Bhool Paana Mumkin Nahin...

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Feb 7, 2017

Bhool Paana Mumkin Nahin... Part 10 (By Taanihalai) (Thanked: 33 times)

“Hey” Arnav said as he walked in.

“Hey” Khushi greeted him back with a smile.

“Your dad informed me you weren’t feeling well so I thought I’d give you a visit… what happened?”

“I don’t know… something wrong with my mind I guess I’m just trying to fight with it, let’s see how far it goes” She giggled

Arnav continuously stared at her for a while as if looking for one thing about her that will make him feel that she’s different from his Khushi.

“You know I used to be very arrogant, very rude and such a selfish person” Arnav said

“Really? I can’t believe that, I have maybe met a totally opposite side of you then” Khushi said

“I was like that, I know it’s hard to believe right now because there’s a huge difference between that Arnav and this Arnav…

I changed, after I met Khushi… you know she used to work in a rival company and we met in for some deal, we were like huge enemies.

I dint like losing, she dint want to lose, we fought, cursed each other and you know there was a time I could see she was winning I couldn’t handle that, I mean losing in front of a girl..

I made sure she was kicked out of the company where she worked in and then we both just had lots of issues…

Destiny kept on bringing us face to face every time and we would either fight, or avoid each other or do just whatever we could to hate each other…

But in between all that we both fell in love… the journey wasn’t easy but after I fell in love I started changing slowly…

I became more polite, the arrogance faded away and her love taught me how to be selfless, she was the most beautiful girl on earth for me, because she had a beautiful heart” Arnav said

“She must be lucky to have you as her life partner”

“I would say I was lucky to have her… but maybe my I had done some bad deeds that’s why God took her away from me”

“You are a good person Arnav, maybe whatever happened was just destiny”

“You must be wondering why I am telling you all this right? Why am I telling you about my wife when we aren’t even friends, we just met for business…

I don’t mean anything wrong here but I don’t know why, whenever I look at you, you always remind me of her…

Everything about you is so much alike her, your behavior, character, smile, voice everything apart from your face…”

“Do you have a picture of her? Maybe I can see how she looked like” Khushi asked

“Yeah I have one, I’ll show you” Arnav said

Arnav pulled his wallet out just when Saanchi walked into the room.

“Oops, I’m sorry I dint know Arnav was here, I disturbed” she giggled

“Shut up, I was waiting for you, you told me you’ll be back soon and this is when you are coming?” Khushi asked angrily.

“I went to bring this for you” Saanchi said as she showed her a tin.

She sat on the bed next to her and opened the tin, it had some kind of food she’d never seen before but it smelled really good.

“Wow what’s this?”

“Mom usually makes for me when I’m sick and thank God, it’s not something like the porridge, it’s so tasty so I thought I’d tell her to make some for you” Saanchi smiled as she took a spoon and fed Khushi.

“I guess I should leave now” Arnav said as he stood up

“Why so soon?” Khushi asked

“I have some meetings to attend, I just came here to see if you are fine, now I’ll leave, we’ll meet some other time when you are fine and finalize the deal”

“Okay see you”

Arnav walked out of the room while Saanchi turned to look at Khushi.

“So… what’s going on between you both… I mean you just met like a day ago and he’s already worried about your health… impressive… very impressive”

“Shut up, there’s nothing like that” Khushi said

Saanchi giggled at her as Khushi got lost into thoughts… Arnav dint seem like a person who’d tell anyone about his life so easily but with her he was different.

He told her about his wife so simple and they had just met a few days back.. He already trusted her this much… why?

She felt like there was some kind of bond developing between them both, something that kept on attracting her more and more towards him.

She couldn’t just stop thinking about him anymore, maybe she had started developing some sort of feelings towards him.

Arnav arrived at the office as he headed directly to his cabin.

Just when he opened the door of his cabin and walked in, he noticed someone sited on hi chair facing the opposite side.

“Excuse me, who are you and why are you sited on my chair?” Arnav asked

The chair turned around and Arnav was left in surprise when he saw Tara sited on it.

“What’s yours is mine too right Arnav?” She said as she stood up and walked towards him.

Arnav walked to his chair and settled himself down, he dint want this right now, not to see her in his office like this.

“Are you kind of trying to run away from me Arnav? If you are please stop, we are soon going to get married” Tara said

“No I’m not, it’s just that I have a lot of work, can we talk later?”

“Sure, I just came to ask if you’d love to join me for dinner tonight, I mean you and me, only both of us and a candle light dinner, it would be so romantic…”

“I actually have some…”

“No excuses, you are coming with me okay? Pick me up from my place at eight, I’ll be ready” She smiled as she pecked on his cheeks and walked away leaving Arnav behind completely angry.

He dint like this at all, she was trying to get too close to him which he dint want, that closeness had always belonged to his Khushi, his wife… no one else could take her place.

He punched his fist on the table angrily which only ended up hurting him more.

He felt really angry for agreeing to this marriage, he knew Tara wasn’t the girl he wanted in his life, his life had always belonged to Khushi, he couldn’t let anyone snatch that away from her even though she wasn’t alive today.

He really wished he could do something, but he was helpless, he knew if he dint get married to Tara, things might turn against him.

He settled himself down and dialed Khushi’s number, talking to her surely made him feel better although they dint even know each other well.

“Hey Khushi… I just called to ask how you are feeling now”

“Arnav I’m fine don’t worry, I’m really okay now and thanks for calling”

“Okay then, see you” he said as he disconnected the call instantly then cursed himself for calling her.

Why was he acting so desperate? What was wrong with him? He remembered the last time he acted this way was when he had started falling for Khushi, he dint want the same to happen again.

He dint want to fall for any other girl again, he wanted his heart to belong to only one girl and that was his wife.

Feb 8, 2017

Bhool Paana Mumkin Nahin... Part 11 (By Taanihalai) (Thanked: 37 times)

Arnav was in his room sited as many thought ran in his mind, he heard a knock at the door and as soon as he turned to look towards it, he saw Anjali walking in.

“Arnav you aren’t ready yet?” She asked in surprise.

“Ready for what? I’m not going anywhere”

“Arnav you have to go for dinner with Tara, she even told me you’ll be picking her up at eight and it’s seven thirty already”

“I’m not going for any dinner with anyone, please sis, just leave me alone”

“Arnav I am not the one who forced you to say yes for the marriage, I gave you options, you are the one who decided to do that and now if you have decided to do that you’ll have to treat her good, she’s going to be your wife soon”

“And that’s my problem Anjali, why don’t you understand? I can’t take anyone else as my wife, Khushi was the only one”

“Fine then if that’s what you want to stick to, I’ll call Tara and tell her that you’ve said no for the marriage, let’s end this”

“Sis wait!” Arnav said as he stood up.

Anjali turned to look at him as she folded her arms and stared at him waiting for him to speak.

“Fine I’ll go for dinner with her”


Khushi and Saanchi were just talking about random things when Jaykant walked to Khushi’s room.

“How is my daughter feeling now?” He asked

“Good, I’m fine dad relax” Khushi said

“Well now that you are fine I was thinking I’ll take you both out for dinner today, let’s give the servants some rest, what say?”

“Perfect, I got fed up of siting in this room the whole day anyway” Khushi said

“Some days back you are the one who dint even want to step out of the mansion… someone has changed right uncle?” Saanchi asked

“Exactly… what’s the matter here, is there something I should know?” Mr. Oberoi asked.

“Dad! Saanchi! You both better shut up or I’ll not come for dinner” Khushi said

“Oh someone is getting serious huh… anyway get ready, I’m waiting downstairs and please hurry up” Jaykant said as he walked out of the room.

