Passion... The Buried Secret

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Mar 12

Character sketch (By Starmuski) (Thanked: 2 times)


I hope there's still someone to read the story. Do please respond or else it get difficult for me to update.

As demanded I am giving character sketch not exactly character sketch but who's who type outlining of characters.

Piya/Priya Azaad - she is my favorite character with layers. She is seen bubbly but will have layers in her character. She is the daughter of Rishab and Madhubala. You can imagine Sukirti kandpal playing as Piya.

Mahi/Mahira Azaad - She is the daughter of Asad and Zoya. She silently observes and have good understanding. Plus mature too. Surbhi jyoti is Mahi and Zoya both.

Arav Azaad - He is son of Arnav and Khushi. You'll understand him through story. 

Abhay Raichand - Played by Vivian d sena means look a like of Rishab. His is son of Raichands.

Armaan Malik - I like writing this character. He has layers like Piya. You have to read story to know about his character. Karan singh grover is Armaan malik and Asad both.

You might think why i gave same faces then this is because I am actually recreating the old pairs since as a parents they won't ve much in screen. Besides you can imagine the older with beard and old look so let the new generation recreate their magic.

More characters will be added but just for short period these are just to clear confusion.

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Mar 12

Chapter 9 - New turn (By Starmuski) (Thanked: 4 times)

Chapter 9 - New Turn

It was a new morning, the trauma of last night was long gone especially for Piya. The fact was, Piya wasn't even affected by accident, as others were, she was all cool about it particularly happy, for she thought she met her Prince charming. 

Everyone was having their breakfast, Piya was the most spirited one. Madhu looked at Rishab gesturing him to talk to Piya but he just shrugged. Madhu glared him but he showed ignorance. Madhu felt helpless, she looked at Khushi for help. Khushi gestured her towards Arav. Madhu eyes lit up at Khushi idea and she turned to Arav but then she remember how would she communicate to him when he blocked all the powers.

"Piya... I think you shouldn't go college." Madhu said herself finally

Piya looked at her startled. She wasn't ready for it. 

"No mom I want to go, I have to go" Piya replied desperately

Arav watched Piya and then looked at Madhu who gestured him to talk to Piya.

"Piya... I think mum is right, you should rest today." Arav looked at Piya

"I don't need any rest. Am perfectly fine. I am going today, that's it" Piya replied stubbornly

"Mum why are you troubling yourself with this stupid. She'll be fine, don't worry" Mahira looked at Madhu

"Whom did you call stupid?" Piya looked at Mahira angrily

"You, who else. I don't think any sane person will try to kill herself" Mahira shrugged

"You.... I didn't try to kill myself, you idiot" Piya rebuked

"Yeah, that's why we couldn't reach you eh?" Mahi replied sarcastically

"That wasn't my fault. You were not finding me properly" Piya shrugged

"Awesome!" Mahi rolled her eyes on Piya allegations

"That's it, guys, let's go" Arav stopped the two and stood up

"But Arav.." Madhu looked at him worriedly

Arav gave a nod gesturing that he'll take care of Piya.

"Kiddo, Mahi, you both are coming with me in my car" Arav said looking at the two seriously

"What but why?" Mahi and Piya whined

"Because Piya car is damaged and I want we go together, I can't trust you two, not anymore" Arav replied

"But that's not my fault! I drive yesterday too remember when we were finding her" Mahi tried to justify

"That was because only you can locate, I don't have those powers and we couldn't have reached her on time" Arav shrugged

Mahi heart sank, she wanted to drive herself, driving was Azaad's passion.

"I can drive safely, my car is not damaged and am not drunk like her so why should I get this punishment?" Mahi whined

Arav sighed, shaking his head.

"Mahi, it's the matter of day. What's problem if we go together?" Arav asked this time calmly

"Fine! But I'll drive back to home, okay?" Mahi asked with hope

"Don't even think!" Arav replied walking away leaving two sulking sisters

"Just for today, Mahi" Zoya looked at Mahi who was most sulking one, Piya was silent as she knew her car was damaged and she can't do anything but to obey her elders though she didn't liked it a bit

"Fine!" Mahi stood up

"Let's go, crying baby" Piya said sighing

"Yeah drama queen" Mahi retorted back

Both glared each other but then sighed and walked out together.

Khushi smiled watching them going.

"I wonder when will they grow up?" Khushi said

"I think, never" Madhu sighed

"But it's pleasing to see their bickerings, something we all forgot" Zoya replied with a tinge of sadness, so much had changed they forgot to fight, they forgot their fun after Arnav death

Khushi was reminded of something, she looked at the four and thought about the matter revolving in her mind. She wanted to tell them but then she decided otherwise. She stood up silently and left for her room.

Zoya and Madhu eyed her going, they exchanged glances. Both stood up and walked to Khushi room, Asad and Rishab noticed something amiss and decided to follow the girls.

Piya smirked seeing T standing at distance with her friends. She called Misha and discussed her plan with her.

"You'll pay for what you did Tanushree Anbolkar" Piya smirked evily

"Hey T" Piya called

T looked at Piya in horror. She wasn't expecting to see her in college, at least not today. She gulped as she knew Misha must've told her about her plan.

"What happened, T? Did you saw some ghost you are all pale" Piya said innocently, touching her cheek

T jerked in reality and pushed Piya hand in reflex.

"Why are you so angry?" Piya asked confusedly

"Anyways, I came to thank you" Piya said smiling

T was confused, she narrowed her eyes.

"Thanks why?" T asked

"You helped me yesterday, that's why" Piya saw T was confused and was giving weird looks, she smiled inwardly

"Just because of you I could race and I just enjoyed it fully, thank you so much" Piya said hugging T surprising T to core

T composed herself, hiding her surprise, and started to show off.

"You know Piya I really liked to help people" T smiled looking at the students watching them

"That's great! Ahh, I remember I got a gift for you, for helping me, I think I forgot in corridor can you come with me so I can give it to you?" Piya said smilingly

"Sure!" T beamed with attitude

Piya smirked and walked with T towards corridor. T was all lost in her attitude and didn't notice Piya using her phone and messaging Misha that they were coming.

Piya outpaced T and gave Misha signal standing at side. As soon T stepped in a particular corner of corridor something sticky fall on her and she was all drenched with some stinky material.

T whined and shouted for help. Her friends came running with other students watching the show. 

Misha and Piya laughed at her condition and hi fived.

"I hope you love my gift stinky T" Piya laughed

"You.... I'll not leave you" T gritted

"First clean yourself. By the way, this thing you know it also has gum mixed so it will take some days to come out and sadly you won't be able to change your clothes too" Piya laughed and told T

T was distressed, she looked at the laughing students and then at Piya.

"Why did you do it?" T whined

"I should ask you that, T? What did you thought I'll forgive you for planning my accident? I thought you are mean but I never thought you'll fall so low, T. For now be thankful that I didn't police complaint and yeah never mess with me again" Piya said dangerously

T looked down ashamed and humiliated. She ran away from there.

Piya shook her head watching her going. 

