Passion... The Buried Secret

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Chapter 18 - The playing Emotions (By Starmuski) (Thanked: 3 times)

Chapter 18 - Playing Emotions

Mahira watched as Armaan entered the party. She was amazed by his aura. It was something she never felt before.

Armaan looked at her directly and smiled surprising her.

Mahira passed him a smile as he welcomed everyone with a formal speech.

After meeting a few business association, Armaan made his way to Mahira.

"Mahi...." Armaan called softly

Mahira looked at him spellbound. The way he called her, it stirred something in her heart. She felt how she was getting too attracted to him.

"Armaan?" Mahira looked at him indicating him to continue

Armaan looked at her for minute but then looked away. He was thinking something.

"Thank you" Armaan said slowly

"For what?" Mahira looked at him confusion

"For being beside me.... To hear me out..." Armaan said looking down

Mahira observed him. She felt him saying it all but still hiding something from her.

"What's the matter, Armaan?" Mahira asked

Armaan looked at her. There was hesitation in his actions. He looked around.

Mahira watched him in confusion. She wanted to know the matter with him.

Armaan stepped back watching her confusion increasing. He pulled out something from his pocket and 

 sat on his one knee looking at Mahira.

Mahira looked around. Everyone was watching them. She looked at Armaan in surprise, somewhere she knew what he was doing but was she ready? Her heart beat raised. She didn't wanted it, not now at least.

"Armaan....?" Mahira whispered looking around

Armaan extended his hand. The ring shone brightly. Armaan looked Mahira with hope.

"I love you, Mahira...." Armaan said slowly with a glint and hesitation in his eyes

"Will you.... Do you love me?" Armaan asked with hope, his brow raised and eyes scanning her's

"I know I was really bad with you in start but... It was because I misunderstood you. It wasn't easy....." Armaan sighed closing his eyes "I am sorry for all that but I really love you. The times I spend with you, I never found that comfort. Will you be mine? Will you be with me?" 

Mahira watched him numb. The hope in his eyes and the hesitation in his words, perhaps fearing rejection, was compelling her to say yes but her heart was in conflict. She was still unaware of her feelings for him but somewhere her heart was beating for him and she felt it yet she felt it to be too early to conclude anything and take such a big decision.

"I don't know if you love me or not but I really do, Mahira. I really wants to be with you. Do.. you feel same?" Armaan spoke again and looked at her with fear gripping him

Mahira looked around, everyone was spectator of his proposal and he was sitting their not caring for his reputation. Her eyes fall on her parents who were looking at her with shock. Doesn't she wanted a loving relationship like her parents? A loving partner?

Mahira turned to Armaan. Her face lightened up slowly, brightening his too.

"Yesss...." Mahira whispered with a nod

Armaan smiled gleefully. He stood up and looked at her. He pulled out the ring from box and looked at her for approval.

Mahira extended her hand. He looked at her and slid the ring in her finger. Both gazed at each other.

Roar of clappings echoed in the room.

Armaan smiled at Mahira who smiled back at him. He held her hand and walked ahead.

Mahira was confused at first but understood soon enough and the respect in her heart for Armaan increased.

"I really love your daughter but we need your approval, uncle aunty." Armaan looked at Zoya and Asad

Zoya Asad looked at each other, Asad gave her nod and she turned to Mahira. Cupping the face of her little daughter Zoya asked,

"Mahi... Are you really sure?" Zoya asked slowly

Mahira looked at her mother with smile. She can never deny their immense love and understanding.

Mahira eyed Armaan and nodded at her mother.

"Yes mom!" 

Zoya hugged her daughter and looked at Asad. How fast time was passing....

Piya hugged Mahira in last. She was so happy for her sister. 

"You know you are lucky to get your love in life" Piya broke the hug and looked at Mahira with smile on her lips and pain in her eyes "not everyone is as lucky you are...." She muttered slowly eyeing Abhay who stood at far distance looking at her with guilt and pain

Mahira looked at her. Somewhere she felt something was off in her.

Piya shook her head feeling Mahira gaze on her. She smiled brightly at her.

"Congratulation Mahi you officially got your better half monkey to handle you" Piya said giggling

Mahira looked at her open mouth. She glared her while eyeing Armaan thinking he must've got angry or hurt but was surprised to see him amused.

Piya ignored Mahira and walked to Armaan.

"Ok, so Mr Malik, thanks for accepting my mad sister." Piya looked at Armaan "Mr Malik sounds odd, no? I think I'll just call you....." Piya stopped and looked at him naughtily

Mahira thought she was going to give him some stupid name like she does with her close ones. She was little scared thinking that Armaan may not like since he is unaware of Piya nature and by any means she didn't wanted to become a sandwich between a sister and.. lover. Mahira blushed. The feeling of having lover was so new and beautiful.