Both Saanchi and Khushi got ready quickly and headed downstairs where Jaykant was waiting for them, from there they got into the car and went to a five star hotel.

Jaykant had already booked the table so they just settled themselves there and went through the menu.

“Khushi you better not order a lot of spicy food, you aren’t perfectly okay yet”

“Come on dad, a bit of spice does no harm”

“No means no, you can eat anything but with less spice, I am your dad and I’m a doctor too so you’ll do as I say”

“Good for her, I’ll order spicy food and eat in front of her” Saanchi giggled

“I’ll revenge someday” Khushi said as she made faces.

They ordered for the food and waited as Saanchi and Jaykant continued pulling Khushi’s leg.

“OMG” Saanchi said

“What happened?”

“Arnav Singh Raizada” She said as she looked behind Khushi

Khushi stood up instantly and turned around but Arnav wasn’t there, she hit Saanchi and sat down.

“You are so stupid, I hate you we are no more friends” Khushi said as she frowned

“Look uncle, now she’s behaving like a kid… but do you see how much Arnav Singh Raizada affects your daughter, she stood up just at the mention of his name” Saanchi said

“Nothing like that dad, don’t listen to her”

“Shut up, I know everything, you better not lie to us, I know you like him” Saanchi said

“No I don’t like him, and for your kind information it’s strictly business between me and him” Khushi said

The waiter came with the food and placed it on the table while they all started eating and once again Saanchi looked behind Khushi in surprise.

“What a surprise, like really Arnav, I dint think he would be here” Saanchi said

“I’m not turning around this time, dad tell her to sit quietly and just eat, jokes aside please” Khushi said

“I’m serious Khushi, its Arnav”

“And if you think I’ll believe you, you are wrong” Khushi said as she concentrated on her food.

Just then someone tapped on her shoulder and she turned around just to get the biggest surprise, Arnav was actually there.

“Khushi! What a pleasant surprise” Arnav said

“I should say that, how come you are here?” Khushi asked as she stood up excitedly.

“I came for dinner with her, she’s my friend Tara” Arnav said introducing Tara to Khushi

“Oh that’s nice, why don’t you join us?” Khushi asked

“No thank you, we wouldn’t like to disturb you” Tara said

“You won’t, we would be glad if you joined us, right dad?” Khushi asked and Mr. Oberoi just nodded while staring at her, she was so excited to see Arnav here.

“I think that’s a good idea” Arnav said as he pulled a chair next to Khushi and sat down while Tara sat next to him unwillingly

Saanchi and Mr. Oberoi just looked at each other and smiled, they both could notice how happy and excited Khushi seemed, she was talking nonstop to Arnav, she was talking about any random things and acting just so excited that anyone around her would just know she likes the guy.

They all had dinner together, Tara was just sited silently staring at Arnav and Khushi getting along so well while Arnav was giving his full attention to Khushi and not to Tara which he should and that was just making Tara angry.

He talked to Saanchi and Mr. Oberoi too but not to Tara, it was as if he was purposely ignoring her or something like that.

“You’ll come to the office tomorrow right?” Arnav asked

“Yeah sure, we have to finalize the deal after all, make sure all the papers are ready” Khushi said

“Don’t worry all will be ready, we finalize everything and then the mansion would be yours” Arnav said

“We’ll the throw a huge party in that mansion okay dad?” Khushi asked

“Sure, anything you wish” Mr. Oberoi said

“And you’ll have to attend, without any excuses… I know it’s your house we are buying and it sounds weird to invite you in your own house but whatever… you’ll come”

“Okay I will come happy now”

“Yes, very” she smiled

Arnav also couldn’t stop staring at her, she was so happy so excited, she talked a lot, she was so happy about life just the way his Khushi used to be.

There was something about her that was just attracting towards her even when he dint want to feel that way, he always wanted to have feelings for one girl only and that was his wife, but somewhere he knew he had started gaining feeling for Khushi and maybe that was only because she was so much alike his wife.

He couldn’t just maintain distance from her no matter what he did because every time his heart ended up going against his mind and he would just do whatever his heart said.

Feb 9, 2017

Bhool Paana Mumkin Nahin... Part 12 (By Taanihalai) (Thanked: 37 times)

After dinner they all headed back home, Tara dint even bother to say much to Arnav, she was just angry on the way he treated her at the dinner.

Arnav dropped Tara and headed back to the mansion where Anjali was already waiting for him.

“So, how was it?” She asked as soon as she saw him walking in.

“How was what?” Arnav asked

“The dinner? Did you enjoy?”

“Was quite good, I enjoyed” Arnav smiled as he walked to his room leaving behind Anjali excited.

She was so happy that he enjoyed the dinner with Tara, which meant something really positive because at first he dint even want to go.


Saanchi, Khushi and Mr. Oberoi arrived at the mansion as they all walked inside and settled themselves in the hall.

There was some kind of glow on Khushi’s face, she just seemed to be happy even thought she was just sited doing nothing, not even smiling.

“What’s up?” Saanchi asked

“Someone looks really happy today” Mr. Oberoi added

“Why? Is there a rule like I have to be sad? Can’t I be happy?”

“You can be happy but I guess we know why you are this happy” Saanchi said

“Khushi, tell me the truth, you like him don’t you?”

“No dad, I don’t like Arnav, why can’t the both of you just stop guessing things?”

“I dint even mention his name Khushi” Mr. Oberoi said

Khushi just blushed as she stood up to run away but Mr. Oberoi got hold of her hand and stopped her.

“You aren’t going anywhere without answering us, there’s no escaping today… come on, tell us the truth now… do you like Arnav?”

“Dad please, let me go” Khushi said as she blushed more

“Answer us then you can go, what say Saanchi?”

“Exactly uncle.. Khushi what’s the need of hiding from us when we know it, we aren’t you enemies, you can tell us” Saanchi said

“Okay fine… yes I do like him” she said without looking at any of them.

Jaykant pulled Khushi towards him and hugged her tightly excitedly.

“I am so happy that you finally like someone… Oh my God! What am I going to do?”

“Relax dad, I just like him, I don’t love him… who knows whether love will happen or not” Khushi said as she broke the hug.

“Love happens in a second, at least you’ve known him for a few days, and when you like him, it’s for sure you’ll fall for him, I can’t tell you how happy I am”

“But I don’t want to fall in love” Khushi said as she sat down again, this time her expressions being sad.

“Why are you saying that Khushi?” Saanchi asked

“Why would anyone run away from love, come on Khushi” Jaykant said

“I don’t see this being right dad, first of all I have no idea about my past, what if I had someone? What if I was maybe married or engaged to someone?

Let’s say someday my memory comes back and I just realize I had someone in my life, what would I do then?

On top of it, Arnav is married, his wife just passed away and I have seen how much he loves her…

That day while showing me the mansion, he told me about her… he loves her a lot dad, really a lot and I’m sure he’d never let any other girl take his wife’s place…

I agree somewhere I started liking him only because I realized how much he loved his wife, such men rarely exist, his love for his wife is the one that attracted me towards him but I also know that he’d never be with anyone else again.

His heart belongs to only one girl, and that’s his wife, just because our names are same doesn’t mean I’ll take her place” Khushi said

“Oh My God! You are such a stupid girl… you thought so far even without thinking about Arnav? What if he likes you too?” Jaykant asked

“He doesn’t, and he won’t”

“Khushi love doesn’t happen only once like the way you see in movies, I’ll only say that first love is the deepest one, but you can fall in love again so instead of running away from love, hug it… try to get closer to Arnav, I’m sure he’d start liking you”

“I don’t know why but I don’t feel this being right… I am happy in just liking him and admiring him, as far as love is concerned, I’ll keep myself away from it, at least until I get to know about my past” Khushi said as she stood up and headed to her room.

