Bhool Paana Mumkin Nahin...

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Jan 24, 2017

Bhool Paana Mumkin Nahin... (By Taanihalai) (Thanked: 88 times)

“Where the hell is my wife?” he shouted angrily.

“Sir we are just looking for her, please give us time and relax, she must be somewhere here” the policeman said

“You are telling Arnav Singh Raizada to relax? I think you don’t know who I am, listen you just have half an hour and if I don’t find my wife, I’ll sue you” Arnav shouted angrily.

“It might be that someone took her to the hospital?” one of the officers said

“Then check all the damn hospitals, I need to find my wife”

All the officers walked away from him as they set to work while Arnav walked towards the car that was crashed in the middle of the road.

He was a very strong man, moreover people knew him as the ruthless and arrogant businessman, some said he did not even have a heart but this ruthless arrogant and heartless businessman was standing here right in front of a crashed car while tears rolled down his eyes.

They say it’s very rare for a man to cry, but it wasn’t rare for him for cry for his wife, for the only girl he had ever loved.

He got onto his knees as he crawled inside the car where he found her phone, he shut his eyes painfully as he remembered how the accident had occurred.

“I don’t need to listen to anything, I need you home in ten minutes Khushi” Arnav said on the phone.

“God, my husband is so stubborn and so childish, I don’t know why people even fear you”

“That wasn’t the topic, I need you here in ten minutes Khushi and I mean it”

“Arnav you know it’s not possible, I have just left for the meeting and you know how important it is right? And please, can I talk to you later, it’s not safe to drive while talking on the phone” She said

“I don’t care, I said I need you here in ten minutes, means I need you!”

“But… ****!”

He remembered hearing some sort of sounds while he kept on shouting her name on the phone but she dint listen, nor did she say anything back, maybe the phone had fallen down from her hands because he could hear her talk but all he could hear was her praying to God to get her out safely, he could hear the noise of the tyre and then suddenly a crash.

He knew it was an accident, because the sounds said it all, his heart almost stopped beating because at that moment he realized he was about to lose her or maybe he had already lost her.

He shouted her name a hundred times, punched the wall angrily and tried everything he could to make her talk but she dint, she was silent… completely silent… and this silence was the one that left him scared.

Jan 25, 2017

Bhool Paana Mumkin Nahin... Part 1 (By Taanihalai) (Thanked: 76 times)

Six Months Later…

“Mr. Oberoi she is conscious, please hurry up” A nurse came running to his cabin.

Mr. Oberoi stood up as he followed the nurse and finally entered in the ICU where she was admitted.

“Where am I? Who are you? How long have I been here?” she asked

“Relax, you are in a hospital and you are completely fine, you had met with an accident six months back, since then you were in coma, I am your doctor, Jaykant Oberoi, I dint know anything about you so I dint know whom to inform”

She looked here and there scanning the whole hospital room with her beautiful eyes, she seemed confused and nervous and scared.

“What’s your name?”

“My name is… my name… why can’t I remember my name?” she said as she became more scared and started crying.

“Okay relax, its fine… just sleep a bit then we’ll talk later okay and don’t be worried you are safe with me”

She nodded positively as Mr. Oberoi walked out of the room with the nurse.

“I was scared of her memory loss as she was injured very badly on her head and that’s what happened, right now she doesn’t even recognize herself”

“That means she wouldn’t know how she looked like before? So the new face you gave her through plastic surgery would be her identity from now onwards?” The nurse asked

“Yes, I think she doesn’t remember how she looked like before, maybe if she had the same face it would have been easier to get her memory back… let her calm down I’ll have to inform her about the plastic surgery, we can’t keep her in darkness.”


“It’s been six months now, what the hell are you doing? How can you be so irresponsible? I haven’t found my wife yet?” Arnav shouted at the officer.

“Sir we tried our best but we couldn’t find her in any hospitals or even anywhere near the scene where the accident had occurred”

“So you mean to tell me she just disappeared?”

“Sir I’m sorry for your loss but the place where the accident occurred was somewhere near a cliff, she might have fallen off and then maybe some animal…”

“Shut up! Shut the hell up!” he shouted angrily. “I give up, I’m not trusting you people anymore, I’ll look for my wife myself”

He went upstairs as he started punching his punching bag angrily, trying to get out all his anger and his frustration.

He stopped when he heard a knock at the door, a lady walked in as he got back to punching the bag again.

“Arnav, getting angry like this isn’t going to bring Khushi back” she said

“Then what is going to bring her back Anjali? Tell me what have I not done in this six months to find her, I now seem to be losing hope when I don’t want to lose hope because somewhere my heart tells me she is fine and she is alive yet”

“Look Arnav, I am your sister and I know you love her a lot but you have tried enough, you still couldn’t find her so it’s better for you to accept the fact that she is no more”

“Sis!” he said angrily

“Yes you can shout at me but can’t deny the fact, Khushi has left us all Arnav, it’s been six months and now it’s high time you stop doing all this and move on in life…”

“That’s what I can’t do… move on! It’s easy to say but not to do… I can’t forget her, I can’t think of anything else but her… she is in my mind, my heart and my soul… it’s not so damn easy to forget everything about her and move on.”

Jud chuki hai… tumse yaadein… bhool paana mumkin nahi…

Ab raaton ko neend aaye na… chaina bhi tere bin nahi…

“Okay relax… I know it’s not easy but Arnav I want you to be happy and so you have to try to move on, you have to accept the fact that she is gone now and she isn’t going to come back okay”

Arnav just nodded as Anjali walked out of the room leaving him alone behind.

“I dint want to lie to you sis, but I know you want to see me happy, but I’ll never stop looking for Khushi not until I find her”

He shut his eyes as all the moments he had spent with her flashed in his mind.

How they met, they fell in love and finally got married, they were leading a happy and smooth life but then the accident snatched everything away from him.

Her beautiful face was flashing on his mind and left a smile on his face, her smile, her innocence, everything about her just drove him crazy.

Yaad aaraha hai… masoom chehra… mehsoos karta hoon ehsaas tera…

Judaa hoke bhi tu… juda ho na paya… ashq banke ankh me tu nazar he aaya…

Ab to dil bhi keh raha hain… tere bin me kuch bhi nahi… bhool paana mumkin nahi…

Mr. Oberoi walked back to the ICU where he found her sited and lost.

“Did you remember anything?” he asked

“I can’t remember anything at all, I don’t know what’s happening with me, how did I forget everything about myself? Even my name?” she asked innocently

“Okay look, I am going to tell you everything from the beginning and you have to promise me you’ll be calm and you’ll take everything calmly okay?”

She nodded positively as Mr. Oberoi started telling her the story.

I was driving to the hospital when I spotted you at the road side, I quickly got out and rushed towards you where I realized that you had met with an accident and fallen off a cliff because I could see your car up on the cliff.

