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Jan 19, 2017

Parents (By V1184) (Thanked: 37 times)

It was just another normal day for Khushi.

She works at office till 12:30pm and then go home.

After lunch, she goes to an old age home where she spends her time till night.

Every time a new member joins in their family, she feels sad and furious at the same time.

She was an orphan. She never experienced parental love even if the nuns in orphanage treat them good.

Nothing can replace a parent's love and care for a child.

And here, those who are blessed to experience that leave them at an old age home, let them live like orphans and amongst unknown people.

Every parent wants what's best for their child but at the end of the day, the child doesn't even want to let them live with him.

What kind of act is this? Don't they see the longing look on their parents face? Just a little bit of acknowledgement is all they need. Just a smile and a minute of communication is all they expect from their 'Oh so busy' grown up child.

Is that too much to ask for? That they drop off their parents at an old age home.

Is that what everything is about ? Since they paid for all your expenses till you started earning, you'll repay them by making sure they live comfortably in an old age home? An exchange deal?

These are the common thoughts that always revolve in Khushi's mind.

She and few other orphans are the only ones who volunteers to be here.

She has been thinking a lot to put stop to this. She is content and happy with the love she receives from many parents here..who still have their own child somewhere in the world. A world where everything is just a deal. No feelings or relations considered.

Her anger crossed all limits when one day she attended a phone call to the old age home.

After cutting that call, she decided to unite them all. Unite the parents with their children.

That phone call is from a 25-year old boy who wanted to know if the home has vacancy for a new couple and that, the couple will be joining here after 3 years.

Boy because he isn't man enough to take care of his parents. He said that he is getting married in a week and 3 years from now would be a great time for him to ask his parents to live here. Apparently he had it all planned, after marriage he'd live in parents house for 2 years then move out. His parents would be free caretakers for his own child after an year. And when his son/daughter is one year old, he'll convince his parents to live in an old age home so that they don't have to worry about anything and spend the rest of their life peacefully here.

This angered her to no extent and wanted to put some sense in that kid's brain.

There are millions of people who are yearning for a parent's love and here, there are many who wants to get rid of parents and never show up in their life unless they are dead. What an irony? It's true that people don't recognize the value of what hey have until it is lost.

Khushi called the other volunteers to meet her that day at the office before they all leave.

Keeping her furious thoughts aside, she spent her all afternoon with the grand parents she got here.

At the meeting, she shared her plan.

" We will organise a meeting and call all the ' grown up ' people who left their parents here. Get them to attend this meeting at any cost and show them what they are missing. We will make them jealous by showing how much happier we are. We will ask them sign a document stating that they are no longer related to their parents. We will inform that we are adopting these parents and that document is the legal end." ~ Khushi

" What if the parents disagree?" Asked a girl named Tanushree.

Sindhu, another volunteer replied, "We will manage that. We can inform them that their child is coming and we are planning to unite them."

" This will definitely create a disagreement with the kids." Said Varsha.

Ramya replied, " Exactly. Not living under same roof and not having any relation at all is entirely different. This will wake up some sense in them."

Khushi said, " That's the point. When we say that they can't have any relation at all and no contact in future, it'll open their minds. But this can be backfired too. They can feel completely happy to get rid of the remaining relation. We don't know how cruel they can be. We need to be careful."

Anjali said " I'll help with it. I'll prepare the document in such a way that they will want to take their parents away from us. Far away from this old age home."

Tanushree added, " Me and Sindhu will contact other homes and ask their help. We can make it look like that every home is doing this. Or we can really let that happen. We can mail the document to other homes and ask our friends to conduct the meeting."

Varsha said, " Yes. We could make it happen. We have two ways though. Either make us look bad and ask parents to act as if we ill-treat them or make them the happiest that they too are okay with ending the relationship."

