Unique devil Angel.

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May 16

Unique devil angel.. (By Fathimasumaiya19) (Thanked: 56 times)

Fire pricking on khushi's eyes seeing yamini..her whole horrible past playing front of her eyes..how much she went through because of this heartless women..she dangerously took step towards yamini..

Khushi:(deadly tone)what you think..I don't know anything about you..do you think I am that much fool..you underestimate me very much yamini..you don't know about me still ..is your luck I keeping quiet still after knowing the truth.if you again show me your fake so called corner,,you will face very worst side of me..don't wake the psycho inside  me...you won't bear it.l

Giving a dead line warning Khushi left the place..yamini fell on floor and crying bitterly..she don't expect everything will turn upside like this..how Khushi come to know about it..now everything finished..she can't face her daughter now..her worst nightmare come true..there no one to comfort her..all of sudden someone keep hand on her shoulder..she turn and saw shashi looking her with worried..her make her stand..

Shashi:(worried tone)what happened yami..why are you crying like this..what's the problem..come on tell me..

Yamini:(crying bitterly)shashi..Khushi come to know about everything..she know about our past..I can't bear her hate shashi..it's killing me..she not even like to see my face..my daughter not ready to face me shashi..her hate killing me alive..

He totally shocked hearing yamini reply..he never expected this.tears falling from his eyes thinking about Khushi..this is biggest nightmare..their past sin finally come front of their own daughter..he took her to comfort hug..she crying on his arms heart out..everything already out of hand..he don't know how to fix everything..

Khushi went out of the house angrily..he didn't wait for anyone..she board to car and left the place quickly..she can't bear this anymore..her whole body burning in pain.she controlled her self very much..but everything crashed her control sense..how can she be calm seeing the people who reason for her dark life..because of them all those hurtful events happened on her life..why they both give her such a lifeless life..why not they think about her before doing such a ugly act..with many emotions she driving the car speedily..

Arnav quickly enter to house with worried face..after come to know Khushi took the car alone..he was so scared..he got many bad thoughts..when reached to home he sigh in relief seeing the car..he quickly rushed to room ...there she sitting on bed with blank expression..her eyes are still dark red..she looking little mess..soon lover man overpowered inside him..

Arnav:(scolding tone) what the!!khushi do you have any single India how much I went through this short time..my heart just stopped after knowing you take the car alone..why did you do that..can't you want until I come..what's so hurry..(no answer)answer me Khushi..why you come alone..what if something happened..answer  me Khushi..

He shook her shoulder..but still there no answer from her..suddenly he got worried seeing her like this..she never behaved with hummocks this..he slowly near her..he notice very different Khushi front of him...her eyes not showing any anger or arrogance...but pain..full of pain written all over her face..he sit beside her slowly ..and calls her softly..next second she hugged him very tightly..he stunned by her act..and most shocking thing is he felt tears falling on his arms..he speechless feeling that..this is first time he seeing her crying..his heart paining hardly seeing her broken state first time..she told him sobbing tone..

Khushi:I can't Arnav ,,I can't bear this anymore..I totally broken now..I can't take this anymore..why always all bad things happening to me..why can't I never get happiness on my life..whenever I trying to be happy..always something destroying my happiness..don't I deserve any happiness in my life..why everything hurting me.(Cry more) if she didn't throw me away in past..today I wouldn't living such a lifeless life..why she throws  me away Arnav..she she didn't want me.why she didn't kill me on womb itself..why she killed me after giving birth..because of her I became orphan..because of her everyone called me trash..because of her I became crazy..she destroyed my whole life Arnav..why she give me such a horrible punishment..I am losing my everything Arnav..why I facing all this..can't I ever came out from this loveless life..I am totally broken Arnav..

Painful tears running on Arnav's eyes hearing her broken talks...he don't know what happened to her suddenly.but her broken state pricking his heart deeply..he totally hurt seeing her state..he don't know how to comfort her..to get her normal state..he hug her back tightly and cares her hair softly..

Arnav:no love ...don't think about such a thing..you truly deserve all happiness in this world..you will get limitless happiness on your life that there no place for sadness..you're angel Khushi..you're reason for my breath..I can't see you like this my love..just forget whatever happened in past..you have beautiful life with our baby.we three going to have blissful life love.lyou shouldn't cry cry thinking about past..I can't bear your tears baby..please don't cry..please love..