“What do you think about what she said?” Jaykant asked

“I don’t know uncle, but I feel like I agree with her on this decision… it would be better if she knew her past, you know here she might be feeling like if she had someone in her past then falling in love with someone else wouldn’t be right”

“This is so much of confusion, I wish she’d remember her past, then things could have been easier for her”

“Hopefully some day she would”


Arnav was lying on his bed staring at the wall… it had been over an year now since Khushi passed away, he tried everything he could to make himself feel better, to accept the fact that she’s no more, and she’s never going to come back.

His life had become a complete mess, he dint even remember the last time he smiled, the last time his heart felt so light… but today, everything was happening.

He dint know but by being with Khushi, he just felt happy and relaxed as if there was nothing wrong in his life, maybe it was because a lot about her was like his wife and her being around him made him feel like he was around his wife.

But he knew whatever he was feeling was wrong, and he should stop himself from feeling that way because he had always loved his wife and he wanted to love her only.

To make things worse, he was soon going to get engaged to Tara, so in this case, even thinking about Khushi wasn’t right, it could just create more problems and mess his life more.

Maybe he was wrong when he introduced Tara to Khushi as just his friend, he should have told her they both were going to get engaged soon but he dint understand why he thought he’d hurt her when he dint even know if she had any sort of feeling towards him.

She just looked so vulnerable, just like his Khushi was… he had always been scared to hurt her, he took every step carefully when it came to her, and maybe this time, he was repeating the same thing once again.

His phone rang all over a sudden bringing him out of the world he was in, he looked at it as Khushi’s name flashed on it and instantly a smile came up on his face.

He shouldn’t react this way, he warned himself…

“Yes Khushi” he said as he received the call.

“I just called to confirm, what time should I meet you at the office?”

“After ten, I’ll be there”

“Okay thank you, and goodnight”

He disconnected the call and got lost in thoughts again, he had to keep himself away from Khushi, he’d make sure they finish all the paperwork tomorrow and just handover the mansion to her, then maybe there wouldn’t be any excuse left for them to meet.

Yes, that sounded good!

Feb 10, 2017

Bhool Paana Mumkin Nahin... Part 13 (By Taanihalai) (Thanked: 37 times)

Next Morning.

Arnav was sited in his office busy doing some work when his landline rang.

“Yes” he said as he received the call.

“Sir, Miss. Khushi Oberoi is here to see you, shall I send her to your cabin?”

“Sure, please do send her” Arnav said as he disconnected the call.

He took a deep sigh and got ready, he had to make it all business and simply professional because in the past few days, things weren’t the way they were supposed to be.

Khushi walked in as she settled herself on the chair excitedly staring at him.

“Good morning” She smiled

“Good Morning, I am sorry I think the papers aren’t ready yet, you’d have to wait for a few minutes, I just talked to my lawyer, he’d be here in like an hour, so you might maybe decide to just sit here and wait or go roam then come back”

“Direct to the point? What’s up” Khushi giggled


Khushi stood up as she walked towards him got hold of his hand and made him stand up.

“What are you doing?” Arnav asked in confusion

“We are going somewhere, don’t ask me where because I’ll not tell you that, just come with me and you can call your lawyer later and tell him to bring the papers wherever we are going”

“But I have a lot of work”

“Stop making an excuse of work Arnav, you can finish that later, now not even a word, just be silent and come with me”

Arnav unwillingly headed to the car with her, he kept on asking her many questions but she dint reply to any of his questions.

They arrived at the mansion in a while when Arnav finally realized she had brought him to his own mansion, well which wouldn’t be his anymore from today onwards.

She held his hand again and pulled him out of the car as they both walked inside and she took him directly to Khushi’s room.

“Why did you bring me here?” Arnav asked

“Arnav if you don’t want to sell this mansion why are you selling it? You don’t seem happy at all about selling it, you can back out from selling it even right now, remember I haven’t signed the papers yet, neither have you”

“If it were in my hands, I wouldn’t let anyone even touch this place, but anyway leave it you won’t understand”

“I understand that’s why just by looking at you today I understood that you don’t want to sell this mansion, I don’t know why you are selling it but I promise I’d never change anything about it, it’ll always remain the way it was

You can come here anytime you feel like, it would just be like your home Arnav… I know you have lots of memories with your wife here and I promise I’ll keep them alive for you” Khushi said as she looked into his eyes.

He knew she was right, there were lots of memories of his and Khushi here and if it was in his hand’s he’d never sell this mansion…

He looked around the room as his eyes became teary, all the memories were like in front of his eyes, even though he knew that he was soon going to marry Tara, he had to move on, he knew somewhere in one corner of his heart, Khushi would always be alive.

He would always love her, moving on was easy but moving on and forgetting her was something impossible.

Jud chuki hain… tumse yaadein… Bhool Paana mumkin nahi…

Ab raaton ko neend aaye na… chaina bhi tere bin nahi…

Arnav just pulled Khushi closer to her and hugged her tightly not caring what relation they even had, not caring if hugging her was right or not, he just hugged her because she understood him, because once again she made him feel like she was his Khushi…

He shut his eyes and all he could see was her beautiful face, she was smiling, giggling and happy… running around this mansion happily…

Somewhere he felt as if she was still around, he still hadn’t believed that Khushi was no more, no matter what everyone else said.

Hugging Khushi made him feel like he was hugging his own wife, but he couldn’t understand why he felt that way… Why did she always act like her? Say things like her? Why the hell did she also have the same name as hers?

Milkar tumse lagta hai aisa… rishta hai koi tumse gehra…

Pehle bhi mile hain kahin… chaina bhi tere bin nahi…

He broke the hug and looked into her eyes… they were also the same as his Khushi’s eyes… why was it so?

He just wanted to keep on staring at her, and get lost into her eyes forever believing she was his Khushi and she was back when he knew she wasn’t his Khushi.

“Why do I feel like this?” He whispered.

“Sorry?” Khushi asked as she wasn’t able to hear him properly.

“I’m sorry, I just got emotional, would you please leave me alone here for a while?”

“Sure” Khushi said as she headed downstairs while Arnav shut the door of the room and locked himself inside.

He sat down at the door and broke down completely…

Jud chuki hain… tumse yaadein… bhool paana mumkin nahi…

He looked around the room and everywhere he could just feel Khushi’s presence… it was the room he had made for her, the room where they spent time together, where they made love, where they did every damn single thing.

He could just feel her here, as if she was sited next to him watching him cry and trying to wipe his tears away, as if she was trying to make him feel better but still he couldn’t see her.

She was there but she wasn’t there too…

He shut his eyes as he remembered that one moment in this room with Khushi that was so close to his heart, the one that made him realize that no other girl on earth could love him as much as she did.


“What’s wrong Arnav? Why aren’t you telling me anything?” she asked

“Khushi please leave me alone before I shout at you… don’t you understand I might have my own issues at times… first of all Anjali, I don’t know what’s wrong with her, why is she behaving so immature all over a sudden, on top of it you are just making my moods worse by asking me questions, please just leave me alone for a while!” He shouted at her angrily.

“Okay I am sorry, just relax”

“I said leave me alone!” he shouted once again.

Khushi just stood up directly as she started walking out of the room when Arnav ran behind her and hugged her from behind.

“I am sorry, I shouldn’t have shouted at you, I’m really sorry Khushi… I never wanted to shout at you like this, I’m just so scared, I don’t want to lose you either but Anjali is just making me mad, I don’t want you to ever see the worst side of me, because I’m very bad when I’m there, I’m scared you’d leave me if you see me like that”

“And that’s what I want Arnav” She said as she turned around to look at him.