You were bleeding very badly, your whole face and body was covered with blood, I quickly rushed you to the hospital and without wasting any time, I operated you… when we cleaned up all your wounds, I realized your face was completely unrecognizable so I decided to go for plastic surgery.

I dint have an idea of how you looked like before or dint have any picture of yours so I decided to give you the best face I could.

Please don’t panic because of the plastic surgery, it’s completely okay, many people go through it okay? You also had an injury on your head which gave me an idea that you might lose your memory but I dint come to any conclusion and waited for you to wake up as you were in coma already.

After your operation when I walked outside, the nurse gave me some of your belongings she found from the pocket of your jeans, it had some money, and your identity card.

Unfortunately it was damaged badly and so we couldn’t read your name but it had your photograph which finally gave me the idea of how you looked like but I am sorry I can’t change your face back to look like it was before as I had already given you another face.

You had been in coma for six months and when you finally woke up today I realized you lost your memory…”

She had already started crying by now, she couldn’t understand a thing even, where would she go after she gets discharged? She dint even remember anyone and no one who knew her would be able to recognize her as she had gone through plastic surgery.

“Relax, please don’t cry… I know and I understand what you are going through, but don’t worry, you are like a daughter to me and you’ll live with me in my house okay?”

“Thank you but…”

“No buts, I am alone anyway, I don’t have anyone, if you come with me at least I’ll get a daughter”

She nodded positively as Mr. Oberoi wiped the tears away from her eyes.

“You’ll be my daughter from today onwards and your name will be Khushi Oberoi until you remember your real name” Mr. Oberoi said with a smile

“Why Khushi?”

“I’ll tell you that some other time, for now take some rest and don’t stress about all this, with time everything will get back to normal okay?”

Khushi nodded positively as Mr. Oberoi stood up and walked away.

Jan 26, 2017

Bhool Paana Mumkin Nahin... Part 2 (By Taanihalai) (Thanked: 51 times)

“Good Morning Khushi” Mr. Oberoi said with a smile as he walked in to her room.

“Good Morning” Khushi replied back

“How are you feeling today?”

“Much better”

“I think your wounds healed long back, we were just waiting for you to come out of coma now that you are completely fine, I am planning to discharge you and take you home”

“Home” she said feeling uncomfortable

“Don’t worry you’ll be safe with me, you can trust me as a father okay?  I can’t let you stay in the hospital anyway so we are going home”

“Okay we’ll go home but can I ask for something?”


“You said you found my identity card, my name was damaged on it but you could see my picture on it, can you please give it to me so I can at least have an idea how I looked like?”

“Sure, I’ll come with it when I come to pick you for home, be ready okay”

She nodded positively as Mr. Oberoi walked out.


“Arnav” Anjali said with a serious expression as she walked inside his room.

“Yes Sis, what is it?”

“Do you realize you haven’t gone to office for six months, I have visited in a couple of times but had no idea of what’s going on… if you keep on skipping, we might suffer a big loss”

“I know but I really don’t feel like going anywhere… I can’t get Khushi out of my mind and in this case even if I go to office, I’ll not be able to concentrate but don’t worry, my personal assistant Aman, he will handle things, I trust him” Arnav said

“I told you to try and move on, if you don’t try, you’ll never be able to move on”

“Sis please, can we discuss this later? I’m not okay, I need to be alone for a while”

“Okay as you wish” Anjali said as she walked away just when Arnav’s phone rang.

“Yes Aman tell me” Arnav said as he received the call.

“Sir the board members…”

“I don’t want to hear about the board members, I had given you a much important work, did you find out anything about Khushi?”

“Not yet sir”

“Then keep on doing that, anything about the office don’t bring it to me, you should know how to handle those things in my absence”

“But sir…”

“Aman, do what I told you” Arnav said as he angrily disconnected the call.


Khushi arrived at Mr. Oberoi’s mansion with him as they both walked in.

“Wow! This is such a huge mansion” Khushi said

“Imagine how it would be to live here alone” Mr. Oberoi said

“You’ve always lived her alone? What about your wife? Your children”

“My wife passed away long back… I had one daughter, she passed away last year” Mr. Oberoi said sadly.

“Oh I’m sorry”

“Don’t be, I found her again in you… now you’ll be my daughter right?” Mr. Oberoi smiled

They walked towards a huge room while Khushi looked at it in awe as if she had never ever seen such a huge room.

“This is going to be your room, you’ll stay here… if you need anything there are ten servants in the house you can tell any of them… I’ll get you a credit card before you decide to go for shopping… anything else?”

“No uncle, nothing else, all you have done for me is more than enough”

“I’m your dad Khushi, call me uncle again and I’ll take you back to the hospital”

“Okay, I’m sorry dad” she said as she held her ears innocently.

“Good, anyway freshen up, there are some clothes in the cupboard, I guess they’d fit you, you can put any of them on and then come downstairs, it’s almost lunch time, I’ll tell the servants to cook something… do you want to eat anything specific?”

“I don’t even remember my favorite food” She giggled

“Okay, I’ll just get something good cooked, feel at home and don’t be sad about your memory loss, it would come back within no time okay?”

Khushi nodded positively as Mr. Oberoi walked out of her room.

She remembered something and rushed behind him.

“Uncle! I mean dad… you said you’d give me my identity card” She asked

“Oh yeah, sorry I forgot about it, here it is” he said as he put his hand in his pocket and pulled out Khushi’s identity card and handed it to her.

“Thank you” Khushi smiled as she walked back to her room.

She sat on the bed and then gathered enough strength as she looked at the identity card, half of it was scratched, the only part she could see was where her photograph was.

That was how she looked like before the accident? Mr. Oberoi gave her a completely new look, not even her close ones would recognize her now.

She ran her hand through the photograph sadly as a tear rolled down her eyes.

“I wish I could remember my past, then things wouldn’t be so hard today”


She walked downstairs where Mr. Oberoi was already waiting for her.

“Come sit, there are lots of dishes today, you can eat whatever you like” he said

“Thank you dad” Khushi said as she pulled out a chair and settled herself on it.

A servant served her food happily, he kept on calling her by her name and talking to her as if he’s known her since long. He might have as she doesn’t remember a thing.


Arnav walked into his cabin followed by Aman, he sat on his chair angrily as he turned to look at Aman.

“Tell me” He said in a strict voice.

“Sir I asked about the accident to some people I found who lived somewhere around, they said that the accident had occurred on a cliff so it might be possible that Mrs. Khushi fell down the cliff, when I asked others, one of them told me that six months ago he had seen a girl lying down the cliff, he was too scared so he went to inform in the nearest police station but when the policemen arrived, the girl was nowhere to be found.

