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Jan 12, 2017

ARSHI FF : THE WARM BODIES (By Arshia10) (Thanked: 24 times)

                                            ARSHI FF : THE WARM BODIES 

Keeping her hands inside the pocket of her jumper , Khusi made her way through the thick layered snow . This is why i never like this winter said Khusi sighing deeply . She made her way to the library ..

Khusi : whoa , that was one hell lot of snow , Good morning Mrs . Parker 

Mrs parker : OH khusi dear , morning to you . where are your two devils?

Right here came a reply . Khusi turned back only to find Payal and Anjali smiling at them . Greeting them a good morning they entered inside . 

Payal : phew it's way too cold .

Anjali : YUP , know what ? i'm going to make my self a steaming cup of hot coffee , who else wants it?


Mrs Parker smiled at them , and said okay girls hurry up it's time to open the library 

The three of them went for a coffee .


Khusi went to the window to see snow falling , They were in New Zealand . One of the most beautiful countries in the world . Khusi a orphan has no one except her Nana . Her parents died . His dad Shashi Sharma was a Major in army , his mom and dad passed when she was 6 in an accident . She looks out to see the dark and dense forest that laid ahead . She still remembers how her Nani told that it held the most dark secrets of world and how no one enters there . A shrill sound of her phone interrupted her thoughts . It was her nana's phone , smiling she picked it up 

Khusi : haa nana i have reached

nanaji : okay bitiya take care


after cutting the call she went to the ancient sector of the library where dark stories of ancient times were kept . 

Outside the wind was swirling around , a group of 4 friends were chatting having their coffee .

Aman : Hey , the snow is getting heavier we must go now 

Shyam : oh yes but let me finish this first he said romancing with his blueberry cheesecake .

Aman :you foodie , will you ever stop eating this much shyam ? 

Shyam : No way!


Aman :  okay stop romancing with your food .


Aakash : why are you fussing about ? right bhai?

that is when arnav curtly nodded and hmmed at his statement . I was sitting at peace when 2 of my friends keep ranting for a food  , Aakash is my cousin but Aman and shyam are my friend , respecting me they all call me bhai .


Aman : let's go bhai 

The other 3 saw that arnav was no longer there and he was going to the car way 

Shyam : hey he is leaving us

Aman: (whining) NO fair bhai ..

Aakah : let's go guys the snow is getting worse. 

Arnav looks at the dark clouds hovering around  and the sky growling . He turns his golden brown eyes towards the woods .

Arnav : hope it is no what i think it is .

Aakash : bhai let's go 

nodding curtly he went inside and start to drive  


Jan 12, 2017

message to nimitha (By Arshia10) (Thanked: 5 times)

Nimitha , is it? but i have not read the story before , is the plot same . can you give me the link? because i have to change the plot if the story is similar ... don;t want it labelled as copied

Jan 12, 2017

OKAY GUYS STOP (By Arshia10) (Thanked: 11 times)


ARSHI thankyou so much for your support , this is what i have been trying to tell i had just posted one chapter . I had no idea how it got similar to her story however i don't my work to be labelled as a copied one so Luckyspark i have changed it hope it is fine now?

Jan 12, 2017

thankyou guys (By Arshia10) (Thanked: 3 times)

Thankyou so much guys for your love and support :) I will surely continue this story along with every other story of mine. . thankyou so much I meant no offense to anyone and if anyhow I did . I'm truly sorry :) luckysparks had the right to comment as she thought I copied it and it's totally okay :) thankyou again and I'll update today by 3 pm?

Jan 12, 2017

THE MEET ! (By Arshia10) (Thanked: 29 times)

                                   CHAPTER-2 ( THE MEET) 

Arnav was driving the car while the other 3 were chatting all the way . Aakash was with arnav in the front seat while shyam and aman were in the back seat . Shyam and aman were munching down his chocolate bar . Aakash side glanced arnav who was looking all serious.

Aakash : Bhai , it's not serious is it?


Arnav : I cannot be sure aakash , but i sense some danger i don;t know what it is said arnav in his husky voice.


Suddenly there was a pin drop silence in the car , aman and shyam who were gobbling down their chocolate bar had gone all serious .


Aman : When will our training start bhai?

Arnav : You guys are still not ready , still it will take a lot of time . Anyways have to talked to kriti ?

Aman: NO , She was the one who started to fight . i'm not going to talk said aman sulking 

Aakash : (chuckling) Aman she is your girlfriend , and you here are acting like a kid anyways Are you going tomorrow bhai ? to dad's ?

Arnav : you know that aakash , i don't like to see maa cry . anyways shyam aman your house has come


Bidding a goodbye to aman and shyam , Arnav dropped aakash and he went towards the Central library of the town in New Zealand where only he could find the ancient history . Reaching there he opened the door and as he went inside two young girls were there to help him


Payal : Morning sir , i am payal and this is anjali , How can we help you? 

Arnav : UH Arnav here , i would like the book of secrets the ancient one .

Anjali : Any specific name sir ??

Arnav : uh yeah , The shadow ..

Payal : Oh okay , Khusi takes care of the ancient portion . (Shouting) Khusi a customer is here , he would like to go to the ancient portion .