Khushi said, " Definitely second choice. Till now, whenever a kid called, parents requested them for a visit. Which didn't happen for a few years now. Every phone call ends with tears in parents' eyes. So when the kids arrive, parents should greet once and act nonchalantly. Like they don't care anymore and they're perfectly alright staying away from their kid. It'll definitely be a shock to kids. They'd be coming here expecting teary eyed parents and their nonstop talks. We would do the opposite. It'll stir something in them. And when the parents look so happy pampering us, the outsiders, it'll make them jealous."

Ramya said, " At that moment, we will give the documents. They'll ask the parents and will be highly affected by it. I mean they may not want to live under same roof but the relation still exists."

With the major part discussed, they all decided to retire for the night.

From tomorrow they have lots of things to do.

First in the list was to make the parents agree to their plan.

The next few days, everyone spent in making the parents agree.

After their approval, meeting date was set. Documents were made ready and sent to other homes too.

The meeting date was the 4th day of upcoming 10 days holidays. It'd give the kids from around the world to come in time.

After talking with other homes, they decided to have the meeting at the same place. The more they are, the more confident they'll be, throughout the meeting.

Calls were made and they made sure everyone is attending.

Every volunteer is nervous as to what will happen if anything goes wrong. Willing to calm their nerves, they decided to meet up a day before the meeting to go through everything they've done.

The parents are more than happy to go with their children and though they loved the volunteers here, they want to spend the last days of their life with their family.

So far, everything is according to their plan. It would be a huge accomplishment if their plan succeeds.

Since Khushi was the one who formulated the plan. She was made the spokesperson. She would be the one representing them all and ensure that the kids understood what the document says.

At the meeting...

The auditorium they booked is filled. With parents on one side and kids on the other side.

Khushi started the meeting immediately. She explained everything about the documents and said that they can talk with their respective parents about it.

The volunteers have been moving around the area and listening to the kids conversations. Sindhu came across a particular conversation that caught her interest.

" Mom how can you do this?"

"How means what? I've been living with them for years together. So what if they adopt me? I'll live in a real home soon."

" What?? Have you gone crazy? What will people say? the famous celebrity Ms.A's mom gets adopted by some nameless orphan? Eww..I can't even imagine. How can you do this to me?"

" So what? What happened to those people when you admitted me here? Oh yeah..I forgot. You know I've become old now. You put it off as charity. A great favor. By letting your mom live in an old age home, where she will have company from people her age. Where she doesn't have to stay all alone when you will be gone to your trips and busy at shootings. Isn't it? It's been 3 years since you last called me. The last time you bothered to check up in your old mother is 9 months ago when you sent a message to this home asking if I am alive."

" Mom I was busy. Went to Paris for outdoor shooting. Can't you understand it?"

" Shut up now. Understand? Ever bothered to understand your mother? The very mother who gave you birth and spent day & night as a labourer to give you education. The mother who sold her Mangalsutra, last memory of her husband, your father, so that you can join in that actress training college. Have you understood your mother's feelings? What she wants? If you've ever cared for once in your life, we won't be having this argument now."

" Mom.."

Before she could continue, Sindhu interrupted them.

" Excuse me Miss. Don't raise your voice. You're hurting our parents. So please be polite."

" How dare you? You orphan.. Don't talk to me like that."

Khushi, who was in that area asked her to behave. She took her hand and pulled her to the stage.

She took a mic and started speaking.

" Attention everyone.. We've an arrogant egoistic person here. And I'm sure my fellow friends have come across them too. So, here's the answer which is for you all. Not just this lady standing here."

Just as the room went silent the actress opened her mouth to say something.

Khushi started even before she could say anything else.