We aren’t sure if she was Mrs. Khushi but they said it was very hard for someone to survive after falling down the cliff, moreover, there are many wild animals down the cliff so it might be possible that an animal…”

“Enough of it, I don’t want to listen to the same theory that Khushi is dead, many cars pass from down the cliff, it might be possible that someone took her to the hospital”

“Then why couldn’t we find her in any of the hospitals? Sir, I’m sorry to say this but I think you should accept the fact that your wife is no more, if someone saved her then she should have been back by now, It’s been six months sir.” Aman said

Arnav stoop up angrily and walked away, maybe everyone was right, if Khushi was alive and someone saved her, then she could have been back by now, maybe it was high time he accepted the bitter truth of his life that his wife was no more.

Jan 27, 2017

Bhool Paana Mumkin Nahin... Part 3 (By Taanihalai) (Thanked: 32 times)

Six months later…

Six more months had passed by but Khushi was yet unable to regain her memory, she couldn’t even remember a bit of her past, she always stayed in her room trying to remember but nothing helped.

Saanchi, a girl who was almost her age, lived in the neighborhood, she normally used to visit Khushi and they could spend time together talking about things, they became good friends in six months.

On the other side, Arnav had finally accepted the fact that Khushi was no more, it had been an years and nobody was able to find her so it was obvious that she passed away but he always kept on blaming himself for her death.

He always thought if he couldn’t call her that day and she wouldn’t be talking to him on the phone then the accident wouldn’t have occurred, so whatever that happened, was only because of him.

“Dad! Dad where are you?” Khushi searched for him all over the mansion.

“I’m here Khushi” Mr. Oberoi said from the hall.

“Dinner is ready, I need you at the dinner table in five minutes or else no dinner for you… what are you always watching on TV?”

“Khushi look… isn’t this mansion beautiful? The one they are showing in the TV?”

Khushi turned to look at the TV and the mansion that was being showed there… it was such a huge mansion, bigger than theirs and so beautifully designed

“Well, it is beautiful but what about it?”

“The owner Mr. Arnav Singh Raizada is selling it so I wanted to buy it”

“Okay it’s beautiful but you already have this mansion and we are only two of us living here, what’s the need of buying another mansion?”

“We can sell this one right… I really love it and I think we should buy it”

“Okay as you wish, but for now let’s go have dinner please”

“At one condition”

“And what’s that condition of yours?”

“You have to promise me, you’ll meet Arnav Raizada and talk about the deal, I want to leave everything about the mansion on you… done?”

Khushi turned away from him sadly as Mr. Oberoi stood up and made her turn to look at him again.

“Tell me Khushi… will you do it?”

“Dad you know that’s not possible… I haven’t stepped out of the house for six months, I don’t know anyone or anything, I don’t know any places… I remember nothing at all, I don’t know what would happen when I step out, people will look weirdly at me as they wouldn’t have ever seen someone who looks like me…”

“That’s why I want you to go out, make friends have fun… begin a new life Khushi… girls at your age visit the shopping mall almost daily buying so many things and you are just keeping yourself locked in this damn house, in fact tomorrow you are going to the mall for shopping, I have called Saanchi, she would come with you”

“I’m scared… I really can’t do this”

“Khushi do you realize that you are wasting such a beautiful life by locking yourself up in this mansion? There’s a beautiful life out there go live it… who knows you might meet someone and fall in love”

“Who knows if I already had fallen in love with someone before I met with the accident? He might be somewhere waiting for me”

“Stop thinking that okay… look if you keep yourself locked inside here you’ll never be able to regain your memory… go out visit place and maybe someday something would remind you of who you really are”

“I don’t think I can do that”

“You can, and I am not listening to any more excuses, I’ll talk to Mr. Arnav and then you’ll handle the rest with him, that’s it, no arguments… now let’s go for dinner” he said as he walked away while Khushi followed him.


Arnav was sited in his room staring at Khushi’s photo that was hanging on the wall.

“Why did you leave me Khushi? You promised me you’ll always be by my side then why did you leave me? Look how empty this room looks without you, the whole mansions seem sad like it used to be before you came to my life, I can’t change a thing about it, only you can… please come back… come back to my life” he cried

“Arnav” Anjali said as she walked in his room.

“Sis tell her to come back please, I can’t live without her, this life seems impossible, I so much love her I can’t even think about anything else, please bring my Khushi back to me”

“Hey you need to realx okay, everything will be fine with time”

“Which time? It’s been an year since the day I lost her, you have no idea how I spend each day of mine knowing that I was the reason why she isn’t here, I was the reason behind that accident”

“No Arnav, stop blaming yourself for her death, it was destined to happen”

“Look I know you are sad and hurt, but Arnav you’ll never be able to move one if you keep on looking at her photographs like this, I am you sister, I love you… I want to see you working again and live the life you lived before…

I also loved Khushi, she was the best sister in law, she supported me when my husband left me, she brought me here to stay with you both so that she could make sure I was happy, at that time I was the same as you, I wasn’t able to move on… but you know what she told me?

She said happiness and sadness are two side of life, when we are happy we should live it to the fullest because the other side is destined to come… and when we are sad, we shouldn’t complain about the problems, just get the strength to fight them because happiness is waiting to come back to our life.

She said she knows it isn’t easy to move on, but once you do, you’ll realize it’s the easiest thing ever, at first it wasn’t easy for me but now when I have finally moved on, I can say that she was right.

You and I both want her to be happy wherever she is right? So she can’t be happy if you keep on crying like this and blaming yourself for her death.

I’m sure wherever she is, she’s looking at you and she wants you to move on and be happy and live your life so if not for your sake, live for her sake”

“I know you are right sis, but this just seems hard for me”

“It’s only hard until you don’t try, so start trying… I’m taking you somewhere tomorrow morning, be ready and be happy to accept the new life” Anjali smiled as she walked out of Arnav’s room.


Next morning Saanchi arrived the Oberoi mansion and as Mr. Oberoi had said, Khushi had to go out with her for shopping, she was really nervous, but both Mr. Oberoi and Saanchi managed to convince her.

She stepped out of the mansion after six good years, feeling the fresh air outside.

“You see, I told you… it’s so beautiful outside… and when I’m with you, you don’t have to worry about anything” Saanchi said as they both got into the car and the driver drove them to the biggest mall.


Arnav parked the car outside the mall and looked at Anjali in confusion.

“Why are we here?” he asked in confusion

“For some shopping, and to meet someone Anjali smiled.

She pulled him out of the car as they both headed inside the mall.

Anjali and Arnav were heading towards a jewelry shop while Khushi and Saanchi were heading to the opposite side, Khushi was walking a bit faster while Saanchi ran behind her.

“Khushi, wait!” she shouted feeling tired.

Arnav stopped just by listening to the name, before he could react he saw a girl who stood in front of him already staring at him.