"Armaan of course..." Piya grinned seeing some curious and some scared faces turning into surprise

She loves giving surprise after all. Doing something no one expect is her nature.

Armaan smiled.

"Of course!" 

A loud crackle of thunder. The hall filled up with purple lightening for a second. 

Armaan turned around with much pleasure.

"Seems like start of storm!" Armaan said with a strange smile lingering on his face

"Storm?" Piya looked at him raising her eyebrow "are you really that much afraid?" Piya asked

"Nah! Fear is not what I learnt!" Armaan shrugged with a smile still on his face

"Yeah sure!" Piya shook her head 

"but let me tell you its the..." Piya pointed out "...sign of fresh start!" Piya said

Armaan looked at her taken aback. He smiled confusingly.

 "Fresh start?" Armaan asked

 "Yes, feshness! Have you never experienced the freshness in air after the rain and storm that wash out every dust and clean the atmosphere" Piya said enthusiastically

Armaan looked at her. A strange sadness danced in his eyes.

The voice of rain falling on the ground with force brought Armaan out of his memory land. 

Piya turned her head towards window and seeing the rain pouring down grinned. 

 "Actually, you should come with me and feel the magic" Piya said turning back to Armaan

 "Can't help..." Armaan said pointing around where guests stood all around that they have forgotten in their own little world

 "as you wish" Piya shrugged and walked out

 "Piya.." Madhu called from behind but Piya walked away gracefully ignoring it

Arav watched her going. He looked at his elders getting busy into party. He thought something for a moment.


A tranquility on her face. A turmoil in her heart. She stood closing her eyes and spreading her arms. Water dripping down through her open fingers. She stood facing the sky letting the rain drench her top to toe.

It was beautiful. It was beautiful in its own way. The pain and peace mixed. Their amalgam. The feeling of their amalgam. It was a beautiful pain to feel. An alluring peace to cry.

The sky thundered with a flash of lightening. She shivered in the creeping fear with closed eyes but calmed on soothing air carressing her face.

Another thunder and she heared her name called from behind. She opened her eyes and twirled around. 

"Arav..." Piya looked at him with confused smile, he wasn't the one to come out in rain

Arav walked to her.

"Piya... I had told you to hide it why did you tell everything to Misha. What was the need to do it?" Arav asked with wretched face

Piya looked at him silently trying to understand the guy in front of him. No he wasn't her brother but a changed person. Arav was changing. He was falling in love.

"Do you even know what your recklessness cost? Misha life is in danger!" Arav gritted controlling his anger for that unknown enemy

A clap of thunder.

Piya looked away, her lips curved into a smile but tears ran down her eyes. She didn't need to hide them today like she always do. Rain was a friend after all.

She looked at Arav with hurt and pride. She was happy to see his concern and care for someone he was falling but was hurt to be called as a reason for someone pain, to be alleged, and for being still understood as an immature kid. She wasn't a fool for god sake.

Piya gulped the pain as her tears mix with rain droplets unnoticed. She turned to Arav. She was determined today. No she won't back of silently just to hide her tears. Tonight rain was hiding them well so she would show them she wasn't an idiot kid.

"I know Misha life is in danger, bhai. I know she has been attacked and I even know why but first you tell me do you even know what happened with her and why it happened with her? Do you know the danger you left her in?" Piya asked, her voice trembling in the cold rain but she knew it was due to tears

Arav was taken aback. Tonight, he was seeing a girl who was different and not his little sister who would smile at any grave circumstances. Her tune and questions surprised her.

"I left her... Danger....?" Arav looked at her im surprise "Piya she is in danger because you told her the secret of our powers" Arav said

"Really?" Piya smiled wistfully "how will someone know I told her the truth? why will someone hurt just because of THAT? It doesn't pose any danger or benefit to anyone. Tell me BHAI why will someone do it?" Piya looked at him with stinging gaze

Sky roared once again but they stood immune to it.

If Arav was surprised before then he was numb now. Piya was really different tonight. His little sister seemed way too mature even from them.

Arav had no answer. He knew that they were being kept an eye on but he didn't knew why would someone hurt Misha just because knowing their secret. Yes, he had thought before that knowing about powers will put her into danger but he never pondered why. 

"They don't follow me, Bhai." Piya said slowly looking at him knowing well his first ever thought

Arav looked at her confused.

"Because just like all of you they think am no use to them!" Piya was looking at him but her gaze was distanced and hurt "at least an advantage for me in all these thoughts" Piya added in a whisper with a sad smile

"Piya...?" Arav looked at him with mixed emotions

"I know there's someone keeping an eye on all of you and you all know it too" Piya looked at him accusingly

"I knew, Bhai, that am not underwatch that's why I always did what I wanted but.... " Piya stopped and looked at him "but why you did it, Bhai?"