" Shutup Miss whoever you are and listen to me. I'm an orphan too. My parents died in a train accident. Both were spot dead and I was 3 at that time. I was taken into an orphanage a grew up there. I've to take care of myself at a very young age. I used to study with books from library and gain knowledge. I've never been to a school. I didn't get new clothes till I started earning. We used to be happy with 'hand me downs' from you kids. We share clothes and even food too. If the orphanage runs out of funds, we have to stay hungry for days at times. We know what care,love,affection and even hatred too. We have been treated as outcasts and looked upon with disgust at times. We have overcome the negativity and stood strong. We know how much hurt it is to be away from our loved ones. The old age homes where you left your parents is run by us. We find the love that  have been snatched from us, here. These are our parents and grand parents. They are our family. And family doesn't leave family members. Family looks after each other and supports each other. You didn't think twice before leaving your parents here. You've left them. Made them feel as orphans even when their family is alive. We have got many instructions from you all when you first left your parents. Most of you specifically said not to bother you people unless it is for more money or your parents are dead. Don't you dare act surprised. We have more than enough proofs with us. If you don't care then why are you putting this much of an argument? Why? In fact you should be happy. You don't have to send money now. We will take care of our parents. Moreover your parents won't even call you now. You don't have to be annoyed at all. It's a win-win situation. You'll permanently get rid of your parents and we will have our own parents, legally.

So it is simple. Parents are happy with us. So you sign the document and leave. No need to even come again. No more phone calls or yearly payments.

We are tired of maintaining all different accounts and having to travel from office to here and then to our own place. It's difficult for us to handle work pressure and ensure that all parents are fine. So we decided to adopt them. It's easier for us.

Now, that everything is said, sign the documents and leave. Or take your parents with you. Ensure their safety and take care of them yourself. You all became orphans the day you left them here. The document is just a paper proof of it. By the way, the document is 100% legal and is valid anywhere in the world.

Just a friendly advice to those who are planning to change the old age home you'll admits your parents to live at, everyone is doing this. No one is allowing new members and old ones are being either adopted or taken back.

You've to make a choice quickly. Either go back with your parents or sign the documents and leave.

We don't have all day. We are busy people too. I'm excited to go home with parents and I can't even express my happiness thinking of the future.

A future where I'll come home to loving parents, who will ask me about my day, who will support me in my decisions and who will make me forget all work pressure.

Parents..who will get me married to a loving person and pamper me a lot.

Parents.. Who will be happy for me and at the same time cry because I'll leave them.

Parents.. Who will call me daily to ensure that I'm doing good.

Parents... Who will make me miss home.

Parents.. Who will be the happiest when I share any good news and feel like 'in heaven' when I'd say about having a grandkid.

Parents..who'd be the wonderful grand parents and spoil my child.

Parents..who'll help me throughout my life's journey.

No matter what my age is.. If I want to feel carefree they'll ensure it.

Parents.. For whom I'll always be a kid they have.

A kid who used to share everything with them.

A kid who loved them unconditionally.

Unfortunately that kid has grown up now and have no time for parents.

So busy that he can't even bother to know if his parents are alive.

But we care. We never had the childhood you have. So we will experience that care, love and even anger too now. We are ready for parental love.

So decide. Sign and leave. Or reunite and leave."

By the end of her speech which is 100% , she is in tears.

She wanted them to be happy. She found love here, amongst the left behind parents. But she is not selfish. She can't stay there and see what happens.

She don't want to disappoint anyone. If her plan backfires she can't stand there to see the disappointment and hurt on the parents face. So she left.

After informing Varsha, who's nearer to the stage that she will be at the home and to call her if they anything.

She left but her words are still there. She made an impact on them.

Gradually the auditorium which was filled in the morning cleared out. By evening, only the volunteers and the home coordinators were left there.

Everyone is in tears, happy tears. Finally they succeeded. They've re united families.

The volunteers went to meet Khushi at the home only to find a letter in her place. They became sad instantly but the letter brightened their faces.

Dear lovelies,

I've a feeling that our plan will workout. So, I've decided to implement it in other cities too. I've taken the soft copy of our document with me.We are a family. And family doesn't leave anyone behind. So I've kept enough money and all your train tickets for the next day to reach our destination. Sorry that I've to leave you all before. I've to make lodging arrangements here.

Meet you all soon :)

Take Care

With love


••• The End •••

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