“I want your worst Arnav, I want everything so that when you are at your worst screaming at me like now that your life is falling apart, I can hug you and say that I still want you even when you are this worse, I would still love you anyway” she said as she hugged him tightly…

Flashback ends…

“I miss you Khushi… please come back baby please” he said as he buried his face in his arms.

Yaad aaraha hai… masoom chehra… mehsoos karta hoon ehsaas tera…

Judaa hoke bhi tu judaa ho na paaya… ashq banke aankh me tu nazar hai aaya…

Ab to dil bhi keh raha hai… tere bin me kuch bhi nahin… bhool paana mumkin nahi…

Feb 11, 2017

Bhool Paana Mumkin Nahin... Part 14 (By Taanihalai) (Thanked: 32 times)

Arnav walked out of the room after like half an hour and headed downstairs as he started looking for Khushi all around.

He finally spotted her sited on a bench outside in the garden so he headed towards her.

She was facing the opposite side so he just sat behind her and placed his hand on her shoulder, she turned around to look at him with tears in her eyes.

She hugged him directly as she tried to be strong but she was just breaking down.

“Hey… what happened? Are you okay? Khushi” Arnav said as he broke the hug and looked at her.

Khushi wiped her tears away as she smiled at him.

“Yeah… I just felt bad for you… sorry, I know how much you love your wife and you don’t want to sell this mansion, still I’m being so mean and buying it”

“If you wouldn’t, someone else would… I’m at least thankful that you’ll not change anything about it” Arnav said

“Still I feel bad… can’t you do something and just keep this mansion as yours?” she asked

“I wish I could” Arnav sighed

“Anyway enough of the tears, let’s go inside, I have lots of plans for the party, like after I buy this mansion, I’ll show you what I have planned come with me” She said as she held his hand and pulled him inside the mansion with him.

“There would be a huge table in between here, with different sweets and chocolates and decorations…

The whole mansion will be decorated in a shade of red and white, lights all over, from outside and from inside, it would just be glowing.

The dinner would be outside in the garden, so the trees would also be decorated with lights.. There would be arrangement of tables and chairs for all guests, the food will be served by waiters, no buffet…

I also have thought about the menu, everything will be Indian… there would be soft slow music playing, everything would just be so beautiful” She said excitedly.

Arnav just stared at her while she waited for him to say something but he dint, he just continued staring at her.

“What happened? Why are you staring at me like that?”

“You remind me so much of my wife” he said

“How is that?”

“I remember when I gifted her this mansion… she was so happy and excited just like you are, she also held my hand and pulled me inside here telling me how she’ll arrange the party and everything.

What surprises me is that she did something very similar to what you just told me right now.. I don’t know if it’s all a coincidence, but why are so much like her?” Arnav asked

“Just because my name is Khushi doesn’t mean I am like her… come on Arnav, this might just be a coincidence, maybe our likes are almost the same”

“Maybe” Arnav said as he continued thinking the same… was all this really just a mere coincidence?

“Did you inform your lawyer that we are here? Or he’d go to the office with the papers”

“Yeah don’t worry, I have informed him, he would be here in a while”

“Arnav!” they heard a voice from behind.

They both turned around and saw Tara walking towards them excitedly. She hugged Arnav and greeted him happily while Khushi just stood aside staring at the both.

“How come you are here?” Arnav said as he broke the hug awkwardly.

“I went to your office, got to know you are here so I thought I’d surprise you, how did you like it?” Tara asked

“It was good, Khushi can you give us a minute?” Arnav asked as Khushi nodded positively.

He pulled Tara aside with him and stood far away from Khushi as he started talking to her.

“Tara I’m busy, I have a lot of work to do, you can’t just be stalking me like this, if you went to the office and dint find me there you could have waited or returned back later, but following me everywhere like this isn’t good”

“I know, I’m sorry I was just missing you so I wanted to see you” She said as she hugged him again.

Arnav turned to look at Khushi as soon as Tara hugged him, he dint know why he did that, he dint even know why he thought that Khushi might not like it.

Why was he even thinking about Khushi when he was soon going to get engaged to Tara, why did what Khushi thought and felt matter to him at such a moment?

Jo tera hai, paas hai tere… phir kya dhoondh raha hai…

Bheeg ke saawan mein bhi kyun tu, pyaasa ghum raha hai…

Rab ki baani hai bas saachi, baaki sab fasane hai…

Iss pyaar se tu muh mode hai, aur unse naata jode hai…

Woh naina… naina jo begaane hai…


Khushi on the other side who was staring at them turned away as soon as Arnav turned to look towards her.

She dint understand but she dint like Tara hugging Arnav, she dint know why she dint like it, she just knew that it was hurting her seeing her hug Arnav.

A tear just escaped her eye as she quickly wiped it away, she dint like feeling this way, why the damn hell was it hurting her?

Ek dil padhle rab lekha haaye… dooja samajh nahi pave…

Kaisi hai uljhan preet yeh teri… kaun ise suljhawe…

Ab milenge do dil kaise yeh to tu hi jaane hai…

Kahin saari rehna jagne hai, kahin neendon me kho jaane hai…

Woh naina… naina jo begaane hai…

She tried to divert her mind but all the while she kept on thinking why was Tara trying to get so close to Arnav, what relation did they share?

Were they just friends or was there something more than that? But Arnav loved his wife then why would there be anything else between him and Tara?

Why was she even wondering whatever the relation they shared, whatever it was she shouldn’t care… exactly, she shouldn’t, but she was caring and she dint know why.

She turned back and looked at them, Arnav was yet talking to Tara and she was just staring at him listening to whatever he said.

Arnav was continuously turning to look at Khushi then back at Tara, he finally hugged Tara one last time then kissed on her forehead with a smile as Tara waved a goodbye to him and walked away.

Kaise tune khel rachake haaye.. prem ka naam diya hai…

Milan judaai ke dhoke mein, dil yeh bandh diya hai…

Ab hase dil kahan roye… koi yeh na jaane hai…

Kabhi milne hai muskaane hain.. kabhi ashkon me ghul jane hai…

Woh naina… naina jo begaane hain….

Arnav walked back to Khushi as Khushi pretended to act normal.

“The lawyer isn’t here yet?” she asked

“I don’t know, maybe he must be stuck in traffic, we’ll just wait… he’ll be here soon”

“Okay” Khushi said as she silently sat on a bench.

Arnav just stared at her painfully, he dint know why but he had a feeling that Khushi dint like seeing him with Tara… but whatever he had done was intentional because somewhere he felt that Khushi was kind of attracted towards him and he was just doing all this to give her a hint that nothing could happen between them.

“Can I ask something?” Khushi asked

“Sure, ask whatever you want to”

“Who is Tara to you? I know it’s a bit personal but is she just a friend or something more than that?” Khushi asked

Arnav just stared at her blankly, maybe because he understood why she asked that question.

Feb 11, 2017

Bhool Paana Mumkin Nahin... Part 15 (By Taanihalai) (Thanked: 30 times)

“Sorry sir, I’m late” the lawyer said as he stood in between Arnav and Khushi.

Both Arnav and Khushi said nothing, they just stared at each other for a while then turned to look at the lawyer.

“Are the papers ready?” Arnav asked in a serious tone.

“Yes sir, maybe we can sit inside and discuss about it”

“No, it’s fine here… I need to leave” Khushi said

They sat there as the lawyer started explaining about the papers to them without wasting any more time, he then gave them to Arnav to sign them then to Khushi.

He handed over a copy to Khushi and shook hands with her.