"I... What?" Arav asked her, he was standing in a pool of confusion

"Why you followed her?" Piya asked blandly

Arav gaze fell. He felt embarrassed. Her sister knew he was keeping an eye on a girl.

"You knew someone is against us, keeping an eye on you and still you went behind Misha. Have you ever thought Misha will be an easy weapon for them against us?" Piya asked him

Arav eyes widened. He never thought in that way. Damn it, he himself put Misha in danger and was shouting on Piya.

"I knew no one was following me, I told her. But you knew you are being followed then why the hell you followed her." Piya asked this time angrily

"I... I thought her life is in danger" Arav said looking down ashamed

"Yeah right! But have you thought how will you save her? What do you know about powers? Bhai you know nothing about our powers, you never studied or experimented them!" Piya said calming herself but she had lot of things in her heart to hold herself back

Arav didn't say anything.

"Do you even know what attack was done on her? What effect it can had on her?" Piya asked

"I.. healed her" Arav said quickly

"I know!" Piya said dryly

"How?" Arav asked suddenly it struck him she know more than he himself

"Powers help a lot!" Piya said softly "I saw that mark on Misha shoulder, as I couldn't ask her, entered her brain and am glad I checked her memories instead of asking her or else I would've missed the important information that I guess she and you ignored." Piya explained

"What information?" Arav asked attentively

"Before I answer it, tell me are you sure her wound was healed?" Piya raised her eyebrow

"Of course, Piya. You know I can heal any magical or simple injury very easily!" Arav replied

Piya shook her head.

"That's why I told you, you know nothing about magic!" Piya remarked "you can heal injury but she wasn't hurt, Arav!" 

"What do you mean?" Arav was confused

Piya sighed. She need to tell him.

"She was poisoned!" Piya told him

"What?" Arav looked at her paled

Sky was roaring and the night was chilling with passing time.

"Yes!" Piya nodded "your healing power can't wore off its effect. It was special type of poison. Very rare! It won't kill instantly but spread really slowly though there are poisons that kill instantly, this one must be use to achieve something not to kill Mishu."  Piya explained

"How do you know? And Misha... How will we save her?" Arav asked

"I had once read about it. About Misha, then she is fine now. I knew the remedy." Piya assured him

"But what do they want?" Arav ran his fingers through his wet hair in frustration

"Its something related to you!" Piya looked at him concern "they did it with intention to reach you since Misha being human was easy target. I don't know what they want from you, Arav but you should be careful."

Arav looked at Piya who was lot calmer.

"The information I was talking about...." Piya said as she remembered the main point she wanted to tell him

"Yeah, what was it?" Arav asked

"The real reason behind all this, the boss of that man, now knows your weakness and he can hurt Misha any moment. They know you have some feelings for her." Piya told him hesitantly

"But... I... Don't have any feelings for Misha" Arav didn't know why was he hesitating saying that, was he lying?

"You do, Arav." Piya said

Arav didn't knew what to say. He wasn't sure of his feelings towards Misha.

"Is... Is that all?" Arav asked slowly

Piya nodded. 

Arav left without looking at her but thinking her words.

Piya watched him going with silence.

How lucky her siblings were in every sense. They were together through thick and thin. They fall in love and their love turned out to be mutual but she..... Why was she so alone then? Inspite of having a loving family, the loneliness always struck her hardly. She could never smile when alone. Her heart would dance only when she was around her family teasing and troubling them but when alone she always felt the emptiness. The sadness always accompanied her in alone nights. Why were thinking so difficult for her? She could never make that close place in her sibling hearts where they could share their secret with her.

Love was so beautiful. Her whole family experienced it but her luck failed her there too. Her love turned out to be hopelessly one sided and became a dead end. There wasn't any hope of being mutual now. She may never get love in her life now. She was sure of one thing, she might never love someone like she fall for Abhay. It wasn't just crush. It couldn't. It was too deep that she was realizing it now only. There wasn't a way out nor the way towards him....

Piya closed her eyes, letting the tears fall down. She fall on her knees.

The rain drops were slowing and cooling. She could feel the rain freezing but she didn't care. She wanted to feel it. It was only peaceful for her.

She shivered as the clump of white flakes started to form a blanket around her. She opened her eyes to see the rain frozen into white ice. Her black curls were dyed white at places. Her already drenched in rain body was now freezing in slow falling snow. 

But it was beautiful the way snow was painting around in silence after the deafening thunder and pouring rain. The tranquility that spread all around like the time was passing really slowly.

A smile and peace spread on her face. Sh she looked up to admire the surrounding but was surprised to see the unexpected intruder. 