Kitne door door ho… un dono ke raaste…

Miljate hai jo bane… ek duje ke vaaste…

His eyes met hers and there was something about her eyes that reminded him of his Khushi, those hazel eyes were the same color as his Khushi’s eyes.

Jan 28, 2017

Bhool Paana Mumkin Nahin... Part 4 (By Taanihalai) (Thanked: 36 times)

“God! Why do you walk so fast?” Saanchi asked as she stopped near Khushi finally.

Khushi dint reply to her, her eyes were just glued to the man she saw standing in front of her.

She was staring at him while he stared back at her as if they were meeting after so long…

They were lost into each other’s eyes.

Uss rab ne jab dil diye… dil ke do tukde diya…

Dono pe ek naam likha… ek Radha ek Shyam likha…

“Khushi!” Saanchi shook her as Khushi finally broke the gaze.

“What’s wrong with you? Why do you always keep on shouting at me? Learn to walk faster okay?” She turned towards Arnav and whispered a sorry then held Saanchi’s hand and pulled her away.

Ab yeh dil dhadakte hai… milte hai aur bichadte hain…

Ek duje ke vaaste… Ek duje ke vaaste…

Arnav was yet standing still there, this girl was so much alike Khushi yet so different from her…

“Arnav! Not everyone with the name Khushi is Khushi… let’s go” Anjali said as she pulled him with her.

Khushi walked around the mall lost in so many thoughts, although she dint remember a thing yet, she felt like she knew Arnav since long.

His eyes, his physique, everything about him felt so known to her but she couldn’t remember a damn thing.

“Who was that man Saanchi?” Khushi asked

“I don’t keep information about everyone Khushi, how do I know who he is? But something seems to be fishy here, wait! Don’t tell me you just developed a crush on him, I don’t blame you anyway, he’s hot”

“Shut up, nothing like that, I just felt like I knew him before I lost my memory”

“He might be your boyfriend then or maybe husband, dint you see the way he looked at you when I called out your name?” Saanchi said

“Shut up, you and your nonsense”

“I was just trying to cheer you up, you see the world outside your house is beautiful, I don’t understand why you were so scared to come out”

“I thought everyone would look at me weirdly, but nothing of such sort happened, I don’t feel uncomfortable anymore”

“I told you”


“Sis come on, tell me where are we going?”

“I told you it’s a surprise, anyway we are almost there” Anjali said

They walked to a café, and sat there as they both ordered for coffee.

“Will you tell me now, what are we doing here?” Arnav asked

Just then a girl walked towards them as she greeted Anjali with a smile.

“Hey Anjali!” she said as she hugged her.

“Tara! I was waiting for you, it’s good to see you after long” Anjali hugged her back

“Hi, I’m Tara, you must be Arnav right?”

“Yeah Arnav here” Arnav replied plainly.

“So what’s up, how’s everything going on?” Tara asked

“All is well apart from business right now, I was…”

Anjali’s phone rang as she stood up and walked aside to answer the call.

“I heard about your wife from Anjali, I’m sorry for whatever that happened” Tara said as she held Arnav’s hand.

“It’s okay, I have learnt to live with her memories” Arnav said as he pulled his hand away uncomfortably.

“Don’t you think you should move on? I mean you are so young, and any girl would want to get married to you… why don’t you get married again”

“There’s no need, we can get married again but we can’t fall in love again so what’s the need of getting married when there’s no love”

“Who said we can’t love again? Try and see, you will fall in love again” Tara said

“What are you guys discussing?” Anjali asked

“Nothing much, just love and marriage” Tara said

“Sis I have something to do, I need to leave, I’ll see you later” Arnav said as he stood up and walked away.

“Your brother is someone really tough” Tara said

“I told you, you dint believe me… it’s not about being tough, it’s just that he loves Khushi so much, how wouldn’t, she was a Gem” Anjali said

“But I like him, I’ll try my best so that he can like me… you know I had a crush on him even before he met Khushi, I was just scared to tell him and I lost him… now that life had given me a second chance, I’ll grab it”

“I’d be happy if he moved on, I’m tired of seeing the same sad Arnav everyday” Anjali said

Arnav walked to the parking where his car was parked, when he suddenly remembered that he had left the keys at the table.

“Damn!” he said as he angrily kicked the table.

“Anger isn’t a solution to any problem” he heard Khushi’s voice.

He turned and found the girl he had met inside the mall, how the hell on earth was all this just a coincidence?

Her name was the same as Khushi, her voice was also the same, she only looked different from her.

“Sorry, I dint mean to…”

“It’s okay, it’s your car, you can kick it or break it I don’t mind” She smiled

Her smile too! Why?

“Do you by any chance know me? I mean have we ever met before?” Arnav asked

“Yeah, just a while back inside the mall” She replied

“No, I mean before that”

“No I don’t think so” she replied not being sure, she obviously dint want to tell him that she felt like she knew him but she had lost her memory, that would become a long story.

“Khushi, let’s get going, your dad called, he needs us home” Saanchi said as she walked towards her.

“See you” Khushi smiled as she walked away with Saanchi

Arnav was all confused, he couldn’t come to any conclusion, why was everything about this girl reminding him of Khushi? Why could he see his Khushi in her when she was a totally different person?

He kept on staring at her until she got into the car and drove off with her friend.

Since Khushi left, he had never felt so close and so attached to anyone, but there was surely something with this girl

He never even met her before but she was pulling him closer to her and he felt like he knew her, since long.

He finally brushed off the feelings in his mind making himself understand that Khushi was gone and she wasn’t going to come back

So he had to learn how to live with her memories and stop behaving the way he was.

He rushed back inside to get the keys from Anjali and then headed home, he had to prepare to sell the mansion which was currently the biggest talk of town.

Jan 28, 2017

Bhool Paana Mumkin Nahin... Part 5 (By Taanihalai) (Thanked: 34 times)

Khushi and Saanchi walked in and found Mr. Oberoi there waiting for them.

“So Khushi… tell me, how was your outing?” he asked

“It was fine”

“Fine? Just fine? You dint enjoy”

“She could have enjoyed if she dint waste her time thinking about that man” Saanchi said

“Which man?”

“I don’t know there was a man at the mall, at first she couldn’t stop staring at him and then all the while she was just thinking about him” Saanchi said

“Khushi, did you just develop a crush on someone?” Mr. Oberoi asked with a smile on his face.

“No dad, there’s nothing like that don’t believe this stupid girl… it’s just that there was something about that man” She said as she got lost in some thoughts again.

“Okay… so what was it about that man?”

“I don’t know… he seemed lost… as if his eyes were searching for someone in the crowd, for a moment when he looked at me that search had vanished but then suddenly it appeared back… maybe there was something about my name.. I don’t know… he was just kind of lost” Khushi said as she settled down on the sofa

“That’s strange.. I mean is that what you notice when you see a man? Girls normally notice how good he looked or how he was dressed and all that you know”

“I know but I don’t know what it was about him that made me notice all that… anyway let’s forget the topic, I’m already hungry” Khushi said

“I had told the chef to cook something for you, I knew you’d be hungry when you return… so have some food then rest, I’m going to the hospital okay?”