He almost bleeding seeing her like this..don't know what make her this much vulnerable..he never witnessed her like this.. Suddenly he felt weight on shoulder..he cares her face and saw she sleeping crying way..somewhere he felt relief seeing this..he slowly put her on bed and kissed her forehead so much card..after cover her with bed sheet he slowly came out from room.

Coming from room he faced worried Nona front of her..he know why she worried..he told her relaxing way..

Arnav:don't worry Nona she is fine..I make her sleep..let her take rest.(after pause)but how you come here..is anyone dropped you?

Nona:ha Shyam dropped me..but what happened to Khushi baba suddenly..(more tension)and she won't cry easily for something..there surely something big happened..she is not kind of person get emotional soon..there surely strong reason..don't know what happened to her all of sudden..

Arnav totally agree with Nona..he know about Khushi very well..like Nona said..she is not emotional person..there surely strong reason for her break down..he have to find out about it..he recall the way she told about her past..is there something happened regrading her past..his sixth sense telling this only..he sigh with determination..whatever is it..he surely have to find out..maybe he can help her somewhere..

Next day....Khushi on study room..she was totally on pissed mood..not on anybody..but on her own self,.she recall her yesterday act..how can she break down front of him..she strongly controlled herself from not break down ,that to front of him..but all her control fade away feeling his warmth beside her..she cannot controlled anymore..she pour her all feelings to him..what a embarrassing..she felt shame about her act..all time that scene hunting her mind..her fuel mood raising speedily.she bang the table out of frustration..but whatever happened.she can't ignore the relief she feeling after sharing all her sorrow on his arms..it's felt like big burden take out from her shoulder..it's feel good..but she can't accept this..she can't forget it he too hurt her like yamini..there no difference between them..she killed her birth..he killed her dream...again her memory went to yamini...she not thought to revel her that she know about everything..it's just come out of anger..she recall how everyone pampered payal on haldi function..everyone take care of her like doll..she have love of her whole family..but look at her..she don't have anyone to call her as relation..Nona to just her caretaker..she don't have big family like payal..it's all because yamini..she destroyed her whole life..and she can't forget about her so called father..shashi Gupta...how much she hate him..her whole body burned yesterday when she witness his love for his lovely daughter payal..he very happily did it her haldi rasam...but  he not ready to accept his past..they both totally forget and living happily on their own life with their children..but their symbol of mistake still being on that dark past..she can't came out from her past..if she tried too..everything stopping her come out from past..her life still not get the happily ever after..now her only hope is her unborn baby who going to give her new life..hope at least she came out from all bitterness..her new start fully depends on her baby..this time no sorrow or bitterness..hope at least God show mercury on her...this time...

When she lost on thoughts she felt someone caressing her hair..she open eyes and saw nona looking her with big corner..she sigh seeing her.she know what's coming next..

Nona:(smile)I know what are you thinking..but let me tell you..I am not going to start my daily tantrum..but just want to say something,,I don't know what happened to you suddenly..but I know this..you again thinking about your past..(sigh)it's waste of time recalling past baba..you making your present and future thinking about past..it's time for you to forget all bitter memories And start  over the fresh life..there many more to come Khushi baba..thinking about past ,,you only end up getting hurt..so forget all your painful memories..start a new life with your happiness..don't ever think you don't have anyone..you have me life long..(smile softly)I will even be nanny to your baby..please beta..at least for your baby sake..do you want your baby start life with your bitter past..

Khushi:(deep voice)you're right Nona..I should not think about old wounds..it's time for me move on from my bitter past.its will be good for all..now I should think about my baby..last 23 years I lived a dead life..it's time for new life..I promise you Nona..here after I will never get heart break thinking about the past..I promise...