“Congratulations Miss. Oberoi, the mansion is all yours now” He smiled

“Thank you” Khushi said

“The mansion is all yours now, it was great dealing on this with you, I’ll take your leave now” Arnav said as he walked away without giving Khushi any chance to speak.

Zara zara teri khudaai… tune bin sang rehn banayi…

Dhoop ko chao di tune rabba… har dil ki Jodi banayi…

Dhaage dilon ke kabhi yun bhi ulajh jaane hai…

Arnav turned to look at Khushi one last time before he entered inside his car, she was staring back at him at the same time.

Their eyes met and spoke a million words but their mouths remained silent… Arnav got inside his car and just drove off leaving Khushi behind with teary eyes.

She dint understand even one thing, not even why his behavior changed so suddenly after Tara came.

Bas ek baar takrane hain aur ruh me utarjane hai…

Woh naina… naina jo begaane hai…

She took the papers and headed inside the mansion as she sat in the hall looking around.

She dint know why but being here just felt so peaceful yet so painful, she just dint like whatever happened today…

She dint like seeing Tara and Arnav so close, she dint know why she never felt that way about Arnav’s wife even when he used to say how much he loved her.. All this was just so confusing and she felt like crying and being angry at the same time.

She couldn’t understand her feelings at all.


Arnav walked inside his room and punched the wall angrily… he was angry at himself for whatever that was happening.

He had promised himself that he would look for his Khushi because he still dint believe she was dead while on the other side he was going to get engaged to Tara, why the hell on earth was life so complicated?

He had promised himself not to love any other girl but Khushi, his wife only, not to even think about anyone else, then why couldn’t he just stop himself from getting attracted towards her every time he saw her?

Was his love for his wife so weak that just after one year of her missing he already started getting attracted to another girl just because she reminded him of her, just because her name was Khushi too?

Just because her being around made him feel like his own Khushi was around him? What was all this? When would his life stop playing games with him?

He sat on his bed angrily and shut his eyes… he remembered the first time he had met his Khushi… his wife…

He dint like her at all, she seemed to be so full of attitude and arrogant, he just hated her and cursed his manager for employing her as his personal secretary and getting the contract signed without asking him.

They both used to fight like cats and dogs, and do anything to show each other down… he used to be so rude to her, so harsh but she never complained, she’d either fight back or be silent…

She used to be a very strong girl…

In between those fights and hatred neither of them realized when they started developing feelings for each other… Arnav just found himself changing… he wasn’t the angry Arnav anymore, he became so calm… he wasn’t rude anymore..

He just wanted to keep Khushi happy by secretly doing small cute things for her and then seeing that smile on her face would just brighten his day up.

Khushi also realized about Arnav doing this small things to make her happy and soon she developed a soft corner towards him.. and finally they both fell in love.

It was so weird for him to confess it to her for the first time but he dint, and he got a tight hug from her and a yes… what could have been better…

Life seemed like a complete fairytale… they both decided to get married and just after an year of their marriage things changed…

He made the biggest mistake which he regrets till date, maybe if he hadn’t called her that day, the accident wouldn’t have occurred and maybe, they both would be living happily together and his life wouldn’t be messed up like it is right now…

He missed her so much, he wanted to hug her and cry his heart out…

He felt someone’s hand on his shoulder and without looking at the person he just hugged her and broke down completely…

“I can’t live without Khushi… please bring her back Anjali.. Life is just becoming so messed up… please bring me my wife back

Why did she have to leave me all alone like this? How am I supposed to live a life where she’s not there… if God can’t send her back to me please tell him to take me to her… help your brother Anjali please help me” he cried.

“Arnav!” he heard a voice which dint belong to Anjali.

He turned his head up and was surprised to see Khushi there… why was she here when he was having such a weak moment?

She stood there staring at him as tears almost welled up in her eyes… Why was this man like this? Why every time she tried to look for excuses not to feel attracted towards her, he ended up doing something that would make her like him more.

“I’m sorry I thought it was my sister” he said as he stood up and quickly turned around to wipe his tears away.

He turned back towards Khushi and put on a fake smile on his face.

“How come you are here?” he asked

“You okay? I can come back later…”

“No I’m fine.. Tell me”

“Actually you left without talking to me, I couldn’t even invite you for the party, Dad and I have decided to keep it tomorrow night so I thought I’d invite you personally”

“Oh okay, thanks for the invitation, I’ll try to be there”

“No, you have to be there with Anjali, I even met her downstairs I have invited her too, so you both make sure you are there okay?”

“Fine” Arnav said as he nodded positively

“Arnav are you really okay? Don’t mind I’m just concerned… you can take me as a friend, you can always share things with me yeah… I promise I’ll never judge you” She said

“I’m okay Khushi” he assured her with a smile

“Okay then I’ll see you at the party tomorrow” She said

“See you”

She stood there staring at him as so many thoughts ran in her mind… she slowly stepped closer to him and held him into her arms leaving him all shocked.

“I know you are a strong man Arnav, not everyone loves his wife to this extent, it needs so much of strength and I know one day God will send your Khushi back to you, I’ll pray to him” She said as she turned around quickly and rushed out of the room without looking at him.

If there was a way she surely could bring his wife back just to see him happy, or at least pray to God to give Arnav his Khushi back, because she just couldn’t see him like this, it hurt so badly seeing a man breaking down to this extent.

Feb 14, 2017

Bhool Paana Mumkin Nahin... Part 16 (By Taanihalai) (Thanked: 33 times)

Khushi was sited in front of her dressing table dressed in a white saree with a red shimmer border.

The stylist was busy styling up her hair while she looked at herself excitedly in the mirror admiring herself.

After she was done with the hair, she told Khushi to shut her eyes for a while and she put on makeup on her face.

Khushi did as she was told, the lady got busy in putting on makeup while Khushi was just lost in thoughts of Arnav.

She remembered how broken he was when she went to invite him for the party… he seemed so weak, so vulnerable and it hurt her so much seeing him like that.

That moment when he hugged her and said he wanted back his wife… that moment… those expressions on his face… those tears… everything about it was just so damn heartbreaking.

“You can open your eyes now” The lady said as she stepped away so that Khushi could look at herself in the mirror.

Just when her eyes landed on the mirror, a tear rolled down her eye and she was just left staring at it.

“Khushi! What happened?” Saanchi asked as she rushed towards her from the door.

Khushi wiped the tear away as she gestured to the lady to leave her alone with Saanchi… the lady walked away leaving the both alone.

“Saanchi I don’t understand why I’m feeling this way… it’s just too painful… can’t I do anything to bring Arnav’s Khushi back?” Khushi asked

“I wish you could, but dead people don’t come back Khushi…” Saanchi said

“Then what should I do to take that pain away from him? It hurts! It hurts so badly to see him like that Saanchi… that man is broken… so damn broken inside only I know…

I wish I could explain to you how it felt seeing him cry, how it felt when he held me in his arms and cried for his wife… for a second I even wondered, could anyone love that much?”

“Khushi you are just overthinking things… I’m sure he’s trying to move on and he would, stop being so worried, and stop crying for heaven sake, it’s a big day today, come on smile” Saanchi said

Khushi just stared at her then faked a smile as she turned to look at herself in the mirror… she looked so pretty, she’d never imagined.

“Let’s go down stairs, the guests are already arriving” Saanchi said as she held Khushi’s hand and pulled her out of the room.

They descended the stairs while Khushi kept on looking around searching for Arnav… she just wanted to see him for once, see him fine for once.

Her eyes stopped at the two eyes staring at him from a corner and her legs just stopped moving…

He was standing there with Anjali staring back at her… she took heavy breaths trying to calm those feelings that were bursting inside her heart at the moment.