Piya stood up quickly. She watched him with silence. Was she imagining?

"You should go inside, its cold!" Abhay said slowly, he was really worried for her after she didn't returned for long time so deciding to check on her, he reached the place to see her crying and Arav walking away

Abhay didn't knew what transpired between the two but he couldn't see her in pain. The tears in her eyes though mixed with rain were evident to him and it hurt to see her crying. He wanted to comfort her but the helplessness of not able to do it, hurt him more. He watched her with heavy heart. The guilt of hurting her once and the helplessness of unable to comfort her made him feel culprit of her tears.

Life was never easy for him. He went through a lot. Faced a lot. He was still facing it but never did someone make place in his life as such that his own sufferings seemed inferior in front of her single tear in her eye. No one affected him to such a extent to restless him with a single tear and make him smile with a sparkle in eye.

How he wished to take away all the pain from her heart and fill her life with happiness but he couldn't. He couldn't do it. Not just because he was helpless but because he actually couldn't do it.

"I am habitual to it. It feels.... Good!" Piya said slowly looking at the snow sleeping on her palm

"You'll fall sick!" Abhay said slowly, he was in awed of the girl, how pure and loving she was, to feel the beauty even in the worst.....

"Does it matter to you?" Piya looked at him wanting to see the concern in his eyes but all she could see was pain that she couldn't understand

Abhay looked at her. Yes, it mattered to him. He wanted to tell her. But then more than happiness it would wound her. He gulped the pain with his eyes filling up. How unlucky he was, he couldn't even give happiness to someone for a minute.

Abhay turned around. He closed his eyes blinking away the tears and gulping the lump formed in his throat. He left without turning back.

Piya watched him going with smile.

"It matters!" Piya whispered "it matters to you, Abhay." 


Zoya snuggled into Asad arms. He was stroking her soft hair. Both were lost in thoughts.

"Time really flies..." Zoya said breaking the silence in room

Asad smiled hearing her. A strange lurked in his heart.

"If only we could change the time..." Asad said

Zoya looked over him from his chest. She couldn't grasp what he was saying.

Both had their own perspective. For the first time their thoughts were contraindicating yet the memories flowing through their minds were same.

Those beautiful moments.... The moments they spend with each other and their friends. The moments they spend in their young age. Moments of happiness and freedom.

 The time when they were ignorant to every danger. The time when they were ignorant to the beautiful gift of magic having the most hard luck with it. 

How their life changed since then... How much they changed since then....

"Today, our daughter is engaged but I don't feel good, Zoya." Asad said after a moment of silence

"What's the matter, Asad?" Zoya came out of his hug and looked at him

"I want to go back.... Go back in time when our parents learnt the magic. I want to stop them. I want to tell them how magic is not just a gift but.... An ordeal." Asad looked at Zoya

"I want to change our time in such a way that powers remain a story" Asad eyes filled up and sadness loomed on his face

"Asad...?" Zoya was shocked and confused by Asad painful talks, she wondered the reason behind it

"we are humans but we can't live like them. We are Azaad's but we have to think before taking a step, fearing that our reality will be known by people. Today, we are the happiest family but we still can't smile freely without thinking about our loss and the impending danger. We may be a complete family but no, we are still incomplete. Our friend, our brother is still far somewhere in an evil captive. All of this just because of the damn powers we possess" Asad looked away angry and sad

Zoya looked down. She could feel the pain. Asad was so right that she had no words to comfort him.

"And now our daughter...." Asad closed his eyes sighing painfully "we all were together from childhood, playing together, laughing together and crying together... We even have powers together and got to know together but Mahi...." Asad trailed off worrying about his daughter

Zoya looked at him panicked. She had already realized how unsaid words and could feel the worry surging through her too. She never thought about it before....

Asad looked at Zoya.

"But Mahira fall in love with a human we know nothing about. A human! She can't hide her reality from Armaan. But what will happen when Armaan got to know about Mahi reality, about our reality. We don't know if he will accept her, expose her, leave her, or become hungry for powers." Asad ran his fingers through his hair messing them up

Zoya inhale the air. She closed her eyes trying to calm her nerves.

"I wish, we never had powers.... Life would've been so easy...." Asad said slowly, leaning his head on bed headboard

Zoya placed her head on his chest.

"Everything will be fine, Asad. If powers were meant to be inherited by us, in fate then only fate will open ways.... It can't be cruel to us...." Zoya said slowly

Asad didn't say anything. Both lay hugging each other thinking about their past.

The hugs they shared. The smiles they laughed on. The giggles and the embarrassment. The teasings and leg pullings. Arnav's naughtiness and understanding. Khushi's fears and fierceness. Dilshad's glares and love. Madhu's whines. Rishab's stupidities. Their love.......


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