Nona happily hugged her hearing promise..she really happy..finally she did it..finally her daughter decided to forget everything....now there happiness only..hope it is....

after few days..Khushi fully alright now much to Arnav relief..she back to her usual behavior..and very shockingly ,she behaving normally with Arnav..she not trying to be rude with him.her devil behavior towards him decreased very much..and even she not ignoring him anymore..last few days happiness days for Arnav..he fully noticed her normal behavior towards him ..it's not that she being so lovely with him..it's just her rudeness towards him very low..he don't know is she forgives him or not,.but her recent behavior giving him big satisfaction..it's good signs..he more confident about their reunion now..hope all this distance between them too vanish soon..he can't wait to start a happy life with her..he trying his level best to make her forget all their bitter memories....

At lunch time..Arnav Khushi having lunch with Nona,.all having lunch with little talk..today akash payal mehendi function..because of some rituals reason they keeping mehendi function little gap..after having lunch all went to get ready to leave Gupta house..yes Gupta house..both family arranged function there..this time Khushi don't try to step back..she decided to face her past bravely.,she is not any scared soul right..she ready to face anything coming to her path..she she got ready..she wear long blue colour designed skirt with sleeveless red color blouse..her milky navel visible bit out..she put designed net duppatta to side way and made her hair to long curl..she wear long thin earnings with elegant chain..totally she looking stunning..after looking last time she come to downstairs..Arnav as usual look at her dreamy way..she not miss to give him heart attack as always,.soon Nona too arrived with ruchika and everyone left to Gupta house..

At Gupta house..soon after they reached garima and buaji welcomed them respectively..raizadas very happy seeing  Khushi arrival..soon Khushi and Nona mingle with girls gang..after making sure they both completely fine Arnav left to look his brother..thanks to Nani..she agree to allow boys in function...

Khushi sitting with Anjali and payal..Nani mami compel her to apply mehendi..after lot of compel she agreed..now mehendi girl drawing design on hand..she normally talking with everyone...but she know one person really not good about her presence..she look at yamini who trying hardly to not cry ...her whole body shivering..somewhere she feeling good seeing her state..her scared state giving her dominate power...it's good..she mentally smirking seeing yamini condition..suddenly she snap out hearing mehendi girl question..

Girl:what latter you want to write on hand madam?

Before she answer her,an familiar voice reply her firmly..

write A on her hand boldly she turn and saw Arnav looking her with his signature smirk..she look at him sharply..but he least bothered about her look..he took seat beside her closely..raizada ladies and other girls smiling hearing him.already mehendi girl written A on hand..she asked him challenging way..

Khushi:how do you know that I want to write A on my hand..what if I want to write another person name..

Arnav :(possessive tone) if anyone have right to take place on your life,,,that is just me..I won't give my place to anyone.even it is on hand, 

Khushi raise eyebrow sharply hearing his possessive daring answer..she didn't talk back knowing all eyes now on them..she got back to mehendi..Arnav looking at her lovingly..he spend few minutes with her admiring the mehendi..when she talking suddenly her eyes fell on payal sheetal and lavanya..they three sitting together talking happily..she can see their bonding.,somewhere she don't like that scene..something happening inside her..technically they her sisters.but no one know about that expect her..she don't want to think unnecessarily..it's waste of time.she  should not get effected by anything..she broke her thoughts and focus on mehendi....

After sometime..all girls got done on mehendi..and most of the guest left..now just family members present..Khushi waiting for her mehendi to get dry..now all sitting on hall..finally after lot of nice and seek shashi faced Khushi directly...he truly don't have guts to face Khushi..her every stare killing him alive..both yamini shashi feeling like standing on burning fire front of her..she don't said anything to them..but knowing she aware everything..it's was deathbed..

Other hand Arnav telling some testing things to her time to time..somewhere it's being relief to Khushi.because of his presence she feeling relaxed..so she don't tell anything to shut him up..when everything going smoothly..suddenly someone yell in doorstep..

”arnie baby" everyone turn to see the person..there a girl in early twenties standing on doorstep wearing short sleeveless black dress which reaching till thigh..she made her hair straight..elders make disgusting face seeing her attire..and raizadas really surprised seeing her specially Arnav..an horrifying reaction raised on his face seeing her..Khushi raised eyebrows sharply seeing her visual..but not like other ,she wondering whom she called just ago..then the girl come running toward Arnav and hugged him tightly..both family gasps seeing her act..everyone eyes turn at Khushi direction nervously who looking the scene with expressionless face..Arnav pushed her away harshly..she told him ****y way..

