and of-course love.

Because you are mine. So baby, take me seriously!!!

I am giving you a last chance.

Write my name down the line.

Yours only

__ __ R

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But I will reply soon.

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Mar 2, 2017

Chapter 8 (By Rituluvrshi) (Thanked: 28 times)

Chapter 8

"But khush..its almost  impossible for anyone to intrude inside your house except for the front door. How did he get in?" 

Anna said as she inspected each flower with distaste in her eyes.

She rushed back to where I was sitting.

"And you can..1 minute..What are you doing??" She snatched the orange colored paper from my hand which I had found among the flowers.

"So,you are planning to reply him?..Are you sure? I mean.. You don't have to do this khushi." She said ,her voice laced with concern as she looked into my eyes."We can take the help from the police."

"No Anna. I don't want to take help from anyone. I want to see to what extend he can get." I gritted my teeth as I thought about the panic attack I had to go through because of him.

"I will handle him in my own way" I said it like more to myself scribbling down something in the paper. This psycho be dammed!!

HR Enterprise

I stared with glee at Mr. Abhay as Mr. Raizada introduced me to him.

"Miss Gupta, meet Mr. Abhay Singh Raichand, he is the owner of AR Designs and co-sponsor of Fashion Show to be held 2 weeks later. And-" Mr Raizada was half way interrupted as I jumped.

"Oh- yes yes. I know... I am so glad Sir, that I got chance to meet you up again. I can't tell you how embarrassed  feel about the last time. Actually, I was so tensed I.. anyways.. Thank yo sooo much for what you had 

done for me."I rushed into a speech before he could disappear again. 

"Its totally fine with me. Is your leg ok now?" He said as he glanced down at my leg and back to my face. 

Just then, I saw Mr. Raizada opening and closing his mouth like a fish. He finally uttered the words I had became

accustomed to"What the!!"

"You both know each other?" He said, his face red with annoyance. Uh-Oh. How can I forget Mr. Raizada hates to be felt left out. Like really hate!!

"Yeah.. Actually he had saved me from the accident a days back..And-" I saw his eyes widen. "I had a small injury..  but I am fine now."

His lips thinned for I don't know what but what he said next, made me gape at him.

"Yeah of course. Considering how clumsy you are, it was bound to happen. Seems like you are the best friend of all the troubles in the world."

Rage rushed through my veins as I let his words sink in. How dare he? Before I could react, he had given me a look and walked away with Mr. Raichand.

 I din't miss the amused look from rather non expressive face of Abhay.

Errgh!! Who is this Arnav Singh Raizada?? One minute he is too bad to be called as villain and other minute he was too good to be my prince charming.

Prince Charming?? Really Khushi?? Whats wrong with you? He is The ASR and you are nothing but his employee. Get a grip on yourself.

But I don't know why? His words really pricked my heart. Was he so annoyed that he had to help me that night, wasting his time? Maybe, that was the reason

He should had never saved me. Yes, troubles did follow me. I felt bad.

Somewhere in Belora

"I didn't expect this from you."The person gritted the words as he glared at the person in front of him."How could you?? "

"So you expected me to see her being abducted by you?" The other person pointed his finger at him in rage "Are you insane?? You know it is a crime."

"I know I know ..Don't give me the lecture again" He said in annoyance."But I am glad you weren't successful in saving her."

"Neither were you" snapped the other.

The air in the hall grew thick with the tension growing up between the two. Both of their eyes held anger for each other as well as love for the same girl..but of course, in different quantity.

Love is a strange thing. It makes you do things you never imagined you could.

 But then again, hate and love meets at the same end-madness..Because, when hate and love crosses its limit, it changes into Madness.

And same was the condition with the latter.

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