Armaan was amused watching the scene. He thrust his hands in his pocket and smiled.

"So, that was why angry princess was in rush yesterday! Running for this smart girl, eh" Armaan said in mind thinking about Mahira, and Piya revealing about accident

"Hello, move mister" Armaan heared and looked at the girl, it was Piya he raised eyebrow

"You are standing in my way, move" Piya said with attitude

"You know, you are smart but it was a dumb attempt of talking to me kid" Armaan said

Piya chuckled amused. She looked at him tauntingly.

"You know you are handsome but it was dumb thinking that I want to talk to you, uncle" Piya retorted back in same tone

Armaan raised his eyebrow, surprised and impressed.

"Now move, you are blocking my way" Piya said annoyed

Armaan moved in side, giving her way, and watched her going. He smiled, impressed. Girls run behind him and here these two sisters they aren't even effected by his aura such a phenomenon.

Zoya and Madhu looked at each other seeing tense figure of Khushi pacing in her room. They stepped inside but Khushi didn't noticed them, she was lost in her own.

"Khushi" Zoya called softly

Khushi jerked from her thoughts and looked at them startled.

"Do you want to tell us something?" Madhu asked touching her shoulder

Khushi looked down, biting her lower lip in nervousness. She looked at Zoya and her eyes met with Zoya scrutinizing gaze. She nodded, they would know anyway.

"I believe, Arnav is alive" Khushi said slowly, looking at their reaction

"I know I'm saying this from years but this time, this time I felt him. He is somewhere I don't know why he isn't coming but...." Khushi stopped she looked at them and sighed

"Remember, Madhu, Rishab said you 'I let you kill me' I felt at that right instant he can't kill himself. Why will he kill himself? He would've cried, been sad for killing his father but he won't have killed himself, there was something in his eyes when he had smiled at me and left my hand. He killed his father for us then why will he leave us when he know I can't live without me. He wouldn't have done that with himself, with me. There was something that made him to do it. We should know what it is?" Khushi said making them all think about her words

"Do you, both, do you think he was that weak to kill himself? No, he was strong of all of us and he loved us lot more than himself that's why, that's why he killed his own father, for us" Khushi said, pain was evident on her face and eyed

Zoya felt like someone shook her. She could feel every word Khushi said and it made her think of their own decision. She looked at Madhu and saw same expressions.

"We didn't find his body, why? Why there was no body of his found? The whole place had crashed but there wasn't a sign of Arnav, why? Why was his existence removed like he never exist?" Khushi said again, desperate and despair

Khushi wiped the tears that fall from her eyes.

"I have felt him lot of time, Zoya Madhu. But I thought it's my imagination but no he talked to me, he told me about danger just the night before accident, it can't be coincidence. Dark world, it isn't removed completely, and it is the thing stopping Arnav. I have felt someone watching us just like those days when Demonio was on our hunt and then this Arnav warning... he is connecting to us... Dark world still exist.... I have to find him, I have to find where he is, I have to know what happened to him.... I don't care if you guys help me or not but I'll search, search for him, search for the evidences" Khushi said determined

Zoya and Madhu were thoughtful. They realized Khushi was right. They looked at each other and then turned to Khushi.

"Khushi, we are with you. We believe you. You are right, we should know what happened to Arnav, why he did what he did and where he is? And if you felt someone watching you just like those days then Arnav did warned you, danger is reaching us and I think this time it's our kids in trouble" Zoya said solemnly

Khushi smiled, tensedly. She was happy they agreed to her but the mention of their kids in trouble made her feel restless and scared.

"We are also with you, Khushi" 

Khushi looked up to see Rishab and Asad standing at door, heared everything probably. They entered.

"We are with you" this time Rishab said

Khushi smiled tearfully and hugged him. He hugged her back with tears in his eyes. He couldn't deny his brother love, not anymore, he was tired of denial.

Laughters and giggles as Piya told the story of her revenge on T, sitting with Arav and Mahi in a corner.

"You should've told us, Piya. We missed the show!" Mahi pouted

Piya giggled. She was proud of her revenge.

Arav watched her with admiration. He smiled lightly.

"I don't wanted to spoil my plan by telling you, I mean what if she would've noticed you" Piya replied proudly

"We aren't clumsy like you" Mahi replied

"I'm not monkey like you" Piya stick out the tongue teasing her

Mahi sighed rolling her eyes, no one can win from Piya.

"Hey Piya...." 

Piya turned to see Misha calling her. She smiled gleefully and gestured her to come.

Misha shook her head and ran to her. She stood at some distance showing her back to Arav.

Arav looked up to see Misha standing with her back to him. He was... disappointed.

"Let's go to canteen" Misha said

"Canteen! Why?" Piya asked confused

"To get something for you." Misha replied rolling her eyes

"Me!" Piya raised her eyebrow

"Of course you stupid. And am hungry too" Misha said dragging Piya with herself

Misha dragged Piya with her without looking at Arav even for second. Arav was sighed, he never thought Misha would ignore him and he would feel sad like this.

"See, she ain't that bad, she takes care of our brat so much" Mahi spoke, watching him

Arav glared her. He was tired of Mahi rants about Misha, he was already feeling guilty and Mahi words were like a salt on his wound. He stood up.

"Stop telling me she's nice. I don't care about her!" Arav gritted trying to control his rage arisen from the mixture of sadness and guilt

Mahi was surprised. She could see more than just fury in Arav, that was surprising for her. She watched him going, with scrutinizing gaze.

"Something is terribly wrong!" Mahi sighed, standing up and left from there

Piya was talking with Misha when she noticed sudden change of atmosphere. She looked around to see everyone murmuring and whispering. She narrowed her eyes.

"Something is going on..." Piya claimed

Misha shook her head, not again, something was wrong with this Azaad family, she mused. 

"What now?" Misha exclaimed

Piya eyed her sharply. She didn't like when someone doubt her abilities or shows disapproval.

"You don't trust me, eh?" Piya crossed her arms

Misha sighed.

"I trust you but your sometime strange behavior, it spooks me" Misha clarified

Piya eyes showed glint. She liked it.

"Wow! Misha Dobriyal and scared, something pleasing to hear" Piya laughed

Misha jaws dropped. She was never ready for Piya that reaction. Piya is really unpredictable, Misha concluded.

"Now, let's go and see what is gaining so much attention of college" Piya said standing up

Misha nodded and the two left canteen to see what was happening.

Black, shining, luxury car moved passively in parking lot of Mount College, gaining the students attention. It had became a tradition, every new entry in college and the whole college will be onlooker.

A young boy walked out with glasses as his mask. He walked with a sinuous grace making every girl drool on him and every boy jealous of his unmatched attraction.

Piya came there with Misha and was thrilled at the sight of everyone's eyecatcher. Her face beamed as she held Misha hand tightly and almost screamed in excitement.

"OMG!!! I just can't believe my stars!" Piya said speechlessly

Misha gave her weird looks. She had a feeling that Piya had lost her mind. 