“Okay see you dad”

Mr. Oberoi left as Khushi headed to her room, she was just lying on her bed when her phone rang.

She was kind of surprised when she saw an unknown number, she had no one else’s number on her phone except her dad’s and Saanchi’s.

No one even called her and she never went out so she dint have anyone else’s number.

She hesitantly received the call.


“Am I speaking to Miss.. Khushi?” A voice came over

Why was he hesitant to take her name? What was it about her name, even the guy in the mall reacted weird at it and now even this guy on the call is reacting different.

“Yes, Khushi Oberoi speaking” She said

“Hello Miss. Khushi… I’m Arnav Raizada”

“Yes Mr. Raizada”

“I had a talk with Mr. Jaykant Oberoi and he informed me that he was interested in buying the mansion I was selling”

“Yes he is”

“So he told me that his daughter, I mean you are going to handle everything about the deal”

“That’s right”

“So I was asking when you are free, we can meet and discuss about the deal then?”

“I’m free anytime… let’s meet tomorrow”

“Okay then, it’s been quite a while since I visited my office, would it be fine if we meet at my mansion?”

“Yes sure, just text me your address”

“Okay then see you, have a good day”


Later on at night..

Arnav sat on his bed silently as he looked at the photograph hanging on the wall on his room.

It was Khushi’s enlarged photograph, she had a huge smile of her face and seemed so full of life…

She was always full of life, staying and keeping everyone happy was what she always did.

Jud chuki hai, tumse yaadein… bhool paana mumkin nahi…

Ab raaton ko neend aaye na… chaina bhi tere bin nahi…

Anjali walked to Arnav’s room and found him staring at Khushi’s photograph.

She walked towards the wall where it was hanging and pulled it out as she put it inside the cupboard.

“What are you doing sis?” Arnav asked

“Helping you, Arnav why don’t you understand that if you keep on doing this you’ll never move on?”

“It’s not easy to move on damn it! I love her”

“I know but you have a whole life ahead, I am also sad that we lost her but it’s been an year and look at you… you are still the same you were when we lost her…

Do you realize you haven’t visited the office since that day, you damn have no idea what’s going on with your business and if today we have to sell that mansion it’s only because of you not attending the office.

You know things can change even right now? You can save our company Arnav”

“What is my fault if we suffered a loss? What is my fault if the company is on the verge of shutting down?”

“The fault is you are concentrating on Khushi and not your work, get this in you head Arnav, she is gone and you have to move on…

If you wouldn’t stop attending the office, today we wouldn’t have to sell that mansion you bought for her!

Neither you or I want to sell it but we have to, because that’s the only way we can get money and save our company!”

“So what do you want me to do?”

“Start working, go back to office and handle your work… move the hell on!” Anjali shouted as she walked away.


Arnav’s phone rang as he quickly rushed to receive it.

“Hello” he said in a weak voice

“Hello Mr. Raizada, it’s me Khushi Oberoi, I was confirming about the time we can meet” Khushi asked

Arnav seemed to be lost in some thoughts… he dint speak for a while.

“Hello” Khushi said

“Yes, I was saying there is a change in the plan, we’ll meet in my office at ten”

“Okay then see you there” Khushi said as she disconnected the call.

“So finally, set for the work I gave you?” Mr. Oberoi asked

“I hate you for this dad, I mean it’s all weird I have no idea about any business or how we buy a mansion and you are making me do this”

“It’s for your own good Khushi… you have to go out and make friends… forget that you were someone else, forget that you had a memory loss, just remember you are my daughter and you have to live your life to the fullest”

“Okay” She said as she seemed to be lost in some thoughts.

“What happened?” Mr. Oberoi asked

“Nothing, I was just thinking about Mr. Raizada… I don’t know why but his voice sounds so familiar… like I’ve been hearing it since long… like it was the last voice I heard before my accident…

Things are just getting weird, yesterday I met some man in the mall and he seemed familiar too, today I feel someone’s voice familiar… can it be possible that I knew them before?” Khushi asked

“Well if you knew them then good, it would help you in regaining your memory… if you don’t know them then you don’t have to worry about it” Mr. Oberoi said

Khushi just sighed as she picked her plate and headed to the kitchen.

Jan 31, 2017

Bhool Paana Mumkin Nahin... Part 6 (By Taanihalai) (Thanked: 37 times)

Khushi arrived at the Raizada office as she waited for Arnav to arrive, the receptionist had told her that he wasn’t here yet.

She was sited in one place when she saw Arnav walking in, she stood up in surprise.

Arnav too stood in front of her in surprise, he wasn’t expecting to see her here for sure.

“What are you doing here?” Khushi asked

“I should ask you that, I am the boss, I’ll be in my office” Arnav replied

“Oh so this is your office… wait… you are Arnav Raizada?” She asked in disbelief.

“Yes, I am Arnav Raizada…” He smiled

“Oh Hi, I’m Khushi.. Khushi Oberoi… we had a talk over the phone regarding the mansion?”

“Oh so you are the one, I’m pleased to meet you… let’s head to my cabin we’ll have the rest of the discussion there”

They both walked to Arnav’s cabin and sat there as Khushi stared at Arnav nervously.

“So what will you take, tea or coffee?”

“Nothing I’m fine, can we discuss about the deal?”

“Direct to the point huh, I like that..  You remind me of…” Arnav said as he got lost into some thoughts.

His Khushi was also like this, no wasting time when it came to business just talk about it and get the deal done.

Not only her name, but her attitude, her voice, her hair almost everything was the same as his Khushi apart from her face.

“I remind you of who?”

“Nothing let’s begin… Look Miss. Khushi I am selling this mansion only on one condition, the mansion wouldn’t be destroyed, I mean it would be yours after you buy it but you won’t decide to break it an make another mansion or something else on that piece of land” Arnav said

“Okay what else”

“That’s the only condition I have, if you want to have a look at the mansion I can show you so that you can be sure of what you are purchasing”

“I guess that’s a good idea, can we go like right now?”

“Yeah sure, let’s go”

They both stood up and walked away as they headed to the parking where they got into the car and drove to the mansion.


Arnav opened the lock as they both walked inside the huge mansion.

Khushi looked around in awe, it wasn’t a mansion, it was a damn palace, so beautiful

“Oh My God, how did you even get the feeling of selling such a huge and beautiful mansion?” Khushi asked

“Well I have to, it’s been empty since long and anyway… let me show you around.. We’ll start with upstairs, there are eight room upstairs all with different interiors, four of them are designed according to a male choice and the other four according to a female choice.”