Girl:arnie baby,you don't have any idea how much I missed you..it's horrible for me without seeing your handsome face..after full of one year finally I come..I missed you so much baby..

Arnav:(strict tone)Tanya stop calling me with such names..and don't ever do such act again..

Tanya:(frown tone)what happened arnie,,why you talking like this..I always called you like this na..even your family knows that..

Anjali:;(same strict)Tanya chote no more the person he be on past..he already committed with someone..and soon going to be father..so your clones behavior towards him not allowed..be on your limit..

tanya shocked to core hearing Anjali reply..Arnav already married..that is impossible..her whole dream broken to pieces..why not her mother informed this to her..being family friends of raizadas from many long..her family must surely know about this..anger build on her body..her whole plan destroyed..how much she desired to became mrs to hot billionaire of India..she glare Arnav angrily..

Tanya:who is she arnie..who you find more beautiful and perfect then me..do your wife gorgeous fashion icon like me..I am sure she is not..

Victory smirk appear on Arnav face seeing her challenging behavior...even everyone got that smirk on face..without make her wait more he point towards Khushi...Tanya lost her colour seeing the stunning diva front of her..heat of jealousy rise on her stomach seeing the perfect girl front of her..she damn angry and jealous..because of it she don't know what she doing,,she angrily marched towards Khushi..

Tanya:so it's you who took my arnie away from me..how dare you..do you know how much I love him..his whole family know my love towards him..you took him away from me on my absence.li am sure you trapped him showing your this beauty..I know girls like you who ready to wide their legs for billionaires...just Shame  on you..

Everyone boiling in anger hearing tanya hateful words..beast rise inside Arnav hearing disgusting about his love..he growling in beast anger..yamini shashi give deadly glare at tanya..she don't know that she waking the roaring lioness..Khushi slowly get up from the sofa and come face to face tanya..her face damn cool..she told tanya calming tone..

Khushi:I don't know that you loving him so much..He never told me that he have a such a crazy lover..if he told me early I swear I never accept his love..but what to do..it's already late..I am sorry for your lose..

Everyone confused hearing her words ..but Nona have terrific reaction on her face..she shivering thinking what going to come next..then khushi slowly took Tanya hand to like handshake..

Khushi:anyway nice to meet you Tanya!!!

Next second all hear bone cracking sound..all terrified seeing the scene front of them..soon an loud screaming sound followed ,,,Tanya crying loudly in pain holding her broken hand..Khushi twisted her hand to broke..everyone heart pumping loudly seeing that..dangerous look appear on Khushi face seeing Tanya.she told her deadly tone.

Khushi:it's for underestimating the Khushi mehera..I will never tolerate insult from anyone..you questioned my character,,so I give you the answer..run to hospital before you lost your beautiful hand..

Tanya run away from there holding her hand..Khushi sharply turn towards Arnav who already little scared by her killing act..she asked him coldly..

Khushi:who is she??

Arnav:(low tone)she is our family friend Khushi..she have crush on me from years..but I know it's for my fame and wealth..she proposed me many time..but I never accepted her..but she never stopped her behavior..but I never expect she will come today and behave like this..I am Sorry  Khushi...

Khushi:(warning tone)this is first and last time I am telling you..if again I faced any situation like this..then don't blame me for keep you away from my life..don't forget that your every act effect our baby too..don't let such s thing happen again..hope you understand..

Arnav nodded at her slowly..no one speak after that..Khushi felt it's time to go..after quick bye to all she tAke leave from there..all understand the situation and let her go..then they four take a leave from there..somewhere this Khushi mehera still being mysterious piece to them..and again grows scared on their heart for her..

After two days,.today no one in home expect Khushi..Nona went to ruchika school..Arnav went to attend urgent meeting.she just doing office work in living room..suddenly door bell ring.on of her servant opened the door..she thought its must be Nona or Arnav..but seeing the person she got both shock and surprise..

Next update::slap for past...khushi's full past..sensual dance..

Hello guys...enjoy the update and tell me which story you all want to read next after this update..so I will update that story update tomorrow evening..pakka wala promise...

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