"Are you fine?" Misha asked concerned

"Never before! Mish, he is my savior!" Piya turned to her happily

"Are you sure? I mean he's face is alnost mask, how can you be sure that it's him besides you met your savior for a few minutes to remember his face so clearly and identify him" Misha spoke her doubt

"I don't fall in love to forget him, Misha" Piya snapped

"Okay." Misha gave up muttering something under her breath

Piya thought to follow him, Misha too thought she would do that, but then seeing everyone following him Piya decided otherwise. Much to Misha surprise, Piya stepped back and leaned on the wall, carelessly.

"You aren't going to follow him?" Misha asked observing her

"Nope! I'm not like those sick girls to follow him, c'mon I love him so I have some dignity. I'll wait for him to finish his work, am sure he must be going to principal office, after that I'll meet him. I shouldn't made him feel uncomfortable by doing such dirty acts of following" Piya shrugged and replied with attitude.

Misha was amazed by her answer. She smiled.

"That's like my friend." Misha said patting her own shoulder

Piya raised her eyebrow, amused.

Mahi was standing in a corner, checking her phone. There wasn't anyone around and she didn't bothered why though she had almost guessed it, there must be some gossip going on where everyone must be present, and she was right too.

Armaan was strolling, observing the surrounding when his eyes fall on Mahi. He was amused and surprised at same time. He had saw everyone whispering of some new guy and rushing to watch him. He thought everyone must be there but he was surprised by Azaad's. None of them was caring for who the new guy was, something different.

He watched her standing at sone distance until he saw her narrowing her eyes, sensing his presence, and looking straight at him. He realized she had became aware of his eyes on her. He smirked. 

Mahi was infuriated on seeing Armaan. She didn't knew the reason, maybe her failures was inducing fury. She walked away almost passing by him when she felt a tug on her wrist stopping her from going. She turned to see Armaan holding her hand. She narrowed her eyes and looked at him. 

There was a different feeling as Armaan stood holding her wrist.

"Excuse me?" Her voice was accusing as she moved her hand and he left her too

She turned to go again when she heared him speaking to her.

"Its quite surprising!"

She was confused on his words and turned to see him with confusion in her eyes.

"Initially, you find ways to talk to me and then yesterday you bumped on me in attempt to talk to be probably. And today you are ignoring me, isn't it surprising?" Armaan asked with a loopsided smile, he was teasing her, it was all lie he knew

Mahira flamed up. She didn't liked his allegations.

"Don't give yourself that much importance because you aren't that important. I don't find any need to talk to you or ignore you so you better stay away" Mahira retorted back

Armaan laughed and looked at her amused.

"Do you think I want to come near you?" Armaan said standing close to her where there breaths fanned their faces

"You are absolutely wrong. I just wanted to tell you stop playing your games on me" Armaan replied looking directly in her eyes

"I think it's not me, playing games on you but other way round. Holding hand and coming so close, I don't think it was me who did it" Mahi retorted

Armaan was caught off guard. He watched her with amaze as she stepped back and turned away.

As Mahi stepped to go she saw Arav standing at some distance with his murderous look for Armaan.

"Is there any problem, Mahi?" Arav asked holding her hand, looking over her shoulder towards Armaan

"Everything is fine, don't worry." Mahira smiled

Arav passed a smile to Mahi while his eyes were showing danger that Armaan saw and knew was for him.

"Let's go" Arav eyed Armaan and walked with Mahira

Armaan stood thinking about the matter. He wasn't able to understand his own actions, why was he doing all this. Why was he so attractive to this girl, Mahi, who's name he just got to know. And now who was the new guy. He was unaware of Arav so it surprised him to see Mahi with Arav, there wasn't any jealousy just curiosity, curiosity who the guy was.

Piya was walking and thinking a way to meet her saviour and to know his name but nothing was coming in her mind.

"I shall bump him and then start the conversation" Piya muttered

"But that's not a nice idea. Bumping and talking? So boring and dull" Piya rejected her own idea scrunching her nose

"I shall slip near him, he is my savior so he will help me." Piya murmured again

"But that's so old trick and so filmy. I can't pull such stunts, I'll fail badly" Piya shook her head in disappointment

She wasn't aware of her surrounding and was walking without noticing anything. Suddenly, she bumped with someone and was about to fall when someone held her from waist preventing her from falling. She had closed her eyes in reflex. 

The touch was familiar unlike last time. She knew it was him like last time, her saviour. Her heart danced in happiness. She opened her eyes to drown herself in his icy grey eyes. 

Abhay was surprised to see her again but he didn't showed it. He noticed she wasn't drooling on him like last time but was lost, he didn't knew where. He made her stand gingerly and looked at her softly.

"Are you fine?" Abhay asked tentatively

Piya smiled at the softness in his voice. She never thought someone's voice, she will like this much.

"I'm fine, thank you" Piya said softly, she didn't knew how could she sound so calm when there was a tumult in her heart

Abhay smiled in return and stepped to go.

"Your name, Mr?" Piya asked hastily

"Abhay, Abhay Raichand" Abhay replied after a moment

"Nice name!" Piya beamed

"Thanks!" Abhay smiled as a gesture and walked away

Piya sighed watching him going with a smile.

"Abhay!" She whispered "always in hurry" She shook her head and turned to see Misha standing with her hands crossed over her chest

"What?" Piya asked

"So he was your Saviour?" Misha said

Piya nodded smilingly.

"He looks like your father" Misha claimed

Piya frowned at her words.

"He isn't that old" Piya replied

"Stupid am talking about looks not of age" Misha said

"Uff.... he doesn't look like my father! He is so different, Mish. My father is a perfect man and he, he is a prefect boy" Piya replied

"What difference does it make? He still give your father glimpse" Misha said

"So should I consider him as my father? Idiot! Can't you see how different they both are? Abhay is poles apart." Piya rolled her eyes irked of Misha words

Misha didn't replied. Her mind told her Piya was right.


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Chapter 10 - Search for the truth (By Starmuski) (Thanked: 3 times)

Chapter 10 - Search for the truth

Arav, Piya and Mahi entered their home and were surprised by its silence. They exchanged glances and looked around to see if anyone was around but didn't saw anyone.

"Where's everyone?" Piya sighed loudly, slumping on coach

"No idea!" Mahi sat beside her

"Oh! Everyone abandon us! How can they do it, so heartaching" Piya said dramatically

Arav slapped her on head lightly.

"What? I was just joking!" Piya made face

"Drama queen!" Mahi mumbled

"I heared that!" Piya looked at her

"So? Do you think I care?" Mahi raised her eyebrow

"Yes! Because you'll not get your toffee if you'll mess up with me" Piya replied

Piya laughed at her. Mahi was angry but looked away she knew Piya tricks, she always teased her on toffee name because they once had a fight for toffees when they were kids.

"You keep that toffee to yourself, I'll get some food for me." Mahi stood up wiping the smile from Piya face who looked at her annoyed

"I'm also coming" Piya shouted from back and rushed behind her in kitchen

Arav sat helplessly. He looked around and decided to follow the girls, he couldn't leave them alone after all they fought mostly.