Saanchi left her hand when she noticed she was staring at Arnav and left her on her own… Khushi slowly headed towards Arnav as she stood in front of him and waited for him to speak a word at least but he dint, he just continued staring at her.

“You look so pretty Khushi, I’m sure you’ll find your prince charming today in this party itself” Anjali said

“Really? I hope so” Khushi said as she continued staring at Arnav who was now avoiding eye contact with her.

She waited for him to compliment her or say at least something but he dint, he was just silent… his sudden silence was so painful.

“You look pretty too, I love your saree, I’d steal it from you” Khushi said

“Sure, anytime” Anjali giggled.

Arnav walked away from there leaving Anjali and Khushi behind discussing things while he stood near the window staring outside.

After a few minutes Khushi excused herself leaving Anjali with Saanchi and headed towards Arnav who was yet standing at the window.

“Hey Arnav” She said

He turned to look at her this time he looked her into the eyes as she looked back at him.

“I have to tell you something Khushi” He said in a serious tone.

Khushi just nodded as she kept on staring at him… she dint know why but it was just difficult to take her eyes away from him.

The way he looked at her, it just made her feel safe… this eye contact with him was something else and then on top of it when he said he wanted to tell her something, she just couldn’t stop herself from hoping it was something she’d wanted to hear, although she never accepted it, not even to herself.

“Tell me Arnav” She said with a smile.

With a hope in her heart, even though she knew that Arnav loved his wife, she just dint understand why she still had the hope, maybe it was because of the way he looked at her, it just made her feel different.

“Khushi I…” he turned away from her and looked back outside… it was difficult.. So damn difficult.

“Tell me Arnav” Khushi said as she got hold of hus hand and made him face her.

He looked at her once again gathering all the confidence he had and breathed in.

“Khushi I won’t ever meet you again, I don’t want you to call me ever again, I want us to be strangers like we were before the deal, I don’t know you and you don’t know me!” He said

The smile on Khushi’s face instantly faded away at the words she heard…

Naino ki mat maniyo re… naino ki mat suniyo…

Naina thag lenge thag lenge… naina thag lenge…

Tears rolled down her eyes as Arnav walked away from her and headed out of the mansion… Khushi just stood still as tears kept rolling down her eyes.

Anjali followed Arnav as she saw him heading outside while Saanchi rushed to Khushi who was standing rooted at the same position.

“What happened?” She asked

Khushi just stood still while Saanchi shook her and tried her best to make her talk but she was just silent… she kept on crying without speaking a word.

“Did Arnav say something? Khushi at least tell me what happened… and stop crying please.. Everyone is around… your dad won’t like seeing you like this please Khushi”

Khushi dint react at all, she just stood the like a pillar unable to move, Saanchi got hold of her hand and took her back upstairs to her room and made her sit on the bed as she rushed to call Mr. Oberoi.

“Khushi I won’t ever meet you again, I don’t want you to call me ever again, I want us to be strangers like we were before the deal, I don’t know you and you don’t know me!”

His words kept on ringing in her mind over and over again and broke her more every time. Her mind had just stopped working, she couldn’t think of anything else, all that came in her mind were his words, which tore he completely.

“Khushi!” Mr. Oberoi said as he rushed towards her, she was sited on the bed lifeless, tears yet streaming down her eyes, the black mascara all over her cheeks, and intense pain in her heart.

“Khushi what happened? Talk to me… did anyone say anything to you? What happened? Why are you crying?” Mr. Oberoi asked

“I’ve been trying to talk to her since long but she just doesn’t reply… I don’t know what’s going on in her mind” Saanchi said

“Khushi you won’t even talk to your dad? Look I’m here for you always… please talk to me”

They both kept on trying their best to talk to her but Khushi was just silent…

Saanchi sent Mr. Oberoi back to the party to handle the guest while she tried to talk to Khushi but she was just silent.

She made her lie on the bed and covered her with blanket as she switched off the lights and headed out of the room.

Jag te jadoo phukenge re… neendein banjar kardenge…

Naina thag lenge thag lenge… naina thag lenge…

Khushi was on the bed yet the same things going on in her mind, she couldn’t even shut her eyes, every time she tried, she’d see his face and it just broke her more.

She dint even know why she thought that maybe he would say he liked her even though she knew how much he loved his wife…

She dint even know why he decided to cut all the ties with her… why he decided to end everything like that… couldn’t they remain to be just friends?

She shut her eyes painfully trying not to think about all this but every time she got reminded of that look, that something she saw in his eyes.. Was that the reason why he had taken this decision?

All this thoughts were just making her go crazy…

Bhala manda dekhe na paraya na saga re… naino ko to dasne ka chaska laga re…

Naino ka zeher nasheela re…  baadlon me sat rangiyan bove… bhor talak barsave …

baadlon me sat rangiyan bove… naina bawra kardenge.. naina thag lenge… thag lenge…

“What’s going on Arnav” Anjali asked as they both walked into Raizada mansion.

“I just need to be alone for some while Anjali! Please let me be for heaven sake!” He shouted as he headed to his room and shut himself inside.

All he could see was Khushi’s hurt face in front of him and those tears rolling down her eyes…

He knew he had hurt her but he wished there was any other way out of this.

He was soon getting married to Tara and he dint want things to go wrong anywhere…

He loved his wife only and he knew if he stayed close to Khushi, things would change so he had to do this… he had to take this step unwillingly.

He just wished he could tell her this after the party… but the way she looked at him, the way she waited for him to complement her gave him the idea of what might be going on in her mind and he just wanted to stop it from going any further.

Feb 15, 2017

Bhool Paana Mumkin Nahin... Part 17 (By Taanihalai) (Thanked: 42 times)

Khushi walked out of the mansion leaving Mr. Oberoi shouting her name behind.

“No Khushi!” he shouted as he rushed to stop her but she was in no moods to listen.

She got into the car and switched it on as her heart almost dropped, it felt so scary… God knows why.

Her head started rolling, she could hear some unclear sounds… a familiar voice but she couldn’t understand what it was.

Before Mr. Oberoi could reach the car, she drove away fighting all her fears, she dint even remember how to drive yet she did because right now her mind was furious, her feelings were hurt and all she needed was some time alone, far away from everyone asking whys she disappeared from the party last night.

She drove the car the fastest she could…

Khushi I won’t ever meet you again.

I don’t want you to call me again.

I want us to be stranger..

Arnav’s words kept on ringing in her mind again and again… she felt hurt, really hurt, she was so much lost into her world that she dint even realize the other car coming from the opposite side hooting, when it was just a few inches away she turned the steering and her car hit the tree.


“Khushi!” She heard a voice

She tried to open her eyes but the lights were too bright… where was she? What were the lights? Who was the person calling out her name?

She tried her best until she fought the bright lights and finally opened her eyes, in front of her sat Mr. Oberoi and Saanchi, staring at her worriedly.

“Dad” She said as she tried to sit up.

“Why did you drive when I refused you to? Do you have an idea what could have happened? Do you have an idea how dangerous it could have been?” Mr. Oberoi asked angrily.

“You don’t care about yourself its fine at least care about your dad Khushi!” Saanchi said

“I’m sorry dad… I was just…”

Before she could complete her sentence the door opened up and Arnav rushed in worriedly as he headed towards Khushi directly.

He pulled her to him and held her tightly into his arms as if she would run away anytime, as if she would just leave him and go away.

“I’m so sorry Khushi, I don’t know what happened… I dint mean to hurt you… I am so sorry please forgive me” Arnav said as he broke down completely.

He broke the hug and cupped her face as he looked her into the eyes.