As khusi stepped there with a radiant smile on her face , Arnav looked at her awestruck . 

Arnav;s POV : As payal shouted for the girl name khusi I heard a sweet melodious voice but when she came up my breathe stopped , As she came infront of me with the radiant smile we both looked at eachother eyes and time stopped . 

Irene , Shreya , Noordina , londoner , arshi , maragrace , medsuper and lily30 thankyou for the love and support <3

Jan 14, 2017

CHAPTER 3 - The Date (By Arshia10) (Thanked: 29 times)

                                  CHAPTER 3 - The Date 

Arnav and khusi kept on looking at each other without blinking meanwhile the other side anjali and payal looked at khusi dumbstruck . The girl who couldn't even eye contact with a boy is now here staring at a random boy without blinking . They both side glanced at each other and smiling they started to cough loudly 

Payal : (ahmmm) 

Which brought them back from their state


Khusi : (not meeting his eyes ) Uh , please follow me sir


Curtly nooding his head he hmmed following her . Reaching there khusi ask in a small voice

Khusi : the name of the book sir ?

Arnav : Arnav

Khusi : Huh 

Arnav : My name is Arnav .


Khusi : Uh sorry sir 

Arnav : I said na Arnav 

Khusi : (nodding) okay A..AR..ARNAV 

Arnav : smiled a little 

Khusi finding the book , here is your book . 

Arnav : hmm , thankyou he said huskily 

Blushing a little khusi went from there . After studying for an hour and taking out some important information , Arnav came out to see khusi giggling at something on what anjali and payal were saying . He went there in front of them and stood their looking at khusi . The 3 stopped talking and looked at him . 

Payal ( smiling mischievously) : Uh anjali will you help me in the kids section please ?

Anjali : (smiling) sure sure , Khusi see what arnav wants okay , saying that they went from there

Khusi blushing could not look straight at arnav 

Arnav : (huskily) Khusi 

Khusi bashfully lifting her lashes looked at him 

Arnav : (in the same husky voice) Will you go out on a date with me tonight? I would like to know you more .

Khusi : But 

Arnav : i don't want a No Khusi when i know what you really want .

Khusi : (looks down blushing) okay she said in a small voice

Arnav : (smiles a little) Give me your address i will come to pick you up .

Khusi nodding scribbles him the address in a small piece of paper

Arnav takes khusi's hand to kiss the back side of her hand. I will see you at night said Arnav 

Khusi : (blushing) and me you 

Nodding he dashed out of the library to stop his heartbeat beating erratically. 

Thankyou everyone <3 i will try to make the story more interesting for you guys . THANKS A TON X.

Jan 18, 2017

CHAPTER 4 - THE DATE (By Arshia10) (Thanked: 54 times)


Khusi ran back to the library just to see anjali and payal grinning at her . 

Payal : so?

Khusi : (trying to act normal) SO?

Anjali : Can we know the reason behind your red cheeks khusi said anjali giggling around with payal . 

Khusi : (bites her lower lips knowing she was caught) I have a date tonight , with she says blushing 

Payal and anjali : OH MY GOD , THAT;S AMAZING

Anjali : Awww that cutie 

Payal : and hot 

Anjali : You should get going khusi , what are you going to wear


Payal : Yes khusi it's 5 only 2 hours rush back to home now , we'll join you in half an hour 

Nodding her head khusi headed back to her home . She entered in her home to see Nanu there

Nanu : baby is back fast 

Khusi : (blushing) Nanu i have a date tonight 

Nanu : ( in an excited voice) Oh my god is it that nikhil arora? who used to nag you on college 

Khusi : no Nanu it's arnav ., met him today 

Nanu : oh (shrugging his shoulders) Cool 

Khusi : are you not worried about me going with a stranger?

Nanu : (patting her head) i trust your choice bitiya .

Khusi : (grinning) you are the best nanu in the whole world! she said hugging him

Nanu : okay okay go get ready not 

Nodding khusi went inside her room 

after searching she decided to keep it simple so she choose this outfit 

with leather boots . 

She tied her hair in a loose pony with fringes coming above , she wore  a dark pink lipstick and sprayed some sweet perfume . Looking at the mirror approving her looks she grinned at the car horn . She hurrily went down to the door hearing the bell ring grabbing her purse .

opening the door she saw arnav standing in all his glory looking hot . She blushed looking him wink at her

Calling him inside arnav saw nanu and went to take his blessings . Nanu smiling blinked at the nervous khusi blinking at her approving him for her . Khusi smiled in relief 

Arnav : With all due respect sir i would like to take khusi out on a date , i promise bringing her back safe before 12 

Nanu : Call me nanu beta as khusi does , and i trust her with you ..

Smiling arnav held out his hand khusi kept her hand on his shyly . Bidding a bye to nanu she sat down in the passenger seat of arnavs metallic black Mercedes 

Arnav : You look beautiful khusi 

Khusi : (smiling) You don't look bad yourself , (blushing) You look look handsome 

Arnav : It's good to hear that i am handsome to my girl he said cheekily 

Khusi : (blushing) Looks outside the town filled with snow she is liking this new feeling , with him near her . Let's see what the night has stored

Thankyou guys <3

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