There wasn't any light around, cobwebs were spreaded everywhere and dust ruled on shelves. The place seemed untouched from quite a time.

Khushi stepped back instinctively as something crumpled from a self. She looked at the book laying on floor, covered with dust, something about it attracted her and she didn't thought before bending and taking it. 

Madhu stepped forward to check what Khushi was looking at when she felt a tug on her wrist and before she could make out what it was she went crashing on someone. A hand held her from waist and she realized her husband mischief.

"Rishab" Madhu glared struggling in his arms to come out

"Yes?" Rishab said teasingly, pulling her more closer

"Khushi is waiting for us what if she saw us like this?" Madhu said annoyed at her husband romance at odd time

"So what?" Rishab shrugged

"What will she think? We have not came here for this, remember?" Madhu tried to put some sense in her hopeless husband

Suddenly they heared fake cough and Rishab left Madhu instantly. They looked up to see smiling Khushi.

"I found some books, I think they are enough we should go back now." Khushi smiled

Rishab was embarrassed, he nodded looking away while Madhu was blushing.

"Let's go" Khushi walked ahead giving them time to follow her

Khushi was walking to car and her mind was wandering in past remembering an old incident so fresh in her mind.

She tried to move but his grip was tight on her. She struggled looking towards gate while his gaze was hooked on her.

"Arnav" she muttered

He hummed watching her intently.

"Arnav, anyone can come here." Khushi looked at him this time

"They won't!" Arnav said confidently

"They are waiting for us and if you didn't stop anyone can come for sure." Khushi said annoyed

"Am telling you no one will come here" Arnav replied caressing her face

"Why?" Khushi asked disinterested

"Because we boys love to be with our love and they know what we are doing so they won't interrupt us" Arnav said

Khushi looked at him open mouthed, shocked at his response.

"You all are so shameless" Khushi remarked

"Nope! We are loving, baby" Arnav smiled widely

Khushi smiled, blinking away the tears, forming in her eyes. Her Arnav was always right then how could he take such a worst decision of killing himself no she couldn't believe he could do it and she promised to prove her point.

Armaan looked out the window watching the darkness prevailing. His mind lost in morning incident and was in tumult. His past was overshadowing him again and again but he tried to shut it in back of his mind. 

Today in morning when he saw the one who destroyed everything and him, he couldn't stop himself remembering all that happened to him. All the pain rushed back to him and he felt the urge to scream it out. 

He controlled himself reminding himself those people doesn't deserve his attention but the memories were playing in his mind like a film in a theater. 

He closed his eyes taking deep breath, in an attempt to calm his troubled mind. He took the glass from the side and sip the drink giving his demons their feast. 

He felt peace, tasting the revenge, and his mind calmed a bit. He distracted himself from his enemies to something different, Azaad sisters.

A smirk curved his lips as he thought about the two girls he encountered. He was amazed at their guts, the attitude they showed and the strength they had to withstand his aura. He knew he had extremely attractive aura that no one could ever resist then how did this happened that two little girls stood against it so easily. 

And then there was Mahi, the girl who was making him do things he never did. He couldn't believe he held her hand and the feeling he went through correction not the feelings, it was something different like an electric shock that didn't let him held her for so long and it surprised him. He never planned to talk to her and then holding her hand it was something he would never thought of, but don't know what happened to him then and he did everything he was against of.

And the guy who was ready to kill him in a second if Mahi wouldn't have took him with her. He saw the anger for him when he was glaring him and the love and care that quickly came in his eyes when he eyed Mahi. He saw the guy cared for Mahi a lot and wouldn't think twice before killing anyone for her and even Mahi knew this, he saw when Mahi smiled deliberately just to calm him like she knew what he was thinking and what he was capable of. Now thinking about all of this he realized Mahi share some close bond with the guy, she knew the guy too well to understand his silent words and is comfortable around him too that's why she didn't push that guy hand when he held her but flamed up when he held her hand. He realized she got some silent issues with him too and somewhere he would like to clear her anger for him because somewhere she succeeded in attracting him and when he finds something attractive, he don't let it go so easily.

He smirked throwing the empty glass.

They gazed out snuggling in each other arms sitting in the balcony of their room. Cool wind was fanning their faces and they enjoyed it. 

"It's so peaceful" Zoya mumbled

Asad smiled caressing her head. He eyed her lovingly.

"It's so good to be alone after a long time" Asad said

Zoya chuckled.

"We are always alone here" Zoya replied

"But you are mostly worried about my fighter daughter" Asad complained

"She is our daughter and we should worry about her." Zoya frowned

"Not again" Asad rolled his eyes

"It's late! They must be home now" Zoya said suddenly

"They? Who?" Asad shrugged

"Kids!" Zoya looked at him with wide eyes

Asad realized. He looked at her shocked.

"They must be hungry, poor they." Asad exclaimed

"Stupid! My kitchen will be in disaster!" Zoya said

"Why are you always worried about your kitchen?" Asad made face

Zoya didn't care to reply and stood up just then they heared a loud voice startling them. They looked at each other.

"I think we should check" Asad muttered standing beside her

They both ran to kitchen and stood shocked at the door.

Everything was messed up, nothing was at right place. Piya was throwing edibles on Mahi and Mahi was doing same while Arav was trying to stop the two messed up heads.

Asad and Zoya looked at each other shocked.

"Stop it!" Zoya shouted sternly

Everything was halted. 

Mahi and Piya stood frozed whilr Arav sighed in relief.

"Mom" Mahi looked at Zoya

"Mumma" Piya muttered seeing angry Zoya

"Thank God, you came mother, your daughters have gone mad" Arav said sighing

"I can see that, Arav" Zoya gritted eyeing Mahi and Piya who were now standing worriedly

"Mom please listen to me it's all her fault I didn't do anything" Mahi rushed to her

"No mumma she is at fault, I was just eating" Piya said innocently

Mahi and Piya started to fight, again, on who's fault it is.

"Just shut up!" Zoya growled

Asad suppressed his smile seeing daughters mother while Arav watched with worry.

"You both start cleaning this mess you created and I don't want another fight! Five minutes, and this kitchen should be clean" Zoya ordered

"But mom.." Mahi tried to argue but Zoya angry glares shut her up

Mahi and Piya looked at each other angrily and started to clean the kitchen silently.

Arav smiled watching them working silently.

"Mother, where's mom and others?" Arav asked suddenly

Asad and Zoya looked at each other. They didn't knew what to answer him. Arav hated his father and if they would tell him his mother is trying to find him he would be angry and hurt.

"Umm.. Arav, they went for some office work" Asad smiled, Zoya too forced a smile

Arav nodded, though, he felt something fishy, he didn't question.

Khushi with Madhu and Rishab entered the house and looked at the kids and Asad Zoya present in hall. They looked at each other and then walked inside. Khushi tried to move in her room directly but Arav stopped her.

"Mom, where were you?" Arav asked

Zoya and Asad tensed up thinking what will she answer remembering how they had lied to Arav.

Khushi looked at Asad Zoya being tensed and realized Arav had already got some fake answers from them. She knew her son well to understand he didn't bought Asad Zoya lies.