“I thought I lost you again and my heart just broke into a million pieces, please don’t leave me once again… please don’t” he cried

Khushi held his hands as she pulled them away from her face and looked him into the eyes.

“I’m not your wife Arnav, I’m not Khushi Raizada, I’m Khushi Oberoi and just in case you’ve forgotten your wife is dead, she isn’t coming back to leave you again… wake up from the dream and face the reality” Khushi said

Arnav stared at her surprised by his own behavior… did he just say he dint want to lose her again? Why would he lose her when she never was his?

She wasn’t his Khushi, she wasn’t his wife… she was just a girl with the same name as his wife’s.

He walked out of the room leaving Khushi behind in tears, she just couldn’t understand what to do and what not to.

He headed back home and locked himself up in his room, whatever had been happening since the past few days wasn’t right at all.

At first he shouldn’t have hurt Khushi that way, in fact he shouldn’t have allowed anything between them that lead to all this… it was all his fault now that he was even thinking she was his wife but the fact was she wasn’t, she just had the same name as hers.

“Arnav! Are you okay?” Anjali asked worriedly as she knocked at the door

Arnav calmed himself down and opened the door for her as she walked in and settled herself on the bed.

“What happened?” Anjali asked

“I don’t know… my life is just a mess Anjali… everything has been going wrong, I don’t know what to do and what not to… I wish Khushi would be here today then I would have been fine”

“It’s because you aren’t letting yourself be fine… I know you love her Arnav, I loved her too, there wouldn’t have been a better sister in law for me than her but we can’t change what happened… maybe it was fate.

All I’ll advise you is to keep yourself strong, and try not to think much about her… with time you’ll move on”

Arnav just looked at her sadly knowing deep down inside his heart that no matter what he’d never be able to move on.. She held that part of his soul that was impossible to let go.

“Anyway I was here to tell you that Tara has finalized a date next week, on Monday for you engagement so I thought I’d just inform you… although I’ll do the preparations but you should know too so if there’s anything you have to do you can” Anjali said

“I have” Arnav said as he stood up and walked away.

It was just a week and then his whole life would change… he would be engaged to a girl whom he doesn’t even like, just for the sake.

If there was any way he could escape this, he would have but only if…

Maybe this was what his life was all about anyway but meanwhile he wanted to make all the things that had gone wrong, right.

It was time to get back to the office and get serious about his business.

It was time to meet Khushi and ask her for forgiveness for hurting her in any manner he did.

It was time to put a stone on his heart and accept Tara as his wife when he had once been very sure that no other girl apart from his Khushi would take that place.

It was time for a change.

He got into his car and drove to Oberoi mansion once again, he dint know why but he just felt nervous.


Khushi was lying on her bed, tears rolling down her eyes falling on the pillow and lost in thoughts.

Mr. Oberoi had gone to the hospital for some emergency and Saanchi was busy in the kitchen cooking her some food.

She heard a knock at the door and a few seconds later… Arnav walked in.

He stood in front of her while she looked at him like it was the last time she was going to look at him this way.

“It’s okay Arnav, just because I met with an accident doesn’t mean you’d have to show pity to me, I’m fine” Khushi said

“I’m not here to show you pity”

“Oh then you must be here to hurt me once again”

“What’s your problem Khushi?” he asked angry as he walked towards her and got hold of her.

Khushi just stared at him plainly and spoke nothing, only her eyes spoke with tears… he wiped them away with his thumb and looked her into the eyes.

“I’m sorry, I don’t know what had happened to me, I’m not here to show you pity, I’m here to apologize for hurting you… I dint want to do that but I felt like I had no option… you reminded me of Khushi and it was too painful”

“I remind you of her?”

“Yes, everything about you is so similar to her, at one point I would believe that you were same but it’s not that way… I was just trying to run away from the reality, but I couldn’t… I’m sorry I dint mean to hurt you”

“It’s okay Arnav”

“So friends?” He asked

“Friends” Khushi replied with a smiled as they shook hands.

Feb 16, 2017

Bhool Paana Mumkin Nahin... Part 18 (By Taanihalai) (Thanked: 43 times)

Arnav sat with her for quite some time, making stories and making sure she was all okay…

“So next time don’t act silly like this” Arnav said

“I won’t, I was just out of my mind” Khushi said

Just then Arnav’s phone rang, he pulled it out of the pocket and received it.

“What?” He said in shock as soon as he received the call.

A sudden rush of nervousness showed up on his face, his eyes became moist while he stood up and rushed out of Khushi’s room in a hurry.

She dint know why he rushed out, maybe because whatever news he got was o heartbreaking and he couldn’t cry in front of her or maybe he was rushing to somewhere.

“What happened to him?” Saanchi asked as she walked in.

“I don’t know, we were talking when he received a call and rushed out like crazy”

“It seems something serious, he was crying when I bumped into him”

“What could it be? I’m worried… that man has already gone through a lot, why is God up to punishing him always” Khushi asked

“I don’t know, maybe just call him and talk to him” Saanchi said

Khushi quickly picked up her phone and dialed Arnav’s number. It rang and rang but he dint receive it. She tried once, twice, thrice and God knows how many times but he dint receive any of her calls.

“He’s not picking up my calls” Khushi said as she stood up.

“Khushi! Where do you think you are going?”

“I need to find out what’s wrong, I’m worried Saanchi”

“It’s okay to be worries but you can’t go anywhere, you have to rest and maybe he just needs some time alone now”


“No buts, just sit down and wait, I’m sure he’ll call you back” Saanchi said


Arnav rushed inside calling out Anjali’s name while his voice trembled with fear.

He just hoped whatever he heard wasn’t true, he dint want to believe it was true.

“Arnav” Anjali said as she rushed to hug him.

He hugged her back and completely broke down, it was by far the worst ever news he had received.

“Is it really true?” Arnav asked

“I don’t know but I think so, they are saying so… I just couldn’t understand a thing so I thought I’d just call you, maybe together we could decide” Anjali said

“I’m really scared Anjali” Arnav said as he hugged her tighter.

“You have to be strong Arnav, let’s get rid of it for once and for all”

“Let’s get rid of what sis, I can’t get rid of any damn thing, I don’t want to believe this is true and I’ll not!” Arnav shouted angrily.

“Arnav, calm down please, talk to them once and put an end to this topic for once and for all”

“No Anjali, I don’t have the strength to” Arnav said as he broke down completely.

“I know Arnav, but this had to come once, and it has, just talk to them okay? I’ve called them here, they’ll arrive soon, till then sit here and relax” Anjali said as she rushed to get him a glass of water.


“I’m feeling so restless Saanchi, what should I do?” Khushi asked

“Just try to divert your mind, everything will be okay”

“I can’t, I just end up thinking about him”

“Okay let’s watch TV, maybe that would help you think of something else”

Saanchi stood up and picked the remote as she switched on the TV, a news channel played on.

“The story that had been forgotten a year ago has come up once again, this time with more suspense…

No one knows whether the policemen have found the right information or not but this is definitely going to be the biggest shock for the Raizada’s”

As soon as Khushi heard the name Raizada, she sat up and watched it keenly.

“In fact the biggest shock for Arnav Raizada who wasn’t yet able to believe that his wife was actually dead” the reporter continued

Khushi looked at Saanchi in complete shock as they both continued watching the news.

“The police say that after this long, they have found some clues about Mrs. Khushi Raizada, wife to Mr. Arnav Raizada who was believed to be dead after facing a bad accident, although her body had never been found she was declared dead for everyone else except Mr. Raizada.

If rumors are to be believed, we have it that the police have found some new clues on the accident and it is said that the accident wasn’t actually and accident but a planned murder, we wonder who might be having any kind of problem with Mrs. Raizada that they went to an extent of killing her.