“That’s cute” Khushi said as she rushed upstairs to have a look but hit one of the staircase with her leg and almost fell down.

Arnav rushed towards her as he got hold of her into his arms…

It was the first time he touched her and this touch made him feel so much like he knew her…

Milkar tumse lagta hai aisa… Rishta hai koi tumse gehra…

Pehle bhi mile hain kahin… Chaina bhi tere bin nahi…

jud chuki hai tumse yaadein… Bhool paana mumkin nahi…

Arnav helped her to stand up as they both continued looking at each other.

“Have we really not met before we met in the mall?” He asked

“Yes, we haven’t” Khushi replied as she turned awkwardly and walked away.

Why was she also feeling like she knew him, they both met before, they surely had some kind of relation that’s why they both felt like they knew each other.

They started with the first room, Khushi walked inside and looked around, it was such a huge room, almost 10 beds would fit inside

“Is this the biggest room in the mansion?” she asked

“No 2nd biggest, actually there are two of the same size, one for male and one for a female, I had made this one thinking when I’d have a daughter in future, it would be hers” Arnav smiled as he got lost in thoughts

“And the other one for your son?” Khushi asked

Arnav nodded positively as they walked to the next room which he had made for his son. It was all designed to the preference of a boy, what he would like his room to look like.

They walked to the third room, which was just normal size not too big not too small, Khushi looked around for a while and then they headed to the fourth room.

She opened the door and was left in awe, it was the biggest ever bedroom she had seen in her entire lifetime.

It was all decorated in a shade of red and white, the walls were painted white and the curtains were red, the bedsheet was red.

There was a dressing table in the corner which was white, all the cupboards were white.

There were a few nail polishes and some make up kits on the dressing table. Khushi walked inside as she looked around the room.

“I can’t decide if this was designed for a male or a female, the things here tell me it was for a female, someone special?” Khushi asked.

“This was designed for a female but later on we changed the interiors to a mixture of my favorite color and hers”

“Hers?” Khushi asked

“My wife, she loved red, everything she wore was mostly red, red lipstick, red nail paint, red shoes, red handbags and what not, she was like obsessed so much with the color” Arnav smiled as he remembered his wife, his Khushi.

Khushi stood there speechless, staring at him in complete shock. She dint know why but she dint like the fact that he was married and he had a wife.

She had just developed a crush on him and this was what she got to know? That he was married?

“I loved white so she was adamant on making this room of both our choice, that’s why you can see it’s a mixture of red and white… at the beginning everything was almost red, it looked too reddish but that was her choice… I had specially made this room for her but then she got it changed.” Arnav smiled

“This is such a beautiful room and such a beautiful mansion… why are you even selling it?”

“Because no one is here, no one lives here anymore, no one dreams of her baby girl and baby boy running from one room to another messing up the mansion.. Nothing is left actually”

“How did your wife allow you to sell it?”

“She dint, I dint even get the chance to ask her if I could sell it or not” Arnav said

“Why so? I mean you made this mansion according to her and you and your dreams, everything is connected with your emotions and you dint even ask her before selling it?

Why would you do this to her? I’m sure she loves this mansion”

“You are right, she loved it a lot… in fact she used to spend more of her time here than in Raizada mansion… I never thought there would come a time when I would sell it, but now when there’s no one to live here why should I keep it?”

“Why? Where is your wife? She doesn’t live here anymore?”

“She doesn’t live in this world anymore, she’s no more” Arnav said as he turned around immediately to hide his tears away from Khushi.

Feb 1, 2017

Bhool Paana Mumkin Nahin... Part 7 (By Taanihalai) (Thanked: 32 times)

“I already saw those tears” Khushi said as she walked towards him.

She put her hand on his shoulder hoping she would make him feel better, she would do anything that she could to just make him feel better.

Arnav turned towards her and hugged her as he tried to control his tears.

“I don’t know why she decided to leave me like this, why she decided to shatter all our dreams and all our future plans… I just feel so hurt, so in pain…

At times I just feel I can’t live without her, she’s some kind of drug that I’m addicted to and if she’s not with me I’ll die… I’ll die without her”

Khushi could feel his pain, she could understand how hurt he was but this time she was so confused on her own feelings.

She couldn’t understand why Arnav’s hug dint feel uncomfortable, she had that feeling that she had hugged him like this before, maybe a thousand time, she had a feeling that this wasn’t the first time he was hugging her like this and crying.. He had done this before.

Arnav broke the hug as he looked at Khushi is surprise… why was she so much like his Khushi why did her hug also make him feel like he was hugging Khushi?

Yaad aaraha hai, masoom chehra… mehsoos karta hoon ehsaas tera…

He wiped the tears from his eyes and took a deep breath, this wasn’t surely the time to lose control over himself.

He had to be strong, he had to learn how to live without Khushi because maybe that was all what life was about.

Judaa hoke bhi tu judaa ho na paaya… ashq banke ankh me tu nazar hai aaya…

“I’m sorry” Arnav said

“It’s okay… you love your wife so much right?”

“More than you and I could think… she meant everything to me, without her life just seems ugly, forgetting even a single thing about her is impossible.

Sorry I broke down in front of you, you must be wondering what kind of a man I am, I can’t even handle my wife’s death that I’m crying in front of a stranger”

“No, I understand, it actually gives me the idea of how much you love her still”

“I always will”

Ab to dil bhi, kehraha hai… tere bin me kuch bhi nahin.. bhool paana mumkin nahi…

Khushi smiled at him as she tried to hide away her pain, she just had a crush on him she would move on with time, but what about Arnav? How would he move on when he loved his wife so much?

They headed to the other room as Arnav kept on explaining things and giving her all the details.

When they were done, they headed back downstairs.

“This is such a beautiful mansion, I will be more than happy to purchase it, but I’ll have to discuss this with dad so maybe you give me some time and I’ll get back to you on it”

“Sure, if you are ready to purchase it we can talk about the price”

“I am surely going to purchase it and I’ll not change even a thing in this mansion, everything is so perfect so full of love… I don’t know how you even convinced yourself to sell it”

Arnav just smiled faintly as they both headed out of the mansion.

There’s a garden too at the back, if you want to have a look.

“Sure, I love gardens… sitting in the open air alone with a cup of coffee and thinking about life feels so good” Khushi said excitedly.

She rushed outside while Arnav stood there lost in thoughts… how was it all just a coincidence? Even her likes were the same as Khushi’s…

Her personality, her character… everything… just everything…

He followed her outside and found her sited on the bench in the garden, she looked beautiful just how beautiful his Khushi was…

He was distracted by a phone call, he pulled the phone out of his pocket and received the call.

“Yes sis”

“Arnav where are you? I have something important to discuss with you”

“I was just showing the mansion to a client who’s willing to buy it, anything urgent?”