"We had some work, Arav. I'll be just back, give me a minute." Khushi excuses and rushed to her room

She locked her room and took out the book she was hiding. She looked at its worn out cover. She hid it in a safe and then rushed to freshen up before her son reached till here.

Arav had realized something was really cooking between his elders but he couldn't understand why were they lying to them. He didn't knew why but it made him angry that his mother was shutting him out when he can hel her too in whatever they were doing. He looked at everyone sitting and left from the place to his room, to calm his mind.

Just as Arav left, Piya started her blabbering seeing her parents back.

"Dad, you remember the guy who saved him? He took admission in our college just today." Piya squealed

Mahi looked at her quickly.

"Are you sure he exist?" Mahi asked

Piya glared her angrily. She knew Mahi doubt her state of mind when she was saved.

"Yes you idiot. I met him too and you know I got to know his name too. Abhay, Abhay Raichand!" Piya grinned with attitude

"Isn't it a royal name? Abhay Raichand! I just love it! His name is cool just like him and he is so sweet" Piya smiled

Rishab was amused at his daughter. He knew his daughter behave a little mad but she has enough sense to know right and wrong and with her powers he don't feel to stop her from doing anything she liked to even if it is to date a guy.

"Piya, you should stay away from him." Madhu said

Madhu knew Piya had powers to understand what's wrong and what's not but she don't fully trust her because for her Piya was still immature and weren't someone to be trusted.

"But why mom? I like him and he's really nice" Piya argued

"Piya they are new on town and we don't know who they are?" Madhu admonished her

"I can take care of that mom." Piya said determined

"And believe me he is really an awesome guy." She told her

"And how do you know that?" Mahi asked

"When you'll meet him na you'll know too" Piya snapped her

"Yeah I'll see I meet him for sure." Mahi mumbled

"Don't you dare to say him something rubbish or else I'll smack your head" Piya warned her

"Piya is that way to talk to your elder. She is your sister and she won't do something stupid like you." Madhu chided her

"Mom, I can take care of myself. None of you should worry for me" Piya stood up angrily and left from there

"Piya baby..." Rishab called but she left

"See, you angered her once again, Madhu. Why do you scold her so much?" Rishab looked at Madhu

"Rishab, she's kid and I don't want she messed up her life by being with guys at this stage" Madhu said

"Madhu, she has brains to know what's wrong just trust her and we should support her in whatever she does and check from behind, instead of stopping her, and if there's anything wrong we can tell her. we just can't stop her without knowing" Rishab said

Madhu sighed. She realized Rishab was right. She just couldn't stop her from everything she does that too without knowing if it's wrong or not.

Asad and Zoya sat silently. They looked at each other listening to the two. Their eyes fell on Mahi and they remembered about Armaan. They were thinking to stop Mahira but listening to Rishab they thought they shouldn't trouble her without reason particularly when she's not showing any interest in him.


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Mar 14

Chapter 11 - A new path (By Starmuski) (Thanked: 1 times)

Chapter 11 - A New Path

Mahira walked in the corridor of college. She wasn't feeling well. She was feeling sick. She knew it wasn't her body but her senses feeling all the sickness. She was with Arav when she started to feel this strange sickness and she decided to have a walk and stood aloof or else she knew Arav, he would be going mad to see her state and will try to do everything to make her feel better but she didn't wanted to trouble him when she herself didn't knew the reason.

She paced in empty corridor of college, breathing the fresh air trying to sooth her fastening nerves. Fog was increasing, she noticed but didn't cared. Suddenly she started to feel suffocated of densing fog and heaving air. 

Her mind turned dizzy, she was losing herself but she tried to get a grip on herself. She couldn't let herself fall so easily.

Armaan was as usual strolling all over the college watching everything happening and amusing himself. He stopped as his eyes fall on an empty corridor. He felt something weird about it and decided to check on. 

As he neared he noticed some movements and that's when he noticed Mahi pacing. He scrutinized as he noticed her worried face. He realized she was restless about something. It was for the first time he was seeing her in this state and it seemed weird.

He was still thinking what to do when he noticed her holding wall and her eyes half opened. He saw her gasping for breath and realized she would faint any moment. His instincts took over him and he ran to her. 

She lost her conscious and was going to hit floor any moment when in her half conscious state she felt someone holding her. She gasped for breath and struggled to open her eyes.

Armaan looked at her closed eyes but saw she was struggling to wake up. He sat on floor laying her head on his lap and touching her cheeks slowly.

"Mahi" she heared the voice calling her, she knew it was familiar but she wasn't able to recognise it her mind wasn't working it felt freezed

Armaan was worried to see Mahi state. His own mind stopped working. He didn't knew what to do until he saw Arav rushing to them in wind speed. 

Slowly, she realized she was feeling better and that's when someone pulled her from her savior lap and she gasped for breath again. She was losing again.

"Mahi!" Arav shouted pulling her im her lap

"What have you done to her?" Arav yelled at Armaan who's eyes were stuck on breathless Mahi

He looked at him shocked. He was accused for something he hinself didn't knew and was worried about. He didn't knew what to say when Mahi mumbled something.

"Hold me, please." Mahi held Armaan hand in half conscious state

Arav and Armaan was shocked. They looked at each other, one with fury and other with confusion.

"Please..." she muttered again

Arav looked away, hurt. He couldn't believe his own sister was pushing him away and was saying a stranger to hold her. What wrong he did for Mahi to say this?

Armaan didn't wait for any more second and scooped up Mahi in his arms. All he wanted was to see her safe even if it hurts her boyfriend, for him Arav was Mahi boyfriend.

After fifteen minutes, Mahi started to regain her conscious. Everything was haze in start but soon her gaze cleared and she noticed her surrounding. She was laying on a table and Armaan was sitting beside her while Arav was standing at distance looking at her. She sat up immediately and remembered all that happened.

"Arav!" Mahi called

Arav rushed to her and held her. He was hell worried for her. He didn't knew what happen to her and on all this was her moving away from him making him think what wrong he did.

"How are you feeling now? And what happened to you? Did he...." Arav stepped to Armaan with anger but Mahi held his hand

"Bhai!" Mahi called quickly knowing it will be difficult to stop Arav and he needs a sister reassurance too since she had moved to Armaan in her unconscious state

Arav stopped and calmed a bit. He knew whenever Mahi called him 'Bhai' it means he is doing something wrong.

"Mahira!" Arav sighed seeing her fine

He hugged her in relief. Only he knew what he went through when he saw his sister in pain and wasn't even able to touch her or heal her from whatever was hurting her so much. The horrible thoughts that came in his mind when Mahi was asking for Armaan help, he was so hell dying to see his sister in a stranger arms who, according to him, was the reason behind her state.

"Am fine!" Mahi whispered in his arms

Armaan was watching the scene silently. He couldn't believe Arav was Mahi brother and the amount of emotions and care they had for each other it started to make him feel uncomfortable. 

Arav wiped the tear that spilled from his eyes and straightening himself broke the hug.

