Helping Post for Members

Jan 31, 2017

Helping Post for Members (By Medsuper) (Thanked: 4 times)



Dear All

If you are facing below problems then please click on the below link as per your problems

How to Registered on MED ( By DPatel)

OR   (By IPK Admin Team)



How to post a view/story  (By Dhakshi)


OR                      (By Hihi1)




What is Mean of  FF, SS, OS, TS (By Yelhsa)


How to Add Vote option (By Yelhsa)

                                       OR  (by V1184)


How to post picture in comment section  (By V1184)

How to search stories of writers (By V1184)


How to add features in the dairy (By Dhakshi)


How to add a picture in your profile (By Yelhsha)

For editing (By Dhakshi)

How to make VM (By Shurtinair)


For Modify/delete the story   (By Yelhsa)

Note : if you deleted the starting part of the story/view then all parts will be deleted)

How to delete unnecessary comments in the story/post

How to update/write the view/story from mobile phone (By Sanchita)


For Diary

MED ADMIN TEAM observing all the posts so you no need to apply the diary, if you will deserve for a diary then  MED ADMIN TEAM will award a diary to you at their own level and please give correct email id in your account for avoid  any problem. 

Thank you




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I Love almost all the arshi stories in here.. you all are a wondeful writers! <3 <3