“No finish it up then come home, we’ll talk then”

He disconnected the call and walked towards Khushi.

“I think I love this mansion, I’ll just talk to dad then let you know okay? Anyway it’s almost lunch time, I need to get home dad would be coming any time” Khushi said as she stood up.

“Sure, do you mind if I drop you?”

“No problem”

They both headed towards the car as Khushi started telling Arnav directions to her house. They got in and Arnav drove her to the Oberoi mansion.

He parked the car outside as Khushi walked out of it.

“Won’t you come in?”

“I have some work, sis had called me home, she needs to discuss something… maybe some other time” Arnav smiled

“Okay then see you” Khushi waved a goodbye as Arnav drove away.

Khushi walked inside the mansion and fount Jaykant sited in the hall.

“So finally you are here, I was waiting for you...”

“Sorry I got a bit late, I went with Arnav to see the mansion and oh my God, I just couldn’t take my eyes off”

“Off Arnav?”

“No dad, stop that, I obviously meant the mansion… its beautiful, everything inside is beautiful… if we are going to buy it promise me we won’t change a thing about it”

“And what if I don’t like something and want to change it?”

“I wouldn’t let you”

“Why is that so?”

“He made that mansion for his wife with lots of love, I don’t even understand the reason why he’s selling it… I’m sure it’s really hard for him to sell it so I just want it to remain the way it is, it would feel good”

“Okay as you say my princess, now that means that you loved the mansion and we are buying it?”


“I’m glad at least you handled this deal well, you see I told you the world outside isn’t that bad, you were scared to face it for no reason.”

“Okay enough of this discussions, I’ll meet Arnav tomorrow and discuss the rest, for now its lunch time so let’s eat”

Raizada Mansion

Arnav walked to Anjali’s room as soon as he reached home.

He knocked at the door and walked in, Anjali was sited on her bed waiting for him.

“Yes sis, what happened? What is it that you wanted to discuss with me?”

“Arnav it’s something very serious and I hope you’d listen to me and let me finish whatever I want to say before you get angry on me or say anything”

“Why would I get angry on you?”

“Because I am going to tell you to do something you never thought of”

“And what’s that? Stop beating around the bush sis, tell me what is it that you want to talk about, I hate such kind of suspense”

“Arnav I want you to marry Tara, you know my friend? The one we met at the mall?”

“What?” Arnav asked in complete shock.

He couldn’t even understand how Anjali thought about this.

Feb 3, 2017

Bhool Paana Mumkin Nahin... Part 8 (By Taanihalai) (Thanked: 33 times)

“Are you out of your mind sis? I mean how can you even think of this? How the hell on earth can you think I’d give Khushi’s place to someone else? That too that friend of yours who is nowhere close to what Khushi was?

I have been trying a lot, I have been trying to show you that I believe that she’s no more but still today, there’s one corner of my heart that hopes and believes she is alive and she is going to come back.

I can’t, and I never will marry anyone else sis”

“You see, I told you to listen to me, let me explain first Arnav”

“What would you explain sis, there can be no reason for me marrying that good for nothing girl, I don’t like her at all”

“There is a huge reason Arnav and you and I both know what the damn reason is, I know how much you love Khushi and believe me I wouldn’t tell you to marry her if I dint have a reason.

Arnav no matter how bad she is, she loves you and I know that.. but that’s not why I want you to marry her, just calm down and give me a moment… sit with me and I’ll explain it to you, even after that if you don’t find it right then don’t marry her, I won’t even force you to”

“Okay fine”


Oberoi Mansion

Khushi was sited in her room lost in some thoughts when Saanchi walked in.

“What’s up, someone seems lost” Saanchi said

“You won’t believe what happened today Saanchi”

“What happened?”

“I met Arnav, I mean dad had told me to handle the deal of the mansion so I went to meet the owner of the mansion Mr. Arnav Singh Raizada”

“Yeah so? Is he hot?”

“Shut up and listen… I was waiting for him in the office and when he walked up to me, I was surprised, he was the same person, remember the one we met at the mall?”

“Oh the one you had a crush on”

“Stop making assumptions okay”

“I am not, the way you were looking at him at the mall and then look at you right now, you are so lost thinking about him and you want me to believe you don’t like that guy?”

“Shut up, he’s married and he loves his wife a lot”

“His wife who passed away an year ago, and that love he has for his wife makes you like him more”

“How do you know about his wife?”

“I did quite some research after the incident at the mall, you see I’m a good friend I worked hard for you”

“So all this while you were just pretending to know nothing about him, stupid”

“I just wanted to see what you’d say”

“What would I say about him.. He’s just the perfect man, his wife must have been lucky, he still loves her a lot…

You should have seen how sad his eyes looked when he was telling me about his wife, he misses her really a lot, I just wish there was some way we could get the dead back alive then I would surely get his wife back to him”

“That man is really strong, he’s faced more than anyone can think… you know why that day at the mall he stared at you like that when I called out your name?”

“Why did he?”

“Because his wife’s name was Khushi too… this was all in the news but lazy me I never watched news but while looking for details about him I saw some videos online.. his wife was really pretty, they showed her picture in some videos… whatever happened to him was really bad.”

“That’s why he took my name like that, as if it scared him, because I share the same name with his wife… but anyway what happened?”

“She was driving and then met with an accident, the car was found but not her body, and till today Arnav hasn’t been able to accept the fact that she’s dead… although he shows he’s moved on, he still believes his wife would come back one day”

“Oh my God, this is really bad, I feel so bad for him”

“I too.”

Raizada Mansion.

“Now tell me Arnav, do you think I am wrong?” Anjali asked after explaining things to him.

“No” he answered plainly

“If you still need time you can think about it and give me the answer tonight so I can tell Tara about it” Anjali said

Arnav just nodded as he walked out and headed to his room.

He shut himself inside, he wanted to be strong at this moment but he couldn’t, at one point he messed his life with his own hands.

His phone kept on ringing in his pocket but he was in no moods to receive the call.

What Anjali said was right too but how could he just get married to any other girl, it was just one year since Khushi left him and all this came up.

His phone rang again and this time he angrily pulled it out of his pocket and shouted at whoever that was calling him.

“What is it, can’t I get some peace for a while?”

“I’m sorry” a soft voice came…

“Khushi… I’m sorry I was just… I shouldn’t have shouted at you”

“It’s okay Arnav, I understand… anyway I dint know I would be disturbing or else I’d have called you tomorrow morning”

“No it’s fine, tell me”

“I have talked to dad about the mansion, we’ve discussed everything and we came to the conclusion that we want to buy it”

“Okay that’s great”

“So maybe we can meet tomorrow and finalize the deal?”

“Yeah sure, we’ll meet in my office, I’ll let you know the time and sorry once again for shouting at you”

“It’s okay…” Khushi said as she disconnected the call.