"But what was he doing with you?" Arav asked eyeing Armaan

Armaan looked away uninterested. He saw Arav eyeing him with uncertainty. Personally, he didn't liked the guy, Arav, always eyeing him with accusation c'mon he wasn't any culprit but victim. The thought brought another pair of accusing eyes flashing in his mind and he flinched angrily. Accusation. He hate it. 

"I don't know but... he saved me." Mahi replied with a sigh

Arav head shot towards Mahi. He couldn't believe the guy he was thinking to be villain will turn out to be hero.

Armaan watched amused. He raised his eyebrow. Did he really saved her? In his mind he just held her when she was falling technically saving her from falling down and breaking her head or bone so eventually he saved her, yeah he did save the girl.

"Saved you?" Arav questioned

Armaan grimaced. Why can't this guy trust him? So much trust issue!

"Yeah! I don't know what happened to me but bhai when he held me I started to feel better and when you pulled me I was losing it again that's why I asked him to held me again, his touch, it was healing, it was healing me bhai." Mahira told him

Arav was shocked, he looked at Armaan.

Armaan looked away immediately. He was shocked himself and now uncomfortable. How was it possible at first place, his touch and healing?

"Are you sure, Mahira?" Arav asked

Mahira nodded and Arav looked at Armaan confused. He couldn't argue Mahira too because he knew she was serious and hundred percent sure it was clear from her tone and 'bhai' because she called him bhai in very serious times and when she need someone badly. 

Armaan shook his head. It wasn't happening. He looked at Arav and Mahi seeming too serious that indicated they were sure and believe whatever happened.

"Is it a joke? If you wanted to be with me and couldn't get a nice excuse you shouldn't speak bull****. It's ridiculous! First your brother allege me of something happened to you and then you asked for my help and now instead of thanking me you are saying my touch was healing like am some... some angel who healed you but I'm sorry to tell you it isn't a fairy tale so keep your stories to yourself. I don't know what's wrong with you people so much of problems." Armaan bursted angrily and left the place in a blink

Mahira was shocked at Armaan outburst. She never thought he would accuse them like this. Her eyes welled up with tears unknowingly. She was hurt by Armaan words.

Arav saw tears in Mahi eyes and he understood her state of mind. He hugged her from side giving her comfort.

"It's alright, Mahi. He is a simple human he won't believe our words even if it is related to him. And I think he doesn't know about his powers or maybe it was something else" Arav said comforting her

Mahi looked at him.

"What do you mean, Bhai?" Mahi asked

"Either he has powers which he don't know or there is something else we don't know." Arav replied thoughtfully

"First tell me what happened to you?" Arav asked remembering her sudden sickness

"I don't know, Bhai. It wasn't sickness I'm sure about that. It was something else. Something suffocating. And there was something different, my mind was freezing I wasn't able to understand anything and I couldn't even recognise Armaan or your touch. It was later when I woke up I remembered it all." Mahi told in a trance her mind reliving the moment and she didn't knew how to put it in words but she said what she could

Arav was surprised to know all that happened. Suddenly he realized. His eyes widened in shock.

"Armaan was right, Mahi. It wasn't his touch healing you because you wasn't ill. There was someone around you who did something with you." Arav declared much to Mahi shock

"Mahira, we have to find out." Arav looked at her solemnly

"What do you mean, Bhai?" Mahi asked

"All of this is increasing day by day, we have to take step and I know from where we have to start." Arav replied with determination


Piya was excited and nervous. She wanted to meet Abhay but seeing every girl running behind him, she didn't wanted to become like those bimbos. She never knew it would be so difficult to talk to a guy that too for her, Piyashree Azaad.

Piya eyed Misha enjoying her chips. She thought for sometime and a plan came in her mind.

"Mishu" Piya called sweetly

Misha looked at her, making faces. She knew there was something not so good for her.

"I think I should be leaving" Misha tried to run but Piya was fast enough to hold her

"Misha Dobriyal is afraid?" Piya smirked

This did the trick. 

"No, I'm not." Misha replied

"Then you have to do my work." Piya grinned

"Go to Arav and tell him to take my car home as it is punctured and I'll come home in my way" Piya told Misha

"What? To Arav? And what are you planning?" Misha asked

"Just do what am saying" Piya replied

"Am not doing it" Misha looked away

"Mishu please" Piya tried her emotional blackmailing seeing Misha wasn't agreeing

"First tell me why." Misha looked at her

"I can't tell you right now or Arav will get to know. I'll tell you later. I promise." Piya said desperately

"Arav will not get to know tell me now." Misha said stubbornly

"Stupid, Mahi can read minds and she'll know everything in second I can't tell you." Piya blurted out in anger, she wanted Misha to listen to her but she wasn't understanding

Misha looked at her shocked. She didn't knew whether she was joking or was it true but she chose to believe it to be a joke.

"Stop your jokes, Piya. If you don't want to tell it's okay but don't talk rubbish." Misha rolled her eyes

"Am not joking, Misha. I know you won't believe me but it's true. Anyways, I don't have time to argue so please do my work and I'll tell you everything tonight only, okay?" Piya exasperated

"Okay fine!" Misha replied mumbling something inaudible

Piya smiled brightly. She was happy to see her agreeing.

"You are my true friend. Thank you so much." She hugged her tightly and then leaving her left quickly leaving a boggled Misha

"Sometimes I wonder if she's mad?" Misha mumbled watching her running away


Piya entered in parking lot. She looked around making sure no one was watching her and walked to her car stealthily. Taking out the pin from her curls she punctured the two tyres of her car. She smirked watching the punctured tyres. 

"Mission accomplished!" Piya grinned

She quickly left from the place so not to be seen or else her plan will be failed.


Misha looked at Arav standing at distance and looking extremely serious. She gulped. She didn't knew why but after that day she was afraid of facing him or maybe it was unwillingness of seeing the same thing in his eyes. She couldn't believe she saw so much in his eyes and it scared her, scared her to understand someone.

She walked to Arav and opened her mouth to speak when her eyes fall on Mahi and she knew she can get her help.

"Mahira" Misha called completely ignoring Arav who turned to her immediately

Mahi looked at her and smiled.

"Misha, what are you doing here and where's Piya?" Mahira asked

"I don't know!" Misha shrugged

Mahi narrowed her eyes and looked at Arav but he was eyeing Misha. Her jaws dropped. She didn't knew what was happening to her siblings on one side there was crazy Piya and then other side Arav was becoming confusing.

"She told me to meet... you and tell you to take her car home as it is punctured and she will come home by her own way." Misha told reminiscing Piya exact words but for different person

"She told you to ask me or... Arav?" Mahi asked smiling inwardly, she heared her thinking Piya told her to speak to Arav

Misha looked at her shocked. She turned to Arav looking at her but she looked away quickly not wanting to see in his eyes again. 

"No, she told me to speak to you." Misha hissed and looked at Mahira

"Are you sure?" Mahira raised her eyes while eyeing the expressions of two it was becoming fun for her

"Yes!" Misha gritted and ran from there quickly

Mahi suppressed her laugh watching Arav disappointed face. 