More reports say that after a lot of research done, the police claim to believe that Mrs. Raizada is actually dead, and they might soon find out about her dead body…

We’ll keep you updated on the further progress, as for now that’s all” The reporter said

“That’s why he behaved that way, till today he hadn’t believed that his wife was no more but looks like the policemen have found something” Khushi said in shock

“Remember I told you I had read about him and his wife in some newspaper, I can’t believe this story is coming up again”

“Do you have any idea of who his wife was, I mean maybe how she looked like or something”

“I think I did see one of her photographs on some newspaper, I can’t remember which and I even threw them away”

“Maybe we could use the internet, nowadays we can find a whole newspaper there” Khushi suggested.

“Let’s try” Saanchi said as she quickly got Khushi’s laptop and switched it on.

They started browsing for the newspapers of the time when the accident had occurred and hoped they would find the photograph of Arnav’s wife on at least one of them.

It was quite hard to believe that very few people knew about her or had seen her when she was the wife to such a huge business man, but maybe she liked keeping her life private.

“I think it was this one” Saanchi said as she clicked on a newspapers and changed the pages.

“She was so beautiful, I remember when I saw her picture, I couldn’t stop admiring her” Saanchi said

She looked around for a while until she found whatever she was looking for and sat up excitedly.

“Found it” She said as she turned the laptop towards Khushi.

Khushi stared for the picture for quite some while, lots of thoughts running in her mind while Saanchi waited to have a look at how she’s react.

“Isn’t she beautiful, you see even you can’t stop admiring her”

Khushi dint speak a word, only her eyes spoke, and they spoke with lots of tears.

“What happened?” Saanchi asked worriedly.

“This is me” She said leaving Saanchi completely surprised.

Feb 18, 2017

Bhool Paana Mumkin Nahin... Part 19 (By Taanihalai) (Thanked: 40 times)

“What are you saying Khushi? She is a different person and you are a different person… I know you had a plastic surgery but you don’t remember a thing about your past then how can you say that it’s you?” Saanchi asked

“I remember when I woke up, dad told me that they had found my identity card, everything else was burnt but my photograph on it wasn’t” Khushi said as she stood up and rushed towards the cupboard.

She opened a drawer and looked for the ID card, when she found it, she rushed back and placed it near the computer comparing both the pictures.

“See Saanchi, this is me, I am Khushi Raizada, Arnav’s wife whom everyone believes to be dead including Arnav”

“This is unbelievable… you were close to him all this while, you fell in love with him once again and you never realized he was already your husband…”

“I can’t yet remember a thing, but now when I know I am Khushi, his wife, I can’t stop myself from telling him the truth, I have to go Saanchi, I have to look for Arnav and tell him the truth that I am his Khushi”

“No!” Saanchi said as she stood up

“What are you saying? Saanchi I love him, he is my husband and he has been looking for me crazily and you want me not to go to him?” Khushi asked surprised.

Saanchi got hold of Khushi’s hand as she pulled her to the mirror and pointed towards it.

“Look at this face, this is your identity now.. Arnav knows this face as Khushi Oberoi and not as Khushi Raizada… you’d just go to him all over a sudden and say you are his wife and you’d expect him to believe you?” Saanchi asked

“But I am his wife Saanchi”

“I know that and you know that but he doesn’t Khushi… the whole world knows about the accident and you don’t even remember a thing about your past, how are you going to prove it to him that you are his wife, by the use of a half burnt identity card?

No one is going to believe you, you’ll be asked questions about Khushi Raizada to which you’d not have answers because you don’t remember your past”

“So what should I do? Just sit here and wait? What if I never remember my past? Would I stay away from him for the rest of my life?

I don’t know the consequences Saanchi, all I know is I love him and he is my husband and I have all the damn rights to love him as crazily as I am in love with him, and I’m not going to stop myself from telling him the truth because he loves me too, and he’ll surely believe me” Khushi said as she rushed out while Saanchi tried to stop her.


The driver parked the car outside Raizada mansion as Khushi quickly rushed inside.

She dint want to waste a moment, she just wanted to talk to Arnav and tell him the truth that she was his Khushi and she was alive.

She looked around the hall but she couldn’t see him anywhere so she rushed upstairs directly to his room.

She was about to enter in when something stopped her… she heard him talking to someone…

She peeped in and saw him sited on his bed with Tara. She was holding his hand and he was just staring at the floor.

“So I’ll get everything set, you want the engagement to take place here or at my mansion?”

“I think here would be fine, discuss this with Anjali as do as it you find right, leave me alone for a while please” Arnav said

“Everything is going to be good after we get engaged, don’t be worried” Tara said

She hugged him as he hugged her back tight while Khushi just looked at them in complete shock as her heart broke into a thousand pieces.

She ran outside and got inside the car as she broke down into tears…

She couldn’t understand a bit of what she had seen, he wasn’t the same Arnav she first met, that Arnav loved his wife so much, how then on earth could he get engaged to another girl so suddenly?

What about his love for her? Was it all just a mere show off? Was it all fake? Maybe just to gain sympathy of people?

So much was happening right now, according to what she saw in the news, Arnav’s wife was said to be dead and in between all this he was planning to get engaged to Tara? How could he be so heartless?

Or maybe he never loved her? His love for her had always been a show off? And she once again fell in love with his show off?

How could any person of earth stood so low? On one side his wife said to have been murdered and on the other side he dint care at all. He dint care for her at all?

She told the driver to drive her back to the mansion, she dint even wish to see his face now, she just wanted to go away from him and forget about him, forget about the man who just pretended to love her but after he thought she was dead, he was so easily getting engaged to another girl.

Kab tak yaad karu mein usko kab tak ashq bahaun…

yaaron rab se duaa karo mein usko bhool jaun…

She locked herself inside the room and threw anything that came on her way and broke it into pieces.

She had just realized the truth, she was so happy about telling him about it, that she was Khushi, his wife… but what did she get in return? A betrayal? Why did he have to do this to her? Why did he have to forget about her so soon and just move on?

Everything seemed so shattered, all her dreams were broke and shattered, she felt empty inside her heart, she had loved him before, she loved him even after she couldn’t remember a thing, and he dint even wait for a while, he just got over her so easily.

maine ishq kiya tha uski saza bhi maine paayi… uth na paungi Jeevan bhar aise thokar khayi…

sabkuch karna iss dunia me ishq na karna… mere jaisa ishq tumhe bhi kardega deewana…

She punched the wall angrily as she remembered that moment she saw Tara hugging him, and him hugging her back.

Nothing else could have hurt her more than this maybe, not the accident, not even losing her memory.

Dil jalta hai kaise tumko dil ke daad dikhaun… yaaron rab se duaa karo me usko bhool jaun…

She tried to be strong, she tried to accept the fact that some time back she had just lost her face and her face but this time she lost everything, she lost the meaning to her life and all that was because of that Arnav.

That man who acted to be so good, to be so in love with his dead wife, yet behind everyone’s back he had an affair with another girl.

So many thoughts kept on running in her mind… she dint understand why she was even giving up so easily… why she was letting him go so easily after leaving her all alone to suffer on this…

Maybe because she loved him and no matter what, she’d always love him…

Even if he decided to move on from her so easily…

Even if he decided it was okay to give his love to someone else when she was the only one who had the right to get it…

The only thing that hurt here more was that, it just came up in the news that his wife was maybe murdered, and instead of trying to find out the truth, he was busy thinking about his engagement.

Just a while ago he was sited with her, calling her as his wife and crying and being happy she was okay and now he was going to get engaged.

Did his love for her die so easily? Just in a matter of few hours?

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