His voice sounded so low, more than angry he sounded to be sad… she dint know why but she was worried for him.

Although she dint share any relation with him, what they had right now was business only but she was worried, and she hoped that whatever that was disturbing him would get solved pretty soon.

Maybe Saanchi was right, she had a crush on him, or his sadness and all this wouldn’t matter to her, she took a deep sigh, this wasn’t what she wanted to feel at this moment of her life when she remembered nothing about her past.

Destiny plays so many weird games and right now it was doing that with her, she dint know what would happen if she started liking Arnav more, because she had no idea about her past relationships, she even knew Arnav loved his wife so much so all this was just getting tough for her.


Arnav walked to Anjali’s room and knocked at the door as Anjali opened the door.

“Yes Arnav?” She asked

“I am ready to marry Tara” Arnav said plainly as he turned and walked back to his room.

He dint want to do this, but he had to… he had no other option left..

Feb 4, 2017

Bhool Paana Mumkin Nahin... Part 9 (By Taanihalai) (Thanked: 46 times)

Khushi walked outside the mansion looking for the driver, she had to meet Arnav today and finalize the deal about the mansion.

She headed back inside and called out for Jaykant.

“Dad! Dad where is the driver? Why isn’t he here today?” she asked

“He fell sick Khushi, he called me in the morning and informed me that he won’t be able to come today”

“Oh no, how will I go to meet Arnav then? We had a meeting today, isn’t there anyone else who can take me there?”

“No, why don’t you just drive yourself?”

“Drive? I don’t even remember my real name how can I drive, what if I have forgotten how to drive? What if I never knew how to drive?”

“Give it a try, just try to drive a bit we see if you can, I also have to go right now or I’d have dropped you, sorry, I’ll see you later” Mr. Oberoi said as he walked out.

Khushi sat on the sofa thinking but she couldn’t just get an idea so she decided to give it a try.

She got the car keys and headed to the parking, got inside and switched on the car.

She put the car in drive mode and drove it a bit just when she suddenly stopped it. Her mind was flooded with some weird noises.

She shut her ears as sweat started running down her forehead, she was scared, she could see a flash of light in front of her eyes then suddenly a black out.

“Dad!” she shouted as she stepped out of the car and ran to the mansion in a hurry.

“Khushi! Khushi wait!” Saanchi shouted as she rushed behind her.

Khushi stopped and turned to look at her, she hugged Saanchi as soon as she came to her and broke down into tears.

“What’s wrong Khushi? What happened?” Saanchi asked

“The car, an accident… it just crashed, I could hear it crashing but I couldn’t do anything… there was a bright light in front of my eyes then all over a sudden a blackout…

I could hear my name, I could hear someone shouting Khushi but I was alone in the car… I couldn’t see anyone near me” she cried

“Calm down… you need to relax okay… let’s go inside”

Saanchi took Khushi to her room and made her sit there while she called Mr. Oberoi and informed him about it.

She filled a glass of water and told Khushi to drink it, Khushi took a sip but the water couldn’t make her feel better.

Soon Jaykant arrived at the mansion as he rushed to Khushi’s room in a hurry

“What happened? Are you okay Khushi?” he asked as he settled himself near her.

Khushi explained everything she saw and felt to Jaykant who listened to her patiently.

“Did you see anyone? Did you see your own face? Or any other face?” he asked

“No dad, they were just noises, bright light and blackout… and a voice calling out my name”

“Which name?”

“Khushi… I could hear someone shouting Khushi but I couldn’t see anyone”

“Was it a female voice or a male voice?”

“I think a male voice, but how was it possible that I could hear someone when no one was there”

“This is really weird, I thought it might have some connection with your accident where you lost your memory but this doesn’t seem like one of the memories because you heard someone call you Khushi but we don’t even know what your real name was”

“So what does this mean?” Khushi asked

“Is it something like some ghost?” Saanchi asked feeling scared

“There’s nothing like that Saanchi, it’s just that maybe she remembered her accident and her name might just be a coincidence” Mr. Oberoi said

“No dad, it wasn’t, I could hear it”

“Khushi relax, you are just too stressed about it, I mean how can you see all this when it never happened?”

“I don’t know, but maybe if not now, it’s related to my life before the accident, but I don’t even know who I was, what my name was, I just saw my photograph in the identity picture which was barely recognizable”

“I told you to relax, stop thinking about this things”

“But Dad they do have some connection”

“No Khushi they don’t, you are just stressed that’s why, you need to rest and you’ll be fine, I’ll call Mr. Arnav and inform him you can’t meet today, the deal can be finalized tomorrow or some other day” Jaykant said as he walked out of the room.

“What happened? If you wanted to go somewhere you could have told me, I could take you” Saanchi said

“I was thinking of someone who could drive but I dint think of you I don’t know how”

“Khushi… can I ask you something?” Saanchi asked

“Yeah sure, ask whatever you want to”

“You don’t remember anything at all about your past? Don’t you see any blur faces or don’t you remember anything maybe that you don’t know about this time?

I mean to say at least something like a hint?”

“No Saanchi I don’t, in fact today is the first time, I just switched on the car, drove a bit and I started sweating, it felt as if I was scared of driving, on top of it someone shouting my name that too calling me Khushi…

Is all this just a coincidence or what? Dad said he dint know my name, so he gave me the name Khushi, so was getting this name just a coincidence?

There are a lot of things I don’t know about and now I feel like I should start finding out.. but I don’t even know where to start from… I don’t even know one person who knows about me, about my past that they could help me” Khushi said

“But I know where we can start from” Saanchi said


Arnav had just arrived in his office when his phone rang.

“Hello” he said as he received the call.

“Am I speaking to Arnav Raizada?”

“Yes it’s me Arnav”

“Actually Mr. Raizada I’m Dr. Jaykant Oberoi, Khushi’s dad, she isn’t feeling quite well so she can’t come for the meeting today, do you mind if we postpone it to tomorrow or some other day”

“It’s totally fine, what happened to her, is she okay?”

“Yeah she’s fine, just stressed maybe”

“Can I visit her? If you are okay with that”

“Sure, I’ll just message you the address, I am leaving for some work, she’s home with a friend, you can visit her, I’m sure she’d feel better”

“Thank you sir”

Arnav rushed to his car as soon as he received the message from Mr. Oberoi.


Khushi was lying on her bed lost in thoughts, Saanchi had gone back home to do something, she said she’d be back in a while so Khushi was just sited waiting for her when she heard a knock at the door of her room.

“Come in” She said thinking it might be a servant but then the door opened and she was surprised to see Arnav standing right in front of her.

She felt so happy so relaxed just by seeing him here, seriously she couldn’t understand what it was about him that made her feel so relaxed but she knew now that he was here, she was going to be good.

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