"Looking like she hates you." Mahi said

Arav looked at her with jerk.

"She doesn't hate me!" Arav said hastily

"How do you know?" Mahi asked

"Why would she hate me?" Arav asked instead

"Because she still has those marks." Mahi answered

"She doesn't have any marks." Arav denied

"She has marks on her mind. You won't understand it." Mahi replied

"Mark on mind?" Arav asked now concerned

"I think we should check on Piya." Mahira deliberately changed the topic and moved from Arav leaving him in the pool of thoughts


Piya waited for Abhay in parking lot. She was elated to see him coming there. She quickly turned and started her acting.

"So stupid! I don't know what's wrong with my fate nowadays. Ahh, I'll kill someone today. How can be it punctured? Now how will I go home. Damn you!" Piya kicked the car tyre and fussed in frustration just to show Abhay and gain his attention

Abhay was passing by her when he heared her rants and smile came on his face. He never thought a girl would rant like this. It was fascinating!

Piya turned deliberately and was surprised to see him smiling but manifested it to be due to his presence.

"Hey, you here?" Piya asked with superior surprise

"Ah, yeah going home." Abhay told as a matter of fact

"So lucky. And here I am, stuck with my stupid car." She muttered loudly so he heared her

Abhay was amused at her rantings. Though he would've ignore if any other girl would've been ranting but he found her fascinating so decided to ask.

"What's the matter?" He asked like he didn't know

"Nothing just.... my car is punctured." Piya answered with a sigh

"Don't you have a spare tyre?" Abhay asked

Piya eyes widened. She didn't thought about that but she composed herself soon.

"No!" She pouted to hide her nervousness

"I think I might have one..." Abhay turned to check

"But I don't need it" Piya said hastily

Abhay turned to her surprised. He narrowed his eyes.

"I..I mean I don't need one, I need two!" Piya smiled nervously, showing her both punctured tyres

She thanked to her stars silently for puncturing two instead of one.

"Ohh..." Abhay went silent, he didn't knew what to say

Piya waited for him to say something more or to offer her help but he didn't instead she saw him planning to go. She felt she would cry any moment and that's where the trick came in his mind.

"Now how should I go home? I think I have to walk" She muttered sadly and loudly walking in side but making sure Abhay is hearing him

"How will I walk to home. Ahhhhh..." She spoke while walking taking baby steps

Abhay felt bad to hear her cries. He didn't knew what to do. 

"Hey wait!" Abhay called out

Piya grinned victoriously. She turned making sad faces.

"If you don't mind I can drop you" Abhay said hesitantly

Piya was elated. That was what she was waiting for. Her heart was jumping in happiness.

"Are you sure?" Piya asked masking her excitement quite well

"Yeah!" Abhay nodded

Piya smiled brightly.


Armaan was thinking about all that Mahira said. He was frustrated. He didn't knew what was wrong for them to say it all and even to believe such thing. For he knew it wasn't possible that his mere touch was healing. He grimaced thinking how could humans believe such thing so easily. 

"It ain't possible. But why did she said so?" Armaan muttered looking at his hand

He looked away angrily. The only thought of the incident was enough to make him restless. He decided to move from college.

As he entered parking lot he was shocked to see Piya with Abhay. He narrowed his eyes to see them talking freely. 

"What's the scene here? " Armaan mumbled

Suddenly something came in his mind and he smirked. 

He stepped beside them.

Piya saw him first and was confused to see him.

"You know it's dangerous to be with stranger near forest." Armaan spoke to Piya

Abhay flinched hearing the voice. Piya didn't noticed his change of expressions.

"Lot of crimes are taking place. Yesterday night there was a news of death of a girl in forest and roaming with a new guy in city near forest... who knows he's killer." Armaan said eyeing Abhay in a taunting tone

Abhay closed his eyes controlling the fury burning inside him.

To say Piya was shocked to hear Armaan would be wrong because she was angered to its peak hearing Armaan talking against Abhay. She wasn't someone to stay silent or control her anger so she lashed out at him.

"I don't think Abhay is stranger to me. I know him too well maybe better than you. And Mr Armaan Malik I think you are new in city too and a stranger to me for sure so I have a doubt what if you are behind all those new crimes? Moreover, I don't think we know each other so well for you to interfere in my matter. Stay away from Abhay and me." Piya spoke in authoritative tone that boggled Armaan who wasn't hoping for such a response from her

Armaan looked at her shocked. He realized he forgot what a fierce girl she was seeing her revenge from T but his target right now wasn't her but him.

Abhay was surprised by Piya too. He never knew her this fierce side and it was surprising for him to see a girl who was crying for her punctured car to reply so strongly to a guy.

"Abhay, I think we should leave. Some people doesn't seem safe anymore." Piya tugged on his shoulder 

Abhay looked at Armaan and then moved with Piya.

Armaan stood frustrated at his failure. Everything was happening wrong and it wasn't something he enjoyed.

Piya on the other side couldn't believe she spoke all that in front of Abhay. She had been efforting so much to behave decently and not like all those girls but all of it was in open now. She blushed thinking what would he think. 

"I'm sorry!" Piya spoke after a moment of eerie silence

Abhay looked at her surprise.


"I shouldn't have said it all but I couldn't stop myself hearing him speaking against you. He had no right to speak against you. He was being rude and I couldn't stand it. I just..... I'm sorry... I can't lie anymore, I love you actually." Piya ended hiding her face in her palm and sighing

Abhay stopped the car with jerk. He looked at her shocked. Till now he was enjoying her rants but her last sentence shocked him.

"I know you won't believe me and it will sound weird but Abhay.... I couldn't forget you after that night and I actually fall for you. I know you don't love me it's alright but we can be friends, at least." She looked at him with hope

He didn't spoke anything and heared her silently.

She sighed maybe she did it all wrong.

"I think I should leave now. I'll go by myself. It's alright." She opened the door to go out

"I'll drop you." He spoke dryly

She looked at him with hope but it was crushed seeing him all blank. She wanted to cry for behaving so stupid at times. It was unnatural to fall in love with someone at first sight and realize at same instant but wasn't her world unnatural too and love wasn't unnatural, it was natures most beautiful gift, anyone who fall in love will say the same. But she did mistake, mistake of faking herself, mistake of hiding her true self and mistake of confessing him on their first rational meeting when they were finally talking to each other.

She looked out of the window letting the cool breeze caresse her face. She closed her eyes gulping her tears. She never felt so hurt than today. She was going to the one she was finding and it was worst feeling she ever felt. 

She came out of her thoughts as she realized Abhay had stopped the car. She had already told him about her address and he understood it quite well. She stepped out of the car and looked at him. 

He drove away without looking at her.

She turned to look at Azaad mansion. She sighed. She couldn't go inside right now. Her mind was messed up and she needed to have some refreshments. She turned her back to mansion and walked away from it.

Abhay was driving the car thinking about Piya and her words. His chest was heavy like there was a huge weight on it. He couldn't couldn't believe any girl would just confessed her love so soon and at this age that too love at first sight but he saw she was genuine, she really had feelings for him and that's why he didn't denied her, he didn't wanted to hurt her. He couldn't do anything for her because he don't feel anything for her and never will moreover he can't be with her even if he wants because his destination was something else, his motive was too dangerous for her.

He sighed helplessly. Suddenly his eyes fall on the seat. He was surprised to see a phone placed there. He stopped the car and took the phone. It wasn't his. He remembered Piya sitting there and realized she forgot to take it.

"Such a clumsy girl!" He shook his head and reversed the car to her mansion

The door bell was ringed. Khushi opened the door with a smile. She was surprised to see a guy standing at door. She realized how much he resembled Rishab and that's when she remembered Piya blabbering about this very guy and she realized how true Piya was about his every detail of similarities and differences. She was confused on why was he here.

"You are... Abhay Raichand?" Khushi asked narrowing her eyes, she wanted to confirm

"how do you know?" Abhay asked surprised

"Just guessed!" Khushi suppressed her smile remembering Piya detailing him

"You here?" Khushi asked

"I wanted to return Piya phone. Where's she?" Abhay asked fetching out her phone

"She didn't came home yet. You can give it to me." Khushi replied, observing him closely

"What?" Abhay exclaimed

Piya looked at him confusedly.

"How is it possible? I... I just dropped her here. It has been some minutes. She forgot her phone in my car so I came back to return her." Abhay informed

Khushi was surprised and shocked.

"You dropped him? But why? I mean she has her car and there were Arav Mahi too." Khushi asked

"Her car punctured and she was quite worried so I gave her lift I don't know anything else." He shrugged

"It's alright." Khushi sighed realizing it to be one of Piya plan

"Should I help you in finding her? I mean she was my responsibility so I shall help you" Abhay asked concerned, he was worried thinking about her state after her confession 

"No it's alright. She must be here somewhere I'll call her" Khushi replied hastily

"But her phone is here" Abhay replied showing it

"Ah, she has another one." Khushi smiled taking Piya phone from him

"Okay!" Abhay nodded

"I shall leave now." Abhay faked a smile and left

Khushi shook her head eyeing Piya phone.


Greenery and fresh breeze, a blend of nature and a gift for her to sooth her mind. Strolling in forest for hour had calmed her mind a lot and now a smile was playing on her face. 

She realized her mistakes and knew where she went wrong. She wasn't like other girls serious or composed she had madness for everything she loved and everything she wants and that was her nature that she shouldn't have tried to change or hide. She was She, Piyashree Azaad not some random girl. There was no need to apologise to Abhay for protecting him in fact the apologise was never for protecting him but to save her mask from being fallen she didn't wanted him to think about all she said of knowing him well etc etc but as her nature was she never apologised to anyone so she fell badly and showed her true self and she shouldn't regret it, she realized. That was her and she shouldn't regret herself. 

So what he didn't replied and became blank after her confession that was natural for him after all she faked but she won't stop herself here. She loves him and she just can't sit silent even if he don't she'll do her best to be with him and if she failed it would be her fate but she won't give up without fighting. She wasn't an ordinary girl to wait for her love to come to her, she is Piya who will go to whatever she wants instead of waiting yes that's her and she won't fake herself this time.

She looked at the time at her watch and decided to go back before her family came hunting for her. Just after she entered in forest her Khushi mum had connected to her asking her whereabouts and ordering to come back though she was confused why she didn't called her instead she had replied back that she'll come after an hour or so and surprisingly her mum agreed not that she mind but she thought she would forced her like they all does thinking she'll do something foolish well she had already done something foolish so there wasn't any chance of another such act of her. 

She sighed and turned to her home.


Khushi sat in hall. She was worried about the decision that she had taken. It wasn't that it was something wrong but she was worried for her son reaction. She didn't knew how would he react in fact she never knows because he was unpredictable, reacting on small issues and calm on big problems. It wasn't that she don't understand him but whenever it comes to her, he always surprised her.

She had already talked to Asad Zoya and Madhu Rishab. They didn't agreed first but she knew how to handle them so they agreed in last now there was this last step for the execution of her plan, telling the kids that was most difficult one. 

Khushi sighed tiredly. Her gaze fall on the phone. It was Piya's. She recalled Abhay returning her and a smile came on her face. 

Just then Khushi saw Piya entering cheerfully and smiled knowingly.

"So our little brat is home, eh?" Khushi smiled standing by her

"And so much happy, great!" Khushi smiled teasingly

"What's the matter mum?" Piya narrowed her eyes sensing something fishy

"Well, I know the reason behind your happiness." Khushi answered with a glint

"You knows!?" Piya was shocked "How?"

Piya looked away thinking what she knows. 

"Abhay came!" Khushi smirked scaring Piya

Piya was confused now. Because, Khushi was smiling that was telling the different story of what happened.

"Why?" Piya asked straightly

"To give back your phone that she forgot in his car." Khushi replied shortly increasing the anxiousness of Piya

"And?" Piya asked masking her worry

"And he was worried for you not being in home. He suggested to help me since you didn't phone with you too but I managed somehow." Khushi told with a genuine smile

"He was worried for me?" Piya was elated, she asked for confirmation if she heared it right not

"Yes, my child!" Khushi pulled her chin with affection

"And I liked him." Khushi blinked with assurance

Piya looked at her with infinite happiness. Thousands of stars twinkled in her eyes.

"Thank you so much mum" Piya hugged her tight with a wide smile on her face

"Calm down or else your brother will come here and you know him well" Khushi said softly

Piya broke the hug and nodded with a smile. She took her phone from Khushi.

"Go, fresh up everyone will be in hall in sometime." Khushi nudged her

"Why?" Piya frowned

"You'll know soon." Khushi sighed

Piya nodded and ran from there.

Khushi watched her going and smiled. She knew her too well and believed her every decision. She knew about her a way more than anyone does and trust her every decision like she trusted her love for Abhay. She saw the deep love in Piya eyes for Abhay maybe Piya herself doesn't know it's depth but she saw it. It was too clear in her eyes. And she saw the Abhay, Piya told, soft and innocent.

Shocked and surprised, they looked at each other. They weren't prepared to hear anything but this, they never thought their elders will decide such thing.

"Mum are you sure?" Mahi stepped to Khushi

Khushi nodded while eyeing Arav she wantec to know his opinion but he was standing silently.

"It's done then!" Arav shrugged

Khushi was surprised. She looked at him confused. 

"We should start the preparations then. Just a day is left for it." Arav added calmly

"Ok, then, mom I need some cards too I'll give them to my friends" Piya said cheerfully

"Sure, sweetheart but they aren't printed yet we decided it today only. So tomorrow, alright?" Madhu said softly

"Cool" Piya said briskly

"I have to do something" Khushi said giving a knowing look to her friends

They gave a nod.

Khushi eyed Arav and left for her room.

Arav watched her going with a thought in his mind.

"Arav" Mahi called Arav in an empty corridor

Arav turned to her and noticed she wss worried.

"You remember what ww have to do na?"


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